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DELL OptiPlex 3046

Question: DELL OptiPlex 3046

HelloNeed pinout for DELL OptiPlex 3046 24 to 8 pin power supply

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Preferred Solution: DELL OptiPlex 3046

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: DELL OptiPlex 3046

Dell doesn't provide this. Dell Wont provide this. You can buy an adapter that likely works fine. The 4 pin EPS12v motherboard connector is the same. The 24 pin must be converted to 8.
The current moddiy adapter has more than just passive pass thru it has a circuit board with other "stuff" on it.

Dell Main Power 24-Pin to 8-Pin Adapter Cable. YMMV
Seems to be using the Grey PWR Ok, 3 Black Ground Wires, The Power On/Off Green Wire, the 2 12V Wires from the 24 pin and 1 12v Wire from a molex power connection.

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I'm having an issue installing windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 3046.
everything goes well excepted when i'm trying to install the USB drivers on my computer.
I tried using the windows 7 full package, i tried to download the USB package appart from the others, i tried to get them from Intel and even tried to use windows update to get the drivers from them.
Everytime i get the same result : mouse and keyboard both don't work.
Is there an easy fix i haven't tried yet ?
thanks for yours answers :)

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Hi. This 24pix MINI atx power connector is basically the same as normal ATX connector (bur smaller of course)? At the pin settings is different? Where I can buy 24pix ATX to 24 pin MINI atx adapter that will work with those boards? Thanks.

Answer:Dell OptiPlex 760 (GX760) SFF and Dell OptiPlex 780 (GX780) SFF mainboard power connector?

Moddiy makes this.
Dell 980 960 780 760 PSU 24-Pin to Mini 24-Pin Adapter Cable (10cm)

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Hi, I might be able to buy a second hand Optiplex mini tower and I would like to install the motherboard etc. of my Optiplex 755 SFF.

Wilt thi fit?

The idea is that with the Mini Tower I can buy a better GPU.


Answer:Does motherboard of Optiplex 755 SFF fit in a Dell optiplex 745 dualcore mini tower?

No it wont fit.   The board layout, number of slots etc is different.

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I was planning on buying either a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or an Dell Optiplex 980 SFF but I would like to know which one will work with Windows XP 64 Bit.

Answer:Will Windows XP 64 Bit work on a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or Optiplex 980 SFF?

For Windows XP 64 Bit its best to use the somewhat hidden (old ftp website):
This has the old drivers listed of multiple versions including the XP x64 drivers not mentioned on Drivers and Downloads. The new ftp website is slightly broken at present.

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An access database which has been running for over a year has suddenly stopped allowing more than one user to login at once. If more than one tries they receive an error number 3046 Couldn't save; currently locked by another user.

The backend is an mdb file sitting on an novell netware box (no changes have been made to this server)

I've tried repairing the database, both front and backend, as well as creating new mdb and importing the old databases components.

An old but functional version of the frontend works fine via a citrix server.

Anyone know what could cause this issue?

The MDB is in access 2000 format and access 2003 is used to run the frontend


Doug Quiddington

Answer:Access 2003 - Error 3046

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I'm from Pakistan, recently I've purchased more than 20 dell optiplex 3050 with LCD E1916H. Most probably all the system are doing same issue which discussed above by many users. I connected the LCD with DP cable to CPU, nothing happens wrong until i opened Microsoft excel, watching YouTube video and sometime when switching from one tab to another in browser. On accessing these app, monitor display get disappeared while power continues coming. All the staff are suffering with trouble, plz giveimmediately some solution.
OS: Window 10 pro (64bit)

Answer:Dell Optiplex 3050 with dell lcd E1916H generating display issue with some application

The culprit seems to be the hardware acceleration enabled in the Intel HD driver. But, I have yet to find a way to disable it universally across the Windows 10 operating system.
For Office software =* Start any Office program* On the File tab, click Options* In the Options dialog box, click Advanced* In the list of available options, add a check to, "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"* Click OK
For all other software, you will need to check into their specific settings.

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Two drives on system 265GB Samsung on motherboard and 1TB drive internal bay.
Dell installed OS on drive 0 (C) 1TB (slower drive) and the SSD drive(fastest) drive 1 (E) blank empty.
Make no sense to me.

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I have a new Dell OptiPlex 3050 (small form factor) with an Intel 630 Video Adapter.  it has 1 HDMI port and 1 DisplayPort (DP).  Each monitor has 1 VGA port and 1 DP port.  I can successfully connect 1 monitor to the PC using a VGA to DP cable.  However, when I try to connect the second monitor to the PC using a DP to HDMI cable, the computer does not recognize the monitor at all and the Monitor says "No DP cable''. 

Answer:Help connecting Dell OptiPlex 3050 to Dual Dell E2416H Monitors

Updated information:  It is the Micro form factor, with i5-7500T 207 GHZ processor and 8MB RAM.  the Video Adapter is an Intel HD Graphics 630.

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Hello, I own a Dell Optiplex 745, running Windows XP Professional 32-bit. The Dell System Direct isn't launching, even though it will download, it says .APPLICATION, which cannot be opened. Does anyone have a fix?

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745 - Windows XP Pro 32-bit Dell System direct issue.

The older versions of Dell System Detect are security risks - if you're running an antivirus program, it may be flagging and intercepting the program.  At any rate, you should NOT be using Windows XP online at this point, as it has seen no security updates in almost two years - you really need to upgrade to a supported version of Windows (at this point, that's a minimum of Windows 7).

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I have a dell inspiron 23 5348 with defective onboard videochip.. I was looking for a replacement board and I was able to find one but it says it is also compatible with dell OptiPlex 9030?

how true is this? 
can anybody from dell confirm it?  because if I buy the board for OptiPlex 9030 it is a lot cheaper...  I have the i5 model

Answer:Dell Inspiron 23 5348 All In One PC Motherboard is it the same with Dell Optiplex 9030

see this add

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I am wondering if the Optiplex 7010 will physically accept the 850W PSU from the Dell precision workstation. I can't seem to find any dimensions for the stock PSU in the Optiplex, and the Optiplex has that latch that snaps in front of the PSU.

I am aware that the CPU power on the Optiplex is 4-pin and the Precision PSU only has 8-pin, but maybe I can modify it or get an adapter.
More about : dell 850w precision psu dell optiplex 7010 minitower

Answer:Dell 850W Precision PSU in Dell Optiplex 7010 Minitower?

Which percision? They all use different power supplies.

