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Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit operating system

Question: Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit operating system

My CPU is capable to 64bit platform but when i try to boot 64bit windows 10 it says that this operation cannot be done on this computer or something like that. I tried to boot 32 bit windows 10 and worked perfectly. What should i do? Help please

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit operating system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit operating system

What make and model of CPU do you have?
If the the CPU supports EM64T or AMD64 features then it can run 64 bit Windows. Tools such as CPU-Z or SiSoft Sandra can check your CPU for you.

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I went from windows XP to Windows 7 and have several program disc that I was using with Windows XP that I would like to install and use on my Windows 7. When I try to install them a small splash screen appears that says I am using a 64 bit system and this program will run on this computer.
When I use "Run Older Programs on This computer option I enter windows XP as my old OS and it does not work do. How can I overcome this problem?
AZ Roadrunner

Answer:Operating 32bit programs on windows 7 64bit system

Run it as vista instead it will probably work....or don't select anything at all and let it install as is and see what happens, just because the programs ran on you xp doesn't necessarily mean you have to set them up the same way for use with windows 7 only in special circumstances....

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Hi all,
This is probably a stupid question, but if I don't ask I might end up buying two lap tops for no good reason.

Here's my situation. I run multiple businesses off my lap top. One of them involves logging into a client's secure server through a vpn access. Their VPN system is 32 bit and they have no inclination to make any changes any time soon.

From what I can tell, 64 bit processors seem to be the new norm. I'd like to be able to get the most out of a 64 bit processor while still being able to service my client on a 32 bit system.

Here is what I'd like to do... Any advice on if I should or if I'm just an idiot would be appreciated.

I'd like to get the lap tops. I'm looking at probably an i5 processor, maybe an i3. Then I'd like to set them up as dual boot machines so that I can do all my photo based work for my other job on the 64 bit side and then just reboot and load up the other system to handle my client who runs on 32 bit. Then, hopefully when they get their butts out of the past and upgrade to 64 bit, I'm not looking at a full reinstall, I can just reformat the drive that is set up to run the 32 bit OS.

Is this possible?
Is this logical?
Is there a better solution?

Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:64bit/ 32bit processor/ operating system dilema

Have you confirmed that the VPN client will not run on a 64-bit operating system? If you want to dual boot with 32-bit and 64-bit, you have to buy a second Windows license.

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I tried to upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit but it said the disc is not compatible. I don't want to format the drive and install a fresh Windows on it because there are too much stuffs in there and the system is still fresh less than a year old.

Answer:How to upgrade from Win 7 Ultimate 32bit to 64bit using the Full Version Win 7 64bit.

You cannot upgrade from a 32-bit to a 64-bit Windows OS. You will (unfortunately) be required to format and re-install the OS followed by your apps.

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I got windows 7 professional 64 bit from microsoft. I have a w500 running vista business 32bit on 4gb ram. If i upgrade to windows 7 64bit - will all my drivers get installed through system update and work perfectly yet? or should I wait a couple months and then upgrade? More importantly, I have no clue what the best practice to upgrade from 32vista to 7-64bit is. My disk 0 (info from computer disk  management) w500 has three partitions (c drive, lenovo q drive - for factory software partition, and a 1.46gb servicev003 S: ) and a disk 1 with 1.37GB (maybe the intel turbo boost memory? ). How do I do a clean install without losing these drives? Don't mind losing the c drive data as that is backed up, but the rest?! I found lots of hits and lots of responses on the forums and throughout the internet, and have spent more than 5 hours looking around for instructions. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could give me some instructions to walk through this please?


Go to Solution.

Answer:W500 Help! Safe to upgrade? How? Vista 32bit upgrade to windows7 64bit. Please!

anybody have any advice or helpful links that don't span tens of pages? There has to be a one page updated, modified/edited link that has a useful set of precautions and advice/guidance?

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To avoid the Student Win 7 hassle (upgrading Vista 32 to Win 7 Pro 64 bit ISO burn, etc), can I simply use the Home Prem 32 Upgrade (for my other computer) arriving this afternoon with my 64bit Pro upgrade key & end up with the 64bit Pro installation?


Answer:Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade Key w/ Prem 32bit Upgrade Disk

No... you can only update to the same version that you have installed... Home to Home... etc.

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Can you upgrade from a Vista 32bit OEM to Windows 7 64bit upgrade kit?
I have been tempted to make the jump to windows 7 and I have looked at a few options.
At the moment I dual boot between XP and Vista (in vista partition is currently taken up by windows 7 64bit Beta).

1. Can I upgrade from vista 32 OEM to Windows 7 home/business/ultimate?
2. If I am allowed to upgrade from OEM will the new license be treated as an OEM or retail license? will I be able to pass it on when my hardware gets upgraded?
3. after the first time you upgrade can you go straight to install from the disk the 2nd time without having to install vista first?, bypass it all?
4. From what I understand biggest difference between the 3 ver is Business supports 2 cpu sockets, gives you emulated xp mode and some extra file sharing options, Ultimate just adds language pack and bit locker. So do I really need Home pro or move on up to business or ultimate for the bitlocker? do I even need bit locker?


Answer:Can you upgrade from a Vista 32bit OEM to Windows 7 64bit upgrade kit?

You cannot upgrade a 32 bit to 64 bit. It will require a clean install.

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I've windows 7 Pro installed on my PC, i bought the upgrade through MS for about ?25?? can't remember the correct cost.
anyway, my Win7 install is 32bit and the i downloaded the setup file from MS and got my key in an email, just wondering will the upgrade be just for 32bit or will it also work for 64bit
I'll clean install when i do end up doing it.

Answer:Upgrade to Win 8 32bit to 64bit

I do believe the way it works is if the PC you downloaded it on is running 32 bit Windows, your setup file(s) will be 32 bit. To get the 64 bit version you have to download from a PC running 64 bit Windows.

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I am already using windows 7 32bit but I want to upgrade to 64bit of windows 7 I have the disks but I am really stuck on how to do it.
Any help would be much appreciated

Answer:How to upgrade from a 32bit to a 64bit?

Is this retail Win7 or did it come pre-installed on your computer?

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I hear the Home premium upgrade comes with 32bit and 64bit, is this right. and does its come on seperate discs?

also will upgrade still keep my games my videos and music etc with just simply installing it.

Answer:HP Upgrade 32bit and 64bit

yes to both ?'s

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I havw win 7 32bit on the computer can i upgadw to 64bit?
I have win vista 32bit Installation disk and win 7 32bit and 64bit upgrade


Answer:Upgrade win 7 32bit to win 7 64bit

You can't upgrade between 32bit and 64bit. You have to do a clean install of Windows 64bit. Check out this Tutorial.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version


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Hey, just aquired a 64bit copy of vista ultimate so the 4gb pack or ram I ordered last night wouldn't go to waste.

Right now im running windows vista 32bit.

Q1) Is there any way to install the new 64bit version Without reformatting my HD?
I REALLY don't want to back up 500gb of crap, and then spend hours re-installign the 10 - 15 games i have on here.

Q2) If so, How would I go about doing that? ^^ Is it as simple as booting with the disc and 'remove old install new'?
That would make me happy, but my luck is never that good so thats why I'm asking before I screw something up and lose my HD.

Thanks guys

Answer:Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit help ^_^

Nop. You can not just upgrade from 32 Bit to 64 Bit. You HAVE to format and re-install.

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hello can my 32bit laptop upgrade to 64bit with windows 7 instalation?

Answer:can 32bit upgrade to 64bit?

No... You will need to do a clean install...

