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Dell Inspiron 7567 says no battery present but still works

Question: Dell Inspiron 7567 says no battery present but still works

I just bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and it has been saying that the battery wont charge since it isn't a genuine dell battery (which it is) but it would still charge. Recently that notification has been removed and now at the bottom right it shows no battery is present. Now I'm not sure if the battery is still charging because it still works even when I am unplugged. Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 7567 says no battery present but still works

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Inspiron 7567 says no battery present but still works

Since this is a new model, it is covered by warranty - contact Dell to have the battery replaced under warranty.

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Hi all,
I purchased a Dell inspiron 7567 laptop in mid to late January of this year. After a couple months, I had an issue with the battery not charging. I contacted support and searched different solutions, and all of them said to remove the battery and restart the laptop, then reinstall the battery. This worked temporarily. I had the problem again not long after, but again the solution worked. Recently, however, the problem has resurfaced. I've tested every solution I can find, I've contacted support and tried their solution, and nothing has worked. When I boot up the system and look at the bios, the AC adapter is recognized and working. When I look at the battery in the Dell Power Manager, it is confirmed to be a Dell battery. The health of the battery states unknown, and I've read that this could mean that the battery itself is bad, but since this problem has occurred before saying the same thing and then later been resolved and since the system is only 6 months old, I have a difficult time believing that the battery is bad. There is a BIOS update I can download, but with the system at 0% there is no way to install it without risk to the laptop. Dell support has told me I will need to send it in for repairs and pay for any parts needed, but I require the laptop for classwork and such, and sending my laptop away for 2 weeks would only be detrimental. My question is is this a common problem with this system, and if so is there a solution I haven't found yet.... Read more

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I have bought a dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop about 2 months ago.. I facing few problems.. 
1. first month the laptop used to run on batter for about 5-6 hrs browsing internet and watching movies as well.. but now I hardly get 2 hours only browsing without any other tasks running in parallel..
2. The laptop heats a lot at the bottom even when I do browsing only
3. Right hinge make a kind of 'tick' sound while opening and closing.. and after I close completely, I have to press a bit at the right hinge to close completely.. (When I press it makes a small tick sound and is closed completely)
I'm worried to see so many issues within a year and that too for just 2 months.. The main problem is this laptop my aunt bought in United States but I live in India. So it is not easy to send the laptop to US for  such issues.. I hope I will get some support through this post..

Answer:Dell inspiron 7567 Gaming - Battery and Hinge problem.

You'll need to start by transferring the warranty to India -- however, this requires:
1.  Upgrading the warranty from depot repair to onsite service -- this will cost a couple of hundred dollars.
2.  That the model is sold in India -- if it's not, the warranty cannot transfer.
To transfer:
Then contact Dell India or US for repair.

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So the GPU performance drops on battery power because it is limited by temperature although as you can see the temperature only reaches 62C but when i plug in the charger the temp limit is gone.How can i disable it?
Battery boost is offGPU set to maximum performancePower management set to high performanceUpdated BIOSUpdated Drivers from dell
Charger Plugged In

On Battery

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Is there anyway i could upgrade Dell Inspiron 15 7000  to Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming for extra bit of money?? i am looking to get better performance on gaming?
bought from: BEST BUY.
Has a warranty for hardware damage for:2 years 

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I'm pretty confused, there is "Dell Power Manager Service" for  Inspiron 7577:
But there is not "Dell Power Manager Service" for Inspiron 7567.

Is here real hardware difference what limits the using of "Dell Power Manager Service" for Inspiron 7567 or it's *** Apple-style marketing move?

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Is it possible that UHD screen on my new Dell is looking like that? Should I return it? Please let me know your thoughts!  Please see how it looks in the dark!  

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Can I replace the 128gb sata m.2 ssd with a nvme ssd? I see that the 4k screen model comes with a nvme ssd, but do not know if the motherboards are different.

Answer:nvme works for Dell 7567?

Yes, you can replace it if the later Bios has been installed.  It may come with an NVMe PCIe SSD but it is set to run in SATA mode.  Before you start to change the drive, check some of the other threads or ask...

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The new Dell Inspiron 7567 is plagued with a BSOD issue when updating the Nvidia video driver.
The driver provided by Dell is stable, however does not support the latest and greatest games (BF1 is a year old and will not launch on Dells driver).
I've spoken with several owners of the new 7567 and they are all experiencing the same issue.
There has been some issue with dell keeping up to date with the latest Nvidia drivers for the discrete GPU (you can't take regular NV gpu updates from NV experience unless you want to deal with BSOD GPU fatal errors) . From what I have read this notebook employs Nvidia Optimus technology- in short it uses the Intel GPU (on CPU) for low power applications and then seamlessly hands off to the GTX when the workload becomes too much (gaming). There is no way to disable this handoff from within bios NV control panel or windows power management to use only the GTX. Using any other than the dell supplied driver will result in extreme system instability and frequent crashes. Using the dell supplied drivers your new 1050 Ti is about 15-20% lower performing than on the newer (but unstable) NV supplied drivers.
Competing manufacturers like Acer do not have this issue and Acers machines will perform significantly better than Dells due to this driver conflict. 
I urge Dell to address this issue ASAP for it will cause a very big issue for them in the near future as Acer and Lenovo flood the market with their new systems.

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So I recently (it's been about 3 weeks) purchased a refurbished dell Inspiron 15 7000. Sometimes, when I put my laptop to sleep, it wakes up with this screen. That smaller box is the mouse apparently because it moves when I move my mouse. It doesn't go away, at least when I left it for 10 minutes. 
Also, another freezing problem that I have is that sometimes, my computer spontaneously freezes while I am watching a video. It may have to do with my RAM usage (I've noticed that I have at least 4-5 tabs open) but I also have 8gb ram, which has never been a problem on other computers. The screen doesn't change, and the audio stutters loudly for about 10 seconds before cutting off immediately. Nothing on the screen moves.

All parts are stock. 
Processor: Intel i5-7300 HQ CPU @ 2.5 GHz
Ram: 8 gb
System Type: 64-bit OS
Display Adaptors: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti and Intel HD graphics 630

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Hey everyone, I've been trying to boot my laptop from a USB in order to do a clean install of windows 10 but the laptop won't boot from USB. I updated the BIOS in case that was the problem. When I go into the BIOS, and go to the screen to choose a device to boot from, I can't see the USB in the list. I've tried turning off safe boot and all that but to no avail. The only thing that seems to be left is change the boot mode to Legacy instead of UEFI but dell advises against that and I don' wanna do that in case something goes wrong. Thanks for the help

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Hello everybody,
I have an above mentioned Dell Gaming Laptop ( i7, GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB Ram, +SSD) Just got it  3 days ago. I updated all drivers and unfortunately I have serious lag drops during the game every 1-2 minute or less. I have read lots of forums already seeing people facing this issue too like CPU throttling. I tried to reinstall to the factory windows and Nvidia driver but I still have the issue. ANYONE who has found a solution??

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Dropping FPS

What game or games are you playing and how do you play?   FPS info from in game utility?

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I just bought one from the dell outlet factory. Till now the laptop is a beauty but the only thing that bothers me is the 256GB SSD. I do some recording and video rendering stuff too besides than just gaming.
Now, my question, is there any way to to install a 1TB HDD, keeping my 256GB SSD undisturbed. I did some research and found out that my laptop supports 2.5Inch SATA hard disks but does it only support SSD or both SSD AND HDD
Is there any free internal slot for the installation of 2.5Inch HDD/SSD ? Please anyone ?
Also I checked this post() Where he says he ordered the 1050Ti version but got the normal 1050 version. The thing is, my uncle has got my laptop and he's bringing it on friday plus he doesn't know how to check the graphic card and everything. I ordered the 1050Ti version, so will I be getting the normal 1050 version or the correct one(1050Ti) ?

