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Change Linux operating system back to XP

Question: Change Linux operating system back to XP

I have a Dell inspiron e1505 with operating sys Linux. I want to install my original op disk Windows xp. Someone else installed linux for me, i now need Windows XP again. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Change Linux operating system back to XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Change Linux operating system back to XP

Dont mean to sound rude, But what is your question. and/or where is the problem?

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If I change my operating system to linux and delete my old operating system entirely, will I be able to still use system restore to change my old operating system back?
Please help. All help is appreciated.

Answer:If I change my operating system to linux, can I still use windows' system restore?

The simple answer is no. If you remove an OS then you can not use it to do a restore because it is no longer there to run the restore program. What I would recommend would be to have a duel boot system.

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This may should like a stupid question but I am not sure so I felt that i should seek assistance from on of the most reliable places I know of.

I have a system that I want to give away but i cant give it away with the current operating system as it is under educators license. Currently the system is running windows xp pro. It is possible to put my older operating system back on the machine. I have been told that I can't by several people but I figured if anyone would know the people in here would ..

I appreciate any and all help with this.

Answer:operating system question about going back to prior operating system

yes you can. if you have NTFS and want to put back win98 or winME you need to format the volume with FAT32. you can use a win98 or winME startup diskette. or you can download one from .

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I have been offered a trial download/install of this OS but do not know anything about it.I would welcome comments from users as to whether it is a better alternative to Windos 7 which I have only purchased recently.Apparently it is possible to run it side by side with Win7.

Answer:LINUX Operating System

There are dozens of Linux systems, you will have to tell us what the one you have is?
Most Linux systems will let you run them from the CD without having to install it on the hard drive so you can see if you like it or not and to make sure its going to be compatible with your hardware.
Its not an alternative to the Microsoft Windows system, it is a completely different system under the bonnet. On the surface they look the same, my son, who is a Windows user, comes home and he is completely at home using my Linux Ubuntu system.
You can run it with Windows, when you boot you will have the option of selecting which system you want to use, in fact on this new computer I'm not going to install Windows because I have found I was never using it, so I couldn't see the point on spending out on something that I never use.

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Are there any other operating systems besides windows or Linux? What about the macos? Can it be installed on a pc? What do I need to buy to get macos x work on my pc? Any other OS out there?

Answer:A Operating system besides Windows or Linux??

You cannot legally install Mac OS X on any non-Mac hardware. There are a wide variety of other operating systems out there such as the BSD family (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc.), Haiku (which is a derivative of the BeOS model as I understand it), and several others with niche userbases.

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I have windows vista but i was trying to put linux xubunu, or ubuntu, or any of those onto my external hd to boot my computer through the external to run linux. Unfortunately i accidentally downloaded it onto my c drive and now i have two os on my desktop. Can someone please help me delete that from my desktop, and also can someone help me install it onto my external? Thanks

Answer:second operating system (linux xubuntu)

Personally I would use Parted Magic to format your external drive first(or any other partition program).

Make at least three partitons

1) 10 to 15 Gb

2) as much space as you like ( depends on the size of your drive)

3) 512 MB to 2 GB

Partition 1) will be for the ROOT ( / ) partition. Thats where your main linux os files will be.

Partition 2) will be for the HOME (/home) partition this is where all you personal files and folders will be. Remember most modern linux os's have the ability to read and write to windiows partitions so make thios a size to suit your needs. I ususally make mine about 50 Gb.

Partition 3) is for the SWAP partition. Usually twice the size of the ram you have installed up to a max of 2GB. There is a bit of confusion about swap so further reading may give you more info.

Put your GRUB into partition 1).

Thats it really with your drives connected to the pc you should be able to install from your linux CD/DVD.
As to getting rid of your botched install I can not help. May be a good idea to do fresh installs all round.


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Hi I have the great task of writing a report comparing the above mentioned operating systems. And i have two particular areas which are causing me a few problems.I have to compare under the final two headings:1. Processing, including threading and concurrency issues.2. Memory Usage.Is concurrency the same as concurrent processes??If anyone can help with these 2 sections i would be incredibly grateful!Thanks in advance

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I have some old laptops i would like to get some sort of use of provided its worth even using them.

One of them has a intel celeron 700 mhz processor and 256 mb of ram
Another has Intel pentium 3 1,133 mhz processor and 512 mb of ram

What linux distros would some of you recommend?

The one with slower processor and memory i assume even with a linux distro that can run stable on it won't get very good flash videos.

Answer:Operating system ( linux) for old laptops?

Those specs are very limiting, as your processors are quite slow, and your RAM is minimal. What was on them to begin with? WinXP, or something even earlier?

I posted a thread somewhere on this forum about a lightweight replacement that I custom remixed from Lubuntu, called XPubuntu. Although to be honest, even that might be too much for your old anemic lappys?

If XPubuntu isn't for your machines, the lightest weight distro that I have ever used (with a graphical GUI environment and full set of user programs) was AntiX. You may want to also check out Puppy Linux, although I have no experience with that one.

Stay away from the more well known Gnome, KDE, & Unity desktop environments. Usually I would tell folks to look for XFCE, LXDE & Enlightenment desktop distros. In your case, even those MAY be too much. You should probably be looking at Openbox, Blackbox, Fluxbox, IceWM, JWM or WindowMaker desktop environments. Less eye candy equals lower resource draw. It might be a challenge to find the right mix of "least amount of desktop environment resource draw" versus "graphical aesthetics to feel comfortable enough to get things done."

Depending on your level of computer expertise and comfort level, you may also want to consider installing a "server distro" (no graphical environment), then installing a lightweight window manager of your choice. For instance, Debian server is considered a very solid, stable, and popular... Read more

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Hello all ... I am currently I a running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 2 Gigs of RAM and 750 Gigs on 3 hard drives. Could anyone please point me to a link that will tell me how to install Linux as a second operating system?


Answer:Installing Linux as a second operating system

There are oh so many Linux tutorials, where to start...

We have a sticky right here on this forum, you may want to browse through.

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There are lot of Portable Linux Operating Systems. Its difficult to choose one. I just want to know what linux distro do you prefer...
My requirements are...
*Should be preloaded with VLC, Firefox/Chromium, LibreOffice and some basic apps.
*Should have easy GUI.
*Should boot in few seconds even with old pentium 3 hardware.
*Should be lightweight (less size)
*Should be error free (less crashes, hangups)
*Should not be a battery sucker(low power consumption)...
*Should support newer wireless (Intel, Atheros & Ralink) hardwares.
I am going to use it in a CD/DVD.

Suggest your preferance to me...

Answer:Which Linux distro will you use for a Portable Operating System?

Try one of these. Mint Mate is the more advanced system.

Portable OS - Carry your OS on an External Drive

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS

PS: CD/DVD is not a good idea.

