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transfer data on floppy disk to new computer

Question: transfer data on floppy disk to new computer

I have a lot of our family photos on 31/2 floppy disks. I would like to somehow transfer them to my new computer that has no floppy drive. What kind of hardware do I need and will I need special software? I'm running Windows 7 - 64 bit

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Preferred Solution: transfer data on floppy disk to new computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: transfer data on floppy disk to new computer

If you still have your old computer, put the pictures in your documents and than put them on a CDIt does have a CD writer, right?You probably can still buy a floppy drive to connect to your new computer.This is one location. Az208av-aba p6350z?CPU/Ram: 3 GHz / 5367 MB?Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio

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Pc novice - Can explain to me step by step how to transfer the data on a installation CD-ROM on to a floppy disk then to be installed on a computer with only a floppy disk drive.

Answer:How to transfer data for CD-ROM to floppy disk

To my knowledge, unless they have improved them since I last bought one, a floppy only holds 1.4meg of data. So, unless you can compress the data to that or less, it can't be done.But don't take my word for it, somebody out there may know a way, it's just that I haven't heard of it. let the thread run a while.If the data is less than 1.4meg, just drag and drop it from the CD to the floppy in Explorer.

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12 years ago I put some files on a 3.5" floppy disk.  My guess is that they were in ClarisWorks on my Apple computer.  I don't have an Apple computer anymore.  I have an old (7 years, running Windows 98) Dell laptop and a newer Toshiba laptop.  My Dell does have a disk drive, my Toshiba currently does not.  Could someone please help me as to how I can access these files on my computer?  I put the disk in the Dell and it asked if I wanted to format it.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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Lately in the last couple of months my computer has gotten slower and slower. When I first boot up my HDD light will flash solid for like 7-10 minutes. When I open resource monitor there's only like 4-5 MB/s rate, but the disk queue hovers between 5 and 10 which is insanely high. It's a wonder things won't load.I've run Malwarebytes Antimalware, TDSSKiller, Combofix (which won't run in normal mode), housecall etc. usually they find nothing but there's obviously something wrong here.Somebody pointed out to me that HDD usage and Network usage caused by Rootkits can be hidden from the Microsoft Resource Monitor, which would explain the behaviour that I'm seeing.Windows 7 Ultimate x648GB DDR3 Ram1.2 TB RAID0 2x640GB 7200rpm HDDCore2Quad @ 2Ghz (Intel Q9000)2xNvidia 260M GTX (SLi) I was asked to post logs of combofix and DDS, can't run GMER using 64 bit OS..
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_30
Run by AluminumHaste at 14:16:53 on 2012-01-04
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.8190.5338 [GMT -5:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\s... Read more

Answer:Sluggish computer, Massive HDD usage, High disk queue, no actual data transfer

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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I have a Acer 3633 laptop and I would like to transfer some old saved data on a floppy to the laptop. how do I do this please.ThanksTony

Answer:Transfer data from floppy to laptop

Breitling,Presumably, you don't have a floppy drive on the laptop. Do you have another pc that you could network to and that does have a floppy drive? Does a friend or colleague?Failing that, you can buy a USB 3.5" floppy drive to connect to the Acer, e.g. click here and scroll to the bottom or a couple on this page click hereRegards,Felix

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Hi All,

Is it possible to recover data from a floppy disk? One day it worked fine the next day a error message appeared "The disk in drive A is not formatted" "Do you want to format it now?" I have tried it on other PC's and the same thing happens.



Answer:Recover data from a floppy disk?

Unfortunately, once a floppy disk is damaged, I don`t think there is anything you can do about it IMHO.

Regards Howard

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Floppy disks with data are being reported as A:/not accessible even though data is on disk.Anyone know of good software to recover data?

Answer:Floppy Disk Data Recovery

Can you try them in another system first, as it may be a drive fault, rather than a particular disk.

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Hello! I have a 10 page document on a floppy. Floppy was in drive, I rebooted, now when I try to access my document on the floppy, I get a message that says the disk is not formatted and do I want to format it now. How did that happen, and how can I get my document? Thanks!

Answer:data recovery on floppy disk

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I guess the title pretty much sums it up.... any recommendations on a good floppy disk data recovery tool? I looked thru the data recovery section, but nothing jumped out at me. Maybe I overlooked something. This floppy is missing the metal safety 'slider', and looking at the media, I've seen some scratches. The disk is dated 2004 (old!) and when I try to read it, Windows struggles with it for maybe a minute or two minutes, then tells me the disk isn't formatted, and do I want to format it now.... is there any hope?


Answer:Damaged floppy disk-need data

Try this:

Unstoppable Copier...I've used this to recover data from floppies before. It truely does copy anything that's recoverable, but you may be surprised at how much the floppy has degraded.

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i get the message disk not formatted when i try to see the contents of this floppy. does anyone know of a utility for win2000 that might help me get my data back.


Answer:lost data on floppy disk

Norton Utilities, DiskDoctor might work. I am sure other utility suites have similar programs.

I have run across that problem before and Norton was able to retrieve only some of the files on the disk. I'd say your chances are between slim and none.

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I'm trying to access files created in 2014 stored on a floppy on a Windows 7 machine that doesn't have a floppy drive. I'm using an external floppy USB drive but the PC isn't able to access it. Any recommendations for how to do this? Thank you.

Answer:Accessing data on old 1.44Mb imation floppy disk

have you plugged it into all the usb slots?
if so, remove all usb devices go to device manager, expand universal serial bus controllers right-click on all the family usb host controllers and delete reboot the machine letting windows reinstall automatically then try the floppy drive

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Hello,how can I transfer all of my data to a new disk(ssd or hdd)?Can I do it just with a copy paste?

Answer:Transfer old data to a new disk

You can. You can also use various backup/restore or disk imaging software.

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Is there a way to rapidly transfer data from a VHS videotape to the computer hard drive? I have a stack of cardiac ultrasound images on tapes that I would like to digitize and playback from the hard drive. Is this possible, and if so, what equipment is required. It is not feasible to do it in realtime, as there are several thousand tapes, so I would like to find a fast way.