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Like this is two much dell Inspiron 7567 is selling in India approx at price of more $420  but with a TN panel.Tgey are selling three variants one with i5 and 1050 another with i7 and 1050ti without ssd and one with i7 1050ti 16gb ram and ssd and all are priced 1268$,1423$ and 1764$ almost double with what they are selling in USA I know there are taxes and all in India but considering fact there is no IPS version is available they launched this model in may after almost 3 months of launch in USA and with knowing fact that this TN screen is not good and started giving replacements in march in USA but launched it in India with the panel and are in no more of any kind of replacements .Ian asking why we are paying more and getting poor quality then others this should not be case consider it please

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Hello! I have dell inspiron 7567 and fps in some games are awful. In CS GO i have only 100 fps on very low quality( my previous laptop had 150 fps and it was not as good as dell). In Overwatch i have similar problem. I think, the problem is in processor, cause fps is similar on different settings. Is someone know, what to do?

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I recently bought a dell 15 7567 with 4k screen.  It has backlight bleeding on three corners. More pronuced on left top and bottom side. . Even at 20% brightness there is still backlight bleeding.
Will dell fix it?

Answer:Dell inspiron 15 7567 backlight bleed

Hi navneetskht,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Request you to please run a test on the LCD screen, to initiate power on the system while holding down the letter D key. The screen will display multiple colors and change to solid colors red, blue and green, check if the back-light bleed is still present on the LCD screen. Also check the system in the BIOS page to see, if you notice the back-light bleed. Please send us a picture on private message, of the LCD screen so that we can replace it as per your warranty entitlement on the system service tag.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Hi, guys!Since Russian OFFICIAL DELL support refused my request (although my laptop is on warranty), I've decided to try to find help here. I've set middle click (wheel push) on a "three finger touch" touchpad gesture using windows 10 settings but each time I use that gesture, touchpad immediately stops working (algthough middle click was accoplished - I've tried to open a new tab in a browser and the tab has opened). Only reboot helps to get touchpad working again. Does anybody know how to solve that problem?The problem occures on a Dell Inspiron 7567 laptop.Hope someone knows how to solve that. :)

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Hello, I currently have Dell Inspiron 7567 and I had this for 10days.
Here is the spec of Dell 7567 that I have:
-Intel Core i7 7700HQ
-Nvidia gtx 1050ti
-16gb ram
-128gb SSD and 1tb HDD
-1920*1080 IPS panel
Whenever I play any games with AC adapter plugged in, the FPS is more than 100 and it makes loud fan noise. However, the FPS drops to 30FPS and fan does not make loud noise when I unplug the AC adapter. I have changed the NVIDIA power plans in NVIDIA Control Panel. I have also altered my power options in control panel and turned off Battery Boost in GeForceExperience. Can anyone please tell me what is causing this FPS drop and loud fan noise? 

Answer:DELL INSPIRON 7567 FPS drop when unplugged

The system switches to lower power mode on battery - while you can adjust this setting in power management, it will reduce the battery runtime (and it's unlikely the battery can supply enough power to allow the system to run as fast as on AC power even if you max out the settings).
When the system is working hard, it generates heat that must be dissipated.  That causes the fan to run faster -- and be noisier as a result, just as your car's engine gets louder when revved faster.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 1050 TI Ver.
My problem is that when am closing my laptop screen (not shutting down) like putting it on sleep mode. Then opening it back back i get a grey screen. After i get the grey screen i can't really do much after that, my only option is holding the power button til it shuts down. My friend has the same laptop as me and he has this problem too.I don't really know what the cause of this problem maybe its not new windows update but i don't think so cause some people i know don't have the problem that i have.
I hope some of you people know how to fix it. Thank you in advance
Here is how it looks like:

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 grey screen

The gray screen appears to be cause by an out dated / corrupt Video driver. Lately, there have been a lot of complaints about gray / vertical screen. You're able to get into windows ?
Note: I'm hoping one of the forum Dell reps see this thread and report this problem to the Dell team.

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I bought Dell Inspiron 15 7567-6218 and I would like to upgrade RAM. Is it possible?
Intel Core i7 7700HQ Kaby Lake15.6" LED IPS 3840x2160RAM 8GB DDR4NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti 1050 4GBSSD 128GB + HDD 1TB 5400
Are there 2 slots for RAM or only one? If only one, will work 16GB DDR4 2400 SODIMM?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7567-6218 upgrade RAM?

The 7567 supports a max of 32GB RAM. 
It has 2 memory slots.
Download the service manual here -
Compatible memory modules from Dell -
Also, find the compatible memory modules from Crucial here for your system model -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi, guys!Since Russian OFFICIAL DELL support refused my request (although my laptop is on warranty), I've decided to try to find help here. I've set middle click (wheel push) on a "three finger touch" touchpad gesture using windows 10 settings but each time I use that gesture, touchpad immediately stops working (algthough middle click was accoplished - I've tried to open a new tab in a browser and the tab has opened). Only reboot helps to get touchpad working again. Does anybody know how to solve that problem?The problem occures on a Dell Inspiron 7567 laptop.Hope someone knows how to solve that. :)

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7567 touchpad problem

Despite the fact that the administrator moved this topic to the software section, I still think that the problem is in the hardware drivers, not in the operating system. :)

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Recently bought a model 7567 and paired it with an external monitor via HDMI. All my drivers are up to date. Ever since pairing the both, every few minutes, the laptop and external monitor both freeze for about a minute, then both screens flicker and return to normal operation. 
This only happens when I use HDMI output. If I'm using the laptop alone, it works perfectly. I should note that this only happens when browsing webpages or small tasks, and not when gaming. I have ran full system hardware diagnostics and found no problems.
Any help would be nice, as it is becoming a pain to use. Thanks! 

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So i bought a Dell Inspiron 7567 last week - TN model with the 1050TI and 1 tb hdd model. I have win10 home , i installed all the drivers(nvidia, intel graphic ...). The problem is when i connect to an led display . The led display is a Samsung 27 inch S27F350 . The problem is that it's all blurry, the text, the colors are not there and i cannot change the sharpness,gamma for my screen at all it's like the driver blocked me , only the brightness of the screen , that i can change. When i put the led  on the eye saver mode i can change the contrast, the sharpness, but not the brightness of course, because it's the yellow light and yeah in the eye saver mode where the sharpness exists, it's all more clear the text, the images  . I have native settings on the screen.
I connected to a TV that's full hd 1080p, i cannot see the edges of the screen. I think the drivers are not set correctly and the problem is with in the driver of nvidia or intel graphic. If you know the solution please help ?

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Does anyone know what the symbol means on the S key, it looks like a FAN or propeller?
And how does it function, does it need to be combined with FN key or other key combination?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming (Intel) - 7567

RePaRaQu,Some keys on your keyboard have two symbols on them. These keys can be used to type alternate characters or to perform secondary functions. To type the alternate character, press Shift and the desired key. To perform secondary functions, press Fn and the desired NOTE: You can define the primary behavior of the function keys (F1-F12) by changing Function Key Behavior in BIOS setup program.

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So a few days ago, I turn my less than 3 week old Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming on, and notice that there is now what appears to be fan noise coming from just the right side of the laptop. Prior to this, the fan would only kick on when the laptop hit a certain temperature, but now there is fan noise constantly. I'm worried this is the sign of worse to come. Uninstalling Windows updates, updating the BIOS, and reinstalling windows have done nothing to help. The only other piece of hardware on that side of the laptop is the hard drive. 

