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can you save favorites history when upgrading

Question: can you save favorites history when upgrading

I would like to save my favorites on windows vista and put them on windows 7 whenI upgrade. Is this possible, and how do you do it. Please be very specific, I am by no means a pro at this. Thank you for your timeregardsgail

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Preferred Solution: can you save favorites history when upgrading

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: can you save favorites history when upgrading

files and settings transfer wizard. hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Cant seem to view my Favorites from within IE6. If I open the folder manually I can launch them but if I click on the favorites button from within IE6 it only shows "Add to Favorites" and "Organize Favorites". Also I cant view the History when I try I only get a folder that titled History.IE5 and a file named Desktop

Answer:Cant Save favorites or history

interesting problem, you could try to fix this from within the add remove programs panel. You will see an option there to repair if you highlight and click remove. Or better yet start using Firefox.

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hi! On my Favorites link I have tons of Favorites sites saved... Now how do i save all those links? I have way too many to copy each one manually.. Is there a way I can just transfer all this to my Flash Drive or something silimilar? thanks!!

Answer:How do i Save all my Favorites and transfer to a different computer or just save it?

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Question: favorites/history

For what ever reason I have lost the use of both favorites and history. I had over thirty sites in favorites and now they have vanished. When I use add to my favorites I click on it, but nothing. Any advice? This problem has accrued about a year ago. I can't really remember just what I did to fix the problem.


Have you tried to reinstall IE?

If not here are the steps...

Re-install Internet Explore 7
Please go Here (Click on the Blue link) and download a fresh version of Internet Explore 7.
Uninstall the version of IE you have installed now, to do so follow these steps:
Click Start
Click Control Panel
Double click Add or Remove Programs
Scroll down until you find Internet Explore
Then click Change/Remove, and follow the prompts.
** Please Note: If you are unable to see IE7 in Add or Remove Programs follow these steps:Click Start
Click Run
Type or copy and paste, into the text box:
Then Press Enter **
Restart your computer.
Install the fresh version of Internet Explore.

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I was hoping that someone would be able to help me out. I have seem to have lost my history in favorites. When I go to favorites and then to history there is no option to chose history by day/week/month only to search. When I type something in I get no response. I had a pervious problem with the pc (malware..rootkit..virus). A kind soul from this site was able to help me out and the computer is clean and working great, now. He instructed me to come here, because he thaught that someone would be able to help me better. Any and all help is appreicated. He also said to give the reference of the past promblem . If you need any more info., please let me know and I'll do a post.

Thanks in advance for your time

Answer:There's no history in favorites

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how do i lock my favorites list or history list and my status bar so tat even if i click on a link it will stay there .. cuz everytime i click on a link the favorties listn and my status bar disappears and i have to keep opening it ... and i have to go to view then status bar to open my status bar .. plz help me

Answer:favorites, history, and status bar

If you go to View > Toolbars in IE, is Lock the Toolbars checked?

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Hi all,

I work for a small firm that have rolled out IE8. It's a legal firm so confidentially and 'ethical walls' are paramount, but I have a problem with ie8 and the history tab.

Within the starred "Favorites" icon, there is a History tab which shows today's, yesterday's, last weeks browsing history.

I would like to know where this history is stored. I can easily delete entries and switch it off etc, but is it possible to actually ALTER the information thats there, either through the application or via regedit etc?


Answer:IE8 Favorites/History storage

Would merely password protecting IE do the job? If there are other users, they would be shut out w/o admin privileges.

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I have just installed I Explorer 8. A few days ago I hit Ctrl & H for the history file - no problem. However, now when I click on Favorites, the History websites show up. How do I get my Favorites back?


Answer:IE 8 - Favorites shows History

Hi Ron

When you hit CTRL+H that is history, but when it shows in IE8 the first tab is Favorites, just click that or hit CTRL+I

List of Shortcuts or the common ones in IE

ALT+RIGHT ARROW : Takes you to the next page .
SHIFT+CLICK : Open a hyperlink in in new window
BACKSPACE : Used in IE8 to go to previous page
ALT+HOME : Shortcut to go home page
SHIFT+F10 : Used to show shortcut menu for a hyperlink
CTRL+C : Shortcut for copy in internet explorer 8
CTRL+V : Shortcut for paste in internet explorer 8
TAB :Move forward through different boxes and controls items on opened web page.
END :Move to the end of a web page
ESC : stops opening a page
CTRL+A : Select all in the browser windows
CTRL+D : shortcut to Bookmark a website
CTRL+E : Open the Internet explorer 8 Search bar
CTRL+F : Shortcut Find a text on browser
CTRL+H : Shortcut to open internet explorer 8 history bar
CTRL+I : Bookmarks Folder
CTRL+N : Opens a new window in internet explorer 8
CTRL+O : Opens address
CTRL+P : Print the current web page
CTRL+S : Shortcut to save complete website in internet explorer 8
CTRL+W : Closes IE 8
F11 : Move on to the full-screen view in IE8
F5 : Refresh the current browser page
F4 : Shortcut to Display a list of former addressesClick to expand...


