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Dell Inspiron 15 N 5010 wont turn on only beeping continuous

Question: Dell Inspiron 15 N 5010 wont turn on only beeping continuous

I have Dell Inspiron 15N 5010. When I press the Power on button, it starts making beeping sound 8 times continuously and does not start. Screen is totally blank. What to do ? Please help me.

Regards Vivek

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 15 N 5010 wont turn on only beeping continuous

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Dell Inspiron 15R (5537) suddenly wouldn't want to start. When boot up, nothing seem to appear, blank screen, no logo, no text, nothing. there is a continuous beeping, it not 2 beep or 5 beep or any number of beep, it just beep continuously, never ending, until I turn off the laptop. 
Did some searching around on the web, forum, and so far I attempted:
-Checked ram and hard-drive to see if it fully connect.
-Turn off computer, unplug battery and ac power, press the power button for 30 sec.
still haven't resolve the problem yet.
Next, I try to do a Pre-boot System Assessment, FN+Power. Took SEVERAL attempt to finally got it to run Pre-boot System Assessment. Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off, Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off.
Did that for about 20 times and finally got Pre-boot System Assessment instead of the beeping.
This is the result I got from it, Currently doing the remaining memory test. It taking a long time, ill have an update once that is done, it stuck on 98%. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15R wont turn on (continuous beeping)

This paper discusses troubleshooting steps for notebooks that are not turning on.  Typically it could be one of three issues,  No power (no power to the notebook), No post (the system has power but is not fully turning on), or No boot (the system has power, it is turning on, but it is not booting to the Operating system).
From your post it is obvious that the notebook has power,  but it isn't fully turning on.  I would have to say that this is a No post problem. This paper will go over further troubleshooting steps to help determine the problem.
If the notebook is not starting up or showing a blank screen:

Remove any peripheral devices that are attached to the computer. Peripherals include:

Media Card Readers
Mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets or portable digital assistants or MP3 players
Digital cameras or video recorders
USB storage devices
Remove the computer from a docking station if it is in one
Remove any CDs or DVDs in the optical drive
Remove the AC adapter from the computer and remove the AC power cord from the wall outlet.
Remove the computer's battery. For instructions on how to do this, consult the Online Owner's Manual.
Press and hold the computer power button for 15 seconds.
Insert the AC adapter plug and make sure it is seated properly.
Plug in the AC power cord to a known good working outlet.
Press the power button to see if the computer turns on.
If the computer starts, turn it off and put the... Read more

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I have Inspiron N5010 suddenly makes continuous Beep sound when press power on with black screen and not Start

Answer:My inspiron 5010 makes continuous beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

If it's a continuous single beep, it means the mainboard is bad.  If it's some other pattern such as four beeps - pause - four, etc., post the sequence and someone can help you interpret the error.

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When I turn on my laptop the screen remains black and there is a continuous beeping sound. I ran a diagnostics test and there were no errors. The problem is still the same. What can I do?

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Hi! my Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series wont turn on. The power light turns on when connected to the power supply. I tried to disconnect the charger, removed the battery and held the power button for 30 seconds. After reconnecting the charger and battery, i tried to turn it on again, but the power light only lasted for 5 seconds and there's no beeping sound. My laptop still wont turn on. What could I possibly do? What could possibly be the problem? My laptop is already out of warranty, how much would it cost if repaired?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series won't turn on and there's no beeping sound

What is the exact system model? 
Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
Please check if there is any damage on the machine. Check if all the ports on the machine are fine or misaligned. Sometimes if the pins in the USB ports are touching each other, they are known to cause many issues on the machine.
The power light you are referring to that lasts for 5 seconds only - is that the power button led on the system? - enter the service tag and download the service manual and remove the memory modules / HDD and try powering on the machine with adapter only / battery only and check.
Press and hold the end key and plug in the power adapter to power on the system - if it stays on, then you could try a BIOS recovery as listed here - - please be advised that this method has not been tested by Dell, however, few other customers have tried this method for different models and were able to recover the system functionality.
If nothing works, I would suspect a motherboard failure. You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Also, please click my DELL-user... Read more

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My computer does not boot up. Whenever I push the on button, it does not boot. Nothing appears on the screen, all I get is a continuous beeping.

Here is the beeping:

Please have a listen and tell me what you think the problem is and possible solutions.

Thanks to anyone who helps.

Answer:Help. Computer wont boot...just a continuous beeping (beeping included)

Welcome to TSG....

I did not download the file but I would make sure that the memory is reseated properly and also all of the other cards like video card is/are also seated properly. Do this reseating with the computer powered down.

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This is my second attempt to post this question; the first has never made it out of moderation.
I hope someone here has some insight into what is going on with my Inspiron 15R (Model 5010) and possibly some suggestions overcome this problem. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to provide as much information as possible. I did perform a search for answers and unless I missed it, I didn’t find a similar problem.
At this point, it is my opinion that DELL created a Recovery Partition on this Laptop that, after a Recovery procedure is completed, somehow points to loading the OS from one of their Servers or a device that is not available, instead of my local Drive C:, the next and subsequent times my Laptop is restarted after the initial setup is completed.
Background: I purchased this DELL Inspiron 15R new from DELL in 2011 and it came with Windows 7 Home Premium. Last year, when the free Windows 10 upgrade was available for this Laptop I decided to try it, knowing that I would probably have an issue with the Bluetooth capability. As it turns out, Bluetooth partially worked, but I lost the availability of my LAN card. So, I decided to use the Windows 10 feature that allowed me to go back to Windows 7 within the initial 30 day period. The rollback created numerous problems (couldn’t uninstall or update some programs, some USB ports didn’t work, and other issues) that I’ve lived with, but finally decided to restore my laptop using the R... Read more

Answer:DELL Inspiron 15R (5010) Recovery Issue

Upgrading the OS destroys the F8 quick restore option - if the partition is still there, it CAN still be used but you'll need to invoke it manually.
That said, the description is exactly what you'd see if your hard drive were failing.  Have you run a full diagnostic on the hard drive?
F12 at powerup - let the quick test run, and then boot to the 32-bit diagnostics and run a surface scan of the hard drive (this will take a couple of hours to complete).
To use the recovery partition where you cannot get in through F8, see
(it will work with Vista or Windows 7).

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Hi. ihave dell inspiron 5010 and i had know my password but i changed the settings to default and when i restarted it asked me to put system password then i wrote the password and saied invalid -_- any idea?

Answer:how to acsses dell inspiron 5010 bios

Hi waddah,Did you press <Ctrl> + <Enter> after typing the password?You can send a Private Message with system Service Tag and name listed on the account.Also, you can refer to the link mentioned below: & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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Hi everyone
I have a dell inspiron n5010 and have changed the motherboard,when i went to connect the hard drive the connection on the new motherboard was different than the old one.
Here are some photos click here

Answer:Dell inspiron 5010 laptop harddrive

looks like you may need something like this
click here

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My built in lenovo keyboard recently stopped working. None of the keys are stuck, so I know that the issue is an internal short circuit in the keyboard. However, there is this never ending beeping sound that I cannot disable. Please help.

Answer:How can I turn off continuous beeping?

If the beeping is caused by a faulty keyboard you'll need to get the keyboard replaced.

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I have a Dell Inspiron N 5010.  I had to put in a new hard drive.  I do not have a disk with windows 7 on it.  I have a recovery disk but it does not work.  How do I get back my OS?  Also the windows code on the bottom of the computer has worn off and is not readable.  Can anyone help me?

