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Windows 10 not detecting an update

Question: Windows 10 not detecting an update

My Windows 10 won't detect windows 10 Build 14393.1613 (KB4034661) I have tried to restart and it still can't Detect it.
Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:

Any solutions?

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Preferred Solution: Windows 10 not detecting an update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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From august 2, I was continuously checking for anniversary update.. As my pc was turned on for automatic update download. But even though i cant able to see the update. Please help me.

Answer:Windows 10 anniversary update not detecting

Originally Posted by VINOD KUMAR CHINNAKOTLA From august 2, I was continuously checking for anniversary update.. As my pc was turned on for automatic update download. But even though i cant able to see the update. Please help me. the update is rolling out in phases, its no surprise that you haven't seen the update . In coming weeks you should get the update :)
or you can use this tool to force download the Anniversary update now.

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I encountered an issue that the windows update is detecting old updates (2014, 2016). It could not get the latest one (January) though the servers are being patched monthly (last patch is Dec 2017).

Before I encounter the issue, I performed a C drive clean-up and deleted large files under C:\windows\installer\$PatchCache$\Managed. Though last month, I also performed this but did not encounter any issue. The difference is, I did not remove all the large
files (100 MB) and on this month, I removed the remaining files.
I also removed old virus definitions on the server.
Can you please help me with this issue? How can the servers detect the latest windows update?
Your response is highly appreciated! Thanks!

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I just updated my windows to 8.1 two days back.since then,i am not able to find my wifi name in nearby networks. i even tried updating my network drivers,but it show its up to date.i also tried to create network mannually,but it didn't worked.
please reply as soon as possible.
my laptop product id is-hp pavilion 14-n009tu.

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after the last windows update the ideapad 500 is not detecting the external screen ,,even though I re-installed all the drivers of the AMD chip ,,,but of no use ,,I have restarted several times ,,but yet of no use ,,,

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I am having trouble with my windows installation after attempting to install windows 10 a second time on the same machine, but different partition.
I have used a bootable USB device with the windows 10 installation (created with the same machine and the same settings for OS).
After pressing F12 and selecting the USB as the boot device, i started the installation process and got to the stage where you select which drive / partition to install windows. But the list only contained the USB device i used to start the installation process, and the SSD did not appear when tried to refresh / reload drives (or unchecked the "hide incompatible drives" checkbox). 
After canceling the installation process, i was met with the following message when rebooting windows:
"Your PC/Device needs to be repaired.
The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.
File: \BCD
Error code: 0x0000034
You'll need to use recovery tools. If you dont have..."

Before the error occured:
I have tried many different things BEFORE i got to the step above where I was able to start the USB stick and consequently ended up with the error.
However when the error occured the BIOS was reset to factory settings and i was able to log in to windows (and listen to spotify for an hour or so) before i tried the install that gave the error:

I tried installing windows 10 with a stick created from another computer. That time I got to the installation process. But when... Read more

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I'm new to the boards so hullo to everyone.

Basically when I tried to install the Emsisoft Anti-Malware program I found out SP1 for Windows 7 hadn't installed (program would not install without this; obviously double-checked via control panel etc, and it indicated just Windows 7 was installed).

I have also checked for updates via Windows Update a couple of times after this to be sure, but wasn't detecting that SP1 wasn't installed.

Has anyone experienced this / know the most appropriate solution?

I understand you can manually download SP1, but after looking at the particular page on the Microsoft page, I'm not sure which of the options to select. I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

Many thanks in advance for any advice / suggestions...

Answer:Windows Update not detecting Windows 7 SP1

Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

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Hello Guys,
Please help me. I m from India and i own a nokia lumia 520 (currently in amber). i m trying to update to Black, but while i try to search for updates via wifi, it says phone is up to date. My phone is not detecting the latest OS.
Please help.
OS version: 8.0.10211.204
Firmware revision number: 1030.6409.1314.1002

Answer:Lumia 520 not detecting Black update

I'd recommend trying a soft reset -> hold volume down and power button until phone vibrates.
Another thing to try is Sysapp pusher - SysApp Pusher | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
To make sure all your system apps are up to date.
At the worst, you can always use a PC and Nokia software recovery tool to jump to Cyan. This will erase everything on your phone though.

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Hi guys,

I have recently uninstalled SQL Server 2008 from my computer. I even searched for leftover files and a bit of registery keys. Although, SQL Server Is still showing up in Microsoft Update. Is there any key/file I can remove for this to not show up again? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Answer:Microsoft Update keeps detecting SQL Server


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Just installed vista on my new board which is an PQ5-EM. I installed intels latest graphics drivers which enabled the areo effects. Problem is that when i update my score or refresh the rating which is grey after detecting new hardware it still stays grey and does not update the score? it still has new hardware detected after running the update my score option?

Any one have any ideas as to why it's doing this?

Answer:My vista score will not update? it's detecting new hardware after updating the score?

Try THIS it may help.

Also go to your bios and set PEG as the display type since your using onboard graphics.

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I recently upgraded my stationary computer with a bunch of new components, just harddisks remaining. Anyway, I bought 32GB RAM, might've been a bit overkill, but RAM is cheap these days. The motherboard support up to 64GB RAM and I'm running Windows 7 64bit. The RAM is 4*8GB, but in windows it only detects 8GB RAM. What can be the cause of this and how do I fix it?

Answer:Windows only detecting 8 og 32 - GB RAM.

try downloading cpuid or speccy and check how much the system detects and in what slot it is detected in, after that reboot and check the bios, report back

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I just finished rebuilding this comp for a friend and im trying to install windows and its not detecting the hard drive. I did the jumpers right, reconnected everything, switch with the cdrom(maybe work?? cord. I cant figure it out = (

Answer:Windows not detecting HDD

To confirm your computer is seeing the harddrive you need to check in bios (not Windows) if bios (cmos or setup) sees it, then it may be a driver issue (that F6 prompt when installing Windows)

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Can anyone tell me why in my BIOS my HDD and DVD rom are present as master and slave but when windows load up the dvd rom is no where to be seen. I just install a new MOBO and I need to load all the chipset drivers via my dvd rom but it cant detect my drive. Any ideas why this happends and what is the way around this? appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

Answer:windows 98 not detecting dvd rom

Are you using a blank hard drive or is it one with windows on it from a previous system?I am wondering if its the latter if that is somehow causing this.

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Hi everyone,
I'm not sure this is the right place to post this problem, but i believe it may be a driver problem. Please move this thread if it is in the wrong place.

Spec List:

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64CPU: Intel Core2Duo D6750Motherboard: Asus P5K-SE - latest BIOSRAM: Geil Ultra 4x1GB 4-4-4-12GPU: Raedon X-550HDD1: SATA WD Raptor 150GB (Primary)HDD2: IDE Seagate ST380011A 80GB (MISC/Torrent)

Problem: IDE HDD not being detected in Windows

A brief history of me and windows vista:
When Vista first came out, I obtained a Business/Enterprise Edition from work and decided to try it on my system. Unfortunately, like alot of people, i experienced quite a bit of problems, and the only reason why i went back to Windows XP Pro was because at the time Canon did not have a Vista driver/program for my laser multifunction centre.

So when the drivers/program did came out for vista (incl x64), I did no hesitate to format and install Vista Ultimate x64 on my system.

Problem #1(Solved):
First problem i encountered was that Vista did not detect my Pioneer DVD burner, and finally after some googling and registry tweaking, it was found that because i installed PowerISO that mucked up a few things. Smiliar problem happened to another user whom installed Daemon Tools. So that's solved *Phew* SOLVED

Everything was fine, except for one little thing that bugs me, in Vista for some reason, each time when i access the second HDD, it makes a click as if it was spun down, and was just... Read more

Answer:Not Detecting an IDE HDD in Windows

try a system restore to load a configuration that was working before, also reseat the drive, just in case a cable got loose.

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Hello, I'm new here. If this is posted in the wrong section, I apologize.

