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word 2003/2007 how to create contents sheet

Question: word 2003/2007 how to create contents sheet

Hi, i have seen a word document that has a contents sheet, that is layed out in such a way that every time you complete a section within the document, if you go back to the contents sheet right click and update field, it updates what you have done in the sheet, how would i greate one of these for myselfHope i have explained well !!!!!Many Thanks Mark

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Preferred Solution: word 2003/2007 how to create contents sheet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: word 2003/2007 how to create contents sheet

Just insert the cursor where you want the Table of Contents. Then go to Insert/Reference/Index and Tables, and choose ToC, with whatever parameters you want.

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I am using Word 2010.

I have a really long Word document with different topics.

I would like to create a Table of content at the top of that document so that I can click on that topic & it will take me directly to that topic without me trying to scroll down the whole document to find that topic. ( Just like a book in Word Format with table of content & clicking the topic to go directly to that topic without going thru the whole book page by page )

I tried to create a hyperlink for each topic but Word created the hyperlink at the same place where the topic was listed, so that doesn't help.

I also tried to copy & paste that hyperlink at the top of the document but that didn't work either.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Answer:How do I create a table of contents in a Word Document

The built in help has great info but this article covers it too:

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Thanks for reading, first of all.

I am not the most savvy person when it comes to programming. I can manage my way around formulas pretty well, but when it comes to VBA and macros I am utterly lost. I believe I need a macro to do what I want, but I have no clue where to begin. I have searched forums but what I need is so complicated that I don't know where to look to find it so I thought I would ask for help.

I have a spreadsheet which tracks projects I am working on. Right now the sheet I am working on is "2013" for example. The sheet has several columns, but the only columns of significance to this macro are:

Account Name
Requested Date
Due Date
Completed Date

Account and Requested Date are currently manual entries.
Urgency is a data validation dropdown with: NORMAL, RUSH and OTHER.
Due Date is a formula which calculates a due date based on the Urgency selected. (Except Other, in which case I override the Due Date manually.)
Completed Date is also a manual entry.
The 3 stages are data validations which default to a blank cell and then have a Square Root sign (which looks like a checkmark) as the only other option.

Now that I have explained the source data, allow me to go into detail what I would like this to do.
I would like to populate the first sheet of the spreadsheet with seven lists. These lists would, ideally, tell me at what stage each project is at (by account and due date). The lists I have set up are in seven bo... Read more

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using Word XP,
how do u create a table of contents.
i have a bunch of paragraphs that have a title on top, like this:





i want to be able to have at the top of all that, a page that has this:


and the above would be links, so that when u clicked on either of the above, you would be sent directly to the corresponding page.

could u please guide me through this process? thank you!

Answer:Solved: Create table of contents links in Word XP

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I have written the below code to check the column in sheet "A" and if it matches any of the conditions, I copy it to sheet "B". But I also want to delete the whole row (not just clear its contents) from sheet "A" after copying it to sheet "B". I tried a lot of codes for that, but none worked!
Please help..

Sub a()

Sheets("A").Range("A1:J3").Copy Sheets("B").Range("A1")

Dim i As Long, iMatches1 As Long, iMatches2 As Long
iMatches1 = 3
For Each cell In Sheets("A").Range("F:F")
If (cell.Value = "x") Or (cell.Value = "y") Or (cell.Value = "z") Or (cell.Value = "u") Or (cell.Value = "v") Or (cell.Value = "w") Then
iMatches1 = (iMatches1 + 1)
Sheets("A").Rows(cell.Row).Copy Sheets("B").Rows(iMatches1)

End If

Answer:Hw to delete a row from an excel sheet after copying its contents to another sheet

Sheets("A").Rows(cell.Row).Copy Sheets("B").Rows(iMatches1)
you type

i hope that i've answered you

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I am using Word 2007 and I have a large document which includes a Table of Contents, Table of Authorities and Table of figures....... If I look at the document in Print Preview, all the page numbers in the Table of Contents change to the number 9..... even though the page numbers in the table of contents was correct when I opened the document.

When I close out of Print Preview and update the Table of contents, all the page numbers in the table of contents change to the number 5.

I can close the document without saving any changes and then when I re-open the document, the table of contents has the correct numbers...... even stranger... when I print the document, even though on screen the numbers are correct, the printed version tells me that everything is on Page 9!!!

I haven't seen this before..... Any ideas would be a massive help.

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Hello friends, I notice there is a problem with a Table of Contents in WORD 2007 which I've just generated. In one section of the table, both the subheading and the contents of the entire paragraph appear. I tried to redo it but the same problem keeps occurring. I dont need the contents of the paragraph; I only need the heading of the paragraph in the Table of contents. The rest of the table is perfect. Now I will need to edit the table to remove the contents of the paragraph and leave the heading in the table. How do I do it? Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Table of Contents in MS WORD 2007

I cannot speak for Word 2007, but in previous incarnations of Word the ToC takes its details from the various heading formats, e.g. Heading 1 and Heading 2 etc. It may be that the paragraph wording is formatted based on one of these headings rather than using normal text. Try reformatting it see if that resolves it.

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I went through and selected text and did alt + shift+o to mark level 1 and 2 items for a simple table of contents for a business policy handbook I am rewriting.


No matter what I do, it doesn't come out right. It's giving me alot of detail when I only want what I'm selecting. What am I doing wrong?

Uploading the file.


Answer:Table of Contents - Word 2007

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I am formatting a Word 2007 document for my client. Somehow he has managed to put the entirety of each section (there are six) within a table -- including graphs, tables, text, bulleted text, you name it.

I am having no end of difficulties trying to get this formatted and would like to extract the contents while maintaining the contents' formatting.

(a) is this possible?
(b) what is he doing wrong? (this is not the first document that has come to me this way from him)

Thanks in advance --

J Flint

Answer:Word 2007 -- contents within a table

Sounds like he pasted into a cell of a table. You can remove the table formatting, and you should be able to keep the entire contents of it, by just selecting somewhere in the table then Layout>Data>Convert to Text.

You might find that there are several ways of converting the table to text (Paragraphs to tabs, whatever) so if you don't get quite what you want just do an Undo, and try another way.

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Hi Tech Support Guy

I've been trying to add ToC to a word file which contains 400 pictures each preceded by a Heading

The ToC is generated OK, but instead of being spread over a number of contiguous pages it is interspersed between the pictures

I have tried all options in the Format Picture Layout tab, but get the same result

Many thanks


Answer:Word 2003 Table of Contents

Not sure what is meant by "interspersed between the pictures." Can you show a screen capture?

