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Write protected drive

Question: Write protected drive

This is my first login and first topic , I see on this category thousands of topic at this time , my problem is error message "The disk is write protected" , I am wondering what is this mean and how to solve this error?
Sincerely Yours,
Have a wonderful day

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Preferred Solution: Write protected drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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How To Format This Type of Pen Drive

Answer:pen drive write protected

Error in posting... see next post

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i am not able to find storage device police in My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDeviceP olicies

Answer:Write protected in my pen drive

From here:

In case the key StorageDevicePolicies does not exist, right-click on the Control key and select New/Key. Name it StorageDevicePolicies. Open this key and right-click on an empty spot in the right-hand side of the window. Select New/DWORD Value and name it WriteProtect. Enter 0 to deactivate the write protection.Click to expand...

Mind you, it's not in mine either, and USB are fine
You haven't just flicked the little switch on the pen drive, that write protects it have you? (some don't have this though)

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I just bought a WD 360gb external hard drive, I have vista home pre on my pc, every time i try to open or move a file to my external drive i get drive is wrie protected. as far as i know i did not do any thing to cause this can anyone help me remove thisconfused:confused

Answer:drive is write protected

One of these two should help you. I hope one of the two helps you out. Post and let us know. Seems that it can be fixed simply by removing your connection and plugging it back in after a few seconds, lets Windows find it again.

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I have a friend who has a aquired a 64MB USB Thumbdrive as a corporate gift. For some reason, the USB drive is write-protected. It has a small switch on it showing a closed padlock and an open one, but even when it is switched to the open one, the drive is still write protected.

How can this drive be unlocked for use?

Answer:USB Drive Write-Protected

What brand is it?? Does it prompt for a password in order to access the drive?? Maybe try going to website of the manufacturer...they might have a resolution for the problem posted on their website if it a problem they are aware of!!


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mine is an 1 gb pd.. pls help me. some solutions didn't wprk for me.. suggest me some

Answer:pen drive is write protected

pen drive is write protected

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Laptop Lenovo 4151Windows 8 pro The C-drive has become write protected.When I looked on the internet it seems that W8 has a problem when a laptop shuts down during use. W8 seems to lock the HD, ore thinks when starting up again that W8 is already running.. I've tried to unlock the HD with diskpart, but diskpart failed to clear disk attributes. What now? 

Answer:C drive write protected ?

Had a look here?

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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Dear Sir,                   I h've HP Pendrive 8 GB (HP V -220 W). It has Disk Write Protected problem...i've tried all the possibilities. but, i can read & copy that data 's from that device. i can't  FORMAT my Device. pls send me any solution to resolve this. I'm WAITING..... for your reply. Thanks Regards,     sundar J 

View Solution.

Answer:My Pen Drive (HP V-220 W 8 GB ) has write protected....

Hi, Please try to disable write access to USB drives: Run Registry Editor (regedit).Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlCreate a New Key named as StorageDevicePolicies.Highlight StorageDevicePolicies, and then create a New DWORD (32-bit) Value named as WriteProtect.Double click on WriteProtect, and set its value data to 1.or return it and get a new one. Regards.

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registry edit (Change the "Value data" entry to .0) but not resolve..
using diskpart method but not resolve... please help me..

Answer:usb pen drive is write protected

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My Transcend 8GB usb pan drive is not format. Its showing error is "THE DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED"PLS GIVE ANY SOLUTION......


Some of their Models have a micro switch to write protect the drive.

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Hello all. I need your help. I have a USB drive and it is write protected. I cannot format it with windows advanced boot option, I am not able to change the registry value for storage policies even. I have tried multiple PCs to format it. No luck

Please help is imp.


Answer:USB drive is write protected.


Have you tried to perform a CLEAN or CLEAN ALL command from DISKPART in order to wipe the drive?

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

Then attempt the format after that.


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I have the same problem. I am using an 8GB Transcend pen drive which shows as write protected. My OS is Windows XP. Pl help resolve

Answer:my usb pen drive is write protected

Which brand of flash drive do you have? How old is it?

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i have a 4gb pen drive which is not formatted it shows that "this disk is write protected "
can anyone help me to format this disk.

Answer:write protected pen drive

give this a shot:

1. click Start.

2. type in diskpart

3. wait for the black screen to apear, and type in "list disk"

4. find out which disk is your pen drive then type "select disk (pen drive number)"

5. type format.

try that and post results


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im trying to do a low level format on my ghetto old maxtor quantium fireball hard drive, and i get this error saying "Drive write-protected. Press any key to continue..."

anyone know how to unwrite protect it?

Answer:drive write protected

Old HDD? Try looking around for a switch on the outside of the drive. Ransack the BIOS. Tell us how it goes.

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I have a Sandisk 16GB flash drive that is write protected, cant find any solution!
After trying to format the drive I tried to remove the write protection with diskpart and now the drive wont appear in my computer but is still detected in disk management. Also it keeps coming up as local disk G for some reason.

All suggestions appreciated

Answer:USB drive Write protected

Is there a partition for it in Disk Management? You need at least 1 partition on the drive.

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hi........... friend suggest some ans how can i operate my usb its write protected not giveing to format or install any thing or copy paste the data in that is their any rgistry or hardware issue

Answer:write protected usb drive

Is this a U3 drive? Can you access files on the drive already but not format or add to it?

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Hello sir/maam,my USB pendrive drive is v229g 16gb pendrive and it is write protected. I want to resolve my USB problem and want to format.

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how to format pen drive with write protected

Answer:how to format pen drive write protected

HP Software Solutions has a download that works on most USB pen drives to format them.

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Hello all,

I have a hard disk that I took out of a computer that failed (MB). The disk has all my addresses on it in an address book for Printmaster. Unfortunately I never backed it up. I put this drive into another computer as a slave and was hoping to get the information off of it. Every time I try to move the file or copy it or open it with the program, it either tells me that the file is in use by another person or that the file is write protected. I have tried to change permissions and properties as the administrator and the folder the file is in keeps geting back the read only attribute. So I cannot import to the program. Both the old drive and the new drive have xp professional on them. Any help or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Reentering all that information would be very time consuming and I would lose some addresses. Thank YOU


Answer:files on old drive write protected

You could try booting up with a Linux Live CD.

