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How can i recover my Recovery drives files?

Question: How can i recover my Recovery drives files?

Hello all, I am running a windows vista basic, and I need help on something. My computer came with a Recovery (D) drive, and I deleted everything on it months ago thinking it was of no importance, now I realize it is of great importance. I was wondering if there was a way I could get it all back?

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Preferred Solution: How can i recover my Recovery drives files?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How can i recover my Recovery drives files?

Contact the maker of the system .They might sell you a cd or dvd."The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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Onekey version on Yoga 13 with Windows 8. Recovery does not allow recovery from external usb drives. 1. Why allow the backup to an external drive if you can't recover from an external drive?2. Drive D: is too small to store backup and copying backup to drive C: will not work either as a recovery will wipe that out. 

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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India

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Hey guys, just recieved this little gizmo and works  good. Easy to transfer files without having to take apart a good computer. Just hook up to USB and power cord and you are good to go. Hope this might help some of you.

Answer:Recover those files off old hard drives!!!!

Make sure you read the customer reviews on the Web page before you buy!

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Any one knows of a software that will recover files from a reformatted hard drive, files with extension .tax (turbotax files).I have tried couple of them, they found lots of files but not these.Thanks.

Answer:Recovery software to recover files .tax files?

Hi ju1985,Have you tried Convar FileRecovery. It's freeware.

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What is the purpose of System Recovery F11? After using System Recovery F11, are we still able to recover files that have been created by the owner previously? If no, why? If yes, how to recover? 

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I have sony vaio desktop. For some reason i had to go thru system recovery options which ended up deleting all my personal files in C drive. To my surprise there was no option in system recovery to save my old files .Is there any way to recover these files ? ( i did my system recovery from system itself and did not use any recovery cd/dvd and i did not format my hard drive). I tried with recuva and file scavanger but i am not able to see my old folder there anymore. Please suggest?
OS : windows XP home edition
Please let me know if you need any other information or any other data recovery software i can use ?

Answer:any way to recover files after system recovery?

I got 14 views but not even a single reply ..techsupport crew .. please help me !!!!

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I recently (yesterday) had an issue where my PC green screened and then wouldn't boot windows. After running several diagnostics to make sure it wasn't hardware related I decided to reinstall windows, problem, I have several important documents and media files on my hard-drive that aren't backed up yet (stupid I know), however, this isn't a problem as hp recovery manager presents me with the option to back up my files before I reset, brilliant. I create the backup media, then reset. After boot up everything runs smoothly until I try to use the media backup I created, Hp recovery manager says it can't run a media recovery as it's no longer supported after windows upgraded. My PC came installed with windows 10, I created the backup with the same version, literally everything is the same. For some reason I can't recover my data despite the fact that its sitting on my external hard-drive (in the hp back up format). Please help, if I'd known there was an issue I'd have removed the hard-drive and had my data recovered.

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I have a Toshiba Equium and when I turn it on it loads up but the screen where you login doesn't show up, It has a black screen with a mouse, and I need to use the recovery disk to get it back to normal, but I don't want to format the hard drive as I have lots of files on there so is there anyway to recover them files?

Answer:How to recover files before using recovery disk?


In my opinion the easiest way is you remove the HDD of your notebook and put it into an external HDD case. Then you can connect this external HDD now to another computer and have access to files on your HDD and you can make a backup.

Alternative you can boot from a Linux Live CD and backup your files on another USB devices.

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Im realy stuck. Today my HP pc messed up and i had to do a system recovery. I have done this before with no problems, but this time i lost all my files. The pc is like it was when i first bough it with all the original software. I have a d: recovery drive on the HP. I know my files cant be totaly wiped off the hard drive but i dont know how to recover them. I tried looking at system restore but all the previous restore poins were wiped off. Help please i am going mad!!

Answer:Help! System Recovery Pc And Lost All Files! Need To Recover!

System Restore and System Recovery are two different things.See this:

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I'm trying to help out a friend recover their files. They performed a system recovery using the system recovery cd and they responed "yes" to back up the files before the recovery process started. I can see the folder on the c drive that says MY BACKUP 1-25-09 and can open the folders and files. Now how do they put those files back where they were? Before we do something dumb I would like some expert advice. Thanks!

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Hey guyz!
Due to a program failuer (partition magic) some of the data are corrupted and some are deleted. By using PC inspector i could get almost all of them back but still some are corrupted. for example some JPGs and WAVs which are so so important to me!
by any chance do you know any program which can revover CORRUPTED files rather than try to undelete them???

this topic helped me out a bit but no one had correct answer to my problem!

Ill appreciate your help.

Answer:DATA recovery! (recover corrupted files)

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Dear friends and experts. I bought my Lenovo C3000-C100 a couple of years ago. I did make the recovery DVD, then I copy all files from the recovery partition (the whole ibm_service directory). And I deleted that partition to make more room.  Recently my laptop was infected with virus and I could not find the recovery DVD, but I still have the USB disk with all the files from ibm_service directory and I can boot my laptop with the Hiren boot CD and access them from the external USB disk. By the way, I started Hiden as mini Windows XP environment Do you think I can somehow run the recovery program from those files? If it is possible, how I can proceed? Thank you very much.   

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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.

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Hi, anyone know of a program that will data recover MPEG-2 movies that were accidentally removed from my Recycle Bin? I have tried several programs, including Recover My Files, GetDataBack, Stellar Phoenix - one found no files, the other found 1300 files (where there should only be about 10), and the other found the right amount, but the files themselves were absolutely huge, so it must have merged the missing MPEG-2s to some of the other movies that weren't deleted.

Can anyone please suggest a way out of this, either by naming a program that can recover MPEG-2s, or a setting that I need change on one of the progs that I've already tried?

Thank you.

Answer:A data recovery program that can recover MPEG-2 files?

Hola try drive rescue or ontrack- data recovery

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my cousin had accidentally deleted my MS office files on my laptop which was very important for me. I tried but i didnt find them in Recycle bin. I heard about data recovery software but never used them before, which data recovery software helps me to recover deleted file.

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Anyone know of a good, preferably free, software to recover some damaged image files which I am unable to otherwise open.
I have recovered some deleted photos using Recuva. Some are in good conditions, but some are not. Most of the photos are in JPG format.

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Hi guys
have been through the whole folder lock shambles and still cant get my files back -i know they are there just cant see them -think i have exhausted every option except using a recovery program
Can anoyone recommend a software recovery program that will recover these files? -am happy to pay for the program but really was hoping to find someone who had sucess with one before buying
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Answer:recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files


What do you mean when you say folder lock files? Do you mean it has the little lock icon next to the folder?

As for recover programs, we have used Easeus Data Recovery before which has worked well.

Also, I have moved your thread to another area on the forum as its not a network issue.

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After experiencing an error with windows, it wouldn't start up and said I was missing the hal.dll files, I fired up the windows recovery program. It worked like a charm, replaced windows and the hal.dll file, however all my folders with docs and pictures on the desktop that were there previously (which accumulated over years) were not there anymore. Is there any way to recover these missing folder and files? They weren't saved on the c: directly but only on the desktop. I tried system restore but it said there were no system recovery points I could recover from.
Does windows make a backup of these desktop files before it deletes them?
Please help anyone, thanks!

Answer:System recovery for xp deleted my personal files on desktop, can I recover them?

If the computer hasn't been used much since the recovery most of your files will be intact.

The tricky bit is getting them back. The only real way to retrieve your data is to remove the hard drive, plug it into another computer as a second drive and run a piece if recovery software over it.

The first two links are to free recovery software, the third is paid for - this one does work very well.

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how do I recover my document files, photos, videos and music I had in my hard drive after upgrading to windows 10

Answer:Document files, photos, videos and music recovery after upgrading to Windows 10, how do I recover them?

What do you mean recover? Are you saying they are gone?

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After internal Hard Disk crash in ThinkPad W520 I tried to recover back-up content from external HD.  Most programs recovered properly, However the Netobjects Fusion 12 Program and Data Files did not recover. Tried to do it manually and message "zugriff verweigert" (Access denied) appeared.  How can I override message? Or How can I back load the mentioned program from the external Back-up HD?

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Came across this article that might be useful for others.
"In this article we will describe logical data recovery from a hard disk drive or other storage device in perfect physical conditions. If you suspect your storage device has any kind of physical damage ? do not try to use any recovery or test software on it. Provided methods can be used right away and without any special knowledge."
Read the rest here: Data Recovery for Dummies: simple way to rescue your files

Answer:How to rescue files and recover data - Data Recovery Guide

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi y'all,
I recently (last night) bought the "Recover My Files V3.73" software to try and recover my lost emails on my reformatted HD. It seems to work nice and all but when I save the files, it seems to lump them all in one file and its a flash file extension for that matter......any body have any experience with this software? I am awaiting a reply from the makers on this problem, but was hoping some one might of had the same (or similar) problem and how they went about it.

