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Copy folder thumbnails to a file

Question: Copy folder thumbnails to a file

I have a movie archive. Each film and its poster image are in a different folder. So there are a lot of folders. Each folder has its image in it as thumbnail.Anyway, here is my problem:I want to copy all folder thumbnails, folder names and folder sizes to a file, for instance word, excel, image files...I know that it can performed with printscreen key, and paste a file. But, the folder window can not show all folders in a screen. Think that there are 1000 movie folders. We can see only first 30 folders of them in a screen.I need to print-screen all of them in one time, and paste it to a file.Or, get thumbnails, folder names and sizes as a list with a program.What do you offer me about it?Thanks in advance.Regards...

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Preferred Solution: Copy folder thumbnails to a file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Copy folder thumbnails to a file

Yilmaz Ekici, never tried it so dunno for sure, but seems to me like you simply need to hilite the desired selections and 'copy to folder'. Multiple copies may take some time. What if you were to create a shortcut and put all the shortcuts in the same folder instead?HTH.Ed in Texas.

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Hi everyone,

I have used a bunch of tutorials from this site over the last few years and never joined up. However, I am infuriated at windows 7 not letting me get my own way with custom icons! Infuriated enough to sign up.

All I wanted was a custom folders icon (for ALL folders) which can be done easy enough, but the catch 22, in order to do this properly, one must turn off thumbnails (organise > folder options > view > always show icons, never thumbnails).

This means you end up with a window with a couple of hundred identical jpeg/png/whatever icons... not very useful when you need a quick overview of contained images within the folder.

So, we turn the thumbnails back on, ah thats better, we can quickly see our images again! Oh wait, those disgusting yellow overlayed thumbnail folders are back!

There needs to be another option in windows 7:

Always show icons (folders only), show file thumbnails

Would be great but I can't find any way to achieve this. Even iconpackager can't do this and I bloody bought it! All that happens is that you end up with your nice custom icon, with a little bit of photo thumbnail sticking out the bottom of it, so you have to 'always show icons, never thumbnails'... well that was a waste of money!

I would install linux instead if it were more useful, changing ALL icons is easy and makes sense in that, and takes about 5mins! I have a lovely custom theme, of course, let down by those yellow folder icons that make me want to puke!

Has a... Read more

Answer:How do I use custom folder icon but still get file thumbnails

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It can be done look at this tutorial Folder Icon - Change Default Icon

You need to have to icons built just right for thumbnails to show look at screenshot you need a back and a front for it to work.
Look at this thread Custom made icons [1] there are some made up in there.


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Hello all , i am new to batch programming.

I wish to have a batch file to read .apk file from folder and then copy it to another folder. Then it should rename the copied apk file to test.apk

i have a file in folder e:\apps\angrybirds.apk , I want to copy this angrybirds.apk to d:\apps and rename it to test.apk

Here the file names in the e:\apps\ will be changing. So what ever may be the name , it should read the name of the file from e:\apps\ folder , copy it to d:\apps\ and rename it to "test.apk" . Test.apk is a fixed rename

Answer:Solved: Batch file to copy a file from folder and rename it in another folder

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Hi everyone,

It seem my windows 10 Home having problem, a simple malfunction which I don't understand why this happening, the problem related to each time I create a new folder or copy a file to a specific folder it doesn't appear until press the F5 key to refresh.
Does anyone knows how to fix this problem?
Regard stuckfree,

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Hiya. I'm trying to disable the Thumbnails for those ugly "Live Folders". However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off without also disabling the thumbnails for individual image files.

Does anybody know how to disable *just* the Live Folder thumbnails?

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Hiya. I'm trying to disable the Thumbnails for those ugly "Live Folders". However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off without also disabling the thumbnails for individual image files.

Does anybody know how to disable *just* the Live Folder thumbnails?

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I cannot copy or paste jpeg files from my computer to my SD 2GB cards. Also, I get this msg when I try to print jpeg files. Using Adobe Elements I am able to archive these files. Oddly enough I can attach and send these jpeg files via email. Prior to August '08 was able to do these tasks without a problem. I suspect that there is a software compatibility problem since this problem came on suddenly (maybe iTunes?). No problems importing jpeg files from SD cards. I've looked at several sites on the internet but none seem to have the right solution for my problem. THANKS for any help that you can provide! -Stu

Answer:Error copying file or folder; cannot copy img the directory or file cannot be created

This has caught me more than once.

The problem is a limitation on the number of files and folders allowed in the root folder of a FAT16 file system (as for a memory card) of 512. (Note, this number is reduced much further if longer file names than 8 characters are used, as most people will want to).

When transferring the files onto the card, new files will be rejected when you hit this limit.

So keep your files in separate folders, so they are not all in the root folder.

For files and folders in root it might be worth keeping your filenames under 8 characters in length so you can use the full 512 files on root folder.

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I would like to create a .bat to copy files from source folder to destination folder.
Some files in source folder already exist in destination folder (Same name)
What I would like is that files existing in destination folder to be rename to f.eks filename_BAK.extension.
Source folder include. FileOne.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt
Destination folder include. FileOne.asp - (NO FileTwo) - FileTree.txt
Result. FileOne.asp (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileOne_BAK.asp) - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileTree_BAK.txt)
Now in desination folder.: FileOne.asp - FileOne_BAK.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt - FileTree_BAK.txt
Files in source folder are placed in different folders, but in same structure in destination.

Kind regards
Søren Kromann

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Is there any software to copy file that listed in text from many hdd to one hdd?

In my situation is like this:

I have many hardisk that contain HD video and music recording and I always make list(format .txt) of my file for every hdd. My text file is using tab delimited for every coloums (example below). My freind often ask my video and music file. For now, I am using Total Commander to copy file/folder one by one, I think it waste my time

This for my list file/folder text format:
Title (TAB) HDD Postion
A (TAB) 1
B (TAB) 1
C (TAB) 1
D (TAB) 2
E (TAB) 2
F (TAB) 3Click to expand...

So I need a software that can copy file/folder base on my friend choose from my text list and running on Windows 7 64 bit. I hope this software has fast transfer rate and can show percentage the process while copying file look like Total Commander.

Thanks for you help.
NB: sory if my english is bad

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 got a problem in copying a file from one path to another path with a 'variable folder name' in the pathThe following code works fine if the folder name doesnot have a space in it.(hear Folder1 is the variable folder name)CODE:    @echo off&setlocal enabledelayedexpansion    SET inpu="Folder1"    ::SET /p fil=enter file name:     for /f "delims=" %%x in ('dir "C:\Users\kumark3\Desktop\"%inpu% /ad /b') do (    set /a userslen+=1    set "usersarray!userslen!=C:\Users\kumark3\Desktop\%inpu%\%%x"    )    for /l %%x in (1,1,%userslen%) do (    xcopy "!usersarray%%x!\geth\gr.txt" "C:\Users\kumark3\Desktop\Folder2" /c /h /r /y /i    )But if the folder name has a space, the code is not working for eg if the 2nd line in the code is likeSET inpu="Folder 1"Please give me a solution for this problem

Answer:batch file - copy file from one path to another with a variable folder name

Please Tell ME Are you Trying To Auto Increment The Folder On Copy?And dont add @echo off&setlocal enabledelayedexpansion USE @echo off ONLY!!

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i have a .jpg file attached to an email: can i copy the .jpg file to a file/folder ? someone took a picture of me using an iphone, then he uploaded it to my email; i'm trying to make a backup copy, get it into a folder, so i can upload it to facebook; thanks

Answer:copy .jpg file (email attachment) to file/folder?

Save the attachment to what ever folder you want.

