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Wireless Mouse WM324 stopped working

Question: Wireless Mouse WM324 stopped working

Hi Dell community,

My mouse that I bought two years ago, Dell WM324, has stopped working.
I barely used the mouse, I used the mouse pad on my laptop mostly, and the battery lasted for more than a year. Than the mouse stopped working recently, I changed the battery, the light of the mouse shines but the mouse just wouldn't move. I tried re-installing the Bluetooth drive too.
P.S I am very sure the battery is alive, because I used it on another product and it worked perfectly.
Is it normal that the mouse's light shines but doesn't work??Is it normal for a mouse to die in two years?

Thank you!!!

Answer: Wireless Mouse WM324 stopped working

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you:
Support for Dell Wireless Mouse WM324 | Support topics ...

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I was using my Targus wireless mouse in my house tonight and it was working just fine, like it has been for the last 4 months. I decided it was time for bed and closed my laptop, making it go into hibernation mode. When I got to my room I plugged it into my USB hub, and the alert sound did not go off, even though the light was on the reciever. I plugged it into a direct computer port and still no signal. The reset button is supposed to make the LED flash, but it doesn't now.

It's a usb1.1, but that shouldn't matter because computers and hubs are reversable right?

I did a quick check in my control panels to see if it was recognized but just didn't sound off, no mouse there though. I tried restarting the computer with the Rx unplugged, then plugged it in after it was fullly booted.

I already emailed targus, but god only knows how long it'll take for them to get back to me. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

Answer:USB wireless mouse stopped working

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a few weeks ago my wireless mouse stopped working ,i`ve changed the batteries the usb connection and the mouse but no joy, any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:wireless mouse stopped working

You've changed the USB connection ? Changed the socket you plugged the USB wireless 'dongle' into ?
Have you got the red light from the mouse ?
Are the battery terminals clean ?
Are other things connected via USB eg printer or ext drive and are they working OK ?
If you think your USB needs a 'fix' try simply unpluging ALL the devices connected in the USB ports and uninstall the port from the 'Device Manager'. Restart the computer. The USB ports drivers will be re-installed when windows loads up at start up.

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I have a HP Pavilion TX 2000. About 2 months ago my wireless mouse stopped working. I changed out the batteries and it still doesn't work.

I also tried another wireless mouse, and still nothing.

One mouse is a Tagrus and the other is an HP, if that makes any difference.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Answer:Wireless mouse stopped working on laptop

Can you find a wired mouse to try as a test, or even a usb flash drive to make sure your usb ports are working?

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I have a wireless mouse that occasionally stops working. A friend called me with a very similar problem and we went through all the steps that fix mine but no luck. Then I found out that when my friend removes the transceiver it is very hot. I've never experienced this. Has anyone else seen, or felt, this or know the cause? Both are HP laptops running Windows 7, less than a year old, different models

Answer:Solved: USB Wireless Mouse stopped working

Welcome to TSG
Yes, when I have all 4 USB ports something plugged in, the receiver and all other ports get very hot. Just the receiver alone only gets warm.
Did you replace the battery in the mouse yet?

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Pro L10. After using a wireless mouse, the built in touch pad has stopped working properly. On start up the touch pad icon shows and the touch pad operates intermittently, after a few minuets the icon disappears and the touch pad stops functioning. In the control panel/mouse & or device drive I can the program operating and then disappears.

I have removed the software and reinstalled to no avail. On occasions I get a message to say that another pointer is in operation.

Can you help?

Answer:Pro L10: After using a wireless mouse, the touch pad has stopped working


It seems that the wireless mouse or the wireless mouse drivers/software has a bad influence on the touchpad.
I don?t have a proper solution for this issue. Well, you can check the Toshiba driver page for newest driver updates. If the updates doesn?t solve this issue so I suggest to use either the wireless mouse and disable the touchpad with the key combination FN+F9 or to use a common USB mouse.
I assume that you don?t have any problems with a common USB mouse.

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Hello, I have a Horizon 2E AIO that is just about 2 years old. It came with a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, SK-8861, which have an integrated dongle within the body of the machine (IE, no user-inserted USB dongles). It runs Windows 8.1. About half an hour ago, both of these devices stopped responding, with no apparent provocation or reason. I have replaced the batteries in both devices, and I have attempted the pairing procedures with both devices multiple times, but they are still unresponsive. How can I restore functionality to these devices? Currently stuck using touchscreen only. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a Medion 8083 desktop with wireless mouse and keyboard that I am about to sell/giveaway. I took all of my data off and put the PC to one side and then decided to double check that that I had left no personal stuff on it. I switched it back on and found that neither the wireless mouse or the wireless keyboard functions,despite working perfectly for the last seven years. Batteries in both have been replaced with brand new ones and the rollers in the mouse have been checked for fluff etc. Connecting WIRED mouse and keyboard and everything functions as it should. Connecting the wireless mouse up again -the wireless receiver blinks at every movement of the mouse but there is no movement of the cursor on the screen. Could this be the drivers? Any suggestions gratefully received as I do not wish to advertise something that it is not.

Answer:wireless mouse/keyboard suddenly stopped working?

Uninstall / reinstall HID - mouse - keyboard drivers

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After installing a cisco linksys e2000 on a HP computer the mouse has froze up.I thought after trying all I knew to do that maybe the mouse was bad so got a new one and it still will not work. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I can try?

Answer:Mouse stopped working after installing wireless router

Does a wired mouse work?

Did you have to install any software to get the router working?

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So my problem is: a long time ago, my mouse (Trust MI-7770C Wireless Laser Mouse) started acting weirdly, for example, the cursor stopped for a few seconds, and sometimes the scroll wheel completely stopped working, and I had to reboot the computer. I was kinda okay with it, I mean it was still working, and it wasn't annoying enough for me to start trying to solve the problem. But a little later, when I plugged the receiver in, I got a message which said "USB Device Not Recognized". I thought it was my computer's problem, because USBPORT.sys had some problems, but that's not the point. So I bought a new mouse, and it worked completely fine, which means it's a hardware problem. So basically my question is: is there a solution for this? I know, it's kinda unnecessary, because I have an other mouse, but if there's a solution, I really don't want to throw away my old one, because I don't think it's natural for a mouse to suddenly stop working.

Answer:Trust Wireless Mouse suddenly stopped working.

Have you tried new batteries and checked for proper installation.

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I have a HP laptop (model 2000) running on a Windows 8 system. The Logitech M315cordless mouse stopped working after only about 5 months of use. Please assist. Thanks.

Answer:Logitech M315 wireless mouse stopped working after 5 months

I know this may sound very basic? but - have you considered checking the batteries and replacing them if necessary?Wireless rodents regularly run "quite a time" before their batteries give up...

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Windows 10 installed approx. 2 mo ago .Installed on a Dell Inspiron laptop .Mouse worked fine till today. Tried new battery , twice, still no work. Blue light on bottom of mouse works. Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:My Microsoft 4000 wireless mouse stopped working with Windows 10 How to fix?