Thanks to EAFiedler for the previous help.....

Cheers in advance

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Hi all, a while ago I had the idea to start from scratch to clean up the system and gain more performance. But I have not done yet because I have some doubts.

On the PC I have Acronis True Image Home 2011
--> In the part where it says My backups I see the image that I have saved.
--> When I click on "Explore and recover" :To the right I see 2 items to recover: "Reserved for System and Local Disk (C)"
Therefore, the partition (D)will remain intact. Right ? But if I want to restore everything, both partitions, i have to use the option "Files and folders" ?

Extra info : I did not create the image, other person is who created it :P

Answer:Difference between recover partitions or recover files and folders.

How long ago was that Acronis image made?

I guess I don't understand your intent. You talk about starting over to clean up and gain more performance, but then express interest in restoring "everything".

Was that image made at a time when your system was running perfectly? How has your system changed since that date? If you restore, you will have to reinstall any applications you've acquired since the image was made. And that image won't contain any personal data acquired since it was made. Maybe it contains no personal data at all?
If you are going to "start from scratch", I assume you mean you want to do a clean install of Windows.

If you were to do that, the only thing in that image file that might possibly be important to you would be personal files---pictures, videos, mp3s, Word documents, browser bookmarks, possibly email, etc. And that would be personal files as of the date of that image, not your current personal files. And not Windows itself.

If I wanted to "start over", I would:

1: back up all current personal files to some other drive, probably external. I would NOT use an image for this. I'd just copy them with the mouse.

2: reinstall Windows.

If I did those 2 things, the contents of the Acronis image would be irrelevant.

You should forget about Acronis if you don't understand it or know whats in any images you have. Particularly if you didn't make the image yourself. Images can fail you anyway. I'd never rely on them exclusi... Read more

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Not able to do full recovery on u310... I have created "Factory Default Recovery Disc" previously and have 3 DVDs.  No matter what I tried I'm getting this Notice on trying to recovery from factory DVDs. "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect.  You may have to recreate the partition to continue." When I click "OK" it goes back to the "Welcome to Lenovo OneKey Recovery" screen.  I'm not able to get past this error.

Answer:u310 not able to recover using OneKey Recovery - "Factory Default Recovery Disc"

Adding... The NOVO key recovery does not work.

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I'm a mainframe person with some windows experience, but I am an Ubuntu/Linux virgin.

I was aked by a relative to see if I could sort out a Toshiba NB100 11R with Ubuntu remix loaded. The touchpad was no longer working.

I assumed it was a driver problem, so found my way to the drivers. I couldn't get any further, it was password protected. The relatives didn't know the password or even that a password had been set.

As they had the recovery disk and I had an external dvd drive, I decided to do a full recovery.
The recovery failed.

When I tried to boot the NB100, I got a GRUB error 2.

I tried the recover disk again, this time I got error 20107, I can't find this documented anywhere.

I also managed to get a boot menu at one point, which gave me the option of booting Ubuntu, or recovering. I chose the recover option, this failed with "cannot open root device SDA2 or unknown block".

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition and tried to boot the NB100, this failed with a multitude of read errors.

I re-booted with the Ubuntu 10.04 netbook, this time it worked. I chose the try Ubuntu option. Ubuntu loaded.

So that's where I am at the moment, I've managed to load Ubuntu running from the DVD drive. The NB100 hard drive seems to be ok. The touch pad is working. I can't recover from the dvd drive or the boot recovery option.

As I said I'm an Ubuntu virgin, I don't know what to do from here.

What I want to do is recover to factory cond... Read more

Answer:Unable to recover NB100 from recovery cd or boot recovery option.

Well.. It seems the recovery files related to Ubuntu in the "FileSystem" are damaged. And the GRUB loader is severely damaged as well. Error 20107 means that the recovery can no longer be initiated. That error happened to me before but when I tried to recover my database on MySQL. I don't know how is this related.

Anyway, since you can access the partitions from the Live CD, If I were you, you can get an External Hard Disk and backup all the data onto that Drive. And Install a new version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 that you've downloaded . You can Install it from the Favorites when you boot from the DVD by "Install Ubuntu Netbook Edition". When it comes to partitioning, Choose the option to Erase all the Hard disk. That will install a new system with new GRUB loader as well but Erasing all the data on the netbook hard drive. From this point you can start the recovery from the Recovery Disc. I know this is a long solution. But to be sure if the problem is from the recovery CD or the system itself.

But one question, Does your NB100 come with an Ubuntu Recovery Disk ? Toshiba notebooks always have problems with Linux Based OSes :S

If you need more help, I am here. I worked with Linux systems for about 2 years but not as much as Windows ofc.

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Hi, guys. I had tried to reformat my G460 previously using the one key recovery. But half way through the recovery there is a error pop up and stop the recovery. And caused my computer to have a winboot.exe error whenever I start up. I had lost the recovery CD.Please advise on what I can do. I had search the web for Lenovo recovery CD Iso file. But I cannot find it.Thanks in advance and wish u guys a happy Chinese New Year!!

Answer:G460 lost recovery CD, One key recovery cannot recover

HI Kuniyo , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Assuming that the harddrive integrity is still ok , you may simply proceed to a clean installation of windows if other repair option would not work . 
Copy of  the recovery image can be ordered at tech support for your OS version specific to your pc along with the preset drivers needed . Do you stillo recall the windows version you had originally?
English, Mandarin 6818-5314 (Standard Charges Apply), 1-800-818-5219 Schedule a Callback for faster support
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00 Saturday 
Alternate option is to get your ISO similar to the original Windows version that came with your pc .
This would automatically activate the product key embedded on the system . 
You may review similar discussion and steps that was previosly done on this thread. 
With regards to the drivers , simply download it from the support site. 
Update us how it goes. 
Gong Xi Fa Cai .

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The first hard drive is unpartitioned space. It still has all the data on it. I was going to reformat and I stopped after selecting it as unpartitioned space before it was formatted. it is a laptop HD, so I know I have to buy an adapter to hook it up to the desktop, but will I be able to get all my data off of it or is it a lost hope?

On the second one, its an external HD and some moron (me) plugged in the power cord backwards. Now the light comes on on the case, but when I connect it to the computer, it doesn't show that it sees the hard drive. Did I mess this up? Can I get any of the data off of this one?

I seem to be an expert at messing up computers Thanks for any replys in advance

Answer:Can I recover any data from these Hard Drives?????

i've once put the ide cable in backwards...light up the hd led, but couldn't find the drive (just like a floppy drive). no further harm was done. turned the cable and the drive was ok. never managed to plug the power cord in backwards!'re talented.

what comes to the data recovering...when i had to do some of that, I used a recovery proggie called tiramisu:

was bit of a hassle but got the important files back with it. although i believe my file system back then was fat32, i dunno if tiramisu works with ntfs...

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hiI had unfortunately deleted my logical drives from the disk management in that i have important data please solve my problem plz

Answer:recover deleted logical drives

You need partition recovery software which is unfortunately rare as freeware, and even the demo versions are "crippled" inasmuch as it will show you the deleted partitions but won't actually restore them -- for that you have buy the program.One of the most popular is "Active Partition Recovery" that you know what you need, you might try putting Partition Recovery Software into Google Search and see if it comes up with any free stuff.

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HELP. Just made Recovery Drive by creating a small partition drive (50 Gb) on an external USB HD (500 Gb). It all seemed to go well after a copy of the Recovery Drive was made. I had two other partition drives containing important files on the same USB HD and they were still being recognized and accessible. I then did a recovery copy of the drivers and applications to Recovery Drive and suddenly the two other partitions disappeared. I can only see the Recovery Drive and unallocated volume on the USB HD. Can someone help me to find how to recover the missing partition drives from a large unallocated volume? What did I do wrong?

OS. Windows 8.1

Thanks so much for your help.

Answer:How to recover drives from unallocated volume?

Try this program:

Free Partition Manager for Window PC | MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

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Hello, A friend conscientiously made the recovery disks when he got his machine, and now needs to use them. Much to his and my dismay, some of the files on the disks are corrupted in some way or another. He upgraded the hard drive after making these disks and had wiped the original drive in order to re-task it, so nothing from it is available. The machine is out of warranty, of course, so I understand that support will be ... less than supportive. Where might I be able to download disk images (preferably in DVD format) or perhaps the individual image files which are damaged? I can provide a list of them and which of the recovery disks they are from.  Would anyone consider making such available for download or uploading them to a website? You can privately contact me at  tumbleweed underscore biff at yahoo dot com.  Thank you in advance. The machine is a 7650-9LU Mike

Answer:R61i Recovery Failure - corrupt restore files, need recovery files

A further note: another attempt to copy files from the CDs made for this purpose and there is only one file it was unable to copy:   4GOIE2A0.IMZ If someone would make this single file available, it is really all I need. Thanks in advance, Mike 

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Ok - need some help.

