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i was trying to reformat my hp pavallion dv60

Question: i was trying to reformat my hp pavallion dv60

i was trying to reformat my hp pavallion dv 6000, and in process my laptop shuts down on its own and now i am unable to start window because the registry could not be updated, so wat should i do

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Preferred Solution: i was trying to reformat my hp pavallion dv60

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: i was trying to reformat my hp pavallion dv60

You are in the XP forum, you should post here with a great deal more detail:

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Hey all, I was wondering if you all will help with me decide if this laptop is worth buying.


My current laptop that I have now is the HP Pavilion DV5000

15.4" Moniter (WideScreen)
AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML-32 (1.79 GHZ)
896MB Of RAM
ATI Moblilty Radeon Xpress 200 (128MB)
80 Gig HDD.

This laptop I would be buying at Office Depot, and they have a sale going where it's

$799.99 In store price after the "Instant" $70 Savings.
And there's a $200 Mail-In Rebate.

$851.99 Is the final price out the door, but since I work at Office Depot, My price is:

$766.00 Out the door, then you got the $200 Rebates... So after rebates I end up paying


Here's the exact laptop:


* 14.1"-diagonal widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) BrightView LCD screen
* AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-56 operating at 1.80GHz, with Enhanced Virus Protection†
* 1MB (512KB+512KB) L2 cache
* Up to 1600MHz frontside bus
* 2.0GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory (2 x 1.0GB)
* 120GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive
* LightScribe SuperMulti DVD drive with Double Layer support (reads/writes DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Double Layer, CD-R/RW)
* ExpressCard slot: supports ExpressCard/54 and ExpressCard/34
* 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN
* 10/100Base-T Ethernet network port
* 56K V.90 modem
* 3 USB 2.0 ports
* 1 FireW... Read more

Answer:Hp Pavallion Dv2416US

Also, If anyone has this laptop, let me know how you like it.

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Hii, Model Name - HP Pavallion g6 - 2014tx  I want to upgrade my laptop ram for the better performance.  So I want to know the specifications as well as the Ram slots info for my laptop. And the maximum ram size I can upgrade to. Kindly let me know the No of Slots in my model no -Maximum memory one slot can have - Current distribution of Ram over slots (I have not upgraded until now) - Type of ram (DDR Type as well as clock speed) that, I should purchase -  Thanks in Anticipation

Answer:Ram Upgrade, Ram slots on Hp Pavallion g6

Helloo @mahendra_hp, Your PC will support upto 16GB of RAM Max. ( DDR3 1600 MHz)You may use 8GB*2  Please see here :  Has detailed Information : Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee  

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Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. No, I'd afraid this computer HP Pavilion 2228tu is not officially compatible with Windows 10.HP hasn't released drivers for it and it was probably not tested for W10 compatibility. HP wouldn't officially support it with Windows 10.Windows 7 and 8.1 are officially supported on this PC model.Windows 7 and 8.1 are also good choices - they will be supported by Microsoft until year 2020 and 2023 respectively.  You might try to run Windows 10 but if any specific or driver related issues occur, HP support may not be able to assist you > I'd recommend you keep either Win 8.1 or Win 7 on it. Hope this helps.  

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This past week, I noticed that my laptop screen goes partially black when I scroll or move the cursor.   It's goes black in section or small blocks.   It will go away if I continue to scroll up or down, but then comes back.  I've removed battery and restarted which did not help.  I have also noticed when this happens that there will be overposting of text or pictures.  It is doing it as I am typing this text.   I have to scroll to be able to see what I am typing.   I have not recently installed any software.  I believe all my drivers are up to date.  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:HP Pavallion screen goes black

Hello TBone77, It will help us to help you if you give as much detail as possible. What is the exact model number of your laptop? The DV6 will have 4 numbers, followed by 2 letters ... DV6 60XXxxIt will be labeled inside the battery compartment. You can also run the HP Support Assistant to find the Product number. What exactly are you doing when this happens? Are you running a Browser? What Browser and version?Are you running a program? What program? Can you post a screen shot of this error?How to take and post a screen shot on the HP forum... I will wait for your reply.Thanks.

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One day i noticed that hp webcam is not working through HPSMART MEDIA ICON please help me how to fix this issue it also not showing any sing of error 

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I dont know if this is the right place but sounds right, My wd 1 tb my book has gone weird, yesterday it randomly popped up saying the drive needs to be formatted to be used. It already had 100 gb's worth of files on it. I tried reformating it but it said it failed. Now I cannot even get it to load on my computer. I unoinstalled the driver reinstalled it and then it pretty much freezes my computer up. once i unplug the drive it pops up saying i need to format the drive and my computer speeds right back up. Im so frustrated! I just want to reformat it so I can use it again.

Answer:External crashed asks to reformat cannot reformat

Any one? I would like to solve this problem so I dont have to buy a new one

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Hi again-

One more question on formatting FAT32 to NTFS...

Does it really matter if I do a quick reformat rather than a full reformat on 2 large drives that are relatively new and seem to have no disk problems???



Answer:quick reformat vs. full reformat

i usually just do a quick format gets the job done just fine.

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Question: cant reformat??

i tred reformatting with a windows disc and let it turn on with the disc in and pressed any key it started and then the computer turned off, then when i started the computer up there was no retore point it had been turned of and there was know previous restore point, also my graphics card driver isnt working says it could not start, and also some of the tabs have gone when i open up my computer/ properties there are tabs missing!!! how can i reformat if my comp turns off when i boot from the disc?

Answer:cant reformat??

*******FDISK Tutorial*******

FDISK Tutorial

The Basics of Fdisk:
Primary partitions are the only one that are bootable. They're always the C: drive when active. Normally you can only have one (more with some special tricks etc.) Extended partitions are needed when you want more than one partition. You can only have ONE Extended partition. Logical Drives come into the Extended partition. They are handy since you know that you can only have one Primary and one Extended so you can get more than only two partitions. They would be your D:, E:, etc. drives.

First you need to reboot your system with the Boot Disk inserted.

1.At the A: prompt start "FDISK."

2.If asked to use Large Disc support say Yes.

3.The first screen looks like this:

Create Dos Partition or Logical Drive
Set Active Partition
Delete Partitions or Logical DOS Drives
Display Partition Information
Change current fixed drive. (In case you have two or more Hard Drivess)
So, to prepare you hopefully did a backup from your data. You did, didn't you ?!

4.Next we need to remove the existing partitions. So go to 3.

