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Toshiba Portege z20t can't install windows recovery DVD

Question: Toshiba Portege z20t can't install windows recovery DVD

Hi ,
I have bought new toshiba portege z20t that came with pre-installed windows 8.1 pro downgraded to windows 7 pro , inorder to get windows 8.1 pro againe toshiba company has accompanied 3 DVD recovery media for windows 8.1 with laptop and its written in instructions to switch from windwos 7 to 8.1 I have to enter bios change it from CSM mode to UEFI mode I made this and I put the first DVD in my External dvd and chose F12 then boot from ODD what happened is that Toshiba logo came in screen loading for long time with no further continue to enter /windows 8.1 installing option . I don't know how can I setup the windows

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Portege z20t can't install windows recovery DVD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I can't find any reliable info whether the z20t-b or z20t-c supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode over its usb type c port. If so does it support 3840*[email protected] ?

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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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in the instructions:

Changing the screen orientation
When operating the computer in tablet mode, you can change the screen orientation by roting the computer sideways. The screen orientation automatically changes according to the rotation angle detected.

But it does not go!
The operating system is windows 10.

What can i do?

Answer:Portege Z20T: Windows 10 - Changing screen orientation don't work

This response from Toshiba is an outrage.
Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Sie eine negative Erfahrung mit Ihrem Toshiba Ger?t machen mussten.

Aufgrund der Themen-Komplexit?t und m?glicher notwendiger R?ckfragen k?nnen Anfragen zur Konfiguration und Installation von Software (Treiber, Betriebssystem etc.) nicht immer vollst?ndig per E-Mail beantwortet werden. Wir bitten daher um Verst?ndnis.

Nutzen Sie hierzu bitte unsere umfangreichen Online Supportangebote <> oder wenden Sie an unsere Experten unter 0900-18674422 (1,56 Euro/Minute).

Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben, z?gern Sie bitte nicht, erneut mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen. Sie erreichen uns Montag bis Freitag von 8.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr unter der Telefonnummer (0 21 31) 52 40 40 00

Mit freundlichen Gr??en,

i.A. IME Service
Who can help, when the Support dont help?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????

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Toshiba Portege R830-10Q-P321E
Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit came pre-installed

Attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 and it's completely bricked my laptop - cannot access files, cannot rollback, cannot use an alternative system, cannot repair, nothing!

Looks like I need to format (I have a backup of my personal files anyway), and then do a fresh install, but I have no windows installation disk.

Looking online, it looks like I need the official one from Toshiba (I have my windows key on the bottom of the laptop), but don't know how to get it from Toshiba.


Thanks in advance for your time and help/support.

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Im stuck on this one, I recieved a Portege 300CT from a friend that I use to program two way radios. It was running Windows 98 SE with problems. This computer has no FDD but I have the docking station with the CD drive. I reformatted the drive with a new Win 98 SE disk but now the CD drive is not recoginized and I get Invalid System disk I have tried hitting the F12 key to get to the Boot menu with no results. How can I load the operating system? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Install Windows 98 SE on Toshiba Portege 300CT

hi kd4fun,
this is hard: deleting without thinking about the problems...

to make it short:
you need a driver that the docking station is able to communicate with the laptop...

recover cd at hands? no....

to make it shorter ;-)
take out hdd
make it bootable (format /s)
put all win98 files in a special folder eg. "win98src" (not more than 8 digits!)
put all needed drivers in a 2nd folder eg. "300drivers"

put the hdd back in the 300ct boot it up and run DOS
hop in the "win89src" folder and type "setup"
this should install win98 as a clean install.
you have to install the driver too!

now you got a fresh and stable win98se!
there is a "unofficial service pack" for it... search the internet ( ;-) creopard)

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I bought a new WD Hard Drive for my Toshiba laptop.

Window I boot from CD I receive the message that Setup did find any disk drives installed in your computer.

Answer:Trying to Install Windows XP on Toshiba Portege M400

info on hdd site

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I've upgraded my Portege M400 to Winows 7 (32bit) which went fine. However, cant find how to get and install the utilities I had included with the XP Tablet version.

Can anyone suggest how to get them (I understand they were available for Vista)?



Answer:Portege M400 - How to install Toshiba Utilities for Windows 7?


The Toshiba Utilities that you mean are only designed for Windows XP. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need only the Toshiba Value Added Package. This package contains all what you need.

Portege M400 doesn?t support Windows 7 but you can try to install the Vista drivers. The most of them are also work on Windows 7.
As far as I know you also need Toshiba Button Support on this model.

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Hey cant get my position with bing maps, here maps, oder mapfactor navigator, even GPS Information Apps cant show position when WLAN is off.

I bought this for Stand Alone GPS Features.
Updated Win 8.1 to the latest Updates. Still no location Service in APPs.

GPS is on in Windows 8.1 Settings, i allowed the apps to use the gps/position.
All latest Toshiba service updates are installed. Even with a SIM CARD i get no GPS.

Only in WLan i get a position..

So return this is it damaged? BTW must work tomorrow drive around the world. When its not working i must return it.

Tested here Maps und the windows maps app and mapfatorGPS.
none gets a fix when wlan is off.

Answer:Portege Z20t-b GPS no working

In the description of Portege Z20t-b-xxx the “Assisted GPS” is mentioned.

The assisted GPS is part of the 3G module… so it should work using the 3G connection too.

Did you test it?

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When I go to input method panel in Win 10 I cannot choose inking as input method.
I have latest Wacom software.

How can I enable inking (handwriting) input method?

Answer:Cannot use inking handwriting on Win 10 with Portege Z20t

I also have this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. handwriting entry panel has disappeared and there is not way to enter data in Tablet mode. The pen works elsewhere but the pen entry option is greyed out in the keyboard chooser.

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I have a Z20t-C-15M. SN 5H071828H. Online specs says there's a battery inside the docking keyboard and a battery inside the tablet.
Battery indicators is saying Battery # 1 is not present whereas battery led indicator in the keyboard dock displays no light (nor white nor orange).
Battery indicators is saying battery # 2 present and led indicator is white on the tablet.
Is this a normal behavior or an issue ? Why can'I get the secondary battery ?
From the specs :
Battery Life up to 9h30min tablet only (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)
up to 19h tablet & keyboard (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)


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Had a portege Z20t-b for 4 weeks, turned it on and had 5% left on primary battery, 5 min later it suddenly turns off and now won't turn back on. Tried plugging the power in and turning it back on. Removed the screen and tried turning it on and nothing happens. The battery light is flashing and goss solid when plugged it. Any ideas what my problem is?

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The camera apps "Camera" and "TruCapture" on my Windows 10 Z20T-B2112 don't offer the rear camera, only the front web cam.
Any idea how I can fix this? Is there a specific driver needed?

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Its possible charging Z20t-C through USB-C or only proprietary power brick works?

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I've got a z20t-B-107. Lovely machine, upgraded to win 10, all working fine - I had to download a new Wacom driver to get the 'left-click' to work with the pen.

I'm using it in tablet mode to digitise some data points on a map, and to sketch with the pen. However, when I rest my hand on the screen it 'activates' the touch screen and makes things go crazy. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the touch digitiser and have only the Wacom digitiser running, and if I can toggle it on/off somehow that would be useful. Otherwise i need to use the pen in a very unnatural position to avoid touching the screen with my hand.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which uses the Wacom type digitiser - it doesn't seem to suffer from this, as soon as it detects the pen near the screen it appear to switch off the touch part.

I would be grateful for any help - I've tried search engines but they only seem to give results about touch pads, and that's completely different...

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z20t - can I turn touch screen OFF?