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I can not copy a file to either the Program Files or Program Files(x36) folders.
My account is suppose to be administrator. How do I set up sharing so I can use
my computer and not be told I can not do certain things. I am on a home group
what ever that is. When I try to share the folders I am told I do not have permission to share that folder. And I do not have permission to share or stop sharing the folder.
I am confused by Win 7

Answer:can not copy a file to folder

what you can do is copy the file you want to share into an already shared folder. If you prefer an option free of windows 7 then is a wonderful fileshareing option. just have you and the person you are trying to share with create an account and upload the file.

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Got hal.dll corrupt message. Removed HD and put it into an external Drive case and booted another computer running XPSP3. Now want to copy a good hal.dll file from machine that's running to the HD that I removed.

For some reason I can't see the sytem32 folder on the OS drive F that I connected via USB. Made sure that view files had view all files and show all extensions. Can see system32 folder on c:\windows drive but not on the F: drive even tho the F:\drive has winXP Home OS and windows folder.

also searched for hal.dll file and only the cab versions showed in the search; the one I want to rename and replace in the system32 folder did not show in the search. Is is conceivable that some virus wiped out the system32 folder?

Any reason why this approach-- copying a good hal.dll file from one drive to another-- wouldn't work?

Answer:Copy hal.dll file to system32 folder

put your HD back in original tower and fix with windows cd.
there is a way to copy a file through command prompt. look it up it's a bit more complicated
open command prompt
you get c:\document and settings\administrator>
(find your good hal.dll and type)
c:\document and settings\administrator>copy c:\windows\system32\hal.dll d:\windows\sytem32
and that should do it

say i want to copy a file called test.txt from drive d: to drive c:
dir d:(here you see test.txt)
copy d:\test.txt c:\
1 file copied
dir c:
test.txt is now there as well

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Hi, today i wanted paste a file to system32 directory in win 7 but i must have some kind of permission. What kind, how to enable it?. On Win xp i get communicate of access denied.

Answer:How to copy file to system32 folder

Do it as administrator and if UAC asks choose yes. This must work.

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An application I have running on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server had an odd occurrence the other day. A folder changed properties after a file was copied to it by a DOS Copy command.

Here's the scoop:
An empty text file called HL7Rejct.txt is kept in a folder called D:\data\default\errors and each day it's copied to another folder called D:\data\errors. The command that is executed is as follows:

copy "D:\data\default\errors\HL7Rejct.txt" "D:\data\errors"

Nothing too fancy or complicated. The other day when this command executed the rest of my application failed on trying to write another file to the D:\data\errors folder. Why? Because it was no longer a folder! It had changed such that it now had a file type of "file". I deleted and recreated the folder and things have gone fine since then.

But I'm a bit worried. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is this a bug perhaps that there is a fix available for?


Answer:DOS Copy Changes Folder File Type

I have seen this once or twice, no rhyme or reason. The "solution" is to be very explicit in the command as it is interpreting the copy operation to copy the file over "D:\data\errors" instead of into it. Use the command:

copy "D:\data\default\errors\HL7Rejct.txt" "D:\data\errors\HL7Rejt.txt"

I know you shouldn't have to be that explicit, but every now and then, it thinks it is smarter than you and gets it wrong.

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I hope this is a network question??? It may just be a Windows question. If anyone can help, that would be great!!

On our network I want to be able to click a button or use a batch file to move a folder on one of our computers to another folder on that computer.

Let me try to explain why.
This person checks their "Daily" folder everyday. If I can move a file that is in a different folder called "Work" then they can check it. I know I can email etc. etc. But I really want to do this is way.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Answer:Solved: Copy file from one folder to another

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I run Win XP and I wonder if there may be a way to copy one file to multiple folders in one go in the explorer? And with the possibilty of overwriting or not overwriting the files in the separate folders?
What do you say?

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That is to say, I have an m3u file that calls mp3s from different folders. I would like to burn those mp3s, about 640MB worth, to a cd with ImageBurn. I don't want to spend time finding and adding each mp3 to the list in ImageBurn. I once had a program on Windows 2000 that would read an m3u file and make copies of all its mp3s in a new folder, allowing me to just select that new folder in the burner. I can't find anything like that for Windows 7 (or even my old one for win2k). Does anyone know of one?

Answer:Copy mp3s to new folder using an m3u file

Hmm, this is probably the one you used on your Win2k machine all those years ago.

m3u Playlist Copier - Programm m3u listis olevate lugude kopeerimiseks (don't worry the page is in English)

Basically, search the internet for "copy mp3s from m3u to another folder". I remember opening my m3u playlist a while ago, it's a readable text file with each song's entry being a path to the song file, should be trivial to write a utility to parse this to do what you want. I don't move my song files around much so haven't had the occasion to try this out.

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I Can copy but cant paste file or folder due to file integrity violated error.

Answer:Can copy but cant paste file or folder

Can you drag & drop it? How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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So I want to replace the explorerframe.dll (theme purpose) but everytime I try to replace the dll I get an error saying I need some kind of permission. I used the search function and found this Take Ownership Shortcut.
I installed it and took ownership of the system32 folder but still I'm being asked for some kind of permission, what else can I do ?

P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

Answer:How to copy a file into System32 folder...?

Quote: Originally Posted by Redz

So I want to replace the explorerframe.dll (theme purpose) but everytime I try to replace the dll I get an error saying I need some kind of permission. I used the search function and found this Take Ownership Shortcut.
I installed it and took ownership of the system32 folder but still I'm being asked for some kind of permission, what else can I do ?

P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

You are just determined to make your life difficult.

You have taken ownership of a folder whose owner should be TrustedInstaller which is a special account used by Microsoft. Don't be surprised if you are plagued with occasional problems.

Next time you get such a wild idea, let us know what your objective is and perhaps we can help you.

For right now, I'm going to suggest that you choose a restore point prior to your "taking ownership". After doing that, let us know what the real problem is.
System Restore - How to use

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Lately, when I move files from one folder to another OR create a new folder, Explorer hangs for up to a few minutes.


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I have a folder on a network drive that I would like to copy to another location on another network drive. The source folder should copy over the destination folder, part of the path to the destination folder to be copied over changes based on the person who signs into the PC; OS is XP. This is what I thought would work but hasn?t. Any help would be much appreciated.

XCOPY ?\\Server Name\ Folder1\Folder to be copied? ?\\Server Name\%userprofile%\Folder\my documents\Same Folder Name As in The source folder to be copied over" /E /C /R /I /K /Y

Answer:Copy Folder batch File Issue

XCOPY ?\\Server Name\Folder1\SourceFolder? ?\\Server Name\%username%\Folder\my documents\DestinationFolder" /E /C /R /I /K /Y

Hope this helps

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WHEN I DRAG A FILE OR FOLDER, for cut it, may press any key to copy it, rather ?

Answer:WHEN I DRAG A FILE OR FOLDER, for cut it, may press any key to copy it, rather ?

Hello Lse123,

I'm afraid that I not understand what you are trying to ask. Could you please give more details on what you are trying to do or ask?

In the mean time, this may be helpful.



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When I try to cut or copy a file or folder my machine will sut down to the desktop showing, then load back the desktop icons, then the taskbar and program apps that i was using

Answer:computer shutdown when I cut or copy a folder or file

Suggests that Windows Explorer is damaged.

Assuming you run XP, then try a System File Check

Start - Run - type "SFC /scannow" and enter
Do not type the "", and make sure you have a space between "SFC" and "/scannow"

A dialogue box should appear if you get it right and advise on progress. Takes a few minutes.

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'error copying file or folder' comes up when i copy my films from my pc to my external hard drive, i get the message....cannot title.... the request could not be performed because of a I/O device error.Any ideas ?

Answer:error copying file or folder comes up when i copy

Have a look in Devices to see if any yellow exclamation marks are present. (I/O = Input/Output.)