Answer:Dell Inspiron N 5010 replaced hard drive have no OS disk

Is your Dell registered with Dell? Have you contacted them to see what help they can provide?

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Hi everyone I have a dell inspiron n5010 and have changed the motherboard,when i went to connect the hard drive the connection on the new motherboard was different than the old one.
Here are some photos

Answer:Dell inspiron 5010 motherboard wrong connector for hard drive

Did you order the motherboard from Dell ?

I`d call them

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was using my laptop the other night when in bed and had it on my quilt cover. all of a sudden the whole thing just turned off and when i tried to turn it back on again there was no power goin to it at all no lights nothing. so i took the battery out of it and tried and power lead and then put them back in and tried to turn it on again and nothing happened. it is a windows vista. also when i have the lead plug into the socket and not the laptop the blue light will come on the lead but when i go to plug it into the laptop the blue light turns off.. please any help is greatly appreciated

Answer:please help my dell inspiron laptop wont turn on

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Vista that will not boot up. When I turn the computer on the fan runs but the screen stays black and nothing turns on. The battery light blinks amber, and the wifi catcher light blinks yellow then blue. I thought it was the DC power jack/USB board, so I bought and replaced it, but that didn't do anything. It still does the same thing. I couldn't find any diagnostic for the blinking lights (the keyboard lights do not light up). I tried re-seating the RAM and anything else I could think of, but nothing works. Does this mean my motherboard is fried? How can I tell if it is that, or something else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 wont turn on

Hi this is from the manual

Solving Problems
Power Problems
If the power light is off — The computer is
either turned off or is not receiving power.
• Reseat the power cable into both the
power connector on the computer and the
electrical outlet.
• If the computer is plugged into a power strip,
ensure that the power strip is plugged into
an electrical outlet and that the power strip
is turned on. Also temporarily bypass power
protection devices, power strips, and power
extension cables to verify that the computer
turns on properly.
• Ensure that the electrical outlet is working
by testing it with another device, such as a
• Check the AC adapter cable connections. If
the AC adapter has a light, ensure that the
light on the AC adapter is on.
If the power light is solid white and the
computer is not responding — The display may
not be connected or powered on. Ensure that
the display is properly connected and then turn
it off then back on.
If the power light is blinking white — The
computer is in standby mode. Press a key on the
keyboard, move the pointer on the trackpad or a
connected mouse, or press the power button to
resume normal operation.
If the power light is solid amber — The
computer has a power problem or an internal
device malfunction. For assistance contact Dell,
see “Contacting Dell” on page 50.
If the power light is blinking amber — The
computer is receiving electrical power, but a
device migh... Read more

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I have a n7110 17r, i got it used so there is no warranty on it. I got it around February of this year. Then one day around May the screen stopped working but the fan and everything else worked still. I decided to take it apart to see if the cable to the screen was on correctly but then when I put it back together nothing started working and there are no lights except for the Windows mobility center button (the one with 2 gears on it). It lights up as soon as i plug in the charger in the laptop with no battery or if the battery has some charge and I push the power button. Is there a way to fix this or is this laptop dead?

Answer:Dell Inspiron n7110 17r wont turn on

Download the service manual here - - remove the memory modules, disconnect the HDD / ODD and power on the system and check the exact # of beeps in a cycle. This will help diagnose the source of the issue.
Press and hold the fn key + power button - it should initiate diagnostics and if there is an error, count the exact # of beeps in a cycle and it will help isolate the source of the issue.
Connect an external monitor and check if the display works fine.
If nothing goes, I would primarily suspect the motherboard.
As there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I plug in the power chord and try to swithch on the laptop.
3 light's on the laptop turn on for 3 seconds and then nothing .Nothing comes on the console is all black.
I have tried switching on without battery, without ram and nothing _> same light on the laptop comes on for 3-04 seconds and nothing after that.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks All

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i had this computer for a few years now but
i only used it for about a year then i messed up the os..
eventually i go to ficxing it late last year but it only worked for a few days
then it never turned on again...
its not the battery because
i plug in the charger and no charging light comes on the computer
but the light on the charger is on
help? what could it be?


Answer:dell inspiron 1501 wont turn on?!!

It could be a loose power jack on the laptop. If you move the power connection around while plugged it, can you see the battery charging light come on?

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ok i had gotten a dell inspiron 8500 and it was working fine but overheating to the point where it would shut off so i did some reading and found out it was the video so i took it apart to look at it and noticed that the heat sink for the cpu was very loose so i cleaned off the heat sink and put on some more heatsink compound and tightened it and now when i try to turn the pc on the caps lock light just blinks at me

Answer:Need help dell inspiron 8500 wont turn on

If the heatsink compound is conductive check to see if you have spilled some on the surounding board and if it is a naked chip,check the bridges are clean.Also try a cmos reset.

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Ok well, I'm trying to make this short while going into detail. Anyways today i left to go and do some things and my PC was working fine i was downloading some things so I left it on. I came back (Couple hours later) and its off the screen is still on. so I go to turn on the PC and it doesn't power on. I try switching several new outlets but still nothing. so i take it apart and there was nothing burnt or anything. so i put it back together and still nothing. So i checked the little green light and it isn't even lit. Anything i could do?   Also its windows 8                                                  

Answer:My Dell Inspiron 660s wont turn on? HELP!

Hi xgenmakers, unfortunately we have not received feedback from you on this topic. If you need continued support, please respond to my message. Other community members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.

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hi my e1505 wont turn on when i press the power button, no sound...nothing. Preceding this was an accident where orange juice was spilled on the bed where the e1505 was sitting but i think it only crept in where the cpu radiator vents are, so i opened it up thoroughly cleaned everything on the top and bottom of the mobo with rubbing alc and put it all back together and pushed power and no go. although its sounds like a mobo issue i have a sneaking suspicion its the tiny little board that holds the actual power button because in the past(before the orange juice) i would have this problem where it wouldn't do anything and that was eventually solved by pushing really really hard down on the power button, so i feel like it could be that the little power board's connections are weak or the power board itself is fried.

any thoughts?

Answer:Dell Inspiron e1505 wont turn on

The power board or motherboard could be damaged or shorted by the orange juice or by static electricity... when you disassembled the laptop

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I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop that wont turn on or anything! When you try to power it up there is a green light with what looks like a padlock and a letter A inside it that will blink 9 times and then the light turns off. But meanwhile the fan nor the screen will turn on. Any ideas?!?

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I'm not impressed with my Dell. I purchased in Feb 2012. Yesterday I tried to power it on but nothing. The power supply is fine. There is a red light on in the inside but the desktop will not power up. I trouble shooted online, from another computer, but found nothing. I called tech. support but since my warrenty ran out they want to charge me just to tell me what I have already figured out, that the mother board has failed..The computer is not even 2 years old yet! My first Dell lasted 10 years. Like I said tech service was no help. I imagine customer service won't be either. And this site shows no help either, I don't see were I can purchase a new mother board. A local computer tech looked at it, free of charge and guesses its the motherboard. I'm sure if I should try to find new mother board or purchase a brand new computer, which would NOT be another Dell.

Answer:Inspiron 620 wont turn on, not happy about Dell product.

How do you know it's not the power supply?

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I have a Dell inspiron 5150 laptop, I have a battery installed in it, also have the powercable plugged into the back and yet I have no power going to it. I've got the power light on at the recharger, so that appears to be working, but the laptop itself isn't recieving any of the juice. Any ideas?