I use a Z20t too (but with Win8.1) and have the same problem. I have decided to switch off the touch complete. It is not a good solution, but a good working with OneNote is only with switching off the touch functionality possible.
Maybe this is a possible solution for you.
In Win8.1 I switched off the driver in the device manager.

I found the following steps here:

1. Right-click and select "All Apps" at the lower right corner, then select Control Panel
2. Select Hardware and Sound
3. Select Device Manager
4. Select Human Interface Devices
5. From the list, look for the driver for the touch screen. This can be tricky since on my tablet they are all listed as "USB Input Device" and there are 3 of them. I found it by disabling and re-enabling one at a time until the touch screen stopped responding. You can also identify the touch screen by checking the Properties | Details and get the "Hardware Ids" then do a search online to see what the device is. In my case, the touch screen has the ID USB/VID_0EEF&PID_7302.
6. Once you know which is the touch screen, disable the driver and the touch screen should no longer work
Enable this device to make the touch screen work again.

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I can't seem to fix this problem. The screen on my Port?g? Z20t-B2112 is just out of focus. It's enough to make you nauseous. Any ideas? I installed the windows 8.1pro.

Answer:Fuzzy screen on Portg Z20t-B2112

Have you set the right display resolution?

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Good morning, after using the Lenovo x61t for over 7 jears it is time to find a new one.

The z20t seems to be the only one which fits my needs:
* convertible
* track stick
* at least full HD display (and not a mirror one!)
* native(!) Ethernet

The only drawback is the little ssd (max. 256) and that is only HDMI 1,4, no 2.0 (CPU limitation) or Display Port to get [email protected]

Then I stumbled over a Z20t-B-10C-SE with a 500 GB SSD ! Is this real or a fake? It was listed yesterday with 16 GB RAM, today with only 8 GB RAM.

If I'm allowed to dream, I would add these ones to the z20T:
* the third mouse button to the trackstick for scrolling (this is something I use almost everytime))
* Perhaps putting 16 GB RAM to the notebook
* HDMI 2.0 or Displayport - this problem is solved itself via an upgrade to Skylake which provides HDMI 2.0
* Having PCe-Lanes (one would be enough) in the dock connector
The last one enables to have more keyboard variants:
* the one which is offered today
* one with a ExpressCard slot (additional card reader, more USB ports, TV cards, special internet connection cards, interface cards for data aquisition etc.)
* one with a ExpressCard slot & second SSD/HDD bay (e.g. for a "cheap & really big HDD")

Additional, a "small & tiny" one for people for which every gramm is important could be nice (no, I prefer the "standard" one which comes with the z20t a lot over the tiny ones which comes with many other tables)... Read more

Answer:Portege Z20t-B-10C-SE - hardware specification question

Your “dreams” sounds good

- The additional 3rd mouse button… well I never required such button on my touchpad… so for me such button would be useless…

- 16GB RAM… definitely big YES… but unfortunately this Portege Z20t-B-10C supports max 8GB RAM… this limitation appears due to the chipset/CPU

- Espress Card slot is could be a nice-to-have feature but I think this kind of interface is already more or less in decline…

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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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I have a client who wants to use a Portege Z20T but in a wall-mounted position (either fixed or flexible bracket / frame).
Has anyone had to deal with this situation and what have they used?
Or, what would anyone suggest (apart from not using a Portege Z20T)! :-)


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I've worked on many Toshiba portege z20t laptop/tablet and i always have the same issue: the screen feel slack on the hinge. If i put a little piece of paper on the hinge before connect screen it solve the problem but it's not a professionnal solution...

Anyone can help me please ?


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I?ve got a Z20t-B-10C with a 256 GB SSD Samsung MZNTE256HMHP, which is a SATA M.2 2280 module.

I assume, I could replace this one by any other SATA M.2 2280 module, like the new SanDisk X400 1 TB (also named SD8SB8U-1T00-1122 or SD8UB8U-1T00-1122, don?t know the difference yet).

Does anyone know, where I could also replace it by a PCIe M.2 2280 module (also called NVMe), like the Samsung SSD SM951-NVMe 512 GB M.2 (MZVPV512HDGL) or the Plextor M6e 512 GB M.2 (PX-G512M6E)? Do I have to look for the M.2 ?B? and/or ?M? key?

Answer:Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I dont think the notebook supports PCIe, you should get a SATA drive to ensure compatibility.

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I undocked the screen from the keyboard without issue (using the "eject hardware safely" icon), but when reattaching the screen, it does not recognize the keyboard. Physical connection is 100%, but no communication at all. Usually it dings and switches from tablet mode to PC mode. Not this time. Interestingly, it DOES know that the keyboard is being charged, but only "Battery 2" is present.

Any ideas before sending it to the dreaded "Depot"?

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I own a Portege Z20T B-10C which is a rather nice machine, but has one annoying flaw: The screen gets scratched by virtually any contact. For example, I can't use the "emergency pen" for touch input or to write on the screen as it causes scratches. Also, the screen has already collected a series of scratches shaping the outline of the touchpad, i.e. supposedly produced when closing the laptop. Hence, you can't really use the laptop the way it should be used and I fear that a few months from now the screen will be filled with scratches.

While I'm waiting for my notebook shop to decide whether this is a warranty case or not, I wonder if anyone of you owns this model and has come across the same problem?


Answer:Portege Z20T: Screen becomes scratched by virtually anything

I have exactly the same problem. I've only been using the machine since July and already it's quite damages. Basically the screen rubs against the dock and I have the imprint in the outline of the touchpad. I'm concerned that they will soon damaging the images captured by the camera since the outline of the touch pad is right over the lens.

Toshiba is so far unwilling to repair this and I've included the response from my account rep below. Frankly, I was shocked since this is such an expensive computer and the cause of the problem seems so obvious. I was also disappointed that they didn't consider this thread when evaluating my case since it is the first result when one Googles 'portege scratched screen'.
Hello Eric,

I sent your email with the pictures of your laptop screen scratches. They replied back saying that the scratches are not due to a manufacture defect and there have not been another reports of other Z20t touchscreens getting scratches like this on the screen, so there is nothing they can do to replace it. Our Customer Service Manager will usually just make the call to replace it, if the laptop is with the first 90 days, which is 2 ? months past the normal return policy. He was not able to get the approval to replace it.

I am glad that you were able to get this laptop back up and running. Please keep that Business Technical Support number handy for any future needs, which I hope that you do not ever have to use it in the future. Please give me ... Read more

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Recently We order some model "TOSHIBA Z20T-C".Our company policy have to enable Windows bitlocker function.
I have a problem. I can't input bitlocker pin on screen keyboard when I power on the tablet or normal model .
Model "Z20T-B" is no problem.

PS:Portege Z20t-C
P/N : PT16BT-01T04Y
BIOS Version : 5.50
EC Version : 1.30
OS:Win10 or Win8.1

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z20T-C. I purchased it 6 months ago. After 3 months it developed a white ghost spot on the screen (approx 1cm across) which I now understand to be a pressure mark.

I don't actually use the touch screen of the laptop so I was surprised about this.

I wondered if any other Z20T owners have had this problem. Since I don't use the touch screen I wondered if it was a common fault with this model.

I did send the laptop back to be looked at under Toshiba's repair and warranty, but was told it wasn't covered and it'd cost me ?528 to repair.

I paid this. It took 3 months to get the machine back and the new screen has a similar pressure mark, just on a different part of the screen. Plus I have a lot of nice scratches all over my (was as new) laptop.
I suspect the pressure mark was caused by the engineer whilst reassembling the machine and pressing on the screen.

The Toshiba repair company say I can send it back to be re-assessed. They won't guarantee to fix it under their 90 day warranty - only to assess it.

