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Hard Drive delay to lauch programs Cpu usage problem after restarting.

Question: Hard Drive delay to lauch programs Cpu usage problem after restarting.

Hi today i restarted my computer after playing some games and using the computer i also yesterday played
a simple game just minecraft and my cpu reached 95 celcius is this dangerous? also the ghz for a reason went weird to 1,80 to 2,90 and today its using too much cpu for anything i open google chrome goes 80%+ cpu usage and this never happened before maybe i should do a system restore or something? what can be that issue i also tried to click on something on windows 10 on the start menu and took around 6-8 seconds or chrome 10-15 seconds after taking 1 second before what happened? please help im gonna also service the computer in 15 days just saying thank you all

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Preferred Solution: Hard Drive delay to lauch programs Cpu usage problem after restarting.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi today i restarted my computer after playing some games and using the computer i also yesterday played
a simple game just minecraft and my cpu reached 95 celcius is this dangerous? also the ghz for a reason went weird to 1,80 to 2,90 and today its using too much cpu for anything i open google chrome goes 80%+ cpu usage and this never happened before maybe i should do a system restore or something? what can be that issue i also tried to click on something on windows 10 on the start menu and took around 6-8 seconds or chrome 10-15 seconds after taking 1 second before what happened? please help im gonna also service the computer in 15 days just saying thank you all

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HP Laptop, Vista, IE. 80 Gig Hard drive was 37 gig full just a few months ago. Now it's 71 gig full. I didn't put anything into it. In fact, I uninstalled several programs.

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard Drive usage goes from 37g to 71g with no added programs installed

Have a look at what is taking up the space using this tool -

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About 6 weeks ago I got a real nasty intruder called Trojan.Agent or some version there of...anyway I ran numerous spyware removers including

Spyware Doctor, Spybot, Vundofix, Virtumundobegone, fixvundo, and a few others. Finally I was able to get rid of the Trojan Virus (i.e. it does not show up anymore when I run any of the antispyware programs) but now every time I launch an application my cpu usage spikes. I am concerned I did not get rid of the virus or whatever I had and that it is recording everything I do. Since I do a lot of online banking etc.. I have quit using my previously infected computer and now use my laptop which is connected wirelessly. Anyway I want to eliminate the cpu usage maxing out all the time and make sure once and for all I do not have any trojan or other nastys running behind the scenes on my computer. Please help me.

Answer:CPU Usage maxizes out when I lauch any application

Please do not start new threads or duplicate topics as this causes confusion and makes it more difficult to get the help you need to resolve your issues. I removed your other topic for this reason.Are you finding any suspicious processes in Task Manager? When you experience or encounter strange behavior, always check for new, unknown or suspicious processes that may be running on your system.Most of the processes in Task Manager will be legitimate as shown in these links.List of common system processes found in XP's Task ManagerCommon system processes found in XP's Task ManagerTop System ProcessesAnytime you come across a suspicious file or one that you do not recognize, search the name using Google or the following databases:BC's Startup Programs DatabaseSystemLookup StartupList IndexFile Research CenterProcessLibrary.comDetermining whether a file is malware or a legitimate process sometimes depends on the location (path) it is running from. One of the ways that malware tries to hide is to give itself the same name as a critical system file. However, it then places itself in a different location on your computer. Another techinique is for the process to alter the registry and add itself as a Startup program so that it can run automatically each time the computer is booted. A file's properties may give a clue to identifying it. Right-click on the file, Properties and examine the General and Version tabs.Tools to investigate running processes and gather additional information ... Read more

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I saw this once before on a site and I had my previous installation of win seven to have a toolbar for all programs? For the life of me I cannot find the site. It combined the appdata and program data start menus as in the start menu but as a toolbar like quick launch. Does anyone how to set this up? Thanks in advance.

Answer:quick lauch type toolbar for All programs

Have to just guess at what you are looking for; something like this?
Windows 7 Dock Toolbar/Gadget | Windows 7 Themes

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I have a T410s i5 at 2.4 GHz running Win 7 64bit purchased last year.  The HD is a 250 GB Toshiba MK2529GSG running NTFS.  My computer has been suffering lately from sluggish response especially when typing input in email or Word, etc.  I see the HD light come off just when the computer responds so I suspect an HD access issue.  Tested HD and it passed. Thanks, Dirk Duffner

Answer:Hard Drive Access Delay

Tried defragging it?

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I recently purchased a 4.3gb laptop drive and a usb caddy for it. It loads fine, spins up fine, but when I write to it the problems start. I get an 'error 51', relating to paging. I found a solution in Microsoft that says I should get a hotfix. This I cannot seem to access as it says no support for this is offered. It is KB article 830051 at support microsoft. Can anyone help me??It relates to my device not supporting cache commands.I have a P3 500mhz Dell, running 392mb ram on W2K(SP4)The usb drive is a Travelstar IBM-DKLA-24320, 4.03gb

Answer:delay write failure to usb hard drive

kb article click hereservice pk 4 click here (click network install and burn to a disk if using another computer to download)see also windows update click here for other critical updates

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I put an attachment in here, hopefully it will be visible. At times when using the on button to turn on my Maxtor Ext hard drive & add a folder then turn it off using same button I get a write error msg telling me that that the file could not be saved. I do not understand this. Am I not opening or closing down the hard drive properly. According to the attachment, which I can bring up by rt-clicking on the hard drive tray icon to safely remove hardware. There are options in here to choose from. Will using any of these options be the better way to close it down & which do I choose?

Answer:Maxtor Ext Hard Drive Delay-Write Error

Well you should just select the top line (Maxtor.....) and then click on stop aaand then wait for the message to tell you it is ok to remove the drive.

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I have a Win7/Pro (32bit) PC with two external USB HDs. When I boot, the #2 HD is not recognized and does not power on (light out). But when I then unplug and replug it, it powers on and is recognized instantly. The HD then works normally.

I have a total of 8 devices on the same USB hub and I want to try delaying the mount of the #2 HD to see if this helps. Anyone know how to do that?


Answer:How to delay mount of external hard drive at startup

Just plug it in when you want to use it. I mean, why have them running if you`re not not using em ?

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Hi, I noticed an issue with my PC earlier this morning.

I always put my desktop into S3 sleep when not in use, normally this happens almost instantly, but now it takes 10+ seconds after the monitor goes black before the system actually powers down.

I had been using Windows 7, but a week ago I did an upgrade to Windows 8. I'm not sure exactly when this behavior started, but I just noticed it earlier today.

I have Hibernate disabled (powercfg -h off) as well as System Restore; so I don't know what could be causing this. The hard drive LED stays lit during the entire delay.

Any ideas on what it could be doing, or any way to find out?


Answer:Hard drive activity, long delay when going to sleep

Are you certain its going to sleep and not hibernation or hybrid sleep?

Both modes write to the harddrive before powering down..

Check your drive for errors, or fragmentation....

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Hi. I reformatted my old Gateway systems Hard drive yesterday because of viruses and other things my kids did to the system. When it boots up now it gets to the Gateway splash screen and continues to reboot itself. Don't know how to fix it. Can someone help me please? The system has/had Windows XP sp3.



Answer:Hard Drive Restarting


Can you enter Safe Mode ok, its F8 at boot, just keep tapping it as the PC boots and choose Safe Mode with Networking at the options.

Did you use a retail Windows XP CD or was this the restore disk from Gateway? if so what was the Windows XP version if you know?

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Please help I am going to erase my laptop because it is too slow but I do not know what to do.

I do not know anything including what cd's to use, how to backup my files, and how long it takes

Please give me as much detail as possible thanks.

Answer:Restarting Hard Drive

Welcome to BC!!!!!

To back my stuff up I do it over the network. but if you dont have a network make a folder Called Backup on your desktop and put all of your files in it. Then copy to a Flash Drive, Floppy, CD, etc.

As for the re-install of your OS give your computer details:

Brand: (Who made your computer dell, hp, ibm etc.
OS: What operations system is it xp home, xp pro, media center etc.

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one of my co-workers wants me to get rid of some viruses and install office 2010 home and student on her computer with the key she bought. her computer runs windows 7 64-bit. after backing up her data, i finally ended up doing a factory reinstall from the backup partition. so i downloaded all windows updates and installed antivirus and firewall software. then i downloaded the office 2010 trial and tried to install it. it seems to begin installing without any problems. then a splash screen for powerpoint appears. it says that its "processing" and does that for about 20 minutes and then there is a balloon that pops up saying that office is downloading files. after all that happens, an error message appears that says something like "powerpoint cannot be opened. please try again later or repair this software in the control panel" with no sort of error code. i then tried repairing it from control panel which claims to complete successfully. so i restart and try to install again and the same thing happens all over again. if i try opening word, excel, powerpoint or onenote the splash screen appears and does the same thing that i described powerpoint was doing. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. i also tried installing the 60 day trial for office 2007 that came preloaded with the computer and then installing office 2010 over it. same thing happened. im really stuck on this one. i would really appreciate some help as ive never seen this kind of th... Read more

Answer:Office 2010 programs wont install / lauch after install

With the number of problems there I would suggest going back to scratch & starting all over again.

