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Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

Question: Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. This information helps diagnose problems in the software quicker and provide solutions. Download.

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Preferred Solution: Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

Thanks for the link,,Very useful..

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The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. The reporting tool DOES NOT make any registry changes or modifications to the operating system. There are 8 specialty versions, one for each of the following support scenario categories: Alliance, Directory Services (not for Windows NT 4.0), Networking, Clustering, SQL, Software Update Services, MDAC and Base/Setup/Storage/Print/Performance. Each version gathers some of the same basic information but there are specific reports unique to each of the support scenario categories. Please read the readme.txt files for more details about each version.
Important Notes
1. You may install and use an unlimited number of copies of MPSReports solely for the purpose of gathering system information necessary for Microsoft Product Support Services to provide you with technical support services requested by you. All other purposes are not supported by Microsoft. Please refer to the EULA for more detailed information regarding your usage rights.
2. No MPSReport versions are currently supported to run on 64bit Operating system versions
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Please view the readme.txt for specifics.



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The Microsoft Platform Support Reporting Utility facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. The reporting tool DOES NOT make any registry changes or modifications to the operating system. There are 6 specialty versions, one for each of the following support scenario categories: Alliance, Directory Services (not for Windows NT 4.0), Networking, Clustering, Software Update Services, and Base/Setup/Storage/Print/Performance. Each version gathers some of the same basic information but there are specific reports unique to each of the support scenario categories. Please read the readme.txt files for more details about each version
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

Please view the readme.txt for specifics.



Answer:Microsoft Product Support's Customer Configuration Capture Tools: May 13


Yet ANOTHER way for Micro$oft to grab your personal information!

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Not so long ago we covered MOSDAL, a data collection and diagnostic utility from Microsoft. There is another data collection utility available and that one is from Microsoft as well. The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool (MPS-Reports) facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. The tool offers the ability to select the particular scenarios for which system configuration data will be collected: General, Internet and Networking, Business Networks, Server Components, Windows Update Services, Exchange Servers and SQL and other Data Stores (MDAC) .

Source -
Microsoft Product Support (MPS) Reports Utility at a Glance - The Winhelponline Blog

Answer:MS Product Support (MPS) Reports Utility at a Glance.

Looks interesting, thanks as always JMH

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I have a retail copy (Not OEM) of windows vista ultimate on a laptop recently installed.

I've come across a problem which i cannot find an answer to on the web. As i've only just purchased and installed the OS i've decided to contact microsoft help and support.

Inputing my product ID for a retail copy (Not OEM), microsoft help and support states, "No charge support is not available from Microsoft
The product ID indicates that this product may be supported by your computer manufacturer. Contact your computer manufacturer for support or select a different support option below."

If anyone is interested the problem i'm contacting help and support regarding is you cannot send your bitlocker recovery password or EFS certificate to the bitlocker website via the control panel utility.

Any ideas?


Answer:Microsoft help & support - Product ID

This has now been resovled by contacting microsoft by telephone.

After installing Windows Vista Ultimate with a vaild product key and activating the software successfully, the activation process issued an incorrect product ID. Whilst on the telephone, i was issued with another prodcut key. The software was de-activated then re-activated using the new product key. This then gave me a valid product ID.

This is the Microsoft case confirmation:

Case Reference Number: ************

Dear Mr. ****,

I can now confirm this case as resolved. It was a pleasure assisting you with this issue; please find a summary of the key points for your records below.

Action: You tried to setup a free support for the windows vista product.
Result: You were not able to getting a message "based on the product id not eligible for suppprt and not offered 90 days of free support".
Cause: It is because some activation files and we are not getting a valid product I.d.
Resolution: We generated a new product key "*************" and we are now eligible for suppprt and also for 90 days of free support after activation.

Should you require any further assistance with this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us with your case reference number using our email/phone support option and the information mentioned below. We will be more than happy to help you on the same.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for choosing Microsoft.

Y... Read more

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Hello, the computer I am currently using was bought from Best Buy and came with Windows XP. I know it's a legitimate copy because I've downloaded various utilities from the Microsoft website and it always has to verify my copy, but since my computer came with Windows XP installed, I do not have a Windows XP CD.

The problem is that I need many of the non-standard multi-lingual utilities that ask me to put in a Windows XP installation CD when I try to install them.

Specifically, in the language options menu, I'm trying to "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages", and also "Install files for East Asian languages".

It seems like I should be able to get these files from the Microsoft website, but the website is so vast and I don't even know what the file names or anything are so I don't know where to search there.

How can I get these and other Microsoft language utilities installed without the installation CD?

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I am currently attempting to resolve an issue with the error message "lack of resources" when adding a printer.

I need to run the Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool (MPS_REPORTS) tool to open MachineName_PRINTDRIVERS.TXT. To find out what printer is using the print processor.

Would anyone know which of the following MPS Report do I need to download?

23 KB
542 KB
422 KB
13 KB
702 KB
9 KB
1.3 MB
17 KB
431 KB
10 KB
775 KB
10 KB
766 KB
16 KB
1.4 MB
35 KB
417 KB

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool (MPS_REPORTS)

I've solved the issue when trying to add a printer, the print spooler starting then stopping after a few seconds (Win2K, sp, hp printer):

ERROR: "printer cannot continue due to lack of resources"

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Back up your registry, just in case.

Step 2: Clean printer drivers using the following link:

WARNING: Be very careful using regedit - if you delete the wrong things, you may render your computer inoperative! If you are not confident, use the cleanspl.exe Resource Kit.

Step 3: Download Microsoft Hotfix 820550:

WARNING: Back up your system before you download (registry etc.), just in case.

Step 4: Plug in your printer and reinstall the software, you should be able to print a test page and it should work!
I hope this is helpful to someone!

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I keep receiving calls from fake MICROSOFT Tech support with various telephone numbers. Strange, they do not show up in my phone on line logs. They wanted me to go to FASTSUPPORT\763721586 ( do not use  these numbers). It is a company  called they also give you a complaint department where you can enter the number that you feel is causing you problems, the number of the LOGMEINRESCUE type remote access code. of course it is clear to them that you are suspicious and they will get rid of the  phone operator who didn't succeed. So do not bother to leave any complaint.


Appears you are dealing with a well known scam.Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls, display pop-up alerts in your browser to call a support number or send unsolicited email messages to request personal or financial information or to fix your computer.Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulentlyIs that call from Microsoft a scam?Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won’t Call You About Your ComputerMicrosoft calling? Mind the tech support scammer!Tech Support Scamming through unsolicited phone calls, browser pop-ups and emails from "so-called Support Techs" advising "your computer is infected with malware", “All Your Files Are Encrypted" and other fake "alert messages" has become an increasing common scam tactic over the past several years. The scams may involve web pages with screenshots of fake Microsoft (Windows) Support messages, fake reports of suspicious activity, fake warnings of malware found on your computer, fake ransomware and fake BSODs all of which include a tech support phone number to call in order to fix the problem. If you call the phone number (or they called you), scammers will talk their victims into allowing them remote control access of the computer so they can install a Remote Access Trojan in order to steal passwords and other sensitive personal information which could then be used to access bank accounts or steal a person's identity.These are a few examples.Call Windows Help Desk Immediately Tech Support Scam Fake Your com... Read more

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on the off chance that you are going up against any issue in utilizing Microsoft Office Program then you can straightforwardly dial the Microsoft Office Support Number as the help is only a summon. Our specific top specialist will quickly resolve any sort of issue opposed by you. To know more information, visit the website

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i am doing IT support and network troubleshooting. include assemble new pc and hardware or software repair.
i will charge list below:
add new hardware - RM 30 + item purchase, software install RM 20, repair - RM50, install new OS with Application RM 50.

you can reach me with this email [email protected]

Answer:IT support and troubleshooting

only support at JB - skudai and near by bandar nusajaya

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Every now and then we have unique requirements to deploy, manage, and support the web browser that runs on desktops.
Internet Explorer 9 (beta) supports following tools: Blocker Toolkit : The Blocker Toolkit allows to block Internet Explorer 9 installation through Automatic Updates. This toolkit helps them to manage when and how to deploy Internet Explorer 9 in the organization. For example, they can test application compatibility before deployment. Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) : One can use the IEAK to create custom, branded versions of Internet Explorer 9 that they can deliver as standalone packages or with other software and services. They do not need to install an operating system at the same time, and they can update customizations and branding without reinstalling Internet Explorer 9. Unattend Settings : By using an Unattend.xml file during Windows 7 installation, you can customize Internet Explorer 9 during operating system installation. Settings that they can customize include the home page, favorites, search providers, feeds, Accelerators, and Web Slices. Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) : The ACT contains tools and documentation for evaluating and mitigating application compatibility issues before deploying Windows 7. The ACT includes the Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool (IECTT) to analyze Internet and intranet websites for potential compatibility issues.