Today when i booted my computer, it said "windows has detected a decrease in memory" I turned off my computer, unplugged it, took out all 3 sticks of ram, put them back in...

Still, windows is only detecting 2gb of ram when I really have 3gb of ram.
Performance Index for ram went down from 5.9 to 5.5

Can someone tell me what to do so that windows recognized all 3gb of ram.

here's a a couple screen shots:


Answer:Windows 7 64 bit Only Detecting 2gb of ram?

It is giving this behavior, because likely, one of your memory sticks, or one of your memory slots has died. Swap them around to find out which it is, and then you can go about replacing that part. Hopefully, it will be one of the sticks, as that would be much simpler than replacing the mobo.

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My brother was trying to restore his friends laptop and during the process the power got disconnected and the C Drive got wiped--I believe.
I decided to fix it I would do a fresh install of Windows 7.

Everything was going great and I got the recovery disk to install, but my problem was the Hard drive wasn't showing up as unallocated disk space. The drive did show up, but not as any free space.

I tried to do some tutorials in diskpart to fix the drive, but to no avail.

Now, I can't even get windows, or BIOS to detect the drive.

The last diskpart command I did was to reformat it.

It wasn't the quick reformat, but the one that takes an extremely long time.

That's when I noticed it wasn't detecting anymore.
Here's some pics of what I'm seeing:

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting HDD

If the HD is not detected in BIOS then it likely is bad. You can try reinstalling it and check the contacts to see that it is correctly inserted, but if it won't register in BIOS then it's likely gone bad and needs replacing.

If you can get it to show up in BIOS then download and burn to CD the HD maker's HD Diagnostic using Windows Image Burner or ImgBurn then Boot to run the extended CD scan.

If this is OK then see if it will show up in Diskpart or installer now. If so, create a full Disk partition to run Disk Check from the DVD Command Line. Those two tests are needed to pass the HD as useable.

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Ofcourse got windows 7 bout last week with a new comp.
its an hp. forgot which kind but its the lower level one.
computer properties say
Intel Dual Core 2.6
an Ati video card.
bla bla bla.
So far i have liked windows 7 except for this problem.
I have windows 7 64 bit by the way.

I try installing my printer but i cant seem to.
it worked fine with my previos xp computer. it was an OLD gateway.

My printer is an HP PhotoSmart C4180
but Windows wont detect it.
I installed it manually before
Installed the drivers from the HP site.
And it wouldnt print.
Nor detect an MS DUO card when i inserted it in the Printer.

So i uninstalled the printer.

Now i try once again to install it manually.
And i go to the add a device screen.
And it doesnt detect it.
Powered on and everything. Just doesnt detect.
the add a device screen has now been searching forever without stopping.
Around an hour and doesnt find anything.
I tried switching usb cords but nothing happened.
Restarted the Printer Spooler Service. but nothing happened either.

Can somoeone please help me, and windows detect the printer.
And install it properly. Any help would be Appreciated it. Thank you.

Answer:Help Windows Not Detecting.

Hi lwd8ball, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Try this:
Uninstall all drivers for your printer you have installed
Disconnect the printer
Open Devices and Printers
Click Add a printer
Click Add a local printer
Click Next
Choose HP on the left pane and HP Photosmart C4100 series on the right

Click Next and follow the instructions. Do not connect the printer before you are told to do so
This should work.


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Hey, I'm having problems with getting my GPU to work with Windows 7, I'm dual booting with Windows XP x86 (32bit) and with XP it's working perfectly.

I've done a CPU-Z report and uploaded the details via my website, you can check out the specs here. I've done the majority of troubleshooting steps that I've found via google, MSN, general bulletin board lurking and so on, I've yet to find the answer.

I'm running Windows 7 x64.

CPU-Z report on Windows 7 x64.

The error I'm currently recieving.

I've tried getting the drivers via the Windows Update tool.

I've tried going through the Device Management and locating the "nv_disp.inf" file, but I couldn't do it via that way, only goes to the "English" folder and no further.

I've also tried doing the same as above except going to "show compatiable hardware" unticking that, then clicking "Nvidia", then locating the 9500GT from the list and then trying that way but it does not work either.

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting my GPU.

Forgive me for reviving this thread, but I really need some assistance

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Ok, so I was running Win 7 RC and it was great. Its on a dual boot hard drive with xp installed. Anyways, one day it wouldn't boot into Win 7, so I ran a scan with Win 7's memory diagnostic scan and it said I had some sort of hardware problem. I didn't think that was the case since Win XP boots fine. So I talked to a buddy of mine and he told me he had a similar issue and he resolved it by removing all his ram and putting 1 stick at a time back in, and everything was fine afterwards. So I tried the same thing. I have 4 sticks - 2x1GB and 2x512MB. After I tried this method, I all of the sudden lost 1 GB of RAM. What I noticed was it was a specific 2 slots on my motherboard that doesn't seem to be detecting them. I also noticed that my northbridge fan wasn't working. I just finished replacing that.

So far I have tried a few things. I checked to make sure that the ram was still working. All the sticks work fine. The motherboard has 2 green dimm slots and 2 purple, the purple are the ones that don't work. I took all my ram out and put a single stick into a purple lot, and the system wouldn't boot. The bios only detects the ram in the green slots, along with Windows, but CPU-Z detects all 3 GB and even tells me which ram stick is in what dimm. I attached some photos of the CPU-Z on the ram. I also ran the regular windows ram diagnostic test, and after 67 passes, no errors.

Also, after reseating the ram a few times, Win 7 boots fine now, but th... Read more

Answer:Windows not detecting all my ram

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I have two 4gb chips of RAM installed on my dell laptop. My bios as well and windows is only detecting 4gb of RAM.

I am positive both chips of RAM are functional.
My BIOS gives no option for memory remapping.
I do not have maximum memory checked under boot > advanced.

Please help.

Answer:Windows only detecting 4gb of RAM

Initially I was going to tell you that you may be running a 32-bit version of Windows and would need to upgrade to a 64-bit version to use all your RAM but after seeing that's not the issue here, I would suggest scanning your system on to make sure your memory is connected properly/compatible with your motherboard. Please reply with your scan results as well as your computer's specs.

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i have 6 gig dual channel ram installed, bios detects it but windows says i only have 3 gig under system properties. i have no problems in the device manager. whats wrong?

Answer:windows not detecting ram

Are you running a 64 bit system? If not Windows can't handle anything above about 3.2 GB RAM.

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Up until recently Windows explorer automatically detected an sd card when inserted in the card reader. However now it won't detect it. It does autmatically detect a USB drive inserted into the usb slot on the same hardware. I have ruled out a hardware issue by booting from other windows 7 drives on my machine and both times the sd card is detected by Windows explorer. I have tried checking the driver for the flash reader on the problematic hard drive and it says it is working properly. Is there a fix for this without reinstalling windows 7?

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I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop, and now the internet connection doesn't work. When I go into the Network and Sharing Center, there are only two options instead of the usual 3. They are " ISAACFOX-PC" and "Internet" and there is a line with a red X in between. The router is not located, although it is working on the desktop I am typing this on. Any suggestions? I am using a Netgear NVG150 router.

Thank you,

Answer:Windows 7 Not Detecting WiFi

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Hi all,
My Alienware Aurora has an ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card and my Windows 7 detects that. But if I view my system information, it only lists my DirectX version as 10! Is this normal?

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting Directx 11?

Does anyone know about this?

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I have an old Athlon xp 2800 running XP sp2. After expanding its memory I had some "blue screen" events... I did some "house keeping" and apparently everything is fine again.

However, Windows seems not to recognize any devices attached to the computer. This applies to printer, sound, USB ports and even the network card (despite I could make it work after the house keeping).

When I open the Device Manager, it shows a blank page, as if there were no hw devices on the computer. Also, I tried to force a hw detection but it simply does not work.

I ran chkdsk /f several times and nothing was found...

I am afraid some windows files got corrupted.

Can anyone help with this?

