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even my lap does not open to the main menu .

Question: even my lap does not open to the main menu .

restarts on its own when we start the system ... says that my windows did not shut down successfuly ..... asks to start using safe mode , but when tried it doesnt open ... we dont know how to open it up in command prompt

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Preferred Solution: even my lap does not open to the main menu .

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: even my lap does not open to the main menu .

Starting your computer in Windows 7 Safe Mode can help you diagnose and solve many serious problems, especially when starting Windows normally is not possible.To begin entering Windows 7 Safe Mode, turn on or restart your PC.Just before the Windows 7 splash screen shown above appears, press the F8 key to enter Advanced Boot Options and choose enter command prompt from safe mode

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Hi, I'm trying to move an item from the menu "Open with" to the main menu.

I wanna open multimedia files by default with VLC player, but I use a lot the player MPC-HC x64 for HD videos. So, I wanna have that item in the main menu, as the arrow shows.

I wanna have THAT EXACT item, cause I've tried out some programs that create a shortcut of a program in the main context menu, and when I right-click on a file and click on the shortcut, the program just gets opened, but does not load the file.


Answer:How to move to main menu an item from "Open With..."?

windows 7 - How can I add a program to the context menu of all files? - Super User

What you see in Open With is just a menu entry created by the system from Registry values.
Usually you enter the name for the command for all files as explained in the article above.
Then in the command subkey you put the path to the exe followed by a space and "%1" which is replaced by the path of the file right clicked. Make sure the %1 is wrapped in double quotes. Otherwise if the file right clicked has a space anywhere in the path it will be chopped there.

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Laptop: Dell XPS L702X

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M

WIN7 64 bit

All drivers up-to-date.

I have RA2 installed but have to alt tab out and back in again to see any buttons. If I want to go to the internet on RA2 I have to click where I know the button is, alt tab out, go back into RA2 and it will appear. Almost like I need to refresh the screen by alt tab'ing out.

Tried both CD and MP install from the official RA2 XWIS servers. Compatibility tried, and running as admin.

No results, a bit stumped.

Help Appreciated

Answer:Red Alert 2: Menu Buttons/Main Menu animation bugs - NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M

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Question: OSD Main Menu

It keeps popping up.  I tried to exit it, but it still comes back.  How do I get rid of it?

Answer:OSD Main Menu

Please provide some "context" for your post.  Perhaps:    1.  What does "OSD" mean, if you know (because it means nothing to me)?    2.  When did it start?  Just after you downloaded or installed something?    3.  Have you run an antivirus or anti-malware scan recently?    4.  Does it appear when you boot to Safe Mode?    5.  Do you want "OSD" rubbed out or just roughed up a bit?

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I am trying to install Windows 98 on a computer that currently has Windows 95 running on it. Everything runs fine, including Windows 95.However, when I tried to format the C: drive, I ran into a problem. I put in my Win98 Boot Disk, which has always worked in reformatting and installing Windows 98 before, and typed in fdisk at the command prompt.I got the usual screen about the question to use the large disk drive support, but no matter what option I choose (Y, N), I go right back to the command prompt (A:/).I cannot get into the fdisk main menu, no matter what I do.Can someone please give me some help with this issue?A quick reply would really be spiffy! Thanks!

Answer:Cannot Get Into fdisk Main Menu

Did you boot to the win98 disk or just put it in?

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Question: Main menu laptop

My dell inspiron mini 1012 the main menu is black I cant go on no website or nothing what do I do please help

Answer:Main menu laptop

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did have pattern for typing envelope and it has disappeared

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The main menu bar (i think thats what its called, the bar with file, view, tools, etc) of my explorer is completely missing. I have tried running Spybot and that did not help. Anyone have any suggestions for a fix?

Answer:Missing main menu bar in explorer?

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i cant see main menu in blood 2 game plz help me ,main menu is completely invisible

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So I have like 30 VHS tapes of the past 15 years or so of footage of concerts, birthdays, family events, etc. I have a VCR/DVD player that I can record the footage from the VHS onto the DVD. Now I want to have a main menu on the DVD(s) and in the menu having the different events and such to choose from so you can just go to that footage. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Answer:Main menu on home-made dvd

This is probably the wrong forum, may want to get it moved to software because unless your dvd player has that built in you'll have to burn it to a dvd, upload it to your computer, edit it, use a dvd burning software to chop up the video into segments and create a menu onto another dvd

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So, I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y560.  I am trying to fiddle with my BIOS. However, I can't.  The "Main" tab of my BIOS says "all items on this menu cannot be your supervisor, etc."  Get this though.  I am the supervisor of this computer.  There is no supervisor password for my BIOS.  I can create one.  I can clear it.  I can create one and use it as I log in to BIOS.  I can create it, and then create User passwords and use THOSE to log into BIOS. None of this is letting me fiddle with the settings on the "Main" tab in the BIOS.  So where do I go from here?

Answer:Can't modify Main BIOS menu

Hi H,
you may use an unofficial modified BIOS,just google 'Y560 bios mods'...
please be careful... Zehn

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Whenever I start up morrowind, it gets to the main screen(Where it starts doing that shifting logo), then immediately it sends out this screeching static sound and crashes to desktop. I think it has to do with morrowind title.mp3 or mp3's in general. I have updated all of my drivers and my os, and I've torn my hair out. DisableAudio = 1 does not work. Swapping in different Mp3s does not work.

I have:
AMD 2.1ghz
512 DDR
Windows 2000 SP4
ATI 8500 LE
Nvidia onboard
OR(I have tried it with this)
Soundblaster Live!

HELP ME! I'm going crazy from boredom and I want something involving!!!

Answer:Morrowind crashing at main menu

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Im using Visual Studio .NET C# and am trying to write my own Menu Icons class simply for educational purposes. So far everything looks straightforward however I find that even overriding the OwnerDraw method for each menu item there still is a 3D Menu window that appears as a canvas for the menu items to appear on. The look im going for is a Visual Studio .NET 2003 menu which appears to have a "flat" non-3D window canvas. How do i make this canvas flat?

I suspect i have to make use of the Main Menu's "handle" property as well as Win32 API, perhaps even subclassing. If this is the case could this completely damage the managed code of C# I'm currently working with?

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Basically the problem is, that the Main Menu keeps appearing then disappearing ON ITS OWN. I don't even press a button and it shows up then goes away, then shows up, repeatly, for the longest times it keeps doing this. It gets the worst on weekends.

Anyways it's super annoying and right about now I wanna break my monitor.

I am using a Hp computer, its kinda new or whatever. The monitor itself is a hp pavilion f1703.

its doin it as i'm typing this......

help me

Answer:Monitor Main Menu Problem

Check and make sure the connections on your mouse and keyboard are secure.