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I am trying to use this .bat file to copy folder "X" from a pc on my network to folder "Y" on the local pc
but it does not work ??

echo off

echo Would you like to do a backup X ?


robocopy "\\***.***.*.*\C:\X" "C:\Y"


Answer:.Bat file to copy folder from network to local pc

Obfuscating the IP address is pretty pointless. Your lan is using private IP addresses that are not routable to the Internet.

Regardless of that, it looks like you are trying to access the administrative share of the server. Administrative shares are accessed using a dollar sign.

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Somehow I can't Move or even Copy a data file folder to a USB harddisk in Windows explorer (even after clearing the Read only attribute). It is Windows XP home edition. Some one please explain. Thanks

Answer:Can't Move/copy A File Folder To A Usb Harddisk

Have you tried it in Safe Mode

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In order to delete a bunch of training software I have in folders on my computer I have to change the folder names and sometimes the file names of many folders and files inside of folders. This is a real time consuming pain in the butt. Is there a program or setting that would just allow me to delete this crap from my computer? I can't cut and past them to another place on the computer either. Would like to have the option to do both if possible. If not just being able to delete them faster would be a great help.

Answer:File / Folder Removal And Copy Problem

allows you to select what you want deleted and it will delete files and folders/directories on the next reboot before windows loads.

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I want to run a script as a bat file so it can be scheduled as a daily task. I think that ROBOCOPY is my best option but i cannot find suitable switches to make the script do what i want.

I want to copy "eventfile.txt" from a source to destination folder.
However, as this is a daily task, eventfile.txt will have a different text content each day (it is in fact my openvpn logfile) and after robocopy is run only the latest version of the file is copied to the destination, the previous day being overwritten.
What I want it to do is append eventfile.txt to the destination file so I can build a history of all my vpn events. None of the switches appear to allow me to do that.
Is there a workaround for this task or another way of doing this?

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I am trying to write a batch file that will copy my backup files to another drive. For example I currently have the file backed up to C:\Backup\movie backup
I want to be able to copy it to an external HDD: -
X:\Backup Folder\Movie Library, however each time I do this it overwrites the previous backup file.
I want to be able to copy this backup to a new folder each and every time, as follows: -
Today’s backup file would copy to:-
X:\Backup Folder\Movie Library\backup 03-Jul-2010 .......tomorrows would go to
X:\Backup Folder\Movie Library\backup 04-Jul-2010 etc
Can anyone help. I have been looking all day and can't find anything.

Thanx in advance


Answer:Batch File to copy to Date Stamped Folder

Welcome to TSG!

Use "X:\Backup Folder\Movie Library\backup%date%" as the destination folder name in your batch file. The %date% variable will be expanded with today's date

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Well, I tried to figure this out, should be intuitive....looked around but solutions didn't work....

I just want to simply copy a file into another GD folder....but the only option on right click is "move to." How do I do this? Gotta be a piece of cake, but.....

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I need help with a batch file to copy the contents of my source dir to the destination dir that is to be created with that days date using xcopy or robocopy. Any help is appreciated!

Answer:Need a Batch File to Copy to a Custom Dest Folder

This should get you started...

for /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/- " %%A in ('date/T') do set DATE=%%A-%%B-%%C
md c:\tmp\%DATE%
xcopy c:\output c:\tmp\%DATE% /s

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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I really need some help and thought you are the guys (and girls) to help me.

I have bought a 2GB Technika MP3 player for my girlfriend from Tesco's. I was showing her how to use it (as I have a 256MB version) and I managed to copy 156 songs into it, this took about 600MB up. It then wouldn't allow me to copy any more to it. It just says "Cannot copy file or folder"

I was using "Drag and Drop" but have tried "Copy file to...." and get the same message. I thought it could be a bad file, but tried many others and I keep getting the same message.

Although 156 songs is pretty good, it means we cannot get the full use of the product. The songs play fine so I don't think it's a problem with the player, but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Technika MP3 player - Cannot copy file or folder

Have the same problem with my wife's 512 Technika MP3 - Have you had any advice yet ?

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Recently I tried to copy or move a file from a network folder and whenever I try that, the network folder and connection crashes. I tried installing ccleaner to fix all the broken links , did updates, changed the name of the laptop, rejoined the domain but it still crashes. I saw in the logs that most likely is the issue:

Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 10.0.14393.0, time stamp: 0x57899981
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.14393.103, time stamp: 0x57b7e207
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Fault offset: 0x00000000000f73f3

Any ideas how to fix this issue other than the ways I tried above ?

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Hello everyone.

I'm having some problems with my computer and I was hoping someone would be able to help me out :<

I have folders on my computer which I store lots of images in for artwork resources.

I don't know why it happens, perhaps after I add a new image to the folder or change an existing image and save it, The folder sort of freezes/crashes, I cant click on any of the thumbnails, I cant close the folder, go to File or anything like that, Highlight anything drag nothing.

All it lets me do is minimise, maximise and scroll up and down. It wont even highlight the images/thumbnails when I click on them. I can still get into the files if I open them when I'm already in say photo shop, but I cant open them when I'm in the folder.

In the past I've had to go via Photo shop and re-save all the files from the crashed folder into a new one just so I can actually use the folders normally.

I mean it wont even let me close the folder T_T; it just crashes worse and worse every time I try and do anything until the screen freezes and then I have to re-start my computer.

Re-starting the computer and system restores do nothing the folders stay locked down. I'm actually really upset, as I lost everything from my last computer and it had photos of my mother on the hardrive, my mother has since passed away and they where all I had left. I have a few left on this new computer but I'm so afraid of loosing these last few I have.

I'm on XP, and I've never had a prob... Read more

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Hello all-

I am looking for a small piece that will do the following:

1. Monitor folder A
2. Copy any new folders or files to Folder B
3. Run at start-up and at all times
4. Preferably real-time or at least once an hour.
5. Preferably only make the copy once, even the file is deleted from folder B.

It seemed simple, but I am having trouble funding something simple that does this. I tried sync toy, but it needs to be scheduled and it will continually copy the same file if it is already deleted from folder A.

Thank you in advanced!

Answer:Suggestions for free automatic folder monitor and file copy app

I use a program called Mirror Folder that will this. I use it to backup specific folders to a 2nd hard disk and a few folders to a location on a 2nd computer over the network.

It costs $39.

Microsoft also has the free SyncToy which may do what you want as well.

Oops, sorry, see you already tried that.

You could also do this with a scheduled batch file using xcopy or robocopy.

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Is there a good utility which will let me do a right click on any file or folder and copy the full path i.e.

a) if i do right click on a folder then the utility copies the full path of the folder in the clipboard or something

b) if i do right click on a file then the utility copies the full path and name of the selected file in the clipboard or something


Answer:Utility to copy full path and name of selected folder/file

Yep, Q-Dir. It's a bit of overkill but it will do the job. Q-Dir is an alternative to Windows Explorer. Pretty handy little program actually.

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Apologies for the title - I tried to encompass my problem.

Basically, it's this:

I have a drive that I need to copy all the data from and move to a larger drive (1TB DAS moved to a 6TB NAS device). I need to preserve the folder's date created and (if possible) modified attributes, as the data being copied is a WIP folder for a big CGI
project, and it's important to be able to track and find specific info/folders via date created... essentially the job is ongoing for another 6/7 months.

So, normal copy/paste won't do... thanks to this forum :) I've used Xcopy and worked out how to migrate the data and keep the all the new/copy folder's date created and modified attributes in line with the original/source. 

Meaning I can make a perfect copy with folder dates that match.

However (and this is where I am head scratching), as soon as any new data is added into the copy folder, it's attributes change... not only the folder's modified date (which I was expecting) but also the date created folder.

This is a problem as the folders will have new data added to them on an ongoing basis... but, as both modified and created dates change to the time the new file is added, it causes issues when finding specific nested folders via creation date.

