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Dell XPS 13 9350 battery charging to only 80%

Question: Dell XPS 13 9350 battery charging to only 80%

Hello all, I just purchased a 9350, win 10 Pro , 4GB ram, 128 SSD. I noticed that the Battery Icon would stop charging at 80%. Shows Connected , not charging at the 80% mark. I have read on the Forums about this being an issue on this 9350! SEEMS TO ME THAT THE BATTERY SHOULD ALWAYS CHARGE UP TO 100%!
So I innstalled the latest 9350 Bios and Power management drivers updates from the Dell seb site.
I thought that would correct the issue but it didnt!
Dell XPS 13 9350 battery cstill stops charging at 80%!!!
I performed the Dell ePSA F12 Diagnostic tests and the battery results are as follows.
Charge cycles 13
Battery Health 93%
Voltage 8420 millivolts, current 2717 ma.
I have also read that after some 9350 owners replaced the battery they were still haveing the issue of the battery not charging to 100%.
Anyone have the same experiences?

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Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 9350 battery charging to only 80%

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell XPS 13 9350 battery charging to only 80%

I'm assuming you installed the latest version of Dell Command | Power Manager (System Utilities) from your Dell Product Support page.....
The battery stop charging at 80% because of the battery settings. Some of the battery settings prevent 100% charge to help extend battery life. Please right click the battery icon, select Dell Command | Power manager, and then Change Settings:

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Hey :). I'm coming from a Lenovo machine (which I returned due to build defects). They had a software which prevented the battery from charging until it dropped under 50%. This is very useful for maintaining battery life. I saw that Dell has something similar in BIOS but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any effect. The setting I'm using is under "power management" -> "primary battery charge configuration". I set "custom charge start" at 50% and "custom charge stop" at 95%. The stop works, but not the start. It always charges.
I kind of remember there used to be a tool to control this as well. Any ideas?

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My Dell XPS 13 was working fine for about 9 months. Recently, I have to go through a lot of trouble just to get it charging. When I plug in the adapter, the light on the end of the plug turns on, but to get the charge to work, I have to push the cord extremely hard into the laptop. Even when I do this, the laptop usually only stays charging for about 5 seconds. After about 20 tries, I got it to stay charging. The warranty is still (thankfully) active, so worst case, I can just get it replaced. But before that, what can I do to try to fix it? 

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 having trouble charging?

Thank you for writing to us!
We would request you try a known good charger on this system and also try this adapter on a different system and check if the same issue occurs .
We would also request you private message the service tag to the system and the charger port and also the pin of the adapter .

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I recently bought this laptop, but yesterday it refused to boot.
The light on the charger is on, however when plugged into the laptop the light on the laptop does not come on.
I already opened the panel and unplugged the battery cable and plugged it back in but to no avail.
Is it now dead? I am still under warranty, but i need my laptop now.

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 won't Boot and not charging.

There's a short circuit somewhere in the system - it will need warranty repair.  If it's less than 21 days from shipment from Dell, you can also return the system for replacement.

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Is this common? Have had the laptop for only 7-8 months. It started getting real flakey this past week. Charging and then stopped every so often. Yesterday it just flat out failed. I went into the bios to verify. Battery was excellent but wall adapter said unknown.

Also noticed when plugging in the adapter by itself. The little white light was not coming on. Contacted Dell. Had to do the protocol troubleshooting and they determined it was a faulty adapter over the phone. They are sending a new replacement. I also have a question.

Is it safe to leave the charger plugged in all the time? Or only plug it in when I go to charge the laptop? Btw. Getting back to the adapter. I tried different outlets and surge protectors. Same results. Not working.

But for the heck of it. I tried this morning and the adapter is working again. Crazy. Is it safe to use until Dell sends me the new one? 

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I just bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 5 days ago
Battery cant charging.
1. I have update to latest BIOS 1.4.18
2. I make sure using the Dell Baterry comes within the same box when I bought, it's written 45W
What should I do or diagnose ?
It's a new laptop anyway.
It's very unpleasant, to buy a new laptop, with AC adapter that cannot charging

Answer:DELL XPS 13 9350, adapter Plugged In, Not Charging

With a system this new, if it was purchased from Dell, call and arrange a DOA exchange.  If it was purchased from a retailer, most allow 7-14 days - return it for replacement.  There is little sense troubleshooting and repairing a brand new system that's defective.

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I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can get regarding some problems Im having with my laptop. Long story short I purchased a TB16 dock, managed to update all the drivers and firmware but still cannot seem to get my laptop to charge via the dock.
Everything else works; three displays, ethernet, mouse/keyboard. Everything except charging. The battery bar says that its charging but my battery slowly drains. BIOS says a 45w adapter is connected so it seems to recognized that its plugged in. I know its not the dock since my Brother's 9550 charges just fine. 
Thank you for any help I can get!

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The main problem is that is dangerous and toxic and the battery are indeed defective.
I had other brand of notebook (more than 2) ask me for battery change for free after 5 years from acquiring the pc and completely out of the normal warranty.
Why Dell doesn't mind about their notebook users at all?
Why  they cannot change a battery also if i'm willing to pay some money ( for a service that as been done from other brands and have to be done FOR FREE as it is a product defect )
My notebook status:
The dell post replay is here (Japanese):

Answer:XPS 13 9350 battery swollen and apparently Dell Japanese support cannot fix it, because have no battery in their inventory

Hi celery,
We are sorry to know our Japanese support couldn't help you.Please help us with the service tag of the system you are facing issue with, and pictures of the swollen battery, if you have any so that we can check and try helping you accordingly.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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After a lackluster week with TB15, I have a problem with my Dell 9350 (early 2016).
I noticed that the battery drained faster than it's supposed to be.
Generated battery report

55,997 mWh

53,291 mWh

I saw on some posts that the design capacity was around 57mWh with 55mWh of full chage capacity.
Battery life estimates
Battery life estimates based on observed drains







Above is the estimated battery life, but I have never got up until 7 hours.
Latest BIOS is installed:

1.3.3 03/01/2016

Current setting is Power Saver with 0% brightness.
Any other settings that can be recommended are welcome.
Otherwise I might need to ring DELL again.
Thank you

Answer:Dell 9350 Battery Performance

I forgot to mention that the battery drained by 10% even on shut down mode (I have never put the laptop on sleep).

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HeyI'm seriously considering buying the XPS 13 QHD, but i'm a bit interested in what kind of battery life people are getting. If the battery life is much better with the FHD I might consider sacrificing touch and QHD for better battery life. Would be nice if it could last through a 8 hour working day.
Would any of you guys mind posting the windows battery report or any thing similar?

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 - Battery life

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly check on the Dell website as per the system specification.
Battery life would depend on system configuration ( touch / non touch ).

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I think I did the worst choice ever... I bought this Dell XPS 13 on last February which was replaced on summer, because I had problem with the grafic card probably ( couldn't connect it to an external display). 
This is an i7 proccesor 6560U, 16G ram 512 ssd... and infinity touch display. running win10 pro
the main reason that I bought it was that the battery lasts up to 18 hours like it says to the dell's site.
I am not new to this of cource I know that 18 hours are unreachable but I was hoping at least to 9-11.
on the contrary the battery does not last more than 4-4.30 hours. with normal use... email serfing on the net , youtbe....
I have the latest BIOS of course ... 
I had even left the laptop on the Bios screen open to check how long it will last with no apps running in the background ... same result ... 5 hours at most .. 
the battery was replaced 2 month ago with no improvment ... same with the new battery as well. 
I have turned the touch screen off, bluetooth as well... everything that I could in order to increaase the battery but with no result. 
I also run the battery test according to the dell's technicians advise, with the result saying that the battery is in good condition.
According to dell all theese are normal... but for me is unexeptable. My macbook pro is 5 years old and the battery lasts 4 hours !!!!
this is my expirience from the top model of dell!! 
any advise before I through it away?

