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cd ROM cant read disks

Question: cd ROM cant read disks

dell inspiron 1525 laptop

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Preferred Solution: cd ROM cant read disks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: cd ROM cant read disks

1- any yellow exclamation marks in device manager?2- Is it a windows 7 upgrade or new installation from another OS?3- Did you search for the latest drivers from Dell?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Please help me, I have had my computer for about a year now and up untill recently has just given me a problem, My disk drive for some reason unknown to me has just 'given up the goose' so to say, and refuses to read disks with data. I have tried reading a disk with no data and it seems to read that just fine. I done know what is wrong with it but any help would be much abliged.

Answer:Disk Drive will not read disks with data but will read disks with NO data

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Have searched in vain, including hereon, to find means of copying (Excel) file from hard drive to CD-ROM disks of all types. The READ ONLY stops it very effectively.

Googling includes half-dozen methods but most if not all apply to hard drive removal and that I've done.

The disk Properties uncheck of Read Only is meaningless. When do so and then try copying, same interference. Back to Properties only to find the click has mysteriously been reinserted.

A KB at MSN explains why the Read Only is there and even suggests various removal instructions. Found these much above my limited tech savvy.

Will appreciate learning a simple means of doing this from any of you more knowledgeable volunteer support specialists.

Answer:Removal of READ ONLY from CD disks -- not hard disks

CD-R=Read only after written

CD-RW Read/Rewritable, but to do a drag/save to drop sort of thing, you need packet writing software.

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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I am running Windows 2000 Pro. My CD-Rom won't read certain disks. It will read the Windows 2000 OS disk from windows, but it won't read any burnt cd I try, and some other store bought disks. I tried replacing the CD-Drive and that made no difference.


Answer:CD-ROM won't read certain disks

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hello everybody,                          i'm working on a gateway computer that a friend gave me.It has a amd proccessor running xp home edition with sp2.The powe supply had died in it and i replaced the power supply and now the cd-rom won't read a disk.At first i thought it was a bad rom drive.After the 4th one i tryed and none of them reading a disk i thought that i had a connection problem.Yet power is going to it and it opens and closes.The power supply is a 500watt one from A power12v atx.Itook a cd-rom out of one i know worked and it wouldn't read either .So i'm at a loss as to what to do to fix this problem.So any help would be grateful                                                                        bmacgurk

Answer:cd-rom won't read disks

Does Device Manager see the drive correctly?Alan <>< 

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System is AMD 3200, 1GB DDR running XP PRO.The drive is a Lite on 52 x 32 x 52x I'm using Roxio easy CD creator for burning which seems to work ok. Now disks that I have read in the past aren't found, I just get a message saying 'Please insert disk' even though the disk is in the drive.Can anyone help with this please?thanks.

Answer:can't read cd-r or cd-rw disks

the drive won't read cd-roms either

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Question: Read-only disks

I'm still a struggling computer user, also a writer. I'd like to put my novels and plays on cd's. But I still can't figure out what to do. I can save the file on a cd, but when I bring it up to revise, I'm told, it's a read-only file and I can't work on it. It also says that I have to save and rename. Does this mean that I have to keep renaming the file each time I work on it? I cannot delete the file either. Because my files are so large, would the disk just keep filling up, because I can't delete? Presently I'm saving on floppy disks without any problem. Any help or insight would be appreciated. I have Windows XP. Thank you. Novelist.

Answer:Read-only disks

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Why does my TV tell me it can not read my CD-R disk that had photo slides burned it? The computer can read them but the TV can't. I have burned a couple disks that worlked and I did nothing differen that I know of and they worked on the TV.

Answer:Can't read CD-R disks on the TV

Did you finalize the disk? Sometimes drives can be fussy about the disk manufacturer.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Everytime I put a disk (DVD or CD, it used to be able to read both) into my DVD drive, I get the generic "D:\ not accessible. The device is not ready." message. This happened before, and my the person who fixed it said that "the motherboard had turned off". I generally know my way around a computer, but I don't know how to fix this. Less than one month after they fixed it, it stopped working again.

Another thing (if this belongs somewhere else, let me know). I've managed to delete the programs my computer uses for opening up image files. Anytime I try to open a file, I get the message, "Cannot find file CROGRAM.exe". Is there a driver/codec I can download to fix this?

(On a side note, I was proud because I managed to figure out how to re-install the video card driver - no more psycadellic colours! )

Oh, shoot. Here are my specs, if you need them.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 98 SE
OS Service Pack -
DirectX (DirectX 9.0a)
Computer Name DEFAULT (Valued Customer)
User Name Meaghan

CPU Type Intel Pentium III, 500 MHz (5 x 100)
Motherboard Name Unknown
Motherboard Chipse... Read more

Answer:DVD-ROM Can't Read Disks

I hate to bump, but is my question that simple/stupid that no-one will answer it, or does no-one know the answer?
At least tell me if you refuse to answer the question, please!
Do you need more information?

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I have a Compaq laptop running Vista. I put a CD in the drive and it will not read. I have tried different CDs and DVDs and it just does not recognize them. I also tried to burn a CD and it shows there is not a drive. I went to the device manager and found this message under my CD/DVD
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
PLS HELP! I use this drive regularly and I need it! I have no clue what to do.
Pls reply with some help.

Answer:CD/DVD will not read disks

Try deleting the drive from device manager and then rebooting. If the problem is still present, try visiting the Compaq support site and downloading the latest drivers for your system.



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CD/DVD RW won't read any disks!!!
I just brought a new compaq presario v6000 about a month ago and last week is stopped reading any disk's i put in them. All that happens is the green light turns on and i can hear the cd spinning as usal but nothing comes up in My Computer. I have tried uninstalling the cd drive but still it dosn't work and it won't read the lens cleaner HELP HELP HELP I have work that i need to access on CD

Answer:CD/DVD RW won't read any disks!!!

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I bought a few games today, but when I put them in my cd drive they don't work, neither does it make any sound. And when I go into my computer there's no icon or anything. I've confirmed that all the disks work on my brother's pc. All the games are on a dvd disk. But I've tried some random DVD+R disk and it worked fine on my computer and I've gone into device manager and under DVD/CD-ROM drivers. It says, LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-811S ATA device and XOTK BCHEZO12N SCSI cdRom device. Any help appreciated thanks.

Answer:PC can't read DVD disks?

Is your DVD drive old? Sometimes it may happen that new retail discs will not work when the sensor is too old / slightly damaged.

On my previous drive, after about 1.5 years of use, I was unable to run any music CDs / movie DVDs that I purchased. However, all copied DVDs were read fine. Also I was able to burn DVDs.

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Question: cannot read disks

Vista is my operating system Using Express Burn version 4.24, I created some data disks but I cannot open them. I have both powerpoint and word documents on the disks. I get a message like "cannot open name of file with a ppt extension. Is there any way to recover the information on the disks?

thanks, ohiostate74

Answer:cannot read disks

Hi -

Where are you trying to open the PPT & DOC files from (DVD, after copy to hard drive)?

What kind of DVD - DVD-R, DVD+R, D........?

Do you have backups (of those backups)?

Do you have Microsoft Office installed on that particular system?

Is it Office 2004 or Office 2007?

Regards. . .