If you are using USB connections for them, try PS2 instead, in fact, if you can borrow a mouse and keyboard from another computer try them, again, preferably not USB connected.

If they are wireless, change the batteries (yes, they do indeed have batteries).

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The database is on the Client/Server side and most computer can launch the Access from the network and prompt with a menu of Invoice,Form,List, etc. However, there is one computer does not and cannot display a menu. The Main Switchboard appears but, no menu is display. I can't figure it out, please help me......Thanks.

Answer:No menu on Access main switchboard??

Maybe I'm not clear, Here my situation again. when I launch the MS Access database program, I should get a "Main Switchboard" display with menu options.

However, I get the "Main Switchboard" display but, without any menu. I've try reinstall Access database several times but did not work.

Does anybody have any suggestions. Thanks.

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I had Windows 7 installed two times on two different partitions of the same HD. Then I added a second hard drive and installed Windows 7 a third time.

Now the boot menu shows 4 entries, with the main OS listed twice. And I can boot from either one. However, when I open BCDEDIT or use Easy BCD, only three OS' are listed.

How can I remove the duplicate entry from the boot menu?

Answer:Main OS shows up twice in boot menu?

Enter msconfig>Boot on the main OS and see if you can figure out which is the duplicate to delete it.

Strange it's not showing in Easy Edit Boot Menu tab. You may have overdone it with the multi-booting.

When you have separate HD's it's better to boot via the BIOS Boot order or one-time BIOS Boot Menu so that the HD's remain independent and free to come and go as you please. You can delete the separate HD's OS entry in Easy to use that method now if you want.

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I get a ghosting lately from pop-up menus that I can only clear by changing the resolution (refresh does not work). Any ideas how to fix this (screenshot included)?


Answer:Menu item ghosting - main screen

It would seem, from the lack of responses so far, that nobody understands what you mean by 'ghosting'. From your screenshot, the best guess I can make is that you are complaining about the pop-up message showing the words 'empty recycle bin'. Is that it?

You do not say what your Operating System is. We cannot possibly help you without that information. I can make suggestions (below) only applying to what I am running myself, which is Win 7 pro.

That exact pop-up wording is normally from a mouse right-click when hovering over the recycle bin icon, but it is only one of six possible actions. None appear without a right-click. So my further guess is you have been messing with some settings that cause it to happen, which might be found anywhere, such as 'ease of access centre' settings.
To explore that possibility, just start typing ease of acc.... into your system search box. It might be a setting that avoids the necessity to use a mouse, or a right-click, or something like that.

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I can play Counter Strike 1.6 (non-steam) on the computer at home, but I have a problem on my laptop. I installed it, but this is what happens: when I double click the shortcut, the music comes up, the wallpaper with the two CTs, but there is no text where it's supposed to say New Game. Actually, when I hover with the mouse where the options are supposed to be (lower left corner of the screen), I hear the clicking noise.

I do have Tahoma, Arial and Verdana in Windows/Fonts/.

I am running Windows7 on both machines. 32-bit on the computer and 64-bit on the laptop (pretty sure that does not matter, because I managed to get Counter Strike 1.0 working on the laptop).

Does anyone have an idea of how to get this game working properly?

PS: I installed CS 1.5 - same problem, no text but there is clicking noise. I installed Source and everything worked, but slow because my lapotop is older than 3 years now.
PPS: I've tried reinstalling the game and updating drivers or using older versions - no luck.

PPPS: Moderator, I've pretty much copied this thread, with additional details from the games forum, because the problem here is a rendering problem, linked to the graphics and video settings. More people here, too.


Answer:Stuck at Main Menu in Counter-Strike 1.6 &1.5

Hi, Right click on the game exe file & select properties, click on compatibility tab check mark "Run this program in compatibility mode for" & use the drop down menu to select Windows XP SP3, then Select the last option "Run this program as an administrator" Click on apply ok & now try the running the game.

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Monitor Main Menu pops up randomly since a few days irrespective of any selections and on/off switch. Have a TARGA Visionary Monitor (17´´inch) since years with satisfaction. What happened, how to stop it??message edited by larryfarry

Answer:monitor main menu pops up randomly

In the monitor menu, try the "Reset" option. It will reset the monitor to the factory defaults.

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E6430 running Win 7 32 bit.
Antivirus = Trend (corporate)
Firewall = On-Line Armor
Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes - run occasionally on demand
This is a new laptop. I have been installing my software off the old XP machine and it has developed a problem on the main menu: a white rectangle situated in the top left hand corner. The only way to remove it is to click on the tiny rectangle on the bottom right hand corner.
How do I get rid of this? It hides icons and is a PITA
George_s :cry

Answer:White Rectangle top left on main Menu - Win 7

Really need a screenshot of what you are talking about.

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When I get to the Knights of the Old Republic main menu, after I move my mouse around for awhile the game freezes and I have to restart my computer, what is wrong with it?

My Computer specs
Intel Celeron 2.7
ATI Sapphire Radeon 9600 Atlantis 128mb
512mb memory
Windows 98 SE

These specifications are way over the games minimum requirements and they are accepted.

I have latest Directx driver 9.0c, and latest ATI Radeon driver.
Please help me.

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So whenever i launch any game on Steam, it pops up to the main menu then after a couple seconds it automatically closes without any errors. This is NOT my first time trying to launch the game, i have been playing steam games for about 2 years. This is also not the first time this has happened to me. The other time this happened i waited on it for a couple days and i could play again. This time I've already waited a month and still no progress is shown.

My running processes are

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can u pliz help me with my htc 8x - my back key main menu key n search key nt working?

Answer:Please help me with my htc 8x - my back key, main menu key & search key not working?

Try to hard reset if it doesn't work then it is most likely a hardware issue.

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I'm trying to hide my main menu and I want only the customs menu will display at the toolbar. I made this succesfully on an unbounding blank dummy form (frmTryMenu) as the picture below.
This is the code that I used:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Function showFrm1()
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmSelectTeam2"
showFrm1 = True
End Function

Function showFrm2()
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmSelectTeam"
showFrm2 = True
End Function

Function showRpt1()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptAllEventList", acViewPreview
showRpt1 = True
End Function

Function showRpt2()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptClass", acViewPreview
showRpt2 = True
End Function

Function showRpt3()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCategory", acViewPreview
showRpt3 = True
End Function

Function showRpt4()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptEndLine", acViewPreview
showRpt4 = True
End Function

Function showRpt5()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptLongJump", acViewPreview
showRpt5 = True
End Function

Function showRpt6()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptHighJump", acViewPreview
showRpt6 = True
End Function

Function showRpt7()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptShotPut", acViewPreview
showRpt7 = True
End Function

Function showRpt8()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptStartingOfficialField", acViewPreview
showRpt8 = True
End Function

Function showRpt9()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptStartingOfficialSolo", acViewPreview
showRpt9 = True
End Function

Function showRpt10()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptStartingOfficialRelay... Read more

Answer:Hiding Main Menu... Access 2003

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I really hope someone out there can help as I have absolutely no idea what to do! My kids have been playing on the computer and now my screen saver, main menu buttons etc are upside down! Everything works perfectly fine you just have to tip the screen into a "portrait" position to do anything. I have tried turning off and unplugging but to no avail. We have a standard uk keyboard as apposed to a querty french keyboard and I suspect a button has been pressed somewhere! Hope someone out there has had a similar problem and can help. I am not very technical so would really appreciate answers in very plain computer speak! Thanks very much.
French Fancies

Answer:Solved: Please help! Screensaver and main menu upside down!