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Hello, I currently own a license for Windows 7 professional 32bit, which I upgraded from Vista using a student discount. I want to upgrade my laptop's ram memory from 3gb to 5gb or 6gb. I know that 32bit operating systems only support up to 4gb, and even then in actuality it's only like 3.2gb. Is there a way I can upgrade my Windows 7 32bit to Windows 7 64bit at a discounted price, even if it's to home premium instead? If not, does anyone know how to have a 32bit operating system recognize more than 4gb of ram?

Answer:32bit to 64bit upgrade

If you can obtain a 64 bit install DVD, you can use your 32 bit key with it, but you will have do do a complete Clean Install for the 64 bit.

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how can i upgrade my 32bit into 64bit? please help me

Answer:How can i upgrade my 32bit into 64bit? please help me

Hello Unsaman, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but you cannot upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit. You will only be able to do a clean install instead.

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Is this a good idea? Is this possible? I've not used any 64bit OS before (does Commodore64 count?) and I have not dug into the details... so I'm getting started.

With Windows7 around the corner, I figured I'd get on the information wagon and figure out what I need. Can I just get the Upgrade to Win7-64bit? I know I'll have to do a "clean install" since it won't do an in-place upgrade (which make me nervous anyway), so is this a good time to go ahead and get on the 64-bit train?


Answer:Upgrade from XP-32bit to 7-64bit?

first of all, by "upgrade" do you mean literally popping in the CD and click the upgrade option so you keep all your old files, or will you be formatting and starting from scratch on the new OS? golden rule for OS installs/upgrades: it's ALWAYS better to do a clean install (format and start from scratch), but if this is not an option because you'll lose programs you need, then it HAS to be same 32bit -> 32bit upgrade, or 64bit -> 64bit upgrade. 32bit vs 64bit run on different architects, so it's not possible to switch between the two without formatting

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hello all

i just bought a toshiba laptop which came pre-installed with windows home premium 64bit but the recovery cd that came with the laptop is only 32bit. when i re-installed the windows with the 32bit version it only installed with 32 bit( which is obvious since its a 32bit CD) but now how do i upgrade it to 64bit.


Answer:how to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

You can only do a clean install from 32-bit to 64-bit.

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Hi everyone, this is my 1st post so please bear with me on this one.

I had Vista on my PC and upgraded to Win7 32bit via the Retail Upgrade version of Win7 Home Premium (which contains both 32bit &64bit upgrade discs).
I want to now do a clean install to Win7 64bit, can I use the 64bit upgrade disc supplied with the Retail version I already have or do I have to purchase a full version of Win7 64bit ?
Also, is there any foreseeable problems I might encounter on the way ?

Answer:What is the best way to Upgrade from Win 7 32bit to 64bit ?

Of course you can use that disc. you bought it, its yours. You can use that disc over and over again, and it also has some nice features for repairing a computer. Anyways yes you can use the 64 bit disc in a clean install, just make sure you used the same license key you used on the 32 bit version. Also the both have to be the same product type, for example:
home premium 32bit= home premium 64 bit
ultimate 32 bit = ultimate 64 bit
You can't go from your home premium 32 bit = your new ultimate 64 bit.
Must be the original product type, and product key. Just insert disc, the same key and clean install. Good luck
And there shouldn't be any problems, unfortunately you will lose everything, so backup important data.
If problems do arise, in which they shouldn't then feel free to post back on seven forums.

Edit: this may help : Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
*also if you find a windows.old folder on your new version, and it contains files you don't want Then open disk cleanup and you must chose system files select all, and this will rid of it.*

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I am looking to purchase adobe premiere cs5.5 and that requires 64 bit so I need to upgrade to it. I have the files from download since I bought window's 7 to download. I've already gone through the of finding that yes my computer is compatible. I have the downloads on my computer and just don't know where to go from here. If anyone can point me in a direction of a step by step or help me here i would really appreciate it.

Answer:32bit to 64bit upgrade help

Is the Windows 7 download an ISO file? If so, you need Imgburn, and use it to write the image to a DVD. I hope you have a DVD burner. Imgburn is available here :

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I'd like to put a whole heap of memory into my machine as photoshop keeps crawling to a halt while using the pagefile.
Is there such a thing as a 32 to 64 bit upgrade pack? Is there a list of common software I won't be able to use on the 64bit platform?

Answer:32bit to 64bit upgrade?

Why or how do you know that photoshop is using the page file? How much?

How much RAM did you add?



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Hi ... I finally got Vista . I'm curious to know whether its true you can install the 32 bit version and if later on I wanted to install the 64 bit version ( Upgrade ) I could with the same license keys ? Or do I need to purchase new keys for 64 bit ? I'm not sure which to install as of yet and if I could do as I'm asking then I will probably go with the 32 bit . I'm stuck here any suggestions ? Thanks

Answer:32bit upgrade to 64bit ?

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I wanted to ask if there's an option to upgrade windows 7 32bit to windwos 7 64bit.

Currently i got windows 7 32bit
and I'm not happy with him not showing all my 4GB Ram.

Thanks ahead,

Answer:Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

Hello Ben, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but you can only do a clean install when going from 32-bit to 64-bit, or the other way around.

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guys, whats the easiest way to upgrade my Vista to 64 bit?

Answer:How to upgrade 32bit Vista to 64bit ?

Nom Anor said:

guys, whats the easiest way to upgrade my Vista to 64 bit?Click to expand...

Save data, boot from vista 64 disk, format (or install 64 on seperate partition for a dual boot) and install 64bit version. I'd say that's the easiest way.

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Just wanted to share my experiences with Windows 8 Pro installation, so here goes.
I do not own a computer, that I would like to REALLY install Win 8 64bit, yet. But I am planning on buying a new computer next year, when Haswell gets on the market. But why not grab the Win8Pro already, since it's only on sale until end of Jan 2013. Not to mention Windows Media Center for free.

The REAL problem is that I wanted to use my old, unused Win XP Pro 32bit -licence (original version, CD without SP1,SP2 or SP3) for the upgrade, and that Win 8 Pro wants&needs to be installed on the same partition. And I want my new computer to have a fast SSD as system drive. And that XP doesn't support SATA/ACHI drives natively (the only mode SSD is supposed to be in). So, I thought about streamlining my XP with nLite, but it still felt too time consuming and "wrong" to try to force the old system on a drive only to be installed over.

Another problem was that I could not use Upgrade assistant, since I want to have Win 8 _64-bit_, and 32-bit XP would end up with 32-bit win8. But Microsoft instructs to buy the upgrade DVD in this case, which I did (for 59,99e).

So now I had the DVD and the old XP CD, but no computer. Since I have time to test, I found VirtualBox, which turned out to be just perfect for planning my future installation. My desktop system has Win7, which I intend to keep on my work computer. Here's what I did (in VirtualBox, all "virtually"):

1) Made a SATA driv... Read more

Answer:Installing Win 8 Pro 64bit Upgrade with Win XP 32bit

jbl123 , after a search on Google I came to your thread. I find myself in a similar situation. Currently I am using windows XP for my desktop system, because I like it more than windows 7 usually. I also want to upgrade for only E30 to win8 pro, 64bit edition. I have several questions that I cannot get answers for.

1: Can you buy a windows 8 pro key, and install the windows 8 pro with media center edition with it as well? Do they use the same key?
2: In what timeframe do you need to activate a windows 8 pro upgrade key? Does it 'expire'? Could it be 'expired' after MS stops the offer of upgrading to windows 8 for E30? It would basically mean you would need to purchase the key now and activate it.
3: Can you activate the upgrade key on a motherboard, and suppose your motherboard dies? Or you want to change your system? Will your key still be valid?