Linux Mint 7 works well for me
and displays everything on my computer and all drives connected.

Just a thought.

(No interference from Windows, which generally seems to prevent copying, etc.)

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I have 256MB pen Drive and I am trying to write or copy paste any file it says that disk is Write Protected. The same pen Drive is working fine on another system. I found two file on the pen drive which seems to be garbag and i try to delete or rename but same message show( Write Protected)

Answer:Win Xp system says Pen Drive is Write Protected

Try Unlocker

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Hi there. This isn't specifically Windows 7, but I hope I have more possibilities with Windows 7. My thumb drive, which I hate to have to throw away, has become write-protected. It's a 16 GB thumb drive, so nothing to toss easily. It has no physical switch on it. I read about all sorts of solutions, like low-level format or registry editing. Nothing helps. I always come back to square one: Can't format because of write-protection. Registry doesn't do a thing. I also found out that there is a virus on it. Maybe it caused the problem. However, the virus program can't remove it, because of the write-protection or because it is a 'non-local disk'. Vicious circles...
Does anyone have a fool-proof solution? I'd love to hear it.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:thumb drive is write-protected

have you tried it (carefully) in another computer?

or even better, in another os?

you could try downloading something like ubuntu, booting off a disc, and inserting your drive then - that way you're much less likely to pass on any infection.

or try downloading an antivirus boot-disc.

good luck - we are here if you need more help.

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I copied information on my Flash drive (USB) from a computer some time ago.
Now I want to use my Flash drive but am unable to delete or copy any information on this drive. Any time I want to delete or copy any information I received a messege that I should remove write protection from flash drive.

Please I want a help to remove this write protection

Answer:My Flash Drive (USB) has been write protected

Does your flash drive have a switch on it to set it read only?
Did your flash drive come with some software that can make it read-only?

If it's neither of the above, then your thumbdrive has simply gone bad. Going read-only is a common problem with flash drives.

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basically its transmogrified after a format attempt into a write protected raw format. Evidently its "healthy" according to disk management. all attempts to format to another format are obivously thwarted by write protection.
Theres nothing on it so recovery isnt needed, essentially i just want to be able to format it.

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Hi. I am having aproblem with my integral 2.0 gb flash drive. When i try to format it, windows says that its write protected. There is no switch on it just in case your wandering. Really annoying because use every day to transfer files.

Answer:Usb flash drive is write protected

Im not sure.... i have had two jump drives. My first had a little lock on the side that would write protect it. It was easy to lose it because it would come out of the caseing and i would slide it back in backwards and loose the the lock on the wrong slide. The new one i have now is password protected, you can't open, write or do anything with it until you have the pw. If you don't have any of these features than im not sure what to tell you.

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Hello I have a USB flash drive (JetFlash Transcend 8 GP) that has its file system changed to RAW and is not readable anymore. When I try to format the device an error occurs because it is "write protected" and the format is not possible. I have another flash drive that works fine on the same computer (PC running on W7) and the problem is only with this one. I have already tried the registry editor method,command prompt,command prompt in safe mode,low level format,the device has no switch on it,has not been physically traumatized,has not suffered power outages,write caching is disabled so no problem from safe removal(I used to remove it safely anyway),it is recognized by my PC and designated by its full name plus the little blue light lead me to think it is not corrupt,I also used testdisk to retrieve all files stored on the device and it was successful,it was purchased a year ago.

My question is this: Is there any other way to try and remove write protection from this device?

Answer:USB flash drive is write protected

Usually when this occurs it means the device has failed.

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downloaded ufix from pny sitebut how to format with this help

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Hi all,

Everytime I try to save anything I ge a error "write-protected". I try all the securty rights but no luck. I am running 7077 x64. So how to undo write-protected??


Answer:Any Hard Drive is Write-Protected

I had the same problem with 7077 after I had removed an account from windows. It totally stopped access to one drive.
The only way I managed to get it back was to change all of the access rights including drive owner.
it is a long process as all permissions have to be changed and inherant rights.

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First off, I'm not very computer literate, but I can make my way around the computer.  I thought I knew a thing or two about computers until this most recent problem.  I opened iTunes in the morning and listend to some music, turned off my computer and went to work, came back that night, started up my computer again and tried to open iTunes.  That's when a small yellow exclamation/error window popped up and said the folder "iTunes" is on a locked or write-protected disk.  ....  I have iTunes and my music stored on an external Hitachi 80 gig hard drive.  I thought the problem might only be on that drive, but when I tried to download pictures into my "mypictures" folder, it also said that this drive is write protected...this is on my internal hard drive!........I have absolutely no idea what is going on....this is really annoying, and I'm in China so I can't easily take it to a computer repair center....Please help if you can.  I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 with a 3 gig processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and an 80 gig internal hard drive (that is divided into three drives: C,D and E ["my pictures is located on the E drive]).  Like I said before, I have an 80 gig Hitachi external hard drive.  Please let me know if you can help with this problem.Further information: I forgot to bring my Windows Recovery Disk (I have windows XP) with me when I came to China, but I will be going home to America for a trip soon and should be... Read more

Answer:My hard drive is write-protected....???

It's time to run the free diagnostics from the appropriate hard drive maker's site. It sounds like a S.M.A.R.T. failure notice and that is not a good sign.You might try a Linux Live CD to see if the machine is functional enough to back up your important data. the hard drive is bad, replacement is the only appropriate course of action.

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Hi, I have an 8gb flashdrive and it's almost full so i want to delete some files but then there is a popup that says i cant delete it because it is a write protected and i search in the internet and i found some answers like going to cmd and diskpart and then when I listdisk i dont see my flash drive.

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i bought a generic 256m pen drive and all my machines see it as removable drive but will not let me write to it. win 98se, 2000, xp all 3 say write protected no matter where the switch is, any ideas on overiding write protect?

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i have a usb memory 8gb it keeps saying write protected can not use it has no write protectionhelp please

Answer:usb memory drive write protected

check that IF it has a tiny slide protect switch on the side.make and model of stick?