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Bought my XPS 13 a month ago, and accidently bought the Linux-version.
I have a Win 10 code laying around, and wondering if i can replace the operating-system?
Or is the computer "tuned" för Linux?

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My ThinkPad A21m (2628-F2U, PIII 750 MHz (256KB), 512 MB RAM) works very efficiently with Windows 2000 SP4 and seems to work better on the internet with dial-up, than my higher-powered, 2GB RAM Windows XP computers). Unfortunately, it is now difficult to get anti-virus and firewall software that are compatible with Windows 2000. (I suspect - but haven't had the chance to fully investigate it yet - that my A21m would not meet the hardware specifications for the current versions of anti-virus and firewall software anyway. I was wondering whether switching to Linux, Ubuntu, or some other operating system would help or would only add to my woes. If I switched to Linux, for example, would the Thinkpad drivers and software work with the new operating system? Would most other programs, such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Office, and so on, work with the new operating system? If anyone has had experience with the problem of Windows 2000 no longer being supported by anti-virus and firewall providers, I would appreciate your suggestions and comments. Thank you.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Operating System for A21m (2628-F2U) - Linux? Ubuntu?

I had the same problem with my A21m (2628 - GXU PIII 800 MHz) a few years ago, so I upgraded it to Windows XP Professional (SP3). My machine is also fully loaded with 512 MB of RAM,  I then installed Norton as the anti-virus/firewall software. I have to admit that the machine is rather sluggish though. I tend not to use it in favour of my 3GB R500. 

2 ThinkPad R500's 2714-CTO T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB RAM Win 7/10. ThinkPad R500 2714-CTO P8600 2.40 Ghz 3GB RAM Win 7. ThinkPad R61 8932-CTO T8300 2.40 Ghz 3GB RAM Win Vista. ThinkPad T500 2241-DB9 T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB RAM Win 7. ThinkCenter A63 5237-CTO 3GB Ram Win 7

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I want to restore the factory setting of my netbook but it says there is no harddrive and i don't have a back up copy of the original operating system which is windows 7 starter.  what will I do.   Below is the complete detail of my netbook: Model:  HP mini 210-1000product number: WB888EA#ABVserial number: CNF95040MC

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Hi all, I recently switched my operating system from vista to windows 7. All my pc games worked fine before and eve rsince i have switched i have had problems. Is there any how that i could go back in time and get vista back without a cd?Please help.......:(

Answer:can you get back your old operating system?

Did you setup a dual-boot system? Otherwise, (likely) no. "Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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hello i bought a new laptop that come with windows 7 home premium and i want to back up the OS in order to install it later can any one tell me how to do it

Answer:back my windows 7 operating system

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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I want to install a new Operating System (It's legal, don't worry. It's Linux.), but when I install it I know that I have 2 options:
1. Keep your old operating system
2. Delete your old operating system.
Now, I sort of want to do both.
I want to back up my entire old operating system on a cd. But, I have a problem.
The CD can only download so much. It has a mb limit of about 750. I really don't want to buy a new cd, but if that's the only choice, please recommend one for me. All help is appreciated.

Answer:Need help- I want to back up my entire Operating System on a CD

A CD of any size is not the recommended medium to download your OS.
The way to go is to back up using Macrium Reflect on an external hard drive.
In lieu of that use a thumb drive (usb Drive)

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Hi again everyone!

I keep reading about the importance of backing up my HD/operating system and I would like to do it ASAP.

I am not sure exactly how to do it.

Here are some of my system specs, back up options that I know of, and other thoughts:

I have my Windows XP Pro on a Maxtor SATA 300GB Partitioned HD. I partitioned 100 GB's for the Operating System [I know, it will probably never need that much...and it is showing up as only 9.3 gig at this moment.]

On the other portion of the partition I keep my programs and even though there is 200 gigs, I am only using 14 gigs worth of programs.

I also have a Maxtor SATA 500 GB for main only has about 50 GB's of files right now.

Well, I suppose I can use either HD to use for back up and in my simple mind, I think the best would be to use the larger HD.

Another option I was thinking about is to use an external HD, but my budget is very, very limited.

One last option I thought of: purchase one more internal HD and also put in my computer case [even though I am using the ULTRA Microfly Case, there is room for one more HD if I place it in the extra DVD burner bay. [There are 4 SATA slots on the MB and many more SATA power plugs from my PS available too].

Last, I am not sure which software to use to back up my OS. I noticed on many posts here that some people mentioned using XP Pro Back up. Is that ok?

Also, I have Nero Ultimate 7 version and there is a program called Backitup.

I am... Read more

Answer:Can someone help me understand how to back up my HD/operating system please?

Ghost or Acronis will both backup everything on the drive, including OS.

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I just bought laptop with windows 8. I've been backing using acronis 9 home to backup all of our other computers. This HP laptop gave no option to use disks to have save operating system. When I tried using acronis it said it could not be used because of "Windows Dynamic Disks EZ- Drives Etc" Any other way to save the operating system?

Answer:how to back up windows 8 operating system

Acronis 9.0 is pretty old. Try using Macrium Reflect Free available at MG's.

Remember to create the Rescue Media Disk.

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I have had a HP Notebook for about a year now the operating system is Windows 7. I have tried and tried to get to grips with this system and I just don't like it. I would love to go back to Windows XP which I know and love plus use Outlook Express e-mail program (which I cant do with W7) is it possible to buy a disc and load XP?

Answer:can I change my operating system

You can but you need to make sure you have all the XP drivers required for the machine before starting.

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I wish to change my 32-bit operating system to 64-bit

Answer:how to change operating system 32 bit to 64 b

There is no upgrade path from a 32 bit to a 64 bit OS. To change to a 64 bit OS you would need to backup all user data, do a clean install of the 64 bit OS and all applications, and restore your data.Why do you wish to do this? In most cases it is not worth the effort.

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Acer Aspire E5-411-C2VL with Windows 8.1 OS here. Is it advisable to change the OS to Windows 7 so it would work faster?

Answer:Change of operating system?

My understanding is that you can not go back to windows 7 from 8.1, only from 8.0. My friend who builds computers tried it. I wanted him to do it for me also. I am still waiting to be offered the Ugrade to win10. so far I was able to do so on two of my Acer notebooks that had win7 Ultimate on them. and 1 desktop Windows home premium. I have two deskops with Ultimate installed but can not upgrade due to a Nvidia Driver problem. Any suggestions? MVidia has not released a driver update for them that works. They are Hp's.