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Question: Cant Read Disks

I have some old disks that were used on a Brother WP-760D Typewriter. These disks wont read on Windows they give a Missing ID error or something like it i cant remember offhand. Is there any way in DOS or Linux to convert these disks so they can be readable. Without being able to read it i cant convert the files

Answer:Cant Read Disks

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 with Windows XP Home Edition OS. There is a Samsung CD player/ writer and a separate Philips DVD reader. Whenever I put either a blank or a written disk in either drive I get a message saying please install disk. I have done just about everything including manually removing both and reinstalling, uninstalling both through "uninstall", restoring system to a different time, updating drivers, deleting Roxio software, downloading Dell recommendations, downloading every XP fix, removing the filters etc. but to no avail. Interestingly this seems to be a common problem with no solution. All utilities say system is working fine. Any suggestions?

Answer:CD and DVD will not read disks

Did the driver used to read media?

Have you tried updating the firmware?

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like some operating system disk,like xp,windows 7.

Answer:why my dvd drive not read some disks

Are they copies? If so they maybe faulty disks or made on a brand your computer doesn't like. Have you browsed them to see if you can see any files or folders?We all live on a ball.

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My computer will not let me read from floppy disks. Running XP Pro. Every disk I put in it states disk not formatted when they are and work ok on my laptop Win 98. Asks format now so if I press OK then states no disk even though there is. Press OK again it says disk cannot be formatted.

XP has disabled my on board modem (incompatable drivers) so I need the floppy drive to update those drivers too.

I have tried a different floppy drive in PC but same results.

Answer:Cant read floppy disks

Is the system capable of running xp?
There is a compatibility test on the windows CD

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Hi I have a Toshiba SD-R1002 which used to work properly but now will only read particular CDs and will not recognise blank CDs at all. I have not had any problems playing DVDs. It is not caused by scratched CDs and have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem. Has anyone got any ideas?

Any help much appreciated,

Answer:DVD/CDRW will not read certain disks

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I recently bought a new Sony DVD burner to replace an old DVD drive that ate it due to a power surge. It took me about an hour to get both it and my Plextor drive to both be recognized by the bios but I eventually got it to happen by moving them to separate IDE channels and tossing my old zip drive that was on the second channel. OK so everything seams OK after that: the drives read good in the bios, windows finds the new drive, plug and play has all the proper drivers loaded up in no time. Then I pop in a disk and it all goes wrong. The dive doesn't see the disk at all so I try some more disks and none of them work the drive will not read any disks. At first I think this may be another IDE problem but the drive is reading out fine in the device manager. I try updating the firmware (witch works fine so IDE problem is definitely out) but no help. I then run a Sony drive testing program on the drive; it finds the media and writes data to the disk fine but when it goes to read it back it craps out. At this point the drive may as well have a big flashing sign on it that says I'm broken so I take the drive back to get a new one. They are all out of the drive I bought so I pick up a Samsung with the same specs for the same price (since they are probably the same drive made in the same factory). Here is where it gets weird I plug the new drive in, no bios problems. I load up the system and have the exact same problem. Am I the most unfortunate guy in the world and got two ... Read more

Answer:DVD burners will not read disks

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i have an old compaq with XP on it and it doent want to read my cd's , and i go in my computer and look at the d drive and it says this System_sav and ideas?

Answer:CD rom wont read disks

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Hello everyone,

My cd rom, dvd-rw dw drives won't read anything! It makes noises, and the little disk will apear for a second next to the cursor, but nothing. Here are the steps I've taken so far, but it still doesn't work:

Uninstalled my disk drive (fujitsu mhv2100bh), both the dvd and cd rom drives (lf5920v jbs241y scsi cd rom device), and (sony dvd + - RW DW-Q58A), I also uninstalled my Primary IDE channel. When I restarted all the drives were recognized and re-installed....Still the same thing when I put in software for my new printer, and a even tried a game. Errrr

The only thing I can think of that is different, and I do not remember if I used my cd rom drive after I did this...but a while back I what I think they may call like a virtual drive?? Where you computer thinks it has a certain cd in, when it doesn't. I did this for a game. If I go into the my computer screen I see the game icon and it shows the disk being in drive F, and then it shows my dvd-rw drive E. I uninstalled the game, and ejected it, but when I restarted it all came back. I don't know if this could be causing my troubles?? It doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the drives??? I'm clueless Please help!!!!!

Answer:Cd Rom drive won't read disks....Tried everything! Please help!!

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I'm trying to install some manuals that I need that are on CD, but the cdrom won't auto start or read them...All my other disks work fine, auto start or are readable by clicking into the D drive. What am I missing here?

Answer:Cdrom will not read certain disks.

Hi and welcome to the forum

The disks could be bad, have you tried another PC?

Are you getting any type of message?


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Both my dvd drive and cd writer drive are not recognising disks when they are inserted, however, if I reboot with the disk in the drive they recognise it. I can still play music disks without any problem.If I use explorer and try to open the icon drive d (dvd) announces that drive is not accessible and e (writer) opens an empty window regardless of what is on the disk.I've tried reinstallng drivers, checked all internal cables, I've even formatted my drive and reinstalled everything but none of this made any difference.My dvd drive is a creative and originally came with a dxr3 card for playing dvds. Since I've upgraded my system (keeping the dvd drive)this wasn't required so I removed the card. I vaguely remember this being around the time this problem started and I've reinstalled the card but to no avail.Any ideas??

Answer:cd drives won't read disks

hey man this totally happened to me too yesterday. and i had to reboot for it to be accessible and recognised. whats wrong do you think? im using windows xp.

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I have a LiteOn CD/DVD drive that can't read data off of disks. Usually it reconizes the disk, and usually I can see all the files on the disk. However, if I try to play an audio file, it says it's not valid, if I try to install a program, it says it's not a valid win32 application.

The disks work fine on another computer
The drive works find in another computer
The drive stopped worked after my OS was reinstalled
I've unplugged and replugged the cables

Yes still, I'm having the errors, does anybody have any clude what the problem might be?

Answer:CD/DVD Drive can't read any disks

did u check device manager?

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Answer:Satellite L30-134 will not read any disks

Don't worry about that, it happens many times that the CD-Drive devices get broken. That's why there is a warranty :D
Tell your parents to carry your notebook to the service and have the drive replaced for free.


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I have a Compaq Presario CQ61 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-bit system and it used to read and burn cds fine.Now it will not read any disks of any kind, even with an external USB DVD/CD drive. I have tried to uninstall the drivers, checked for filters, and uninstall Itunes and still will not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Answer:DVD drive will not read any disks

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My 3.5" floppy stopped reading disks. I checked the disks and they are good, they are read fine on another computer. I checked the BIOS and its fine. The ribbon and power cord are connected correctly and securely. I've even replaced the drvie with a new drive. And still it won't read the disks. The drive is recognized and there are no IRQ conflicts. Could it be the ribbon? Or is there something else more obviouse that I'm missing?? HELP ME.

Answer:3.5 drive won't read any disks.

1) what happens when you try?...any error messages?

2) what operating system are you using?

3) does the drive flash briefly during boot so you know its detected?

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I have a Windows XP service pack 2 and my computer's cd drive doesn't read any disks that i put in it. once it read one cd but after that it stopped reading any disks that i put in it. Replies would be great. Thanks

Answer:Cd drive can't read disks

Does the drive show up in my computer? How old is the drive. Did
it ever work, I know you said it worked once, buy had it been tried and
true in the past? If it shows up in my computer, and it has been ok,
I would say its gone awry,=broke, it happens, things wear out.
May need to be blown out with some high powered air. Ive seen cd
drives and hdds be bad right out of the box, it does happen...