Bluetooth or dongle?
Had similar issue, reinstalling the drivers fixed it

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Hope I don't have to buy a new set right now, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I am a huge fan of the right-click function of the mouse.

Yesterday morning, it was working fine, but later in the day the right-click action quit working. No response at all. The left button, wheel, and other buttons are working fine. I use the right button a lot, did I say A LOT? Mainly for cut-and-paste (at least it was, yesterday.)
Keyboard is working fine, also. Batteries are good. Signal is good. I suspect I wore the little guy out.

Suggestions? or, recommendations for replacement. I like the "comfort keyboard" in this set. The curvature is not as pronounced as the earlier Microsoft Natural keyboards. Not split in the middle.

Thanks for listening to me whine. BTW, running Windows XP Home, in case that matters.

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I'm creating this post just fyi should it help anyone else with this problem. Here's what I tried and, at least in my case, how i solved a "mouse left click doesn't work" problem

I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and use rechargeable AA batteries. The other morning i powered on my computer as usual and tried using my Logitech wireless mouse but left click didn't work (although rt click and mouse movement continued working just fine)

Things i first tried that didn't help:
> Reinstalling Logitech Setpoint and mouse drivers
> Reinstalling Logitech USB transceiver firmware
> Pressing the "reconnect" button on the USB transceiver to reconnect transceiver to wireless mouse
> Changed the mouse batteries a couple times and also tried recently recharged batteries

Then i had a hunch (well, it was really more of a last ditch hopeful guess - but it seems to have worked!)
I removed the batteries and let the mouse sit overnight without any battery inside it. When i put batteries back in the next morning, the mouse has been working fine again ever since. Go figure :stickout:

Answer:Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved)

Good stuff there J. I don't know anything about wireless mice but i am wondering if it "reset" itself. Just a thought and a small one at that.

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I recently bought a new Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse bundle and ever since I installed it my screen saver stopped workin. I've tried everything in terms of changing delay times, enableing 7 diabling it etc, nothing seems to help.

I am running Xp SP2 and the keyboard & mause are: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Comfort Edition.

any similar experiences?

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Hi, sorry, not very good at this sort of thing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

1) Thursday night - mouse was working. Sunday evening, mouse is not working.
2) In the device manager it tells me I have two HID-compliant mouse drivers, location: "On USB Input Device" - I only have one USB input for my mouse. I tried disabling one of the drivers to see if it was a conflict problem. No luck.

Any ideas? The mouse is a "Wireless Optical Mouse M/N:SM-502C"

Thanks for reading

Answer:Mouse stopped working after weekend away/appear to have two mouse drivers?

If you Goggle / bing / yahoo this info you you get ??

ciderlout said:

The mouse is a "Wireless Optical Mouse M/N:SM-502C"Click to expand...

I got this

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
Click to expand...


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The mouse started to stray and stopped working in the middle of doing something, i.e. eBay, typing word and etc. which is very annoying and first of all, I lose all of the work done due to stopping of the mouse.

However, the mouse started working as if nothing wrong, once I restarted by 'force' restart ..... pushing the button in the middle of the PC. Otherwise, the PC is all fine and working OK.

I did apply Malwarebytes to combat the issue, however the issue does not resolve.

Any help on this would be truoly appreciated.


Answer:Mouse stopped working in the middle of working, i.e. eBay, typing word, etc.

Did you try a different mouse? If you still have the same problem with a new mouse, see if there are any drivers for the mouse from it's manufacturers web site.
Also try a Clean Boot, if that works, then add one startup item at a time till the mouse acts weird again, then you know that is the problematic program.

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I have been using a Jetech wireless mouse

and it worked great until I pulled out its USB receiver from the usb port on my tower and I went OPPS
and put it back in,, the computer DINGED, (as it does when I plug something into the USB ports) and then....
the mouse is on, works, was working just before it got pulled out

I am now using my corded usb mouse, so why isnt the wireless on working?

Answer:Wireless Mouse Stopped?

Have you rebooted? Often, that is all it takes.

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My wireless mouse's pointer has stopped functioning. The left and right clickers work, as does the wheel, but the pointer just drifts and is uncontrolable. I've not changed anything, so I'm at a loss.Any ideas?

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My wireless mouse stopped working on Acer Aspire All in One AZ3. There is no external dongle -it is internal. Device manager says mouse is working ok. I can use the touch screen fine, but have not mouse. I tried shutting down and restarting with no help. This happened once before and when restarted the mouse worked again. Not this time. I am not very computer oriented. Am I overlooking something?

Answer:My wireless mouse on Aspire All in One stopped wor...

Problem solved. Low battery on the mouse. Battery barely a month old, but apparently not enough power to operate the mouse. The light was on, but not as bright as it should be.

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My wireless mouse stopped working on Acer Aspire All in One AZ3. There is no external dongle -it is internal. Device manager says mouse is working ok. I can use the touch screen fine, but have not mouse. I tried shutting down and restarting with no help. This happened once before and when restarted the mouse worked again. Not this time. I am not very computer oriented. Am I overlooking something?

Answer:My wireless mouse on Aspire All in One stopped wor...

Problem solved. Low battery on the mouse. Battery barely a month old, but apparently not enough power to operate the mouse. The light was on, but not as bright as it should be.

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Hi all

Haven't been on here for ages as I have had a good 6 months of trouble free computing. Anyway to fill you all in I have now got an x-box chipped and connected to my PC via a crossover cable and NIC. I access it thru FlashFXP. The x-box uses a new dashboard that I have installed called Evox. Right then:

After things going smoothly with chipping and installation of various programs I downloaded a menu editor for Evox.

After trying to connect to my menu file on my x-box several times it wouldn't work. Then just as I shut down my connection to the x-box the menu file appeared and my PC locked up.

From that moment on my mouse only works for about half a second every 10 seconds and as you can imagine I am having to use the keyboard to access everything which is ****e!

I have Win XP Pro and have restored the system to a earlier date, removed the evox menu editor program, full system scan with Norton 2002, removed and reinstalled mouse drivers and run scandisk all to no avail!

HELP!!! Has anyone else experienced this problem what has happened!


Answer:HELP!!! My mouse has stopped working

Never seen it but try this. Do your best to get to Device Manager (probably under System Properties) and check your mouse under there. If it has the exclamation point, delete it and reboot. Reinstall the drivers when prompted.

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Hi everyone, ive just bought a small usb fan for my sons pc, it has Windows 7 on it (Genuine) & i went to plug it in & at first it didnt work then it did, now the mouse has stopped working.? ive changed the batteries & changed the mouse with a corded one but still nothing.? the keyboard works thou..Anyone got any idea what is wrong & how to fix it pls.?

Answer:W7 my mouse stopped working?