Answer:dell inspiron 5150 laptop wont turn on

gwana said:

I have a Dell inspiron 5150 laptop, I have a battery installed in it, also have the powercable plugged into the back and yet I have no power going to it. I've got the power light on at the recharger, so that appears to be working, but the laptop itself isn't recieving any of the juice. Any ideas?Click to expand...
I had the same problem with a Latitude. Try taking the battery out and starting it. Could be that the battery is bad.
The other thing that could be wrong is the power cord. My Latitude has had a bad power cord even though the green light in that box in the cord stays lit.
Dell sent me a new one. Good luck


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I have a dell inspiron 6000 adapter light went off, wife saiid dogs jerked it out running thru the house. got new adapter, adapter lights up, pc does nothing when power button pushed, no lights nothing. The battery has not held charge for some time. But it worked before with the same battery, so I am confused. I tore it apart after reading about magnet sensor problem, and that was a msitake as my pc does not seem to even have that same part as mentioned in the post. Any suggestions are appreciated for this newbie. I will be getting a new pc for self, but would like to keep this one for the kids.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 wont turn on / power up

When the dogs jerked out the AC adapter, this probably broke the DC jack from the motherboard. This can be repaired, but you "tore it apart", maybe causing more damage

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I recently changed the screens on my laptop without difficulty. The next day i went to classes and brought my laptop since it was now fixed. When i went to turn it on it was very dark and i couldn't adjust the brightness. I couldn't get pass the log on screen so i held down the power button but it would not turn off so i took out the battery. I put the battery back in and left the laptop alone till i got home. I thought that the problem with the screen was a wire came loose or something of that nature so i took apart the screen and made sure everything was plugged in. I put it back together and put the battery back in and went to turn it on to see if the screen problem was resolved and it wouldn't boot or anything. I don't get any beeps, fans, or lights that turn on. HELP!?!?!?!

Answer:Dell Inspiron n5010 wont turn on, no beeps , no lights, nothing.

Hi Jamien606,
Do you see light on the adapter? You may drain the flea power and see if that makes a difference:

Disconnect all the external peripherals.
Unplug AC Adapter and also take off the battery.
Press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds.
Connect the AC Adapter back and check if the system is working fine.

Keep me posted. Please reply for any further questions.

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Hey there,

I have an Inspiron 11 3000 hybrid laptop. Yesterday it was freezing all night while I was watching a movie, and buy today morning the screen wouldnt turn on. I can hear the ventillation and the backup light is on, when I push the start button. I googled a bit, and someone suggested connecting the laptop to a TV via HDMI, and it actually works. So I can see the windows 10 start screen on my TV, and even the touchpad works -- it just fails to show up on the laptop screen. Any suggestions, Id like to avoid the service point.

Thank you in advance!

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My laptop started showing signs of trouble last year. At first, it would go blue screen while I was using. I neglected that. Then, It started turning off if shaken. Now it turned of after I picked it up, and it's been dead nomather what I do.
I tried unplugging everything, including power supply, discharged flea power, but nothing happened...
When I press the on button, the LED light up as they should. The screen remains dead. After about 10 seconds, the battery LED and the CD LED start pulsing on and off (around 1Hz). The fan also follows the LEDs, accelerating and decelerating... No beep is heard.
What could it be? How can I test it?
Warranty is long gone.

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After upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, When I manually click on "Start-------> Shutdown " my power button light wont turn off, screen goes black but the bottom is still giving light, it only turn off men I press it 7 sec ore remove the battery. Can some one help me and solve my problem. 

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The inspiron n5010 dell laptop will not boot.  Beeps seven times.  The only thing I found on the net is that the processor is gone.  Could this be the case?  its less than a year old and cannot find the receipt.
Please help....

Answer:Inspiron n5010 beeping 7 times when you turn it on

Hi Rodneym,
Welcome to the Community. Yes 7 beeps on a Inspiron N5010 means a CPU Cash Test Failure. Hence you will need to have the Processor replaced. Contact Dell Technical Support in your region for a replacement.
Thank you.

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I have dell inspiron about a year old and I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Today my system has been refusing to start. I can't even see the Dell splash screen. Only the startup LED flickers and goes away after about 3-4 seconds.  Then nothing happens. This goes on continuously. Monitor is completely blank.
Would appreciate any help.

Answer:Dell inspiron going into a continuous boot cycle

The Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) is the place to start.  Run an extended test on the hard drive.
If any errors arise, please post those along with the exact system model information (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5221, etc.).

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hi everyone... my dell inspiron 1525 that's about two years old, and has had to operate (most of the time, continuously...) under terrible conditions - smothered ventilation and, oven-hot, is now beeping...

...this summer it seemed the battery went (it would not work unless it was plugged in at all times), and then the fan started running nearly constantly and it would be so hot that it would burn my fingers and often shut off (i've got a cooling fan now, but i don't think it's helping, probably too little, too late), and of late i notice that it is sometimes making a soft click-pause-click sound with occasional louder clicks (the sound of a latch being opened/closed) ...although, now i recall that it may have made that sound once in a while, even when it was new, but maybe i never realized that it could have been doing that because it was critically hot and the hard drive was being damaged...
and now finally it has started making an occasional, small but high pitched, single beep that sounds like it's coming from the hard drive. is this a warning alarm that the hard drive is about to die very soon?

i hated having to run my 'baby' under these conditions and know i'm probably fortunate that it has served me for this long

Answer:why is my dell inspiron 1525 beeping? is it about to die?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 14 that I bought in early 2016. About two weeks ago, my computer starting beeping 5 times when turning on and continuing to beep once I log in and use my computer. I called Dell who had me run some tests and the beeping stopped. Today, the beeping started again. After searching online, I found that it could be a CMOS battery failure. So I bought a new battery and replaced it. Beeping still occurs. A few things to note that may/may not be important:

- My computer still starts up and operates normally. I can browse the internet and everything.
- When I play audio out of my computer the beeping stops.
- I did notice a while back that my clock on my computer was running about 1-2 minutes behind but didn't think much of it. After changing the CMOS battery, the time is back to normal. So I know the battery itself is working properly or at least better than the old one.

Any other suggestions on how to fix the beeping? Thank you!

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Hello Admins, I have Dell Inspiron 3521.  I bought it in August 2013. Since a month ago, the laptop keep beeping after started up (after the power button was pressed.
It goes like this :
- I press the power button
- it looks like it'll started up, but suddenly it stops, the screen remains black and only the power indicator that lights up.
- it starts to beep one beep at a time,  with some seconds interval.
It has started like this for several months. At first i didn't bother by it, because when it happened, I just force shut down once, then it started like usual. But this month I must put the laptop at sleep if I want it to remain ON. If i ever shut down or restart the laptopa or the battery is dead, it'll only can start up after tens time pressing the power button thena force shut down. Today it really didnt work.
I have try pressing the f12 key after power button. But nothing happen.
Your answer is really appreciated.
And thank you so much.

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Laptop shut down randomly over the weekend and now when trying to switch on beeps 7 times very loudly, can find that its a processor issue but am going round & round in circles trying to find out how to fix it
Any ideas?? Laptop just over 2 years old and out of warranty
Cant even switch it on to take the stuff off it!!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3521 - CPU Beeping Error

Hi sueballoo,
Thanks for posting!
If it is a processor failure, then the only solution would be to replace the processor or the motherboard.  It's more likely that the motherboard is causing the problem.
Since you're out of warranty, you can contact our Out of Warranty department to discuss troubleshooting and costs of repair. 
If you are just wanting to get your "stuff" off it, you can remove the hard drive, put it in an inexpensive hard drive enclosure and use it like a usb drive on another machine.