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I've got a Dell XPS 9350 and the last 2-3 months, I had a bump that gently created itself on the keyboard, I guess it is the battery that has a problem. This also affected the screen, as the keyboard was not flat anymore, I've got spots with dead pixels.
My laptop is sadly out of warranty and my only option when I go to the support is to call the support, but as I bought the computer in Switzerland, it is in German, which I don't speak fluently enough to be able to handle such a discussion.
First of all, did other people had similar problems? What did you do? And do you have any other options I could use to fix this?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,
I have a XPS 13 9350 and a strange thing started to happen this week. The keyboard is getting deformed (!!!) like something under it is getting bigger... It's like my notebook is ***!
My first thought is that the internal battery swelling or something... I bought the notebook in the US but I live in brazil and I found that I can't get my warranty over here (despite being told through a support chat that if I bought the Prosupport I would get 8x5 NBD in Brazil).
Fact is, it has less than a year of use, it was hugely expensive and I simply don't know what to do... does anyone know how to get in touch with their Brazilian support line? Every time I try to get support from the site it redirects me to US support. I would to at least get a quote on fixing it...

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 Deforming Keyboard (battery?)

You first need to transfer ownership to Brazil.  Transferring the warranty requires (1) that the model is sold in Brazil, (2) that you purchased (or purchase now) an upgrade to an onsite warranty.

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i've got a brand new dell xps 13 9350 (2016 model) and i reainstalled clean windows 10 pro on it. All drivers are good and i've got this weird problem.
When AC is plugged in, everything works perfectly, no weird sounds. However as soon as i plug out the power, there is that buzzing sound when i scroll or do some acitons. I changed all three power plans (balanced, saver, performance), it's still the same, and i turned off c-states and intel speedstep in BIOS, still the same.
What could cause this issue, any option/driver? I really think it has something to do with the software, because when on AC it doesn't happen.
Any help would be appreaciated.

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 (2016) buzz when scrolling but only on battery. Any help?

Update: Hmmm as soon as my battery got full, it started buzzing on ac well. Now when i unplug ac it stops. This is driving me insane. Any hint?

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This is my second post regarding my XPS 13 9350 in one week, as it seems to be having lot of issues ! I was previously facing issue with sleep mode, it wasnt going to sleep at all. But after updating BIOS to 1.2.3, it sort of recovered from that problem.
Now, yesterday night I closed the lid with 65% battery life, expecting it to go to sleep(Set to go to sleep when lid off). In morning, when I reached the bag, I felt like the laptop was literally burning !!! It was so hot to touch, and the led light in front was giving orange/yellow in color !! When I opened the lid, the lock screen appeared, which shouldnt be the case as it should have been in hibernation,which indicates the machine was not off at all !! The battery life was indicating 7% !! From 65% to 7%, that too when was put to be off !
This are some serious concerns for a premium product like XPS 13 9350. I am expecting a proper solution to this malfunction issue of the product.

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9350 severe bug and battery drainage issue !!!

UPDATE : Ok , now the battery life has dropped down to 4 Hours 30 Minutes !! Also the device is really heating up while using, I can feel the heat at the edge of the display and keyboard. The bottom part is even more heated !  Please give a solution to this !

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Hi, my dell XPS 13 battery light is flashing 4 amber 1 white continuously. When I start up windows, i cannot charge the battery. Do you have any clue why this happened?

Answer:Dell XPS 13 (9350) battery light 4 Amber 1 White | Cannot Charge

Hi andyex777,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Please run the diagnostics on the system (To initiate, power on the system while holding down the Fn key), let us know how it goes. Check the battery status in the BIOS, also check if the ac adapter is detected. Can you please check the blinking pattern again and update us. Test this ac adapter on another system and a good known one on this system, try these steps and keep us posted.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I have a XPS 13 (9350) and recently discovered that my trackpad & certain keys were slowly being raised out of place due to a swollen battery. The laptop is already out of warranty by a few months. As a precaution, I removed the battery and have been working off AC ever since.
As an alternative to purchasing a new internal battery, would the Dell Power Companion (12000 mAh - PW7015M) be a suitable alternative? Would I be able to plug this accessory into my battery-less laptop? Or do you need an actual functioning internal battery installed? I'm only mobile (without AC) for a few hours per month so carrying an additional accessory around wouldn't be a big concern for me

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Great laptop that Ive been using for 1.5 years. Recently I've noticed my battery is showing signs of an error other Dell users are reporting.
Laptop charges fine to 76% then it starts alternating from "plugged in, charging" to "plugged in, not charging". Charging after 76% becomes really slow.
What I've done so far:
1. Updated BIOS
2. Updated Dells Power Management tool
3. BIOS can detect the adapter (45W). Im using the adapter that came with the laptop
4. Battery settings in power management and BIOs are set to Standard
5. Completely drained the battery and tried doing a full charge
6. Uninstalled Microsoft ACPI compliant control in device manager then re-installed
Battery diagnostics show the battery is in EXCELLENT health.
Any ideas?

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Can someone help me with this problem? So I just received my brand new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 and the battery is not charging. It says it's "Plugged In, Charging" but it never goes up and stays at 0%. At first I thought I just need to plug it in for several hours but it's been 5 hours now and still the battery stays at 0%. I tried running the BIOS Diagnostics just to see if there are problems and there's none. The battery status says everything is running normally and the Battery State says it's Idle. I tried draining the flea power several times, removing and reattaching the battery, but to no avail. I'm getting really frustrated and I'm really close to throwing this laptop back to Dell. 
I read somewhere that I have to update the BIOS but it won't update unless the battery is charged at least 10%. Someone also suggested that Windows 8.1 is causing the problem. I haven't even started using this laptop and it's already giving me a *** ton of problems. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! :)

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I have Dell ispiron 5537 , i5 CPU , 6GB Memory.
My battery suddenly stops charging. And in bios it say not dell type battery.
And if i turn on my computer than it says not charging.

Is there any way to fix this battery issue?

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Hi supporter,
I buy a laptop DELL XPS 13 9350 from Microsoft store (NY) last week. But it stop charging at 80%. I have read all related topics on this forum, but my issue isn't solve. I did: - Update Window- update BIOS ver 1.4.4- BIOS > setting > general Battery Information: health excellent, 80% (Idle), AC Adapter = 45W-Power Management > Primary Battery Charge Configuration: Standard- all step here (, except (step 5 & 6).- I ran diognasis test in BIOS: everything passed. What could I do next? Thanks

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I have Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop and from 3 months or 6, the battery would not charge but tells me 
"0% available (Plugged in, Charging)" but not charging. I took the battery out and opened it and everything was fine!
Please help me because i need the laptop battery working because i use the laptop for work and i need it

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my laptop battery wont charge

also i keep getting this error message

the ac power adaptor type cannot be determined this will prevent optimal system performance

the battery was still charging when i kept getting that message

but now it doesnt want to charge my sister left my laptop on overnight without ac adaptor plugged in

i cant update bios because battery level has to be at least 10 percent mines on 0 percent

Answer:dell battery not charging?

You can try unplugging the laptop from the a/c adapter, then removing the battery and waiting a minute or so, then reinstalling the battery, and plugging in the a/c adapter again. Does the message change? How about if you repeat the above without reinstalling the battery? I think your a/c adapter is toast.

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I bought a used Dell XPS 15z. The battery was bad. I bought a new one and changed it. Now, the computer tells me the battery is working perfectly, but it wont charge. I don't know what to do. I enabled and disable smart charging. The charger works fine. The computer works fine. I just dont understand why the battery wont charge. I am guessing its a setting I cant find. any help would be great!

Answer:Dell XPS 15z Battery charging Disabled

Hi Zuarel,
You may drain the residual power of your computer and re-calibrate the battery by following the steps below:

Power off your computer. 
Remove all the external peripherals  (printers, scanners or any other USB device) connected to your computer.
Please remove the AC adapter and battery of your computer. 
Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain the residual power. 
Release the power button
Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
Then power on the computer and see if it works.