Answer:rapid videotape to disk data transfer

I know of one way it can be done. You could buy a tv capture card like wintv for your computer. They are pci cards that usually cost around $50 - $80. You'll need a big hard
drive because files it will create can be quite big. They are usually in the .avi format.
Good luck,

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i don't know why its that low how do i increase the score just wondering thanks

Answer:Disk Data Transfer Rating not very good

In your system specs it says you have a Western Digital Caviar Green it is probably only a 5400 RPM drive to increase that score you may have to go to a 7200 RPM drive then I'm not sure how much you will really gain but if you would put in a SSD that score would increase for sure.


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Hp 14-am118tx comes with the 1 tb hard disk offers a data transfer speed of ________ at 5400rpm. this ensures that all your movies games files are safely stored in 1 place . Choose correct answer.Options:1)300mbps2)150mbps3)100mbps4)200mbpsRight ans ???? Pls answer me

Answer:Data transfer speed of 1 tb hard disk

Hi, From 100mb/s to 300mb/s. Your post looks like a spam. Regards.

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I have a Blackberry Curve 8520. I am bumping up my minidisk from 1GB to 4GB. I used the Desktop Manager to back-up my data, switched mini-discs, retrieved the data and voila! No pictures moved over, no music moved over. What did I do wrong?

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I installed a Sony floppy disk drive into my Vista PC - and got this message: "A:\ is not accessible. The floppy disk controller reported an error that is not recognized by the floppy disk driver." The disk shows up as Drive A on My Computer, the green light comes on, etc - but will not read.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times, but the same problem.
Can anyone help?

Answer:floppy disk controller/floppy disk drive problem in Vista

In your BIOS, do you have the proper floppy drive configured? Most BIOS settings will allow for several different kinds of floppy drives ("3.5", 5.25", etc). Make sure the right one is selected.

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I have a number of floppies on which I backed up data when I had my old 386computer with Windows 3.1(?), and was using WordPerfect 5.1. I now have a Gateway PC, 6.4 GB hard drive, etc., with Windows 98. I would like to import the floppy data to the new system, but haven't a clue as to how to do it - - if, indeed, it can even be done. Anyone have an idea or suggestion for me? Thank you.

Answer:Importing floppy data to new computer

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Hello all, and thanks in advance.

My dad has a hundred floppy disks and a very old computer. He needs to get the data off the floppy disks.

Here are some details:

The computer is a 1991 "PC Brand", running DOS. It has a 40 Megabyte (not kidding!) hard drive; and two floppy drives: one for 5.25" disks, and another for 3.5 inch disks.

All the data that my Dad needs to get is on 5.25" disks. The 5.25" disk drive works perfectly; but the 3.5" disk drive does not work at all.

I thought that this would be an easy problem to solve: just transfer the data from the 5.25" disks to 3.5" inch disks: but that 3.5 inch drive is dead.

There is no modem. There are no USB ports, but there are some serial and parallel ports.

Does anyone have any ideas about this problem: How can I the get the data from the 5.25" floppy drives to something that a newer computer can read?

Thanks again ... RB

Answer:How to Get Data from an Ancient Computer and Floppy Disks

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I shall be shortly buying a new computer. Because I live in Austria the OS (XP home/pro) will be a German version pre-installed, so I will have to do a clean install with the English version. But that is not my problem, What I want to know is, how do I transfer the programs and data that I have installed on my existing computer to the new one,I have instalation discs for some of the programs but not all, some were downloaded from the net and others have been upgraded several times in the past.So what is the best way to go about this?

Answer:Help with data transfer to new computer

Data is easy. Put your old hard disk in the new computer as a slave drive and copy the data across.Programs are much more difficult, as they often instal files in the Windows directories and entries in the registry. You nearly always have to reinstall from scratch.If all else fails, you can try installing your existing hard disk in the new computer and booting from it. If you are really lucky, it will boot and then load the necessary drivers from the system disk. However, many people have found that the system won't even boot if it is XP - Win98 will almost always start and load the drivers.With the size of hard drives as they are these days, I create a partition and copy all my program disks, including XP, onto it. Then whenever I want to add more features etc the installation goes ahead much faster.

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Hi, I finally gave up on my Packard Bell and bought a new computer with Windows XP.I used backup to save important documents which I need to transfer over but Windows wouldn't recognise the disc. I then put the icon onto the desktop and opened it with Notepad...the result was gobbledegook. Windows XP can transfer data via cable but I don't really want to go there. Setting up the computer stretched my technical knowledge. Would be grateful for any help as the documents are important and there is a deadline for the reports I have to write.Thanks,Lea

Answer:How Do You Transfer Data to a New Computer?

as a temporary measure, set up your old drive as slave to your new one in your present computer? If you can, with a bit of luck, you should be able to drag the files you want into a suitably named folder on your new computer. I have done this, but not with Windows XP, and so am not absolutely certain it will work.Presumably your old drive is FAT32?Bodi

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I am getting a new laptop, Toshiba, and need assistance in transferring all my data, programs, bookmarks, etc. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Calc3

Answer:Transfer Data From Old To New Computer

We need to know the old computer operating system and the new computer operating system, please.

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In this forum, if you post threads with capitals, it means you are SHOUTING.Right, what you could do, is burn everything to cd-r/cd-rw. Or take your old hard drive out, and put it into your new pc, set-up as a slave. Then, transfer everything over.

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I just bought a cable ready refurbished Dell Optiplex GX 280 with XP pro with a 250 GB HD & 3 GB of DDR2 ram. I own a 7 year old Dell Dimension 8200 with Windows XP, 756 GB of SD Ram and a 40 GB hard drive I have programs and documents on my 8200 I would like to transfer as simply as possible. I would appreciate any suggestions for the easiest way to accomplish this. I also bought 2-250 MG of SD RAM 2 years ago to bring my current computer up to 756 GB. Would I be able to mix the 2 SD RAM in with the DDR2 ram and add it to my new purchase Thank you for any help and suggestions. .