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Hi everyone!
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 gaming laptop, and today I noticed, that my laptop makes very quiet ticking sound when it is plugged in. This is strange, because the sound very similar to a HDD's head movement ticking. The only problem that there's no winchester in this laptop, only SSD-s (1 X M.2 NVMe PCI-E x4, and 1 X SATA3 2,5") working in my laptop. In this series there's no optical drive, so the only mechanical units in this laptop the 2 cooling fans. But strangely the ticking is exactly can be heard, when the fans stop. So when the fans don't spin (0 rpm) the quiet ticking sound can be heard.
The second strange thing, if I unplug the laptop from AC, the ticking slows down. After i plug in it again, the ticking continues faster...
Do somebody sensed the same? The ticking comes from under the keyboard, if I lean forward, I can hear it well. I think, that this ticking might caused by one electical unit, and I worry that my laptop will go wrong, although now there's no other problem, just the sound...

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I have bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7567, and yesterday I noticed, that my laptop makes very quiet ticking sound. The sound very similar to HDD's head movement sound, the only problem is, that in my laptop there is no HDD. I use just 2 SSD (1 X M.2 PCI-E x4 [Samsung 960 EVO], and 1 X SATA 3 2.5" [Samsung 850 EVO]). In this model there's no optical drive, so the only mechanical part of this laptop, that coud generate this sound, if it would be mechanical sound, is the fan system. but strangely the ticking sound only hearable when the fans stop spinning.
So I don't think, that the fans would create this sound, because when I can see in AIDA64 that fans speed is 0 RPM, the ticking sound exactly then hearable.
Additionaly strangely, when I unplug the laptop from AC, the ticking sound almost stops (It not stops, but the click sound becomes rare)... After I plug the AC back, the ticking continues...
Do somebody sensed the same? Is it normal? My opinion, that the sound caused by on of the electronical units bad groundings, or something. Although there's no power or other issue with my laptop now, but I don't want to wait until it gets bad...

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 ticking sound issue

Hi lightpowerKB,
Just to eliminate the AC adapter, can we try another adapter on this system? Update the BIOS and chipset driver to the latest available from our Dell support site.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Hello! Recently i have played AAA games (Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and other) and i saw that framerate is too low (~30fps) even on medium settings without (or low) anit-aliasing, but everything was perfect about a month ago (50-60 fps on high settings without anti-alising until this moment).Relying on similar issues and CPU-Z information, i think that it is proccessor throttling trouble.But why? Proccessor temperature isn't high enough. (50-70 degrees Celsius) The problem persists even with connected AC adapter, disabled battery boost and other "great" nvidia settings. Also it seemed to me that the cooling became quieter and it works only on the part of the full strength. (a few months ago cooling was really loud)Can the problem be related with the windows 10 update?
Additional information:
My laptop configuration:
OS: Windows 10 (default)
CPU: Intel Core i5 7300HQ
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 1TB (HDD+SSD)

Any ideas? >.>
Thank you everyone for helping with the issue!

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I need to replace the OS on this laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1.
I can't find Compatible drivers for  Intel HD Graphics 630 and for nVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 TI.

Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver

This package provides Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver and is supported on Inspiron 14/15 7000 Gaming running the following Operating Systems: W...

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567, drivers for windows 8.1

These are Kaby Lake systems (seventh generation CPUs) -- no support for anything earlier than Windows 10.

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I am a user of Dell Inspiron 7567 bought 3 months ago. After 1 month of use I am getting a black patch on top left corner of screen (image attached). It was pretty small earlier, but it has grown bigger now. I ran scree diagnostics through Dell Support application. The colour generation of the rest of screen is perfect except that black patch. 
Do I need a replacement? Or is it repairable?
Thank you.

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Hello, I noticed recently that when my fan is at its fastest rpm and the laptop keys are pressed lightly there is a buzzing noise that can be heard. this noise goes away if the fan slows down or I press harder on the keys. Recently I also discovered that adjusting the screen physically as in moving back or forth seems to take it away as well. Any thoughts?

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I have tried EVERYTHING to get manual control of the fans and haven't been able to reliably control them. Tried Speedfan, HWinfo, the bios, etc. and can't get PWM control or to setup my own fan control curve.
The laptop bottom  is running too warm for my taste at low workloads which is inconvenient when using it in my lap and I just want to turn on the fans instead of having them off.
Can anyone help out? 

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After reinstalling windows True color app is missing.  Can anyone please give me link of true color app Please . 

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Post Windows 10 Creators Update, there have been several issues affecting the Dell Inspiron 7567.

I've made several posts on this forum and the Nvidia forum outlining my issues:
CPU throttling while system is being stressed (Aida64: CPU+GPU stress test replicates this issue within the first 2 minutes).  See the attached video demoing the issue:
I've discovered with the assistance of Yan(MELSunny) from this forum (a user who recently purchased the i7 variant of this laptop) that the throttling is caused by the later builds of Windows 10 (creators update).  WIN10 build 14393 is confirmed to be working without these issues.
If you expect to play any video games on this "gaming" laptop, you CANNOT update your operating system.  If you enable windows update, Microsoft will pull the latest build immediately causing your system to become unstable and throttle for no reason.
I HOPE Dell reads this and works with Microsoft to address this in future Win10 builds.  If any of you are experiencing this issue, roll back your OS or reformat.

To disable windows updates do the following:

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7567 is NOT stable on newer Win10 Builds

Hi Turboman750,Thanks for posting.In researching this, I found that upgrading the BIOS may resolve this issue,  please try updating your system BIOS to version 1.0.3 or later.  Thanks.

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Greetings! I just got my laptop recently and when I installed some games(Overwatch specifically), I would stutter like *** even if I installed the latest nvidia driver and lowering the graphics settings aswell. I did the same thing with the other games like CS:GO and Bioshock Infinite, I would still stutter even if lowered the settings down. I just feel like the laptop should be performing much better. 
Any way I could boost things up and/or utilize the laptop itself? 
Intel Core I5 - 7300 HQ
Nvdia GTX 1050 4gb
4gb Ram
1000 tb Hard drive

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I buy the new Inspiron 7567 that come with i7 7700HQ + 8GB Ram + 1050Ti + 4K UHD IPS Screen

But when install the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit and latest driver update from dell website that search by Dell Service Tag.

When i played the 4K video on Youtube (Chrome and MS Edge) is not smoothing have lag every 10 sec.
No problem with 1080 or 2K res.

Anyone see the same problem like this? I think this HW spec should be fine for playing 4K video?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7567 UHD model problem with 4K Video on Youtube

What kind of bandwidth do you have?  Are you using a wireless connection?  If so, what speed - and what type of Internet connection do you have (DSL, cable, etc.)-- and what speed?
4K video is a lot more demanding than FHD video -- rough estimate is that you need a spare (unused) 15-20 Mbps just for that one stream.  If your cable bandwidth is 30 Mbps (common), make sure no one else in the home is using bandwidth at that time.   If you have a DSL connection (Frontier, etc.) you can just about forget 4K streaming - you're lucky to get 6-10 Mbps total.