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When I press the start button, I get a beeping sound. one beep then pause then beeps again. Can you please help me?

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I have a dell inspiron 7737  which is the warranty period is over and now the laptop keep beeping 1 time then after 2-3 sec then beeping again. The screen of the laptop is blank, some of the time the laptop will successful get into window after many times of the beeping session. What of the solution for this issue, and is it I change the CMOS battery will fix this issue?

Answer:Dell inspiron 7737 beeping 1 time

Firstly, the next time system boots into windows, ensure you copy / save all your important data.
The one beep is a BIOS ROM failure which ideally indicates a possible motherboard failure - check this article -
Create a bootable USB using Rufus - - copy the BIOS file to that - - and try to flash the BIOS.
Try a BIOS recovery - although your system model might not be listed, please give it a try.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
You could try reseating the memory modules and the CMOS battery and check if required - download the service manual from the support site link above.
If nothing works, I would suspect a motherboard failure. 
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
You could also order the parts here -
My personal suggestion is that you invest your money on a new machine than to repair this system. However, that is your discretion.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private convers... Read more

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Aloha Chev65 & Centaur78,
Many Mahalos for the assist you've been giving to KrazyJethro...I've got the same problem so your posts have helped me to at least get crucial info for your review via ?SFDT?. I've also attached a screenshot of our Dell Laptop system info. This is the wireless client giving me problems.
I can play with the settings and finally get it connected then after a while of usage, for no reason it'll loose connectivity. If I reboot the machine, still no connectivity, I have to go into device manager and disable the LAN adapter for about 30sec. Many times even that doesn't work.

Our network consists of Cisco/Linksys: 1) Router,LINKSYS-E3200, 2) Switch, LINKSYS-EG005W ver3, 5 port Gigabit Workgroup Switch, 3) Range Expander, LINKSYS-RE1000-RM. Additional devices are, 4) NAS, NetgearReadyNAS NV+V1 (RND4410-V1), 5) Printer, HP OFFICEJET PRO 8600 N911a, 6) 2 wired clients, 7) 6 wireless clients (Dell Laptop & HP 8600 included).
The newest addition to the network is the range expander. The problems with the laptop have been ongoing for several months but are now more frequent.

The HP8600 also receives a error message of not being able to reach the server. Our connectivity problems with the printer have also been ongoing for several months.
Mahalo & aloha for any assistance you can provide.

Answer:Continuous loss of Wireless IP on WIN7 DELL INSPIRON N7010.

On the range extender, be sure and turn off any type of DHCP it may have on. DHCP should only be turned on with the router that is connected to the modem. Also plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the extender, don't use the WAN port at all on that.

Besides those potential problems I'll post a link which covers about every problem with Unidentified Public Network which can be caused by a million different things but the most likely problems and some solutions are covered in the link.

Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved

It would also be worth trying to start up in safe mode with Networking to determine if the problem is caused from an installed program or A/V.
Safe Mode

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I've had this computer for a little over a year and never had any problems with it. It was working fine this morning and I shut the lid to go do stuff but when i returned and tried to turn on the laptop it started beeping about every five seconds. The screen is black and I am unable to turn it on or off. It just stays at a black screen beeping every five seconds. I've tried holding the power button to turn it off but it wont do anything. It just keeps beeping every five seconds. Help!!  There were no error messages before I turned off my laptop and nothing like this has ever happen. 

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Hi ,
My dell inspiron i 5558 keeps re-booting and also beeping 8 times continuously. Even the laptop screen is not coming up and I've to having the external monitor for it show the screen.  Let me know what is the fix for it.  


Answer:My dell inspiron i5558 keeps re boot and also beeping 8 times

The error means the display isn't recognized.
Hold the D key through powerup - you should see a series of alternating screens displayed.  If you don't, the display panel is faulty -- replace it.
If you do see that, the display is OK.  That leaves either the wiring harness that runs between the display panel and mainboard as the next suspect.  Check it for damage, and reseat both ends.  If that does nothing, replace it with a new one.
If that doesn't solve it, the GPU is bad - replace the mainboard.

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What is wrong with my dell laptop, it seems to be beeping is a sequence of 7 beeps. it doesn't seem to be charging as well and the power light goes on for about 2 seconds before slowly receding and about 5 seconds after that is starts beeping even with the power cord connected. Please help. I just got it for Christmas.

Answer:why is my dell inspiron 15 - 3000 series beeping 7 times

If these links are anything to go by... the cpu?Presumably it doesn't boot properly?As it's "new" - you're the first owner...? Contact Dell orthe vendor under warranty.

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Hi iam using dell inspiron is having  continuous beeps on startup with black sreen. Could you please advise what will be the problem.

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Hi, I own a Dell Inspiron N5110 i5 processor laptop with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Its getting 14 months since I bought it.From the last few days, I could see that the machine makes beep sound on start up till the windows starts. The sound gets disappeared after OS starts. Especially if I turn on the lap from hibernation mode, some time rebooting also make the beep sound. However, I observed a similar low tone inside the system even when the machine is running. I have been using a cooler also to reduce the heat, all keys are working fine no thing is jammed, I have performed the dell H/W diagnostics test all the results were passed. Drivers are all updated, the processor fan i also running correctly. I am wondering what can be the reason.
Please do share your thoughts and suggestions about this issue.

Answer:Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

I have tried something from another forum that I found, but do not have the link so I cannot copy and paste or give credit to the poster.  This is what I did:
1) Unplug all power from the laptop
2) Remove the battery
3) Hold down the power button for approximately 15 seconds.
4) Reattach the battery and/or plug in the power supply.
5) Power on the laptop.
This solved my problem.

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I have Dell Vostro 3360 for more than 2 years now  (1 year running windows 10 installed from scratch) and yesterday it stopped working.
At first it does not want to start, when I press 'power' button it starts beeping (very similar sound to the sound when battery is low, though I am not 100% positive). It beeps with regular intervals and does not boot. A couple of times it booted but after several minutes I received blue screens, but both times with different messages:
When I tried to restart it after one of the successful boots it just turned off.
The day before yesterday update was applied to operating system (win 10), but I am not really sure whether it is the problem. I replaced hdd with no luck, still beeps and refuses to boot.
Is it possible that windows update could install malicious driver which broke the hardware?
How can I troubleshoot this issue and find the real cause behind the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dell Vostro does not turn on, constantly beeping

The pattern of beeps will indicate which component has failed - is it a single repeating beep, or something like three, pause, three -- if the latter, how many beeps between pauses?
No, it's not a driver that would cause this -- some component in the system has failed. One clearly was the hard drive, but if you've replaced that to no effect, something else is faulty as well.  The beep code pattern will tell you.

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Hi my Inspiron 3531 laptop wont turn on when I push the power button it beeps twice and pauses for a second the beeps 2 more times and does this continually until I push the power button off or remove all power sources.  I have removes battery and Ac cable and held power button down for 30 second to remove static power and that didn't help.  I have reset the memory in the slot and that didn't help.  What do I do to fix it.  It is out of warranty.

Answer:Insprion 3531 laptop wont turn on beeping

This means the system detects no memory.  Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery, and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove the base cover and the memory module(s).  Then replace the modules and base cover and try again.
If this still results in a 2-beep code, and you have more than one memory module, try the modules one at a time in each socket until  you find the bad module (replace) or bad socket (replace the mainboard).
If you get no results from this, replace the mainboard.