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Question: xp support tools

HiCan anyone let me know if I can download ms support tools thanks Chippy

Answer:xp support tools

click here These ones?I guess i could email them.

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Question: Support Tools

Does anyone know a good site that explains XP's Support Tools, and how best to use them?(These are the tools you can find on the XP CD in the Support/Tools folder.)

Answer:Support Tools

click herethis may help...

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I am a frequent user of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and Soundbooth.

I am unable to migrate completely to Ubuntu is just for this one reason - No support for Adobe tools.
(I know Wine supports some olddddd versions of adobe, What i am talking is without using wine)

I am really amazed by the features offered in ubuntu and i want to move from windows.

Please suggest any solution for this.

Thanks for Amazing Ubuntu.

Answer:How to get support for Adobe tools

You could give THIS a shot. It's a tutorial for installing PS CS2 on Ubuntu using Wine. I don't know what version of PS you have but it's worth a shot. Just give Google a try, I'm sure there'd be tutorials for the other Adobe software around somewhere, or just follow a similar process as the tutorial.

Another option is to dual boot Ubunut with Windows, that way you can use Ubuntu for whatever else you may do then boot back into a fresh, clean copy of Windows for all your Adobe needs.

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Hi in my job i sometimes need to reset local admin passwords and such, for this i normally use a cd i downloaded called toolkit which also has a bunch of other tools such as acronic etc... what i now want to do is have all these tools available to boot off my thumbdrive rather then off the cd, i have tried a lot of different ways including the program flashboot but none have been able to port this cd successfully to the usb drive, can anyone help me in doing this? or recommend another alternative bit of software i can use to do these jobs which can be run off the thumbdrive?
sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread i wasnt sure which one to use.

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I have been looking at a tool called PE Builder and wondered if anyone else has come across this?

What are your thoughts?
Is there anything else similar to this around?

Answer:Windows XP Support Tools

I have a copy and I think that its kinda cool. I havent really seen anything like it though.

Its a good tool. Compared to running in safe mode, i prefer using the PE disc.

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I'm wanting to know if Windows XP SP2 Support Tools (found here) will work on a machine that has already upgraded to SP3. It seems like it would, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or insight into this?

On a similar note, does anyone know where these tools can be found for Win 7 or Vista? I've heard that the ones for Windows Server 2003 will run on Vista, but not sure. And I don't have a machine w/ vista to test it.

There are some tools included in this download that may prove useful when working with users over in the Virus/Malware threads.



Answer:Will SP2 Support Tools work on SP3?


Since you still are in training, you should stay with only the tools TSF provides/says to use.

I would ask tetonbob or Ried if you think you have found a "new" tool that could help.

I am Vista box, so I can't answer your question. It does specify XP w/SP2


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Part 1 - click herePart 2 - click hereI'll start the Quoting here:All you need is on your Windows XP disc. If you need help diagnosing and resolving system problems then check out the Windows Support Tools...Identifying tools - If you run into problems and want to try and fix or trace the cause of a particular problem then the best way to determine which tool to use is to launch Support Tools Help from the All Programs menu...Using Windows Support Tools - The Windows Support Tools perform all kinds of functions to help diagnose and resolve problems with your system. Each tool can be launched by double-clicking the appropriate .exe file in the Program Files\Support Tools directory. However, not all the Windows Support Tools have a graphical interface so some will need to be run from a command prompt....Tool: Windows Installer Cleanup UtilityFile Name: msicuu.exeDescription: This useful program removes any configuration data that Windows Installer records and saves for a particular installed product. This includes directories, files and registry entries. This tool comes in handy when a previous corrupt installation is stopping you from successfully installing a productI've finished the quoting now.Useful?

Answer:Windows XP Support Tools

Interesting that the word "futility" appears in the click heres that you gave<;-)Brian

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Question: Product Support

When will it come??? I recently did a build for my older brother and am wondering where the hell product support is at for vista x64. I mean I bought an x64 board and proc along with vista x64. However, for some reason unbeknownst to me, the x64 board that I bought doesn't have ANY x64 drivers, @ least from where I've been looking. There's also an issue with a wireless card (once again, no drivers at the moment).
I've also been digging for a freeware similar to MoboMon/CPUMon or whatever that has a digital readout of proc temps...(for some reason I think the proc may be running a little too hot) and as of yet have to find one. I've heard that MBM5 is a solution, but for some reason it won't run for me.

Oh and, it's my 1st post here.

Answer:Product Support

If you have done the research, you would have found that there is pretty much no drivers/support for any 64-bit based Operating Systems (Even if this is Vista x64 Forums :P ). My laptops a Turion64, how do you think I feel not being able to get the power I want out of it? I recommend installing Vista/XP 32-bit and next time research it fully. Older hardware will have more driver support than newer hardware but Manufacturers will start supplying Vista-only drivers starting this month. You aren't really helping by not supplying the Hardware Specifications and Operating System for your Brother's Computer.

Also, if you own a full edition of Vista (Not OEM / Express Upgrade), you would have had Vista 32-bit and 64-bit depending on which one you bought. I have no doubt that Microsoft will supply a swap for Vista 32-bit unless you have patience.

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I have had lots of erroneous advice on what is happening when Help and Support for the entire OS is messed up, in other words PC Health data files are not being operned or woring right. RegClean type programs have made things worse, anyone at all know what I am talking about?

Answer:Please tell me there is a soul who knows the deal with Help & Support Tools!

Any insight or guesses why PC Health runs so much and can ruin so much in Windows, would be appreciated

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Hi, I use jrt for removal of PUPs and malwares. Does it support mac systems. If not , why this tool could not be made available for that system as well

Answer:Does jrt tools from bleeping computer support mac

Hello jraju:
The Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool is designed to work only with Microsoft® Windows® based operating systems, such as XP through Windows 10.
However, you may be interested in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac which, like the Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool, is also free.

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System tuning and monitoring support:

nForce 4, 5, 6 and 7 series motherboards
Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) support:

nForce 790i Ultra SLI nForce 790i SLI nForce 780a SLI nForce 780i SLI nForce 680i SLInForce 680i LT SLI
GPU overclocking and temperature monitoring support:

GeForce 5 (FX), 6, 7, 8, 9, and 200 series GPUs

The NVIDIA System Tools installation package includes:

1. NVIDIA Performance Group (v6.05.13.05) add-on to the NVIDIA Control Panel

nForce MCPs
? Enables system tuning and profiles for clocks, voltages, timings, and fans
? Includes support for Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) components
? Displays detailed system informationGeForce GPUs
? Enables GPU overclocking

2. NVIDIA System Monitor (v6.05.13.05) standalone application
nForce MCPs
? Enables system monitoring for clocks, voltages, timings, and fans
? Includes support for Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) componentsGeForce GPUs
? Enables GPU temperature monitoring

3. NVIDIA System Update (v3.00.06.00) add-on to the NVIDIA Control Panel
Automatically checks for nForce and GeForce driver updatesAdds ability to update your system biosIncludes support to update firmware of Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) components