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I have three hard drives on my computer two are storage and one is the main C: Drive. The other two are slaves. I am having an issue with one of my hard drives. Any time I try to access my hard drive (F it restarts my computer. I cannot even get near this hard drive without it restarting the computer. I was assuming it was a virus but even when I try to virus scan the hard drive it restarts the computer. Anyone know why? there are files I need to access on this hard drive.

Answer:Hard Drive Restarting My Computer.

It sounds like when you are trying to browse the additional drives the extra demand for power on the supply pulls the entire system down if the supply is not seeing good regulation or one of the drives has a major fault and is pulling power to ground with some type of short. Besides any hardware fault however driver problems or something corrupted or missing in Windows can also result in system restarts due to the crash control feature.

Without seeing any blue screens taking a look in the event viewer may provide some information there if this isn't hardware related.

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I know I need to back up all the stuff I have on here, (an 80gb HDD) so I ordered another 80gb hard drive from newegg and when it gets here, I'm going to attempt to back up everything on this drive to the new one...but my problem is, I need to use the new hard drive as the primary one with XP on it, but still keep all my files but don't know how I would accomplish this. Will I need another hard drive?

If I install XP on the extra hard drive can it still be used as a slave and not booted from while running the current drive, so I can backup all my files on it and then set it to master and boot from it?

EDIT: Also, I would want to back up the hard drive in safe mode with command prompt, to avoid the computer shutting down like it most likely would during the back up process if running in normal mode... How would I go about doing that and keeping the file structure?

Answer:Hard Drive Is Failing, Keeps Restarting

To do this you'd need to partition the new hard drive into at least 2 different partitions. Leave the first one blank for the OS install later on - then copy the data to the next partition. I'd suggest formatting the first partition in NTFS and the second one in FAT32 to ease your access to these files when you reinstall the OS.

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Hi all, I have an interesting problem:

I am using an external hard drive enclosure that uses 2 500 GB HDs in JBOD style, they have formatted to NFTS. I haven't used the external hard drive in 2 weeks and when I went to use it, it kept restarting. I opened the enclosure and removed a HD and switched from JBOD to Normal. The HD that remained kept restarting so I swap HDs and Windows picks up the HD but I can't access it. Using Disk Management, the HD shows up as RAW and I can Safely Remove it. That must mean that the File Table is on the HD that is bad.

So I figured out that if I put the HDs in a different slot, determines which one boots up first. So I put the good HD to boot first and switch it to JBOD, using Disk Management it finally shows both HDs' size together as it should. I have been using different programs to try and recover the data but no luck. The programs will either stop searching after it reaches the bad HD or the recovered files are damaged.

Can anyone help me or should I try a Data Recovery center?

Answer:External Hard Drive Keeps Restarting

Try the good disk on its own but leave it as jbod and see if you can read it.

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i installed win xp on the c partition and all the users data on the e partition was still there and working anyway i went to updat win xp and it told me it had to restart so i did and when it did the computert just kept rebooting so i took the hd out and put it in a differnet machine and it says the hd is clear like the free space is at 100%
how is it possible for this to happen while it restarts

Answer:hard drive got wiped out while restarting

is it possible that the 2nd machine is win 98 and the drive from the XP machine was formatted in NTFS?

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I have been having an issue with my self built system, not sure if it is hard drive, virus or software conflict.

1- A month ago I started experiencing slow start up and afterwards there would be system hangs and the HDD light would be on for a while before system response.
2- Last week started having black screen on start up then I would get the Windows start up screen for a split second then login screen comes up.
3- From Saturday I would have problems loading web pages. The page would load fully but there would be no functionality i.e cant click on links, videos wont play(have to reload the page for it to work), clicking on Google prediction links the browser hangs or crashes.
4- Today I have been getting Windows Explorer crashes when I open recycle bin.
5- Biggest problem though is programs are not showing in Programs list in the Control panel but all programs start up normally but.
6- Of late games have been also stuttering. Battlefield 4 mantle also stopped working now using DirectX and GTA 4 not loading textures.

Any help will be appreciated

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I am constantly downloading things 24/7 I reboot the computer every day but then immeditly begin downloading again. I have a generic hard drive that came with my computer. My question is, does this usage of my hard drive break it down?I realize that a hard drive will break down over time anyways but am I significally breaking it faster or are hard drives designed to withstand that load?

Answer:Does 24/7 hard drive usage break down hard drive

well you would figure...since it is has moving parts...and like any other thing with moving parts the more it's used the faster it will go out....but thats just my theory

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How to transfer programs/files/etc. from old hard drive to new hard drive? Does anyone know how? The old hard drive had a virus, so I took it to a computer place and they took it out and put a new one in. =\

Answer:How to transfer programs/files/etc. from old hard drive to new hard drive?

This is a good slave tutorial for hard disks.I would be very cautious about recovering files from an infected source though.  Make sure that you scan the drive thoroughly.

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I have been having an issue with Explorer using 50% of my CPU whenever it opens. Even if I open a new tab it does the same. I have noticed that all my programs seem to be using more of the CPU than seems necessary. I am not sure if this is maleware or corrupted programs. I have downloaded Process Explorer but I'm not sure what it actually does. I am afraid to get to crazy with it because I'm not sure the damage I could create with it(probably extensive). I don't know what info to provide so I will start with the basics:

XP Home SP3
Dell Dimension 5150
Pent D 3.2 GHz
3 GB ram
Nvidia Geoforce 9400GT

Let me know what information you need and I will get it. Thanks

Answer:CPU usage problem when starting all programs


This could be caused by another application thats called on when the directory of Explorer is opened, so what applciations have you installed before this started happening?

With Process Explorer open and click the CPU line heading so that the processes using most CPU are at the top and list them (just ones using CPU) or take screenshot and attach it here.

Also download CCLeaner and run its cleaner option, then click in CCleaners menu Tools > Startup and list what you have in startup.

Try booting into Safe Mode (F8 at boot) and see if same happens.

Common issue is possibly malware and do this guide then start a new fresh thread in the malware forum and attach the requested logs from the guide, so we can rule out malware as the cause.

Please read and follow the following READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide Once finished please start a new thread in the Malware Forum plus a guide on how to attach the logs HOW TO: Attach Items To Your Post

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So I just replaced a faulty hard drive in a lenovo twist. I am attempting to boot from a recovery usb drive. It goes through the thinkpad screen, then the windows logo pops up, then a blue screen and the computer continuously restarts. I am kind of at a loss here.

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Hey Guys I am trying to fix a company computer, and it is windows 7, all of a sudden when we would start the computer it would just restart at the black starting windows screen after the bios, I switched out ram of the same kind and the harddrive of the same kind and nothing worked, same thing, although I can start it in safe mode, in safe mode I get a message about cant install USB device, the only thing USB is the mouse and keyboard so I started it up with only the keyboard and selected "start windows normally" and then quickly unplugged it and still nothing! This is very frustrating, I even went into the computer properties and unchecked "Restart automatically when theres an error" and when I hit the button to enter safe mode there was also a option to "restart computer and turnoff auto restarts" but yet it still happened. Any ideas on what to try? At first we thought it had something to do with the electrical outlet in the wall because we put plugged in another computer in there and that one started acting up to, (its possible the old computer may have already had problems) so then the next morning we just plugged in a brand new computer and it worked. Thanks in advance for any ideas and solutions. Also this computer was a billing computer not used online much at all (didnt download music/movies or other random stuff)


Answer:windows 7 Keeps Restarting Works in Safe mode, not Hard drive or Ram

Any ideas?

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Question: Hard drive usage

I had xp to the point where when I was not using the computer my hard drive access light would never flash, 7 does make use of the drive when I am not. Does anyone know what it is doing?

Answer:Hard drive usage

Indexing and defragging when the system is not under load. Also prefeteching applications and caching them into RAM so they launch quicker the next time you need them.

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Question: Hard drive usage

I installed Windows XP Pro when I had Windows XP Home. And now I found that I've almost totally used up my hard drive. I assume that when I installed the updated version of Windows I didn't format the drive correctly. Here's my question: how can I remove the old operating system with losing everything and having to start all over.