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mine don't have the 'Storage Device Policies''s it happen??thanks

Answer:flash drive write protected

Try this:

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Hello I have a USB flash drive (JetFlash Transcend 8 GP) that has its file system changed to RAW and is not readable anymore. When I try to format the device an error occurs because it is "write protected" and the format is not possible. I have another flash drive that works fine on the same computer (PC running on W7) and the problem is only with this one. I have already tried the registry editor method,command prompt,command prompt in safe mode,low level format,the device has no switch on it,has not been physically traumatized,has not suffered power outages,write caching is disabled so no problem from safe removal(I used to remove it safely anyway),it is recognized by my PC and designated by its full name plus the little blue light lead me to think it is not corrupt,I also used testdisk to retrieve all files stored on the device and it was successful,it was purchased a year ago.
My question is this: Is there any other way to try and remove write protection from this device?

Answer:USB flash drive is write protected

Try the HP USB Disk formatting tool, click here. Use the small green download link with Free version (2 MB) on it. The others are ads!

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I keep an external 80GB USB Hard Drive for back ups etcWhen I tried to do my latest back up I am getting the message 'Drive is write protected'As I have never (knowingly) set up write protection (dont even know how) I am now stuck.I have tried to format but again it comes back with the same message.Any advice please

Answer:Write Protected Hard Drive

click here

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Hey guys,
I have been having this problem with my 128MB SAHARA flash drive for sometime now. Whenever I try to plug it into my system[OS: Windows xp service pack 2], I receive this message that my disk is write-protected and that I should remove the write-protection or use another disk. The only problem is that whenever I try to open,copy,move files or format the disk, the same message re-appears!! I have even tried low-level formatting the disk only to receive a "read error" when it's halfway through and the formatting never ends even when I leave it to continue for a long time! I even tried using "computer management" under "administrative tools" in control panel to remove any restrictions on its access but all's in vain.I also tried formatting using the command prompt but it didn't help with the message!Anybody out there knows what I can do to solve my problem, please help me.

Answer:Write-protected flash drive!

Get a new flash drive? You can try some of the stuff here: but there's a good chance that the drive has simply gone bad.

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my Hp pen drive is write protected ..i tried dos ,diskpart ,regedit and many formatting tools ..but nothing work ...plz help me ...thanks

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I am having trouble writing to my A: (floppy) drive.  I can read files from a floopy disk but whenever i try to save files to the floppy drive i am told that the drive is write protected.The disks are formatted, The tab on the disk is set correctly to allow writing to the floppy disk and the disk is not full.I am able to write to the disks on another PC, I have checked the drivers for the floppy and am told by the pc that they are up-to-date.  I have also tried using a different floppy drive but still get the same message.I am using Windows 2000 professional on a Micron millenium PC with a PIII 500Mhz chip and 512Mb.Can anyone help with this problem?

Answer:write protected floppy drive

How may mb are you trying to write to the floppy disk?Have you move the plastic slider on the f/d to write to it....if you flip the f/d over before placing in the will see an unlock padlock symbol.....and a locked symbol.....

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Hi Guys, Has anyone one got any ideas. I have a 128 MB Flash Drive that has only 106MB of data stored on it. The thing is it won't let me format it, delete or re name files or add files. When I try to do it the system tells me that "The Disk Is Write Protected".Now this confuses the hell out of me as there are no switches that can lock the drive as with an MP3 Player.Tricky

Answer:Flash Drive Write Protected

Can you tell us what model please.

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I have a 4 GB transcend pen drive. I used it at my office and  when I wanted to delete some data from it ,it shows drive is write protected. I have an updated antivirus named guardian (from Quick Heal) and this application found no error on scanning. How my pen drive will be usable again properly ? Please help me. 

Answer:pen drive shows 'write protected'

It has to be a setting in the drive itself or a switch on the outside.What type of pen drive is it? Long, short, or skinny?

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I was trying to run CHKDSK today when DOS told me the drive was write protected and could not be written to. The drive is the administrator drive. How could this be? Is it a Win 10 problem, or a disk problem?

The system hasn't booted for three days... I can't help thinking they must have the same cause. It started while running Automatic Repair.

Any ideas?

Thanks fellow geeks!

Answer:Root drive write protected?

Hi, not sure from your post (never heard of "the administrator drive") however since you get this trying to run chkdsk on the diagnostic, RE (recovery environment) drive (same for vista, seven and eight) I assume that's where you are.

At the prompt type :-

bcdedit | find "osdevice" (press enter), the | is called a pipe and is found above the \ key, please type this cmd exactly as shown. It will return:- os device .... partition=x: (where x is a drive letter)

Use this drive letter in your chkdsk cmd, assume it is D:

type:- D: (press enter) the prompt will change to D:> at this type chkdsk /r (press enter) 5 stages of chkdsk will run, as no event logs are available it will give error 50 when finished, do not worry about this.

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Hi there,

I have recently bought a SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive 1.0GB, when inserted into the USB port the software installed correctly, computer recognised the new drive and i rebooted the PC.

The problem i have is that i can't copy any files onto the flash drive (The reason i bought it!) i get the error message stating the drive is Write Protected ! i have checked the unit for any switches, which there are none, i have also tried formatting the drive and get the same error message....

I have googled the problem and can see i am not the only one with this problem on Flash drives but i cannot see how to resolve the problem....

Any idea's?...


Answer:Write Protected Flash Drive

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Alright, I'm at my wits end with this. There is absolutely no switch for write protection on my PNY 4gig flash drive, but there are certain files that are damaged, and I want to do a reformat. Can't do this because it says the disk is write protected. Tried the low level format and HP format programs suggested, but neither work. HP says the disk is formatted, and the other gets low level format errors and erases nothing.

Also tried the registry edit solution, but could not find the Storage Device Policies string. Please help!

Answer:Flash Drive is write protected

You may get lucky, but to save time, toss that drive, and go with something that has not been damaged. 4 GB flash drives are only $4 to $6.95 now days.

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I have an "LGear" 16 gb usb flash drive, when I transfer files to it eventually I'll get a pop up telling me the disk is write protected. I've tried formatting it many times, whenever I transfer files to it after a while I get a "dish is write protected" message. When I check it's properties I see it's write protected.
When I remove it from my laptop (running Vista 64) and then plug it into a USB port windows detects the problem and "fixes" the problem, I format it but have the same problem every time I try to use it.

I'm just about ready to chuck it in the garbage, before I di is there anything else I could try?
I have this problem on our Vista and XP computers, only with this one stick, I have 3 others thatt work fine.