5.Next screen like this:

Delete Primary DOS
Delete Extended DOS
Delete Logical Drives
Delete Non-DOS
Delete always in the following order

Logical (All) > Extended > Primary (Last)

6.Go back to first screen after all partitions have been removed.

7.Now we need to setup our new partitions. Go to 1.

This screen looks like this:

Creat... Read more

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Question: Reformat mac

Is a quick reformat with a clean cloned image followed by a 3 pass erase free space enough to securely delete personal data?   On a mac using standard HD.

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Question: reformat???

I believe I need to reformat my hard drive; my computer has not been healthy for awhile. I cannot delete about 20 or so gif's off of my desktop. I'm not sure what program they came from. I totally delete them but when I restart they all come back! Now, the icons on my desktop are showing a totally different program icon. I seem to have lost a program today, too. I ran Norton virus with an update and there are no viruses. The computer has been crashing often lately. My son, the computer expert, is advising me to reformat.

If I do reformat, how can I save all my favorites, as well as Microsoft outlook address book and all my files. I've backed everything else on my laptop.

HP Pavilion 8562
Windows 98, 2nd ed.

Please help!


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Question: Reformat

Can i get a easy step by step of reformating my computer ( windows xp ) i have the disc but i cant find the key for it. If thats even matters.


Well you are going to need the key to reinstall Windows.

I reckon you should use the Search button at the top of your screen, as this kind of thing has been brought up many a time.

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Question: Reformat?? huh?

I finally figured out how to boot from a cd and i did and i put the xp cd in and stuff i was trying to reformat i already had xp ( home ). Anwyays i followed the steps and stuff and when it was done everything was the same all my programss till here login the same. any help?

Answer:Reformat?? huh?

You need to reformat it using a windows 98 bootdisk from and then install. What you did was in place install and most things are just set back to default with your programs still there. Or all of those programs are there but you cant use them. Is this the case?

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This is with my old computer, who was having horrible slowdown problems when WinXP was on it, the 30Gb HD was partitioned into about 10 and 20Gb parts. It actually ran XP fine but for reasons not relevent began having problems.

So I decided to reformat it, and I didn't have my XP CD handy so just wanted to throw on win98. But when I go to fdisk I could not and cannot reformat the 20Gb part of the drive. I have successfully installed win98 on the 10Gb Primary Parition, BUT even though it lists the 20GB extended drive i cannot reformat it. Because when I go to reformat the 20Gb EXT drive I cannot delete the EXT partition when logical drives exist, but when I go to reformat any logical says no logical drives exist. I've never seen this before, any ideas? I kind of need access to the other 20Gbs or so on this computer.

Uh to recap the Primary partition is currently formatted FAT32 with win98 on it, while the 20Gb extended partition formatted via (cant remember what the type winxp uses, nfts? something like that) winxp sits there...

Answer:help, can't reformat HD

Hi StepsInSC,
Can you right click the 20gb drive and select format?
Try getting a DOS 6.22 disk from here:
when you download it execute it and it will want you to insert a floppy. let it finish. Change your BIOS to boot from the floppy. Put in the DOS6.22 disk. At the prompt type:
Format D:
See what happens. You may try fdisk and try to delete the partition or delete and format both and strat over.

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Question: Reformat

Can anyone help me out on reformatting my harddrive.
I have a 20gig.


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alright i want to reformat my dell 8300 dimension...luckily this is not my main rig...anyways, i have a bunch of cd's that came with the dell but i am not sure which one is used to reformat or how i am supposed to do it. The CD's that i think i am supposed to use are the operating system CD or the Resource CD...please help!

Answer:Want to Reformat...not sure how

Use the OS cd

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Question: Reformat OS

when i start my computer,it says msdos won't recgonize the *c* do I reformat this?I have my windows disc and system discs.please help.

Answer:Reformat OS

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Question: How To Reformat

I DID SEARCH IT but never got a straight answer

Ok. How do i reformat, I have no clue where to start all I know is I am supposed to use the format c: command. Im on XP pro. Im pretty sure i CANT do it when Im logged in and such. So please a straight forward explanation would be greatly appreciated

Answer:How To Reformat

You don't necessarily need to use the command prompt reformat.. Do you have an XP pro CD ? If so... SAVE WHAT YOU NEED, then boot to the CD... And select reinstall windows.
Make sure you delete the partition and format using NTFS.

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OK. Here is the computer I'm giving my mom strictly for email. I need to reformat.

How do I do this. I don't have a cd or anything. I want to send it back to the factory condition. Someone loaded windows 2000 on it but it does not have enough memory to be running this. However, do 98 and 2000 require the same memory?

I just want it back to original factory.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Answer:How do you reformat this?

Get more memory. You really cant do anything without an OS disk

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I have a sound problem with games that is not going away. i have windows xp.
How do I reformat?
Does it delte EVERYTHING on my C: and D: drive?


Answer:How do you reformat?

This should really be in another forum, but you boot from the Windows CD and it will give you the option of formatting before you install. Yes it will delete everything on the drive you tell it to.

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Question: reformat hd

Question: When reformatting hard drive using the recovery disc's, how many times is the hard drive being rewritten? Just curious, plus the question was put to me and I had no answer. Thanks.

Answer:reformat hd

Originally Posted by bassfisher6522

Question: When reformatting hard drive using the recovery disc's, how many times is the hard drive being rewritten? Just curious, plus the question was put to me and I had no answer. Thanks.

I dont think it is being re-written at all. It is only "re-written" when the O/S re-installs and/or data written back onto the drive.
When you format a disk, the operating system only "zeros" the root directory and the tables containing the list of sectors on disk that are occupied by files. Pay attention when you format a hard drive, a message "Verifying x%" is shown. The hard drive isn't being formated; the format command is only testing the hard disk magnetical surface in order to see if there is any error and, in case if a error is found, mark the defective area as bad (the famouse "bad blocks" or "bad sectors").

That is why recovery software is able to retrieve the HDD data on those areas of a "formatted" drive not overwritten by the newly installed O/S or newly installed programs/data.

Essentially "formating" is akin to removing the "table of contents"-the directory of the HDD contents. i.e., like taking a book and ripping out the "table of contents" page. The data is still on the drive, just as the pages are still in the book- untill it is written over again, and If you know how to reconstruct the "table of Contents&q... Read more

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Question: reformat...