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I have an acer pc with a Sony DVD/cdrw cd rom drive. When I put a disk in the drive does not recognize there is a disk in it. If I try to "run" manually it says the program cannot be found and when I go into my computer and click on the D drive it says please insert disk. I went to the device manager and there are no error on the driver or anything. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Answer:CD-Rom drive won't read disks

Hi and welcome to TSF try this Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media
and possibly this The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista it may not apply

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Hi, Hope you can help ... My CD/RW drive can read and write to CD/R disks, but cannot (or so it seems) detect a CD/RW disk when inserted into the drive. The PC keeps promting me to insert media. I have a relatively new machine (2.1GHz Athlon, with separate CD/RW and DVD drives running XP Home.The CD/RW's I'm attempting to use are 700Mb 1X4X Memorex. I suspect that this brand of CD might not be compatible with my drive, but a few words of wisdom would be very welcome.Thanks ..Sc00ter

Answer:CD/RW Drive will read CD/R but nor CD/RW disks.

A friend of mine's computer which is 3 years old seems to like Imation disks, but not Sky or Sony disks. But all disks are OK in my 5 year old machine, so your not alone.Paul.

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Blue ray won't read disk. Makes noise "buzzz-buzzz...buzzz-buzzz..." about 10 times and stops. Same thing with or without disk. Been on a hard road trip, been in the heat, didn't get wet. Device mgr. says operating properly. Am I going to have to replace this drive. Please help I really need this now.Thank you Wow. To avert an act of congress to update my email [email protected]

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Hi,,,I can burn to DVD but when i put a data dvd, game dvd or dvd movie my drive wont read it, it doest even see it, I have looked for updates but cant find any, that doest mean that there arnt any. My drive is a Sony DVD RW DW-D23A. Also last year with the same drive it had trouble reading certin cd games then i reinstalled my window xp pro and all was good and i could read my game again. Any ideas,,,,Thanks for your time,,, Doj ,,,,,

Answer:Solved: cant read DVD disks

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I currently have a HP pavillion laptop, with a PIONEER DVDRW DVR-K17B ATA Device. Running Vista Ultimate OS, and I only notice lately, though I believe it has been like this for awhile, it will not read any disks, dvd, cd or any other. The disk management does not list my CD/DVD drive under storage, or at all, but in the device manager it says there is no problem.

I dont want to uninstall the driver, because I dont know where the file to reinstall it can be gotten, or where it is on my computer. It is really annoying because I cannot install anything, rip/burn cds or any other thing which requires a CD.

Please help me to solve this problem, any additional information needed, just ask, and possible tell me where to find it, I am good with computers, just don't touch the drivers very often.

Answer:DVD driver does not read any disks

Originally Posted by Rurik

I currently have a HP pavillion laptop, with a PIONEER DVDRW DVR-K17B ATA Device. Running Vista Ultimate OS, and I only notice lately, though I believe it has been like this for awhile, it will not read any disks, dvd, cd or any other. The disk management does not list my CD/DVD drive under storage, or at all, but in the device manager it says there is no problem.

I dont want to uninstall the driver, because I dont know where the file to reinstall it can be gotten, or where it is on my computer. It is really annoying because I cannot install anything, rip/burn cds or any other thing which requires a CD.

Please help me to solve this problem, any additional information needed, just ask, and possible tell me where to find it, I am good with computers, just don't touch the drivers very often.

If you want to uninstall the driver go head, reboot windows will find driver.

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i've had to use my burner drive for awhile because my CD/DVD drive won't read cds, but i just got a DVD demo cd and i want to read it. Whenever i put anything in the CD/DVD drive, no matter what it is, it doesn't do anything, then when i click on the D: drive in My Computer, it tells me to insert a cd into the drive. i have the latest drivers. any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?

Answer:CD/DVD drive won't read disks...

Have you tried deleting it from the device manager and rebooting? Windows should "find" it as new hardware.

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Hi,I installed a new floppy disk drive a few weeks ago, and it won't read my existing disks. It says they are all unformatted, and would I like to format them. I know there is data on there, because I checked on another machine. How can I re-access this old data please?Thanks,brewersfan

Answer:floppy can't read disks

As you've just installed the drive make sure all the cables are the right way round and seated correctly.Do you get a status light on the floppy drive, does it just come on at all, just when trying to read or is it on all the time.Was this the same problem you had before replacing the drive? If so could be a problem with the controller on the system board.

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I'm trying to install H&R Block tax software, but the disk is not being read.  I ordered a replacement disk from the vendor (Amazon) and still have the problem.  On the other hand, some disks work, e.g., the H&R Block software from 2 years ago. Any tips on either troubleshooting the DVD drive or replacing it?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T61 DVD Drive can't read some disks

The only thing you can try is to clean the lens inside the drive with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Is the DVD in question the only one that doesn't get read?

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Question: Disks arent read

My computer has stopped reading disks for some reason , why is this?If i disconnect the disk drive then reconnect it -it works for a short time again .

Answer:Disks arent read


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I came across a bunch of floppy disks that I don't use anymore. So I decided to remove what was on them and pass them on to someone else in the family that does still use them.

Unfortunately, a number of disks can't be read by Windows XP because it says that it needs Windows 98 or Drive Space. Is there are way to view Windows 98 disks in XP?

And also, if it says that it is not formatted, what are the chances that this is just a stuff up because it is from a Windows 98 PC?

Answer:Win XP can't read floppy disks

Floppy disks are very unreliable. Chances are the disks are corrupted. You can try formating them, but my guess is that either the format will not work, or the next time you put the stiffy disk into the drive, it will ask you to format them again.
Then again, perhaps your drive is broken, trry using the disks in another computer.

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Hello, I Am Trying To Put Some Dvd Files In Vob. Format Onto Dvd-rw Blank Disks To Watch On Home Dvd Players. However The Dvd-rom Drive I Have Wont Read The Blank Dvd-rw Disks I Want To Write On. Please Help. I Have A Toshiba Dvd Rom Sd-r5112. If My Dvd Drive Will Not Read Dvd-rw Disks Atall Will It Read Dvd-r Blank Disks To Write My Vob. Files Onto? Please Help.

Many Thanks

Answer:Dvd-rom Cant Read Blank Dvd-rw Disks

Do you have DVD-r to try.....also try another disk and see.

That drive is a writer I presume

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Hey guys, I have a little problem I was wondering if you could help me with. My DVD drive will not read and DVD or CD when it is placed in the drive.

I have a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502 SCSI CD-Rom drive.

It says the device is working ok, and I didn't have to install any drivers for it when I installed the OS, so I don't know what went wrong. My device worked once before I reformatted, but now it's giving me problems. Do any of you guys or girls have any suggestions???

Answer:DVD doesn't read disks???

Im wondering if its an IDE driver (4-in-1) causing your grief. If it is showing up in the device manager then it shouldnt be that.

I would have to guess that it is probably a dead drive. I have found that cd/dvd drivers are not built to last anymore and seem to breakdown prematurely. Its purely speculative, but I would have to guess that the drive is no good.

