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XPS 13 9360 vs Dynamic Contrast/Brightness

Question: XPS 13 9360 vs Dynamic Contrast/Brightness

Recently I bought XPS 13 9360. I'm strongly annoyed by Dynamic Contrast/Brightness in the screen.
I downloaded "Firmware Update for enabling or disabling Dynamic Brightness Control" from link. After starting the program, I got an error
--------------------------- Panel Update --------------------------- Not support platform --------------------------- ?? ---------------------------

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Preferred Solution: XPS 13 9360 vs Dynamic Contrast/Brightness

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, everybody,I'm very happy with my P70 in general, but there are a few things that really drive me mad, the most annoying one being the dynamic contrast or brightness control that I just cannot get to stop interfering with my work. The problem is that the brightness and contrast become WAY WORSE whenever the screen is predominantly dark -- which is all the time, because I'm using a software IDE with a dark color scheme. And it's really not my imagination, because you can literally see colors blooming and brightness getting up when I change to something more bright, say my browser window with the Lenovo forum page.I had had this issue a few weeks ago, but it vanished after updating all Lenovo software and the BIOS last week. However, now I enabled the "Schwellenwert für Akkuladung" (~ threshold value for battery charging) and now all of a sudden the problem is back again and remains even when I disable the threshold value setting again...I have tried different power settings (in Windows) and deactivated basically any option that even remotely resembles the terms "dynamic", "smart" or "adaptive". Since I'm running with the discrete Nvidia graphics card (Intel card deactivated in BIOS) and suspected it might have something to do with a "smart" Intel technology, I even reactivated the Intel card, updated the driver and some Intel software, deactivated everything I could find, restarted a few times, then deactivated the card and the BIOS again, uninstalled Intel software -- but... Read more

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Monitor is dimming out/in regarding overall brightness of the picture needs to be shown. Tried previously mentioned methods by disabling everything in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel but it does not solve the dynamic contrast problem. Where else to look for any solution?

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Hi, everybody,I'm very happy with my P70 in general, but there are a few things that really drive me mad, the most annoying one being the dynamic contrast or brightness control that I just cannot get to stop interfering with my work. The problem is that the brightness and contrast become WAY WORSE whenever the screen is predominantly dark -- which is all the time, because I'm using a software IDE with a dark color scheme. And it's really not my imagination, because you can literally see colors blooming and brightness getting up when I change to something more bright, say my browser window with the Lenovo forum page.
I had had this issue a few weeks ago, but it vanished after updating all Lenovo software and the BIOS last week. However, now I enabled the "Schwellenwert für Akkuladung" (~ threshold value for battery charging) and now all of a sudden the problem is back again and remains even when I disable the threshold value setting again...
I have tried different power settings (in Windows) and deactivated basically any option that even remotely resembles the terms "dynamic", "smart" or "adaptive". Since I'm running with the discrete Nvidia graphics card (Intel card deactivated in BIOS) and suspected it might have something to do with a "smart" Intel technology, I even reactivated the Intel card, updated the driver and some Intel software, deactivated everything I could find, restarted a few times, then deactivated the card and the BIOS again, uninstalled Intel software -- b... Read more

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Hi i have dynamic contrast on my menu for my monitor,i see it goes from 1-5.
What do the different number settings do.
I have it set to 1 but it goes from 1-5.

Answer:Dynamic contrast help plz

Try this link
Let me google that for you

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My laptop is a y560 model; I got it about a week ago. I know that the monitor settings and whatnot have this 'dynamic contrast' thing going on, which apparently makes the screen dim/brighten whenever it deems the time to do it, DESPITE whatever power settings you have that say to not dim the screen, ever. I'm sure there are people out there who really enjoy this setting, but it's frankly one of the most annoying things that I have ever experienced.  I've looked over the manual and looked over internet searches and a bit through the controls that I can easily find, and I am still unable to figure out how to turn this 'dynamic contrast' off, permanently. I don't want it to happen anymore. I'm all for setting the screen to dim during certain POWER situations, but having it just randomly start to dim while I'm in the middle of reading/typing/watching something is rather, rather annoying.  How do I get to the settings that will turn this feature off? And once there, how do I turn it off?


Go to Solution.

Answer:dynamic contrast settings

Check this KB. is what you are looking for.

________________________________Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 - 06462BU - Black

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For the onboard monitor on an X230. (ips) latest intel drivers. When i noticed it, i checked all video settings and found it had "dynamic contrast" enabled. Disabled it, but it still does it in a normal windows environment. Load a black or dark screen, the brightness shoots way down. Switch to white, it starts out really dim and scales back to what it should be.  Really annoying.

Answer:How do I disable dynamic contrast ratio?

I've got the same problem. I do not have a "dynamic contrast" option in my Intel Graphics Control Panel, yet it is clearly on and exhibits the same behavior as blackomegax describes. Running windows 8 with latest Intel drivers (

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Hello,I have Ideapad Y580 with clean installation of Windows 8 without Home Theatre, etc. When I play games or watch movies, the display contrast keeps changing on it's own. I tried every possible options in Intel HD graphics setting (disabling energy saving options), windows power management plan, googled every possible solution but none of it works. The bloody constrast just keeps lowering and increasing on it's own and it's very frustrating and aggravating. Anyone please has the same laptop and the same issue and figured a way how to disable this extremely unwanted and daft feature off? Would be eternally in your debt, thanks.

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Hello, are there any way to turn off the dynamic contrast on travelmate P648 ? the screen contrast depend on the content of the website or program window, which is really annoying. But i don't know how to switch off. I found only control of adaptive brightness, but this is different function. thanx

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I purchased a U510 back in August for school because the display on my old laptop had died and it was from the stone age, so it was time for a new one. I love the U510 with a few exceptions the main one being that there is a Dynamic Contrast Ratio function built into the display in some way or another, this is often found in modern monitors and easily disabled through their On-Screen Controls. However my laptop does not have OSC for the display, as far as I can tell, and I have no way of getting in an disabling this function. Is there anyone that knows how I can disable it, it's driving me absolutely nuts!No, it is not the adaptive contrast/brightness being monitored from the camera.No, it is not an option within the Intel 4000 Graphics settings. I've spent HOURS trying to resolve this. The other thing is the low battery beep, please allow us to disable it with a bios update, thanks.

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I cannot disable Dynamic Contrast on this laptop, be I running on DC or AC power:
Dell Precision M6500
Intel Dual Core i7 M620 2.67GHz
NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M.
500GB HD
Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1
Dynamic Contrast: the backlight on the monitor changes brightness based on the graphics shown on-screen; lots of dark pixels lead to backlight dimming, lots of bright pixels lead to backlight brightening. This happens continuously, when switching windows or applications, when manipulating CAD models, when scrolling through web pages, etc.

(This is not to be confused with Adaptive Brightness, which changes the backlight brightness based on the brightness of the external environment of the laptop, i.e., dark room vs. high noon outside. I have successfully disabled Adaptive Brightness.)