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Hello my friend has a rather weird problem with vitsa I can't seem to slove. I don't have much experice with vista but we've tried a few things we found online none of it worked. A couple of months ago she started having problems when playing any game online it would quit back to the menu, there's no error/kicked message and the game itself does not crash. She doesn't have any problem with any other program that uses the internet, and mmos that need to update, update fine. We've scanned for viruses with mcafee, onecare and spydocter and found nothing, and her system meets the requirments for the game, and they worked just fine a couple months back. Games played on single player plays great, its only when they try to connet to ingame servers. Sort of reinstalling all the games and or vista does anyone else have any suggestings? thanks a bunch

Answer:Games crashing to main menu after connecting to server

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Before the main menu of Empire Earth (the very first one, not the expansion or empire earth 2) appears, and after the cut scenes, I get an error message thats says:

The Instruction at "0x211119d6" referenced memory at "0x0be97fb8". The memory could not be "read."

After this, the only thing i can click is "OK", which ten terminates the game.

My computer exceeds the minimum requirements, and i've tried rebooting my computer and reinstalling the game. I've also tried scanning the computer viruses or spyware (no viruses, all spyware was corrected) with the up-to-date versions of Spybot SD and Karensky Anti-Virus 6.0. I've checked my hard disk for errors (and then defragmented it), and even disabled all start up programs through msconfig and tried to run empire earth, it still didnt work. my virtual memory is set correctly. All of my video and sound drivers up to date and i have the latest version of DirectX 9c.

I have windows xp with sp 2
-nVidia GeForce FX 5500, 128mb
AMD Athalon processor (1.4ghz)
-the latest patch of the game is applied
i have 504 mb of RAM

if there is anything else i can do to fix this problem, i hope you guys can tell it to me.
Thanks in advance

Answer:error message before main menu of empire earth

Sounds like something that would have me too

The best thing is a clean system, and window cant really stay clean for a good year.

Im strongly going to get into linux and scripting things, mainly because theres a lot of money to be made there and it always intrest me as a kid. Plus im a gamer and got alot of viruses in the past, makes it essential for me to learn to deal with little problems.

This is the right place to look for answers, just need to give it some time. This site is the best out there, especially now here in 2007!

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Hi All,

I opened up IE7 this morning and the main toolbar was missing. I mean the one with tabs on it, the print, edit, tools, favorites buttons etc.

Ive googled a few times and can only find answers on the menu bar recovery (press the ALT key etc)

obviously this reduces functionality, a lot. are there some registry keys that will restore it or does it mean re-install??

just to be sure, heres a picture of what i mean, its the bar outlined it red:

Thanks everyone

Answer:[SOLVED] IE7 on WinXP SP3 main toolbar missing (not the menu bar!) ???

Right-click the Titlebar, the Context Menu = Menubar, to enable classic Menubar, select View and select classic menu.

IE7 gives you a taste of how Vista is setup, no menu bars unless you enable them. IMHO, dumb, real dumb. Vista has enough of a learning curve without adding missing Menubars that everyone expects.

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Like be able to make a Games folder where I have circled in red, have it expand and list all my games I put in it.

Is that possible?
What is a good way to consolidate a bunch of programs under one folder...but not having it under "All Programs".

Answer:Possible to create a folder under the main start menu in Windows 7?

Why not put it under "All Programs"?

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My monitor has been working fine for about a year and just started cycling between the Main Menu and OSD Lockout. Nothing has changed or moved, and the temperature where the computers are is fine (borderline cold). This is a HP 1740 and the menus toggle back and forth approximately evern 20 - 30 seconds. Also, other than the area that the menu and OSD diaplay cover everything looks just fine. It does sound like others are having similar issues, so this appears to me to be a design / assembly flaw. Any help would be greatly appreciated, UTD

Answer:HP monitor Main Menu / OSD Lockout cycle continuously my advice. don't buy hp products in the future, i certainly won't.

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So, I am working on creating a visual novel using a game engine called Ren'py. This program uses Python to code, and so far I haven't really run into any issues that tinkering(with plenty of saving and judicious use of the 'undo' button) can't solve, but I can't figure out this.

Right now, I am attempting to change the background from the default(solid color image background, title text in another line of code that I can't pinpoint) to a custom one; the custom image will also have the name in it. Therefore, I want to change the background image and remove the code that puts the title text over the background image. I haven't been able to solve it myself, so I thought I'd post here. The image I want to use is located in:
C:\Users\Airenn Martlock\Downloads\renpy-\renpy-\Lane Manor\game\gui\background.pngClick to expand...

Here's the code from the main menu section of the Screens editing thread/file/whatever-it's-called:

## Main Menu screen ############################################################
## Used to display the main menu when Ren'Py starts.

screen main_menu():

## This ensures that any other menu screen is replaced.
tag menu

style_prefix "main_menu"

add gui.main_menu_background

## This empty frame darkens the main menu.

## The use statement inclu... Read more

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When I click on the scroll bar of the main windows menu (bottom left button) and start to scroll down, the scrolling then continues automatically to the last item on the list so that I can't access the others. It is as if gravity has taken charge! There is no problem with scroll bars in web windows or in Excel. I think the same problem was happening in Word last week but it is not today. I have tried following various recommended fixes including a clean boot, running Windows defender scan and switching off some mouse functions. I am no computer expert so it is possible I have perforemd all these actions correctly. Nothing has solved the problem. I've also tried a different mouse.
Any suggestions as to what is the cause of the problem and how I might fix it would be very much appreciated. The graphics card is fairly ancient: could this be the problem?

Answer:Scroll bar on main menu scrolls straight to last item

Hi, do you mean this scroll bar in the start screen perhaps?
How are you scrolling? I note you have a desktop, so you probably don't have a touchpad.

