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Alternative to Kalimages

Question: Alternative to Kalimages

My first post.

I'm into genealogy and I have over 3000 birth, marriage & death certificates.
For years I've tidied up the certificates in Photoshop CS3 and added keywords in the 'file info' section.
I then used a free program called 'Kalimages Basic' which would pick out any certificate depending on the keyword(s) I chose.
Can anyone tell me if there is a similar (free) program for windows 10?

Edit: I should have said that all the certificates are jpeg images.

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Saw a lot of postings about the new version of QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative everywhere (including Major Geeks) lately.

I agree it is a good idea to be able to use the codec without the player / crap installed, but I've released that the QT Alternative actually has a cracked QT7Pro Key... That is definately illegal! isn't it??

Why do mainstream software / news site (******** / majorgeeks / warp2search) still post this software then? What's next? Keygen for Nero?

The same for the codec pack, some has cracked DivX Pro inside!

Please response...

Answer:How legal are QuickTime Alternative & Real Alternative?

Welcome to Major Geeks!

If you can back up your allegations with verified facts, then I'm sure that you will have a lively debate.

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Hi,Is there a free Norton GoBack available? That is to say with the facility to restore before Vista boots up.Also any free alternative to XXClone disk cloning software? I have it on my XP machine but it is apparently not compatible with Vista. Thanks.J

Answer:Norton GoBack Alternative? XXClone Alternative

Is your computer and your data worth about 20? If so, you should buy Acronis True Image, and an external hard drive on which to keep your Acronis backups - you will then have no further worry about losing any of your precious data.

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I'm running an x64 system and since last I checked real media doesn't offer a compatable version. So I've been using real alternative for quite a while and its pretty satisfactory. However it does not recognise files with arabic names or in arabic named folders. This bug has already been posted on classic media player's project page on sourge forge but the project seems to be rather dead so I doubt it'll ever be fixed anytime soon.

So does anyone know of an alternative player that runs real media files ?

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Years ago I switched from Acrobat Reader to Foxit. At that time (if my memory chip serves me well), the Foxit download was about 3MB. Foxit have just launched V6 and the download has now reached bloatware proportions at 28MB (last V5 was less tham 16MB) and the menus have gone to ribbons.....
So I'm considering switching to another - Sumatra caught my eye (and it's 4.75MB).
Anyone got any comments on Sumatra (or want to suggest similar lightweight alternatives)?

Answer:Alternative to an alternative PDF reader

my foxit is about 43 megs

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Question: IE Alternative

I recently got rid of a malware infection, specifically an IE browser hijack. I decided to find an alternative to IE and first opted for Mozilla Firefox. Then in learning, or at least thinking that Netscape was built on Mozilla's engine, I have been using Netscape 7.2. I installed it on both of our PCs. I am the exclusive user on mine and since the infection I have been ruthless about keeping the garbage out of my comp. However the wife and kids, who are not the least bit interested in it, unless thier PC starts messing up, use the other comp and I am trying to keep an eye on it for them while still making it useable for the nonsense that they like to use it for. To the point, I can't run the Trend Micro or Symantec online scans with Netscape. I am wondering if one of the IE alternatives, such as MyIE2, are both "safe" from hijack and able to run the scans?

Answer:IE Alternative

MyIE2 runs on the IE engine is as susceptible as IE itself.
Trend Micro in the UK uses Java for their scanner

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Question: Alternative VNC

I'm trying to help this girl set up her computer properly through VNC. I got her to install the VNC server, disable windows firewall, and enable DMZ for her computer on her router, but I was still unable to connect to her. She can connect to my VNC server just fine. So I think it must be her ISP that is blocking the port.

Are there any reverse-connection vnc server and clients? Since she can connect to me, it would be nice if i could be the server, and her the client, but I would be remotely using her desktop, and not mine.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer:Alternative VNC

Msn > Actions > Request Remote Assistance..

Then just accept it.

Remote Access over the net made easy. Prolly easier then installing all this vnc stuff.

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Question: SAS Alternative

I've noticed in malware forums that SUPERAnti-Spyware is not recommended due to declining performance and ratings. Does BC have any alternatives that are recommended. My current system has MSE, MBAM and Spywareblaster.
I'm looking for a free equivalent if at all possible.

Answer:SAS Alternative

Hi sikntired Well, if you have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed, you already have your alternative to SUPERAntiSpyware. I would propose Spybot Search & Destroy, but it's the same as SAS, in decline. You could always use Emsisoft Anti-Malware if needed, but since it can be considered as an Antivirus (even thought the free version doesn't have real-time protection), it could conflict with Microsoft Security Essentials. But like I said, if you have Malwarebytes already, you're good.

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For laptop..

Answer:Which are the alternative of KIS?

You have plenty of security software that can be alternative to KIS...
Test it out for all and decide which one is for you.

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I use AIM, but is there a program that's way better than AIM. And i'm talking about direct connect with other AIM members. I tried Trillian b4 and its a really good program but somehow i could not direct connection with another AIM user. Or did that change with the version now? I guess my main point is for a program to use all of the AIM features and more.

Answer:Alternative to AIM.

Try Trillian 3. Direct Connection certainly works--for me, at least. The Windows version of GAIM is the only AIM-related program I know of where Direct Connect is bugged to hell.

DeadAIM is also a decent one, if you want to try that.

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Hello, does anyone know a working X-Ray 2.0 alternative? (X-Ray 2.0: Auto Submit Suspicious Files to Antivirus Analyst ? Raymond.CC)

Answer:X-Ray 2.0 alternative


VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

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Internet Explorer seems to cause me so many hassles, I know you need ie to run windows. But isn't there an alternative to using it? because it drives me crazy like a coconut.

I'm currently using ie6 sp1, is there any point me dowloading sp2 or is it equally as bad?