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Hey guys, im in a great deal of trouble here... I wanted to do a hdd wipe because I had trojans and other viruses... so i did a system wipe using a free program off the internet (probly my biggest mistake) anyway.
Heres my situation- I bought a Barricuda seagate 7200.10 250gig HDD the SATA version. I plugged it in and installed windows XP and everything worked fine. then i did the sytem wipe and now when i put the windows xp disk in, it wont find any HDD. nothing works


Answer:Windows XP install not detecting HDD !!!!

So what you're saying is that XP installation program doesn't see any disk to install itself on ? You haven't opened the case nor touched at the disk cables since you had XP working fine on it ?

What's the wipe program you used ? It might have wiped the manufacturer's disk settings.

Does the disk still show in the boot sequence and in bios ? Try to enter bios and use the hdd detect utility to redetect the drive.

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Hello,I am having a problem in my HP Pavilion laptop having windows 10 OS. If I eject any device connected to USB port and then try to connect it again, it doesn't detect it until I shut down my laptop and start it again. Restart also doesn't helps in this case, if I try to restart the laptop, it keeps on loading and loading and then ultimately I need to force shut down the laptop.Another problem that I am facing is I use Micromax netsetter for internet, and if I keep the PC in sleep mode while having that netsetter connected, it automatically restarts my laptop every now and then.Please help me to solve these problems.Thanks in advance !!

Answer:USB not detecting once ejected in windows 10

Hi @angel_anjali, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I have read about your issues with your HP Pavilion Notebook and USB support and Micromax Netsetter. The USB drives load after Windows loads. So this would cause a lag in starting. No USB cable should be connected at the start of Windows. Micromax netsetter support would be the best suited to answer your concerns with their product. I am not familiar with any settings for this.Thanks.   

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I have been given a "broken pc" which is a pentium 233 with 32mb ram and a 2gb hdd.I discovered the reason it was "broken" was that the grapgics card had come out of the pci slot and assumed that it had been manhandled or dropped, but when I fixed this, fdisk'd, formatted and installed an old win98 and now windows will not detect the mouse, but I can navigate windows with the keyboard.The mouse port is a serial one connected through to the motherboard with a thin ribbon cable connected to a 10 pin rectangular socket. I have checked all the cables are in ok.As I do not have a serial mouse I have connected a ps2 mouse through an adapter. Initially I thought that either the mouse or the adapter may also be faulty but I have changed both of them, and it still will not detect the mouse.I am now wondering if there is a motherboard or serial port fault and how to get around it.Could I fit a pci card to one of the spare slots with either a ps2 or serial connector for the mouse, and would I have to disable something in the bios or motherboard to enable this to be detected, or does anyone have any suggestions please.The only identification I can see on the motherboard is Winbond written on a couple of the chips. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:Help please - Windows not detecting mouse !!

Hi, Sounds like a driver problem to me.GO to and find the driver for your mouse,you may be able to install over the old driver,if not uninstall the old driver and then install the right driver from that site.Hope this helps.

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From what I know windows XP will only accept 3 gigs of ram, correct? Here is my problem, I have a total of 3 gigs of ram set up into my computer at the time. The BIOS is detecting 3 Gigs of ram but windows is only detecting 2.5 Gigs of ram. I have ran memory test with good success (did 40 or so passes)here are my specs:

(ALL Parts brand new)
AMD 3800 x2
3 Gigs of ram ( 2 x 1 Gig sticks & 2 x 512 Sticks) 4 Sticks total all kingston
x 2 Nvidia 6800 XT (SLI)
Plextor DVDRW
Generic DVD
SB Audigy 2 Sound Card
Western Digital 250 Gig HD (Using Sata 3)
and a good ole fashioned floppy drive

Answer:Windows only detecting 2.5/3 Gigs of ram

Anyone have any information?

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a friend has a computer and he thinks he may have a virus how can he scan the
computer to see if he has one and where can he download a free virus
protector from or is there one on the windows cd and what would i look for it
the windows cd has a virus protector the operating system is windows xp


Answer:detecting a virus windows xp

Welcome to Major Geeks!

To check the PC for malware, please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions. If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not.

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

If you want to know where to know about free tools, it is in another sticky thread posted in the forum:

How to Protect yourself from malware!

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I recently purchased a VersionTech EACH G2000 and I plugged it into my computer, but Windows does not recognize it in the playback nor recording devices. Help would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows not Detecting Headset

From what I see this has the two 3.5mm plugs and also a USB. I can't find out if the USB is just for the lights or if it is used for anything else in the headset. But, make sure you plug in everything.

As you have a Dell, and are you using the built in sound device? or have you added a separate sound card? If you added a separate sound card, you need to connect the front panel to the new sound card.

If you are using the built in sound device, try connecting the headset and mic to the rear connectors (Green and Pink) and see if it works there.

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i have eset nod32 antivirus 8 installed and working . but when i go to action center it tells me find an antivirus online !

* this is my work computer tha is different from the one i submit in this form

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I'm having problems with installing Windows XP Home edition to an old computer.

I'm getting a message: ?Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer?

The motherboard is old, Abit BE6-2. HD is 30GB IDE.

I tested the HD with Linux live CD, and it found no problems.
Linux install also seems to be going well (85% atm), however I'd like to get XP working.

Answer:Windows XP install not detecting HDD

Linux installed without problems. Why I can't install XP?

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Is it possible to somehow "hide" another operating system on my PC. I think an unauthorized user may have done this. My computer knowledge is limited so bear with me. I am currently using Windows XP Professional but have reason to believe NT is also installed. How can I figure this out and if it is installed, how do I uninstall NT?

Answer:Detecting and Uninstalling Windows NT

if u have windows xp look in your program files in your local disk c u will see a folder that says windows nt. its not hidden. its a component and a program thats part of windows xp pro and home versions. it cant be removed or deleted.its not in your add/remove programs.its not doing any harm to have it. and u only should have windows xp in your computer if thats what the computer originally came with.i can assure u no one put it there. its just there minding its own! dont worry about it.the only way u would even have the full version of windows nt is if you have partitioned your c and d drives. one for xp and one for nt which i seriously doubt. hope this answers your question.

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I just reinstalled windows XP after a crash (hal.dll missing, couldn't repair) and now my other two drives are missing....any ideas?

Answer:Just reinstalled windows, not detecting other 2 IDE HDD's.....

What type are the IDE drives? Did they come with seperate driver software on a disk?

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I'm told that Windows is supposed to be able to recognize if I have a non Microsoft firewall and anti-virus, yet my Home Premium 64 doesn't do this. I have turned off the Windows firewall and have had to turn off notifications telling me to turn it on again.

I use Webroot Secure Anywhere and System Mechanic. The latter does detect my Webroot anti-virus, but not the Webroot firewall. I wrote to System Mechanic and they say they are dependent on Windows detecting what other firewalls and anti-virus programs are installed but mine doesn't.

Is this normal behavior? I don't recall ever seeing whatever firewall I have installed, whatever make, apart from Microsoft's own.

Answer:Windows not detecting my Webroot

Let's see what "Security Check" shows:
Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here
Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt.
Please post the contents of that document.

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I am trying to install windows 7 on My new Lenovo Y50-70 but problem is that, after booting its HDD not detecting and not showing any partition even not there any space for create partition! Help me.
Mod comment: Picture with serial number removed for members protection.

Answer:HDD not detecting when Installing windows on Y50-70

Since the hdd is not detected by the bios, then it could be defective or has been disconnected physically. No matter what you do if it is not detected by the bios, you cannot achieved whatever is your objective.