Answer:Hard drive usage

You will need a program like partition magic, i will try to find you a free one. ed
Do not delete the active partition.

try this,

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When I use my computer suddenly my computer freezes for couple minutes. I noticed that my hdd light is constantly stays on (like as power light stays on) and my recourse monitor disk usage is 10mb/sec its not usually like this. I formatted my laptop installed my drivers and my basic software like foxit reader, avira antivirus, MS office etc. But this occurred again same day right after I formated my laptop. That driving me crazy. Can you suggest anything why this happening?

Answer:Hard drive over usage

To make sure your HDD is OK, run a chkdsk /r in an elevated command prompt.

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Question: hard drive usage

Hi several days ago I checked my hard drive capacity showing 54.6 GB Free of 80 GB capacity
Next day when I checked again it was showing 11.7GB Having not installed or downloading anything?!!
My computer is a Dell OptiPlex GX620 Running Windows7.
Would appreciate any comments------Could it be a faulty indication or a hard disc virus?

Answer:hard drive usage

Two things you can easily do:a. Use a tool like WinDirStat - see what files are taking up space, how much, and where.b. Run the chkdsk /r cmmand, which will check the file system and accurately summarize your partition free space.Louis

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My laptop (Lenovo Y510p) is always at 100% disk usage for the first 15-20 minutes of starting up, and for intermittent periods afterwards. During this period, everything essentially freezes including the Start Menu, Task Manager, and all other apps running. After about 5 minutes, the hard drive "catches up" and everything starts working again.

The strange part is that when looking at Task Manager / Resource Monitor, the total read/write of the hard drive does not appear to be very high - ie it will be at 100% disk usage but the highest program is reading/writing maybe 0.1MB/s.

This is causing the laptop to become borderline unusable. I have to leave the laptop running in order for it to be usable, as shutting it down / putting it to sleep will cause the hard drive to go back to 100%, and everything comes to a standstill. Please help!

I've attached some pictures which should illustrate what's going on hopefully.

Specs: Lenovo Y510p, 2 years old, running Windows 10 Home 64-bit (upgraded from Windows 8.1).

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I had recently built a custom PC with the following specs:

CPU - i7 6700k @ 4.5GHz
GPU - Palit GTX 1080 Jetstream 8gb @ 2100MHz
Motherboard - Asrock Z170 Extreme4
Ram - 16gb Viper Elite DDR4 3000mhz (8x2)
SSD - HyperX Savage 120gb
HDD - Seagate Baracuda 1tb
PSU - Corsair CX 500w

The PC is amazing, it performed beautifully in everything I threw at it, the only weak point was Windows 10.. I started to get random OS hangs without cause when playing games or doing general browsing, I thought I had an issue with my GPU or something but it turns out after some investigating that it was a Windows problem as when the hangs would happen I quickly would open task manager and see that my drive usage was at 50% having two drives this meant one of them was under 100% usage and so I wanted to find out what was doing it, I looked into performance monitor and other programs to try monitor usage but nothing other than the typical system process was using it.

I did the normal fixes, disable Superfech and Windows Search etc. Neither helped, I clean installed 3 times, no luck. I even safe booted (As told by Microsoft to do so) and the problem still persisted so that proved it wasn't an application causing the problem it was a Windows 10 problem. I tried upgrading to the latest anniversary edition of Windows 10 and the problem literally got 10 times worse, from what were 2-5 second PC hangs at random throughout the day turned into 10-15 second hangs every 10 minutes.

They would happen rand... Read more

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So i bought a HDD caddy for my ODD and a HGST Travelstar 7K1000 and whenever i restart, it does this clicking sound Dropbox - HDD Click.mp3
The other hard drive in bay 2 never made this sound in the 9 months I had it and it's the same manufacturer and model. Again, it makes this sound ONLY when restarting, otherwise it is pretty silent.

My setup: Windows 10 Pro
Bay1: Adata SX900 SSD 128GB
Bay2: HGST Travelstar 7K1000
ODD: HGST Travelstar 7K1000

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According to Windows 7, my SSD that is 128GB has 100GB used. WinDirStat says that only 52.8GB are being used. How can I figure out what is using the additional space??

Attached are screen shots of what Windows says and what WinDirStat says.

Answer:SSD Hard drive disk usage

Interesting, never saw an EFI partition like in your pic.

Maybe that accounts for the discrepancy?

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I have a Toshiba Tecra TE2100 1.8 GHZ P4 laptop with 768 MB RAM. I purchased an external enclosure for a Maxtor 60 Gig IDE hard drive. After starting Windows XP everything is running normal. As soon as I turn on the hard drive my CPU usage skyrockets to 100% and everything runs incredibly slow if at all and the computer won't shut down. When I turn off the drive things return to normal after about 15 minutes. Sometimes Windows comes up and says the drive is installed and everything runs except for the fact that there is no drive letter, but I believe I found a workaround for this in these forums. If I could just solve this CPU problem I believe everything will be ok. Could these problems be related? I have spent hours trying to figure this one out.
Thanks For Your Help,

Answer:USB Hard Drive = CPU 100% usage - Explorer

You should try to fond out what is using 100% CPU. It could be your antivirus program or Windows itself or the USB storage drivers. Could be a damaged filesystem on the drive too. Or maybe the drive is bad..

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Hey guys!
Please don't bash me for posting this (as I can see others have posted about it also). I just want to make sure I can get as many ideas as possible, before I do a clean install/new hdd.
I am helping a family friend fix their desktop. It is only about 3 years old and has a AMD quad core processor, 8GB Ram, 1TB HDD(500GB used) - They also have a smaller 2nd HDD - Though I am not sure what the contents are for. They told me the computer has been running very slow since October.
So I did my usual computer cleanup steps:
1. Malware removal (Spybot, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Hitman Pro, Emisoft Emergency kit) - All in safe mode - nothing serious found.
2. Ran CCleaner (Cleaner,Registry,Startup) / Deleted temp files
3. Checked for unwanted programs - found none
4. Google Chrome is their browser - no plugins/extensions to remove
5. They have AVG Internet Security, scans only at 9pm everyday
At this point, I still felt the computer to be very sluggish - After looking at task manager, I noticed that the disk was always at, or close to, %100 usage. **No 1 process was hogging it all**
**Decided to let Defraggler to Defrag the PC - And that is where I am at now** (Gives me time to research/jot down things to try - will be doing further work remotely on the PC(Teamviewer))
**Things to still try**
1. Disable Windows "Superfetch" --services
2. Disable "Windows Search" --services ... Read more

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I have a 120GB hard drive; when purchased it was already partitioned, 60/50/10. The 50 partition is called "D" drive, which is completely empty, according to explorer, but when viewed through properties, it only displays 40GB as available and 10 is in use. Does anyone have an explanation, why?Cheers!

Answer:Phantom usage of my hard drive.

Make sure that your windows explorer is set to display hidden and system files and look again. If this does not help then drop down to DOS and type "DIR D:/S" without the quotation marks and see if anything shows up.As a last resort (and you are very sure that there are no files your computer needs on drive D) you could always format it and see if that solves your problem.

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I am looking for a way to get real time data on what is accessing my hard drive. I know about the indexing problems out there with windows but it hate that the only real way to tell if your hard drive is being accessed is to look at the light on the front of case (I think).

Anyone of a monitoring tool for this purpose?


Answer:Hard Drive usage utility?


Could try Process Monitor monitors read write access on a HD and what location. Use Show File System Activity from top menu and un-highlight the other options, its the four icons top menu towards the right.

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My PC crashed recently taking a lot of files with it, including a nifty little program that showed at a glance what percentage of hard drive space each of my progs were taking up.Now my PC's running again I want to re-install the prog but can't remember its name,can anybody jog my memory duh..

Answer:Hard drive usage percentages

Treesize? click hereFew more similar free ones: click here, click here, click here. G

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I am request info on a better way to back up external hard drives. we would like an automatic back up that would back up new files on a daily basis.

Currently are running Windows 7 home edition,500 gb on a 64 bit laptop. we have approximately 3.5 t< A 1.5t,a 1t,a 500gb,a 320gb, and a 250gb external drives in addition to the 500gb drive on the laptop> of external storage< hard drives, no server as of yet>. We currently save mainly Pictures and art for digital scrappingbooking.

It seems that no matter how many external HD we get they fill up rather quickly.< 3 to 6 months>.