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Hello,I'm owner of Dell Inspiron 7567 (1Tb SATA disk is used).I'm pretty interested in Intel Optane 32GB M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 x2.But it was found that other Dell Inspiron 7567 user have the problems with Intel Optane -

The official answer of Intel Corporation:"Hello Jefersongfelipin,We understand you would like to use Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology but the software does not work to enable it.We'd like to inform you first that, the Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology, was first targeted to work in desktop computers. For laptops or mobile systems will be available at a later date. For more information, you can check this link.We do know that, even if your laptop meets the requirements, the reason why it may not fully work is that the BIOS is not Intel® Optane™ ready and will require at least the Intel® RST version installed on it.Manufacturers should provide this BIOS update, so it can fully work for this purpose.Please let us know if you require further assistance.Regards,Nestor C"
Are there provided any fix to the problem?Does the latest at the moment Inspiron 7567 BIOS driver (01.00.07) support  Intel Optane?Thank you.

Answer:Deos Dell Inspiron 7567 support Intel Optane?

Right now, no - your system has no optane support.  
The Dell systems that do support Optane are listed here (and are all desktops)

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Hello, I had the Power Manager from the windows store and it was working fine until today. Today, I decided to reset windows to refresh my system (there was nothing wrong with it), Now, I install the power manager and it gives me the picture attached here:

Unfortunately, when I hit no, the program closes. If i select yes, I can only view the battery's life and not the ability to set max charge or minimum charge or adaptive  charge etc. If I try to download this same program off of Dell's website (which is compatible with 7577 NOT 7567 for whatever reason) it won't let me. The easy fix is to of course find the DPM component service but I cannot find that anywhere!! So any help will be appreciated. This is a big pretty deal, as I made an account just for this reason. I find the  dell power manager very helpful and love the program, but now I am beginning to question whether Dell intentionally makes the programs only for their latest laptops and products, which is ***.

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Post Windows 10 Creators Update, there have been several issues affecting the Dell Inspiron 7567.

I've made several posts on this forum and the Nvidia forum outlining my issues:
CPU throttling while system is being stressed (Aida64: CPU+GPU stress test replicates this issue within the first 2 minutes).  See the attached video demoing the issue:
I've discovered with the assistance of Yan(MELSunny) from this forum (a user who recently purchased the i7 variant of this laptop) that the throttling is caused by the later builds of Windows 10 (creators update).  WIN10 build 14393 is confirmed to be working without these issues.
If you expect to play any video games on this "gaming" laptop, you CANNOT update your operating system.  If you enable windows update, Microsoft will pull the latest build immediately causing your system to become unstable and throttle for no reason.
I HOPE Dell reads this and works with Microsoft to address this in future Win10 builds.  If any of you are experiencing this issue, roll back your OS or reformat.

To disable windows updates do the following:

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7567 is NOT stable on newer Win10 Builds

Hi Turboman750,Thanks for posting.In researching this, I found that upgrading the BIOS may resolve this issue,  please try updating your system BIOS to version 1.0.3 or later.  Thanks.

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Good afternoon. So I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7567) for my wife on July 13 and it was delivered on July 21st without any issues. The purpose for the laptop is more work and school since my wife is not a gamer, but I wanted to get her the best possible specs for the long term. All drivers on the laptop are from the Dell site and the laptop shipped with Windows 10 Pro. On the night I received it, my wife decided to watch some Netflix while I slept and the next morning, she sent me the attached screen shots. According to her, the screen just turned that way after having watched about 30 minutes of full screen material. She also stated that it flickered and that Windows was for a short while somewhat unresponsive (she couldn't restart the system). The following day I turned on the laptop without any screen issues. I did research and noticed a lot of driver issues with the Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti GPU were being posted, but most specified BSOD issues with the Nvidia drivers not the Dell drivers. Nevertheless, I removed the Dell drivers and clean installed them again. Afterward, I did a barrage of tests on the laptop to see if the problem was hardware or software related. These are some of the tests I ran:
- Dell BIST tests
- AIDA64 Extreme Stability and Monitor Diagnostics tests
- Futuremark 3DMark SkyDiving Benchmark and Stress Test
None of the tests could replicate any issues with the screen. No artifacts whatsoever.
That same night the issue came up again, while wat... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7567) Screen Lines/Artifacts

Your best bet:  call and arrange a system exchange.  This one needs a replacement screen, which isn't worth pursuing on a brand-new system.

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1> I want to know brand name of SSD NVME M.2 configured with this build.
2> Does it comes with Optimus card? If yes, can you disable Optimus switching feature from BIOS?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 7567 4K model specification related queries?

Most of these seem to ship with SK-Hynix SSDs.  Others:  Toshiba, Lite-On, and Sandisk.
The system does have switchable video and it's software (not hardware/BIOS) controlled.

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I recently purchased a new Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 computer with Windows 10 installed.

I'm facing a low-brightness problem. Very low

And the laptop brightness dims when charger is unplugged

The computer has two video boards one integrated and one dedicated.

I have made the brightness full through the function keys, but still the screen is opaque and the brightness is very low.

15.6 "Full HD display The 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers stunning color and clarity.

Please help me to change this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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I recently (June 2017) bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567computer with Windows 10 installed. I have created a backup image of the OS and also burned a bootable disk so that I can reinstall Windows 10 at a future date.
My old computer (which uses Windows 7) permits me to change the boot order sequence by using the F12 key during the startup process to access the BIOS and then edit the boot order sequence so that the machine boots from a DVD or USB drive. This makes it possible to restore a backup image from a previous date or even to use a different OS, e.g. Linux.
My problem is that the F12 key does not work on the new machine and I do not know how to create a boot order sequence that will permit me to boot from a DVD or USB drive instead of the hard drive. So at this point, I cannot use the bootable recovery disk that I prepared. I understand that there is now UEFI technology that controls booting.
Question: How can I make make the new computer boot from a DVD or USB drive?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:How To Change Boot Sequence in Win 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567

The new computer is faster than the old one so you have to try tapping F12 as soon as you turn the computer on to get to the boot menu. Keep tapping without waiting for any screen. You can also use the built in solution--which is useless if the computer won't boot so you need to know the tapping trick. Open Settings, Updates and Security, Recovery to see the options.

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Got my new inspiron 7567 laptop yesterday and found out that i only heard sound through the left speaker everytime. Went through the audio test for left and right channel output on youtube and tried to windows test option in playback devices windows 10,still everytime even if the animation says it playing through left and right speakers separately i still get audio from the left speaker both times.Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.please help 

Answer:Audio playing through left speaker only on dell inspiron 7567 laptop

sandy5837Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.
Hello. This is the audio hardware test for the laptop's internal audio hardware. It works differently from the other tests. If no sound is heard through the laptop's right speaker during that test, then the cause is hardware failure. If it passes, then it's software.
If it is software, then download and install a fresh copy of the audio driver. Get it from your model's support page, or I can give you a link. Installing a fresh copy will re-set the audio settings, which would fix it if the cause is mis-configuration of the settings.

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I have bought a i5 variant of Inspiron 7567 recently (in Turkey -  1 weeks ago). But I have some problems with it. I thought Dell branded tech products would be superior to some random Chinese garbages.
First of all, look at this nonsense:

After 6 days of usage, I wanted to look inside of this laptop. And when I opened the bottom cover I saw this [Admin note,edited per TOU policy].
The wifi card is not screwed at all. These kind of things generally happen with very low quality laptops without brands. Even QA of Chinese laptops are better. And I am not joking.
Here is what I have found on the internet: (This is a picture of a review unit from gotten from Notebookcheck)

Yeah wifi works without "that screw" but this could lead to shorting issues. I would definitely do not want to use a laptop like this so that I inserted SSD screw to there temporarily.
Second problem:
Look at this image:

I have only recharged it 3 times (3 cycles) and battery health is 91% now. And when I first opened it, it was 4.9%. Is this for real? Brand new laptop with a battery which has 95.1% health out of box.
Why my laptop has inferior quality SMP (Simplo) battery instead of superior Samsung battery like others. Why the capacity is now 67000~ mWh instead of advertised 74000 mWh?
Third problem:
Sometimes I get artifacts when I use a benchmark software like Furmark with integrated graphics. It happens occasionally therefore I do not have a screenshot. For me, it is not a b... Read more

Answer:Several Problems With New Dell Inspiron 7567 - Very Bad Quality Assurance (Disappointed) - Are these normal?