PS. When i click on ie to launch it, it takes like 5-10 seconds to open a page... It never used to, and i get a lot of 'iexplore.exe' is not responding, what could cause this?

Answer:ie, is there any alternative?

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As much as I love NOD 32, I don't love it enough to spend $30 a year to keep receiving updates. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a "one time fee" type of deal. I'd like it to be just as good as NOD 32, but I doubt there's many out there that can really compete.

So, I come here, and I ask you, what's a good alternative? Oh and McAfee and Norton is completely off the table, so don't even mention it.

Answer:Need a NOD 32 alternative.

AVGfree is damn good. I've been using it for years, for free. Gave it to my entire family and friends.

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Question: Alternative to WMA

On my family comp windows media player runs fine since it is relativly new.But on my system it hesitates so is there a lighter weight program that is also easy to use and has the same functions of wma.

Answer:Alternative to WMA

Qucktime, Nero MP, and Winamp

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Question: AIM alternative?

is there an AIM alternative out there that works really well, looks good but uses very little system memory. i really like trillian but the program uses up alot of memory while its running in the background. its almost 30mb of memory idoling in windows. any suggestions?

Answer:AIM alternative?

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Ok so i just finished the 30 day trial of Internet Download Manager 5, I really liked it, it seemed to work great. My question is is there other solutions out there that work similarly? ones that are prehaps free or cheaper than $25 (what IDM costs)

Answer:alternative to IDM 5.11

i haven't came across anything better yet. still using IDM 5.02.

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Question: Alternative P2P

Can someone suggest me one that works as well as Limewire? For some reason Limewire doesn't work anymore, and I can't figure out why. I'll give more details when I toubleshoot some more.

Answer:Alternative P2P

Try reinstalling Java to see if it fixes Limewire, eDonkey/eMule are pretty popular alternatives now. Of course nothing comes close to Bit Torrent.

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Question: BID alternative

I can't seem to get around BID's preview expiration (), so i tried NeoDL lite and Orbit as suggested elsewhere. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to USE either of them!

In BID it was obvious. Punch in the URL of the thumbnail gallery, and it went burrowing, grabbing all the linked photos.

With Orbit or NeoDL it either grabs the THUMBNAILS themselves (ugh!), or worse yet, all these seemingly unrelated HTML pages!

What am I supposed to be setting here? I'm not trying to snag anything weird; just pix one link away from a thumbnail gallery.


Answer:BID alternative

sorry to bump, but...ANYONE????

either some answers to the probs mentioned, or some recos for a NEW APP!

i rly need SUMPIN to snag these pix.


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Question: Best alternative?

So, as a Virgin Media customer am I promised minimum of 60 Mbit/s Download,
I was achieving this barely via a power Ethernet adapter until I got DDoSed via the XBOX,
Since then I'm reaching speeds of 10-20 Mbit/s, I rang them up and some nice fella terminated all connections, this increased it by 10%, ALL wireless connections are hitting 60+ Mbit/s with ease, I have tried swapping sockets for the adapter and still no luck, apart from a tiny bit of increase.

If I can't don't a solution (Running a huge Ethernet cable through the house is not an option, I have younger siblings (5 and 2) play upstairs and will easily get to the line, plus mothers rules say I cannot do this, anyways, I don't know any solutions in my experience, does anyone have any solutions?
I have resettled modem, changed Ethernet cables etc. tried different sockets and it's not increasing.

Do you have an solution or maybe another power Ethernet adapter that you can recommend?

What I mean by a power Ethernet adapter (if that's the right name) is I have a Ethernet box in the mains and I connect a Ethernet cable from router to Ethernet adapter then I have another Ethernet adapter in my room where the PC is and have a Ethernet coming form that adapter to my Ethernet input in the back of my PC.

Answer:Best alternative?

Hi Ryan .. Which Model of power Earthnet Adaper are you using ... I have Virgin also have never used a cable connection simply did not need to .. I have a friend that did not get good Wifi all over is home .. He now uses a Wifi Range Extender with very good results ..

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Question: Alternative

I lost my samsung remote to my tv so I can't switch between tv and video inputs. If i bought a universal remot would that be able to change it for me? If so, can someone show me some cheap ones in price that may work?


Yes, as long as it has the codes for your TV it should work. Samsung is common enough that it should.

Sent from my HTC One

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Ok So Ive been using WINAMP for years and Years, Ive decided I wanna use something new, Media Player in my opinion sux balls,

Any suggestions I use I tunes to store the Music thats on my Iphone only and I dont like the interface so I drop only what I want in to Itunes and sinc

I have 600gb of music and Iwanna be able to search and play with a couple of clicks Media player crashes on me Grrrr

Answer:WIN AMP alternative

Try media monkey (MediaMonkey ? Free Media Jukebox, Music Manager, CD Ripper & Converter) been using it for years & like it.


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Question: MSN Alternative?

well? do they have one?

Answer:MSN Alternative?

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Question: AOL Alternative

I, as most people, have an AOL screen name for use to chat with friends from school. However, I hate how they have completely bogged down and homo-ized AIM. Are there any alternate releases that are tried and true, and do not have all the ads and stuff?

What I want is what Kazaa Lite was to Kazaa, except for AIM.

Hope you guys understand what I'm saying.

Answer:AOL Alternative

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A sibling is asking for DDR, but the problem is she does not have a console; and I don't have the cash to spend on a PS2 and the DDR+dance mat, is there any cheap alternatives out there? Anything that will just plug into the TV like the "retro games" they sell and work the same way?

Answer:An alternative to DDR

There is, but I have no clue where to get it or what it's called. One of my co-workers got one in our christmas party

I will let you know when I do.

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Hiya, after MANY problems from what I can only narrow down to being the MotherBoard itself (sound crashes etc with Half-life (one) engine - any other sound runs flawlessly, and as i play Team Fortress Classic a lot, this isnt the MotherBoard for me if it crashes so often!