Well I have a seanix and well it comes wit a recovery disc and well I do all the process and it seems not to allow me reformate??? Any help?

thank you


when you boot off the recovery disc it should partition your hd and copy over the os as it appeared when you first purchased the pc.

if you want to format the drive first, copy to a startup disk.

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Question: reformat, or fix?

Hey guys, both of my computers broke down after I opened and closed them to clean.

Everything inside is connected.

One of them, doesn't do anything besides turn on. The monitor stays dark (although it's connected) and it doesn't make any sounds besides the regular fans working. No beeps, shifts, anything.

The other is the one that I believe is fixable without a reformat.

I turn it on, wait, it goes through half of the POST process, then makes a shifting noise, before going to the safemode selection screen, and then regardless of which option you choose, it'll lag a little, and then restart.

I'm more concerned about the other one, because I can't reformat without anything to see. Any help?

Answer:reformat, or fix?

make sure all the cables are "firmly" in place.

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Question: Had to reformat...

I used the telephone support from Linksys and let them fix my computer by paying them $10 so I didn't have to do anything. Shortly afterwards I got a virus and a happy face appeared on my monitor. The repair shop I brought it to didn't offer much but they did say that by letting the Linksys tech support "automatically" fix my problems over the internet, I opened a gateway for the virus to get in. Does that sound right?

Answer:Had to reformat...

Go into "My Computer" > "C:" (or whatever you're C: drive is called > Right-Click > "Format".

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Question: hd reformat

will windows xp delete everything previously on a harddrive if i do a clean install?

p.s. i want it to

Answer:hd reformat


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Well I got my uncle to reformat my computer. I would like to know how I keep it from getting messed up again. What can I use to keep virus's off? ECT.

Answer:Ok Just Reformat. Help

I recommend Norton Anti-Virus. That one you have to pay. But I definately recommend getting Spybot:Search and Destroy, and Ad-Aware for spyware and ads, both of which are free.

But for Viruses, you can't get much better than Norton.

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Question: Cannot reformat

I have tried doing it in safe mode, hard drive diagnostics tools and turning off files being used from the hard disk including system restore and anitvir. Can anyone help me with this poroblem?

Answer:Cannot reformat

Spud, you CANNOT reformat a hard drive while booted up in Windows if you are trying to reformat the active partition.

EDIT: I read your other posting. Let me try to make this clear for you. Let's say you have a 20 GB HDD. If that HDD is all one single partition and you are trying to reformat it, you cannot do it while booted up in Windows; in essense you're telling windows to delete itself! You simply cannot do that. However, if that hard drive is partitioned into 3 partitions; say Primary is 10 GB with two logical partitions of 5 GB each, then your Primary will become the C: drive with letters D: and E: for the logical. If yiou are booted up in windows, you can reformat D or E - but you CANNOT format C:\ drive. I hope this makes sense for you now.

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Okie, so i got this tower couple days ago. Its a dell dimension 3000, its used.. it needs to be reformated there is alot of stuff on it.. virus, and god knows what else.. i have tried everything to reformat it.. i dont have the cds for it.. cause when i got it the lady said that she lost them.. and i dont wanna have to buy the cds for a spare computer. I have tried to use my windows xp cd that i use to reformat my home computer. And it doesnt work, i also have tired since dell has programed into some of there machines the ctrl f11 but that doesnt work either.. so i was wondering is there any other ways out there to reformat it?

Answer:no cds and need to reformat

and welcome to the Forum

If you can borrow any Dell Reinstallation cd you can use that. You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

This is a great guide for reinstalling on a Dell:

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Question: Can't Reformat


Recently, I've tried to format, but I am always getting an error. I have tried system restore as well, but still it continues not to work. Here is the error:

File \minint\system32\KDCOM.DLL could not be loaded. The error code is 14.

The only problem with actually totally reinstalling Windows, is that I have a HP computer. Why is this a problem? Because my restore files are on a separate hardrive, so I do not have the actual CD. I've tried looking for this directory on the other drive, but could not. Is there any possible way to totally reformat without using the system restore provided by HP?


Answer:Can't Reformat

Get a Windows XP Professional CD, wipe both partitions clean, then install.

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Question: reformat HDD

How do I reformat my hard drive? From DOS?

Answer:reformat HDD

Boot with a floppy that has on it. When you get to the A:\ prompt, type format c: or format c: /s if you want the system files on the hard drive .

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Question: ReFormat HD

Heres my problem got a new tv tuner card installed it try to add driver to my cyrix 233 would not load called customer support was told my OS was bad or cdrom was bad . So i tried new cdrom no good still would not load driver . Then i made the big step of reformat HD now i can't load from A drive with start up disk . I go to setup cmos and A is loaded and is 2nd after IDE but i get error invalded disk retry i don't think it's looking at A drive to boot from there

Answer:ReFormat HD

Hi utilitydon

Go into the bios setup and change the bootup order to A first, Then save setting on exit.
Try booting off the setup disk again.

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Question: Reformat

I have windows me full version on a custom built computer. My cd-rom drive doesn't work that well. If I want to reformat my hard drive could I use my cd-rw drive instead to read my windows me cd from? Does anyone know if that would work or not?

Do I just change the drive letter from e:\setup to f:\setup?
My cd-rom drive is d so I use e:\setup
My cd-rw drive is e so I guess I would use f:\setup is that correct?


Yeah, I have a CD-RW I use for everything. You have to change the drive letter to the letter of the CD-RW drive. In my case it's f:\setup.

In your case it would be e:\setup

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 running Windows XP Home. I want to reformat and reinstall Windows. Everywhere I've looked on the internet says to put the brown Windows XP CD in the drive, turn on the power, and press F12 while on the Dell screen. Then go down to "IDE CD-ROM device" and press enter, so it boots from the CD drive. The problem is, even if I do that, it still boots normally.

My friend's dad is a computer repair/technician guy and he said to boot from the Dell ResourceCD, but as with earlier, it didn't work.

Then he said to try, while on the Dell screen, pressing Ctrl+F11 and it should take me to a screen where I can reformat. But if I press that on the Dell screen it beeps and says "Keyboard failure" and then takes me to a screen that says "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start properly, this may have been caused by a recent hardware or software change" and asks me if I want to boot up in safe mode or normal.

Does anyone one know what the problem is or if I am doing something wrong?!?! Help....

Answer:I need help to reformat!

your mobo is probably set to not boot from CD. When your computer starts, press DEL or F2 or whatever to enter your BIOS settings screeen and look around, check to see if your settings allow CD-rom boot. If that's fine, use a startup disk to enter DOS, and then do the setup command from there.