Answer:NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support 6.05

Installed these on a friends rig today running a 780 chipset , not had chance to have a good play with them myself but he seems happy with the new touches , i WISH nvidia would release software for custom fan profiles within the control panel , i was kinda hoping that would be in there somewhere , i love riva tuner but its all i use it for , i would prefer to do without it

EDIT.ive just installed them myself , it seems you may be able to set triggers for differant fan speeds relating to GPU temps Ill have a play and report back.....if anyones interested ha ha :P

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Hi all. This post is the result of a personal effort to create my own type of recovery cd with tools and utilities. Basically, I did not want to use creations such as Hiren'd CD or DVD, PartPE etc. in order to solve backup/recovery or any other taks - under goold old DOS. The challenge was to be able to boot from cd (classic ATA interface = built-in the ThinkPad or USB-based).At the same time, I needed support for the built-in HDDs (a SSD & HDD in my case) + USB-connected HDDs (I have a WD in a Zalman case which I use as external backup or other storage needs). The hardware configurations on which I tested: my T61p (check signature) and my wife's R60. The result of the efforts is a boot file, containing DOS boot files (Win9x-based), freely available drivers (.sys files available on the Internet). Any tool can be added / removed from the CD, using an .iso editor and then re-burning the resulted image on CD-R/RW support. If such a customized tool would be of any use, please send me a PM.I do not know if such a post corresponds with the forum rules - just trying to bring some support to the community. Best regards.

W500 / T61p / T61 / R60

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Unable TO DOWNLOAD DRIVERS for this Product ....... for either Win 7 which we know is Old Hat or Indeed Win 10 which came on the product when new .. Not to make comparisons but own Toshiba and Samsung Laptops who's drivers are readily available in Customer Support .... Sadly I find this not to be the case with this HP product .... Just spent 50 mins on the phone with a Support member of Staff from Currys ...Who was also Un-able to help me either .....  Hardly a Good Recommendation for a Repeat Purchase of HP products ...


All you needed to do was to ask where to find the driver support page, instead of jumping to conclusions that such a support page doesn't exist. Here is the driver page for your notebook... It is only supported by HP for W10 64 bit. And I can guarantee you that a Dell or Toshiba consumer class notebook such as yours, with the same specs, would also only have drivers for W10 64 bit. If you need to install W7 32 bit, you will have to get some of the W7 32 bit drivers from the individual hardware component manufacturers websites, such as the chipset, graphics, etc. I can help you with that if you want.  Should be no problem getting W7 32 bit to work in that model. 

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It's absolutely remarkable how efficient the technical support team at some companies are.

If anyone here is familiar with the Canon Pixma series of printers, then you would know first hand that this range of printers is natively supported in Vista. By this I mean all you need do is plug it in, and a few seconds later, Vista uses it's own certified driver, and you can print.

I did however, run into a little glitch earlier this afternoon.

One of my favourite features of the Canon Pixma IP3000 was the Easy-PhotoPrint software that came bundled with it. To clear the air, this bit of software is the one rare instance where I've actually enjoyed using bundled software!

But when I started using Vista nearly a year ago, I couldn't use the Easy-PhotoPrint that is on the driver CD, because it was for XP, and it would not install to Vista x64. This wasn't so much of a problem, as I rarely required a straight-up photo prints, so I ignored it, and continued to use CorelDraw X3 for my design and printing tasks.

But this afternoon, I had to get a driver for a customer, and I noticed that Canon had a Vista compatible version of Easy-PhotoPrint available for download. So I downloaded it, and installed flawlessly, except that for some obscure reason, it didn't want to see my printer.

So I contacted Canon support via the regular channels with an email request. An would you believe that not less than a hour later, they provided me with the driver extension that I needed to allow Eas... Read more

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Anyone bought a PC/Laptop from Currys and got their Product Support, service any good etc?Is there much difference between Currys and PCWorld's support (apart from the Healthcheck from PCWorld?)Any help would be great

Answer:Currys Product Support?

I wouldn't buy any ones Product support, all goods carry some kind of warranty for the first year or so. After that if you can't repair or maintain you should think of replacing.It's like giving a free donation to Curry's or PC World why would you want to do that? put it on your piggy bank for a rainy day instead :-)

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Get fast and easy Windows 10 Product Key Support by dialing our toll free 1-800-220-1032 windows 10 Customer Support Phone Number. Our techie are 24/7 hour online to solve windows 10 Error and Product Key Issues.

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I have a Probook 6555b laptop (a gift from previous employer, when we had new laptops, the old ones were given to us)with windows 7serial nr: CNU0370DR6product: WD719EA#ABYAnd I need help - it has worked fine as home laptop for more than two years, but suddenly wouldnt accept log on one day - and while trying to create a new user myself, it locked in BIOS and will not accept my own created passwordBIOS log on opens and states my initials: BSC but does not accept any know password at all...first problem: I cant acces HP support - since the prescreening for product type, does not recognize my serial number?! (and Yes, tried to type it in many ways, big/small letters and everything else).. it says serial number is not a Probook 6555b - but when trying to identify by product number - it is recognized as a Probook 6555b... but I can not go further to find acces to HP support, since it then returns to typing in the serial number... so i feel like a hampster in a threadmill....HELP!

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The following is my problem...and this is copied from Norton's site...Only problem is that my comp. came up virus free, the Registry value they want me to delete does not exist, and when I select Norton Antivirus in the Add/Remove Programs window & click remove (or change for that matter) nothing happens!!! I don't know what to do! PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW WHAT I SHOULD TRY!
Pasted from After clicking Install Norton Antivirus

After clicking Install Norton AntiVirus, a cursor appears briefly, and Norton AntiVirus 2005 stops responding

After inserting your Norton AntiVirus 2005 CD, you see the first installation screen. When you click Install Norton AntiVirus, the installation does not run. An hourglass cursor appears briefly, but no other window appears.

Before you begin: The information in this document applies to a problem that happens when installing Norton AntiVirus from the installation CD. If you downloaded Norton AntiVirus and are having a similar problem installing the program, read Norton AntiVirus 2005 installation stops responding after extracting downloaded files.
Because this situation has a variety of causes, no one solution will work in every case. Begin with "Solution 1: Make sure that your computer is virus free." You will be directed as to what to do next.
Solution 1: Make sure that your computer is virus free
If your computer is infected, you may have this problem. To quickly rule out common infections, con... Read more

Answer:NORTON's Product Support IS Horrible! Please HELP!

I have faith in you Tech Support Guys...don't fail me now! :-D

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New! Bitdefender Support - Landing page (Recommended)

New! Bitdefender Support / Knowledge Database for Consumers

New! Bitdefender Support / Knowledge Database for Business

Bitdefender Contact Us - Open an Email Ticket

Bitdefender may redirect you to the appropriate domain (ie. .com / varying on your geological location.

For Forum Support, please check this list

For Product Uninstallers, please check this list

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Loading a new post as HP will not help me since they thought the solved their battery problem in warranty but it never fixed problem!  Laptop will not turn on even to do post and like other people fans turn on for 3 seconds and so does f12 lighting then both stops/goes out and after 3 seconds longer, the f12 light is lit solid.  I have tried this 20 + times now and nothing works.  After the support call for replacing the battery and same problem described above, laptop would not turn on intermittently and i would have to cycle to turn on laptop at least 9 times, every time i wanted to turn the laptop on!Every time i would install updates and the laptop would ask for it to be shut down.  When it shut down the computer would never auto reboot/start again thus shocking the hard drive to perform correctly.i have tried getting answers from HP for over a week now and they don't want to support their problem HP's service support never correctly solved just thinking it was the battery.  I had antivirus protection on laptop ever since it was installed being new.  Solve soon HP as you know you have it to fix.  I installed hard drives into printer's as i am a qualified printer service techinician and your problem you didn't correctly address killed my laptop and its hard drive.  You will want to solve soon so call me soon as you see this!

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 I recently had repairs done to my computer and hp service reimaged my entire computer and now I am without a product key for my Windows 8.1 I need this key to upgrade to Windows 10 Can someone at customer service provide me with my product key?

