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Port Forward error reasons

Question: Port Forward error reasons

i try around 3 years now to port forward with my Thomson tg585 v8 but it seems nothing i tried is working.
dissabled firewall-dellete antivirus
open nat type from the router
port forwarded from the router
port forwarded from my pc network settings.
still no results.

for a reason i can play everything fine, i didndt find any game that i cant connect directly but still everywhere i go says that i got strict upnp nat type.

enough for the prologue!

the reasons for not able to port forward IF EVERYTHING followed 100% correct (firewall dissabled and no antivirus active or even installed) is the router's fault? or can happen for other reasons aswell, for example windows 7 problems or any hardware prob?

and if is the routers fault are there routers 20-50 euros that are known that they can at least make a decent prot forward?

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Preferred Solution: Port Forward error reasons

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Is accessing (or any other server:80) through a dynamic SOCKS tunnel any different than accessing through localhost: PORT forwarded to

Always worked under assumption that dynamic tunnels only encrypted packets from the SSH server until entering the internet. However a localhost port forward to google:80 obviously completely encrypts packets all the way to google:80 and all the way back to the SSH server...

Answer:Dynamic port forward versus localhost port forward

It's a shame that no ones knows/ understands/ responded to this thread.

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Hello! I am trying to forward a port so i can connect to my computer because i want to stream a radio station from computer to my phone.

I'm trying to forward port 88 on my Linksys WRT54G Version 6

I tried that but Boardwave audio streaming server still says it's not open!

Here are some pictures:

I'm using Windows XP Professional 32-Bit
Eset AntiVirus
and using Windows firewall
What am i doing wrong?
Thank you for your help!

Windows firewall screenie:


Answer:Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

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im trying to port forward port 80 on westell 327 w it doesnt work can u tell how

Answer:im thryeng to port forward port 80 on westel

Dunno if there is but many of those have a way to access settings from a web page. It may be called nat also.Why did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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I'm having some trouble setting up port forwarding on my network, and it's really becoming a problem.I'm running a PC with XP home, but our network is a little rigged. We have a DSL modem connected through ethernet to an Air Port Extreme (newest model). Because my PC is in an odd part of the house, it gains access to the network through the ethernet jack on an Air Port Express that is configured as part of the extreme's extended network.I fear there is no way to tunnel ports through this network. Am I right? The ethernet jack on the Express is intended really only for printers and other peripherals, I believe.For instance, I can't set up a Ventrillo server on my computer for a few friends, and I can't use my Blizzard patch downloader to full capacity because it sees my computer as behind a firewall.

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sorry if my english is bad :)

I cant open any port.
I have windows 7 32bit (default firewall) , router tp-link td-w8910g.
-turning off firewall in windows, port-forwarding on router
-DMZ on router, adding rule in firewall
-UPnP on router, turning router firewall off
-repairing firewall, turning it to default settings
-opening windows in safe mode
-even tried on different router

Always port closed or timed-out using or any other scanner

On Win7 I never had any other firewall.
Really dont know what to do now.

Can anyone help?

Answer:I cannot open port / port forward

I found something that might be interesting. I turned on reporting and:

#Fields: date time action protocol src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port size tcpflags tcpsyn tcpack tcpwin icmptype icmpcode info path
2010-12-16 13:06:07 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:09 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:13 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:21 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
it looks like firewall is droping connection... but it has a exception that should allow this connection :/ any suggestion?

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Hi guys, I like to play multiplayer games, and in order to have an open NAT I have to port forward in my router some ports. Support says that we have to open ports 80 and 443 among others to have an open NAT. My question is: Is it safe to port forward those ports?
Remember that port 80 is responsible for http, and port 443 for the https protocol. Thanks

Answer:Is it safe to port forward port 80 and 443?

Makarboy said:

Hi guys, I like to play multiplayer games, and in order to have an open NAT I have to port forward in my router some ports. Support says that we have to open ports 80 and 443 among others to have an open NAT. My question is: Is it safe to port forward those ports?
Remember that port 80 is responsible for http, and port 443 for the https protocol. ThanksClick to expand...

I'm not to sure about this but personally I wouldn't change things like this because you never know what problems you could cause, bear in mind ports are things that allow other computers to connect to yours.

Home this helps, Have a good day


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So I have my computer set up to allow Windows XP remote access. This entails opening port 3389. In the interests of security, I have forwarded port 50000 on my cheapo netgear router to my computer. Using the windows XP SP2 firewall, I forward incoming packets on port 50000 to port 3389 on my computer (port 50000 is the "external" port, 3389 is the "internal" port). This works fine, so that's not my question

The question is: what non-Windows XP SP2 firewalls also include this functionality? I have tested both ZoneAlarm and Kerio, and both seem to allow only _opening_ a particular port. I don't want this: I want incoming packets destined for port 50000 to be forwarded to port 3389 (the WinXP remote access port). If either of these firewalls allow this functionality, please enlighten me Otherwise, what other firewall should I try?

The reason I like this feature is it increases security. Port 3389 is known to be used for windows xp remote access. By using port 50000, I increase security because people don't know what's running on it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer:How to forward one port to another

You can change the port for the RD client. Instructions here.

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I have just purchased a nas drive. I want to be able to access my files from anywhere. I believe if i setup FTP i can view the files over the web. from what i have been told i need to forward port 21 to the ip address of the nas drive.

Can ayone help me with this?


Answer:How to forward port 21

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Hello i have modem speedtouch thompson 530...
when i go to speedtouch site then Napt when i try to add port for mw2 it says: ERROR: Unable to add the specified NAT entry !!
i have 3 pc's in lan any help would be great!!! Sry for bad english!

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Question: Port Forward

I need to make the router I use 'connectable' for a website I use. I have followed instructions on Port Forwarding but it doesn't work. Is there any free software that will do it for me. I know a product called PCConfig does something like it but you have to pay for that. Is there anything free out there? Thanks.

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Question: port forward


is it impossible to open a port in mobile broadband with HUAWEI E156G ?


Answer:port forward

not sure what you mean but im sure this website will help - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

now i didn't see your model when i looked but i would assume there is one like it

EDIT: maybe someone else can elaborate

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Question: Port forward

Hi all, my friend needs to open a port on his router, but lost the manual. When typing the default gateway's IP, menus that I am unfamiliar with are present, and the default password "admin" does not work.The model number is DI-711, D Link.

Answer:Port forward

Your friend can probably find another copy of the router's manual on Dlink's web site. The default password for the admin login for my (different model) Dlink is null.

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hello everyone so i have been thinking that if i port forward my ps3 then i should get a better connection correct? well i would like to know how to do this please. i have a 2wire 2701 HG-B router.

and yes i have been looking at the website

Answer:how can i PORT FORWARD my PS3?

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Question: dns port forward?

Is it possible to port forward with DNS?
Lets say that my ISP blocks port 80 so I can't run a webserver. Can I have the webserver run on something like 8080 and have DNS point to port 8080 aswell?
I am using bind on FreeBSD.


Answer:dns port forward?

I think I understand waht your saying, and I do the answer is no.

The port has to be specified on the client side. Wheather theres a way to include the port in the domain name I'm not sure.

You mean resolves on your DNS server to 333.333.333:8080 ??

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i want to forward a port but i don't know where the router is, how can i forward a port ?

i lucked out at any rate, because the network that i am on indicates in the SSID that it's okay for anybody to use it,

but how can i forward a port this way,

Answer:how to forward a Port

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On our LAN we have a SBS server and Level Platforms server and soon to be another Ticket Server all hosting an app runnin on 443. OWA, Service Center and Spiceworks Help Desk.