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I used internet explorer on a Vista system on my laptop. I had about 20 sites on my favorites including the website of an old boyfriend.
I lost his phone # and can only contact him on his website. All of a sudden all my favorites are gone. Any suggestions?

Answer:How to I retrieve favorites history?

show hidden files and folders then look under windows on C drive and you should see the favourites folder

as long as you have not deleted them they should be in there

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My favorites & history in IE 5 for Mac disapeared. Every time I quit IE and reopen it all the favorites and history are gone. I have deinstalled 5.0 and reinstalled the newer 5.2.1 and the same thing happens. I also cannot use IE help as nothing comes up in the window. Any ideas?

Thanks YUG

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I have unchecked "delete history on exit" and no cleaning programs are deleting my browsing history. It's set to save history for 20 days.
When I click Favorites and select History, there is no list, just a search box. No matter what I type into the box, it finds nothing. How can I look at my list of visited sites?

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On clicking on the star of Favorites it only displays the History - clicking on Favorites on top tool bar (File ---Help) it displays all myfavorites !This has only recently occurred within the last week/10 day - only change was to update Hotmail with Live Mail (yuk) Running XP with SP3.Any help/pointers would be appreciated.Cheers

Answer:Windows Favorites/History

Click on VIEW - EXPLORER BARS - FAVORITESThen close the explorer bar. Does the "star" work properly now?

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I click on the Star,  I get my favorites.... but not history...what happened?  I have IE 10 

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could you help me recover this?

Answer:Llost my favorites, history, etc. tool bar

What did you do just prior to those items disappearing?

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I want to be able to search my IE8 History for key words that I may have seen in the URLs, but can no longer remember the exact URL, or sort the URLs/Pages by date (and time), so that I can find pages I have been to on a particular day and time. I would further like to do some searching and organizing with my Favorites, although this is not my primary need. I just need to be able to backtrack where I have been by time, or keyword, thru the IE8 History.

Is there a software program utility that would allow me to do this? Any direction toward such a program, especially a recommendation from someone who has used what they are recommending, is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your help!


Answer:Searching and sorting IE8 History, Favorites

To search history using the keyword follow the steps below:

1) Open IE 8
2) Click on favorites, click history (dropdown)
3) Click search history
4) Enter the keywords to get the link.

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I have IE9 on Windows 7. When I select the star in upper right hand corner, under history, select today or any day listed, I get "Computer" and the internet address instead of the webpage. What changed or did I change something unknowingly? thank you in advance, greynoodle.

Answer:View Favorites, Feeds, History

Hello and welcome

Sorry I dont quite get what your mean please post a screen shot:

How to Post a Screenshot | | Tech Support Forum

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I just got a newer computer (XP Home) and have both IE7 and Firefox.

In my old system (Win 98) (IE6) my favorites were a list of folders with additional lists in sub folders. I hate the Firefox favorites coming up in the History bar and I hate the ugly Star icons. Even in IE7 the favorites are not the same. I have, literally, a couple of thousand sites in Favorites to try and move.

1 - Is there any way to change the favorites to the older win98 style?(FF&IE)
2 - Can the favorites in the history bar be changed back to history? (FF)
3 - I've set the history to stay for 90 days but it's gone in about 3 days (IE7)
4 - Can I eliminate the Star icons? (FF)
5 - What is the best way to move ALL of my Favorites (and also all my Outlook Express contacts) to my newer computer? (Win98 to Win XP)

Answer:Can I change Favorites & History list in XP

Is there any way to change the favorites to the older win98 style?(FF&IE)Click to expand...

Get FF3 to use html, which is the "old" style. In the address bar type about:config and in the filter box type autoexport
Then you will see browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML click twice to toggle the value at the end from false to true.
If you have your bookmarks from the 98SE computer saved as bookmarks.html on a floppy, CD or a USB stick, you can import them from FF2 into FF3.

Click on Bookmarks, then Organize Bookmarks and last Import and Backup.

Sorry I don't use IE so I can't help you with that.

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As you can see it displays history and favorites, is it possible to just hide this feature and not delete it? I'd like the adress bar to just show URLs not history and favorites. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hiding favorites and history in address bar?

You can try this: Tools-> Internet Options->Content
click settings in Autocomplete, untick Browsing History and Favourites. HTH.

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I routinely delete my Favorites and History from IE. However, I recently typed in a couple of letters in the search bar from the start menu and some old history links appeared. These are not saved favorite links. When I right click to open file location, IE opens. But when I look in the favorites or even history, it is not located there. How can I get rid of these links.

Answer:Search - Results = Favorites and History

Try tools, delete browsing history. For IE8

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I've just installed IE8 on my PC and it don't show the tabs for selecting between favorites, history or fonts on the explorer bar.

Despite this, I'm able to select these options with the View/Explorer bar menu.

Could anyone give me and advice about this problem?

Excuse me for my bad English

Answer:IE8 don't show favorites / history / fonts tabs

If I understand what you are looking for....

Favorites: Tools(extreme right)-->Toolbars-->Favorites Bar.
By the way you should also have a Favorites label to the left of the first Tab if you do not wish to have the Favorites Bar displayed permanently. Just click on the Favorites label to the left of the first Tab.