Example: Copy folder (done today via Xcopy) shows creation and modified date as per the source of 11/12/2012. As soon as any file is added into that folder, it updates modified and creation to the time the file w... Read more

Answer:How to maintain Folder attributes (date created/modified) on a 'Copy' - when a new file is added

BTW - with the Xcopy, it was a 2 stage process. /s/e/k first then a copy over but using /d/t/e/k. Copying in the first pass and then overwriting the folders in the second pass (with the correct creation date).

Thanks for the Robocopy/mir tip... that will work for bulk copying the data... sadly, when it's on the NAS, any additions to the folder change the creation date. Pretty sure it's the NAS file system (or lack of compatibility).

Going to test some spurious data using some other DAS drives - as I think it's the NAS (as per Lacie's reply).

Now I need to find a NAS that'll handle NTFS.

But at least I feel I'm getting somewhere now - thanks :)


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I am a complete newbie when it comes to batch files and batch file software, so apologies in advance.

I've done some research on Google etc but I seem to just be getting more and more confused trying to use various different scripts and programs and reading different info on various websites.

This is what I need...

I have a folder with around 2000 files in it. I want to be able to copy certain files from this folder (normally around 40) and place them in a brand new folder, I want to be able to do this with nothing more than a txt file that has all the file names I need copying in it with every file name on a separate line.

I receive around 10 new txt files each day so you can imagine how tedious it is searching through 2000 files, picking out the 40 I need, 10 times a day everyday.

To make things even more complicated, the txt files I receive don't always have the correct file names in them, maybe there's a misspelling or a word or two missing for some of the names. That's ok when I'm going through picking out the files I need to copy myself because I can normally tell which file is being requested, but I can't see it being so easy for a program or whatever to do, I'm guessing it'll need to have a search feature where it picks out the most likely file.

I'd like it to be as automated as possible. I receive the txt file, make sure each file name is on a separate line then a program or script or whatever goes out and picks out the files (or most likely files f... Read more

Answer:search multiple files, copy+paste to new folder (batch file software?)

Contact Rent-A-Coder, Elance, or any of the other programming for hire sites. They could knock this out pretty quickly I would think.

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Question: Folder Thumbnails

Hi Guys,

Today I decided to spruce up the folders on my MP3 player by adding the CD covers as the thumbnail for each folder. All went well until..... disaster!!! Somehow any folder on my whole PC (not just the MP3 player) that does not have a thumbnail manually assigned to it(or assigned by it's parent program) has now got a Green Day "Bullet In The Bible" CD Cover as the Thumbnail

I'm presuming I've pressed something that has made this the default folder setting but don't want it this way. Basically unless I just want a folder icon unless a Thumbnail has been deliberatley assigned.

Anyway I can do this en masse? Or do I have to go through them all?

Thanx in advance

Answer:Folder Thumbnails

You could try to rebuild the icon cache with Windows TweakUI. If you don't have it you can download it here
Go to Repair and select 'Rebuild Icons'. Restart your computer.

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Question: Folder Thumbnails

Hey all,

Does anybody know why the thumbnail preview on folders just seems to pick a file at random? I have renamed my files (album pictures) Front 1.jpg, Label 1.jpg, Reverse 1.jpg, Front 2.jpg, Label 2.jpg, Reverse 2.jpg, and yet it just seems to display files randomly in the preview. I would like it to show; Front 1, Label 1, Reverse 1. As i said, it appears to be random, some folders do it in that order, some don't.

Also, if i customize the folder, picking a picture i want shown, that doesn't appear to work either.

Thanks in advance people.

Answer:Folder Thumbnails

If you pick a picture you want to show you have to name it folder and it has to be (?) a jpg file. You then only get the one image showing in the thumbnail (usually the album cover, but it could be your cat if you want!).
As to the randomness of the thumbnail view, I think the thumbnail shows the last couple of files/pictures that are placed in the folder. When you clear the thumbnail cache, well, windows makes up its own mind.

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I'm currently in the process of copying files back from the cloud in the exact same location where I had them before and now it says that the file name is too long and prompts to see whether I want to skip the file or not. The error message given does not
give the full file name or the path so it is impossible to see which files were copied successfully or not. This never happened with XP! Then afterwards I found that some of the files with long names did copy successfully whereas others didn't. I find this
to be a very user unfriendly process and I'm totally confused! These are critical files and I'm sure I haven't exceeded 260 characters or whatever. This is soOoO frustrating!!


Answer:file copy error message not sufficient + file name too long will not copy

Hi ,

There is a limit of filename length within Windows Explorer. In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which
is defined as 260 characters.
The shell and the file system have different requirements. It is possible to create a path with the Windows API that the shell user interface is not able to interpret properly.
This means that your long filename can only be handled at the command prompt level and you cannot drag and drop an illegal length filename within Windows Explorer.

Please simplify your folders and titles.

More information, please check the part of Maximum Path Length Limitation in the link below. Cai
TechNet Community Support

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I can't seem to remove the album art associated with my MP3 folder thumbnail on Windows explorer.

What I've tried:
1. Right click on the folder > Properties > Customize > Folder pictures > Restore Default (Thumbnail still shows the album art)
2. Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders (No hidden image files)
3. Conducted a *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg search on my whole system (Didn't see the particular image)
4. Transferred all MP3s of the artist to another drive, refreshed (Still there)

I came across deleting individual jpegs of album art before, I just can't remember where. I think it was in WMP or something. Is there some hidden folder I should check?

Thanks in advance guys.

Answer:Album art and folder thumbnails

Tools > Folder Options > View

Uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files." The album art and other crap will be in the folder where your music is stored. Just be sure to recheck the "Hide Protecte..." box once you are finished so you don't accidentally delete something important.

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After some searching around in the forums, I understand there are a lot of problems with folder thumbnails in Windows 7.

My problems seems simple enough. I have a bunch of folders, each filled with many photos. I wanted the folders to display a thumbnail of a specific picture so I can tell whats inside immediately when I see the folders. So I right click on each folder, select properties, click on the customize tab, choose a file and hit ok. Viola, the folder now displays the correct image I want on its thumbnail.

The problem is they never seem to want to stay that way. Eventually they all revert back to the default folder thumbnails, two random pictures from inside the folder. And with so many folders I find it annoying to change them all back again and again. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the reason they all change back, and how I could make them stay the same. Maybe it has something to do with the thumbcache or iconcache? I'm not too sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry for the long ass post. Thanks.

Answer:Permanent folder thumbnails

When you modify a folder a "desktop.ini" file is created if that file is deleted your customizations are removed.

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There is Any way to Disable Folder thumbnails Only in windows 7 ?


Answer:There is Any way to Disable Folder thumbnails Only in w

What do you mean, disable folder thumbnails? And what does "Only in Windows 7" mean?

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As I am creating new folders and dragging files into it the folder is not creating a thumbnail preview. Is my thumbnail cache corrupt? Would like to apply the right fix rather than an unnecessary one or one that makes things worse...

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Hi, I liked the way folder thumbnails showed up in XP - full face, rather than an image coming out of a folder.

instead of

Is there any way to get this view back???

Answer:Viewing folder thumbnails like in XP?

If you put your music in the "Music Library Folder" you can choose "Album" in the "Arrange by:". Then adjust the size of the thumbnail by using "CTRL + Mouse Wheel" or going to "More Options" and use the slider to resize the thumbnails.

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It slows down viewing ... to open an be able to use a folder with 200subfolders ...

I need thumbnails (some free alternative to Mystic Thumbs would be greate)

But mostly on my PC there are no empty folders ... so I don't wanna w8 till all folders show thumbnails inside them

on pic > I want every folder by shown as New folder (one plain icon) and after opening I wanna see all nonfolder icons as thumbnails

Answer:thumbnails only NON-FOLDER ICONS

Probably this is what you are searching for : Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon . But enabling thumbnail preview, You cannot get it Anyway .... another tuto that may be helpful : Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

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Hello to all!

