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I dont have local settings or application dat

Question: I dont have local settings or application dat

cant read email in incredimail, just comes up blank, any helpers on this plz?

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Preferred Solution: I dont have local settings or application dat

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: I dont have local settings or application dat

Go here: these people deal with this daily.

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This has been bugging me for a while it pops up whenever I start the computer. I don't know to much about how to do things so please have some patients with me. If you can help me than I might just love you forever.

Answer:Error loading C:\Documents and Settings\ Network Service\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ hrcopul.dll

Have you run any scans for infections? I Googled hrcopul.dll, and everything that I found points to a infection.

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Hi ,How are you. I get this error over and over again in the Event Viewer:

1203 - Description              : The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

                                   and APPID

                                   to the user NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE SID (S-1-5-19)
from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

Could you tell me exactly... Read more

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I am receiving the following error in the Event Viewer from the source DistributedCOM (Windows 8.1 64 bit) :
The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID class identitification
 and APPID identification
 to the user Lenovo\Ewa with security identification SID
(S-1-5-21-1287633286-651115146-4152900111-1001) from the address LocalHost (using

LRPC) acting in the application container with identity SID
This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.
It regards Zinio Reader application.
Please advice how can I fix the problem.
Thanks and best regards, Ewa

Answer:The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

Hi Ewa,
It's just a example instead of your real ID.
The ID of yours {316CDED5-E4AE-4B15-9113-7055D84DCC97} must be in that list. Have you attempt to find it?
I have search it on my lab computer(Windows 8.1)as below:
Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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C:/Documents and Settings/Uses(My Username)/Local Settings/Temp/browserview-1d31630.htm

This file, and all the files with the name 'browserview-xxxxxx(number).htm are needed, mine got corrupted and I accidentally deleted them.

Can someone post these files?

Answer:C:/Documents and Settings/Uses(My Username)/Local Settings/Temp/browserview-1d31630.h

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Well, here's what happened in a nutshell. I'm having a good day, when I start up my computer, and the following file I've stated above all of a sudden turned into a corrupt file that uses 0KB of data. I can't delete it OR move it. Any way to reset the folder so I can have it back???

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i cant get rid of the files in C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5....NOTHING ive tried has worked....any information on how i can get rid of them would be GREAT!!

Answer:C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.

Hi Welcome to TSG!!

If you log on as administrator you should be able to delete everything in the C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 folder.

If you sign in as "owner" you should be able to remove everything except index.dat if you close all of your browser windows.

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my local disk (partitioned into C & D does not by double click, or right click - open. I get the message "choose program you want to use to open this file". I have to open folders and explore the files to open. Please help

Answer:local disks dont open normally

You are infected, please look here:,46313.0.html

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In windows XP how do i access documents and settings/owner/local settings? When I run malwarebytes it goes into this folder and is there for ever. I would like to acces this and delete what is in there but I do not know how to get there.
Any help would be appriciated.

Answer:documents and settings/owner/local settings

Follow these steps!!
1. Go to my computer
2. Click on "Tools"
3. Go to "Folder options"
4. Go to "View"
5. Then click on the "Show hidden files and folders" Tab

Then you can go to the Documents and Settings/Owner/Local settings.

I am sure you will succeed but make sure you follow the first 5 steps after everything so that you can hide the files again. Some system files need to be kept hidden to avoid being removed or deleted accidentally

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question... i seem to have a bunch of crap in this folder that always brings the trojan in and hides it with files that have come from popups... can i delete everything in this folder and not cause problems for my computer

Answer:C:\Documents and Settings\-------\Local Settings\Temp

Hi futrade

Yes, you can delete everything in the Temp folder.

The best time to empty the Temp folder is right after a reboot, some programs place files in the Temp folder and will deny the deletion since the file is currently being used.

If you want, you can send the items to the Recycle Bin for a few days, if something seems to be running differently after emptying the Temp folder, you can restore the items from the Recycle Bin.

If any of the files in the Temp folder is a virus or trojan, obviously, you would not to keep those hanging around, so run a couple virus scans, links below.

To help clean up your system:
Run an online Anti-Virus scan from at least one and preferably 2 of the following sites

Trendmicro HouseCall
Allow them to clean/delete any spyware/malware or viruses/trojans they may find.
Make a note of any files flagged that were unable to be cleaned or deleted.

Download, Install and check each of the following Spyware tools for updates:
(If you already have the following, please make sure it is the latest version and has been updated)
Ad-Aware SE 1.06:
Click on Full System Scan and deselect Search for negligible risk entries. Have Ad-Aware SE remove what it finds.
Spybot-S&D 1.4:
Have it fix what it finds marked in Red.
Spyware Blaster 3.4:
Click on Updates > Check for Updates Switch to Protection
Under Quick Tasks click ... Read more

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Hello, I was downloading something and when I thought it was finished downloading and this screen pops up.

"C:\Documents & Settings\Sherry\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GRG7AN8J\arizup2(1).pdf"
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.
<OK> box

I see that this is a .pdf file and i'm not sure how to open these. Can someone give me some really really easy details on how to fix or open [download] this problem.


Answer:C:\Documents & Settings\Dave\Local!

Install adobe acrobat reader

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I recently built mini site on my linux PC. On my windows machine if I directly type local Ip it loads successfully, but if I edit hosts file for domain it wont load, it says ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED, if I type in cmd ping it displays correct ip, what is the problem?

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Spyware Terminator brought this up about a week ago, & i removed it, & it has found it again today.

"Threat Files
<Trojan.Tempi> : C:\Documents and Settings\Allan\Local Settings\Temp\41.tmp"

My computer does seems like it's been running a little bit slower overall over the last few weeks, especially loading some particular programs such as Outlook & Firefox (2.0.016). Firefox seems to be running/browse loading a little slower than usual in the last few weeks, but i'm not sure as my ISP had been running a little bit crapily of late.