So... I was looking for an alternative, it needs to be SLI preferably, but not sure what is a good alternative against this motherboard? So was just after some suggestions really. Specs atm are

AMD Ath 4000+
XFX GeForce 6800GT 256MBDDR3
DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR
2*74GB Raptors (SATA)
1*250GB WD HDD (IDE)
1GB OCZ Dual Channel RAM
+ A lot of cooling :P

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Alternative to DFI SLI-DR

DFI is some of the best boards out there especially for overclocking.

Are you sure it isn't your RAM having errors or your PSU being too weak?

Or perhaps the XFX cards, I've heard a lot of peopl having problems with those.

If it was the motherboard itself, it'd either not work or work, so that's what leads me to believe it's something else.

of course also make sure all the plugs are put into that board, the extra molex, floppy that goes near the PCI-E slot, aux pin things like that

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My Lumia 640 XL DS is more than a year now, and seriously it starts misbehaving (I've never seen a Lumia doing the **** mine is doing now), anyway, I started using Windows on mobile since the days of Windows mobile XX, to Windows Phone 7, to 8, to 8.1 and now Windows 10 mobile. I've never used an android/ios as my main driver.
I love everything about Windows on mobile, I don't really care about App gap, because most of the apps I like and use are there (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Now that I want to change my phone, to a newer, better one, I couldn't find a replacement to my old L640XL, HP elite x3 and Alcatel idol4s are not available here in my country (Nigeria) and even if they are, I really can't afford one.
I really really need to change my phone and Microsoft isn't giving me a chance to continue using Windows on my phone and I'm afraid this is a goodbye to Windows mobile.
I'm gonna miss it, but I have no choice :(

Answer:What alternative do I have?

Originally Posted by Muhammad Nura My Lumia 640 XL DS is more than a year now, and seriously it starts misbehaving (I've never seen a Lumia doing the **** mine is doing now), anyway, I started using Windows on mobile since the days of Windows mobile XX, to Windows Phone 7, to 8, to 8.1 and now Windows 10 mobile. I've never used an android/ios as my main driver.
I love everything about Windows on mobile, I don't really care about App gap, because most of the apps I like and use are there (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Now that I want to change my phone, to a newer, better one, I couldn't find a replacement to my old L640XL, HP elite x3 and Alcatel idol4s are not available here in my country (Nigeria) and even if they are, I really can't afford one.
I really really need to change my phone and Microsoft isn't giving me a chance to continue using Windows on my phone and I'm afraid this is a goodbye to Windows mobile.
I'm gonna miss it, but I have no choice :( How about a used 950? I think you can get them for a decent price, not sure what you can afford.
Sent from mTalk on my SP4

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I'm having issues with ICS. Is there any alternatives that are free or afordable that don't need huge amounts of configuring to get to work. I would prefer not buggering around with the client

Ty in Advance.

Answer:Need ICS alternative.

routers are inexpensive. Get a basic one. There are several wired routers on newegg under $20.

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...almost as good as XP?? I was wondering if there are any,and are any of them free to download?Thanks

Answer:Is there an alternative OS,that is...

LinuxOpenSUSEMac OS XAmiga OS^^ These are the ones I know about.

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Question: Alternative to XP?

I need to upgrade my PC from Windows XP and I was thinking of Windows 7, here are the details of my system so could you please tell me if my PC is actually compatible with Windows 7? Or if not could you suggest an alternative operating system?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1982 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 189556 MB, Free - 149979 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D101GGC
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
Thanks in advance,


Answer:Alternative to XP?

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Question: Alternative

Looking for a good alternative to convertxtodvd. Can you recomend some?



ConvertX is probably the best one I've found and been using to date.

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Question: WMP Alternative

Well, searched and came up short handed based on trial and error. I still use windows media player by default. I would like to switch to another player of sorts. I have looked into software called rainmeter, but it just seemed weird. Maybe I did not give it a chance. Also I know it is not just a media player, but it has skins for it which is a LARGE plus for me.
I remember Fuubar used to be nice. VLC I have but ehh.

Windows 7 professional x64 bit.

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Could someone out there recommend a (free) alternative to Windows Media
Player 10? Perhaps one that doesn't "phone home" every time I use it? I've read online that VideoLan might be a good choice, but I welcome any and all

Answer:Alternative to WMP 10?

VLC will play almost anything.
Download the K-Lite Codec pack which comes with media player classic (mpc) which will play almost anything under the sun including flash.
Winamp is fairly versetile, playing both audio and video files.


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Are there any alternatives to the DIR-685? I'm looking for a Router/storage solution all in one unit to minimize space.

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Question: Alternative OS

If a RAT gets on my computer and within a minute or so (or whenever) installs an "alternative operating system" - I would guess that even if I could detect the RAT with antimalware scans, and then get rid of the RAT, that the alternative os would still be there (with the exception of wiping the disc clean with 3rd party software). Is this correct - the alt os would still be there?

Answer:Alternative OS

As all your posts seem to be about staying secure, but not with a real issue, I'm going to go ahead and close all of them save one. Please continue your discussion in the thread at



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Question: Alternative

I'm hoping someone can help me. I read somewhere, about a DVD authoring software, similar to DVD Flick. I read it on the net at work, but searching for an alternative to DVD Flick at home, doesn't bring up the same results. It wasn't free, but was easier to create custom menus than DVD Flick. Something DVD seems to be in my mind, something like N-DVD, I may be wrong. It did have a screen shot, and looked similar to DVD Flick, but I didn't get a proper look. If anyone can help, I'd be greatful.


Maybe one of these:

I use Ulead DVD MovieFactory since it came free with my DVD burner and I like it. Ulead has since been bought out by Corel and this is the latest version: You can get a trial version.

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I had to buy a new system yesterday, complete with Vista and Media Player 11. Bleech!