Favorites: Tools(extreme right)-->Explorer Bars-->History.
You can also access the History by clicking on the the Favorites text lable to the left of the first Tab; then click on the History Tab.

Font Size: Not sure what you are exactly looking for here, but I will give it shot.

Increase/Decrease: View-->Text Size

Increase/Decrease by button Icon: Tools(extreme right)-->Toolbars-->Customize. Scroll up/down and click on the Text Size button icon in the left window; Click the Add button in the center of both windows. This will move the Text Size button icon to the right window. Close. The Text Size button icon should appear with the other button icons. You may follow the same steps and rearrange the button icons in the right window however you like and you may also remove them by placing them in the left window so they no longer appear on the Toolbar.

Type of Font: Tools-->Internet Options-->Choose from Left/Right windows-->Ok-->Ok.

Hope this helps.


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My PC did an automatic update at switching off last night, when turning on today all history and moreover favorite bookmarks have disappeared, Edge (default Browser)opens with a fresh "let's start" screen. This was the only browser I was using so can't import from elsewhere. I tried a few methods found online but %Appdata ecc User folder for edge appears as created today...System Restore doesn't work, at restart I get a message that it didn't complete successfully, tried all restore points visible. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance. PS I know my way around PCs rather well but not into registry changes and the like.

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I need to know how to delete items from the start buttons favorites and historys list. I tried clicking start,entering text into the search field, and right clicking that item,but deleting it isn't an option.The items i'm talking about are the the internet ones,not recent documents,etc. Please help me. Thanks so much and enjoy your holidays.

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When I initially open the IE11 favorites panel on my Win 10 64-bit machine, it displays my history properly ("View by Date" as the default) and allows me to navigate through the various websites without problem.  However, as soon as I change
the way I view the history to "Search History" I get no content (despite ensuring that I searched for existing content in the history) AND when I attempt to go to any other view (e.g. return to "View by Date") it remains blank.  I
need to exit IE11 and re-open it to reinstate the default view.  Effectively, I can no longer use the "Search History" feature which is EXTREMEMLY frustrating!!!  This is a recently developed issue and I cannot associate it with any installation. 
Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I recently got a complete computer rebuild after my modem died, and I'm happy with everything, same Windows 7, except IE 11 won't save favorites anymore. The computer shop guy working on my computer uninstalled and reinstalled IE 11 but that didn't fix the problem. The shop owner is having same problem.

After I took it home I did some research and found a lot of people having the same problem, and found a solution to uninstall IE 1 which I did. Then the same computer shop guy explained how to 'hide' IE 11 and that worked. However, same problem with IE 10!

So I'm hoping that someone can maybe shed some light on this problem. I do have a ginormous favorites file but now I have a huge hard drive so have plenty of room. Any help and hopefully fix this problem would be welcome.

Answer:IE 11 won't save favorites

Let's see if it's in the default location:
Using Windows Explorer, navigate to: C:\Users\<your user name>\Favorites

Let's see if you have access:
Right click on the Favorites folder and select Properties.

Let's see if there's anything currently stored there:
Post an image of the General Tab window.

Use this tutorial for posting images to the forum: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I am not able to save Favorites in IE6. I have only two options under Favorites on the to and organize but they do not work. Any suggestions?

Answer:IE6 Cannot save Favorites.

It sounds like IE 6.0 didn't install properly. Try repairing it. Go to Ctrl panel, add/remove and select IE. Click remove. It will give the a repair option.
Hope this helps.


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I've updated from ME to XP and have just finished setting it up. The only problem I've found is that I cannot save Favorites. When I go to Organise/Create Folder I get an error message 306.
Any help appreciated.

Answer:Cannot save Favorites XP

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I am using a new computer with Windows Vista and I have been horrified to find that after a few weeks it stopped allowing me to SEE new favorites that I've saved (although it says that they HAVE been saved!)

Any tips? I'd appreciate some help because I have no idea!:confused

Answer:Can't save new favorites

Look at links, same solution...two different sources, also all ref I found to this error are after moving the file I'm horrified too *grins*.

This one is easier to follow, look at post by bhagerty

Back-up your fav folder prior, just in case. Also copy and paste command to make sure no error.

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Question: Save favorites

Can someone please tell me how to save internet explorer favorites and all email settings,( I am about to reformat and it would save a lot of time ) Thanks all

Answer:Save favorites


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How do I save my favorites list when using MSN? I find how to save when using Internet Explorer but not MSN. Any help apprecited. Thanks.

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I'm using the Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition with os 9.2.1.
I have never had this problem in the past and can't think of what might have caused it. Tried uninstalling and re-installing explorer.

I can add a site to my favorites, but when I close explorer, the next time I open it, the favorites (all of them) are gone.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi all,
Is there a limit to how many favorites you can save ? In I E 7 add to favorites - save in folder favorites - save but they do not show up. When i do it again it tells me it is there would i like to overwrite - yes and it is still not there. :confused
Thanks for any help,

Answer:i can not save to favorites

Sometimes it is not obvious , as the url can display differently- if you go to favourites, and click on organise, they will all show up as text, and, urls, with little pictures, and you can then see how it was saved.