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OK, here's the prob. Friend has a MSI 48X burner. He had Nero 5.5.1 installed, EZ CD Creator 5 Platium, MusicMatch (all programs that might use the burner) He used Nero mostly for his burning, but a few months back, he couldn't burn more than a few tracks to an audio CD. The other day I went over to look at it, and when i put a disk in the CD-RW, nothing happened. So i opened up Windows Explorer, to check the drive. No matter what disk i had in, it would only read as a one track audio file. We've deleted all programs that would burn to CD, uninstalled and reinstalled the CD-RW, but still can't get it to work. Anyone ever experience this before??? It's an AMD 2000 cpu, on a ASUS mobo, with 256 megs of DDR.

Everything worked fine for the first 2 1/2 months, lots of CD's burned.

Answer:Disks are read only as audio track in CD-RW

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...Last time on Bob c*cked it up:
-Newly Build Computer.
All custom Hardware;
MB: MSI Z87-G43 Gaming Socket: 1150
CPU: Intel i3-4130 3.4Ghz S/1150
RAM.: Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 8GB (2X4GB)
GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 630
STOR.: SSD: Corsair: 120GB LS Series ( on SATA 3.0)
HDD: Lacie 500GB Rikki (on SATA 2.0)
OS: WIN 8.1
OptD: LG BH10LS30 (on SATA 3.0)
PSU: Antec 850W
First visible problem: In BIOS the Drive was visible and set to Boot priority #1, but it didn't recognise a Windows 8.1 OS OEM DVD disc after many resets. That was fine to bypass though, by creating an ISO image of the disc, then put it on to Flash drive.
I Booted from that.
I installed all updated drivers and utility recommended from the Motherboard Company (MSI) then from the GPU Company (NVidia)
I tested some CD & DVD Games which is what I mostly intend to use the optical drive for.
I did not think you had to have software to play CD & DVD Game disks for this optical drive on Windows 8.1, is this where the problem lies?

Answer:LG BH10LS30 won't read any Disks in Windows 8.1

New firmware for this drive was released a short time ago. Click Here you might want to check that you have it installed.

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Vista ultimate edition (complete format) reinstalled 6 times now trying different things.
core 2duo e6600 cpu
2gigs dominator ram
asus p5b deluxe mobo
7900gtx nvidia
plextor sata 755 dvd drive
pioneer ata dvd slimdrive
i have latest firmware and certified drivers, all windows updates current

with the following games i get this message: "please insert original disk instead of backup"
doom3,prey,NFS:carbon,test drive unlimited,fear,condemned,outrun2,painkiller.

if i use nocd/dvd cracks, all those games run just fine, however with the original disks in drives, i get that error message. so the games themselves are working, it cannot read the copy protection from disk or whatever its looking for when trying to run.
however with games like BF2 or other online type games i cannot use cracks cause i'll get banned. plus i'll have problems with new games if no cracks are available for it yet, and yes these are all legit store bought games that used to run fine in XP, some of which i've had for years. there is one game that works...oblivion, dunno why but i think its cause it has no copy protection aside from cd check.

What i've tried:
i tried using another dvd drive...same problem
enable compatability mode for XP sp2 and run as administrator
disabling UAC

i really want to play battlefied....anything else i can try?
my friend has vista and his games run fine from disk including BF 2142...???

Answer:No games read disks with Vista!! help please

Have you found any fixes yet?

I have the same problem.....but i did get 2142 to run as an admin, i went to properties>compatibility>run as an admin and it loads, but BF2 does not.

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I've got an iomega zip drive (100 mb) that I recently bought. Everythings was working fine until today when i tried to back up some files to a zip disk. I got an error message asking me to put a disk into F drive. The problem is there was already a disk in there. I retried it, same message. I tried using another disk and got a message saying the disk wasn't fromatted. There wasn't anything important on it so I tried to format it. So then i get an error message at the end telling me it can't format the disk. What is going on? This sort of thing makes my fuse real short if you know what i mean. i don't think it's too much to ask for a new product to work!!!!!!

Answer:Zip drive unable to read disks

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I had to format my portege 660cdt. I had no disks supplied with lattop.
Have installed win95 from cd and is working fine except that it is only reading gold disks. It did read other disks prior to formating.

Answer:CD read only gold disks: Portege 660


I really don?t know what you mean with ?gold disks?. You know very well that there is often no good explanation for some issues that happen especially for this ?oldies?.

If the unit can read original music discs or data discs I don?t see there any problem. It is always nice to know that someone is very satisfied with these old units.

Good luck!

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Well, that isn't strictly true, it will read one and only one of my disks.

On every other disk I insert, I go into the Drive, and it says 'Please insert disk into drive D:' when I already have a disk in it. But with this one disk, which is only a game, it recognises it. I don't know if this is the problem, but I have left that disk in for a while, without taking it out even when I turned the computer ona and off.

Can anyone help?

Answer:CD/DVD Drive wont read any disks!

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I got a second-hand Creative CD-ROM from a friend (Model: Infra 60, CD4020E). He told me it worked fine. I installed it, then booted. Win2K said not a word. Went into Device Manager and there it was - my old CD-ROM (the one I had removed prior to installing this one) was gone and the new Creative CD-ROM was already installed. But it refuses to read disks. The @#%#[email protected]%#$...

I am at a loss here. What should I do, what should I check? I left the jumper setting in 'Slave' mode, BTW.


Answer:[SOLVED] Creative CD-ROM won't read disks

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I am trying to rebuild my Tecra A4 software.
When I purchased it in 2005 I made the recovery disks as recommended using Sony CDR 700 MB disks.

Now the DVD-CD will not read them.
The disks are good as I explored them previously (some time ago), I can explore them on another computer.

The Tecra will open commercial disks (e.g., Printer set up disks, and so forth), but will not open any disks that were self burned (e.g., either previously on the Tecra or another computer). I have tired the Sony recovery disks, I have tried Fuji CD-RW disks, I have tired Memorex 100 MB CD-R disks.

None of them will work. Driver is up to date.
I have cleaned the lens. Still no luck.
Any suggestions?

Failing this, how can I get a rebuild of the original software status as new on the system?
I have an original XP disk that is generic from Microsoft.

However, I don't want to go that route because I am pretty sure that Toshiba uses all kinds of drivers that are not available from MS, nor readily available over the net without paying someone for them.

Answer:Tecra A4 can't read recovery disks

> The Tecra will open commercial disks (e.g., Printer set up disks, and so forth), but will not open any disks that were self burned (e.g., either previously on the Tecra or another computer).

This happens to all CD/DVD drives? I had the same issue because not all drives are compatible with all disks which are on the market?
I think this is known to you?

However, this issue could be related to a hardware malfunction? since the notebook?s drive has been used 5 years long, it?s possible that the drive?s laser lens cannot calibrate properly due to usage stress?

What to say? you could try to burn the recover disk using another computer and then you could try to restore the OS using the burned recovery disk.
Try some CD-R from TDK or Verbatim?
I use TDK and I?m satisfied?

Maybe it will work? if not, then you would need another CD/DVD drive?

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hi guys,

I had someone burn a set of dvds with data on them, and mail them to me...
I tried them on a pc and a mac but they could not be read... the drive would try and try but could not read anything of the disk.
so i sent them back, thinking maybe they were not burned right or not finalized but the guy who is a tech expert says they are fine, and tried them on multiple pcs and they opened...

any ideas? is there something that i can download (the equivalent of a video codec for dvd data for example?)

the disks are DVD-R 16x 4.7G and right now i am using an HP lightscribe drive that should be +/- R ( it says R/RW/R+DL)


Answer:cannot read DVDs... but the disks are fine!