So I'm looking for a free/open source alternative player that supports playlists and displays the total time of the playlist. I stuck with WMP 10 on XP, for this reason, but now I have no choice. I have tried Media Player Classic and Media Monkey, but neither seems to have the total time feature.

Appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

Answer:Alternative to WMP 11?

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Question: Alternative to WLM

Hi, I am fed up with the slow performance / not responding of WLM and want to migrate my email to another email client.
Ideally I'm looking for something that can import my exiting message rules / folders rather than set up everything again as I have 6 different accounts (1x Gmail,1x Hotmail,3x Yahoo and 1 x BTInternet) with a minimum of 13 folders for rules for each account !!
TIA for your help,

Answer:Alternative to WLM

Hi, I am fed up with the slow performance / not responding of WLM and want to migrate my email to another email client. Ideally I'm looking for something that can import my exiting message rules / folders rather than set up everything again as I have 6 different accounts (1x Gmail,1x Hotmail,3x Yahoo and 1 x BTInternet) with a minimum of 13 folders for rules for each account !!TIA for your help,Try Mozilla Thunderbird.If you need any assistance with it such as how to customize it, or add plugins etc., go here: Mozilla Thunderbird Help

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Hi guys,

Thanks for taking 5 minutes of your time to read this post.

I presently have two computer at home, one desktop which I use all the time, and one HTPC, which is always logged on the MCE account to play movies and music.

What I wanted to do, is to make some task on my HTPC in background, I did find a patch to make concurrent session of Remote Desktop Protocol running, and it worked great, but..

The thing is, I'm trying to make some video editing in background in the alternate session, and since Remote Desktop emulate an audio device and bring the sound to the PC i'm taking control from, I cannot use any of my software, since they do not detect the audio drivers.

So I then tried UltraVNC, RealVNC and TightVNC, all of these will not mess with the audio driver, so I'll be able to start my application and make my video editing, but...

VNC will only login into the actual logged in user, and won't open a session, like RDP does, so each time I connect using VNC, it goes into the MCE account.

This is bad, since the idea is to be able to watch movies without noticing that some background task are being processed. I've got a dual core cpu and a lot of ram only for that. Otherwise I would have taken a single core cpu with 512mb of ram, that would have been more than enough to run MCE.

So that's about it, all I am looking for, is a software that will allow me to take control remotely of my HTPC, by opening a new session, and not taking control... Read more

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I'm currently using AVG professional 7. I was browsing in IE and I got a page from a google search result that actually downloaded a virus to the C:\ path directly. I didn't know that was possible. AVG was enabled and it did it anyway. I think I got rid of all of the Trojan downloaders that it managed to install in that split second. The virus was called m00.exe. Is there a program that I can run in a Windows environment that wll give me good protection? I would like something thats an internal software solution for the moment because I just moved ten thousand miles and I'm not sure where I'll be next week.

Answer:AVG or alternative?

don't use IE.. that is my solution to prevent problems like you just described.. and i use symantec corporate personally.. but i saw a big thread the other day about virus programs.. read it.. people reccomeneded basically everything out there though.. it just seems to be all preference...

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My brother just came home and he's adamant about having AOL instant messenger installed. Without asking me he installed it and nows theres boatloads of junk on my computer. I uninstalled it but is there any alternative to AOL instant messenger that he can use and still be able to talk to his friends that use AIM? Thanks.

Answer:Alternative to AIM?


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I was always bothered that Win+X brings the system program up in a random alphabetic order. So I went to C:\Users\Wolfgang\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX, copied the shortcuts from the Group2 folder into the Group3 folder. Then I made a shortcut of the Group3 folder on the desktop and also pinned that to Start Now I have all the system programs in an easy access and they are alphabetically ordered.

You can refine that by defining your own folder there and copy only those shortcuts that you really use.

Answer:A better alternative to Win+X

I know you didn't plan it this way, whs, but I didn't know about Win+X. Another dynamic shortcut from our local genius.

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Question: AIM alternative

I am getting fed up with trillian as it takes half my boot time to load and seems bloated. I tried installing several old versions of AIM but they would all constantly disconnect after a few minutes. Than I tried the newest version of AIM that came with a ton of boatware/spyware and I watched my CPU graph spike every few seconds from using it. Than I tried Miranda and I couldn't connect to AIM. Can someone recommend me a good free or ad-based program that I can use to connect to AIM for the simple task of chatting? I don't need any frills. All my contacts and such are tied to AIM and the old version was great until it started disconnecting.

Answer:AIM alternative

Wrong forum, you may want to get the mods to move this from OS to the software forum.

I use trillian, it doesn't take that long to load (though it does take a bit), how long is it taking on your setup? If this software works, but is taking longer to load than normal, it'd be best to try and fix it. No sense in loading new software because the old stuff failed.

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Question: Alternative for IE

Can anyone please recommend an alternative for IE? I have been fed up with it. Cheers.

Answer:Alternative for IE

To name a few
There are a whole bunch on this page:

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Okay so I do a lot of gaming, and I just dont like windows, but I cant use linux cause it wont play close to any of my games, and thats using wine, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a os that can handle Windows programs, but is not so limiting on how much of its specs you can use, or if someone can tell me where I can find a windows 7 that has been edited to be, well more open or more lightweight, im currently using windows 7 ultimate 64bit, I also have Linux Ubuntu 64bit on another HDD

Answer:Looking for an alternative OS

Most PC games are developed only for PC. Windows uses Direct X, while Linux uses Open GL. It is hard to develop for both platforms since the amount of users is much less and Open GL is less flexible/harder to code than Direct X. If you game, stay with Windows. Mac games are also very limited despite the OS being quite popular. OS X (Mac) also runs Open GL. Mac and Linux games are mainly PC/console ports.