My HijackThis log file reads:


O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\system32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [nwiz] nwiz.exe /install
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvMediaCenter] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\system32\NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [AVG8_TRAY] C:\PROGRA~1\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [PhotoShow Deluxe Media Manager] C:\PROGRA~1\Ahead\NEROPH~2\data\xtras\mssysmgr.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [ctfmon.exe] C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe
O4 - Global Startup: GA311 Smart Wizard Utility.lnk = C:\Program Files\NETGEAR GA311 Adapter\GA311.exe
O6 - HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel present
O8 - Extra context menu item: Crawler Search - tbr:iemenu
O9 - Extra button: (no name) - {08B0E5C0-4FCB-11CF-AAA5-00401C608501} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02\bin\ssv.dll
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuit... Read more

Answer:Re: Trojan file: "C:\Documents and Settings\Allan\Local Settings\Temp\41.tmp"

Hi, Welcome to TSG!!
Download: ResetProtocolDefaults.reg

Locate "ResetProtocolDefaults.reg"
Right-click and select: Merge (Ok the prompt)

Post your log again and this time post the entire log please.

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i installed a font called serious2

anyways, i can only use the font in some programs.

ie. i can set my winamp to use that font. but cannot use that font in adobe photoshop cs

anyone ever have this type of problem with fonts?

Answer:fonts installed dont show in every application?

I have no idea how to select a font in Winamp,but please email me a copy of this.

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When changing the properties for cmd, i accidentally changed it to full screen which for some reason made windows crash and i had to reset my computer. After this when i try to run any cmd based application, it doesn't show up as a task that i can use. I see it in processes but not in tasks in task manager. I have no way to access it while its running and i did before this happened. I did find a way to run cmd and get to its properties BUT the option for windowed or full screen is not there at all. So i cant change it back.

Running 7 home premium 32bit.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know because i need to get it working agian

Also, if i just run cmd from the start menu it doesnt show.

Okay. I found that if i create a desktop short cut for cmd.exe or a bat file and run the short cut then they work. But running them from their original file they don't work. No idea what's going off.

System restart did not fix this.


I went into regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Console > %SystemRoot%_system32_cmd.exe and there was one called 'FullScreen' and it was set to '1' so i changed its value to '0' and all was good

Answer:Changed cmd to fullscreen and now cmd application dont show

I think you can also fix this via Start , Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and select Properties then set Run to Normal Window?

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I Need Help!
I was wondering if it is a issue to delete files in "Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp". I am really looking if it is safe to delete the "Documents and Settings\Kenny Hartwick\Local Settings\Temp" files.


Answer:Should I Delete "Documents and Settings\Username/Local Settings\Temp"

I don't know who Kenny Hartwick is, but deleting temp files is NOT a problem. Just get his permission, willya.


edit: if you click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup you'll run a nice little routine that lets you select those, among other, files to remove as well as a file compactor for rarely used files.

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New member--first posting
I have disabled a number of local services because of error messages, which when clicked, shut down XP Pro. With these disabled, system works fine, but event viewer still shows errors in DCOM, COM+, Remote Access terminating, and more. I have disabled Samss, Protected storage, Policy Agent, Net Login, NTLMSSP, and various others which I am advised that I do not need (by Ultimate Troubleshooter).
Hardware is four year old AMD Athlon XP on ASUS A7N8X Deluxe board.

I keep XP Pro SP2 updated manually, regularly, and work behind router firewall and TrendMicro firewall and antivirus, run WinPatrol Plus, use Ultimate Troubleshooter, scan for spyware, malware, etc. and have checked for lsass trojan in safe mode and otherwise. I have run a few different registry doctor type programs, and currently have paid version of Advanced Registry Doctor, Pro version. Could any of these have messed-up as well as cleaned-up registry?

Error messages began after installing Windows service packs last November. I uninstalled the ones which Microsoft acknowledged were problematic, and reinstalled them, but with no results.

One other problem is that System Restore does not "hold" restore points for more than a day or sometimes a week.

I have an Acronis TrueImage backup of C drive on a second hard drive, but backup was done after problems began. And from a year ago I have a copy of ERUNT registry backup. I am not savvy enough to venture there yet... Read more

Answer:local services and application errors

Black Viper's Services Configuration

w/o error messages we cant properly diagnose.

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Is anyone have local copy of Nokia Pro Cam application ? I am searching for it for the last 4months ,since this is not available in Nokia store nowadays. Please help me to get it . My mail id is < email removed by moderator>

Answer:Does anyone have local copy of Nokia Pro Cam application?

That's not going to work. Downloaded application files are tied to your own Microsoft Account in order to prevent piracy.
I've removed your email address from your post for your own safety and privacy.

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Hi all,

Iím testing an application called ProcessMaker on my desktop computer at work. This program has an e-mail notification feature which I canít get to work. It's got a very straightforward mail setup. Iíve set it to send mail through our corporate SMTP server, but it canít successfully connect to the server. It resolves the host and port, but just sits and spins when it tries to establish a connection.

I've worked with our mail admins and established that the SMTP server is working fine. I'm using the right settings. I can telnet to it. I set up both Outlook and a simple mail app I downloaded to send mail through the SMTP server and it worked fine.

I installed ProcessMaker on my cubemate's computer and the e-mail function worked fine.

So, there's some problem with the setup on my workstation that's interfering with this one application. It uses a web browser for its interface, running at localhost:8080.

Here's what I've tried:
I tried it using both IE and Firefox.
I reset my TCPIP settings using netsh int ip reset.
I disabled TCPIP autotuning to see if that was interfering.
I disabled SEP to see if the firewall or other protection scheme was interfering.
None of these has made a difference.Any ideas from the field??

Thanks much!

Alex Harris

Answer:Can't connect to local SMTP server with one application

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Hi Good day please help me i have hp pavilion 15 au108tx my specs are intel core i5 7th gen, gpu of nvidia 940mx 4gb dedicated. My bios settings dont have an advance settings i want to increase my gpu in bios because everytime i play games it is so lag when i unplugged my charger but when i plug the game is so smooth i try to nvidia as my default display and the battery is high performance I feel that it is in the bios in advance settings but my bios dont have an advance settings.