Demonstration: I'm displaying a mostly black web page, maximized. I have a large white Notepad window that I can drag around to add lots of white pixels to the screen. To not let my phone's auto brightness/contrast muddy the perceived behavior, I have zoomed into the top left corner & I am dragging the Notepad window up & down to essentially turn the right half of the monitor white. When Notepad is up & the monitor is half white, the backlight brightness increases dramatically, distractingly changing the dark pixels because of pixels on the other side of the screen changing brightness.

My myriad failed efforts t... Read more

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Hello, I connect my XPS 9360 to two external Samsung monitors (one at home and one at office) with a Cable Matters USB-C HDMI adapter.The brightness is excessive and contrast is low, so I must heavily change the controls on both monitors to get acceptable results.Before I was using an ASUS UX32VD with internal HDMI port and the monitors were ok in their default configuration, and brightness and contrast were better than the one I get with the XPS.Is there anything I can do on the Dell to change the brightness output on the external monitor?Thanks,Mattia

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was taking a look at that monitor

I like the 19" and the fact it's 12ms response time, but i have NO idea what is a good range for the brightness and contrast ratio. My friend just bought that monitor and i have to say, it's impressive quality.

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Can you tell me how to adjust the brightness and contrast settings on a Packard Bell Easy Note SW Laptop

Answer:Brightness Contrast

This may not help, but on a Dell laptop, it's Fn and the up/down arrow keys (at the right-hand side of the keyboard).

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Hey so I have been wondering what to set my brightness and contrast? I have them both on max. My monitor is a lcd if this matters. I know most people are going to say put it for what you feel is comfortable. But I was wondering is there a program to help me set the display. I tried Nvidia's display optimization I had my brightness already on 100% and contrast on 100% I went through all questions there and ended up not changing anything. I want to have it set for best performance and no eye strain. Sorry if this is in the wrong section was not sure where I should place it.

Answer:Brightness And Contrast

hellzscream said:

Hey so I have been wondering what to set my brightness and contrast? I have them both on max. My monitor is a lcd if this matters. I know most people are going to say put it for what you feel is comfortable. But I was wondering is there a program to help me set the display. I tried Nvidia's display optimization I had my brightness already on 100% and contrast on 100% I went through all questions there and ended up not changing anything. I want to have it set for best performance and no eye strain. Sorry if this is in the wrong section was not sure where I should place it.Click to expand...

Find out what the maxium refresh your monitor supports and set your refresh setting to it and that will produce less eye strain.
And you'll have better picture quality.

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I am planning on buying the dell xps 13 9360 (Kaby lake) FHD. I've heard that the dell xps 13 has an adaptive brightness issue that persists for many user and Its seems that Dell has provided a fix for the QHD version of the laptop but the fix for the FHD. Or has the issue been completely fixed on the dell xps 9360 FHD? Thanks.

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hi everyone,

i hope this type of post is okay in this section,

i just downloaded the latest version of winamp, i am using it for videos but cannot figure out how to make the winamp screen brighter, i cannot find a brightness and contrast control,

i already tried the monitor's control for brightness, but the winamp screen is still too dark,

does anybody know about this ?

Answer:winamp - brightness and contrast

I don't think it's been implemented yet. Do you have an Nvidia vid card?

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i have a gateway laptop.. i recently just restarted my Operating System. after i ave done that, i cant use the button to adjust the brightness. i would hold down "FN" and the usual brightness button, nothing happens. but when i use the "FN" button for the volume button, it works.

What i'm asking is, is there another way to adjust the brightness in the system besides using the Function Button, or is there a way of fixing this? I'm tired of this dark screen.

Answer:Help Needed. With Contrast & Brightness.

Have you re-installed the drivers for your keyboard that are available from the Gateway download site?

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hey, i was wondering if there is a simple stand alone program that can make the screen of a computer darker and brighter (so i dont have to use the monitor controls) and also contrast?


Hi there,I wouldnt imagine that there is,but Im intrigued as to why you would want the computer to do it when you already have the controls on the moniter?

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Good morning:

I have a Dell computer with windows XP. The external controls for brightness and contrast on my monitor are maxed out. I remembered from windows 98 that there is a program one can go into to further adjust these settings. Does XP have such a feature? If so how do I go about finding that and getting into this program? I would appreciate any help that someone might give me.

Thanks, larry_373

Answer:Brightness and contrast controls.

Hi larry373!

Check that you have the lastest driver for your video card.
Also see if there is any software on the internet that may be specific to your monitor.

Depending on the manfacturer of your card, you may be able to access extra video settings as follows;

Right-Click a blank area of the Desktop.
Select 'Properties'
Click 'Settings'
Click 'Advanced'

I believe some video cards also extend the "Display" Control Panel with additional features.


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I'm Twaxter, this is my first post, so bear with me.

Umm, it's hard to explain the problem thats happening with my monitor
As I turned it on one day, the brightness Contrast menu, on my dell demension 4700, keeps going up and down. Even as I type this down, it's in the middle of the screen, and it's impossible to see whats behind it. I've umplugged and replugged the moniter in. Restarted my computer, and holded down all off the buttons, but it seems never to go away. It occassionally leaves, sometimes, but it comes back randomly. I can no longer visit the dell moniter menu. and even sometimes, it takes away the contrast making me screen pitch black, but it's still on. But it comes back as randomly as it happened. Please help me .

I thought this would be in software section, but it's hardware for the most, since if I take my computer umplugged this moniter keeps doing the same thing.

Answer:Brightness/Contrast on moniter keep going?

Therr are countless posts like this and it may be your driver, but probably not, Try updating it from manufactures web site
It is probably your screen dying sorry

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How can I reduce the brightness & contrast of the Internet screen (I have an eye problem). Thanks.

Answer:Reduce brightness/contrast

Normally you have to adjust it on you monitor.Look for a menu button on your monitor then change the settings in there.RegardsFitshase

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Hi How can I change the contrast of the monitor?  In system settings / display / set up (in german Eigenschaften), there is no menu option "Identify". Also,if I go to extended (german Erweitert) to have a look at my graphic controller, there is no information displayed at all for chip type; DAC type, etc. The card is simply called a VgaSave but the ressources are all crossed out.  Something seems strange to me? In my other PC, I find here my Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for Mobile card. Clicking on it, brings me to a software throught which I can alter brightness and contrast. Question:Is my graphic card simply not properly running?Is there a software somewhere in the r61 notebook through which I can make sure that the graphic controller is active and through which  I can change brightness and color contrast (also set RGB individually)? Thanks for your help. Johnny


Go to Solution.

Answer:Brightness and Contrast of Monitor

Welcome to the forum! Posting the 7-character model number of your ThinkPad, along with the OS that you're running would help us assist you better.

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I just purchased a HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-n101a (Touch). How do you change the contrast and brightness settings?

Answer:Brightness and contrast adjustment

Hi there @Clapton, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are looking for help with screen brightness and contrast in Windows 10. I am happy to assist with this. Please see the following on general display settings, and the two Microsoft pages immediately after for specifics on Contrast and Brightness. HP PCs and Monitors - Changing Display Settings, Background Image, Icons, and Screen Saver (Windows ...Turn on high contrast mode - screen brightness - Also there is this forum thread that has some other useful information scattered over several posts that you may find of help. how to adjust screen brightness in windows 10 Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.  