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I recently just bought a new pc and I am having issues with using dual monitors. 
I have Windows 7 Home Premium and a AMD Radeon R7 260X 2GB graphics card. It is suppose to support up to 3 monitors at one time. It has a Display port, HDMI port, and two DVI ports (1 DVI-I Dual Link and 1 DVI-D Dual Link). 
I am using both DVI ports at the moment and I am using standard DVI-D Single Link cables as it shows they are compatible with both dual link DVI-D and DVI-I ports. I have a 22 in wide screen hanngs monitor and a smaller 19 in princeton monitor.
My two monitors are different sizes, but both have a DVI-I dual link port and both are set to use a digital signal. I used the AMD Driver Detector to get the newest drivers and updates to the Catalyst Control Center(CCC). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver a couple times with no success.
This is what the AMD Radeon R7 260X 2GB card looks like:,3253,l=320681&a=318900&po=2,00.asp 
When I start windows both screens display the windows starting screen. When I get to the blue splash screen the bigger monitor goes to sleep and says it doesn't detect any signal. My other monitor works just fine. I tried using windows and ccc to detect my second monitor, but neither could find it. 
I then tried booting into safe mode. When in safe mode CCC is not active and both monitors d... Read more

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ive recently upgraded my mobo, ram, and cpu, and used my existing parts for my pc and everything posts fine in the bios, but when i try to do a repair install of windows, it shows that it cant detect a hard drive. my hard drive is a seagate sata2 160gig that has windows already installed. i heard that disabling ahci in the bios would fix this but ive searched for awhile and cant find it. also, i tried to boot the driver cd that came with my mobo, but it wouldnt work. i dont have a floppy drive, so i dont know if that could be a problem as well. any help would be great.

my specs are

amd althon x2 5600+
2 gig wintec ddr2 800
biostar tforce 550 motherboard
msi 7600gt
thermaltake 430 watt power supply
seagate barracuda 7200.9 ST3160812AS 160 gig sata2 8 mb cache

Answer:windows setup not detecting hd

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Hi !
I just bought a 160ghz hd but my windowsXP seems to not detect the full capacity,it only detectes 130ghz.
I made a partition of 15ghz on it,and it says on the other part 114ghz left...I was told by a friend that it would do that but he dont know if theres a way to make windows read the missing is there a way?:beard:

Answer:Windows detecting HD capacity...

By ghz do you mean GB?

I do know that sometimes when companies say 80 gigabytes, they really mean 80 billion bytes and since there is 1024 bytes in a gigabyte it makes a difference. However, that only accounts for 10 missing gigabytes... weird.

What kind of hard drive is it? Do you have a link we can look at?

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I've just re-installed Windows 98 on my old computer after my 20GB Hard drive failed. However, installing 98 on my new 80GB Samsung hard drive left me at a dead end; it is only picking up 8 [or rather 7.95gb] of my hard drive. Any ideas why, and, any possible fixes?Thanks

Answer:Windows 98 only detecting 8GB on a 80GB HDD

and view partition information. It may not be set up correctly. Does bios correctly identify the drive? Using win98 suggestes an older machine to me. are you sure the MB can handle a drive that size?WTM

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This is what has happened: My sound drivers seem to work fine; My sound output through HDMI works. The only problem is that when I plug my speakers into the 1/8 inch audio jack or plug my headset into USB, Windows 7 does not show them as connected in the sounds dialogue box (the one you get when you right click on the speaker and go to playback devices).

The speakers work in other computers. At first, I thought it was the motherboard speaker connection until the USB headset stopped working. I expect that it is a Windows problem in it not detecting my speakers/headset whenever I plug them in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting speakers.

right click on the volume icon and click playback devices, then try setting your speakers as default with a right click, make default device.

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I got a new hard drive, and my bios detects it as a 160 GB drive but windows only detects it as a 127 GB drive. I have Windows XP Home SP1. I haven't upgraded to service pack 2 because my friend had it installed and he said it ate up a lot of memory.

Answer:Windows not detecting HDD past 127 GB

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I am having a problem in my HP Pavilion laptop. If I eject any device connected to USB port and then try to connect it again, it doesn't detect it until I shut down my laptop and start it again. Restart also doesn't helps in this case, if I try to restart the laptop, it keeps on loading and loading and then ultimately I need to force shut down the laptop.
Another problem that I am facing is I use Micromax netsetter for internet, and if I keep the PC in sleep mode while having that netsetter connected, it automatically restarts my laptop every now and then.

Please help me to solve these problems.
Thanks in advance !!

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My laptop runs Win 7 Home Premium, all patches. I had an LG 500G phone and was able to connect it via a USB cable and copy off pictures. I lost that phone and got another. Connected it, Windows went "boo-doop", and that's it... no new drive, nothing in Device Manager, nothing. I tried re-installing the latest drivers from LGs site. Nothing. How can I try to get it to see the memory in my phone again?

Answer:Windows mostly not detecting USB device

Do you have a memory card in the phone?

While the phone is connected,

You may have to go to settings and tools/ USB mass storage device/ enable.

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Every 2 minutes this popup shows up on the bottom right of my computer screen "WINDOWS HAS DETECTED SPYWARE INFECTION! IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE SPECIAL SPYWARE TOOLS TO PREVENT DATA LOSS.
. I recently just downloaded SPYBOT SEARCH AND DISTROY and i've fixed and deleted all the spyware that spybot has found and i am still getting this message from windows. Can anyone help me out with this horrible situation that i am in??

Answer:Windows detecting a spyware

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I have a dual monitor setup. I have 2 AOC e2252V monitors that would work fine on Windows 7. I have all updated drivers. I've checked the internet for multiple solutions but everyone's problem seemed to be that they didnt extend their displays. My problem is that both windows 10 and my graphics card are not detecting it. They are both connected to the DVI-D connections on my MSI R9 390 graphics card (installed with the latest drivers from 11/30/2015 on the MSI website.) One monitor is hooked up from VGA through a DVI-D adapter to connect to my graphics card. I assumed this wasn't the problem because I did the same thing on my previous card where it worked just fine. I checked to see if one of my DVI-D connections were faulty on the card, but my one monitor hooked up directly through a DVI-D cable (no adapter) works on both of them. If I hook up my TV through HDMI connection, it will detect my TV. I wonder if this is a problem with Windows 10, MSI R9 390, or the adapter. If anyone has a solution or advice, that would be greatly appreciated.
These are pictures of some of what I'm talking about. [1][2] This is a link to the adapter I am using. VGA from the monitor, connected to this adapter, into the graphics card.

Answer:Windows 10 not detecting 2nd monitor

Have you tried just one monitor using the adapter? That way if it works you have eliminated the adapter as the problem.

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Windows 8.1 on my main tower isn't detecting my second monitor. I have tested the monitor with 8.1 laptop and it works.

Answer:Help, windows 8.1 isn't detecting my second monitor.

Are the two monitors connected to the same video card? If the answer is no, check the bios and make sure the onboard video connection is enabled.

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haai friends.I am having an Ideapad Z580I just updated my windows 7 to windows 8 pro.I am facing three bluetooth device is not detecing.i tried all the drivers.But it is still undetected.2.automatic updates are not is showing error code.8024401C3.An USB 2.0-CRW not installed message. Can anybody provide any solutions??  

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I have a dual monitor setup. I have 2 AOC e2252V monitors that would work fine on Windows 7. I have all updated drivers. I've checked the internet for multiple solutions but everyone's problem seemed to be that they didnt extend their displays. My problem is that both windows 10 and my graphics card are not detecting it. They are both connected to the DVI-D connections on my MSI R9 390 graphics card (installed with the latest drivers from 11/30/2015 on the MSI website.) One monitor is hooked up from VGA through a DVI-D adapter to connect to my graphics card. I assumed this wasn't the problem because I did the same thing on my previous card where it worked just fine. I checked to see if one of my DVI-D connections were faulty on the card, but my one monitor hooked up directly through a DVI-D cable (no adapter) works on both of them. If I hook up my TV through HDMI connection, it will detect my TV. I wonder if this is a problem with Windows 10, MSI R9 390, or the adapter. If anyone has a solution or advice, that would be greatly appreciated.
These are pictures of some of what I'm talking about. [1][2] This is a link to the adapter I am using. VGA from the monitor, connected to this adapter, into the graphics card.

Answer:Windows 10 not detecting 2nd monitor

Have you tried just one monitor using the adapter? That way if it works you have eliminated the adapter as the problem.