Answer:Write protected flash drive?

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My HP v220w pen drive of 16 GB is write protected and i am allowed only to copy from it and nothing else, so i have tried all the possible methods to format it like "registry editor, command prompt, using disk manage, safe mode, also using bootable OS DVD". I think i have 2 options now, one to exchage it using warranty card and the other to try formatting using Open Source Operating System. If some one have any solutions for this please reply me...!

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went to copy over some files when my pen drive has become write protected and cannot be wrote to, deleted or formatted (same i know).
googled it and looked at previous posts on here, tried all the things online that i came across.
hard disk low level format tool. fail
sdformatter. fail
hp usb formatter. fail
disk managment:fail

SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies
do not have folder StorageDevicePolicies
cmd. format G: /fs:fat32 get this result.
Invalid media or Track 0 bad - disk unusable.
tried a few software to fix but still nothing.
running XP SP3
4GB pen drive (unknown manufacturer)
apart from binning it any help appreciated.

Answer:Solved: USB pen drive has become write protected

By any chance does the drive have a physical write protection switch hat may have been moved?

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We bought a super-cheap 128mb flash drive off eBay. It said it featured "write protection" - this is evident, as it seems I cannot write to it at all or adjust the security. There is no security tab on properties and I have tried on lots of systems.

I have even tried using a program called XPSecurity to force enabling to write to the drive but with no cannot format it there isnt anything to do. I have also ran the PC in safe mode to try and find this security tab but nothing.

Any advice would be appreciated, would love to use my super-cheap flash drive! =D

Answer:Flash Drive is Write-Protected

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Hopefully someone can help me out here. I've seen some older threads, but no resolution.

I've got a 16gb HP flashdrive and I was playing around with some autorun.inf abilities with it. When I went to copy my autorun.inf to the flashdrive, it said the flash drive was write protected. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the right protection. Here is what I've done so far.

-Tried formatting it, but couldn't because its write-protected.
- I followed some info on how to remove read-only using diskpart. Blindly following directions, I removed the entire partition. So I recreated the partition, and tried to format it again, same response.
-I tried using diskpart to remove read only attributes on the disk and volume. Disk succeeds, but volume says its not supported on removable media.
- I started to follow this...

1. Open start menu, in the search bar type REGEDIT and press enter. This will open the registry editor.
2. Navigate to the following path:
Note: If the registry key StorageDevicePolicies does not exist, you will need to create it manually.
3. Highlight StorageDevicePolicies, and then create a New DWORD (32-bit) Value named as WriteProtect.
4. Double click the key WriteProtect in the right window and set the value to 0 in the Value Data Box and press OK button
5. Restart your computer and try copying files into your USB drives.Click to expand... Read more

Answer:USB Flash Drive Write-Protected

Download the bootable version of Partition Wizard. Burn the iso with Imgburn or other software that can burn an iso image. Boot the CD, delete any partition(s) on your flash drive. Make sure you are doing this to the flash drive and not your hard drive. Then repartition the flash drive and format. Fat32 works well for flash drives. NTFS also works but using this causes a lot of writes to the flash drive as NTFS is a journaling system.

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i Bought a HP 16 GB thumbdrive (TD) to use as a system backup.I made the BIG  mistake of using it to backup 2 other important files, which overloaded the thumbdrive's capacity. I copied those files to another location without issue.I attempted to delete those files and was notified that they were write protected. I then attempted to format the TD, which also stated I couldn't format because it was write protected. It has made the TD totally useless. I'm not a computer expert, but do  know how to move around the machine. I don't know how to turn off the write protection. HELP, PLEASE!

Answer:write protected HP-Thumb drive

Hi there @scooter-c, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums!  I understand that you have a USB thumb-drive that is write protected, and you need help to make it writable again. I am happy to help with this. With the USB flash drive connected to your computer try this:1. Press Win key+R and type "cmd" to open the command prompt. When the command window opens, type "diskpart" followed by <Enter>. This will likely launch in a separate window, and you may be prompted to start it.2. In that window, type "list volume"  then <Enter>. This should display a list of the drives connected to your computer.3. Find your USB thumb-drive in the list, the size column should help with identifying which is the drive you need.  Make note of the number of the drive in the list, in the first column.3. Type "select volume x" <Enter> where x is that first column number.4. Type "attributes disk clear readonly" <Enter>. 5. Then type "exit" <Enter>,  which will close diskpart. 6. Now test whether you can write to your thumb-drive. You may have to eject and then reinsert the drive again to get it working after this process. Please let me know whether that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated. 

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I have an 8 GB USB Flash Memory ( Kingstone-DataTraveller 111) , it was working fine
until one day I was trying to delete some files from it , but it didn't allow me to delete or
move any file or copy any file to it and said it is write protected , Tried to format with no
hope , still write protected
I tried the following methods to disable the protection or format but also didn't solve the
1- Check the storagedevicepolicies in the regedit and make sure the write protect value is
0 and it was already 0
2- Diskpart from Cmd to clear the readonly attributes from the usb drive
3- Several formatting softwares
4- Format using Win XP , Mac Apple OS ( My pc is win 8 enterprise )
5- Disk Management , partition assistant software
6- Boot into safe mode and trying to format
7- Almost every method on internet

the usb drive doesn't have a switch to lock or protect anything
All files on the drive is healthy and working fine and can be copied
need to mention that the usb was often used in a Radio set with USB option

so I need help to format the USB drive or diable the write protection
thanks in advance :)

Answer:Format Write protected USB Drive

If it is that much trouble why not just use a new one.

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My HP v220w pen drive of 16 GB is write protected and i am allowed only to copy from it and nothing else, so i have tried all the possible methods to format it like "registry editor, command prompt, using disk manage, safe mode, also using bootable OS DVD". I think i have 2 options now, one to exchage it using warranty card and the other to try formatting using Open Source Operating System. If some one have any solutions for this please reply me...!


View Solution.

Answer:HP v220w pen drive of 16 GB is write protected

Thankx problem resolved 

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Hi all, I have a 2Gb pen drive which was given out at a corporate function but when i pulled it in, it showed 2 drives, 1Gb each. One was full of information of a company while the other empty. The full portion is somehow write protected, everything i tried has resulted in a "disk/file/folder is write-protected" warning- I can't delete, format, cut or paste anything on it.