Each has it's own URL:

How can I forward Https to these servers? The one company said some Can port forward by URL another guy said you can forward to your internal dns

Any ideas?

Also if done wouldn't a wildcard ssl cover all these?

Answer:Port Forward 443 and SSL ?'s

marley1 said:

Also if done wouldn't a wildcard ssl cover all these?Click to expand...

we have a wildcard cert to support all our * sites

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Question: Port Forward

Trying to forward port 1452 in order to play an Action PC Baseball.  Have been unable to successfully host a game despite having the rule exception added in my router settings and the program added in my windows firewall.
Windows 8
Router : Verizon FIOS Actiontec 424 wr rev f
Went thru all steps on guide on
Used their PF Port Checker free software to check as well as trying to host a game. 
PF Port Checker gives message of YOUR PORT is NOT OPEN or UNREACHABLE.

Answer:Port Forward

This link may help:
Do you have more than 1 modem or router? If you have more than one device doing NAT, you would need to port forward 2 times. From the computer to the router the computer is connecting to, and then from the router to the next NAT device. If you forward ports I also recommend running static ip on all of the devices you port forward for, the computer and the router etc...

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Question: port forward

hi im using Bitlord and Bitcomet i think there pretty much the same thing?

im having trouble with the download speed and i cant seem to forward the port!
im gone thru every tutorial...i hav a static ip now and still it wont go thru
i went to that shields up site and it says that the port is stealth im using the Linksys WAG54G and it just wont let me!!!
so frustrating
any help?

Answer:port forward

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Question: Can't Port Forward

So, I can't seem to Port Forward for the life of me. I had it working at one point for Port 80 for my Xbox, but when I ran a tool it showed me that the other ports I thought I had opened were all closed so I tried to start from scratch. Now port 80 won't even open! I followed all the instructions for the required games and systems on, and, and how to add port exceptions to my AVG Firewall system, but nothing is working.

I've scoured the internet for possible reasons, but everything comes up the same. I've tried a factory reset of my router, I've disabled my firewall/anti-virus completely, but it still shows on "" that my ports are closed. I'm at my wits end..

Any suggestions?

The router I use is a Dlink DIR-815.

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Hello everyone,
How to port forward correctly on windows 8
I listed the ports in my firewall + router + anti-virus firewall but it is still blocking my ports.
Is there any way to fix this?
Please help.

Answer:How to correctly port forward?

Have a look here ...

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Hi, I have an Arris TM502G Model Modem that connects to a Grandstream HT502 (VoIP hardware router), which is then connected to a Linksys WRT54GL router.

I'm connected by ethernet to the Linksys.

I really need help trying to port forward, and yes, I've tried simply making the VoIP the second router. But with that setup, either I don't have phones, or there's conflicting subnet crap that makes my computer lag whenever it uses anything involving the internet.

So I just really need help trying to forward with these 2 routers.

This is a screenshot of the first router's setup page. (HT502) If you need to see more of the page, just ask.

And this is the linksys.

Please help.. I'm trying to forward the ports 5063 and 7101-7104..

I've used a port checker to determine they're still closed, not to mention i still have the symptoms of closed ports.

Answer:Port Forward with 2 Routers. Please help..

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Hi all,

I've previously successfully forwarded ports on my network to successfully use BitComet's listening port to ensure fast downloads, but for some reason (something to do with either my new network or my new computer) I can't seem to open up a port.

I've posted below all the screenies of my configurations, and I'm baffled as to why I haven't been able to forward it properly

Router and Firewall settings:

Static IP Settings:

ipconfig and BitComet Settings:

Modem Settings:

​ says I still can't see port 13013

If you need further information/screenies, let me know. Thank-you very much in advance.

Answer:Can't Forward Port for BitComet

Please review the Rules before posting again.
P2P Instructions - We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Torrents, Kazaa, LimeWire, RapidShare, Pirate Bay, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit, but information on how to use them will not be provided.Click to expand...

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Hi everyone i just joined here i hope you guys are active and ill get answer quickly

So i want to port forward my IP or whatever so my friends can play Minecraft with me on a server WITHOUT Hamachi
So my dad says that port forward is not safe and that people can take control on my fancy PC lol, is he right?


Answer:Port forward, safe?

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Ok so i have a netgear WGR614v9 and i want to forward ports on it, i have followed this guide, but it says i am required to set up a static ip...

I have tried port forwarding on my router page and enter the ip that appears as IPv4 in cmd but when i go to the ports are still closed.

So when i try and set my dynamic ip to a static ip i seem to get to the end of this guide, but it asks you to enter 2 DNS server ips and when i do ipconfig /all in cmd it only displays one dns server ip.

my ipconfig /all shows the following:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigab
it Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 90-E6-BA-2E-61-60
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::f898:ec84:e2ea:4efb%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 28 February 2010 17:23:05
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 01 March 2010 17:23:05
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 244377274
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01... Read more

Answer:Can't seem to port forward or set a static ip

Try over in the Networking forum here:

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TerryNet said:

Essentially port forwarding punches holes in a router's natural (NAT) firewall. No router means no need to port forward.Click to expand...
OK I was looking to port forward to speed up my Internet and downloads. So it's not possible?

Answer:How do I port forward without a router?

Hi all,

Is it possible to port forward without a router and how do I do it? I tried typing in and I get nothing. Even if I did go into the Interface I still don't know how to setup port forwarding and I don't have a router.

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I have read the posts regarding WRT54G port forwarding problems, have contacted Linksys support who confirmed that the configuration setting were conrrect and cannot get port forwarding to work. I am attempting to view a Canon VB-C50iR camera from the internet that is wire connected to the router. The router is connected to a Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 cable modem with Time Warner as the ISP. The router is a WRT54G v.6 with current firmware. I have confirmed with the ISP that they are not blocking any ports. I also confirmed that camera configuration is correct with Canon.

I created as static IP address for the camera outside of the DHCP automatic addresses set by the router. I can access the camera without a problem within the network both on a wired and wireless basis.

I configured and enabled the required ports to be forwarded but cannot access the camera from the internet. I have also attempted to access the camera after disabling port forwarding and enabling DMZ to the IP address of the camera.

With the ports forwarded or in DMZ, the ports are not open as tested with Open Port Check Tool.

I configured the router for remote access over the internet and can access the setup function without a problem. The remote access port for the router does appear open with Open Port Check Tool.

Help please! Thanks.

Answer:WRT54G V6 Won't Port Forward

Have you forwarded ports for any other device or software, do they work on that router?

The only thing I can think of is if your ISP has your IP address behind their firewall, known as a private IP.

I know you said you asked them, but you might call back and ask a technician if your IP address is Public or Private.


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When I enter the ip address of my router in the browser address line, instead of getting the 2-wire router menu, I get rerouted to a Google search of that ip address. I am trying to follow the instructions to be able to download movies using Utorrent. All instructional steps have worked up to but excluding this one. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Trying to forward a port to use Utorrent

Hi msrobinsdale

Sorry, we cannot assist with this type of activity.
Please read the Forum Rules before posting again.

Closing thread.

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Ok so I first sucessfully opened up a port and it all worked. Couple hours later it doesnt work. here is what i did. (I have windows 7)

I go make a static ip. Control Panel > Network and sharing center > Wireless Network > Properties > TCP/IPv4
for IP adress: I enter my desired ip adress for lets say i put the last numbers 98
Subnet: it auto enters and i confired its right with the cmd > ipconfig
Default Gateway: entered it from ipconfig

Pref. DNS Server: same as Default Gateway
K so i click done

I go to my router go to portforwarding and click new port
Name: Blah
Service Type: TCP/UDP
Starting Port: 66
Ending Port: 66
Server Ip: I enter the one i did for static ip so it ends with a 98
click ok and tada it still is blocked (it did work 3 hours earlier)
i made exceptions in my firewall but still nothing

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so i have a question about port forwarding, i want to forward the following ports for steam
because i have been having some issues
Now my question is when i enter my routers setup page the table for forwarding ports i see internal and external, now whats bugging me is that i don't know whether to put the ports in internal or external?
Could someone help me? Here's the print screen of how the layout looks, and the ports i need to forward are in the link.