Answer:Transfer old data to a new computer

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I'm sorry if I am not posting this on the right forum. I have an old IBM computer. I just bought a new Dell computer. I need to get the data from the old computer into the new one. I was going to try to put data on floppies, but the floppies say there isn't enough room on them.

I called the local electronic chain store and was told there is a cable I could buy for around $30 that comes with software to transfer the data. The man told me it's hard to use and I would have a hard time doing it. He suggested I pay them $60 for them to transfer my data.

What's the best way to go about this? I need to get that data out fast 'cuz my old computer is dying and I'm afraid I'm going to lose valuable data.

Thanks much!!

Answer:how do I transfer data from old computer to new one?

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I have this dell dimension 4600 that has a bad motherboard. I read an article that the dell dimension 4600 is the 10th worst computer of all time. Well, we have had alot of problems with this computer since we bought this 4yrs.ago. My question is : How do I transfer the data from the HD on the old computer to a new one. The HD is ok! We don't want to spend any more money on this 4600 series dell.

Answer:How to transfer data from HD to another computer?

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I would like to transfer my music files to an old computer that i am giving away to an old lady.
This computer has 160 ram and 8 gb of hard drive.
What would be a safe amount that i can load this computer including o/s,
Would 5 to 6 gb be too much? Tks

Answer:Transfer data to an old computer

As long as it has windows 98 you should be fine Though it won't leave her with much. I'm assuming the person is not going to be gaming but is she going to do a lot of documents?

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I have a windows xp laptop that is packing in now. Just bought a new computer but would like to transfer my emails from the old laptop that uses windows xp and outlook for email to my new samsun laptop which does not have outlook. How can I transfer my emails

Answer:Transfer data from one computer to another

Welcome to TSF

Well what email client do you plan on using?
FYI, Windows 7 does not have an email client by default, you will need to use something like Microsoft Outlook or another client

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I am helping a friend who has ordered a new computer from Dell. Her old computer has neither a USB port nor a CD writer. How can I transfer/save the data from her old computer?

Answer:transfer data from old to new computer

Take the hard drive out of her old computer and put it into her new one. Drag and drop the data folders to the new hard drive and remove the old drive again (or just leave the old hard drive there as additional storage).If she uses Outlook Express as her mail program, download this program and install it on the old computer before removing the hard disk: click hereIt has a free 30-day trial.Use it to back up all her emails, address book etc.When you have moved the hard disk, install it again, but on the new hard drive and restore all the emails etc.

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Hope every ones having a good day! Need some advice. Have a Dynex Easy Transfer Cable for connecting the two computers via USB cable. Did not have any success using the software supplied with the cables. Wondering if I can use my back up data from an external drive to restore my backed up data from the old computer to the new one? Both computers are running Win XP Home. The new system has a different MB and is really just an upgrade of the old one.
Willing to try anything which will help me get my new computer running the programs from the "old" one.

Answer:Transfer Data Old Computer to New

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Getting a new computer...How do I transfer data or files that I have on my old computer( stuff I want to save) to the new one?  And, how do make sure that data on old computer is deleted before I dispose of it?  Thanks, Joe

Answer:new computer...transfer data

Joe...What's the operating system of the old computer and what's the operating system of the new computer?

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My current computer runs the xp operating system and am using quickbooks 2007 on it. I now need to transfer my quickbooks data from this xp operating system to a new computer running vista with quickbooks 2007. Can this be done and if so how do I do it?

Thank you

Answer:How Do I transfer Quickbooks Data from xp computer to new vista computer?

Walkthrough for creating Backup for Quicken

Manually backup to external source (cd/dvd/thumbdrive, etc.), re-install Quickbooks in Vista, and then restore backup files.

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I have recently purchased a new computer running on windows xp mce. The old computer wont startup but it is also running on windows xp. I took the old pc to a repair shop and they told me that the motherboard has gone but all my data is in tact. how do i transfer the old data to my new pc without physically transferring the hard drive???? This is an urgent issue.Thanx for all the help.

Answer:URGERNT transfer data from one computer to another

Don`t think you can. You have to put the old HDD in another computer to access it at all. Why can`t you just "slave" the old drive temporarily to get all your data?

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Have two XP computers which need to be updated with files from My Documents several times a month, i.e., I need to transfer data files from computer 1 to computer 2 and later from computer 2 to computer 1. I do not want to transfer registry, or settings, or programs, or anything else, just selected data files from My Documents to My Documents.

Are you familiar with Laplink PCmover and USB cable? Will this do what I want?

I have spent too much time trying to network the computers. I want something that is going to work everytime, all the time.

Answer:Want to transfer data periodically from one XP to another XP computer

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My sister is 75 and needs a new computer, She uses a tablet for everyday contact but a desk top for her household accounts etc. She not a novice but neither is she confident. Where can she go to get her old data transferred to a new computer with good after sales support. Would anyone recommend a laptop ?

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please help me understand how to transfer my files/programs, etc. from my current Sony win. 98 with USB port but no CD burner, to a Dell win XP (yet to be delivered). i'd like to take as much as i can from my current machine into the new machine when it arrives. any ideas or help is appreciated.......


Answer:Transfer present data to new computer

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Hello All,
I am trying to transfer a pst file from Outlook 2003, WinXP, to Outlook 2007 Vista 64bit. I have followed the instructions on Microsoft support and backed up my profile, the tried to import it into the new computer using the Import command on the menu. I have not gone through the trouble to configure the new program, I hope by importing I can avoid all that pop... smtp... stuff. When I try to import I get the message that " you do not have permission to access the file." What is my next step?

thanks all

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Greetings.  One of the results of a previous posting here was for me to re-install Windows 7 on my computer. Before I did that, I saved selected data to a USB stick. Thinking that it would be a simple matter to just put it back after the re-installation, I inserted the stick into a USB receptacle and   I can open the device to see all of the things listed, but if I click on any of them to read, I get pop-ups telling me  I can't. I have tried all of the available avenues to open, including; Adobe Reader, Pad, Notebook, IE, all of them to no avail. I even tried to send data to documents and it goes there, but when I open it, it's the same. I get Jibberish. Thank You

Answer:Can't Access or Transfer USB data to computer

well how exactly do you copy them into the flash drive.. and you dont need to copy adobe reader and IE, Pad, they will be on there when you reinstall.