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When the PC starts up, the dell loading screen begins. Normally this takes around a few seconds but this time it didn't end. We've tried all the diagnostic tests and they all came back fine. Also tried disconnecting all external cables (ie headphones, ethernet etc). Powered on and off multiple times and no change. 
By the way, I don't know if this is related or not, but last night before the issue occurred, I was randomly logged out. Once it logged me back in, everything was closed and there was a small square of like TV static towards the bottom right corner. I restarted and it fixed the issue there but I don't know.
Thanks in advance, Sean

Answer:Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO stuck on Dell loading screen

Unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Then try powering up again.

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Hello, I own a Dell Optiplex 745, running Windows XP Professional 32-bit. The Dell System Direct isn't launching, even though it will download, it says .APPLICATION, which cannot be opened. Does anyone have a fix?

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745 - Windows XP Pro 32-bit Dell System direct issue.

The older versions of Dell System Detect are security risks - if you're running an antivirus program, it may be flagging and intercepting the program.  At any rate, you should NOT be using Windows XP online at this point, as it has seen no security updates in almost two years - you really need to upgrade to a supported version of Windows (at this point, that's a minimum of Windows 7).

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dell OptiPlex 780 sff freezes on dell splash screen.
tried removing and reseating everything. checked each ram on another pc and they are working fine. reseated processor. removed every peripheral. still no luck. reconnected psu cables too.
1 4 diagnostic lights turned on. no beep
 anyway been able to get pc go past splash screen once after clearing cmos and removing hard drive and optical drive but pc freezed  on bios setup.
please help! is my mobo is the culprit?

Answer:Dell OptiPlex 780 sff stuck at dell splash screen

tmassc,The 1.4 diagnostic led's refer to the following.Power connector not installed properly. Reseat the 2x2 power connector from the power supply unit.You can click the link below to download the online service manual to see where thie power connector is located on the motherboard.Dell Optiplex 780 Online Manual

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My dell optiplex 740 will open windows ,so before this happened,i install windows 7 home premium instead of windows 7 professional.When it didn't install properly,my windows will not open after i restart my PC it keeps saying  The computer restart unexpectedly  or encountered an error.Windows installation cannot proceed.To install windows,click "OK"to restart the computer,and then restart the installation.this message keeps repeating itself every time i boot my pc up.I try to reset my PC factory settings,but it wouldn't work,do i need  to buy a Dell recovery disk to get my PC running?

Answer:My Dell optiplex 740 mini tower wont open windows.It wonnt install keeps repeating the same thing.Do i need to buy a Dell recovery disk?

Sounds like a faulty hard drive is the cause - F12 at powerup.  Boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test (not just the quick test) on the hard drive -- you'll likely find it fails, in which case - replace the drive and reload.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 745

When I start my Dell Optiplex 745 on the front of the computer 3 lights appear the hard drive and lights 3 & 4. The hard drive lights goes off but the lights on 3 & 4 remain on and the computer does not boot up. Does anyone know what 3 and 4 mean and how to resolve this problem.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745

tell us the colour of the light very varge on your need, does the pc beep, any more information that would - HHDGreen - Power yellow - ????ETC

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Question: Dell OptiPlex 960

I have a Dell OP960 That when plugged in will not power on I get a Blinking Amber Power Button and also 1, 3 are also blinking ... I have replaced CMOS battery, Power Supply, RAM ... Would it be the MB that's bad??? 

Answer:Dell OptiPlex 960

Blinking Amber is bad power supply.
Solid amber is Bad motherboard.

1 3   is memory  is detected and its all bad.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 745 SFF with a Pentium D 945 3.4GHz 2x2mb I would like to upgrade the processor to the best possible option but not sure what if any I can upgrade to? 2nd question What would be the best Nvidia Geforce Graphics card I could upgrade this system to? Thank you for any help you can offer!

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745 SFF

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Will putting a MSI gtx 970 oc in my dell optiplex 790 work? And should I get a 500 or 600 watt power supply?

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The screen resolution in this PC does not seem to allow me anything else other than 648 x 480 an it is too large. I have another monitor and it is exactly the same. Is it the dispay card that is fitted. I also have a Radeon 9200 SE but there the slot type is not available on the motherboard to allow me to fit it??

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX 60

Please keep to one thread!

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Hi guys I need some help please my dell optiplex 745 sff will not boot up just amber light at points abcd and real loud fan

Answer:dell optiplex 745 sff

my guess would be that this was after some kind of storm or power surge. can you see the bios loading? in order to diagnose this you will have to have parts that are known to be good and go through the machine one piece at a time. The main suspects right now is the power supply, CPU, or the mother board. Do you get any audable beeps when it is trying to start up?

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Question: Dell Optiplex 755

I was trying to install windows Xp sp2 on a Dell computer: Optiplex 755. When the software reach that step: setup starting windows a blue screen display saying windows has been shut down to prevent damage, check for viruses, check your HDrive, etc?
I removed that HDrive, and I installed to another Dell computer same type (Optiplex 755) I started the process of that windows Xp sp2 (installation) everything was fine. Now I switch back the HDrive to the first Dell Optiplex 755. I power on it started loading properly when it?s about to reach the screen that has the recycle bin. The blue screen display again with the same message, windows has been shutdown to prevent damage etc?, at this point which one to accuse the memory or the Bios, any help will be greatly appreciate.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 755

That PC uses SATA drive controllers . . Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

Are you using the Dell Reinstalltion disc? . . if so is it SP3? Those have the Intell SATA drivers

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Question: Dell optiplex 390

I am using Dell optiplex 390 we wanted to know that in Serial port which is connected in cpu for db9 contains full handshaking i.e wheather it supports UART TX,RX,CTS&RTS functionality.
Thank you,Deepanraj.A

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Question: Dell Optiplex 760

I did a restart on my PC because I had a virus and I couldn't get the virus off now the monitor is froze on one page 1 screen blue asking questions and with them what does the symbol next down at the bottom and I can't there's no air like a woman who I can't get that thing off there I need help Live Help

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I need information about the following:
I owe a Dell Optiplex 745 sff running Vista Business,
hard disk is a 80 Gigabyte sata
The hard disk is almost full and I wish to take it out and replace same by a 2.5" sata hard disk.
Can anyone tell me whether this is possible and if so how to go about it?
Because it's a small form factor it can only hold one hard disk.
Your advice will be highly appreciated and thank you beforehand.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745 sff

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Question: DEll Optiplex 580

Due to the location of my 580 I cannot press the power button. Various suggestion have been made re shorting the pins on the header but my header is a multipin plug and socket. I would like to connect a remote power button if possible, but do not know how to safely connect or where to connect the extension cable. Would be gratefull for any help.