I recently upgraded my home built Windows 7 PC to Windows 8.1. When I did so, I lost my RAID 1 Array that was previously working. The RAID 1 was not my system drive but my data. My system drive is a Samsung 240GB SSD.

The Array (2 x 2 TB Seagate Barracude 7200) show up in the Seagate utility as a drive. However, the drive is not visible. In Diskmgmt.msc, the drive shows up without a letter, and my only option there is to "delete" not to assign a letter. In Diskmgmt, the two drives are listed below, but the option to "reactivate" them does nothing.

I do not want to reformat the drives, but would like to be able to properly mount them.

I installed Windows 8.1 from the web, without a disk. Therefore, I did not install any RAID/SATA drivers during the install. Thought I would do so afterwards, but it does not seem to be working.

The Motherboard is a: ASUS Rampage IV Gene LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

Though I did help build this, I was not primary "builder" so I do not know if my original RAID was done within the ASUS MB or Windows 7. The other builder is unavailable for consult.

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The power supply in an older machine recently failed so I built a new machine. Now I'd like to recover the data from the 2 x 80GB RAID0 drives I had installed in the older pc. The RAID0 SATA HDDs have Windows XP Pro installed on them.

Can anyone recommend a way to access these drives and their data? Can it be done by connecting them to my new machine? Ideally I'd like to boot them and run windows to make things easier, but I don't really want to revive the old machine or buy parts for it.

Answer:Recover Data From RAID 0 Drives with OS Installed

You are going to have to reinstall XP so it works with the new systemboard, no matter what. The XP on those drives will just bluescreen because of the changed hard disk controller and I?O part.
Worse, the RAID is tied to the specific hard disk controller in the old PC and the only tools I know of are (not free) data recovery tools:
Did you think to try using the new power supply in the old box?

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Hello,I can do minimized image recovery on my notebook but after minimized image recovey they only show 1 drive which size is 156GB.But another 4 drive cant shown.Before recovery my notebook have total 6 drive but after recovery they show only C-drive with 156GB & one recovery drive but other 4 drive can't shown. And i also can't see them in Windows Disk Management My very important data in other drive.Please help me to solve this problem.

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Hello,I can do minimized image recovery on my notebook but after minimized image recovey they only show 1 drive which size is 156GB.But another 4 drive cant shown.Before recovery my notebook have total 6 drive but after recovery they show only C-drive with 156GB & one recovery drive but other 4 drive can't shown.My very important data in other drive.Please help me to solve this problem.  

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i have 2 drives that are going bad and i wonder if anyone can help with ideas or know which programs best to recover the data in these situations.

1/ seagate 300G AS - this one makes ticking noise (like a bomb lol) every minute or so and every few minutes it makes the ping sound (like if you were snapping a rubber band on someone); this one is still under warranty (so yay to seagate's 5 yr warranty), but i am having a hard time getting data off of the drive; after putting it in the freezer for a day, i put it in 1 of the pc's and it just stalls windows; after a while, windows tells me that a removable device (the bad hard drive in this case) has been unplugged or ejected, and it doesnt show up in windows at all.

2/ the WD 500G AS - this one is not under warranty it doesnt make the ticking noise like the other drive, but i also have no luck getting the data off of it either. I also tried putting in the freezer and then hook it up to the pc; during POST before windows is started, when the system lists the hard drives being connected, I notice that all other drives say OK but with this one, it says BAD. And then windows prompts me to run chkdsk on it; it checks and stalls at 12% forever so i shut it down and rebooted; this time, i chose not to do chkdsk and finally got into windows (albeit very slowly), i see that windows assigns it letter D but w/o any description; so i tried to format it and then if that were successful, i can try to retrieve the data via getdataba... Read more

Answer:seeking advice on how to recover data from 2 bad hard drives

First off, make sure your Seagate isn't part of this firmware fiasco with Seagate. If it might be able to get free data recovery for that drive under Seagates warranty.

Have you researched "SpinRite" It might be able to save that WD hdd. Check it out

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First of all, I want to point out that I have very little knowledge of technology.

I have a NTFS Seagate 2TB Go Flex Desk external hard disk drive. A couple months ago, I found that it had a problem where my laptop could detect it, but couldn't access it and needed to "reformat" it. I left it alone for a while.

Recently, I tried plugging it in again, and behold, it seemed to work okay and I could see all the files and so on. I tried chkdisk without the fixing part (/f). I didn't want to "fix" it until as last resort because it seems to imply some data will be lost. It said there were a lot of bad sectors.

I couldn't read some of the files (most of them were rar files) in my hard disk, and had "read error" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I basically moved all the files which were normal out of the disk as I couldn't move the others ("can't read from source file or disk") and now I'm left with the broken files, most of which are important. 40gb of 16,000 files.

Is there any hope for me to recover those files? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: after this, how would I deal with the bad sectors?

Answer:Disk read error for files in the harddrive, want to recover files.

OK! The bad sectors are always one of the killers of data on a hard drive. That’s why we are always asked to back up our needed data at least on two separate drives. So, in the future, you should learn to keep at least two copies of your important data on separate drives or locations.
But, right now, since your drive still could be read on your computer, you could try to run some data recovery programs to take chances. Nowadays, many data recovery programs are developed to help people resolve these troubles.

But, if you are not sure, you could firstly try some drive data recovery freeware such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.
But, if any data recovery software could not make a difference, you could consult a data recovery expert for help and prepare enough money for it.

Good luck!

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Icons are missing. Folders on the desktop are gone. Tried to recover the folders, it says it is done but I still can not find my folders. The tiles will not stay on the start up menu. When I reboot the computer I have to start the whole process again. How to I fix this? Will Windows 10 be fixed soon by Microsoft?

Answer:Windows 10 updated, wiped out my desktop files, it won't let me recover the files.

check out "windows.old" folder in c drive!

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Hi my name is Robert.My recovery USB for Windows 8.1 Acer Aspire XC_115 is lost.Can some tell me how I can recover without the recovery USB.Thanks.

Answer:Recover without recovery USB.

normally booting pressing ALT+F10 at boot (after D2D is enabled), will start the Acer recovery management, if your HDD is still working.  or you need to buy Acer recovery USB/Disks Acer recovery mediaif you are in the US you can buy it: you are outside the US, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:

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Hi,My WIN XP crashed and i was trying to recover using recovery CD/DVD.After booting with the first DVD the hard disk got formated partion table was removed and system files were copied.Then it asked for restart without CD/DVD.After restarting it asked for second DVD, but after loading the second DVD it was not taken and "NEXT" button is not enabled.What might have went wrong? NB: The recovery DVD was created with factory settings(with just one partition of 250GB). But later the hard disk was partitioned to multiple drives.

Answer:Not able to recover using recovery CD

McJohnson, welcome to the forum, there are different types of recovery disks. Somtimes when you are asked for a particular disk and click "yes" you get a message similar to that you are receiving. What happens when you click "no"? PS; it would be appreciated if you could please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and services vary from market to market, even within Europe. Knowing your location helps us help you.

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when I recover my pc with recovery disc, There is an error ...i.e. P2PP burnboot recover failed n many more errors are there in written form ... Need help ..

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I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

Answer:Using ISO to re-install/recover W10 instead of HP recovery app

Originally Posted by pjfarr

I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

Recovery partitions that come on a pre-loaded box will contain the factory image as set by HP, in your case. That would include any pre-bundled bloatware and such. If you want a clean, fresh start without the crap, save the contents of that recovery partition on an external drive, and during clean install from your MCT DVD, delete the partition and extend the OS partition. MS Win 10 will create it's own recovery partition.

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i have done this system recovery loads of times but now the recovery option is not coming up it just starts itself on (im not sure which option) then it can never be completed. It says All files including data files on the users partions will be lost adn the original factory shipped files will be recovered to the user patition, do you want to continue - i click ok (only option it gives) and formatting hard disk partition in ntfc files then another msg comes up saying cannot format user pation! system recovery cannot continue - so i click ok and it starts all over again. can anyone help pleasde

Answer:no recovery option when trying to recover


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I bought the computer with win 8.1 installed and some months ago I have upgraded to Win 10 and now i have problems and was advised by remote support to reimage the computer with recovery DVD windows 8.1 that was ordered for me and I recived from HP. It says on the disk: "To begin insert the disc into an optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions.I did so with disk 1 and nothing happens and nothings appears on screen. I tried to reboot from the DVD media by clickking esc while booting and tried the recovery options and it failed syaing that it can't recover this computer. Please advise   

Answer:How do I recover from a System recovery DVD win 8.1

Hi, Try the following. Start the notebook. Insert the 1st Recovery disc and Shutdown the notebook by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) option and hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Regards, DP-K

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is there anywhere on-line i can download one to a flash drive without having to pay for it?