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I want to edit/change text in my table of contents without changing my source (the actual heading in the document). From MSO web help, it doesn't look like I can do it. A very frustrating system for such a simple task! Does anyone know how to get around this? Would be grateful!

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Dear Tech Support Guy,

I am having a very difficult time creating a table of contents in Word 2003. I can't seem to find any directions that work for me. I have tried several. Is there an easy way to do this? Is there other software I can download and use in Word 2003 for a table of contents? Is Word 2010 any easier? I have read about other people having difficulty creating a table of contents in Word 2003; is it just me, or is it just plain difficult?

Thank you,


Answer:Table of Contents in Word 2003

I finally figured out how to do it manually. If you know that you need to type in a number that corresponds to the ruler under "Tab Stop Position," these are pretty good directions to do it manually, if anyone has trouble with it in the future. It is pretty easy to do once you know you just have to enter a number corresponding to the ruler under "Tab Stop Position."

Thank you anyway,


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I am making a directory and I want each entry on the table of contents to automatically update the page number, which I also want to be a hyperlink to the page break. Hopefully that makes sense. I tried the automatic method to make a ToC, but Word only found about 10% of my headings. Any advice?

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I have up to 6 headings in my document and when i auto create a table of contents only up to heading 3 appear.

How can make the auto create table of contents include up to heading 6 in my document?


Answer:Solved: Word 2007 Table of Contents

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Hey guys, (BTW: Using MS Word 2007)

I fixed my last problem regarding the "link to previous section". I wasn't using "section breaks"! Silly me.

Now, however, in a new document, I face a new challenge. ATM, my document is structure rather well tbh. I have my front page and contents page seperated via "section breaks".

The next page is Introduction which follows the section break from the Contents Page. I have labelled the header with the style "Header 1".

Then I tried creating a table of ontents on the TOC page (References -> Insert Table of Figures). Now, in this bit, the "Table of Contens" tab is inactive (not highlighted) for some reason, so I can't automatically generate my TOC.

Anyone know why this is?

Is it to do with my sections breaks, the way my styles have been set up, or something else?

Thanks guys!

Answer:Solved: Word 2007 - Table of Contents - Help

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I would appreciate if anybody told me what I have to do to set a customized page's width and page's height in Microsoft Word 2003. Whenever I try to change width from 14,8 to 15 cm and height from 21 cm to 21,1 cm with the A5 page size selected, it ends up not loading the customized size I choose and instead loading the original 14.8 cm width and 21 cm height. Does anyone what might be preventing Word from loading the size and width settings properly?
It is very strange because after trying to change the size settings this is what happens:

If I click on the tab to check the page's size then I just see the original size settings. Then if I click on the margin's tab and after that I click again on the tab to check the size of the page again, then this last time I will see the settings I chose (15cm and 21,1 cm). This kind of random thing happens but still I think the size settings which word is using are the original size settings.


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When clicking the page numbers in my TOC, my auto-generated TOC is taking readers to a wiki page instead of the page in my Word document.

When I created this Word document, I exported the content from a Confluence wiki page to a Word document. From the Word document, I created/used styles for my headings, e.g., Heading 1 for a top level heading. Then I auto-generated a TOC and unchecked the option "Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers."

What is even more frustrating is that when you mouse-over the link, it states it going to the "Current Document" even though it isn't. What could I be doing wrong?

My OS: XP Professional, Version 2002, SP3.


Answer:MS Word 2003 Table of Contents Problem

I found the solution:

1) In Word, go to File > Properties.
2) Choose the Summary tab.
3) In the Hyperlink base box, delete the link. No content should remain in this box.
4) Click OK.

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The document I have to work with was created with some kind of Arabic styles (because the Styles show "Normal + Arabic Typesetting), although it is all in English.

My problem is with the Table of Contents. When I generate a Table of Contents, Word 2003 puts the page numbers on the left and the Headings on the right.

I don't readily see any way to change this. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:Word 2003 Table of Contents problem

Just that the "Arabic" refers to the numerals as not being Roman.

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I've created an automatic table of contents in Microsoft Word 2007. So far so good.

Once the table was created, I renamed all of the content lines to make them shorter and catchier, especially as some of the headings were actually paragraphs.

I have now added a little section right in the middle of my document. I'd like for this to show up in my table of contents.

When I ask it to update the numbers only, it doesn't add in the new section into the contents list.

When I ask it to update the whole table, it changes all my lines back to the originals.

Honestly, all I want to do is add a new section. Can I insert / link it manually? Can I automatically update without changing all the line names? Any other magical and/or mystical methods to do this?


Many thanks in advance :)


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To All, Here is a full summary of the situation and hope someone can give me good advice:

When I am in a Word 2007 document with headers, they are from multlists and which are linked to the headers when creating the mulitlist. One of my headers, Header 2, shows up first as Section 1.1 as in multilist set up, under the enter formatting for number, I put in the word Section-1.1 and that also sets up the numbering for the heading I use going forward.

When I cross reference to the number as the paragraph number in the cross reference, it always shows up as Section 1.1, not just the number 1.1, and I read someplace that if you right click the cross reference, click on Toggle Field Codes, the field code that shows up is { REF _Ref354083577 \n \h }. I then add at the end of the field code ‘\t’ and save it, update the field, and the cross reference shows up as 1.1, not Section 1.1

So in the paragraph when I want to refer to an Exhibit I am adding at the end of the document, I refer to the Exhibit in the paragraph as “Exhibit 1.1”. And do it by typing in the word Exhibit and the cross reference to Section 1.1, with the field change to “\t” and in the paragraph is shows up as “Exhibit 1.1.

Then as a new page at the end of the document, which is separated, I click on Heading 9 which is set up from the mulitlist and linked to Heading 9, with just the word Exhibit and not a number type thru the multilist process. So when I click on Heading 9, the beginning of the new page is th... Read more

Answer:Word 2007 - Cross Reference For Table of Contents

I read recently that there might be a way to add SEQ fields next to the page number in the footer, and so I did iti, as to the Identifier, I put in the word "Exhibit'

Is there a way to use this Field and include the cross reference to the numbers I cross reference to as stated above, and then modify the TOC field to recognize the changes to the Page number that then includes the number 1.1- before the page number in the table of contents and any words I want before the page number in the Table of Contents.

Also, since the header is not set up with a number, there is no Caption to refer to, so is there a way to add a SEQ field or other field before the cross reference at the top of the page or make the cross reference the Caption for the heading.
And based on any of the foregoing, what do I change to the TOC field to show the number 1.1.-1 as the page number?