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HI all I came across a dell optiplex 780 mini tower last week for $50 with the q45 express chipset and the LGA 775 I'm am wanting to mod/upgrade it in anyway to make it perform better and look better.
also I need ideas for case mods for the same computer and any other mods that I can do to it.
I allready own a really nice gaming pc but would be nice if I could do a little gaming
Any input is helpful

Answer:Dell optiplex 780 mt

There's not much you can do with these as far as gaming goes - the power supplies are not going to handle demanding video card, and the chassis and mainboard are both proprietary.  
It'll perform just about the way you expect a nearly decade-old system to perform -- if you want the best you can do within the limits of a decade-old processor, replace the hard drive with a solid state drive.

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I was wondering could the Dell Optiplex 990 SFF be used as a gaming PC to run to popular titles at medium settings? and what graphics card would i need that could fit in a case that size?

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Trying to fix this thing up for my grandaughter. It has a 200 mh. processor 128MB ram and a 40GB hard drive. Now it seems that the mb. drive controller is inop. At least that is what it says when I try to boot. I was told that it wouldn't support the 40 GB drive anyway so I bought a PCI ATA card. By the way I installed a 6GB. drive to see if the MB.would boot it,and it said the same thing. How can I get it to boot? It seems impossible because I need the PCI card to get to the drive and the system needs the driver for the PCI card to run the drive. Is there any chance???

Answer:Help Dell Optiplex GXi

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Question: Dell Optiplex 745

Which graphics card could i use in a Dell Optiplex 745 maybe a EVGA GTX 750 Ti? Or is there somethings different i could use?

Answer:Dell Optiplex 745

It depends on your case, the specific card and the power supply you have.  That card is overkill for a system that old and a CPU like the Core 2 in it.
You'll need the minitower case at minimum (forget about the smaller ones) and may need a new power supply if yours isn't up to powering the card -- or if the card requires a separate power tap, which your power supply will not have.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 260

I have a dell that does not read the cd-rom. In bios it reads "cd-not installed. Does that mean adding text to a file? Look at photos

Answer:Dell Optiplex 260

It displays "cd-rom device NOT installed". So the drive is faulty or not connected properly.

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Hello I have a dell optiplex 755..

I have 2 gigabytes of ram
I have 256 mobile intel graphics card
I have a dual core 2 duo processor

I want to buy a new graphics card but i cant decide what to get and i dont know wheather it is a ddr2 or ddr3 ... i want a graphics card for good games like NFS all the new versions and some other good new games ..

Please i need ur help asap .. Ty


Answer:Help with Dell Optiplex 775

I couldn't find a place to install a graphics card on the motherboard, can you?

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Hi all,
I've got a Dell Optiplex desktop (DT) 755 at home which I'm in the process of converting into a PFSense router and firewall. I've got gigabit fibre coming in, and I'm noticing throttling at around 700mbit speeds, which I believe is down to the PCI bus.
Question is - can I use the PCI-E x16 in PCI-E x4 mode for a network adapter instead of a video card? Would an Intel EXPI9402PTG2L20 Intel Dual Port Gigabit PCI-e Network Card SFF fit the bill and what can I expect in terms of speed? Even PCI-E x1 would suit my purpose.
Any experience doing this would be helpful, I'm on latest bios version A21

Answer:Dell Optiplex 755 PCI-e

No you can only use the X16 slot with video cards.
if you put a NIC in you will be greeted with this.

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Posted about this in the linux forum and software forum. My questions related to linux, operating systems and hardware... thus my multiple posts. Hopefully the mods don't get fussy with me. Just hoping to get answers.

I recently acquired 9 Dell Optiplex Gs+ computers. Anyone out there have experience with these things? Apparently they were being used as servers before being decomissioned. I've now acquired them and i'd like to hear from people who have used these before.

I'm posting about these in a number of areas because i've got a number of questions about them. I've already done the google thing and did research on them to see their specs, so i'm looking now to hear from those who have used these before or who may still be using them.

128mb ram max, simm edo
133 to 200 mhz intel processor (socket 7)
Hd space on these things are very small
They have built in 3com nics
Video type SVGA
Video chip set S3 Trio64V+ 86C765
Video memory 1 MB standard, upgradable to 2 MB

1) What are these units commonly used for? These particular units were in use by a local library, although i didn't learn what they were using them for.

2) What windows OS would run adequately on these boxes? I THINK they were running win NT but i'm not sure. How would win98 sport on these things? How would win NT server do?

3) Suggestions on what i could use these for in a network? I'm just looking for ideas... and no... giant paperweights or foot rests are not among the answers i'm loo... Read more

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hello all I'm trying to help my uncle out on this machine. Every time you turn it on a boot screen comes up F1 to boot F2 to run setup can anyone help me stop this boot screen from coming up everytime?

Answer:Dell optiplex 745 2 duo

When was last time motherboard battery was replaced?
What version of Windows?

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This is a continuation of my earlier thread which says it is locked:

Alas, the unit recommended to me in that thread is sold out.

I have been looking at similar units of the same model number but, as best I can tell, although they have the same name/model, the Dell Optiplex 780 seems to come in two different case sizes, a MF and a SFF, the SFF being the smaller of the two.

The SFF seem to be the more plentiful and about $50 more expensive, while having only 1TB SATA compared to the MT having 2TB.

Am I right in thinking that there are indeed two case sizes; and, if so, which is the preferable ?


Answer:DELL Optiplex 780 ???

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Hello,I purchased an Optiplex 380 a couple of years ago which came with 2x2GB RAM @ 1066Mhz and now I think time has come to upgrade to at least 8GB. So, I tried a kingston value ram of 4gb @ 1333Mhz and unfortunately it beeped with 1 and 3 diagnostic LEDs lit. I know that the Dell manual says a maximum of 4GB ram but I have seen people here on dell forums running 2x4GB without any problems, so according to my thinking, maybe the bus frequency is the problem? shall I try 1066Mhz? Crucial's site also suggests up to 1600Mhz so whats the confusion here?P.S. I have latest BIOS A07 flashed.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 380 max RAM

Thank you for reaching out.
Did you try 8GB(4+4) or Does it beeps even with a 4GB stick in one slot? 
Try each stick on both the slots, If that fails, you may try 1066 mhz.
P.S:  We haven't tested 8GB configuration on this motherboard from the factory, If none of the steps works, You may have to revert back to 4GB. 

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Question: Dell Optiplex

Hi everyone

I have inherited a dell optiplex from work and was trying to get it going for my sons computer games. The hard drive has been cleaned so it has no operating system on it. Also, the boot sequence is set to cdrom first and I have the windows 2000 cd in the drive. But when I boot up I always come to a screen that says "Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility". I am not sure what to do to get around this. Any ideas??


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Hi everyone,

I have been looking up about getting a replacement for my existing CPU which is an Intel Core i5 (Version: 2400) and upgrading to the new Intel Core i5 4460 which does support HD better for what I needed, such as movies and gaming (I only need up to 60FPS).