Answer:Can someone explain to me how to port forward?

Also, when i was looking at the guide, the picture of the table to fill up is difrent
Mine has internal-external parts and that one does not.
Mine has 2x Start port and 2x End port and the one on the guide does not?
Its for the same router.
Why is my difrent?

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How do i forward the morpheus port so that i can get faster downloads. I am receiving connection from a wireless network. I have a belkin adapter. Thx for any help.

Answer:Port Forward Morpheus P2P???

You won't get help with P2P apps here, have a look at the rules....

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Ok, just built my first pfsense box. It is up and running just fine and I go to port forward uTorrent, I make an alias, then setup a new rule. I use BitTorrent WebIU addon for FF to add torrents from anything, my phone, work, laying in bed etc. I try adding something from my laptop, and I get a "server didn't respond", so I remote into my server to make sure its up and running etc etc, everything seems fine, I run uTorrents port forward check and it says everything is fine....Odd. It's late so I give up and go to bed. Go to work in the morning and figure I will remote in and make sure I didn't fat finger a setting somewhere. So I remake the alias and rule etc, then go to add a torrent through the addon on my work computer and poof "torrent added successfully".

Then I get home, go to add something else and "server didn't respond". It seems when connected to the internet on my home network that the server is on, it will not work, but if I am on another network it will add torrents just fine....What am I missing here?

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I've been trying to open a port on my router all day and can't see to get it to work. Here's my setup:

My Internet Protocol Version 4:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway

Prefered DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Router Settings:

Block Internet Request Unchecked
Port Range: 11700 - 1170 BOTH IP Enable Checked

Whenever I run the Port Check it says it can't ping it and times out.

I'm stumped!

Answer:Can't Port Forward On WRT54GL?

you can't ping a port., you can transfer files through a port with the machine being unpingable. I think you might be confusing some terms? What application isnt' working or has requested you open ports.

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I have a Teletronics router that is really hard to configure. I am trying to get the traffic from outside the internet to be able to access the server on my machine inside the network. My ip adress inside the network is Do I need port forwarding or allow. Do I need to do something with the masquerading and stuff like that? (this is a linux based router)

The manual is here

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated because I am really stuck and out of ideas.

The attchment has the syntax that I need to use

Answer:NAT Port Forward/allow problem

You're being a little too general. For what you want, you would forward some ports. Although you need to be clear as to what you want. If you want ftp traffic to go to your server you'd forward ports 20 and 21. If you want to run a web site from your server you'd forward port 80. Maybe others if you wanted SSL.

At any rate you need to know what you want to forward before you can forward it.

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Ok, I want to be able to host games on Warcraft Online, but it seems im unable to do that becoz port forward is not working for me.

My old computer wuz able to host games on Warcraft becoz of port forward, but ever since I upgraded my motherboard, CPU and gfx card. It wont let other people join my game, and it doesnt work for some odd reason.

Plz Help

EDIT: I have been port forwarding properly, and I even checked this link several times to check if I wuz doing it correct, which I wuz coz I memorized the process by now.

Answer:Help!! Port Forward is not working for me?

unlikely to be a motherboard issue. most probably:
- firewall is on, windows or other internet security app
- ip address has changed since new motherboard has new lan adapter
- application that is receiving remote port request isn't working correctly

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ok im going to go crazy here...

im trying to port forward the modem/router proline f90-610015-06 from verizon for the game Starcraft. No matter what i put in the port forwarding options however, it just doesnt work.. ive tried everything!!! Can anyone show me the light?

Answer:Port Forward insanity...

well it seems my kaspersky was blocking off the game... even though i turned off the firewall hmm...

Either way i still have a problem... when i use a portforward checker to check any port it always fails... so i still need help to port forward ports...

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ok so my setup is basically this

router/modem ( connected to wireless router ( dhcp off
and i use my laptop to connect to the wireless router.

now i cant seem to port forward, yes my firewall is off,and ive double checked and everything.

my wireless router, is a special mode called "use as access point" so it bypasses all firewall stuff, etc dno whether to keep it on that

need advice thanks

Answer:I think i have double nat? cant port forward

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I have a router. An Airnet AERO14. I'm a cheap *******, so I didn't get the more reliable gaming ones like LinkSys.
Anyway, it's been working okay, except for the aspect of MK Deception on PS2. I can get onto the server, but most matches I try to set up says it can't connect with the remote host. With my luck, this could be a sign of the future with other games. If there's a port I need to forward for it, please let me know.
If there's an underlying problem, please tell me that as well. Is it better for a router and my online set up to have a static IP? In my router setup, I'm only forwarding things using a "special application" part of the NAT tab. The guide at suggests another way.

Answer:Does anyone know what port to forward in MK deception?

First off if your router has a gaming setting, enable it. You only have a static IP if your ISP has it set that way. Static IPs are ones that don't change and you must manually enter all gateway info. Do other ps2 games work online with your router?

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So after weeks of testing the living crap out of every setting i can find on my PC and router's page i can only seem to get my ports to open when i turn the router's firewall on. Yet when i do that my Lan and just my Lan on this PC disconnects after 5 minutes to an hour. I dont know what else to do. its either i have 100% stable internet with no port forwarding (which is fine). But sometimes i wanna host a server yet i cant. Well i can but my internet will be very unstable. For example lets say when the firewall is on my ports are open,and i'm in a Skype call. When it drops ill still be on a Skype call and any website i have open SORT OF works. Any new website will show up as the classic "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET". Yet i'm still in the Skype call. When that happens i can ping my ip but i cant ping other websites at all. So to fix that all i have to do is turn my routers firewall back off. That is the only REAL fix to it dropping. Yet when i do that i cant port forward at all. (Note that this example is with me Not changing a single setting on my PC while i'm having said problem. Ill make a video if i must to clarify). I need help. Nothing I've done works at all. I've ran every single command through the command prompt and the only real fix is to restart my pc when it drops. I've uninstalled and re-installed my network drivers and everything. Cleaned out and repaired files,dnscache,hostfile,EVERYTHING. I've power cyc... Read more

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hey, im not new to port forwarding, but this is a unique scenario to me.

my housemate needs his bittorrent client, Azureus to work though 3 firewalls, (2 router and 1 winxp firewall). when i first ran Azureus, the windows firewall jumped up and told me it was blocking the program, but i told it not to in this prompt, so that should be out of the way.

the router situation in my house goes like this: dsl modem -> wired linksys router -> wireless linksys router, with some switches in between. both routers have a firewall. my own PC simply connects thru the first router by wire, so port forwarding setup was very easy for me.

however, my housemate's connection goes through 2 routers before getting to his laptop (hes connecting wirelessly to the 2nd router). the network has to be set up this way physically, due to the house and location of the phone jack. both routers have DHCP enabled. wireless connections acquire their ip through the wireless router. the routers are set up to use different ips, both for themselves, and for DHCP ip assignment, so theres no conflict there.

when setting up his bit torrent, i configured Azureus to use port 50000 (this number is approved by the program's literature), and configured the wireless router to forward all traffic thru that port to his laptop. Azureus claims that hes still firewalled, and i think its the first router thats blocking him. since he gets the ip from the second router (his ip is as opposed to 1... Read more

Answer:need to forward a port thru 3 firewalls!