I wish you put the exact model you have. Hm.. Indeed, maybe your DVD drive does NOT read -R/RW/DL disks though that type of a drive is probably not very easy to find. A box for my DVD drive says DVD+/-RW not just + .

Only another possibility I could think of.. though unlikely is .. some computers from Dell etc come with what is called Drive Letter Access or DLA. Basically once a disc is formated, you can use the disc like a floppy disk. You open the disc from My Computer and just drug and drop files you wanna save on it. It doesn't require you to have Roxio or Nero to burn data disks if your computer has DLA installed. But from my experineces, computers that do NOT have DLA have difficulty reading some discs burned with DLA on another computer even when the discs are closed / finalized. It's unlikely but possible that the shipper used DLA to burn the discs and your computer doesn't have DLA.
Either way, to my knowledge, there's nothing you can do to get your own DVD drive read the discs if it's not mean to read the tyep of disks you got or it's the DLA issue. The only thing you can do is to transfer their contents to another computer's hard drive whose drive can see the contents, and burn another set of DVD+R disks with the contents on that computer using Roxio or Nero.

(Just a though... it'll take a while for your computer to read the dics after you pop them in your dirve... in case you are the impatient type... Also, if you inst... Read more

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Madness! Is there a reason behind this!?!
is there a setting that's gone horribly wrong!?!
How can I fix this!?!
Thanks in advanced!

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I realized a while ago that my DVD/CD-RW Drive E won't read any type of disk whether it is blank or not. Therefore I can't burn any disks because the burning software won't recognize the blank disk, it just says "no disk" in drive. I read up somewhere that Nero can do something to make your drive invisible in some sense, so that might be the problem because I had nero installed on my computer, but I'm not positive about that.

I'm running windows xp sp/2.

Here's my Hijack log:

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\TGTSoft\StyleXP\StyleXPService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Common\ViewpointService.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Unload\hpqcmon.exe
c:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnf.exe
... Read more

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I found some really old zip disks and an external to run them. The first disk i tried had some very old files of mine on it that i'd long forgotten. not bothering to open them, i tried out the other disks. the rest were blank. When i put the first one back in to copy the files, windows could no longer read it. The drive made the click and hum of not being able to read it, and windows complained "The disk is not formatted." and a "cyclic redundancy check"What could have happened in that brief time for the disk to become unreadable/unaccessable? It was only a half hour. More importantly, how can i recover what is on the disk? surely it's still there, but i want to suspect that windows messed up how when ejecting it. I've tried some disk repair programs but the computer says the disk wont allow access. I'm open to all ideas and solutions to try to see those old files again. i should have copied them the first time it was still open.

Answer:windows 7 cannot read Iomega zip disks

You really don't know if you would have been able to copy the files on the Zip drive the first time. You may have gotten the CRC error then too during the process.I suggest you try a recovery software. Below are a few.PC Inspector (freeware) assumption Recoveryhttp://www.z-a-recovery.comThe demo is limitedIt will only recover 'up to' four folders per runBut you can make multiple runsnot freeGetDataBack

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I have an HP Pavilion with Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.60 GHz, 504 MB of RAM. Windows XP home service Pack 2. Asus CD-s400/AH CD-ROM, HP DVD Writer 300c.

My CD-ROM and DVD Writer do not read any kind of disks ( Data, Music or Video) but they show up on Device Manager as working properly on both of the drivers.
The following task I had done but still do not work
1) Deleted an reinstalled from Device Manager on driver tab.
2) Roll back on Device Manager too.
3) updated thru HP web site.
4) Reinstalled OS too.

Help please

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My nine month old Toshiba Satellite Laptop A105-S4384 came with Windows XP Media Center Version 2002 Service Pack 2.After I installed the Toshiba Windows Vista upgrade, I started getting BSOD's on a regular basis.The BSOD problem finally got so bad, I put in the Toshiba restore disk and went back to Windows XP.Ever since then, the MATbleepA DVD-RAM UJ-841S DVD/CD-R drive will not read any disk but the Toshiba restore disk.For instance when I tried to re-install Norton Ghost 12.0 , I got an error message that reads:The request could not be performed because of an I/O device errorI subsequently used the Toshiba restore disk three more times to see if it would clear up the problem, and it didn't.The Toshiba technical support technician told me to go to this Microsoft web site: and follow the instructions to remove the Upper & Lower filters from the Registry.That didn't help with the problem, so I did a Google search and found this link:Toshiba Support - Optical drive stops working after upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista (WinDVD Creator)Optical drive fix for Windows Vista I downloaded the above Toshiba support file, my optical drive started reading program disks again for just a few hours, before it reverted back to showing the The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error message.I tried re-installing the Optical drive fix for Windows Vista and it didn't fix the problem like... Read more

Answer:Dvd/cd-r Drive Won't Read Program Disks

Have you tried uninstalling the InterVideo WinDVD Creator application, and then applying the fix (if necessary)? It would seem that the Intervideo files are the root of the problem - so an uninstall may remove the problematic files.

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I am thinking of buying a blue ray player/burner but they are expensive so i wanted to check.

Answer:Do blue ray disks get read faster?

Blue ray simply holds more data. That's all.Regular DVD holds 4,7GB, and here it's a comparison between HD DVD, and blue ray:

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I have read some of the posts about reading disks in a pc which have been used to save files from a brother word processor. I have an 86 yr old friend who is in need of being able to move his files to a pc where I have some programs which can convert them to word etc. Then he would be able to print them on a normal printer and also send them to other relatives so they could read them or also print them. As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished", so I have been having quite a time trying to find a program which will let my pc (in any dos or windows mode) read those disks. I know of one called 22disk but cannot find a copy of it. One site listed here has removed the file since it was not exactly public domain. Anyone else have a copy so I can try it? Or maybe one of you might have another program I could try. So far I have tried anadisk, omnidisk, omniflop, and some other one. I can buy a program for about $40 but seems like a lot to pay to do a good turn. So if any of you have an idea, let me know. I also have tried to get one called 22disk144 or something like that such as was said in another post, but I was unseccessful.
Once again, I want to emphasize I am not able to even read the disks so far other than in the Brother word processor and I think I will be able to convert them once I am able to import the files from the disks into some kind of dos or windows pc. It is really frustrating!!

Answer:Find way to read Brother WP disks on PC

if the files are saved in ASCII format, you should be able to read them.
The problem is how the floppy discs are formatted. If it has a proprietary format, it will be very difficult to extract the files, then you have to worry about converting the files.

The easiest way would be to print the files, then scan the printed page in a scanner with an optical character recognition program. Good OCR programs can cost a bundle. cheapo OCR programs usually comes bundled with scanners - quality varies considerably. You may also need an editing program like adobe professional - again expensive.

I had to do this with my fathers documents because they were saved in microsoft WORKS - a real piece of crap word processor and other formats. I have adobe professional from work and also openoffice. I was able to use both and convert the documents into more standard and universal formats.

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I'm having annonying problems with my floppy drive A: The problem originated when a disk got stuck in the drive. When i removed the disk, the metal clip at the top of the disk came of and stayed in the drive. I took out the drive and opened the top panel to remove the metal clip and reinstalled it. Everything appears to be in working order, however it simply wouldn't read any disks (won't format either, acts like there is no disk in the drive at all). I tried several different disks, and it is very unlikely that they were all near magnets. Device manager indicated the device was working properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled the floppy disk controller - nadda. So i assumed maybe drive is toast, they're cheap right? Bought a new one, installed it - same problem! Now if it weren't for my need of an automated system recovery disk for my backup drive, i would happily burn both A drives and say good-riddence! Any suggestions??