Another step you may try is to check the battery health from control panel by following the steps below:

Click on Windows logo on desktop.
Type 'Power options' in search bar above that.
Click on Power Options.
Check for the 'Battery Health Meter' among the different options on the left side of window.
Check for battery health and check if the battery charging is disabled.
Restart your computer to check if the issue is fixed.  

You may also check if there is any yellow exclamation mark on the battery (as shown in image): 
Another step you may try is to check the status of AC adapter and battery in system BIOS by following steps below:

Restart the computer.
As soon as you see the Dell logo, start tapping the ‘F2’ key on top... Read more

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I see that there is no easy way to change out a battery on this laptop without having to unscrew screws to replace, quite there any other way to charge this computer into a USB.  For example Hawaiian airlines does not have power outlets on their seats, but they do have a USB charger so if there was a way for me to take the 3 prong charger to convert to charge via the USB, that would be idea.  Thoughts? 


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Seems I am now regretting my purchase of a new Dell XPS 15 Laptop.
Purchased on 20th September 2016, and seems as of 5 days ago the battery already needs replacing.
LED on front of laptop just flashes orange, battery status button on the side has LED's 1, 3 and 5 lit.
In Windows 10 Battery says "Plugged in, Not Charging" with 79% available
In BIOS battery says "Battery needs replacing", AC Adapter - 130w and 79% charged.
Laptop will no longer work on battery, has to have AC adapted plugged in and when removed it'll just power off.
After the fact I enabled the USB power option (charging phones etc. when laptop is off) and it doesn't charge without AC Adapter plugged in.
Rather annoyed at myself, I have always avoided Dell but I went against my gut instinct and spent £1400 on a laptop that is no longer fit for purpose.
Guess it's time to buy a replacement battery and never buy anything from dell again

Answer:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery not charging

" Guess it's time to buy a replacement battery and never buy anything from dell again"

Dell's standard battery warranty is one year. I'd suggest you enter your service tag number [or click Detect Product] onto the link below to check your warranty status.

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Hello guys I need help... My Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop has a weird problem. the laptop does not recognize the power adaptor and hence it is not charging but when I remove the battery and keep plugged in, it shuts down. (That means battery is fine just not charging). I can not bypass the battery coz if I do, the laptop shuts down. I had to take the battery to another laptop and get it charged. When I return it back to my laptop and plug in, it displays 2500 hours remaining-not plugged in. when I remove the power adapter, it displays 2 hours remaining-not plugged in. Please help me!!!

Answer:dell inspiron Battery not charging

It might be worth it to buy another power adapter, like this

If that doesn't work, then the problem is on the soldered connection on the motherboard that the adapter plugs into.

Maybe one of the geeks here can tell you how to rest the socket before you spend money for an adapter that might not be needed.

You mentioned that you charged the battery on another laptop. If the power adapters are the same (carefully read all the specs posted on the adapter), try swapping out the adapter and see if it works on your Inspiron 1420.

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May be a silly question but is there any way to dim or turn off the light that is at the base of the touchpad when the laptop is charging?  I have my screen colors warmed for use at night and the backlit keyboard turned down as well, but so far I have not found any way to dim this guy.  Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Dell XPS 13 Battery Charging Light

Unfortunately there is no option to alter the brightness of the battery light.

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I am the proud owner of two Dell B610's now with the same problem. A year ago, I was not paying attention and my laptop was running on battery only and it went all the way down to 2 or 4% when the battery icon turned bright orange. I plugged it in and it wouldn't charge up again but worked perfectly. So I bought a brand new battery and it still wouldn't charge.

I then bought a second one, swapped the harddrive and memory chip and with the exception for intermittent messages from Microsoft that the laptop had bootleg software on it (due to the swap), it worked perfectly. Yesterday. my wife unplugged my laptop to plug in the vacumm cleaner and the same thing now happens to the second Dell B610. The battery says 0% battery power, it's plugged in and now this one won't charge up either.

What do I need to do to get these two laptops charging and working coreectly again without being plugged in. The batteries are fine.


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Dell n5010 laptop ,have brand new battery but not charging.Ran the Dell diagnostics and no problems found.I have updated bios which was A09 now changed to A15. I have uninstalled battery in device mgr and powered back up and no change. I have had new dc jack installed and also bought a second charger.Still not charging.Out of ideas.

Answer:Dell n5010 battery not charging

Does the system recognize the adapter or is it showing unknown (F2 at powerup to check)?

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I have a Dell 1525 running Win7 Ultimate.
The stopped being charged so advised to buy a new one. No change so then advised to buy a new charger. Still no change.
Works well on the mains.
Any ideas?

Answer:dell laptop battery not charging

Laptop Battery not showing Charging
1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.

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I recently got my XPS 15 and was messing around with the BIOS settings for battery life.  I changed from the Adaptive mode to Custom charging, from around 80% to 90% thresholds.  When I booted up my machine, the battery indicator on the taskbar shows "plugged in, charging", but that clearly is not the case, as the battery life gradually decreases as if it is not charging at all.  Also, it no longer shows the estimated remaining time, but "Calculating...".  I tried reverting back to the Adaptive mode, but it still has the same problem.  I also installed the Dell Power Manager program to see if that helped things, but it hasn't.  
Has anyone else had this problem after changing the battery settings in BIOS, and how can I fix this?

Answer:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Not Charging

My problem has been solved! Just Let the battery run totally empty while keeping the laptop plugged in.
After shutdown it will charge normally again!

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i replaced the old battery with the new one as the old one wasnt being charged

the problem was that old battery message "" plugged in, not charging"

the problem didnt go away with the new battery

Answer:dell laptop battery not charging

I had the same problem once and this solved it. Take a look at this link.

Plugged in, not charging Windows 7 solution : Jeffrey Palermo (.com)

The same details are available in this thread
"Plugged In, Not Charging"

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Since the past three days I am getting an error when I start my laptop that the AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. I have had this laptop for more than a year now and this problem started 3 days ago.
The performance of the laptop is also affected and it cannot even play videos properly without hanging every 2 seconds. I tried resetting windows to factory settings but that didn't help at all.
Kindly advise a solution for this problem. I am an engineering student and I really cannot do anything without this laptop.
Thank you.

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One day the battery had 30% charge, and I noticed it was not charging. I tried reinstalling the battery drivers, restarting the computer, changing AC adapters, taking out the battery, but the battery would not charge. However the battery would discharge perfectly fine. If i took out the charging cable, the computer would run perfectly fine. I read somewhere that updating the bios would solve the problem, but at that time i only had 8% charge and I need 10% charge to update the bios. Today, I randomly put the battery back in, and it started charging! However, later in the day my battery stopped charging. At this point I had enough charge to update the Bios and even AFTER updating the bios the battery STILL will not charge. I KNOW my battery is perfectly fine! It charged today and it discharges fine. I tried everything I would think off. Any ideas or help would be really appreciated. Sorry for the long post.  

Answer:Dell Battery Plugged in Not Charging

If the power supply is working, then the problem is the DC socket. Either the power board or the entire system board (depends on the model) needs to be replaced. The DC socket solder connections can fail because of stress on the DC power cord.

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health is excellent, charge=1% In power command the charging / not charging indicator is constantly changing.

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My Battery Is Not Charging On Dell inspiron 1501 could it be the battery or couldt it be software on my pc as it started when i reinstaled windows

Answer:Battery Not Charging On Dell inspiron 1501

It's either your battery or the charging circuit inside the laptop. Windows has absolutely nothing to with it........