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Question: YM alternative

so its the pc in my work im using and its installed a Yahoo messenger in German language

is there any alternative to this YM but same function as YM?
so i can install it in english

thanks in advance

Answer:YM alternative

You might want to check out GAIM, it's free, multi-protocol (MSN, YIM, AOL, Jabber, ICQ), and in english

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Hi I'm going to have to put a new operating system on my PC [32-bit 2gb ram 2ghz dual core]
I tried before but went back. I like the detailed and list views in XP that last time I upgraded could not have in explorer so down graded again to Xp.
What version is most like Xp pro? I don't need a touch screen.

Answer:Best OS Alternative to win XP

Transferred to Tech Helproom from Web Design help.

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Question: PSU alternative

Hello gang,
over the last year plus there has been more and more folks who are attempting to upgrade their machines with better graphics capability in response to the ever increasing demands of the new titles hitting the shelves monthly. Most of the time this requires an PSU upgrade as well. many times they will have a decent 400w-500w PSU that must be set aside to make way for a new 700w + PSU. If this scenario fits your situation, have a great alternative for you. About a year ago In researching my challenge to build a sub 1k machine that would run Crysis/Crysis Warhead on very high/ enthusiast settings, I added a third HD 4850 in CF and found myself in the same situation. I ended up purchasing the FSP Group BoosterX 5 and found it to be a terrific product. The X5 is a graphics dedicated PSU putting out 450w (500w max) and 40A on the 12v rails. This is exceptionally clean power as well with very low ripple which is extremely important, especially when doing something as intense as gaming. The AC ripple numbers at full load are 3.3v @ 25 (mV p-p) 5.0v @ 25 (mV p-p) 12v @ 40 mV p-p).
another advantage is that it balances the electrical load from your main PSU adding to the life expectancy of both PSU's. It also runs very cool and very quiet. and is rated at 85% efficiency. I have been using it for a year now to power 2 of my three 4850's and it has performed flawlessly. i have not seen a mention of this PSU on here in over a year, so wanted to let anyone who is ... Read more

Answer:PSU alternative

Looks like a good product red.
Got a couple of questions for you.
How cool does it run under full load? Most of the upgrades I do involve cases that have a max. of 4 x 5.25 bays usable-increasingly 2 of the bays are going to be taken up by a touch screen fan controller (the usual customer request) and an ODD- leaves one bay. Radiated heat of the unit likely to pose a problem? And is the exhaust likely to pose a problem for a front-to-back cooling case. Most of the mods I do these days involve roof mounted rads but I still have a few customers on the air cool variety.
Second. Cable management. The PCIe wouldn't be a problem -easily rewired for length if need be- but how long is the power cord (internal to PCI plate)? and how far from the plate is the choke? and is the diameter very thick?
Most of the builds I've done I've recommended (read strongarmed) full size chassis to the customer (ATCS 840, Lian Li's and some earlier build's with the Cosmos and Stacker 830's) so would need about 550mm (say 420mm straight-line distance+ 130mm for routing behind the mobo) - enough cable length for a tidy build ?

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Hi y'all, As you will know AVG are going to pull their free virus software. Does anyone know of a really good alternative?


Answer:An alternative to AVG please!

I just switched from AVG to AntiVir yesterday. So far I like it. It is also free and easy to use.

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I used agc to adjust the gamma level in game, using key shorcut to decrease or increase the gamman, but agc (advance gamma control) isn't free and cost 12 bucks, any freeware alternative for this, my vga card si ati radeon, and as u may already know, that the color adjustment in ccc, doesn't work in some games

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Please....Can some one please help me finding a best alternative for windowblinds. I am using windows 8.1 (64bit)

Answer:Best Alternative....

If you ask me, this is a bit like asking whether it's better to get kicked in the teeth with a steel toed boot or tap shoes. These programs tend to rely on undocumented functions which will tend to be broken by security updates and other things, making for a never-ending cat and mouse game. And when you think about it, how much time do you really spend looking at the controls on any given window? Do you ever look at them for more than 5 seconds? Yes, the flat look on Windows 8 is rather uninspiring, but it has the benefit of helping reduce the amount of memory your system is using (for something you'll barely even take notice of).

Programs like Windowblinds just drives up memory use, increases the load on the GPU, and could lead to stability problems because they rely on features that are undocumented because they're not intended for widespread use and may change at any time and without notice. You're better off seeing the back of such programs.

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I've always used Windows OS, XP being my favorite. I think it's time to change and try out a free OS (it's not like i paid for Windows, ever).

I'd like to install it on this computer:

C2D E4700, 2.6GHz,
2GB DDR2 800MHz
GF 8400GS

I use this computer at home, mainly for playing games like HoN, WoW, CS etc. Also use Ecliplse IDE on it for Java training and to watch a movie once in a while.

What OS do you recommend to use?

Answer:Looking for an alternative OS

You can download several version of Linux; eg Knoppix which can be burned to a CD
which will run w/o it being installed you get to try linux to see if you like it :wave:

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Question: AVG Alternative

I have used the free edition for a number of years and been very pleased with it, but it slows my pc right down for over an hour every day.
Should I download the latest version, or an equivalent, or run Spybot and Malwarebytes every day?


Answer:AVG Alternative

Spybot search and destroy are not anti virus software, so to have these in addition to having an anti virus is fine. I personally use Avast! Free edition and have done so for a long time with no problems. I used to use avg 7.5 which was a nice version which didn't hog resources.

I also stopped using spybot search and destroy a long time ago.

I use Avast! and also have the free versions of SUPERantispyware and Malware Bytes.

I have moved your thread to software as you do not need malware removed.

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Hi all

I have decided to add an extra 4GB RAM to my pc and I bought some based on my motherboard which surprise surprise does not fit. Serves me right for ordering it away from home and not looking at what is already in it.

Anyway, I have now had a look and this is what I currently have:
Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5C 2 x 2GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory (1066MHz)

This appears to be no longer produced and the supposed newer equivalent is only 800MHz which is just plain wrong,

Does anyone know what RAM I can put in with the existing two chips to make it up to 4GB without putting a complete new set in. I have two spare slots which are a different colour to the two already in use but they have the same pin layout

Thanks for taking the time to read!