Is there a way to set up software to automatically update new files daily?
I am considering a 2 t external for a back up to the current drives we have.
All of the family pics have been saved to these drives, so a loss we not be good.
We tried mosy but the uploads seem to always get stopped by our Internet provider, because of size.

I appreciate in advance any advice that can be offered

Answer:external hard drive usage
make sure you schedule

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i recently installed a new hd (120G seagate sata) on to my system. the first thing i did was to transfer some 22gigs of media files to it. of course, it took almost two hours. i noticed that this transfer used at least 50% of my processor (P4 3ghz) throughout. i wonder if there is any way to do such a transfer and circumvent the cpu. any input is appreciated. cheers.

Answer:hard drive to hd transfer w/ less cpu usage

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I have a Dell AMD 3800 2gh 2g RAM 240g HD and something is filling my hard drive to capacity and I cannot find out what. I recently installed Carbonite and it appears to be running fine. We noticed that some recorded TV shows suddenly disappeared and when looking found the hard drive within 3g of being full. I started backing up and deleting video and picture files and I will notice that space being freed up on HD but then it fills back up again without us saving anything. This morning after deleting files I had 9.4g free but right now it only shows 5.97 free. I did empty recycle bin. I tried to run CHKDSK but could not as it said I needed higher security. I am the Admin on Vista Home Premium so should be able. Can someone help me through the steps to check what is happening. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Hard drive usage full

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First time I have been stumped to find me hard drive, to see how much space is usedPut me right someone.

Answer:XP looking for hard drive space usage

click onmy computer,select your hard drive,right click on it and select properties

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This is a new one for me, migrating data from an XP system to a new Windows 7 Home Premium system.  On small drive previous system I always dump the entire contents into a folder for customers in case down the road they remember some strange location where they had some data stored.
Windows 7 shows 11.9 GB free of 38.2 GB (approx 26 GB used) connected with an IDE to USB cable, but when I dragged the entire drive to a folder it was only showing about 4 GB worth of files.  Discovered the user had made files private trying to implement a "secure XP system". I took ownership at the drive level for all subfolders and objects and still am only seeing 16 GB of files . . . somewhere are 10 GB of missing data.
The XP system is not bootable so I can't do a comparison on the actual running system either.
User is a bare bones knowledge user and I don't see any evidence of a TrueCrypt installation. 
Comments? Questions? Any thoughts appreciated.

Answer:Hard drive usage discrepancy

Another oddity, if I CTRL A and right click at the root of the XP drive I see 50,148 files and 5,320 folders, but if I drag everything that is selected to a folder on the Windows 7 drive the dialog box reads copying 3,889 items (1.64 GB) . . . 

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ive got a 40gb hard drive and i am running low of hard drive space. i then deleted a gb of space. after an hour my hard drive has gone back down to 400mb. i dont know why that happens as i dont download.does anyone know why this is?thanks in advance

Answer:Fast Usage Hard Drive

Are you saying that you freed up 1 Gb of space by deleting unwanted files but now you only have 400Mb of space ?

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I have a system with a P4 processor, 1 gig of RAM, XP Pro SP 3 that seems to run OK except the hard drive is constantly hammering away. I have good AV and SpyWare programs installed. I will be doing nothing on the computer and the HD is busy doing something.
Is there anyway I can tell what the HD is doing or why it is in use so much????
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Hard Drive usage question

How big is the drive?
When was last time you defragged?

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Hi All,

I have a customer with W10 that is next to unusable.

Is there something out there in the Windows 10 world right now that would cause 100% hard drive usage, slowing a computer down to a crawl?

I found three anti viruses duking it out and fix that.  But CPU goes to 100% (system) and drags the computer to a crawl. Pulling the power plug resets it for a while.

I have not found any root kits or the like.

I am wondering if this is one of M$'s endless full rebuild updates?

Any words of wisdom?


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The last couple of days my pc's hard drive has been turning/running without any stop as long as the machine is on. I have not insatlled any new software or hardware in a long time.

I've run the following scans:
1) TrendMicro's HouseCall (online) which didn't come up with anything.
2) SpyBot: nothing
3) Ewido anti-malware: nothing
4) Microsoft's malware program: nothing
5) Microsoft's virus scan (using OneCare Live Beta)
6) Ad-Aware: found 1 Tracking cookie (a data miner, IECache Entry)
7) Windows Defender is running all the time
8) I've deleted all cookies, emptied temp files and IE temp files
9) I've performed disk clean-up using Windows disk clean
10) Did disk defrag last Wednesday
11) Performed Norton on-line virus scan: nothing
12) Performed Norton on-line security scan: nothing

Any idea what else I can try?

I have Windows Desktop Search installed, but even when I stop it from running, my hard disk continues to run so I don't think this is the issue.


Answer:Hard drive always running - high CPU usage

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Hiya All.Does anyone know why my "C" partition should show a much higher usage than expected.Right click on Properties on C shows a size of 4.3gb, but when you property each individual folder within the drive you only get 2.0g.System Restore is turned off as soon as I re-install the op sys.Are there hidden files on the drive being created some where...?I have show all files in the tools option switched on.Am I missing the plot somehow or the other.Many Thanks for any Help.

Answer:C Hard drive showing high usage.

click here

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Answer:Cpu usage 100% with external firewire hard drive

Hi, I've got a problem with an external firewire hard drive (a Lacie d2 drive). When I try to access the drive in explorer (just browsing through the files and directories) the cpu usage rockets to 100%. Shortly after that explorer freezes, and cpu usage goes back to normal when explorer is shut down. Needless to say that the external drive is pretty much useless for the time being. I reinstalled the OS and the necessary drivers but the problem persists.The computer is a recent one with Win XP as OS. The motherboard only has USB 1.1 support so I bought a firewire-USB2.0 combo card. I just can't get the Lacie drive to work on that computer. The same external hard drive does work normally on another computer (also Win XP as OS, but with a firewire expansion card).If anyone could identify what the problem is, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Hello all :)
Our son recently bought me a new computer, a Dell XPS 8920.  Though I've read about and watched some YouTube vieos, and not being a computer guru, I'm having a difficult time understanding how to set up the OS (C) & D Drive.  I realize you cannot download a ton of programs onto the OS (C) and have to revert to the D Drive.  Especially if one uses a lot of photoshop programs like I do.  I believe I understand you can set up a Folder on the C Drive that will direct to a specific program on the D Drive but, I'll be darned if I can figure out the process?
Anyway, is there a book, something online, I can download so as to understand how this Drive system differs from the standard C Drive when it comes to downloading multiple programs?  What I have found is short on details and seems to presume one knows a lot about computers...which I do not.  I wish the new PC had come with a users manual of some kind.  So, any help will be greatly appreciated so I can finally start using this XPS properly.

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering where all my hard drive space has gone today, and I wondered if a program that could show you what was on the hard drive existed. Kind of like a pie chart of your hard drive - each segment belonging to different categories.
Does something like this exist? It would be great to know where all the space has gone so I can delete some rubbish.

Answer:Program to show you hard drive usage?

Take a look here: SequoiaView

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Hello all,

I couldn't determine whether this is being caused by the OS or the Hardware, but here goes. I recently decided my HD was due a reformatting. I transferred files my clean (virus-scanned) files onto an external HD and back again after reinstalling Windows XP (SP2).
Reinstalled the most crucial drivers first, and whilst reinstalling various applications, I saw a small notification pop-up in the bottom right informing me that my C drive is running low on storage, then again soon after informing me it's critically low.

Bringing up the properties of my C drive displays the following:

Bringing up the properties of the contents of the C drive (including hidden and protected operating system files/folders) displays the following:
I also opened up disk defragmenter to see if that had anything to say which might help, and though it reports the same inaccurate usage for C, in the top pane, the graphical chart seen at the bottom would indicate that around 50% of C Drive space is unused:
I've never encountered anything like this before and really have no idea how to further analyse the problem; any suggestions apprechiated, thanks.

Answer:Incorrect Hard Drive Usage Being Reported.

What files?

Was it just data files or all of the files on the old supposedly clean drive like Windows, program, and data files?

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Here's what I am working on.

Dell: P-233 Latitude Laptop

Here's what I have done:

I got this computer used. I formatted the hard drive first, then I went into FDISK.
I noticed that when I hit Diplay info it shows this:

Partition: C:
Status: A
Type: Pri DOS
Mbytes: 2047
Usage: 66%

What Im concerned about is why does it show 66% usage? Does this mean it is only using 66% of the Hard drive? And if so how do I set it to get 100%?
When I set the percentage to l00 I notice it will still say only 66%...