Answer:need product key after hp support reimaged my system.

This is a peer to peer forum.  You can use this site and program to obtain the product key.

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I bought a ideapad 300-17isk a while back and the SD card reader has been defective since.    I have since sent this back to lenovo which they had for almost a month.  I had to call to find out what was going on only to be told they didnt have a motherboard to repair it.   I demanded they send it back as I depend on this computer daily for work.   I received it back with a gouge in the lid, a different hard drive, and the CPU throttled at .39ghz which has rendered it useless.  I have since called back twice to find out when this motherboard would be in so I could have this repaired.  Both times I was told they didn't have an ETA.   I have spent countless hours trying to make this computer work at the normal CPU frequency and have determined that the motherboard/cpu was damaged further when it was at the Lenovo service department.  I called back to day and spoke to yet another scripted service rep who barely speaks english and demanded I talked to someone who could help get this repaired or replaced.  Every question I asked was not answered and was basically told no.   I was told i had to wait 3 business days for someone to contact me via email.  This is not acceptable.    I just purchased another $3,000 worth of lenovo thinkpad notebooks and also an thinkcentre tiny.   I am probably going to send these back and never purchase a lenovo product again.    ... Read more

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Hi all,

Recently my girlfriend gave me her TOSHIBA M800 laptop. Enlighten me pls as to why I cannot find the model M800 in Toshiba's product support tab?

The models I see there are all 805-XXXXXX.

Is 800 supposed to mean 800 series and that in fact the laptop I am having now is one of those 805-XXXXXX?

I tried to see if any of those M805-XXXXXXX match the model number I see on my laptop but none of it matches. Mine is PPM81L.

I am just trying to find out if my laptop comes with bluetooth.

Appreciate your help on this.

Answer:Product support for Portege M800

I?m really surprised you cannot find it but I believe you search for it on wrong page. Portege 805 can be US notebook model but if you have European model use European support page under

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Hey there, I recently purchased a refurbished HP Elite 8300 SFF Small Form Factor PC on April 22 of 2017, with one year warranty. I have a problem that I believe can be fixed under warranty. The product page for this computer says that the warranty expired, however, this is a refurb and when I purchased it from, the support page led me to HP and the 800 number.  Can someone help me?! Thanks, HPISAWESOMEILOV Ps, apologies for potentially posting in the wrong forum. I could'nt seem to find a support forum.

Answer:Refurbished HP Product - Can't find support for HP Elite 830...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Trying to find info and downloads for my used machine in Support in Lenovo Web Site. Loooked on where to find on my S10 and I gather it is the serial number?  It starts EB and 8 digits. Does not come up on site. It says 7 digit number needed?Step wise it asks for type and model-where can I find that?Help appreciated, thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Product Number Does Not Work In Lenovo Support???

Hi You should use the website for consumer products in order to verify the s/n of your netbook. Try this: Hope this helps. Black Spiral

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I was just gifted an HP ProBook 455 G3, product number W4E07UT#ABA. I can't find information for it anywhere on the HP site.  I would like to ultimately get access to any manuals and drivers.  I also want to know if this was sold with Win 10 (which is what's on it) or if it was manufactured with Win 7 and has been upgraded.  There are no stickers indicating the Operating System or Processor. Help.

Answer:Can't find product W4E07UT#ABA on the HP support site.

 I can't find anything using the Product number you gave. But here is the Support page for ProBook 455 G3. I believe it shipped with Windows 10. Amazon has it for sale-with Windows 10:

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Hi all! I've been using Dell Latitude's for last 7+ years and been happy with them thus far, as I was able to stay within the C-series thru 3 systems and reuse some components such as batteries, CD-ROM, etc. but now that I'd have to go to D-series, that gives me the choice of going to new vendor...and IBM/Lenovo was the only other choice due to my OS requirement: XP Pro! So now I'm here asking some questions that I'm still having issues with:(I'm comparing the T61 to Dell D530 and/or my C610) 1) Features that I've used on existing Dell that I don't see on T61 :    a) Infared port --- I've used to transfer stuff from one sys to another    b) S-Video out --- I've used to display on TV for some situations      c) Serial port --- can't recall using it but with my luck, I'd need it sometime.     d) Parallel port (C610) --- for my really old printer used on rare occasions    e) Floppy drive --- yes, I still use it for some unusual situations 2) On Dell, I can put a 2nd battery or floppy drive in the media bay instead of CD/DVD...what about T61? 3) Support:    a) Dell forums have 7+ yrs of history and are well used...this forum seems brand new...was there another one before it?    b) My Dell's have lifetime tech support (ok, so sometimes understanding the folks from India can be an issue) but IBM seems to limit this to life of war... Read more

Answer:Potential new T61 user with some questions about product/support/etc.

Welcome to the forum!
Your title says T61, but your text says R61.  Which series are you considering?

Re this question:

J_Hallgren wrote:

3) Support:
    a) Dell forums have 7+ yrs of history and are well used...this forum seems brand new...was there another one before it?
Lenovo's own forum here just opened in early December and is growing rapidly, but there has been a thriving ThinkPad community since 1993.  Many of us follow and participate here as well as other venues sharing information back-and-forth.  Three of the most significant in addition to this one are:
1) ThinkPad mailing list - started 1993 - current date (archives here)
2) Bill Morrow's forum at - started 199? - current date
3) NBR's Lenovo/IBM discussion - started ? - current dateMessage Edited by nonny on 12-28-2007 08:00 PM

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Hello, I have just bought a second hand T61. The product Id as shown on the label is "6458WF4". It cannot be found in the "Support & Download" section. Why is that ? How then, will I manage to look up my configuration and download my specific drivers ? Please help,JF.

Answer:T61 Product ID "6458WF4" is missing on support site

hey Jfred,truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. as you know, we have shifted to a new support site and in the midst of it all, we are still transferring the data from the old site to the new site.that is why you are not able to search for your product.would it be possible for you to take a picture of the MTM sticker at the bottom of your unit and PM it to me?

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I am looking for software updates (bios updates more specifically) for my Toshiba Satellite A500-128 but it is not listed under Product Support.
How can I find information for this model?


Answer:Satellite A500-148 not listed under Product Support

My apologies the model is A500-148 and not A500-128.

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Getting blue screen with boot up errors when I switch on my PC File:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error Code; 0xc0000034. I am trying to get support online from HP but I get no further that the screen to input the serial and\or product keys. It just comes back with an error saying that product does not exist even though I am typing them directly from a photograph I took of the black bar coded label on my PC which shows the Serial No,  Product No and model (HP Pav 23-q105na). My PC is only in warranty for another 25 days and I need to talk to someone from HP. Help

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Avira products are developed and maintained with a long-term view. This approach provides our business customers with the security they need to make investments and for planning.
The Avira philosophy is based upon the following:

Avira gives notice at least 3 years in advance of the discontinuation of an Avira product or operating system.
Avira supports all operating systems 12 months longer, as a rule, than the producer of the operating system.
For Microsoft´s operating systems Avira adds 12 months to Microsoft's 'Mainstream Support End Date' for its end of support date.
For Apple operating systems Avira supports the last 2 operating system versions.
You can find out which operating system is compatible with the product you require in the relevant product description under "System Requirements".Click to expand...

Does this mean Windows 7 users (home and business) have until January 2018 to use Avira software?

See table here.

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Hi ..

I own Toshiba L500-1kk and L500-21T models .. I used to successfully view the product information pages .. support . driver downloads and the like .. for 10 days now .. it tells me that the product pages are unavailable .. when I even try to use the laptop detection tool or to find my laptops model .. it's all gone as if these models never existed !! Anyone could help me with this .. is it a website problem or there any reason that these pages were deliberately removed??

If the pages have been moved, could you link me to their new location??


Answer:Satellite L500-1kk and L55-21T and other Product Support Pages Gone

In my opinion most important support page is download area so I believe you will be able to find drivers and other Toshiba stuff on

Can you find notebook models there?