I will have to check some of my components on the i7 version, but I would check to see if any spare parts are floating around in the system.  If someone would have removed the Wireless card and dropped the screw they may have left the screw in and not been able to replace the hold down.  

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Although the notebook seems to be powerful enough, I am having problems when it is connected to the external monitor (via HDMI, I have tried different monitors and cables):
1) When the notebook lid is closed (or the Windows Display settings is set to "External only"), Windows is very slow, all the animations are lagging. When both notebook screen and external monitor are on (set to "Duplicate"), everything is fine.
2) In games, I have a noticable FPS drop (up to 20 - 30 FPS in Witcher 3) when playing on external screen (even on "Duplicate" and "External Only" modes). I can have full FPS just when playing only on notebook screen.
any solution?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming (7567) + external monitor = (performance) problems

Hi mahdi1994,Thanks for posting.Apologies that your computer is not working the way you expected.  Other users with a similar issue as yours have reported success by updating the BIOS and/or disabling Turbo Boost.  You might try those to see if it resolves your issue.Here is some information you may find helpful:

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Hi All,
I received my Inspiron 7567 Laptop yesterday. It has 512 GB Toshiba NVMe SSD. Windows 10 is preloaded on the laptop. SATA is set to RAID 0 in the BIOS.
I downloaded and created a bootable usb drive for Ubuntu 17.04 using Rufus. Tried installing Ubuntu from usb. Laptop didn't detect the usb. Disabled the secure boot and changed the SATA to ACHI in the Bios. After this, I was able to install Ubuntu 17.04 along with Windows 10 in the free space of 30 GB which was created by shrinking the C drive.
But after ubuntu installation was completed, I was able to login into Ubuntu when as SATA is set to ACHI. But Windows 10 failed with error "no bootable device found". I changed the SATA to RAID 0, then Ubuntu 17.04 doesn't load.
I restored the laptop to factory setting. Still the Ubuntu Grub remains in the system. Currently I have changed the boot order to 'Windows boot manager' in boot sequence. I am able to login into Windows 10 successfully. 
I would like guidance on setting up Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04 in dual boot mode. I already have a working Inspiron 5520 laptop which has Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04 in dual boot mode. But it has HDD. 
I never knew I will run into issues (dual boot) while ordering NVMe SSD. Any help/guidance in this matter is highly appreciated.
Joseph M

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Well done dell... You make an easy to upgrade model but expecting the user to dig into the internet to find one mounting bracket to fit?
I recently purchased 7567 the highest spec, expecting I could add hdd myself since the highest config does not include one. The shipment finally came after contacting online support for the past one and half week, I was ecited and with a brand new hddq aside I was ready to turn this machine a beaster beast. *** ya, the back lid was off, and.... There is no mounting bracketincluded in hdd slot. I tried looking into ebay but none was found.
Does anyone happen to know why Dell doing this and how this mounting bracket could be obtained?

Answer:DISAPPOINTED. Dell inspiron 7567 highest config comes without hdd mounting bracket

You need both a bracket and a cable -- they're generally not shipped in systems ordered without hard drives.  Probably the only source for a system this new is Dell Spare Parts.

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few weeks ago, I have bought Dell 7567 in following configuration:
CPU:  Intel Core i7 7700 HQ
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
HDD: 1TB 5400rpm

Although the notebook seems to be powerful enough, I am having problems when it is connected to the external monitor (via HDMI, I have tried different monitors and cables):
1) When the notebook lid is closed (or the Windows Display settings is set to "External only"), Windows is very slow, all the animations are lagging. When both notebook screen and external monitor are on (set to "Duplicate"), everything is fine.
2) In games, I have a noticable FPS drop (up to 20 - 30 FPS in Witcher 3) when playing on external screen (even on "Duplicate" and "External Only" modes). I can have full FPS just when playing only on notebook screen.
I was not able to solve this problem (probably it's some bug in drivers from Intel). I have tried more different drivers (from Dell and also stock Nvidia/Intel) but without success. Currently I am using the latest ones from Dell website. 
I would be very happy if someone could help me to solve this problem as it drives me crazy to not be able to enjoy full (gaming) performance of this laptop.

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Hi all,
I recently purchased an Inspiron 15 7567 gaming laptop from Dell and have encountered a few issues.
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ Kabylake
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 
Memory: 8GB (1x) DDR4
Storage: 1TB Hybrid Drive
The rest can be found here
Upon first setup there were issues installing the NVIDIA drivers where the install would fail multiple times - eventually I got the driver to install. Then I had some issues with the graphics card enabling when I would play games so I just changed the setting in the NVIDIA control panel to always use the dedicated GPU. After playing some AAA titles such as GTA V and Arma III, I am experiencing what appears to be throttling. On low or ultra settings, my FPS remains around 45-50 (sometimes a little higher before stutter) on most games which surprised me because the dedicated GPU is a 1050 Ti which has higher specs than what the games need. After playing for maybe an hour, the game starts to frequently stutter, dropping frames for a couple seconds then boosting back and so on. I have monitored the temperature of both the GPU and CPU which reach ~56 degrees Celsius and ~70 degrees Celsius respectively. I have also monitored the usage of the CPU and memory during play, the CPU not reaching full usage and the memory reaching about 90% usage. I have also monitored the GPU performance through GPU-Z and will attach the file below. I have virtually tried everything that I can thi... Read more

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Hello all, I've recently purchased this laptop (Just out of best buy direct return policy) and It has remained docked at my desk since.  

I used the keyboard briefly during setup, but otherwise have been using my mechanical - well the other day I decided to use it and the backspace key popped up. Saw that the clips on the key itself were broken on one side.

I don't want to have to wait without my computer in hopes that this may be covered by warranty repair if I send it in, but I cannot find this keyboard anywhere but Ebay.

I would purchase it from ebay but the only sellers are located in hong kong and it would take quite a while and not be an assured fit.

Any ideas? Part number, etc? Basically I would just buy a new keyboard and take the backspace key off of it. 

I saw that theres a website for laptop replacement keys, but this particular model isn't listed. Is this keyboard shared with other models, just with either no backlight or with white text instead of red? I would accept a different kind of key if its the right size.

Thanks, sorry for the wall of text. Just wanting to get my keyboard back to new :-(

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7567, Gaming - Backlit RED Keyboard question / complaint)

ACharpentier,You can call the Dell Spare Parts Dept at 1-877-717-3355.

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I've recently started receiving 'Battery not present' message on my Inspiron 3543. The device works completely fine at times without any issue but then suddenly would start displaying this message. What strikes me is that even as it displays this message, the laptop continues to be in a working condition, except the blinking X mark on the battery bar and the blinking LED at front. Shouldn't the laptop shut down all by itself if it fails to detect a battery? While displaying this message, the laptop also fails to take any charge from the adapter but as soon as this message is gone, the charging process begins without me having to do anything. Is there a solution to this problem?

Answer:Battery not present issue on Inspiron 3543

If the system is in warranty, call Dell for warranty repair.
If it's out of warranty:
Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.
Is the AC adapter recognized?  F2 at powerup to check. If it's not,  try a new OEM Dell adapter.  If that doesn't get the adapter recognized, replace the DC power jack in the system.  That should get the adapter recognized.  If not, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, next step:  replace the battery with a new one.