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my problem is anything i try to download, a popup comes up saying your security settings dont allow you to download this file. i was how you get around this so i can download?

cheers stu

Answer:security settings dont allow to download

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Tools>Internet Options>Security & set each zone to the "default level".

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Hi, I have firefox My search engine settings and toolbar customizations dont save at all. How do I fix this?


Answer:Firefox settings dont save

Try this fix.
Toolbar customizations reset on startup.
You might want to update to Firefox 2.0.

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I just did a windows update to XP SP3. After I installed XP SP3, and when I restarted my computer, the taskbar settings wont get saved.

I tried many things.

I tried using Kelly's TaskbarRepairToolPlus!.exe. ... it didnt work

I also tried some vbs and reg files from Kelly's site, but it didnt work.

Went inside the registry to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\explorer and deleted the "NoSaveSettings" key. Then recreated it and rebooted. It still doesnt work.

Any solutions ?

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it is a compaq cq43-409au. i have tried every thing but nothing works. it says that i can only restore it to yesterday but i want to restore it to when i bout it 2 years ago

Answer:i dont know how to restore to factory settings

"it says that i can only restore it to yesterday"What did you do to get that message?

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Hi, I have firefox My search engine settings and toolbar customizations dont save at all. How do I fix this?


Answer:Firefox settings dont save

I found the fix for this.
Toolbar customizations reset on startup.

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I was at a clients house just trying to get some programmes to load when he asked me to check if this sites click here live streanm radio worked on my PC as it it didnt on his, i did but it dont work on mine either.I did download a criticle update for media player from windows a couple of weeks ago.Could you try this out for me click here by cliking on listen to live streanm radio on the right hand side of the pge.Thanks

Answer:Media settings dont work....

Dead here as well.

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I have an application that by default got installed to:


but we need to change the installation directory to:


Is that a safe procedure ?  

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I have 2 computers in different offices both with broadband. A program on computer a needs to access a datafile in realtime(accounting data). How can I set this up to be fast so it doesn't act like it accessing data remotely?

I have tried Ibackupdrive( a virtual internet drive) and Hamachi but both seem too slow, 2-5 seconds latency. Using Gotomypc or Logmein, I can access the data in less than a second.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:local application accessing remote data file

Buy a really fast link. There is a lot of difference between a remote console view of the computer and actually accessing the DB remotely.

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So every time I log into any other machine on our network it stores a local copy of my Roaming user Profile on the machine. This is OK for most users, but i Have to log into multiple machines every day, and every once and a while I'll log into a machine with old settings, and it will override my account. This becomes a pain when i log back into my regular machine, and all of my settings have been changed. What I need is to stop it from saving a cached copy of my profile every time I log into another machine. How would I go about doing that?

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Question: Local settings

What is the path to "local settings" in XP?

Answer:Local settings

open explorer, choose tools, folder options, view

check show hidden file and folders. you can now find it in documents and settings

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I hope Im in the right forum.

I am trying to use the WMDC to get some files off my Winmo 6.1 phone. The display is shot. When connected to the PC, it wont just show up as a drive because in the device manager it is a USB mass storage device with this error this device cannot start.(Code10) I cant use active sync on XP because it doesnt allow the connection until a question about duplicate files check box is checked, but I cant see it. A VZW tech told me that WMDC will connect to the phone without that problem. But when I check "allow data connections on device when connected to PC", it tells me I dont have sufficient permissions. I am the Administrator on this computer (in user accounts, my user account shows as a standard account and wont let me change it). What gives?

Answer:WMDC says I dont have permissions to change settings



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Hi, Im a little baffled by this one, I was wandering if someone could please help me.I have a Belkin wireless router which works just fine in conjunction with a 2 year old Dell Latitute and brand new Sony Vaio laptops. I have manually configured the IP settings for each successfully and they receive a decent signal from the router. However, one difference is that on the Vaio i have to select 'Use Windows to configure my wireless settings' in order for the wireless signal to be detected and utilised on startup. On the Dell I leave this box unticked and it has the same effect. If I untick the box on the Vaio the laptop finds no signal on startupThe only difference is that the Dell uses a Dlink wireless network card and the Vaio has inbuilt Centrino.Can anyone account for these rather odd circumstances; the wireless settings are identicle on the two laptops.Thanks a lot.

Answer:I dont want Windows to configure wireless settings

???Can anybody help?

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I have bought a new hard drive and wish to use this as my master hard drive and my old one as a slave drive. The problem is i dont want to do a clean install and lose all my files and settings etc. Is there an easy way to do this? ThanksDave

Answer:New hard drive but dont want to lose settings

Dave back up all your files and folders to your hd disconnect your hard drive set up your new one with your ops connect your old drive as slave the restore all your new data to the new drive

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when i change my settings in call of duty 2 my game pad settings havent saved and aa goes back to 2aa from 0aa,also my desk top color settings dont save.should i reinstall xp.

Answer:settings dont save with vista ultimate

Desktop color limitations might call for a newer driver. For call of duty, try running as admin when changing settings.

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hey guys,

I was seeing this folder in my appdata folder for long time and seems it contains updates to chrome.
here is the full path, \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application.
it contains some other files and specifically two folders named, 17.0.963.56 and 17.0.963.79, which are named exactly as chrome versions.

and here is a snip of a inside that 17.0.963.79 folder,

my question is, as you can see, it has a folder named as installer and it contains files named chrome.7z(84mb) and setup.exe(1.4mb), can I use these files as standalone installer for chrome in later time or in different machine? I know downloading chrome isnt much of weight, but just the curiosity.

(Note: chrome is updated to latest version above. I tried clicking and running this setup.exe in windows but nothing happened. and inside that 7z file, it contains every file on this path, \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\17.0.963.79 contains.)

thank you all.