Sounds like usb power issue - not uncommon. Sometimes my optical mouse doesn't power up on startup. Have you unplugged fan and then unplugged and plugged back in mouse with pc still running?

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I need help. I've tried all I know. I am running two computers. One is W XP and the other is W-98. I have the two connected w/a Belkin 2 way connector. The mouse & keyboards of both computers are plugged into this device by wires connecting both cpu's w/one common monitor. I'm sure you all get what I'm saying,so I'll stop there. My problem is the one cpu w/W-XP, the mouse works. The W-98 cpu mouse will not work. This just happened this afternoon, 2/8/05. This morning it worked perfectly. I've checked all connections, disconnected all wiring, assembled it again. Monitor works, software works, everything works but the mouse on the W 98 cpu. Even tried a different brand new mouse. No luck. Any thoughts of what I need to do next? Thanks very much. Ancy

Answer:Mouse stopped working

Sounds like the mouse port went south. Do you have USB on the 98 machine? If so, you might be better off to pick up a USB mouse.

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I was playing a video game, and when I exited it, my computer gave the blue screen of death (dumping physical memory), so I restarted it. When I restarted it my mouse wasn't working, so I plugged it into a USB slot instead of my PS/2 and It turned on, installed the driver, and still it didn't show on my screen. I went to the store and bought a new mouse, and it gives the red LED but still doesn't show up. Both of these work fine on my laptop. I'm running Vista 32-bit, and I have no idea howto fix this. Any suggestions would be grateful.

Answer:Help please! Mouse stopped working

Did you install drivers for the new mouse, or use the generic one included in the OS? The reason I ask, is I wondered if you tried reinstalling the original driver for the old mouse.

If it was corrupt (these things happen at times), then using the same driver for the new mouse, I would imagine do the same. But if you installed a new driver for the new mouse and it still didn't work, then I can't imagine the solution.

I know you said you got the mouse to work on another machine, so it obviously isn't the mouse itself. Hmmmm

Uhhh, Vista.... had problems with Vista, went back to XP. Not everyone does, though. Probably someone here can help you, I am perplexed when it comes to dealing with the UAC in Vista until I can learn more about it.

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I have a GE 97986 optical PS/2 mouse and all of a sudden today it stopped working. I was online and using the mouse to scroll down a page and suddenly the arrow stopped moving and now I can't get the mouse to work. I unplugged it, the plugged it back in and restarted the computer and it still won't work. The red lights inside the mouse are on, but it just won't move the arrow on the screen. So I borrowed a friend's USB optical mouse and it works fine. So does anyone have any idea why my mouse stopped working all of a sudden?

Answer:Mouse Stopped Working

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First I thought it was just the mouse that was bad. I did some testing and the mouse is fine. At the start up window, I hit F12, then did a system test. The mouse worked fine in the test. I could scroll, click and select items. When I go to the regular start up window to log in, the mouse will not work at all. Anybody know what the problem might be? any advice is appreciated!

Answer:My mouse has stopped working! UGH

Does your keyboard work? Do you have access to a PS/2 mouse? Be sure you are plugging in the USB cable to the Back USB port as this port is stronger. Log in with the keyboard and see if it installs the Mouse Driver once Windows loads
You can also boot into Safe Mode and see if the mouse works. If not using your TAB, Alt, Arrow and Enter keys, go to Windows key + R in the Run box type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager Do you have a yellow flag next to the Mouse? If so, using your arrow and enter keys, highlight the mouse and press the Delete key to delete the mouse and restart the computer. It should load a new driver for the mouse.

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So last night I was working with my mouse on my computer then it stopped working. thinking that it was the battery I went ahead and changed it so now there is a brand new battery in it and when I tried to get it to work then the light didn't come back
on and I can't get it to respond to any computer I own. Any ideas???

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The other day I was in best buy and im in the process of building a computer so im buying stuff for it. I bought the new saitek eclipse keyboard and the new logitech mx518 gaming mouse. I wanted to try it right away so I plugged them into the usb ports on my g/f's Dell. Well I had no problem while i was using my new goodies but when I shut down her comp, she restarted it to find out that i did something to it because her dell ps/2 keyboard and ps/2 mouse didnt work at all. The rear usb's worked with my stuff and so did her front usb's. i didnt install anything for the keyboard but i did install the companion software for the mouse so that i can set my adjustable sensitivity buttons. Im not sure if i may have accidently turned off anything but i thought everything looked ok. Help me shes getting on my nerves.

Answer:Mouse + K/B stopped working

try a system restore and put it back the way it was before u pluged it in.

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Hi, mouse got wet, stopped, no other mouse plugged into the back of the computer will work.Standard PS2 wired mouse (mice)HP SR1650 Athlon 3500+, Windows XP, SP IIIBy getting the mouse itself wet (dunked!), could I have fried the input which the mouse plugs into?Thanx!BTW, keep in mind, my "thanx" will be slow in coming....after all, I don't have a usable mouse, and am having trouble navigating with the tab control...FACEOh...feel free to respond to:[email protected] it may be easier for me to retrieve it in the meantime...Thanx all!edited by moderator: 1. Thread moved from Windows 7 Forum. 2. email addy deleted

Answer:PS/2 Mouse got wet & stopped working

"HP SR1650 Athlon 3500+, Windows XP, SP III"This is the Windows 7 forumIf you have XP try Start > Run > devmgmt.msc > okExpand your USB devices and then right click on them and remove themThen RestartWindows will automatically re-install the USB devices againOr try another USB port

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I have two computers set up, and recently the mouse stopped working on one of them.

I checked the connection and rebooted. The mouse didn't work after the second reboot, but it did after the third. I havn't restarted it again.

Now the mouse stopped working on my second PC. I have rebooted and so far it is working.

The mouse on the first PC is an old one with the circular plug. But the second computer has a usb optical mouse.

I find it too much of a coincidence that the mouse should stop on both computers within a day of each other.

I have checked my pc with an up to date virus scanner, and it was clean.

Has anybody heard of a virus that can do this? Or anything else that could cause this?


ps. Hopefully my mouse will be working, so I can check replys.

Answer:Mouse stopped working on 2 PCs?

Are the computers connected to each other?

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I use Windows XP.My mouse was fine one moment,then about 30 minutes later my daughter went to play a game and told me the mouse cursor would not move. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and restarting the computer.It did no good.I tried 2 other mouses.None would work.I can't get to my start window to see if there is something going on with the mouse settings.PLEASE,if anyone knows what the problem could be,please post a reply.I would also like to know how to use the keyboard to try to get to my start menu,but have no idea how that works.Does anyone know?


Answer:Mouse stopped working...

To get to start use the Windows key that is between the Control key and the ALT key on the left hand side of your keyboard. It should have a little window floating on it. Just hit it once and your Start menu should pop up, then use arrow keys and enter to navigate it.