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I downloaded a number of photos from LG Mobile phone in JPEG form to desktop computer and I want to increase brightness in one or two. Problem is they are in My Pictures and when I right click on them and then click edit, they open in Paint which doesn't have the brightness option. Could someone tell me how I get the toolbar to open to adjust brightness? Thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Editing Brightness/Contrast in

Sorry.....editing brightness/contrast in Paint.

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I recently purchased MSI PowerDVD 5.However when viewing DVDs I can't adjust Brightness or contrast.This problem detracts from my viewing pleasure because some of my DVDs are quite dark.Has anyone got any suggestions? I've sent two emails to the PowerDrive helpline but received no response .So much for customer service! Thanks Hecate. Win Mill. Asus A7S333 Mobo. Radeon 7000 graphics card. 256mb Memory

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Hi I have a Thinkpad Edge 320 and I can sometimes see the brightness and contrast changing in front of my eyes. It makes my eyes feel funny and the contrast is sometimes really off. Is it something wrong with my laptop monitor?

Answer:Laptop contrast and brightness changes by itself

it only seems to happen to my e520 when im running it solely on the battery. it never bothered me enough to do anything about it. also it  happens to mine when i set it pretty dim. it could be a way to save power.

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i have a pc with a dell monitor and i am on windows 7 ... and every now and then my brightness and contrast (sometimes the brightness .. sometimes the contrast) on my monitor keeps automatically going up and down on its own accord.... it doesnt just go down a little bit but all the way so i can no longer see what is on the screen.... it happens quite frequent too.... if i turn the monitor off and on it goes back to normal but soon starts playing up again within a matter of seconds... its really frustrating.... does anyone know a solution to the problem or can you help me resolve it please

Answer:contrast and brightness with mind of its own

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Here's the video, so you can see what I'm talking about. Basically, XPS 13 9360 QHD, has this issue when in a dimly light room, the brightness will be automatically set to the max, and won't be changed by either bios settings (you can adjust brightness level there for battery/AC), latest driver settings, or by keyboard keys.

It'd work normally, but then it'd start going bonkers, but then it'd go back to functioning normal.
Or just stay at max brightness.
I tried disabling DBC, installing latest graphics driver from Dell website, or Intel website using this method, installing latest bios, and other recommended drivers, disabling sensor monitoring service in "services.msc", didn't help.

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A few days ago the monitor started to automatically decrese the contranst and maybe the brightness it has and seting by defuat contrast to 100 wich means i cannot increase it more than that when i tried to restart the config. Also when i managed to get a kinda decent but high config of bright and contrast after some times it starts get worse in a progresive way.

Answer:Contrast and Brightness problems with LG Flatron

Anyone has an idea of wht this could be?

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Sometimes when I alt-tab my contrast randomly changes, which is extremely annoying because I want to see what images look like in one constant brightness setting. There's an icon in the lower right that pops up when this happens. I did some research and found that it might be Lenovo Energy Management's ambient light setting, but I uninstalled that whole program and still have this issue. 
Here's a screenshot of the icon in the lower right I mentioned - anyone have an idea of what this is and how to stop it? I was playing a game at the time and the icon was most noticeable there, so ...
Link to picture
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

Answer:Random contrast/brightness fluctuation

Anyone know what this is?

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I know this is very much personal preference but suggestions for the above settings would be welcome.I have tried fiddling with the settings but some web pages seem to bright then others seem too dull. It may be my eyes that need testing!

Answer:TFT - Contrast, Brightness & Colour temp.

I always start by putting them all at the mid-way point. Unless you really want something special or the monitor is on the way out, only very little tweaking shoul dbe necessary from that point. However, be interested to see what others think.

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Hi guys
I have this problem.
I turned off my laptop's adaptive brightness off in both plugged in and on battery mode.
The problem appears to happen on dark theme program.
When I open Steam on my laptop(plugged in), the screen stays right,no reduction in brightness or contrast.
When I switch to battery mode, the screen dims and it becomes pretty dark. But when i switch to desktop or chrome, the screen returns back to normal again.This also happens when I play dota 2 on battery mode but not in plugged in mode.

Laptop Specs
CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ
RAM: 8GB 1600MHz
OS: Windows 8.1

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Where do u go to increase or decrease the screen brightness and contrast?

Answer:Solved: XP control for brightness and contrast.

Most monitors control this using the old method of buttons on the side or lower frame of device.

But on a laptop, that is a different story, and is built in by the OEM, not Windows XP.

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My monitor is too bright and I used to adjust the brightness and contrast of setting of my monitor by using an on-screen menu, and then setting the brightness and contrast in the resulting menu by pressing a button—possibly labeled Menu—on the front of the monitor.Any other useful suggestions if Iam using Window XP Home Edition SP3 ?

Answer:How to adjust my monitor's brightness and contrast

You can't use the buttons on it now? But they used to work?

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Hope it's okay to post this question here.  Would really appreciate it if the mods wouldn't delete my post.  I know that HP no longer makes TVs and no longer offers support for their own TV products, but I figured someone on here might have encountered this same issue and might be able to offer some support.   So, I have an HP MediaSmart LCD HD flatscreen TV which is about 8 or 9 years old.  A couple of weeks ago, something weird happened.  The TV would no longer let me change the display settings (contrast, brightness etc.) via the custom "user" setting.  This is especially frustrating for shows or movies which display too darkly on the screen (like, Mr. Robot) because I can't adjust the brightness and contrast to make the show viewable.   This is how it usually worked:   On the remote I'd press MENUThe MENU would pop up on the screenI would select PICTUREThen I would scroll down through the pre-set settings to USERI would select USERAt that point settings for brightness, contrast, color saturation etc would be displayed Unfortunately, now, when you scroll down to USER the screen displays whatever your last custom user setting was, but it does NOT let you choose/adjust those prior settings.  When you have USER highlighted and press the 'OK' button on the remote, nothing happens.  Unfortunately, the last custom user setting I had had the brightness dialed nearly all the way up so it's way too bright for mos... Read more

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My V5-573G changes brightness and contrast while I work in Photoshop. I cannot see real colors of pictures in photoshoop. When I zoom dark things, it changes contrast of display, so I need to open something white and after few seconds it changes brightness and contrast to normal...

Answer:My V5-573G changes brightness or contrast automati...

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I have a problem with the contrast or the brightness. the contrast or the brightness changes by itself and gradually until it get to the point where the colors red and blue becomes black. this doesnt ocurres at all time even is the brightness is at max. If the power supply is cut off for about 5 minutes the problem is fixed but it always comes back. problem didnt occur before i got this Gatway EV500 moniter

Answer:Moniter contrast/brightness problems

Can be a lot things.

The best thing to do first is swap in another known to be good monitor. Put that monitor on another PC, see if the problems continue, try to determine which has the underlying problem or is it something more related to them working as a pair.