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My Dell Inspiron n5010 (Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit) recently recovered from an LCD problem (8 Beeps), that I managed to fix with an external monitor, 'Startup Repair' and new GPU and BIOS drivers that were recommended by the Dell 'AutoDetect' feature on the website.
The laptop now works fine (as far as I know), however, it constantly beeps, then pauses, then beeps some more.
Note that this problem does not persist if I booted the laptop as it was connected to an external monitor. As long as I booted it connected to one, it won't trouble me.
Is there a fix for this problem, as having to rely on an external monitor for a laptop kind of destroys the purpose of portability. The battery is pretty old and I can't just put the computer to sleep to move it somewhere else without it shutting down itself.
I have not tested if the problem persists if it boots from a hibernation.
Thank you,

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Win 7 upgraded to Win 10 via free upgradeI7-3610QM8GB ram1TB SSD

The BSOD errors started a couple months back or maybe longer. Every several weeks i would get a crash and since it was about 1/month i didn't worry too much but did move files to the cloud. The last week has really ramped up and the crashes were almost every day. I took some screen shots. I'll put them in order. After several of these BSOD restarts the computer would go straight into downloading updates. One of the pics shows when the update froze. Because of this, i thought maybe it was a recent update that was the issue. There were a few screen glitches and strange linear sections of pixels that flashed across the screen right before 2 of the crashes (see error#2). I went online and tried to search for a fix for the IRQL... error. I can across a link to a suggestion to run a command code driver verification command. I was never able to get it to work and ran the reset command. Not too long after, one of my next BSOD errors was about the DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VIOLATION. See error #4.
I tried to do the Windows diagnose problem option and it found nothing. Windows troubleshoot offers to restore to previous point 3/29/17. I tried that and it would not work. I also tried the Windows startup repair and it did not work. Next the computer locked up and as i tried to do a HARD shutdown it wouldn't turn off and then started BEEPING at me and sounded like it was coming from somewhere (underneath) other th... Read more

Answer:BSOD errors now can't find OS -BEEPING- - Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720

Nowhere have you mentioned running a hardware diagnostic  -- that should be done, including an extended test on the hard drive.  F12 at powerup to get to the Dell diagnostics.

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Recently bought a new Inspiron 3541 everytime I boot the laptop makes high pitched series of 5 beep as long as the bios loads. I have replaced the CMOS battery twice and I still get the same effect. If there is a solution please tell me, if none I'll be happy to call it defective.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 3541 keeps beeping 5 times, CMOS battery replaced at least twice.

Hi Insporonist,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Disconnect AC adapter & Notebook Battery and then remove the CMOS, start the laptop once only with the adapter and check if the beeps are observed.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version available on Dell Support site.
Please private message us the service tag of the system.
Kindest Regards,
DELL-Akshatha M
Social Media and Community Professional

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I bought 2 of these laptops, with Win 8.1 installed, and opened them both at Staples yesterday, to upgrade to Win 10. One just does the 5-times beep, and won't boot. The other upgraded easily - by the Staples tech.

5 beeps while booting indicates a possible dead CMOS battery, as per the Dell website.
How do I replace the CMOS battery? It looks like it's under the keyboard, and soldered to a wire.  There's a youtube video, that makes the replacement look easy; my Inspiron is different. The battery is not under/behind that on-the-bottom removable panel.
Other people have posted about this problem, but there are no solutions posted.
Dell won't help me, as I can't find the receipt. They claim the unit shipped in late 2014, so its beyond any warranty period, anyway. Yes - they were unopened boxes until yesterday.
Any suggestions?

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I'm working on another friends computer and this one seems to be working well. It boots up fast and doesn't have a lot of clutter. If the computer is idle, it seems to be fine. But I did some CPU torture tests and it seems like if there's a significant amount of CPU load the computer will freeze up and start emitting a faint but fast beeping sound coming from the right side.

When I ran the CPU torture test and monitored the temps, it seemed to stay at about 56C on both cores the whole time (about 20 minutes) until the screen saver came on and then a few minutes later it froze. 56C isn't that high as far as I know right?

I also installed ActiveSMART to check the HDD integrity. It seemed to be fine as well. Disk health and Performance were good and the temp was steady at 39C which was in light yellow.

My friend said that recently she reinstalled windows so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with system files.

What could the beeping be? What should my next step be?

Edit: The whole time I was testing the laptop was not connected to the internet.

Answer:Solved: Dell Inspiron 6400 lcoks up and starts beeping faintly

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My Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop (4 yrs old)  continuously beeps on startup and it goes when I press any key. But it is getting hang as soon as the windows is open and getting an error message like windows performance is low. Please let me know the reason for this issue and how it can be fixed.

Answer:Dell Inspiron N4050 continuous beep sound during start up and getting hang once the windows is open

Beep codes and their meanings:

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I Just brought Dell Laptop last week( January 20, 2017), at first it I was stuck on Dell Logo i tried many solution to solve it just like removing the battery , unpluging the AC adaptor , hold the power button for 30 seconds , after that I plugged the battery in and the AC adapter, but still it's not working. And now, My Laptop will not turn on, when i press the power button the led light flash but the screen has no display, its only black :( How can i repair this ? What the problem with it ? Thanks.

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I saw that there were others with this issue. I already tried things like resetting the ram, taking out my battery. Even with my laptop plugged in, not lights are showing up and the power button isnt starting anything. I tried to listen and hear if anything was happening, but no luck. I just to get help if there is anything I can do to trouble shoot or just figure out what the issue is so I can get it fixed . I was running Windows 10 on there. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15R won't turn on ! No lights will turn on .

Hi PARTH511722,
What is the exact system model?
Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? Could you try powering on with another battery?
Remove the memory and disconnect the HDD and try powering on the system with adapter only / battery only and check.
Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
If the adapter led is stable when connected to the system and there are no signs of power, then the motherboard is suspected faulty.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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my Dell n5010 does not boot up. you can hear it trying and then the computer will isssue a seven beeps error code. what little research I have been able to manage says a motherboard issue. The computer has also been giving (when it was running ) a bad battery error message that I should replace the battery. I would like to recover the files and/or get the computer up and running again. reading up onthis issue could he cost prohibitive but with help I am willing to try. any info on motherboard purchasing would he helpful thanks.

Answer:Dell n 5010 not booting up

If the hard drive is ok get a usb sata/ide connector and you should be able to salvage whats valuable to you.those are about 30 dollars or so.motherboards can be expensive to replace depending on the brand and model of computer. any good reputable computer repair place can advise you on the cost and if its worth it. until the board is replaced dont worry about the battery for now.unfortunately getting to the hard drive on that model inspiron i think it involves taking the keyboard out which can be an easy job or not depending on your skills.

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yesterday i got the update info so i clicked on it to update my laptop but it wouldnt waited for couple of hours but it wouldnt. it didnt even begin it was at 0% for hours. so i forced turn it off... now the only things it shows is his dell logo and the black screen for 3 sec and then dell logo... pls help T.T

Answer:My dell inspiron 5559 wont start up and only shows the dell logo

Windows 10 is on the system?
In the meantime, power on system, wait about 3 minutes,  close the lid ( please don't power off), turn over the computer, remove AC adapter and then battery. Press the 'Power On" button for 15 seconds to release Static Flea Power. Replace battery, adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully system start normally.