Answer:Need alternative RAM

I'd just try to find some 1066 DDR2 and give that a shot. I'd say as long as you don't have an Asus or other horribly picky motherboard you will be able to get by with different brands. Most of the time they work fine.

Run memtest overnight the first day you get the RAM. If no errors are thrown by morning, you'll be fine.

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Question: Alternative power

In three weeks time I'm responsible for setting up equipment, computers & digital projectors for use in a tent using a Honda 3,000 watt portable generator for a power source. I've been told I need a "regulator" somewhere in the line from the generator to the media units for satisfactory performance. Is this a true statement and if so what type of regulator are they referring to?

Answer:Alternative power

I'd use some high capacity UPS uints, probably the cheapest solution to the problem. I know I sure wouldn't fire up my gas generator and connect a bunch of comptuer equipment directly to it!

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Hi all.Is there an alternative software to Adobe Acrobat Reader to view .pdf format file?

Answer:An alternative software

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Anybody seen any freeware alternative ( s) to RDP?

Answer:Freeware Alternative(s) for RDP?

d2123cross said:

Anybody seen any freeware alternative ( s) to RDP?

I have been using TeamViewer for years but take a look at:

I even use TeamViewer with my Windows Phone.

TeamViewer even has a version for Linux. In my case it runs very nicely in Mint 17.1. I can access my Windows home computer with it when away from home.


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I've been looking into purchasing a dvd driver that can burn images on the cd. Lightscribe was the first to come to mind but i read it only does black and white. Is there any alternative to lightscribe that burns images on that are better quality and color. I don't care if its ink. Someone mentioned  Taiyo Yuden WaterShield discs to me but i don't know anything about them like how i get an image printed on it.

Answer:Alternative to lightscribe

I think lightscribe is the only "in-drive" technology, others might require printers and discs with a sort of paper coating.

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Hi,my T61 does nothing when pressing the power switch (I mean really nothing, no single led lights up or beep).  I can switch it on when it is in the docking station with the switch on the docking station. Another way to switch it on is to shortly disconnect the AC power. The laptop switches to battery power and boots up (I have no idea why, but thats the way I work now). After this I can work on battery or on AC Power ... both work fine.  But the problem is when I do not have a Docking station or any AC power ... in this case I know no way to switch on the Laptop.On my PC I can use the Power on  by Keyboad with a Pwd  (or other USB devices) but in the T61 BIOS there seems not to be such an option .. any idea how I can switch on my Laptop without changing the keyboard ? thanks and regards Hermann Message Edited by ruckb on 02-03-2009 05:16 AMMessage Edited by ruckb on 02-04-2009 07:56 AM

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As of yet, I have not seen an alternative to Oblytile for customizing desktop app tiles on the start menu (Oblytile does not work on 10) but if someone happens to spot one, or knows about a working alternative, please post here.

Thank you very much.

Answer:Oblytile alternative?

What I saw is the program is only for Win8 and Win8.1. Have you contacted them to see if it will be made available for Win10? Could be they are waiting for the final/released version of Win10, quite normal as test/BETA/Preview versions are not stable enough for most software publishers to risk breakage.

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Does anyone know of some other software (for a PC) a person can use to transfer files to your Ipod besides Ituenes?

Has anyone tried PoddoX?

I know there's Senuti for Macs, but is there anything you can use with a PC that will just transfer files without going through the Itunes crap where you never know where your files will end up?

Answer:Itunes alternative?

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So I've been running MBAM Free for quite some time, but lately I had a lot of issues on the Insider Preview builds.

MBAM kept giving BSOD when trying to scan. And the new MBAV 3.0 gave me BSOD when using uTorrent.

Is there any piece of software you'd recommend as a substitute? I use Windows Defender, MBAE and Cyrpto Prevent.

Answer:Alternative for MBAM?

You might read thru this thread (link below) - particularly post #310 about going back to Version 2.2

Latest Version of Malwarebytes

Another thread on MBAM 3 and problems at Malwarebytes 3.0

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Question: alternative mail

is there any alternative software for mail that will give you a live tile updating on your emails other than the windows mail that comes as preloaded

Answer:alternative mail

Welcome to Tenforums. The windows store has several.

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Does anyone have a recomendation for a camparable program to musicmatch ? I liked the volume leveling and some of the other features in musicmatch. I have been using MM exclusively for over 8 years. HELP! After the whole Yahoo fiasco I'm totally bummed. I went to burn one of my playlist on Musicmatch and it said it could'nt find my hardware. Is the a solution to this problem so I can still use Musicmatch? I have a lifetime key with MM and am really frustrated.


Answer:Musicmatch Alternative

I too have used musicmatch for years and years.
I have not yet found a comparable alternative.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your copy of musicmatch.

If you don't have the programme you can download old versions from:

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I have Roboform Pro but am not happy with it. A couple of years ago, I bought version 6 and believe that it said free updates forever. When they went to Version 7 shortly after I bought version 6, the update was not free and is now has an annual charge.

Since buying this product, periodically, it fails and then I have to reinstall the Pro version. Because of the way they hassle you and make it hard to avoid paying for something I do not need, I have finally had enough and want to replace this program.

I cannot justify buying another version and getting more of the same treatment. I am not dishonest and resent being treated like an idiot or a crook.

Anyone here know of another program (free or commercial) that will do the job and be reliable?


Answer:Alternative to Roboform

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Question: Good Alternative

What is a good alturnative to Windows Media Player, seeming as for some reason mine won't open anymore... Anyone?

Answer:Good Alternative

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My small company uses Telemagic but it is so dated it is difficult to use. It has a nice assortment of features, but half of them are buggy and seem less satisfactory than they would have ten years ago.