I certainly won't spend another ?528 and wait another 3 months.
So, I've had a very expensive laptop for 3 months that's now pretty useless.
I can't say I'm having the best experience as a Toshiba customer.

Does anyone have any advice?

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ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

since having z20t for the last year and half. I still can not find any other 2-in-1 to be better. this comes from someone who had previously only used the most expensive thinkpad models and updating every 1-2 years.

however, the trackpoint cap drives me a bit crazy as I rely on it most time as a 10+ year thinkpad user. it is tiny, needs a lot of force to move, and after a while, the surface becomes smooth and easy to slip.

I did tons of search and bought quite a few replacement caps to try, none worked. and it bugs me that toshiba does not sell a replacement either. so one day when the cap wears out or damaged, I would need to buy a new keyboard dock at least.

finally I found one that works perfectly, from no other than thinkpad itself.
ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

It fits perfect into the space, right size recess to connect to keyboard, just a bit higher than keyboard surface for easier usage. It is also low enough that it does not touch screen at all (far from it) when closed.

more importantly, as it is bigger and have many dimple on it. it is actually much much better user experience. I would say now it would give similar feeling as the best thinkpad trackpoint now. no slip, needs much less force to move around.

I found this solution by accident as I bought a... Read more

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When I turn the display off, the touchscreen and digitizer are still enabled, so, if I touch the screen, the display comes back on. Any way to solve this?

Also, not sure if related, if I turn the screen off and leave it overnight, the battery drops by 25-30% in about 8 hours. Same thing happens when I leave the screen turned off for a short period of time, the battery just doesn't last. Not sure if its because the touchscreen and digitizer are still on.

P.S. Running on upgraded Windows 10 64bit.

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The current driver in my computer is:-
Device Manager>Display Adapters>Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300>Driver>
Version= 18-11-2015 Intel Corporation.

On the Toshiba web site,
Intel Display Driver Driver Windows 10 64-bit 179.7 MB

And on the Intel Web site, Driver is 28-JAN-2016

Now how is the Intel driver at 28-JAN-2016 version 15 and the one in the computer at version 20 but dated NOV-2015 and the toshiba web site says version 10 and says that is still current?

And all of this is because Firefox does not restore properly and also the computer does not wake up when I open the lid.

Answer:Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version

I am using Portege z20t with Dynadock 4k and external monitor. The Intel 5300 driver cannot see second display and is clearly not working properly. Will this be fixed? Can I update it to latest version of driver from Intel?

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We have bought a Portege Z20t-C-121 to test it as a replacement for some of our senior management. I re-built it with Windows 10 Enterprise and installed all the latest Drivers from the Toshiba Website. The Intel Wi-Fi Driver did not work correctly so I downloaded and installed it from the Intel website.

The only thing I can't get to function seems to be the auto screen rotation; when I un-dock the screen to use it as a tablet Windows detects this and switches to tablet mode but, however I turn the screen it remains in the same landscape orientation that it was in when it was docked.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
OS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this feature to work please?

Answer:Portege Z20t-C-121 screen does not auto rotate in tablet mode

Did you install Win8 or Win10 drivers?

Did you install the Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba System Settings?

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I received a new R600 which I had wanted to buy with Windows 7 pre-installed, but the only option is to buy it with XP installed and "Windows 7 recovery media" (2 CDs) comes in the box, with no instructions. I started the computer, and did nothing but name it and choose a screen name; this brought up the desktop. Then I inserted the first of the 2 CDs: nothing. Powered off and started with that CD already in the disk drive: nothing. Called Toshiba tech help (phone seemed to be answered in India) and was instructed to perform several restarts holding down F12 or C: nothing. After a long hold while the tech sought help, was promised a call from his supervisor: so far (that was yesterday) nothing.

Can anyone suggest how I can either solve this issue myself or get some action from Toshiba?

Answer:Cannot install Windows 7 "recovery media" on new Portege R600


please check if the BIOS Version is 3.0 or higher. If not, please update the BIOS before you install Win7.

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Dear forum members,

can any of you help me with the Toshiba original Recovery CD for my Portege P2000. Mine doesn't unfortunately work and I have to re-install the system.

Many many thanks in advance for whoever might be able to help me.
Regards from Paris

Answer:Recovery CD for Toshiba Portege P2000

I think you will have to go to an ASP. They should be able to order such a disc for you.

You can use this page to find an ASP near you:

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I have bought a Portege R100 on eBay, which came with W2k Pro installed. As the unit had a Windows COA sticker for XP Pro underneath, I thought I would like to install XP instead.

Toshiba, however, tell me they are unable to send me a Recovery CD because the unit was shipped with SP1 and Microsoft "does not allow" Toshiba to send out Recovery CDs for these units.

Is there anything I can do, other than buy a new retail copy of XP?

Answer:Portege too old to send the Toshiba Recovery CD

It looks like this is not possible!
But at the other hand you could install the OS from the original Microsoft CD and could download all the necessary and important XP drivers from the Toshiba Europe driver page.

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i tried to install a toshiba Z20t-c-11g

OS: Windows 10 LTSB
Driver: complete

I tried to install the new BIOS from the drivers page on
That BIOS sadly does not work ...? Why?

Anyway... the problem i had and i wanted to have fixed is:

Bitlocker encrypted my whole drive.
it starts correctly and displays the keyboard.
GPO: Keyboard Slates (or something like that) is activated.
BUT: Touchscreen does not work. That means.. i can see the keyboard but it does not work.
thats why i wanted to update my bios but it says it is not working on my computer... well thats frustrating...
why offer the bios update when it does not work at all... or is it some sort of windows 7 only? cant imagine that tbh.

i guess the only problem is the bios but i could be wrong (z20t-b works on same settings for example)

Any help would be pretty nice. Thanks ..

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I have a laptop R200 but i don't have a my cd recover. where is download it?help me.

Answer:Where to get the Toshiba recovery disk for Portege R200

If you are a lucky man then you could get the Recovery disk from the ASP in your country? but in very rare cases the Recovery disk cannot be ordered if the notebooks series is too old.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don?t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD?s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn?t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn?t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format the drive and copy files to it ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don&#8217;t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD&#8217;s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn&#8217;t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn&#8217;t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format t... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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Please can any one help?

I have a Toshiba Portege series 7100 laptop which has no recovery disk and is not working properly. Can I reset to factory default? If so how?

Can I restore laptop back without the disk?

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Answer:Toshiba Portege series 7100 recovery

Yes you can set it to factory settings but for doing this you need original Toshiba recovery CD for this notebook model. I presume you do not have one but you can make your own OS installation. The drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page.

Sorry but your last question is not clear for me.

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on a Z20t-B-10C with one minor modification (upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, dropped recovery partition, but not the EFI partition), I have the following issue:
When the BestCrpyt Pre-boot screen shows up, I cannot directly enter the passphrase, but have to 1) hit at least one key 2) wait for approx. 10 sec. 3) delete the entered key(s) and then 4) enter the passphrase.
Thought it may have to do with a delayed interaction between tablet and keyboard dock, but a USB keyboard directly connected to the tablet, not the dock, shows the same behaviour. Trying different things in the Bios (switching to UEFI legacy, etc.), with no effect. This phenomenon is, according to their support, not known to the BestCrypt people. Operation system is Windows 10 64bit, all drivers and bios are recent.
Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Or experience with other full disk encryption which are compatible with a UEFI bios?
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

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I'm trying to recover a Portege R100. Is there any other way to do it rather than use a "Toshiba recommended" drive, as I already have three external drives and really don't see any point in buying another.

Any help would be much appreciated


Answer:Can I use recovery CD with non-Toshiba external drives - Portege R100?


I think that should be possible. I mean, why not? Why should toshiba reduce it to their own drives?