It's very nice seeing such a live and active community and I'm very excited with becoming a member!

I came here looking a solution to my problem, to say the truth...
Last month I installed IconPackager 4.0.0 without ever thinking that it had no support for Windows 7.

After a lot of searching, (not a whole month) I found out that upon "restore default icons" IconPackager cannot restore the default Icons Windows 7 has.

I found this post at Stardock/Iconpackager support forum IconPackager messed windows 7 icons? Get fix here! (Modz please pin) Forum Post by Voodooguy
And said "hey, another one had this problem and fixed it!". I copied the registry values, made a .reg file, inserted the code and restarted.

After the restart, most of the files where back to normal except:
Microsoft Word 2007 Documents
Windows Folder Thumbnails (the open folders that show the content of a folder)

The Windows folder thumbnails, appeared, but not properly showing the data in the middle of the open content folder, but below of the folder, and the old icon (that has been assigned with IconPackager) showing also below the wrong folder, and content.

I have attached the two (2) pictures, one for each occasion.
So for the Microsoft Word -> Assign the default Word Icon
and for the folders - > Get rid of the grey icon (the one on the very back) and assign the proper "open content folder" to show the content of every folder properly.

Don't know... Read more

Answer:Folder Thumbnails Broken

Hello, Welcome!

I have no idea whether this will wrok or not, but it's worth a try. Perhaps a Repair Install will fix your problem

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After all the thumbnail previews of a folder full of images load up. Later it will have to load/create them back up again which takes a while. Is this my HDD slowing down? I doubt. Or running out of space for stored thumbnail cache? C: has plenty of room. I have alot of images, folders etc, so any suggested settings I can do in the registry? so similar

please help, ty

Answer:Always have to load up Folder Thumbnails

Do you have ccleaner or other disk cleaning software installed, or do you use disk cleanup very often?

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In one of the folders on my computer I have lots of sub-folders (more than 100) and the view setting for that folder is "Extra Large Icons". Each of those folders has a designated thumbnail: So in each folder I have an image with the title 'Folder'. All the thumbnails were displaying correctly for months up until today where I created a new folder and deleted a different folder that was no longer desired. Now I'm sitting with folders that are displaying the incorrect thumbnails despite the fact they each have a designated 'Folder' titled image inside. A few of them are jumbled up and it's driving me crazy.
- I tried to do an icon cache rebuild using the Disk Cleanup tool and selecting only Thumbnails.
- I even manually deleted the iconcache.db file and restarted the computer.
Neither of those have helped.
Can someone please help me?
Edited to add:
- I've also tried changing the view options in the folder to list. After that I did an icon cache rebuild. After that I restarted. When I went back in I set the view to Extra Large Icons again and I still have the same problem.

Answer:Incorrect Folder Thumbnails

Do a System Restore using a restore point dated prior to deleting the file.

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Whenever I try to view a downloaded image, usually from my flash drive, it only shows as list or filmstrip I've tried to set it to open as thumbnails but it doesn't save the instruction so when I try to view the images, I have to change the setting every time.
Please can anyone help solve this as it's time consuming and it's killing off some of my brain cells

This is just one of the files but it happens especially in My Documents folder

Answer:folder options for thumbnails

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Hi guys,

Newbie here. I'm after some help please. I've lost all my thumbnails and the ability to view pictures in my folders.
Any help would be great.

Answer:Lost folder thumbnails.....

It is possible it was disabled in error, following these instructions will show you how thay can be turned off or on.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

If you want to speed up browsing around in explorer, you might think about disabling thumbnail previews in folders.

Note that this works in Windows 7 or Vista
To make this change, click the Organize button on any folder, and choose Folder and Search Options from the menu.

Click the View tab, and then check the Always show icons, never thumbnails checkbox.

Click OK, and you’re done.

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I want my windows 8.1 to show folders in similar way to xp, where I had few thumbnails of jpg files on folder icon, or one big thumbnail. Ideal would be like that:
I don't like this 3d view in windows 8.1.

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Hi there im dappointed at the new 'expandable'-looking folder thumbnails. Is there a way to make the folder thumbnail appear flat and with a chosen thumbnail image (like on XP), rather than the fold-out windows 7 version? Thanks a lot.

Answer:How to make folder thumbnails like XP?

No that is not possible.

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Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot copy AVSEQ17: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

This error is generated most of the times while copying file from CD to my hard drive and the copying fails and the data is not not copied to the hard disk.

Someone please help me to get rid of this problem and/or tell me its cause!!!


Answer:Error Copying File or Folder:Cannot copy AVSEQ17:Data error(cyclic redundancy check).

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Hi Everyone,
I need some help. I have Windows XP home edition, and I have always been able to view my photos, no matter what file format they are, as thumbnails in folders . All the sudden, there are only icons in my thumbs at all no matter what I do. Have I screwed up the registry somehow? I hate messing in the registry, but if anyone knows how I can get the thumbnails to show up again I would really appreciate it.

Answer:XP Folder View Thumbnails not working!

Try this fix for XP's thumbs:

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I have Windows XP Pro. About a week ago I received 2 Microsoft automatic updates. It was about Net frame SP1 and I also installed Internet Explorer 8. Yesterday I went to my Photos folder and all the Jpeg image files with the picture preview thumbnails used to identify the photos have all been replaced with the jpeg file type magnifying glass icon. Others have the Bitmap image type icon. I can no longer identify my photos with the thumbnails. Furthermore, when I open any of the current magnifying glass thumbnail, the photo appears in Internet Explorer. I don't like that. Before this, it used to open in Windows (I think). I opened another magnifying glass thumbnail and it looked like a bar code all scribbly. How do I get my Jpeg and Bitmap images back to the preview thumbnails like it used to be before I installed the updates? Or maybe it was something else that changed the settings? I tried to do a System Restore only to be disappointed by System Restore having been turned off with no restore date to choose.

Answer:No Preview thumbnails in photo folder

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Hello all,

Is it possible to load all the thumbnails for a folder when i open the folder in windows 7? Currently, windows only loads the thumbnails for the pictures that i have in view, and I have to scroll down for it to load the rest. I'm using fastpictureviewer to view thumbnails of my RAW .CR2 pictures so the thumbnails take some time to load, and my folders can have hundreds or thousands of pictures in them and i dont' want to have to scroll down and wait repeatedly to load all the thumbnails. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Loading thumbnails for entire folder

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I have a rather large (seriously large) collection of anime/manga stuff on my computer, what I used to like to do in WinXP was take a cover pic and slap it on the folder icon so that I could recognize files at-a-glance..

Now the thing is, and I had this problem in Windows Vista also, by the time I get to the couple hundredth file thumbnail, Windows 7 starts forgetting the thumbnails that I'd already set and putting random ones back on the files I've already done..

Is there a way to get Windows to 'remember' my custom thumbnails?

Also I tried a trick I found to deny Windows permissions to the thumbnail's database, it didn't work for this problem..

I'm currently downloading a copy of Linux hoping that it's easier to customize/navigate these hundreds of folders. -_-

EDIT: I downloaded "Ubuntu Linux" and I'm tempted to mark this topic "Solved" but I'll leave it open and see if anyone can answer this... I feel like a fool for not trying out Linux sooner, I'm going to use it for all my picture archiving/browsing.

Answer:Windows 'forgetting' folder thumbnails.

Are you using any "cleaning" programs that supposedly clean your system by removing unneeded files and folders? Even Disk Cleanup will remove those files if you don't onopt it.

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Hey there,

I have a problem with the way Win7 displays folders: my whole music collection consists of folders that contain the songs and the covers (sometimes there are more than 2-3 images next to the audio files).
By default, W7 completely messes the folders: I'd like to be able to select the "main" cover for each folder - but Windows won't let me. Instead of that, the display randomly selects 2 or more images for the thumbnail.