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I have a four year old Compaq CQ2103WM computer with a 139GB Hard Drive and 1GB Memory. I have been having problems with the mouse not working or freezing for some time now. Now the mouse doesn’t work at all. I tried changing batteries, using different USB ports both on the computer itself and a new USB hub, changed the mouse several times, including 3 new ones. They worked fine on my other computer but not on the Compaq. When I plug in a mouse (including the original mouse) I get a Found New Hardware message and the New Hardware Wizard opens and asks for an installation CD. Then I get a message that the new hardware was not installed properly and may not work. Since the pointer no longer moves I can’t do anything. And the message stays onscreen until I turn off the computer. I started having trouble with the mouse after removing a Rootkit in November 2012. The mouse would stall or freeze and then start working again, sometimes after rebooting or turning off the computer. The Devise Manager says the mouse is fine and found no problems with it. I can’t get the pointer to move at all now. Does anyone know how to get my mouse working again? Thanks for any help offered.

Answer:Mouse stopped working

What type of mouse is this?
I would go into Device Manager...uninstall the drivers for each mouse listed...reboot.
If the mouse requires use of a drivers CD...insert that and reinstall the mouse.

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Hi guys my mouse stopped working after sp3 was installed on windows xp professional any ideas?

Answer:Mouse stopped working

Try a different one or try a different USB port.

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upgraded 8-1 desktop to windows 10. Mouse quit working in middle of game.

Answer:Why has my mouse stopped working?

Dead batteries perhaps?
Loose cable?

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I bought a new computer and am setting up the old one to give away. I formatted the hard drive on the old one and after win 98 was installed the mouse didn't work. This old computer doesn't have a ps2 port so it uses a ps2 to serial adapter. I thought the adapter was bad as the mouse worked when plugged into the ps2 port of another computer. A new adapter didn't work. I unplugged and replugged the cable connector on the motherboard with no success. I installed a pci serial card that was recognized in win 98 device manager with com ports 1 and 2. This was after disabling the onboard serial ports in the bios. The mouse still doesn't work. I've run out of ideas other than taking it to the computer repair shop. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Larry.

Answer:mouse stopped working

Is the adapter you are using the one that came with the mouse? The pinouts are not all the same on the adapters. I know my IBM mouse must use its own adapter.

Let us know

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i was using a ps2 mouse and suddenly it froze, when i hit restart, at the login screen i again had control over the mouse, however soon as i logged in, the mouse froze again.

tried a new ps2 mouse and had the same problem, when i retsrtaed a third time the problem disappeared.

do you guys think there is something wrong with the hardware or there is something bad lurking i my pc?

Answer:ps/2 mouse stopped working

check bios i just dont no for what

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Every so often (yet increasing in freqency) my mouse cursor suddenly stops moving on the screen. What's intriguing however is that this isn't my system hanging, the computer still functions, it even still recieves input from the mouse, for example if i move my mouse around, even though the cursor doesn't move, the cursor image will still change according to where the cursor is, or if i navigate blind to the desktop i can drag my mouse to make selection boxes, still without the cursor moving, could someone tell me whats going on please! and tell me how to fix this because its really getting annoying!!

Answer:mouse stopped working

using the display properties> settings tab> advanced button >troubleshooting tab and move the hardware accelaration slider down one to see if it improves.

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I've had this problem on and off now for the past 4-5 month's, and the main problem is when researching what the problem is, I have had no luck and what i seem to have is rare? My mouse (when working) is never 100% but does what I need, and is always a little stiff and it will work for a good 1-2 month's and then slowly it will start to stiffen even more, making it very hard to move and then bang and is completely stuck! this takes all takes place in about 20 minutes when i know its going to happen and there is no preventing it. the strangest part of it all is that when it is stuck, if i leave the mouse alone for a couple of minutes it will be fine and can move it a couple cm's before its stuck again. it took me 15 minutes to get to this website and had to keep leaving it and then moving it and so on.. so i really hope someone replies!! thanks!

p.s. both my USB and wire mouse dont work, I've checked the drivers and it says its up to date.

Answer:my mouse had stopped working???

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I was running the PC today with everything functioning normally. After about 45 mins the cursor moved to the top of the screen (centrally) about 1" down from the top and from thereon would not respond to movement of the mouse. I have run a full virus scan (MS Security Centre), done a system restore to yeterday, reloaded the motherboard drivers and finally carried out a "repair" install of XP (SP3) - the cursor is still in the same place. It does work, however, in XP safe mode, but as soon as I revert to XP proper, it stops working again. I have also tried other USB wired mice and they don't work eitherMouse is Logitech S520 (part of keyboard & mouse set) and the keyboard continues to work normally. Do you think that it might be a M/B or BIOS problem?

Answer:Mouse stopped working

A quick search on Google suggests it's a cordless mouse. Have you checked the batteries? Failing that, go into device manager and uninstall your USB ports and let Windows reload them.

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MOBO: Gigabyte
Processor: 2.9 ghz Athlon
Onboard sound and video

This is on my desktop (I'm on my laptop now).

I managed to get into "device manager" and there is a little yellow circle with an explanation mark next to the mouse. It's a Logitech trackman wheel, and I did reinstall the software for it. Still indicates a "fatal error."

I've tried different USB ports and even a brand new mouse. Still doesn't work.

I've thought about reinstalling XP. Anyone? This is my main computer. Need to access it!


Answer:Help! My mouse stopped working!

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Ok, so my computer was making some weird noises and I moved around the cables so it stopped the knocking noise. When I did it, I accidentally pulled the power cable out of the CD drive and it turned off my computer. So after I plugged that back in, I turned on my computer again and got into Windows and my keyboard still works. The lights in my mouse are lit up but it's not working when I try and move it.

Answer:Mouse Stopped Working?

Is your mouse/keyboard USB or PS/2?

If it's USB, try using the PS/2 slot, most keyboard and mice come with an included adapter (USB > PS/2). You may have to re-install

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I am able to open windows desktop. Mouse arrow indicator able to move across screen but left & right click ability not working.

Answer:mouse stopped working

Hi whiskeryron and welcome to W7 Forums

Could be a hardware failure of the mouse, where it still works (as in being able to guide the cursor on the screen) but not as regards recognising the operation of one or more of its buttons or wheel.

Probably easier to replace than try to repair.

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The mouse pad stopped working. Please help

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Hello, fellow Tech-ers!

Hoping someone's expertise can assist me. I decided to clean out my fan by opening up my HP ENVY x360 laptop keyboard. Unfortunately, I must've snagged a power strip or something because suddenly, the mouse stopped working. Does anyone know which power strip is for the mouse? Or if there's something to resecure in there? I've linked photos for reference.

Thanks in advance for the help!

- Mr. Horrible DIY-er

Answer:Mouse Stopped Working After a DIY :-(

It's the white ribbon cable that goes to the touch pad.

