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East Bridgewater, MA smoking N21, N22

Question: East Bridgewater, MA smoking N21, N22

Here is the article related to the camera. We have 225 N22, N23 at our school and we are in the process of meeting and deciding whether we are pulling ours as well over this concern and contacting our sales rep as well as Lenovo. Has anyone else experienced this.

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Preferred Solution: East Bridgewater, MA smoking N21, N22

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: Smoking...RAM

Following on from my post the other day RE:Wrong voltage on my PSU. i have replaced it and turned it on. the fan came on, but then What seemed like the RAM was Getting hot and smoking. i quicky turned all power off and put it(RAM) in another slot....There is no smoke but the system doesnt display anything on the beeps at me a lot. could that burning have fried my system?
i feel i have all the wires in the right place now so why doesnt it POST. i have tried 2 different VIDEO cards and two monitors, so it cant be a VIDEO problem...or can it?


I would stop right there. Its likely a lot of the components got fried with teh powersupply - computer components that emit smoke are no longer good. Your mobo is likely fried, so is the RAM, possibly everything else. Take it to a professional to have the parts individually tested.

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Question: cpu smoking

Hey i am having problems with my computer system. I was moving my computer to a new case and adding a new dvd player to replace a defective one i had this serous problem. I had a q660 processor in the pc and a aftermarket cooler. When it was moved to the new case and started a lot of smoke come out of the system, after this i cleaned it off and it smoked again.  I have even tried putting it into the old case.I then ordered a new processor and aftermarket cooler, same problem. both processors have thermal sensors on them so this makes he wonder if the moboard if defective? please tell what i can do. Thankssystem partsnew cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (http://www.newegg.comProductProduct.aspx?Item=N82E16819115041old cpu: intel core 2 q6600video card: xfx geforce 9800gtx+Motherboard: nforce 680i sli ultraCase: COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower psu: modular 800w 80+ efficiency

Answer:cpu smoking

Are you sure the CPU is what smoked? Is there a burn mark or blister on the cpu itself etc. 90% of the time its the motherboard that smokes and its because the board is grounding shorting out on a component leg to case ground. If your lucky you might just need to replace the motherboard if the motherboard was the cause of the smoke.Next step means verifying what really smoked and try to figure out why before spending more $$$ of the system.

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Question: hd smoking

ok, so i had a 500gb in a external enclosure. used it about a week ago fine. decided to plug it into my computer sata wise for faster transfer. plugged it in fine, on the same wire as a diff hd. worked for like thirty seconds then started smoking. i turned the power instantly off. so, looks like its dead. does seagate have warranty if its been over a year? or am i just screwed?

edit: just checked its still in warranty. just sucks i have data on there i hadn't backed up yet. actually haha i was plugging it in the backup the data faster (sata vs usb)

Answer:hd smoking

Seagate 5-year ftw!

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Question: PSU Smoking

Have just fitted 1gb ddr RAM from Crucial (PC2700) - cleaned out inside of PC, dismantled CPU fan and cleaned out (didn't touch CPU). Reassembled - PC fired up much quicker - Windows fully loaded and then started freezing - switched straight off just in case CPU wasn't rehoused (not a problem) - noticed smoke coming from back of PSU. Power going through but nothing happening - done this loads of times with other machines without any problem. Am I missing something or has PSU decided to play the coincidence card?
Immediately checked CPU/RAM for overheating - not an issue

Answer:PSU Smoking

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Question: Smoking laptop!

I have a very bad problem with my laptop.
It is an Acer Aspire 5742G with Core i5 460M, GT 420M, 4GB DDR3 Ram, 500GB HDD. When I use my laptop (right now for example) it is okay. everything perfect. If I turn it like this

A noisy crackling sound comes from the laptop, and it starts SMOKING! But the laptop does not restart!!! I need your help guys, the warranty is expired. Also I know I posted on the wrong section, but don't get me wrong, more people see this section.
I need your help, I don't know what to do

Answer:Smoking laptop!