Answer:i need to recover my system but i do not have a recovery

No.Not without inhereting a bunch of other issues...Borrow one.This would be perfectly legal...

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I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

Answer:Using ISO to re-install/recover W10 instead of HP recovery app

pjfarr said:

I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

Recovery partitions that come on a pre-loaded box will contain the factory image as set by HP, in your case. That would include any pre-bundled bloatware and such. If you want a clean, fresh start without the crap, save the contents of that recovery partition on an external drive, and during clean install from your MCT DVD, delete the partition and extend the OS partition. MS Win 10 will create it's own recovery partition.

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I'm new here and hope this is an OK place to post about recovery. I have misplaced my my one and only set of "allowed" back up discs. I reset up from the recovery partition but I hate to trust it every again. Is there any program I could use to make a new set of recovery discs?

thank you

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my laptop has freezed, I restart it with power button but now, at start up, BitLocker said that:

You need to enter your recovery key because Secure Boot has been disabled. Either Secure Boot must be re-enabled, or BitLocker must be suspended for Windows to start normally.

I gone to UEFI settings and define a password to re-enabled Secure Boot but BitLocker when I restart comptuer said that Bios secure parameters has changed... It doesn't solve the problem.

The problem is I don't have my recovery key. I tried to recover my recovery key using Microsoft account but I had to update my phone number and so my security settings are locked for one month. My question is :
Is it possible to boot on Ubuntu USB key or plug HDD to an Ubuntu computer, copy files and decrypt them one by one with my password session ?Is it possible to retrieve my recovery key using Windows command line and session password ? (I can access to Windows recovery menu so I have access to commands line.)Is a program to decrypt completely my hard drive exists ? I will write it on a USB key, start it, enter my session password and it will decrypt all the disk or something like that.
Thanks a lot.

Answer:How can I recover my BitLocker recovery key

What do you mean by "session password?"

Assuming you are using a TPM with BitLocker (which is the default) then there is no way to recover your drive without the recovery key. That is the entire point of BitLocker.

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Dear all,

I replaced the hard disk, i have the three recovery DVD for windows 8. please help me to recover the same.

when i am trying recover from Recovery of factory default software(out of box) is not working. please help

Answer:How to recover Windows 8 from Recovery DVD?


Start your machine and press F12 to enter boot menu. When you see the boot menu on the screen put disc 1 in optical disc drive. After doing that choose CD/DVD as first bootable device and press ENTER button.

ODD should start to read recovery disc. All you must do is to follow the menu on the screen.

When you write “it is not working” what do you mean exactly?

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i have my recovery partition still working fine. OS is also working. But i cant do the one key recovery. The link which connects both boot agent and recovery drive is gone somehow and HP RECOVERY manager says recovery partition is disabled. But for me its still there. Can you give a solution to recover the recovery manager ?

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Hi ALL, I am having the recovery CDs created and now I want to recovery my system.Even i am having my latest back up on to an external hard drive and while creating it, i made it as bootable disk.i connected the external USB hard drive and restarted my sys and it shows the Rescue and recovery 4 page and i think it was recovering data, i kept it like that for 20 hours but still same page. The back up size is nearly 75 GB.I placed the CD in drive and restarted my system and it is showing the Rescue and Recovery 4 page and there is no progress from there onwards. how much time will it take to recover. Type 2242-CTOOS: XP Prof  Anyone Kindly help me in this.Thanks in Advance. Regards,Chandra.

Chandra- Dearborn,MI,USA

Answer:Recovery CDs are there, how to recover my T500

It should only take up to 1 hr to restore from Hidden partition. Using disc about the same. If you can boot to Windows you can restore from a back up through Rescue and recovery instead of booting to the partition or using disc. Still save your data to an external source.

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My Vista laptop is having a bit of an issue. When it boots, the main laptop display is black, it never loads. My second monitor however does load, but only on 4bit color with a 100x100 res. It will ONLY load safe mode, and from there ive been trying to use restore manager to reset to an earlier setting or to restore to factory. I have my backup cd in the drive, but when Restore Manager trys to open to run it, it crashes. How can I fix whatever is wrong with my vista if the restore feature itself is part of whats broken? I have run about 500 startup repairs, and the messages range from "no error detected" to "error unable to be fixed" to "error repaired", but the res and color never fixes, and the monitor stays black, and only safe mode will load. Not sure what to try from here.

Thank you for any tips you can give me on what to try next.

Here is my computer rig, if this helps.

Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Hard Drive: 240 GB Total
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600
Monitor: 20 Inch Laptop Monitor + 20 Inch Flatscreen LCD
Sound Card: Internal Speaker/Headphone (Conexant High Definition Audio)
Speakers/Headphones: Razor Gaming Headset
Keyboard: Razor Tarantula Gaming Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech Gaming Mouse
... Read more

Answer:System recovery won't recover?

In safe mode, deinstall your graphics card then try rebooting as normal on vista.

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have an HP Pavilion 513x that was purchased with XPHome OS. The HD failed hard, and the recovery partition was unusable. I replaced the 40G HD with a 20G, as external USB drives are also used. HP noservice tells me that third parties sell Recovery CD's, but they don't, and it's out of warranty. So, I installed Win2000Pro and life was good. Clean install with no issues. The owner of the machine now wants XP back as the OS. I purchased HP 5069-4591 set from Computer Surgeons (they have great service, BTW). I ran the CD's, but the installation failed with "System Recovery - No partition found" I tried this too many times. HP sez to fdisk and format, clear the MBR. I followed their advice again. I fdisked and formated trying to emulate the data and recovery partitions. Still the Recovery CD's stop at the same error condition. HP says bad recovery disks or physical issues! Their PC Doctor program showed all their tests passing (HD, RAM, etc). Computer Surgeons sent a second set of CD's, gratis. Still wouln't load. Reinstalled Win2000 and went surfing for advice and enlightenment. I read that some recovery CD's have an \i386 directory and all the XP files are here. Cool! Made the appropriate bootdisks and ran winnt from the \i386 directory of the Recovery CD. The install started and completed to the point of DOS files completed and I needed to reboot to start the Windows portion of the install. I rebooted and am now getting this me... Read more

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I have a satellite Pro laptop which I have to fix for my sister in law ...long story....(cant remember model no, as I m at work at the moment !) but its only 4 weeks old and she had done something redicuous to it, so I decided that i would use the recovery cd to reinstall the os.

The image uncompresses to the disk, it tells me to remove the media, then reboot. Upon reboot, the system just gets into the xp load screen then a windows message pops up saying "Windows is not fully installed - Please run the setup program", then it reboots !

Is this a common problem, or can anyone shed any light on it, as this is a new laptop, nothing done to the hardware and I am using the correct cd which came with the system.

The system has twice gone into xp and began the setup wizard (where you put in your usernames and passwords), once this finishes and it attmpts to go straight into xp, I get a blue screen and the inevitable freeze !

I don't mean to sound Pious, but please don't ask me if I've checked that the hardware is attached or anything, I am actually a field engineer for an IT firm, I just have no experience of Toshiba machines or this recovery cd issue.

Any help you guys out there could give me would be greatly appreciated, as Id hate to have to return a bloody new laptop to the manufacturer unless its absolutely necessary.

Many Thanks

Answer:Not possible to recover the Satellite Pro with recovery CD

Hi Andy,

The recovery CD contains a 'ghost' image of the operating system which will contain the basic Windows system together with most of the Toshiba specific software and drivers.

Booting from the recovery CD will normally load a Win98 operating system which will then restore the 'ghost' image to the hard drive.

Normally the recovery process will ask if you want to restore the entire C: drive or use the 'expert' mode in which you can partition the hard drive. Obviously if you reach the point where the system reboots then the restore of the 'ghost' image has finished and the Windows set-up process has begun

I can only presume that there must be a problem with the hard drive if the 'set-up' process has subsequent problems. As an IT professional you may have access to a suitable boot CD (such as Norton Disk Doctor) in which case I would suggest you analyse the harddrive for potential problems and if necessary return the notebook under the warranty for it to be repaired.


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If this is not the right forum please move this topic, this is not an issues about the Toshiba Product Recovery, but connected directly with it (i dont know how it work).

So, the problem is simple, i lost my data because i used the software without a backup (i was distracted).. Is there any way to recover it ?
I'm trying with GetDataBack, but i found nothing.
As extreme idea, could laboratories of recovery hard disk work effectively?

Answer:Recover data after a recovery?