Answer:Info about folder in AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application


My guess is that you wont be able to install Google Chrome from these files. I believe they are just the update installers.

As you said Google Chrome doesnt carry much weight. Just save the installer onto your PC if needed.

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Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2, not yet activated.
A Windows core application reads from an Access database. After some seconds, Process Monitor shows dropping reads. In fact a small chunk of 512 bytes is trying to be read every five seconds, stalling the application. The same application reading from
a network drive works correctly.
Any idea what could be the reason or where to look for?
Initially Process Monitor show reading at an expected speed. Suddenly it drops, to rereading a small chunk every five (exact!) seconds.
Thank you for reading and I would be happy for any suggestion.


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New here. I am trying to access my local settings and can't figure out how to get to them. Does anyone know?

Answer:Accessing local settings

Open My Computer, click tools at the top, then click folder options, then click view at the top. look for hidden files and folders and chech "show hidden files and folders".
Now look for c:\Documents and Settings\your user name\local settings.

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How to find a 'list' of best settings (disable, manual, automatic) for %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s ?

Answer:Best settings 4 XP 'Services (Local)' ???


if you are running 64 bit rather than 32, he has listings for that too.

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I used Easy Transfer to transfer data from my old XP box to my new Win 7 Pro desktop. The process was painless and most files fetched up as expected. The contents of ?My Pictures? appear in ?Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures?, also as expected. I want to share these with my networked XP laptop.
The Properties of ?Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures? reports that the actual folder is ?C:\Users\John\Local Settings\My Pictures?. However I?m not allowed access to ?Local Settings? ? I just get the ?Permissions denied? message even though I?m using an Administrator account. Therefore I can?t browse down to "My Pictures".
Thus when trying to connect from the laptop I can?t browse to ?My Pictures? because I can?t get past the ?Local Settings?. Typing the whole path in the XP Map Network address box just causes the XP to spend a while saying ?attempting to connect? and then tell me that ?the network path '\\desktop\Users\John\Local Settings\My Pictures' cannot be found?, presumably because it can?t get to or past ?Local Settings?.
In any case, I?ve not been able to confirm that ?My Pictures? is set to ?Share?, although I have set that on the Libraries entry.
Does anyone have bright ideas on how to get round this MS generated obstacle?
TIA John

Answer:Cannot access Local Settings

Try taking ownership of the folder with all the pictures in it.

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I am running Windows 2000 Professional. Today I went into Windows Explorer and realized that in my Documents and Settings folder the Local settings folder was missing. What could possibly have caused this?

Answer:Local settings folder in Win 2k

Welcome to TSG!

Are you sure you are viewing all files. The local setting folder is usually a hidden folder unless you select view all files. Is it available in any other profile?

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in local settings can i remove the temp files that are in their i am using win xp pro.

Answer:local settings file

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hi guysi conneced to my office network by typnig in the ipv4 address, dns server etc like my colleague, but his omputer connects fine and mine only connects local only and not to the intenet.please help me solvwe this problem as i have searched everywhere and can't solve it ie i tried ipconfig /release but that is denied.

Answer:ipv4 settings-Local only


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I'm never putting my computer on Stand-By mode ever again. After doing that accidentally for a second when I meant to shut it down, it screwed up my 'puter something fierce. I had this problem a few weeks ago and chalked it up to my mobo overheating (however unlikely THAT is).

Anyway, to the point. I only reinstalled the XP windows directory but left my HD untouched. So I still got all my data, programs, etc., without having to reinstall everything over the next couple of days. Now, the problem is that I need to replace the newly created Local Settings with my old one from before, which should restore my computer to the way I had it before it went haywire, right? So, do I simply delete the new folders and leave only my old one and the computer will automatically recognize it as the default settings? Or is there some kind of procedure I must undertake to do this?

A little note...does anyone know of any major bug issue with eVGA 680i motherboard when it goes into Stand By mode? Or even Western Digital Caviar HD? Somebody should report this, it's a massive bug.

Looking in my Document and Settings folder, it looks like I have a duplicate of each folder in there (All Users, the hidden Default User, and my personal settings folder).
Basically, I just want the computer to refer to my old settings as the default (that would be without the .WINDOWS that appears at the end of each duplicated folder name that is now treated as the default). Then I want to get rid o... Read more

Answer:Replace New Local Settings With Old One

Well, copying the files was a mistake. Now my computer won't run some programs due to "insufficient RAM." Dammit. And I just got my new blank DVDs in the mail today that I was going to back-up my computer with Acronis.

Figures, huh?

Is there still a way to delete the new folders though and revert to the old ones? I remain hopeful.

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I need to get local setitngs in documents and settings to copy over to the server roaming profile but can't see anywhere that windows supports it. Is the only option to write a vbs script to copy it over manually or am I missing something?

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Tried to change my administrative settings because all of the sudden I can't install or uninstall programs. Any idea why this is happening? When I try to install I get this message: "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation." I am 100% sure that I the system administrator. I've checked the processes running on my computer and there's nothing suspicious there, and my computer seems the same speed as always. Any input would be great, thank you.

Answer:Local Security Settings not there

Let's do this real quick, create a new user account with admin privs, and see if that account suffers the same problem.
I'm just curious as to whether this is a policy issue or an account issue.

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I have a webpage that displays two separate streaming objects, using Windows Media Player. Most of the computers with which I have viewed the page show both streams flawlessly. However, I know of two computers, one which shows only stream A, and the other which shows only stream B (both XPs).

Computer #1
Gives me an activeX error ("click here to download"), yet when I try to install the item, I'm getting a "Publisher cannot be verified" error, and Windows refuses to download whatever it needs. I totally trust the publisher. How do I get this 'puter to run this stream?

Computer #2
Just refuses to play stream B. (Stream B is a basic <object name=Mediaplayer> ... I've tried both 7.0/later and 6.4)

I know these have to be local settings, as the page works elsewhere. Any immdediate suggestions (I know you may wish for more info)? Going to Internet Options/Security hasn't helped, nor has /advanced/media. I've (temporarily) turned off all firewalls, as well.