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Download these support tools to help you diagnose and monitor system operations, plus get extended functionality, such as the ability to control the automatic client upgrade feature to throttle network utilization while deploying Service Pack 4 or 5.

Note: Only English-language versions of these tools are available.

Included in this download:
Site maintenance and administration tools
Client maintenance tools
Database maintenance tools
Log file, schedule file, and error code tools
Discovery and inventory tools
Software distribution tools
Remote control tools
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003

Disk Space: Approximately 6 MB available hard drive space for i386 systems; approximately 9 MB for DEC Alpha platform systems.



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This was the second time I had to call a technician to fixmy T450. It is only about half a year old and 90% of the time I use it docked w an external keyboard - yet this is the second hardware failure. First it was the buttons on top of the trackpad that stopped working and then the keyboard, both barely used. Seriously worried that I either bought a low quality product (at a premium price) or I got the one that was made on a Monday morning... Also both times the technician appeared a lot later than the contractually promised 24-48 hours (first time 5 days and second time 10 days later) and in both cases only after me chasing up Lenovo support several times. Even if you consider that the 24 hour policy only covers Mon-Fri the response was very poor. To top things off the tec guy slipped with his tool and made a fat scratch into the casing next to the keyboard. Accidents do happen and I am not blaming him. I just wonder how quickly I will get the promised replacement shell, and how much chasing after him that will involve. All in all really disappointed. Won't consider Lenovo again in the future I think. Thoughts?

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Im trying to download an Adobe After Effects CS4 trial. However, when after it checks system requirements it says, "This product does not support powerpc architecture cpu." I have a windows xp service pack 2 from 2002. Is there a fix to this?

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The Lenovo Support & Downloads web page doesn't seem to properly recognize the 2801-CTO (T400s).  If you try to find drivers and downloads by selecting the T400s family via 'Select your product', 2801 doesn't appear as an available model choice in the "Type" dropdown.  If you enter 2801-CTO as a product number, a page appears which shows "Original Description: ThinkPad T400 Configure-to-order system"  followed by all the T400 drivers; not the T400s. I left feedback at the website.  Hard to believe I'm the first one to notice this (I tried searching the forum).  Could this be why my serial number isn't being recognized by the Win 7 upgrade website? I hope ThinkVantage 'Update my System'  gets it right... 

Answer:Product Support & Downloads page mis-identifies 2801-CTO

Burd wrote: If you enter 2801-CTO as a product number, a page appears which shows "Original Description: ThinkPad T400 Configure-to-order system"  followed by all the T400 drivers; not the T400s. this could be explained by the following; if you visit the Driver Matrices site, you will see that the T400 and T400s are shown as having alot of drivers in common. Hope this helps

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I've got a ThinkCentre desktop, model M72e 0896A9G. The mainboard had to be replaced, but since then, Windows 8 complains about a missing product key. Furthermore, Secure Boot support has been disabled and cannot be anbled in the BIOS (neither the Security nor the Startup screens show related options). The BIOS version is F1KT27AUS, date 10/19/2012. How can I re-enable Secure Boot and resolve the Windows 8 product key issue?

Answer:M72e Secure Boot support, product key gone after mainboard replacement

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,
Please contact local Lenovo support to have this issue verified and fixed
 Support Contact Details
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR220E and have installed a clean copy of Windows 7. Sony, in its infinite wisdom (malice?) has decided not to provide driver updates at all for my model since the computer is allegedly incapable of running Windows 7 (lies!).

I am having trouble finding drivers for the memory card reader, microphone, and webcam. In addition, my function keys don't work at all, and the volume buttons work but don't appear on the screen like they used to (this is not necessarily a problem). The touchpad doesn't scroll anymore.

I have attempted to fix some of the problems by downloading the original drivers/software from the Sony eSupport website (Vaio Control Center, Sony Utilities, Vaio Event Service, Battery Checker, etc.) but none of them work correctly, probably because the versions on the model-specific page are for Vista only. They either won't install at all, or cause huge problems with other things. (The battery checker/ISB utility is made of pure evil.) I had to uninstall everything I put on it almost immediately.

Does anyone know what specific drivers/programs I need, and where I can get the Windows 7 compatible versions?

Answer:Not able to find drivers for Windows 7, no product support offered by Sony

Have you tried the Vista drivers? I have found they work in most cases.

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Hi Team, 
 Dell Warranty Information not available 
Hi, Have been reported an issue to dell on behalf of Warranty update status for my product and I did submit legit invoice of it to get that warranty extension for that product as it was about to expire. But due to some reasons, dell warranty extensions guys reported that This should have to get the update from another department so they assist me how to get it done I did the same. 
I don't know why that dell representative mislead me that he had done with warranty update. as I had seen now it's been a month but not able to see warranty status till now.

Case No <Case number removed>
<Case number removed>
<Case number removed>

Seeking help from this forum at least. 

Answer:Why dell Support is not good at warranty update or Extension of product

Hi Akbar Uddin,Thanks for posting.Apologies for your not being able to see your warranty status from the website. Sometimes it takes a while to update publicly.  The customer care agents will have the information available to them so, if you give them a call, they should be able to assist.You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session

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Hello. I've been having trackpad issues on my new 2017 Spectre x360 13-ac0xx unit for about two weeks now. Firstly, unlike other techies, I appreciate that the trackpad uses custom Synaptics drivers rather than Microsoft's standard precision touchpads. I've owned both a Surface Pro 4 (w/ type cover) and a Dell XPS 13, which I returned due to their horribly slow and janky Precision touchpads. And although HP has horrible quality control (this is my third Spectre x360 unit, which I recieved 2 weeks ago), I would really like this trackpad issue to be resolved. Ever since I have had the machine, the trackpad has been showing some erratic behavior (which I will describe below). PLEASE NOTE: this is profoundly irritating and I have been trying to troubleshoot this myself for the past few weeks. The previous two Spectre x360 units (bought from Best Buy) did not have this problem, but this third machine (ordered from does. There seem to be 3 "separate" problems with the touchpad. The first is that the trackpad sometimes locks up and refuses to track my finger when I'm touching it. The cursor moves on screen only when I fully click-and-drag on the trackpad surface, but otherwise doesn't work. You can see what I mean here: The second problem is that at times, the right click zone expands over to the middle-to-top left side of the trackpad. So, when I try to press down and initiate a left-click, I get a right-click menu ... Read more

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Hi Team, 

Hi, Have been reporting an issue to dell on behalf of Warranty update status for my product and I did submit legit invoice of it to get that warranty extension for that product as it was about to expire. But due to some reasons, dell warranty extensions guys reported that This should have to get the update from another department so they assist me how to get it done I did the same. 

I don't know why that dell representative mislead me that he had done with warranty update. as I had seen now it's been a month but not able to see warranty status till now. 

This is my first ever Worst experience with dell for a co-operate client.  


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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Portege R830 and was trying to find the support page for my model.

However on the Product Support list, where you choose the model, I can't find which one is mine.

My model is displayed as *R830-1056UB* on the box the laptop came in and it simply says *Portege R830* on the underside of the laptop.

There are several entries for R830 on the Product Support list, but *R830-1056UB* is not one of them.

*Any ideas how I can decide which one is mine?* (I'm worried about downloading wrong software/drivers for my laptop)

I'm not in a country with a support phone number and it seems Toshiba support don't have an email contact, so I haven't been able to contact Toshiba directly for help.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!


Answer:Re: Portege R830 - Can't find my model on the Product Support list


I don?t know which Toshiba support page you have checked but if this notebook is designed for Asian market you should find it on Toshiba Asia support page.

In which country you have bought it?

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i currently have a dell Inspiron 5558 laptop for over an year now but the screen stop working over 6 months ago, i looked up the warranty information at the time of screen stopped working and was re-assured that it showed February 18, 2017 therefore i did not consider that it is very urgent to call tech support since i have other laptops. today when i call the support service, i was informed that product was not registered and i have to pay $233 to replace the LCD screen, they still argued that dell warranty website showed the correct information but when i looked it up, the website still displays the same.  did anyone else encounter this issue??
below is the warranty service which is still display at this time

Answer:Dell Warranty is reflecting incorrect data as per technical support and support manager

Was the system purchased direct from Dell, or at retail - or on EBay, Amazon, etc?