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Hey everyone, whats goin on? I posted in a bit. But im back for some expert help. I just recieved a free laptop, DellXPS m140 100gb HD 1 gig ram, not bad. the reason i was given it was that the screen would need to be pressed to get the image to display,i opened it and the screen lcd was loose. Easy fix! Well the last problem i have is with the battery. I will plug the A/C adapter in the laptop (no battery installed) and plug it in the wall. Turns on, no problem. But when i have the A/C adapter connected and insert the battery, the light on the power convertor or whatever you call it, located in the middle of the power cable, that LED dims out., laptop top wont turn on. I was told to open up the area with the ram and reseat it, no go.

I would really like to fix this last problem, because this laptop would be perfect.
Thanks for anyone who helps ad gives insight.
Thanks again steve

Answer:Dell XPS M140 Battery/Charging problems

Buy a new battery.

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Since I've now recently been ensnared in this problem of Dell computers which suddenly and inexplicably no longer seem to be capable of charging the laptop battery - although the AC adaptor still appears to be fully functional in terms of powering the laptop, I thought I would attempt to post the definitive thread on this issue, in an attempt to identify a solution.

I have a probably 5+ year old Dell Latitude D600 laptop, purchased used, and running Windows XP Professional without any problems for the past 3-4 years. As an electronics engineer, I have no problem in diagnosing and repairing minor eletrical problems, to include laptop computers.

About 3 days ago during a reboot, I got the message saying that "Warning: An unknown AC power adapter has been detected, > preventing optimal system performance. Strike the F3 key (before the F1> or F2 key) if you do not want to see power warning messages again.". Not knowing what to make of that in terms of the implications, I hit F3. Only a day or so later, I noticed that one of my two laptop batteries had drained to zero and appeared to not be charging correctly. I checked my two laptop batteries using the built-in test button, and both showed OK, although one was fully discharged. So, the batteries are OK.

In checking the AC adaptor using a voltmeter, I checked the output, and the output was right up to spec with the output right at 19.5V. I examined the laptop AC connector port and it appeared to be both ... Read more

Answer:Dell Latitude D600 - AC Not Charging Battery

This can happen when you run a battery right down to 0%. Once there, it may never come back. I had a C600 battery do this to me. I fully discharged it, and it never took a charge again

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My computer is two years old and i noticed today that my battery meter hasn't moved any since last night. I have it plugged in but its saying that it's not charging. I tried unplugging the charger and plugging it back in but it hasn't changed anything. Any help would be useful. Thanks.

Answer:dell laptop battery plugged in not charging

The meter may be in errorThe identify battery circuit in the charger may be bad The battery may be bad - most probable as batteries last about 1 year.Does the battery charge in another charger?

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Dell laptop - Inspiron 1720 is not charging the battery. When plugged in the laptop works but shows no battery deteected.

Answer:dell laptop battery plugged in not charging

Have you tried removing the battery and re-inserting it?Make sure the laptop is powered off and unpluggedThis just makes sure that the battery has not moved slightly out of place, and that all of the connectors match up

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This is the problem i had, copy link works when you down grade to A09 bios

Answer:Dell laptop battery plugged in not charging

OK, then leave it. Never change bios just for the heck of it.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Hello everyone. I posted this topic earlier today, then edited it. Not sure if it's in the hands of the moderators again for checking, or if it vanished.  So reposting just in case.

I replaced three things in the last year for my Dell Vostro 3550 laptop. Last July I bought a new slim style Dell AC Adapter and a  new battery, both supposedly genuine. And in March this year I bought a replacement DC Jack power socket connector and installed it to the motherboard. All my parts were not bought from Dell, only other online sites like ebay. So I'll only buy from Dell direct now to assure genuinemparts.
The battery has been charging fine until now when I have to keep the adapter plugged in all the time. It says '8% available (plugged in not charging)' on the taskbar.
* I get the warning message saying that it can't determine the AC Adapter, that it may not charge the battery, and that I should connect a 90w or higher adapter even though my adapter says it's 90w.
* In my BIOS (I have the A12 bios update), next to 'ac adapter type' it says 'none'.
* There's no charging even with the laptop shutdown. I can remove the battery though and with the charger plugged in, the laptop is fine.
* The icon on the front panel illuminates red when I unplug the adapter, but there's no illumination at all when the adapter is reconnected.
* The centre pin inside the plug that is menat to be responsible for charging is still intact and seems cen... Read more

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I had the common problem of charger being plugged in but not charging, I tried all the reboot and tapping the power button etc, etc... None worked, so as long as the computer worked when plugged in I carried on, until now. It has completely died on me now, so help...

Answer:Dell laptop battery plugged in not charging

You need a new battery.

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Hey all - maybe someone with excellent laptop hardware knowledge can figure out this puzzle. About a week of time spent with Dell reps on the phone and in my house have not solved the problem.
System: Dell XPS M1330.

My battery stopped charging after I had the (seemingly unrelated) touchpad and webcam replaced. The system is one year old. No messages have been displayed on the system to suggest an error.
Service steps in the last week (all Dell parts)

- Motherboard replaced 3 times
- battery replaced
- 3 different AC adaptors tried (I have old ones from other machines)
- BIOS flashed
--> after all these changes, the battery started charging intermittently. It took 24 hours to get to 100%. I drained and recharged it fully. Now, no charge is happening at all. When the AC adaptor is plugged in, the battery icon SHOWS that it is charging, and it also SAYS it is charging in the BIOS before startup. However, it does not charge (and pressing the button on the battery itself shows that it's only at a partial charge). It seems like something else might be draining the battery and preventing the charge? Tech support says it can only be these three things: motherboard, battery, adaptor. But clearly they are wrong...any ideas from the collective wisdom of this site? I'm losing my mind.


Answer:Battery charging MYSTERY!! Dell XPS M1330

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I recently bought a new battery, thinking my old one which was a refurbished battery just packed up as it was on the way out. When i put new battery in the power meter reads 52%. The battery is not charging however! When the power plug is pulled out the battery light does not come on! The battery is a brand new 9cell, so im sure it is not the battery. I suspect this is why refurbished battery died, or has it? Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated as im not so savvy at the tech stuff!
The computer has been running abit slower recently after upgrading memory 3 months ago to 2gb, so wondering if its caught something! I have avast protection. Cheers for ya help!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery not charging

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Lately, i realized that the battery level was dramatically going down. I tried several ways to resolve the problem. finally i came to a conclusion to plug/unplug the power cord of the charger which gave me the chance to charge the battery but this will last for a minute or two.I am not sure what caused this problem , can someone help me to rectify?

Answer:Dell latitude battery cannot hold charging

How old, maybe you need to replace the battery or perhaps charging unit is not working.

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We have a Dell Refurbished Inspiron M5010 for about a year. All of a sudden the battery is recognized but will not charge. It says it's plugged in and charging; but stays at 0%? Any suggestions?

Answer:Dell Inspiron M5010 battery in but not charging

Hi pgorney, Based on the description the issue appears to be related to hardware. Try to disconnect the battery from the computer and power on the with just the AC adapter connected. If the computer works powers up, follow the below mentioned steps to troubleshoot:

Disconnect the AC adapter and battery from the computer, then press the power button for 10-15 seconds to remove the residual power. 
Power on the computer with only AC adapter connected to the computer and tap F2 key repeatedly at Dell logo to enter the BIOS. 
Under Main Tab please check the AC adapter type (that is if it says 65W/90W or anything else). 
Power off the computer and unplug the AC adapter from the wall, and from the computer. 
Ensure that the AC adapter is unplugged long enough for the LED on the AC Adapter to go off. 
Connect the adapter and the battery to the computer, and then power on the computer. 
Check if the battery is getting charged.
If issue persists, power off the computer and check if the battery is getting charged.

Please post the results.