This is how I'd like each folder to look:

Instead, I get one like this:

I tried setting the Customize tab exactly like in XP, but - when I select the image - nothing happens. The thumbnail remains the same.

Please help me out - what do I have to do so that I can have all my folders like in the first image?
Thank you in advance for helping out.

Answer:Trouble with folder thumbnails/customization (HELP!)

Hi C05T1N,

You're not going to believe this.

After you chose the jpg you want, drop a random mp3 you have on to the folder.

It will change to the icon you selected.

Some how it refreshes the icon cache only when you place a new file into the folder.

clearly a bug.

edit. taking a mp3 out does the same thing. it forces a refresh. :-)

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Hi guys, my name is sou and I need your help so much T__T *very desperate* my computer has been acting weird lately, the thumbnails in my documents/drives/anything inside computer cannot show up and I cannot open the files using windows picture and fax viewer. <- like you have any idea whats gotten into my computer? a help is very appreciated 8D *gives cookie*

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I am backing up folders. all of these folders use some of my own created imagery (as the folders own thumbnail, to indicate what it contains). when adding these complete folders to a disc to burn (ashampoo), hidden files appear as a result, eg :-thumbs.dbfolder.jpgthese files should be hidden, so how do I burn these to a cd or dvd without them showing? is it possible-do I need a particular burning program to do it? ps in windows "do not show hidden files and folders" is already selected", so I dont know what else I can do. thanks for any info!

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Here's the deal: I have 3 hard disks.
C- Programs and Windows
E- Games
F- Music
Disk F has a lot of organized music foders and all have thumbnails. When I create a folder on my desktop or anywhere else, it automatically gets a random image from disk F, from some of the folder thumbnails. Or some already created folders have random images, for example my WinRar folder has a Metallica thumbnail. Sometimes it won't get it when I create the folder, it gets it when I put something in it. Sometimes when I refresh. Sometimes when I delete something from the folder. Help.

Answer:Random folder thumbnails problem

Try this:

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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I am burning a cd with lots of folders, with photos inside for the relations. There is a hidden "folder.jpg" inside each folder, which makes an image thumbnail for each folder, viewable when looking at all the folders in a row on the pc (in thumbnail view mode-obviously!). what I am wondering is how to make each folder.jpg hidden, as after burning, "folder.jpg"'s are no longer hidden files. any easy solution? ps i am using ashampoo, perhaps part of the problem is that my burning program is not able to burn hidden files such as a folder's image onto a disc?thanks for any help

Answer:how to hide folder.jpg thumbnails for burning cd?

First change the view in Folder Options > View tab to 'Show hidden files & folders' & deselect the 'Hide protected operating system files' option.Then when adding photos to your burning session, select them only. In other words, leave out the folder.jpg & other hidden files by using the Ctrl button to select & add the photos only. G

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Anyone know of a setting/hack/freeware that will alphabetically arrange the folder thumbnails displayed on clickiing the FE icon?

I think they are currently arranged by order of opening. Sometimes I have 15-20 open and quickly locating the one I need can be tricky. Especially if similar names are not fully visible, e.g. USA2016 GPX, USA2016 Photos, etc.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I have noticed that both of my computers are having issues when displaying thumbnail folder. It seems that the preview of whatever is in the folder is invisible. Its not a massive issue as folders navigate just fine. Its just started to do it on my new install what i dd 2 days ago. Its strange because its on both my laptop and desktop. Is this caused by some program I may be using?

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Folder Thumbnails Display Issue?

-open the folder which has problem
-Right click on empty area and uncheck "View-> Hide File names" option.
If this option is not exist then press and hold SHIFT key, right-click in empty area and select "View -> Medium Icons" option.

- If it doesn't work, enable "Show hidden files and folders" option in Folder Options and then delete "Desktop.ini" file present in the folder which has this invisible name problem.

hopefully it will work.........

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New to the forum so I'll write my "Comment" in two ways.

(Skip if you hate emotional back-story)Long Version:
I've used XP for going on years now and switched to Vista about 9 months ago. First thing I had to do was remake all my folder thumbnails. I'm a real lover of pictures, I really am. I usually make a individual folder per artist, put the artist's face as the thumbnail, and stuff as much of their works as I can get my hands on into said folder. In XP this was nice and easy, I had the face take up the whole folder and it was easy to remember each person. With Vista it got annoying as my images were placed at a slant and when they were cached they often got lost and started to migrate to other folder (And when you have a public computer with password protected folders for your non-worksafe artists that migrate to your safe folders and replace thumbnails THIS CAN BECOME A REAL PROBLEM). For Windows 7 though I'm stuck...I really am. Somehow or another my folders now hate me and choose to disobeadiantly choose their own thumbnails, at a slanted angle, with 2 or so images stacked together, change when new images are added, and it has made it really hard to see and remember my folders now. Why was such a wonderful feature eliminated to such an extent that it now feels in the way to have the folder not be represented by a single image?

(Read if you want to get to the point)Short Version:
I have many picture folders and want to display the artists of said folders... Read more

Answer:Windows and Folder Thumbnails (Or lack there of)

Quote: Originally Posted by CasualPaper

(*After Muddling Around) I found the way to put the customize tab on my folder but they are still being belligerent and choose not to use the picture I assign to them and instead just continue to use their own.
Basically, I choose a picture to assign, click apply/ok, exit properties and the image doesn't change.

Not working here either.

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Well I have a folder of pictures I recently took this past week. They are named "Picture 4" "Picture 5" etc. Well, for some reason, a couple of the pictures are not in the order than I took them in. When I try to rename it, the thumbnail changes to another picture in the folder. But when I open the picture, it is the correct picture. I really like the thumbnail viewing though. Help?

Answer:Problems with thumbnails with my image folder...

Change view to list, then back to thumbnail view. If you notice, in thumbnail view mode, you can drag the files around.

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Is it possible to get thumbnails larger than the extra large already there in folder view?

Answer:Larger thumbnails in folder view

Hello Trevor,

If you like, you could turn on the Preview pane and adjust it's border until the preview in it is the size you wanted.

Preview Pane - Show or Hide in Windows 8 File Explorer

Hope this helps,

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Hi,I'm brand new here! My user name is short for 1993 Harley SofTail Custom.
Anyway,a while back my picture folder stopped showing the actual pictures,only a generic thumbnail. Although when I pull up the folder to attach a picture to an email,they're there!? What's up?
Thanks in advance and please keep in mind that I'm PC Illiterate!


Answer:My Picture Folder...blank thumbnails...?

Sounds like your folder view is set to tiles. Click on View and then click either filmstrip or thumbnails on the menu that drops down.
Nice Bike

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How do I do this in Windows 10? I have a folder of files, and I want to copy the folder and all of its contents onto an external hardisk which already contains a folder of the same name, and also contains some of the files that I am now trying to copy. Prior to Windows 10, a dialog would open up asking me what I wanted to do with files and folders that already existed in the target directory, and I had the option to skip copying the ones that existed. Now it seems that Windows 10 doesn't ask me anything, and just makes a new copy of my root directory, tacking on the extra " copy" to the name.

I definitely do not want this. I am manually making an incremental backup, and I need the old behavior, where I get asked if I want to skip the files and folders that already exist. Is there any way to still do this?


Answer:How to copy a folder into same folder without creating copy of folder?

I have no idea how to change this, or in your case, restore this, but by default, Windows 10 handles file copying exactly the same as previous versions of Windows.

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I have a folder which contains subfolders. The subfolders contain videos. I'd like to see thumbnails of all the videos in the subfolders without having to go into each one. Is there a way to do that?