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A friend of mine asked me to look at his laptop, I had very little information to go on as he was in a hurry, he just said it would not boot to the operating system (Vista). I later found out that his brother had changed the operating system to XP which would not work properly and tried to change back to Vista with disastrous results, at switch-on there is the black screen showing the three safe mode options, last known good, and start windows normally, nothing works of course, just a brief BSOD and then back to the black screen, he does not have a Vista installation disk, so things are looking grim as far as I can see, he also mentioned that he had pictures on the hard drive which he would like recovered of possible! any suggestions??

Answer:No operating system after change.

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i have a windows 7 and an operating system of 32bit,my problem is that some executable files/applications will not be open or installed through this system,,it asked that the system or the version of the file is not compatible with the windows you are running and it asked to check if it is a x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit) program,,,so then I have a 32-bit and i want to change it to 64bit in order to install those program.Can you help me those problem??

Answer:how to change operating system 32 to 64 bit

Most of the programs are available as 32 and 64 bit versions.I strongly suggest to install the 32 bit version rather then installing 64 bit windows.Click Here on HowTo ask good Question to get best HelpLet us know, if the problem is solved !!!

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How do I change my operating system from ME to XP

Answer:How do I change my operating system

Simple. You would need to purchase a copy of windows xp. Just make sure your computer can support it. At least have 1gb of ram and decently fast processor.

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Answer:Can i change my operating system on my Z3-115 all ...

Hi Spot6, Yes you can, but check if you don?t lose the warranty for the O.S. and always create an USB recovery of the original O.S. just in case something goes wrong you can go back.    Consider also that on Acer web theirs no drivers for W7.

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Answer:Can i change my operating system on my Z3-115 all ...

Hi Spot6, Yes you can, but check if you don?t lose the warranty for the O.S. and always create an USB recovery of the original O.S. just in case something goes wrong you can go back.    Consider also that on Acer web theirs no drivers for W7.

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i have a toshiba satellite laptop os windows xp sp2. i also have a a dell laptop with xp pro sp2. i would like to have windows pro in both. How do i accomplish this i have the reinstall cd for xp pro sp2. i want to make sure that i start fresh and clean the hard drive also.

thanking every1 for all thier help constantly

Answer:change operating system

Make sure you have a drivers disk for the Toshiba. Often times the OS on laptops is a unique version that installs the proper proprietary drivers you need to have it run properly.

otherwise go into BIOS and make sure it boots drom your CD drive before your hard-drive and have the windows CD in while you reboot. It should ask you if you want to boot from the disk. Choose to install, format etc. Follow the instructions. Make sure you have that original disk handy though.

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Hey guys, i've been having many hardware issues with my computer recently, but I believe this is the root of the problem. My computer system says it's capable of running 64 bit, which I have installed, however is there a reason it will only let me change it to 32 bit? There is also a lot of information missing in my dxdiag, I will enclose a log. System type from computer properties says its a 64 bit operating system so I am extremely confused.


Answer:Operating system is 64 bit, but won't let me change it?

So you upgraded from 32 to 64 bit? Did you run upgrade adviser?
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

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I have 2 Compaq Deskpro's, 233mhz, one with Win NT and the other Win 2000. I received these through a bankruptcy and do not have access to the administrator passwords required for access upon boot-up. Can I simply FDisk and re-format these machines or should something be done prior?

Answer:Change Operating System

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My computer came with XP pro already installed but I want to use it for gaming and so I have been advised to install an earlier version of windows so it will run more efficiently. I have a copy pf win98SE, how do I change it over????

Answer:How do I change my Operating System???

Insert a boot floppy,type "Format C:" and then you should be able to install the OS of choice.If you do this tho' there is no going back,a much better idea would be to create a dual-boot system.

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Hi Guys, I have T400. When I purchased it I had Win XP pro on it. Now I want to change operating sytem to Win 7 and also would like to have 3 partitions. Can someone guide me to step-by-step process or point me to source? Thanks,

Answer:Change Operating system from WIn XP to Win 7

you would need the Lenovo Windows 7 Recovery media to do that, did your laptop come with a Windows 7 COA sticker?

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I recently sent my computer to get fixed and he had to wipe my system clean and basically start over. I chose to get Windows 7 and he installed it but now I'm trying to hook my printer up to it and it says that my operating system is still Vista. Well I went in and tried to change it to windows 7 and the drop down box doesnt even have it listed. I even tried to change the product key and that didnt work. So my question is how do I change it from vista to windows 7?

Answer:Cant change operating system

Are you actually running windows 7 and the printer doesn't recognize the operating system or are you running vista but have windows 7 installed on your computer?

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I want to install auto cad 2010 on my 64-bit operating system windows. but can't that becz Auto CAD program 32-bit & my window 32-bit. please can send me how i can do that.

Answer:how can i change my operating system from 64-

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hi! i have sl500, and i don't like windows vista. i want change my o.s. to dual-boot linux and win7. but i don't understand how i can change factory hard and system recovery by lenovo? what i must change in system boot partion(lenovo recover and partion boot center), if my new system(win7 or linux) for example take crash and i want recover one of their. i hope you understand my question.thank you.

Answer:change operating system

 First do the following [if you haven't done so]:- while installing the new OSes you have a choice of either keeping or deleting the hidden partition [the choice is yours]. In case you keep it, you can always recover the factory installation following this:- .Otherwise you can recover the factory installation from RnR discs should you choose to delete the factory partition(s). On a side note, I have yet to use or even see Win 7 in action but with its predecessors I always chose to install Windows first and linux second on my drive. Hope it helps. 

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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I have linux developer. I never backed up any files from my developer to external hard drive. can anyone assist with it? thanks


Answer:needs to back up all files in my system using linux

Back up everything? Is it really necessary?

If you can get the system down to a very quiet state, then you could just copy everything and pray that there won't be many changed files during your backup session. Something as simple as cp, rsync, tar or dump would do.

Another option is to boot from a Linux CD, mount your / on the hard drive and the external drive, again use cp, rsync, tar, dump, whatever you like to copy stuff over. This will make sure that all the files are in sync.

To get really good online backups even from a busy system, you have to use snapshots. And for snapshots you have to use LVM.

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My laptop model is HP 14-r008tx. It was bought from Malaysia. I live in Bangadesh. It came with Windows 8.1. I had installed windows 7 once on the time of installation I have formatted the whole hard disk and partitioned it again. on the time of formation I have deleted everything(like OEM, Restore point etc). Now I am using windows 10 the machine is now very slow that no one can imagine. And there is also many problems with the machine. Now I want to go back to windows 8.1 OEM or Install windows 10 OEM or Ubuntu OEM.Where to go? Or what to do now?Help me wih the issue ..Thanks in advance..N.B: It is impossible to go to Malayasia or other country. I have to solve the problem from here in Bangladesh.

Answer:Operating System Problem want to go back to the previous win...