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I've got a Lenovo X230 Tablet and the problem is these things come with a combined audio/microphone jack. So recently, I bought a combiner (one of these things: 3 5mm Earbud Headset Headphone Earphone Splitter FOR Tablet Phone MP3 MP4 | eBay) and although it doesn't specifically say its used for this purpose, I've used it at least 10 times and it has worked perfectly fine through Skype, Wavepad, etc. The microphone from headset worked, sound came into the headset, everything was perfect.

Now here's the problem. It suddenly stopped working.
I've plugged my headset into my mother's laptop (which has separate audio and microphone jacks) and confirmed that the headset is fine.
I plug the mic/audio from headset into combiner and into laptop as always but I only get audio. I've swapped them around and audio still comes in so I think the combiner should be fine too.
However, my microphone isn't detected. It was as simple as plug it all in before, but now I don't know what the problem is. I've updated my Realtek HD Audio Manager driver and restarted multiple times but nothing has changed.

This is what Windows shows.
I don't know what the top one is because I've never used 'Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio'. The bottom one that just says Microphone would be the built-in microphone which has terrible sound quality and might as well not be there.

Please help cause this is beyond inconvenient and annoying. Something that works fine suddenly... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Not Detecting Microphone

Have you tried to reinstall your Audio Driver?

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I have a new Lenovo AIO that came with Windows 10. From the start, it successfully detected a second monitor connected by HDMI. Yesterday I disconnected the second monitor in order to move to a new location. Now Windows is not detecting the second monitor. I've disconnected and re-connected the cable and re-booted but to no avail. In device manager it shows that I have the latest update for the display driver. Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 10 not detecting 2nd monitor but it did before.

Win key + P will bring up the projector (second monitor) options. Can you extend or duplicate displays there?

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i recently reinstalled win 7 on my laptop, and it come with error message:
windows havent deteceted any networkhardware.

the networkcards are called: Bluetooth unit (personal Area Network) and Bluetooth unit (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)
taken from the device manager

please help me i have to have the pc ready for monday

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Hi everyone,
I have windows 7 on core i5 laptop. my laptop is not detecting USB ( the memory device or the pen drive). when i go to the Devices and printers section the USB is categorised as unspecified. when i troubleshoot that icon it says that USB driver is not installed please advice what should i do

Answer:windows not detecting USB device

disconnect all USB devices

try uninstalling the USB hub and then rebooting and allow windows to re-detect and re-install

you may need to reboot twice

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I am having a problem in my HP Pavilion laptop. If I eject any device connected to USB port and then try to connect it again, it doesn't detect it until I shut down my laptop and start it again. Restart also doesn't helps in this case, if I try to restart the laptop, it keeps on loading and loading and then ultimately I need to force shut down the laptop.
Another problem that I am facing is I use Micromax netsetter for internet, and if I keep the PC in sleep mode while having that netsetter connected, it automatically restarts my laptop every now and then.

Please help me to solve these problems.
Thanks in advance !!

Answer:USB not detecting once ejected in windows 10

Hi, from a command prompt run
powercfg /devicequery wake_armed
-lists all currently configured devices that can wake your PC.

Look for your device, note the name.

Now run
powercfg /DEVICEDISABLEWAKE <your device name>
(Omit <>)

You may need to run this in an admin command prompt window.

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I'm trying to use a CD and it won't load. I go to My Computer and it doesn't show the D:\ drive. Please help!

Answer:Windows not detecting CD drive

When did the problem first appear? Have you added any new software lately?

When you enter BIOS setup (by pressing a key usually indicated on the screen when you boot), does the drive appear there?

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Hello all,

I recently formatted my computer due to it freezing up. I've currently got a 128GB SSD, and a 1TB (SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 ST1000DM005/HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -

I've installed the Motherboard Drivers, and the GFX card drivers. Not sure how I can get my second hard drive to show up in My Computer. I didn't reformat it or anything...I figured I'd be able to just format windows that was on my SSD(c drive) and I'd be able to keep everything on the 2nd drive.

In Device Manager I see both Hard Drives under the Hard Drive section....Any ideas?

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows not detecting 2nd HDD

If you go to Disk Management does the drive show up there?

If so see if reformatting the drive fixes the issue. Formatting the drive will delete anything on it!

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Dear All,,,

Pls help me my laptop of sony vaio (windows 7 ultimate 32 bit) .is not detecting hard disk / nexus mobile. With previous OS of windows 8,,it was working fine. M in no mansa land as my laptops hard disk is almost full and m nt able to download any big size files like full movie....
Pls assist urgently...My OS is up to date till yesterday...Pls let me know if any Drivers for the same can help me out.

[email protected]

Answer:USB Not detecting in Windows 7 ultimate

Hello and welcome vikas mate it is really hard without some system specs and just to get it clear in my mind did you say the hard drive previously had Windows 8 on it ? If so did you install over the top of the 8 or wipe and format the drive before you installed the Windows 7?

For the specs mate try running this Speccy - Download

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Every time I boot XP it comes up with a blank screen and says detecting... then loads windows XP start up screen. I have tried editiong the bios and setting XP to fast detect. But nothing makes it any faster?It is presumably searching for HDD's and how do I stop this from happening?Thnaks

Answer:Windows XP - Boot up - Detecting???

Are you on a network or have a network card fitted?

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I have a new HP laptop with pre-installed windows 10.  I am attempting to attach two additional monitors via USB with Diamond BVU3500 Multi-display adapters, however, I can't get the additional monitors detected via the windows 10 settings. 
Any thoughts??

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I have a new Lenovo AIO that came with Windows 10. From the start, it successfully detected a second monitor connected by HDMI. Yesterday I disconnected the second monitor in order to move to a new location. Now Windows is not detecting the second monitor. I've disconnected and re-connected the cable and re-booted but to no avail. In device manager it shows that I have the latest update for the display driver. Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 10 not detecting 2nd monitor but it did before.

Win key + P will bring up the projector (second monitor) options. Can you extend or duplicate displays there?

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Hi there!

I've been using a dual monitor setup for a few weeks now and it's being going great. I decided that I was going to move my PC and monitors into a different room so I moved it all through but now my second monitor isn't being detected.

Monitor #1 is plugged in to my PC using a VGA cable with a VGA-DVI adapter on the end (because my graphics card only has DVI outputs). Monitor #2 is plugged in using a standard DVI-DVI cable.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but Windows simply won't pick up Monitor #2 anymore since my computer has been moved.

Does anyone know why this and if there's any way to fix it?


Answer:Windows 7 not detecting my second monitor

Do you have proof that 2nd one is even receiving power at this point? [starting at the obvious, apologies]

....and it's not plugged directly into a master switch outlet [connected to a switch on the wall] that is in off, position or verified that the outlet it went into is working.

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Specs: MOBO: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UDH2 Rev. 1.0 (AMD SATA)
BIOS Rev: F8
HDD Plugged in to SATA2_0
First off, I've read several post reporting the same thing and have tried to take the advice given in each. My question doesn't come from a laziness in research but not getting anywhere with previous suggestions.

I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate on a system I've had for a couple years that has previously had several OS's install on it (I use this system as a test bench), including Win7 Ultimate but this time the Win7 installer will not recognize the HDD. I've tried putting the HDD in another system and removing all partitions (with and without creating new partitions and formatting), tried changing BIOS settings from AHCI to IDE, tried loading drivers while installing Win7. I've tried using DISKPART and yes, it recognizes the drive. I've cleaned using both "CLEAN" and "CLEAN ALL". I've tried partitioning and formatting via DISKPART (and also just performing the CLEAN without partitioning and formatting) yet Win7 install will still not recognize the drive.

What's frustrating is that I had Win7 installed (using the same sourse for installation) as recent as last week before wiping it clean to put Win8.1 on this thing to do some testing.

Any help and/or suggestions?