I want to use the whole 2Gb. Any ideas on dealing with this?

Forgot to add, it's a generic pen drive and doesn't have a slider or hold tab.

Answer:free pen drive but write protected

See if this HP Tool works

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Hello all,

I seriously need some help. I have this USB stick that is write-protected somehow. There is no switch on the stick and I can't format it, the system displays the message "the disk is write-protected". I went to disk management and tried the same thing, but it simply won't work.

Any suggestions? I am out of time and patience.

Answer:Format a write-protected USB drive

Write protection means exactly that - you cannot alter the contents of the drive, including formatting it.

Unless there is some software that came with the stick that lets you lock/unlock the thing, there is nothing you can do.

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I have a transcend 16 GB flash drive that should up the other day as being write protected when I went to put something on it. I am able to access and copy the data but not add data or remove data. I've been to the transcend website and their fixit tool didn't and doesn't work on my drive. I've searched the web and keep running into dead leads. Please help.

Answer:Write Protected USB flash drive


if you can copy the data off it, try doing a format on it...

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can anybody sand me a link where i can follow the steps on how to make my flashdrive remove the "write protect" error.

Answer:Flash Drive Write Protected

I suspect you will need the password from whoever made it.

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How to remove write protection of USB Flash Drive with no visible lock/unlock?

Answer:USB flash drive write protected

Diether John said:

How to remove write protection of USB Flash Drive with no visible lock/unlock?Click to expand...

Depends on how the drive has been write protected. Does the whole drive appear to be encrypted/write protected or has each file been individually encrypted/write protected?

If the drive has been encrypted, TechSpot has regulations against helping anyone circumvent encryption. Reason for this, is we have no way to know for sure you are the true owner of the device. Write protection however is a simple switch in file properties that can be toggled.

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I'm trying to format my USB drive, but every time I try I get the error "This media is write protected" I tried some programs but they all try to "just" format the USB and gives me the same error. I have created and set the StorageDevicePolicies in registry to 0, and tried to delete it with Unlocker. The USB have two partitions, one that acts like a normal USB, and the second that is write-protected and  have auto start with some .html files in it. And it's the second partition that I want to remove, I don't care if I have to remove everything from the USB.

Answer:Format write-protected USB drive

Quotehave auto start with some .html files in itSeen this before on promotional drives given out at events. Are you trying to wipe one of these drives clean to use as a personal thumb drive? If so i haven't found a means yet to wipe them to use them as free bee pen drives. I have heard "rumor" that companies that have these mass produced use either a single write flash chip or laser cut an open into the trace for "writing" making them read only.

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I have 8GB Sandisk Cruzer pen drive.
I used it for ready-boost my laptop for few days it was working very well then.
I decided to stop the ready boost the when i went into properties and ready-boost tab it said "Your device is not available for readyboost" something like that. I decided to format the pendrive then error came it is write protected.
there was a ready-boost file equivalent to the size of pendrive with no delete option. I have aomei Disk management .
I tried to format with it no luck again. then i deleted the partition and after there i cant see my pendrive in my computer where all the drives are located.But my pendrive is getting detected .
my Disk management show this.

There is my 8GB pendrive with no drive letter and no label when i try to format using diskpart or gparted it failed to format.

I also went to the properties menu from above disk management.
When i tried to use error check or chkdsk function nothing was happeneing

Sorry if you feel the post is in wrong department and also forgive me for my poor english.
Guide me what should i do.
Ask me if you need extra details.
Thank you for help.

Answer:Cannot format write protected pen drive.

Try this tool:

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I bought one of the broadband in a box kits from wanadoo yesterday. installation is supposed to be simple, you inset the cd's and follow the prompts etc.The problem is that for some reason the installation cannot create the wanadoo folder in c/programme files because it says the c drive is write protected. if i manually try to create a folder in programme files, windows stops that too. i've tried switching off the read only box in properties, but that switches itself back on again.any ideas anyone? i'm running xp home edition and norton antivirus 2005 in case that matters.

Answer:Wanadoo / write protected C drive

You need to be logged on to Win XP with Administrator rights. This may well be the problem if you are using a Limited Account.

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Hello, So I've had an Imation 8GB USB drive probably around 5-6 months, so fairly new. But one day my USB drive just doesn't want to receive SOME files, especially big files (I'm talking about 2GB+). The files I tried to copy were movie files and game files, it just suddenly stopped copying them. I tried formatting my USB in different ways. I also tried using the cmd trick, It said that it is not actually write-protected, it's just every time I try to copy certain files it just turns into a useless USB drive. I can still copy word documents, presentations, etc. It's like locked whenever I try to copy things besides word documents and excel and those basic things. Oh! and I also forgot to mention, there is no write-protection switch anywhere on the USB drive.
Any help?

Answer:Weird Write Protected USB Drive

If you can copy any files, you can rule out anything to do with the hardware - the only thing might be that some of the files may have a copyright protection which would stop you taking copies. Also 2 Gb is pretty large to copy onto an 8Gb media. But I'm also wondering if your media is not able to store all 8 Gb. I suggest you test it with h2testw
click here

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Hey all

I've been searching on Google for the past hour and I can't find any answers to this whatsoever. I'm trying to get into the USB disk (8GB). The make is Verbatim.

When I try to open the USB stick, it says that I need to format the disk before I can use it. So I try formatting it through Windows, but it fails, telling me that it's write protected.

I've tried looking under disk management (which tells me that it has a healthy primary partition). I've tried downloading the HP tool, which fails as it still tells me that the disk is write protected. I've tried downloading the famous file (which loads of people recommend on Google), yet it throws an error code saying: "preformat not supports this ic".

I've also tried going into command prompt and deleting the partition, but that doesn't work either. I really don't know what to do with this any more. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Answer:Can't Format USB Drive - Write Protected

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I have a Kingmax USB 2.0 256MB thumb drive which appears to be write protected.I don't see any option allowing me to turn on/off write protection on the thumb drive.It was working fine all the while until recently.Have tried on different computers with different OS.Tried to format it but failed due to write protected.Norton found an virus [email protected] on the thumb drive but couldn't remove it because access is denied.Any idea? Thanks.