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When I was defragmenting my hard drive, I noticed that the folder: {C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp} had a lot of copies of my old files. Some of these files I recognized and were old and huge files so I deleted them.

There still are several small files and folders in this temp directory. I don't know how important they are or if windows xp automatically deletes them. Most of the files appear to be setup files and most of the folders have nothing in them. So my question is:
-IS IT SAFE FOR ME TO MANUALLY CLEAR THE CONTENTS OF THIS FOLDER? ~in general, and in this particular case

-thanks in advance

Answer:\Local Settings\Temp

If memory serves, this is the default temp directory used by the system for your user activity. You should be able to delete anything in there with impunity - unless it is in current use of course.

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Is there any local security settings in Windows XP that could interfere with Internet Explorer 6.0 with all current service packs installed?



Answer:Local Security Settings

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i found a lot weird files in my D:\Documents and Settings\wing\Local Settings\Temp
and i want to know can i delete all of this weird files?


Answer:Local Settings\Temp ??

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Does anyone else keep having their BBC page local area post code keep reverting back to Central London?I use Firefox, but it's always done this on earlier versions as well.Generally it's the wrong weather forecast that brings it to my attention!

Answer:BBc page local settings...

only after using ccleaner,have now put bbc in cookies to keep and problem solved.

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I'm trying to manage my bandwidth allowance from my (mobile wireless broadband) ISP.

I want to use Adobe Flash Player but need to guard against unwanted bandwidth use through peer-assisted-networking.

I note the following on the Flash Player Help page: 'Beginning with Flash Player 10.3, the "Local Settings Manager" supersedes th(e) Online Settings Manager for managing global settings on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. "The Local Settings Manager" can be accessed in the Control Panel on Windows ...'

I can't find anything called a "Local Settings Manager" by searching Win 7/Control panel.

Anyone know the Win 7 title for this (obviously generic) term used on the Adobe page?



Answer:A Win 7 'Local Settings Manager'

Hello ausgumbie.

I believe the Flash Player (32 or 64 bit depending on your Flash installation) entry (in your Windows Control Panel) is what they're referring to by "Local Settings Manager"; the context being that the settings are accessible from your computer locally now holds precedence over the ones they had you set on their online website sometime ago on the older versions of Flash.

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I was wondering if there is a way to change how the system being remoted into behaves when the remote connection is established. I know that it will blank out the screen, but I would like to be able to modify a few things. For once, if I could remove keyboard and mouse access during the remote session that would be good. Also, if I could have a screen saver start when the system is accessed remotely I would like that. Settings like that are what I am looking for. Thank you.

Answer:RDP local system settings

Give tightvnc/ultravnc a shot.

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Where is the local security settings located at for windows vista?

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Am I the only one annoyed by Windows (despite saying so when upgrading) does not retain certain personal settings, such as folder view settings (it keeps them on a top level but totally ignores them for some and sub folders) and the desktop image (had the hero one, logged in, hero gone but still in desktop image selection).

It's not that much of a hassle but still....

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need to know how to change administrator, cant access anything

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Hi all this is bugging me no matter how many times I add an address to my blocked mail senders or domain list I still get junk mail from them in my inbox.There names are listed in my blocked senders list and have checked the spelling and layout to see if there is anything different in the email address but they are 100% correct

Answer:Windows junk mail settings dont work

Quote: Originally Posted by happyman123uk

Hi all this is bugging me no matter how many times I add an address to my blocked mail senders or domain list I still get junk mail from them in my inbox.There names are listed in my blocked senders list and have checked the spelling and layout to see if there is anything different in the email address but they are 100% correct

Hi and welcome

Might not be windows mail. where are you getting the senders email from? A sender can spoof the x-sender field which would bypass your filter. Can you give us an example? use the built in snipping tool to make a screen shot of the extended headers and we will make it work

Ken J+

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Ok, so i have this 19 inch widescreen monitor hooked up to my laptop computer. i go to my display settings page and all the resolutions are normal sized resolutions so my screen is streched out and looks terrible help! is there anyway to edit it and add in my own resolution?.

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when i try to acess lenovo companion or lenovo settings, i get a message to update the Lenovo Sytem interface Driver, iīve done that 3 times , but the result is always the same, what can i do to resolve it? because both tools dont work correctly.
My laptop is a G50-80 with Windows 10 Home edition.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

Answer:G50-80 - Lenovo settings and companion dont work properly

Hi Zemo,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums.
You try doing the following:
 1.Press windows key 2. Type local services and press enter 3. Look for "System Interface Foundation Service"  4. Click "Start" or "Start Service"  5. Now start Lenovo Companion 
Let us know how you get on.
Shashi Kumar
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Hi, i'm new to this forum, and i have some problems i'd like to ask about but i'm not really sure if this is the right section, but i'm just gonna post it here. Mods please move this if this isnt in the right place >_<.

Just yesterday, on Thursday, i found out that my folders dont remember my view settings anymore. I tried various method, but it still won't remember the view settings. I personally want the view settings that i chose for a specific folder, so that i can easily navigate and see the contents. But yesterday, I went nuts over this. It didnt happen for the past year, but it has to happen now. I read several threads and searched up many places, i found out that this problem suppose to be long ago and SP2 should fix it. I already updated my laptop to SP2 right when i bought the laptop, so i have no idea what is the problem with this.

Does anyone else have any idea what could be wrong with my laptop? I seriously did not do anything to the folders, besides opening and closing them when i want to find or open something.

Answer:Folders dont remember view settings, even though I'm using Vista x64 SP2

I hope that this excellent tutorial will help you as much as it has helped others
Windows Explorer Folder View settings

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I got windows vista home premium 32 bit (Japanese)

I noticed in the User Application Data Local Temp Folder there are a lot of items.
What are they can I delete them?
I did use CCleaner some single entries got deleted while others remain there.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Answer:Items in User Application Data Local Temp Folder should I delete?