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Hi recently my Dell 2330 wont boot up properly. I press the power button and the light comes on the button and i hear the fan. The screen is a brighter black then after a few seconds the screen seems to go off but still power and fan running. Ive spoken to Dell and done all what they asked. Then today out the blue it came on as normal. I went to run a diagnostics test from a link Dell sent me and it asked me to restart the computer. I did and then it  did what it did before and has not come back on since. They have said it could be the motherboard. Any other suggestions ? Thanks

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i put 7 on mydel 5010 an take 10 min. to start

Answer:i put 7 on my dell 5010 and it takes 7 to 10 min. to Start

Windows 7 boot time should not be more than 30 seconds.
Right click on Computer and click on Manage and then select Event Viewer. Go to the System - Windows logs section and check which process is taking up more time during booting up. Try checking the boot speed in safe mode and compare.
IF you have a slower computer try this link for some tips : 

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Hello Everyone,

I have Dell N5010 with following Specs;
Core i7 (740QM)
4 Gb Ram
1 Gb Ati Radeon graphic card
500Gb Hdd
It came with a Preloaded Windows 7 Home Edition, but i Have upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The laptop is 7 months old and i had a fresh install of windows a month ago.

The Windows is Full Retail : (Windows 7 Ultimatex64)

The problem is that whenever i try to run a heavy programme, or update my windows, a blue screen pops up saying MEMORY DUMP and then the machiene shuts down.. I really dont know whats happening with my laptop.

I have zipped the entire WINDOWS_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2 folder & PERFMON HTML file.



Answer:BSOD Dell 5010 & Sudden Shut down..please Help!!

Hello Saadleo, welcome to SF!

I suspect a memory error. Could be drivers but faulty RAM stick(s) is a possibility too.

Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program.

Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot.

Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.

RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Just in case... also check your Devices, specifically USB ports. Some device issues there in one of the dumps.

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When I start up my computer the screen has no display. The screen will turn black then go completely white. This happened while I was using my laptop as normal. I tried restarting, taking the battery out, and pressing F8 when turning it on. Nothing seems to make it work. I just got a new printer and installed the software for that today. Not sure if that has anything to do with the issue. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Dell inspirion 5010 white screen

Do you get a POST screen when you first turn the laptop on?Do you have a monitor you can hook into your laptop to see if it works correctly?~winipcfgASCII question, get an ANSI

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today when i turn on my inspiron 15 7000 it didn't launch and the battery was fully charged but  nothing happened and when i connect  the charger to the laptop the charger the charging light on the laptop didnt turned on .
the charger doesnt have any thing wrong and works perfectly also i bought a new one but the problem still there
 how could i solve that  ??

thanks ....

Answer:my inspiron 15 7000 wont turn on

Hi legendmms,
I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check for issue resolution.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to switch ON the system.

If the light indicator on the AC adapter goes OFF when connected to the system then there seems to be short on the motherboard. You would need to replace the system board on the laptop.

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i have a dell inspiron 1501 that ive had for 2 years. when i press the power button the power indicator comes on and fan powers up but then stops and its just a black screen. please help

Answer:inspiron 1501 wont turn on

Sounds like your power supply could be going bad but it could be other issues such as:

1. Corrupt CMOS (bad battery or bad ROM)
2. Memory problem. (do you hear any "beeps" at all before it shuts down?)
3. Something is disconnected inside the PC such as the video card

Does your PC completely shut down or does it stay on with the fan running and black screen (no P.O.S.T)?

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This is my first post. I've gotten lots of good information here before (voyeuristically) and hope that someone here knows how to fix my problem.

The fan in my computer has come on and doesnt turn off. When I restart the computer the fan is off and stays off until (not sure).

The only restart Ive done, so far, the fan was off for a while, when I came back to my office the screensaver was running and the fan was on. It hasnt shut off yet, that was a couple hours ago. I will restart the computer after I post this and leave the screensaver off for a while (keep ya posted).

In the meantime do any of you know why the fan would come on and stay on?

Thank you,

Answer:Inspiron 8100 fan wont turn off

it could be gunk in the fan that keeps it from going on... or the 12v rail is near dead, but that can't be the case or else your computer won't work. anyhow, i recommend you clean out that fan and put a dab of motor oil in the bearings (behind the sticker). If that doesn't do anything, i'd just get a new fan from your local computer store.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 running Vista, and I've had it for about 2 1/2 to 3 years. Today I was online and all of a sudden a blue screen came up and my laptop shut off. I don't know if it was THE blue screen of death because I didn't have a chance to look at it, but it certainly was a blue screen of doom =/

Anyways right after the blue screen came up and my laptop turned off, the caps lock light (the lock icon w/the 'A' on it next to the power button) kept blinking. At the time, my laptop was plugged into the AC adapter charger thing (I don't know about how computers work, i just know how to use the internet!) so its not like the battery was low or anything. I kept pressing and holding down the power button several times with the AC charger thing in the laptop, and without the AC charger thing, and it would not turn on. The only thing that happened was that the caps lock icon would blink blue for about 45 seconds (or 45 times, not sure) and laptop would make the sound it always makes when its about to turn on. Then after the 45 seconds/times, the sound would stop. Nothing ever appeared on the screen.

The laptop was very hot at the time, but I've had this computer for years and its been hotter than it was today and it never did anything like this. Also, for the past 2 weeks or so, i've been getting a popup in the bottom right corner of my screen (where the time is) saying that my battery is reaching the end of its usable life and needs to be replaced. Has my laptop ba... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron won't turn on

UPDATE: I was able to turn on my laptop yesterday and received this error message when I reached Windows desktop:

Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:

BCCode: a

BCP1: 00000010

BCP2: 00000002

BCP3: 00000001

BCP4: 8201DC4A

OS Version: 6_0_6000

Service Pack: 0_0

Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:




Read our privacy statement:

What does this error message mean? Hopefully this is some useful info to give you insight into whats happening!

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My dell laptop is not turn on. I tried removing battery and AC but no use. When I press power The screen remains black no sound of processing but still power light turn on with normal white colour.
Kindly help

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Before I get into my question I would like to disclaim that I am not at all a computer person, I mean I don't know the names of the different parts. Heck I can't really remember the model of my computer all too well buuut, I went to work today and my computer was off (as stated before it's an all in one Dell Inspiron) and I got home, deciding to play video games however it didn't turn on. The power button light is a white kinda blue colour like usual and it sounds normal but after about 2 seconds it shuts off (It doesn't even get to the screen with the Dell logo on it). I've unplugged my Wacom tablet and all things like that, also note the light on the cord coming from the back of the computer is on just like usual. This computer was bought in December 2015 so it's not old at all and I'm quite worried because it is so new and rather important to me so any advice would be nice, especially if you could break it down into simple terms so someone as dumb as me can understand. Thanks!!!!!

Answer:All in one Dell Inspiron won't turn on

We need to know the exact model number. If you don't know it but have the Service Tag number (look for a sticker on the PC), go to Support and type that number into the Enter a Service Tag or other product ID box about 1/3 down the page. It should tell you the model number.
You can try this for starters:.

Disconnect the power cord from rear of PC; don't just unplug it from the wall
Now press/hold the power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect the power cord to rear of PC
See if it boots now

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Hi everyone, i just bought a Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop delivered on friday 31/07/10
I started it up for the first time yesterday and it worked fine. Today i was using the laptop and all of a sudden the screen went black and i heard a buzzing noise comming from the laptop, so i tried crl-Alt-Del nothing happened so i just switched it off. Now the thing will not start at all. there are three lights on the bottom of the keyboard a power light a battery light and another light with a picture that looks like a round drum. When i press the power button the power light and the drum light flick on then off. i can hear a very slight click come from the laptop but nothing else no fan no screen nothing. I'm going to contact Dell customer support but there not open on Sunday.

Does anyone know what this might be?. I've waited ages for Dell to deliver this laptop and it's broke in less than 24 hours !!