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Hi everyone,

and thanks for reading. I have a problem with my table of contents for my thesis and was wondering whether you could help. I'm using Windows 7 64bit and Word 2007.

My table of contents is on the whole working quite well, but I've noticed that for some entries (5.5.4 and 6.2) in the example shown here, the trailing dots have disappeared. This problem seems confined to header entries whose length overlaps where the page number usually sits.

Is this just a Word 2007 bug or is there something I could do to fix this? Obviously, I could manually add the dots and print, but that's not really a workable solution, since I'd like to publish this electronically as well as in paper form.

Thanks again, and I'd appreciate any comments / workarounds you may have.

Answer:Trailing dots in Word 2007 Table of Contents

They are not there because there is no room for them. To test this out shorten the entry, and see if they appear?

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We are trying to submit a book for publication in Word 2007. Everything is fine except for the Table of Contents. The first level looks fine, but second level is too condensed. I expanded the font on this level, but it only changes the page numbers, the Headings are still squished together as if condensed. Further expanding the font merely expands the page numbers. (2 3)
Anyone know how to fix this? Is there a setting somewhere?

Answer:Problem with text in Table of Contents in Word 2007

Hi carolannjo, welcome to TSG.

This is NOT at all intuitive, so it's no wonder you had problems finding it. What you need to do is highlight your TOC, and then from the Table of Contents tab, select "Insert Table of Contents" at the bottom. Then select Modify and then TOC 2. Select Modify again and then you can see all of the formatting for that style. You can expand the spacing using the paragraph arrows and it will show you a preview as you do it. Once you have it the way you'd like, choose OK several times to get out of the dialog box. Then it will ask if you want to replace the existing TOC and you can say yes. That should fix the spacing, but let us know if it doesn't work.

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We are currently running Word 2003.

Recently we have been expeiencing the following issue:

When printing a document with a Table of Contents, a selection window is displayed with the following:

Word is updating the Table of contents. Select one of the following options:
_Update Page Number Only
_Update Entire Table
OK Cancel

If Cancel is clicked, the document does not print.
If you pick one of the options, the print screen will display. However, on a few occasions the TOC has altered itself in this process.

Any clue why this message suddenly appeared and to only certain users?

BTW - We are using WINDOWS XP SP2. We use heading styles to identify which items to appear in the TOC.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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After creating a document, I used Word 2007's Table of Contents feature to build the T of C. In the document, I had used text boxes to place some images in the document, using the text-box layout feature to wrap text next to the text boxes, whose right-hand edges align with the right-hand margin of the text.

I noticed that where those text boxes have been placed, the level 3 subheads (which have been included in the T of C set up) do not appear in the T of C when I build it. The ones on either side do, but not the one where the image in a text box is.

Any suggestions? I want to retain the text wrapping feature. Is there a way to do that and have the T of C function work?


Answer:Solved: Word 2007 Table of Contents Items Not Showing Where Text Box

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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

Answer:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.

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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


Answer:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003

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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

Answer:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.

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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesn´t work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

Answer:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.

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All seems to work well except proofing in word 2007.  It defaults to a location called C;:\.......Microsoft/UProof, and I cannot change it to Microsoft/proof.  The file UProof does not seem to be on my computer.  I tried creating a new custom.dic, but it automatically defaults to UProof.  Is there any solution to this problem?   Thanks

Answer:problem running both word 2003 and word 2007 in XP PRO

Hi Esmo.For Word 2007, the Custom dictionary is actually stored within the UProof folder and Uproof should be there(earlier versions of Word used a different destination/folder called Proof). Uproof should be there (see below) and should contain your Custom.dic file.The UProof folder is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\*your user*\Application Data\Microsoft\UProofInside the folder called UProof is the Custom.DIC file, the file type of which is called Microsoft Office User Dictionary.dicFollow the path above to view the Uproof folder.To view what Word is using to proof, you should go to the Office Button, select ‘Word Options’ at the bottom.Select Proofing. Click Custom Dictionaries.If you want to read more about How to Add a Custom Dictionary in Word, go here

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I have almost EXACTLY the same problem found in this thread:

The only difference is that I'm using Windows 7, not VIsta. I have tried to edit the registry as pointed out in post #66 of the above link but........ 1. "Word.Document.12" does not exist in the .doc folder
2. "Word.Document.12" in the .docx folder has a value of 0000
The .docx folder contains a file that reads: Word.Document.12 REG_NONE (zero-length binary value)

I'm pulling my hair out because ALL our old 2003 word docs will not associate with Word 2007. Excel and Powerpoint work fine. Opening these files the long way round is very painful and frustrating. Can anyone help please?

Answer:Word 2003 files will not associate with Word 2007

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I have years of UK customisation in the Word 2003 standard dictionary and I would not like to lose this data. Is it possible to move it to a new system hosting Office 2007?Any help welcome.

Answer:Copying Word 2003 dictionary to Word 2007

This might help click here

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Yesterday my friend send me data that was created into MS 2007, where as i have installed MS 2003 on my hme computer. They are not opening, how do i open them please help

Answer:can't open MS word 2007 file into word 2003

MS 2007 documents cannot be opened using MS Office 2003.

You can either get yourself a newer copy of MS Office or download and install a copy of Libre Office which will open all MS Office documents.

Libre Office is free, unlike MS Office.

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes. Unfortunately this is the software I am stuck with and no upgrade to 2010 is possible.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes to be filled by the user. I've also used links and references so that the user doesn't have to re-type some of the duplicated information throughout the form.

After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates. These forms need to be uniform throughout the department.

Several problems. I'm having a hard time familiarizing myself with Forms in Word 2007. Another issue, is that I can't get the Forms Spell Check to work like it did in Word 2003. I want my users to be able to check the protected portion of the document. They also need to be able to unprotect the document if they have to make some changes in the form.

It would be very helpful if there was a Word 2007 guide that explains the differences from word 2003 and offers an interactive training.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

Answer:Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New

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I am running Vista and Word 2007. I would like to save the document as a Word 2003 document so it can be opened in older versions of Word. I use "save as" and select Save as Word 97-2003, but when I try to open this document on an older machine "Windows XP and Word 2003" it opens with a lots of symbols and then the text is jumbled into one continuous paragraph.

I know there is a complatibility pack that can be downloaded for Word 2003 that will allow users to open Word 2007 documents, but I would still like to be able to "save as" Word 97-2003 so people without this compatability pack can still open this document.

Any help?