Sounds like an over heated condition is starting to burn components.


2) take out the HD

and maybe you can get an enclosure for it and save the data.

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Question: smoking computer

I have this computer which at one point it was smoking. When I tried to start it, nothing would come on the monitor at all and it has fast steady beep coming out of the speaker on the box. It's kinda old computer. What could be the problem here. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Help!!!

Answer:smoking computer

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Hello all,I had an interesting experience over the weekend. Upgrading a friend's PC with new m/b (Asus), processor (Sempron 3000+, socket 754), power supply and HDD. Fitted it all together in minimal configuration (no PCI cards at this point), double checked evrything as I always do and switched on. Power came on, fans begin to run, monitor does not initialise, slowly a smell of hot something aapears. I switch off and start to dismantle, looking to find the source of the smell. Eventually find that one of the PC tracks on the Asus m/b (presumably a power rail, even though it is quite a thin track) has melted!I have checked and double checked for any foreign bodies that might have caused a short circuit, mounting hardware etc. but there is nothing unusual. I am suspecting a short circuit capacitor on one of the m/b power rails. Any other ideas?(I'm a bit worried about what will happen when I start up the replacement m/b).

Answer:Smoking motherboard !

Possibly just a faulty motherboard. Contact the manufacturers or dealer for advice and possible replacement.

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Hi, my bro's PC got a new case. I unplugged everything and we put it all in the new case. We pushed the button. It smelled and kept beeping three times. I kept fiddling with the RAM, and it stopped. We booted up and my brother wasw singing "hallulujah£, then I opened the CD drive, my bro was like "is that the midtown maddness CD?" and opened it again. Smoke was round the back and comming from the CD drive. I switched it off, and we checked everything. The only thing that smells is the CPU fan, which I've checked and is working, although, the fan sucks in, so that could be the prob. The only thing thats changed is: The case, and the PSU, which was second hand after a friends PC blew and hasn't beeen tested. But the PSU doesn't smell.

Answer:PC Burning & Smoking.

It could be your friends PC blew because of some fault with the power supply and by using it you have damaged yours as well. Only suggestion I have is try your old power supply which I presume you still have and see if anything else is damaged.

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Question: Computer smoking?

So last night I was playing a game of CSGO with some friends when I thought I could smell burning. It was a weird smell though, it didn't smell like fire, so I continued to play. A few seconds later my entire computer powered off completely. It began to reboot but I worried to I turned it off from the power switch at the back. I then noticed smoke rushing out of the front of the case,  so I assumed it was something from the front. I decided to leave it to cool down overnight, and then test it after my revision class the next day. I got home, and decided to test it. I pressed the power button, and as half expected it didn't turn on. After taking the panel off of the case I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be too much damage to any of the parts, in fact I haven't noticed any. Although the power supply reeks of the burning smell, and it was a cheap power supply, so could it be that the power supply has overheated or something? And if so, will only this need repairing or will this have destroyed the motherboard and other parts of the computer? The other option is to take it to the shop that built it for me and see if they can spot anything. If necessary I can attach pictures of any parts that you need to see, but as mentioned as far as I can see I can't see any damage, but I might not be looking in the right places.Thank you for all your help, jake.

Answer:Computer smoking?

If your lucky you just need to replace the power supply. As long as the power supply didn't pass any unsafe voltages to the motherboard you should still have a good computer.

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I recently purchased a small sound card for my computer. It arrived today and I put it in the PCI slot normally, when I powered my computer back on I was barraged by smoke. I assumed my 650w PSU had overloaded and was dead, but after further inspection my motherboard has a black crisp spot on the button near the 20 pin connector only on the border of the mobo.

I hooked up an old 250w PSU to the mobo and the cpu to run some tests, unfortunately it does not have any sata connectors so I was unable to test any boots, but what I did get was the screen telling me I have no available HDD's.

If anyone can shine some light on this, please help.

Answer:Smoking Motherboard

The fact you got a screen at all is nothing short of incredible...