I notice if I set up my touchpad with certain features enabled, a two finger flick up or down scrolls right to the top or bottom. However, my mouse scroll wheel is fine here.

Please post screenshots like these:
- and any other mouse settings you may have looked at.

To post a screenshot please use the icon to the left of the video icon above your post. Thanks.

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Answer:How does one restore thelost calendar icon on the main menu in a lumia 520?

Swipe over to the app list, lookup calendar, tap and hold it and choose "pin to start".

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All right, here's my problem:

I'm playing Oblivion. I can't watch the cutscenes because there's skips every 2 seconds and the skips last 2 seconds, the main menu is horrendously laggy, but when I get in game, it plays like a charm! I'm having the same cutscene problem in UT3, and those cutscenes are important, so I NEED to get this fixed.

My specs:
OS: Windows XP Professional
Processor: AMD Sempron 3300+, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE3, ~2.0GHz
RAM: 2046 MB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600
Sound Card: Vinyl AC'97 Audio (WAVE)

What I already tried doing:
-Saved all my stuff to backup, reformatted my computer, and reinstalled the drivers.
Did not work.
-Downgraded from Driver version 185.xx to 94.xx
Did not work.

I'm about to go insane. I don't know what to do to fix this! Does anyone have ideas for me?

Answer:Oblivion: Choppy Video, Laggy Main Menu, Flawless Gameplay?

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it only auto play the movie, but I can't get the software to play the index file to view the Extra.

I need to know the name of the file that play the main menu

same deal w/ VLC, it plays the movie, but won't display the main menu, so I can't watch any Extra / bonus feature on the blu-ray

Answer:How do you make Media Player Classic read main menu of a BD disc?

What bluray drive are you using?

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I'm using the latest WLM (2012?) on windows vista. Each time I double click the icon, it says WLM has stopped working and proceeds to shut down/restart WLM. How do I resolve this? However, I can still right click the icon, click 'Send an instant message' and choose a contact to speak to. But my normal contact list just can't be opened. Please help.

I've tried deleting and reinstalling, tried system restore as well. Nothing worked.

Answer:Can't open WLM main window

I had a similar problem that was resolved by a simple boot. Have you given that a try?
If that does not work try a clean boot to see if another program is causing the problem.
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup - Windows 7 Forums
If none of the above suggestions work, I think that you may want to try another email client. I like Thunderbird.
Top 11 Free Email Programs for Windows - About Email

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Does anyone know if there's a command that can be pasted into a shortcut; That opens the power menu or user menu? I.e where you sign out or lock your computer.

The shortcut is meant to be on the desktop.

Some screenshots showing what menus I'm referring to.

Answer:Shortcuts to open power menu or user menu.

Fraad said:

Does anyone know if there's a command that can be pasted into a shortcut; That opens the power menu or user menu? I.e where you sign out or lock your computer.

The shortcut is meant to be on the desktop.

Some screenshots showing what menus I'm referring to.

You could try the following, although 'Lock' will not show in this menu:

Paste the following into Notepad and Save as power.vbs in your C: directory:

dim objShell
set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")
set objShell = nothing

now, create a shortcut for your desktop and name it whatever you wish.
Right click on the shortcut chose properties, Change Icon, and give it a 'power' icon or something suitable.

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I have my TV connected to HDMI and a small, old monitor connected to VGA on a Radeon 4600 video card. I have Kodi (multimedia player) set to open full screen when the default user account logs in and it does so on the main monitor which is my TV. I have the smaller, older monitor set up so I can still use the computer when someone is watching a movie on the TV. I have multi-monitor set to extend the desktop. But my problem is when I open a program it wants to default to opening on the main monitor and when I open a program from the second monitor, it opens behind Kodi on the main monitor (and I have to click and drag it over to the second monitor) - so I would like to switch the old VGA monitor to be the main monitor and the TV to be the second.

Is there a way I can force Kodi to open and stay on the second monitor once I make my TV the second monitor?

Answer:Forcing a program to open on the second monitor rather than the main

So I figured out how to make the old computer monitor the "main" display. Then I figured out that Kodi has a setting in the program to tell it to start on monitor #1 or #2. So Kodi is good to go. But if I specifically want a program to open on the TV that is not the main monitor, is there a way to do so?

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  Whenever I open a new window on a games site or view a video, the new window disappears behind my main page whenever I click back on my main page!  I have to drag my main page about to get the new window back on top again. I've trolled through everything I can think of on my control panel but can't find how to keep new windows on top.   Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:New open window keeps disappearing behind main page! HELP!!!!!

Try here:

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my nokia lumia 830 camera and flash cannot use after update windows 10 10.0.14393.448

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I have my TV connected to HDMI and a small, old monitor connected to VGA on a Radeon 4600 video card. I have Kodi (multimedia player) set to open full screen when the default user account logs in and it does so on the main monitor which is my TV. I have the smaller, older monitor set up so I can still use the computer when someone is watching a movie on the TV. I have multi-monitor set to extend the desktop. But my problem is when I open a program it wants to default to opening on the main monitor and when I open a program from the second monitor, it opens behind Kodi on the main monitor (and I have to click and drag it over to the second monitor) - so I would like to switch the old VGA monitor to be the main monitor and the TV to be the second.

Is there a way I can force Kodi to open and stay on the second monitor once I make my TV the second monitor?

Answer:Forcing a program to open on the second monitor rather than the main

So I figured out how to make the old computer monitor the "main" display. Then I figured out that Kodi has a setting in the program to tell it to start on monitor #1 or #2. So Kodi is good to go. But if I specifically want a program to open on the TV that is not the main monitor, is there a way to do so?

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Hi, I just installed spybot and for some reason the main window does not open. As soon as I double cicked the icon on the desktop, it starts to scan by opening up a small window "Check in Progress" and the closes by itself when it is done. Could some one tell me how do I set preferences and how do I see what are the spywares that spybot identifies and removes it.

FYI: My kazaa media desktop does not open after I performed this scan. I know this can be re installed. but how do I work with the actual spybot.

Thanks for your help in advacne.

Answer:Spybot main window does not open after installation

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Help please Acer Laptop running Microsoft 8.1 computer turns on without a problem but when i try to open Explorer, Chrome etc wont open little blue circle spins around but nothing opens.
Did have a 30 day free trial AVG but expired not sure maybe a virus
Sorry i hope i make sense not computer savvy all help welcome

Answer:Windows 8.1 Turns on to main screen but unable to open

Firstly try to restart your computer from Windows. If you still have the same problem, then try to download a new web browser and Malware Bytes from another computer. If you have any suspicion that you computer has a (e.g. you have visited a insecure website) virus, then scan the whole computer firstly with Malware Bytes and secondly with Windows Defender (built in to Windows).