Answer:Word 2007 Save As Word 2003 not working

I had almost the same problem. It seems that the save as option is 2007 does not work properly, I would rather download the compatability packet.

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I created a document in MS Word 2007 on a Vista PC. The document has Headers and Footers and it prints very well on an HP LaserJet CP1215 printer. I then copied it onto a flash drive and printed it on a WinXP PC running Word 2003 and printing to an HP LaserLet 1320 printer. When I did, the formatting was not exactly the same. For example, the footer was much higher on the page than I would expect and all atempts to adjust it further down the page failed. How do I adjust the Word 2007 document footer in a Word 2003 version?

Answer:Headers and Footers in MS Word 2003 and the same in MS Word 2007

Are you saving your document as .DOCX? If so you could try saving it as .DOC and see if that makes any difference. (Or vice versa, .DOCX in place of .DOC)

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click herefrench studies - top linkcan anybody tell me whats happening, it opens fine in my old computer with 2003 word on it.thanks for any help

Answer:cannot open old word 2003 file in new word 2007

fyiclick hereclick here

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I have several Word 2007 documents containing forms controls that I need to make compatible with Word 2003. When I save the 2007 doc as 2003, the controls become static content. I tried replacing them with legacy controls but can't get them to work. When I insert a drop-down list box, only the first entry in the list displays and there is no drop-down arrow allowing selection of other items in the list. Can you help?

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes and dropdown lists. After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates, i.e. performance review forms, OSHA First Report of Injury.

My problem is that I can't convert some of the forms to 2007. Sometimes the 2007 Protect Document feature works great and other times it doesn't work at all. I really don't undertstand what the problem is.

I tried to upload the form here but I received an error message which said that the format was invalid.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

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I'm trying to put my name/address into a macro.
I clicked Developer > Record Macro: I put an appropriate name in "Macro Name", assign it a keyboard shortcut - then the little window closes.

I did make a separate file with my name/address - but how can I direct the Macro to fetch it?

Answer:create and use macro in word 2007

Im not expert on Macros but if you want to add your name & address using a simple macro I would do the following. By the way using Excel 2000 (OldSkool!)

1. Tools > Macro > Record New Macro
2. A macro window will open so enter a name without any spaces & add
shortcut if you want one. Click OK
3. A small toolbar window will open so click on the icon that looks like a
square box right of the stop icon (Relative Reference). This will allow
you to run the macro anywhere on the worksheet. If you did not click it
eveytime you run the macro it would add your name / address in the
same place eveytime.
4. Type your name and address
5. Click stop then you can run your macro at anytime using the toolbar or
from the menu. Make sure you click on the cell you want to have your
name & address added to.

Done - hope this works for you

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So I go on Orientation and Landscape

Page Setup settings:

Top 1.6cm
Bottom 0.8cm
Inside 1.9cm
Outside 1.9cm

Orientation Landscape
Multiple Pages: Book Fold

The problem is when I click OK it is still in landscape mode.

Other settings:


Paper Size A4
Width 29.7cm
Height 21cm

Paper Source: Automatically Select

Selection Start: New Page

Verticle Alignment Top

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Using Macro: How to create a new sheet on a work book based on the characters on another sheet like 'Y/Yes'?

Answer:How to create a new sheet based on a char on another sheet?

We need more details.Where are these characters? How did they get there?When do you want the new sheet created? As soon as the Y or Yes is entered in a cell or as a column is scanned by the macro or something totally different?Like I said, we need more details related to what you are trying to do.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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i need to transfer my resume from word 2007 to word 2003 because this site im trying to uplaoded to wont take the 2007 format.

I cant open a 2003 doc with 2007..

Brilliant move by Microsoft

Any Ideas?


Answer:Solved: Word 2007 doc to Word 2003 Doc

Firstly, Word 2007 can be set to save all documents in compatability mode (.doc instead of .docx). Just save as, or under Word options set it as the default

Secondly Word is full backwards compatible with earlier versions.

What exactly are your problems opening older document versions, what message do you get?

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About 6 months ago i created a Word template for our company reports. I at the time had Word 2007 whilst the rest of the company (about 20 of us) were using 2003 version of Word. The other users were unable to open the template i'd created without there being serious issues, both in the template itself, and documents created from the template.The document would open, and display only about 10-15 pages, if you continued to scroll past page 10 then the pages would be corrupted and not display.At the time, the most sensible option seemed to be to re-install Word 2003 on my machine and start again, so everyone had the same.The company has since replaced half the computers, so now there is a 50:50 split between Word 2003 and Word 2007.Users with Word 2007 cannot open the 2003 template document. It is corrupt and opens only the first 10 or so pages.Any suggestions would be very well received!!Kind regards,Ollie

Answer:Word 2003 Template in Word 2007

Will this help? click here

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HelloI want to create 3 table of content (TOC) in the beginning of my M.A. Thesis.One TOC for text headings and two TOCs for images and tables. And if I have to, I must create 4th TOC for Equation.So, my question is:How can I create more than one TOC in the beginning of a document?Thanks

Answer:create more table of content in M.S. Word 2007

Here's a reference which may help:

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Many moons ago when I was using Office XP I managed to create what I thought were called dialog pop up boxes in a letter template. These prompted me to firstly input a date which then inserted it in a predefined position on my letter and then another which prompted the addressee address which inserted it in the pre defined place on my letter,I seem to remember defining an insertion point for each of these items. I cannot remember how I did this and am now using Word 2007 and wish to do the same again. Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction. I have tried online help to no avail. I hope I have managed to make my problem understood !! Many thanks.

Answer:Microsoft Word 2007 how to create a dialog box

Are you referring to making a template? If so, you may find this article useful.
click here,pageNum-1.html#slideshow

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Can someone tell me how to make a label template for an A4 sheet of labels which have 24 labels per page - 3 across x 8 down. The wizard in m/s 2007 appears to want to print only one label or a page of identical. ones. I want to be able to call up the blank template, not go through a wizard each time.
I cannot find the avery no., although it might be LP 24/7055 or DPS24 or EL 2455, none of which appear to be in the templates offered by word.
These are wanted for labelling the back of photographs.
Many thanks

Answer:How to create label template in m/s word 2007

L7159 may be the right Avery size. Will you be using a mail merge for the data? If not it is probably easier to go to mailings tab - in the create portion click on labels choose options L7159 and type in your data selecting which label.