But other than that, I have been looking either at a portable GPU. The GPU is called a Zotac GeForce GTX 960 4GB (from NVidia). I just want to know if this will fit and will it work well with my PC?

I just want to know if the new Intel Core i5 4460 will fit in the Optiplex 390's motherboard, the same for the Zoatac GeForce GTX 960 4GB GPU.

But I would be interested to see what you have come up with any other CPU/GPU recommendations for this Dell Optiplex 390 Desktop.

Many thanks,


Answer:New CPU/GPU for Dell Optiplex 390

Because the optiplex comes in three form factors, which one is it? The Desktop ones? or the smaller one?

Anyways, to be able to upgrade to a Haswell processor you'll need a new motherboard aswell (Those with H81 chipset will do). The Zotac GTX 960 will work provided you have enough juice from the PSU to be able to supply the graphics card

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can i OC a Dell OptiPlex G1? it's a 400mhz celeron i there anyway to OC this beast?

Answer:OC a Dell OptiPlex G1?

i'm pretty sure Dell keeps there processor speeds locked.

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hi there My dvdrom hardware seems to be acting weird it will eject but will not play or autoplay the discs,
it just simply does not detect any discs are present

Answer:dell dvd rom 745 optiplex

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Question: Dell optiplex 755

My dell optiplex 755 sometimes won't turn on, and other times will. When I turn it on by the plug you hear it power on but the monitors just go on standby. But others times it powers on perfectly ? I'm confused!??

Answer:Dell optiplex 755

Hi welcome to TSF

How old is this computer? It could be the power supply going bad.

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Question: Dell Optiplex GXi

Does anyone know if the Optiplex GXi will work with an 80 GB HD? If not what can I do? That is the size of my extra drive.

Answer:Dell Optiplex GXi

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Hi!. I got a not so new Dell optiplex 745 with a old Intel Pentium 4 530 @3.00Ghz with 1gb of sYstem RAM, a 80gb seagate hard drive, a 305w power supply And integrated intel gma 3000 graphics, my question is, Can i replace the old Pentium 4 that is 90nm with a Pentium e5500 or a Core 2 Duo e6750 that are 45nm? also, i will buy a geforce gt430 and a 2gb dual channel ddr2 memory. does the power supply support these three components? also is this a good computer or should i buy a motherboard and install everything from the start?

Answer:Help With Dell Optiplex 745

Minitower Optiplex 745:
Supported microprocessor types: Intel® Pentium® 4, Pentium® D, Celeron®, or Core™ processor
DDR2 RAM should be installed in matched pairs so you'd need to install 2 of them. But there's no point installing 4 GB of RAM with a 32-bit version of Windows which can only use ~3.0 - 3.5 GB of RAM. Note, this system supports 2 GB RAM modules but only those running at 533, 667 MHz. It doesn't support 2 GB modules running at 800 MHz, but apparently will support smallar modules running at 800 MHz.

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I have a dell optiplex Gx 270 it powers up but with no dislay on the monitor boots up and from the on board speak you can hear that Windows xp has loaded but still displays nothing. I have change my ram, i have tried a pci display card, but still to no avail and i have also tried heating the display chipset on the board and still have same redults someone please help.

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Question: dell optiplex 320

It's an older dell (Optiplex 320 3mhz single core w 2 g ram) with onboard graphics. Want to put a 256 or 512 mb pci e card in as an upgrade. Any economical suggestions?

Answer:dell optiplex 320

Do you have the Mini tower or the desktop model 320?

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Question: dell optiplex 745

i have a dell optiplex 745 with windows xp sp2 installed i want to format the drive and make 2 partitions and run xp pro sp2 on 1 and vista buisness on the other but when i put my windows disc in it wont allow to delete the partation b/c it says it contains files needed for the system so any ideas of a way around this????

Answer:dell optiplex 745

If you read through this it will help.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 780

I like my ten year old computer.  I've tossed the original 250G HD (and Windows too) in favor of a 1000G HD with Linux Mint 18.1.  It behaves perfectly and is quite fast.
I greatly appreciate the quality of the case.  Nice metal which is easy to open without a screwdriver.  But I have some questions.  I understand the maximum RAM is 8G.  Does anyone know if this is true because I want the maximum whatever it turns out to be.  
I rescued this computer from recycling and bought a new monitor for it.  Why anyone would throw away such a nice computer is a mystery to me.  Sure the display output is analog but there are two unused PCI slots.  I can add a digital card with HDMI plug I think without using an external converter which requires it's own power source. This way I can use my smart TV as a monitor.  Do I need a wireless card?  If it were a laptop I'd say "yes" but since it will never be moved around why bother?   I will add a graphics card though to get a visual boost.  I have no need for a high end gaming machine.  I'm in my 70s and low end games are all I can manage.  Besides I do not care for the violence that most of them seem to thrive on. 
If anyone can verify the max RAM I will be grateful.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 760

No device found
AHCI BIOS not installed
any solution for that problryem.
i try to reset bios but not work
also dissasemble the cpu all parts but not work.
pc doesnot goes to any booting device
and i cannot enter to bios also.

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I just purchased a (barely) used Optiplex 960 from my office (my employers often sell used equipment to employees if they want to get rid of it).  It's in great shape, clean, and all the hardware seems to work, except for the fan speed controller.  I know it's supposed to adjust the speed of the cooling fan depending on how hot the CPU is getting, but it's not doing that.  The fans seem to stay on low / medium speed even when the CPU is pushing 70 degrees C according to Speedfan...which is WAY too hot.  The only way I can get the fan to speed up is by disabling the auto-speed control in the BIOS and leave it on 100% constantly. 
Anybody have any suggestions?  Is the temperature controller damaged, or do these systems normally run hot?  Thanks!

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Question: Dell Optiplex 755

Dell Optiplex 755 won't turn off and the monitor won't start. When we start the desktop the monitor stays in a sleep mode, movement of mouse or pressing a key on a keybord doesn't help. When we try to switch off the PC it turns off and immediately turns itself back on. Don't know what to do.

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Question: Dell optiplex 780

I was looking at turning a older dell intel computer into a NAS and was wondering if it will support a 3 or 4tb hard drive. Emailed dell about  this, and they sent me this reply:
good day to you. The 780 would be having the same limitation in size that come with the storage format of NTFS. I checked on this unit and it appears that it does not support GPT.
So NTFS limits + amount of drives + amount of size for each drive.
Just need a bit of hepl classifying what  this computer can handle for storage?

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Question: Dell Optiplex 520.

What's up? I have this dell computer my friend gave me to fix and for some reason the computer starts up and I try to re-install XP and I get into the set-up screen. It starts to install window and then after a while the green light in the front changes to an orange light and the computer turns off. I tried to switch hard drives and the same thing happens with another drive. I'm thinking it's the motherboard would anyone know?