You can try and uninstall the two web browsers (Chrome and IE) and try to install a web browser of your choice. Please keep me updated if you have any further questions.

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Here goes folks ope you can help when I right click to open my main or external drive I get the message access denied. However if I scroll down I can click on explore to access my drives how can I fix this so as to be able to access drives normally by open command. nothing like a problem to get people to come together.

Answer:Access denied to open Main & External Drive

click here download this prog prob solved great isnt it

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I use two screen techniques to expand the screen in Windows, to run the slide in the second screen side, while working at the main screen, the display card plugged into the left side, the main screen is also onboard, I use the Office 2003, after running powerpoint and drag it over the second screen, press f5 to run the slide, it is still running normally, but if on the main screen, when I open any one other program and are actions on that program, then slide on the seconde screen is stopped lpaying slide only when the mouse pointer cursor on the screen slide powerpoint to run again, but this phenomenon will not occur when running video file, ie the sub-screen video is shown, while the main screen side can still open and work on any other application. So is there a way to overcome this problem of powerpoint do not? thank you.

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I have two laptops on the main floor close to my QWEST router. Each with signal of 1 or two bars. Yet my basement laptop shows full strength. Could this be neighbor interference?

Answer:Weak wireless signal on open main floor.

It could be. I would try a different wifi channel.

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Cannot open WLM main window, but individual components still function. When I start WLM, the WLM 2011 start screen appears on the desktop with spinning circle next to the word "Starting", and it continues in this state, unless I go to the taskbar notification area and select "close window" on the mail icon. So far, I have found that I can use all the WLM components, but just cannot get it to open to the main home page (on the desktop; not speaking of the web version here.) For instance, if I go to the icon in the notification area, and select "new email" or "new contact", the appropriate window will open and function normally. Also, the program continues to download any new mail to the appropriate mail folder. And, I can go to any of my acct mail folders or storage mail folders and open any individual mail just fine in a message window. Another strange thing is that the wlmail.exe *32 process is running (otherwise I would not have all this functionality), but the WLM application is not open in the applications tab of task manager. So something is keeping WLM from completely opening the app.

When the problem started:
I was using WLM fine yesterday. I put the system to sleep for several hours without closing any windows or apps, and then later my wife awoke the system, chose switch users, and then logged herself onto her profile. So my profile was still logged on with WLM still running in my profile. My wi... Read more

Answer:Cannot open WLM main window, but individual components still function

Problem Resolved: I finally identified the root cause and resolved the issue late last night. For those who just want to know the simple basics, in case they have a similar problem, it was a a corrupt calendar database file; to be specific, WLCalendarStore.edb, which is located at ?(store root folder)\calendars\DBStore?. The simple fix is to rename the file, something like WLCalendarStore.edb.bak, and then try to open the WLM app. This is all it took to properly fix the problem, and WLM app opened as normal again, with all of my accts, messages, and Storage folders intact. The app will generate a new default WLCalendarStore.edb, and if this fixes the problem, you can then delete the renamed corrupt file. You may lose some Calendar info, but you would anyway, if it is corrupt, and I have not been using the Calendar that much anyway. Too bad that it took me nearly a week to remember that the calendar database in MS mail apps is always a prime suspect if the app freezes when opening. I used to know this 10 years ago when I supported thousands of enterprise users, workstations, networks, and servers, etc. But I have forgotten so much now and my memory is not what it used to be....when you do not do this stuff on a daily basis, your skills decline quickly.

The rest of this story is more complex, and I will share a little...(too much happened to go into much detail.) To start, the problem could have been resolved within a minute, instead of a week, had I remem... Read more

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Sometimes the open/save menu will show up like this, especially in older programs. I am wondering if there is a way of changing the recent places to My documents to save a few clicks. Thanks

Answer:Open/Search Menu Tree menu

Hello Kookster,

This can help show you how to modify the common file dialog box to have the shortcuts you wanted instead.

Common File Dialog Box - Customize Places Bar

Hope this helps,

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Hi,I have windows xp service pack 3. Just recently open has disappeared from top of right click menu for SOME shortcuts but not others.(very confusing)Can this be rectified? Thank you.

Answer:right click menu - open has disappeared from menu

Sounds like it lost it file association for some files.
For those programs affected right click select properties - shortcut tab what is showing in the target box? navigate to the target file and eneter in the target box
Paint - C:\windows\system32\mspaint.exe

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Edited to add:

Finally fixed - she had a different monitor hooked up a while ago and it was showing up as a second monitor, and somehow she moved the MSN main window to the other screen.
For the past few weeks, the main window of Windows Live Messenger will not open. I am signed in automatically when I log onto my computer, and I can send messages if I right click on the Messenger icon in the tray and choose "Send an Instant Message", but if I choose "Open MSN Messenger", the window just doesn't appear. The window name does appear at the bottom of my screen in the task bar, but if I click on it or alt-tab between my open windows, the window won't appear.

I tried repairing the installation, uninstalling and reinstalling it. I finally gave up and uninstalled it to try an older version of MSN Messenger, and it's happen with MSN Messenger 7 too.

I tried googling but couldn't find anything related to this problem. If I didn't explain this very well or if I didn't include enough information, please let me know. I'm using Windows XP, if it matters.

Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.

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"Open++ is a context menu shell extension that allows you to quickly open the selected files or folders with the customized commands. It adds a submenu with customized menu items to the shell context menu when right clicking files or folders in Windows Explorer. Open++ also provides some predefined commands, such as Open Command Prompt, Copy Path, Change Properties, Create Sub Folder, View File Checksum, Run With Arguments, Register DLL, Unregister DLL, Copy Shortcut Target, Find Shortcut Target, and so on." Open++

Answer:Open++ a context menu shell extension to open files, folders

Looks useful - will be checking it out.

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I can't double-click folders in the Start menu to open them. Rightclicking and choosing
Open or Explore doesn't work either. When I release the Rightclick on Open or Explore
or Explore all users nothing happens. Normally explorer would open up and I would
have access to my start menu folders.

I still get the context menu with the choices, I just cannot get a response when
selecting to explore a particular folder. Other than that, regular items in the Start
menu work just fine and I can start programs as normal. Other context menu commands
like delete, rename, sort by name and properties work fine.

I think that there is something corrupt in the registry where the shell for the context
menu or the start menu folders is kept (I am not sure though).

I don't think this is a spyware/malware or virus problem as the PC is regularly scanned with SuperAntiSpyware and Avira Antivir. Resident protections that I have enabled are Avira Antivir and Comodo BOClean.

I am using Windows XP Pro SP3, automatic updates enabled (this problem has happened even before I have installed SP3). I am using an administrator account.