Generally speaking before recovery installation starts whole HDD will be formatted and new partitions will be defined. All data saved on HDD will be deleted.

Anyway as far as I know you can recover deleted data using some third part application.

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I found many entries while searching in the forum, but no one seems to be similar to my problem: I want to recover my windows vista system partition using the recovery partition on my T61p. This was working fine for me last time. But meanwhile i installed Ubuntu which was installing grub loader, i think this causes the problem while rewrite the mbr. Pressing the Thinvantage-Button while booting doesnt show me usable entries. If i boot from the Thinkpad-Recovery Boot disk iexpect that after pressing "next" the linux and data partitions will be deleted also. But especially that i could do at last recovery... "select partition you want to use as system partition" or another message like that. I remember, i was thrilled when i saw this message. Because at the time i was doing this i expected something like this. But today it would be really great i dont have to reinstall Linux. Can you please tell me how i shall continue?  Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:recover from recovery partition

It sounds like you installed Linux and it edited the boot record. Because of this the ThinkVantage button no longer works and you're afraid that using the recovery discs will wipe everything (including your Linux install). Is that right? In that case, you are indeed right and using the recovery discs will wipe everything including your Linux installation. You might be able to correct the boot record such that the ThinkVantage button works again, but I don't think you can use Lenovo's software to recover the Vista install without wiping your Linux install. You might be able to do a standalone Vista install and use the License that came with your machine, but you'll need the standalone Vista disc to do so.

-----------------------------------Tim SupplesLenovo Social MediaGot a question? Don't PM me, post it on the forum!Lenovo BlogsX60 Tablet SXGA+ primary, Z61p fully loaded workhorse

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I'm trying to run the recovery discs on my R40e. I downoaded and followed the procedure for recovery from Lenove. When I restart with the disc in the drive, the machine skips it and loads the current installation. I've set the cd to boot first in BIOS. I've run a recovery with these discs before and they worked fine. Any help?


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Answer:Can't recover R40e from recovery cds.

Welcome to the forum! I'd suggest formatting the drive first with the PC-Doctor utility available on disk 1 of your restore set, then proceeding with a clean install. Good luck and let us know. 

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Hi all - 1st post here.

Does anyone know of any recovery software that can recover MKV files?

I stupidly shift deleted a large video folder by accident whilst having a big tidy up and after going into slight shock and despair found that Recuva could see all the xvid files and even rebuild the file structure but could not get any of my HD stuff which is in MKV format. Looking at the FAQ it states that MKV is not on the list of formats that Recuva can see even in "deep scan" mode.

I have not touched this disk, which is not the system disk, since this happened so they should all be there somewhere, correct?

Is there anything I can do other than chalk it up to experience?

Thank you

Answer:Recovery software that can recover MKV?

I'd like an answer to this question as well. So far I've tried Recuva and Undelete Plus.

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Folks,A friend has recently bought a new Acer laptop, and has been using it for a little while, (circa 3 weeks), so it is now not quite "as new"...I now have it to "set it up".I have run the recovery programme to burn recovery DVDs, (and the apps and drivers one as well)I have a simple question;If a recovery is done using these DVDs, does it recover back to "out of the factory", or to what is was like at the time I made the recovery discs?Anyone know?Thanks in advance,Regards,Simsy

Answer:Acer Recovery... what does it recover?

Back to factory, i.e as it was at the time of purchase, perhaps investing in a back up utility such as Acronis True Image would be a better solution.

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I purchased a Toshiba Satellite M30 laptop in June 2004 and the warranty has now expired. However, I recently realised that I had either lost the recovery CD, or the vendor did not supply one (I did not get it directly from Toshiba). I want to reinstall Windows XP (which came with my machine) and restore my machine to its 'factory state' - however I don't know the safest way to do this.

I have no recovery CD. I have looked on several websites which say to burn the I386 folder which I have to disk, but I don't know if the solution is as simple as booting from this CD. Any and all help would be most welcome!

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite M30: How to do recover without recovery CD?

Anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps anyone with a M30 with a recovery CD they can burn me?

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I have been using Ghost that came along with Norton Systemworks 2003 for almost 5 years now. Duh. Any ways, I wanted to try creating a Ghost image and saving it directly to DVD's. I went and set up everthing in DOS, needed to have FireWire support for the DVD Recorder. No big deal. Ghost booted up fine and all that. Did the typical things to get started: source = my auxiliary drive, copy to = my DVD Recorder. Chose Fast Compression, which was later realized as being my first mistake. The file creation took about 5 DVD's and everything appeared to be going okay. The whole process took almost 2 hours. I then went on to do the Integrity Check. Shortly after I started the Integrity Check, was in too much of a hurry to get done and I was so confident that the Image file was okay that I shut down the machine, and proceeded in zero-ing both of my HDD's. Had I run the Integrity check just a few more minutes I would have found that the Ghost Image file had been corrupted and I would have never erased my HDD's. The errors that I was getting in DOS when Ghost exited itself was Decompression Errors when I later went back and tried to do an Integrity Check. That is when I realized I should not have used Fast compression, rather I should have used No Compression. Makes sense. Most of the data on my Aux drive were Ghost Image files and they were already compressed enough as it is.

So, here is my dilemma, and a serious dilemma at that. All my vital data for... Read more

Answer:How can I recover files from corrupted Ghost files??

If you have not used your hard drives for anything since you zeroed them out, you may wish to contact the drive manufacturer or a professional data recovery service, such as Ontrack, to inquire about the possibility of recovering your business data from the hard drives themselves. I'm not optimistic such a recovery would be feasible, but it's worth asking about. In theory it's possible to recover data that's been overwritten, but as a practical matter it may not be economically feasible if it's possible at all . Still, you may as well contact the drive manufacturer or a data recovery service and ask how likely it is your data could be recovered from those hard drives and how much it would cost. This is assuming that the hard drives in question have not been used since they were zeroed out. If they are in use, it may still be possible to recover some of the old overwritten data, but such recovery becomes less and less likely the more the hard drives are used.

If you don't wish to pay for professional data recovery help there is software available (both freeware and regular retail stuff) that may allow recovery of some data from your hard drives. But typically such software is able to recover data deleted from the recycle bin or from a drive that's been repartitioned. Whether a similar recovery would succeed with drives that have been zeroed out (so-called low level formatting) I don't know.

There are both free and commercial har... Read more

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Hi, I used Puran to recover some deleted files from my external hard drive and when I open some of the files I get the following message:
"This document could not be registered . It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document."
The documents still fully open and they look like they are all there. Also, when I look at the properties of some of the folders they say there is 0 bytes in them. I did the recovery twice, once selectively with only the files that I thought I needed such as .doc and .pdf, and again with everything including files such as .cab . chm .dwg .hlp .mdf. Two identical recovered folders from each recovery say they have a different amount of data in them.
My question is: are there supporting files that need to be recovered along with the .doc and .pdf files to fix the issues and to make sure i have recovered everything, such as the .cab .chm etc?  I didnt the extra files were necessary but on further research they might be files needed by word. Are they only needed for the program and not individual files?
Thanks for the help!

Answer:When I recover deleted files, are there supporting files also?

Check if the service "DCOM Server Process Launcher" is set to Automatic and running. Start->Run->type Services.msc, scroll down until you find the service. Also check to make sure the "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service is set to Automatic and running.

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I got a new PC recently and I upgraded it to W10. I copied all files that I had from old PC into the new one, and I named the file "Windows.old".
Recently, everything had gone. Absolutly everything...
I did some research, in the meantime and I found about that "windows.old" issue that is been around for the new users of Windows 10.
Is there anything I can do to recover the files that, for me were not to be deleted?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Old PC Files that I copied into new PC with W10 were deleted. How can I recover the files?

little bit silly naming it the same as windows would use as a temp upgrade. Personally would have called it something else. doubt the files are recoverable unless you run recovery software on the drive and see if it returns.

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Recently i purchased a Toshiba A350 disc. I've format both the discs and went with a clean sweap install of windows vista. Now, a few months later i want to use the Toshiba Recovery Discs i made on the first startup, to recover my Toshiba laptop and set it back to the default installation.

With the tool to create Toshiba Recovery Discs, i had to make 2 recovery discs. The first DVD contains the Windows installation, and the 2nd DVD contains SWM files.

I started the recovery by putting recovery disc 1 in my DVD player and boot it up. After boot it installed Windows Vista, and it never asked for DVD2. After the installation, I have a clean Windows Vista, but no Toshiba pre installed drivers, software etc.

How can I recover my laptop to the default settings, the way i bought it?

thnx for ur awnser,

sincerely, Frank


Answer:Satellite A350-12D - How to recover from recovery DVD?


Usually the Toshiba Recovery disk should contain the image.
The image is the package which contains the Vista, Toshiba drivers/tools and the additional software.