Just use one of your external drives and give perhaps a little report how it worked.


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Hi, I need some assistance, i have this ultrabook so i deleted recovery partition did not format it, then i recovered it but now when i press 8 and all the options come to live the recovery wizard does not see the recovery partition like it use 2 and so it cant boot the toshiba recovery wizard thingy.

So when i want to put my system back to the factory settings i cant. There must be a way to astablisch the link with the partition and the wizard again. Plz help.

Also this may be of help. Back in the day pressing my computer only showed a c drive and now the recovery hdd partition is visible there 2. so maybe i need to boot it by making it active or something? im afraid to do that without advise becouse after maybe i cant use the pc again who knows. So yea plz help i just want to be able to set my system back to default again easy peasy lemon squuizy. thx

Answer:Deleted recovery partition but recovered it - Toshiba Portege Z830

> There must be a way to astablisch the link with the partition and the wizard again.
Unfortunately this is not possible. It works with ?factory settings? only and if you delete or format something related to recovery partition you will not have access anymore.

I presume you didn?t create recovery USB stick, right?
All you can do now is to order recovery disc on and install it using external ODD.

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I have a toshiba portege z930 pt234e With Windows 7 Professional
I connected the external optical drive and was running fine
But when I installed the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, the external optical drive disappeared
When I open the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, Shows, No HDD Recovery Area!
I want to make a Recovery disk of the system

Answer:Portege Z930 - Toshiba Recovery Media Creator issue


The Recovery Media Creator is an Toshiba tool which requires the Toshiba image files in order to create the recovery disk. The image files are placed on a different partition called HDD recovery partition.

If the HDD has been modified or this partition deleted, the recovery media creator will not be able to find the image files and you will not be able to create such disk.

So my question is: did you reinstall the Win 7 at your own hand? Did you modify the HDD in the past?

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Hi there.

I have a Toshiba M300 Portege that I have had from new in 2006. It has got progressively slower over the years so yesterday I thought I would use the product recovery CD to reinstall the factory settings.

Put the CD in, restarted with F12, selected the CD drive, followed the onscreen instructions, it went through the unpacking process....but once it finished and re-started you get the Toshiba welcome screen then it looks like it's going to start but it just hangs with a blank screen...nothing not even a flashing cursor.

The hard drive does not even appear to be spinning either?
I have tried this process now 6 times and am beginning to pull my hair out!!

Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Product Recovery completed - Toshiba Portege M300 won't boot

> The hard drive does not even appear to be spinning either?
Well, it looks like a HDD is faulty.
The blinking cursor is a typical sign of HDD malfunction.
I think you should replace the HDD and should reinstall the OS once again?

Good luck

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I downgraded from factory loaded Vista to XP.
However I now want to reinstate back to Vista.

I have disk 1 & 2 'Product Recovery DVD-Rom; Portege R500 disks'.
They have been supplied by Toshiba and are also marked 'Windows Vista Business (SSD/PATA)'.

I have no idea how to use these disks to restore my operating system back to Windows Vista. When I load disk 1 and after it has loaded some files, a message "Cannot read from source file or disk - Preinst2.SWM" appears and I cannot proceed any further.

A step by step instruction would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Portege R500: Cannot restore Vista using Toshiba Recovery disks

I wonder why you receive two recovery disks. As far as I know Toshiba Vista Recovery image is stored on one DVD.
Maybe you have received two CDs?

Anyway, did you try to boot from the other disk? I mean from the second Recovery CD?

Usually the recovery is not very tricky. You have to boot from the disk and have to follow instruction on the screen.

The error ?Cannot read from source file or disk - Preinst2.SWM? looks a little bit like the CD would be not readable or the CD/DVD drive would not read from the disk correctly.

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Just installed new hard drive on a Toshiba Satellite M45-S269 for a friend ...

Tried to run his Toshiba Recovery CD... it does boot, but just loops, asking OK.. then restarts... asks again... over and over...

Maybe, I thought, I had to format the hard drive first, so I did that with a Speedy Boot Disk.

Still, same result, Toshiba Recovery CD won't go.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Recovery CD won't install Windows...

Seems like the "recovery CD" will not install on a new hard drive? What's up with that?

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I have a Toshiba Portege S100 laptop which has a SATA hard disk. I wish to install Windows XP SP3 on it. The XP install disk does not contain SATA drivers. If I attempt setup, I get "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer". I know I have to press F6 when asked to, and feed setup a floppy disk which contains the necessary SATA drivers. However it does not work and I still get the "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer" error message even after loading the drivers. Any ideas?

Answer:Trying to install Windows XP on old Toshiba Portege S100. "Setup cannot find hdd"

set SATA to IDE mode in the BIOS, you can set it to ACHI after installation IIRC

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I have a laptop Toshiba Portege 7000CT and could not access anything, always received a stop error message, so I erased the hard drive. Now I need help to install win 2000 and all the drivers, bios, etc. necessary and not sure how to proceed. Can anyone assist in this process? Your help is appreciated.

Answer:Help with Toshiba Portege 7000CT for OP install

here's a detailed illustrated win2k installation guide:

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i was given a toshiba portege 3500 recently. the catch is that there was no hd. so i bought a new one. to my surprise there is no floppy drive or a cd drive. is there any way that i can install windows on the hd? i have an external cd drive but it doesnt seem to be detected. any help would be much appreciated!



Answer:Toshiba Portege 3500 XP Install??

I would first check the specs on it make sure it has enough power to install XP
If it does go in the BIOS and check for an option for trying other boot devices
You can read up on booting from USB devices here:

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i have a protege R500 PPR50E that had Vista on it but now has XP on it.

I have installed all drivers etc for the laptop and all is working fine except i cannot get the toshiba power manager to install.
Every time it installs in the add or move programmes section it shows as a 0.00mb install and when you click to try and open through control panel it it says " a fatal error occurred. This program will be terminated - code 0x0 - and then if i try and uninstall it to try a reinstall it says "1628 - failed to complete installation"

Any ideas anyone?
I downloaded correct driver obviously - i tried a redownload and this made no difference.

Also - i may be pluching at straws but in the Bios before i done the build - i turn the ACHI controller to compability mode as opposed to ACHI - not sure if this could be affecting it? - if i turn that back on XP blue screens because i never installed the driver in the windows install (f6 prompt)

Answer:Portege R500: Cannot install Toshiba XP Power saver


I think I know why you cannot install the Toshiba power saver.

We should focus on this error message:
*1628 - failed to complete installation*

Usually this message could appear when installing any software that uses the InstallShield installer. According to InstallShield, this is a general error message indicating that the application did not install successfully.

For solution check this:

Best regards

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 laptop (Model No: PPM20A-00LG4). Three years ago I ran the product recovery program and discs to get a clean XP Pro installation. I then loaded all the service packs from the internet. Everything worked fine and the laptop perfermed very well.

Recently the laptop was quite slow, so I decided to do this again.

I have booted the laptop from the recovery program on the external CD-ROM drive. It reformatted the HDD etc. I then installed the four quantity Product Recovery CD-ROMs, as prompted by the on screen installation menu and the laptop appeared to accept these. Then when promted to "remove disc from drive and press any key" the laptop reboots but just displays a white blinking curser against a black screen, for hours. Nothing happens.

After pressing any key to reboot, the Toshiba flash appears with the various boot sources, the HDD is first, then just the blinking curser. I have tried to re-boot the laptop but get the same routine and then the blinking curser.

I would really appreciate any clues for diagnosis.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Portege M200 won't install Product Recovery.


The blinking cursor means that the operating system can?t be started. For me it sounds like that something went wrong during Windows installation.