Also: What WIN operating system in your opinion would work best with this computer being only a P233? I see it says it was built for WIN95/NT....

thanks again

Answer:Dell P-233 Laptop - Hard Drive Usage says only 66% - Need Help!

Sounds like you used an old version of FDISK or you did not enable large disk support when it asked in FDISK. Windows 95 at first only support a 2 Gig partition. Later versions support bigger partitions. What Windows are you using? If 95 you will have to just create an extended partition and format it. If Windows 98 you must use the windows 98 Fdisk to delete and create a new partition and don't forget to enable large disk support.

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Hi all,

My vista box is getting a little slow from time. Like everything freezes on the computer, and then I have to wait a little bit and it comes back. Often this happens when firefox has been used for a while. I'm not sure if this is firefox's entire fault, so I was wondering what free program is out there that I can use to monitor what application is accessing the disk. I tried googling but just found a bunch of hard drive monitoring (temperature, fail rate, etc.) programs.



Answer:application hard drive usage program

You should be able to use the resource monitor built into Windows to see what programs are writing to disk.

Third party utilities are available as well, such as ProcessMonitor and FileMonitor.

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So I have performed a complete wipe of the laptop, formatted it, did a clean install of Vista Business. Installed all the drivers, added all the hotfixes, Windows Updates, etc. I then stopped all non-essential startup items, so that only these startup: Services:AD Monitor [fingeprint related service]AuthenTec Fingerprint Service [fingeprint related service]Data Transfer Service [fingeprint related service]ThinkPad PM ServicesInstallDriver Table ManagerOn Screen Display Applications:TPHOTKEYTpShocks Why is it, my hard drive accessing light constantly blinks. I've left my computer on for a few hours, come back, and it still blinks once a second. Why is the hard drive being accessed so much? Is it a specific driver? I could only assume that's got to be some wear on the ball bearings, I never had this problem with my T60.

_______________________________________________________T400 6474-11U, Vista Business 32-bit, Core2 Duo P8400, 4GB DDR3, 160GB HD

Answer:[T400] Constant Hard Drive Light Usage

Hi number65, I could only assume that's got to be some wear on the ball bearings:-) Most hard drives have now switched to fluid bearings for the disk spindle. I don't know what sort of bearing the actuator head pivot has, I assume simple sleeve bearing? In any case, the hard drive activity is unlikely to prematurely wear out your drive. Unless you're noticing user interface slowness or battery drain or bothersome noise caused by the hard drive activity, you can safely ignore it. On the other hand, if you want to track down what's causing the hard drive accesses, some of the tools from Sysinternals may help. In particular:AutorunsProcess ExplorerProcess Monitor   

---------Results of Your Ideal Business-Class Laptop survey, concluded 2009-07-29.Did someone help you?Say thanks! with a kudo.Even better: Pay it forward, help someone else.

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My laptop is running slow and the battery drains too fast, and the hard drive just starts going constantly sometimes; it's half-full (out of 320GB), I've already cleaned up, defragmented, run virus scans with various anti-virus products, and something is just dragging it down. I can't tell if the hard drive is dying or a bunch of programs are sucking up resources (like anti-virus).

I only know how to use Task Manager, and I'm not seeing how to track usage over a day or so.

Is there something I can use? What would be the best and what are some other good ones?

(Note: I've used Process Explorer but I'm not getting much more valuable information out of it)

Answer:Program to track CPU/RAM/hard drive usage over time?

Well you could take a look at ProcessLasso

You'd need to configure it not to restrain some processes though.

Here's a couple of screenshots.

The most often restrained processes:

Some features are not available in the free version like this for instance:

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Hi there,

I am having a problem with explorer.exe. When I click on certain folders in My Documents, the CPU Usage rockets and it takes ages for the next page to materialise. This is most frequently happening when navigating around my External HD, which for reference is a 320GB Seagate FreeAgent Desktop USB. I have defragmented the C: an D: drives of my computer, despite the fact that the analysis reveals that I don't need to. I have run Spybot S&D, which says that I have nothing malicious to worry about on my computer. Finally, even though I have disconnected my external HD, the slowness has spread to my main hard drives.

I would very much like to know what is going on, and hope that someone might be able to help me. I have attached my HijackThis log file.

Kind regards,

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It seems no matter what i am trying to do, computer always uses hard drive. I have Internet Explorer 8.0 open with 4-5 tabs and everytime i switch tabs it takes at least 30 seconds to switch and all this time hard drive is loading. Or for example i opened tab with YouTube video fully loaded and paused it. After a while i return to it to resume playing and then this loading starts. And this does not happen with Internet Explorer only. It seems computer does not use memory or maybe 1Gb is not enough? What is strange is that when application is loaded, it responds well for some time but later as time passes it starts to load slow and computer seems to use hard drive a lot.Please take a look at my Task Manager below:What do you find strange here? Is it too many handles? Maybe Page File is too high?Here is a screenshot of processes running sorted from processes taking most memory to least:Laptop Specs:Intel Centrino Duo T2400 1.83Ghz1Gb Ram80Gb Hard DriveGeForce Go7400

Answer:Slow Performance And Frequent Hard Drive Usage

Sort the processes tab in task manager on the cpu column and see if some process is spiking. If not, try a clean boot and work backwards (Open msconfig and on the General tab choose "selective startup" (disable everything from loading) and reboot. Does the problem still occur? If not, start adding items back to msconfig one or two at a time, rebooting after each change, until the problem reappears and you'll have identified the offending process. This is clearly a time consuming process, but it is the best way to determine if some process loading with the system is the cause of your problem.)

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I have recently purchased and installed a new hard drive. It is a WD Caviar 16MB cache SATA 2 7200rmp 250 GB. (running as SATA 1 because mother board only supports SATA 1). I have noticed that it is horribly slow when the drive is being written to, also the processor usage spikes to 80-100% during the writing. I have concluded it's just during the writing because the computer boots fast and seems just fine when reading from the drive.

I have Windows XP installed, and running the latest updates. The driver for the the HD is a Windows SCSI driver. I have looked on the WD website for their driver, but have not had any success finding it. The only software that came in the retail box is the WD Data Lifeguard application, but it doesn't have an option for installing drivers.

I've read some posts about DMA and PIO settings, but I'm not sure if that only applies to IDE drives.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Answer:Processor usage very high when writing to hard drive

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I have the same problem. Disk C: properties show 108 GB are used but Treesize for example shows only about 84 GB are used.

Attached are two files that may help and the 3rd is coming soon.

Thanks for any help,


Answer:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Hard Drive Space Usage

And here is the 3rd file.

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Hello. I've got a very strange problem on my hands here. I recently upgraded my case and to go with my new case I got a SATA Sony DRU-190S DVD-writer to replace my IDE writer. After completing the transfer to my new case I noticed that my hard drive light was flickering every second. It was pretty noticable as the Antec 900 HD light is very bright.Upon investigating further I noticed that lsass.exe and csrss.exe were constantly producing many I/O reads and writes to the hard drive. After googling lsass.exe and csrss.exe I discovered that these two processes have caused other Windows users to experience the same problem, but every cause seems different e.g. A virus, CPU utilization issue, corrupt profile etc. and I couldn't find one that matched mine.I managed to find a thread that mentioned a Microsoft service called Terminal Service, which I disabled, and that seemed to tame lsass.exe. The problem is csrss.exe remains and is reading the hard drive many times an hour causing the hard drive to flicker every second.I found a thread that told me to use Disk Monitor and Process Monitor together to try and capture what exactly is accessing the hard drive. Unfortunately I couldn't get Process Monitor to work it just came up with an error 'unable to allocate memory with a block size 4000', I tried googling that error but found nothing that could fix Process Monitor. I tried using filemon and process explorer, but its not really giving me the information that... Read more

Answer:lsass.exe and csrss.exe causing constant hard drive usage

Quote from: Man_With_Beard on July 12, 2008, 05:08:33 AMHello. I've got a very strange problem on my hands here. I recently upgraded my case and to go with my new case I got a SATA Sony DRU-190S DVD-writer to replace my IDE writer. After completing the transfer to my new case I noticed that my hard drive light was flickering every second. It was pretty noticable as the Antec 900 HD light is very bright.Did you have this problem in your 'old case?'I'm a literal reader! Does this mean that the only hardware change was the external case and the Sony DVD, i.e., you put the old motherboard, video, harddrive, etc, into the new case? What about power supply?Is this computer on a network?Does the computer exhibit any 'problems' - slowness, etc.Have you tried to create a new user profile per the MS article that you referenced? ( you verified that the only copies of the two files are in C:\Windows\System32?The more info that we have the better chance of finding a solution.