Answer:Cannot open folders in Start Menu by doubleclicking or rightclick-> Open or Explore

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After the anniversary updates were automatically installed, I can't open start menu, the shortcut I created for the MS solitair games program on the task bar does not respond ( it opens the first screen then it shuts down. Also, every time I double click on any photo I saved on desktop I get an error message saying " the remote procedure call failed".

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Okay so recently I upgraded to Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 through the 'Windows Update' from Windows 8.1, I had the same problem, Start Menu won't work no matter what, tried almost every method out there right now. Luckily 'Settings' app was working so I could go to Update and get the latest build. And I did, I updated and now have the Windows 10 HOME Insider Preview Build 10074. But I can't get it to open the start menu, and the settings app is gone with it. I can't check for updates anymore. Please help me out here, I've tried a couple of methods but it didn't work. Sorry for the long explanation and thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

Im looking for a way to add a few items to the MAIN / FIRST context menu that pops up when right clicking an object.
I know theres plenty of apps that will let you do this, but they all place everything in there own little drop down in the context menu.

Like file menu tools, shell toys, etc.
They always end up just like the "send to" menu...drop downs and slide outs.
Which is great and all, but im just looking for a way to cut out using a drop down / slideout menu.
The items i would like to add to the context menu would be in the very first context menu that pops up.

Basically this....where it says "move to" in the main context menu, I want another option to " move to sync".
The same goes for the "copy to" option.

G:\SYNC will be the target folder most likely.

Picture attached of what im looking to do. (its not real text, i made it up in paint.)

I got my context menu all cleaned if i could actually ADD items to the main context menu...

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Answer:Solved: Add "move to X" to main part of context menu

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Window's 10 downloaded Nov 2015..on HP 4 year old Desktop..'compatible with Windows 10. When Click on START MENU message comes up"START MENU isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in" I close down, sign off try again...still doesn't work. Now & then it does but seldom. HELP!

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Question: open with menu

hi everyone

I have three titles the same in my open with menu, how do I delete the ones that I do not want.

regards calmat

Answer:open with menu

NirSoft has many excellent Windows system utilities. Try this one:

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Question: Open With Menu

Hope someone might have an idea how to get rid of the "Search the Store" option in the "Open With" context menu as per the pic

Answer:Open With Menu

If you have the Windows App Store tile in your start menu and/or the store's icon on your task bar, try deleting them. I kicked them to the curb when I set up 10 because I have no use for that store, and I don't see that "search the store" option.

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Question: 'open with' menu

I would just like to know how I can get rid of some of the obsolete options in the open with menu. Alot of them are no longer installed on the puter. I installed Tweak ui recommended by Bhesson and found it very helpful. Anyone know where I can locate the file for the 'open with' menu?
Kind Regards, Jay

Answer:'open with' menu


On the top right of this page do a search for Open With Menu in the Operating Systems forum. You'll find 11 topics with all the info you need.

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Can someone please help me?

First of all I have a compac laptop running win98

A few days ago all of the shortcut files icons change into a generic windows icon and the .lnk extension appeared and the shortcuts would not work. I tried scanreg /fix and scanreg /restore and the problem didn't go away. Finally I used fixlnk and the problem went away and everything seemed great.

A couple of days later the problem returned and I tried scanreg /fix and scanreg /restore again, but they didn't work. I tried fixlnk again and when I rebooted the shortcuts worked, but then the start menu would not open and i could not open any files on the desktop (my computer, recycle bin,...etc.). Also the fonts on the desktop changed and when I tried to change them in the desktop properties menu I only had a few fonts. sometimes when I reboot I can access the start menu, but I have to right click and select open. my quick launch icons don't appear when i boot up, but i can make them appear and they are the only way I can access anything. I am going to try copying the fonts from another computer because it make some things hard to read.

If anyone can please help that would be great.


Answer:Start Menu will not open, PLEASE HELP!

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My windows menu key won't open the menu. This started happening today when I opened my laptop and I don't know what caused it or how to fix it. Any help will be appreciated.

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I can't open my start menu and when I try to open some stuff. It happened a week ago when I was away from pc P.s when my mouse is over the win button i am pressing.

Answer:Can't open start menu

Bamitz82 said:

I can't open my start menu and when I try to open some stuff. It happened a week ago when I was away from pc P.s when my mouse is over the win button i am pressing.

The same thing has happened to my Netbook, as well as the Edge Icon has disappeared. I downloaded Start10 and it will only open the Start Menu when set to Windows 7. This also happened in the last few days, as it is not monitored as it just is used for my weather stations. I think one of the updates it received caused the problem. I also discovered that the shortcut will not open the start menu either. Got to love updates. However stupid me and since the netbook is left unattended for a week at a time, I forgot to create a Restore Point. Have since created one, but still want the original start menu back.

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   I seem to have a very odd problem.For some reason,when I go to right click on a video file,sometimes,within the open with menu,windows media player is not showing up.As I said,this is not this way all the time.And,the files that I'm trying to open are indeed playable by wmp.At this moment,I'm currently looking at the open with menu within the registry editor under the .flv file extension and wmplayer.exe is indeed there.So,why is it not showing up (Sometimes) in the open with menu when I right click on a .flv file ?

Answer:Open With Menu Odd Behavior

If it's not the default player installed...or you have a file type which was not originally installed with Windows...WMP (or any specific player) may not be listed among your choices.
To have it listed, all you have to do is use the Choose Program option and find the correct .exe file.  Once that is should appear always as an listed option...but it may not (for reasons that I don't understand).
I have multiple players installed...and some of them seem to have the capability of blocking WMP as choice for opening, even though I have changed the "open with" selection for that file extension, using Folder Options.

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Is there a way to keep the start menu from closing after clicking or editing a shortcut? I often want to do several things in succession from the All Programs list, but am faced with having to reopen the start menu each time and navigate it all over again. Somewhere I read that it could be kept open by holding the shift key down, but apparently that only worked in Windows XP. What I'm looking for is a tweak, not a 3rd party utility.

Answer:How can I keep the start menu open?

I like what you want to do with Start Menu. It would be handy.
I know of no way of doing that.
We will just have to wait for a member that does. (If it can be done)

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How can I manipulate the "Open With" menu in Windows 7? I have applications
I would like to have an option to use on certain types of data, and "Open
With" seems like the perfect solution if I could only add my choice to the
list. For example, use VLC to watch a .iso move file. Windows 7 only gives
a choice to burn the .iso file to my DVD burner and I would like to ad an
application like VLC to the "Open With" list so I have the option to also
watch the move. Thanks.