Answer:New Windows 7 Install Not Detecting HDD

Wow. Can't believe I forgot this BUT on this particular MOBO you need to have the bootable USB stick plugged in to SPECIFIC USB ports (KB_MS_USB Ports) ONLY. Problem solved. Working now.

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Hi guys,

i have 2x2gb corsair make ram sticks installed on my 64bit windows pc

but since yesterday windows is only detecting 2gbs of ram, while the bios and sw like rammon detect 4gb installed

have tried resetting bios by jumpers but sometimes windows says 2gb, 2.96gb usable and sometimes detects full 4gb ram!!!!!

Answer:64 bit windows is detecting only 2gb of the 4gb ram installed

Abu mate might be worth running a memtest - takes a long time RAM - Test with Memtest86+

you will need to make a bootable disk and set the BIOS to boot from the optical and let the test run for at least 8 passes unless it finds errors very quickly.

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If I open windows explorer, the cd-rom drive doesn't even show up anymore. I went into device manager and it doesn't even show up anywhere. This is on my laptop and I haven't even used the drive that much, so I don't think it could have went bad.

Is there any programs or anything that can help me detect the cd drive?
Why would it just one day not work?

I tried a system restore, but that didn't work.
I even did a complete restore of the laptop using the system recovery disk.

Nothing worked.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Windows XP not detecting my CD-ROM all of a sudden?

Can you open tray and do you have light blinked.? you should check your device connection on laptop. Also download everest software and run for laptop hardware information .
go to Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET than search for everest

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I am using an Edimax EW-7711ULC which at first would not even show in the Adapters list, followed this KB provided by Edimax support, the device now shows in the Adapter list, is detected by Device Manager. I installed their Windows 10 beta drivers, still no luck in detecting my 5Ghz network. It was working fine in 8.1, I upgraded to 10 a few days later.
Unsure if it's the beta driver that's the issue or the OS, since I had to run the below to get the adapter viewable, that makes me suspicious there's something missing or corrupt with the OS install. It seems to me, if Device Manager can see the adapter, it should detect a network, but none are showing.
1. Go to the Search box, type in cmd and you will see cmd showing up in the search list. Right click on cmd in the list, then left click on Run as administrator
You will get into a black command prompt window.
Type it this command.
netsh int ip reset
Hit Enter key.
Then type it this command.
netsh winsock reset
Hit Enter key.
These two commands are from Microsoft.

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How do I get Windows 7SP1 to detect updates for Office 2007?

In the update settings, I only have two checkbox options.

I look at another Windows install and they have four checkboxes, one of which says something like "include updates for other Microsoft products".

I have tried the following:

1. Downloaded the latest windows update agent.
2. Change some registry setting for Office from 1 to 0 to get it to show "Microsoft Update" opt-in screen when you start an Office program.

None of that worked.

(Btw, this is happening inside a virtual machine. Could this be the problem, windows doesn't update Office inside a VM?!?!?)

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting Office updates

The VM shouldn't have anything to do with your problem.

Probably the thing to do is to reset Windows Update to default, and work from there.
How do I reset Windows Update components? (don't pick the fixit from the popover window!)

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Hi everyone,
I have windows 7 on core i5 laptop. my laptop is not detecting USB ( the memory device or the pen drive). when i go to the Devices and printers section the USB is categorised as unspecified. when i troubleshoot that icon it says that USB driver is not installed please advice what should i do

Answer:windows 7 not detecting USB (the memory device)

one thing that I would like to add is that I often connect my cellphone as mass storage device. my laptop is detecting it as usual. however there are problems with USB

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I have been trying to install windows XP Pro on my laptop, but the installation keeps prompting this message: hard disk not found, please check if the disk is correctly connected and powered.

I have been trying out Ubuntu (linux), and had to create a ext3 and a swap partition. Any idea why this is happening.

And when i use windows 98 second edition, the fdisk utility does not detect the full capacity. Plus, when i format or scandisk it cant fix all the errors. PLEASE HELP.

Answer:Windows Installation Not detecting my harddisk

hi friend,
its not only ur problem, i bought a new compaq presario v 6000, i am trying to install win XP sp2, its showing this same message: hard disk not found, please check if the disk is correctly connected and powered after we press enter for windows xp setup.
if you find the ans pls msg me to [email protected]


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Running windows 10. I have a new MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Laptop that has Thunderbolt, Mini-Display, and HDMI outputs. I have two monitors that are HDMI. THey are detected if I use the thunderbolt and Mini-display but not through the HDMI. I have tried multiple HDMI cables that work on everything else, my game systems, from BD play to TV, they work. I tried in both HDMI 1 and 2 ports on the back of the monitors. Rebooted both the machine and also started with the monitors off and the computer off, turning on the monitors first and then the computer and also vice verse with no joy. I have removed the Nvidia drivers for my GTX980M and did a fresh install with the latest drivers, still no joy. I started thinking there was a problem with my laptop but then my nephew came out with his laptop that had HDMI out also running windows 10. His laptop also didn't detect either monitors via HDMI. The monitors are find because I plugged them into my BD player and both popped up on all HDMI ports. So It's got to be a Windows 10 issues but after all this troubleshooting, I don't know what else to do. I'm an IT manager so this has got me very frustrated that I haven't been able to figure out the problem so I'm now reaching out for some help.

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Hi,I am having problems with a dual monitor setup with my X200 tablet and an ultrabase.  I have two Dell monitors, a 1905FP connected on the vga port as primary, and a 2001FP as second, connected on the displayport with a Lenovo displayport-dvi adapter. This has been working fine for a couple of months.  I am running windows 7 professional  sp1, with all relevant updates.  I have the most recent video driver installed (, the dvi ported display disappeared - the intel control panel only sees 1 monitor  if the laptop lid is closed.  If the lid is open, the system works fine in dual display using the built-in and the vga port, but I cannot get it to see the dvi monitor.  I have tried using a new third party displayport-dvi adapter, with no change.  Here are some interesting observations:When I turn the dvi monitor off and on, the system beeps ? it knows the monitor is there.When I boot the system with the bios forcing the dvi as the boot monitor, the boot screen and then the windows logo appear on the dvi screen, which then disappears when windows starts.I tried re-installing the video driver, and during the install, the dvi screen behaves properly.  After the install, but before restarting, both monitors work fine. When I restart the system, the boot screen and windows logo appeared on the dvi monitor, and then the monitor disappears when windows starts.  This cycle is completely repeatable.Any ideas on how ... Read more

Answer:X200 not detecting displayport in windows 7

SOLVED!I had the same problem, DisplayPort not output to monitor for dual display The problem is that the display driver and monitor are confused about the version numbers for the displayport.The solution is to use the DVI connector with the monitor you want to use (that will be connected to the DisplayPort), and save a EDID profile...  then go to the "system topology" screen for the display driver and click on DisplayPort... import the profile you saved (from DVI) and set these settings to the DisplayPort.The driver will now work, and you will have two monitors active.   btw, the DisplayPort "view system topology" will now say "EDID Forced" gvick2002

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System: i5 3750k
Asrock z77 extreme4
8 gigs ddr3 ripjaw gskill
nvidia gtx 260
Antec 650w
Windows 7 64 bit
Hard drives attempting to use for new install: Western Digital X2, Seagate

Problem I am having is hard drives I plug into the Asrock z77 are not showing up in Windows 7 install. When I first unpackaged the computer, I attempted to use an old Western Digital hard drive from my previous Q9550/EVGA 780i system. I was unaware that hard drives from another chip set install probably wont boot into windows. So I foolishly I attempted to boot into windows right after I assembled the new i5 computer with a old hard drive from a Q9550 system. Not sure if this might be part of the problem, but I figured I would mention it.

The hard drive showed up in BIOS but did not show up "Where do you want to install windows". Neither did my other hard drives ( another Western Digital & Seagate). However, if I take any of these hard drives and put them back into my old Q9550/EVGA 780i and put in the Windows 7 install CD, they will show up in the box of drives available. In other words, all hard drives are showing up to install windows 7 on in my old q9550/evga 780i system, but none of the drives are showing up in my new Asrockz77.