It can be bad pins in a connecting video cable or a connector that is not fully seated or something to do with the cable itself, like being too long, excessive twisted or looped, etc. Try to run the cable thru your fingers and watch for a dramatic change in the screen. Could have a nicked cable or broken wire. You might be kicking it with your feet. Get it away from any power cords.

Try pulling the plug on the monitor to give it a hard Reset, wait about a minute and repower it.

Try degaussing the screen.

The fact the color purity drifts tends to point to a video feed quality type problem. Can try tweaking the video card settings.

Also check around for any interfering magnetic devices, other monitors to close, speakers, other electrical appliances.

Usually this is not a hardware type problem in the monitor itself. Would more likely be the video card if it is hardware related.

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Hello to everyone. I was just given a CTX Ezbook, 700 series, and was wondering if anyone out there knows what keys to use to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. I`ve done a google search, and went to the CTX website, but couldn`t find a manual to download. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks for your time.

Mike Peters

Answer:CTX Ezbook contrast and brightness controls

I've got the manual at home. Or it maybe back at my Sister-in-Laws. She has that notebook. I had to put more memory in it the other day.

It uses a function key on the bottom left that is blue I believe and you should see the brightness and contrast icons on some of the keys on the bottom right.

I will post back to confirm that when I look at the manual.

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I am using a Pentium, with windows xp service pack2, direct x9.

My graphics card is geforce fx5500, forceware version: 81.98

My dell monitor is Dell E152FP

I want to ask why my brightness/contrast screen of the monitor keeps popping up?

Is it due to viruses or malware? (which I dun think so as my virus, spyware are up to date)

Is it due to my monitor malfunctioning or graphics card?

Is it because I never install upgrades of geforce?

Please help.

Answer:Brightness/Contrast screen keep popping up

Virus's /spyware can't affect your monitor's OSD from popping up. That is controlled purely by the monitor. Probably, wither the OSD button is stuck pressed and comes up every once in a while, or there is some dirt in the button, producing the same effect.

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when i switch on pc the contract/brightness box is in the middle of the screen . 3 options contrastbrightnessdcr off there is like a cursor light flashing between all 3 how can i get this to go away

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I have VideoGenie (by MSI),it's automatically adjusts gamma level on real-time,useful when watching movies/videos,or playing games (in full screen).

I wonder if there is a similar program that auto adjusts the brightness/contrast?

Answer:Auto Contrast/Brightness correction?

Brightness and contrast likely will not be automatic nor a feature of your video card. Depending what program you run you an adjust these levels, an example would be call of duty. You will also be able to find these settings in your control panel. There is one other way to gain access to your brightness and contrast, and that is the manual settings on your screen.

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I'm using an LG Flatron W2452T Mmonitor. How do I adjust the screen brightness/ contrast and so forth? The display seems far to bright, with little contrast - making it all hard to read. This has all happened since I was required to re-install Windows XP (home).
I'd appreciate any guidance.

Answer:Adjust screen brightness/ contrast etc

menu button 3

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Intel Graphics and media Accelerator [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Black"]
How to change the registry value to reduce Brightness ...... Help
OS-Win 7 ultimate X86

Answer:How to change Brightness and Contrast in Registry...

Brightness on an external monitor?

I'd do that via the monitor itself, first. [cut out the middle man]

Why you asking for registry entries?

Usually handled at the monitor or via Control panel or GPU's application.

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Hey, I'm using 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium on a desktop PC. I have already turned down the brightness and contrast to 0 by the screen settings but my eyes still hurt. Is there any other way I can turn down the brightness further?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:How to turn down brightness/contrast for windows 7?

Zukias welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can do it one of two ways. The first is Windows itself,

Display Color Calibration

The second is through the control panel for your graphics card which should be accessible by right clicking on the desktop. If it isn't there is should be in the Start menu, that or you don't have the driver installed and are running on the default driver installed by Windows.

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Its a SyncMaster 206bw and it won't let me change the brightness, contrast or colours... any ideas.

The only thing I've done is use a colour profile from here (because it was an A )

Answer:Monitor won't let me adjust brightness contrast etc?

What video card are you using with this SyncMaster A?

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how do i change the gamma,brightness,contrast with my ati card?(radeon 1600) because my monitor is dark and i cant see when i try to play counterstrike, i got it to work with nvidia everything works good but when i change the color settings on the ati control panel it works for desktop but not when i open counterstrike!!(or other games, bioshock)

Answer:changing gamma,brightness,contrast with ATI

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adjusting brightness with fn key and up and down arrows suddenly stopped working

Answer:adjust brightness and contrast in dell laptop

Try a "restore point" to a time when it worked. See vista's help and support pages for info on that. If that fails then maybe the keyboard is bad.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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I cannot control contrast, brightness, Saturation etc.. using the Trident control panel in my Satellite Pro 4600. Could someone help me in order to activate such controls ?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot change contrast, brightness etc. on Satellite Pro 4600. Help please.

Hi Andrea,

normally you could change this settigs in the control panel, but to explain the way to change it would be nice to know which OS you have installed.

If you have the perinstalled Os it could be that you have Win2000.


Go to control panel - Display - Advanced and then you could choose between Television, Color or Video.

The Brightess could be changed in the Power Saver because the brightness depends on your power setting.
In battery mode higher brightness could decrease your battery power!!!

Bye Bob

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My display is faint and hard to see objects on screen,any advice will be most welcome.many thanks for any help.

Answer:Satellite Pro 440cdx - How can i alter the brightness or contrast


The display brightness can be changed pressing the FN + F6 or FN + F7 button combination.
The contrast cannot be changed on notebooks displays? this is set automatically.

But if it?s very difficult to see anything on the display, then a FL inverter might be defect.
The fl inverter is a tiny part which controls the display brightness.
Maybe it?s need to be replaced.

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When I turn my laptop on and when the desktop comes on, the screen is low contrast/mid-brightness.
It remains like this for about 10 seconds and then it flickers and changes to a high contrast/high brightness screen.

I want to get my screen looking like how it does for the first 10 seconds when the desktop comes on. My screen at the moment is very high contrast which makes it difficult to look at some photos (particularly ones taken indoors like in a club). As far as I know, there is no button to adjust contrast on the laptop.

I have tried to play with the brightness button but it doesn't help. I've also tried display settings in control panel and also tried to right click the desktop which gets me to the graphics properties. But I can't get that low contrast/mid-brightness screen I first see.

I recall vaguely when I first setting up my computer that there was an option for high/low contrast and if i remember correctly, i chose high contrast which on hindsight was a mistake. how do i go back and change this.

i've spoken to toshiba, not much of help. they've suggested i reinstall the display driver? how do i go about doing this?

and does this sound like a graphics card problem?

cheers :)

Answer:Low contrast/min brightness when turning on Satellite Pro L300

> I want to get my screen looking like how it does for the first 10 seconds when the desktop comes on. My screen at the moment is very high contrast which makes it difficult to look at some photos (particularly ones taken indoors like in a club). As far as I know, there is no button to adjust contrast on the laptop

I?m not sure if you are meaning the same by display contrast/min brightness but usually you could change the display brightness using the button combination FN+F6 or FN+F7

This key combination is present for all Toshiba notebooks and you could find the info in user manual as well.