Answer:Dell Optiplex 520.

have you tried another power supply?

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Has anyone installed Windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex GX 280? I am trying to install and and I get as far as the initial "starting windows" where setup begins at, and I get

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

Anyone know what is wrong?

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX 280

Press F8 during boot. Select Last Known Good Configuration. If this works, we will take it from there.

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Question: Dell Optiplex GX1

This probably sounds like a silly question but does anyone know how to take the case off this model of PC. There dosen't appear to be any of the usual screws. It apears to be clipped on but I can't work out how to get it off.

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX1

I think we need some more info. Just done a search, and it's coming up with a Dest Top and a Tower.If it's anything like our Dimension, which is a Tower, I have to lay it on it's side, then there are two bottons, one on the top of the case and the other is on the bottom. Press them at the same time, and pull up. You can not actually take the case off.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 755

I am new to this site, and I am needing some help. I am trying to erase the hard drive on a Dell Optiplex 755 with Windows XP, and reinstall factory settings. I have already reinstalled major drivers once, but the user says that this harddrive is "buggy", and since I'm suppose to be the IT guru he wants me to do a factory reset. My two questions are this. First. Is it Ctrl F11 or F12 that I hold when starting up, and where do i go from there? Secondly. Do I need anything like killdisk or paragon disk wiper pro to fully erase harddrive?

Thanks for youtr help.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 755

Here is the support site for the Dell OptiPlex 755.


Here is the user guide for that desktop.

Expand the "Troubleshooting" menu and then expand the "Restoring Your Operating System" menu.


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Question: Dell Optiplex 960

Hi All,
I've recently been trying to build my own budget light gaming PC I've had my eye on an old dell optiplex 960 and I've been wondering whether or not to get it it is the Desktop Tower model im wondering if it has a PCIE slot and if so what version.

Plz Help

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I am thinking about a sleeper using some newer parts in it but not to new seeing as i don't have the money so i am going to use what i have laying around. I just want to know what size motherboards can fit and so on so fourth.

This is what i got


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Okay so, I recieved a Dell optiplex 745 from a friend who had recently upgraded, it had no disk or hard drive (I've disabled SATA 1 which is where my disk drive would be) when i got it, I put in my old seagate momentus 5400 2 (50 gig (i know i was low on $$)) and have been trying to load windows 7 from a USB, I have tried XP but it always says "boot disk not available, F1 to restart F2 for setup utility" I have run a processor check and a memory check and the diagnostic passes, anyways when i boot from USB it will always say

"windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. choose your language settings and click next.
3. Click repair your computer

If you do not have this disk, contact your system admin or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: ( usually system32/boot/windows)

sometimes 7 will load up and i get the flag and the setup screen with everything working, so i erase all the partitions and attempt to install it (X64) , it always fails at some time after copying the files, I've attempted to repair the computer using the windows repair tool and it always gets BSOD with different error codes. Ex
STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}
the initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000221 0x001003a8).
the system has been shut down.

Is it the hard drive or is the compu... Read more

Answer:Help with installing win 7 on Dell Optiplex 745

1.512 Gb of ram .. so you have two DDR2 installed ..

Try to remove the 512 mb DDR2 and try to clean the other ram and it's slot , or clean them both .. BUT CAREFULLY DO THAT .

It is better to install xp on this pc ...but I'm wondering why you are loading Win7 from usb any way ! .. this usually does not work !!
Are you installing windows from usb ? it is not a long story to install windows from a flash disk . or even make it bootable just like Hiren's CDs . but usually after several times you must re-make it or it will make problems just as you got .

Also .. BSOD can be caused by not supporting USB as a legasy device .. this can be enabled from the bios .

this what I have in my mind for now ..

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Hi AllJust bought a second hand tower a Dell Optiplex 755 Core 2 Duo 1GB Ram 80 GB Hard drive ( only 20) so i am not too fussed if i can't resolve this issue.The computer would not boot up ( stuck in a loop) and came with no recovery or driver Cd's. It does however have a Genuine COA Sticker on the case for XP PRO. So i borrowed a XP Pro disk from work and wiped the hard drive to start afresh, all went well until entering the 25 digit key from the case it will not accept it " Invalid Product Key".I have looked in the I386 Folder of the XP Disk at the PID value and it ends in 270 which means it is a Volume Licence CD and is not compatible.So my question is will a XP Pro OEM Disk work with the code on the case, or is it specific to Dell and therefore need a Dell XP Pro disk ?I have in the past used my XP Home OEM Disk on other peoples computers with their code to reinstall without any problems and activate by phone.

Answer:Install XP Pro on Dell Optiplex 755

XP Pro disk will work as long as it is an OEM version. I`ve done this with a Dell machine in the past. May need activating by phone though if I remember correctly.

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Hello, I was told in one of the forums that a Intel CORE 2 QUAD PROCESSOR Q9650 SLB8W 3.0GHz 12M CACHE 1333 MHz FSB would work in my Desktop. I purchased it on E-bay and installed it with the already upgraded bios A22. It did not work. I tried to install my original cpu that did work and now I cannot get it to even post. I have removed the battery for an hour and that did not help. I tried a different video card in case that was the problem. I get absolutely nothing on the monitor. I am at a loss. Does anybody know a trick or two to get it back up and running. Thank you very much for your time. Robb

Answer:Dell Optiplex 755 Cpu Problem

Best option is to post on the Dell forums, where those familiar with Dell's can help you. Dell Desktop Forum

The Dell specs list these 3 CPU types: The Q series, based on what the specs show would not be supported.
l Intel? Core™2
l Intel vPro™
l Intel Celeron?

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I am at work trying to rebuild a Dell Optiplex GX260, My Windows 2000 SP2 CD that came with it, appears to have insufficient drivers for it. Primarily for the NIC or Ethernet Controller.

Is an Ethernet Controller a NIC?

Any tips where I can get drivers? I cant find any on the dell site.

I also don't have access to a windows XP cd that may have drivers on it.

please give any insight

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX260

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I am working on a Dell OptiPlex GS for one of my less fortunate friends. (this thing is a p166 with 32MB ram and a 56kbps modem. No speed demon, thats for sure). Anyway, I can't find enough info on this machine to access the BIOS. I know I am missing something but I can't figure out what. Delete does'nt work, F1 either. The machine in question can be found at


Answer:Anyone know how to get into the BIOS of a Dell OptiPlex Gs?

OptiPlex Systems

On all Pentium-based OptiPlex systems, press the Ctrl + Alt + Enter keys at the same time, or the F2 key as the system powers up.

Darn I have to read what I paste, the keys where bracketed and that's why it didn't make any sense, removed brackets.