I would recommend reinstalling Windows again so boot from Toshiba recovery disk and follow the screen instructions. With other words do the same steps as you have already done and check what happens.

Such things that installation doesn?t work properly can happen without special reason. So don?t worry and just test it again. ;)

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I was recently given a well used old Portege R100 with an accompanying Toshiba PCMCIA CD drive. It unfortunately did not come with the recovery CDs and the hard disk on the has been formatted!

I have attempted to install WinXP Pro numerous times now reaching the same, sad conclusion on each occassion - the computer boots successfully into the Windows installer but upon finishing to load all the necessary files it crashes with a Stop Error (0x0000007B). After doing some research I realise that this is due to the default XP install disk not having all the sufficient drivers for the R100 hardware that are found on the Toshiba Recovery CD.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to install from a standard Microsoft XP disc or is the only way to use the Toshiba Recovery discs?!

Or even creating my own recovery CD by adding the neccessary drivers to a standard XP disc?!

Many thanks!


Answer:Portege R100: No recovery CD - is WinXP install possible?!

Hello Marko

As far as I know recovery image for this unit contains driver for external unit and installation with recovery media is very easy. I didn?t try to install Microsoft WXP but if your unit has HDD with two partitions try to copy WXP CD on second partition and start the installation from there.

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HI, I have a Portege z20t - the letter "A" key has come off and I am wondering if anyone knows the trick to getting it to stay back on. I am still under warranty but it is such a long process to get it fixed ( return it to Telstra who send it off etc) that I am wondering if its an easy fix? thanks

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Hello everyone, I bought from Amazon a Toshiba Portege Z30, and it came pre-installed Windows 10 Pro.
In the instructions it states that I can restore to Windows 7 Pro, but when I try to download the ISO from the Microsoft page, it tells me that my key is invalid.

Is it a page fault, or is my key not valid to activate W7?

If I get an ISO of Windows 7 Pro, do you think it will be automatically activated with the original key that came with the laptop?

Have a good day!

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Good morning
My question is very simple: can someone tell me if the upgrade to WINDOWS 10 is possible for my laptopnTOSHIBA M800 -11G , serial number 29037079W
Best reahrds

Answer:WINDOWS 10 upgrade on Toshiba Portege M800 -11G

Generally, models that dont have UEFI Boot Mode will have problems in Win10.
It is best to stay with the currently installed OS.

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Hi everyone,

I have problem with those two buttons on right top corrner on my toshiba r600, i just try everything and buttons not work.

I associate buttons with valid exe files in toshiba assist/toshiba button support/ register with target paths but buttons still not work,
also i check bios there are nothing that can enable/disable those buttons...etc...

all other things installed successfully such as drivers, software everything that i donwload from toshiba support page.

Any help???

My windows version is windows server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64.


Answer:Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work


Did the buttons work with the previous OS preinstalled by Toshiba?

I think the problem is the Windows Server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64?
Possibly the Value Added Package does not support it fully?

Of course the Windows Server 2008 OS is based on Vista but it?s not the same and I think this is the problem?

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I want to clear my laptop and start from scratch and I have a toshiba product recovery DVD

When i put it into the D drive i just keep getting a window that asks if i want to copy pice, play cd etc
I thought the DVD would wipe everything off the hard drive???

How do i wipe my laptop and start again? help needed please


Answer:How to install the OS using a Toshiba Recovery DVD


You have to boot using this Toshiba Recovery disk!
Inset the disk, power up the notebook, press F12, then choose CD/DVD drive as booting source and follow the instruction on the screen?

That?s all?.

? and YES, the recovery disk will format the whole HDD and would erased everything from the HDD?. Also the created partitions?

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I have a Portege R500 with Windows XP.
I have now installed a Windows 7 version without activation to see if all drivers work (Windows 8 is not supported as far as I know).

All looks good and Windows is telling me now as expected it is not genuine and offers me to buy the license, but when I go to MS it fails (it seems MS does not sell Windows 7 anymore).

Does Toshiba sell OEM licenses for Windows 7 for a R500 ?

It would be a shame to throw it away because of that.

Thank you

Answer:Portege R500 - Does Toshiba sell OEM licenses for Windows 7

Toshiba offers notebooks with preinstalled recovery image and offered version is activated. With other words when you buy notebook you buy also valid licence for preinstalled OS version.

Toshiba supports newer operating systems too. As you can see on Toshiba download page you can find drivers, tools and utilities for Win7 64bit and use them after Win7 installation.

Unfortunately Toshiba doesn't offer licence for it. All you must do it to obtain Win7 64bit with valid licence.

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Hey all its me again. One of our Clients just purchased this laptop and it comes with vista home premium, but they want xp pro. So i got the xpp and i have no clue where to find the xpp sata drivers for this particular laptop. Now we have a slipstream disc w/ sata drivers for the xp/vista dual boot, but I think it was made w/ the xph cd. does taht matter or no?

anyhelp appreciated. My co-worker who did this kinda stuff is no longer with us and he only partially showed me, and i cannot remember if he siad that this disc with the sata drivers already installed will work with all sata or not.

Answer:Toshiba Portege R500-02G Windows XP Pro Sata Drivers

BEFORE you format the drive and install XP, check to be sure that WinXP drivers are even available for that model of PC! These forums are full of people who formatted to dump Vista in favor of XP only to discover that very limited (in some cases non-existent) driver support was available. So, visit the Toshiba web site and make sure the XP drivers are available for download. If they have 'em, download them and burn them to a CD before starting the install just to be sure you have them. Chances are, they have the driver you're looking for too....

If you can't find the SATA driver at the Toshiba web site, but they have all the other drivers, post here and we'll try to help!

Good luck!

(BTW- the model number you listed does not exist at the Toshiba web site. Portege models in the R500 series have model numbers that look like this: R500-S5001X through S5008X and an R500-S8199. Some of the models have a V or no letter, but NONE have a G, and none have only 2 or 3 numbers after the R500 so you might want to double check the model number. This is for US models; if you're not in the US, you may have a different model numbering structure)

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Perhaps an odd problem, but I need help:

I have a Toshiba A205 that came with Vista installed. I?ve obtained a set of XP Toshiba recovery disks for this computer which I want to install in a dual-boot arrangement. I know how to set up the dual-boot but I am afraid to run the XP recovery disk for fear it will over-write my Vista partition (C instead of installing to the D: partition I?ve set up.

Does anyone know how to use a Toshiba recovery disc to install to an alternate partition? Thanks!

Answer:Install XP from Toshiba Recovery Disk to D:???

I think the recovery disk will disregard the partition and overwrite vista unless you first make the C: drive partition invisible (non-bootable). Then you may be able to run teh recovery disk to the D: drive. your C: partition.

Beware...this idea is messy because your MFT is getting re-written 3-4 times

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Sorry in advance if this might be a stupid question but i haven't re-installed OS for years and not sure how to do it.

I believe I need to reinstall it cause i've got my laptop for almost 2 years and it's become too slow with loads of error messages.

Have got Toshiba Equium L10 with Windows XP and a recovery DVD. Does the DVD contain Windows XP? Should I format my laptop first or just insert the DVD and follow the instructions?

And after all is done will all the old rubbish be gone and will it contain Windows XP only? And one more thing I'm concerned about will my internet work afterwards (I've got a cable connected to local area network) or will I have to do something about it?

Thank you for any advice!

Answer:Equium L10: How to use Toshiba Recovery CD to install OS


just put that DVD in your drive, press "C" key when your machine boots up, and just follow the instructions.
The recovery will completely format your HDD, reinstall your Windows XP and you will have a "factory-like" installation after the recovery.

And yes: all the rubbish will be gone, so dont worry, you will have then a fast system after the reinstall.