Hi Ari94,

Temporary folder is a directory used to hold temporary files. Many operating systems and some software automatically delete the contents of this directory at boot-up or at regular intervals.

You can delete the files from Temp folder. There would be certain files which may not be deleted, this is happens when the files are in use. Please follow detailed instructions to delete the Temp folder: Temporary Files - Temp Folder

Please revert back for clarification.

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im going from nt4 to ads and need to change all the dns and wins server addresses on the network. currently all the addresses are local instead of being assigned through dhcp. is there a gpo that i can create, or a script that can be run to do this? im trying to avoid going to all the pc's and changing the addresses manually.


Answer:changing local dns/wins settings

You could always create a script using netsh. Then set it up as a logon script or GPO.

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XP Home, Cable.

Could anyone please advise me if my LAC - TCP/IP Protol Settings are ok/secure.
I am not on any network.

Ip Settings
DHCP Enabled
Auto Metric - Ticked.

Advanced TCP/IP Settings

Append Primary - Yes
Append Parent - Ticked
Register this connection in DNS - Ticked.

Enable LMHOSTS lookup - Not ticked
NetBIOS setting - Default
Enable NetBIOS - Not ticked
Disable NetBIOS - Not ticked.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Regards tarragon.

Answer:Local Area Connection Settings

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Hey, We have local policy settings on a PC which restrict much of the users access. I want to copy these exact policys/restrictions to a different PC. Is this possible, any ideas how its done? Thanks.

Answer:Copy Local Policy Settings to new PC

That is what the File and Settings Transfer Wizard is for. System Tools folder IF it is not on your [Start] menu.

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Having trouble updating some software, getting a message unable to copy files from Docs and Settings\me\local settings..... I have discovered there is no folder. Also- may be related; Norton AV will not auto protect or email scan,autoprotect tries to start and then shuts down, email has an error. Ring any bells?

Running AMD 2800 1.6 Ghz 512 RAM XP home w/SP2

Answer:Missing Local Settings Folder

The Local Settings folder is hidden. If you turn on the option to Show Hidden Files and Folders, you'll see this folder.

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Hi. I was wondering if NT has something similar to the Local Security Settings in XP? If there is, where would it be located or is there a way to open it from the Run window? Thanks.

Answer:NT Local Security Settings question

This might help.
CERT?/CC Windows NT Security and Configuration Resources

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trying to connect to a new broadband package but my local area network settings have disappeared and this is needed to connect up. When I temporarily used PAYG (which I am also using now)I know my network settings were changed. How can I find the settings. Any help would be very much appreciated.Thanks

Answer:Local Area Network (Lan) Settings

do you mean the account name and password? these are on the letter from your broadband supplier.

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In the username/local settings/temp folder.  Is it okay to delete things in there?I'm thinking yes because it's a temp folder but thought i would ask first, and you guys always have the right answer.I found some 5 GB of folders which say "from camera" and I'm pretty sure i don't need those.Also a lot of folders with 2KB size which say Microsoft Outlook KESetup.Things like that.   Thanks for the help, again.

Answer:Local Settings Temp Folder

Should be safe to delete...If you are unsure create a new folder...move the contents to that folder...if all runs fine after a few boots then delete the folder.

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I am trying to connect to sky broadband - everything has been installed correctly but I cannot be connected as my local area network (LAN) settings have disappeared from the network/dial up connection box. How can I retrieve these settings as sky has informed me I need these to connect. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

Answer:Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Please elaborate... the "Network Connections" folder no longer contains an icon for your LAN? If this is the case it would indicate a hardware error.

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Hello all.

This is place looks like the best resource I could find.

I have a Windows Vista machine set up at work. I have setup a local policy for non-administrators. This may be a stupid question, but is there a way I can save the current settings as a .inf or some other kind of template? Or do I have to create the settings as a template first and then apply it?

I have tried using the Security Templates snap-in and I can easily create a template and go through everything to make sure it has the settings I want, but I really don't want to go through that trouble and I would much rather just save the current settings as a template if possible.

Thanks for any help, I realize I might kick myself when I find out how easy this really is.

Answer:Exporting Local Security Settings

If you click on one of the policies I can see that you can then right click and select export however I don't know what good that'll do you because I don't see an option to import so all that would do would be to give you a reference. As far as I know applying the permissions applies to all of the accounts and only administrators can change most of them (if not all them). You could also try group policy editor. Local Group Policy Editor - Open

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On Friday morning, I got infected with miscellaneous trojans and viruses. The infection was flagged by CA Antivirus within a couple of minutes of accessing a website. On Friday morning, I was able to see hidden folders in the local settings folders by showing hidden files and folders in order the correlate the time of access against the time CA Antivirus flagged the virus. The specific folders I was looking at are:

C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\History
C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Now I am unable to see these folders, despite the setting of Tools - Folder Options - View - Hidden Files and Folders - Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Over the past several days, I have done a number of Spybot and Ad-aware scans, as well as CA Antivirus scans. As of yesterday, these were scanning cleanly. Another symptom is that on Friday, I was able to boot in Safe Mode by pressing F8. Yesterday, I was unable to do so. Also, over the weekend, I updated to Internet Explorer 7, and did an update of Java. My logs are below. Can anyone help track down what is going on?

>>>Fixed. It was an IE7 problem.

Answer:Cannot see hidden local settings folders

Thanks for informing us.
Should you find other problems please start a new topic.

This tread is closed.

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Hey, I've noticed that over the last few weeks my space has been decreasing even though I havent done anything to increase it (i.e. downloaded files, installed programs etc)
I run CCleaner almost every day to clear all the junk from my computer, but the space still keeps decreasing. Im afraid that soon i wont have any space left at all.
I decided to manually look where those missing gigs are located and it turned out that its in the hidden folder called Local Settings. When I rightclick it and select Properties it says 36GB and when i open it and select all the files (including the hidden ones) the total amounts to just 25 MB (megabytes not gigabytes). So where are those 36 GB? How do I delete them off my pc..