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You can write up your blog entries using Microsoft Office Word 2007 and then send them directly to selected online blog sites just like live writer and its very easy too.
Create and publish your post from MS Word 2007.
Just follow these steps to write effective and impressive Post:
1.Click Start, then New, then New Blog Post, then Create.
2.A new document opens with the Blog template applied, and the Blog Post tab becomes visible.
3.In the body of the document, click the text that says Enter Post Title Here and then type a new title for your blog post.
4.Type your blog entry in the blank area in the body of the document. Read Full Tutorial

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I can only create and view one page of my word 2003 document. I can open old documents of more pages, but when I create a Word 2003 document, I only have one page. If I type past the first page, I cannot see the text and I cannot print more than that first page.

Answer:In Word 2003, I can only create one page

I figured it out.I perused a lot of other posts which were about other difficulties in Word 2003. I noticed that the suggestion of deleting the document came up a lot, so I figured it couldnt' hurt, googled, deleted it and the problem has been solved.So, thank you R. Proffitt, for helping me without knowing it, or even having to try...:-)

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I am trying to create a combo box in Word that will allow users to pick from a list of answers. I can create the initial combo box control, but I do not know how to edit it to include my drop-down choices.

Please help!


Answer:Create combo box in Word 2003

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I have started getting this as an error message on opening Word 2007.

"Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable."

Am not able to save any word document. Also, on trying to close Word I get this error message;

"Changes have been made that affect the global template, Do you want to save those changes?"

Have checked my environment variables, User Variables are set to as under;

Variable - Value
Temp - C: Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/Temp
TMP - C: Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/Temp

Also, the Value in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >User Shell Folders >Cache is as %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.

Pls assist in resolving this issue.

Answer:Word 2007 Error Message: "Word could not create the work file."

There are 2 registry paths to change:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >Shell Folders
HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >User Shell Folders

Both have the "Cache" String which should be changed. And the correct Win7 Cache path in both entries is

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Termporary Internet Files

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Hi,I have started getting this as an error message on opening Word 2007."Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable."Am not able to save any word document. Also, on trying to close Word I get this error message;"Changes have been made that affect the global template, Do you want to save those changes?"Have checked my environment variables, User Variables are set to as under;Variable        ValueTemp             C:Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/TempTMP              C:Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/TempAlso, the Value in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >User Shell Folders >Cache is as %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.Pls assist in resolving this issue.

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Ok--in the older versions of Word is was a failry easy process to just create a Macro and add it to a toolbar--that function is gone in 2007. I know however that there are add-on programs out there to create your own Ribbons. What I want to do is simple--just create my own Ribbon called "Macros" or something of that sort where I can place the most often used Macros.

I know I can create a tool bar in the older version of Word and use that as an Add-In but its clumsy and of course requires you to go back to the old version to make changes or additions or deletions.

Any ideas how to do this? What's the best Ribbon customizer?

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I have created a word 2007 document but I only want other people to be able to fill in certain bits and not change the content.
I am a total novice to Word.

Thank you

Answer:HELP! How can I create a form that only certain bits can be filled in? (Word 2007)

Not an expert on Word however, it you want to use excel perhaps Data Validation might e an option.


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I am writing a companion to a book I wrote several years ago.
I am still using Word 2003 and I am wanting the formatting, etc. to match the old book.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember how I did some of the pages i.e. List of Illustrations. See snip

As I inserted pictures in the book I inserted it as a reference using a caption and named the image and the page number was automatically listed ? see snap.

Hoping someone has a better memory than mine.

Answer:Word 2003 to create a Table of Illustrations

See my reply to your other post, Word 2003 formatting question:

Word 2003 formatting question


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Hi - I have a situation where I want to create anumbering style, and I need to be able to insert additional items later without renumbering.
1)Item 1
2)Item 2
3)Item 3

Oops - I have another item, on the same level, that needs to be added between 1) and 2), but I want 1)2)and 3) to keep their this:
1)Item 1
4)Item 4
2)Item 2
3)Item 3
The document is going to be huge, so I don't want to have to scan the doc and manually renumber the inserted item. I would like the numbering scheme to just assign a number where I left off and not renumber everything.


Answer:Word 2003-how do I create a non-seq numbering style?

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Hi all,
I think my question will be best understood if I start with my desired final output and work backwords. I am creating an information card 8.5" x 5.5", which is a landscaped 8.5 x 11 page cut in half. The card will be printed on both sides with different text front and back. My word doc will be 2 pages. The first page will contain 2 card fronts and page 2 will have 2 card backs. As the text and number of lines may change from time to time, I am using 2 half page text boxes on each page instead of columns. I have no problem creating the first page, adding, sizing, locating and populating the 2 text boxes:

wdApp.Documents.Add DocumentType:=wdNewBlankDocument
Set wdDoc = ActiveDocument
wdApp.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Zoom.PageFit = wdPageFitFullPage
With wdDoc.PageSetup
.Orientation = wdOrientLandscape
End With

Do While doc < 2
wdDoc.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 14 + 386 * doc, _
28, 370#, 550#).Select
With wdApp.Selection
.ShapeRange.Top = wdShapeCenter
.ShapeRange.LockAnchor = True
'fill box
End With
doc = doc + 1

Now I must add, create, move to or do something to get to page 2 (which doesn't exist yet) so I can continue with the last 2 text boxes. This is what I haven't been able to do. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Tom

Answer:Solved: Vba, Word 2003, How To Create Page 2

Hi Tom,

I created something, perhaps you'll like it. It's a workaround, sort of, because I didn't find the way to add pages to a document. I used pagebreak, instead, and used also the anchor property of the textboxes when creating them.

Sub txtBoxes()
Application.Documents.Add DocumentType:=wdNewBlankDocument
Set wdDoc = ActiveDocument
Application.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Zoom.PageFit = wdPageFitFullPage
With wdDoc.PageSetup
.Orientation = wdOrientLandscape
End With

'so far there's nothing special

Selection.InsertBreak Type:=wdPageBreak
'PageBreak instered. Now 1st character of the document is PageBreak, 2nd character is EndOf Document.

For doc = 1 To 4
anch = (doc - 1) \ 2 + 1

' the textboxes will be anchored to the proper characters of the document.
' in case doc=1 or 2, the anchor will be the PageBreak, that is textboxes go to the 1st page
' in case doc=3 or 4, the anchor will be the EndOfDocument, that is textboxes go to the 2nd page

pos = (doc - 1) Mod 2
'position of textbox in a given page.
'in case doc = odd number --> pos=0, textbox goes to the left side
'in case doc = even number --> pos=1, textbox goes to the right side

wdDoc.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 14 + 386 * pos, _
28, 370#, 550#, ActiveDocument.Characters(anch)).Select
With Application.Selection
.ShapeRange.Top = wdShapeCe... Read more

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Question: Word 2007 to 2003


Is there a way to convert document from word 2007 to word 2003 document
I wanted to print the document from 2007 on computer that have 2003 word , because I don't have the printer, and I cannot open the document
It shows some encryption!