The Toshiba Recovery disk Creator can create the Recovery disk using the image on the notebook and therefore it?s not understandable for me and I cannot believe why you get only clean Vista without the Toshiba drivers and tools and 3rd party software.

You did everything right. In order to recover the notebook, you have to boot from Recovery disk and have to follow the instruction on the screen.

That?s all?.

PS: I the drivers and tools are really missing then you could download it from here: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

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I had dual OS windows 7(default) and a linux ubuntu os in it. suddenly 1 day i was nt able to boot either. when i tried to boot windows 7 it hangs in the starting windows screen.when i tried linux i said showed some errors. one of it was "grbldr" missing . i taut grub loader has gone so i inserted a linux cd and deleted the partition which had linux in t.

Now when i boot it says "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND". i tried with my windows 7 recovery dvd but it hangs up with the starting windows screen. tried XP, here once the setup files are copied a blue screen appears

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your
If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer.
If this screen appears again, follow thease steps:
Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and
terminated. Run chkdisk/f to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.
*** stop: bla bla
i tried to install ubuntu.set sarts but stops when it reaches 47% in partition stage.

i really don kno what to do now !!! someone please help me 2 solve this problem.

note:i am not able to run CHKDSK n all as i cant go to prompt.

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I have my netbook dual-boot WinXP and Windows 7. (I used EasyBCD for the dual-boot setup.)

In booting into Win7, I used to have the option of the "repair your computer", which brought one several useful tools, if there is problem booting.

Of course, the exact same tools are on the Win7 setup DVD, which I have. However, with a netbook, I don't always have the USB DVD drive with me, or the DVD, and that recovery stuff boots up much faster from the HDD partition, than from the DVD. So I think it is good to have. (Not at all like the notebook manufacturers recovery partitions. I wouldn't want to use those at all, wiping out all my data.)

Recently I upgraded to a larger HDD. I used Acronis to clone my old HDD (at that time in the notebook) to the new HDD (attached via USB enclosure). (It was an older Acronis version, long predating Win7. I don't know if I would have had better results with a new version.)

Well, at first I could not boot at all, with the new HDD installed. I was able to fix that though. (I forget the details of it at the moment.)

Also, my drive letters (I have four partitions-drives) were messed up, so somehow the Acronis cloning did not keep that information, and I had to fix that in both XP and 7, with Disk Management.

For the most part though, my partitions were all intact in the new drive. Being a larger HDD, I increased the size of a couple, in the Acronis interface.

I realize now though, that I do not have the recovery boot-up option any mor... Read more

Answer:Recover Windows 7 Recovery Partition?

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized full Disk Management drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu. Screen Shots

If you cloned the HD over then the Recovery Partition should be intact, although whether it will still run from the hotkey at boot is questionable. What is your make and model so we can advise you on trying to boot Recovery?

If Repair console is on the HD it is the 100mb System Reserved partition placing it on the F8 Advanced Boot tools menu. What options do you have on that menu now? Does Repair load if there?

Since you have the DVD to use the preferred method of reinstall, you probably don't really need the Recovery Partition anyway, so may want to recover its space if it doesn't cue up to run from boot. You can always order Recovery Disks from your tech support if you didn't make them when Recovery was still working from All Programs.

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I'm using a Protege R600-11Q. It runs Windows Vista. Since a couple of weeks, it will no longer boot.

1) Any regular boot (including safe modes & last configuration) results in a black text screen, with the error message:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacture for assistance.
*Status: 0xc0000001*
Info: *There was an unexpected error*"

2) Holding F8 at startup -> there is NO option for recovery. All other options result in the "Status: 0xc0000001" error.

3) I ran the help program Windows memory check (holding F2 at startup, then selecting it) and it did not find any errors.

4) There is an F10 option at startup. It gives you a sort of command line option [/NOEXECUTE=OPTIN] where you can type stuff. I don't know what this is for.

5) So I ordered the recovery CD's from the Toshiba website. When I startup the laptop using the CD's, it starts loading Windows. First there is a text based loading bar. Then a graphic loading bar. When this one is complete the screen turns black. Then a cursor appears (an arrow which you can actually move around by using the touch pad). Then nothing. The screen just s... Read more

Answer:Protege R600-11Q does not recover - not even with recovery CD's

Huh?it is not easy to say what the problem may be. Set BIOS to default settings and try to use recovery disc again.

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Hi All,
I'm in a real bind. When I first bought my ASUS N61JQ Laptop it was recommended to make a set of backup cd's to recover the system in the event of a major incident, which I duly did.

Today, after putting up with a poorly running Windows for too long, I decided to install a new SSD and try and do a clean install of my system software, from these CD's.

They all loaded successfully and when they finished loading I was prompted to Restart the computer.

All looked good on restart, the Windows logo appeared, then another screen, and after a few seconds, a very large red word saying "ERROR" and the message "cannot find c:\recovery.dat.

I've spent the rest of the day trawling the web to find the way to recover Windows from the data put on the SSD from the CD's, but to no avail.

I would have thought that if ASUS wanted you to make a backup of the recovery files, they would also give you the procedure, on how to recover to a clean installation. Unfortunately I can't seem to get a lead anywhere.

I'm confident there are some people out there who know how to do this, and I would really appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction, because is starting to really do my head in.

Regards Ron

Answer:Can't recover Windows 7 from ASUS recovery CD's

Hmm, wait until someone gives a green light on this:

Some searching show this is quite common

Make a bootable media of Partition Wizard free and delete the hidden recovery partition.
If it works, later "move/resize" C into unallocated space on left.

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I was wanting to restart my Toshiba Laptop, and I inserted the 'Recovery' CD, and pressed F8 and went to the help menu, and when the list came up I clicked on the one that said about restarting my PC and losing all data, and then I clicked on 'Restart' and the computer restarted and the disc was in but it just came back on as normal.

What do I need to do? I tried all the other options and they all worked as normal.

What do I need to do? Do I have to press something else?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Answer:Cannot recover the notebook using the Recovery disk

To be honest after reading your posting I am more confused then you.

Can you please tell us which notebook do you have?
F8 and disc inside the optical disc drive. Sorry but something is wrong there.

Either you can install Vista again using image saved on HDD (F8 option ? Repair my computer) or use Toshiba recovery installations media. There is no sense to use both at the same time.

Please more info needed.

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Lenovo 3000 N200 with XP.I've been trying to do a system recovery back to factory settings using the the boot recovery option at startup. It took 3 attempts (2 crashes) just to get XP back up and running, but it was completely blank with no software or drivers and no internet connection to download drivers etc.Just the lonely recycle bin icon in the corner. Well this is uesless I thought and decided to have a go with the recovery CD's instead. When the first CD has done it's thing it asks for CD number 1, which I put in, and it tells me it's the wrong CD. I have tried all the CD's I have and they are all the wrong CD apparantely! So I was going nowhere with that method and decided to revert back to the initial boot method. Only that is completely messed up and now asks me for disk 1 which doesn't work. So now my laptop is knackered with no way of reinstalling XP from either the boot menu or the recovery disks. I've even tried installing XP from an official Windows XP disk and it's not having that either! What can I do? Ask Lenovo for a set of recovery CD's? How much would that cost? And would they even work?Thanks for any advice Message Edited by bobtheblob on 10-03-2008 04:50 PM

Answer:Can't recover XP from partition OR recovery disks

your best bet is to call lenovo, those discs should have more probability of working.

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I ordered a set of 2 Toshiba recovery CD's and received them yesterday in order to fix this laptop from a Windows breakdown...


The problem arising at start up is that Windows 7 isn't starting up plus that the hard disk doesn't show in the BIOS (the DVD-drive does) and after the boot sequence the following message comes up: ?Reboot and select proper boot device or insert root media in selected boot device? Someone suggested the drive is broken or the cables to the same detached or lose.

The owner says, that the error first appeared after McAfee offered to "remove 15 errors found on the disk". The laptop has never been opened.

When running the recovery CD 1 the boot sequence starts the recovery but initially shows two pop-ups that indicate that the hard disk cannot be found.

First error message - ERROR: IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO \\. \PHYSICALDRIVE0 The device is not ready.

Second error message says something like - There is no access to disk #0 or the RAID configuration isn't correct!

After accepting both messages the prompt hands out the error that also appears in this thread...


...and stops at this line...

X:\ windows\ system32 >

...reporting that the recovery failed.

I have fooled around with the advices in this thread...

[ Read more

Answer:Recovery CD's do not recover Satellite C660-1WN

(...continued from first post...)

Left to be said is that I also - before I ordered the recovery CDs - ran the second diagnostic DOS tool in the first table to check the disk and got the following report...

- HDD power cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD interface cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD master-slave setting is incorrect

...and equally that no disk could be detected.