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I have a Gateway desktop that's no good.
(It's going to cost more to repair than to buy a new computer)

What I want to do it transfer data from the internal hard drive to some other storage device before I get rid of the whole computer.(I haven't decided which storage to transfer to ie: laptop hard drive, CD/RW or flash drive).

The operating system will not boot properly, so I guess "transfer software" is out of the question.

Is there a way I can transfer or copy specific files and/or folders from the hard drive without booting the system?

Maybe taking the hard drive out of the case and hooking it up to something to transfer to??

Thanks for any info...

Answer:Data Transfer On Broken Computer

you could connect the computers using a serial cable ($5 at your local computer store)

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238315 MB, Free - 192226 MB; L: Total - 476268 MB, Free - 385068 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0J584C
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

The above info. is for my Desktop computer. I have a new Laptop and want to transfer my Genealogy software (Legacy 7.0), and all of my family history and data contained therein, to the Laptop. I purchased a Transfer cable which transfered most programs,etc. but not the Legacy info. I have installed the Legacy 7 (from the CD) on the Laptop, but am not sure how to get all the family data into it so that the laptop will have an exact duplicate of everything that is in the desktop. I must be sure I have transferred all the Legacy family data before the desktop data is wiped clean. I will really appreciate detailed instructions on how to safely do this. If more information is needed I will be glad to provide it. Thanks much.


Answer:Solved: How do I transfer data to another computer?

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My son gave me his computer - jus the computer. I like it as it has a much larger hard drive and a dvd recorder. It also has some programs that were preloaded when he bought it which I do not have and would like to.
My comp has loads of programs and data that I would like to transfer to the new one.
Both systems are running Windows XP.
My comp is backed up on a separate unit ( Maxtor).
Can I upload from Maxtor to the new comp? I don't see any instructions for such in Maxtor's info.
Could I wind up with two XP's etc?
Thanks for any suggestions.

I am thinking that I may just have to pay a tech to do it.

Answer:How to transfer data/programs to new computer

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I have backup DVD that contains data and pictures that I would like to transfer into a new computer. What steps should I take. I have W7 and use Mozilla Firefox or IE. I have never worked with a hard drive and don't want to screw it up.
Can't find any info using Google. Can anyone give me detailed instruction? Many thanks...

Answer:transfer backup data to new computer

Put the DVD in the drive, open it, and copy the files to your hard drive. It's just files. Drag and drop.

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I havd a LG neon with an aftermarket USB data cable. When I try and connect the phone to my computer and error message comes up "windows does not recognize the usb device...." have tried to connect to several computers and the same message comes up everytime and will not allow me to transfer data. Any ideas? Do I need to download software for the phone to my computer's? HELP!

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Trying to transfer old computer data to new computer. Both systems running xp pro. Connected CAT5e cable to both. Get green light on old get red light on new comp. Dell (new) says can't use this cable need crossover cable. I thought it was a crossover cable. What do I need? This is not set up as a network just two free standing comps. All XP transfer says, connect cable.

Answer:Can't transfer data and settings from old to new computer

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Hi, My daughter has used a floppy disk to download her course work on a spare floppy I had, new by the way, she downloaded her homework from this computer and used the floppy to add work from college but when she loaded the floppy in her computer it says floppy not formated or apple mac formatted.Can anyone tell me how to recover the data without lossing any if possible.

Answer:computer reports floppy disk not formated ?

click here is free and works with floppy disks. You might want to try the floppy in another PC, the drives can sometimes randomly reject a disk at the drop of a hat in my experience, or just not work in a particular drive.

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Good morning - My latest computer fault is: My computer doesn't "see" my floppy disk drive. DEVICE MANAGER shows a yellow circle with a line in it next to FLOPPY DISK DRIVE. Left clicking on "my computer" shows all my drives except my floppy disk drive - I have uninstalled/installed the drivers and the controller to no avail - Any help would be appreciated - Thank you for your time - Ian

Answer:Computer doesn't "see " my floppy disk drive

1. Have you recently physically disconnected the wiring from your floppy drive? If so you may have re-connected it the wrong way round - it can be done on most floppy drives. Usually this also leads to the floppy LED being constantly on.2. Is it present in the BIOS? You can usually get into the BIOS by hitting the delete key after boot up, or look for screen messages to tell you how to get into it. Then check that the floppy drive is enabled.3. Changing the floppy driver isn't necessary, Windows will detect it on boot up if it is enabled in the BIOS and correctly installed.4. If the BIOS says it's enabled and you are sure that the connection is correct then your drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

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I do not and have never had a floppy drive. However, one shows on "My computer". I went to BIOS and looked to make sure this option is disabled and it is. I tried to uninstall from Device Manager and it will go away but then reappears when I reboot. Also,my CD/DVD drive is missing from devices on "My Computer". When I hit the button to open the door to the drive nothing happens. I am very confused. I need the floppy drive to disappear and my real drive to come back. This is a Windows 7 Home Premium Operating system if that make a difference. Also, I'm pretty much a novice at computer issues so any help you could give me would need to be detailed and would be appreciated. I don't mind you giving me directions like I'm 5 years old, because I feel like that is about my capacity for learning for computer troubleshooting.

Answer:floppy disk showing in my computer/cd-dvd drive gone

If the button for the disc drive drawer doesn't work, then make sure that the power cable for the drive is connected securely.

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My computer decided to die on me, so now I want to transfer my data from the hard drive in the dead computer to my new one. I am not sure how to do this. I have heard of using an external hard drive or some way where you make it the slave I'm not really sure.
I have an IDE, 80gb, 5400 rpm, 3.5 in hard drive.
All help will be appreciated!

Answer:How can I transfer data from old hard drive to new computer?

Put the drive in the second bay jumpered as a slave or on the second SATA cable.

Then drag and drop or use recovery software.

Or buy a good Powered (Addonics, for example) USB external drive Enclosure. Put the old drive in there, and plug it into a USB port where you can see everything... then drag and drop all the data... etc.