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when i put in the xp cd and begin the new installation it runs thru the process until it comes to installing windows and then it says cannot install kbdus.dll you must shut down. when i retried i either get this message or the blue page that says to prevent damage to your pc it will stop. i want to wipe it clean and start fresh. how can i get a clean installation ?

Answer:trying to reformat xp pro

is it a legal copy? mighbe damaged disk..

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Question: reformat

hey i was going to reload my windows 98 and i put in the win98 boot disk and started with cd rom support but when i typed fdisk nothing happened..can anyone help me ...and i also get a cdrom101 error


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ok basically, i've got a few problems.

1) my x-fi gets messed up when i try to plug my MIC into it so i've gotta use my oboard
2) sometimes my windows likes to give me memory error issues ( yes i ran memtest and i got 0 errors)


when i formatted my raptor, i put it in a 20gb partition, and i installed my important programs on the raptor (bf2) and my unimportant programs on my 250gb caviar (m$ office). so, could i install my version of windows on my 40GB left of space, and then delete my other one? would i get any trouble since i'd be using the same CD key???



Answer:To Reformat Or Not To Reformat...

You can't use the same CD-key of Windows twice.

And if it's OEM, you can only reformat a certain number of times.

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Question: Reformat HDD

Hi,I would like to reformat my HDD (all partitions including the hidden thinkvantage one). How do I do this?I have an ongoing problem and tech support advised I reformat the disk. Using the rescue and recovery discs did not solve the problem (they are now sending me new discs).I installed Ubuntu which I thought took back the entire disk. But when I switch on the laptop, I still get (briefly) the black lenovo/thinkvantage screen before Ubuntu loads. Or do I get this screen regardless?Thanks!

Answer:Reformat HDD

You'd get the ThinkPad BIOS boot screen at POST regardless of the operating system installed.

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Question: How do i reformat?

Ok not really how to just, what cd do i need? is there any other way to reformat my computer w/o using the cd?

Im reformating from Windows ME by the way... do i need the recovery cd?

Answer:How do i reformat?

Nobody knows much about Windows ME because nobody likes it.

But you most definitely will need the CD's to format your hard drive.

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Question: Reformat then OC

For some reason when I formatted this PC for the first time the HDD got split into 2 partitions, at the time it would not let me create 1. C:// drive ending up at 123GB and the other G:// drive becoming 170GB.

How can I make sure I can have my HDD format into a single partition? Would the SATA port it went into make a difference? I plan to update the BIOS before the format. Its a SATA HDD and my motherboard is the ASUS commando.

Another question is after the reformat. What are the first drivers I should go about installing? Last time I stuck in the CD that came with the MB and just installed everything then installed video card drivers. Good idea?

I plan to then OC my E6300. I have 2GB Dual channel OCZ memory PC6400 800Mhz. I don't know how to go about OC'ing the memory as well for maximum performance between the memory and the processor. I want to crank the E6300 up quite a bit because I have heard lots about its OC potential. Up to 2.5Ghz+ possibly? I have a Tuniq Tower 120 which cools it really nicely.

So yeah.. any advice on what to do about reformatting my HD or OCing.

Answer:Reformat then OC

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hey guys i was gona buy a new motherboard and i was wondering do i still gota reformat? if so can i just set bios 2 boot from harddrive and use the windows that i used on my old mobo?

Answer:do i have 2 reformat??

no you do not have to reformat

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Question: T30 Reformat

Hi I reformated my friends T30 Thinkpad laptop (I have reformated hundreds of computers) and this is the first where when windows is installing it can't find multiple drivers. If I remember correct while installing it cant find the battery, and a couple of others and when it finish's I get the blue screen of death. It isnt the CD that came with the computer but rather a new copy of XP. Has anyone had this problem or knows how to solve it? Thanks,Josh

Answer:T30 Reformat

Try to change your hard drive to Compatible Mode in Bios (F1 at startup). Or you can integrate T30 drivers into XP Installation Disc with nLite and burn!

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Question: Reformat


My apologies for my ignorance if this question is seen as stupid.
I wish to reformat my computer. I have ISO's for Win 10 Anniversary and
and Win 10 Creator (1703) versions.

Can I use Creator to install Windows 10 on my computer after I reformat or do
I have to install Anniversary version first.
I will use program( produkey_setup.exe) to ascertain my Win 10 Pro product
Any advice/assistance would be appreciated.

Noel Southam


If you've burnt the ISO to a DVD, you can boot, re-format and install Creators direct from that disc. No need to install an old version first

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please tell me how to do it

Answer:what is ''reformat''?

search before you post. Educate yourself

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Please tell me that you formatted your HDD after you popped in your new mobo lol

I just read this in a post and as I am building a new comp I was interested. I am using a Seagate 120GB hard drive that is in my current system now. Is it necessary to re-format when putting a Hard Drive in a different or new computer?

Answer:Reformat Necessary?

You shouldn't have to. I've switched out several HDs with my computers...

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Question: Reformat?

Say i have an old p3 and i wanna upgrade to a basic pentium 4, would i have to reformat the harddrive after ive installed all the new hardware or would it be ok, becuase ive heard that it usually works but it pretty buggy.


The hardware differences would have to be minute for it to not screw up. I would format and reinstall, just to be safe.

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Question: Reformat Hd

I am running xp on a homebuild system. I started it a couple days ago and was given the message windows/system32/config/system is missing or corrupt. I have tried, after changing boot order to cd, reformatting the machine with the xp disk and I keep getting the message about system32 and it tells me to use xp disk to repair. I can`t crack into the machine at all. The opticals seem to be functioning fine. The lights come on and they spin but the machine doesn`t recognize them or maybe it`s the os being nasty. I am wondering if I can take the infected hd out and reformat it on my other machine by placing it as the slave. I can`t think of another way to handle this. Can anyone help me to do this. Otherwise, I will have to buy another hd and this one has always worked fine unless it is shot. I don`t know. Can`t test anything. Thanks,.

Answer:Reformat Hd

I know the XP CD will try to load the local registry files when trying to detect the current installation (And possibly BSoD if it doesnt find it...ugh)

If you do have another pc, probably the easiest method is the one you described--slaving it in another machine to reformat it. If you do not want to lose any information, you can also try running a minimal setup to restore the system state.