Thx for any suggestions


Answer:Word 2007 to 2003

Do you have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats installed on the computer with 2003? If so it should work. However make sure you have the latest updates as required see the notes at the bottom of the page from the link.

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Question: Word 2003 V 2007

I have Word 2003 but a friend has the 2007 version, He rings me with problems which I find hard to help with, Example he was typing a letter when the text changed to red although I tried to help over the phone it wasn't until I called that I was going to be able to help him, Now just like Vista can can be changed back to Classic veiw is there any way to change Word 2007 back to 2003 look?

Answer:Word 2003 V 2007

No I don't think, not that I know of but you can add a few features like 2003. Such as customize the quick launch so you can add your favoriate office short cuts to the top of the page.

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I copy a lot of documents as I research. They all have different titles (obviously) and I file them in different document folders according to subject (i.e. Plot, Character Development, Pacing, etc.). I also print them out and put them in notebooks with similarly designated tabs. For ease of reading, I like to put my own title (or sometimes the author's, if it's short enough) followed by the page number in the header on the right. It looks like this:​
Hero's Fatal Flaw, Page 4​
To make this happen, I currently:
1. Go to Insert
2. Click Page #
3. Click Top of Page
4. Scroll down to Plain #3
5. Click Plain #3
6. Click in the Header
7. Click Control V to enter my text or manually enter it. (Sometimes, if I've planted the cursor just right, I can position the text in front of the page number; otherwise, it ends up left aligned and I have to go through additional steps on the Home tab to right align it. In this case, I also have to delete the extra line that's gratuitously thrown in at the end.)
8. Hit Back Arrow to position the cursor after the last character (for some reason, an extra space is also gratuitously put in)
9. Type , space Page
10. Click Close Header/Footer or Double Click in the document

Doing all these steps on hundreds of documents really takes its toll. There must be a way to streamline it and create some sort of template across multiple documents.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Word 2007 How to Create Default Pg # Header in Multiple Docs?

Create a new Word template, perform steps 1 through 6 the Save As a .dotm file, because page numbering is considered a Macro so your template must be Macro enabled.
So you will create a new document using that template, when it opens you will just type in your custom text and complete the remainder of the steps. Probably someone who is slick with VBA can write the macro so that it will ask for the custom text and once you submit, it will automate the rest of the steps for you.

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I am trying to create a toolbar button with a drop-down to provide several functions/options - similar to the way the Highlight and Font Color buttons work on the standard Formatting toolbar.

I can easily add a drop-down menu to a toolbar using Customize>Commands>New Menu and dragging the New Menu command to the toolbar, but there's no way to replace the menu name with a button image.

I also tried dragging a standard Word drop-down button (such as the Font Color drop-down button) to the toolbar and changing the drop-down options (that works fine), but there appears to be no way to change the button image.

Any ideas?

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I am wanting to insert a header or footer but on the right side of my page in Word 2003. Basically, I want some text and an image to appear in the same position on the right hand side on every page that I type.

Does anyone know how to do this ?

Answer:How do I create a side Header or Footer in Word 2003 ?

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(what version of Windows you are using) - I'm using Microsoft Windows XP Professionalservice packs - not sure what this iscomputer make/model - Dell Optiplex 320 w/ Intel Pentium D insideRAM - not sure on this...I think 220hard drive - about 140 GB, sound and video cards - have never used so don't kowcurrent adware/spyware/virus programs being used on a regular basis - Nortondo you have a "real" Windows CD, etc. - yes we have an IT department that has themMy question is: is it possible to create pop-ups in a Microsoft Word (2003) document like you can do in FrontPage? If I want to provide a definition/description for a particular word (or words) but only allow the reader to see that if they hover their mouse over that word to bring the def/desc. up, how do I create that feature?Thanks,Jennifer

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I am trying to create a toolbar button with a drop-down to provide several functions/options - similar to the way the Highlight and Font Color buttons work on the standard Formatting toolbar.I can easily add a drop-down menu to a toolbar using Customize>Commands>New Menu and dragging the New Menu command to the toolbar, but there's no way to replace the menu name with a button image.I also tried dragging a standard Word drop-down button (such as the Font Color drop-down button) to the toolbar and changing the drop-down options (that works fine), but there appears to be no way to change the button image.Any ideas?

Answer:Create drop-down toolbar button in Word 2003

re: there appears to be no way to change the button imageHave you tried:Tools...CustomizeWith the Customize dialog box open, right-click any button and choose one of the many Button editing options.

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I have a computer that has Office 2003 and in Word when you create a new file and fill up page 1 and want to hit Enter to begin on page 2 it doesn't do anything. The cursor remains blinking right there at the bottom of page 1. Very weird. I've never seen this before. Has anyone seen this and found a resolution to this problem?

Answer:Solved: Word 2003 won't create page 2 in new document

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A previous thread indicated problems encountered when trying to update a Table of Contents and Table of Figures, etc. using Word 2007. I couldn't find any solutions to that message. I am having the same problem. I tell it to update the Table of Contents or Table of Figures, and it does that correctly, but as soon as I click "print" the page numbers all change to 2! Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Word 2007 - Page Number Issues Updating Table of Contents and Table of Figure

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I am knee deep in writting up my final dissertation and need some help.

I need to number my pages but not from the first page. I looked online and it said I should have an option to number pages from the page I was on but that was not the case.

I then read that you can insert an header and the page will be numbered from there, again I could not get this to work.

I know in word 2007 you can generate a contents page that will show the page number of all my subsections and headings but I have no clue how to do this and until I get the page numbers working I cannot do it anyway.

If anyone can help me please reply, I don't want to do my usualy trick of having two documents, one the body of the work and the other all the pages that are not numbered because it will take for ever at this point.

Answer:Need help making a contents page and page numbering word 2007

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Hi there Can u any 1 tell me how to create new sheet or unhide sheet etc in this case shown in pic file is neither pw protected and has not any restriction...Thanx in Advance

Answer:How can i create new sheet or unhide sheet

I see that you are running 2007 - which I don't have - so I can only test this suggestion in 2003.In 2003, if the workbook is Protected for Structure, you cannot do any of the things that are greyed out in the image you provided.

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I'm trying to create a formula on sheet 2 to add the numbers on sheet 1 to numbers on sheet 2. Is this possible?