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Hi all,
I purchased a Dell inspiron 7567 laptop in mid to late January of this year. After a couple months, I had an issue with the battery not charging. I contacted support and searched different solutions, and all of them said to remove the battery and restart the laptop, then reinstall the battery. This worked temporarily. I had the problem again not long after, but again the solution worked. Recently, however, the problem has resurfaced. I've tested every solution I can find, I've contacted support and tried their solution, and nothing has worked. When I boot up the system and look at the bios, the AC adapter is recognized and working. When I look at the battery in the Dell Power Manager, it is confirmed to be a Dell battery. The health of the battery states unknown, and I've read that this could mean that the battery itself is bad, but since this problem has occurred before saying the same thing and then later been resolved and since the system is only 6 months old, I have a difficult time believing that the battery is bad. There is a BIOS update I can download, but with the system at 0% there is no way to install it without risk to the laptop. Dell support has told me I will need to send it in for repairs and pay for any parts needed, but I require the laptop for classwork and such, and sending my laptop away for 2 weeks would only be detrimental. My question is is this a common problem with this system, and if so is there a solution I haven't found yet.... Read more

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I have a brand new dell inspiron laptop which was delivered yesterday. First day worked fine. Have woken up this morning and the ac adapter is not charging the battery. I did a diagnostic boot and when scanning the battery the error message read:
I have no idea what has caused this fault and how to get it fixed. Please help, ive had this laptop less than 48 hours. 

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The battery charging light is flashing orange and green which according to the helpfile means that 'the battery is too hot to start charging'. I have switched the machine off for half an hour - it is definitely cold, but this light continues to flash and the battery will not charge. The laptop is about 8 months old and battery use has been fairly light.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Dell Inspiron Laptop - battery not charging.

it sounds like a defective battery. if the laptop is only about 8 months old then it should still be under warranty. you should contact dell about the problem and get a replacement battery.

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Hi I live in india,I bought dell inspiron 15 3521 from canada through my friend before 4 months,all works well till now except yesterday while browsing without connecting charger,It displayed "Low Battery"connect your charger,so after plugging the charger too the red light glows instead of white light.While restarting,it displays "DELL adapter not detected and please connect 65W or more watt charger".But Im using the same charger for past days and it is genuine one too.
I really need help,because it was bought in canada,so I cannot go for service claiming.

Answer:dell inspiron 3521 battery not charging

It strikes me that it is telling you that the Charger may be faulty

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shows only 2% charged and battery will not charge.... HELP... need to fix this. If I unplug the power, and plug it back in, it will show it is charging for about 20 seconds but then stops charging and the percentage does not increase.. does anyone have an idea what causes this and/or how to fix this?

Answer:Dell laptop battery Plugged in, not charging

What exactly are you trying to charge?Are you charging it with the charger that came with the device? It's possible that the charger you are using doesn't provide enough amps to properly charge the device. If you were using the charger that came with it, have you tried a different charger?Lastly, have you tried a different outlet?User Info Page Biography for full specs.

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I have a Dell Inspirion 3521 which is still under warranty and the battery is not charging for it. It is barely a year old and i need this computer for my studies at school. It is giving me messages such as the battery is not being charged and could cause a slower connection which has happened. It also says to use a 65W AC adaptor which it is.

Please help!

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Are you guys experiencing issues with the battery not charging for new E5470 and E3510 models?

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Hi all,

a couple of days ago I was working on my Dell XPS 12 using only battery and then suddenly it went black. No way to restart it. Arrived at home, plugged into the socket and it was all ok, but it is only working with socket connected.
I noticed that battery now is always at 79% and not moving at all. I thought that I need a new battery but the weird think is that USB 3.0 that I used for charging smartphone, is now working only when the computer is running: even if socket is connect, with computer off, is now not anymore charging.
I am in the doubt that the problem is not the battery but something more serious, obviously I do not want to buy a £85 new battery to test it.. Any help is appreciated. Thank you much.
Best regards,


Answer:Battery not charging above 79% Dell XPS12 9Q23

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly try the following steps:
1- Run diagnostics on the system to check for hardware error(if any)
2- check AC adapter type in BIOS 
3- Update chipset and USB 3.0 drivers
4- Set the battery charging to standard
5- Battery health in BIOS 
Also check if you have know good adapter .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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My dell inspiron3521 is not charging when I connect my AC adopter.  The AC adopter blue light automatically turns off  after a few seconds. But when I remove the battery then AC adopter works fine and facing no problem. I have done these methods but still I am unable to solve the problem
1) In setup its showing the AC adopter 90W and AC adopter error is also enabled but I am not getting any error relating to adopter. Its also showing battery is working fine.
2) I updated the BIOS version A14
3)  I also upgraded the chip-set drivers
but none of the above mentioned procedures rectified my problem.
I can use my laptop normal without battery by just plugin its AC adopter. Please help me out regarding this problem. Thanks!

Answer:RE: Dell Inspiron 3521 Battery not charging

Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Based on your description, I would suspect a battery fault. If the adapter and dc port are fine, then test with another battery and check. If another battery works fine, replace the battery. If the other battery and adapter also exhibits the same behavior, then I would suspect a dc port or the motherboard. 
If the dc port needs replacing, you would need this part -
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - 
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I have kept my laptop plugged in but recently, hovering the mouse over the battery icon at the bottom right corner of the screen gives "5% available (plugged in but not charging). Right click displays "Desktop mode battery charge". Click on this gives a form with tabs: Status, Battery Health,Desktop Mode, Longevity Mode.
The status tab shows:
Battery Capacity 4%. Battery charging disabled.
Enable Dell Intelligent Display in battery mode (unchecked)
Enable Dell Extended Battery Life (checked)
Remind me when Dell Intelligent Display or Dell extended Battery life is on (checked)
Settings - greyed out
The Battery Health tab shows a picture with a battery and a tick and "your battery is performing normally"
Option Desktop Mode is selected.
The other two tabs did not give useful info.
As an experiment I disconnected the battery supply. A warning picture of the battery showed briefly before the whole machine went dead.
Any ideas how I can resurrect the laptop?
Why was it not charging and stuck at 4-6%.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3521 Battery not charging

Batteries not charging can be caused by a number of reasons but the three main ones will be a)Duff battery; b)Duff charger and c)Duff connector on the motherboard.
But in your comments you say that Battery Charging is Disabled. Is this a Dell Option that you can untick in Power Options?

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I know my Motherboard on my Dell Inspiron 8500 needs to replaced it stopped charging my battery about a year ago . I did all the sugestions from the forums but nothing helped and it was suggested after all that that my mother board most likley is damaged or defective. Well I purchased a new battery which basically has been keeping the settings because it had half a charge . What I want to know is can you charge the battery not installed in the laptop or are there chips on the battery that wont allow that ? I have like four ac adapters for this laptop is it possable to build a connection to the battery to charge it ?

Answer:Other Means for charging dell laptop battery?

sure, anything is possible,
how familiar are you with electronic circuity?
easy way,
do you know someone with similar unit?

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i have a dell inspiron 1525 that will not charge the battery,i have to use it with the power pack which is very inconvenient.i would be grateful for any advice. les

Answer:Dell I nspiron 1525 Not Charging Battery

possibly a dead battery how old is it?you could try cleaning the battery contact face with electrical cleaner or evan an old ink rubber will do.

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My Dell Precision M3800 system says that the battery charging has been temporarily disable.  But, I can't find a way to enable it.  Whenever I unplug the power brick from the system, the system shuts down.  I have to carry the power brick in the last several weeks.  Please help.

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I have a Dell Latitude E5400 and whenever i plug in my charger it says plugged in not charging. If I take out the battery my computer still works but my battery is down to 12% and if i take out my charger it starts to go down.

Answer:Dell laptop battery Plugged in not charging??

You have encountered a problem with the Advanced Configuration & Power Interface, which is a known bug within certain copies of Windows 7. There are several methods of fixing this problem. The first is to open devmgmt.msc from the Run box and to click "Microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery". Right-click it and tell it to uninstall.Then, power the computer off. Wait for about a minute, then make sure you are working in an environment that does not conduct static electricity. Unplug the computer. Then, pull the battery out of the unit (if a notebook form factor). Turn the computer around, and hold the power button for 45 seconds. When finished, press it normally. Put the battery back in, and plug the computer in. It is recommended not to go further on some models. While some sources state uninstalling the controller and rebooting does it, I strongly recommend to let the computer charge up, and then power it up when the battery is full. This ensures that the problem will not reiterate for a while. The battery level should register as 100% and the issue should be resolved upon boot.Glad to help you. If the answer given was helpful to you, please give it a thumbs up. If you have more questions, please feel free to post back.