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Question: Reformat

I am running xp and have come up with a corrupted registry. I can`t get into xp at all. The computer doesn`t even recognize my opticals so I cannot reformat from the os disk. I am thinking of pulling out the hd and putting it on my other machine to reformat. Never done this before so maybe someone can give me some advice as to how. I think I just set my problem hd as slave. But will the opticals work? They should if the problem hd is set as slave, right? Help. I need some Help with this. Thanks.


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okay i reformatted xp, now i cant connect to internet or change my screen resolution setting.

the monitor driver installer disc opens a html file explaining whats its going to do but never does anything.

Btw Dell >.<

how do i connect to my router?

any help much appreciated

Answer:After reformat help

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Question: Reformat X31

How do you reformat an X31? I hit the Access IBM button but don't know what to do nextThanks in advance

Answer:Reformat X31

no answers yet

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I installed WinXP Pro but the activation code has been used already too many times. Was trying to put on another machine at office. Boss won't allow purchase of another license so ned to put back the way it was. Unfortunately, I can't get to the DOS prompt to reformat the drive and re-install the old OS. It keeps rebooting to the Windows splash screen for login and activation.

I did use the DEL key at reboot but there isn't an option to boot to the DOS prompt. Also tried the F8 key but again no option for just the DOS prompt.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Need to reformat HD

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Question: how do i reformat?

can someone please tell me?

Answer:how do i reformat?

It's pretty easy. In fact Microsoft has done a nice job of taking all the pain out of wiping the hard drive and reinstalling XP. Pop your Windows XP disk in the CD ROM drive and wait for the installation menu to come up.

Choose "Install Windows XP" then it will go into a new screen that lists a bunch of steps. From the from the pulldown menu choose "New Installation (Advanced)" and let the software do the rest.

It will wipe out all the data on your hard drive and put a fresh copy of Windows XP on the system.

There is some evidence however that the XP installer program does not wipe the drive completely.

If you really want to make sure the drive is scrubbed, then see our new Reformat and Reinstall with Windows XP

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Question: Need to reformat?

i'm getting a new m/b and processor and transferring everything else (except ram), so will i need to reformat the harddrive?

Answer:Need to reformat?

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I have been having trouble with my PC for a while now, I ran an online virus scan this morning and now know I have 4 non-cleanable trojans. Also, my system hasn't worked as well since I installed (then uninstalled because my system became unusable) the service pack for XP. Hence, the desire to reformat.

I have the WinXP home CD and have tried to use the recovery disk to fix the problem but the message I get is that it is not finding my hard drive. I have a SATA drive and am not using the RAID utility. I had planned on using a boot floppy and fdisk utility but it seems somewhere along the way, unnoticed by me, my floppy drive quit working.

I really want to clean install my operating system. Any suggestions on how I can do this?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Need to reformat - need help

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Question: reformat

I have windows me on my computor, and would like to delete everything on my pc, and reinstall windows xp.


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Question: Reformat

Recently had to reformat as i killed startup files , however programs that came preinstalled with my dell when i got it are no longer there , e.g intel pro set wireless , is there any way of getting these back , the only disk i got was the OS install disk??


Try see if they are downloadable from dell's website

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Question: Reformat win 10

Hello all,

Can someone instruct me the correct way to reformat windows 10 home. I want reformat to where everything is erased and back to factory condition (like new). I assume when this done that win 10 will reinstall itself and any programs, etc that came with the Pc when it was bought new. I have an HP 510-010a with win 10 Home

Answer:Reformat win 10

You have to watch the screen when you first power on the PC, it should show you what key to push to start the Recovery process.

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recently defraged my computer, and since then I have been noticing my computers been running very slow, and just today, i realized that my G drive (the drive i keep all my pics and such in) isnt opening. Its giving me error msgs like "Parameters not met" and errors also saying I need to re format this drive. I havnt done anything yet, but I was hoping theres something I can do, because I know if i Reformat I will lose all my info from that drive. Is there anything I can do so I wont lose all my info?

Answer:Do I Have To Reformat?

There are quite a few file recovery programs out there and if the drive is still showing up in Windows you can try them. Some let you see if they can recover files before you have to pay (and actually recover the files). One is available at:

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Question: Reformat

I Had My Computer Worked On About Six Months Ago,my Hard Drive Crashed. The Person Who Worked On It Installed Xp. My Guess Is He Pirated It Because It Will Not Validate At I Want To Wipe Out Xp And Reinstall 98 I Can Not Get Gwscan To Run, To Reformat The Hard Drive Also I Have A Bigger Usb Hard Drive That I Would Like To Swapout How Do I Format That


hi, phone the hotline to activate it, because through my expierience the online has never worked, it always rejects it, and thats been on about 6 different computers, when you phone, do it via the operator not the automated machine asking for the code because thats the same as online validation and doesnt work.

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I have a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO that I installed in my old Win 7 machine last year. I am moving it into my new XPS 8700 with Win 10. I am trying to do a Secure Erase so that I can clone the Win 10 drive over to the SSD. The Samsung Magician software will not do Secure Erase in Windows 10, it requires creating a USB or CD boot drive to perform Secure Erase. (The old Win 7 HDD no longer works, so I can't run Magician from it.)
I have created the bootable CD, but now need to change the boot drive to the CD/DVD so that SE can run. I tried Advanced startup and chose the CD/DVD, but it does not boot from the CD, it just defaults to the OS drive.
Does anyone know how to change the boot drive in UEFI? I know how to do it in BIOS, but that's no longer an option.

Answer:reformat SSD from Win 7 to Win 10

Unless I am mistaken, you will have 2 entries for your CD drive one will be the name of the CD drive and the other will be UEFI name of your CD drive. Try using the UEFI entry.

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Question: Can't reformat

My monitor light does not turn green until the desktop is loaded. It's not the monitor, because the same thing happens when I try it with another monitor. Because of this, I couldn't reformat the usual way so I tried to install xp by loading the setup from the desktop. After restarting, my monitor would not turn on at all, and now I can't access anything. Please help!

Answer:Can't reformat


I am sorry. I dont get anything you said. Your monitor doesnt turn on till the desktop loads? That is a issue itself.

So you tried to format from within Windows? Cant do it. If you are using Windows you cant format the drive that Windows uses. How can you use the Operating system to format itself. What would you run then?

You will need to first figure out why your monitor wont load till it reaches the desktop. Then we can work on having you format.


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Question: XP CD to reformat?

Can i use my XP CD to reformat my other partition since it will not complete the reformat in windows?

Answer:XP CD to reformat?