Answer:Thumb Drive Write Protected

go to my computer right click the drive go to properties and is  the read-write box checked??unlovedwarrior

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I've read a lot of forums about this topic, and none of them have an answer.
I have a 32GB 3.0 flash drive from Micro Center (local store). It has been write protected, though not on purpose. It was just suddently protected one day.

There is no manual WP switch on the drive
Formated FAT32
Safetly removed, restarted, plugged back in -- no fix.
added storagedevicepolicies in the registry with a value of "0" and also deleted it -- no fix.
there are no other "storage device" entries in registry -- no fix.
there is no write protection in BIOS -- no fix.
used several pieces of software (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, and another one similar for a different flash drive company) There is no software for this specific flash drive -- no fix.
Microcenter does not support it's products in the manner of fixing stuff like this...they'd just replace it, which would be great except there is extremely sensitive work data on the drive -- no fix.
Obviously you cannot reformat it, as it is write protected -- no fix.
I've used ATTRIB and FORMAT in command line (in safe mode, as well) -- no fix.
I've used appropriate utilities (steps above, disk utility, etc.) on 3 Windows 7 machines, 1 XP machine, and an Apple -- no fix.
It DOES show up in Disk Management: Healthy (Primary Partition).
Whenever it is plugged in, the "Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disk (G?" window pops up. I can actually run the scan, as long as I uncheck both boxes ... Read more

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This is my first exposure to flash sticks. I'm still very slowly learning Windows Vista, previous OS was Windows 98, so feel very lost. My flash drive stick is 2g, one time I had 5 pixs from a camera on it. The next time I went to use it (to down load some games I've bought online, but would like to removed for a while to clear the memory space on my c drive) the error message stating that it was Write-protected. It hadn't been write protected originally(or I wouldn have been able to put the pictures on originally), the pictures are no longer on the stick, but I can't put anything else on as it keeps saying it is Write-protected. I haven't found any sort of switch or anything to lock or unlock (like the older floppy disks had) and I can't find any way to clear that write-protected. Again, please keep in mind that I'm in new areas with Vista and these sticks.. I find most items I'm looking for, when trying to fix a problem, totally by luck or guessing. Postings and fixes that I've found seem to involve other OS, or don't identify Vista as the OS used with the fix. Thanks - this is also my first question posting, I hope I've given the needed details.

Answer:Write-protected flash drive w/ Vista

Are you using it under an 'administrator' account?
Have you checked to see if it was set as 'read only'?

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I have an 8GB flash drive that's write protected. There is no lock/unlock on the flash drive. How can I reformat/erase the contents so I can use the flash drive for other things?
I've tried low level and that didn't work.
Thank you.

Answer:Reformatting Write Protected Flash Drive

How did you get a flash drive write protected in the first place ?
Anyway, try this to see if it works:
Open an elevated command prompt then use the followings:
diskpartlist diskselect disk n =============> n is the number of your flash driveattributes clear readonlyexit

This should remove the write protected and hopefully you can format it.

Good luck !!!

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I am having some problems with my flash drive (SANDISK 8GB), i can't format and change any file of my flash drive, every method for flushing my data gave me the same respond, THE DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED,
i googled for the same but all was in vain,,, i tried formatting my drive with command prompt in safe mode but didn?t work and i as well tried it formatting it with low level formatting software, I also followed the registry editor method but didn't worked,,,,,
, I almost tried all method that i was suggested by GOOGLE but all was in vain... lastly i hope to get a successful idea from the forum, I want my fresh looking Flash drive work smartly once again.....THANKS IN ADVANCE?.

Answer:Flash drive WRITE PROTECTED,, not able to format


Have you tried a clean all from an elevated command prompt, before formatting the drive?

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command


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i have problem with my pen drive error allways showing write protected error when iam trying to format please help me to solve this problem

Answer:repair write protected error of pen drive

Hi,Try this manual to remove write protection.;) Security Made Easy ;)

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I bought a new Toshiba 4GB TransMemory? U2K USB Flash Drive. and giving me "write-protected" problem when try to write to it. Is anyone can help? Thanks.

Answer:Flash Drive Write-Protected Problem


Have you used the flash drive before, without problems? Does it contain any important information?

1. First, check if it has a switch to activate/deactivate write protection.
2. You could try to do a low-level format (WARNING: This will erase any information on your flash-drive). There are many tools for this, just google, or try HDD Low Level Format Tool.
Good luck

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I was copying data in to my HP pendrive. Suddenly the copying process was aborted. I ejected the pendrive and re-inserted it and tried to copy the data.  But it show me an error saying"The pen drive is in write prtected mode".  Could you please tell me how to unlock my pendrive from "Write Protected mode" Regards,Karthikeyan [email protected]

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Hello and thank you in advance for any help and advice......I've had my system for a year and only just this week decided to make use of my floppy drive.......I'm trying to create 'rescue disks' for Norton's...It doesn't support burning to CD's so I have to use floppies....this is the first time I'm trying out my floppy drive...when I try to copy to the floppy it tells me the floppy is 'write protected'......I have the protect tab pulled back....I've tried all my blank floppies....when I then tried to format the drive itself with no floppy in it, I was told it is also 'write protected'...What gives?....thanks again.

Answer:[SOLVED] Floppy Drive 'Write Protected'

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I have (3) Microsoft brand 32 GB thumb drives that have Win 8.1 and preload software for my HP laptop, I have no use for them, and I'm certainly not ever going to put Win 8.1 back on my laptop, I spend most of time on my Surface and desktop PC, laptop is a backup device that rarely is used. The drives do not have any type of write protect button on them. I've tried one app, and several commands in diskpart, but I can not find a way to get past the write protection to format them. Right now my desktop PC is hard down waiting on new mobo to arrive, I could use the temporary storage space they would provide.

Answer:Flash Drive - Write Protected - Format

Have you tried the Disk Management tool. I had a similar thing and I was able to accomplish my chore with it.

Good luck ...

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Hi all

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask since this is not necessarily a Windows 7 related question but here it goes.

I have this USB drive I'm using to install Windows/Linux from, for diagnostic (using UBCD and other similar apps) and to install apps and find software/hardware issues from within Windows.

The thing is, getting viruses on it is kinda inevitable.

So I was wondering, is there anywhere I can find hardware protected USB drives? I know there were quite popular years ago (I still have one - 32Mb).
But I need something that is at least 32 Gb large (or 16 and I'll use 2).