Quote techguy rules:
P2P Instructions - The purpose of P2P is to illegally trade copyrighted material. We do not support the use of P2P networks and any threads requesting help for them will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit, but information on how to use them will not be provided.

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Hi All,

I'm trying to forward a port on my BT Home Hub v2 but not having much luck. I followed the guide here to forward port 9091, and then went to Open Port Check to see if it had opened. It hadn't.

I then went into the advanced settings of my home hub and turned the routers firewall off completely, by selecting the option:
All traffic is allowed to pass through your BT Home Hub to your devices.

I then went back to the port checker and it tells me the port is still closed. Am I missing something?


Answer:Port Forward Help. BT Home Hub v2.

Are you using a static IP? When you set the port to forward to 9091 to local IP address, if it is not static (DHCP) your computer may not be on that IP address anymore.
Looks like that router can use MAC or a friendly name
"Then, under the "Device" heading, select the device to want the application to connect to, in other words, the target machine that you want to forward the port to (such as your PC, or in this example, your Slingbox). Hopefully, the device will have a friendly name that you can recognise, but in some cases, you'll only see the device Mac address (e.g. "Unknown-01-1a-2b-3c-4d"). Each device that connects to your Hub will have a unique ID (the Mac address), which may be printed on the hardware. You can remove devices, or rename them to something more friendly from the Home Hub's Configuration > Devices menu"

Check the port at sheildsup at the GRC website.

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Hi. Here's my scenario:
There is a Gigaset SE681 WiMax router providing the internet connection. The IP address of this router is I can't log into it as I don't have the password and the owner doesn't know it either. (I am helping someone in Pakistan with this setup).
Next, there is a Tenda Wireless router setup with DHCP Internet connection type. There are 2 devices connected to this: a computer to which I am connected (remote desktop) and a cctv dvr. I need to setup the dvr to be accessible remotely but I think the issue is having the two routers (the port forwarding does nothing).
WAN IP address of Tenda router:
IP Adress of Tenda Router:
LAN IP address of CCTV DVR (also reserved):
Port forwarding rules for dvr are setup on the Tenda router but I can't remotely connect to it (I believe it's because the WAN IP of the Tenda is an internal IP address. This means the Gigaset WiMax modem/router has DHCP turned on as well?)
I also have DDNS service setup in both the Tenda and the dvr itself. When I do the test on the dvr setup screen it comes back as successfully connected to the DDNS service (dyndns).
DVR Settings:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DNS: (I also tried
I found some default password suggestions (aDm1n and [email protected]) for the Gigaset router online but none of them worked. For some reason the ISP in Pakistan does not want to release ... Read more

Answer:Port Forward & Two routers

You are right only one of the routers should have DHCP enabled.
The ISP won't know the router password especially as it appears to been changed from the default.
There will be a reset button, or small hole, on the Gigaset which will reset it to the default settings. If I read your post correctly this is the router actually giving you the connection to the whole remote set up? So if you reset you will loose connection.
Also the routers appear to be on different ranges - third number - ip address one is 5 the other is 0 - need to be the same.

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I have a SMCD3GN router and I'm trying to forward the ports TCP : 80,443 UDP: 3658,13000. Earlier I was able to forward the TCP but not the UDP. now after a router restart and no changes made to my router settings none are forwarded. I'm using this site to check my ports :

I've attached a screenshot of the port forwarding page in my router settings.

I should also add I have my firewall disabled and no antivirus.

Thanks for any help


Answer:unable to port forward

Lets start from the beginning, who is your provider, and why are you opening ports on the router. Go to click on the program or device you are wanting to set up, and it will give you step by step instructions. As for the yougetsignal site, it will not show anything, due to your router will always "Stealth" the ports, which means that they will always show closed for security reasons.

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I got this great router working fine and is forwarding all my ports except port 80. Even I tell it to do so, when trying from the wan or out side my network it can't get in.
My setup I have cox which is my ISP and I have total of 3 computers in the lan behind a gateway or router with class C internal ip as follows.
server computer; game rig and laptop network uses static ip not DHCP)

My server computer I do have IIS running ftp with port 21, torrent client and 2 game servers HL2 deathmatch & condiiton zero
Here is what I have in the command line that is used to do NAT

ip nat inside source static tcp 21 int fastethernet4 21

that's an example that is working for my IIS ftp on port 21 on my server computer which has an internal ip of that is translate to out side on int fastethernet4 which eth4 is the wan port.
I did do the same thing but instead of port 21 i put port 80. Now when im on the out side I can't connect!
THis is what I also try, In the IIS console I change default port 80 to 8008 and went in to cisco router and create a new port forwarding to port 8008, guess what? it work. I was able to connect from out side to my site but I have to put www.yourserver:8008 which is tell my browser the port number.

I disable ip http server. What i need to do inorder to make port 80 forward to my server?
i try using nmap from out side which when I was at work to test.
This is what I go... Read more

Answer:Port won't forward cisco 871

Haha, sounds like you're being Cox-blocked!

It looks like your ISP blocks incoming port 80. Check it out for yourself:

EDIT: Sorry about the broken link. I tried to find a working link but Cox doesn't give a way to access the information directly as they use Javascript to load all of that crap (weird.) You can see the list yourself by going to, searching for "port" and clicking on the article titled "Information: Ports blocked or restricted by Cox High Speed Internet"

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i need help setting up an static ip address since i need to open up my ports for some programs such as UT2004. i tried the one in the but it doesnt work. i tried atleast 10 times but it just doesnt open up the port. can u guys plz help me? thnx in advance
p.s: i have a router: Linksys RTP300
Modem: TOshiba PCX2200
Computer: Win XP home edition sp2.
i might need clear instructions so plz help me out.

Answer:Static Ip and port forward

Call Linksys. They should open up the ports for you.

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I'm trying to forward some ports because i want to stream games from my pc to an android device through an app called moonlight which requires portforwarding. I've been trying and searching for hours and I don't know what is wrong.

These are the required ports:
"The following ports must be forwarded through your router for streaming to work with the latest version of GeForce Experience:
TCP 47984, 47989
UDP 47998, 47999, 48000, 48010" from:
and i attached an image of the ports i added on the router:

I don't know what is wrong, can anyone help.

I'm happy to provide any necessary information.

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Just reset router because i haven't logged in for a few years so forgot password anyway :

Hi i wanna port forward certain things on my router but i need to get a static ip
because if my router gives me a different ip every time my port wont work.

So i went into network connections, local area connection then went to internet protocol version 4 properties.

I ran the command ipconfig got my : Ethernet adapter local area connection info
an i written down my

IP, subnet mask an default gateway

Problem is when i click ok it says the following :

Warning multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network such as (intranet or the internet). They will not function properly when the gateways are on 2 seperate, disjoint networks such as one on the internet an one on the intranet. do you want to save this config

Can someone please help ! thanks :

Answer:Static IP / Port forward help please !

If you have the option associate your mac address with a specific ipaddress within the router. Without knowing more about your router it is hard to tell you how to do it but that is what you need to do.

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I can't get any type of port forwarding or DMZ to work with this router.

I made sure to check everything in the sticky before I posted and it all checks out.

I'm using Vista, but I've tried it on a computer with XP as well. I'm using the standard windows firewall, but I also tried disabling it.

I'm using the original 1.10 firmware, I don't know if this is a known issue that was fixed or not.

Anyway, I don't know if you need anymore information. Please let me know if you do and if you have any suggestions.