Thanks to anyone that posts.

Edit: i have tried removing all leads and battery. i also tried to turn it on with no battery and just the power lead but still no luck !!

Answer:Dell Inspiron won't turn on


HDD failed...

Mobo gone bad

such a pity Dell's are usually quite good have just been unlucky

dont do anything to it and call dell on monday.

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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series 2-in-1. Bought one month ago. It used to make a beep when turning on, and then it takes few seconds before it turns on. Now it won't start. Pressed the start button a few times. It shows system configuration twice before when battery is drained. Please help. This was bought in Qatar and now I am in the Philippines.

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My computer fan was running full blast a day or two. Then it wouldn't turn on- just went into power save several times. I've had that problem in the past but was always able to restart and get it going.
Today it worked this morning. Tonight it won't turn on at all, power light flashes amber, and it makes a little quiet tick sound but nothing else. any suggestions? I did remove power cord and pressed on button ten seconds to get rid of static electricity. but it still won't turn on.

Answer:dell inspiron 530 won't turn on

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Whenever I click the power button the light flickers on at the back of the tower the light is solid until I click the power button, then it flickers off. when clicking the power button I hear my fans turn on for a sec then they stop working. My service tag is 7VMYDK1.

Answer:My Dell Inspiron Won't turn on.

When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your case?  

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Hi Experts,
I have a 3 year old Dell Insiron 15-5521 laptop.
Up to now I have had no problems with it, but it now won't power up.  The charger has a green light on it but there are no lights on the laptop at all, and pushing the power button does nothing. It always run in Main power, its battery have some complaints that why I removed it before 3 months.
I have tried to keeping the power button pushed for 30 secs and then plugging main power back in, but nothing.  I have also tried a Universal power adapter which I know works on other laptops, but nothing. 
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you

Answer:My Dell Inspiron Won't turn on..!!!!!

Hi imrakesh,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Can you try to reseat the memory or power on the system without the memory?
You can find the manual for this model on the below link:    /
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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Hello my dell is a desktop pc and it won't turn on I know it has power because the fan still works but it won't power up please help

Answer:My dell Inspiron 660 won't turn on !!!

Hello my dell is a desktop pc and it won't turn on I know it has power because the fan still works but it won't power up please help
Assuming that you have the Inspiron 660 Mini Tower and not the 660s Compact version.
There should be a series of beeps during start-up, how many are there?
 Please read this article about Troubleshooting the Inspiron 660:

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i also tried changing out the power supply(DIDN'T WORK)

Answer:continuous beeping(HELP)

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My PC has recently started to make a siren noise - the system speakers sound continuous beeping. It will last a few minutes then stop. It happens when playing games and has done this when ive played a video on youtube. I dont know whether the problem is to do with the graphics card, cpu memory, over heating, or something else.The graphics card was changed a few months ago because the fan on it was too loud and may have been replaced with one that doesnt have a fan.It has also been very hot recently.Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks in advance!XP Home SP2. If other info is needed i will try get it.

Answer:Continuous beeping when using pc

Itíll be overheating or a voltage out of tolerance from the PSU.Best to check yje temperatures - you can do that in the BIOS by rebooting when thw beeping starts and looking what's out of or close to the limits on fan speeds and temperatures.You could also try a monitoring program - I usually use the free Everest software, which can display temperatures, fan speeds and voltages, except on the latest here

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Question: continuous beeping

I`ve installed a new cd rewriter but when i reboot the pc all it does is beep continuously. The screen is totally blank. Took out the the new cd rewriter and replaced the old one, checked all the cables, rebooted but same thing happens.
Any ideas?

Answer:continuous beeping

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Question: Continuous beeping

I've got an HP laptop (TX2508CA), which has been causing me problems (mostly overheating) from the moment I bought it, but now it's worse than usual.

It won't boot up, the HP logo appears for a second and then it just beeps continuously (no lights blink).

I cleaned it out a bit with a can of compressed air, but that didn't help.

I tried taking out the memory modules and putting them in back in (to see if one was the problem or in there was a problem with one of the slots).

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the slots, and if it's an issue with the memory, it's an issue with both of the modules.

Not really sure where to go from here.

I'm more of a software person than a hardware person. :confused

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Answer:Continuous beeping

Sounds like you have done all the right things so far. If you cant even get to POST I suspect either Motherboard, RAM or CPU in that order. Have you tested your RAM one stick at a time in both sockets? ie Stick 1 in socket one then stick one in socket 2 then stick in socket 1 and lastly stick 2 in socket 2. (I would have put the RAM at the top of the suspect list but you say it would have to be both sticks, so by inference you have already tested as above.

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Question: Continuous Beeping

My HP Desktop PJ506AA does not boot, at all, not even BIOS, and beeps Continuously. This Happened when I was putting in DDR2 512 RAM (I have DDR1, and I didn't realize I got DDR2 RAM and was trying to put that into my computer). After I put it in, I turned on the computer and it beeped, not once, not twice, but kept beeping, with around 7 second pauses in between.I also smelt a burning smell coming from around the area of my fan. I then took out the RAM, realizing it was DDR2 not DDR1 and attempted to power on my PC again. It kept on beeping. I then decided to narrow down the problem. I took out all unneeded parts. Including my GForce video card, DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Modem. All that remains inside is my motherboard, processor, my original DDR1 512 RAM, and my Intel Graphics built in card, that is attached to my motherboard. I powered on again, and it kept on beeping. I consulted the HP manual, to find out how many beeps mean what. It doesn't say anything about continuous beeps. I called HP, and they can't help me since my Warranty has expired. Please help me, thank you.

Answer:Continuous Beeping

BiosCentral - AMI BIOS Beep Codes

Try this for your beep codes.

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I have a Dell 5010 and replaced the HDD after the original drive went faulty. I made a recovery drive on a USB flash so that I could do a reinstall after fitting the new drive. Anyway, after fitting the drive and restarting the laptop, it will not allow me to access the advanced boot menu. It just goes to a blank screen with a flashing cursor.
I have run the Dell diagnostics tool and there are no issues. This tool reported a faulty drive with the previous HDD which led to me replacing it.
Any suggestions?

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I recently updated my OS to window 10 and as recommended by dell, updated all drivers and the bios. After updating the bios and the system restated, it worked for about ten minutes and then suddenly went off. Now it wont turn on.
When i press the power button nothing shows but the power indicator at the front shows for few seconds then later blinks, stays few seconds, goes off again,. Does this continuosly.
I have changed charger, pressed and held power with the down for 2minutes without the battery and nothing is happening. Have removed the ram cleaned the pc and other things yet nothing happens.

Please help me as i am out of ideas

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I recently purchased the inspiron 13 7359 which is a great laptop, but have started to experience a problem with it. Twice already in the past month (which is how long I've had it), when I open the lid and try to turn on the laptop, nothing happens.
The led on the front of the laptop which turns white when the laptop is on or charging blinks 6 times in white and then turns amber and blinks twice. It just keeps blinking and doesn't power up.
The first time this happened it resolved itself within an hour but I'm obviously concerned that this is an underlying issue that could get worse.
Any advice on what that sequence of blinking means?

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this is a new laptop, the problem is that it wont turn on with the battery ( the battery has been charged), it will just turn on if i remove the battery and plug the charger in. I have searched for solution on the internet, i did try one, i removed the battery and charger, the pressed the power button 30s and then put back the battery and charger, and it turn on. I thinked this solution would fix the problem but it didnt.
Hope you will help me fix this problem forever, thanks

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When I press the power button, absolutely nothing happens. No lights, no sounds, no display. The adaptor lights up, but once I plug it into the laptop, it goes out. I've tried removing and re-inserting the battery, which should be charged up, but nothing happens. Does anyone know if this could be a hardware or power supply problem or something else? My warranty has expired, but I'd rather not have to take it to a repair shop. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 won't turn on?