You can take as long as you need to get it right.

You might want to read up on where Outlook Express, Outlook, Firefox and so on keep their files... Quicken, Quickbooks, etc. But it is relatively trouble free.

You want the enclosure that has its own power adapter that plugs into the wall, as it really taxes your system to run this external drive off the USB power.

Be sure to shop for the correct enclosure. They have them for both SATA and EIDE and are not usually interchangeable.

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Can I move data from a specific folder in Outlook Express to another computer.

I work on a desktop and data is backed up to a laptop. I use OEQB.

However the outlook express has many folders ie Invoices, jobs completed, Maintenance Sw, SE also has subfolders such as "not entered" "completed" "invoiced"

I wish to be able to move just the INBOX, or the Invoices, or jobs completed so that both computers are fully synchronised and the Boss can have exactly same info.

The work comes by email to desktop and is transferred to laptop for fieldwork. OEQB does all folders and we only want to move data in individual folders. Outlook Express does not want to transfer or export/import to a normal folder not connected to OE

Can someone help on this please

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I went to Fry's to have my computer (HP Windows XP) looked at because it wouldn't turn on. I was told that my mother board was fried. So, I bought a new computer (HP pavillion with vista) and a hard drive enclosure and the guys at Fry's put my hard drive in it and told me that I would just need to hook it up, turn it on and drag and drop my files. I've tried that but it's not working. Could someone please take pitty on me and tell me how to do this. I've got very simple computer skills. I appreciate any and all advice!! Thanks in advance. Jen

Answer:How do I transfer data from hard drive to new computer?

Hi, Jen, and welcome to the forums.

First off, some info:
What was your old OS? What OS are you running now? What have you tried to do, and what happened when you tried that? Have you gotten any error messages?

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Hey all, I'm officially getting the new Surface Book on Monday. Very excited!
All of my personal files & folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc.) are stored in OneDrive, so there's no problem there. However, there's one pesky app whose data I don't know how to save. The popular universal app for Windows 10, Sonic Dash, doesn't make use of cloud sync in Windows 10 (this feature is actually turned on in the iOS and Android versions of the game). This means every time you reinstall the app on any one of your Windows devices, you lose all your progress and have to restart all over again on that device. This means anyone who is getting a new device Monday will have to forfeit all their game progress, missions completed, characters unlocked, rings collected, upgrades purchased, etc. when they get their new device.
(I recently asked Windows Central users to tweet the developers Sonic Dash and ask them to enable cloud backup in Windows 10, either through OneDrive or Facebook, so that your game progress would sync across your devices. I think this is still a great idea, and ask you to tweet @HLGames if you haven't yet. However, it technically won't help me in time for my switch to the Surface Book on Monday).
So, I'm wondering how I can manually save my game data and transfer it to my new Surface Book manually. Conceivably, all of the app data should be saved to my current computer somewhere, able to be transferred to a different device somehow. Do you guys know of any "... Read more

Answer:How to save your data from a universal app and transfer it to a different computer?

That's a tough one... Don't think it's possible, but in any case, try coping all game files from the "Program Files (x86)" folder and the "roaming" folder to your new device and install the game there... See if it works.

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I've got two computers networked via a crossover cable. One is a Dell Dimension desktop PC running Windows 98. The other is a Dell Inspiron notebook PC running Windows XP Professional.

They used to talk to each other without any problems, and I was able to transfer large quantities of data backwards and forwards between the two hard drives. (Useful for making back-ups.)

The Problem
The computers can still see each other via the network, and I can use Windows Explorer on either computer to look at the other computer's shared folders. However, when I try to transfer any significant amount of data from one computer to the other the desktop (Windows 98) computer crashes.

It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I initiate the data transfer from the desktop computer or the notebook computer. The data transfer seems to go okay for about 5 - 10 seconds and then the desktop computer goes down.

Other information
The network adapter in the desktop computer is a Netgear FA311/FA312 PCI Adapter.

One change that happened in the interval between the network working and the current problem is that the desktop computer now has a Broadband Internet connection via a SpeedTouch USB ADSL PPP adapter. Could that be contributing to the problem?


What should I try?

Is it worth uninstalling and re-installing the network adapter card in the desktop PC?

Is there anything that I can do to try to diagnose the cause of the crashes?


Answer:Network data transfer crashes computer

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I got a new computer and I want to transfer my iTunes over. I did it with HomeShare, but all my data such as play count, ratings, and playlist are gone. Is there a way to get this data on my new computer? If so can you give me step by step instructions? Thanks in advance

Answer:How do I transfer my iTunes data from my old Computer to my new computer?

Isn't there a way you can set up an itunes account, which when you log in you get all the data?

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hello all,

help me to solve this problem. i have a system with windows 2000 pro running on it. when i try to acess the floppy disk thro floppy drive the system immediately reboots. is this a virus problem..

some times i`m able to acess the floppy disk thro Ms-dos.i have tried so many good floppies but still the same

please help me


Answer:Computer reboots when i insert floppy disk in drive

Best thing to do would be to scan for a virus. There are several online ones, visit for one of them.

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop and the other day I restarted the computer and now it appears that it keeps trying to read the floppy disk drive.  There is no floppy in the drive.  The green light on the front keeps flashing on and off slowly and its making the sound like its trying to read a floppy disk.  I'm running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3.  Any suggestions what might be causing this?

Answer:my computer keeps trying to read the floppy disk drive at startup

At what point during the boot is the floppy polled?

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Using Windows ME. When copying files to floppy disk, after a few seconds or perhaps 30 secs the computer closes down. I have tried disabling Antivirus and Firewall but this makes no difference. Any ideas. please?

Answer:Copying files to floppy disk - computer closes

Further to my copying files to disk problem of 18 Jun. I have successfully copied files to floppy using a new floppy. Previously I had inserted a used disk which I had erased, but every time it had failed and the computer had shut down. Have I been doing something wrong? Another thing. Why does the floppy show a capacity of 1.38 MB on screen when the disk shows 1.44 MB on itself? Probably a silly question but my inexperience shows!