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I I have an old gx620 ultra small form factor that I'd like to upgrade because it fits perfectly where it is and I haven't found any more modern unit that does. It has a pentium d820-2.8 ghz,800 mhz and I would like to go to a core 2 duo (e5200-e5800) if possible. I know it would fit physically but would this mobo support it? I have a gateway that can run both chips but I don't have a clue about the dell. I know it should run cooler, and that should quiet it down- the fan runs hard and loud when it has to start working. If no on the e series then how high can I go on the pentium d series chips? I know the d945 would be a good bit quicker, but again, will this mobo support it? Thanx for any info you may have.

Answer:Dell optiplex gx620 cpu

I don't believe the Core 2 Duo chips are officially supported, though if you updated the BIOS to the latest it may work with the older Core 2 Duos such as the E6300 and E6600 Conroe CPUs.  The chipset should support them but Dell sometimes locks down CPU support in the BIOS.The Pentium D chips aren't worth the money to upgrade to, they're all very slow compared to CPUs released in the last 6 years or so unfortunately, so I wouldn't recommend spending money to upgrade to the 945.

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Does this (Chinese) PSU   PCF 500 Watt fit and work properly in a Dell Optiplex 755 MT?

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Just purchased a refurbished Dell Optiplex 760. Worked great with no problems for first month.  Was in the middle of using it when I received an error message "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart, we're just collecting some error info and then we'll restart for you."  Stop Code: system service exception. What failed: fileinfo.sys
After it restarted and tried to reboot it is now stuck in a loop where it gets to the Dell losing screen for about 5 seconds and then goes back and tries to boot again.

Answer:Dell optiplex 760 won't boot

Press F12 a few times immediately after powerup to get to the Dell diagnostics.  Run an extended test on the hard drive -- which will likely show a fail.

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I've recently made a purchase of a used Dell Optiplex 390 SSF system that has 4gb of RAM and an i5-2400. I stumbled across the manual while researching this product, and it said that the Maximum System Memory was 8gb, but I'm not sure if it's just the Maximum System Memory that the system ships with, or if it's the Maximum System Memory that's supported by the board. If anyone could clear this up to me that would be great! Thank you in advanced.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 390 SFF Maximum RAM

Hi Tisesme,
The Optiplex 390 has an Intel H61 Express Chipset which supports a maximum of 8GB.

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Last night I opened it up to see where a second drive would go and I don't really see an obvious spot for one. Nor do I see connectors around where the current hard drive is. Does anyone know if this PC can accept a second HD?

Answer:Add a second HD to Dell Optiplex GX280?

It can if you remove the floppy drive and mount the hard drive in that spot. You'll need to use an IDE cable with two connectors and use it for the CD/DVD and the new hard drive. I don't recall if there was a SATA connection on the motherboard, if so that would be the way to go.

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Hello , i am unable to restore my Dell Optiplex 960 in any way after replacing the HDD. I can get to the Dell screen and F12 to start off a Win7 disc but the HDD is not seen as a usable partition although it has been formatted as simple disc . It has run from external HDD in the past ( i have been playing around to learn as i am an apple user mostly and usually can get my way around problems but this has me stumped....probably something easy i have missed.....BTW the old HDD is not useable.HELP!?L.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 960 restore

Not exactly clear how you are trying to restore...the restore partition would be on the dead HDD.You can contact Dell and order recovery DVD's for a minimal charge + shipping....Windows will not run on an external without a sledgehammer and 2 days of monkeying with it...this is by design.

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windows 7 enterprise. ethernet is plugged in but I have no internet.

had lots of spyware which I removed. but cant figure out why I have no internet. ran troubleshooter. says "local area connection has no valid IP configuration". not sure how to fix that.

any ideas? thanks.

Answer:dell optiplex 960 no internet.

try disabling and re-enabling the network card.

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I've tried disabling the Autosleep/powersaver on a Dell Optiplex GX, with no luck. Any clues?

Answer:DELL Optiplex GX AutoSleep

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Hi. I have recently bought a dell optiplex 780 desktop computer (DT). I want to upgrade the GPU but I do not know what options I have or what I can get. I mainly play minecraft and MMORPG games. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I may be able to get without breaking the bank or having to buy a new power supply? The two I am looking at right now is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 and the AMD Radeon HD5450. If you could help, i would really appreciate it. thanks again.
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7600 (3.06Ghz)
RAM: 4GB (I dont know if its DDR2 or DDR3)
GPU: Integrated (believe it an Intel GMA 4500)
OS: windows 7 (64-bit)
link to pdf file of dell optiplex 780 (the one i have is the Dell Optiplex 780 desktop computer (DT)

Answer:GPU that will work with my dell optiplex 780

Yeah I'm in a similar situation, with my 780 SFF. I watched a YouTube video of a guy who put a Gigabyte GT730 2GB Low Profile GPU in his, and he installed it 100% for Minecraft. They go for around $70 - $80 on eBay. But I would like confirmation as well.

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Good evening, I am currently building a budget rig at the moment, until its finished I am using a older 2004 dell optiplex gx 280. The issue is the heatsink/fan hardware dell uses, proprietary clips (no screws for any normal fans on the case), and 5 pin-4 wire setup for the fan header.

The dell fan I have is Fan Assembly Part Number: T4307 / Heatsink Part Number: W4254; picture:

The heastink is quite large and is sitting on the default pentium 4 520 2.8 ghz prescott processor. The fan starts at normal speeds, but when starting a older game like quake 3 arena from 99, the 2004 computer maxes the cpu at 100% during the gameplay 100% of the time, same with any video quality over 480p, so 720p and 1080p are out of the question for video viewing, sound seems to be fine just the frames drop and its not worth watching on higher quality setting.

I ordered a replacement processor, pentium 4 560 3.6 ghz prescott for the land grid array socket 775, hoping to free up some of the bottleneck on the processor, the thermal paste has not been applied since 2004 it appears, and when I purchased this temporary PC off ebay for 30$, I opened it up to try and quiet the fan down by cleaning the heatsink/fan assembly, needless to say it was not cleaned in probably 10 years, with a good quarter inch of dark brown lint caked on the giant heatsink, I cleaned it all up as much as possible around the metal fins, and turned the heat sink around to hopefully eliminate any bare spots where ther... Read more

Answer:Dell Optiplex gx 280 Fan/CPU cooling.


Originally Posted by zeke_04736

Good evening, I am currently building a budget rig at the moment, until its finished I am using a older 2004 dell optiplex gx 280. The issue is the heatsink/fan hardware dell uses, proprietary clips (no screws for any normal fans on the case), and 5 pin-4 wire setup for the fan header.

The dell fan I have is Fan Assembly Part Number: T4307 / Heatsink Part Number: W4254; picture.