Hard to tell from the picture but is there a tear in that cable? It could also just be loose at one of the ends or plugged in upside down, take a look at the pins on the cable and connector and make sure they are right.

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I have a Acer Aspire 3810TZ laptop and for some unknown reason the mouse has stopped working (the mousepad is fine). I have tried FN+F6 and FN+F7 and FN+F9 but nothing happens. I have tried system restore but I can only seem to go back a day and nothing helps. Can anyone help please?

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Hi all,

I had my mouse connected to the usb-port of my monitor.
I accidently pulled the cable connecting my pc to the screen (the one supplying power to the usb ports)
Now my mouse stopped working. changing to another usb port doesnt help. Even changing to my laptop doesnt work.

Can my mouse be damaged just from removing that cable?

Answer:mouse stopped working

It probably shorted something out and damages the ports. If you are worried about the cable not being long enough to plug into the tower, consider either a wireless mouse or a USB extension cable

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The mouse on my 10015IBD laptop has stopped working. the only way I can use the laptop is by using a mouse via USB. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have a USB HP optical mouse that seems to work fine for a little while but then stops working entirely. I can restart my PC and it works for a little but then stops again. I've had to resort back to my old PS/2 mouse with no wheel. Anyone have any ideas as why this is doing this?

Answer:Mouse stopped working......

Also, I thought it may be the USB port so I tried several other things in it and it seems to be working fine. I know a new mouse only cost like $10 bucks but now it's the principal.

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Everything was working fine until I accidentally unplugged my PS/2 mouse while the computer was running. Now everytime I startup I get the message that Windows cannot detect my mouse and to plug in a serial mouse instead, which I did, using the same mouse with the PS/2 to serial adapter that came with it and Windows installs the standard mouse drivers for it. This works fine except that my mouse has a lot of programmable buttons and hence requires the software drivers that came with it. When I install those drivers and restart, the mouse freezes in the centre of the screen and won't work. When I uninstall those drivers and just run on the basic mouse drivers it works okay. Problem is, now I can't use the programmable buttons on the mouse as it was meant for. Can now only use it as a standard serial mouse. How can I get my mouse to work like it did before the problem occurred? And is this a hardware problem or a matter of conflicting IRQs? Because I've noticed that IRQ 12 is now being shared by the sound card and the PCI steering. Isn't IRQ 12 supposed to be assigned only to the PS/2 port? If this is an IRQ conflict, how can I resolve it? I'm running Win98SE on a P2. Can someone please help me out?

Answer:Mouse stopped working

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you have blown the PS/2 port on your machine. This is one problem with PS/2 and should never be plugged or unplugged when the machine is running. Unless anyone knows different the only thing is to get a serial mouse with the functions of the PS/2 mouse. (Unless drivers are available for a serial port version of the PS/2 mouse you have).

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On a Windows 98 system, the mouse froze and stoped working after the installation of a second cd-rom drive, LCD monitor and ethernet card. On rebooting, the error message: no PS/2 mouse detected displays. When the LCD monior was uninstalled and replaced with the old, original monitor, the mouse worked for about 10 hours then stopped again.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Answer:Mouse Stopped Working

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Hello, I have a Hp G60 laptop running windows 7. This morning the mouse on the keypad stopped working. I hook up a usb mouse and all works fine. Is there a way to turn mouse on and off? I would like to be able to use keyboard mouse.

Answer:Mouse stopped working

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I recently installed the Wireless Lenovo Keyboard & Mouse combo on my X61 laptop.  The mouse buttons seem to be working but the pointer isn't moving.  Not sure if it has to do with TrackPoint being active or ???  Any help is appreciated.

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I've got Vista Home Premium on my Dell Inspiron 1520.

Every now and then I get this strange message after turning my laptop on:

HTML Code:
Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller has stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: bcmwltry.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 45f8a9d0
Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a7a6
Exception Code: c015000f
Exception Offset: 000761b7
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1060
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Read our privacy statement:
The odd thing is that my internet is still working well.
What do you think is wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Kind regards

Answer:Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller has stopped working

follow the instructions on this Dell support page:

bcmwltry.exe error, pls help - DELL COMMUNITY

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I purchased an Asus ET2410IUTS-5 All-In-One PC. It came with a wireless full keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard works fine but the mouse does nothing. All properties say both devices are installed and working properly but the mouse still does nothing. Model number on each device is as follows:
Keyboard - AK1L
Mouse - AM1L
Receiver - AR1L

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

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thank god i finally managed to get an account active on this site simply using my keyboard. ive been googling for an hour and a half, using just my keyboard, and it's been a nightmare.

okay, so - i was doing research on firefox, surfing the web, and all of a sudden, my regular plain plugged in mouse stopped moving. i have a Dell Dimension 8300 series desktop from 2003 with Windows XP. i dont think that was the original mouse, but it didn't have any brand name on it. so i unplugged it, plugged it back in, still nothing. the white pointer is just stuck in the middle of the screen, but everything else is working just fine. i rebooted, and still, mouse is not moving or working, even when i click the left and right buttons i got no response.

so, i got out another mouse i have stored away, and plugged that in to the regular round, green mouse plug in the back on my computer. this mouse is a micro innovations NON-wireless optical mouse with a red light on the bottom. the light is shining brightly, but the mouse pointer is still stuck in the middle of the screen and i get no response when clicking or moving it at all. i went back and forth between the two mouses, plugging in and out, rebooting and rebooting the computer for 25 minutes, neither one seems to get the pointer to move. it's right in the middle of the screen as i'm typing this.

i painstakingly googled to no avail - all i can find are "wireless" or "USB" mouses not working or respo... Read more

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I restarted my computer and now all of my USB ports don't work on the desktop, but they still work in BIOS, and I can access the F2 and F8 menus. I tried restoring an old version of windows but it gives me an error. And also, now the Wi-Fi and the sound displays with a red cross near their icon.

-I tried disabling my XHCI, it didn't do anything.

-I even tried ps/2 port, it didn't work either.

-I tried restoring an older version of my computer it didn't work and gave me an x800 error every time on every backup I had. (I had around 4)
My keyboard and mouse are in working conditions, USB still give out power. Please help, I've been having this problem for five days now, I need my computer for work. Please.

Answer:Mouse/keyboard stopped working

What anti-virus program are you using? Have you run a full scan?
Also download and scan with Malwarebytes Anti Malware (free version), see if anything is found.

Test memory and hard drive:

Download Memtest86+ (you want the 2nd one Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)). Unzip it then create a CD from the iso file using your CD burning software. There is a good freeware burner called ImgBurn which will do this easily.

DO NOT burn the .iso file directly to CD. It must be used as input to a program that knows what to do with it, like the one I mentioned above.

You can do this on any computer that has a working CD Burner.

You can also use a Flash drive instead of a CD.

Download - Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7) *NEW!*.
Unzip and run Memtest86+ USB Installer.exe.
It will format the flash drive if you tell it to. I used a small, 16MB flash drive and it had 8.5GB left when done.