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Having never done it, I am attempting to help my friend. Has old laptop, been making system image backups with Macrium Free on external usb WD Hardrive. Now wishes to get new laptop and transfer pertinent data and programs to the new computer. I haven't a clue. He had not installed the HD programming, using macrium instead. Any assistance is appreciated!

Answer:Transfer programs and data to new computer? External Hardrive!

You can transfer data, but not programs.

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

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I want to install Turbo Tax 2009 on my new computer. (The operating system is Windows 7 - no problems with this.) I last used Turbo Tax 2008 on my old computer and want to be able to transfer the files that will automatically tell Turbo Tax 2009 my name, last year's taxes, etc. Can anyone tell me where to look and what to copy onto a thumb-drive for this process?

Answer:Solved: Turbo Tax 2009 - Data Transfer from old computer

I solved my own problem. TurboTax has a feature that makes transferring older files from one computer to the next difficult. Just copying the TurboTax2008 files to a thumb-drive and moving them to the new computer did not work. The new TurboTax2009 did not recognize them. Here's what I did. I installed 2008 on my new computer and opened that year's returns by using the files on the thumb-drive. After opening each return, I saved it so it would place them on the new computer where TurboTax2009 would go to look for them later.

I then opened TurboTax2009 and opened a new return. At that point it is blank and prompts you to make a choice to transfer last year's files. On the lower end of the window it has in blue "find a tax file". Click on this and TurboTax will automatically find last year's files. Highlite one and click on it and it will transfer the file. You have to save each one and do the next the same way starting with "open a new return".

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Hey,I have a new 2.6hz quad core PC. but the data trasnfer from/to memory sticks and between hard drive is quite slow!It has 2gb of RAM but I expected much quicker trasnfer speeds given the processor speed.Any idea what could be causing this?

Answer:New Quad Core computer...slow data transfer!

are you running vista by any chance? You need a different data transfer application. Google it and you will find some nice data applications

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I just built a new computer and put in a gigabyte gn-wp01gs PCI wireless card. I am connected on my home network, and there is a very little data being transferred, and no websites will load. I tried reinstalling the network card drivers a few times, but that did not seem to fix anything. Also the drivers are for Vista-64 bit, but I am running a windows7-64 bit. I couldn't find any drivers for windows 7 but I assumed that the compatibility would not be an issue. I tried to pinging on cmd, and it told me that it timed out. Please help me out!! Thank you.

Answer:Computer connected to the internet, but little data transfer / cant load websites

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Ok I have a self-built's a year old just a few days ago.

Win XP SP2 (I think)
Intel Quad-Core 2.4ghz [OCed to 3.2ghz)
RAM 4gb [2.5gb detected]
HDD- Western Digital 160GB and not sure which company could be Maxtor 500GB SATA
8800GT 512mb Video Card

I have an IDE drive on there too with an Apple OSX installed on it.


I've been hunting viruses and trojans [due to a backdoor trojan that] for the last few days and elimintated most of them including the backdoor. I was running a 'thourough' scan today while I was at school as well as downloading some things. MY anti-virus program is avast!

Thinking my comps quad-core 3.2ghz could handle the load I turned on Company of Heroes while all this was running....the comp froze...I restarted manually.

The first screen I got is the usual one except under SATA Channel listings it said Floppy disk(s) fail (40)....I don't have a floppy drive.

Then when I press F1 to continue it doesn't load up my main hardrive where Windows is installed. Like it doesn't detect only detects the IDE drive with Apple on it and can start it up.

Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Somehow the anti-virus scan mixed with downloading and a video game crash messed things up. Even F8 doesn't work.

Answer:[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Fail(40)...but I have no floppy startup

The BIOS was reset to default values. Enter the BIOS at startup and change the boot order priority to the sata hdd first. Locate the screen with the setting for the floppy drive and set that drive to disabled or none. If there's a setting called halt on disk errors change it to "no errors but keyboard" or something like that. Once you're back within windows run chkdsk c: /R to correct errors in the file system caused by the hard restart (answer y when prompted to schedule the scan at next startup and restart the computer).

What's the brand, model and wattage of your power supply ? The freezing wasn't necessarily caused by the antivirus, could have been caused by an underpowered power supply. With an overclocked quad core and a 8800GT you need a quality 700W+ supply. Locate the hardware monitor screen in the BIOS and report your temps, fan speeds and voltages.


Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Actually mentioning it already violates the forum rules. Please read them if you didn't already : Also read this. I'll pass this time cause it's your first post but I'll have to issue an official warning next time.

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Can you run a virus scan from PC A (Win XP) on PC B (Win 98SE) using a USB Transfer cable like click here or is it just data transfer? (ie if the AV is installed on PC A can i scan the disk in PC B?

Answer:USB Data Transfer Cables - Virus Scan / Scan Disk

Nope. As i'm thinkin gof a network cable....Sorry..

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How do I connect my stereo to my computer?What hardware/software do I need DickP

Answer:Transfer Vinyl LPs to my computer to put on disk

lead with 3.5 jackplug on each end connect to:-Earphone socket on HIfi to line in socket on soundcard.Software (free)Music / wave editing:-Audacity click here

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Hi All,

Here is the low down. I cant boot into any OS.

I formatted my PC and figured that after installing XP i'd dual boot Ubuntu (9.04).
So all went well, XP and Ubuntu installed as anticipated i could access both OS' for a couple of hours.

When i was in Ubuntu, i was trying to change my primary monitor (22") to have the toolbar instead of my 19".
I went on Ubuntu forums to see what had to be done, and i needed to reboot for the changes to take effect.

After i rebooted, it didnít list any of my 2 hard drives (150gb raptor, 1tb Samsung) or my Asus DVD/CD drive.

My motherboard (Nvidia 680I) stated 7F which only says in the manual as "Check POST error and display them and ask user intervention".
Well, the lovely post error comes up as:

floppy disk(s) fail (40) Click to expand...

floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Real helpful right? And considering i have NO floppy drive...(its a custom built PC)
And i have two options, F1 to continue and DEL for BIOS.