Hard drive showing up in Asrock Z77 bios:

When I try to install windows 7 to a hard drive it does not show up
Here is the SAME hard drive put back into my old q9550/evga 780i system. It shows up.
All hard drives show up in the q9550/evga 780i, ... Read more

Answer:New System not Detecting HDD to Install Windows 7

Also important UPDATE: I read trying different storage modes might fix the problem. And it worked, sort of. For whatever reason the drives will not display with AHCI storage mode; however, they WILL display when I switch to IDE storage mode.

The problem I have now with IDE storage mode, is everything is going at an incredibly slow speed. It literally took 30 minutes at the "setting up files" blue screen that comes after the windows logo when the win 7 install CD boots.

Perhaps my drives are not AHCI compatible? They are older Sata2 drives.

here is one of the drives I am using:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

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Ok here is the setting...

This is NOT my computer and is my friend Eddy's computer.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
4 gigs of DDR 2 Ram (Mem is good, I ran Mem test all morning, no errors)
Processor is Intel but I cannot remember the one, its Core 2 duo but not the 8400.
New Sata hard drive 500gig, (same as one that was working for past 4 years but new.)
His CD Rom is Sony DVD RW, its IDE and is now set to slave via jumper.
Windows 7 32 bit home. (I cannot find 64 anywhere, Frys only carries Win 8 right now.)
Video card is nvidia and it seems to work fine as I have clean screens and can see bios. I can get details if needed.
I have a thumb drive and I downloaded from Gigabyte the bios update (for this motherboard) but have not done anything with it yet.

Prior to this fiasco, the system would work fine AND it would do what you expect, put CD in drive, windows installs and you are good to go. So what is different now?

Some history, Eddy was told by his Aunt that he had virus one day when they were wiring his home for internet to his room. The AT&T guy was trying to get the software to talk to his I guess (load of crap is my guess). Anyway, Eddy had somebody who lived there install Win 8 on his computer. From what I am told it worked one day and then his computer slowed way way down and eventually just did not do anything. Eddy also said this was a stolen or bootlegged version of Win 8.

Along comes me. My first thought was to simply wipe the HD and rest... Read more

Answer:Windows not detecting Hard drive

Sounds like the MOBO (motherboard) HDD Controller is gone duff (bad) If you want to save some money you could just buy another motherboard. Sometimes it's just best to buy a new system. If you said the HDD is new and you just replaced it. Does the system BIOS see the new HDD? Sounds like it doesn't see it.

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Back with another question..

I recently built a computer with Windows 7 and an SSD for booting. I had the drive set to AHCI in the SATA0 port and it installed and booted fine.

Once I had everything up and running I turned the computer off, plugged in a WD 1.5TB HDD in to SATA1 and restarted my computer. My computer booted just fine but when I got into Windows I didn't see the HDD drive. I restarted my computer again and went in to the CMOS. When I go to standard CMOS features I don't see any drives (SSD showed up under IDE Channel 0 Master and optical under 0 Slave before) under any of the IDE Channels.

Any suggestions on what I need to do get all my drives showing up in the BIOS and the HDD showing up in Windows?


Answer:Problem with BIOS/Windows 7 detecting a HDD

Check to see if the ports are turned on?

Windows isn't your problem if the BIOS can't see it.

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Im upgrading to windows 7 on a new hard drive and it will not detect my seagate hard drive any help please?

Answer:Windows 7 Not detecting new hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by mechedpotatoes

Im upgrading to windows 7 on a new hard drive and it will not detect my seagate hard drive any help please?

The first thing try going into your BIOS and making sure the drive shows there. If you are not sure how to do that, let us know.

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Windows will happily output sound to my headset but there is no input from the mic. I have a xonar dg as my soundcard.

The headset mic has been tested on a laptop and works
The microphone mute button the the headset cable is set correctly
The jack is correctly in
On plugging in (and fiddling with the jack) the mic I can see noise in CP/Sound window
It has been tested on the front panel, the soundcard jack & motherboard jacks
Drivers have been wiped and reinstalled
System restores had no effect
A reinstallation of windows keeping programs & settings had no effect
The mic is not muted or set too low in Control Panel / Sound
The mic in my webcam works correctly (USB)
Connections inside the case are not loose
Toggling the front mic option in Cp/Sound/Recording/(the mic)/properties/custom has no effect
I also managed to get the mic to work (badly) for a few seconds after windows reinstalled. After I plugged in the headphone jack, the mic went dead and hasn't recovered since.

The mic has worked on this PC before, it seems some setting / software / driver is mucking up.

Answer:Windows not detecting input from headset

I noticed the sound card can only handle up to 48KHz/24-bit recording. However the CP sound options would let me set it above this. Lowering it to the acceptable level made no difference.

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Got an SN25P shuttle last night, and "borrowed" a 4800+ from work to give it a try. Downloaded latest nvidia chipset drivers, shuttle bios (which does support dual core) and AMD processor drivers.

At one point last night, windows was detecting both cores and displaying two processor graphs in task manager. Now, task manager only displays one graph even though under system properties, two correctly identified processors are listed.

Any ideas? (Also posted in the AMD Forum.)

Answer:Windows not detecting dual core

Isn't there an option in the task manager to show either separate graphs or one combined graph? I think I remember something along those lines.

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Before I uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled Opera 12.17 today, Windows was detecting both 12 and Opera 29b. Since then, here are some screenshots that show neither version is being detected except 12 on the main (upper) CP file association list; i.e., bmp, jpeg, etc., but not http, https., etc. Any ideas? Thanks,

Since there appears to be a three file limit, here's one more:

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Hi, we have a machine installed with a Windows 7 Professional 32 bit os on a 500 GB hard disk. But when we connect another 2 TB hard disk it is not detecting. Is there any case where 32 bit os cannot recognize disks above 2 TB? Please help.

Answer:Hard disk not detecting on windows 7

Do you mean it doesn't show in the BIOS or in Windows explorer? Have you looked in computer management to see if the new HDD is shown there? Unless the disk is formatted it wont show as available for use.

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I just took the SD card out of my camera, and put it in the card slot of my laptop, like I always do, and for some reason this time Windows can't detect it.

I tried rebooting, which didn't help. I also tried putting the slot into another laptop running Windows 7, and it detected the card just fine. I'm not using a card reader - just putting the card directly into the slot. This is the first time I've had any trouble with it.



Answer:Windows no longer detecting SD card

Welcome to the forums.

The card slot might just have some dust in it, or the contacts are dirty. Try blowing into it forcefully, or use a can of compressed air to blow it out and see if that helps.

You can also open Device Manager and look for the SD card reader and see if it has any issues, like a yellow triangle next to it. If so, post back and we'll see what we can do.

My laptop is fussy about SD cards, too. I have to wiggle my SD card to get it to detect it. That's usually caused by worn contacts.

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I got a dilemma here,

Trying to do a clean download of Windows 2000, I just bought a new HD for it. For some odd reason, the bios screen can detect it if I go into setup, but when I try the install from gives me the dreaded "Blue Screen" and says that Windows cannot find a drive with sufficient drive space.....I just got an 80GB HD....what gives?

Answer:Solved: Bios is detecting my HD, Windows does not.

try booting from a windows startup disk and format the drive, then attempt the windows install again

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Hi guys,
When I go to broadcast a live stream with windows media encoder it won't detect my IP. Rather than detecting an internet IP it only detects a network IP. I tried disabling my firewall but I didnt think that would work and obviously didnt. I guess its because I am using ethernet connection from my modem but I dont know how to fix this.
Any help much aprreciated,

Answer:Windows Media Encoder Not Detecting IP

I am having the exact same issue.
This message has been up here for a few months ... is there no answer?