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Question: save favorites

i would like to put all my favorites sites onto floppy so if i reformat etc i still haveall the sites i like still avialablewhere do i find the folder so i can then put onto floppycan it infact be donethanks stef

Answer:save favorites

Easier way - in Internet Explorer, File/Import and Export and follow the wizard.

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I am seliing my laptop in a little bit, and wanted to know if any of you know how to save your favorites. I saved so many websites for quick viewing and don't want to loose them. Is there a way I can save them to something, and put them on my other laptop?

Thank you,

Answer:How do I save my favorites

Hi -

Copy the entire folder to USB or DVD -

START | type cmd.exe into the start search box | right-click on cmd.exe | select Run as Administrator | the black command prompt/ DOS screen will appear | paste the following into the cmd/DOS box (to paste - RIGHT-click in the shaded area at the top of the DOS screen, select Edit, select Paste - hit enter if necessary) -

Command to copy favorites folder to drive f: -


xcopy "%userprofile%\favorites" "f:\favorites" /i /s /y

Command to copy favorites folder FROM drive f: back to user folder -


xcopy "f:\favorites" "%userprofile%\favorites" /s /y

Try it out.

Regards. . .



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I'm Running Vista Home Premium, ie9 on an HP dv2810us. Whenever I go to save a favorite it doesn't save and I get no message. I've worked around it by saving new favorites to the Favorites Bar and then Organizing Favorites to place it where I want it. Even more weird though is that I need to provide Admin permission to move the favorite to the folder I ulltimately want the Favorite to reside in then User Account control comes up and I need to Ok it. Any ideas how to get rid of this issue so I can just save favorites without the Admin business? Thanks.

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A recent post regarding a desire to always keep the favorites folders expanded motivated me to write about a feature that I enjoy that is not a default setting in IE.
That is the ability to automatically collapse the currently expanded favorites folder when you click on a different favorites folder. I like this because I do not like scrolling up and down to find the favorite I am looking for.
Go to Internet options, Advanced, scroll to Browsing, and select Close unused folders in History and Favorites*, click Apply and OK, then restart IE.

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With windows 98 how do you save your favorites to a floppy disk? Thanks for your help.
Daning.1 (what is a tag?)First time user!

Answer:Favorites save to disk

IE->File->Import and Export...follow the wizard.

Or you can just copy your entire Favorites folder, if it will fit.


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Hi Everyone,

I have just finished a clean reinstall of Win7 Home Premium following a BSOD incident --- cause unknown.

As no update was being offered following the install, I chose to install IE11 manually.
This appeared OK, and I then moved the Favorites folder to my D:\drive.
Checked registry and it appears in the appropriate "Shell" entry as D:\Favorites.

In the "View" Tab, I have Menu Bar and Status bar ticked, but the Favorites and Command Bar are greyed out completely.

I have imported some Favourites into the folder (from prior to BSOD) and they are all visible, and usable, when I click on the Favorites Tab. I can even see them in the Organise Favorites bit too.

Can anyone please shed any light on what is wrong here please, and hopefully, let me know how it can be remedied?

Thank you,


Answer:IE11 Won't Save Favorites

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Click Start and click on your user name listed near the top,
Open the favorites folder,
This is what mine looks like

What does yours look like ?

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Hey everyone. Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 is refusing to save my favorites. It would keep the favorites saved across multiple browsing sessions (when I close and reopen the browser, the recently saved favorites are still there) but when I restart the computer, the recently saved favorites disappear. Anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:Firefox won't save favorites

Please don't start a new thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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My hardrive has to be replaced and so I am going to lose everything on my PC. Does anybody know a way I can save my Explorer's Favorites and download them when my pc is restored?

Answer:How do I save my Favorites when my pc is refprmatted

Hi and welcome to TSF we do not give help by email all help is through this thread your emial has been removed to avoid your security being compromised as this is a open forum which anyone including spammers can read, I'am sure you do not wish to be spammed.
try this for favourite How to backup and restore my Internet Favorites / Bookmarks.

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i had windowxp and all my favorietes were in thatlist where i could open them i just had windows 7 istalled and I cant add favoriete to the drop down list tom ave them

Answer:need to add favorites to the toolbar where I can save them

'I cant add favoriete to the drop down list tom ave them'Not sure what to make out of that?HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions<i\>7 Golds

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--- I don't get it Guys and Gals!. I managed to save my STF forum website in Favorites find but when I try to save any more website in favorites, they are not there. Any body Got any brite Ideas????
God Bless all, Amen.

Answer:Can't get Favorites to save website's??

how are you saving them and in what browser/version

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Hi all, when i have reinstalled XP, i have to manualy go to all my favorite forums and Bookmark them again and re enter my user name and password, i am wondering if there is an easy way to do this, than have to go through all that again.
appreciate any help
thanks guys.

Answer:Solved: How to save favorites

sure, all modern browser have the option to save/export bookmarks,

in IE, go to File, Import and Export and use the Wizard, in Firefox it's in Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks

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Is there any way in IE6 to save my bookmarks to an external file? I have so many bookmarks with attendant URL's that I'd like to save them in case of a system crash. The save can be text or a readable file.
Is there a way?