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I have a Dell inspiron 15 M5010 and i recently bought a new battery. It's not a Dell battery but a Ninja Battery. As i started charging it i noticed it doesn't charge. I thought it was a defective battery so the company sent me a new one. It didn't make a difference.
Is it my AC Adapter? or because i need a Dell battery? I tried everything except update the BIOS because it needs at least 10% battery to run. Sadly i have 5%. Please help. 

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Hi!I have the following problem:After 3 years, the battery of my Dell Latitude E6510 given up the ghost and I've bought a new (not a replica but the original model purchased from ).The battery can be used easily and is also recognized by the system.Only problem: He can not be charged.When you first insert the battery was at 33%. In network mode, it remains at 33%. However, it is shown: left 33% (network operation is not recharged).Have already taken out the battery again and blown onto the contacts and everything wiped cloth with NEM (thought it might be a bit dusty). But nothing helps.Can someone help me? Were so thankful for every tip.

Answer:Dell Latitude E6510 new battery not charging on AC power

When the new battery is installed and also the adapter/charger is plugged into a wall outlet what is the status icon down by the time indicating? How long have you left it in the computer charging for? Ultimately it is always possible that the battery you received may be defective. So retain your receipts for the purchase as it may be necessary to return it. truenorth P.S. In case you have never done the process before here is a good link to describe what is involved.

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Hi everyone
i recently purchased DELL N5010 INSPIRON, but now it give one problem. It is not run without AC power. and when i point the battery through mouse it show
"17% available (Plugged in, Not Charging).
and battry light flashing 4 times with orange light after a second. It is the bug or any hardware problem, becuase the bettery may be only 2 month old.
I search on the web, but found fake solution which is not applying to solve it.
If any one have a solution then i appreciated it before solving this one.
Thanks and Appreciated in Advace.
Haq Nawaz

Answer:Dell N5010 inspiron Battery (plugged in , not charging)

I had the same problem with my dell inspiron 5010. The problem is most likely with the connector on the back of the laptop. There are 3 type of connectors, +19.5v, ground and sense.
I resolved it by bending the pins towards outside leaving the center pin (sense) free.

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Hi. I have a Dell XPS 15z which I have newly replaced battery. The battery came in with 79%, it shows charging but the percentage does not increase. It will work on battery alone. The weird thing is that when I plug-in the charger, the charger lights up even before I switch on the wall switch. It is like power draining back to the charger.
I don't see any wiring loose or damage to the board. Is there anything I have missed? Please help. I have paid good money for the new battery.

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Hi, i have an XPS 13 Developer Edition (so with Ubuntu 14.04), about 4 months old, probably a bit less, and suddenly i have this problem: as soon as the battery percentage reaches 83%, the status switches to "discharging", the led on the front turns off, and turns back on only as soon as a little percentage of battery gets consumed; this on-off cycle goes on and on, as the laptop thinks he is fully charged at 83%. I'm sure it's not just a wrong shown percentage problem, like it shows 83% but it's actually 100%, since the battery does last just exactly as it did with 80%, and not like 100%. 
What can i do to solve this problem? 
Thank you

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My Dell Inspiron N7110 went off warranty Dec 2012. While it was on warranty, in July 2012, I had a problem with the battery charging being disabled and the laptop not 'recognizing' the battery. Dell tech services got the laptop to recognize the battery. I thought I wrote down the steps. However, now it is happening again and I can't seem to get it to recognize the battery. Since the laptop is a couple years old, perhaps I need to buy a new battery. It runs Win 7 Home.

My question is: if I put a new battery in at this point, will the laptop recognize it? Do I need to get the recognition problem resolved before I buy a battery? The battery is still at 90%, losing 1% per day, but I don't dare take it off house current. I don't have another laptop to test the battery on.

Answer:Dell laptop not recognizing battery; charging disabled.

I simply turned nac4ev's code entry to a straight forward hyperlink. I took a look at the page and there may be some useful information for you there.

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I have the "plugged in, not charging" issue with my Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop. This has been going on for the past week and although I'm able to 'resolve' it by following the steps below, it will return after 2 or 3 power ups.

>Disconnect AC
>Remove battery
>Connect AC
>In Device Manager, Under the Batteries category, right-click all of the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listings, and select Uninstall (it?s ok if you only have 1).
>Disconnect AC
>Insert battery
>Connect AC
(Source: "Plugged In, Not Charging")

When I'm experiencing this problem a warning message will pop up on power up identifying an issue with the AC adapter.

I'm trying to find out whether this is a Windows 7 problem (as I think I read somewhere), given that the steps above does temporarily fix it, or whether in fact there is a genuine issue with my AC adapter, which needs to be replaced.

Or, rather, does following the steps above merely trick the laptop into accepting a dodgy adapter that needs replacing?

I'm using the original adapter that came with the laptop, incidentally. Would replacing it with a generic likely resolve this daily occurrence?

I appreciate your time and advice

Answer:Dell battery 'plugged in, not charging' - Win7 or hardware?

I would seriously doubt W7 on this and first look to physical battery and adapter connections and wires or the adapter itself ! Also if this is after a clean or fresh install of W7 did you install all and the latest updated drivers off the mfg'r. site?

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my new dell inspiron 13 battery is not charging despite the fact its plugged in with the power.  The Battery meter keeps giving 3% battery not charging. any help?

Answer:Dell INspiron 13 5000 series Battery not charging

Hi JSuboh,Thanks for posting.How new is your Dell Inspiron?  A battery that won't charge can be due to several factors.  If the battery is over a year old, if the power adapter is not charging, or if the motherboard has a bad charging circuit.If you have a "new" system, best thing would be to run system diagnostics by pressing F12 at startup, make a note of any errors, then give Tech Support a call.  You can contact them at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session at:

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i buyed dell i5 3443 just 3 days ago and it has just 2 hours battery life and doesn't charge up to 100% it charges only upto 97% .
it has a problem that when the battery life becomes 61%  it goes down to 7% in a second and shutdown the laptop........................... i have warranty but i am in mountain area in nepal please help me with it...

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First things first, Dell Inspiron 1501 NOT 1505. Ok? Now, this computer is pretty used, and long lived somewhat at 3 years, one battery. Last year, it completely accpeted no charge. I am on it, using AC power. I wouldn't mind AC power too much, but the power cord providing AC power, is sooooo mucked up. (will it stay in long enough to post this message???) I COULD buy a new battery (100$!!?!?), yet my dad has no job ATM. Any suggestions? PLEASE!

Answer:Battery problems, not charging Dell Inspiron 1501

If the Charger is in bad shape, dell sells the factory replacement charger for $59. here

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I have had my Dell laptop for almost two years now. I replaced the battery before the warranty expired (1 year?). The battery was working fine, but I was starting to have to jerry-rig the angle of the power cord in the socket to charge the battery. I purchased a knock-off AC adapter replacement. I started getting error messages almost immediately when booting up that cord might not be compatible with the laptop. As it was working, I didn't worry about it. The power light start flashing in a particular pattern then, which it has been doing for months (three fast orange flashes and one long white flash). Historically, a white light has meant "charged" and an orange light has meant low power. The AC adapter became increasingly less efficient in charging the battery until it ceased to charge it at all. I purchased the Dell AC adapter recommended for the newest version of my laptop model. There was no noticeable change. (I understand from Dell that the problem may have been that I purchased a 90W adapter, compatible with newer versions of this model, but that I should have purchased a 65W adapter as my laptop is older.) I returned that adapter to Dell and then purchased a re-furbished Dell 65W AC adapter through Amazon. Again, no noticeable change. The battery is taking absolutely no charge from these cords. As I remove the power cord from the socket, the computer instantly shuts down.