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Hi techs,
Is there a way of disabling video thumbnails on folder icons while keeping image thumbnails enabled (at the same time) in Windows 7 ? I tried all options available in folder options but to no avail. The puzzling thing is that my efforts were successful on two folders but doing the same thing for the rest did not work. Whether this result was random, I dont know. What I did for those two folders was to access folder options from the individual folders (i.e. selecting 'Customise this folder' from the 'View' menu drop-down), everything else failed. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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I have several media folders with lots of large jpg, bmp and mp4 files stored on a USB Stick.

If I plug the stick in on another computer it takes a very long time until all the thumbnails for the files are generated.

I want to plug in the stick and see the thumbnails for all the media files immediately.

is there a way to store the cached thumbnail information right inside a folder to make it "portable"?

If there is no native solution, I would be grateful for other suggestions.

Answer:store Thumbnails INSIDE folder - portable

Hello Robin,

I'm afraid not with removable drives.

About all you can do is use a USB 3.0 flash drive and USB 3.0 connection to help load them faster.

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This has been bugging me for a while!

Very often when I open a folder to view its contents and choose a thumbnail display ( as opposed to list, details or tiles ) then the folder icons are emblazoned with .jpg images seemingly chosen at random from the images on my hard drive. ( Actually it might not be entirely random, the images displayed are often those I've viewed or edited recently )

It's a pain in the pudenda because after I have chosen an appropriate image to identify the contents of a folder ( say a picture of the Eiffel Tower to denote that the folder is full of pictures of Paris ) the next time I open My Pictures ( or wherever the folder is stored ) I get a random image ( say, a Peruvian llama )

Doesn't only affect picture folders and it even affects the folders that don't allow customisation ( ie those that have no 'Customise' tab in 'Properties' )

I have tried deleting one image that was appearing frequently from My Pictures but it still appears on the folder.

Am I missing a trick with the "Remember each folder's Settings.." stuff? should I be messing with "thumbs.db" ?

I really don't want to lose the work I've put in choosing pictures for the folders that are correctly adorned so a "Global/Nuclear" option would be a real last resort!

I'm using a hp desktop computer running Windows XP SP2

Answer:Folder thumbnails display random images


sadly XP will only remember a set number of folder customisations by default, this causes the exact issue your seeing now with random changes to certain folders images, you can however get around this by increasing the amount of folders that XP remembers, Download Powertoys for XP and install the TweakUI component.

Once installed and run click, Explorer then Customizations and change the default value to something like 5000 ( more if you have alot of folders ) > Apply

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I inadvertantly semi installed a photo editor prog off the Office Premium disk (i have now uninstalled it) this meant all my JPEG files then wanted the Office CD to open the file.

I have since put the file association back to normal (IE) but now the Thumbnails view is not working for JPEGS in the My Picture folder.
Bitmaps work but in the JPEG boxes I just get the JPEG file icon and not the actual thumbnail,

any ideas?

Answer:W2K stopped showing JPG thumbnails in MY Pictures folder.

go to view menu and select thumbnails.

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I have a weird problem that started happening few weeks ago.
This only happens to the folders on the Desktop.
The thumbnails that are shown on the folder (attached image) well they simply disappear (it changes to a normal folder like icon) if I add a new file to the folder, regardless of the type (picture, video, txt doc, exe etc) or even if I delete or cut a file from that folder to another folder. It's like the folders have a certain memory of itself and a slight change messes up the thumbnails.

I have tried uninstalling the last few software applications I've installed but the problem still persists.
I have tried deleting the hidden system file desktop.ini but nothing.

Again, this only happens to the folders on the Desktop.
A possible solution might be creating a new user account but I'm not willing to do that and searching for alternatives.

Thumbnails inside the folders work flawlessly.

Answer:Missing, disappearing folder thumbnails only from the Desktop

Quote: Originally Posted by uchkur

A possible solution might be creating a new user account but I'm not willing to do that and searching for alternatives.

Thumbnails inside the folders work flawlessly.

Welcome to the Seven Forums. Nice first post. Good details. Love the screenshot example.

If you need to upload other screenshots, please see this tutorial:
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Just as a test, maybe you could create a new user and see how the thumbnails behave ob that user's desktop. you can delete that user and the files after we are done testing.

You might also try the steps in this tutorial:
Icon Cache - Rebuild

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Hello. The thumbnails in my music folder don't display correctly for some of my subfolders.

I've Googled this before and I haven't found any useful solutions. It seems most people just clear their thumbnail cache, but that only seems to work on the C: drive. My music folder is on a separate partition.

Anyway, this is the problem .... I have my music folder, and all subfolders, "optimized" for music. In an artist folder, the album folders will usually show the proper album artwork.

However, when I go up a level, the artist folder doesn't show the album thumbnails in it. In this picture, you can see Barenaked Ladies doesn't display properly--- but their neighbor, Band of Horses, displays just fine. It's this inconsistency that really confuses me.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Thank you in advance for reading and offering potential help. I actually located the exact same problem another poster posted in these forums (see below URL). However, his problem "just fixed itself" before he really began to do much troubleshooting.

Explorer Window folder thumbnails disappearing

Here is my problem (which I've just directly copied and pasted from above URL:

When I start my computer, go to my user folder, documents etc., all appears fine. Folders/thumbnails and images within the folder appear as normal.

However, if I open (for instance) my "downloads" folder, the folder icons and associated icons are initially displayed as "normal", but I see that the explorer bar (where I see C:/user/downloads, etc) is "computing items" but it never stops. A green "progress bar" SLOWLY moves across that "text window" and then it stays green. As if the pc is having trouble reading what is in the folder.

Once that happens, if I back out of the folder and then go back in to it, most of the folder icons/thumbnails/pictures are no longer visible. If I navigate to other folders, it's the same thing; many (but not all) of the folder icons and the thumbnails within are not displayed. I have also noticed that when I go to start/control panel, computer, network etc. the windows are completely blank. No icons, no file names displayed.

I have run anti-virus: Microsoft security essentials, malwarebytes, and ... Read more

Answer:Explorer Window folder thumbnails disappearing

As long as your 'normal widows settings are OK, I have seen this where:
* a stripped (N) version of windows has been installed without WMP
* WMP has been uninstalled
* A display utility or player has been installed or uninstalled and its not restored prior settings.

Its possibly (in these cases) a registry corruption/missing entries.

Rather than faff with the registry,, simply get the freeware babelsoft 'media preview' program, install it, run it and reset it simply by setting the tick boxes for the file types.

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I had a weird problem with my folder icons. The normal folders (ones without thumbnails) appear the normal yellow photo that is the default. However, the folders with thumbnails are a different icon of gray and white. For some reason, I cannot change the icon of the folders with thumbnails back to the default, yellow folders. Can anyone help with this? I have manually tried to change it back by "Right clicking, Properties, Customize" and choosing the yellow default folder, but it isn't working.

Answer:How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?

You can try to rebuild the icon cache in windows.

How to Rebuild the Icon Cache in Windows

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it Always Still Old Thumbnails When I Saved New Images. How to Refresh That ?

Answer:Why Folder Thumbnails NOT Update When I Saved New Pictures ?

Hi, I understand the question as
Why doesn't the folder icon change when I save new images to that folder? How do I get that to refresh?

What I note is that the folder icon does refresh automatically if there's a significant change to the folder content. For example, it changes if I put all the images in a folder into a folder within the first folder.

However, the shortcut to that folder isn't necessarily updated at the same time.

The difference can be seen by opening an explorer window to view the folder contents, and another to view the folder icon (e.g. medium). Significant changes to the folder content are quite quickly reflected in the folder icon.

For example, deleting 1 of three images makes no change, deleting 1 of two images makes a change in the icon.

If at the same time you keep a shortcut to the folder visible on the desktop, you will probably see no change in that, even if you rebuild the cache.

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Hi, I'm using Windows 8.1 x64.