I would very much appreciate answers.

Kind regards,


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this question has probably been asked numerous times, but is the 32bit ultimate serial that came with my T61P valid, if I install the 64bit version of windows with it? as in it won't randomly lock me out in 30 days or some non-sense like that.

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i want to upgrade 32bit to 64bit and can i do it? if i can,how can i do?

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Is it possible to purchase an upgrade from 32bit XP Home Edition to 64bit Vista Home Premium? I've heard some conflicting information on this, including on Microsoft's website.

I don't believe that I can purchase a direct upgrade between the two, but can I buy an upgrade disk to 32bit Vista and then request a 64bit disk from Microsoft?

I'm building a new computer and would like to upgrade my retail version of XP instead of buying an OEM copy of Vista if its possible.


Answer:32bit XP to 64bit Vista Upgrade?

It's tough to say without actually having a serial number to try on Microsoft's website. I'm willing to bet though, if you purchase a retail upgrade disc, you'd have the option of getting the x64 version as well.

Also, when you do purchase one, follow the sticky to do a clean, fresh install with it.

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Bought a used HP EliteDesk 800 G1 PC. It's a Quad Core i5 with 4 Gb of RAM. It presently has Win 7 32 bit. I was told it originally came from HP with Win 8. Not sure what version. It did not have a COA sticker and the seller (CS student) gave me one he had lying around since I complained. I have other Win 8/10 machines so I know they don't come with a COA.

Couple of questions since I want to upgrade to Win 7 64 bit. Using a key checker I see a Win 7 key (not the one he gave me) and the UEFI "key". Is the UEFI "key" useful for anything? Should I try to use the Win 7 key that the key checker found or the one on the COA he gave me?

I have loaded Win 7 many times to repair or upgrade a PC and have all the versions. I have not installed Win 7 on a machine with UEFI so I want to be careful before I start. I have no problem wiping the data on the disk if that eases the install.

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I've recently purchased a game and stupidly not checked the requirements my machine runs a 32bit operating system whereas the game requires 64bit, how can I upgrade this ?

Answer:Windows 7 upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

You cant 'Upgrade' the 32 to a 64 you will need to perform a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit.

You will to ensure your hardware can handle a 64bit OS, if you do go down this route it may be worth upgrading to Window 10 64bit as long as your system can handle it.

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 I would like to know how to upgrade window 7 pro from 32bit to 64 bit and I don't have the HP  compaq 6200 for win 7  64bit  software. Pls advice. TQ

Answer:Upgrade window 7 from 32bit to 64bit

@POSIM?, welcome to the forum. You will have to buy a full copy of Win 7 Pro 64-bit.  The OEM copy of Win 7 Pro does not include a license for 64-bit. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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    hey,i've got a question about upgrading vista. i want to step up with my x61s from32bit vista business oem to 64bit vista. can i order any media via lenovo to do the upgrade? i've been already in contact with microsoft, but they told me to contact lenovo to give me the upgrade media for free. is there a possibility to do this? thank you for helping me!

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As the title suggests, that's what my situation is.

I have a second 1 terrabyte empty drive I want to install W7 onto. Can I set up the new drive within Vista, do my Student Upgrade with the exe and choose to do a Clean install and have W7 install (and activate) onto the new drive?

Secondly, I want to do this so I may move my critical program files from Vista to 7. Will doing a clean install on a separate drive still format the old drive?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Student Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit and HP to Pro.

Quote: Originally Posted by Elpants

As the title suggests, that's what my situation is.

I have a second 1 terrabyte empty drive I want to install W7 onto. Can I set up the new drive within Vista, do my Student Upgrade with the exe and choose to do a Clean install and have W7 install (and activate) onto the new drive?

Secondly, I want to do this so I may move my critical program files from Vista to 7. Will doing a clean install on a separate drive still format the old drive?

Thanks for your help.


Lets see install win 7 onto the 2nd 1TB, Yes. Set up a new drive "within"??? vista?

Im confused how about if you explain it again drive 1 what OS now>>then
Drive 2 OS now>>>then??


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Hey guys, I got a new Thinkpad with 6gb RAM. Apparently I need 64bit to address the extra memory. I tried an "upgrade" but it won't work because a complete reinstallation is needed. I don't want to go through all the work of installing drivers and software with a vanilla 64-bit CD. Is there any way to acquire a digital copy of 64-bit Windows with all these things already included (preferably without having to pay!). I can install Windows from a USB so really all I need is the digital version of the CD, but I haven't been able to find it online.

Answer:Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit? (x220)

Where did you buy it? Directly from Lenovo online or from a dealer?

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Hi i wonder is this possible. I'm now using Win7 Home Premium 32bit and i have 4 gb ram but i cant use it because my os is 32bit. I want to upgrade it to Win7 Home Premium 64bit with same product key. Can i do this?

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Upgrade 32bit to 64bit with same product key

You will need to do a clean install, but yes, you can use the same key..

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I have 32bit windows enterprise and i would like to know if it is possible to upgrade to 64bit windows enterprise but with a 64bit pro windows 7 disk?

Answer:Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit with different version

You can go from 32 to 64 or 64 to 32 with a clean install using an upgrade DVD
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General Tips

The install should include a format

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Can I do a upgrade from a XP 32bit Machine to Windows Vista 64bit by just adding the disk, hitting intall and all that, or do I need to do a clean install when changing to 64bit.

Also, if it's just your average HP machine with a AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with 2GB ram and a 200GB HD.. is 64bit even really needed, or should I just do 32bit. As I'm installing vista and then selling the machine to someone locally.


Answer:Can I upgrade from XP 32bit to Vista 64bit?

Hello Cory,

Unfortunately, it has to be a clean install when going from a 32-bit OS to 64-bit, or the other way around.

I would say ask the customer which one they prefered. 64-bit may limit what programs they can install, but could also give them a performance increase by supporting more than 3 GB of RAM if they wanted to add more in the future. Plus, all of the devices will need to have 64-bit drivers available for them as well.

64-bit: More than just the RAM

Hope this helps some,

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I Have a friend who has a Toshiba laptop. It has Vista (32bit) He wants to upgrade to W7 (64bit). He has a W7 (64bit) disc but can't get it to run. Below is his system. Does he have to completely wipe the hard drive to install the W7 (64bit) since his is a (32bit)?

Toshiba Model#

Genuine Windows Vista? Home Premium (32-bit version)

AMD Turion? 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-58

1.9 GHz, 512KBx2 L2 Cache, HyperTransport? Technology @ up to1600MHz

AMD M690V chipset

Configured with 2048MB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM (both memory slots may be occupied). Maximum capacity 4096MB
1.200GB (4200 RPM); Serial ATA hard disk drive

Answer:Vista (32bit) to W7 (64bit) upgrade?

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.Hopefully this Microsoft article will answer your question.

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...hello all, is it possible to update Windows 7 32bit to 64bit without the clean installation? if so;

- how to do it?
- how reliable it is?

...reason is because I already have a lot of applications installed and configured in my machine and it will be time consuming to re-do the process from scratch. Thanks.

Answer:Upgrade Windows 7 from 32bit to 64bit..How?

Quote: Originally Posted by mangjun

...hello all, is it possible to update Windows 7 32bit to 64bit without the clean installation? if so;

- how to do it?
- how reliable it is?

...reason is because I already have a lot of applications installed and configured in my machine and it will be time consuming to re-do the process from scratch. Thanks.

NO, clean install.