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I got a new dell gaming laptop less than 2 months ago. Yesterday I turned on my computer and noticed that even when the actual fans were making almost no noise, there was still a fairly loud and irritating sound coming from the right side of my computer. After listening to it to see where it was coming from, it seems like the source is the right bottom vent, but I'm not 100% sure. Also, I'm running windows 10 and just now updated the BIOS.

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I have a new Dell 7567, i5, 8GB, GTX1050.
Problem is it runs smoothly on battery but as soon as plugged it, I see FPS drop till battery reached about full.
I've checked and re-checked all my windows/software settings. They're same for both modes (Power and Battery).
I'm honestly clueless what's happening.
All my drivers are up to date. Windows is up to date.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Dell 7567 lags/FPS drop while plugged in but runs perfect on battery

Please verify the System Setup(BIOS) version on the system. Type msinfo32 onto [Cortana] search box, and then stroll down to BIOS Version / Date. You should see it.

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when I checked the battery status ,it says battery #2 not present.
I read from many websites that people had same problems also their solutions and tried on laptop but didn't get any result.
kindly show me same ways.

Best Regards,

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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Hi everyone,
So, my computer uses my built-in microphone instead of my headset's (a Razer Kraken Pro - in case this is helpful information) for sound recording and chatting in games. I have followed recommended procedures throughout the web, but none of them seemed to help me in any way. Can someone assist me? 
     Victor Hofstetter

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

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My Dell laptop will charge and operate for several hours off a new 6000 MAh battery but the icon in the tray inidcates that it is always on line power. Although both the CD and floppy drive work when installed in a bay the system not indicate that they are present. I have updated the bios from Dell but that does not help. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 3500 charges and runs on battery but cannot find battery or bay devices

Still under warranty, isn't it? Call Dell for a repair trip.

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Hi there,

I'm having dell inspiron 3521 laptop. My battery is 4 cell (40WAh) and recently it was permanently failed. So, i decided to replace it with new one. The question is if i replace my 4 cell battery with 6 cell battery, will it leads to any problems? Can some one please help me to resolve this.
Thanks in advance.

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Can someone help me with this problem? So I just received my brand new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 and the battery is not charging. It says it's "Plugged In, Charging" but it never goes up and stays at 0%. At first I thought I just need to plug it in for several hours but it's been 5 hours now and still the battery stays at 0%. I tried running the BIOS Diagnostics just to see if there are problems and there's none. The battery status says everything is running normally and the Battery State says it's Idle. I tried draining the flea power several times, removing and reattaching the battery, but to no avail. I'm getting really frustrated and I'm really close to throwing this laptop back to Dell. 
I read somewhere that I have to update the BIOS but it won't update unless the battery is charged at least 10%. Someone also suggested that Windows 8.1 is causing the problem. I haven't even started using this laptop and it's already giving me a *** ton of problems. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! :)

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I've been looking around for a battery extender for an adapter with output 6.7A, 19.5Volts -- 130Watts.
No luck so far, as most of the items I found had max 5A output.
Does anyone know of a solution to carrying extra juice on the go for the inspiron 7559? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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As the title says.

My battery is 100% charged, when i disconnect the power lead after 30 seconds or so my laptop powers off.

I bought a new battery today charged it to 100% and it does the same thing
Any ideas please

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7720 Laptop - Battery 100%, turns off when not plugged in, have tried new battery

harrrrrrry.Cable LooseIf you have a cable that is loose, try removing the cable and reconnecting it and make sure it is firmly in place.If the cable is still loose, check for any bent or broken pins or damage to the connector or cable.If there is damage to the cable that is causing it to become loose, the adapter and or cable will have to be replaced.Check the BatteryRight-click the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner, then click Dell Extended Battery Life Options. If this option is not available, proceed to Step 2. Click the Battery Health tab. Make note of the message on the page, when the battery shows as "This battery is performing normally", then the battery is performing as it should.Make sure your bios is updated. You can also run the diags. click the link below. run a full diagnostic on your computer, go to the Dell PC Diagnostics page, click the Advanced tab and click Run Diagnostic. Uninstalling & installing the Battery DriverIf the above steps don’t resolve and you might need to uninstall the battery driver, and then restart your computer. Follow these steps:Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then, under System, clicking Device Manager.‌ If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Double-click Batteries.Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Con... Read more

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This is a long standing question. Which drivers should I use? I have graphical issues with the current Drivers from Dell.
Any ideas what are the advantages of Dell's drivers over the ones from Intel/NVIDIA web site and do the even work? What will I lose if I use the latter?

Answer:Inspiron 7567 which drivers? Dell drivers or Intel/NVIDIA graphics drivers?

Dell drivers are Intel/Nvidia drivers that are customized for your exact model and should be used. They are available at Dell Support if you have to reinstall.

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Hey there,
I've been using my upgraded Inpiron 17R SE happily for a couple of years by now. I've even gone as far as buying an 128GB SSD to futureproof it. This is the only drive - besides the DVD drive - currently present in the laptop. However I've had an issue for quite a while:
Whenever I try to boot the Laptop only using the Battery (even fully charged) it Posts then loads Windows and turns of just before the Login-Screen (I can't see it). When I proceed to turn it back on, it Posts then beeps and says that there is a Real Time Clock Error and gives me the option to proceed booting or to enter Setup.
This however doesn't occur when using the Power-Brick. Moreover it isn't always the case. Sometimes the Laptop boots and works fine just using the battery, but then upon opening a Programm (while under battery-power) it shuts of and gives the same error message again. If it decides to work the battery still lasts for 2-2.5 hours.
I'm really confused to what the problem is. It could be a power delivery problem, but it's still the original battery and laptop with only the HDD changed to a SSD.
I'm aware of it being a rather old machine, but selling it is my only hope for getting a new laptop for college, but I can't sell it in this state. 
I'm at a lost and really really sad because of this issue. I'm sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, I'm a non native english speaker.

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Yesterday, I bought a replacement battery from a local vendor for my dell inspiron 15 3537 laptop.
The new battery is 6cell, 11.1 V, 440 mAh and 65 Wh battery. The original battery which came with laptop was 4 cell(aprox), 14.8V, 40Wh battery.
I have been looking over the internet to cure my obsession that the new battery may damage the laptop internal circuitry. I found some reasonable answers. Still, I want to get feedback from dell community about this issue.?
What dell recommends for replacing batteries and what to do if the same battery specs are not available? Also, What are the operational Voltage range for dell laptops for 3537 series?
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Dell Replacement Battery - 6Cell 11.1V, 65Wh - Dell Inspiron 15 - 3537

The 4 cell battery was designed to be used with the non touch variant of the Inspiron 3537 model.
Kindly review the specifications here. The power and range info is also mentioned in the specifications.
You could order the replacement battery from Dell site if required.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I ordered Dell original Battery from Flipkart. The package looks original. It has Dell logo on it. When i opened the package it has a Spelling Mistake "Li-iom" instead of "Li-ion" and it has PPID of DP/N F287H. The Text on the battery is small and much detailed as on my previous old battery. So i want to know is this original?

Answer:How to check if Dell battery is original for Dell Inspiron 5520?

You'll have to ask the vendor - from the sound of it, it is third-party.

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I have been looking for verification that if I buy the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG and attach it to my Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI that I will get full 2560x1440 resolution refresh rate 165 Hz with 1ms response as the Monitor specs are listed.
I can find no information that the HDMI will pass this level of output.
I have talked to Dell tech support and they do say that the HDMI port is connected directly to the  NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1050T i with 4GB GDDR5 but I also have seen information that HDMI will not support this.
So I am looking for verification on this configuration being compatible/able to output the full capabilities of the video card to the monitor via the on board HDMI output?