The heastink is quite large and is sitting on the default pentium 4 520 2.8 ghz prescott processor. The fan starts at normal speeds, but when starting a older game like quake 3 arena from 99, the 2004 computer maxes the cpu at 100% during the gameplay 100% of the time, same with any video quality over 480p, so 720p and 1080p are out of the question for video viewing, sound seems to be fine just the frames drop and its not worth watching on higher quality setting.

I ordered a replacement processor, pentium 4 560 3.6 ghz prescott for the land grid array socket 775, hoping to free up some of the bottleneck on the processor, the thermal paste has not been applied since 2004 it appears, and when I purchased this temporary PC off ebay for 30$, I opened it up to try and quiet the fan down by cleaning the heatsink/fan assembly, needless to say it was not cleaned in probably 10 years, with a good quarter inch of dark brown lint caked on the giant heatsink.

I suggest you look into this very closely and make... Read more

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I have a Dell Optiplex 990 SFF desktop pc.  It currently has USB 2.0 ports.  Can I upgrade these to USB 3.0?
Will my motherboard support it?
My pc has a Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-2400 CPU @3.1GHz and I'm running windows 7 if that helps.
I have no idea how to check.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 990 Upgrade USB?

The existing ports cannot be upgraded.  You will need an open PCIe slot that can hold a USB 3.0 controller if you want to add USB 3 ports to the system.

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Hello! I want to upgrade to DELL OptiPlex 760 (service tag
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
1-replace the HHD drive on the SSD.
2 - replace the E6600 on CPU Q9550S.
3 - to add 4 more GB of RAM.
Version BIOS - A16. All the latest updates for your computer installed.
Questions: 1 - the PSU should be changed? 2- it is possible during the update do not use the fan HHD disk? 3- possible such an upgrade and have all the systems to work stably?
Thank you for your time. Best regards, Sergey. Sorry for bad English.

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So I scrappedited a motherboard and cpu for my personal rig, but when I went to put the front panel power switch and lights I realized that the case I took the mobo out of only used a 5 pin wiring for the power switch, hddled, reset switch and pled, where as this case uses 8 pins for it.
In the top right of the mother board it has the 5 pin connector labeled pwrswi but on the lower right (where the front panel things would usually connect it is labeled ledhi. Any idea as to how I am supposed to connect them

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I have  dell optiplex 780 which has worked well but now suddenly wont boot.  On pressing the boot button the fan can be heard to come on really strongly but no screen activity, no evidence of booting. The fan runs for about 30 secs and then shuts down  and after a delay of about 10 secs then the fan starts up again . This start - stop of the fan just continues.  
Even with disconnecting and reconnecting power it still occurs.

Can anyone help me

Thanks heaps ,  Mike

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The screen looks like this:

Primary hard disk drive 1 not found
Secondary hard disk drive 1 not found
Alert! Cover was previously removed
Strike F1 key to continue, F2 key to run setup utility

Bios detects the hard drive, floppy, and CDROM. When you press F1 to boot, it will go into windows.

Why do I get the above message on the screen when Bios detects the drives

The service tag for this machine is U1RL2
Bios version: A03

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX1 500 Mhz PIII

This can happen because big companies like dell, compaq/hp, gateway and some other ones lock their bios and have certain devices that detect if you've opened your case before, and this is their way to tell you that you opened your case and that if a problem happens with whatever you did, then they're not responsible

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Hi Andstino,
If it's okay, I'd like to ask you some questions regarding this as I want to make sure that we get to the bottom of the problem for you. Some of the questions will ask you to remove components from the system so please make sure that you remove the power cord from the back of the system before attempting these.
1) Switch the system on. Can you tell me if the power button is flashing amber or a solid amber? Please also tell me if you notice any diagnostics LEDs staying lit - these are labelled 1,2,3 and 4 and are near the front headphone sockets
2) Please remove all peripherals at the back of the system and switch the system on. Does this affect the power button LED or diagnostic LEDs
3) Have you added any components to the system e.g. video cards, sound cards etc...
4) Please open the system and remove the following components:
a) Power and data cables from hard drives and optical drivesb) Any PCI/PCI-Express expansion cardsc) All memory from the systemd) The system fan
5) With the above removed, please reconnect the power cord to the back of the system and switch the system on. Please make a note of what happens with the power button LED and the diagnostic LEDs
6) If there are no changes to the power button LED or diagnostic LEDs, please remove the power cord from the back of the system and remove the following components:
a) I/O panel cableb) CMOS battery
7) With the I/O panel cable and CMOS battery removed, please connect the power cord to th... Read more

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I am facing the problem that the USB ports wasn't working. I disassembled the all components of computer and cleaned. Assembled the components, all USB ports working normally. After few days PC is sticker on Dell logo, power up bar not filled completely (25%), the digonastic lights near power button remain ON and not change the status (2,3 and 4, and harddisk activity light). I tried following steps;
1. Disconnect the power cord and hold power button press for 30 second but in vain.
2. Disconnect the power cord and BIOS battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds but in vain.
3. Dismount the RAM and cleaned the slot but in vain.
4. Dismount processor and cleaned but in vain.
5. Dismount the hard drive and DVD drive, cleaned the slots and cords and exchange the cords but in vain.
Please guide and tell me that what is the problem and what to do now?

Answer:Dell 755 optiplex tower pc

What you have is a fail to POST. General diagnostics for fail to POST is
1. Power Supply failure (typically capacitor failure)
2. Motherboard failure (typically capacitor failure)
3. Corrupt BIOS
Since most Optiplex motherboards have a proprietary 24 pin plug they are NOT compatible with conventinal power supply without an adaptor.
You have already had problems with the USB ports which suggests to me the problem may be at the motherboard level. Clearing the CMOS would be my first try at repair.
If clearing the CMOS brings no joy, my next focus would be motherboard inspection for bad caps. If it looks fine, I would test the power supply output for correct voltage on each rail starting with the 5VDC rails.

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Question: Dell Optiplex 3010

Hi! My Optiplex 3010 doesn't show nothing for screen. The cooler started, but then It sound 1-3-2 beeps. I have test with different Ram Memory, and new Power Supply, but It sound 1-3-2. What happen it? Do you know that happen? Can you help me? Thx

Answer:Dell Optiplex 3010

This is a "no memory" error - if swapping the RAM didn't help, the RAM sockets are bad.  Replace the mainboard.

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I am trying to update the optiplex to windows 10.  I have windows 10 downloaded and need to burn it to DVD.  The optiplex has a DVD writer, but seems to see it only as a CD? and is unable, as such, to write the program to the DVD.
I am wondering how to get the DVD burner to work?
Thank you.