ANy help is much appreciated...

Answer:36GB lost in Local Settings!

Does the folder relate to Google Desktop by any chance? If not, what is the name of the folder please?

With regards to the full amount not showing, you may need to uncheck the option to hide protected operating system files in Tools -> Folder Options -> View.

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Can my Local Settings folder in the Documents & Settings folder be unhidden and made to stay that way? I un-hide it, it allows me to uncheck the Hidden box (making it visible), and "apply to all of the files and subfolders." But then it always re-hides itself, the next time I go into Docs & Settings, it's Hidden again - so just unchecking Hidden isn't doing the job. Is it a protected system folder? If so, I'd only want this single one visible. Can I do this?

Answer:Can my Local Settings folder be Unhidden?

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We just stuck in a new HD and in preparation for the event my son moved the entire local settings folder to an external drive. Now, we want to get all my email back (the outlook pst folder in particular) everything in the local settings folder is invisible. Yes, we know all about view, display hidden files. When I hover my cursor, the folder says it has 70 MGs of data in it, but none of the files or folders inside the Local Settings folder are visible, clickable, or in any other way accessible. Any suggestions?

Answer:My Local Settings Folder is Corrupt

welcome to TSG

try this:

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I purchased a new Dell 1764 Win 7 Professional about 2-weeks ago and have been learning how to use Win 7 - I consider myself an old XP guy!

I was in the windows explorer to see who was listed inder the Users directory where I found a directory with my name on it. I double clicked and noted the contents of the directory was the same as in XP. I clicked on the Local Settings directory (I temporarily turned off the "hide protected operating system files" option to see if contents was the same) and got a message that access was denied. I was told by a tech that this was normal in Win 7 in order to stop people from changing options, etc. which could cause problems.

My question is this - was the tech correct by saying it was locked for protection? If the answer is yes, then who can access the directory? (I have system administrator rights.


Answer:User account - Local Settings

Hello Pierre,

Yes, he was correct. The faded shortcut protected OS folders are actually only "junction points" to the actual folder instead, and are not real folders. They are used for backwards compatibility for older XP type applications that still reference them by default instead of the newer default locations in Vista and Windows 7 now. They redirect the older application to the new Vista and Windows 7 locations instead.
Hope this helps,

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I have a new Fujitsu Tablet laptop with XP Pro and SP2. I wanted to change the local security settings such as complex password, password length, etc., but these are washed out and unavailable to change. How can I reset these?Thanks in advance.

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Running Xp And Sp2. Local Setings Folder Is Missing. Enabled Every View Option In Tools Setting, As Well As Disabled Every Hide Option. All Apps Working Fine, Incl Outlook Express.

Answer:local settings folder missing

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What will happen to the UAC settings of a PC if I configure the UAC settings on a Group Policy linked to that pc? Like what if the local UAC settings on the PC is somehow the opposite settings of the UAC in the GPO?
Thank you for the answers! :)

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Hi guys, I just upgraded from win7 to win10. Smooth upgrade, but I noticed all my textfiles on my desktop and sticky notes from win7 disappeared. So I decided to restart my pc. What I noticed is on the bottom right of the screen as I reboot, it says something along the lines of "Unable to access data and documents because you are not signed in. Please sign out and re-sign in". I also notice that anything I do on thje computer gets reverted back to default after the computer is shutdown/rebooted. Now the odd thing is that my computer is called "HP" even from windows 7. So even after I sign out and sign in, I can only see "HP" as an option and no "Guest" or anything else. But even logging in as "HP" still won't recognzie me as the owner. PLease help. Thanks!

Answer:Upgraded to Windows 10, won't recognize as owner, settings dont save

Yes anything that was on your Windows 7 install will not transfer over to 10, unless it is programs and documents in folders that the OS install is set by Microsoft to transfer over. Microsoft has deemed prior editions of Windows incompatible with Windows 10, so you see a lot of issues crop up when you do a in place install. Always do a clean install, never let Windows update. The update would have been pending for reboot after idle. It is easy to stop the install if people just kept an eye on what they allow to be downloaded by Microsoft Update on the prior and current version, along with shutting down their device when not using it, instead of leaving it running and to go into sleep which can be woken up when Windows checks for updates.

As for logging in. You have to use a Live account with your email and a password. Otherwise you have to use a Local account. It is easy to go and fix if you download the Windows 10 PE and install on a USB stick.

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Currently we have a wireless set up and it connects to my laptop fine and it connects to the pc using an ethernet cable. However they both cant connect at same time and also it does not allow my ipod to use the wireless or xbox. My dads old friend set it all up and I think he secured it so only the laptop and PC could connect. I am just after finding out how to change this so I can start using my ipod and xbox to the fullest.
If more details needed I will try and find out.


Answer:dont no how to change settings so can connect wirelessly to xbox + ipod

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.

On the Internet connected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command followed by the Enter key:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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My pc:
8700K stock
2x8GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz ( XMP
Corsair 750 i
Asus Z370 Pro Gaming.
I have 2 disks. SSD Crucial 525 GB MX 300 and Toshiba 500GB.
I have an question about system Windows 10.
I installed from Pendrive USB Windows 10 from here:
On a fresh formatted ssd i install Windows 10.
When i installed Windows 10 there was a problem with...
1.When i go to windows settings, no matter what i click on system settings it wont opened. SO click and nothing.
2.Problem with web browsers ( Firefox and Chrome ).
When i go to some site, and try to download something ( right click save ), browser just hang,and not respond. I had to click X on the browser.
This happens in BOTH Firefox and Chrome, which is why I think it's an issue on Windows' part?
I remember only that during this time display driver was installing automically in background by windows.
That was this 2 problems after i installed Windows 10 from Pendrive.
I dont know how but after 2-3 restart now its all fine and working fine.
I just ask why that happened? It maybe was related to my rams?
But i tested memtests and no errors. Thanks for suggestions.
I also checked DISK status, and GOOD HEALTHS.