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I have a 2 year old Acer 8930G (4GB RAM) running 32-bit Vista and want to upgrade to W7, but can't decide whether to go to 64-bit or remain 32-bit. There was a very good thread about a year ago from 961 (threadid=368770&forumid=28, title "32 x 64 bit. Think about this....") with several compelling arguments both for and against, but no definitive conclusion (961: if you're reading this, what did you finish up with eventually?). I'm keen to know if opinion has polarised more towards 64-bit in the last 12 months. I don't do gaming; I mostly run Office 2007 (Outlook, Excel, Word, P/point) although considering upgrading this to 2010. I'm often at the limit of my Outlook Personal Folders size (2Gb?) so if moving to 64-bit W7 allows an increase in this then that would be a big incentive (would an OS shift alone allow this or would I need a 64-bit version of Outlook too - e.g. Office 2010?). And with only 4GB of RAM, will this "leverage" 64-bit or would I need to add some more?

Answer:64bit v 32bit Windows 7 upgrade?

IMHO Just make sure you can get 64bit drivers for all the parts that need them.The size of your folders have no impact on RAM size and you can run 4Gb (well approx 3.2 or something) RAM on 32bit.The only advantage with 64bit is when running memory intensive programs i.e. music or video software. From what you say there is little advantage switching.

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I don?t understand why it?s not possible to upgrade from 32 to 64, or maybe there is a whay to do it and I?m just not informed enough?I?m using win7 proffesional 32 bit (or better, I get more and more used to work with linux(64bit) instead of Win.) and I would like to upgrade to Windows10 64bit . With my newer, stronger computer it is funny to keep using 32bit but I also know that I?m not going to buy win10, my hope is to be able to upgrade from win7 32 to win10 64bit, is there a way to do it?

Answer:Upgrade from win7 32bit to win 10 64bit???

I'm not sure if there is a definitive upgrade process released as of yet, but when changing platforms, you've always needed to do a clean install. That being said, it's an easy process if you plan ahead.

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I currently use Vista home premium 32bit but I want to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I can buy an 'upgrade' pack for ?57.99 as I am a student.

However on the chart regarding upgrade it says i require a 'custom install'. Will an upgrade pack work for this or do I need to purchase the full version?

Answer:32bit Vista to 64bit 7 upgrade

Your only option in this scenario will be to perform a clean install, which is a format of the hard drive then install. Upgrading a 32 bit edition to 64 bit or downgrading a 64 bit install to 32 bit using the in-place approach is not supported.

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Hi, i ungraded windows 10 free copy and it is 32bit ,whereas my laptop supports for 64bit os. Is there any way to get it convert or reinstall for 64bit..?

Answer:Upgrade Windows 10 32bit to 64bit

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Hello there:
Except for an iPhone and an iPad, the only computer I have is an HP 650 (CORE i5) ProBook laptop with a 64bit processor running an activated copy of Windows 10 32bit.
Can I use that laptop to make a bootable Windows 10 64bit flash drive and then use it to install Windows 10 64bit on the same laptop?
Thank you in advance...

Answer:Upgrade from Windows 10 32bit to 64bit


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I have w7 pro 32 bit but need to take advantage of more memory so want to upgrade to ultimate 64 bit. I'm a student and have seen that I can get an upgrade to ultimate 64bit but it says that I cannot do this from w7 at all but can do it from vista business - as per below link

Windows 7 Ultimate: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition

Do you know this to be the case? I have a vista busines recovery disc but am unsure if this will actually install the vista os on my notebook (I have all data that I need backed up on a USB removable hdd so not bothered if it's a clean install). I really need to do this legitimately as the reason I need to upgrade is so that I can install and run virtual machines to do a microsoft course (quite ironic) and would get found out immediately if I didn't choose the correct way to do it.

Any advise would be great - Thanks in advance

Answer:have w7 32bit but want to upgrade to w7 ult 7 64bit- upgrade path?

You can only do a 64 bit In-Place Upgrade from 64 bit Vista. You will need to do a clean install.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Did the notebook come with Windows7?

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I have windows 7 32 bit installed on 2 separate drives (dual boot).
On one of the drives I want to install Windows 8, but want to use the 64 bit version to see if it runs a particular programme better taking advantage of more memory.

According to MS upgrading using the Install Assistant or Advisor will not upgrade 32bit to 64bit so I cannot upgrade at the lower price and have to buy the full install cd.

Is this actually the case, or is there any work around that will allow me to download and install the Win8 64bit upgrade at the lower price

Answer:Upgrade Win7 32Bit to Win8 64bit

When downloading the upgrade you need to


If you need to download 32bit Windows 8, download from a 32bit PC.
If you need to download 64bit Windows 8, download from a 64bit PC.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

You will need to wipe the partition first to upgrade from x32 to x64.

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Hey everyone,

I've recently bought two new machines.

One's a Intel Core 2 Quad
The other's an AMD (Sempron?) Triple Core 64bit.

I've ordered the upgrade disks for Windows 7, the...what does Microsoft call it? Up to date program or whatever it is. The one for the AMD machine has come and the disk specifies it has only 32bit software on it, but has a standard Microsoft License key on the back. My father has a retail 32/64bit Windows 7 disk set for the same version of Windows 7.

Does anyone know through experience if I would be able to use his 64 bit disk to install and use my license key to activate it? I know it sounds an odd set up but to be honest it all seems to point that it's possible, what with Microsoft shipping the two disks together normally. Anyone got any htoughts?

Answer:Using a 32bit upgrade license with a 64bit disc?

Sorry but i don't think that's possible...

If i'm not mistaken your dad already used the license key to activate his retail 32bit right?
And i think what you have is a Windows 7 "UPDATE" cd

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The installation was successfull??

Well Win 10 came up and I was changing a few things in the Start Menu when the laptop just rebooted.

Windows 10 tried to fix the problem and said it was unable.
I have tried various recovery options that are offered by Windows 10, but all failed to fix the problem.
It seems to me to be a screen driver issue.

The laptop was originally running Windows 7 32bit before the upgrade, so therefore the drivers would have been 32bit.
I summise Windows 10 is now only 64bit.

See attached pic of screen before it fails.
The windows splach screen when starting of the 4 pane blue window is okay, it's just then the windows logon screen id supposed to show that you get the example attached.

Answer:Satellite L750D - upgrade from Win 7 32bit to Win 10 64bit

Did you perform an upgrade or a clean install?

As far as I know it should not be possible to upgrade Win 7 32bit to Win 10 64bit… you need the 64bit version in order to get Win 10 64bit.

In case you have performed an “upgrade” you could try to go back from Windows 10 to a previous version of Windows:
Settings > Update & security > Recovery.

If options to go back and restore factory settings aren’t available, you can use installation Toshiba recovery media to install a previous version of Windows

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Hello forum.

On my way to downgrade Win10 back to 7, on my Satellite Toshiba U840, found out that my serial number for windows 7 was for Starter Retail version.
That is odd because i remember that my windows 7 was 64bit and supported all of the windows features,
in comparison to what Starter Retail provides. I ran alot of graphic programs on 3 years ago...

Is it possible to upgrade the retail version to any Win 7 64 bit version?

Thank you for your time!

Answer:How to upgrade Win Next Starter Retail 32bit To any Win 7 64bit ver

Windows 7 Starter was only available in 32bit.

Most people will be happy with Windows 7/64 Home Premium.
To go from a 32 bit Windows 7 to a 64 bit Windows 7 you will need to do a Clean Install.

We need your system spec to get a idea whether a 32 or 64 bit would be best.

Please use this tutorial by Brink to help you fill in your specs.

System Info - See Your System Specs

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Looks like clean installing windows 7 on the drive you want with the upgrade disk is possible but during a clean installation is there a choice to install the 32bit or 64bit version

Answer:can I choose 32bit or 64bit with upgrade disk?