The XP cd sees the option for creating or deleting partitions. The installer will format a new primary in order to copy the compressed setup files for Windows onto a newly created primary. Vista the new version now sees the option to format or even reformat a new or existing partition. Your best option if nothing important is on it since you are trying to reformat is simply to delete the problem and see a totally new partition take it's place.

You should readily be able to see the new one formatted with the Disk Management tool unless Windows is having a problem of it's own. Otherwise you would have to borrow a Vista dvd to boot like you were installing long enough to select the optional drive tools and select the format option there followed by canceling the install.

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Question: HDD won't reformat

When I try to format I get a message saying

"Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive, and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive. Then try formatting again."

1. I took everything off the drive so there should not be a problem.
2. This drive is not running as far as I know.

3. How can I tell if it is running in the background? I don't know why it would there is nothing on it.

When I go through disk management it says...

"The volume My Passport (f Primary partition is currently in use. To force the format of this volume, click Yes. WARNING: Forcing a format might cause unexpected errors in the application that is using this volume. Do you want to continue?"

So what is this? Is it okay to click yes?

Answer:HDD won't reformat

Have the done the 'safe removal' process? The drive might still be mounted. Or go to my computer and Eject it if it gives you the choice.

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Question: Reformat

Im going to reformat my comp(im buying a XP disk) and i want to know, will i need to call my ISP(road runner highspeed) to get my internet back after the reformat?


Most use the MAC of the cable or DSL modem to send your signal so it shouldn't be an issue.

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Okay, I'm having some issues. My computer is infected with some sort of virus. I've backed up everything important, now I'd just like to wipe it and start over. I HAVE the operating system on cd. The problem? Somehow this virus (I assume) is not allowing my computer to use the cd drives.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated! I have Windows XP Professional.

Answer:Need Help: reformat XP, how?

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I have a trojan that I know of. its called startdrv.exe

But the thing is I can't access my task manager at all, it says that my administrator turned it off. I am the admin. i never did that.

Second, I tried to reformat, went to bios and tried to access my C: drive and it said I failed. All i need to do is help to reformat.

I am computer savvy but I don't know any severe technical terms or processes. I have a Dell XPS 600, if that helps.

I am using a different computer because my Dell is really slow, thanks alot guys.


Answer:I have tried everything, can not reformat at all.

You might be better off asking for help cleaning your system . . click on the Spyware Cleaning link in my signature for help with that.

If you are ready to reinstall . .

Many Dells come with a Recovery facility that lets you restore the pc to the condition it was shipped.

Look at this for more:

If yours does not have this. come back and I can guide you thru a reinstall

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For some reason 2 DVD+DW discs I have used in the past will not erase or record over. Is there a way to re-format them? Nero & DVD Dycrypter willl not let me do this.

Answer:Can I reformat a DVD+RW?

I wouldn't rely on rewritable DVDs - as you're discovering, they don't really bear repeated use. If you can't make it work in Nero, I suspect the DVD is corrupted in some way.

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Question: Reformat help !!

Im had a Cicero computer but i changed the motherboard
I want to reformat the computer but the old Cicero CD doesnt work
What should i do to reformat?

Answer:Reformat help !!

Unfortunately changing the motherboard may have invalidated your Windows License. Does the PC have a 25 digit keycode for XP on the case somewhere? If yes, you should be able to use an OEM XP installation CD (if you can find one from a friend) to reinstall XP. Unfortunately, however, XP that comes with a PC is usually tied to the motherboard it is first installed on. After installing you'll need to call Microsoft and explain your case and hope that they let you use your old license on the new motherboard. Otherwise you'll need to buy a new copy of XP.


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Question: REformat

how to i reformat my PC can u guys tell me how please?


using windows cd...tell me the version of windows and computer u have

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I decided it was time to reformat my hard drive so I used a partition tool called Mini Tool Partition Wizard. I'm pretty sure it was successful in wiping my hard drive. The problem is that my Acer only Windows 7 upgrade disk doesn't seem to work. It ran just fine prior to wiping the drive, but now there's nothing. Whenever I start my pc all I see is a black screen with a flashing cursor.

Any idea how I can restore windows 7 on my pc? I would just call Acer support but they expect you to have a pc which is under warranty before they will answer even general questions such as this one. In other words, I thought perhaps I could ask them for some type of recovery disc seeing as how I still have the original disc.

Answer:Reformat gone bad - please help

See here: How to Do a Clean Install with an Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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...which has a network of 2 laptops via a Belkin router attached... Will I have to go through the whole network set up process again? Or will it work if I just reinstall the belkin software?ThanksBarrydol, who doesnt want to go through the whole process again.

Answer:If I reformat my PC...

all your networking settings will be lost.You say "via a Belkin router attached" - what do you mean by that? If the router is a wireless one, and I assume it is - then it will be connected to your broadband service, and its settings will be unaffected. If the connection to your PC is via an ethernet cable then the PC will immediately pick up and recognise the connection after the format - you shouldn't have to install any Belkin software.

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i want to reformat my laptop(toshiba satellite c640) using dvd drive,but there is no CD/DVD drive in boot menu. the only choices are
1. HDD
2. USB
3. ODD
4. ...

i need help please..
thanks n advance...

Answer:[help] pc reformat po

mangyaring gamitin ang google tagasalin upang isalin ang iyong mga post

Google Translate

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I'm trying to reformat vista on my dell xps without a disk.

It never had one and I've reformatted before by just pressing one of the "F" keys on startup but can't seem to remember which one or make any of them work!

Can somebody PLEASE help me?

I'm being overtaken by adware and desperately need a reformat!

Answer:Help me reformat!!!???

I think that you mean that you want to "recover" your system. System recovery resets the HDD to the factory shipped condition. It will destroy all data on the HDD that has been added since. I believe that recovery is done on a Dell by using F10 but I suggest that you visit your manual or the Dell website. With your tag number you can look at the specifics of your particular computer and the manual as well.

You also might try uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver (it will be on Dell's website). Failing to get the keys operational with that step, try another keyboard.

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Question: Reformat

If I'd like to reformat my hard drive before installing Windows 7 what must I do please?Thanks


Hello Titi,

You could do a clean install of Windows 7 to do that all at once during the installation if you like.

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Question: reformat xp only

I use rollback rx. I made a recovery disk for it and it works ok.

I done a back up image. I just wondering do I have to reformat HD before restoring the image .

I have an xp disk.

Can I just use xp disk to reformat only without doing a complete reinstall
of OS.