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My computer normally sat idle with 2% of the CPU being used. For some time now, the computer sounds like the hard drive is racing, and the CPU is being used 50% of the time.

I'm attaching a screen shot.

I think I understand that if the system idle program were at a high value, that would mean exactly that, the system was idle for most of the time.

The System is showing about 50 on the CPU tab (mem usage is 36k)
The System Ide Process is showing about 50 on the CPU tab (mem usage is 28K)
At the bottom of the Windows Task Manager it states the CPU Usage is 50%, with 55 processes running.

Answer:Hard Drive Racing - CPU at 50 percent usage when no applications are running

Also cannot get my computer to shut down it just hangs, so I have to unplug it to get it to shut down. (I"ve left it on all night to see if it would shut down, and it won't)

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So recently i have installed a new SSD into my Desktop computer. All Hard Drives are working fine.

However one SSD doesn't display the disk usage in "This Computer". I was wondering why and also how can i fix this please?

I have attached a screen shot to show what i mean.

I have already tried the following.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated please.

Answer:Disk space usage bar in My Computer is missing (Only One Hard Drive)

Originally Posted by FatCake


So recently i have installed a new SSD into my Desktop computer. All Hard Drives are working fine.

However one SSD doesn't display the disk usage in "This Computer". I was wondering why and also how can i fix this please?

I have attached a screen shot to show what i mean.

I have already tried the following.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated please.

Shorten the name of the drive.

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Hey guys, I am running Vista on an AMD Phenom X4 9150e with 4gb ram. My hard drive is constantly running and chugging away pretty good too, reading rather than writing i believe. My cpu and memory usage are quite high and my system is running relatively slow for doing simple things like opening a browser. I have attached a screenshot of the system resource monitor with basically nothing running but hijack this and a browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have run scans with malware bytes and adaware, as well as AVG which all come up clean.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:14:54 AM, on 10/11/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18813)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProShellHlp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start P... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive Constantly Running, High resource usage


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Hey there, so I've just been looking at my old desktop PC and i was looking into the system restore settings and seen that 12% of disc space is reserved for restore points. i've changed this 10% now as the PC barely gets any use anyway, will that be ok? (Equates to about 10GB)
I also noticed that my 2nd hard drive was enabled for system restore... However, this drive only has media on it, no programs, no operating system nothing, just music files.  Now my question is, can i use this drive for system restore points even though the OS is not installed on it? The Reason I ask is because i have a lot more free space on this drive...  If not, should I just go ahead and disable monitoring on that drive?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:System restore disk space usage and using on a 2nd hard drive?

First of all yes, 10% is fine. Second, system restore keeps it's files in a hidden folder named "System Volume Information", and there is one of those folders on each drive on which System Restore is enabled. Last, the system restore points for any given drive MUST be stored on that drive.
Personally, I'd suggest disabling system restore completely and using disc imaging software instead.

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I'm working on an Acer Power FV that has been shutting off "randomly". Ive stress tested the CPU, and GPU, and tested the RAM in Windows. I tested those components at the same time, multiple times, and it only powered off once. I also scanned the RAM with a bootable utility without any problem. But the system has powered off every time I have scanned for viruses with various softwares. It also powered off immediately when I "logged in" using the recovery console on the CD and another time when I was scanning for bad sectors with the CD. I scanned the drive in a different computer with Symantec and was reported as clean. I'm hoping its the power supply. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Note: I will be away from the Acer until monday.

Answer:Solved: System powers off in relation to hard drive usage

A test for the power supply would be to swap in a known good power supply. If the problem is still present then it is likely not the power supply. Though I do suspect the power supply as Acer is not known for using high quality power supplies in thier systems.

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I'm amateur pc user. Been trying fix problems all week. Changed power box due to over heating, used AVG & Superantispyware. Keeps asking to reboot and choose boot device, and several hints of mysterious behavior inside machine. Feels like something is eating it (paranoid spirituality). Anyone know what's going on. Please be gentle with me;Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 14:43:58, on 30/04/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18904)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AASP\1.00.61\aaCenter.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Kontiki\KHost.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\Sup_SmartRAM.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\DT Utilities\DT Utilities PC Backup Pro\mgCtrl.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\EntriqMediaTray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\\EntriqMediaServer.exeC:\Windows\Integrator.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR0 - HKCU\Software\Micr... Read more

Answer:Unknown problem,system restore&recycle bin&2nd hard drive vanished, 2nd hard drive

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I have two questions. I bought a dell 7567 gaming for 3 days ago but the laptop become very slow when I run programs like uTorrent and during the installing of a game. When I look the disk on task manager it shows 100 procent or a high number like 99 (its not always such high disk procent just when I run a program t ex uTorrent and any program like this even internet explorer). And my question:
My hard disk is sshd 1Tbyte. My laptop become slow because my hard disk is sshd and not ssd? It will be help if I combine my sshd with a ssd hard drive?( I mean buy a ssd and use bouth ssd and sshd)
My system spec:
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming Laptop, Intel i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.8GHz), 8GB DDR4 Memory, 1TB SSHD Hybrid Hard Drive w/8gb , 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2, NVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti w/ 4GB GDDR5
Thank you for your time

Answer:Can I decrease disk usage with buying a ssd hard drive and combine with my sshd?

Hi parham62,
Thanks for posting.Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.  Downloading programs from torrent sites can be very dangerous, and can introduce viruses into your machine.  These viruses can exhibit issues like you are experiencing.  Here is some information from another Forum user who was able to resolve their issue:

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I want to delay Startup Programs & Control the order of Startup Programs in Windows. Are all those startup programs necessary? When I load Windows, I feel it takes the eternity before I can actually get to open any program. The reason is of course the n number of startup programs that Windows tries to load before presenting you with a usable desktop. You can check out startup programs by typing msconfig in the Run dialog box (WinKey + R). And often, you would notice programs that you don't really need: Google Updater, igfxtray, hotkeycmd and all those unwanted processes. Delay Startup Programs
In my case, I remove most of the unwanted programs. Just to make sure that removing a program will not affect your operating system, copy the process name and google it. If it says the program is essential for functioning of Windows, keep it else remove it using MSCONFIG.
Better still, use WinPatrol from It lets you check for a processes by right clicking on it. The free version is enough to maintain your startup programs. It also allows for delaying programs without having to edit the Windows registry. Right click on a process and select move to delayed programs. In the delayed programs tab, click on delay options and select the time by which you wish to delay the startup item. It is that simple.
Normally, all the updaters go to the delayed programs list in my case: Javaupdate, Java scheduler; dotnet update; google update (better remove this one completely). I a... Read more

Answer:Delay Startup Programs or Control order of Startup Programs in Windows

WinPatrol is great, but do remember that it has be set to start with Windows, for the startup delays to work. If you just move some startups to the Delayed List and exit WinPatrol and NOT set it to run at boot-time, it wont do.
You can delay Services starting up too via Services.msc. Use the Automatic (Delayed Start) option.
Having a batch file placed in the startup folders with the delay parameters is another option.
Apart from WinPatrol, there are 3 other freeware I know of, that can help delaying startups. Read Set Delay time for Startup programs in Windows 8 / 7. Startup Delayer Standard Edition : Startup Delayer gives you the power to optimize your Startup Process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer. By delaying the applications during start up, your computer becomes usable a lot faster. Startup Delayer will then start launching your delayed applications when your computer is more idle. LaunchLater: LaunchLater allows you to defer the launch of applications that run at Windows login. This lets Windows focus on booting itself first, then subsequently running a list of configured startup apps using a schedule that you control. Startup Helper lets you choose the order in which start up programs should load.

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Sony Vaio Z5250N
Windows XP Pro
service pack3
2.40 GHZ P8600
Intel core2 duo
3 GB Ram
IE 8

since about 2 weeks I experience many delays with opening programs.
i.e. when I open IE, it opens immediately but then it takes up to 30 seconds, until the hotmail tab becomes active for opening. the same for other website. they open immediately but remain inative for up to 45 seconds until I can click any links or scroll the site.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:17:44 AM, on 10/31/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Antivirus\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\ZCfgSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\WirelessCommon\iFrmewrk.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\ApMsgFwd.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Power Management\SPMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\iaanotif.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program ... Read more

Answer:delay in opening programs

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Having used 7 and 8.1 for a long time now, there's one annoying thing I've noticed and can't get rid of in 8.1. I was hoping I'm just overlooking something.

On 7, I had a bunch of startup programs. Immediately after logging in, Windows would just run through the list and start each process in a row as fast as possible, making them all appear in my systray like bullets from a machinegun. Startup was very satisfying to watch.