Answer:Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI Specs/Does HDMI out support full bandwidth for G-SYNC Dell Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

First of all, G-Sync as far as I know requires DisplayPort and will not run on HDMI.  Even if it does, I don't think even HDMI 2.0 has enough bandwidth for 1440p @ 165 Hz.  And even if it does though, all of the Dell systems I've seen have only had HDMI 1.4, which is only enough for 1440p @ 60 Hz.  But even if all of that isn't a problem, does the Inspiron 7567 have ONLY a GeForce GPU, or does it have an Intel GPU plus a GeForce GPU?  If it's the latter, G-Sync will definitely not work because in almost all systems that have both GPUs, only the Intel GPU is directly wired to the display outputs.  If your system has ONLY the GeForce GPU, then G-Sync should work in theory, but again you may have the bandwidth problems I mentioned above.

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I don't know what happened exactly but my computer said that it was installling updates randomly and it started shutting down. i let it do its thing and then when it rebooted it and i typed in my password and stuff and then when it goes to the desktop page it has a light blue color on the screen and none of the icons or the bar at the bottom with my icons down there or start button is there. it's completely clear. I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem so that i don't have to pay someone to come and fix it.


Answer:dell inspiron only works in safe mode

Hi Lava, I hope you get it fixed. I have to say, I'm not an expert.

First, give your PC specifications. And, it would be really helpful if you could attach a screenshot of what your desktop looks like now, 'cause I have no clue. By updates, you do mean Windows Update, right? Also, could you please give a more accurate description of your problem...

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Hi everyone, i hope someone can help me. I have a Dell inspiron 560s Its mobo model is g43t-dm1 v :a00, the point is that I've bought an Asus video card model GTX650-DC-1GD5 and the video card doesn't Works on that mobo, I tested the video card in another pc and Works fine. I updated the mobo bios from a02 to a06 the last one found it on the website and the same issue.. NO VIDEO just the leds and fans Works.
I tested the pcie gen 2. slot with another videocard (FirePro v4800) and it Works, so I dont know what to do, thank You very much for your time and attention.
All was tested with a psu model pixxo monster

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I am using T400 laptop,  problem is battery indicator light is blinking orange even though my main battery is well charged. Power manager indicates Battery 1 is fine but it is also showing Battery 2: Error detected. Power manager says main battery condition as good and second battery condition as error? Any Ideas?There is NO secondary battery in the laptop. 

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My Dell Inspiron 3437 ( Core i5, 4th Gen) screen suddenly stopped work couple of days ago, now it just worked for external monitor. What I done for the issue ( I did all works by an external monitor)
1. Taking a Diagnostics for all hardware no problem.
2. Using function key but no help.
3. Flashing new bios ( A10), the computer display worked!  but the screen did not display again when I restarted the computer.
4. I tried re-flash bios, but the bios program won't let me to flash same bios version.
5. I tested the screen on another laptop, it worked perfect.
So I guessed the computer BIOS chip corrupt.
Anybody can help?

Answer:****** Dell inspiron 3437 only works external monitor********

If the system boots to Windows, it's not a BIOS problem.  Check the display settings - if they look correct, but there is no display image, you either have a bad display panel or a bad GPU (i.e., mainboard).  Hold the D key through powerup -- if you do see the built in display test (cycling solid color screens), the display is bad - meaning the mainboard is the problem.  If you don't see that, the display needs to be replaced.

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Something or another was wrong with my mom's old laptop and she decided to reinstall Windows to fix it. Now I don't know whats wrong, I don't know a ton about computers and neither does she really. Basically the resolution is stuck on 640x480 and the color 4bit. Its hard to do anything like that, it doesn't recognize the internet either if you plug it in or the video card or the sound card or anything much. I have no clue what to do at this point and we can't afford to get it repaired professionally. Is there anything I can do? Please help if you can, this is all the information I know but tell me if you need more. Thanks.

Answer:Reinstall WinXp SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 1100 - Now Nothing Really Works

After you reinstalled windows did you then use the "Drivers and Utilities" disks to reload all the hardware drivers?

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YES!  You CAN teach your OLD DELL INSPIRON 531 desktop a NEW WINDOWS 10 operating system!
First - The Bad News:
Memory - boost the 531 up to its 4 Gig capacity.  The stock 2 Gigs won't cut the mustard for this.
Audio - the integrated sound chip on the motherboard will sound choppy if you use the Realtek drivers and/or may not work at all giving you the dreaded NO AUDIO DEVICE FOUND.  Since the 531s are used mainly for the usual email and online surfing activities anymore (a gaming machine they're not even when they were new) ... just get a new sound card for a few bucks online and disable the integrated sound chip on the motherboard in BIOS.
Upgrading to Windows 10 from XP, VISTA, SEVEN ... you need to do a clean installation or you will encounter issues like corrupt registries, applications like Adobe not working, and Microsoft Office errors after the update (where Office throws up the dialog it can't find Word, Excel, Outlook etc. even when you click on the application's executable file).  This means back up your personal files to an external hard drive.
Now - The Good News:
Despite the fact that the Windows 10 Upgrade notification icon tells you that the Inspiron 531's integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 doesn't have drivers for Windows 10 and therefore won't let you upgrade to Windows 10 Home or Pro ... pay no attention to that. 
You do not need to go buy a video card for this system for Windows 10.
The ... Read more

Answer:DELL Inspiron 531 Desktop works with Windows 10 HOME or PRO - How to do it.

Beta Test,
Thanks for Posting to the forum.

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In a recent visit with my sister, I noticed she did not have a battery installed in her Inspiron 600m laptop. After I demonstrated the advantages of having battery power available at times, we ordered a battery from which arrived a few days later.

Installed the battery, left it to charges overnight and had the same indications as was present with an older battery. Control Panel/Power Options/Power Meter Tab indicates "No battery Preasent" ????

The battery LED flashes Red-Red-Green ??? the computer definately does NOT operate on battery power.

Any ideas out there????


Answer:Dell Inspiron battery

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Hi folks
I have a lab for repairing laptops and i came up to a common problem with these series D600, D500 when used with a fake cheap AC adapter caused the laptop to stop working with AC and now it works only with charged battery even if i'm connecting it with a brand new original dell AC adapter.

I assume it damaged something in the DC convertion on the MoBo, maybe a dead voltage regulator / diode or a bad capacitor but i'm not able to track it down

any help or point for direction will be much appriciated.....

Answer:Dell D600 no AC, works only on battery

I don't know if the Dell D600 has a separate DC board or the DC regulator is part of the motherboard. Maybe the DC jack is broken...

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Question: Inspiron 15 7567

If anyone has been having trouble with your fps capping randomly and having really bad horizontal screen tear recently you have to...
For Games and Ect.

Find the Exe the game starts from
Right click and press properties 
Press the Compatibility tab
check "Disable Full Screen Optimizations"

If that didnt fix your issue... turn off all gamebar and xbox dvr functions
Other Fixes:
Random Reboot on battery.
Fix 1:
Download/install the 1.1.0 Bios

Answer:Inspiron 15 7567

Hi 1aydan,
Thanks for posting your solution.  It's great that you're sharing your knowledge with the rest of the Community.

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Question: Inspiron 7567

Hi All,
I bought the mentioned above laptop with 8GB of RAM.
Is it possible to add 16GB RAM on to the second slot, as in the future want to go to 32GB full potential.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Inspiron 7567

The system will take up to 2x16 G or 32G total memory, yes.