Hi, As long as the existing installation of Windows 10 has activated Ok after the upgrade from a previous OS, you can just perform a clean installation as detailed in the guide on the following link.  Note: At the activation screen, select 'I don't have a Product key' - Windows 10 will activate automatically once the installation has completed. Regards, DP-K

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I have recently switched my operating system. I have discovered something that I do not like with it. Now, I want to switch back to Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I have an activation key and all, and all I need is the installation disc. Does anybody know where I can get an installation disc for a low price (under at least 100 dollars?)? Please help. All help is appreciated.

Answer:Help! I wanna switch back my operating system!

If you have a legit product key you should be able to install using an ISO from here

Just scroll down to get the correct Vista you have the license for.

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i have used my windows 2000 pro disc to format the hard drive which worked ok ,but when i agree with terms by pressing f8 it asks me to put cd in but doesnt reconise it its allready in as i booted up with it .it allso asks that i could put in any windows discbut doesnt see my me disc either,is it because it is a upgrade disc?.will i have to put windows me back on instead first? if so how do i do this thanks.

Answer:Trouble Putting Operating System Back On

When it's asking for the cd, is it looking in the right location, ie. is setup prog looking in say c:\ when it should be looking in d:\ (assuming d:\ is your cd drive).When using an upgrade ver of the os, it is usual just to insert the previuos ver.(ME, in your case) and the setup routine will verify from this that you are entitled to use it. Hope this helps.

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Hi all,Perhaps I am looking for something that is not supported but since I am here, so here we go I am running Windows 7 Pro (x64) on T410.Rescue and Recovery 4.31I split my HDD into 2 partitions: C for Operation System and D for Data.I have a network storage drive so apparently I do not need to back-up data which is stored on D drive (already store all of my data on the NAS drive) What I would like to do is to configure the R&R to just back-up my C drive (the OS only) How can I go about to do this? Thank you very much for your feedback


Go to Solution.

Answer:Rescue & Recovery - How to back up just the Operating System?

You can do that in the "advanced" mode of Rescue and Recovery:1.  open Rescue and Recovery2.  click on the arrow next to "Launch advanced Rescue and Recovery" in the lower left corner3.  click on "Set schedule and preferences" on the right-hand side4.  uncheck your D: drive under "Include paritions" on the right-hand side, so that D: won't be backed up.

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My PDA is a Toshiba e740. The problem is, the operating system is in Spanish, (as I live in Spain, and hey, when is somebody going to devise a multilingual system?). My question is, how/where do I obtain the operating system in English, to replace the Spanish? (Windows CE 2002).

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After much deliberation I have purchased a new ?My Book World Edition 11. White Light.I want to eventually use this as a NAS drive.I would now appreciate some help in what to do next please.First I must explain that I use two computers. They are both running windows XP Pro.I intend replacing the older of the two computers for a new one running windows 7 64 bit,At which time I also want to delete XP from my other computer and then hopefully install windows 7.I also have to explain that the two machines are not yet networked, I have tried but I am having problems. But that is another story.I also have to say that I am a silver surfer trying to get to grips with the new technology and I am having some problems. In other words I am not very good at it. So at the moment I have the two machines running XP pro and they are loaded with all of the files and folders that I want to keep and to copy over to the two new machines on Windows 7.Can you please help with how I best go about this?Do I just go ahead and back up each machine separately. If so should I try to put each machine on a separate partition of the drive?If so how do I go about that task?Then bearing in mind that the back ups are in XP pro, will they then load onto the new machines which will be running Windows 7 or will this cause a compatibility problem?Any help will be greatly appreciatedMany thanksrondee.

Answer:Backing up and change of operating system.

Can't help with the 'My Book World Edition 11. White Light' as no experience of them.Regarding your personal data files, don't do backups as such, just do straight copies of the way to do it is just take the HDD out of the pc that is to be scrapped (I'll call it SlaveHDD) and hook it up to your other XP computer (so that it is a slave, secondary drive) and then copy your personal Data files (My Documents) to a new folder on your SlaveHDD. So that you end up with all your personal files from both pc's on the SlaveHDD. Then disconnect the SlaveHDD.You can now wipe the XP comp that you are keeping and install W7. Now you can hook up the SlaveHDD again and copy back your files to the W7 install.And same for your new Computer when you get it.Others may have different suggestions, I use a usb connector when I do this sort of thing.This is the type of lead that I use USB to SATA & IDE Drive Adapter click here mine has a power adapter with it.

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Is there a way to change the operating system language in XP.

I searched the web, have read numerous articles. The answer was no.

But I would like to ask it again, Is that possible ? without reinstalling a local version. Or is there a way to change the operating system language.

Answer:change operating system language.

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Hi,I'm Kamal I am using HP laptop pavilion g6 with windows 8,64 bit operating system,and I want to change to windows 7 64-bit.I tried to change by using windows CD but getting error and I am not able to Install windows-7.And also not able to Install other OS also.please help me and give resolution. Regards,kamal

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I know it is very possible to create and use your own skins on an operating system.WindowBlinds makes it possible, although I dont know if you actually design it yourself. However, WindowBlinds refuses to install, no matter what I do. Which brings me to my questions:Example given in picture: ANY WAY AT ALL, how can I design a new skin for my operating system. Im talking changing window designs, Pop up menu designs, scroll bar designs, you name it.and if and when I make said skin design, how could I patch it to my system to make it so it uses my skin instead of original windows.I know it is possible, but I need you guys to tell me how.The easiest way possible is 100% okay, however, if you feel that a more complex approach is needed, Don't hesitate, I'm prepared for a long day of work to get my own skins designed and working.Please and thank you. - JayMoney (aka Jayson201)p.s. If this is not in the right thread, I would gladly move. I am also willing to be patient this time.

Answer:I wish to change the design of my operating system.

is bumping allowed?

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i plant to change the hdd my ideapad 700, how to reinstall the o/s with the bundled os inside this laptop to new hdd?

Answer:how to keep the recovery operating system when change hdd

Hi akauts , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Purchased harddrive usually have software bundles that would allow cloning the old harddrive (including the hidden partition OS reimaging ) to the new HDD . Challenge is if the harddrive have different size or type (HDD to SDD) that you may want to check other cloners (jsut for example : acronis , macrium reflect etc. ) to use. 
Related discussions here and here. 
Hope this help answer your query. 

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Windows 7 Ultimate - Change Operating System Language

Hi, I bought a pc in Spain 3 years ago and it came with a Spanish W7 Ultimate operating system installed.

I managed to change the language to English although some things remained in Spanish such as Administrador instead of Administrator - no big deal.

The store also gave me the OEM CD (or a copy, I imagine) that they had installed on the PC

So today I decided to do a repair install, not because anything was obviously wrong but I thought 3 years was a long time.

I get as far as choosing update but then get a message telling me that the pc is using a different language to the disk.

I changed the display language but that didn't help.