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 I bought TPS230U in may2013, and one monthe ago, the laptop just turned off by itself and wont turn on anymore. I had tried troubleshoop refresh and resetting options but it doesnt work.
My warranty certificate is still valid for itnernational support (now I live in  Brazil), so that, I called Brazil´s support (My laptop ID is: Type 3347 2GU S/N xxxxxxx 13/02.
At the first time I contacted by phone, the attendant asked me to (once again) turn off the laptop  and call back again. Well, I did it, adn (of course) it didnt work. So I called once again. The second the new clerk said I should buy a cd or dvd ( which could not be via USB stick ) , download from other computer and copy  an image file  that lenovo would understand the problem . I explained that I had not cd to record that moment. But he was very rude, and told me that it the  support goes to my house and concludes that there is a software problem and not hardwa, I was supposed to pay for the visit. So, I went to a store and bought a recordable CD , recorded the ISO file and got home to insert it into the laptop and....for my surprise,  my laptop doenst have any  entry for CD ! I feel that lenovo has been really disrespectfull with me and all I want is to have a simple support to my laptop, but I still couldnt have. Pleaase let me know how can I solve this problem before my waranty term expires!!! 
Moderator Note; s/n edited for member's own protection

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Does lenovo has a plan to support  intel ac 7260 for yoga 2 13? I have read this thread. bios(v1.15) is still not support. And Where is old bios version link about V1.09?It seems can support Lenovo-branded  ac 7260 netcard.    

Answer:Does lenovo has a plan to support intel ac 7260 for yoga 2 13? Current bios(v1.15) is not support.

Dear Web32
Welcome in lenovo community
The only supported card on this model is Intel 7260 2x2, 802.11 BGN .and the applicable BIOS version is 96CN29WW (V1.15)
Can you please explain more what is the issue with your Wifi 

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I have a T430s laptop and it is less than 6 months old. It starting getting blue screens within a month of purchasing it. Technical support has been helpless in trying to fix the laptop. First, tech support told me to turn update my computer daily. Then another tech support employee told me to turn OFF my auto updates. This did nothing and over a few weeks the blue screens progressively got worse. Next, tech support told me to run a diagnostic on my computer which turned up nothing. Then, they tried giving me recovery discs and a new hard drive. After that failed they took it in to replace the system board which made the blue screens worse. Then they sent me MORE recovery CDs to try to fix the problem and that also made the blue screens worse. I called tech support after this and they said they would send in a request for a replacement laptop. I was told I would hear from someone in a couple days. FIVE days later I got a called from someone asking if I wanted a replacement and I said yes. Then I was told I had to wait two more business days to get contacted about it. Another 3-4 business days later, someone called me to tell me that they would NOT be replacing the laptop despite the fact tech support could not fix the laptop. After calling tech support once again, I was told that they wanted me to send in my laptop again for up to 7 business days! This is completely unacceptable. I have had problems with this laptop almost the entire time I have owned it and no one knows... Read more

Answer:T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

What are you running when you get the blue screens?  (operating system and applications)
Are there messages in the event log when it crashes?

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i bought a lenovo thinkpad edge which is missing the model sticker from the bottom left of screen
all i need is a link to the most recent windows 7 drivers including bios update
and i would like to know a list of processors i could upgrade to current cpu is i3 m370 @2.40ghz
this website does not recognise serial number or product so i will post all th details i can below .... please help !!
TYPE 0319 - 2AG
S/N LR - xxxxx     11/10
Mod edit: S/N removed

Answer:Unknown thinkpad bios support and processor upgrade support needed

Welcome to the forum!
Your model is a ThinkPad Edge 15
ThinkPad Edge 15 0319-2AG
i3-370M(2.4GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11bgn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 64
You can get the drivers from the EOL page: 

Since you have an Intel model, you can upgrade to any of these CPU's:

Intel Core i3 370M, 2x 2,26 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 450M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 460M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 480M, 2x 2,66 Ghz, 3MB Cache


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I have just sent a thinkpad back for repair for the first time in over 20 years of owning  Thinkpad.  I have had 8 thinkpad  series laptops in my time as well as a few desktops and now lenovo phones. I am absolutely horrified with the diabolical Thinkpad support. This is meant to be business level support. I feel like I am phoning up Curry's.  Laptop sent back with hard disk in it and I am being told now that it "turned up without a hard disk in it". Now undercurrent of me lying. Original problem had not been assessed and I still don't have my laptop back after 3 weeks. Customer service agents just tell you anything they want to get you off the phone. I suppose all things come to an end but my loyalty to the Thinkpad brand is probably over now.  I am sure I am not the first. Has anyone else come across this?

Answer:Terrible Thinkpad Support Premium Prices for Sub-Standard Support. Business users avoid now.

Oh, yes. I'm going through something similar over the last few weeks. Here is my thread on it.Been updating it every week. All I ever get is blown off no matter who I talk to. Good luck getting your situation resolved. I'm guessing it was sent to their depot in Tennessee?

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I purchased a Dell Laptop Inspiron 14R 5421 (Windows 8) in 2013. I used it for 4  years without any issue only until last month i had a problem of the laptop not starting (only DELL logo appearing). I ran the F12 diagnostics & it found a problem in Hard ware. I took it to a local service center (not authorised) in India & they formatted the hard drive. Post which, they installed a temporary windows 8 software & asked me NOT TO UPDATE. Now my laptop does not have the normal factory configuration & i have lost all dell diagnostics support & windows apps which were factory installed. I need to install a clean version of Windows 7 or 8. Can anyone guide me how to do this? I understand that the product key is encrypted by Dell in BIOS for all machines after 2012 or something.

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My Machine is 2 WEEKS out of warranty.  I called Technical Support.  There are MANY users with the same machine on the forum with the exact same problem.  It must be a flawd batch of wireless cards.  The tech support guy REFUSED to let me speak with a supervisor and hung up on me. Lenovo technical support is a disgrace.  I have been a loyal Thinkpad customer.  I will NEVER buy another one. An ANGRY completely dissatisfied customer.  

Answer:SL510 - Flame Post - Support - Ignorant and Belligerent - WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LENOVO PRODUCT

It's all well and good to express your opinion, but not mentioning exactly which problem you have experienced and not offering details about it makes you post worthless in the regard that other members will not be in a position to offer advice based on their experience; they have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
It would be appreciated if you could offer more information about exactly what you mean by "flawed batch of wireless cards". Please also provide links to the other threads where the same problem is reported; this will add streangth and substance to your post.
Thanks in advance

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We are Dell resellers and had placed an order for 43 Laptops - Dell Latitude 3560 with Dell on 13th June, 2016. We delivered them to our customer on Friday 17th June, 2016. On Monday 20th June we discovered that all the Laptops are faulty and are not functioning properly. They have not been able to use a single system due to touchpad issues in the entire lot
We have made innumerable calls Dell to resolve the problem, but the team is unable to identify and rectify the problem. 
We have spoken to our partner account manager, regional account manager, Service Specialist and Escalation Team, requesting them to provide us with a solution at the earliest as their work is getting hampered. Our customer has to deploy the same by 1st July however they do not have any Dell Laptops functioning correctly.  
How do we escalate this to the Dell management and get a replacement ASAP

Answer:Who do you contact if the DELL India Escalation and Support Team fails to provide support for brand new Laptops

Hopefully one of the Dell rep see your post and be able to help. If no one answer your question then I suggest you contact Technical or Customer Support in the link below.

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Someone told me in another thread, and I also read here, that

All Wireless N routers support dual-band 802.11nClick to expand...

implying that any wireless N router can use the 5 GHz band as well as the 2.4 GHz band. Isn't that the implication?

Then why is it that when I browse routers, only some of them list both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency, while others list only 2.4 in the specs? I want to switch my network over to 5 GHz in order to get away from all the interference I'm getting, as discussed in this thread.