Quote: Originally Posted by bbaction101

Looks like clean installing windows 7 on the drive you want with the upgrade disk is possible but during a clean installation is there a choice to install the 32bit or 64bit version

What did you buy?

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Hi all, I've just received my x220 refurb which I have upgraded immediately to 16gb of ram however its running 32bit version of windows so need to now install/upgrade to 64bit can an upgrade be done whilst keeping the partition for reinstalls? i.e. the recovery drive? If not can the recovery partition be recreated with windows 7 64bit? I don't want to lose all my Lenovo functions (programs settings etc.) but really need to utilise the extra ram (which is showing as being installed when you right click on computer but says usual 4gb) Thanks Ben

Answer:X220 - windows 7 32bit to 64bit upgrade?

You cannot upgrade directly to a 64bit version of Windows, so the better option is to format the drive, and install a fresh copy of the 64bit OS and install the necessary drivers by using the Lenovo System Update tool.You can use the key on the bottom on the machine but you'd have to call Microsoft to activate.

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I hear that Windows 7's public beta supports the "upgrade" option. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade from a 32bit Windows Vista Ultimate install to a 64bit Windows 7 install.

I'm not in the mood to format my HDD and re-download all of my games and what-not.

Answer:Upgrade to 64bit Windows 7 from 32bit Vista?

You know, I had 32 bit 7 on my experimental disk and when I put 7x64 in it and booted it presented me with the upgrade option.

I would not run 7 as a primary OS yet, too much stuff doesn't work yet (application wise).

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First of all, I realise that I will lose all of my documents, programs etc. My computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. I would like to get 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate. My computer IS x64 capable. Any help/ideas? Also, will I have to buy a new Windows 7 or is it all included?


Answer:Clean install (or upgrade) from 32bit W7 to 64bit W7?

Hello Jaidyn,

If you have a retail copy of Windows 7, then it comes with two separate installation discs. One for 32-bit Windows 7, and the other 64-bit Windows 7. You will be able to use the same product key to activate either one.

Hope this helps some,

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Hey again

A few months back I purchased Win 7 Home Premium 32bit from MS, I was given a student discount and I took it !

Anyway at that time I was given the opportunity to either purchase 32bit or 64bit version of the OS. Now I'm sort of kicking myself because I wish I would have purchased the 64bit edition rather than the 32bit.

My laptop fully supports 64bit.

Anyway is there anyway where I can get an upgrade for free or for a low cost ?

Answer:Upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit from 32bit ?

You might check with your school and see if they would exchange it for you...

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I know a normal windows 7 serial key will work for both the 32 bit or 64bit installation of its respective OS. but is the same with the upgrade version?

If I purchase a win7 pro upgrade 32bit key, will it work for a 64bit install?

Answer:win7 upgrade 32bit vs 64bit keys


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I just tried to go through the deal and in the middle is asked for my credit card( credit card will not be charged until product ships). So is it free or not?

Answer:Free upgrade from windows 32bit to 64bit?

bandit390 said:

I just tried to go through the deal and in the middle is asked for my credit card( credit card will not be charged until product ships). So is it free or not?Click to expand...

It is free, although you will pay a small fee for shipping costs.

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I know now that it cant be done.
Anyway this is where Im at. I got a new machine at Christmas, it has a TB hard drive, intel 3 processor, 8g video card, cant remember what else and I cant get into it to tell you but its is definitely able to run the 64 bit version of win7. It came without an OS and as I already had a guenuine copy of win7 that was fine. However, being a bit of a noob I loaded the 32 bit version and not the 64 bit version.

Today I decided to load the 64 bit version. yes, i now know that it cant be done as a simple upgrade. (im kicking myself)
It started to load....but now it is stuck at a command prompt screen. If i reboot i just get the command prompt screen. If i try to go back to loading from the windows vista disk all i get is the command prompt screen. I can open the registry, and it looks like the previous 32bit version has been cleared, but the 64 bit version has not loaded. I think it has cleared the 32bit version but not loaded the 64bit version.

I did think of just formatting the c drive but i cant remember the name of the partitions, The C drive was partitioned to have windows on one and my data on the other. I dont mind formatting because i backed up most stuff i would have needed....just have to download drivers again for the Graphic card....or just a horrible thought.. would i need drivers for the motherboard and other hardware??

Basically I am stuck and my beautiful gaming machine is flooked :

Answer:help needed, tried to upgrade from 32bit win7 to 64bit (doh)

If all of your data is backed up, you should be able to boot from the Windows 7 disk, wipe all partitions, and reinstall Windows to a single C partition. Make sure only one hard drive is connected when you start.

But first a few questions:

You mention the PC came with no OS and then you mention Vista. What does Vista have to do with this? I assume you want Windows 7, not Vista.

Do you have a valid 25 character Windows 7 Product Key?

Is your Windows 7 installation disc a retail version?

Is it a full version or an upgrade version?

Have you set the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive first?

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  Hello,  My x100e originally came with 1GB and I upgraded the memory to 4GB. With 4GB, I am willing  to change the 32 bit to 64 bit, how can I do it? I don't really know much about computer, so I am hoping if someone can give me a clear, easy, and detailed direction on upgrading Win7 32bit to 64bit.  Regards, 

Answer:How do I upgrade my x100e Win7 32bit to 64bit?

Hello mate, First you need a windows 7 cd. Otherwise you can order a 64-bit version of the recovery disc from Lenovo. Then reinstall windows with a custom install and choose 64-bit. Save all your documents first because it will format the hdd. It's basically an reinstallation of windows.

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Having upgraded the RAM to 8GB, how do I now upgrade the installed 'Windows 7 Pro' from 32 bit to 64 bit so as to make best use of the extra memory?

Non tecchie, so please explain in simple terms!


Answer:Portege R700 - How to upgrade from Win 7 32bit to 64bit?


You cannot ?upgrade? from Win 7 32bit to 64bit.
To use the Win 7 64bit system, you will need to make a full, clean Win 7 64bit installation.

This would require new installation of all your software, tool, utilities as well as drivers.

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I have an aging system (2008) Win7 Pro 32bit. I would like to upgrade to 64bit in order to be able to use more ram, and other benefits.

Trying to decide whether to go to Win8 or Win7 Pro 64bit. I have some favorite programs that run on the 32bit system and may not run on 64bit. As I understand it, I may be able to run these 32bit porgrams on a 64bit machine. (??)

I am not a total newbie, but have not been keeping up on new technology since 2008, so I am asking for advice. I have a computer tech who can help.

My tech friend is advising NOT to go to Win8. He says that he would not recommend this OS until at least two years time has passed since it's introduction so MS has time to work out bugs. I am also just upgrading a desktop and have no touch screen.

I want my new system to be a media center, some graphics and some light video work.

I have bought

Asus AMD 990FX Atx 4 DIMM DDR3 TUF Sabertooth MOBO

AMD FX - 8320 EIGHT-CORE 3.5GHZ 16MB 125w AM3+CPU
AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 Eight-Core 3.5GHz AM3+ Processor - AM3+, Eight-Core, 3.5GHz, 16MB, 125W, Unlocked at

Kingston 8GB 1600MHz 10-10-10 DDR3 HyperX Red (thinking about getting another 8gb and upping my ram to 16gb)
HyperX red | Kingston Technology

I will be using my current Silverstone 850watt power supply, hard disks, case and DVD drives. Have a 6950 AMD Radeon video card.

Some more questions

If I upgrade to Win7 64bit while changing hardware, what ... Read more

Answer:Upgrade Win7 Pro 32bit to 64bit or go to Win8?