Any help and/or suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Answer:W 7 Ult Change Operating System Language

How are you installing win 7 you can find the steps for it here Start your computer from a Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive
and the language info is here.
Install or change a display language

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I jus t installes a new HD and did and instelled Recover Vista O/S on my My Laptop which has always been running on 32 bit OS. I have Windows 2010 on disc and when I tried to re-install, get error message - [Setup inable to proceed, you must run on eof the following operating systemsx 86 Platformx 64 Platfrom-Window 7-Window Vista Service Pack 1Windows Server 2008I hvae been updating the re-installtion for the past 24 hours. And now I am stuck

Answer:how to change operating system 32 to 64 platf

"I have Windows 2010 on disc" There is no such operating system, there is Microsoft Office 2010, bu it is not an operating system, they are two entirely different products.You need to reinstall Vista from your recovery or intalation disk. There is no OS on a new drive.If I have misunderstood what you have done please give details on what you have actually done to install the OS.

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How can I change the language of the operating system on a S10e ?Message Edited by Nofear900mhz1 on 06-20-2009 06:17 PM

Answer:Operating System Language Change

Hi, M$ says no... MUI be installed on Windows XP Home edition?No. MUI is a feature that is available only on the Professional edition of Windows XP....   sincerely KalvinKlein

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Help! After we changed operating systems the speakers don't work. They make crackle and pop sounds when the computer is started up and we wiggle the plug ins, so we know that the problen isn't with the speakers. We have a Packard Bell Multimedia R450, Pentium 200, and there is not a seperate sound card, just the one that came with the system...just on board sound. The sound settings are set to the default settings....I just don't know how to fix it!

Answer:No sound after change of operating system

Welcome, castlethompson

Why don't you start by telling us EXACTLY what all you did and how.....


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Hi, ive got a question concerning the operating system on my LenovoW530. I have switched my HDD for a SSD and therefore I had to "kill" the Raid inside my thinkpad. so now I have a 500GB HDD and my new 1TB SSD inside. The System is running on the SSD. But now to the problem.I bought my workstation with windows 8 on it, which I really liked. But now, trough switching my disks I had to change the OS to Windows 7 because i do not have windows 8 and the system had to run because of an task at work. Now I have time and want to switch back to the OS I payed for, Windows 8.1.I have tried to get the key with different tools I found in forums but that doesnt worked at any time. I also havnt found a key at the bottom of my Laptop. Does anyone of you have an Idea how to get back windows 8 from Lenovo? I dont want to get it illegally because I have payed for it. Thanks for all your ideas and kind regards,Daniel   Hi, ich habe eine Frage über das Lenovo W530, das Betriebssystem betreffend. Ich habe eine meiner HDDs gegen eine SSD getauscht und so den Raid 0 meines Lenovo auflösen müssen. Nun habe ich eine 500GB HDD und eine 1TB SSD frinnen. Das Betriebssystem ist auf der SSD instaliert. Aber nun zum eigentlichen Problem.Ich habe den Laptop mit vorinstalliertem Windows 8 gekauft, welches mir sehr gefallen hat. Durch den Festplattentausch musste ich allerdings auf indows 7 umsteigen da ich keine Windows8 CD habe. Einschicken konnte ich es auch nicht, da... Read more

Answer:getting back Operating system / Wie wieder zu Windows 8 kommen?

You can get the key by running RW Everything. Read this: for a disk, Microsoft makes it hard. You cannot download win 8.1 without a key and they will not accept an OEM key, You can borrow a disk from someone else and use a generic key during installation (search the web). The generic key will allow you to install but not activate. You can then specify the new key that you extracted from the BIOS

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Hi everyone i have an Ultrabook U310 and i restored it to factory settings,but after the sytem restarted my windows operating sytem had moved from the SSD on to the 450gb hard drive.So does anyone know how i can get it back on to my SSD,any info would be apreciated.

Answer:newbie cannot get my Boot/operating system back on to my SSD on my U310.

Hello and welcome,
Are you talking about the small mSATA SSD (24 or 32GB IIRC), or have you added an SSD of some kind, or changed the factory configuration?
I believe that the mSATA SSD is normally used as a cache.  It wouldn't have had the OS on it - unless you modified the original setup.

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I have Windows Operating System in other Language.

How can I change Language in English.

Answer:How to Change Language in Windows Operating System

Control Panel>Clock, Language& Region settings.

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I am buying a new pc and need to transfer my data across. My present operarting system is windows 2000 professional and the new PC will be XP. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Answer:Data Transfer and Operating System Change

Three main ways really.Simply putting the files and some sort of media (CD-R probably) and copying them onto the other machine is the easiest.Alternatively you could connect the two computers up with a crossover network cable and transfer them that way. Alot faster in theory, however if you've looked at this forum much you'll have noticed all the problems that people have with networks and there setup.Another method, is to remove the hard drive from the old computer, plug it into the new one and transfer files that way. Obviously with this method you've got to be comfortable opening up both computers.

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I bought a HP Pavilion 15-n066sb notebook yesterday. Unfortunately it carries Windows 8 like most computers now, but that is not a great problem as I usually run a Linux distro alongside of it using a boot menu to switch between Windows and Linux. In the past I have used Ubuntu and Backtrack, and the people from Offensive Security have released a new distro based on their famous BT distro, but expanded and more developed as a true operating system, called Kali Linux, so I wanted to give this one a go. When I told ths to the HP salesman he said that would absolutely be no problem at all. After burning the .iso on a (bootable) DVD-RW using first Power2Go's Cyberlink ISO viewer that came with te notebook, and a second copy using the full version of PowerISO, I tried to boot it up using the DVD, without success. After a bit of reading on the HP site, I found that "HP Pavilion Notebook computers cannot be booted from a bootable CD or DVD" because Windows 8 is the operating system. It went on explaining UEFI an UEFI-compatible AMI BIOS (win 8). So to make previous windows versions compatible again, and by extension, run bootable CD/DVDs, such as the HP repair disk. The instructions were to restart the notebook, press ESC followed by F10 to enter the BIOS, go to SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and into the BOOT OPTIONS submenu, change SECURE bOOT <enabled> to <disabled>. Then it said I had to save changes and exit (F10), and when it restarts it will give a warni... Read more

Answer:operating system boot mode change (021)

Hi ericvornoff, Welcome to the HP Forums! I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that you would like to install Linux on your system. You  need to disable secure boot , but you are getting a message to enter a 4 digit code.  Did you set a bios login password or pin on startup?  If so I believe it is asking for the same one. Here is a link to  Error: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible (Windows 7, 8, to assist with the boot order. If you have not set a password then I suggest you do a system recovery back to factory. Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8). You will get a prompt during this process, to backup your data. If you have not done one, I suggest choosing yes. to prevent data loss. Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 8). I hope this has helped.