When you say "shine some light" on the situation, do you mean as to what might have caused this? It's a bit difficult to say without more info, but right away I would assume something insane happened to your PSU and fried it. Gonna need more testing of the mobo to make sure it wasn't fried as well, but most of the time it wouldn't initialize if it was burned up like that, so that's a good sign.

What are you running in this machine? And what brand was the PSU? Since you'll need to replace it we can advise a decent one for you to buy.

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Does anyone have the Smoking Guns shooting gallery game????
There is a serious bug in the game and I would like to know if anyone
has had a problem with this game.

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I don't know if this is the correct forum topic to be posting this in but 30 minutes ago I put an iPod USB dock into my laptop to see if it would charge my iPod using my laptop. 10 seconds into the process the horrible smell of electronic materials burning came flowing out of my laptop along with a steady stream of smoke. Now both USB ports are not recognizing anything and it's very frustrating.

Answer:My laptop is smoking out of USB

I do not know what else anyone can tell you; the usb ports have been subjected to an over current condition. Most likely you have fried the usb ports on the laptop.

I seriously doubt there is any troubleshooting you can do. If the system is still under warranty, return it and see what happens.

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I have a canon i850 which is about 18 months old. Last night when my son was printing off a walkthrough from the web it started sparking and smoking so he turned it off. When I looked at it later I was unable to get it to print anything. The computer still recognised the printer and it went through the motions of printing but nothing is printed on the paper. After a while it started smoking from around the cartridge cradle again. I've got a feeling that the thing is dead, but wondered if anyone else had similar problems.

Answer:I have a smoking canon!!!

Hi, 18months old - how long was the warranty? Might still be covered. Other than that, printers are so cheap these days it would be easier to buy new. But I would check warranty first.Cheers.

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Question: Smoking external

Just want to make sure, if my external starts smoking and it doesn't boot up, is the issue the power cable? Or the hard drive itself? I operate on a Mac at the moment. I managed to find the specs online:

Answer:Smoking external

If you can disassemble it and the burning is in the interface panel or wiring of the enclosure, you might be able to get a Desktop adapter or another external case and use the drive.

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Question: Smoking Inkjet

I saw a Z51 Lexmark printer that for some reason started
smoking at the color cartridge.Replaced with a new cartridge and moments later the cartrige was again making a frying noise, getting hot. Has anyone seen this before in
any inkjet for that matter? If so,whats the remedy?

Answer:Smoking Inkjet

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Question: Smoking wires

title says it all. i was messing around with electric sheep the screen saver application and i had been hearing my second hdd shutting off and turning back on which used to happen to me like 8 months ago but I hadnt seen it since then. So the hard drive shut off and the front led's started to flicker and my temp gauge went blank. my current window said (not responding) and I started to smell the worst smell ever. burning electronics

I looked to the open side of my computer the left side and saw smoke barreling out so i immediately pulled the power cord out. after the smoke cleared I panic'd and when through everything i thought could be wrong.

I unplugged the hard drive and thought it might be that since I had trouble with it before. I unplugged the dvd drives just to be on the safe side and causiously turned it back on 5 hours later and again, it began to load windows xp but a few seconds later I smelt the smoke again and pulled it back out.

I did notice that one of the issues was the flickering led on the front of my computer so i opened the panel and examined the exposed cables on the front which were hot to the touch which isnt normal. upon taking the back panel of my case off I noticed the wire leading to the front led was all bubbly and fried. the cord had soldered itself to 3 other wires (one being the temp gauge).

so now I know the effect but where is the cause? is this a problem with my power supply or was it a faulty cord? i mean its worked ... Read more

Answer:Smoking wires

It sounds like your power supply is faulty. Chances are really good with that much voltage/current going through the board, enough to melt a wire coming off the LED header, that your board is toast as well. You might get lucky, though. I've seen a power supply melt it's wires (well, they actually caught fire) and the motherboard survived.

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the dvd/cd burner that came with the machine and newer one started smoking.