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My laptop screen seems to be getting brighter. I tried the right click adjustments on the opening screen before going to a browser but nothing seems to change. Any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Solved: HP laptop screen brightness & contrast

There's usually a key combination using the Function key and an F1-F12 key to increase the brightness and a different F1-F12 key to decrease it. Have a look at the F keys,for a 'sun' icon.

Usually the problem is brightness gets lower ! If it is definitely increasing there could be a hardware problem.

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Hallo everyone, the display of my T510 (typ 4337) chnages the brightness and contrast itself while in dockingstation. The contrast gets very low so that neither backround nor icons are clearly visible.The only thing that helps in this situation is a reboot of the system.Sometimes it happens twice a day in other times only once a week. Since I have to work with my T510 its annoying to shot down the system in the middle of day. I updated the video driver as in other post recommended: I also updated with the lenovo updater and search the web for the newest video driver.Has anyone the same problem and found a solution?System is (from Intel Info Center):OS: Win7 (64bit) Service Pack 1Model; T510Driver version Intel Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5Accelerator Information:Intel HD GraphicsVideo BIOS: 2117.1Graphics mode 1920 by 1080Any help would be appreciatediciated Thanks in advance.

Answer:Display changes to very low contrast and high brightness while in dockingstation

Display get changed automatically while using dockingstation. Please update the Bios of your systemfrom below mentioned web link
After that please restart the system and check whether the issue has been resolved.
Thanks & Regards,

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I've got myself into a bit of a mess here!
I'm a digital painter and because I've been having trouble with my colours from laptop to printer I was advised by numerous artist to purchase a colour calibrator.

My software came today, but I haven't been able to do anything with it as yet because it is asking me to put my *Contrast to maximum setting and Brightness to 50%* and I cannot find where this is ?

I have a Equium A210-171 ----- PLEASE could anyone help me
I'm desperate!

Answer:Equium A210-171 - How can I change contrast and brightness?


The display brightness and contrast you can change in the display properties.
Check this!

Furthermore you can change the screen brightness by using FN+F6 and FN+F7.


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Need to help out my mother-in-law who has an HP Omni 120-1125.  Can't find any info in the online manuals

View Solution.

Answer:How to adjust Brightness & Contrast for HP Omni 120-1125.

I'm not aware of any buttons to change the display settings on this computer. However, I think I can help you find Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel. Hopefully all you will need to do is change the "View by" setting. I suspect that right now it is set to one of the icon views. Open the Control Panel, and in the top right corner click the drop-down menu next to "View by:".Select "Category."You should now see a list of categories, including Hardware and Sound.  And now hopefully the steps I posted before will work for you. Please let me know if you run into any trouble.

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I bought this PC recently and have been very pleased with it. Adapting to Windows 8 was quick and effortless for me, and I have very few qualms about it.

However, I shut down last night and when I booted up this morning, my display is different than it was before. In fact, it's quite confusion. Some areas are darker than they should be, and other areas are washed out or too light. This points it to being that somehow my contrast has changed - but how? I can find no contrast controls anywhere. There are no buttons my PC for these settings - as this is an all-in-one PC. The brightness slider changes nothing.

Some things look "normal" while other things are just too saturated, too washed out, or too contrasted.

Is there a way to set it back to default? A way to change my contrast? I'm an artist and this change in screen depth is unsettling for me - as in all calibration tests, I can see the difference between shades of black, but white is simply... white. There are no shades of white on this screen, now.

Edit: It's especially anything yellow. There is very little shading between colors of yellow right now. On my color slider, everywhere there's a hint of yellow is just... yellow, with no gradual changes into the next color(s).

Edit again: I improved it only a little by turning the gamma down slightly and playing with color sliders, but it's still far from what it should be. I have no idea what changed my settings or how to get it back exactly as it was.

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Sorry if I post this on a wrong section.
But I do hope if you can help me on adjusting brightness and contrast.
In fact I want to write a little progam to change my display brightness and contrast, just like what you can do in your nVidia or ATI control panel.
But I really want to get much more control than that.
So if you will be kindly let me know how I can fulfill this ?
Please tell me how if you knows even a little....

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I have a lenovo 3000H series desktop. Suddenly the brightness and contrast button on the monitor has stopped working. Please help.

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Is there a program out there that will let me alter my Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast, for my global Desktop and all the programs that run under it. I have a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150, but its Control Panel doesn't have that filter.

Answer:Global Hue/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast Filter

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Sorry if there are already a few threads for this, but search is not working for me for some reason.

Here's what I need. Pretty simple:

Software that is...

Free (or very, very close to being so)
Allows me to adjust the color saturation, contrast, brightness of an MPEG video and then save the file with newly adjusted settings.

That's it. I don't need a complex piece of software here. That's all I need it for. Yeah, I know how to use Google, but it just keeps leading me in circles. (Mostly to sites for "free" software that actually require paid activation to use.)

Thanks if you can help.

Answer:Video Editing Software - Contrast & Brightness Controls?

personally i use adobe premiere, not free but brilliant.

When looking for free software google freeware software type i.e. freeware video editing software. Here is a list of freeware video editing software.

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I have to use a software to train my eyes and it requires to adjust screen contrast and brightness.I see that there are hoy keys in the keyboard to adjust brightness, but how can I adjust contrast ?Thank you.

Answer:Lenovo N500 - how to adjust screen contrast and brightness ?

probably fn + up/down arrows.

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ON MY DELL INSPIRON E1505: the FN key doesn't work to activate the contrast and brightness shortcut keys on my laptop. This laptop is like 4 years old and barely used so I have no idea where the owners manual is.

Can somebody help?


Answer:Contrast and brightness issues dell inspiron e1505

Press <Fn> and the up-arrow key to increase brightness on the integrated display only

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Dear all,

As stated in subject, the laptop in question is a recent Skylake XPS 13 9350 FHD. This is a wonderful laptop with one major defect ("feature"): content adaptive brightness/contrast.
My main use-case is development under Linux, and it becomes very irritating when switching between dark terminals and bright websites, e.g. when reading documentation.
There are several other websites, forum threads etc., that already exist on this issue, with unsatisfactory answers.
Therefore I would like to ask here how to turn this "feature" off; an answer of "this is not possible" will not be accepted, as I am aware that this is possible in the worst case by updating the firmware (with success stories on the QHD models).

Many thanks!

Answer:XPS 13 9350 FHD Content Adaptive Brightness/Contrast Turn Off

an answer of "this is not possible" will not be accepted, as I am aware that this is possible in the worst case by updating the firmware (with success stories on the QHD models)

Sorry, that is the answer you will get. Only the QHD models are fixable with a firmware update (provided from dell's download center). They have confirmed that the adaptive brightness on the FHD screens lacks this solution and from what i recall they are not actively working on trying to find a fix for the FHD as the adaptive brightness is "working as intended" at least.