PS : I'm running Windows XP Pro

Answer:floppy drive won't read disks

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After a recent upgrade to XP PRO from ME I cannot read any cd's (audio,data or dvd's) that are not made by microsoft. I have read that perhaps Adaptec DirectCD may have caused the problem and locked the drive. I have uninstalled both DirectCD and EasyCd to no avail. Please is there anyone out their with a similiar problem or fix.Boz

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ok well i have a gateway 300x but it doesn't come with a floppy drive. I took one off an old computer and i know it works cause it did on the other computer. I don't have the ide cable in wrong either because I just fixed that. I already setup in the bios that my computer should recognize a floppy drive. The icon shows up in my computer but when i click on it, it just says insert disk even if i already have one in there or just put one in. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:floppy drive won't read any disks

check the device manager?and what happens if you use disk clean up does it work?

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When I tried to reinstall my Lexmark X75 printer driver my disk drive will not read the cd even though it is in the drive. When I tried other disks they will not work either. What can I do to fix this problem?

Answer:D: drive will not read my installation disks

Try opening 'My Computer' then double-click 'D:'

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Gateway GT5268E, sn CLG69 210 01068; Windows XP sp3, machine configured as purchased.

Computer lost a memory chip causing multiple computer crashes ranging from instant shutoff to BSOD. Took several days to isolate the bad memory chip and replace. Now most things are back to normal except:

Computer will not read drives formated in fat32. The hard drive has two partitions called C: (which is NTFS) and D: which holds system restore files ( FAT32). No problem reading drive C: but will not read D: Windows explorer acknowledges the drive's presence but reports no size.

DVD drive will not read data cd/dvd disks - it writes such disks fine and they can be read by my other computers. Plays audio cd ok.

Will not read USB stick disks - usb ports work fine otherwise (ie my mouse, printer and scanner Scanner, camera, WiFi, and portable HD (NTFS) all are accessed ok.

The properties window for all the unreadable disks acknowledges the presence of the devices but reports the file system as "RAW"

Cannot use cd drive to try restoring with the Gateway restore disk that came with computer

Any Thoughts?
Removed Email to Prevent Spamming

Answer:Can't read cdfs or fat32 disks

Okay, I've done a bit of searching and it seems no one on the planet but you has this problem as you've described it. Which makes me wonder if that's the issue.

Is it that your computer can't read ANY FAT32 drives, or only the ones that YOU have.

I'm wondering if it's possible that your previous computer problems have messed up the drives themselves. The fact that they (used to be) FAT32 isn't the issue, it's that they've been pooched by your bad memory.

Try formating a small drive (like a thumbdrive, or whatever) as FAT32 and see if your computer can read it then. If it can, the problem isn't with the computer, it's with the drives themselves.

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I have a HP Pavilion m7750n and the dvd drive reads and burns dvds just fine but no longer reads cds or software disks. I have tried many disks. I put them in it runs for a little bit and then nothing, if I just the computer window it does not show a disk in the drive. if I click the dvd rw drive it says "please insert a disk".

I recently did a full system restore to original settings due to a different issue and I had this problem just before the restore as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:DVD RW drive does not read cds or software disks

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Ran the Win 7 Home Premium CD diagnostic and it passed but the DVD diag says "Please insert disk" even though one is inserted.
DVD Drive won't read DVD movies, DVD+R, DVD+RW,DVD-R, DVD-RW. Need to make a system recovery disk so your help is appreciated.Here is my optical drive info from Speccy.
    Media Type    DVD Writer
    Name    TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633F
    Availability    Running/Full Power
    Capabilities    Random Access, Supports Writing, Supports Removable Media
    Write capabilities    CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL
    Config Manager Error Code    Device is working properly
    Config Manager User Config    FALSE
    Drive    D:
    Media Loaded    FALSE
    SCSI Bus    0
    SCSI Logical Unit    0
    SCSI Port    0
    SCSI Target Id    1
    Status    OK

Answer:Win 7 DVD Drive Won't Read/Write DVD Disks.

Same computer ??...
Noviciate would probably appreciate no changes being made to the PC in question.
if this is a different PC, then....
Have you tried THIS

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows xp, celeron. I have only one working usb port, which works fine with my mouse, and also used to work fine with my usb zip 250 drive. However, all of a sudden it will recognize the zip drive, but won't read the disks (I have of course tried the drive and disks with another computer and they work fine.) to be clear: the laptop SEES the zip drive, but won't allow any files to be transferred to it (says "file not found" when you try to drag a file or folder to it, or even "save as" to the zip), and it shows the zip drive as being without a disk even when one is in it.

Also...when I plug in my new little thumb drive, the new hardware message pops up and says "usb device unrecognized." (the thumb drive shows up just fine on another computer.)

the Toshiba service person I talked to on the phone tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb devices, root hub, etc, from device manager, but after I did that there was no change. He said if nothing else works then do a system recovery.

Obviously, I don't want to have to reinstall two dozen apps and everything else...!!!

any ideas?

Answer:Toshiba laptop won't read zip disks


These are common symptoms of a lack of power on the USB bus.

A UZB zip drive will have a high power drain for a USB port, does the zip drive have any provision for an external power supply. If so try using this.

Try using a powered USB 2 hub connected to the laptop and then connect the USB devices to the USB hub, not te computer.



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When I click Explore, DVD/cdw E:, to see what is on the disk the program is looking in AcerC\userdata\roaming\windows\user etc.
It seems to be treating the disk as an unformatted one I know for a fact they are good disks, I have updated drivers lately and perhaps that changed the DVD settings? Windows says I have the appropriate driver and is up to date. Not sure what has changed...

Answer:DVD/cdw E fails to read good disks

Did you try it in another machine? Do you have another drive to test out against it?

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I have a lite on ez dub dvd burner. It worked fine for about 4 dvds then it stopped reading them. I get a error saying that there is no free space on the disks even though they are brand new. I know that there is space on them. It will not read dvds, but if i put a dvd with something on it is will read that and play or open what ever is on it.

Answer:Dvd burner does not read blank disks

Well it cannot read a blank DVD... it can only detect.
Be sure that your DVD blanks are the right format for that drive... There is DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD... at least six formats... Is it possible you have the incorrect discs?

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Hey,,how are the things,,I have a problem,my dvdrom doesn't read any empty disks.I tried some disks that has things on it..all of them worked.only the empty disk doesn't work.I bought another disk and it still not read,,what to do ? :/

Answer:DVD-Rom Doesn't Read Empty Disks

Question: Do you have a DVD Rom or a DVD burner? If you have a DVD burner then it should be able to read the blank disks so that you can add files to it. But if you insert a blank disk into a DVD Rom drive (that does not have burning capabilities) then it might not read the disk because it contains no information to read.

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I "upgraded" from Windows XP last week, and ever since i installed it, my cd/dvd drive refuses to read any disks. I have tried at leas 5 different disks (2 DVDs, 3 CDs), and none of them work. All I hear is the drive spinning the disk (doesnt sound like it normally does) for about 10 minutes. It determines what disk it is, but fails to launch any programs off it.