I tried using windows ME bootdisk that does FAT not NTFS.


Answer:reformat xp only

As far as i know you just boot up with the disk in cd drive and it will restore the image.

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Question: Reformat

i was not sure where to put this thread seeing i have some problems im sorry if its in the wrong place

Hello ,

ok i need a little help i just reformatted due to virus sadly
i used my CD that came with it and all after i did there was something wrong i didn't have sound or anything i was able to get my sound by downloading a program but i have errors and other stuff on my computer that i dont know how to fix i have feeling its cuz of my hard drive my hard drive failed about a year ago and i had to get it replaced i have tryed putting the CD in and repaired the stuff thats not working and everything but i dont know what to do
my friend told me to download " driver detective " and it will help on whats not working this is what i says

the following are " out of date " and they will not update
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
-Standard dual channel PCI IDE controller
-VIA bus Master IDE controller
Network adapters
-Realtek RTL8139 family PCI fast Ethernet NIC
System devices
-(8) PCI standard ISA bridge
-Universal serial bus controllers

i have errors in the following
Other devices
-CIF single chips
-PCI simple communications controller
-Video controllers(VGA compatible)
-(2) VIA Rev 5 or later USB universal host controller

it has update options but it cost $30 for this program so i rather not do that cuz i dont have $30

Thank you for your help


What Brand and Model is the computer you reformatted?

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Question: need to reformat

I need to reformat my hard drive because of a virus how do i keep my rank and profile for my new os

Answer:need to reformat

You can copy off any data files (docs, pics, faves, emails, etc...) before formatting.

What is "my rank"?

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just recently reformated, now this:
my laptop, (ASUS A2000, kinda old but sharp) will not hibernate or go into stand by (whatever one it is) when i close the lid. now, when i go into control panel>system performance>advanced there is the option for which i am to choose what i would like my laptop do once it closes and the only option i am able to select is "do nothing", which struck me as odd. oh yeah, XP Home by the way. i have heard of problems in which it goes stand by for a couple of secs and then comes out but in this case it never enters. when i close lid it just continue to run normally. i.e., i can hear avast tell me "virus database has been updated." i shouldnt be able to hear that. as far as i know i have installed all proper drivers and according to device manager all are working properly. even in the window where you can either stand by, restart or shut down the stand by "button" is shaded gray so i cant click it, help!!!
p.s. when i originally installed windows on this machine i never had this issue, same with drivers.

Answer:changes after reformat C:\

Hello Aubrey91638 and welcome to TSF

First I would like you to go to Microsoft Windows Update, and I would like you to get all of you Windows Updates. Make sure to use Microsoft Update and get all your updated drivers to. After doing this I would like you to go to:

1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Power Options Windows
4. Enable Hibernation and Standby
5. Then go to the General Tab and where it says when I close the lid of my computer, set it to standby

This should fix the issue, just remember to get ALL of the Microsoft Updates.

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Question: HD reformat??

Please help me if you can. Can anyone tell me if, when I reformat my hard drive by booting into the Windows CD an reformatting from there if ALL the hard drive is formatted? I believe, from the evidence, that this is not so, am I correct. I am sure that I need to reformat the whole thing as I have recently reformatted THREE times in an attempt to cure an ailing machine with no luck whatsoever. If I am correct and there is an area that is not cleaned (boot sector?)is there a way I can do so, perhaps from DOS. I am running XP Pro. Many thanks

Answer:HD reformat??

click here

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I recently picked up a Dell Dimention 3100 pc from a place that went out of business. It has a network password on it and I think that is why it won't let me reinstall windows. It has windows xp pro on it currently. I could care less about whatever files that may be on it, so that is why I'm trying to just reinstall windows since it came with the disk and serial for windows xp. I know that you don't help with password overriding because of hackers and such, but is my question ok for you guys to answer?

It doesn't seem to want to read the windows installation disk when I start the pc up. On my other pc I have an option to boot from the disk when I press f12, or f8 (I can't recall off hand). With this pc I don't see that option. I get an option on the boot menu to boot from the onboard SATA harddrive, or the onboard USB or cd rom drive. It's not the same as my normal pc and I don't know what to do.

Answer:Help, won't let me reformat

I wanted to add that I think it is a network password because it asks me to press control alt delete to log in, something my other pc doesn't do.

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Hi, I'm a computer newbie. For the past month, my PC has been infected with a virus, cleaned with anti-malware programs, and re-infected again repeatedly. After browsing around for solutions, it seems like I have some "backdoor trojan". So, I've decided I want to reformat and wipe everything clean, making my PC 100% virus free. However, I have a lot of concerns about it. I'm worried that the virus will survive any reformatting as I've heard there are some boot sector viruses. I also don't know the "correct" method of thorough reformatting. I've heard about using disk cleaning utilities, zero filling, boot and nuking, low-level formatting, and manufacturer formatting and I'm not sure the way to go. Also, I lost my OS disk. Can anyone please help me? Thanks so much.

My computer specs are:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Answer:Best way to reformat PC?

if you lost your OS disk how you do install after your format...

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Question: Reformat HD

My D*** is running very slowly and I want to reformat it and reload the op. sys. and progs.Is it worth 'cleaning'it before reformatting?

Answer:Reformat HD

Is it worth 'cleaning'it before reformatting? Norefomatting will clean it anyway.CAn you not reset it to factory settings? Saves reloading the op system and drivers, all you will need to do then is install the updates.

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Actaully I want to reformat all my PC's... I am beyond aggrivated at how much their performance has degraded since I bought them, especially my laptop. I've never reformatted a machine before so I'd like to know what I should do to back up all my files. On my laptop I have about 15 gb of music that I definately want to preserve. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are any websites that already explain how to do this please feel free to refer me to them.

thank you,

Answer:I would like to reformat my PC

Reformating may not be needed. Factors such as - how often do you clean temporary windows and internet files, how much RAM do you have, has your antivirus done a good job of keeping out crap, how many programs do you have running in the background, do you have a spyware/ad ware prevention etc..... Doing a good clean up might do wonders. Just something to think about as a reformat and install is no small job.

On to an answer to your question:
The best way to do so is buy an external hard drive (80, 120,160 gig or so) and use that to back up all your files. Otherwise, you would need about 20 CD's just for your music. You can get them on e-bay really cheap. Either way- back up everything.