Answer:Dlink DIR-655 can't port forward or use DMZ

I had some weird problems with my DLink before I switched to DD-WRT, it would forget the admin password if I changed it and I had to reset to defaults, I fixed it by reflashing the firmware even though there was no update. I would suggest upgrading the firmware on the device and if there are no updated available then reflash the newest firmware.

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I need to set up port forwarding for a DVR system. My equipment includes Embarq/ZyXel 660 & Linksys BEFDSR41W (ver 4.2) with the latest firmware.

I tried using the "standard" router Gaming/Applications setup but with no luck. I changed the static ip of the computer to a different address, re-set the modem and router and even tried it with a different router but with no luck.

Today I contacted support (Linksys) who suggested that I enable DMZ so I did but nothing happened. I contacted them again and they said to enable "Accepting anonymous requests" on the router so I did and nothing happened.

A few more things I tries were to turn the modem into bridge mode which locked me out of the Internet and lastly I tried to turn off Firewall on the modem with no luck.

In most tests on the above configurations, my forwarding tests returned "Timed out". With firewall turned off on the modem I got "Refused".

PS. To test configurations I used and DSLReports online tool.

Please help.

Answer:Port Forwarding Won't Forward

You have two routers there, probably why you have a problem. I'd suggest putting the Embarq 660 in bridge mode if you need to port forward for applications. An alternate method is to do the port forwarding in the Embarq and configure the secondary router as follows, though I prefer the first method if possible.
Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross... Read more

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I am not really a techy guy, just to start off, so if you find any solutions to my problems I might need them in as plain English as possible!

My internet connection is kinda bad, I live in a family of 5 and if even 2 of us are attempting to watch a YouTube video/stream something or play XBOX then it takes forever to load a video and playing games like FIFA and COD, they're just almost un playable and it really ruins my experience

SO, I attempted to rectify it after *when I was watching a YouTube video* someone said about port forwarding, I followed up a guide I found on the internet, and I thought I followed it all great, I input all the relevant information into my SKY broadband page, the Inbound Services and Outbound and all that...

But now my internet connection still sucks, AND it seems to be blocking me from some websites on my laptop?

I tried to go back onto the page *which I favourited* to see if I had done anything wrong in the tutorial and it just simply won't let me on to it and other pages!!

Just wondering if anybody could help me get this all set up and working, as because there are 5 of us in my family, it's kinda important in this techy age haha!!

Many thanks in advance,

Samuel Conway

P.S. I can try and send screenshots of my Command Prompt bit if you need that, just let me know!!

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Hi all
Complicated port forward question here.

I have the following setup:
Paradyne (also known as Zhone) 6212-I3 ---> Linksys WRT54GR

The IP for the Paradyne is with subnet mask
The IP for the Linksys is with subnet mask

So my computers connected using the following criteria:
subnet mask:


I Windows Home Server setup on computer and I want to forward port 8080 to it so I can access from outside.

I have tried setting as DMZ on Zhone and then as DMZ on Linksys

I tried setting DMZ on Zhone straight to (didnt expect that to work, different subnet masks)

I tried port forward of 8080 on Zhone to and then port forward to WHS on the Linksys

I tried port forward of 8080 on Zhone to and then DMZ on the Linksys

None of the above worked. I am at a loss.

Answer:Complicated Port Forward

it seems like you have 2 routers installed? why?

if your modem has built in router, why are you having another router behind it? 2 dhcp = no bueno.

if thats the case, you should set the modem/router as bridge mode or just as a standalone modem and use the linksys as the real router/dhcp.

or what.

give us more details on why u have 2 routers.

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Ok, I have an Actiontec GT701 DSL modem, and the Linksys WRT54G v6 wireless router. XP Pro is being used, by the way, and both networking hardware have the most up-do-date firmware.

So, I'm using the built-in SP2 Windows Firewall, and allowing the port 6112 to be opened on both protocols, TCP and UDP, for Starcraft. I'm also forwarding the ports on said protocols on BOTH my modem and router, but to no avail. And I have set up a static IP in Network Connections.

Both my modem and router can do DHCP. I know I'm supposed to disable the
modem's setting for this, but as soon as I do so, the Internet stops working.

Please help! I really want to host my custom games...

Answer:Solved: Cannot forward this one port

Correction: I have a GT701R, so that acts as a router as well as a DSL modem.

Ok, so I have a router/modem, and a router that's also a switch. How should I forward this port?

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Hi,I am tiring to restrict my 16 Son's internet surfing (Preventing porno sites etc.) I use my firewall with my router which does block most sites, but now he has discovered port forwarding sites like megaproxy.I can block most of these type of sites but this one site still seams to work no matter what I try.So I am looking for a way lock this site?Any help please

Answer:ste blocking/Port forward

You could try using the HOSTS file which is located at "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc". Open the HOSTS file in Notepad and add this line to the end: www,megaproxy.comthen go to File > Save. Close your browser if it's open, re-open the browser, it should stop www, from opening.NOTE: I have added a comma rather than a fullstop to the web addresses above so that they would show, replace the commas when you add the addresses to the HOSTS file.

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Ok, for some xbox games i can't join any partys or join any rooms because it says my NAT is to strict, or its not port forwarded... I'm not sure how to port forward but I know how to get into my router settings:

Can someone tell me exactly how I can port forward for my 360?

Here is what i see but i'm not sure what to do:

I've read a guide on how to do it and i did this:

But it still doesn't work, I can enable an option called " disable NAT on the router and turn it into an Access Point.
Enable Access Point Mode?" But i heard that that is dangerous and can cause virus's. my modem is a Speedstream 4200 Ohio. Thanks

Answer:How to port-forward on WBR-2310

The IP address you have listed is your router address. You need to find out what your XBOX IP address is and plug that into those boxes. This should correct the problem.

I don't have an XBOX so I don't know how to find out. Sorry.

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I've been fighting with this now for a couple weeks with no success, so I come to the experts for some help.

I recently switched from cable to DSL and had to ditch the modem for a q1000 qwest router/modem piece. I have this setup in transparent bridge mode and the network runs through a linksys e3000 running Tomato Firmware RAF1.28.9007 MIPSR2_RAF K26 USB VPN-NOCAT.

With my previous setup I had ports opened for some games just fine, but since the switch I can't see any ports to the outside world. I set the ports forward in the q1000 and the e3000 (didn't think the q1000 needed them, but did anyways), but not sure what to try from there.

Any ideas? Please?

Answer:Port Forward through bridge

So, if the Q1000 is running in transparent bridge, all NAT and forwarding should be getting done in the E3000 only.

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Question: port forward ques

i have a verizon dsl account / dynamic ip
i want to use portforwarding but the router says i need a static ip to do so.
can i change settings on my system to do this?

Answer:port forward ques

Your router documentation is probably referring to having a static LAN IP address to port-forward to, whereas you are (probably) talking about your dynamically assigned public IP address from your ISP.

Yes you need a static LAN IP address if, say you want to port-forward to a particular PC running a web-server, or for using a game, etc, etc. You can get your router to always issue the same IP to that PC by allocating IP addrs linked to MAC addrs; some routers offer this facility. The alternative is to manually set the IP addr in the PC, and then ensure that the router never issues that IP addr by DHCP. You could set your router to only issue addrs -- (for example), and then manually assign in the PC in question its IP addr to be Then you set up your port-forwarding to the static LAN IP addr.

You could have problems with a public dynamic IP address (because your external IP is changing). There are ways round this using a Dynamic DNS service, examples of which are offered (free) by the likes of and Using these services you assign a domain name for your IP address which, when it changes, the service keeps up-to-date. Thus the changes are transparent to users of whatever is on your port-forwarded PC.