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I need help restoring my audio on my XP system desktop. I lost the audio after a spyware invasion. I also need help to change the language setting on the XP system from french to English please.


Answer:Language setting change on XP operating system

control panel,regional&language options ,on the opening cant miss it

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My Hard drive crashed a few months ago and had to be replaced and the operating system re installed. Unfortunately the HP service people had difficulty in obtaining the replacement operating system and I have now discovered that a 32 bit system was installed instead of the previous 64 bit system. As a result I have several program not fully functional.Can anyone help me in obtaining the 64 bit system for this computer

Answer:Change from 32Bit to 64 Bit operating system for Pavilion El...

Hi: You posted that your PC is running W10 32 bit. It originally came with W7. If you had previouly upgraded to W10, you can download the 64 bit version of W10, and clean install it by using the media creation tool from the link below. Read the info under the section labeled 'Using the tool to create installation media.' During the installation process, when you are asked to enter a product key, there will also be an option to select: 'I don't have a product key.' Select that option, and W10 will install and automatically activate once you are reconnected to the internet.    

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I am buying a new pc and need to transfer my data across. My present operarting system is windows 2000 professional and the new PC will be XP. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Answer:Data Transfer and Operating System Change

you have answers in another thread

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C855-1TC and wish to remove Windows 8.1 and replace it with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Does anyone have any advice regarding this change of operating system ?.....namely drivers etc availablility.

Answer:Operating system change on Satellite C855-1TC


I have visited Toshiba download page - and i can confirm that your notebook model (PSCBWE) is fully supported for Win7 64bit so there you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

Before you start to install Win7 create recovery media (DVD or USB) and make recovery image back-up. One day if you want to have factory settings again you can use it for Win8.1 installation.

Check also this useful document –

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I can change the operating system of a scanner to Windows to Android for better and better functioning. I would like to find alternatives because the product was quite expensive (1500 euro) and buying one is a pretty big investment. this is the product

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Can some one please tell me how to change from a 32 bit to a 64 bit operating system for my Toshiba Satellite C660 Notebook?

No cds came with my notebook so I can't restore.
I installed the 32 bit when setting up by mistake and would now like to change.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C660 - How to change from 32 bit to 64 bit operating system?

Can you please tell us exact notebook model (C660-xxx)?
Have you created recovery DVDs following Toshiba?s advice how to do this?
If yes try to start recovery installation and check if option to choose between 32bit and 64bit shown on the screen.

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I work with a number of native Spanish speakers who have purchased PC's at walmart. Since walmart no longer includes the instillation disks with their computers we have been unable to change the operating system language to Spanish. Is there any way to download the program? Possible solutions?

Answer:change operating system language to Spanish

Use the built in help and support pages for how to change languages.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Hi,I want change win 8 to linux (xubuntu) but I can't boot my envy x2 from USB.I tried create bootable pendrive with unetbootin, rufus, lili usb.In Bios I disabled secure boot and priority is USB disk drive.What should I do?

Answer:Boot from USB. Change system from windows to Linux.

evilbazard Unfortunately, this is not a Linux forum; instead it is an HP forum where nearly all the support is for Windows stuff. You don't install Linux -- that is an operating system kernel.  Instead, you install something known as a Linux distro (short for distribution), something like Ubuntu, or Mint, or OpenSUSE, etc. Your best bet is to post this on the community forums for the Linux distro you plan to install. IF you don't know that website, then go here and look it up: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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Since this is my first post, let me thank all those who answer our questions and all the admin(s) who make this site possible

i recently built a quad core computer with the intention of exploiting 64 bits programs but i'm so frustrated with Windows 7 that i'm about to try installing win2000 Pro on the new hardware

the new computer comprise of:

Antec P182 silent case
750W Thermaltake PSU
Intel motherboard extreme edition DP55KG (P55 chipset)
Intel CPU i7 860 (2.8MHz HyperThreads Quadcore)
Corsair liquid CPU Cooler
Kingston DDR3 (2 x 2Gb @ 1600MHz)
Asus ENGTS250 DK (1G ram onboard) video card
Optical drive Asus CD/DVD RW Burner
WD Raptor 10,000rpm for OS (1 x 150Gb)(new & formated by Windows7 during installation)
WD Green Caviar ( 1 x 2Tb @ 7,200rpm)
WD Green Caviar ( 3 x 2Tb @ 5,400rpm)

Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Operating System was a charm to install, it did show some of the potential of the new hardward
but the defaults of Windows 7 are retarded to say the less (fit for a 5 yo but a pain for anyone wanting to manage the OS) maybe a great OS for an iPod?

i have been trying to fallow your forum's instructions to change those defaults but i am not getting anywhere near having an operating system that i could be productif. Fact is ; i'm pulling my hair and bashing my head against the wall.

Here what've i tried :

-- selected "Show hidden files, folders, or drives"
-- deselected "Hide extensions for known file types"
-- deleted the library sh... Read more

Answer:Need i to roll back to Windows 2000Pro to get a smart Operating System

Windows 2000 Pro is no longer supported nor patched by Microsoft. Why on earth would you use it?

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I had to reinstall the operating system on my ThinkCenter A Series and when I reloaded I noticed that my preloaded MS Office 2003 is now gone. What must I do to reinstall this? Can someone help please?

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Hi all!

I am kind of tired of reformatting and then re-downloading all the software and reloading all the applications and programs. I am starting to dislike the reformat, re-install, something go wrong, reformat, re-install circle. Example: each time I reinstall Windows 7 it wants hours of updates. So does Office 2007 Ultimate!

Can someone tell me [give me a step-by-step written instruction] what is the best way to make an image of it all so I can simply reinstall OS, drivers, and programs?

Example: is the Windows 7 backup the best? Or is there a Windows 7 image maker or whatever?

Is there a third party software that is better?

Also, I like to place my Windows 7 on one partition and most of the programs on another...what would be the best way to make an image of BOTH, so that in the event of hardware failure, virus, etc. I can simply reload everything again without downloading and reinstalling everything all over again.

Please give me some expert advice if you can.

I would greatly appreciate any and all accurate information in this area.