So what's the real answer? Will any cheap "wireless N" router be able to do 5 GHz, (e.g. this one?) or do I need a more expensive dual band one?

Answer:Confused about router support for 5 GHz band. All wireless N routers support it??

No. The 802.11n standard supports 5GHz, but does not require it. Now if a device was 802.11ac, it will have a 5GHz radio since that standard only works on that freq.

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Hello there, I'm interested in finding out more about the X220 - In particular the actual bandwidth available to the i7 Version of the X220 with it's USB 3 port. I'd like to be able to use the Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle with this laptop, however it requires a Super Speed USB 3.0 Port. It's common for laptops to only use a single PCIe lane interconnect, giving the USB3 Port only 2.5gbps of available bandwidth. This won't be enough to allow that capture card to work  A similar situation also exists for the Expresscard slot - To be able to support Expresscard v2.0, It needs to provide 5gbps (2x PCIe v1 lanes). If it does this, It's possible I can buy an USB 3 Expresscard which will have enough bandwidth to use the card. In short I would like to know if the super speed USB 3 port can actually function at the intended speed, and is not crippled to half rate. 

Running an 4286CTO - X220 i7 2620m, 4gig Ram, 320gig HDD. 6 Cell battery


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220 - Expresscard 2.0 Support / Full Super Speed USB 3.0 (i7) Support?

hey SuperRoach,i recommend getting in contact with Lenovo Australia via the link below >>

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I paid for 3 years of support and accidental damage in home support. Together, it cost around $400 on my new XPS laptop. Afew months after I bought XPS 15 9560, I pulled out the charging cord, and a round piece of plastic that was inside the port came out too.
I called technical support at 5 pm EST, and received someone in Southern India. I gave them my information, and they confirmed that I had service. They then fought with me for 15 minutes, telling me I could NOT have any in home service. The representative, who kept calling me by my first name (no respect)  said I had to send my laptop to a depot in Texas for them to identify the issue. Finally, after I insisted, the representative, S. Sirya Kiran, FINALLY allowed me to get in home support IF I sent him photos of the damage. I did. Finally, I received an email telling me to select a date for service, which I did, 12/18/17 between 9 am and 1:00 pm .
I took time off and waited. No one came by 11:30, or called. So I contacted World Wide Tech Services. They then told me they didn't have enough techs to handle my area, so they were NOT coming. I asked why no one gave me the courtesy of a phone call and they had no answer. They said a new company, Unisys, would contact me. (I doubt they ever will.)
Is this what Dell gives people for their money as far as support and accidental damage in home service for $400? This is an outrage.

Nelson Timken

Answer:Laptop Charging Port Broken---Paid for Support---Got No Support

repeat of his earlier post from this morning

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Started about a month ago - pops up over and over and over and over - about every five minutes or less.  I've got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 Professional.  Another forum said to just uninstall Dell Support Center (Support Center Software) - but when I try to uninstall it - THE SAME STUPID WINDOW POPS UP ASKING ME TO INSERT THE SOFTWARE.  I tried doing a Browse and it's looking for DSC20.msi.  I haven't managed to find it yet.  I have at least found \Program Files(x86)\Dell Support Center but there's so many sub-directories...
I shouldn't have to be jumping through so many hoops just to uninstall a program.  This is driving me crazy and I haven't found an answer online yet.

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I clean installed windows 7 on my Y650. Then camera is not working, microphone is not working (even if I use external microphone, it is not working). I tried using vista driver but not working. is there any way to make them work? really frustrated ...

Answer:IdeaPad Y650, no microphone support, no camera support in windows 7

same problem here, internal AND external microphone are not working after a clean install of Win7?Does anyone knows where can I find the driver for the microphone?

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I have a Dell E510 with XP 2003. Intermittently, I get this annoying: 'Error 1706.No Valid source could be found for product Dell Support Center [Support Software]. The Windows Installer cannot continue.' This acts like it is trying to load, then gives this Error 1706 and starts all over again.

I have to use the Task Manager to kill this, but would really like to never see Error 1706 again.

Answer:Error 1706 No valid source could be found for product Dell Support Center

To add insult to injury 'Driver Detective' advertised in Major claimint to have Free download of all drivers to fix 1706 Error. After downloading this 100% Free fix, it ran a scan, claimed to have found 53 driver errors and then said to fix, I must Buy their software. Not exactly Free download or Fix like they advertise is it? There are several fake companies/names claiming the same Free fix. After clicking on all (different names) they all go to the Bogus Driver Detective. If they are going to Lie about a Free Fix and Free Driver download, how could I possibly believe that paying them for their software would actually work. You are right, their credibility is Gone.

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This is a General question regarding the end of support for XP. I realise at the end date the computer should be backed up in case you have to format the disc at any time after the end of the support period.

My question is does the built in Windows back up in XP when backing up the system include the installed updates? Or is it best to use third party software to do this.


Answer:[SOLVED] End ofThis is a general question regarding the end of support for XP support

I believe Windows just backs up your personal files and won't do the entire OS. You'll need a 3rd party program to do the entire HDD.

Also you really should think about upgrading to Windows 7. Staying on XP after the end support date is not recommended as you will lose security updates from Microsoft as well as patches.

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When I installed Win8 on one computer I need a H.P. printer driver. So I went to H.P. support/download did not find the needed driver so I called their Tech. support. A friendly support guy looked at my system and told me my copy of Microsoft Win8 bought at Best Buy was not a legit copy, also my system had been infected and they needed to remove my Win8 clean my system and reinstall Win8. made me a deal of a reduced price of $250US I knew this was not right so I begged them good buy went to Best Buy where I have good friends in the Geek Squad. they got the needed driver and printer works fine.
Today my Netgear routher died, called Netgear to get my lifetime warranty. This also was a support in India guy said it would cost $39US to make sure it was the router I said thanks but no thanks. Took my old Netgear router back to Best Bye where I bought it three years ago and they gave me a new Netgear router. I needed setup help so called Netger as new user also in India guy was friendly looked at my system and helped me get it setup. Then he informed me my computer was under attack and my files were being read he could fix my system and protect my files for the small sum of just $85US. Well I was using a small backup H.P. computer on the Net. hardwired and it was almost never used. So I knew it was a India Tech. support scam again.
I think these guys in India do support for many Mfg.s and software makers, and it's an easy way to gleen a lot of fast cash from people who trust the br... Read more

Answer:Tech. Support Scam from India support bases.

Are you sure you were using legitimate HP/Netgear phone numbers? Where did you get the numbers from?

Are you sure it wasn't just a variation of the scams the FTC are starting to crack down on?
How Windows tech support scammers walked right into a trap set by the feds | Ars Technica

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So I am sitting here on my MacBook Pro which in my opinion does not have any wireless issues whatsoever, it works. I still own this ThinkPad with a garbage wireless card, and I feasted my eyes on an Intel 7260 but lo and behold, it isn't on the whitelist! Scouring eBay and Amazon I did find a FRU, but would the number of that FRU be the same on the Hardware list? Lets see, well I cannot even find it. All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support. What does this mean for me? Is my X230 at a very very unnecessary end of life? Should I like, fork out £1400 for an "upgraded" model that probably won't fix most of my problems? My problems is money and saving money. Should i now look elsewhere? No, because I'd rather keep my money to actually FIX my current laptop's problems (the N2200 is a garbage card and would like to replace it with something that's up to date to todays technology but that isn't happening by the sounds of it) I am frustrated with my current laptop's problems and it's having a large effect on my studies. And possibly you can also lose customers by inadequate non-existent support and failure to give us the freedom to actually let us upgrade for those who do. For those who don't, more like.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,

... Read more

Answer:Lack of X230 information on Lenovo Support, where's my old support?

GLaDOSPulse wrote:
All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support.

Seems to work for me...
System service parts: click here!
X230 FRU: click me!