My question is now..., what is wrong here? Is it the physical disk that might be the problem? Is it the software? MBR? Can the latter be restored by some command in the prompt? If, then how? Would it be easier to erase the whole disk and then use the recovery CDs? Or won't this work since the recovery CDs can only work with the recovery information on the disk (I assume that this information is only physically on the disk not on the recovery CDs, isn't this correctly understood)?

I am looking forward to any input and help. Thanks in advance.

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Please help me.......I had formatted my original operating system (windows  8.1) and also my HDD and now i lost my old os and now i hav installed pirated windows 7 with legacy boot order....WHAT SHOULD I DO TO RECOVER MY ORIGINAL OS 8.1?I ALSO TRIED THROUGH RECOVERY MANAGER IN BOOT MODE BUT ITS NOT OPENING...PLEASE HELP ME ...ANYONE...

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I got x121e and I upgraded HDD to SSD. How could I recover my recovery partition and re-install MSWin7? The original HDD is wiped, empty partition table. I created recovery media - USB stick but it is not bootable (at least the laptop cannot boot from it). The files on the stick are as follows: AUTORUN.INF  bootmgr          LenovoQDrive.exe  System Volume Information  winRE.wimBoot         factoryrecovery  qdrive.ico        usb.tagAny hints would be appreciated.

Answer:Recover recovery partition on x121e

Hello and welcome,
You can try making that USB stick bootable by one of two (or more) methods:  set the partition active or create a new stick and copy the contents of the old one to it.
This presumes that the reason it isn't bootable is that the partition isn't active.  That's just a guess, but maybe worth exploring.
New or used USB memory keys or USB flash drives require an active partition created from within Wind...
That link explains how to prep the flash drive.  If you run through the whole process you'll erase the drive.  Do that if you're preparing a 2nd drive.  If you want to try to just set the existing drive active only use the appropriate commands.   Don't clean, create, or format.  (and double-check what I"m suggesting...)
As I said, this is just a WAG based on not much info.  Might get you going.

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I recently used my system recovery CDs for my HP Pavilion in an effort to clean out my computer, get back to the factory settings, and make it go faster. It turns out this was a pretty big mistake.
The whole process was going good up until I put in the 3rd recovery CD. At the file "BASE_17" (I forgot what type of file it was -- I will check again later if it is necessary), the computer stopped reading from the CD and a message came up saying "Could not recover BASE_17" with my options being Abort and Retry. I retried a few times with no sucess. The abort option restarts the computer, and brings it back to the beginning of the system recovery process, beginning this cycle again. If i try to start it without going to system recovery, it says there is no operating system and it cant start, so it brings me back to the system recovery process, where it once again stops on CD #3.

Anybody have any idea on what I can do now to fix this?? Right now my computer wont start and it is looking like I will need to purchase a new one.
Thanks a lot in advance.


Answer:System Recovery CD unable to Recover

Sounds to me like CD3 is either dirty, defective, or damaged. Try cleaning it, if that doesn't help then call HP and try to get another if you are still under warranty. If you are out of warranty you can format the drive and install the OS of your choice, just remember to go to HP's site to get drivers since they do use many proprietary devices.

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My friend was trying to delete the bloatware off this Yoga 2 Pro, but deleted the partition that uses the Onekey Recovery software.  He did manage to backup the factory OS, but since it's missing that recovery boot partition he is unable to do a factory reset.  Is there anyway to fix this?

Answer:Recover the Recovery Boot partition

How does deleting partition =  to deleting bloatware? Unless your friend gets the OKR engineer edition 8.0 or buys recovery disks (and buys an external CD reader), he is out of luck.

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after phone update had a problems with calls,messaging and other apps on my phone. did device recovery and after that all apps works fine but all my contacts gone

Answer:Hi. after device recovery my all contacts gone. Can I recover them somehow?

What device are you currently using? Thanks.

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Hi everyone.I am trying to repair my old Window XP desktop. When I try to start it, I get this message : Windows could not start because of an error in the software.Please report this problem as :load needed DLLs for kernel.Please contact your support person to report this problem.After searching the internet, I now understand that an essential file is corrupted. I created a bootable XP Recovery Console CD. I'm using to recover the system. I followed all the steps, but now I'm stuck and don't know what command I should use to recover the corrupted file. Please help me to do so.

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On my new ThinkCenter A57 i have installed more than one Harddrives.So i have tried to save also the second and .. Harddrives with Rescue and Recovery but i was not able to do so.Only the first Harddrive with all the Part. can be saved with Rescue and Recovery is that normal ?My opinion is  that an Thinkcenter may have more than one Harddrives and Rescue and Recovery must be able to save all. 

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Original description: Based on 8705-J7A: Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E4500, 1GB, 250GB 7200RPM SATA HDD, PCI/PCIe Tower (4x4), Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000, Multi-Burner Plus 16x, Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet, Windows Vista BasicOS installed into the System is Windows XP Professional .Product: ThinkCentre A55 8705-AS3Error Message during boot-up as follows :PXE - 61 : Media test failure , check cablePXE - M0P : Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM1962 : No Operating System Found. Press F1 to repeat Boot sequence.Error Message during Installation of Rescue & Recovery CD :Rescue & Recovery for Disc 1 & 2 works no problem but when it requested for Supplementary Disc, I don't have it so I press No and the error is as follows :MPARSE.EXE - Application ErrorThe Instruction at 0 x 10038957 reference memory at 0 x 00000014. The memory could not be read.Click on OK to terminate the program.* When I press OK *Error Message as follows :RECCD32.The System cannot find the path specified.* Any solution to these problem please don't hesitate to reply me as I need help regarding these matter. I tried many ways including using Norton Ghost to Ghost over the existing files from a similar PC but with no avail.Tried also format the whole HDD to NTFS but no avail also. Any help to this problem is highly appreciated. Note : Can't recover from F11 Rescue & Recovery Menu cause its corrupted , I click the system restore but no response.Note : Can't enter F11 too from BIOS. Can only access ... Read more

Answer:Problem when trying to Recover from a Rescue & Recovery DVD.

kokwei2004, welcome to the forum,
are the recovery discs from Lenovo or did you create them yourself from the system?
If you made them yourself, please try the following; boot from the boot cd, when it asks for the supplemental or IBM recovery cd click no - it should then ask for the first recovery disc.
You can use this tool to repair the F11 function, a floppy will be required.

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Due to issue, had to do a factory reset.
Laptop came with Win 8 preinstalled.

Ordered recovery media from Arvato.

Tried unsuccessfully many times to recover laptop using the discs. Same problem occurs:-

*initializing partition completed
*"Copying files please wait" for 1.5 to 2 hours
*"An error has occurred.
error :0002
Copy image error
Please press OK to turn off computer"

Now the HDD is completely deleted.
Suspect the recovery media and have asked for replacement,

Any help / settings would be appreciated.


Answer:Cannot recover Satellite C855D-15W with recovery DVD


In my opinion there are two possible reasons why the recovery procedure fails.

1) HDD malfunction
2) Recovery disk malfunction

I think you should firstly check if the HDD isn?t the troublemaker.
Go to BIOS (F2) and check if the HDD is listed on the first BIOS page.
In case it is, the HDD might be OK

In this case the Recovery disk could be faulty.
In such case you should get in contact with the disk provider/supplier (Arvato) to get new medium.

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Need some help.
Turned on computer and no boot.
Message:No disk...
On loading Windows XP disk and typing "R" it gives the following at the C:>
The specified drive is not valid or there is no disk in the drive.

Ran Seagate tools on the drive as well as Bios disk test and it appears to be ok.
I did not try the FIXBoot or FIXMBR commands yet. DIR does not return anything.
It's like there is no Windows installation on the drive or directory structure.
Drive is ST3500630AS

Any thoughts?

Answer:Help - Can't boot, can't recover with Recovery console

Additional information:
On Boot the message is:
Non-System disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready.

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Ok so I apologize in advance if this story is a bit long, and horrifying (actually it's probably entertaining xD). I purchased the Lenovo y510p gaming laptop on back on July 14th 2014. I got the laptop, and it just didn't work for me. It didn't play the games I wanted it to, it had overheating issues, the keyboard had a really sharp edge making typing uncomfortable as well. After installing Sony Vegas and Avast, and just shifting some of my personal photos/music over, I made a backup of the laptop using the OneKey Recovery software. This backup was made to one of my 500GB external hard drives. So I then decided that I just didn't like the laptop, and it was time to return it. I called Newegg, and got my RMA all ready to go. Because I had lot of my personal files and programs, I decided the fastest way to delete everything would be to use the OneKey Recovery by Lenovo, and do a factory reset. At the time, I didn't think anything of this then simply putting the laptop back to exactly how I got it. I even booted it up after the factory reset, and it looked just like the first day I got it. Fast forward 2 weeks, and my RMA is denied from Newegg:   Your RMA (RMA Number: 60470880) return was received and sent to our Inspections Department for closer examination. 34-313-740 NB LENOVO IDEAPAD Y510P 59406636 RTSystem has been modified/altered original manufacturers operating system has been removed cannot access restore partition, this voids Newegg w... Read more

Answer:How to recover deleted "Recovery Partition"

If you only used One Key Recovery by Lenovo, it should not delete the partition. (I hope you did not format the whole system) Once you receive the laptop, you can check if this partition still exists in Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Disk Management.It should show some drives, other than the C: , D: and the SSD (if you have). Those drives are the recovery partitions. I can post a sample screenshot in the evening. Sadly, I do not know any way to recover that partition. As I have seen on this forum several people who lost that partition could not roll back their laptop to original settings without a recovery drive (which is different from a recovery backup).