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Question: Smoking case fan

I just casually turned on my PC this early morning when the case just started smoking up like crazy like an incinerator during the BIOS. Luckily I was quick on the UPS and turned it off in a split second I hypothesized that it was the power supply but when I investigated it was actually the rear exhaust case fan because its wire was sticky and burned with the wires almost fully exposed. TO THINK IT WAS A NOCTUA FA... JUST JOKING LOOOL it was a No brand cheap case fan I got for like $2 No damage was made to the other parts luckily WEW but I think another few seconds and my rig would be on fire I never knew that that could happen to fans, I dont know also if it was gradual deterioration of the wire sleeve or abrupt. Lesson learned: Dont skimp on anything even fans! Anything like this happened to you guys?

Answer:Smoking case fan

Not yet (knock on wood).

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Hi, so I have an approximately 3-year-old laptop which has never had any problems before. I was using it earlier today when I turned it a certain way and suddenly it made a noise very similar to this:
You Tube

and it seriously looked like there was smoke coming out of the area between the screen and keyboard (fan? Sorry, I know nothing about computers). I freaked out and shut it down and left it for like two hours. Then I tried to clean the fan with a little vacuum thing as other forums recommended, opened it again and everything seemed fine for about five minutes, until that clicking noise and smoke started again! What do I do and how much will it cost to repair? This is the absolute worst time for my laptop to be having problems, please say it is an easy fix :S

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This is a hardware question for anyone that can help me out. I have tried to upgrade the ram in a dell dimension 5150, after seating the additional ram one of the existing slots containing ram started smoking with an obvious plastic burning smell. I have removed all ram and the burning is still occurring when powering on accompanied by a loud beeping noise. It's clear that one of the slots is melting. Need to know what my options are now. New board, or can this be rectified. Obviously the slot is now damaged and can't be used but there are three remaining. Never experienced this and unsure what has caused it to happen ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Memory slot smoking

Please place your system specs, that way we could help you easier.:
System Info - See Your System Specs

The beeping noise, is it a one long beep? Or is it accompanied by another long or short beep?

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Question: smoking hard drive

just got a new 500 gig sata hard drive, plugged it in, turned on the pc and smoke started coming out of the drive!!! ahahahahhhh

i unplugged it str8 away, and u can see slight blistering on the bottom where it must of got hot inside.

Any ideas as to why this happened.

It says about putting the jumpers on to limit it to 1.5G mode, but i didnt,
Could this have caused it>???

Do u reckon the drive is now buggered or should i try it with the jumpers on n see if it works???

Cheers Lee

Answer:smoking hard drive

Its dead. Jumpers don't matter. Either your PSU screwed up that rail, or the drive was faulty to begin with. Once you let the magic smoke out it never works again.

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Hi all.

About 18 months ago, while using my PC, everything on the screen suddenly seemed to freeze. Programs wouldn't close and the mouse pointer failed to respond.

I switched off and after about 30 seconds tried rebooting.

When I powered up, there was a 'fizzing' noise and a smell of burning. Everything was well and truly dead!

After much investigation and several posts on this website, I was unable to determine whether the problem was with the motherboard, processor, hard-drive, RAM, or PSU. So, I basically gave up. After all, I was fortunate enough to have another PC, so started to use this instead. All was well. Or so I thought!

A few weeks passed and my second PC suffered what seemed like a pretty identical problem. It froze whilst I was looking at ebay (that'll teach me!) and after reboot smelt of burning. As you can imagine, I was not best pleased.

Anyway, I bought a new PC, which, dare I say it, has worked very well to this day.
The two broken units have just sat and gathered dust, until recently, when I bought a new motherboard and processor from Misco, plus RAM, and power supply from ebuyer for both units.

I fitted all the new parts, only using the original hard drives, which I could not afford to replace. After all, surely it couldn't be the hard drives that were the cause of the original problems, I thought.

When I booted the first of the repaired PCs, the hard drive smoked. Whoops, I thought. Quick, turn it off!

I tried fitting t... Read more

Answer:Smoking Hard Drive!

Get a good surge protector and/or a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
My UPS has surge protection as well.