Hello Bill and welcome to Seven Forums. Lots of questions and I have no definitive answers for you. Just some personal opinion and others may totally disagree.

I have very limited experience with Windows 8. I played around with the Beta (consumer preview) for about 2 months and I didn't like it. To me it felt like a lot of the functionality I was used to in Windows 7 (and Windows XP before that) was missing. Now don't get me wrong. I think the basic underlying operating system is good. It booted up faster than 7, it has better security, and for about $5.00 you can buy something called Start8 from Stardock that makes Windows 8 look and feel like Windows 7. It even brings back the start button and start menu. But it still felt like I was trying to use a touch operating system on a non-touch computer.

The first thing I'd ask myself is: if I really want to keep the Windows 7 look and feel, why would I bother getting Windows 8 only to make it look and feel like 7? Why not just stay with 7? On the other hand, if I had to replace a broken or aging machine, then I probably would go with 8. But it sounds like your machine has the chops to stay around for a while and it doesn't sound like you have any immediate or pressing need to replace your computer.

Upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit will require a clean install. You'll need to backup all your personal data. But you can use the same 25-digit Product Key to activate the 64-bit 7 Pro as you used to activate the 32-bit 7 Pro. ... Read more

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I have a 64 bit windows 7 upgrade disc, and no Vista installation disk. I do have a valid cd-key that came with the 64bit Vista operating system. I was looking for a CD image to download since like all laptops they give you the crappy restore disk that add bundled software you don't want and take forever to load.

So to sum it all up, upgrade from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7 possible??

My Vista cd-key is for Vista Home Premium

Answer:Upgrade from 32bit vista to 64bit win7 possible?

If vista is still on your pc then you can clean install the upgrade 7 disk. The installer will see the old os and allow the clean install. Hope this helps you with your problem.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Hi, I bought Windows 7 back in August, I noticed I wasn't using all of my RAM but recently its showing on some games. I want to get Windows 7 32bit to Windows 7 64 bit. I've looked on the Internet and it just comes up with "No, you have to do A fresh install". I originally upgraded from Windows XP 32bit and I remember saying that I had to use a custom installation or somthing, and it created a folder called 'windows.old'. Would that folder be created again if I was to go ahead with this fresh installation? Thanks.

Answer:I want to upgrade Windows7 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

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I'm a T410 Owner, and i want to upgrade it to 64bit since i just bought a new 4 GB RAM.My Thinkpad is covered with 3 years warranty.Will Lenovo Service Center do it for free ? assuming it is still under warranty or how much should i pay them to do the upgrade ?It is hard for me in Indonesia to buy the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery DVD for 64bit version. Is anybody have a solution for my problem ?I want to have the original  64bit backup partition and all thinkpad drivers in it. Thanks.

Answer:T410 Windows 7 32bit Upgrade to 64bit

hey silverseraph,with regards to this, do contact our support team via the link below:

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I purchased Windows 7 for my Vista machine & installed the 32 bit version. I would like to install the 64bit version. Can this be done with the upgrade disks?

Answer:Windows 7 32bit installed from upgrade, want 64bit

Is your hardware 64bit capable ? Did you get a 32bit & a 64bit DVD ?
You cannot upgrade 32bit directly to 64bit, It will have to be a clean install.

Check out our tutorials section.

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please help me too how to upgrade my 32 bit to 64bit my windows 7 is supported to 64bit but i cant have 64bit please say any steps to make 64

Answer:how to upgrade 32bit to 64bit i cant play games

Sorry to say you cannot "upgrade" to Windows 7 64Bit, BUT you must do a clean install.  If you have the install media that is not a problem, but if you do not, then the install media needs to be located.  I see the PC is a Dell, so maybe get with the Dell site to see if that model came with Windows 7 64Bit and use the Recovery disk set for that.  Actually since this is a Dell, you could probably get authentic Dell install media and just to a clean install.  Not aproblem in that case.

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Component Upgrade + 32bit > 64bit switch?

Hey guys, not sure where exactly to post this but here i go.

As usual i come here to seek out professional help from you guys and every time i get the support that i need which i gladly appreciate. So here i am again asking for new advice.
First of all i would want to ask you if i should switch from 32bit windows to 64bit. I am not sure how i am going to go on about switch from 32 to 64bit and see if it is really worth it and if it will boost my PC's performace. I have 4GB of total RAM i believe not completely sure so i know that 32bit can only recognized 3.25GB of RAM so i am pretty much wasting the other 1GB of RAM by using 32bit...

I currently use my PC for movies, music and gaming. in-game video recording as well as using adobe photoshop, indesign, dreamwaver, flash and illustrator for my graphics work (CS5 package). I do have slight performance impact when using the CS5 software package but its not thing big only small laag which isn't effecting me too much.

The main point behind me wanting to switch is to squeeze out the most of my computer to get full performance when doing my design work or playing games.

Is switch 32bit to 64bit really worth it? Is it easy to do or do i need to send it off to someone professional?

My computer specs are the following:

The below screenshot includes:

BIOS, Ch... Read more

Answer:Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch?

You'll need to reinstall an x64 OS in order to switch; there's no way around this.

You shouldn't have any issues IMHO, and using an x64 OS means you can upgrade your RAM later in the future without having to install an x64 OS at that point.

How much are you looking to spend on your PC in total? Also, will you be buying online or from retail stores?

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I want to upgrade my 2010 T410 to 64 bit Windows 7; it came preconfigured with 32bit with no recovery disc, no Windows disc or even a Windows 7  sticker with OS serial number on the laptop.   Is there an easy way to do this?  


Go to Solution.

Answer:T410 Windows 7 32bit to 64bit upgrade

It is hard to believe that there is no sticker on the back of your thinkpad. Anyway you can not just upgrade the system to 64bit. You have to reinstal your system. But not sure about saving your files or configuration. There might be some useful tools to do that

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I have just purchased an Asus tablet with Win 8.1. It is a 64bit system with 32Gb of Memory. I accepted the Win 10 upgrade but without thinking selected the 32bit. version. I tried to roll it back to the original 8.1 but it appears to save memory the original system has been replaced. The original media is supposed to be on an SD card but it wasn't included in the package and Asus is telling me I must send it to their service center but they are not replacing the card - an issue I will deal with separately.

The unit seems to be working ok, so my question really there a problem with running the Win 10, 32 bit on my 64bit system? It might just be easier to leave it as it is?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Answer:Win 10 32bit on 64bit system

Any 32 bit Operating Stystem will only recognize 3.2 GB of RAM . . the rest will not be utilized.

When you say you have 32 BG of memory, do you mean RAM or Storage space?

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Hello, I have an ideapad 500 500-15isk, it's 32 bit and can't find its drivers on the lenovo download section.So I tried to download the 64 bit version and not all drivers worked, such as the bluetooth drivers and camera drivers. Can someone help me please?

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Hi there,

Im not sure what to do. And I cant seem te find an answer trough google.

I have a satelite A300 notebook and want to upgrade to Windows 7 But im not sure if I need to upgrade to Windows 7 32 bit version as the OS I have now is vista 32bit. Or can I also update to Windows 7 64 bit version. I dont know if the system can handle and coop with the 64bit version.

Is there someone with a clear answer??

many thanks in advance

GReets Gerald

Answer:Satellite A300 - Upgrade to Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?

after an extended research my question has been answerd by microsoft trough:

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I have a Tecra M11-17z with the pre-installed 32-bit Windows 7 Professional OS.
I want to change to the 64-bit OS.