I keep looking for something like this but no luck so far.

Any ideas?

Answer:Write protected USB drive (hardware protection)

This may be the answer for you, if you are willing to pay USD 165 USB-writeblocker Rohs: Electronics

or go with a USB SDCard reader + SDCard with WProtection switch (almost all have)

and pay the balance to me for suggesting.

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Dear Users I have a USB which is Write Protected and it is asking username and passowrd to wite data on it how to unlock it I need it to copy my University Data I want Exact SolutionThanks

Answer:How to Unkock the Write Protected USB Flash Drive

How do we know this really is your pen drive? Why don't you know the password?

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Whenever I try to do pretty much anything with my flash drive, I get the message "The disk is write protected." I've been scouring the internet trying to find a way to fix this, but none of the fixes I have found so far have worked.

So before anyone suggests anything, here are the fixes I have already tried:
Flipping a switch - there is no switch on my flash drive.

Formatting the flash drive - I get the "The disk is write protected." error whenever I try this.

Checking the flash drive for errors - I get the "The disk is write protected." error.

Going into my flash drives properties and turning off write protection - write protection does not show up under my flash drives properties.

Going into regedit, finding my StorageDevicePolicies, and setting WriteProtect to 0 - regedit claims WriteProtect is already set to 0.

cmd prompt: diskpart-> list disk -> select disk 1 -> attributes disk clear readonly - I get the message "Disk attributes cleared successfully." However, nothing happens; I still get the error "The disk is write protected." whenever I try to do anything.

cmd prompt: diskpart -> list disk -> select disk 1 -> clean - "DiskPart has encountered an error: The media is write protected."

Using the "Usb Format.exe" - it can't find my flash drive.

So does anyone know any possible fixes I haven't tried yet? I'm willing to download programs to fix it if I nee... Read more

Answer:My PNY 16 GB flash drive is stuck as write protected.

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May be a bios problem

recently tried windows media center - which fired up by installing something which turned out to be on my ext sata drive.

now drive is write protected.

can't unlock it

will not accept any changes to security to drive - because it is write protected.

my login has administrator privilege
one suggestion has been to use partition program to reset write protection but not destroy data

it seems that the bios may have a glitch which may have locked it up


Answer:write protected external sata drive

It sounds like you pressed the wrong button when booting your computer which changed the properties of the drive.

There's a few solutions I've found on the web:
Reset CMOS to optimal settings.
Open Regedit and navigate to:
If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
1 = Write Protect On
0 = Write Protect Off
1. Go to the disk properties page.
2. Select the 'Hardware' tab.
3. In the 'All disk drives' list, select the name of the external device.
4. Click the 'Properties' button.
5. Select the 'Policies' tab.
6. Under 'Write caching and Safe Removal', select 'Optimize for performance'.

Good luck

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Dear sir, my pen drive go to write protected, when i do right click on any folder then do not show delete opation and do not save file, when i format it then it show message that the pen drive is write protected.

Answer:My pen drive showing write protected message.

... if the pen drive has a switch on it to disable that function "push it" or click here..... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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Hi all,
Please can somebody help me, I've a relatively new SanDisk Cruzer Slice 64GB USB pen drive, which I use for work mainly. It has somehow managed to write protect itself and no matter what I do I simply cannot remove it!

I've scanned with Antivirus, nothing found

I've tried regedit - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\

StorageDevicePolices didn't exist so I created a 32 bit Dword string, set to 0 this hasn't done anything

I've tried Diskpart as administrator -
DISKPART> list disk
Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
Disk 0 Online 298 GB 1024 KB
Disk 1 Online 59 GB 0 B
DISKPART> select disk 1
Disk 1 is now the selected disk.
DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
Disk attributes cleared successfully.
DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of
an I/O device error.
See the System Event Log for more information.

I've checked the logs and it doesn't seem to list anything for the drive

Answer:USB Drive Write Protected itself, unable to remove

How is the disk formatted? FAT32 (I believe the default, could be wrong) or NTFS?

If it's FAT32, and you are trying to copy a file larger than 4GB, then it's not going to let you write to it due to the limitations of FAT32. You would have to re-format the disk to NTFS.

It also could be possible that the disk became corrupted during a write operation (ie., not using "remove") in the system tray when unplugging the drive from the computer...

Copy whatever files you currently have on the disk to your HD for temporary safekeeping and format the disk again.

Also, what version of Windows are you using? Is it the Professional version or Home version? Are you using, or did use, bitlocker on this machine? Or a TPM? If you did, bitlocker automatically changes some policies to read only for removeable drives, and if you have Windows 8 Pro, we can go in a fix that throught the group policy editor.

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My floppy disk drive says it is is write protected. How do I remove the protection.

Answer:Floppy disk drive says write protected

How do you get this information?

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Using DI 7 on a regular basis to back up C to D drive I normally am asked if the existing image should be overwritten. Clicking Yes the copying proceeds.On this last occasion I was presented with "The Media is write protected" dialogue. To get around this I create a new folder and proceed.Question is: Why has this suddenly changed? There is nothing untoward from previous images, just a regular cleanup of system, uninstalling an unused program etc and updating the image.

Answer:Drive Image 7 "Media Is Write Protected"

No idea but you can change it by going into explorer, right click the Image file and change the file attributes to Archive remove the tick in write protect

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I cant delete any of the files on my usb drive because it is write protected...any solution to this problem?

Answer:Take MS 8GB flash drive write protected problem

"any solution to this problem?"...
yes, buy a new flash drive

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I have 4gb pendrive it is infected with some virus which is making it write protected & unable to use it.I am unable to format it so far i have to tried different things:
1.Tried formatting it on linux.
2.Tried different tools like neo9,hddformatter,jetflash,hpusbtool & a few more.
3.There is another way of changing registry values in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro\StorageDevicePolicies but i am unable to find that registry key (using win7 64bit ultimate).
4.Tried antivirus it detects the threat but unable to clear it out.
5.Tried cmd & then a variety of methods to format/partition but no use.
6.Also tried computer management with same message "the drive is write protected".

Now i have run out of options but i am amazed how none of the above methods have worked,already spent 2 hours searching for a solution but unable to find one.
Please someone help me i want my pen drive back.