I checked BIOS first, reset to default, removed floppy drive from the boot menu, rebooted, same issue.

Hit F1 to continue now, and the only bootable option is the NVIDIA Boot Agent and comes up with this:


This goes on a continuous loop, failing every time. I've checked all cables and it all seems fine.
Now i cant even access my CD/DVD drive (completely disabled) which... Read more

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I'm trying to build my first computer and I think I've got things setup right, but whenever I try to boot up I get the a message on the screen saying Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40). The Problem is that I don't have a floppy drive and my computer only gives me about one to five secs. (depending how long I wait between boot attempts) to get into the BIOS and try to do anything. the motherboard I am working with is a EVGA nForce 680i SLI motherboard and it uses Pheonix-Award BIOS. Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40) error but I don't have a floppy drive

You need to get into the BIOS and Disable Floppy drives. It should be on the same screen as the basic set-up.
Also take it out of the Boot sequence.

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My daughter has a new computer and would like to transfer files from one to the other - mainly music. What would be the easiest - and cheapest - way to go about this. The older computer doesn't have a network card or cd burner. Thanks for any input.

Answer:Transfer Data from Old Computer to New Computer

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Well, I got a new computer from the holidays, and a nice one at that. A Gateway (GM5260) which has a Intel Core Duo 2, 2048mb of DDR2 Duel-Channeled RAM, 320gb HDD, etc.

Now, I am trying to get all the information off my 120gb (like 30gb or less) HDD of my old computer onto my new computer's HDD. My question, being I've never had such a task before, how should I go about doing this?


Answer:Computer to Computer Data Transfer


I think the best way to do this is to hook ur old drive to your new computer and simply copy the files you want over to the new drive.

If the drive is SATA, you just need to plug it in. If it is an IDE you will need to change the drive from master to slave.

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helloi am trying to transfer data etc from the old computer to my new HP computer.  I bought and trying to do this using a USB 2.0 A male to a male cable. But so far I do not see anything happening.i sure would appreciate any help on how to do this process as I did this years ago but do not remember how to do this now.thanks.

Answer:transfer data from old computer to a new computer using a us...

Hi, Sorry, this is not going to work. Windows used to have software and you can buy a file transfaer cable to do that. Now, please try the following instructions: Regards.

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My computer won't start and tells me I need my Vista installation disk to start. After many months and moving house, I finally found the disk, but the disk drive on my desktop is defunct and can't be used. Is there any way for me to transfer the disk onto a flash drive so I can start it up that way? I have only the use of an older, rather slow laptop to do this with.

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I am trying to get into one of my foppy disk as it has some files on it that I am trying to look at. everytime I put my disk into the floppy (A) drive and try to load the files on it I get a error message saying disk drive A is not formatted and when I click on yes to format the disk it says my information will be erased of the disk if I do so I didn't try it however I tried to load another disk with nothing on it and I tired to reformat it but it didn't reformat it(I forget what It said). how can I get my floppy disk to load my files to where I can pull up the Microsoft word documents that I have on them? what is wrong with my floppy drive?

Answer:floppy drive won't format floppy disk

The disks are probably corrupted. You can try and recover the files off of them using BadCopy Pro - Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Digital Media Data Recovery Software

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The 635 see texts messages but not contacts. Do i have to go through a pc or is there a way to transfer directly

Answer:Why can't I transfer my contacts from 6310i to 635 via transfer data app?

I strongly recommend to use Nokia PC Suite to extract your contacts, the 6310 it's a quite old phone and the first Nokia phone with Bluetooth... since that phone uses an outdated Bluetooth version, the transfer app for WP may not work for the 6310i.How to Backup Contacts in Nokia PC Suite: 11 Steps

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I just built a new AMD system as follows..

AMD 4000+
Asus A8n32-SLI
Dual Raptors..yadda yadda

In XP under device manager a Floppy Disk Controller shows up but I dont have a FD installed..Is this normal??I tried uninstalling it but it reappears on boot up...Thanx in advance!

Answer:Floppy disk controller..No floppy???

Try disabling the controller in your bios

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Can anyone tell me how to tranfer nearly 100 E-Mails on to a floppy disc or a CD-r.Regards Alan

Answer:Transfer E-Mails to floppy

If they aren't too large for a floppy, highlight them in your Inbox and drag them to a shortcut of your 3?" floppy drive. They will be saved as .eml files and can be opened by double clicking them. They will open in your email client.

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HiProblem with a new build.When i copy files from the new PC to a floppy and then onto another PC i receive an error message (Data error cyclic redundancy check cannot copy files).This does not happen all the time but when i tried to copy an access file it came up with the error.Msi mobo winxp pro on both PC's.Any ideasThomas

Answer:Floppy transfer problem

Googling suggests that this could be a file corruption problem (defective floppy?).The 'msi' reference could be the MS installer program/process, suggesting that the installation of Access could possibly be corrupt.

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I am getting a new computer and have backed up my files on floppy. When I get the new computer how do I reinstall them to the new C drive? Thanks for your help!

Answer:How do you transfer from floppy to C-drive?

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I don't have a floppy disk in my computer, and I would like to remove the
"Floppy Disk Drive" icon from "Computer" on Windows Vista.

Sometimes I accidentally double click it and it freezes the computer for a few seconds.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Removing "Floppy Disk Drive (A:)" from Computer

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Now I have used the drive and it works fine, and when I push f1 it works as normal, just really annoying.

I have tried switch the cable and, switching the cable that bring the power, any ideas?

Answer:When I start my computer, it reports: "FLOPPY DISK(S) FAILURE (40)"

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computer does not start. when i turn on the computer the windows screens appears with the increasing bar on the screen, then it goes to a safe mode screen but no action can be taken as the keys don't work then a blue screen (can't see what it says too fast) then it loops back the the beginning with the windows screen again. What can i do to bet data from that is on hard disk?

Answer:Computer won't start, need data fron hard disk.

Reboot. As soon as you see the POST screen start tapping the F8 key. This will take you to a screen that offers you a number of boot options. Select "Disable Reboot on Error" (I believe that's the correct wording - if not, it's close) and reboot. You should now see the contents of that blue screen error. Post it here.