Answer:What is the best software to make an image of my operating system for back up purpose

for free clonezilla:

General introduction about using the Clonezilla live

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had opted and upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and everything was working perfectly till yesterday when on starting the comp I get the following message - Critical Error -start menu and cortona are not working. We will try to try and fix it the next time you sign in.
Repeated attempts at restarting and signing on shows no result. Can anyone guide me in removing windows 10 and going back to windows 7. I am unable to open explorer or edge as they call it but google chrome works (so far)

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Hello everyone,
The laptop I use is under warranty. Will I be able to guarantee that I have changed my operating system?
(Laptop: Lenovo v110-80th)
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I have acer aspire v5-471p,  it was with win8.1 and in uefi mode.I change uefi mode to lagacy mode and change the window 8.1 to 10. Because itwas slow.Every thing was fine but as i connected with internet in this lagacy mode , it display crashes and show double double icons and erros  and lines on display , i reinstall window , and again connect with web and have same problem , so this time i install window 8.1 again , but the problem is same !!!!  Now i change the boot mode to Uefi from lagacy , but it say , OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND ,It show the boot menu , so i try dvd and usb bootalbe media , but stiLL it is not booting from any device and after some time give the same option that , OS not found , now HELP ME , that what to do 1) if i on lagacy mode , connect with net , it show crashed display after some time double icons bubling , and lins on display2) if i on UEFI mode , it do not boot with any bootable media , but givinG access to boot menu and setup etc.... This image is , of first problem , when i do window in lagacy mood , its fine , but after connecting to the internet it display show like this ,  it is not usable in this case.... I have followed tutorials to build a UEFI bootable USB and tried 2 different 64 bit versions of windows 7. Every Ocassion I try to install it will freeze on the first windows loading screen.

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I'm not sure if this is in the right place because my problem covers many areas it seems so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place.
Yesterday morning my boyfriend gave my his old graphics card, a GTX 760, I made sure everything was compatible with my hardware before installing it. I uninstalled my AMD drivers, I had an AMD r7 250x, and shut my computer down, popped it open, and carefully changed the cards. I made sure not to knock anything or any cables, put it back together and booted it up.
I got a screen with a frown face, im not sure if this is the BSOD on Windows 10, I only had Windows 10 for a couple days, and it restarted my computer. I tried switching the graphics cards back thinking that was the problem but once I turned my computer on it said it couldn't find the operating system, I've gotten a handful of errors since then, most have to do with not having a proper boot device or not being able to find the operating system.
Here are the things I've tried:
Using a Windows 7 install disk
Using an old backup restore disk I made when I had Windows 7
Creating a restore drive on another Windows 10 computer on a USB
Unplugging, leaving it for a little bit 10-15 min, and plugging it back in
Changing the graphics cards
Opened up the computer to double check the wires, all is plugged the way it's supposed to be
Upon going into my BIOS menu, I discovered it is reading that my hard drive is connected but it wasn't in the boot priority list, so to fix that I disabled all boot pr... Read more

Answer:Computer can't find operating system after hardware change?

I should add, the USB recovery drive got me to the point where it gave me restoral options but it said that I could not restore because I was missing a drive partition, and when I tried to run the check disk command but that failed. I can no longer get to those options from the USB, it only worked once. It

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I have acer aspire v5-471p,  it was with win8.1 and in uefi mode.I change uefi mode to lagacy mode and change the window 8.1 to 10. Because itwas slow.Every thing was fine but as i connected with internet in this lagacy mode , it display crashes and show double double icons and erros  and lines on display , i reinstall window , and again connect with web and have same problem , so this time i install window 8.1 again , but the problem is same !!!!  Now i change the boot mode to Uefi from lagacy , but it say , OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND ,It show the boot menu , so i try dvd and usb bootalbe media , but stiLL it is not booting from any device and after some time give the same option that , OS not found , now HELP ME , that what to do 1) if i on lagacy mode , connect with net , it show crashed display after some time double icons bubling , and lins on display2) if i on UEFI mode , it do not boot with any bootable media , but givinG access to boot menu and setup etc.... This image is , of first problem , when i do window in lagacy mood , its fine , but after connecting to the internet it display show like this ,  it is not usable in this case....

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I disabled Secure Boot . The "Operating System Boot Mode Change " screen appeared. I should enter a 4 digit code,but my scren is broken so i don't see the code. Is there a mastercode which allways works or something like that. 

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I have my puter set up as a dual boot system with 98se and xp home. When I start it up i get a screen asking me which system to boot. If i do nothing it boots to xp.
Is it possible to change this to 98se as the default and also can I change the time given to choose lower than 30 seconds?
Many thanks for any help

Answer:dual boot-change default operating system

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Can I change the Windows 7 Operating system language from English to French? If so, how can that be done?

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Hello, I recently changed my operating system from Windows XP 32 bit to XP 64 bit and upon doing so I cannot see any of the file attributes normally associated with my music files such as; Artist, Duration, Bit Rate etc. This is important as my music is now in a completely random order as only the file name is left to determine what my music is. So now im left with 60gb of music files all in a random order differentiated by numbers in front of the songs instead of for instance artist order. However I do see the file type and file size of each file when I hover over a song.

The weird thing is, when I plug my external hard drive which has the same files as my hard drive into a computer running Windows XP 32 bit I can see all of these songs as they should be, artist order with all their associated attributes when you hover over each song with the mouse.

I have tried going into the folder and going to; View, Choose Details to personally make sure the attributes I want displayed are there but they are all ticked and only the two attributes I previously mentioned are displayed.

Answer:Operating system change causes all music files to not display attributes

Hi EggFtw,

Instead of going View>Choose Details etc, try this:-

In your 'My Music' folder, right click on the word 'Name' (will be just above the title of the first track) and select 'More' at the bottom of the window that opens up. Check the boxes that you would like it to display, and then click 'OK' and you should be good to go.

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For some reason, the hard drive on my system is marked as I and not C, and this does not work well with my automatic backup system. How do I change my drive letter to C?  I went to management where it lists the drives and I tried to change it from there but it wouldnt let me, says Boot volume cannot be reassigned.  So what should I do?

Answer:Windows XP operating system. Hard drive is mapped as I. Want to change to C

You cannot change the drive letter designation of the system partition with reformatting and reinstalling the OS. I'm guessing when you installed the OS initially you had other usb devices / drives attached. You can't do that.

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I want to change the boot options so that I can get a dual boot windows 10 / linux.For this, I shoukd disable the secure boot option. I found it easily but in order to save the changes, I should enter a 4 digit pass code and hit enter. If I don't want the change to be saved, I should just hit the escape key.I am unable to enter the requested pass code. The system simply does not take it. I checked with assuming the keyboard would be set differently (azerty or qwertz) but the system just does not want to take any input except the escape key.Any idea how to have it corrected.For your info, in another forum, someone suggested to enable the legacy boot + disable the secure boot but it does not work for me either. I am still stuck on the message 021 with only the ESC key working.Also, the laptop is brand new, the only thing I did so far was downloading Skype and Sugou (to be able to type chinese characters). I did not even set any user password.Thanks in advance for the suggestion.

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Is there a way to change system settings back to the Windows defaults?

To be clear, I am not writing about user settings; I am wanting to change global settings for the Windows XP operating system back to defaults.

Answer:Change system settings back to Windows defaults?

which settings, time zone, us of a or what?