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Alright so Im using Windows XP SP3 and I have the 2009 version of Windows Live Messenger.I've also downloaded Messenger Plus and have that installed.Now the problem is this, I've set my scene to be something different cause I prefer dark colors for my contact list. But every once in awhile, it'll set back to the original colors or the text of my status and names on my list gloes blurry.Also I'll set my status to away or anything but online and it'll switch back to online automatically after a while.The settings arent set to do this so its not right.

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Live tiles stopped updating after blocking all outbound connections. There are default outbound rules set for all the Microsoft metro apps but that's not enough to make the tiles update. What will I need to do so that the tiles update after blocking all outbound connections?

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Hi guys, I just upgraded from win7 to win10. Smooth upgrade, but I noticed all my textfiles on my desktop and sticky notes from win7 disappeared. So I decided to restart my pc. What I noticed is on the bottom right of the screen as I reboot, it says something along the lines of "Unable to access data and documents because you are not signed in. Please sign out and re-sign in". I also notice that anything I do on thje computer gets reverted back to default after the computer is shutdown/rebooted. Now the odd thing is that my computer is called "HP" even from windows 7. So even after I sign out and sign in, I can only see "HP" as an option and no "Guest" or anything else. But even logging in as "HP" still won't recognzie me as the owner. PLease help. Thanks!

Answer:Upgraded to Windows 10, won't recognize as owner, settings dont save

Yes anything that was on your Windows 7 install will not transfer over to 10, unless it is programs and documents in folders that the OS install is set by Microsoft to transfer over. Microsoft has deemed prior editions of Windows incompatible with Windows 10, so you see a lot of issues crop up when you do a in place install. Always do a clean install, never let Windows update. The update would have been pending for reboot after idle. It is easy to stop the install if people just kept an eye on what they allow to be downloaded by Microsoft Update on the prior and current version, along with shutting down their device when not using it, instead of leaving it running and to go into sleep which can be woken up when Windows checks for updates.

As for logging in. You have to use a Live account with your email and a password. Otherwise you have to use a Local account. It is easy to go and fix if you download the Windows 10 PE and install on a USB stick.

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Live tiles stopped updating after blocking all outbound connections. There are default outbound rules set for all the Microsoft metro apps but that's not enough to make the tiles update. What will I need to do so that the tiles update after blocking all outbound connections?

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Hey, do you think I'm safe if I delete all the files and folders in the Documents and folders in the Settings/Owner/Local Settings/Temp directory? I have already "looked" at everything and it just looks like a bunch of trash from my web browsing. Any experience?

Answer:Local Settings/Temp... delete files??

note there is a distinction between the temp folder and the temporary internet files folder. theoretically, the idea is that the temp folder should have no problems if it is completely emptied at some point. some installers may leave some information in there however. i've nuked the temp folder on some pcs i've had to work on at work without problems to get rid of spyware. that's not to say with 100% certainty you won't have problems, but i personally have not

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OS XP home Ed. Svs. Pk. 2. The Local Settings folder runs as a hidden folder (Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings) settings in the folder options under tools to see hidden files & sys. files will not open unhide this folder. The two ways I have found are, do a search open properties and uncheck hidden file box or type Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings into the address bar. I know the stock answer is this folder is hidden for a purpose and should not be messed with. In my mind that is a typical Bill Gates crap answer. I like to selectively check and delete history files and review Temp files. There has to be a registry key I'm not finding that I can add a 1 to that will unhide this folder on boot up.

Answer:Unhide Local Settings & subfolders permanently

Are you running as the local admin or a regular user

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This might well be an old issue but have just joined (tonight in Australia). After some problems with various malware and a fake antivirus8 program, I downloaded Malwarebytes and ran a scan with some success. My question does not concern malware as such (yet:). When scanning, MBAV ploughs through some 30,000 temp i/net files supposedly in C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\NETWORK SERVICE\local settings\temporary internet files\contentIE5\etc. How can I rid myself of these files? They are obvoiusly invisible to Win Explorer and also to CCleaner yet plainly obvious to MBAV which does not offer to delete them however.
Any number of references to this on google but precious few answers, most sites come with yet more malware etc and not much else, hence my question. Any ideas please?

Answer:Documents and Settings\Network Service\Local...

The local settings folder is a hidden folder. If you want to see it, open 'my computer' goto 'tools' then 'folder options' then 'view' then check the 'show hidden files and folders' and press apply.

To easily clean theses files you can use 'ccleaner';1

Be careful not to install the toolbar, and it is also NOT recommeded to use the registry cleaning tool in the program.

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was doing a defrag of my system and found the majority of my fragments in my Local Settings/Temp folder. Can I delete the contents of this folder without doing any harm to my system. I know that sometimes temporary file folders can be deleted but I wanted to check on this one. My defragger was unable to fix these fragments.

BlackIce FX

Answer:Local Settings/Temp folder important?

That is just temporarily used files. It's safe to delete the contents of the folder, but not the folder.

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I used to be able to view all users local settings by searching for them and unhiding them. Yesterday, my user profile had become corrupt so I deleted it and created a new one. Now I no longer see user's Local Settings, and searches for them turn up nothing. I know they are there via command prompt, but can no longer view.
I am using Windows XP Pro.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:[SOLVED] Can no longer view Local settings

Never Mind, I actually figured it out. Thanks anyway. Maybe next time.

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I would like to know if there is any risk in deleting all of the temp files in C/Document and Settings/ User/Local Settings/ Temp. I found this forum doing a Google search on this and came up with some posts from 2005. I would like some current advice please.
Thanks in advance...

Answer:Deleting Local settings/temp files

It is safe to delete them. I have never heard of anyone experiencing problems when deleteing TEMP files, that doesn't mean that it is 100% safe.

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