Now with 8.1, there seems to be a hardcoded delay between each program. Several seconds pass between each icon appearing in my systray despite each program only taking a fraction of a second to start and both CPU and the SSD being pretty much idle during this time.

I figured this is some sort of optimization for certain people who prefer to wait longer and be able to use their machine with max responsiveness while everything starts, but I prefer the approach of making all my programs start up at once and letting them take whatever they need to start as fast as possible, reactiveness immediately after login be damned. Is there a way to get this back?

Note: I'm not talking about Startupdelayinmsec in the registry, but the unexplained delay between each individual program that now seems to add up to multiple seconds per piece, whereas 7 would get all my programs started in less than a few seconds in total.

Answer:Delay between startup programs

Try this to see if it helps:
Startup Delay Time - Reduce in Windows 8

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First off, hello, thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can assist I would be eternally grateful.

My problem is that I have an XP Workbook I believe is the type of laptop it is, I can look over it to see what else I can gather if that'll help, and the computer itself takes about 5 to 12 minutes running any program I ask it to. For instance, when I start it up, my MSN Messenger is suppose to start up and up until about a week ago it was starting right after I logged in, but after I went to the Task Manager and ceased a program I thought was a user ran program such as Word, I've been having problems getting it to do anything. Now it opens the programs, but after I waited for about fifteen minutes for my iTunes to load up, I had to ((and am still waiting)) for a song to play. It says something about bluetooth program or something to that effect not being able to be found, but I've never really taken it into consideration. I'm using the house computer in order to write this, but if anyone can help or if you need additional information for clarification purposes please let me know. I just want to know if I've messed my computer up beyond repair and I have to scrap it and go back to saving money for a new one.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Answer:Delay In Running All Programs

When was the last time you reinstalled (or "recovered to factory defaults") the OS? I know my opinion is not popular but will state it anyhow--after about two or three years Windows XP needs to be installed fresh to clean out all the garbage that accumulates.

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Within the last few days, I have picked up a delay in all programs. Sometimes after a reboot it wont happen for awhile, but eventually it kicks in. The cursor will freeze, the pointer will freeze, usually no longer than 2 or 3 seconds. It happens within any program, from messengers to excel, word etc. I have run norton, adaware - you name it.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Freeze/Delay In All Programs - help?

open up task manager and click on the CPU column to list them high to low.

can you tell me/us the high ones and drop me a line

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There is a good strait 2min delay between time open a program and time it opens, could this be avast?

I have 4 gigs ram labtop with duel core 1.3mhz 500 gig HD

lots people either say its mother board or the HD.

I say I don't mind but it does bother me, i expect it to be faster... is avast slowing everything down? I have played around with the options on windows to speed it up and I can increase speed a bit but to me as long im not gaming (this is a cheaper labtop) I expect it to be quick...

I open a file and its a delay at least 30 secs. programs 1 -2min if it opens at all. I really want a test to explain issue. I be kinda mad if send it back to toshiba and wait a month to be told its not mother board or they don't cover it or blame it on me.... so I rather fix my self if I can.

should just try fresh install? Seems like anoyance.

Answer:delay in programs opening

If you watch a process monitor log while you wait for a program to open, what do you see happening?

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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

Answer:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.

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My computer crashed and I had another one with Vista instead of XP. I was able to put the old hard drive in the new computer as Drive G, and I can access the textfiles and pictures, but there are programs that I would like to use but they are integrated into the old XP OP on the old drive. How can I get to use those programs? 

Answer:How to use the programs on an old hard drive.

You can't. They would need to be reinstalled

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My old computer mother board went south but the hard drive is OK. My question is can i get the programs off the old drive and use them on the new computer? Both have XP OS.Thanks with any help

Answer:Programs on OLD hard drive

No.You cannot simply copy programs from 1 drive to another and expect them to work...This is by design.You could however hook up the drive as a slave drive in the new machine and retrieve your other important data...

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Hello everybody, I got my T400 (2767-2LG) recently and I decided to use Vista 64 (installed via Lenovo recovery disks) as I plan to upgrade to 4GB Ram soon. Everthing runs well so far except one thing: When I deactivate Aero to get the 'old' and 'usual' windows look & feel I observed that the whole desktop seems to be slower than with Aero. This I did not expect as I tried to tune Vista so that it gets 'faster' without all this stylish overhead. I tried to find out what the reason is => I observe high CPU usage when I move windows around on my desktop (pls find here a screenshot). CPU usage increases when I start moving a window. The process list shows that the back-ground process takes most of the CPU (pls find here the screenshot that shows the process list). The process that runs in the background is a 32-bit firefox. my config:   T400 with Lenovo 64-bit Vista   TFT connected via DVI (1600x1200), TFT connected via VGA (1280x1024) - both via dockingstation   same behaviour with just one screen connected   my T400 has a Radeon 3470 and an embedded Intel graphics adapter => same behaviour with both of them   newest drivers are installed  Has anybody seen this before?I am looking forward to any comments/ideas from you   best regards,Rainer   

Answer:T400: Vista64 without aero => high CPU usage + background update delay when windows are moved

Does CPU usage seem OK when you aren't moving windows? I'm running VB64 on my T400, and after the recent switchable graphics driver update, my CPU usage stays at around 50%.  It seems to be igfxsrvc.exe hogging the processor. A little googling tells me that it is because igfxpers.exe is calling it constantly. I shut off igfxpers.exe via msconfig->startup with no apparent ill efects, and got my CPU back.  I don't know what the unintended consequences might be. It doesn't sound quite like your situation, but I thought I would toss it out here for consideration. I sure wish Lenovo and Intel would stop distributing this half-baked software.  A friend just took delivery of two T400s on my recommendation, and _neither one_ can consistently connect with my wifi router - with which _my_ four ThinkPads are perfectly happy.  You have to wonder if they test this stuff... Z.

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I experience some odd delay when opening certain applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and Steam., They start, but with an extra delay.
For example if I fire up Firefox I'll notice disk activity for some seconds and then nothing for 60 secs. After 60 seconds it will resume loading and Firefox would start. The application responds fast after that.

I've tried to uninstall these applications completely and reinstall. I then started them without any addons or profiles that might make it run slow. But I still get these delays. The system is otherwise responsive.
The hardware is fine (I have checked) and I've also tried to completely uninstall my firewall/antivirus/security suite and check if that was the issue, but it wasn't.

As I said this only concerns these three applications (to my knowledge).
The OS, is Vista 64 Business.

I made a post on this forum, but the thread kind of died

Does anyone know a fix for this. it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Odd delay before programs start on Vista64

Hello bucketofbeef, welcome,Here is a tutorial that may assist you : Give it a read and see if it is of any help

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I apologize for the double post, I don't know what category to put this in, so I put it in the two I thought it should be in.

All of a sudden today, whenever I open up any program/application (firefox, control panel, documents) the actual window comes up pretty slowly. I don't know if it's a huge problem but it's pretty annoying. Before, if I were to open firefox, the client would open up automatically but now it slowly opens and kind of fades into the screen. I don't think my computer got slower all of a sudden, because it is working fine and it was perfect just yesterday. The same problem happens when I close a window, it slowly fades away instead of just instantly closing.

It's hard to explain but it's definitely annoying and any help on how to fix it would be appreciated. If you need more details I can do my best to add in more

Answer:Delay when opening programs on windows 7

Download Malware Bytes and get the updated definitions then run a quick scan. See what turns up in the way of viruses or trojans

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My computer has a constant delay opening programs for the first time. For example, I'll open Internet Explorer (or any program) and my computer will take 30 minutes to open it. While it's doing that, I can hear my computer "working" which sounds like a grinding noise. Programs on either my C or D drive do this, so it doesn't seem like a problem with my hard drive. I can't do anything (or very little) while it's opening something. Task Manager won't open, for example. I've done a spyware/virus check and there is nothing. It's not a slow computer. It has 1gig of RAM and more than 2.6Ghz. This didn't use to happen.

Any idea what to do?

Answer:Constant delay opening programs

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recently i started having a serious problem
whenever my computer starts up or changes users,
starting programs can take up to 20 minutes.
i connect to internet no problem
hit iexplorer icon - nothing
try and open task manager - nothing
etc. etc.
deskstop and start menu work fine
upto 20 minutes later, bang everything I clicked opens at once.

I would dearly appreciate any suggestions.