Answer:Solved: Save Favorites

If you have Windows XP your favorites are in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Favorites

All you have to do is make a copy of the whole folder. You could then burn them to a CD as an extra precaution.

You also might want to think about backing up all your files to an external hard drive.

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What possible reason could there be for not being able to save anything in Favorites?? It seem to have started after I used Avant Browser but I took that out but the problem remains.....any clues?? I also use Firefox but that works fine....Thanks

Answer:Favorites won't save in Explorer

that happened to mu hubbys "favorites " too they are jsut gone and he is unable to save anything now ..He said a lil 'thing' popped in the corner askin him to accept changes he said no and now NO fav's..any Ideas?? GRRRRR

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Doing the big reformat and wanted to know how to save my favorites in Firefox?

Answer:Favorites in to save?

get your bookmarks.htm file its under documents and settings the your login name then application data then mozilla/firefox/profiles bunch of crazy letters and numbers.

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How do I save my favorites to CD? I thought that my problem with the two dial up connections was solved last night, but it has come back. Therefore, I have concluded that the only solution is to format by running System Recovery and choosing the Advanced Options which will wipe out everything and reinstall XP Home.

Answer:Solved: How Do I Save Favorites to CD?

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Hi guys

I will soon be changing computers. How can I save my IE FAVORITES so that I can use them in my new computer?


Answer:Solved: Save Favorites

I've found Xmarks (freeware) syncs favourites between numerous machines so this is an easy form of backup:


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as title says how do i save my favorites so i can transfer them to my fresh install of XP?
i must have atleast 50 fav's in folders and im sick of typeing them in after every fresh install of XP. is there an easyer way?

Answer:How do i save my favorites for new install

Make a copy of the Favorites folder to a thumb drive or something like that, and then restore it on the new build:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Favorites

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I have IE 6.0.26 installed on Windows XP. My history is set to be kept for 5 days, however it is always empty when I try to look at. Any ideas?

Answer:History in IE 6 won't save on XP

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Question: save run history

There is a option on windows 7 where if i uncheck store and display recently opened programs in the start menu it erases my run history... I only want it to erase my recently opened programs and not my run history and wanted to know if there is a way i can do this ?

Answer:save run history

Apparently not, they are linked together.

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I haven't cleared my Chrome history since 1 year because they are important to me also User name & password. Can i import browsing history along with login ids and passwords?

Answer:How to save history?

Hi and welcome to TSF see if these ideas will work for you Google Groups

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Can anyone tell me how to save your favorites websites in IE6 and Mozilaa Firefox instead of me copying them down on paper, as I have to reboot my machine soon.

Answer:How to save Favorites in IE6 and Mozilla Firefox?

Goto my computer, C:\, documents and settings, your name (or the name of your profile) and favorites. Here they will be saved as htm files that you can copy to the relevant media.

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Is there anyway of making IE8 work like IE7 in saving favorites to the last selected folder in the current session? It is very annoying having to search for the relevant sub folder over and over again.I am assuming I am not alone in this: click on Favorites and the selected folder is always the root folder. Very annoying.

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Am about to re-install windows XP in hopes of fixing problems with Malwar etc. Would like to save my extenive favories lists though. Any ideas?

Answer:how do I save Favorites when Re-Installing Windows?

Firefox: go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks. Then Choose Import and Backup and choose Export HTML. It saves all your bookmarks as a HTML file that when you go into another place you just do the samething but say Import HTML.

IE: Go to File > Import and Export > Next > Export Favorites > and just choose Favorites and keep hitting next and follow directions. To import do same thing just say Import Favorites and choose the file.

Or you can try and go to
C:\Documents and Settings\(useraccountname)\Favorites

and copy the favorites folder and save it where ever. Then after you reinstall windows just replace that favorite folder with the one you saved

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can you save your sites from my favorites to external hard drive and if you can how

Answer:how to save my favorites to external hardrive

How would you transfer any other files or folders from your PC to the external drive?

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Would anybody know how to include an icon to a clients desktop when URL saved to IE Favorites?

Answer:Icon on desktop when save to favorites?

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When I drag an icon from a URL in IE explorer, the link remains for the session only. When I reopen the browser, the link(s) are gone. I have then tried to just
use the "add to favorites" option, but that doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions?

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Hi. Sometimes I've had to reformat my comp and of course everything is erased. In the past I knew how to save html file favorites from Firefox and IE to a folder so that when the reformat was over I could dbl click them and re add them to favorites.

I have since forgotten where to go to do this. Which folder do you access for any web browser (I am currently using IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera sporadically. I might try Avant at some point too) to get to the actual favorite file? That way I can copy it to my external drive and once I reinstall the browser readd it to favorites. Please let me know how to do this as in the past I lost some very important favorites my mom had added in Mozilla.


Answer:How do I save favorites from any internet browser?

in opera i just click on file at the top left of the browser

then on import and export in the drop down

in IE you used to have to enable hidden files for the favorites folder to be seen

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Hey again:

Thanks to all who help!

I'm just trying to save various links from different websites in my favorites sections. However, normally under "FAVORITES" (IE 7) there are different folders, i.e. "TRAVEL", "SPORTS", etc... Adding to favorites used to automatically remember your last folder. Now it only goes to "FAVORITES", forcing me each time to recheck which folder in particular I want to choose. Does that not seem a litte ridiculous?