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Some of the guides I've read tell me I should check my port is forwarded properly to speed up downloads. As my download speed is agonisingly slow, I need to know how to do this. I have a BT Home Hub wireless router. thanks everyone

Answer:Solved: How do I forward a Port

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I'm trying to download some files off of an IRC channel, but everytime I get the DCC connection, it says connection failed.

I have it set to auto-accept everything and auto-resume and download to a default folder.

It just fails everything, everytime I try. Do I need to port forward? What ports are set to download?

Thanks guys.

Answer:Can't download through IRC... Port forward?

DCC send in IRC starts listening on a port and sends a message to whoever is receiving to connect to that port & start the transfer.
In other words firewalls usually mess up sending, not receiving. Dealing with the ports to send is a pain, since most clients just pick some random high numbered port to listen on.
Basically you just have to open up everything over 1024 that doesn't have something listening on it to send. I belive there is an IRC module for Linux kernel firewalls that gets around this, but most routers probably won't work & there definately isn't any good way of handling this w/ the built in Windows internet firewall.
Essentially I think the problem is most likely at the other end.

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Evenin all...

I have a small network setup for my business. I'd like to be able to remote access the DMC from WWW using remote desktop.

We have to share the internet connection with the owner
and he was getting kicked off a lot so I put us on a different IP Set

We're on sky with a netgear sky router on IP 192.168.0/* this is then connected via ethernet to the office dlink 615 router. the dlink has external IP and is reserved on the sky Netgear.

The internal network is on 192.168.10/*

DHCP on our network is handled by my Domain controller with active directory and dns installed.
DHCP for his network is handled by his router for him

My question is, can I port forward through 2 routers on different IP sets to get to the Domain controller :major

Answer:port forward through 2 routers

I've never tried it but I suspect that it would work. I would forward through the first router to the WAN IP of the second Router. In the second Router, forward the same port to the IP of the Domain controller.

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I have XP pro and I need to port forward, and I use a dynamic ip.

Help needed desperately for my Son.

Thank you in advance.

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I've been trying for hours to open port 80 manually and using programs and configuring but with no use.

I'd appreciate if someone could guide me or something


Answer:Failing to port forward 80

Port 80 is open by default because it is used by Http. Please explain in detail what it is you are trying to do and then provide the make and model of your router or gateway.

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I have an ASUS RT-N66U and am trying to get it working with the new server I am building, running Windows Home Server 2011. Without getting Port Forwarding working though I am unable to get some of the important features working like remote access.

Every way I try to implement Port Forwarding and every way I test it, it still does not work. It has been a few days since I have tried it since I have been out of town for work, so I can't recall all the details now but I believe the errors I am getting are.

Some other service is using ports 80 or 443 is being used by another service.

I have been trying all solutions i have found online but no luck. I am hoping someone here has solved this issue, if not I will retry again tomorrow and post my attempts and results to see if I can resolve this.

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Just wonder how all requests for web pages on my server are forwarded to a certain computer on my LAN (the web server computer).

The server and some clients are behind a router/firewall and when someone wants to view my web pages of course I want the web server to answer the request. No client shoudl answer it.

How is that done?

Answer:How can I forward port 80 on my router to web server?

You should have a GUI management page that will allow particular ports to be forwared to whatever LAN IP address is required. e.g. a Netgear router will have a "Port forwarding" link in the "Advanced" section from where all the necessary forwards can be set up.

What router are you using - a make/model would help people to direct you to the necessary GUI pages or point out the details in the user manual.

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Hi everyone.

I just got a Linksys Wireless router ( wireless-G 2.4 GHz ) with a Comcast broadband cable connection.
I also use the e-Mule++ p2p software .

But in my e-Mule, I'm told I have a "low ID" due to not having configured my router's port forward
I am trying to configure it so my uploads and downloads would be at optimal levels.

Any kind soul can help me with this?

Let me remind him/her that I am not exactly technical. so please be gentle ... meaning, explain a bit in simple terms and words so a Neanderthal like me can understand and follow.

Thanks all

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Ok here goes. I have an SMC 8014 with a Dynamic IP address from Comcast. Attached to it I have a Linksys WRT54G. I need to attach a device that is essentially a webserver and make it accessible to the internet from the outside. Can someone diagram for me exactly what I need to do to configure these components so they work properly? I also would like to know how to utilize the dynamic dns software so I don't have to worry about things not working if my external IP changes.

I'm kinda on the fast track on this so my thanks in advance to those who can get me jump started.


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I've had good responses from this great forum before so here's hoping for more.

I'm attempting to play Pro evolution soccer online and it's requiring me to allow the port UDP 5730.

I'm using a BT total broadband home hub. not listed on unfortunately. However i don't think i need much more help as all i need to know is what to enter into these fields. These details in the screenshot are required to allow an application such as Pro Evo. to access online.

I'm sure it's not hard and anyone who has done it before must know. please help. thank you

Answer:Forward UDP port 5730 Help Please :rolleyes:

Protocol should be changed to UDP
Port Range should be 5730 on both upper and lower
Translation should be your internal IP.... 192.168.X.X
Protocol trigger should be UDP
Trigger port should be 5730

That might work?

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I'm planning on starting my own Minecraft server, but to do so I must first forward port 25565. Would this put my computer at risk for viruses/hackers?

Answer:Is it dangerous to forward port 25565?

It all depends on the Minecraft code. Was security a consideration when they coded Minecraft ? For example, did they consider how hackers can attack the server and wrote code to mitigate that ? This is a question that you want to ask the developers on their own forum, if they have one.

In general, running any kind of server is risky, because it exposes a program ( the server ) to the entire internet. Hackers will have 24/7 to play with the server and find security holes. And most of the time you won't know that they are doing it, until they manage to break in. Then you might find clues that a breakin has happened if they created new accounts or installed programs.

What account does the server run under? If you can, make it run in a standard/limited user account, and not any admin account or system account. So if the server becomes hacked they only gain normal limited account privileges.

If your router has DMZ, place the server PC in the DMZ zone. Note that not all routers implement a true DMZ. A true DMZ is a separate network. So for example, the normal LAN is, the DMZ would be a separate LAN like That way, should the server PC becomes compromised, the hackers can't move on to hack the other PCs in the network. If your router doesnt support this type of DMZ, then go buy 2 routers, one router is for all your family PCs, and the other router is only for the server.

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So I just got a new 40mbps internet connection and the they gave me a new modem/router thing im not exactly sure what it is but its brand name is SMCD3GN anyways i tried puting up a server on Warcraft3 and no one would join so I had a friend join my on Garrysmod and he could not join either so i logged into my router/modem and I did this

And still no one could join I have spent about four hours now trying to fix this and I can't figure it out.

Answer:Solved: Port forward problem

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Hey everyone

I have been sitting with this issue for 2 days now and i'm slowly going insane.

I just moved, and i am trying to setup my FTP server again on my Synology NAS, on the NAS, FTP is on, and DDNS is setup and seems to be working, so i should be able to access my NAS remotely.

This isn't working, so i suspect that port forwarding is the issue, also due to port testers saying basically every port is closed.

I am sitting behind 2 routers:
1. Router is a Icotera IGW3000, a combi router/modem from my ISP (ISP won't shut off the router function due to me being a private customer)
2. Router is my own D'Link DIR 857 Media Router.

Normally i would say that i am pretty tech savvy and know my Port Forwarding, and the FTP was working at one point in my old apartment, but after a factory reset of my D'Link, it stopped working again, and now i just can't seem to make it work. I do think there is a problemer with the 1. router not letting my own router handle things.

I have tried using DMZ from the 1. Router (IP: to my own router (IP:
Didn't do anything, then i tried port forwarding to the 2. router as well, no result either. And the 2. router should be forwarding the ports correctly to my NAS (Internal IP:

I hope you guys can help, cause i don't know what to do anymore

Håber i kan hjælpe, og beklager den lange forklaring, satsede på at så meget info som muligt var godt.