Answer:Can I create a formula between sheet 1 & sheet 2?

If your number is in cell B1 on Sheet 1and your second number in in Cell A1 on Sheet 2in cell C1 on Sheet 2 then try this:=A1+Sheet1!B1Also, Excel questions are best asked in the Office Software Forum.MIKE

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I want to get ms word 2007
If I install it will it wipe out all my ms word 2003 docs?

any known glitches or issues I should be aware of?

Also My friend has Vista and a trail version of 2007 expired-If the purchased version of 2007 is installed will it cause any problems?
thanks so much

Answer:MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You're going to want to uninstall MS Office 2003 before installing Office 2007. This will not remove your documents. However, its always a good idea to create a backup of your documents before doing such a thing.

If you have a product key for Office 2007 you can use that with a trial to activate the product.

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I am thinking of getting a laptop which will have Windows 7 and MS Office 2007 on it. I have a desktop with Windows XP and MS Office 2003. I have many documents which I continually work on in Word 2003 and must continue to work on with the desktop (Word 2003 if possible).

What problems, glitches, etc, can I expect if I upload a document from the desktop to the laptop, work on it in Word 2007, and then download it back to the desktop which has Word 2003?

Thank you for your time and attention to this.

Answer:MS Word 2003 vs MS Word 2007

You can use the Office Compatibility Pack or save as an Word 2003 document on the laptop.

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My neighbour is new to computing and has a new machine with Microsoft Office 2007 suite - the problem is that none of us existing users, or even the local Evening Class teacher are familiar with Word 2007. It would make life a lot easier if it could be configured to use the Word 2003 menus

Answer:Can Word 2007 look like Word 2003?

Try this it may help youclick here

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I have a Vista notebook which came with the trial version of 2007 Word but it ran out after 60 days so i uninstalled 2007 and installed 2003, but apparently, 2007 hadn't been uninstalled so now i have both on my computer but neither working properly. When i tried to uninstall either of them, my computer wouldn't do it. Something about corrupted files or something??Any help would be awesome. I have the CD for 2003 Word so it doesn't matter if i have to completely remove all components of Word, it's just that i have no idea how to do that without probably removing something else as well, which would be my luck I'm not a complete computer noob but i haven't got any technical knowledge of anything (more like I've been fiddling around with the settings so much that i know some things). If you give me steps, i can easily follow them. Thanks XD

Answer:MS Word 2007 & 2003 clashing?

Do you get any error message/number when uninstalling?

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Can anyone provide step by step instructions on how to create full-page labels for multiple recipients? Until 4 hours ago, I thought I was pretty good at mail-merge in Microsoft Word 2007; however, I have been humbled. I need to create full-page labels for 45 individuals. The best I can get is 2 sheets of different labels with all recipients. When I use the Mail Merge Wizard, I don't have an option to choose full-page. When I try to create them the old fashioned way by just inserting the fields, the field insert option is grayed out and I can't select them. I am using Excel 2007 as my data source. The catch is I am supposed to have these labels ready for my boss first thing in the morning. So, I have to get help performing a miracle today. Our IT department is more hardware than software, so I can't get any help from there.

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I am helping my son with his 30 page State report. Here's my problem, since for some reason I can not get my printer to scan the pages so we can answer (type in) the questions on the page that I scanned, I decided to just type the pages myself in MS Word 2003. On the "Table of Contents" page (think of a book), I can get the words on the left side lined up, but what I want to do is put in those little dots that lead to the page number on the right hand side, but I want the page numbers lines up to, how do I line them up? Thanks

Answer:trying to make a "table of contents" using MS word 2003

Put the cursor where you want the TOC to start. Then go to Insert>Reference>Index and Tables. Select the Table of Contents tab. Check the box to right align page numbers, pick the type of tab leader you want, and click OK.

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I had installed the MS Word 2007 but hated it. So I removed it.

Now each time I try to open MS 2003 it looks for istallation software.

Why is this and how do I get it to stop.

It takes at least 5 minutes just to open Word.

Please help.

Answer:Reverting back to MS Word 2007 to 2003 Help

When you upgrade from one office to a more newer one the process may remove some of the previous programing from office 2003 and it does not get put back unless you re-install office 2003.

Did you try to re-install office 2003?

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I'm coming across an issue that I'm not sure if it's a fluke or a compatibility issue. In my environment, all users have Office 2003. A select few are piloting 2007. The 2007 users don't get their Readability Statistics after spell check if the document was originally authored in Word 2003. It still works fine in 2003 though. Documents authored in 2007 work fine as well. Has anyone come across this?

I haven't been able to find any mention of this on the internet.


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microsoft word 2003

Answer:How do I open word 2007 document with 2003?

u need to install a software, file format converter

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I'm using Word 2003 and I'm trying send a document to someone who is using Word 2007 but she can't open the document.I've made sure I've saved the file as "Microsoft Word 2007 Document" But its not working for her.Suggestions?ThanksRob

Answer:Opening Word 2003 Documents With 2007

She need to download and install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel,and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats if you are using a Office program before Office 2007click hereWithout the Office Compatibility Pack Office 2007 files will not open in Office 97, 2000, XP, &2003

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Happy Holidays!

Running Office 2007. Have made a template for a client that features VB (not legacy) CheckBoxes, ComboBoxes, and TextBoxes. The template is a one page document with tables; the client (a dental surgeon) enters patient name and date, checks various boxes about patient condition/recommendations for treatment, selects text from combo boxes. Auto text will also be included.

The problem: The template takes up to 60 seconds to load on his machine (New Dell, 1Gb RAM, NTFS, Office 2003). I save the template in "compatibility mode" on my machine (P4 2.8 Ghz 1Gb FAT32). Also, the template takes about 10-15 seconds to load on my machine.

How can I speed it up? Is it a compatibility issue?


Answer:Word 2003/2007 Template Compatibility

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I would like to get my word to integrate with my outlook. I am running server 2003 with outlook 2007. When I click on letters and mailings in word I get the address book. When I click the address book it says ms exchange and then it says ms exchange is unavailable. Retry or work offline. I would just like to be able to insert contact into my envelopes and labels. My outlook is set up with contacts not a global mail list. Any ideas? This should be simple but it seems that nothing with microsoft ever is.
PS It now will show the global address list and it used to have the contacts listed at the bottom and I could click contacts and then use them. I have global address all contacts etc but not outlook - contacts

Answer:Word 2003 and Outlook 2007 with exchange


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i work as a tutor and make home work for my students for which i want to give the answer sheet to parents. is it possible that answers be hidden in the HW document, when i print the document for students and visible when i print it for parents?????????