To do this I need to do a custom 'clean' install the 64-bit system.
As this is a new laptop and all the bundle software supplied with the laptop can be downloaded I do not mind doing this.

Do I have to buy a completely new Windows 7 professional to be able to clean install 64-bit?
Where is the best place to go for the required software?

Any ideas and help much appreciated.

Answer:Tecra M11-17z - Question about upgrade from Win7 32bit to 64bit

> Do I have to buy a completely new Windows 7 professional to be able to clean install 64-bit?
I assume the image preinstalled on this notebook contains just 32boit Win 7 version.
So yes, you will need purchase a Win 7 64bit Microsoft Disk in order to install 64bit version.

> Where is the best place to go for the required software?
You can purchase Win 7 64bit everywhere? most online shops like Amazon provides it and I think this would be the easiest and fastest way to get this?

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Although I'm presently running with Win 7 32bit I want to move to Win 7 64bit. I have the upgrade disks (both 32 & 64 bit) I purchased to upgrade from Vista. I now realise I'll have to re-install Vista before I can then try the Win 7 64bit upgrade.
So far I've tried booting my machine with the Vista recovery disk I have from the OEM, and at the point of "install" (when it came to the point of re-installing Vista)swapped it for the Win 7 64bit. I then hit the buffers with the install procedure not recognizing the drivers for the CD/DVD drive ........ which I found has an enormous thread all by itself on this site.
I do have 2 other external drives (J: and L: ) and a partition on the disk K:, for users and data; will I need to copy the contents of the disk to one of these ??
Has anyone any experience of using upgrade disks to move from Vista 32bit to Win 7 64bit?
Will this difficulty with the unrecognized CD/DVD drive be a showstopper ?
Can the upgrade from Vista 32bit to Win 7 64bit actually be done?
Is there a tutorial for this type of upgrade?

Answer:Using Upgrade disks to move from Vista 32bit to Win 7 64bit

It's just not possible because of the drivers and archetecture difference of x86 and x64. While it sounds simple, they are big, big, big differences. For a simple example, x86 has only one "Program Files" folder. When you "tricked" it, guess what? It's missing the "Program Files (x86)" folder where 32-bit appliacations are, probably even tricking Windows that your old "Program Files" folder is 64-bit and will attempt to migrate and run them in 64-bit mode when they are not.

Try Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

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My pc is a 64 bit bit machine which had 32bit vista pre-installed. Can I upgrade to 64bit with windows 10 and will I have to reinstall all programs

Answer:Will I be able to upgrade from Vista 32bit to Windows 10 64bit for free?

You should be able to install windows 10 64-bit on the machine, but not for free. You'll have to pay for a Windows 10 copy. And you will have to reinstall all programs.

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I just purchased Vista Home Premium Upgrade that only comes with the 32-bit version. I have the option to order the 64-bit version from MS, but for some reason when I try entering my product key it won't accept it.

I have yet to install Vista (currently in the middle of a build) and was wondering if it needs to be installed first & registered before I can oder the 64-bit version.

P.S. I got the academic version which cost me $70 and plan on doing the clean install method.

Answer:Vista Premium Upgrade 32bit to 64bit Question

You don't need to install or register Vista to get the CD. You go here: and type in your product key. I have used the 64-bit disk from MS with my Vista Home Premium Academic. I ordered using my Vista Business key though. I don't see why it would matter.

PS...I just tried with my Academic and it came up No Offer Found. I'd email MS and see what's up.

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I've added an extra 4GB of memory to my Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE). When I try to run the Windows 7 64bit upgrade it fails with a blue screen.

Is it possible to upgrade this model to 64 bit Windows 7?

Answer:Satellite A300D-15B - Upgrade from Windows 7 32bit to 64bit?

I couldn't find driver for Win 7 64 bit on Toshiba driver page but Vista 64 bit drivers should be compatible, anyway most of them.

> When I try to run the windows 7 64bit upgrade it fails with a blue screen

To be honest, I have never performed Windows upgrade as I always prefer a clean installation.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM) from new egg. Do I have any way of upgrading to a 64 bit version?


Answer:upgrade 32bit vista home premium to 64bit?

There are two parts to this. If you obtain x64 media, you shouldn't haven an issue using your key and installing. You probably won't qualifiy for the $10 x64 disc from Microsoft, since you have an OEM license. Your best bet would be to borrow media from a friend. I can't see recommending that anyone download the disc from a torrent site.

The second part is, once you have the disc, you can't do an in-place upgrade. You'll need to wipe the drive and do a fresh install to go to Vista x64.

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Satellite A500-15M PSAM0E-00M00PEN

I have the Toshiba Win 7 home premium 32 bit and 64 bit upgrade disk
I upgraded from preinstalled Vista OS
I chose the 32bit option.

Can I choose 64bit with same disk?

If yes how?

Answer:Upgrade from Win7 32bit to 64bit on Satellite A500-15M


As far as I know the notebook was released with an VISTA 32/64Bit HOME PREMIUM (DUAL) system.
So you could use either Vista 32bit or 64bit

Just to clarify this: you used Vista 32bit in the past and upgraded the from Vista 32bit to Win 7 32bit. Right?

Well, if you want to use Win 7 64bit, you can upgrade from Vista 64bit to Win 7 64bit or you will need make a clean installation of Win 7 64bit using an Microsoft Win 7 64bit disk.

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Ive bought a Satellite Pro C650 with Pentium duo core and 8 gig of ram. I did the initial start up as per instructions but the PC is running as 32 bit and I dont have access to the full ram.
Obviously I need to upgrade to a 64 bit system to take advantage of all that ram. Ive done the system checks and it indicates that the PC is capable of running 64bit. The more I read the more confused I get.

Do I need to upgrade from Home Premium to something else?
Will I lose all the settings etc on the PC?
Truly, Ive got no idea what to do from here.

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - Windows 7 upgrade 32bit to 64bit

Hi kymbo

At first welcome to this forum and I am happy you are here and want to ask what can be the best solution for you before you start searching solution on your own.

At first tell us please which C650 do you have exactly (C650-xxx).

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I'm ready to upgrade my HP Workstation (xw6000) to Windows 7 - first I wanted to get your advice on which version to buy Home or Professional, and 32bit or 64bit.Firstly, my processors (x2 3.06GHz Intel Xeons) are x86. Microsoft says they should be x64 to be able to take / run Windows 7 64-bit. So I guess I can't go 64-bit. I've 4GB or RAM fitted at the moment and being 32bit Windows XP is only showing my system as having 3.20GB.Lastly, Home or Professional? I'd plump for Professtional as it says it has an XP compatabilty mode. Is this the case or is Home ok? I can't see vast differences apart from this between Home and Pro. And BitLocker and the various languages on Pro to Ultimate don't affect me.Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Answer:Upgrade advice, Win7: 32bit or 64bit? Home or Pro?

Just as a point, I bought windows home upgrade from Tescos, and it had 32 bit & 64 bit disks.there is a great difference in price between home 69 and Pro 130+

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I downloaded Windows 7 32bit but if Vista Ultimate 32bit will be on the upgrade path for Windows 7 64bit I would like to give that a try.

Answer:Will Vista Ultimate 32bit be on upgrade path for 7 64bit

^ First of all I don't suggest upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 as Windows 7 is still in BETA stage and you may encounter some problems. Install it on a separate partition.
If you really want to upgrade from Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit then make sure of the two things:
1.You have Vista 32-bit with SP1
2.You read the below KB article(actually the KB article is for XP to Vista upgrade but you can read to get good idea): Installation choices for 64-bit consumer versions of Windows Vista

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Trying to follow the Tutorial 'Move Users Folder Location in Windows 10' and, at the beginning of the tutorial, it states:
'You can download a Windows 10 ISO image with the install.wim file needed for this procedure by following instructions in this tutorial (Option One): Windows 10 ISO Download'

I used Media Creation to download and burn a DVD of the Win 10 Pro 64bit .iso but I looked through the DVD and couldn't find any install.wim file.