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I am a visually impaired user and I'm thinking of purchasing the Satellite L550-113, but before I do that I need to be sure that the screen brightness/contrast can be adjusted very easily, preferably via hardware controls as opposed to via the control panel. I also need to be sure that one can make the screen quite dull (i.e. too dull for a non-disabled user).

Could anyone give advice on how to adjust the screen contrast and brightness on the Toshiba L550-113? Also, does the screen have a glossy or matt finish?

Any general information on the quality and ease of use of the screen will be extremely useful and highly appreciated! Thank you.

Answer:Adjusting screen brightness and contrast on Satellite L550-113

Hi mate!

Yes, the screen brightness can easily adjust via FN keys. You have to press FN+F7 to increase the screen brightness and FN+F6 to reduce the screen brightness. Furthermore in Vista power management you can also adjust the screen brightness and save the settings for different power profiles and on batter or on power mode.

As far as I know Satellite L550 has a gloss finish screen as other Satellite notebooks.

I hope I could help you a little bit! :)

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I am trying to calibrate the monitor and it says to adjust contrast brightness etc, but can't seem to find the instructions in the Display section of the control panel.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 adjusting brightness and contrast - How to adjust?

You?ve got a ATI graphic card?

Please note that usually you can change the display brightness using the FN+F6 or FN+F7 buttons.
If you want to change the settings for contrast, color, etc? you have to check your graphic card properties.

But to be honest, I?ve never changed these settings because it was not necessary for me.
Everything is controlled automatically by graphic driver.


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I have set adaptive brightness to off and also turned off Intel's Display Power Saving Technology. But I noticed that the entire screen changes brightness (or contrast) while I switch between 2 windows (pictures). Is this normal?

I posted a video so you can see the problem (or is it?) in action

If you also want to test it out yourself, here are the images used while switching windows.


I also want to mention another issue I'm having (which I think is related to the one above, that's why I'm worried). I purchased an Asus X454LD last 5/5, and for some reason it keeps on flickering static. Sometimes not entirely on the screen, and not an opaque static but a translucent one that overlays with the work area. Then I got the unit replaced with a new one last 5/10 and the issue's still there. There are no specific programs or time that triggers this problem, it just happens. I even reinstalled both the Intel HD graphics driver and the dedicated 820m driver. I posted a video that shows the problem in action as well.
(at around 0:20-0:25)

Hoping for your replies. Thanks

Answer:Auto change of brightness/contrast while switching windows

bump. really need help

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Hi folks - This is my first Lenovo forum submission and I will do my best to describe the problem with my laptops' video/display. I'm all ears for your suggestions. *Issue* The display would occassionally dip down in brightness/contrast then change up to a very HIGH contrast level on its own. The desktop icons, background image & browser images become un-sightly bright BEYOND your normal Lenovo Power Manager settings. All the white hues turn even brighter, and some hues are NOT viewable at all on certain backdrops. Usually, it resolves itself after several minutes.Then it's business as usual. I do not believe it has anything to do with the Power Manager settings (e.g. Idle Time, brightness control, Battery vs AC power, etc.). It simply occurs on it's own then disappears. A reboot can help and so does closing the lid and re-logging into Windows. But who wants to practice that technique after paying over $1600 for a professional grade business laptop? I found only ONE forum message that came close to reporting the problem, found in the body of a message and NOT as a subject (SEARCH:  "screen image fades as if you lose contrast") Frequency ? - Atleast 4 times a month for the past 3-4 months since my purchase in summer 2010. OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)CPU: i5-540M 2.53GHZRAM: 4 GBLaptop model: T-510Laptop Product ID: 4313CTOGraphics: 15.6 HD+Battery: 6-cell Purchase date: summer 2010

... Read more

Answer:T510 DISPLAY Issue: Intermittent high Contrast/Brightness

Problem occurs more often than 4 times a month. More like 10 times a month for the past 4-5 months.

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Hi everyone, As a proud new owner of my first Lenovo - a T420 with the NVIDIA 4200 discreet graphics chip - I can say that I am deeply impressed by the power. I do have one qualm though, and I was wondering if anyone else found a way around it. I purchased a harddrive (OCZ 240GB Vertex 2 SSD) and reformatted my computer using the system backup. However, I'm getting a dim screen (white graphics are greyish or bluish) shortly after bootup (i.e. screen is bright, then goes dim). I usually consider myself at least a bit tech savvy, however, I'm at a loss. System SetupDual DisplayLenovo on a Thinkpad dockLenovo is primary displaySecondary Monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 2208) connected through HDMI Lenovo specs:8GB DDR3240 GB SSDHD+ Screen (1600x900)All drivers up to date (including both graphics cards and bios) TroubleshootingI have lurked in the forums a bit. Here is what I've done thus far:Lenovo Power ManagerI've tried creating a new power plan with the Lenovo Power Manager (display brightness set to High)I've disabled battery stretchThere are no *checks* in the Global Power Settings Tab in the Dynamic Brightness Control sectionNo power agendas Windows Power OptionsI'm on Maximum PerformanceThe "Adjust Plan Brightness" is set to maxAll settings in the "Change advanced power settings" is set to maxIntel Graphics Media Control PanelUnder Advanced Mode, I've...Set defaults in Color EnhancementsDisabled Power Conservation Features NVIDIA Control PanelNo... Read more

Answer:T420 Dim Screen [primary and secondary] (contrast or brightness issue?)

Anyone have any answers here?

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Using the following link's content to gauge my contrast level on my brand-new x230t, my computer's vaunted display is actually very inadequate. I can't distinguish either end of the spectrum, no matter how I adjust my contrast using the Intel graphics and media control panel (why it won't let me set it any lower than "40," is puzzling to me). I have a former ASUS G50, with the same display (albeit it larger, with a Nvidia graphics card), as well as a Droid Razr and an ASUS Transformer Prime with smaller displays (just slightly) . There is another monitor in my house with again, the same display resolution, running on another computer with another driver, and the point I am getting to with all this is: I haven't seen a display with such contrast issues in a long time. Following is a desktop screenshot of what shipped of the "default" settings for contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, etc., in addition to a picture of what the background looks like on my other four displays (and does, on four other different displays) There is no reason a mobile phone should have a better contrast, brightness, hue, etc, than a $2,000 dollars rig. I love this computer otherwise, digitizer pen, amazing keyboard, and all, but I can't deal with this inferior display for the next four years. I really need assurance that this is either a massive glitch or manufacturing defect, or that there is a free fix, or I am afraid I j... Read more

Answer:Updated: Please help with X230T Screen Display, Contrast/Brightness issue


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I've had a lot of problems with this computer's graphics and stuff being way too dark despite my monitor settings(that I set with the little wheel thingy on the monitor) of brightness and contrast being all the way. I could not figure out how to make the picture better after a lot of searching, but I tried again recently and found where to go (see first pic).