Answer:DVD burning on Dell optiplex 740

As long as the drive is seen, it doesn't matter that it is called a cd drive. Right click on the downloaded iso file to burn to dvd.
This might be easier--
Go here instead to update online--
No need to make a boot install disk unless you must do a clean install. There is no free upgrade now. You will have to buy windows 10 ($119-$200) after it is installed so you might want to reconsider installing it on the old computer. And waiting until the creator version comes out April 11th would be wise.
If you must do a clean install instead of an upgrade-- -Burn the iso file you downloaded on another computer if necessary. Boot to that disk and choose custom install. Delete the windows partition and install win 10 on the unallocated partition. Pay for windows 10 after the install is completed.
Be aware-- you will have to use MS win 10 drivers which might or might not work since your model is not approved by Dell. No dell drivers are available. see this

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I have a Dell optiplex 745 with pentium d 3.4ghz. recently i began getting blurring and horizontal line on screnn which rectify when disconnecting ad reconnecting the monitor. It has now died. First the thrid warning light was not showing which think indicates a graphics problem which is integrated. i am now getting nothing fromm it. The fan comes on and the motherboard light but no output whatsover. The standby button has gone from green when working to orange which i think indicates a problem?? Any advice to whether it could be a motherboard/ processor or other problem would be greatly appreciated

Answer:dell optiplex dead?

First off, the amber light on the monitor means simply that the monitor is turned on but not getting a signal from the computer. So, I think your problem is in the computer.

These are the possibilities as I see them in roughly their most likely to least likely order:
Bad power supply
Bad video card
Bad main board or processor or both
Bad memory chip

disconnecting ad reconnecting the monitorClick to expand...

Disconnecting and reconnecting a digital monitor can fry a main board or processor.

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Hello Forum-I have an old dell desktop optiplex G1. It has worse than lousy 2 mb of video.Appearantly this video is on board as I can see no card, though it appears it has slots to accept cards. I looked every where on the net(or almost), but very limited info is available for the upgradability of this old unit. I seen some video cards(32 & 64mb) on ebay that looked as though they may fit slots, but I`m not sure they would work. Also could this grampa`s CPU be upgraded to say PIII(100or133 mhz bus). If so what parts may I need to upgrade? Thank-You very much for your knowledgeable advice.

Answer:Upgradability for Dell Optiplex G1

Not a lot you can do with that system. I don't believe there is an AGP video slot, but you should be able to add a PCI (not PCIe) video card. It's a Pentium II so the best you could do would be to upgrade to a faster PII. Since it's got a 400 that just leaves the 450 and that would be a useless upgrade.

In the end I can't see that it's worth doing anything with it.

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Hello i got this dell optiplex gx 260 and i have this monitor well its a tv which i use for monitor and it loads the dell logo but then after that the screen turns black, so i got my old old old.... monitor a Amptron and i was able to see it fine, so any help here? the tv is a toshiba

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX260

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So I have been doing a lot of research on the dell optiplex 780 just so I don't make any purchases of anything that wouldn't work in my PC. There are four things I am really focused on getting upgraded right away before I do any thing else like the hard drive and that is the CPU, GPU, RAM, and power supply. The CPU I am planning to get is the Intel core2quad q9650. Knowing that this is a power hungry card and seeing how I am going to overclock it, the card will make some heat so I am planning on getting an aftermarket cooler. Seeing how I can't really just slap on a coolermaster and be good to go I want to get this  I think this would be adequate for overclocking and keeping it cool, but that's where I need the forums to make sure.  The GPU I will be buying a riser card made specifically by dell for the motherboard so that way my dell optiplex 780 DT will support full height cards and I will be getting a GTX 750 ti. The RAM I wont have an issue with just as long as I can find four 2GB sticks of Non-ECC DDR3 RAM running at 1033Mhz and my computer will support the RAM because I have a 64-bit OS and a CPU that will support 64 bit as well. This is where the problem comes in, I don't know what power supply to get. I want to get at least a 400 watt power supply because, even though it's a little overkill with the amount of power, it will be nice to know I wont have any issues in the future if I decide to upgrade again. So what do you guys thin... Read more

Answer:Looking to upgrade my dell optiplex 780 DT

You can't do any of what you are talking about.
If you want to upgrade get a precision T3400/T3500 or better.
The Desktop Riser slot is only 1 slot wide so a 750TI wont fit.
The power supply is not upgradeable to 400W
There is no overclocking on a 780.

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I have a dell optiplex 755 with 305 watt Power supply, Intel core 2 duo E7400 and a 2 GB Ram...i wanted to know weather my board is compatible wirh Nvidia GTX 460.. Thanks..Also plz telll me how to convert VGA into DVI..


Answer:Dell Optiplex 755 -- can I install a GTX 460?

Hello maaz, I do believe a GTX 460 would fit inside of the case, but it would be a tight fit, also, you'd need to upgrade your PSU to handle the new GPU.
How much are you looking to spend?

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Sorry for going over old ground, but I have just recently wanted to upgrade my PC.
I have read through a couple of posts on this, but could you please let me know what the best CPU is that I can fit to my Computer?
CPU-Z Info
Name Intel Pentium E5400Code Name Wolfdale Max TDP 65.0WPackage Socket 775 LGATechnology 45nm Core VID 1.100VSpecification Pentium® Dual0Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz
Manufacturer Dell Inc.Model 0200DYChipset Intel - Q45/Q43Southbridge Intel - 82801JB (ICH10)

Answer:Upgrading My dell optiplex 760

You'll find a list of supported CPUs on p. 9, here:

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I just bought a Refurb. Dell Optiplex 760 with Vista Business to replace an old dead desktop. I plugged it in, but it makes a series of beeps, lights up the power button, the fan is running, but it doesn't light up the monitor or recognize the keyboard, or of course, the usb mouse. I've contacted the ebay seller, (99.7% rating) but am wondering if there are any simple suggestions in meantime.Thank you!

Answer:Refurbished Dell Optiplex 760

The series of beeps can be used to determine what the problem is. How many beeps does it do before pausing and is the next set of beeps the same?

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Working on this mutha for a friend.
Will not boot up.
Says hit F1 to continue or F2 for Setup.
Neither key gets any reaction.
After several minutes it goes to another page that says "Previous fan failure" and "System battery is low"
Friend knows nothing about any fan failure, and replacing the CMOS battery with a known good one does no good.
Will not let me go to Safe Mode, Setup, nothing.
Machine is a Dell OptiPlex 520GX running Windows XP.
And there is a yellow LED light burning at the bottom of the motherboard.

Answer:Problem with a Dell OptiPlex.

You could try reflashing your BIOS. Dell uses Pheonix for the most part I think, so this might help out:

Failing that, you could try removing non-essential peripherals, and maybe give the 'ol RAM dance a try. Probably not likely it'll solve the problem, but worth a shot anyway. May be a shot mobo though....

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