When I hover over the battery icon, it says the battery is 0% charged and that ... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 - Power cord not charging battery

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Well, the charger is plugged in, but it says not charging. This has happened twice. I would have thought bad battery or bad charger, except luckily the first time it occured right after buying a new hard drive. I did a hard reset on the battery and that worked.
Now, it has happened again. I tried the regular battery reset, but that did not work. I tried uninstalling device and reinstall..did not work either.
Oddly, what did work was the following:
I had about 38% battery left. I unplugged the power cord from both laptop and wall outlet.
I removed the batter. Computer went dead.
I wiped the battery connectors with a clean cloth several times.
I put the batter back in and turned the laptop on with battery only.
I plugged power cord into side of laptop, then into wall outlet.
Immediately, the laptop began charging again! 
I am not sure why this worked. Maybe some techy out there may know. When I tried the battery reset, I turned the computer off before taking out the battery. Then took it out. Plugged in laptop with power cord and powered it. Then shut down and placed battery in. I turned back on..but nothing...
It may have to do with having the laptop already on when taking out the battery, or placing back the power cord, or could just be the wiping the battery with cloth????

Answer:Battery plugged in, not charging...(found the fix that worked for my Dell Inspiron

Hi thelights007,
Please share the system model and the operating system installed. The error 'plugged in not charging' can be caused due to various reasons such as faulty adapter or faulty charging board.
You may try below mentioned steps which may help in fixing the issue. Steps to perform Flea Power are:

Power off the system. 
Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer.
Disconnect the AC Adapter and remove the battery from it.
Press and hold the power button for 20 to 30 seconds to release the residual charge from the laptop.
Reconnect the battery and the AC Adapter.
Once the system is powered on and booted properly, re-seat the battery. Check if you still get the error or not.
Boot the system to BIOS, tapping the F2 key on the Dell logo screen when you power on the system.
Press F9 key to load BIOS defaults. Once done, press F10 key to save and exit. System will restart. Check if the error is still there.
Try and wiggle the AC Adapter cable and check if that makes a difference.

If it still doesn't work, parts replacement may be required.
Hope this helps. Please share the findings.

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Last week, it became apparent that the battery in my Dell Inspiron 6000 was not charging: The battery light flashes yellow intermittently while the computer is plugged in (both while it is on and while it is off), and flashes orange if I unplug the AC Adapter. Here is what I've done:

1. Checked the Dell Quickset Battery Metter -- all the fields (total battery charge, primary, and secondary) were grayed out)
2. Checked my Power Management settings. It's set to activate a low battery "text only" alarm at 10% and to go into hybernation at the critical battery charge of 3%.
3. Checked the Power Meter -- The total power remaining is "Unknown." Under the batteries available, it says "not present."
4. Pressed the status button on the battery -- all lights lit up.
5. Ran Dell Diagnostic Express Test -- got the "Error Code 0F00:136C - IDE device failed. Blank media or no media is present in optical drive."
6. Ran Dell Diagnostic Symptom Tree and chose the symptom "System will not run off battery" -- All tests passed.
7. Ran the Dell Diagnostic Custom Test for the battery and the sensors -- All tests passed.
8. Downloaded the Inspiron 6000 BIOSFlash A09 and tried to run it -- Got the message "AC Adapter and battery must be plugged in before the system BIOS can be flashed" over and over again.

I have removed the battery, replaced it, etc. I don't want to buy another battery if it's not necessary. And I do... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery Charging/BIOS Issues

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I've had this computer for less than 3 months and the battery as the title says has stopped recharging and unless the computer is connected to mains it won't stay on.
I've heard quite a few other people have the same issue, Did anyone find a solution?

Answer:Dell XPS 9550 - Battery at 51% not charging, if not connected to power turns off

What is the status/color of the Power and battery-status light ? Solid Amber ? How about the Indicator light on the AC adapter?  Solid / blinking white light ?

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I have had my Dell Inspiron 5520 Laptop since late 2012. It has been a great computer, and although I have recently upgraded to a new Dell laptop, I still use my 5520 for writing and entertainment purposes. The only reason I upgraded at all was because I had a hard drive go bad and didn't realize that it was only the hard drive at the time. I restored the computer with a different version of Windows 7 after I replaced the drive and everything is working great - except the battery charging. It is sporadic. What happens is I plug in the charging cord at times, the computer detects it for a second or two, and then it no longer charges. I ran a complete PC health check and it showed everything is working properly and the battery is healthy, but it did not detect it being plugged in even when it was. I also flashed the BIOS, and it had no real affect on the charging issue. WHAT DID WORK was shutting down the computer, removing the battery, and pressing the power button for 30 seconds and reinstalling the battery. After I do that, it does detect the charging cord is connected and the battery charges properly - but only for a week or two, and then I usually have to do it all over again. Any thoughts? Is my battery going? Charging cord? Any other thoughts? It's not a HUGE deal that this is happening. I love this computer. If I can correct the problem, I will. Thanks!

PS - The original dell software had a feature that I could set that ran the battery up and down even while pl... Read more

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Hi all. My battery wouldnt hold a charge so i decided to replace it with a new dell extended life battery.
problem is, when i plug in the charger all i get is plugged in, not charging.
i have tried
1- removing battery and charger and holding power button for 20sec
2-deleted and reinstalled the battery drivers
3- loaded my bios by default
i have tried another dell charger, though mine is proper volts and amps also.
i have heard some people need to update bios, but i cant do this now battery is at 8% and i flung the old battery out.

any ideas?

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I have recently purchased a new Dell Inspiron 15 5578 2-in-1 Laptop. When I plugin the charger, the battery is only charging upto 60% and after that it says not charging.

I have tried to install the Dell Quickset software and changed the settings in battery management software and tried all the ways I found in forums. Still I am having the same issue.
Can anyone had the same issue & solved it.
Please help me to find out the solution for this.

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The other day my battery decided to go 50/50 on me. Half of the time it works, albeit charges insanely slowly, or it acts as if it's at a 0% charge and puts my laptop into sleep mode. To top this off, my wall charger doesn't seem to register with the laptop as plugged in anymore. It has a small light ring to show when it is plugged up or not, and it seems that the laptop won't charge even when it shows it is clearly connected to the adapter. Now, another symptom it goes through is the light on the adapter turning on when plugged into the laptop but then off when removed. It's somewhat old at this point but it has never done this before. Any ideas on what to do? I'm running Windows 7. (I apologize for the lack of formatting. Having to type this up on my phone while riding around isn't helping me any.)

Answer:Dell Studio 1749 battery not charging/adapter error

Its either a power supply problem of some sort or the a/c adapter and battery might have to both be replaced and see if that helps any.i know on my dell computers when the batteries have problems they start blinking orange and blue constantly.which usually means they have had it.

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Hi all, So few days ago I have noticed that my Dell Vostro 5470 not charging. It says plugged in, not charging. And sadly it is 0%, so I can't really drain the power, as I've read in some forums. As well, Vostro battery is not portable, that makes things even worse. 
As I have noticed, the error accured after one of Windows update (I currently have Windows 10). Before I closed it (sleep) and left it for sometime running on low battery, so still don't know what what the real issue. I ran Dell Service test  (40min.), which said all is fine - battery is good. Also this show battery is good:

Please help me find the solution, as I am currently not in my home country and laptop is quite needed. Thanks, Kamile

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hi all, i am trying to fix my dell 1735 laptop charging problem. basically it has to be plugged in because the battery is not charging. i have ruled out a dead battery by pressing battery test button and it seems ok. i have read on a few forums that it may be due to charger not talking to the battery due to out of date bios drive. it is running a04 and believe it should be updated to a05. i have tried to do this via dell website but when i try to flash the bios it says ' bios update could not be performed due to valid rom image not found'. i dont know if this is because i upgraded vista to windows 7 a few years ago.
any help gladly received as im banging my head against the wall on this one! ta

Answer:dell battery charging problem ? bios update 'rom not valid'

Laptop Battery not showing Charging

Turn off the computer,
Take the battery out
Take out the power supply
Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
Reconnect power supply
Then the battery.