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I have a problem of hard drive or local disk. my local disk j is RAW file formatting & when i try to openit could not open.Another local disk is NTFS file format.So i want to convert Raw to NTFS withot format Local Disk J please help me.

Answer:Change RAW File system back to NTFS without reformat

RAW isn't a real file system. Windows reports this when it reads corrupt data from the drive such that it cannot determine the file system. This could be caused by physical problems with the drive.The best option is to attempt data recovery.with a utility for the purpose. Attempting to repair the drive in place may make the problem worse.This is just one of the reasons why you need a backup of important files. Data can be lost for a variety of reasons and you need to be prepared when (not if) something happens. Having a single copy of an important file is asking for trouble.

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Windows 10 has action center notifications pop up in the bottom-right of the screen. Previously, these could be closed with the 'x' button in the top-right of the notification. In the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update, Microsoft changed this to an arrow, assumingly to symbolize that the notification is being moved to the action center and not truly discarded.

This has had noticeable usability ramifications though. Every time I go to close the popup, I instinctively pause for 1-2 seconds because the arrow is telling me "Continue, open this" rather than "Close this". Is it possible to edit system files to change the arrow back to an x?

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I have a multiple operating system and used to get the blue graphical boot menu with a rectangle with the name of each operating system in it. After a few boots it went back to the text menu, and only returned a couple of times. Is there a way to get the graphical boot menu back permanently? It looks a lot nicer. I have XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:How to get back the "Choose your operating system" menu

Hello and welcome to the forums archp2008. Boot into Win8, run bcdboot c:\windows

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Hello, i have problem with back up operating system from recovery cdies. When i acceped start button to backup partition system i get an alert "space not enough" I had linux before and i whant change it to windows back. i deleted all ext partitions. I have all unlocated space.I shouldnt have problems. Please help me 

Answer:OneKey Recovery 6.0. Problem with back up operating system from recovery cd'ies

I would use something like Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director to first create a FAT32 partion for your C: Drive where your OS will go and be sure to leave 10GB or so unallocated for the secondary FAT32 Partition where your "factory image" will go. You then create a Logical Drive with the unallocated space and make it hidden (PM or ADD will do this).   Install your OS (preferably Windows XP if you want less problems) and then after you have setup everything the way you want (drivers, applications, etc), then use Acronis True Image to create your "factory restore" image on the hidden partition and activate the Startup Recovery Manager.This is the way I do it and it works like a charm! 

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After install a antivirus if I change the operating system of my laptop does the antivirus keep working?????

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


Answer:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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Hi-I bought a used Dell Optiplex 780 with no o/s installed to replace my old Dell Dimension 3000.  I have a brand new copy of Windows 7 to install on it.  I've reinstalled xp on my old computer 2 or 3 times so I'm not completely new to this but, I thought I'd try to find out as much as possible before I begin.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I am wondering - when I connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Optiplex with no o/s, will it recognize the components so that I can begin the installation of Windows 7?

Answer:installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed


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I have Windows XP professional service pack three, but i can`t understand the
instructions inside because the language of the installer is not English, i don`t know what language is it..

Please tell me what to do.
How can i change the language of the installer ?

Answer:how to change the language of operating system to English language

you can get english version of service pk3 here Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download - Softpedia

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While Thinkpads have a handy program in Windows to remap the keys, there is no such program available for Linux that I know of. My problem is that my T410 has the Page Forward and Page Back keys right next to the Page Up key. I am constantly pressing these keys by mistake when I want to press the Page Up key. If I am typing an email message in a web browser, I suddenly loose all my text when the web browser goes one page back or forward.  The solution is to remap these keys to be normal Page Down and Page Up keys. I spent all afternoon searching for a solution, so I thought I would share to save others the same pain. Edit your .bashrc file (/home/youruser/.bashrc) and add these two lines:  xmodmap -e 'keycode 167=Next'  xmodmap -e 'keycode 166=Prior'The next time you start a new session, the keys should be remapped.

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I haven't even installed linux yet, or tried it on live CD. Currently I have a system running windows xp, ultimately I would like a system with dual OS (linux + windows). I plan to gradually become less dependant on windows, until I only need it for gaming purposes, if that. I have little idea as to how possible or impossible this dream of dual OS is, as I have searched google and the site for information yielding no definitive answer.

Ideally I would buy another hard drive, and install my chosen distro of linux on this, so that I have XP on one and linux on the other HDD. Can this actually be done? Would this form the basis of a workable dual OS setup? Ubuntu, Kubuntu and madriva are distros that look promising, having been recommended by and gotten good press from I can try before I commit and wish to, using live CD. Is this a no risk way of trying them?

Do all distros of linux require compiling of their kernels in order to achieve greatest effectiveness?

I run a PC I have personally built with an MSI K8 Neo4 motherboard(integrated AC97 sound), AMD 64 3000+ CPU, Belkin wireless network card(is used a lot for internet connection via router), GeForce 6600 graphics card, 450 watt PSU.

I appreciate help on this issue, its fairly urgent, would like to be able to know for certain how to go about switching to linux ASAP.

Answer:LINUX Question: want to install linux on windows xp system + few other questions

Yes, it can be done that way. You can either put it all on one hard drive, which can result in two broken operating systems for beginners, or on two seperate ones. Linux requires 2 partitions, so keep that in mind when setting things up. I've installed Linux both ways; I had to get creative for the 2 OS on 1 setup.

If you install on 2 hard drives, make sure Windows is installed first, then install Linux. If you use the linux boot loader, things should be easier in the end. Be sure to make a boot disk/recovery/emergency disk when prompted in the Linux install.

I had a friend who had a RAID 0 or 1 setup and tried to use a live CD on his computer and it broke his array for some reason. He ended up reinstalling Windows because of it.

It depends on what you plan to do with the OS, in respect to compiling the kernel. If there is a driver you want to add or a modification you wish to make, you may need to recompile.

On the topic of drivers, some distros don't come with wireless drivers for all cards. You might want to look into a wireless driver for your Internet connection before deciding on a distro. Either from Belkin (they might have) or native to the distro. Sound might also require a driver search.

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hi. i have 2 hard drives. and and windows xp home one each one of them. how do i uninstall one of them without causing problems with the other operating system.

Answer:How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

could format one drive from another...take all data needed from one to another

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i've been thinking of adding to my pc or to a cd at least
another os.
an alternative os.
i currently use vista 32 bit home basic.

the reasons i consider a change or additional os--

vista maybe is flopping? not sure.
i heard linux has no virus or spyware!

and vista is nothing but a money hog!
always costing money.

any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:vista? linux? 2 operating systems? possible?

just so i don't seem totally computer stupid. i don't know a thing about linux. have always used windows. just really interested in learning more about linux type os!

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