So I adjusted that stuff until I got it good. Then I saved it and checked the apply at startup box. But the problem is, it wouldn't apply the settings at startup. They were saved and everything and the box would still be checked, but the picture wasn't what I saved it as. All I'd have to do though is just select what I saved from the drop-down box but shouldn't it already be applied all the time? I'm guessing I'll have to adjust something in my System Config Utility in System Information but I dunno so I'm asking you.

Answer:Trouble keeping my screen's picture settings (brightness, contrast, etc.)

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I got a XPS13 9360 with Ubuntu Linux last week and after some work this days I noticed some weird behaviour on brightness and contrast, more evident when using at the same time an external monitor. 

After some research I discovered there was a "feature" I cannot disable called "Dynamic Brightness Control" embebed on screen firmware.  I called technical support and they suggested me to format the laptop to install a Windows (illegal copy, I presume, as I haven't a legal one) and then reinstall Ubuntu with all my data. Looks like a joke but is not. 

So I've spent some hours trying to set up a Live Bootable USB drive with Windows just to execute this utility that seems to be the only way to disable this awful feature: 
I cannot get it running. I've got an WXP boot called HiRens but get stucked on boot.  I've tryed to modify Windows7 and Windows10 recover images to include the Dell utility but even they are for sure on disk I cannot see them after boot. (I'm trying to execute them from DOS prompt during install. 
I think the best place to enable or disable the "feature" (let me quote that way because it's the worst thing i've ever seen: get up the bightness when there is more bright?. Do you want to burn my eyes at night?) would be on BIOS. But I've seen complaints for more than 2 years and nothing... Read more

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well, i formatted my b510 as soon as i got it, artitioned it to my needs and installed windows 7 a new. works just great. the only thing i am missing and could not find either in the drivers cd or online is the two mentioned above applications. i would like to test them to see if it helps in any way. where could i possibly get them again?

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I have an message telling me Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System isn't compatible with windows 8 which I have just installed is there a fix for this
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject.

Answer:Window 8 - Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System isn't compatible

Seems 8 got rid of a lot of Lenovo stuff. I got your message as well as lost wireless driver on my Lenovo and another unit plus the touchscreen of my lenovo is not compatible with 8.Hopefully Lenovo is working on some fixes for all the problems that have come along.

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I have a x301 with a fresh install of Windows XP SP3 after using Vista for quite sometime.  I installed all the latest versions of the drivers and ThinkVantage applications.  When I installed the latest version of Power Manager, I noticed there were some new settings under Global options that allowed the screen brightness to be lowered based on certain actions (Dynamic Brightness Control).  I saw that it was checked for lowering the screen brightness on Shutdown / Startup so I left it checked to check out the new feature.   When the computer rebooted, the x301's screen was completely bright through entire POST but when Windows started loading, the screen brightness was immediately lowered (and by lowered, I mean ALL the way down).  I logged into Windows even with the screen dark and Windows completely loaded but the screen brightness was never increased. I also attempted to raise the screen brightness by using FN + Home but the onscreen display showed the screen brightness was at the max. After doing many things including unchecking the settings, uninstalling Power Manager, reinstalling Power Manager, etc. I still have not been able to get the computer to act as it did before the Power Manager update.   To make things even more complicated, I booted from a Windows XP disk to see if the screen brightness would stay up the entire time but it did not--the screen went dark when the Welcome screen loaded.  I also tried a ... Read more

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I have new xps 13 9365 2in1 qhd screen. Wanted to disable the auto brightness issue that i read about. Installed new drivers first ( intel hd graphics, bios, etc) then downloaded the firmware to disable dbc. Plugged in the laptop then ran the patch tool exe file. However, it keeps saying write fail. Ive repeated this like 10 times and restarted the laptop many times, same result. Pls help how to run the patch

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Can Dynamic Brightness or Eye Distance be made to work with a non-Lenovo Webcam? Will it work if the Lenovo camera drivers are loaded but another camera is being used?

Answer:Can Dynamic Brightness or Eye Distance be made to work with a non-Lenovo Webcam?

hey Shnu2,welcome to the forums.the two application which you have mention was meant for the Lenovo webcam. You could try it with a non-Lenonovo webcam but we cannot guarantee if it will work or if it will cause any damage to your unit.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I recently purchased a Dell Latitude 7370 with the QHD panel. I was very surprised to find that the new 7370 line is plagued with the infamous Dynamic Brightness Control "feature" that cannot be disabled, especially when Dell is just now removing DBC from the XPS 15 and XPS 13 QHD models.
Dynamic Brightness Control is a dealbreaker, and I would not have ordered the 7370 had I known it was a supplied feature. Is there any information as to whether or not a patch is in the works to be able to update the display firmware to remove DBC in the near future? Any help or information about how to disable this will be greatly appreciated.

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sorry guys i dont know where to post my question.
ive got a G570 i5 and my problem is the contrast bar display something (i dont know how its called) is not moving when i adjust the contrast.... dimming and bright works just fine, but i am really irretated with the display not moving when im adjusting the contrast.. ive been experiencing this for a long time .. heres the pic of the display not moving when im adjusting contrast.  

please help me with this issue.
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject, fixed image.

Answer:G570 contrast bar display not moving when i adjust the contrast

fn + right/left arrows changes brightness. do you mean brightness or contrast? beside that, as i understand, fn keys not working, right?please, try to re-install power management first. it should fix your issue.

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ich möchte meine neues XPS 13 9360 mit dem ebenso neuen WD15 Wireless Dok verbinden, laut Installationshinweis sollte der Intel Wireless Manger in der Taskleiste angezeigt werden, das ist aber nicht der fall, zumal ja auch laut Betriebssystem ein Killer Wireless Adapter von Qualcom verbaut ist.
Wie kann ich nun den WD15 mit dem XPS 13 9360 verbinden ?

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It's really just for a test lab, but I'd really like to get this rolling and I keep running into roadblocks.

I bought the domain for a dollar ( and have an Exchange server freshly installed on a HyperV VM on my Server at my home.

I have Dynamic DNS Services set up at my house using the address

What's the best way to configure this? Should I have purchased the domain from No IP and used their services? As far as I know Verizon closes port 25 except for their own mail servers?

Is there another service I should use?


Answer:Exchange Server using No IP Dynamic DNS on Dynamic IP FIOS Connection

well if port 25 is blocked, then it doesn't really matter what the dns settings are.