Answer:Virus on pen drive making it write protected

A bit difficult for me to fathom this being a virus issue if even formatting it in linux isn't possible. Are you sure it's not as simple as a lock switch toggled on?

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I am just wondering as to whether you can alter the write protection in a USB drive.

Do you have to scan the folder - check for errors like in my 500GB Seagate USB external disk drive?

I am just enquirying as Seagate are saying that I must have used it with a Mac which I have not.

I just wish to put some other data on the disk and able to transfer to another computer.

Answer:Write protected folder - USB Disk Drive

Go into the properties of the drive and make sure all permissions are checked, you should be able to do anything you want with the drive. Is it brand new, did the problem just start ?

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I bought this usb memory stick for my Sony smart TV. I formated it on my laptop ok but it has never worked and I thought it was the TV. However when I now check in any pc it comes up as write protected. I bought it about 9 months ago from WH Smith in Morpeth. The manager is refusing to change it because it is against there returns policy of 28 days and I should contact HP.  Internet research shows this "write Protected" to be a common problem. It seems impossible to find a number to actually speak to anyone in HP

Answer:HP v150w usb flash drive comming up as write protected

There is a thread concerning the same problem.  The solution is found here and discussed HERE. if that solves the problem - BTW: they claim the HP flash drives are made by PNY

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A software company send me a program on a usb flash drive - Toshiba 16GB. I just received another one as they upgraded my program. I went to format the little toy and it tells me that it is WRITE PROTECTED.

I tried to go in regedit to see if the value for write protect is set 0 or 1 - needs to be 0.

I tried couple of freewares but failed.

Any suggestion?

Answer:Write Protected Flash Drive - Toshiba 16GB

Sometimes they have a physical protect/unprotected switch on the device itself. Not that I suppose?

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Hello, My Pendrive/USBdrive got write protected and I cannot able to format it. I do not want any files inside it. I just want to format it. I have tried many methods but still none of them are working. Please help me.

I have added some pics:

When I insert my USBdrive, It popups like this:

When I try to format, It popups like this:

And it popups this message:

It shows in the "mycomputer" like this:

Answer:[Help]Pendrive/USB drive is write protected unable to format

Hello and welcome Jinu mate juts use this it will clean the drive completely and all you need to do after is format it.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
read it carefully and the clean all will take a whie to do but you will end up with an empty drive.
At the bottom of that tutorial there is another showing how to complete the format etc.

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i created usb bootable disk using rufus

it made usb drive write protected now i cant formated
i tried almost all possible ways available in net

1. i used disk part method and changed attributes still same

2. i used reg edit method and change device storage properties result same

3. i used live cd and tried to format result same

i am using laptop which dont have dvd drive

so this usb is really taking my patience

i tried all solution available in whole internet still i couldnt solve the issue
i am trying for lmost 10 days

can some one try to solve this


Answer:usb drive write protected after creating usb bootable disk

drive is not corrupted as it still got win 8 and i installed win 8 using it

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I went to the link posted and it seemed to be nothing more than advertisements of possiblew places to purchase a memorex flash drive.

Answer:Memorex flash drive write protected. How do I remove it?

6 days of waiting & counting?

As risky and distasteful as it sounds, those flash drives are tied down with an OS, and can be freed by following the "uninstall" link when launched from the OS running on the fllash drive.

U3 Lauchpad was one such company. Uninstalling without the flash drive present would have violated the license agreement & forever would leave the flash drive boogered.

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Hey guys! I got a flash drive problem. here's the message shows:

Windows-write Protect Errors
The disk cannot be written to because it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in drive\device\Harddisk1\dr9.

the virus write protected my flash drive what can i do to remove this trouble cause i wanna reformat it!

the specification of my flash drive is pqi brand and 256 MB

Answer:flash drive write protected by a virus! damn!

some flash drives have a hardware lock (usually a switch on the drive)
you can also softwasre lock the drive in windows.

If you truly have a virus, address it in the correct forum (security forum.)

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I had to pull a drive out of a laptop. I need to save the Owners documents but they are write protected. Can't access the folders in the new pc. The account had a password which I know. Please help

Answer:write protected folder in 2nd (older) hard drive

Have you tried right clicking on the folder, then clicking the general tab (if you have to) and unchecking the 'read only' box?

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Hi all,

I was copying 2 files from 1 computer (98SE) to a flash drive plugged into another (XP Pro), one of over 500mb and the other over 200mb. My son was playing a flash game on the XP. The flash drive had been shared about 15 minutes before this and the XP had not asked to be restarted. The flash drive is an Imation 1Gb Cool.

Somewhere between the transfer of the 500Mb file and starting on the next one, the XP computer restarted without warning.

When it restarted, I tried again to copy the 200mb file but was told the disk was write protected. We tried to check that all sharing and permissions were correct but discovered that sharing had disappeared from the context menu. Poking around didn't find anything wrong so I decided to run the Network Setup Wizard, and found that we needed to change the workgroup name back to what is was before and turn on file sharing again. This done, I found that the shares that had been set up still existed, including the flash drive.

However, the flash drive is now write protected and I can't find any way of changing this.

Help! I have no idea where to go next and have already spent a frustrating afternoon with the computer that the flash drive was getting files from either struggling to network or crashing. It's taken me about 2 hours or more to this point and I still haven't done, nor know how to get the write protection off, so I'm hopeful that someone will be able to figure out what I should do to fix ... Read more

Answer:Flash drive is write protected - can't work out how to unprotect

I did some research at Imation's web site and found out nothing. You should probably contact their tech support or customer service and explain to them what happened. I think the device may be damaged from the PC restarting in mid file transfer...
Here's a link that may help:
You could try formatting it using Imation's Disk Management Software, available at the link above...

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Please help Unable to run windows on any mode normal or safe when running in prompt mode and ask it to run chkdsk it gives me the following the type of file is NTFS, Cannot lock current drive, Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected. Have tried hard drive on another machine same happens Have put a new Windows 7 on a another hard drive and when I try to run chkdsk on this hard drive Iget the same message as anyone had the same problem please note the hard drives are different makes and the machines have different motherboards ect have also dtied diskpart without any success at present time looking in different forume this seems a problem to a lot of trouble
thenks regards Ric

Answer:Unable to run chkdsk hard drive write protected

Does diskpart detail disk tell yo it is read only?

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