Is there no way to calibrate IE 8 to automatically save your favorite link in the last folder used, so you don't have to direct it each time to the same inteded folder??

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks~

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My computer runs Windows Vista. How do I save My Favorites in case my computer crashes?There is no way to burn it on to a CD or am I missing something? Thanks!

Answer:Windows Vista - How do I save My Favorites?

See here: When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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Hi I'm changeing computers and I'm with AOL and dont want to lose my favorites is there away I can save my favorites are some way to send them to my new computer with out loseing everything I have in favorites can someone maybe that is with aol tell me how to go about doing this...thanks

Answer:[SOLVED] question on how to save favorites

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I was saving a file earlier today and noticed that search history is saved within the save address bar. Any idea how to get rid of this? I'll attach an image of what I noticed.

In the top left you'll see where it says "f:\Success-o-gram". That's what I want to delete. I noticed this initially on a friend's computer where it had saved his searches for some dorky "cryptozoology" websites and decided to check mine as well.


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I missed some cmd.exe output today and I would really have liked to know what that was. I know it wasn't malware, but that's not the point

Is there a way to make cmd.exe copy all it's output to a text file automatically or something similar that I could use to check back on what my system did there?

I already checked google, it said there's "no way". Only with powershell, but that's not exactly what I want because I don't really do a lot of that stuff, but I'd come back to it, if nobody knows anything else.

Answer:Cmd.exe - save all output/history?

Do you want to copy output of a particular command or series of commands or do you want to make a global and permanent change, so that absolutely everything showing up in the command prompt window is copied?

In the former case, you can just use the "redirect" command. For example "dir" yields a list of files in a folder, "dir > d.txt" puts that list into the file "d.txt".

In the latter case, I don't know.

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My history won't save my web pages in the date my computer is refurbished and I suspect it's from having too many windows open at once and It got infected from a virus before then I system restored But I think there might still be damage from that.

Answer:my history won't save my web pages

Of which browser are you speaking about?? Please do write the detailed query!!

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After a power outage, my ie7 is playing up, when I google stuff and click on a link, that link goes purple, to remind me I have clicked that link before. But now it doesn't stay purple, every time I click refresh the purple highlight disappear.

I have try
repairing ie7
scan for malware
deleted cookie and temp files
reg clean
but none fixed the problem.

any ideas what or how to fix the problem?

I have upgrade IE7 to IE8, problem still haven't gone away.

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Is it possible to save the details of temp internet files? I have even tried doing an active screen print - but can't even get that to work!Any help, much appreciated, before the evidence is lost!

Answer:IE History V6 - Can I save any details?

What exactly is it that you are trying to do? It should be quite simple to save a screen-shot.

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Hi, I've owned my new computer for 3-4 months now but the other day my computer stopped saving history of websites visited. Not all... but most. If I go to a new site, it will save the initial page but won't save any consequetive pages on that site. It saves documents opened etc...
I'm using windows 7 SP1 IE9.
I've already checked in Internet Options and the 'Delete Browsing History on Exit' button is UNchecked.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Websites won't save in history

Also, I've noticed the (status bar ?) the bar that comes up with 'Website found, waiting for reply' on it, well that bar no longer comes up...
Thanks Sandy

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Is there any way in windows 7 to clear the history of recently opened files? Everytime I do a 'save as' in any program, it brings up a list of previously opened files. Is there any way to clear this? Thanks!

Answer:Save as file history

The easiest way is to use CCleaner. There is separate setting that cleans it out.

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When I find a page I want to add to my favorites list the new sites don't appear on the list when I open them. If I try and reenter the sites it says they are allready there and do I want to overwrite them. I do and they still don't show up. I changed
nothing and have no idea why this is happening.

Answer:Internet explorer will not save sites to my favorites

First you can enter the website address
 in Windows Explorer to check if it can be found.
Then make sure you did right as following picutures show;

Open a website by IE, then you should find  the golden five-pointed star as NO.1 show.After click Add to favorites options(NO.2), a window
Add  a favorites would pump up.Click
Add(NO.3).  After above steps, you would find that website in favorites folder.
If the problem not be resolved, you can try following methods:
Method1: Reset the favorite?s folder source and then try to save favorites and check if that helps.
a) Browse to the following location ?C:\Users\ (Username)\Favorites\?
b) Right click Favorites and click on Properties.
c) Click the Location tab and then click on Restore Default and Click OK.
Method2: Fixed the issue by selecting:
a)Control Panel
b)Internet Options
d)Reset (Internet Explorer settings to their default condition)

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I'm doing a fresh install of XP on my computer and need to know what files to save to restore my favorites list for IE7.

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I want to quick copy in one swipe, all the links I've saved in favorires into one simple bundle; like to a disk.Can this be done with freeware understanding, I hope the  recommendations for freeware are from ligitamate safe sites to access? Tahnks, Tom 

Answer:Quick save my Windows Xp Home favorites.

Go to folder Documents and Settings, then choose your user's folder.You'll see there a folder named Favorites. Copy it wherever you want.