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After I completely reinstalled my notebook with the recovery CD the Toshiba notifications program (icon in right lower corner) dont work anymore cause it asks me to register and when I do it says I already registerd BUT I cant use it again and it keeps showing after every start up.

What can I do in order to work for it again?

Answer:Need help with Toshiba registration after recovery install

I have the same problem! So help us please.<br />
<br />
I suspect that this is reason that my TEMPO messages are not working. See this thread <a href="" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external"></a>

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I have successfully upgraded my Z830 to windows 10, but some Toshiba utilities don't work e.g. Fn key with top row of F1-12 and keyboard illumination. Does anyone know if Toshiba ill provide windows 10 drivers for this model, as they have for Z930? Or is there a way to use another set of drivers? I wouldn't have thought there was a lot of difference between the two models.

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Hi everyone,
first of all thank to all of you for make this forum work.

i have a toshiba portege z30-a and since a month ago my keyboard stopped working properly. I have no four, no six, and no esc and backspace, wich makes my life terrible with this laptop.

I have searched the internet and saw that many other people have the same iisue.
I've tried to reset the bios, to reinstall windows 10 but it seemed not to work.

Now i'm a bit desperated to find my very expensive laptop without use, which I find unacceptable.

of course i have tried to install latest drivers form toshiba but nothing seems to change this malfunction. nothing happens when i press these buttons.

Any idea?
thanks in advance.

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I'm upgrading my M400 tablet from Windows XP to Windows 7.

All compatability issues check out, everything is fine. In research I saw I would need to upgrade the RAID driver to a Win7 version. So I downloaded that, extracted it to my external hard drive for the Win7 installation, and the Win7 install can't find it. I tried the same thing with a Vista varient with no luck. Even went through the installation on the hard drive itself, nothing happened. Couldn't get into command prompt tio silent run, nothing whatsoever. I'm at the point of throwing this computer out of my 4th story window.

Any help please?

Answer:Windows 7 can't detect TOSHIBA RAID driver on Portege M400


Where did you download the RAID driver?
Please try to download the RAID driver from the Toshiba website directly. These drivers are pretested and should work on your notebook too.

The pretty old Portege M400 isn?t Windows 7 supported so in worst case you can?t use it.
But normally the drivers should work on Vista so make sure that you are using the right driver.

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Because of a back door trojan, I decided to use DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) to overwrite the hdd and then re-install xp home. The problem is that the Toshiba recovery cd's run successfully, but when the pc reboots, I end up with a black screen and a flashing cursor. Windows xp doesn't start.

What I have done:

Ran DBAN in the 'autonuke' mode. It was successful.

Followed Toshiba instructions and booted to the 'Express Media Player Recovery CD' (for full re-install), selected 'Delete all partitions'. It was successful.

Followed Toshiba instructions and booted to the 'Product Recovery DVD-ROM'. It copied files for about 15 minutes and was successful.

Now, when the pc boots, just a black screen appears with a flashing cursor. Windows XP doesn't load.

I re-ran the Toshiba Product Recovery CD two more times. It was successful both times, but no improvement.

How do I get the pc up and running again?

I don't have a plain XP install disk, only the recovery disks from Toshiba.

PC: Toshiba M70 with 100 gb hard drive.
Thanks for any help.


ps - maybe this thread should be in the "Internal Hardware" forum?

Answer:How To Re-install Xp With Toshiba Recovery Disk After Using Dban?

Seems to be an issue with typing a certain a certain command. They didn't wipe it clean with Dban, though

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Hi, I want to uninstall Win8 from my new Toshiba Portege z935 p390 and instead install Win7. Can anyone tell me step-by-step how to do this or if there is a software tool that I should download to help?Thanks!

Answer:Uninstall Windows 8 on Toshiba Portege, replace w/ Windows 7

If you go with this move you will void your warranty and by the sound of your post you would be well advised to seek the help of a PC professional to do this for you. Learn to use Win 8 and save yourself a barrow load of grief!

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I've upgraded to Windows 8 through the Windows' website, as I didn't know about the Toshiba's upgrade tool.

I've run the ToshibaUpgradeAssistant.exe, downloaded on the dedicated page for my laptop, but I'm stuck to the ?PA number? form. I've got a Portege R830-10U, Part No PT320E-XXXXXXXXXX. But when asked for this very PA number, the software doesn't recognize the ?PT320E? (first 6 characters).

What do I do wrong? Does this software work with my laptop?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Portege R830-10U, Windows 8 updated, Toshiba Upgrade Assistant issue on PA


It looks like the R830 PT320E series is not ready for TUA at this time.
I found this Toshiba Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 - Release Schedule and Supported Models info

+The TUA for R830 PT320E will be available in Step 2 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: Drivers are supported from approximately end of November 2012+

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before 3 days my computer was infected wwith a virus... an i must to format it... when i format it i see the orginal HDD recivery file is delete my partion which I have on it my works. anyway I shutdown the computer and I install it from another cd and I put the serial number and everything is ok. but some programs is not working and i want to restore my computer to the orginal OS with the drivers. HDDRecovery file is in D drive and I see it it is nearly 13GB but I can install it. there is no option in repair computer to HDDRecover... which i see it at the first time...

how I can solve it...

I want recover my computer to the orginal... i see there is some problems when I work with programs... it is freeze and give me some errors...
I want to restore it to orginal...

Answer:Cannot install Toshiba Recovery image on my Satellite notebook

You can install original recovery image and set notebook to ?factory settings? using two possible options:
-to use HDD recovery installation (F8 at start-up and ?repair my computer? option)
-to use recovery DVD

If I understand you right you have installed own OS in hope to use your notebook but on this way you have ?deleted? this repair my computer option so you will not be able to start installation from HDD. Your only option is usage of recovery DVD.

Now the million dollar question: have you created recovery DVD following Toshiba advice to do this?

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Hi Everybody!

How can I select items to install for my laptop on the TOSHIBA Recovery CD because I dont use all of the factory installed software.

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A60

Answer:How can I select items to install for my laptop on TOSHIBA Recovery CD? A60

Please tell me!

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I have Qosmio F60-11F and I install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, I install all drivers from Toshiba site.
I need to install TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator & TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator utilities; I search in Toshiba site but nothing there.
Can anyone help me to download those utilities?

Answer:I need to install TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator on Qosmio F60-11F

Why you need these tools?
If you have installed your own OS version these tools are useless and due to this they are not offered for download and installation.
These tools you can have if you install Toshiba recovery image only.

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I would like to reinstall my OS using the recovery disc supplied by Toshiba.

I would like to know what changes i have to make to the Recovery Disc so that it only installs Windows Vista, and does not install all the software it came from, including the two year old drivers.

Answer:Satellite P200: How to install only Vista using Toshiba Recovery Disc


This is not possible!
The Toshiba recovery disk contains an image. Image is a package containing the Windows OS, Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.
Using the recovery disk you will install the whole package.


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Windows 8 overs the option to write a Recovery on USB drive for Reset,Restore etc.
Toshiba comes with the Recovery media Creator .

Is there any difference between those two ? Do i need to do the Recovery that windows 8 provides
but also use Toshibas software to create the Recovery disks ?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Toshiba recovery Creator VS Windows Recovery Drive

Every Toshiba notebook offered with preinstalled operating system is preinstalled with Toshiba recovery image. This recovery image is created by Toshiba and it is created for certain notebook model.
With other words created recovery image is created for each notebook model with specific hardware platform. Such recovery image contains operating system, all necessary drivers for certain platform and Toshiba specific tools and utilities.