Boot the CD or Flash drive and run Memtest86+ for at least 3 complete passes unless it shows errors sooner than that. An overnight run is even better.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
7 Free Hard Drive Testing Programs
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Bootable Hard Drive Diagnostics

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hi my mouse right click has stopped working tried another mouse but same issue

Answer:mouse right click stopped working

First, run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker .Go- Start > Programs > Accessories > Open Command Prompt and type sfc /scannow > Press enter. It should take about 15 mins to run (average)If not fixed, then , download , install and update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware , and do a full scan first

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Hello,   I have a Lenovo B590 Laptop and use an HP 2.4GHZ Optical Mouse for it. The mouse just suddenly stopped working for me today. The blue light on the wheel keeps flashing. I tried replacing the battery, tried pressing down buttons while turning it off/on. Even tried holding it in front of what I think is the USB receiver on the side of my laptop and holding down the button behind the mouse wheel. Nothing seems to work. Can someone help me solve this mouse issue?

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Hi.My L520 did overheat and turned off by it self.Afterwards when i started the laptop botb mouse and keyboard didnt work.I've tried restarting, go into safe mode. But none working. I need help i cant use my laptop and its driving me crazy!

Answer:Keyboard and mouse stopped working

 Hi Okker,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm really sorry to hear that your Lenovo L520 overheated and turned off by itself and after that the keyboard and mouse stopped working.
I would like to thank you for the effort you have taken to get into safe mode and restarting the system.
Since you got into Safe mode, it is clear that system works fine on an external keyboard. Please try to get into BIOS mode and see if the keyboard is working there. Tap F1 key while system shows the Lenovo logo to get into BIOS.
1. If you are able to use the keyboard in BIOS, it could be a software issue. I would recommend in that case to do a System Restore which will revert the settings in your system to a previous time.
2. If keyboard doesn?t respond in BIOS as well, I strongly suggest you to contact our technical support for assistance.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Best Regards,

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The mouse on my 10015IBD laptop has stopped working. the only way I can use the laptop is by using a mouse via USB. Has anyone else experienced this?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:100-15IDB - My mouse has stopped working

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.  I assume that you mean your touch pad is not working since a USB mouse does work?   If so, try doing a reset to see if it will fix any configuration issues.  To do, just do this.....
1. Shut down Windows and unplug the charger / adapter. 2. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds. 3. Power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.
If that didn't resolve the issue then I would try re-installing the touch pad drivers.  I am not sure which version of Windows you have installed, but here are the links to the touch pad driver
Click here for Windows 7       Click here for Windows 8.1 
Click here for Windows 10

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Just got over loads of problems to get a new DVD rewriter to work. This now up and running but the Optical mouse has stopped working. This is attached to a Logitech G15 keyboard. I have also tried every USB connection.The optical light is not illuminated. This only illuminates when I go into the BIOS.In the TaskBar it states new hardware found.I have tried the mouse on another computer and it works fine.Because I have no mouse I cannot get into Add Remove Programs to delete and reinstall.I have downloaded the latest drivers from Logitechbut without a mouse this causes problems.Any ideas please?

Answer:Logitech MX 518 mouse stopped working. Help please

if you still have the usb to ps2 adapter plug it in the ps2 socket it will work on m/s's a green adaptor

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the mouse pointer is a grey arrow and will not change via the control panel mouse pointer settings. also the pointer disappears when a program is opened. this happened on a start up. please help if you can ?

Answer:mouse pointer stopped working

Hi ..
Before you dig too far into it ... try to do a system restore ... back to the last Wds update ... see if it work ..

Good luck .

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Hi, today I was makeing an essey in microsof office and suddenly my mouse and keyboard. stopped working, replugging the devices didn't worked (did it for 5 times ) , after this I tried to restart the pc I found out that rr button doesn't do anything , after I stopped the power going to pc and open power + pc they worked for only a few seconds and then stopped again . After a few force shutdown( by stopping the power) the pc closes itself after the windos 8 img dissapear . I have a desktop dual core 3.1, 4gb ram , mouse is usb and the keyboard is with Ps/2 . Any ideas?

Update : after waiting 30 min I reopend it, all worked , but after approximate 3 min pc shuted down by itself.

Answer:Mouse and keyboard stopped working

Sound suspiciously like a power supply issue.

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Please help, the corded mouse on my PC has suddenly stopped working; I have tried the following with no luck;

1: System restore to an earlier date
2: Replaced the mouse with a known good corded mouse (worked in another PC
3: Tried on all USB Ports
4: Reloaded the driver software which was successfully downloaded (I can see drivers on the program files). When the PC boots up, the mouse works for a couple of seconds then freezes. A message appears stating driver can?t be found
5: deleted the driver from the device manger, and rebooted the PC, problem still the same.
6: When I unplug the mouse and re-insert, there is the usual beep from the PC. The LED on the optical mouse is lit
7: The USB ports are working as other hardware is recognised.

I'm at a loss on how to resolve the issue; any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Corded Mouse stopped working

Download USBdeview and run in an admin account. Delete all vendor specific drivers. Reboot then connect the mouse.

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I have an Inspiron 6000, and the USB ports have stopped detecting my USB mouse. The USB ports will detect my USB key or external harddrive... so I'm guessing the automatic drivers that were installed for the mouse have curropted or something.

I have a Dynex small laptop mouse, and I honestly have went through 5 of these because of the same problem. At first I thought it was the crummy mouse dying on me. But I never took the tiem to pay attnetino and notice the light on the optical is still on when plugged in.

This time though, I recently got some "USB port failure" messages that minimzed into the system tray but I could never open it up again or recreate the message.

Is there a way to check/update the drivers that were installed for this mouse by Win XP?

Answer:USB port stopped working for the mouse only!

try another port or buy a decent mouse.

unless it's some off the wall, cheapy usb mouse, it should work fine in xp.

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WDF, my mouse and keyboard suddenly stopped working in BF2. I can navigate the menus and stuff, but as soon as the game starts, my mouse and keyboard stop working in-game. The keyboard isn't frozen, the Num Lock light still turns on and off. When I ALT+Tab to windows, both start working again. The game isn't frozen either, Planes are flying by, I can see things moving, but I can't choose my starting weapon...

ESC doesn't work in-game either, if it did, it would bring up a menu.

The only hardware change that I've made has been to add the sound card and it's drivers.

Answer:WDF, Mouse and Keyboard stopped working in BF2.

OMFG, I just noticed why. All my controls in the game were deleted for some ****ing reason. I have to reset all of them one by one!

What the hell could have caused this? I didn't delete anything!

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Hello! I have a Wacom Cintiq Companion that I've been using with the Wacom BT keyboard and a MS Arc Touch Surface edition (BT), for about 6-7 months. I've run into a problem after turning the machine on yesterday where it wouldn't let me connect both of them at the same time; if I connected one, the other would give me an error to connect.