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I want this path added to my IE favorites:

I can directly enter that into the IE browser window and get to the directory, but I have not found a way to save it as a favorite.


Long unnecessary details below:
For the people who always want to post replies along the lines of -"Why would you want to do that" or "You don't need to do that", or other non-answers. Read below if you are curious -but please don't reply if you are not providing a solution. Thanks.

In my job I have lots of forms to find, but most of them on an infrequent basis. Some forms are stored on the intranet, some are on the internet, and some are stored on my local hard drive. Please note -i'm not just talking about files, most of these are "smart forms" -front ends for databases written by other people in the company.

To keep track of these I created a favorites folder in IE. Since I can also access local folders (I still want to say "directories") by typing the local drive path in the IE browser window, it would be handy to have the local folders also in my IE favorites -so I don't have to remember which files are on sharepoint, which are on a shared network drive, which are on my drive, etc. I just go to one place to look up the forms. Since my memory is failing, it's good to store under favorites, because it is the one place I always search. (making links in a file and saving on my ... Read more

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For some reason my Internet Explorer 11 has stopped letting my use the Add to Favorites option. Clicking on it does nothing, no save, no message. Also, I am unable to get the browser to open a new window when right clicking on a link, again it does nothing, no message, no new window.

- I've run sfc scannow from the admin prompt and no violations came up
- I do have a Links folder in C:\User\user but did try making a new one which was merged with the existing folder
- I have done a reset of Internet Explorer
- I ran regsvr with
•Mshtml.dll - failed entry point not found
•Shdocvw.dll - failed entry point not found

- I can not do a system restore because the available restore points are not at a time when the program was working properly.

I could really use some more suggestions.


Answer:can't save to favorites and no ability to open in a new window

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When I try to use the Favorites option to navigate to a folder, when opening or saving a File, I get an error message saying 'the directory name is invalid' after I double click on the desired folder in the Favorites pane.

This happens with all the links in Favorites; both my own and the default ones such as Desktop.

The 'invalid' directory path shown in the dialogue is correct, however, and the directory path is also shown correctly in the link's shortcut properties.

I CAN open links if I select them and then right-click on the Favorites button in the navigation pane and select 'Open'.

Am I doing something wrong here? I expected Favourites links to open with a simple double click on the shortcut icon in the Favorites pane.

Answer:Odd Favorites behaviour in Open/Save dialogue

Have you tried removing the shortcuts and adding new ones?

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Having a weird problem.

The Save/Open dialog in MS Office Apps, Notepad, Paint looks fine.
However the same dialog while in Chrome and IE... the favorites don't appear (no text, icon, or contents. I can right click > cut it, if I paste and open it, it's a normal link to the links folder. If I right click > delete, nothing happens).
Reading online,


is the location for this folder... and it seems to match up 100% correct with a regular system.

It also exists here


... but here is where the differences lay. Mine is empty and has no folders inside there, whereas I think it's supposed to contain the same stuff as the CLASSES_ROOT reg key too.

I've tried adding them, but I don't have the right permissions. If I try to change the permissions, I get "Unable to save permission changes on X. Access is denied."

Can you guys check what your reg entries look like? Anyone know how I can get the right permissions? / fix the problem?


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I've lost my Favorites list. How can I get it back.?Is this b ecause I switched to Internet Explorer 9?

Answer:Lost favorites when upgrading to IE9

If you upgraded to IE 9, Click the VIEW tab at the top and choose toolbars, then select Menu Bar.

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In @Winspy I see there are itmes in the Open/Save category. How do you delete the Open/Save history in XP?


Answer:(Solved) Open/Save History

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Hi all, I'm sorry to be making another thread about Skype, but this site seems to be the best place for me to get help. The Skype official support forum really sucks.

Anyway, I just wanted to know how I can backup all of the chat messages I've sent to my friends on Skype and see the history of everything I've sent them such as the photos I've sent to them as well as the "instant messaging text".

Thanks for any help!

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Hi,I use internet explorer 9 and just recently it stopped saving my browsing history. The amount of disk space is set to 250 mb and is set to save for 30 days. I know the "delete browsing on exit" box is unchecked as well. I've tried deleting my old history, cookies, and temporary internet files but my history still isn't saving! When I uncheck "enable protected mode" in my security settings my browsing history starts to save again. Is there a way to get my browsing history to save without unchecking "enable protected mode"? The box always used to be checked before and my history still used to save! Please help[Moderator edit: added Topic Description. jgw]

Answer:Browsing History Doesn't Save

Have you tried using the Advanced tab - Reset Internet Explorer Settings? I should also add that you should first Export your bookmarks and save them internally to your hard drive or better yet by another external storage.

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Hi, I bought my new computer about 3-4 months ago but the other day it decided to stop saving web history. It will show some pages but not all. If it does save, it will save the initial page but nothing after that. Normally when opening a website, a bar will appear above the taskbar at the bottom of the screen that says 'Website found, Waiting for reply...' on the left hand side and 100% on the right...etc... that bar is no longer appearing.
I've check the internet options part and the 'delete browsing history on exit' is unchecked. Disk space is set at 250 and days at 20.
I'm running windows 7, IE 9.