Make sure you have all the discs for the computers that you are going to format and re-install XP. By that I mean the OS Disc and the Mulit-Media or Drivers disc for that particular computer. If I were you I would do one at a time and make sure one is near by and able to connect to the internet to download drivers and troubleshoot if someting goes off kilter.

Then plan about a half a day to get the job done.

Check out these two links for format and install instruction.

Do a google search on format and install windows if you would like to compare
different instructions. I gave two for that purpose.

Good luck-

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Its that time to completely wipe my computer clean and start over. There is nothing wrong with the computer its just very cluttered with years of adding and deleting and I just want a clean palette. I have reordered the boot configuration in BIOS to put the "atapi cdrom" first and then hard drives/floppy to follow. (The HDD is not original to the computer I upgraded to a 120 GB Western Digital a couple years ago). But when I put in the XP reinstallation cd the screen that asks to press any key to boot from cd doesnt come up it just continues to boot as normal. The CD works fine because I put it in another computer and it pops right up. I have disabled quick and quiet boot in the BIOS. Ive tried hitting the space bar throughout the bootup just to see what will happen and a profile selection page comes up and only one profile is listed. I updated the BIOS to A14 from the Dell Support page. The installation CD is not the original CD that came with this computer its from another computer but I have tried it on other computers and it works on all but the one I want. All computers are Dells. I have even tried making a CD-R copy of the CD -- still nothing.

I theeeeeeeeeeen tried to make XP setup boot disks. I was actually getting somewhere until I put in disk 2 of 6 and this message came up:

"File ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The Error Code is 7" then says hit any key to exit setup.


I am told it may be memory issues or even the ... Read more

Answer:XP Won't Reformat!!

You may have a bad floppy disk. Floppies go bad real easily. Determine
which boot floppy it failed on and remake with a new disk.

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Question: pc reformat help!

i'm wanted to reformat my pc due to infection but i don't know how to do it the right way..please, please help me. thanks!

nVidia GeForce 9800 GT

Answer:pc reformat help!

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Question: Reformat?

Alright. I'll be brief. I'm a huge gamer. My new PC is very good for playing games, but recently contracted upwards of 21 Trojan viruses. The PC I'm using now is a spare, but it's practically worthless and doesn't even compare to the other one spec-wise.

Now, could a complete reformat of Drive C fix all the issues I'm having? Would I need a Windows XP installation CD, or would a reformat just delete the files but leave the OS?

It would take $90 to fix the PC at a shop, which I cannot afford, much less a Windows XP CD. I also have the Supplemental Recovery Disc that I ordered from the company a while back when I was having PC issues.

Model: HP Pavilion a1218n (Windows XP Home Media Center Edition)

Any help you can offer is much appreciated, thanks.


If it's this infected, and it's an HP, you might consider just reinstalling XP from the Restore partition.

You can get free expert help here, but frequently after extensive malware removal the system is so crippled that a reinstall becomes necessary anyways.

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Question: Bad Reformat?

I have a hp pavilion 763n, I just did a reformat and went through the whole process of setting up computer name, language, and time zone and all that stuff that you in that menu when you first start xp. When I click in the finish button to finish the setup it just freezes and nothing happens. I've waited 2 hrs and still nothing happens. Ive tried doing the registration again but it keeps on freezing when im about to finish.

Answer:Bad Reformat?

Hi dynoman..

first thing to check is the quality of the disc. Are there any scratches, marks, dirt or other signs of damage on the data side of it? Also, did you format via the install disc or did you use a different utility...did you choose the quick format or full format and what file system did you select?

Another thing to consider is a possible failing hard drive so it may be an idea to download the manafacturer's diagnostic utility which you'll be able to burn to bootable CD or make into a boot diskette and run some exhaustive checks on the integrity of the drive.

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I have a eMachines T3512. The company no longer makes the recovery disc's for this pc. I can not reformat the pc WITHOUT the cd/dvd's. I am so frustrated. I just want to wipe the system and re-install Win XP home with the correct drivers for the piece of ****.

Answer:Reformat help please :D

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Question: reformat for XP ??

hi, i will try and put this as i have been told, one laptop with win2000, how do you reformat it so that winxp can be put in... he has said that the boot order has been changed to CD, but it just jumps past it and carries on loading the OS which is in there now.thanks

Answer:reformat for XP ??

you "should" just be able to click Instal from the options on disc when it loads.

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I just want to know if I should reformat this HD becuase this maybe the reason why my computer is running a bit slower than usual and I scanned with an Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware both scans came back negative for infetion. Here is what I have left of Space for it:

I've never really reformated a HD except when I was in school learing about computer assembley. Also, I would like to know if I should install the OS meant for my system first(which is Windows XP) or go ahead and install Windows 7? By the way, can I install Windows 7 from an external HD from the boot order in BIOS?

Answer:Should I reformat this HD?

Formatting your hard drive (deleting everything, including the OS and all your programs) is the "nuclear solution" to any performance issue. It is usually reserved for the occasion where no other solution will work.

There would be no point, and no benefit, to installing XP before W7.

I would think you could install W7 from an external hard drive. I haven't done it. So no help from me on that!

Perhaps you want to address your "slowness" issues in a separate thread and see if you can fix it without nuking the system.

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Question: reformat

Hey Guys need some help, I was reformatting my dell inspiron 8600 with the xp pro cd to fclear my hard drive when a blue screen appeared with the error stop 0x00000007E(0x0000005c,0xF6A6F460)
portcls.sys address F6a6f40. I was on the 34 min mark loading the devices when it happened. Need advice. Thanks


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Did you disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless. Any internal USB card should also be removed.

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Question: reformat

This is in response to TonyBot who asked what problem I was having.

A friend of mine gave me a 2 year old desktop HP computer this weekend. It has Windows XP Media for the OS
3.00 Ghz Pentium 4 processor
512 DDR SDram memory
160 GB 7200 RPM Ultra DMA Hard drive
NVidia GeForce FX 5200 video card
DVD ROM Drive (16X)

The hard drive is infected with viruses. Friends more knowledgeable than I suggested I reformat the HD to kill the viruses and reinstall the OS, appropriate drivers and software. I would like to change from XP Media to XP Pro (I'm not ready to move to VISTA) and want to upgrade from 512 to 1 Gig for memory. I've never even reformatted a HD, but understand it's not too difficult. I'm also interested in knowing if there are any serious compatibility issues between the NVidia graphics card and XP Pro.

I realize this isn't the forum to discuss PC problems, but if you can point me in the right direction, I'll go to the appropriate place. Thanks so much!



follow the 5 steps here

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