Answer:Manipulate "Open With" Menu

You're not going to be able to view the movie by opening the .iso file, but here's how to do what you asked:

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Hi good people once again!Using win ME and if I click on an unassociated file type it takes about 60 seconds for the open with bux to appear, thisseems like rather a lot of time, any ideas?System includes Athlon 1800+, 512 Mb RAM and a 7,200 Hard drive so it shouldn't be that sluggish should it?Cheers, Epirb.

Answer:'Open With Menu' delays.

click here

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(Win 10 x64 on SurfacePro4)When I left-click the start button, nothing happens.When I right-click the start button, I get a strange (to me) minimalist black menu, on which many items don't work.Also, I get error when i try to get to display settings or personalize from desktop

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I have xp home, sp3, with IE8.

On other versions of xp, believe all others were xp pro, when clicking on a link in IE with the right mouse button, showing the context menu or submenu, an option shows saying 'open in a new tab'.

I don't have open in a new tab, only showing an option to open in a new window.

Can someone point me to a reg edit or some other pointer to 'enable' the new tab option from the context menu? I have searched the internet with little to work from.

I looked inside regedit for 'new window' finding an entry:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\InternetShortcut\shell\Open In New Window\command
rundll32.exe shdocvw.dll,OpenURL %1 - string value

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Advanced INF Setup\IE UserData NT\RegBackup\
- string - 916fd2a2d3504407
,33,HKCU,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows,PopupMgr, - string value
- string - fe6652f1f5faa273
,33,HKCU,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows,UseSecBand, - string value

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows
three entries but do not look to be applied toward the 'context menu'

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\InternetShortcut\shell\Open In New Window\command
rundll32.exe shdocvw.dll,OpenURL %1 - string value

Answer:context menu IE8 open in a new tab

i have reset to the default settings and did not bring out the new tab option from the context menu.

i have disabled all add-ons, it is a fresh installation not a lot installed, and did not bring out the new tab option.

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Hello all,
Recently I have noticed an addition to the 'open with' menu when I right click on a file. It now contains 'Client Server Runtime Process'. Does anybody know what this is and if it neccessary or could cause problems.

Also every now and then when I close a Windows Explorer window it will close the window but then an error box will appear stating that Windows Explorer has encountered an error and needs to shut down. Any other Windows that were open will shut down as well. Sometimes this also causes the taskbar and all desktop items to disappear. The only way I can then get back into my computer is to do a (ctrl-alt-del) and use the task manager to log off the current user which then puts me back to Windows blue log in screen and I just log myself back in.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

Boxy :-)

Answer:Addition to 'Open With' menu

That's pretty strange, I've never seen that appear as a right click item. It's a valid windows service, but there's no reason for it to appear there.

Since you're having other issues as well, I suspect something has gotten corrupted on the system, or you're the victim of spyware/malware. Have you done a full virus and spyware scan? If so, why don't you post a HijackThis log in the HijackThis section here?

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I have been getting this problem its slowing my internet down.everytime i download something an "open with.."menu pops up and lots of pop ups that say i have low disk space but i cleaned my disk?

Answer:Open with menu annoying!

Description of the Low Disk Space Notification in Windows XP

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The window key is not responding at all. The window icon in the task bar just has the blue circle going round and gives no response either. I have scanned and resolved any errors and restarted the laptop but still no luck.

Answer:Why does my start menu not open?

Its a know bug, only a restart fixes it.

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I've tried everything listed here and no dice. This has been happening for some time now, usually a restart will fix it but it's been three days and I've had enough. If I create a new profile the start menu works fine, but when I log back into admin I still have problems.

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Help, I cannot open anything from my start menu. Also, if I open any folders from my desktop and then open a folder from that, it automatically goes back to the first folder.

When I open IE if I try to ho to any other page other than my homepage, it automatically goes right back to my homepage.

I unchecked the enable third party browser extensions in IE tools.

I've downloaded Ad Aware and ran a scan then deleted all the tracking cookies.

I tried starting in safe mode and running a system restore.

I downloaded BHO Demon and disabled all BHOs.

None of this has worked.

Could someone please look at my Hijackthis logfile and tell me if there may be something wrong?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:11:16 AM, on 9/14/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.ex... Read more

Answer:I can't open anything from my start menu

I noticed Napster running in there. You're running a risk right there when it comes to malware. I also saw a couple of programs in there which look suspicious to me.

Although I can't assist in HJT logs or malware removal, I must recommend that you have it moved to the Security forum.

In the top-right corner of your message is a red triangle with an exclamation mark: Report Post to Moderators. Ask them politely if they can move your post to the Security forum. You'll more likely (and more quickly) get a response.

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This is a very trivial question I realize but yesterday when I hovered my mouse cursor over the Windows 7 Start orb, I could have sworn that the start menu automatically opened up without clicking on it. Maybe I'm just losing my mind, but I could have sworn it did. The reason I'm curious about this is because right now it's not appearing when I hover my mouse cursor over the orb. Does anyone know the default on this? I did some research and even thought I saw something about a setting for the Start Orb...(off, hover and on), though I don't know where that would be.

Answer:Should W7 Start orb open up menu

Heard about this for the first time in my life!

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Hi, I instal insider version to nokia 730 and now (probably after some new update) I cant open settings menu. If I try it, system open message something about cannot open and Search for app in the Store and try to find MS-SETTINGS.
Is any way how to solve it or uninstall last update?
Thank you

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For a few days now I can't open up start menu to turn off computer. I have to right click it now to shut down computer. I have no idea how it started. Its very frustrating and I looked at several sites and no help. Someone please help me!!!!!!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8157 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942419 MB, Free - 583977 MB; D: Total - 10898 MB, Free - 1542 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Eureka3
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:Can't open up start menu

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After installing the Windows 10 upgrade onto my laptop I am no longer able to get the start menu to open either by clicking the windows symbol or using the windows key on the keyboard.

Answer:Why won't my start menu open?

What about Cortana(search function) does it work?
Your taskbar might be broken, try restarting your device

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Relevance 41.41%

Whenever I try to open a file not already associated with a program I go to "open with", unfortunately that doesn't seem to work in windows 7. Frakin 7

The program I open it with is not part of the list generated so I go to browse and select the program, the problem is that when I hit open that program doesn't get added to the list.

Is there anyone out there with the same problem/ a solution?


Step 1, I select the file I wish to open
Step 2, I right click and select "open with"
Step 3, the program I need to open it with is not listed so I select "Browse"
Step 4, I choose the program to open it with "Arduino" and select "OK"
Step 5, in this step I should be able to select "Arduino from a list" but it doesn't appear there.
I have tried it both with and without "always use selected program" being checked,
I have tried not selecting anything (by clicking on empty space) first.

Any thoughts?