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Hello everyone, I am having a problem with Windows 10 not detecting my TV when I hook it up to my Tablet via HDMI. I initially though this was a video/graphics card problem so I went to the Intel site and they had me update the driver. So my graphics driver is up to date and it recognizes the TV, but Windows 10 is not detecting the TV. I plug the HDMI cable into my tablet then pug it into the TV, and then turn on the TV, and Windows doesn't detect it. I tried all the different ways of displaying, like duplicating the screen, extending, or 2nd screen only, but it still doesn't detect it. The TV is an older model from I think 2005 it doesn't have a digital tuner, but it does have an HDMI port. The TV is a Toshiba 23HLVA running at 50/60 Hz and is 720p. Can someone help me with this problem, because I really want to be able to hook my tablet up to my TV, and don't want to have to buy a TV since this one works fine.

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Right now my XP won't detect my LAN for some weird reason. In the past it does right after I install it. But right now it doesn't even show up in my Network Connections.

I'm really confused because I tried manually installing it also but it still doesn't work, so my computer downstairs has no internet at all.

All it shows in Device Manager is a question mark beside the Ethernet Controller. I tried getting it to search through a CD for the driver but it still doesn't work. I'm really confused right now of what's going on. Does someone have a solution to this?

Btw this happened after I reinstalled my Windows after a severe virus attack.

So everything is reinstalled and such. Therefore, I think there shouldn't be any conflict with previous versions of Windows.

I even used "Have disk" option to find it, and it isn't able to find anything.

Answer:Is it normal for Windows XP to fail detecting your LAN?

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I obtained a 32GB LiteOn LMT-32L3M MSata drive while scrapping a computer.
I plugged it into my mobo with an adapter I bought on eBay.

Everything looked good. BIOS detected it, and I could format it in Acronis Disk Director.
However, the device does not appear in Windows 7's Disk Management or Device Manager.

I can see it there in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software, within CrystalDiskInfo, and within AIDA64, but I cannot assign a drive letter to it.

Not much completely stumps me, but I'm out of ideas on where to go next.
Any ideas?

Answer:Not detecting MSata SSD within Windows properly

I didn't want to have to do this... but... BUMP!

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My new PC with windows 7 won't detect my old Acer v243w monitor. I was hoping to use dual monitors, with this monitor connected via vga into the motherboard and my other monitor connected by DVI into the graphics card. The graphics card I am using is a Radeon HD6870. It has DVI slots and an HDMI slot but no VGA slot.
Even when the Acer is plugged into the motherboard by itself using VGA it does not get detected then either.
How can I solve this problem?
Is it simply a case of getting a lead which will convert my VGA lead from the Acer monitor into a DVI output which I can then plug into the graphics card?
Or perhaps there is a way of enabling VGA support, maybe via the graphics card or something? It seems odd to have a VGA socket in the motherboard if it is not going to work.
I don't know much about these things.
Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Windows 7 not detecting monitor using VGA input

You don't say which motherboard you have but most of them with on-board graphics have this output automatically disconnected in the BIOS when another graphics card is used in the PCIe or AGP slot. You might try going into the BIOS to see if you change the setting to allow both outputs to be used.

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Hi   In the hope of someone can help me.Recently I got some problem due to that I have to do recovery using HP RECOVERY Disks [I ordered it] As I do not have the HP recovery manager or microsoft recovery.So I have to do only through HP recovery discs.So its suddenly not detecting in my laptop.I touched the down of hard drive I can feel that it is rotating.When I double clicked on it.It pops out that I have to insert the disk.[Even though I inserted].I also wiped dvd with dry cloth to go away with scratches.I tested in my PC it  detected[ofcourse it won't work as it is not HP PC].I also diagonsised the hard drive component[extensive test] it showed that it passed the test.I tested with other games CDs/DVDs both.It is working fine.I hope you got my problem.  Product number :F6B14PA#ACJ  Thank you

Answer:HP Windows 8 Recovery Disks not detecting

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Please, correct me if I am wrong but from your description I understand that HP Probook 450 G1 does not detect the recovery DVD. However, other CDs/DVDs work fine and the recovery media (at least detected) on another PC. I understand you need to perform Recovery but despite that, is Windows booting correctly at the moment ? What is the problem you get to make you try recovery ? While in Winows, are the recovery discs recognized ?  To be honest, I am not sure why it is not detected but there are some things you can try: - Boot in the BIOS and disable Secure boot + enable Legacy modeDetails >> >> - Try to boot from the DVD recovery media (first one that is re. OS - I see you should have 2 recovery DVDs - one for OS, one for drivers).keep hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu. Choose F9 to open Boot options. Select the thumb drive as boot option. Let me know if this works for you.

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I've been browsing this website for a while and decided to finally create an account considering I'm having a huge dilemma with my recently purchased motherboard.

So anyways.
I'm trying to get my pci graphics card to work on my motherboard. AM2NF6G-VSTA motherboard. I did a clean install of windows 7 x64 a few days ago and after the installation I plugged my pci graphics card (Note:it's pci, not pci-e) I went to the bios and switched the video to be from my pci and not the onboard one. After I rebooted and connected teh vga cable from my graphics card to my screen. It loaded. I tried installing the drivers for my graphics card but it kept throwing me a "No compatible graphics card detected" I decide to update the bios of the motherboard to the latest ones they have. Afterwards, I got the update from the website.

After trying all of that, the computer still couldn't detect it. In the device manager I don't see a 'display adapters" I look through the info of the graphics card and it is blank. I check and notice the vgasave had a conflict with the pci-to-pci bridge so I disable the pci bridge and the conflict was fixed.

The card still wouldn't be detected. I then install windows xp x32 and after the installation, the graphics card is read and I'm able to install the drivers for it perfectly without any problems. So I know the graphics card isn't the problem. I wouldn't mind using windows xp, but I have 8gb of ram and on xp only 4 is read. I d... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 x64 not detecting any of my pci cards in the slots.

Please fill in you My System Specs completely. If you wonder what's needed click on lower left corner of my or others post.

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Howdy howdy (there were three possible places for this topic, so I didn't know which one to put it in :/)

I have a computer that came preinstalled with Vista. I was going to install Windows 7 but the machine isn't all that great to be able to run the version of 7 I was going to install so I went ahead and installed XP.

After installing XP, I discovered that the manufacturer never made drivers for XP. I was able to get drivers from the manufacturers of individual hardware for it like the network and video, but the CD/DVD drive I could never find anything for.

The computer/Windows detects the CD drive and reads the drive as DVD-RAM drive and burns CD's no problem, but Windows will not allow DVD's to be burned.

I'm assuming this is because I didn't get the updated drivers for the drive (which I couldn't) or maybe its a Windows problem. Either way, does anybody have a fix or even a work around?
Computer: Emachines T5088 w/ Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3

Answer:Windows XP not detecting DVD drive portion

Could be wrong, but I don't believe that XP supported burning DVDs natively, only CDs. You didn't mention any burning software, and this could be your problem. Try this ( its freeware ) Hope this helps.

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for the past few days I've been getting this message from Avast stating that it has detected a threat. I am not sure how to get rid of it. I scanned Avast and nothing comes up. I am working on a Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite A665-S5170

Answer:Avast detecting Malware-help on getting rid of it-Windows 10 a search for that produces this at Scan report for at 2015-10-02 08:40:56 UTC - VirusTotal
AutoShun Malicious site
Sophos Malicious site
Websense ThreatSeeker Malicious site
ESET Malware site
Fortinet Malware site
Kaspersky Malware site
See what these scans report...allow them to remove whatever they find.
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here
Double-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
Once MBAM opens, when it says Your databases are out of date, click the Fix Now button.
Click the Settings tab at the top, and then in the left column, select Detections and Protections, and if not already checked place a checkmark in the selection box for Scan for rootkits.
Click the Scan tab at the top of the program window, select Threat Scan and click the Scan Now button.
If you receive a message that updates are available, click the Update Now button (the update will be downloaded, installed, and the scan will start).
When MBAM is finished scanning it will display a screen that displays any malware that it has detected.
Click the Remove Selected button.
MBAM will now delete all of the files and registry keys and add them to the programs quarantine. When removing the files, MBAM may require a reboot in order to remove some of them. If it displays... Read more

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