What did I do wrong that it didn't download with the rest of the .iso files?

Answer:Help with moving the Users folder for an upgrade (to 64bit from 32bit)

look for install.esd under Sources folder instead of install.wim

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hi all, im new to the forums and indeed to vista as i just purchased vista home premium, my question is- i want to put a dual operating system with 32bit and 64bit(which i purchased from microsoft for ?7) both loaded fine but im unsure whether i need to purchase another full license for my 64bit version or does my license allow me to use both on one p.c when i try to activate the 64bit version it says this license it being used(by me i hope) , any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:32bit 64bit dual system

Hi Ranger fc,

Welcome to the forum.

If you use the same product key for the 64 bit Vista as for the 32 bit, then yes you will need to buy a new license to use both of them at the same time. You can only use the product key for either or, not both at the same time.


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I have HP DV4-1199ee laptop with windows 7 32 bit and my friends has HP DV6-2005ev laptop with windows 7 64bit. However when I checked the available drivers for ethier computer, there is driver for 32bit and 64bit.

What does this mean? I can install either 32bit or 64bit OS, or there is two version of the HP laptops(ie 32bit and 64bit)

Answer:32bit and 64bit system drivers

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I have a Dell 8300 desktop. It isn't updating automatically even though I have that chosen. I see several 32 bit updates. It is a 64bit computer.
I did have "WD my passport" portable drive attached to the Dell, on the latest update that did run? Is that what is updating?  

Answer:32bit updates in 64bit system

hmm.. I would assume you have a 64 bit version of windows installed.  That being the case, some programs run in 32 bit mode which shouldn't be an issue and having an external drive shouldn't effect anything in terms of windows updates. As for why your computer isn't updating automatically that I am not aware of why.  

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It has been said that the 32bit IE9 is a lot faster than it's 64bit sibling. But the installation of the 32bit version on a 64bit system is a bit confusing. This article helps.

First, as many of you have discovered, if you try to download and install 32-bit IE 9 on a 64-bit Windows PC, you?ll get the error message: ?This version of setup doesn?t support your Windows system type (32-bit/64-bit).? It?s right. You can?t.

Instead what you need to do is to download the 64-bit version of IE 9. Yes, I know, it?s the version you don?t want if you want great Web browser performance, just stick with me. After you?ve done this, if you look at your All Programs menu, you?ll see, right under Internet Explorer (64-bit), ?Internet Explorer,? that?s the 32-bit version.


Answer:Installing 32bit IE9 on a 64bit system

Only addon not supported in 64bit. is Silverlight, no?

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Just received my new Ideapad Y560p and am in the process of installing all my programs.  I hit a major snag in that the default IE9 browser was the 32-bit version.  For some reason Java Script was not working with it.  I couldn't login with Window Live, see the Windows Update page, nor see any posts on Facebook.  (Everything worked fine in Firefox)  I changed the default to the IE9 64bit that also came installed and that solved the IE9 viewing problems.  However, other programs (like Carbonite) for some reason tap into the IE9 32-bit java settings (am I wrong here?) to display their data.  I couldn't install Carbonite because it couldn't display the information on its installation window.  I had the same issue with MSN Premium not displaying certain web pages.  I installed both the 32 and 64 bit versions of JAVA.  That didn't work.  I then spent 2hours with a Carbonite techie controlling my computer - NOT FUN - changing my IE settings - turning off all my security - changing my Host File - adding User Accounts - restarting my computer at least three times - and it still didn't load.  She sent it to escallation.  (The MSN techie person couldn't solve the problem either...another couple of hours wasted) Since I thought it had to do with the Java in the 32-bit version of IE9, I uninstalled IE9 (it uninstalled both versions)Voila!  All other programs worked.  I could inst... Read more

Answer:Why would IE9-32bit come installed on a 64bit system?

The issue is that almost all of the plugins available for IE (including Flash and Silverlight) are 32 bit only. As a result, 64 bit IE is pretty useless for mostly everything.

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Hello, I am thinking about building a new system and not sure to build another 32bit system or to build a 64bit system? Is there any point in building a 64bit system since nothing really supports 64bit systems yet?

If i was going to build a 64bit system would this be ok spec

AMD Athlon 64 2800+
Epox 9NDA3+
512mb or more have not decided.


AMD Athlon XP 2800 (333MHz)
EP-8RDA6+ Pro

Have not decided on a graphics card yet. I want a not bad spec system thats not going to break the bank say roughly 300. I have chosen an epox motherboards since i have one in my main system and had no problems with it.

Answer:Building a new system. 32bit or 64bit?

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I did ask a question about this some time ago and discovered that there was no easy way to do it (I'd thought to use Macrium Reflect).

I recently saw that there is now a facility within Macrium Reflect - Redeploy - that reads as if it could be used.

Does anyone know whether this would be possible?


Answer:Migrate system from 32bit to 64bit

I am not familiar with "Redeploy" but the only way I know to go from 32 bit to 64 bit is a clean install.

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My Hard drive crashed a few months ago and had to be replaced and the operating system re installed. Unfortunately the HP service people had difficulty in obtaining the replacement operating system and I have now discovered that a 32 bit system was installed instead of the previous 64 bit system. As a result I have several program not fully functional.Can anyone help me in obtaining the 64 bit system for this computer

Answer:Change from 32Bit to 64 Bit operating system for Pavilion El...

Hi: You posted that your PC is running W10 32 bit. It originally came with W7. If you had previouly upgraded to W10, you can download the 64 bit version of W10, and clean install it by using the media creation tool from the link below. Read the info under the section labeled 'Using the tool to create installation media.' During the installation process, when you are asked to enter a product key, there will also be an option to select: 'I don't have a product key.' Select that option, and W10 will install and automatically activate once you are reconnected to the internet.    

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Running vista upgrade advisor on a machine running XP Pro. Old P4 32 bit machine. When it test your software and its conclusion is your sofware is ok for Vista. I'm assuming that for a 32 bit machine not a 64 bit machine.

Are my assumptions correct?

Answer:Upgrade advisor for Vista tests software for 32bit or 64bit

It is for 32-bit versions.
But if you have a 64-bit cpu you can run the 64-bit version of Vista. It is important to make sure you can obtain all the 64-bit drivers for your hardware that vista may not automatically install during setup and Windows update. (i.e., Video driver, and sata/raid driver-vista will install audio drivers, but these may not work well resulting in failure to mute speakers if using headphones)

P4 appears to support EM64T support for 64-bit
Intel? Pentium? 4 Processor Product Information

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Trying to clean install from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit both Home Premium. I put the Win 7 DVD in the tray, shut down the computer, restarted with hard button and nothing happened. It rebooted into Vista. Opened DVD drive and double clicked on setup.exe and got the following message "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher."
How do I get Windows 7 to install?

Answer:Trying to upgrade from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit both Home Premium

You'll need to select the DVD drive as the boot option in BIOS. Read through Clean Install Windows 7

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From what I understand, you can't convert Vista 64bit to 32bit, it requires a clean installation. So with that said, if I have a computer with Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 disk and then a Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade disk, with both 64 bit and 32bit, how can I convert it to 32bit?

Answer:Converting Vista 64bit with 32bit Ultimate Upgrade Disk

I would think your only options is a clean install.

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