I run XP
1.4 intel processor
512 RAM
Norton 2004

Thanks in advance

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I have recently finished my new computer build, and it runs like a treat! The only issues I have is that at start-up, there is a delay before any program will open. My specs are below:
> AMD 8350 8 core @4GHz
> Gigabyte HD 7950 graphics card
> ASUS M5a99X Evo R2.0
> Western Digital Green 1tb Hard Drive
> 16GB 1866MHz RAM
> Windows 7 64-bit
> 880W PSU

At start-up, all the programs listed in the start-up folder and MSCONFIG utility all finish launching a few seconds after logging in. However, I am not able to run any program such and IE9/Firefox/Steam/Inventor Fusion until around 20/30 seconds have passed, and the widget will not come up until the 20/30 second period. IOf I am to 'spam' the IE9 shortucut 10 times, after the 20/30 second period, 10 IE9's will launch immediately. I am completely baffled, and am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this.

Answer:Delay in opening new programs at start-up

What anti-virus are you running and is it configured to scan programs at launch?

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After boot up. I find that Outlook Express and Mozilla Firefox take a long time to start. After a while all is well and they will start almost imediately. This applies to most of the Quick Launch icons.Any idead anyone?Windsor

Answer:Delay in loading programs after boot up

Could be caused by a badly fragmented drive and/or more than 80% full.Try Diskeeper Lite click here

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I have a small problem with startup.Everything looks OK(I mean,programs work,games run...)
2 days ago every program(after startup - like nod32,icq,internet..) was launched in less than 10sec. But from yesterday I have a serious slowdown with these programs.It boots skype and some,but IEmanager skype and !Nod starts after 3-4 mins.In that time I cant do anything with PC. I think I have some new prosecesse in "after win startup" that slow those and I think those new processes are infected, and those cause the slowdown.
Can someone help me?

Answer:delay for Boot programs and rebooting

Problem solved by reinstalling Java/nvidia drivers+physX/skype. But thanx anyway.

kind regards Sniper47

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The problem I am having is that when I first start a program there is about a 60 second delay. I see this every time I try to edit a text file using UltraEdit. The program starts to open and then just sits there. The hard drive LED stops being lit and when I check to see which Processes are running in the Task Manager the only thing I see is the System Idle Process at 99 but the CPU Usage is only like 2%. Once the file does open in the program everything does work just fine like there is no problem. The same happens with programs like Microsoft Excel.

I have deleted Temporary Internet Files and Browsing History etc. from within I.E.. I have Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition running on this computer. The PC is a IBM ThinkPad T42 notebook with XP SP2. I installed and ran Ad-Aware; no change. I did a Defrag. It just seems like there is some Malware that Symantec and Ad-Aware is not detecting. Thanks for your help.

DDS (Ver_09-05-14.01) - NTFSx86
Run by MBTech at 13:40:36.87 on Wed 05/27/2009
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.511.203 [GMT -5:00]

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Virtual Token\vtserver.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program... Read more

Answer:Long delay starting programs

I have tried running the Kapersky Online Scanner but I get this message:

You need to install Java version 1.5 or later to run Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0

When I try to update Java it says I have the latest version. Java 6 build 13.

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I am having a problem. I want to know if it is possible to put windows on my small USB seagate 120G hard drive. I want to put Auto Cad and Photoshop on it an use it at other computers that don't have that software. I don't have money for a laptop at the moment. Hopefully someone can help me. I am a complete ***** at things like this.

Answer:Using programs from an External Hard Drive

It may be possible, but I doubt it... have never seen it work reliably, although I have seen a lot of good techs try... maybe the latest Windows versions will work.

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Have got a second hard drive & want to install everything I have got on first computer onto this second hard drive, click herehope that works!)I have an original restore cd & floppy from computer 1, that wipes everything clean, so thought all I would have to do is insert & follow instructions for restore. When I did this I got as far as press ?y? to continue with restore, then gotError#96 the image you are attempting to restore is not valid on this machine.Can I overcome this? (will need very basic instructions!, I was intending to restore & install software at my leisure over days & weeks.)Have got the cd keys etc to install. Any help advice appreciated.march

Answer:help to install programs etc to 2nd hard drive

A little confusing :-) Do you have 2 computers? If you're not careful you will wipe your current hard drive and lose all your data.Assuming you want to fit a new hard drive in one computer as slave, you will have to set the jumpers.Once installed, and Windows can see it, you will have to format/partition the new drive.Then you can copy the old drive across.

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Here's a screen taken on my comp,performance shows that my hard drive is jumping. No idea what is causing it. It started happening when I formatted my Partition Drive then made it into Free Space. I undo it but the problem is still there.

Answer:My Hard Drive is loading every 1 second,but no programs are on?

Hi Lyceum

I'm not exactly clear on what you meant by "I formatted my Partition Drive then made it into Free Space". Did you mean to say that you reformatted a logical partition that had files on it, and that viewing it afterwards shows the partition as formatted (in NTFS or FAT32), and completely empty (100% free space)? . . . Or?

What tool(s) did you use to reformat? Partition Magic? Windows XP Disk Management?

The activity could be harmless activity such as the Windows XP Indexing Service (when it runs, it should show up in your processes list in Task Manager as "CISVC.exe" --- "Content Indexing Service"), or it could be malware-related. Did you reformat as part of a pest-removal?

Scan for malware as thoroughly as you can, just to be sure. Scan with as "thorough" or "high" settings as your antivirus and antispyware allow, and scan from both normal and Safe modes. Include rootkit scans, too ---

If you find evidence of a serious infection, try the 5-Step Security Checklist ---

Run Task Manager to check on your running processes, and then identify any you are uncertain of --- ---

If you want to see if it's the Indexing Service that is tripping things up, you can disable that fairly easily (you actually uninstall ... Read more

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What is the accepted way to remove programs which aren't listed in "add/remove", but a search will find it in C: in program files?
Dell Dimension 3000 desktop


Answer:removing programs from the hard drive

Take a look at the discussion that's going on in the question in the middle of this page. It's almost similar to your problem.

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I was wondering if anyone could let me know what DOD hard drive wipe program works the best? The only one I've heard of is [email protected]

Answer:Top DOD Hard Drive wipe programs?

I've always liked BCWipe:
But this isn't free; actually for the price of these things you are best to just purchase a new Hard drive. Unless you are doing multiple Hard drives

Either way, a guarantied wiped Hard drive is one that's been physically destroyed (imho)

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I recently bought a new PC with Win 7 Home Premium, 64bit installed (previously used Vista Home Premium 32bit).

I understand (as far as I'm aware), that 64bit apps should be installed into the ''Program Files'' folder on the root of drive C, and that 32bit apps should go into the ''Program Files (x86)'' folder.

I'd like to know whether there's a problem with installing programs onto a 2nd Hard Drive I've bought. I ask, because the owner of the PC shop claims I shouldn't do so unless I'm using an installation disc (as when playing games), to run the program.

I'd like to place a ''program Files'' folder on the second hard drive and install some 32bit programs into this, to save space on my primary C Drive. Are there going to be problems with this please?

I've searched this Forum (and asked Mr Google), for an answer to this particular question, but couldn't find anything. Hope it wasn't staring me in the face


Answer:Installing programs to 2nd Hard Drive.


That should be no problem at all. I'm not sure what the owner is referring to, but there should be no problems at all installing to a second hard drive. That is actually a popular idea.

You do not need to have them install in the Program Files folder. You can install them wherever you want.

Not all programs allow you to change where they will be installed, but most do.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,
I'm running Windows from my primary SSD drive, and also have all my programs running from there. It's down to 8GB free of 111GB but I have more things to install. Can I install and run them to my 2nd Hard Drive (a USB external) which I currently use only for storage? If not, what's the solution? Do I just need to buy a new, bigger capacity SSD to replace the current one? I hope not because that would be a pain in the a...

Answer:Installing programs on 2nd Hard Drive...

I'm not one of the experts here but I've done that and haven't had any significant issues.  I know there have to be some disadvantages doing that such as slower speed than the main SSD.  I would suggest putting portable programs and ones that aren't too complex in terms of needing to infiltrate separate parts of the operating system.  When you have a new program to install be sure to select "advanced" in the early stage of the installation then you may browse to the second hard drive. Be sure to keep all of the x86 or x64 files in the same folders otherwise it can get pretty scattered.
You can also easily re locate your default video, download, document and photo folders to an ouside (of the SSD) drive.  Go to the properties of the folder and select location at the top. Browse to the other area that you want it to be and click apply.  It will then strongly suggest to move all of the files at one time.  Thats what I do. It takes more time and work but it is possible to keep almost all files except the operating system itself off of the smaller SSD.  I'm sure there are people that can give you better details, but from a usuers standpoint. It works.  Good day, Rob

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