Answer:cannot add program to Open With menu

I don't think it adds it to the list, but you can click "always use the selected program for this kind of file." That way you don't have to do it everytime for that file type. Is that the kind of thing you were looking for?

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After i updated to a new graphics cards driver my computer messed up. now i cant open windows menu, windows update, microsoft edge and some other windows 10 related things. i also can't right click my icons in my procesbar. i have tried to rollback my computer to the moment before i did the update and all thoes commands in cmd sutch as - dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and then sfc /scannow . that did not do a single thing.
also when i restart my graphics drivers my background comes black
sorry for the "maybe" bad english. i dunno.... . please help

- TorxFighter

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I have relocated my Users directory during the installation of Windows to another drive using tutorial from this forum. Everything worked perfectly. Then I wanted to upgrade the build, however due to the relocated User directory, the update failed. So I edited the registry to point back to system drive (HKLM/SW/MS/WinNT/ProfileList), performed the upgrade and then turned the registry back (to the exactly same state as before). I can login, my settings is kept, however the start menu stopped working. I cannot open it anymore. Also notification center sopped working. Yes, if I create new user and relocate my files, it works however it is really annoying procedure (and I am curious whaťs going on - I have tested the even if do the registry change, don't upgrade the system a turn it back, the problem is there again).

Is there some kind of log, to find out why the Start menu doesn't open? What can I try to do to fix it?

EDIT: Looking at Windows event, there are errors that SAService and DgiVecp was not started due to missing file.

Answer:Cannot open start menu

Hello, the start menu, taskbar, Cortana are very sensitive to settings, configuration and changes from Privacy in Settings to language configuration (Cortana).

I have just recently seen the start menu suddenly stop working myself.. just moving windows around on the screen, a sudden momentary flicker, then the Edge icon disappeared and the start menu stopped responding.

There are many threads on these topics.. just search the forum for (e.g.)
start menu stopped working
taskbar not responding

It seems no one is clear as to why, but it is not simple to fix, so it would be of considerable interest to have a better way as many experience this problem.
An in-place upgrade repair is often recommended. (see tutorial section)

This is why using disk imaging to protect your system, your sanity, your data and save you time is so necessary.

This may be of interest:
Users Personal Folders - Restore Default Location in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Several people have encountered various difficulties when relocating user folders, and it's easy to make mistakes in doing so, crosslinking folders and drives or folders and folders.

My view? Avoid them. Leave them alone. I find they contain folders created by programs I install as storage and working space, which to me makes them 'Their folders' !

So I use my own folders on another partition for my data, away from the OS.
Those could be included in a library if I wished, of course.

With Win 10, it can be a case of 'Curiosity killed... Read more

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My sister in law cant open start menu in Win XP home.
Cant open anything in task bar with right click.
Should she do a system restore if she can get to it? Or is there another fix?

Answer:cant open start menu

Well, with what little information present, I can't suggest a lot.

But, try this.

Disable SSDP Discovery service.

Right click my computer, manage.

Click on the '+' next to services and applications.

Highlight services.

Right click SSDP Discovery Service, choose properties.

Set startup type to disabled.

Then stop the service.

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First time posting -- kinda trivial problem but irksome.
In IE7 re-naming or deleting a favorite leaves the drop down menu open. In IE 8 the drop down menu closes. Is there a way to get IE 8 to behave as IE 7?

Answer:Keep DropDown Menu Open in IE8

Hello and Welcome to TSF!

IE7 Browsing Mode In IE8: Open up IE7, click on Tools then Developer Tools

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Hi, I recently had to install the software for one of my hp printers (170mb) and i think i have supsequently uninstalled all the useless **** hp bundle with their products. Problem is when I right click on a .jpg and then click open with, I have 3 extra entriesHP PHOTO BOOKSHP PHOTO TEMPLATEHP SIMPLE PHOTO PRINTThis makes my already long open with menu unweildly, how can i remove this utterly useless ****? Ive noticed on the web that regeditcurr user/software/microsoft/windows/current version/exp/file exts will let you edit the entries, but ive got zillions of heirogliphics which mean nothing to me listed. How can i get rid of mr. hpThanksoh, i tried "openwithview" but theres no reference to the entries or hp

Answer:open with context menu

Download, and install ShellExView:

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plzz help me i can't even open the BIOS in my toshiba satellite c855D-S5100
whenever i press F2 it gives me error named (CRICTICALSERVICEFAILED)

Answer:Help me out to open the boot menu

Esc is used to get into BIOS on that machine

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Hiya guys just a quick one if I Can........

My system is all working fine just a niggly thing that does my head in, still cant work it out.

Been using nero 6 for few years now no probs, updated to nero 8 and didnt like it. Uninstalled nero 8 and I am now back with nero 6. All good and well but when I insert maybe a dvd or flash drive with video on, or anything, when the popup comes saying 'what would you like to do' and has a list of programs, nero 8 programs are still on the list, if i click one nothing happens.

Curious as to if I can get rid of this on the menus etc?? Nero 8 has lots more features that intigrate in windows...??

Thanks for any help guys...

Answer:Nero 8 Still In 'open With Menu'

Uninstall everything Nero, 6 and 8. Then download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Look for anything that says Nerp, check it's box and run the utility. Then reinstall Nero 6. See if that works

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I have a windows 7 0S and I keep getting this annoying "Open with"!

Answer:windows 7 open with menu

What are you doing when you get this?Please come back and let us know the outcome.

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I seem to have a very odd problem.For some reason,when I go to right click on a video file,sometimes,within the open with menu,windows media player is not showing up.As I said,this is not this way all the time.And,the files that I'm trying to open are indeed playable by wmp.At this moment,I'm currently looking at the open with menu within the registry editor under the .flv file extension and wmplayer.exe is indeed there.So,why is it not showing up (Sometimes) in the open with menu when I right click on a .flv file ?

Answer:Open With Menu Odd Behavior

Perhaps you are right clicking without first selecting the video file and context menu is opening for a different file in focus.

Try selecting the file first, then right clicking.

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I godda problem.

Windows XP; folders with several mp3 files in them; Latest version of Winamp; Winamp set to default audio player.

When I right click on a music folder I don't get the option to 'Open with' where if it was in the drop down menu Winamp would be listed, along with all other media players (WMP & Nero Showtime in this instance).

So how do I add that option to the drop down menu?

I've looked at Folder Options and Winamp's preferences but this thing is eluding me.

Answer:How to add 'Open With' to drop down menu?

You you should be able to add a program by clicking on Choose Program in the Open With menu, and in the Programs box click on the program or application that you want.

oops, OK, now wearing reading glasses ...

Try ...

... in there is the "fix" ... found it ...



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My menu Icon won't allow me to left click. I can only click right that gives me uninstall and repair options. For example can't find calculator

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