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Question: Inspiron 7567

I have recently been interested in Inspiron's 7567 laptop The hard drive that comes included is a 1TB 5400rpm hybrid hard drive. Some other models of this same laptop have an extra m.2 ssd. Do all 7567 models have the capibility to have an m.2 drive? Or is it exclusive to the more expensive model, featuring dual drives with 128GB solid state drive+ 1TB 5400 rpm hard drive?

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This dell inspiron touchpad does not work in safe neither in normal mode neither does the external mouse . but when i go into advanced boot options and enter repair your computer it works as soon as system recovery options windows pop up i can moved the cursor ?

I dont think is a hardware issue or ist?
I think is driver are some software ?

i just lookup the warranty on dell wedsite
Limited Technical SupportDELL11/16/20103/15/2012245Rapid Response DepotCTS11/16/20103/15/2012245
Product Model:
Inspiron N5010​Service Tag:9K0D8N1​

Thanks for your help in advanced

Answer:Solved: dell inspiron n5012 touchpad only works when i go into repair your computer?

I manage to get into device manager and saw tha my synaptics touch pad driver is missing so now the trick is how to install the driver with out been able to use the touch pad?

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When I connect the Dell Inspiron N7110 with a HDMI cable to a Sony TV, screen shows but sound is played via the computer only. This is since Windows 10, with Windows 7 + 8 it had some quirks (we always had to switch off sound enhancements first to get it working, but it worked).
This is what I checked/tried:
Device manager: uninstalled both drivers at Audio -input and output, and also System Devices/High Definition Audio Controller, all is reinstalled after a reset
Display adapters: there are 2. Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M. Removed the Intel driver, which is reinstalled after a reset.
Also tried to switch off each; switching off the Intel does not change anything; switching off the NVidia stops displaying the picture on the TV as well.
It does not matter if the display is on the TV only or stretched on laptop + TV (2 screens). I can however not duplicate the screen - this does not show anything on TV when chosen.
 One remarkable thing:
On starting the NVidia installation program, it DOES show correctly HDMI: SONY TV XV . You can then press a button from there which opens the Windows Sound configuration screen where it only shows the icon of the internal speakers (yes right mouse option Show Disabled devices and Show Disconnected devices are both checked).
The problem can not be the HDMI cable. I've connected several other brands of laptops and they all work. Basically, as soon as I connect the HDMI cable, the SONY TV icon appears as a... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron N7110 connected to TV via HDMI: screen works, sound only on PC

DKK2,Thanks for posting.Here is a video you might find helpful: check the speaker settings on the TV to show input from the HDMI. You may have  to go to the sound mixer and disable your laptop speakers for the TV speakers to work.Additionally, This product was not tested for the Windows 10 upgradeDell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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Hi, i have an Inspiron 15 7559. Last week my battery  was damaged and can't use it anymore, since then I have low fps while gaming (gta v, witcher 3, etc.), I've read there is a kind of throttling when there is no battery, maybe the turbo boost is not being enabled.
Is there a way I can make the laptop work again like before, I can't buy a new battery yet because I live in Peru and is hard to find this battery model.

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I replaced my existing battery which only had a lifetime of just over a year with a new battery but I cant get it to charge beyond 57% any ideas

Answer:dell inspiron 6400 battery lap top

new adapter?? is a good source.

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this is my dell inspiron 15-3531 battery OEM  Dell XCMRD 14.8V

and want buy this battery Dell MR90y rating 14.4V

do u think will work on my dell inspiron 15-3531 without problem 


Answer:dell inspiron 15-3531 battery

As long as the seller indicates the battery is compatible and is reputable, it shouild work.  That said, the photo you've posted is of a third  party battery - it is not OEM Dell.

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have not used battery in about eight months. charged it, took to library for wifi, computer guy there worked on it to get it to take the wifi, ok. got home, plugged it in and about hour later used it and the area of computer near the battery was hotter than i ever felt. took out battery and heat gone. library guy said nothing about a hot sensation. (computer is not one on list of exploding batteries!)

upgraded from 512kb to 2gb memory. could that cause it to be hotter? and just curious but not enough to start a new thread: would the memory upgrade have anything to do with the difficulty in getting wifi to work? perfect last summer but today no detectable wifi until the library guru worked his magic.

thanks for your help.

Answer:Solved: dell inspiron hot battery

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i need a new battery for my dell inspiron 1520. buying it from dell is too expensive. does anyone have a website that they could recommend where i can find the battery cheaper. I am interested more in finding the 9 cell extende battery version than the standard kind but the standard kind would do as a last resort.

Answer:need new battery for dell inspiron 1520

I've bought a half dozen or so Dell batteries off of Ebay and had good luck over the last few years. Other people on TF, though, have not and it seems to be a mixed bag. If you look there make sure you buy from an extremely reputable seller and genuine Dell batteries if at all possible. The chinese knocks offs probably aren't so great.

Barring that I haven't shopped for laptop batteries anywhere else in a while but I'm sure someone else can recommend a good non-ebay source.

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Hello guys,

My Dell Inspiron 1525 battery died 4 days ago. I am going to buy a new one. If I buy it from Dell it will cost me about $150, but if I buy it from Amazon it will be $50. So do you recommend me to buy it from Amazon, and if I buy it from there is it going to affect my system or the motherboard of the system.

Please help as soon as you can

Thanks alot,, Salam Alshaikh

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 battery

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Hello guys I need help... My Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop has a weird problem. the laptop does not recognize the power adaptor and hence it is not charging but when I remove the battery and keep plugged in, it shuts down. (That means battery is fine just not charging). I can not bypass the battery coz if I do, the laptop shuts down. I had to take the battery to another laptop and get it charged. When I return it back to my laptop and plug in, it displays 2500 hours remaining-not plugged in. when I remove the power adapter, it displays 2 hours remaining-not plugged in. Please help me!!!

Answer:dell inspiron Battery not charging

It might be worth it to buy another power adapter, like this

If that doesn't work, then the problem is on the soldered connection on the motherboard that the adapter plugs into.

Maybe one of the geeks here can tell you how to rest the socket before you spend money for an adapter that might not be needed.

You mentioned that you charged the battery on another laptop. If the power adapters are the same (carefully read all the specs posted on the adapter), try swapping out the adapter and see if it works on your Inspiron 1420.

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Have an older DELL 4100 with a new battery. New battery because the "old" one would cause the machine to "lock-up". Only way to fix this was to remove battery from bay and run on plug-power. Sort of defeats the Notebook PC thing. New battery does the same thing in the battery bay, but 4100s can take the battery in either bay. When I do this, the machine runs but the mouse is "herky-jerky... basically unusable.

What up?

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Hi guys, i lost my laptop battery. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 5566. What is the battery model of this laptop?Is the battery from these laptops are compatible with my laptop (Dell inspiron 15 5566)?
M5Y1K, WKRJ2, P51F, VN3N0, 1KFH3 Dell Inspiron 15 5551, 5555, 5558, 3451, 3458, 3551  3558


Hi cjbismonte,Thanks for posting.The batteries available for this system in the US are:VN3N0991XP7GNNN78V9D07G07You may be able to  purchase them from Dell Spare Parts,, or Discount Electronics.Be wary as batteries  available at cheap prices may be "knock offs" or not well produced, and have allegedly caused fires.

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Does the Inspiron 3252 has any internal battery that can't allow to carry on in commercial flights?

Answer:Battery in Dell Inspiron 3252?

Hi Rafito,
Thanks for writing to us.
Inspiron 3252 desktops have only a CMOS battery inside.
Do let us know if you have any other queries.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message for records purpose.

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