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 won't save history

That's the status bar. Right click at the top of the page where Home, Tools, etc. appear and select Status Bar from the menu.

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IE 6 won't display the history of the places I have visited. It displays the most visited but nothing under "by date" or "visited today" or "by site." The check box to clear temp internet files under Internet options -> Advanced is unchecked. The size of the temporary internet files folders is 320 MB.

I can't find anything that will fix this problem. Help!

Answer:History of sites visited won't save

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I want to automatically save my internet exploreer history so that even after deleting the history or cookies or temporary internet files, i still can get it from the place i automatically saved . Any way to do this?

Answer:How can I save internet history Automatically

Hi friend,You can create back up of your "Favourites", "Feeds" and "Cookies" of your Internet Explorer, by performing the following steps.1.) Launch IE2.) Go to Files>Imort and Export.3.) Under "How do you want to Imort or Export?" Select "Export to a file" and click "Next".4.) Check "Favourites", "Feeds" and "Cookies" and click "Next".5.) Click "Next".6.) Save it in a dedicated folder location, click "Next" and click "Export", "Next" and "Finish". Now all your Favorites, cookies and Feeds are saved as "Bookmark"To import the saved file,1.) Go to Files>Imort and Export.2.) Under "How do you want to Imort or Export?" Select "Import from a file" and click "Next".3.) Check "Favourites", "Feeds" and "Cookies" and click "Next".4.) Browse to the location where you saved the "Bookmark" file, click "Import" and Next, FinishHence all your favourites, Feeds and Cookies from your IE are saved.Since In this procedure we cannot save the Browsing History however we can add the desired wesite to Favourites (Shortcut: Ctrl+D) and then we can create the back up.Kindly get back the result to assist you further.Thank you :-)Regards,PCS365_3Isha Krishna KPBangalore

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Hello, how to make IExplorer 8 save offline pages in history when not connected to the internet. When view offline for later use without having to go to the Add favorite and all the others. All kind of mean registry, add-ons, what not, third party software are appreciated

Answer:Save IE8 offline pages in history

Offline Browsers, 2 pages of Freeware.

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In Internet Explorer 8 is there a way I can save my browsing History List?

To look through at a later date?

I have Vista

Answer:Internet Explorer 8 - Can I save the History?

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How can you make it to where your computer does not save history for example internet history run command history cookies and etc?

Answer:How can you make it to where your computer does not save history

Hi and Welcome,
Which browser are you using? IE or Firefox or Opera or ....?
That info will help guide you to the privacy settings.


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If you look at the attached file, you will see part of the window that pops up every time I attempt to save any gallery to my favorites list.  The small grey box at the bottom is supposed to say "Add to Favorites", but as you can see it is blank.  When I hover my cursor over it, it changes color slightly like it's supposed to, but when clicked there is no reaction.  I am currently using a Windows 7 with Chrome, but when I attempted to save the gallery by using IE as my browser instead, I had the same result.  I tried deleting cookies linked to the site and activated and deactivated various plugins with no effect.  This issue only applies to this single page and nowhere else, and I am fairly convinced that it is an offline software issue.  Any assistance would be appreciated.[recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:Image Gallery Site won't let me Save their Galleries to my Favorites

Without knowing the name of the site, we'd just be guessing.

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How to save and view the website in the Favorites inMicrosoft Edge?

Answer:How to save and view the website in the Favorites in Microsoft Edge?

Hello Compiler,

The tutorials below can help show you how to add and view Favorites in Microsoft Edge.

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Where do you go to change the common places?

(common places being the five shortcuts that show up on most open/save/save as dialogs)

I looked for them where the XP ones are supposed to be. No go.

Did a quick search for Vista, said it should be under User/Favorites. Went there added one. No go.

So, does anyone know where ms has hidden them this time around?

Answer:Changing Common Places/Favorites in Save Dialog?

C:\Users\*your user name*\Links

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My Windows 10 laptop (v1607, Build 14393.105) is losing free hard disk space and won't let me change the necessary settings to stop it.
I went to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items >File History > Advanced Settings
Here's what I found:
Save copies of file: Every hour
Keep saved versions: Forever
I made the following changes:
Save copies of files: Daily
Keep saved versions: 1 month
I clicked Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen and closed the dialog.
I went back to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items >File History > Advanced Settings and the original settings were back.
I clicked on the Open Event Log down below. I get a prompt telling me it's creating a snap-in, which fails every time.
My hard disk's free space is getting smaller and smaller. I don't need this! If I want to back up my data, I'll do it manually. How do I fix this problem?

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So I reset my pc to factory setting and everything went good but when starting either internet explorer or google chrome it seems like they saved my browsing history.

I used the same email account that I used before the resetting.
Is that good? or my pc wasnt resetted at all and there are still some files that werent deleted.
Plus I found some google chrome files that remained in a folder and I click on one of them and it brought me to google chrome official download page and thats why I am asking you this
Thank you and sorry for any confusion

Answer:Does Windows 8 save my browsing history after resetting to

Did you Reset or Refresh ? Reset will normally remove your files.
Email account will remain the same. CCleaner is a good app to remove browsing history, cookies, etc but not files.

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