In the MUSIC folder I have 1 folder for each artist. In each Artist folder I have 1 folder for each Album. And in each Album folder I have all the songs, with the cover art embedded in them, in every single .mp3 I have.

In folder options I've set folders to show thumbnails, not icon. So, each Album folder's icon is the album art of the .mp3 files it has inside. BUT in the MUSIC folder, all the Artist folders don't show the album arts they have inside. Their icon is not a folder's icon neither, it's like thumbnails of folders:
And I'd like them to show the thumbnails of the albums they have inside. Well, the maximum amount of images that a folder icon can show is 2, so if I have more than 1 album in an Artist folder, then the icon should be 2 random thumbnails (of 2 albums).

An example here:

I put a song (with embedded cover art) in the desktop. The archive's icon is the cover art.

Now I create a NEW FOLDER (the icon is a default folder icon) called "Album". I put there the .mp3 file. Now, the "Album" folder's icon is the cover art of the .mp3 file.

Then I create ANOTHER new folder called "Artist" (default folder icon), and I put there the "Album" folder. And here, the "Artist" folder's icon is NOT the cover art, but the icon of the image above, and I want it to show the cover art.

Notice that all album's folders have only .mp3 files, not hidden images like "folder.jpg" or anyth... Read more

Answer:Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images

Hi there?

How can I do this, that a "Mother" folder's icon shows cover arts embedded in the "Son" folder's icon?

-Folder A (rare folder's icon, image in the first post) contains:
--Folder B (folder's icon is the cover art of the files it has) contains:
---mp3 files with embedded cover art

I want A folder's icon to be the same as B's.

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Does anyone know how to disable creation of .thumbnails folders on netware drives? I have tried disabling thumbnai cache on local PC and deleteing the .thumbnails folder but it just gets recreated.

Answer:Disable .thumbnails folder on network drive

Hi and welcome to TSF a couple of ideas here Prevent Windows XP from Creating the Thumbs.db Thumbnail Cache Files - How-To Geek - Disable the automatic display of thumbnails in certain folders

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This started suddenly after I turned my desktop pc off before going away for a week. When I came home and turned it back on, it hasn't been "normal" since.

When I start my computer, go to my user folder, documents etc., all appears fine. Folders/thumbnails and images within the folder appear as normal.

However, if I open (for instance) my "downloads" folder, the folder icons and associated icons are initially displayed as "normal", but I see that the explorer bar (where I see C:/user/downloads, etc) is "computing items" but it never stops. A green "progress bar" SLOWLY moves across that "text window" and then it stays green. As if the pc is having trouble reading what is in the folder.

Once that happens, if I back out of the folder and then go back in to it, most of the folder icons/thumbnails/pictures are no longer visible. If I navigate to other folders, it's the same thing; many (but not all) of the folder icons and the thumbnails within are not displayed. Example: in my "user file" the AppData and Tracing folders, the icon is non existant....yet my Contacts, Desktop, Favorites, Documents etc. are shown as standard windows "yellow folders" but not the thumbnails that I have associated with them. Also, the file info (if I highlight a file name) does not appear at the bottom of the explorer window, as it normally would for me.

I have run my anti-virus, malwarebytes, which are showing no probl... Read more

Answer:Explorer Window folder thumbnails disappearing

Launch an elevated command prompt and type "sfc /scannow" to see if there are corrupt Windows files preventing windows/items from properly displaying.

Elevated Command Prompt

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Okay hey guys.. Quite a hard one to explain here..

When i go into my pictures from start menu, all my pictures have no icons/thumbnails.. They only have descriptions underneath..
When i click on the description it suddenly stops responding.. Bit strange and is doing my nut in! :D

The major problem is that i cannot view my photos but i also cannot upload onto sites such as facebook as a result..

Note: I have scanned for viruses/trojans and there is nothing..

Could these files have been moved or something.. Any help appreciated..


Answer:No thumbnails in my pictures folder.. Files lost?? Then not responding.

I cannot quite imagine how it looks. What do you mean that there are only descriptions underneath? Are you referring to the image name?
Have you tried right clicking on one of them, and then choosing "Open with..." and open them with one of your image programs?

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I'm suddenly only able to see icons and not thumbnails in my Documents>Pictures folder. Any ideas how to change it back to viewing thumbnails??  Thanks!  TinaMN.

Answer:How to view thumbnails & Not icons in Documents>Picture folder??

Hi TinaMN,
Thanks for posting here!
Let's navigate to My Documents ? Pictures folder. Right click on the window and choose View ? Large Icons. Let's see if thumbnails are available now.
Best regards,

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I keep hearing (MS?) people saying that if you move to win7 your only option to deal with any gripes you might have with it s way of doing things, is to just cope with them.

Well now, aint that some way to spoil your customers!

Heres what.

I ve got folders with images and I do a lot of sorting and moving around and when I used XP I could see little fancy tumbnail previews of the images inside the folder, ON the folder icon.

Windows 7 does this too but in an inept, I-need-to-be-different-for-differents-sake kinda way.

Now, why the heck would MS want to go changin stuff around that aint needin no changin around I wonder.

Then I wonder if theres somewhere I can change this around to a practical setting but soon realize theres no such setting anywhere.

... hence I ve arrived here.

Is there a hack/tool/whatever around someplace that will let me fix Windows Explorer tomake it useful to me once again?

Answer:Windows Explorer Folder Preview Thumbnails - XP style?

Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett

I keep hearing (MS?) people saying that if you move to win7 your only option to deal with any gripes you might have with it s way of doing things, is to just cope with them.

Well now, aint that some way to spoil your customers!

Heres what.

I ve got folders with images and I do a lot of sorting and moving around and when I used XP I could see little fancy tumbnail previews of the images inside the folder, ON the folder icon.

Windows 7 does this too but in an inept, I-need-to-be-different-for-differents-sake kinda way.

Now, why the heck would MS want to go changin stuff around that aint needin no changin around I wonder.

Then I wonder if theres somewhere I can change this around to a practical setting but soon realize theres no such setting anywhere.

... hence I ve arrived here.

Is there a hack/tool/whatever around someplace that will let me fix Windows Explorer tomake it useful to me once again?

What's wrong with the way Windows 7 folders display their pictures?

I've actually found that it works pretty well when I have my thumbnails set somewhere between "Large Icons" and "Extra Large Icons":

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Hi, I need your help. Please guide me through this trouble. I searched the web but I could not find anything useful.

I need to have folder content preview disabled on my machine but I still need to have pictures as thumbnails instead of icons. What do I need to do?

Please note checking "Always show Icons, never thumbnails" wont help because it applies to Picture Files as well.

Thank you in advance!

Answer:How can I disable Folder Content Preview but not Pictures Thumbnails?

What for?

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Is there a way on Windows 7 that makes Explorer generates thumbs for folders without scrolling through them?
I tried something like a search (*.jpg) on the main folder but then only visible images had thumbs generated.

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Build thumbnails cache for a folder and subfolders in Windows 7

I have a lot of hi-res images in many folders, when I open a folder, windows explorer generates thumbnails for the images... But, because they are hi-res, it takes about 3 seconds for every image to have a thumb.
I'm looking for a way to make thumbnails for selected folders without having to open them one by one and waiting for every image, also I have to scroll down every time to get more thumbs generated

Thanks for any help.

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Upgraded about a week ago and things have gone fairly well so far, but I just noticed something that really bothers me. The thumbnails for video files are not working. The folder option of show icon never thumbnail is not checked, and in system performance show thumbnail instead of icon is checked....folder option set to "video" type (but same thing happens with other types). I understand that those settings are normally the cause of the this type of issue, but not this time. Photo thumbnails work just fine. It may seem minor but it's a deal killer for me and I will wipe the drive and go back to windows 7 if this is just the way it works. However I'm thinking it must be something I can correct because they couldn't possibly have gotten rid of video thumbnails. Any ideas are appreciated.

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