Can anyone recommend an alternative? I believe such programs are called CRM apps today.

I am looking for someone who has used a similar CRM. We have 10 max users and cannot afford a budget buster. Close Support Service Desk Express Edition seems to offer some features and it is free.

All thought welcome!

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On my iPad, the bookmark toolbar in Safari shows folders I have deleted on the laptop Safari bookmark toolbar, and synced with Xmarks. I have tried syncing them a few times and the problems
is consistent.

I wish there was an alternative to Xmarks that allows the user to sync both Safari and Chrome for Mac.

Answer:Alternative to Xmarks / Mac OS

You can see a comparasion of Browser sync Software here:

Hope it helps.

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I'd like an alternative of NTVDM for 64-bit Windows.
Something that actually WORKS LIKE NTVDM, not DOSBox, VPC, XP Mode, etc, but something that will integrate itself into Windows. I can live with NXVM (aka NTVDMx64), but it just refuses to compile at all! Anything I can do to get around the compiling problem, or any other Software that would help me?

(Moved from Win7 Forum)

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I have a cable modem, and a laptop, but no tv in my room. I could get a TV tuner and run a whole lot of coax to get to it, but I would rather not. Is there program/device available that can access the tv channels through my internet connection?

Answer:TV Tuner Alternative

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Hi there,

I am looking for a mouse or mouse-like device that will lessen
the strain put on my wrists. I am thinking of
a mouse that is held like a remote control and has a small joystick for
positioning the cursor...I believe an actual joystick (eg. for gaming) would not be responsive enough for photoediting, something I plan on doing.

Any recommendations?

Thanks for the help!


Answer:Looking for alternative to mouse

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I am a former IBM programmer, coder, worked with Assembler, Cobal, SAS, Basic....MVS Mainframes ...and with Windows XP...all my systems are now what you call "legacy" systems....I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS WINDOWS 8....PLEASE TELL ME THAT MY XP PLATFORM...WILL NOT EVER GO AWAY.. I hate these tiles...I do not give a damn about pictures and music...and am an application programmer (not an APP) programmer...This cloud concept is really is in fact manipulation and control at a higher level...I know I am still in the 80-90's but I do not want to deal with these tiles and push buttons..I am not and END USER....(do I really need to hoard all the windows xp refurbished computers????) ...Is there any other turning off the multi-layered user interface of windows 8 by a button of some type and let me get back to the navigation and manipulation that I know??? Do I need to learn Linux System...


Answer:Is there an alternative to Windows 8

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Hi Folks,Wanted to know if there is an alternative to Microsoft Sam--the default voice in Windows XP.Would be grateful if someone could let me know and where to download it from.Thanks.vkr15.

Answer:Is there an alternative to Microsoft Sam?

Google is your friend...  

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hi all,

I'm from Malaysia, have a question want to ask.

Recently...I bought a new PC games call Total Club Manger
2003. Well...i know this is a great manager game.
But i was unable to install the game since my CD ROM have some
problem. I couldn't install the game by cricking the setup.exe in my
CD ROM. It hang while i crick the setup.exe.
Really upset...i can't play my favourite game.
Can i use another way to install the game??
Like copy the files to my hard disk or else...

Who can tell me how to install the game without the setup.exe?

Answer:Alternative Installation

Try using something like Nero to make an image (.iso) of the disc on your local drive and use the setup.exe from that image.

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Sandboxie do not have a version for W7 64 bit, has anyone got any other alternatives. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Sandboxie alternative for w7 64 bit

Do you have Windows 7 Pro or greater and a Hardware VM capable computer. If so you could just run Sandboxie and your apps virtually inside XP Mode.

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I am currently using Corsair Ram (2x256MB Twinx256-3200LL) which I have had no problems with. I would now like to upgrade to 1GB or 2GB and would like to know if there is an equivalent to the quality of Corsair ram?

Answer:Good RAM alternative?

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Question: Real Alternative?

Hey, I noticed that you guys had Quicktime Alternative available for download, but you don't have Real Alternative listed, so I thought I'd mention it in case this program has been overlooked, hoping that you might put it on . Any updates on this would be appreciated.

Answer:Real Alternative?

Quote from MA
It has a Pro serial number included. Because this is the second time, both Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative have been removed and will not be allowed on MajorGeeks ever again. Thanks Fanbanlo for the heads up, people like you policing us make us what we are.

Full Read

They must have cleared up things with Quick Time but not with Real.

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Looking for a free alternative to Sandboxie if anyone knows of one. My one friend wants to run 2 copies of a game on same system like I'm doing. I'm doing it through a virtual machine for my second copy running in a Windows XP SP3 environment, but they dont have the same luxury. The game will not run 2 instances of itself on the same system unless the 2nd copy of the game is running in a Virtual or completely isolated sandbox so that it doesnt detect the first copy running.I tried simple methods of making this work by changing the name of the EXE etc, but the resource target is the same which breaks this method from working and its hard coded so unable to redirect the 2nd instances resources.The game is a free to play game so nothing illegal with running 2 copies of the same game. And each instance of the game is logged onto with a different account to control 2 different characters. I was running 2 computers to do this, but have since implemented the virual machine method on a system with dual displays and just move mouse back and forth between the windows of the actual machine and the virtual machine and run this way.If the only method is to run a Virtual Linux environment within Windows 8.1 ( friends laptops OS version ) and set up WINE to run the game intended for Windows I could do that too, but unaware of any Linux based sandbox options that exist for running on a Windows based machine.With a resource target location hard coded and no option to change that, it... Read more

Answer:Sandboxie alternative?

I don't have more info on this... My memory fails me on this one.DoubleDOSQuoteInstall more than one operating system (multiboot) If your computer's hard disk has adequate free disk space, you can install a newer version of Windows on a separate partition and keep the earlier version of Windows on your computer. This is called a multiboot or dual-boot configurationThat seems to be the wrong definition. Here is what I recall.That  software thing was like a switch that would flick back and forth several thousand times a second so that it would appear to b e two i installs  of an operation system.Google references seem to go to a dead end. IInfo world  archives have some references.Here is somebody else rambling about this idea....