This recovery image is saved on HDD. Using preinstalled Toshiba recovery creator you will create bootable recovery media and using this media you will be able to install this recovery image on HDD. After recovery media installation you will have ?factory settings? again.
This recovery media can be used if there is some problem to start HDD recovery installation, in case when HDD is defective and you need new one or if you make HDD upgrade.

This recovery image has nothing to do with any Windows option. It is Toshiba specific solution for notebook owners.

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i have notebook M800-10V protege who was under vista. I've purchase an upgrade windows seven for my m800.
first : how to re-install the tool toshiba recovery creator for backup it ?

2nd: the toshiba recovery partition is stay hide, but i don't know how or where is the luncher of this function ?


Answer:Portege M800-10V - Recovery creator after Windows 7 upgrade


The recovery disk creator can only be used on preinstalled operating system, in your case Windows Vista. After upgrade to Windows 7 you can?t use it anymore.

With other words recovery disk contains only Vista and you can create a new one with Windows 7. After using recovery disk you have to Windows 7 upgrade disk too.

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Hello world!

I have bought the Windows 7 Home Premium OEM SP-1 preinstaled in Turkey with model Sattelit L675-10z. Of corse it was in turkish language,

And as i do not know turkish I wanted to find way to use it in russian language. Toshiba supports service in turkey told me that they can not help me with this subject, so i have instoled program Vistalizator with russian language.

It was activated Windows without any problem and just "authenticity windows 7" was not work. But I had possibility to download all files from windows updater without any notifications.

After 6 month of work my child has delited some .dll files as i understood and also he erased all recovering windows points to make recovery sistem by windows.

And when i tryed to use toshiba recovery from HDD i was surprised. Before I had toshiba laptop with windows 7 (also satelit L serie) and it was easy to recover, But now... I am shoked. When i try to push buttion 8 in bios i do not have any TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard ......i have just TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Tool the same situation with buttion "Zero" in BIOS.

Toshiba recovery tool do not give me a chance to recover just windows it also wants to erase all my files in all disks.

I have made also usb loader with Toshiba Recovery Media creator and have find that it also give me possibility just to erase all my files in all computer.

but also i have find there a setenv.ini fi... Read more

Answer:Need TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard but have just TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Tool

Hello Natalya

At first some facts for you. I hope this will help you to understand some important things.
Notebooks are country specific products and every notebook offered on Turkey market is actually for people who use Turk language. With other words they will get operating system and keyboard for this language.

Every notebook is offered with preinstalled language for certain country and there is no way to switch it on another language. If you live in Russia and use Russian language you should obtain Windows7 on your language and install it on your notebook. All necessary drivers tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba support page. Of course for own OS installation you must pay for the Microsoft licence. The key at the bottom belongs to original version (Turk language).

When you install OS using HDD recovery image you will have Turk language again and the problem is not solved for you. In my opinion you don?t need this image at all. You cannot choose your Russian language and, generally speaking, this Turk recovery mage is useless for you.

My advice for you if you want to keep this notebook:
- exchange the keyboard (Russian language) ? ask nearest Toshiba service for help. they can order and exchange it for you
- install Win7 using original Microsoft installation disc (Win7)
- install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities from Toshiba download page ? the link is on the top of this forum page (Top support sites)

Please read all this and le... Read more

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I have already found quite some discussions around the question how to increase free space on the SSD.

Is it a feasible option to remove the recovery partition after having created a USB recovery stick with "Toshiba Create Recovery Media" tool?
Any risk?

If it would be feasible, how can it be done to assign the gained space to the C: partition?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Answer:Portege Z830: Creating USB recovery and remove recovery partition on SSD?

> Is it a feasible option to remove the recovery partition after having created a USB recovery stick with "Toshiba Create Recovery Media" tool?
>Any risk?

Well, the recovery partition would be created again while notebook recovery procedure using the Recovery disk or recovery flash memory stick?

So if you want to delete the 2nd partition, you should create such recovery disk/USB stick before changing something on the HDD.

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i have forgotten my user password for my new laptop. The laptop was bought with pre-installed Windows 8 and i have no any disks with OS. Is it possible to re-install the Windows from my laptop HDD? Help me, please.
Thanx in advance!

Answer:PORTEGE Z930 how to re-install the Windows 8?

*The problem was solved!*

It is enough to press Shift before the Restart command, and then you will see the Safe mode, where you can find the option to make a hard reset of your laptop.

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Portage M200 does not come with optical drive,
I want to install windows 7 on it,
I tried to boot from USB or the regular external DVD rom with no luck.

Anybody know how to resolve it?

Many thanks!

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Hello experts,

My notebook is driving me crazy! I've been trying to install Windows XP on my Toshiba Port?g? P2000 notebook using an external DVD ROM Drive. The PCMCIA drive of type "Freecom PX1055E-1NST" won't boot my XP CD even if I change the parameters required in BIOS. Is there any chance to get XP installed easily without PXE boot from a RIS server?

thank you,

Answer:Can't install Windows on Portg P2000

Do you use original Toshiba recovery discs?
As far as I know original recovery disc contains PCMCIA DOS driver for Toshiba external ODDs.
Maybe you need to load DOS driver for your external drive. I presume it is not recognized properly.

I have this Portege with original Toshiba ODD and when I start recovery installation ODD is recognized automatically and installation will start.

Do you have external FDD?

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I bought a used Portege M200. I found out that the HDD was broken, so I bought a new bigger one (160 GB)
I know the Problems Porteges can make when triing to install OS on them, so I used this tutorial for network installatin:

everything worked fine. then my "xp installation button" was grey, so I went on with this tutorial:

that worked fine, too. The setup kopies some files, and want to make a reboot. So it brought me back to Windows PE, I typed "wpeutil reboot" as described in the second tutorial. My PC started new and then nothing happens.
I chossed "boot from hdd" and all I can see is a black screen with a little white blinking underscore at the top.

THAT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING. I also tried some other Method, for example the dos stuff (like I got [my R100 to work|] ), with the same result.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Answer:Can not install Windows on Portege M200

Do you have a smaller HDD you can try?

The M200 may be limited to 120GB HDD's due to the LBA48 137GB limitation. More info here:

Ultimately you should use the original Toshiba Portege M200 Recovery Disc to reinstall Windows. You can order them from Toshiba

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Hello there!

I got this problem: my portege has no windows on it,because someone fully formated its hdd on external pc long ago.

Could someone give me an advice how to put windows back on it?

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Answer:Portege 3440CT: How to install Windows?


For this you can use the Microsoft installation disk. I don?t know which OS do you want but put the disk into the CD drive, boot from it and the installation begins.
After the installation you can start to install the drivers that you can download on the Toshiba website in *Archive* => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Maybe you can get a Toshiba recovery disk from an ASP or from eBay. The Toshiba recovery disk contains the factory settings and you must download and install each driver. This takes not so long as the Microsoft disk.


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My friend gave me his Toshiba Portege M400 (PPM40E) to setup windows XP table (HHD being alredy formated copmletely).

Before I have never worked with SATA controller

So, during the installation some RAID drivers are required for any HDD being found.
I've bought floopy USB device and downloaded some drivers from Intel.

Having suffered a bit, I found requireded (as I thought) drivers, HDD was detected (even licence agreement i signed) but than drivers were asked again to proceed the installation.

IF somebody faced with such problem can you send me on my e-mail ([email protected]) required drivers or give me an exact link?
Looking forward to your advice.

Thank you for understanding,
Best regards from Russia

Answer:Portege M400: Can not install windows XP

At last I had installed windows Xp ,
But at the first start there is an error "STOP message 0x0000007B " .

What's metter? What should i do?

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I have this old Toshiba Portege 2000 which OS crashed few days ago. This laptop doesnt have an optical drive and floppy drive.