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I bought an ES1-511-C590. It came with Windows 8.1 with Bing. It has a built-in recovery partition named push button recovery or something. I really do not like built-in recovery mechanism on the same HDD. I perfer a DVD/USB or any external media.I wanted to export that recovery parititon to a DVD/USB. I searched the web and found that I needed to use Acer eRecovery Managment application. But mine did not came with that software, and I could not find it on Acer's web site either. I installed Windows 10 on it. I did not like this laptop, so I decided to sell it. Now, I want to make it to factory settings. Pressing Alt + F10 showed some kind of error, like it cannot verify the signature of winload.efi. I thought Windows 10 somehow messed it up. So I installed normal Windows 8.1 Pro I had. Then tried Alt + F10. Now, it did not show that winload.efi error, but it asks me to insert a recevery media. That is, it does not recognise the recovery partition. By the way, the screen of Alt + F10 looked like stock Windows 8.1 screen from Microsoft, not Acer. When I watched it on their web site, it showed some kind of Acer recovery program. Is this normal? What happened? Is my recovery feature broken? I can still see the recovery partition (11.03GB), why can't I recover it? Please let me know if there is any method to recover the factory state.

Answer:ES1-511-C590, how to recover from recovery partiti...

Hi, Sorry that you had troubles using acer recovery manager, but at this point we dont find any options to use,. the bset suggested is to purchase recovery media from Acer,.

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I have an HP PAvillion DV2000 that had a disk failure. The primary partition is dead (get's IO errors), but the "HP_Recovery" partition seems to be OK. I copied the recivery partition (using Partition Copy" function of Partition Commander) to a backup drive and replaced the disk drive. The new drive checked out fine from end-to-end, so I did a partition copy of the recovery partition back to the new drive from the backup drive. I can see the recovery partition as well as the "C Drive" partition, but I cannot get the recovery partition to be recognized as a bootable partition either by the BIOS (either as the primary partition or as the partition pointed to by pressing "F11" t startup) or by Partition Commander. I have tried everything i can think of, but it feels like I am missing something. Anyone have any ideas?.

Answer:Solved: Can't recover the recovery partition

The MBR of systems with a recovery partition senses keystrokes to enable boot from the recovery partition. That is now gone and it is not normally bootable.

If you create an SGD Boot Disk and boot from it, you may be able to bypass the MBR and boot directly into the partition. It has worked for others, but that really depends if the partition was altered in the imaging process.

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Hi, I've made a backup when I bought the notebook Aspire V3-771G. After that, I've installed Win 7 with my own serial key. All partitions I deleted. Right now I want to recover system to factory default but I haven't recovery disk nor recovery partition. I've got only backup five files ended with .NFB extensión and one with .CAL extensión. I've tested ghost programs and backup software but none of them could read backup files. Is there any solution for this without buying the recovery disks ? Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to recover system without recovery disk? 9 All of my backup files on my external hard drive are .NBF file extension, how do I restore? In the My Files folder on your destination drive, you should have a File and Fodler.CAL file and your File and Folder*.NBF files. The CAL file is used to track which files are in which NBF files. To restore this, you can click on the Restore button in the mail screen for Backup Now EZ or you can open the action menu and click on restore from the main screen for Backup Now EZ. Then your backup will be automatically selected and you will be able to select your restore points. Then you will be able to select the files you want to restore and restore them. The Complete system backup can only be restored by booting from a bootable CD or DVD made in Backup Now EZ by running the Create Bootable Disc tool in the Tools menu in Backup Now EZ.

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I have a Packard Bell desktop which is about 7-8 years old. It became corrupted so I wanted to restore the system but could not find the original system restore disks. Originally the OS was vista, however i had a System resore disk with XP on it from a laptop that I had. I tried this but it did not work and left my pc not being able to loads windows at all. I made system restore disks from my daughters laptop, W 7, and tried these. The first disk worked but my pc could not read the 2 and 3 disks at all which contained the system image. After having scoured blogs on the internet I tried using the F11 key as my impression was that you could manually carry out a system restore without a disk. However this only gave me the option to restore using a disk. I have phoned PB who say my computer is too old for them to provide me with system restore disks. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

Answer:Help I need to recover my system but do not have recovery disks

My recommendation would be that you bite the bullet and get yourself a proper copy of Vista or XP, and start again/reinstall from there. You can pick up a legitimate version of XP for £25 or less. Hopefully, your attempts at restoring by other means haven't totally messed your PC up.
But: before you do that... Make sure that you can still obtain the drivers for your PB machine. Given its age, that may be a problem. Check on the PB website.

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I don't mean to highjack the thread but I have an additional question that may be helpful for others performing the same type of recovery. I ordered the recovery CDs for my HP 2000 Notebook just today. To increase performance, I am also thinking of replacing the factory-installed 320GB hard disk drive (HDD) with a 240GB solid state drive (SSD). QUESTION: Does the OS recovery CDs/DVDs need the drive to be the exact same size - 320GB? Obviously, WIndows will fit just fine of a 240GB drive. Does the recovery process recreate the recovery partition as well as part of the restoration process? Thank you for your time and any advice. 

Answer:Re: how can i recover my laptop with recovery DVDs

SBDavin wrote:I don't mean to highjack the thread but I have an additional question that may be helpful for others performing the same type of recovery. I ordered the recovery CDs for my HP 2000 Notebook just today. To increase performance, I am also thinking of replacing the factory-installed 320GB hard disk drive (HDD) with a 240GB solid state drive (SSD). QUESTION: Does the OS recovery CDs/DVDs need the drive to be the exact same size - 320GB? Obviously, WIndows will fit just fine of a 240GB drive. Does the recovery process recreate the recovery partition as well as part of the restoration process? Thank you for your time and any advice. It is advised not to go smaller on the replacement drive. SSD are pretty inexpensive for 500G right now. You don't want to go smaller. It doesn't have to be the exact same size but it should always be bigger not smaller. Factory recovery will create AS IS from the factory setup and recovery partition if you should use the Factory Recovery media.

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Hi, I am looking to recover my notebook to factory settings. As i have deleted the recovery drive by mistake and now i don't have the ability to do the recovery. I tried to create a recovery USB Flaskh Drive. But even it didn't work as expected. I used the default option to create Recovery media.  So, i am trying to find a external media to recover my notebook pc to factory settings. Kindly revert with any know source to download or order the media. Thank you,Rus-ts15pc

Answer:I am looking for External Recovery DVD or Media to Recover m...

@Rus-ts15pc Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! What you need is something known as HP Recovery Media.   HP Recovery Media is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks. You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update". If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836If HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your... Read more

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I have bought a computer that didnt come with any recovery cd's but there is a hidden recovery partition , do I...1. Save this to DVD 2. If the worst came how would I go about recovering the computer to factory condition ?I have a Zioostorm systemIntel Pentium D Dual Core 3.01GB ramany help/advice is appreciatedthanks.

Answer:Vista : how do i recover from recovery partiton ?

It depends. Recovering from a partition can vary according to the manufacturer, have a look in the instructions which are likely to be on your PC somewhere.

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I have inbuilt window7 in my wht is procedure of hard disk partitioning???? How can i do partitioning of hard drive

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I replaced the HDD on my R100 as the original had failed. Thanks to help on the forum I managed to sort out a CDROM with a PCMCIA connector.

I got through to the recovery screen and selected option 1 - recover entire disk. It got a part way through disk 1 when it failed reading a file. I then ran it again but selected option 2 - the Toshiba Recovery Utility and this started and then failed with the error - "cannot open TOSH_REC.ERR"

Where to next?!!!



Answer:Cannot recover the Portege R100 using the Recovery CD


Have you replaced it with brand new HDD? It is very strange issue and if the HDD is brand new something like this should not happen. Have you FDD to check HDD with FDISC? Please use FDD and start disc to check new HDD.

Somehow I have the feeling that there is something wrong with this new HDD.

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