Answer:Port Forward problem - 2 Routers, NAS, FTP

First try the setup with only one router (ISP provided). If you can get port forwarding to work, consider using your DLink as a switch (disable DHCP server, don't use WAN port), or just get a separate switch. WiFi interface can be added to Icotera.

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I've been trying like mad to port forward a game on this thing. Nothing seems to work. Apple is no help and the community over there gave me advice which I followed but It still didn't work. I manually set up a port and a DHCP to the exact instructions I was given and still nothing. Before this router I would use port mapping applications (Port Map). It was super easy and worked just fine. I would love to get some advice, especially of how to allow those port mapping applications since I'm only moderately tech savvy, But I would love any advice anybody has. Thank you!

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Having used Smoothwall and pfSense for the past 2 years and after reading the recommendations by YeOldeStoneCat and others, I figured I would try it out. I found an old Dell motherboard at work and set out using that.Here's the specs.

Dell motherboard (can't remember the model, at work at the moment, can't check...)
Onboard Broadcom Gigabit
80 GB 2.5 SATA HDD
P4 3.2
Second Dlink DFE-538TX PCI card.

Anyways, I got it installed and everything with no problems. I installed the apps into the rack. Everything is working how it should, I tested the virus scanning and protocol blocking and everything, it's working real nicely, I like it alot. My only problem is port forwarding. I have been trying for a couples hours the past 2 nights trying to get port forwarding. I've been searching Google, trying all these tips on forums and following their configs, but I'm getting nothing. If I use the default rule that's in there of port 80, it forward just fine. I've been using the online utorrent port checker. It says port 80 is open. I disable the rule, it says the port is closed. Alright. I change the port from 80 to any other port number, it doesn't forward! This is driving me insane. I've tried pretty much everything that I can. I really don't want to go back to Smoothwall or pfSense. Any suggestions guys? Thanks.

Answer:Untangle Port Forward Woes

I'll be on later tonight to post a step by step..I'm out on an island today doing some network stuff at a summer/golf camp. ...a bit cramped for I have to take a 1 hour ferry ride to get here.

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I have searched many threads on this site and other sites, followed instructions on numerous documentation manuals . I am trying to forward 2 different ports for two different programs to connect to the internet yet, it does not seem to be working. I am running Windows 7 64 bit, I have a 2WireHGV-B (AT&T Firmware) router. I have disabled windows firewall, setup my router multiple times exactly as per instructions on . I have done this many times over the years with success, and have even done it with this very same computer and this very same copy of Windows 7 . I am running Comodo antivirus/firewall. The Comodo is not the issue, as the ports test closed even when I have Comodo turned off. I am certain that I have them forwarded correctly in th router, as I have done this many times in the past.

Again, quickly : Windows 7 firewall is disabled, Router is set up properly, yet 2 separate ports show as being closed even when my comodo firewall is turned off .

I am not new to this, but i am getting frustrated. If anyone can offer any help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Time to go to work now ! Thanks !

Answer:Cant get Bittorrent or Slslk to port forward

windows firewall should be disabled when a 3rd party firewall is installed. I have a sneaky suspicion that even tho comodo is turned off, it's still somehow affecting the port forwarding. unistall it (i know seems unnecessary, but cant hurt to try) and see if the ports are open.

and just double check that you have the forwarded ports (both udp and tcp) going to the correct ip (your computer)

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installing a camera system and after 2 days need help forwarding ports on a cisco rv042 router. It sits behind a westell router/modem the dsl provider supplies. The firewall is off on the west.

Answer:port forward Cisco RV042

Go to this page, and download the End User Guide. Then search for the word Forwarding.

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I tried everything, disabling the router's SPI firewall, disabling Windows private and public firewalls, creating a new inbound rule in Windows Firewall, enabling DMZ. Port forwarding refuses to work.

The machine is running Windows 8 x64, AT&T provided Motorola ADSL modem, Linksys WRT54GL (stock firmware).

This is a AT&T business account with dynamic IP.

Answer:Cannot port forward(AT&T), pulling my hair out!

Did you forward thing ports on the router and point it to the ip address of the computer?

Also verify the pc is listening on that port. If windows use

netstat -aon

Look for the port number with listening on the right side.

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I'm trying to open a port for minecraft but it's not working, I entered the correct number (25565) on Internal startport, Internal endport, External startport, External endport and Protocol Type as it said so but it came up with this:

I don't understand what that means, could you explain it for me please?

Answer:Can't Forward port for d-link dsl-2780

I believe it's telling you to use a LAN Ip and not the default gateway of the device. is the default gateway, it's looking for a LAN address.

I can't see what you have typed in for the IP there but it seems think it's the default gateway.

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I've been searching for a solution to this for a few days now and I'm really not happy with what I've found(actually next to nothing useful)
I have two networks and users from one network must not connect to the other one. There are two computers(one in each network) that have a connection set up via a router. I have no control over that, but most ports are open between the two. They are in different subnets.
What I need is a way to exchange data between the two via FTP.
The original idea was to have an FTP server on one computer and a port forward on the other one. That way both network would be accessing the same server.
Now I would probably find 10 or 20 ways to do that under Linux/BSD/whatever, but I need it in Windows as the two computers run some stuff I'm not allowed to change.
I'm having trouble finding such software. The best thing I came up with was a proxy on I tested the thing in another place and worked like a charm IF the bridge between the two networks was via separate network cards. But my configuration only has one network card on both computers. And it seems that that proxy has a big problem with doing everything on one card. (it's not a proxy in the real sense. it's more of a port forward. they just called it a proxy). I also tried crossing via a windows share to the other computer and setting an FTP user's root to that, but it seams the port for SMB is blocked. Then I tried FTP drive software. But b... Read more

Answer:Solved: port forward for FTP server

I solved the think. thanks anyway people. I misread some of the FAQ for the proxy I was using before. I figured it out so it's working.

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Hello all!
Having some issue's port forwarding some ports for Killing Floor 2.
The issue I'm having is high ping (500-1500) on any server, all the time. I've disabled the firewall with no luck so my next guess was to forward the game ports.
I have successfully done this in the past with no issue's. This is a new ISP with a newly provided modem/router. I have not used D-Link in the past.

I've gone ahead and put up a static IP for two computers I have the game installed on, forward the ports, test them via Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router or Open Port Check Tool and they're still closed.
Current internet setup is:
ISP: Hughes Net Satellite Internet
Router: D-Link DIR619L-ES
Firmware Version: 2.04ES
Modem: Hughes HT1100

Ports needed to forward:
I have even followed a few D-Link specific guides with no luck.
This past weekend I was at my lake house which has the same ISP, same modem and router - tested my ping and it was the same 500-1500!

Any help is appreciated. Please go easy I'm still rather new to networking.

Answer:D-Link Port Forward Issue's

Hughes Net Satellite Internet, you're not going to see low pings no matter what you do. The rest is up to the ISP regarding routing and peering.

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i need a port that works with my router and im trying to get a port forwarded
because i have little or no connectivity. my internet is fine but its just the port.

EDIT:: i went to websites for them but none had the specific number.

I have a westell versalink router: D90-327W30-06

Answer:How to forward port to Westell versalink

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Just had fiber optic connection installed. I have a new FiberHome AN5506-04-FG router. I need to open a port for my p2p to be connectable. Port-forward site has no instructions for this specific router, the FiberHome models they do show have a different GUI than my router uses. My router settings has no port forward tab, only thing close is NAT where custom rules can be made, yet I see none of the options in there I would need to open a port for my purposes. Screenshots attached.
NAT pull-down menu options are: One to One/Many to One/Many to Many overload/Many to Many no overload/Server

Searched all over internet, very little info on this model router is available, let alone tutorials for port forwarding..