The first thing comes to mind is to buy an external optical drive which I did but it doesnt seem to boot from it. I've struggling to setup Windows XP but to no avail.
Can you guys please help me?

The last option I have in mind would be to setup Windows XP over a network. This portege 2000 is capable of booting over PXE, the thing is I dont know how to do it! Can anybody tell me how to boot over PXE?

Thanks alot.

Answer:Portege 2000 - How to install Windows XP without ODD and FDD?

I?m not sure but as far as I know if you copy the Windows XP CD on the HDD and then you boot from external FDD (this should work) you can start the setup.
Copy the XP CD on your HDD with an external HDD case on an other computer, create a XP boot floppy and start from it.
Go to the I386 folder and start the WINNT.EXE

Or you use the CD/DVD drive from an other computer with the netbootdisk. I have found this with Google:

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Hello here my Problem,

I have bought an older Portegre M400 E, without an HDD. So I buy a new Samsung 400GB. I looked in the Bios (ACPI BIOS Version 3.40) and ok there it is. It shows me the HDD by Built in Assign LD-0 Status Online, Size 400Gb so it seems to be nice. Changed the Raid Array, discribed in the mauel, to Create State 1Raid-0
Then I want to Boot from the Windows XP CD, not recovery my own one.

Windows started up and after a short time the installation ends with the message that there isnt any HDD. This I try sometimes :-( Hope someone can help me.
Remember I didnt have any HDD with dates of the Laptop.

Thanks Carsten
(Sorry my English is not so good Im from Germany)

Answer:Portege M400 - Can't install Windows XP on new HDD


> Changed the Raid Array, discribed in the mauel, to Create State 1Raid-0

I don't know much about your model but I think something wrong with raid settings in Bios. What other options are available in Bios for hdd state? I found RAID driver on the Toshiba driver page. It's possible, you need to integrate it into Windows installation disk with a program called nlite or install Windows like in ,,Compatible mode,, and install Raid driver. then

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Hello everyone,

I changed the SSD on my Port?g? Z30-A-12V and now I can not install windows.

In boot, i press F12, choose "USB" and then always gives a message:
"Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready....

The boot USB it's working well (test on other PC).
The SSD is ok.
I teste in the 3 USB port.

Anyone can help me?


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We've just taken delivery of a Toshiba Portege R200 as a way of evaluating
Toshiba laptops esp. the small form factor. We've bought other manufacturer
notebooks in the past but these don't (bizarrely) come with PCMCIA slots so we can't use
Vodafone 3G/GPRS cards.

Anyway, that's not the point. As seems to be the case with modern
manufacturers, the laptop is loaded up with all sorts of garbage (sorry useful
utilities) which we definitely don't want!! So we want to re-install plain
vanilla Windows XP Pro and take it from there - we have our own build

Apart from the laptop not coming with a CD/DVD drive,
it's only come with a "Recovery CD". What does this recovery
CD contain? Is it a Windows XP Pro install CD or an image of the laptop with
all the useful stuff already installed. If the later, how does one go about
getting a CD-ROM for re-installation? I assume it's a OEM Windows XP Pro
license on there.

Thanks, Rob.

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Answer:Portege R200 - re-install Windows XP

Hi Rob

Recovery image contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba designed tools and utilities (very useful utilities ;) ) and some applications like WinDVD or even antivir program. If you use recovery media you will have factory settings like after first start.

In my opinion you should preinstall unit with recovery media because on this way all hardware components will be perfect configured. After that you can remove all stuff that you don?t want to have.

Other way you can install your own OS using Microsoft full version CD and after that install all drivers alone. You have them on ?Tools & Utilities CD? or you can download them from Toshiba download page. That?s all!!!

If you have more questions please write again.


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Toshiba Forum,

Someone just asked me if I can bring their Toshiba Portege 3110CT back to life. It did have Windows Me and my plan is to install Windows XP Home, I have a disc and Key #, but I'm concerned about getting all the drivers.

I looked on the Toshiba web site and all the drivers are for windoes 95 or 98 and 2000. Is there a BIOS update available for this?

Any advice rather than throwing it away.


Answer:Portege 3110CT - Can I install Windows XP?

Hi Jerryd,

Why you want to update the BIOS if you install only Windows XP?

It?s not depending on the BIOS, it?s depending on the drivers that you need for Windows XP. Maybe some Windows 2000 drivers will work but you have to test this yourself. Otherwise you have to collect the XP drivers on external websites.

By the way: Is Windows 2000 also an option? It also runs stable and fast as XP but therefore you can get the drivers from Toshiba directly.

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I want to change my HDD in Toshiba Portege R700 to SSD. How to install Windows 7 on this new SSD? I didn't get any Windows installation disc.

Or will it be possible to move partition from the old HDD to new SSD (using Acronis, i was able to move partition to new HDD)?

I heard about partition offset and that SSD block should be the same as FAT cluster (the same alignment).

Any advices? (i know i should defrag my HDD before moving :) )

Answer:Re: Portege R700 - How to install Windows 7 on new SSD?

Hi buddy,

> I didn't get any Windows installation disc.
Create the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual before you exchange the drive then you have an installation disk. The Toshiba recovery disk will restore out of box settings with all drivers and tools. It can be used on every drive and how often you want.

After this exchange the drive and boot from Toshiba recovery disk. Follow the screen instructions and everything will be installed.

Check this!!!

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I've got a port?g? 3490ct and I want to install Windows xp, but the laptop can't boot from my external USB cdrom-drive. I tried installing Windows to the harddrive on another computer (there it works), but if I put the drive into the laptop it doesn't boot.

So how can I install windows?!

Please write back.

Answer:Portege 3490CT - How to install Windows XP?

Hi michaelnachname,

Here you can find already a thread about Windows XP installation Portege 3490CT:

As you can read, you should format the HDD and copy the i386 folder from XP disk onto HDD. Then you can start the setup from HDD without CD drive. :)

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Please help!
I have an Toshiba portege S100, I think from 2005.
I try for few weeks to install an windows xp.
This thing become impossible to me. I tried hundreds of xp's but never work. It can not see the hdd beacuse the sata driver i guess.
please somebody can tell me where i can find a workly raid driver.
Thank you!

Answer:Can not install Windows XP on Portege S100 series

Hi mircea,

It?s not the SATA driver that is missing but the RAID driver. Ok it?s similar but just to be clear ;)

You can download the RAID driver on official Toshiba website:

But you have to search in *Archive* instead notebook product category because it?s older model so it?s moved to Archive.

Check this!!!

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Please help to install another OS on my Port?g? Z930-DKS
It ignores bootable USB flash and always starts win8 that was pre-installed.


Answer:How to remove Windows 8 and install other OS on Portg Z930-DKS

+Steps to Install Windows 7 on a Windows 8 Unit+

Disable Safe Boot and change boot mode from "UEFI" to "CSM"

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I have the PPR50E with the built in 3g-card.

I am unable to install the vista-drivers for the 3g-card, and I haven't found anything on google either.

Anyone gotten it to work on windows 7?

Answer:Portege R500 - How to install 3G-drivers on Windows 7?


Did you try to install the 3G driver/software released for the Vista OS.
Did it work on Win 7?

I noticed that many Vista drivers and tools would be compatible with Win 7.
It seems that the 3G module is from Novatel.
I found the Novatel software on the Toshiba European page.

Check it!

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From the Toshiba drivers download site I obtained the LAN driver for Windows XP on Toshiba Portege R500. Most downloads contain a setup.exe for installation, but this one does not. The Installation Instructions from the same site do not give any instructions on this matter.

How should I install this driver?

Answer:Re: How to install LAN driver for Windows XP on Portege R500?


Are you beginner or experienced PC user?

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