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On my windows 8.1, I had an Intel display driver crash and recovery.  Right afterwards, my brightness screen is always on MAX and the brightness buttons don't work.  I tried reinstalling the display drivers, bios, energy mgmt, etc and nothing seems to work.  There is also a side windows in windows 8.1 to adjust the screen brightness through touch and that doesn't work.  I turn off/on autobrightness in various locations and did not do anything.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:re: Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro - Brightness buttons doesn't work - Always on MAX Brightness

Do a factory restore by pressing the small button via a pin beside the power on button. I am using the Y2P i5 but havent came across such issues

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Hello there, I tried to upgrade from win 8.1 to win 10, and after the upgrade the brightness is set to max and i cannot control it ever. Neither from keyboard nor from Windows Mobility Center. I tried installing the latest drivers for windows 10 for Intel HD 4600 graphics both from Lenovo and from Intel websites and none of them solved the problem. Anyone has an idea or fixed this problem? Thanks in advance,Mina

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So I've searched around and found various fixes to this and none of them seem to work when BOTH 750M GPU's are installed in the machine and it's on battery power. I need to find a solution to this or I'll have to return this laptop because this is incredibly annoying to have this problem every time I unplug this thing from the wall.The Problem:When BOTH 750M's are installed in the machine, the Intel Graphics HD software ceases to function and the auto backlight takes over and makes adjustments according to what you're seeing on the screen. An example is if you have a dark wallpaper, this "feature" scales the brightness way down and does the opposite for a bright wallpaper. So if I have a dark wallpaper and then open a windows explorer window the brightness scales way up because the background is white and when I close that way it scales way down because the background is dark again. I'm not sure about everyone else but this drives me insane. What I've done so far:- Uninstalled all drivers for NVIDIA- Removed the 2nd GPU- Installed Intel's HD graphics driver and turned off the auto backlight under the "Power" area. <-- At this point with 1 750M and the Intel chip, Optimus works and the problem is gone.- Re-installed the 2nd 750M and powered up <-- At this point the auto backlight still isn't functioning which is exactly what I want to happen.- Rebooted the laptop and when it turns on the auto backlight is back, SLI is working, the Intel HD graphics program... Read more

Answer:Y510p(dual 750M's) Auto-Brightness Issue \ ALS \ Adaptive Brightness

UPDATE:If I open the NVIDIA Control Panel and Disable/Enable SLI, the problem is instantly gone until I reboot the computer. It doesn't even seem to matter if I am turning SLI On/Off, once that apply button is activated and you can click it, the problem is gone. - SO yea....that's getting somewhere I guess.

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 I am having a ton of issues with the on screen brightness display and the brightness controls in general on my windows 7 e545.  The problem seems to happen anytime I open the computer up from sleep mode.  In order to regain brightness control I have to reboot the machine.  I have done a lot of google searching and have updated the bios and hotkey drivers that everyone recommends but this has not helped.  Anyone have any idea? I am still within my 30 day window and am seriously considering sending it back. 

Answer:E545 windows 7 on screen brightness controls and brightness in general do not work...


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Hey hey, I have a new Ideapad U410 and I've discovered some problems involving the brightness settings and am looking for a solution. The brightness cannot be adjusted at all from windows 7. The slider that you have when you select "Adjust Brightness Settings" does not work. Also, in the power management options there is no change when switching between the various power management settings nor when switching between AC power and battery power. Finally, whenever I restart the computer the brightness is reset to the highest setting possible. This last issue is solved for some Thinkpads with a BIOS update but there is no bios update for the U410! (  I have called support and they have been unable to help with this situation. Luckily, the function keys on the keyboard still can adjust the brightness but I'm getting tired of adjusting the brightness manually every time I switch to battery! I hope that there is a solution out there! Thanks for the help, Jason 

Answer:Ideapad U410: Power Managament Brightness Settings non-functional/brightness reset to max on restart


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     I have Dell Inspiron13 7000 series laptop.Everything was working fine until 2 weeks back.
Suddenly I wasn't able to use F11/F12 keys to controll brightness.Even if I clicked I wasn't getting the actual brightness bar.I checked some blogs and youtube videos, which helped me and it fixed my issue.
Suddenly after almost a week or so, I am getting another issue.I can scroll up or down the brightness however it doesn't change any brightness level.Right now it is too bright but I can't change it.
Has anyone been facing this issue or resolved this?
Laptop was in perfectly operating condition before.I have been getting these issues recently after regular windows update.

Answer:Dell Screen Brightness Issue - (Fn11/Fn12 works, Able to Scroll Up and Down, but no effect on brightness)

Hi Sulo11,Thanks for posting.Here is some information which helped another user with a similar circumstance:

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Hello there, I need help please! I can't fix the screen brightness. It appears to be stuck on full brightness which draws my battery life quickly and hurts my eyes during nights. The brightness button in the action center is missing, there is no brightness slide bar in the display setting nor in control panel, and brightness fn buttons in the keyboard are not working as well. When I click on the battery icon, there is a brightness button next to the battery saver button but also not working (not even clickable).I searched online and I tried:- updating/reinstalling/rolling back display drivers- resetting pc (reinstalling windows)- many other little repairs College is starting soon and I really need my battery life and I will be studying on my laptop in late hours so this brightness issue is a big trouble for me    

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Answer:Yoga 2 13 Windows 10 Can't adjust brightness (Missing all brightness controls)

Hi No_one,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
As i understand that you are unable to change the brightness on your Lenovo yoga 2 13, i would suggest you to go to the device managerà click on monitor  right click on the PnP monitor and see if it?s enabled.
 Hope the above information helps and please let us know how you go about.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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I have big problem with this new laptop N581, because Lenovo Power managment does not work with Intel HD graphics. I can not change brigtness control (FN+Up or Down) because the bar stays still.  I tested with  Lenovo 6/7/8 Power managment and different Intel HD graphics drivers, with no luck. OS : W7 Home Premium 64bit   I have 2 new Lenovo Ideapad N581 laptops and both have the same problem.

Answer:Lenovo N581 Brightness Issue (Brightness Control not working )

I just tried live version of Linux and brightness keys (Fn+up/down) worked. But why does not work in windows ?

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After updating to W10 insider fast ring build 14393.10 on my Lenovo G580 notebook, the Fn+Up brightness control key combination has stopped working. To check if Fn+Down was working, I pressed them and the brightness went down to "0" and now the screen is always black both while plugged-in and unplugged. Hence, I'm not able to increase the brightness anymore.
FYI, the "Up" arrow button works normally but the combination "Fn+Up" doesn't work while "Fn+Down" does.
Safe Mode doesn't allow adjustment of brightness since it cannot load the display driver.
I tried installing a third-party brightness control software while in Safe Mode but then realized it won't work until I log in to my account, in normal mode, which I cannot do since the brightness is at zero.
Please help me asap!
PS:- I have managed to increase the brightness for now but still the combination isn't working. Fn+Left arrow key combination also not working for volume down while Fn+Right arrow for volume up is working.

Answer:Fn+Up brightness control not working after updating to W10 build 14393.10. Brightness is at zero.

you can change brightness settings from settings itself instead of using the keys - just to make things easier

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Basically the title says it all, my computer is stuck on max brightness so the battery is suffering and using my laptop at night is now a pain. I already updated the display adapter and the option to change the brightness in my display settings is there but moving around the slider doesn't actually do anything.

Answer:My laptop (HP ENVY) isn't actually changing its brightness when I switch brightness.

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Basically the title says it all, my computer is stuck on max brightness so the battery is suffering and using my laptop at night is now a pain. I already updated the display adapter and the option to change the brightness in my display settings is there but moving around the slider doesn't actually do anything. did this always happen or has it started recently? Any changes that happened around the time this issue popped up? Like dropping the laptop or doing an upgrade or something?
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