Answer:hide mode in MS Word 2003 or 2007

Hello kf10,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I don't know of a way to do this in word. Only way I know to accomplish this in word is to select all the answers, leaving the ans) portion. Hit delete, and print the page. Once it starts printing, you can use Ctrl.+Z to undo the deletion and then print the parents copies. Or, if you've saved a copy of the doc., you could print the parents page then select (hold down ctrl to multiple select) and delete the answers/print the students copies and when you close the doc. don't save the changes.

Hope this helps.


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Does anyone know if a way to force Word 2007 to automaticly save all documents in 97-2003??

Answer:Word 2007 - Default to save all as 97-2003

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Hello everyone,

I need a table of contents that will form acorrdind to specific text and show page numbers.

Looked all over internet, but there is only a posibility to make sheet table of contents and that is not the right solution for me.

I was thinking of a macto that would find specific text and copy it to the begginig of the sheet and hyperlink it, but have no idea how to put page numbers

So that is what i have so far:


Cells.Find(What:="PRESENTATION", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn _
:=xlFormulas, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:= _
xlNext, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate

ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:="", SubAddress:= _
"Sheet2!B78", TextToDisplay:="PRESENTATION"
End sub

Any solution to do this would be appreciated

Answer:form a table of contents for a sheet

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I just got Outlook 2007 but only have Word 2003. I want to set Word as my email editor. I've looked at all the Outlook Options and checked the Microsoft website but can't find how to set Word as the editor. If there is a way, please let me know.

The reason I want Word as the editor is I send a lot of screen snapshots and I used to be able to crop them in Word editor. I can't find a crop option in Outlook 2007. If there is a way to crop screenshots in Outlook editor then I don't need Word.

Thanks for the help!

Answer:Word 2003 as Outlook 2007 email editor?

If you don't have the rest of Office 2007, you won't get the rich features it provides. With Office 2007, you can crop any picture right in an email message; just hit the contextual tab Picture Tools | Format.

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Hi,I have recently changed computers from XP home edition (32-bit) to Windows 7 ultimate (64-bit). I?ve also loaded MS Office 2007 onto my new computer. I?ve transferred all my Word & Excel documents created in Office 2003 across to the new computer. The problem I'm having now is when I open my old word files in 2007, the files open O.K. but the pages are blank. There must be data within the files because of the size of the files. I?m a bit stumped now and would be very grateful if someone could help me resolve this problem. Thank you for taking time to read this thread.

Answer:Word 2003 files open in 2007 but are blank!

You probably need the MS Office Compatibilty Pack download from here click here BUT please install all High-Priority updates from Microsoft Update before downloading the Compatibility Pack.

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I have created a business letterhead as a Word Template with company's logo etc as a picture on top right of 1st page.

When I type into the document or insert autotext entries, the picture stays put, even when I go onto second page. But when I paste text onto the first page, if its more than one page long, it causes the picture to relocate to the second page.

I've tried anchoring the picture. The picture is formatted to be square to text with vertical position absolute to page and "move object with text" is unchecked. I've also tried pasting without formatting. None of these work.

How do I get the picture to stay in its original position when pasting text of more than one page long?

Answer:WORD 2003 & 2007 Fix position of Picture Object

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Let's say I have data contained in Excel with each piece of data in an adjacent cell...

Name: Rank: SSN#:
Smith, John R SSG 123-456-7890

How would I take that information and merge it into a memorandum in Office, all in separate documents?

So say the memorandum looks like this:
Whomever it may concern,

Smith, John R., SSG, United States Army, 123-456-7890 has been certified blah blah blah blah


So if I had 50 names it would produce 50 documents or something?

Is that even possible?

Answer:Merging Data From Excel Into Word (2003 Or 2007)

I think you can use Mail Merge to do this kind of thing.

I'm guessing your spreadsheet is in the .CSV format?

If you are using 2003, I'm not sure what the headings are at the top, but with 2007 you need to choose the mailings tab and then select start Mail Merge.

Select the Wizard and you should then have an option somewhere down the line to import a data source.

After doing this you should be able to insert the merge fields which should look like <<Surname>> or something like that.

From this you should then be able to create a template letter and print all the records out.

Hope this helps,

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Hi,We have set all of our OFFICE 2007 installations to save documents as "Word 97-2003 Document (*.Doc)" format by default. This was done in the Word Options/Save Menu. Some of the setups, however, seem to lose this and revert to "Word Document (*.docx)" format between Word sessions.Has this been noticed before? If so, has anyone a solution to this problem?Thanks

Answer:MS Office 2007 Saving word in 2003 .doc format.

Have you done any updates on other machines? May be the office update change defaults, check that save as .doc is still selected by default when saving.

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I use two sheets to manage my client list in Excel 2007. One is my calling list where all my companies along with the point of contacts' names, numbers, email, postal addresses are listed. Another one is a strategy list (which I update on biweekly basis) where I have written the current strategy against each company.

What I want to do is to show the strategies I have updated in the 2nd sheet to appear in the comment of companies of the 1st sheet so I know how to handle the customer while I am making the call to him/her.

Answer:Get cell contents in the form of comment in another sheet

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I am having this problem - I converted the Word 2003 form, but the 'Controls' panel buttons remain disabled. I saw a thread with the same problem, but it had expired so I can't determine how to correct this?! How do I get those buttons enabled so I can unlock the form and make edits? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Problem converting Word 2003 Form to 2007

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Does anyone know anything about WinCVS? My office has been using WinCVS for document versioning (because it's free and it works) and up until we switched to Office 2007, everything was fine. Now, we need to begin saving our documents (mostly Word) in the new format (with the .docx ext.), but I can't find a way to connect the new .docx version to the old .doc version(s). For example, a document called "document1.doc" has been altered and the new version is "document1.docx." Because the document is saved in the new Word 2007 format, with a new file extension, it will not save as the latest version of the old document, only as a new document. Is there a way to "connect" the old and new formats in WinCVS?

Answer:WinCVS for document versioning-switching from Word 2003 to 2007

If you want to save a document to be compatible to open in word 97-2003 you cannot simply automatically save the document because it will save as a .docx. Therefore you cannot click on the disk icon at the top to save your document.

Go to the at the top left corner.
Choose Save As. Another menu will appear.
Choose Word 97-2003 Document from the list.
Choose where to save your file.
After the file has been saved as a .doc you can now just press save instead of save as. You can also press on the save symbol (a floppy disk) to automatically save the file now.

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