I used this same drive last week when I had XP, and it worked fine. The drive only started having issues when i tried to install Windows 7, when the install screen had an error message telling me that I needed to install drivers... but thats another story (I ended up getting lucky and the CD worked for some reason).

I have not changed any connections in my computer for about 4 months, and that was to install my graphics card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Good Friday from Australia

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 6400+ Motherboard Asus P5Q SE Memory 5 GB RAM

Graphics Card(s) Elitegroup NVIDIA 9600 GT 1GB
Monitor(s) Displays Benq FP91G+
Screen Resolution 1280x1024

Hard Drives 2x500GB WD SATA
1x320GB not-a-clue-brand SATA


Latest firmware
CS or Master, still the same problem
Drive works in XP (duel booted)
When application from DVD tries to launch, error message "<DVD Drive> is not a valid Win32 application"
Takes about half an hour to read disk
Deleated and let windows re-install the drivers.

Concluded that it is a compatibility problem with... Read more

Answer:DVD Drive doesnt read disks

Quote: Originally Posted by aDuck

I "upgraded" from Windows XP last week, and ever since i installed it, my cd/dvd drive refuses to read any disks. I have tried at leas 5 different disks (2 DVDs, 3 CDs), and none of them work. All I hear is the drive spinning the disk (doesnt sound like it normally does) for about 10 minutes. It determines what disk it is, but fails to launch any programs off it.

If you click on the programs will it run them?

If so, it's likely the "Shell Hardware Detection" service and/or the Autoplay features need looking into. SHD should be on Automatic and running. Autoplay depends on the content but it should pick up the autoplay.inf file for that....

Personally I hate Autoplay... If I put a disk in a drive or plug in a thumb drive I expect it to sit there and wait till I'm ready to use it... But that's just personal preference.

I'm attaching a small program to scan and read file systems (including CD and DVD data disks)... Run this on a trusted disk in your DVD drive and see if it gives you any errors...

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My CD writer is about 3 years old. Recently, getting it to see a blank disk has become more difficult. Sometimes a different disk will help but not always. When a disk is put in, the drive tries to read but it just continues to try with some clicking. Reinstalling the software (Easy CD 3.5) didn't sort the problem as I thought.Could the unit need cleaning? If so how can this be done? Has anyone experienced the problem before and found a simple solution. I have that feeling that the only solution is to fit a new writer.Thanks for any help you can offer.

Answer:CD writer won't read blank disks

as mess about cleaning the lens why not just buy a new one? you can get a 52X 32X 52X Liteon for 30 for the retail box with 2 blank media and Nero Express.

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Sony Vaio pcg-fr285M running XP Pro.

This laptop's CD drive (CD burner/DVD reader) will read some CD's -- most music disks -- and not others, mainly data disks, and disks it burned itself (when it was working). The disks it wont read, play fine on other machines.

Can anyone suggest how to get it working again?



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I have been given a sony vaio vgn fe31z laptop without a hard drive and have fitted a new driver and installed windows xp home edition from a cd I had kept from an old pc which has sincew been recycled.
Over the last few days I have installed all the windows updates up to sp3 (which was a monster job) as well as the utilities and drivers from the sony website for my model.
There are no problems in device manager and the system appears to be working ok apart from one thing - the dvdrw drive will now not read dvds or cds.
I have done a bit of research on this as it is a known issue with xp, but have not been able to solve it. I have done the folowing;
tried to find the other drivers unsucessfully
tried to apply a fix which involves editing the registry but the upper values and lower values are not there.
Run microsoft fixit - which doesn't.
Uninstalled and reinstalled it.
I have run out of ideas and am now tearing my hair out.
I know the drive works as I used it to install windows but since that I have installed hundreds of updates from windows updates, so I don't know when it stopped reading disks.
Windows tells me it is a Matshika dvd ram uj-850s but it states on the drive that its a panasonic uj-850.
Your help would be most appreciated

Answer:DVD Drive wont read disks - help please

When you used the drive for installing XP I bet it was from a CD and not a DVD. Some drives have separate lasers for the CD and DVD operation and it may well be that the DVD section is not working. Check again with both a CD and a DVD, I know you said that it is not reading CD's but it is worth another try. Probably a new drive is needed.
From this link it seems that your DVD drive is dual layer.

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i just upgraded to Win XP on my laptop, and now the CD drive won't read any disk i put in it. I tried putting in a hard drive that has win 98 on it, and now it won't work on that either. It's not the bay because the floppy drive still works when i put that in. Could it be something wrong with the CD drive? The laptop is a IBM Thinkpad 770 9549.

Answer:CD drive wont read disks

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I was searching about a problem regarding the LG drive gsa-h20n that it doesnt read certain disks(i put the disk on the drive and the drive appears empty).
The drive is properly configured under XP and the latest firmware is installed.
What do you think could be happening?
Thank you

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My CDrom unit won't read some data CDs, it reads music ones ok
and most data CDs, but it won't read my back-ups from Nero.

Awkward because thats the reason for having the back-ups.

I guess there are different 'formats' for burning CDs ??

I guess i have to pick the right format to use ... ??

Is that it ?


Answer:CD difficulty, won't read some data disks ....

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Okay... heres the deal...

i was playing wc3 on my comp and my comp was getting really laggy... so i leave and restart my computer... after i restarted my comp my comp wouldnt read any of my disks (yes i tried different game cds)

i tried system restore and i checked device manager...

how i fix this?

Answer:computer wont read disks

anyone know...? please?

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Hello, I have been asked to help fix a friends computer its an
Toshiba All-in-one desktop DX1210.

its approximately 1 year old with no problems till today the disk drive has suddenly stopped reading disks completely it wont even recognise that there's a disk inside.

i know there's a possibility that the laser is broken but i want to eliminate everything before i suggest replacing the ODD.


I have searched everywhere for an answer and done everything I have learnt to do in the past but nothing has worked.

I have used restore points.
Uninstalled the driver then rebooted to reinstall it (the installation is a breeze and says everything is working).
Reformatted the whole computer (created a backup and restored everything after it did not succeed).

I am 100% stuck on this and would really love anyone who could have the answer for me or even suggests something that might be of little help.

Regards Ur friendly IT Junkie

Msg to Moderators if this is the wrong thread for this please direct me to the correct one

Answer:Qosmio DX1210 - ODD does not read any disks


Did you try to clean the laser lens?
Do that using an cotton wool tip and alcohol fluid.
Be very careful and don?t use force?

I had problems reading some disk and cleaning the laser lens has solved most of my CD/DVD drive issues.

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im at work so i appolgize for not searching the forums for my topic.

I purchased a brand new e machine laptop about 2 months ago and i havent yet tried to use the disk drive, i wanted to install world of warcraft but the laptop wont even acknowledge the disk i dnt even get a little egg timer next to my icon.

i hope you can help me

again sorry for not searching

kind regards


Answer:new laptop wont read disks

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Hello and thank you beforehand.

The story goes like this: once I had to submit a school project and required VMware to emulate Linux (since I was given a Toshiba laptop with the condition of not messing up with it beyond installing programs), and first VMware DID NOT work at all, and then the CD/DVD drive stopped working. I know it has to be VMware because I installed it in a desktop PC and the same thing happened, that, until I uninstalled the damn thing (which turned out as such a blessed remedy!). When I tried to uninstall in the Toshiba laptop it won't allow me to do so. I even entered into safe mode, but as you may know, Vista does not allow permission to use the uninstaller... in safe mode.