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I have a ibm-ThinkPad small and old (approximately 10 years old) roam computer. It do not boot anymore and i want to copy the data in the hard drive.
I took out the hard drive but I don't know how to connect it to other computers (Normal IDE cable doesn't connect)
Any suggestions?
Moderator edit: Added model to subject

Answer:How to recover data from [X40/X41] hard-disk (fru P/N:92P6085) when the computer die

If I remember correctly, the X40/X41 uses a less common ZIF connector. You might need a special adapter.

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i keep getting this message every single time i try and turn on my belta computer. Now this computer is from a Thailand company so i haven't been able to find much help online, but from what i can gather it isn't booting to the OS because there is something wrong with the floppy disk drive. Well the computer doesn't have a floppy disk drive...... so i think that might be the problem . Anyway after a little bit more digging i found that by going to the bios settings i could disable the computer from thinking it has a floppy disk drive. Here's my problem however, i can only get into "insyde software SCU for intel chipset" witch is sort of like bios as it lets me set the boot order and such, but there is no option to disable hardware in this menu. so does anyone know how to get to the actual bios settings so i can disable the floppy disk drive? the model is an M3C if that helps any.

thanks for any reply's =)

Answer:floppy disk fault--insert valid boot disk and press any key

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Hi all just a quick note -- it did not snow today óthank GOD
Now on to the ???? I have a lot of old programs that are on Floppy disk ómost are well over 5 disks and I was wondering if there is a (free program) that makes it possible to put them onto CD so that they will load up properly ( Ex install disk 1 then disk 2 on to disk 45 for my old office program)
and if so will it also work for boot disk set also
New Laptop does not have Floppy

Answer:Solved: Transfer old floppy program to CD

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a poser for you all; if an HJT log is recorded onto a cd or floppy from a known-to-be infected machine; will/can the infection on the machine somehow transfer itself to the cd or floppy, infect the floppy and use the floppy or cd as a carrier to another pc and infect the other pc when the cd or floppy is read ? does that way of asking that make sense?and if it does, how can it be prevented from infecting the receiving/reading pc?

Answer:can a cd or floppy carry/transfer the infection ?


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I have a Starwriter word processor and want to transfer documents to pc via the floppy disc but Windows is unable to recognize format, advise please on conversion.

Answer:Solved: floppy disc transfer

Open Office's Writer can handle Starwriter documents and then save them as, say, Word documents. Go to

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I would like to get my bookmarks off my hard drive and store them on a floppy disk. Then I would like to bring them back on to my hard drive for use in my browser again. How do I do that? I am using Internet Explorer. Thanks.

Answer:How Do I Transfer Bookmarks To A Floppy & Then Back Again?

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It's sort of a weird problem, really. I have a mac with OS X connected to a vista PC through an ethernet cable. I'm able to access and copy folders with the pc, but when I do, only a small amount of the files are transferred. I'll tell it to copy a folder with several gigabytes, and it will successfully transfer like 100 mb. I need to transfer about 110 gb. I split it into a bunch of different folders, trying to do each one separately, but to no avail. No error message, or any other indication that there is a problem. It's as if vista simply ignores the majority of the files I'm trying to transfer. Any hints as to what might be happening? Thanks in advance <3

Answer:Data Transfer - Won't transfer all files at once.

Well, nearly 10 hours have passed, so I'm going to shamelessly self-bump this thread. Sorry :[

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My hard drive has busted so im taking it in for repairs. The people there say before it is to be fixed they will recover the data for me. Basically i am woundering is there any stage where they will look at my computer deleted/non deleted history. Obviosly i have nothing illegal i just would not prefer my personal life to be desplayed in front of everyone else.

Also would they see softwear such a microsoft word and excel, for a save all my passwords on these documents that im sure could be easily accessed.


Answer:Would computer History be shown when recovering hard disk data?

If they are able to access the data on the hard drive then, yes, they can see any data on the hard drive. That includes any documents, deleted files, etc. Data that is deleted is not gone forever, it's just hidden. If something overwrites that area of the disk, the old data should be gone but advanced forensics may be able to recover parts or all of the data.

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Hi, all, (yes I am computer handicapped. I'm coming here to seek information),
Lately, I've had this issue with a popup appearing that looks like this:

Pretty sure it's due to my ignorance. I was told to "make a backup" a while back. I think I did so, probably on this "DATA (D:)" drive, but I can't remember, and it would appear that it was a bad idea, because my computer seems to complain about it a lot.
I think these are my "specs". (Someone please tell me if these aren't my specs).

Well... I looked up some help. This is the page I looked up:
I took a screenie, here:

"Make sure you have created a set of recovery discs before using these steps. If the system stops responding, recovery discs can be used to perform a system recovery."
What does this mean...? Should I back up my files? Um... Any tips on a good way to do this? I have some flashdrives available to use for this, if that's what it's talking about. What files though? All files? Just "system" files?..... What about "registry" files? One of my family members said I should "back up" my "registry".
I appreciate any advice and wisdom I can get.

Answer:Computer Handicapped Person is "Running out of Disk Space on DATA(D:)"

The link is for Windows Vista
Error: Low Disk Space. You are running out of disk space on Recovery (D:) (Windows Vista)
You are in the Windows 7 forum so I’m assuming you have a Windows 7 computer
--- The specs appear to me that they are for your computer as you probably got then in your System dialog box
Create a System Repair disc if you haven’t already done so
How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc
Yes please do back up your data. Do you have an external hard drive or flash drive to back up onto?

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i am helping someone fix their computer. everything has been checked out:viruses,adware,updated,etc,.

--although there is a floppy disk drive,that is original hardware,the
computer is not "seeing" it.

--i checked device manager,all +
( no question marks or exclamantion marks)

--"my computer" shows just the one cd drive

--i did a hardware scan....did not detect floppy drive
its an ibm pen3 laptop winxp

Answer:floppy disk is INSTALLED,but computer does not"see"

The drive doesn't show up in device manager or My Computer. Does it show up it BIOS? No hard drive in My Computer either??

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