This is because sometimes the mother board gets static and this clears it and the reason it showed not charging was because it was fully charged.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Tarun. I have been facing an issue with my newly purchased battery. I did not use my laptop for an year or so because my battery was dead and i didn't even remove that dead battery from the laptop, it was kept inserted for an year. A few days ago I purchased a new battery. When I turned on my laptop with the new battery and tried to charge it, I saw its charged percentage as 7%, I thought that it will be fully charged within an hour or so but it didn't. Although, when I hover the mouse on the battery icon ( right bottom under the tray ), it displays the message as 7% available (plugged in, CHARGING )....Please note, i wrote "charging".

To my surprise, percentage of "battery charging" never increases, I do not know what's wrong with it. Adapter works fine, windows runs fine, everything seems to be working fine.

I discussed with a naive person who repairs laptops. He wasnt sure of the fault but he guessed that that there could be a problem with charging IC. I didn't agree with him because of two reasons, 1st- he is a naive person, 2nd- If charging IC has a problem then it shouldn't have displayed the message " plugged in, CHARGING".

I am pretty much frsutrated and dissappointed. Could someone please help me and let me know what should be/ can be done?

thanks & regards
Tarun Bajpai

Answer:Dell Studio 1558 | battery doesnt charge even when it shows charging

Take the battery back to where you bought it!

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Hi! I have Dell 3330 with all the original components ( battery / Adapter ) running windows 10.1 64 bti. but my machine has a strange problem it charges my laptop's battery to 42% only and after that it shows 'Not Charging' message on mouse over. I did run the dell diagnostics for which battery passed the result. 
I did try some  tricks of uninstalling / disabling battery drivers and updating them after a restart. 

Removing the battery .. drained out any charge on the motherboard by pressing it for 20 secs or more. 
But the issue is same it is still not charging after 42% .. Surprised!?? 
Kindly suggest what is wrong where with the software.

Answer:Battery plugged in not charging- Dell 3330 with all original packaged components

Hi Saurabh78
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?  Please update the BIOS from and observe for any changes. 
Try this battery on another machine or another battery on this machine, which will give us a clear picture of the cause. 
Most of the time we are looking at a faulty battery in these situations. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message


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Had my XPS since January 2016 and all of a sudden my power adapter has stopped charging the battery. I can still use it when plugged in but it instantly dies when it is unplugged.
Is there any way to fix this?

Answer:XPS 9350 Plugged in but not charging

It appears the battery has failed, and most likely needs to be replace with a new one. Just to be sure, I'd suggest you check status of the battery health and AC adapter in BIOS. If adapter isn't detected in BIOS, the system will continue to received power but will not charge the battery. Please follow steps below:
1. Power off system.
2. Power on system, quickly start tapping F2 key continuously. You should be in the BIOS.
In the BIOS, the battery health should be listed under main screen or battery information. The battery should say Excellent. The adapter should say the adapter type, if it says 'Unknown' or 'None', then it's a issue with the adapter, and most likely needs to replace with a Dell genuine adapter that suitable for the system. Note: Wiggle the adapter's end while checking it in the BIOS.

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Hi Folks,
I hope you guys are doing well.
I recently upgraded from Dell Xps 15 L502x to Dell's flagship XPS 15 2016 (9550) Infinity Edge Notebook and I'm happy with it. 
So, I used my old XPS with the power cord plugged in even after it reaches 100% or until I see the fully charged notification by disabling my battery charging. By that way I prevented my notebook from overcharging.
 Until now my battery's health, was good and I haven't faced any issues with my battery. (touch wood)! 
But with my new Notebook I couldn't able to see such thing to disable my battery. I have the habit of working in my laptop with the power chord plugged in. But now It kinda worries me, by doing that so may shorten my new notebook's battery life.
Does the new XPS 15 (9550) notebook comes with an automatic disable function to prevent from overcharging? or Is there a way to disable it?
P.s I had a Dell chat session with their expert, He asked me to remove the power chord once the battery is fully charged. 

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Hi, everyone.
I've Dell Studio 1735, which doesn't charge the battery.
When I plug in a charger all the way I hear a sound of short - the laptop doesn't power on. there is a green light on the charger that's usually lit, now it's off.
when I pull the plug 1/8" out, I could hear the "short" again, and laptop powers on. Charger's light is on.
I suspect that this short sound is due to burnt charging circuit.
BTW, whoever designed 3-contact plug???
I checked terminals that feed the battery - 3.34V (on five pins, 2 "longs" pins are "-").
I need your ideas on find the fault and fix it. Picture doesn't show it well - the center "double" contacts are burnt, there is the same burn on the inner tip of charger's plug.

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I have the same exact issue as posted here:
The AC charger I received in the box when we purchased the Dell XPS 13 9350 is 45W but as of recent I have been getting the "plugged in, not charging" error. Is it possible to replace this charger with the 90W charger discussed in the post above?
Please let me know how to proceed.

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So, my issue that ive looked everywhere for a solution to is this.  I was about to give this laptop to someone and I reformatted the hard drive to clean it up before doing so.  After this I went to dells site and loaded up the drivers for this machine.  All is fine up till this point.  Then I updated the bios to the newest version a12, and all went fine.

Well, later that day I needed to unplug the laptop and go to a different room and It just turned off after I unplugged it.  It wouldnt turn on with battery power either.  Plugged it back in and it loads fine but the battery is stuck on 36 percent charge and says not charging.  Now im getting a message saying the battery needs to be replaced as well, which is *** because I know that the battery was working just fine before this day.  Not only that why wont a battery with 36 percent charge turn on the laptop?  Its got the flashing red battery symbol when powered on with the ac adapter but without the computer on, but still plugged in, the battery doesnt charge or have any lights. 

I have already tried the uninstalling of the acpi trick, as well as the taking the battery out while its running, or taking it out purging the power and reseating.  Ive tried all the common tricks to no avail.  Not sure whats going on but I know this battery was good, and it still says 36 percent but wont charge and wont power the laptop on.  Hope someone can help.

Thanks Gary

Answer:DELL VOSTRO 3500 BATTERY ISSUE (not charging and wont power on computer with charge) HELP!

First check:  make sure the BIOS (F2 at powerup) recognizes the AC adapter.  If it does not, the battery will not charge. 
If the AC adapter is not recognized, try another Dell OEM adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack:
And if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, but the battery will not charge, unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try again -- if the battery still won't charge, odds are the battery itself is bad.
If the battery is original to the system, it's about four years old - well past its expected lifespan.

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Just bought this model a month ago. At first, I thought there isn't any LED Indicator in this model for charging/ HDD activity modulation but later when I saw the guide, I noticed an indicator just below the touchpad. But, the catch is that it isn't glowing at all. Even while charging, I tried the hotkey combination (Fn + H) to toggle that light but to no avail. Any idea as to how to activate this light?

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Dear All,I have Lenovo Thinkpad T460S purchased almost a year ago. Today I suddenly faced problem in charging battery. Charger is plugged in and battery icon is showing "plugged in, charging" but actually it is charging very slowly. Normally battery is charged in one hour or so but today it took more than one hours to reach only 24% or so. Furthermore, soon after plugging in, battery icon shows "filling in process" for few seconds then stopped i.e no filling in process. Furthermore, after whole night charging, battery is now 94% charged, battery 2: 100% charged, fully charged; battery 1: 0% charged, not charging (please attached images).Please guide how to get rid of this problem?Thanking in advance. Shahid

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