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Comcast email customer service is one of the leading service providers within the fields of email service providers. Comcast email support team does not solely resolve your issues however conjointly they enhance your accounts’ settings in order that you'll use your account with optimum ease. they assist you in backing up your important emails, login issues, and security from malicious software problems, clearing junk or spammed emails, lost or forgotten passwords. Slightly you need to take care chunks is therefore always. 24/7 client support is offered by Comcast email help for any of Microsoft email services or the other. problems like Hotmail account not performing on iPhone 6, Hotmail not sending on iPhone, Hotmail not receiving emails from my server, how to reset Comcast password on iPad etc are mounted by us in less amount of your time. Tools of on-line troubleshooting, remote access, email recovery and #password #reset are employed by comcast email support number to deliver solutions. you'll avail Comcast customer services anytime from anywhere. call the e-mail recovery engineers now on Comcast email customer support (Comcast Email Help).

Answer:Comcast Technical Support By Email Support Number

You can also contact roadrunner because now a day’s roadrunner email is one of the finest web email service providers. Roadrunner email is used by the customers worldwide. Users are facing issues like password reset, account setup issue, account hacking issue, receiving and sending emails issue and many problems, to please contact roadrunner.

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April 8, 2014 ends Microsoft Support of Windows XP. Although no further updates will be issued, current ones will be available for some time, but order of installation is critical. As happened in older OSs at some point all will be removed from the MS site. Therefore users are advised to copy the final complete set to disc for future use.

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On 8th April 2014 Microsoft will not provide any support for Windows XP.
They say this will leave your PC venerable as security updates will not be made.
I run Windows XP as a virtual machine on Windows 7 Professional.
Will the security of this be affected in the same way as a ?stand alone? XP system?


Answer:Microsoft End Support for XP

Q: Will Microsoft remove Windows XP Mode support in Windows 7 as of April 8, 2014 via a patch or update? (XP Mode allows users with old XP apps to run them on Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.)

A: No, XP Mode will not go away, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed. However, Microsoft won't be providing any patches or updates to XP as of that date, so those using XP mode will be exposing themselves to potential security risks.Click to expand...


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TOP STORY from WindowsSecrets newsletter at this issue:

How to maintain XP after Microsoft ends support

By Stuart J. Johnston

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said recently that it's OK with him if you want to stick with Windows XP until Windows 7 is available late next year.

XP lovers may still be able to buy a new PC with that operating system installed for another year or so, but unfortunately, Microsoft plans to end most free support for the OS within months.

On that date ? Apr. 14, 2009 ? millions of PC users, some of whom bought their systems less than a year earlier, will be left in the lurch. These users will have to pay Microsoft for Windows XP support, although downloading critical security patches is expected to remain free of charge.Click to expand...


PTL for the support we get here at Major Geeks.


Answer:Microsoft to end support for XP

Ya Mark, I can understand someone buying an XP rig if they have expensive software and/or hardware to replace which won't run on Vista, but other than that I can't see why folks are skittish about moving on. It's not as if Vista has a steep learning curve to conquer.:confused

It's been RTM'd nearly two years ago along with SP1 and soon to be SP2 to improve. It is darn stable and recovers easily from problems. Case in point, I had an nVidia video driver problem the other day, the screen went black for a couple of seconds and then Vista recovered and then went merrily chugging on it's way wheras XP would have surely given me a BSOD or worse.

Man, it happened so fast that I only was able to read 'nvvxxxx' was restored or something to that effect.

'Ill advised' is the correct term, someone wanted to get rid of the inventory.

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How can I get Microsoft help and support instead of that for HP Magic Canvas which I get now?

Answer:Microsoft help and support

What are you 'clicking' to get the support but actually getting HP Magic Canvas?

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I'm having a hard time getting in contact with online microsoft support everytime i go on the website the button is missing to start a chat

Answer:Microsoft support UK?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I'm having a hard time getting in contact with online microsoft support everytime i go on the website the button is missing to start a chat Are you going to this page?
there's a section about contact answer desk
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I put together some template sites for my business. I copy and paste from Word 2003 into HTML pages and apply the site syles to page.

It's not exactly the pro way to go but it has always worked well..

In these Word documents are VML graphs. Graphs created in Word. When I first began doing things this way, the graphs appeared perfectly in my HTML page using IE6.

For a long time the graphs were NOT visible in Firefox or Opera because of the VML language I assumed. Then Firefox and Opera evidently added something which allowed these graphs to appear. The quality of the images was not real good but at least the graphs were visible using IE6, Firefox and Opera.

Now in unusual ironic twist, these graphs are still visible in Firefox and Opera but nothing but a big white blank appears in IE7.

I don't know how experienced you are here with IE. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make IE7 show these Microsoft Word created graphs as IE6 did? You cannot copy and paste these graphs directly into a graphics editor with any quality. They look like crap. Like 36 dpi resolution.

I've had to resort to making screen prints and turning them into GIF's.

Here's an example page. There a graph on this page in Firefox (lower quality but there). In IE7 it's gone. In IE6 it's perfect. Did Microsoft simply drop there support for VML images?

Answer:IE7 and Microsoft VML Support

I am experiencing a similar situation with viewing graphs and even images when Microsoft Word converted documents into an html file. Now, when viewed in IE7 these are not showing for me. All I see is a large blank white space. Does anyone out there have a solution to this? Is there a patch of some sort that can be downloaded to allow the vml to be viewed? I am using a Vista machine with IE7.

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Question: Microsoft Support

Hello all.

I recently contacted microsoft via an online form @

Basically I moved my domain to another server and now emails are blocked by hotmail...

ANYWAY. I recieved an email from ms telling me to put an spf record...which I already have...I was told to reply to them...

When replying to the email address the email originated from

>> [email protected]m

I get a bounced message...


So I ask...Does anyone know an email address at microsoft I can email to get back in touch with them?

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Tech was unable to set up network printing for my 6835 and I was promised a call back. Have not received one. 

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Call Technical support. Thank you! Support +1(877) 210-0840

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Some how my old friend managed to upgrade my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 with that chipset driver CD I gave him. I don't know how he did it. I would ask him but he moved to Germany. Anyway I've heard you can run the setup with Windwos Vista compatiblity mode but I don't know if it is safe. Anyone know?

Answer:Motherboard support CD does not support your operating system

Download the drivers from the manufacturers website. The driver CD is likely outdated anyway.

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Dial 0800-098-8590 for HP Technical Support, our technician are here to give best solutions for your issues at any time. Feel free call us for your HP your issues, HP Printer Support.
3">[click here

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I have a Thinkpad T450s and it is just over a year old. It still has 3 more years of warranty. Edit: Warranty type: TPJ (This product has a four year limited warranty which includes a warranty upgrade. This product is entitled to parts and labor and is entitled to Depot service).Recently the lenovo solution center gave an critical error for the HDD (Read test failure) and I submitted an online request reporting it. Without even sending me an email or contacting me, they sent me a new part and gave me zero information about it. Apparently every other person can replace a HDD now!  I have created 3 more cases calling their tech support to send the laptop for a depo repair. Everytime the request is rejected 'at the vendor' according to the customer care. Neither the customer care people or tech support can tell me why. Every time they create a new case, tell me I will receive a depo bag nect day, and I dont receive anything, have to call depo customer care and on hold for minimum 40 minutes, only to hear that the case has been rejected they dont know why.One tech support told me now I have to send the new part back before creating a new case, otherwise it will be rejected again. but he does not know how I can send the new part back. The return label sent to me was for the faulty HDD.Can anyone help? What is the point of paying for warranty if I receive this type of service? 

Answer:HORRIBLE tech support and warranty support

You do not state which type of warranty you currently have, there are a few which will affect how TS will or can respond. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction...

T61, 6465, Vista

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What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they dont support One Drive. I cannot connect to One Drive with any of my Windows phones, iPhone, or Android cell. I called tech support and they told me they are not trained to support One Drive for cell phones. I have spent lots of money on my equipment to be told they do not support it.

Answer:What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they don't support One Drive?

Did you go here?

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