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I'm not entirely sure of the legality of this program, but it sure is useful! Check out RealPlayer Alternative 1.01 if you want the ability to play RealMedia files without having to install the bloated POS that is RealOne/RealPlayer. RealPlayer Alternative is bundled with Media Player Classic, another "must-have" media utility for those who like their players lean and mean.

Answer:RealPlayer Alternative

Originally posted by franca:
...without having to install the bloated POS that is...Click to expand...

I resemble that remark
Thanks for the link.

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I had some thing before I was using to download and convert YouTube videos but don't have it any more and can"t remember what it was. I don't use YouTube because it puts things on my computer I don't want. Every time I install and run malware software it says it puts things on my computer that are harmful. So I was wondering what other software there is out there. Thanks.

Answer:YouTube Alternative

I use the Firefox add-on called DownloadHelper, no malware included, so maybe you have other problems.Home page, install link, etc don't use YouTube because it puts things on my computer I don't wantYouTube is just a web site; it doesn't put any "things" on my computer. Possibly you have picked up an infection by careless web surfing?

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Is there an alternative to RealPlayer that works with most sites? I heard some months back that they were snooping on people and giving some info away w/o users' consent. In the consent agreement for the current version (the free downloaded version) it says that their program monitors the user's activity and sends certain info (they claim un-identified in aggrigate) to other sites, which I don't like.

Answer:Alternative to RealPlayer?


The way Realplayer used to do it, was using the icon in the Systray. There was the little blue icon that used to call out to the Startcentre. You can disable it by rightclicking before going online. A use of a firewall helps with stopping it.
A free one is ZoneAlarm

There aren't many players out there that play .rm's, but WMP is the most popular.



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Hey guys, sorry I posted a question a little bit ago. But anyways my HP motherboard failed model m2n78-la. And was wondering if there is an offbrand motherboard or any other compatible option that I could use to replace it. I was told that this certain motherboard has had many problems like what I'm experiencing.

Answer:HP motherboard alternative??

Probably however there is more to the issue than just swapping mb. Since this is a hp, your windows lic is valid only with the original hardware ie you change the mb and you need a new copy of windows.

It is not really cost effective to purchase a new windows lic for this old of a system.

Something like this board would probably work however you would have to do at least a little engineering since the front panel connectors are not going to just plug in; some wire splicing would probably be necessary.

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I use Quicktime Alternative.

When I go to "Quicktime Alternative" and select "Configure" to check for updates, it seems to point to "Quicktime", not "Quicktime Alternative". There are updates available.

Do I need to install these updates? Can I do it without installing "Quicktime".

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Hi All,

I'm looking to an alternative to itunes for windows 98 se. I want something with advance tagging/organizational features and prefferably music visualization. Winamp is buggy on my computer. I really like the interface of media monkey but, alas, it to is not completely stable on windows 98. Music match works, but it's a little too bloaty for my taste. Do I have other options or am I being too picky?

Thanks for your time,

Answer:itunes alternative?

You might try Quintessential Player. It has most of what the others do and it looks pretty cool. It should run OK with win98.

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Looking for a substitute for the yahoo messenger that might solve some problems I've been having, I ran across the following list and wondered if anyone is a messenger specialist or knows any of these that are listed.


Answer:Alternative Messengers?

I use Pidgin. Gaim is no more, as it was renamed.

It works great.

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I would like to find a freeware alternative to Noteburner. I want to burn virtual cds from Itunes and then be able to rip them. I know I'm not only cheap but lazy.

Answer:Looking for Noteburner alternative

Take a look at

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If realplayer has to be updated to bypass currently stated security concerns, does realplayer Alternative also need to be updated?

Answer:REalplayer Alternative Q

hateuall said:

If realplayer has to be updated to bypass currently stated security concerns, does realplayer Alternative also need to be updated?Click to expand...

Yes, because the alternative is the same thing just some features are not included, so the updated features in realplayer will be updated in the alternative also.


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Can anyone suggest some alternatives to winmx? I have heard about KaZaa but never tried it. What are the smart music downloaders using now? Thanks

Answer:alternative to WinMx?

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Question: Origin alternative

I need some program that can create graphs in polar coordinates, just like origin. I would like some free program, maybe even for linux.

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I have a MAC so I can't really use CDisplay. But, I found a site that offers a lot of comic viewers. The problem is that there are a lot of programs and I don't know which to use. I need your opinion on which is thebest one.

The Site

Answer:Looking For An Alternative For CDisplay


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Question: Ghost Alternative

is there a free alternative to ghost that works in dos and has good compression

Answer:Ghost Alternative

awergh said:

is there a free alternative to ghost that works in dos and has good compressionClick to expand...

Hi awergh,

By "ghost", do you mean clone, i.e. as in what Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image accomplish by cloning (i.e. make a copy of) a hard disk?

If so, then I know of two tools you might try out, both are freeware. I can confirm that the first one does work in DOS, and I do not know about the second, but it probably will.
* Clone hard disk (free)
PCI CloneMaxx:
HDClone: (free version can be downloaded)

I am not sure what you mean by "having good compression" with regard to "cloning" a hard disk as the image would be a sector copy of the disk, and would not in any way be compressed.

-- Tom

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hi, ive always used Koolguy's listmaker to create a text document of the files in a folder. however, i would like to make such a list of a folder filled with mp3s and i want the list to show the artist name, which is visible in windows explorer.

basically i want a FREEWARE prog that makes a list of what i see in windows explorer, including all the columns that i have checked. listmaker doesnt do this. thanks!

Answer:Listmaker alternative

anything? ill even consider non-freeware options if that is why no one responded

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