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

Here is another tutorial: Tutorial: NO POST / Power General troublshooting

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I have a Dell inspiron desktop that is now a year and a half old (expired warranty). I shut down the computer in the proper manner this morning. When I came home from work I pressed the power button on the tower but there is no response. It was plugged into a surge protector. I checked all the dumb stuff... power is getting to it. Green light on the back is on, not blinking. Tried holding down the button for over a minute. Opened it up and cleaned out the dust. Do not know what else to do....

Answer:Dell Inspiron Tower will not turn on

You didn't say which model, so I guessed Inspiron 530 Series.No Beep Codes?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop PC that's 7.5 years old. It was working fine until today, when it wouldn't turn on at all. I kept pressing the power button and nothing happened at all - the computer just wouldn't turn on.

I tried a different power cord and that didn't work. I opened up the computer and I could see an orange light on the motherboard was lit, and a green light on the back of the power supply was lit too, so the computer is getting power.

I took off the front of the case and tried pressing on the power switch directly, and that didn't work. I tried pressing on where the power switch wire connects to the motherboard to make sure it was connected and that didn't help.

Any idea on what's wrong?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 530 desktop PC won't turn on at all

Most likely a failed pw supply however it can also be a failed pw switch/wiring or a failed mb. To test the pw supply, swap in a known good unit. Note known good does not mean new; it means a unit from a test system or a working system that you know works. A new pw supply can be DOA just like any other part and that will really mess up your troubleshooting.

To test the switch/wiring, pull the pw switch leads from the mb. Jump across the mb pins with a small screwdriver or other metal object. If the board starts, you know either the switch or wiring has failed.

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my lap top doesn't want to turn on i have my ac adapter pluged in it showes a light on the battery but it just doesn't want to turn on. i tried disconnecting the battery and ac adapter pressing the power button and connecting them again but it still won't turn on. please help

Answer:dell inspiron n5110 won't turn on

Remove the battery -- if the system will power up on AC only, the battery has failed and will need to be replaced.
If the system won't power up on AC only, disconnect the adapter and remove the battery.  Hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the memory modules.  Then try powering up again.  If the system still won't power on, the mainboard is bad -- on a system of this age, given the cost to replace the mainboard -- you're better off shopping for a replacement system.

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My Dell Inspiron 3543 won't turn on. I tried to remove the battery and charging cable, hold the power  button for 1 or 2 minutes and then reconnecting the power cable and start the laptop. However it's not powering on. This happened after i restarted the laptop because was stuck at welcome on windows 7. He remains all the time at welcome so I restart and start in safe mode. After another restart it's working, i don't know if this is the cause. The led on the power cable its working and everything it's connect correctly. But when i connect the power cable to the laptop without the battery , the led on the laptop it's not turning on. I don't know if the led needs to be on.
If i need to provide more details let me know and sorry for my English.
Thank you.

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I am a bit of a tech head, and urged my wife to wait until the "good" touch screen haswell laptops came out.  I even wrote some glowing reviews of Dell's inspiron 15 7537 after I received it ([])

Unfortunately, just a few weeks out of warranty, the trusty laptop has stopped powering up.  
The symptoms: laptop will not power up.  Things I have tried:

Making sure the power cable was plugged in (LED is on the power ring on the plug itself)
Making sure the PC recognizes the power cable and the power adapter isn't loose (power ring brightens when plugged in)
Trying different outlets, including several direct to wall outlets
Removing battery and trying to power up with just power cable
Removing battery and AC adapter, holding power for 3+ minutes to "clear static charge" as recommended by some self-help websites
Doing above and then plugging power cable in
One ram chip at a time
No ram

Unfortunately nothing works.  Fans don't turn on, lights don't turn on, display doesn't turn on, no noises or beeps.  Other than the power ring on the plug getting brighter when I plug it in, there is no indication that the device is receiving any power.  
I'm pretty bummed and hope there is a solution and/or that Dell can help make things right.  The build quality of the device is so high and my wife has been very satisfied and I hope that she can get more than a year of... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7537 won't turn on

I have had the same problem.  This computer has been horrible for this.  I have replaced the motherboard and sent it out to depot for repair.  It still does this.  I have to remove the back cover and pull the battery then put the battery back in and then it will work for a while then I will have to do it again.  I have been very disappointed with this laptop.  We use Dells at work and I have never had this problem until this computer.  I have been disappointed in Dell helping me with the issue.  They tell me that nothing is wrong with the computer but It has been a pain with this issue.

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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help with this as I'm in Australia (usually UK) and my work laptop has decided to stop working!

It is a Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720, about 3 years old.

When I press the power on button only the HDD button lights up and nothing happens. The light stays on and the only way it goes off is if I take the battery out.

The same thing happens regardless of whether I am trying to power on using just the Battery, AC charger or both together.

I've searched online and found various articles giving instructions on removing the battery and AC charger then holding the power button to drain any residual power, I've tried this many times but it hasn't worked.

I can't find anything explaining why only the HDD light is coming on. Clearly there is power going in so it must be another issue.

Hoping someone can shed some light on this as I'm screwed if I can't get it working!

Answer:Dell Inspiron Laptop Won't Turn On

What Windows Operating System is it???

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My 5547 had damaged on Antenna cable, so I replaced cable.
I disassembled bottom part and build.
However, I can't turn my laptop on.
I followed people said that "remove battery, push power button 30seconds, and turn on" but it didn't work.
I only put cooling fan and battery on motherboard, it doesn't work when I push the power button.
What should I do?
Please help me.

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I have recently bought this laptop and have had it since the 21st of Dec 2016, and this morning I was watching a YouTube Video and all of a sudden my screen turned black, and at the top there was a sort of static on the screen, scared I quickly turned the laptop off (used to this as my old laptop that was really old kept doing these kinds of things and I was used to turning on and off to resolve things) But as I turned it on the lights on the keyboard turned on and the on switch did too, but the screen itself hadn't. After leaving it 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes it still hasn't done anything, and the ventilation hasn't turned on either, So honestly I have no idea what to do I've consulted to the internet, and Dell Support but everything leads me to using my laptop and updating stuff on my laptop which I cannot do. So I've resulted to just leaving my laptop on to wait for it to run out of battery to plug it on to see if anything works, but if not I'm surprised because it's a brand new laptop and has no reason to be broken. Please help I'm really worried....

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7559 Won't Turn On

Hi WolfHatter,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
When you power on the system, do you see the Dell logo flash screen coming up?
Can you connect an external monitor and check if the system powers on?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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My N5010 Will not power on with or without the battery installed. The power button blinks white every four seconds.  The AC adapter is working fine.  I have removed the battery, unplugged the AC adapter, and held down the power on switch for 30 seconds without success. I have removed and reinstalled components such as HDD, memory, etc. without success. I have installed a new DC Jack Board WXHDY and it still will not power on.
Can anyone suggest anything else to try?

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Hello everyone I hope you are all fine!
I hope someone can help me. My old faithful Dell B120 wont power on. When i press the power button i get the 3 green lights but they turn off and nothing, no fan or hard drive spin and no screen. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Dell Inspiron B120 Won't Turn On!

Its a laptop? If so, you will need professional help with that problem.

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