Both still work, though I've now run into a problem where the computer refuses to even see the mouse when I'm trying to pair it; I'm worried that it's still in the system somewhere and it's making it bug out. (Even though it's not listed in the Device Manager!) The last time I had a problem like this with the tablet I ended up having to reinstall windows 8, which I'm not looking forward to doing again Any ideas?


Answer:Bluetooth Mouse Stopped working in 8.1?

Have you tried installing or re-installing the latest drivers? Drivers | Wacom

And welcome to the forum!

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hy, i got a windows 10 laptop , it's been a year now, i didn't have any mouse issues before but suddenly today when i plugged my mouse in , the mouse pointer is not moving , but the light is glowing in my mouse , i am managing it in the touch pad , but how am i supposed to play counter strike with touch pad?....please help me fix this 

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Hi, I've got Lenovo Edge 13' running Windows 7. Recently, my mouse (both trackpad and nub) stopped working. That is neither buttons nor moving the mouse works. I've tried system restore - it did not help. I tried installing new drivers - it did not help. What could be the problem? Is it likely to be a hardware problem? If so, what should I expect being broken?

Answer:Mouse stopped working for Edge 13'

Hello ginc and welcome to community,
It is really said to know you have issue using touchpad.
Kindly try the following troubleshooting and check if it resolve the issue.
Update the UltraNav driver and BIOS for (MT: 0217, 0221, 0250), BIOS for other MT restart the laptop and check.
Best Regards,

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Dear CH Forum Users,I had some help getting up in running after some trouble upgrading (,70947.0.html) back in late November/early December.More recently, the mouse has stopped responding.  I know that it gets power (it has a light that turns on when the computer power is on) and the keyboard works just fine (I use keyboard shortcuts to turn the computer off).I tried getting a USB to mouse adapter.  That did help.Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm considering at this point saving up to get a new desktopThanks,Allie

Answer:Desktop's mouse stopped working

QuoteI tried getting a USB to mouse adapter.  That did help.So, where is the problem?

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Just now my mouse and keyboard randomly stopped working on my desktop. It was running perfectly fine then all I heard was the USB disconnect sound and all function in both the keyboard and mouse stopped. When I start my computer the lights on my mouse and keyboard briefly come on then turn off when I'm on the welcome screen.

Weird thing is that they both work on my brothers computer but when I try my brothers keyboard and mouse they don't work on my computer.

I'm also running windows 10 if that matters.

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hello, i have a toshiba laptop (wich is not very old) and the mouse stopped working, so far i have rolled back the driver, than i updated it again if you could please help me fix this problem that would be greatly appriciated. (in device manager it says that it is working properly) thank you sooo much

Answer:mouse on laptop stopped working

Uninstall the mouse/touchpad driver and reboot.

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Suddenly the scroll wheel doesn't work. I've got a Dell 8500 PC, a Dell USB mouse and Windows 10. Everything has been fine, but suddenly the mouse is haywire. I tried updating my Dell drivers, checked the mouse settings in Windows 10 and turned off the "Scroll on inactive screen" setting. None of these worked.

P.S. I suspect Windows 10 suddenly thinks I have a tablet or a touch pad. How can I fix this?

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My mouse stopped working yesterday and I haven't been able to get it going again. Some of the online advice I'm getting suggests fixes involving reinstalling USB controllers from the Device Manager. The trouble is I cannot do the boot log-in without the mouse. I'm assuming the keyboard is working. How do I accomplish log-in using only the keyboard?

Thank you. John Hixson

Answer:USB Optical Mouse Stopped Working

John you don't say if this a wired or wireless mouse mate and have you got another you can try.

I am not quite sure what you mean by not being able to login without the mouse? Is that just clicking in where the password is?

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My dad's computer has come under attack by virus's and trojan worms

Not really sure what all started this..

Tired several different programs to fix it..things were going good then BAM.

Went into bios and keyboard works but after that point no keyboard or mouse.

any suggestions?


Answer:Keyboard and mouse stopped working

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Operating System is Windows XP.Computer was in stand-by mode and brother sat down to do something and when he tried moving the mouse nothing would happen. I went to trouble shoot the problem, i have basic computer knowledge, but I see nothing I can do. I switched out both the keyboard in the mouse with others, they will also not work. I booted up with only 1 connected at a time incase one was failing and for some reason causing the others not to respond, none work. When I first start up computer, like when you can press f8 ect for system options they will work, but right after that when the computer starts to boot up the lights on the keyboard and mouse go out. I have a usb internet card that still works in all the usb slots. And they keyboard and mouse do not work in any of the slots.Any and all help is greatly appreciated =]

Answer:USB Mouse and Keyboard stopped working.

Try PS/2 keyboard/mouse.

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Hopefully, someone can answer this question, as I've had no luck so far.  Some specifics first:* I have a Dell Dimension 4550* Windows XP* Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 (Wireless keyboard and mouse)The problem is that I had to reboot my computer after a software update. Unfortunately, it was at this point that my keyboard and mouse stopped working. Some solutions that I tried:* Rebooting the computer* Shutting down the computer, unplugging the wireless receiver and plugging in a  PS/2 mouse and keyboard.* Taking apart the computer to blow the dust out of the inside* Starting the computer in safe mode. The keyboard works until I get to this screen:* Reinstalling Windows isn't possible because the mouse and keyboard don't workAny other suggestions would be appreciated. I'm kind of at a loss and I haven't found an answer anywhere else.

Answer:Mouse and keyboard stopped working. Need Help!!

What software update ? ?Do you have SP2 installed ?Was there no response from the PS2 devices ? ?

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USB and mouse ports stopped working. What commands can I use to access PC to get at MY Computer??

Answer:Solved: Mouse Stopped Working

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When I right click, the mouse doesn't respond....>.< It worked perfectly fine yesterday. I don't think it's the mouse's problem because when I switched the mice, the right button for the other mice didn't respond either.

I'm running Windows ME.


Answer:Right Mouse Button Stopped Working

Go into control panel and click mouse icon and see if you can run the troubleshooter there.

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Hi all, only me again.

My mouse has stopped working after i did some window's updates!, it's only a ?4 mouse from asda in the UK, but was working fine before i did them. I went into my task manager and 2 of the USB's have warning's on them? Also this is the latest update that's killed my mouse.

Thankyou in advance

Answer:Mouse stopped working after updates!

Whenever you do an update, the system automatically creates a restore point so you can "roll-back" from the updates.

You can do a system restore by following this guide. System Restore

Once your system is working properly again, go through and install each update one at a time to see which one gives you problems.

Hopefully, this helps

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Ok ive got another laptop another fault

its a Samsung R510,
Intel Core Duo2
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit

Today the laptop booted and i couldnt type my password or move the cursor, i plugged in a usb mouse and i was able to move the cursor. i got the on screen keyboard up and logged in.