I've been trying everything, but I can't mess around in the system since it's not mine. By the way, if this helps as a hint: every time I get a disk into the drive, nothing happens until I reboot, kind of like it only reads BEFORE Windows is fully running.

That's all and thanks to everyone again.

Answer:Can't read disks and I'm sure to blame software

Which kind of VMware?

VMware player?

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Can a Wii game unit read a CDROM made by Windows?

For example, if you save a bunch of jpgs to a CDrom or DVDrom on your Windows computer - can a Wii unit read those files??

Answer:Wii disk drive can read what disks?

Will something like this help?
How Do I Set Up My Computer to Read Disks From My Wii Drive? |

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MY 16 bit dvd/cdrom drive can't read programme disks including Microsoft XP Home, though it will play music.In the registry HKEY_Current_User/auto setup/string Rez_SZ reads "please insert CDv1.OS Drivers in to CD-Rom"If this will cure the problem, can anyone please tell me how to do it. I'm using XP 512 Ram PC 133Many thanks

Answer:DVD/CDROM drive can't read disks

In my computer seclect the CD drive right click and select properties.Use the auto play tab -- then select in the box the type of files (first one is always music files)Select the action to take for these files (open a folder to view) you may have take no action set for for data files and this is why you can not access them

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hii recently formatted/reinstalled xp home edition. i have put on nero 5.5 (which I have used prior to reinstall ok). however, now my cd rw drive won't read any previously recoreded cd rw disks (back ups/etc). it brings up a message saying that my system does not support mt. rainier format. i've uninstalled and reinstalled nero but it's still the same. also, i can't burn cd's now.any ideas?many thanksP

Answer:mt. rainier format - can read cd rw disks

click here Someone had this same problem with Nero some while ago.I think (from memory) they also had Nero 5.5. Have you tried their web site to upgrade your product. Sorry,can't offer much else.

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Hello there,

The main problem I?m having is my DVD/CD ROM isn?t reading disks. I?ve tried multiple disks. There is power to the drive and it does attempt to read the disk however it cannot.

My computer does recognize the drive and show it in my computer. There is no problems according to device manager and the drivers seem to be up to date.

I don?t have any filters to delete in the registry like some help pages have suggested.

I have recently replaced my BIOS battery and I do get a missing floppy drive error at start up (I don?t have a floppy disk drive). Could it be that the BIOS settings have been set to default and that?s why the CD/DVD ROM drive isn?t been recognized?

I?m just looking for a way to diagnose or fix DVD Drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:DVD/CD ROM Unable to read disks. BIOS set up problem?

Dell BIOS, when reset on older systems will show the Floppy drive error. You have to disable that in the BIOS. Otherwise your problem is probably a defective drive, especially considering this is a 2008 machine.

The Dell manual doesn't detail exactly what type of interface you have on that drive (SATA or PATA/IDE). Most new drives are SATA and if you have the SATA data and power connectors that is the type to get. New drives are both ROM drives and Burner drives and relatively inexpensive (many under $25). Check

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When I say this, I mean that the F drive doesn't even recognize that there is a disk in there. However, I can hear it whirring when I first stick it in, so it's not the physical drive that is malfunctioning. My F drive does read blank DVDs, however, and other music CDs and DVDs. I tried using a couple of different blank CDs of varying companies and none of them are being read. However, other people's laptops can "see" them.

Answer:Laptop randomly will not read blank disks

Just because you hear the motor spin up doesn't mean it's functioning properly. You may have a bad laser.You contradict yourself a lot in this post, you say the F drive doesn't even recognize that there is a disk in there, then you say your F drive does read blank DVD's. So which is it? also, how do you read a blank disc?

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I have done troubleshooting to the extent of finding that my disk drive functions without problems.
I have tried re-installing disk drivers on my Sony pcv v200g desktop
The drive worked fine, and then it didn't.
What have I done to it, or what have I not done to correct this?

Thanks: Roger

Answer:disk drive doesn't read any disks

and welcome to the Forum

Is this a CD/DVD drive you are having problems with?

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Running Windows XP SP2, Samsung SD-816B DVD-ROM, and NEC DVD-RW ND-1300A drives.NEC drive works fine, but the Samsung has only just given up the ghost. It's shown in Device Manager as operating properly but when I insert CD, CD-R, Audio disk or DVD the drive light flashes intermittently before asking for a disk to be inserted. The drive appears on "My Computer" OK, and power is obviously getting to the drive.I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for the Samsung with no change in (non)performance.Is this a sign that the drive should be replaced or has anyone got any good ideas I can try first?Thanks in advanceJohn

Answer:DVD drive has power but doesn't read disks

I wonder if your compter is Dell? I had the same problem and found that in the first instance it would play but not record. That usually means that the laser has given up the ghost and it is not worth repairing.I think your Samsung might have ended it's usefull life!Please do not abandon it on my say so, but that is my opinion.

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hi there, thanks for taking time to read my first post, hope someone can lend some knowledge. i am running windows xp pro.

the problem is my cdrw drive can burn cd's no problem, but it will not read cd-roms of any kind when i put them in the burner.
i am only running the one cdrw drive. i have even tried swapping cdrw drives and the same thing happens.
i have checked the properties of this drive, its says everything is fine.
but if i try to install software, a new game, a photo or mp3 cd, the drive just spins and spins and nothing happens.
i also thought it was my autorun feature, but it is also enabled.
i would like to just format, and reinstall windows from scratch, but i am afraid to do it since my drive won't run my xp cd.
i am not sure what else to do.
please help!


thanks so much

Answer:cdrw burns cd's, but will not read disks of any kind

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I'm stumped. Burned a copy of a DVD with my LG GSA-4081B DVD Burner. Been using since last December. Now, it won't do a thing. Shows up in Hardware Device Manager, shows up at windows start-up, shows up when using Easy DVD-CD Creator 6, Nero6, DeepBurner, etc..., but when I try to burn files onto CDR or DVD-R, blank discs don't show, comes up with "Insert Blank Disc".
I've unplugged, restarted machine, replugged it in, WIn XP sp1 recognizes it again, but same thing. I've burned many disks before with it, and have also rebuild many machines so jumpers and cables are all proper. The thing just won't recognize any disks in it, blank or rewritten. (WIndows Explorer can't read any of the disks, but sees the drive)

Answer:Solved: DVD Burner can't read disks' anymore

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Both optical drives are shown as working properly in Device Manager, but 70% of the time will not read data DVD disks. That includes data disks burnt using Nero and ISO Joliet format; and either mutli-session or finalized after burning. And disks formatted like a flash drive in UDF format using W8 burning software. And is the same for R or RW +/- disks.

Rebooting sometimes fixes the program, other times not.

I have an Intel mob and CPU but Intel do not support drivers for W8 so all drivers are generic W8. Running driver update from device manager says all drivers are up to date.

I also intermittently, but regularly, get the printer and webcam USB2 drives not detecting these devices. And occasionally the USB3 external hard drives. USB drivers are also up to date.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Optical drive often won't read DVD data disks

Your DVD/CD might be dirty. Wash in warm water with soap.The read head in the DVD might be dirty. Get a dvd/cd cleanerLast resort. Replace the DVD.

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Answer:dvd drive can not read written files on disks

How about providing some explanation to go with the picture, since it doesn't tell me much.

Are you trying to send data to your CD/DVD burner?
Can is read other discs?

Please explain more.

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