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give instructions?

Comp HP 622, Win 7 Ult x64, 8Gb RAM
ISP Axartel, Valez Malaga, Spain, 60MBdown/6MBup fiber optic



Answer:Port Forward On My New Fiberhome Router

Have you considered calling FibreHome's Europe Customer Service Centre? I'm sure they could walk you through it.

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I am currently running a PIX 515 with PIX IOS 6.3 installed and have a question on forwarding SSH traffic on port 443. Currently I am running a server in which I have installed freesshd on. The SSH server is running on port 443 instead of 22 so I can access my computer at school in case I need a file or something. I want any outside host to be able to connect to my SSH server on port 443 through my PIX 515 firewall and was wondering on how to do this? I have PAT setup since I only have 1 IP address fyi.

Thanks for all the help,


Answer:Forward SSH traffic on port 443 to server

So wait, you've got the PAT setup redirecting inbound 443 traffic to your server running freesshd...but what's not working? Do you have other services running 443 on your server, like HTTPS via IIS?

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Well i forwarded ports 7700 and 7800 (for gunz)
My router THOMSON TG585 v7
UDP port opened without problems but
TCP ports wont open just

Answer:Solved: Problem WIth Port Forward

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I have downloaded a program called Anomos, it tells me please forward your ports so the program can work, 5061. Ok so I go into my century link modem and it wants a ip address to forward the ports what ip address do I enter?

Answer:How do I port forward the Anomos program?

The LAN address of the system you want the data to go to.

It must always be the same address, so you need to make it so using
Address Reservation on the router OR a static address on the target machine (not recommended for laptops).

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Hey guys thanks for the help.

I'm trying to forward some ports for bittorrent over my wireless.

I know I'm supposed to make a static IP

When I go into Network Connections, which internet protocol do I go into, the LAN one or the wireless one?

I know it seems like a dumb questions but I dont know much about this stuff. When I go into the wireless one and make a static ip, I lose internet connection.

Answer:Wireless Port Forward Problem

discochan said:

Hey guys thanks for the help.

I'm trying to forward some ports for bittorrent over my wireless.

I know I'm supposed to make a static IP

When I go into Network Connections, which internet protocol do I go into, the LAN one or the wireless one?

I know it seems like a dumb questions but I dont know much about this stuff. When I go into the wireless one and make a static ip, I lose internet connection.Click to expand...

If you're behind a router, you can log into it's control panel (typically with the username: admin password is blank) and setup port forwarding to your real IP address (192.168.x.x). The only information you'll have to enter is the port range, TCP/UDP, and your ending IP address (.100 for example).

The reason you're losing connection is because you're not designated that IP address, assuming it's not a reserved address. If you're behind a router, you're always going to manipulate your real IP address, not the virtual - well, in most scenarios.

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I have a DSL connection with an actiontec gt701 connected to a di624 (for three comps). I am trying to forward the port 6112 to be able to host games in the online game Warcraft III. I know well how to do this using di624 behind a cable modem, but throwing the DSL into the mix is beyond me entirely. I do not even know how to access the actiontec configurations when using the router, as the gateway is taken by the router.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Port Forward with an Actiontec gt701

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12249 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1899171 MB, Free - 1758635 MB; I: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 644549 MB; J: Total - 953634 MB, Free - 186433 MB; K: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 922087 MB; L: Total - 715227 MB, Free - 675269 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0NW73C
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
High I'm new, and looking for some help with my networking.
I use a defender dvr with cameras attached, I'm away from home often so I like to check in using the internet., I've been using it for over two years. I recently purchase the above computer and set it up and it connected to the dvr and was working fine over the internet...(had to make some software changes, I went from xppro-windows 8) every thing worked fine..until I decided to sign up to a new 'Extreme Service' offered my roadrunner..doing so they insisted I use the motorola d3 sbg6580 wireless modem. 4 separate employees new about my dvr and that I would have to port forward and all said no problem..well I have not been able to get port forward to work..I set it all up as I did many times with other rotors but I can not get the port to open..I've read many internet suggestions seems many people have the problem but no one offers a solution other the... Read more

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Hi team,

Im a newbie when it comes to cisco. Can any tell me a step by step simple port forward command.starting from conf t.


Answer:simple cisco port forward

Which device, which OS?

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I have an issue that begs for a solution quickly.
there are 2 mikrotik router in my office.
The first one mtA has a Telco APN IP configured on it. the Telco gave us SIMs which bears
The other mtB bears our internet IP, configured for IPSec Tunnel and the LAN IP address ( masqueraded too. One of the LAN port of mtB is connected to mtA such that communication can be established between LAN and APN.
With IPSec Tunnel on mtB, traffic from outside can get to the APN too.
Tunnel Settings:
Site A (me)
Site B (other side)
Now here is where I need help: I want to forward a port to a system on the end of the Tunnel.
Please I need help!!!

Answer:Port forward via ipsec tunnel

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hi guys

i have a broadband connection using a netopia modem

my friend told me that ports 443 need to be open
which i did

and port 80...i created a service for port 80 and 443 and directed them to the server at IP

he then texted me to tell me 1701 and 1723 for vpn needs to also be open.

how do i open VPN ports on a netopia router?

any info please...

thanks in advance

Answer:Outlook web access to port forward?

The ports need to be forwarded to a specific address. To configure port forwarding, refer to your router's manual.

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I have WIN Xp. I have AT&T Uverse. I am trying to forward a port inside the 2wire Gateway. I am familiar with how to do it and got instructions on

However, when I get inside my gateway to do the operation, I don't see the IP listed in the drop down bos. I see the series of 64,65,66 and 67. When I run an IPCONFIG, it says I am 71.

Any help appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Port Forward, cannot see computer

I dont know much about the router you are using, but when you port forward to a device, you want that device to have a static IP address. after being static try to manually input the IP you are forwarding to.

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Hi Guys,
I hope im in the right place to post this request for help.

I have an ETec router and a couple of PC's

1 of the PC's is running IIS and i want to run my own web site instead of paying a host... so I set up the site on the PC using IIS and it runs ok on the local network ...

So I bought a web address to test it and as i have a dynamic IP from my ISP i went to zone edit for them to forward requests from my URL to my IP ..

But when my url or IP is used in a browser you get taken to the routers log in and not the PC's web server.

So I looked up how to port forward with my router and this is the steps I found Port Forwarding for the Etec pti-845G

I followed those steps here and gave the web server PC an internal static IP to forward to and still the same if you enter my IP into a browser im taken to the routers log in each time.

The tutorial I followed has a download that says it checks if you have done it correctly and it says when i run it that Port 80 is being blocked by somethings, so I called my ISP and the say theu do not block ports...

So Im looking for someone who can assist me .
Sorry for such a long post I hope someone can help.

Answer:Solved: Need help port forward from router to IIS

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or something else needs to be forwarded. I portforward correctly on my router from my computer, internet browser, but it still doesnt go through. I cant get it to go for any port I try. I have no idea what the issue is and just want it to stop.
I dont know if its the modem, or a setting, its not windows firewall, not my antivirus, not the router firewall.
If you need any info, I will even put you in my will if that gets this fixed.
please help, even just breaking the news that getting a new router is required. I just want. this. fixed.
Im done at this point.

BTW- I have a ntgear n600 router, amplex internet, have tried everything easily thinkable.

Answer:Either port forward isnt working in netgear or...

Hi WinJake, have a look on your ISP website for correct settings.

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