Then i went to Device Manager, both the keyboard and mouse have the Exclamation mark next to them. So i figure somethings gone wrong with the driver. (Vista may have auto updated since last turn on)

Vista scanned the net and said my drivers were up to date. i then uninstalled and rebooted, with the same outcome. So i went to Samsung

i downloaded the driver for Vista "touchpad" unzipped and run setup.exe. it then said it updated the pointer device and restarted, but i still have the same fault. Does anyone know whats happened and how to get it back.

Just for extra info, i also have Linux Mint Julia on this laptop and ive booted this up and everything works ok, god i hate vista lol.

Answer:Mouse and Keyboard stopped working.

This is the keyboard:

in the device manager (without going back to check) it says Standard PS\2 for both mouse(touchpad) and keyboard.

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Hi, please I need help. I own an hp pavilion sleekbook 15. Just out of the blue my mouse and touch pad stopped working after a restart. I download a new driver from the hp website, synaptic touch ps/2, installed it and still nothing. After several tries I don't know what to do anymore. I checked the device manager and nothing is installed, when I check the control panel it says reinstal

Answer:mouse and touch pad stopped working

Hi ProcuradorGeral,

So in your control panel under mouse does it have a touch pad at all? Is it enabled in the BIOS, as I know some laptops give you that option to disable it. By mouse stopped working do you have an external mouse? Is it USB?



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Hello, fellow HP-ers! Hoping someone's expertise can assist me. I decided to clean out my fan by opening up my laptop keyboard. Unfortunately, I must've snagged a power strip or something because suddenly, the mouse stopped working. Does anyone know which power strip is for the mouse? Or if there's something to resecure in there? I've provided a photo for reference. Thanks in advance for the help!  - Mr. Horrible DIY-er

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right after I updated my motherboard's chipset driver. (Intel 865 I believe)

So... to start... during BIOS and the computer's startup, my keyboard and mouse work, but once I hit the Windows loading bar, they both turn off, and I can't log in.

- I have tried plugging them into different slots, and it does not work.
- I have tried a non-USB keyboard, it worked fine. (Haven't tested a mouse, but I'm sure it would work too.)
- I have an expansion card with five USB slots on it, when I plug the mouse/keyboard into that, they don't even flash during the startup.
- I have tried booting into safe mode, they don't work there either.

I may be forgetting something, but hopefully this helps you rule out some possibilities.

Any questions or suggestions, please ask or comment.


Answer:Mouse and keyboard stopped working...

I know my BIOS has a setting for a USB keyboard. Make sure (if you have it) that it is yes.

Have you tried unplugging the USB and replugging it? While it is running, that is. Sometimes at boot my mouse won't work and I have to unplug/replug it.

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Out of nowhere this morning, the keyboard and mouse stopped working. I noticed the keyboard first when nothing happened when I typed. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Then I noticed the mouse not moving and the keyboard didn't come back either. So I dug out a USB keyboard, plugged that in, and used that to close all the open programs and restart the computer. I didn't want to hold down the power button and I wanted to know that it wasn't the computer that was frozen, just the mouse and keyboard. It restarted just fine, recognized the mouse and keyboard and now everything is back to normal, but I'm wondering why it happened in the first place and if it's likely to happen again, how can I prevent it? Thank you.

Windows XP Home Edition 2002

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I used this mouse for a few years, and I was pleased with it. It worked everywhere - linux, windows, android.Now, suddenly, it stopped working properly - I can pair mouse without problems, buttons and roll wheel works too, but mouse doesn't move with cursor. I'm using linux on HP Envy x360.It occurs all of a sudden, the mouse worked all the time, and now - it doesn't.When I paired mouse with my android smartphone, it was the same - buttons worked, wheel too, but cursor doesn't. It is very annoying for me, because I simply need the mouse, and this one was not cheap. PS: I ran hcidump, that's a tool on linux, it shows all data that my notebook receive from bluetooth devices. It showed something when I pressed buttons and rolled wheel, but nothing when I moved the mouse.HP Product number of the mouse : H3T50AA7 Thanks for reply,R. Bene?

Answer:HP x4000b mouse stopped working

Hi, Have you tried to replace its batteries. Please use 2 new AA batteries. Hope this helps. Regards.

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I have a Sony Vaio running Windows 8.1 Pro.
I was on cs portable with a USB mouse and I pressed a few keys and the mouse stopped to work. It came up with the message that it was not recognized. I tried to uninstall the USB drivers, but had no luck. This problem has been going on for a few days. I tried other solutions but they didn't seem to work. The red LED light was on.

Any help is appreciated very much,

Ahmed Shauq

Answer:Mouse suddenly stopped working

Can you try another mouse?

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I Have no idea why but the mouse on my sons laptop has stopped working ( its the external mouse) - testing on my laptop the mouse is fine.
Ive deleted driver and reinstalled - no change.
any ideas please?

Answer:Mouse has stopped working on laptop

where should i start i have ran various programmes such as malwarebytes and cccleaner

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hey everyone, i bought a microsoft bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 just a couple of months ago. it worked perfectly fine for a while. but just recently, the device just stops working out of nowhere for some reason. Whenever this happens, i simply restart the device, go to control panel, add the device while clicking the discovering button on the mouse, the computer detects it, and everything works out fine again. This happened quite a number of times where I had to keep restarting it, UNTIL TODAY. i came back from school, i turned it on and it turns out that my mouse wasnt working! i tried to restart it again like I always do in the control panel. I clicked the discover button on the mouse, but my computer doesnt detect it! i kept trying and trying. it wont work! how could it just stop working out of nowhere. pleasehelp

i tend to leave the mouse on, i alway forget to turn it off when im not using it.
could this be the reason why it stopped working?

Answer:HELP! bluetooth mouse STOPPED working!!

I have the same mouse and same problem. Solution----- get a mouse that is not Blue tooth! I bought a HP wireless none Blue Tooth.

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Hi all, this is my first time posting on this board and itís probably a total newbie question but here goes; I wanted to add a second hard drive to my pc but there wasnít an available SATA connection on my motherboard so I purchased a pci-e card that allowed me to add another pair of sata connections, I installed the card powered on and added the drivers and then everything was fine. Now I powered my computer back on and the usb mouse and keyboard doesnít work at all, not sure what is happening, does anybody have any ideas why this would happen? The only other thing plugged into a usb that is working is a wifi stick.

Answer:USB keyboard & mouse stopped working

What are the specs of your current system? Do you have a very high video card but low Power supply wattage?

I agree that the keyboard and mouse only use a very low watt consumption on your PSU. But if you have maxed out your PSU due to the high specs you are using, then definitely the external USB devices will not work as they are just a second priority for the power consumption.

If you have a low spec system then obviously, this is a compatibility issue with your mouse and keyboard. Let me know your thoughts.


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