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First the box got hot so I turned it off. Then, when I turned it back on, there was a pop. Is that normal?

Answer:Broadband Router Smoking?

it doesn't sound normal. Does the router still turn on and off or is it just dead?

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Ok so Im typing this as quick as possible before my computer shuts off! I have a gateway lap top. The top of it is a bit loose but its usually fine, I just snap it in. Anyway, about a few months ago, the battery cord wasnt powering the computer so they sent me a new one. Ever since I got it ( a few months) it randomly starts to smell like somethings burning. And recently when it does this my computer starts to squeak kinda for lack of better wording. Anyhow, also, the plug is kinda loose when it goes into the computer.... A few days ago it started to really smell randomly so I took the cord out of the computer and it started sparking and the cord was REALLY HOT. It burnt me. Anyhow the computer then turned off. The next day I tried to charge it all day without the computer on. Then i turned it on, it was working fine then after an hour... low battery.. I plugged it back in and after 5 minutes it started to smell.. all the sudden smoke kept blowing out of the back and the cord was really hot again so I turned it off. When I turn it on for a second, it seems to blow a lot of hot air out of the back but the computer itself doesnt seem too hot or anything. What should I do ? Any Advice as to what it is?? Sorry I dont know much about computers! Any help is really appreciated!!

Answer:Smoking Computer... Help urgent!

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Hi there, just looking for some advice. I have an Advent Laptop, its been running fine for the 2 and a half years Ive had it, however over the weekend ive been having problems with it coming out of hibernate and sometimes even starting up. I thought this may be due to the fact my hard drive was almost full however on Saturday night a funny crackling sound starting coming from the vents in the side and then on Sunday night this noise was accompanied by small curls of smoke. Needless to say I turned the machine off and havent used it again since. Any advice as to what it could be and if it is going to be expensive to fix? Also is there any way of retrieving my pictures and things from it before sending it away to be repaired? i did try and back it up on sunday but as soon as I saw the smoke I ejected my Free Agent and shut it down! Thank you :-D

Answer:Laptop fan crackling and smoking

I could be dust blocking the fan and causing overheating.However, given the sounds and smoke it looks as if there could easily be a further failure/damage as well. I would suggest a strip of the laptop to examine what is overheating and what damage has been done before further use.

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Question: smoking hard drive


i recently put together a new system, i had a new 160 gig sata hard drive.

When i plugged the thing is i noted it was smoking, i unplugged it and its seems it burnt out,although i can see no damage on the controller circuit.

Now this hdd had belonged to a mate who bought it new 3 weeks ago, installed windows xp but then got a missing ntl.dl file error at boot up, the reason he replaced his old drive was the same problem and he was adverised the drive was knacked, hence buying th 160 one.he gave the drive to me to test and as i said it started smoking.

Now i also installed a ide hdd, which is about 2 years old via a normal molex connection, this also seems to have burnt out as i saw some from this too.

I installed another sata drive which works fine and an ide hdd which also works fine.

i have just bought a 400 gig hard to install but am weary to do it, my question is was this just a bad luck that both drive migth go (were they already damaged) or is there a problem with the psu, although the others work fine

thanks in advance

Answer:smoking hard drive

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the charging port smokes whenever i plug in a charger, what could be wrong?

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My gateway m-6843 laptop was smoking. This happened when i plug the charger in it. It started sparking so i took the charger out. I pluged it back in the next day and it started smoking. Took the charger out and left it alone for a while. Turn it on and it said check cpu fan. I checked the fan and turned it back on. The laptop turned on then the battery went dead. Tryed charging it and it wont charge. Its not smoking anymore but it smells. Dont know what is wrong with it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:gateway laptop smoking!!

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I've just built a new computer and it has been running without problems for a few days (exc. LED problem). Yesterday, I was installing my ADSL modem software on the computer before it suddenly switched itself off. Upon restart, my USB devices kept switching on and off and around 30minutes later, the computer once again switched off.When I switched it on again, nothing was displayed (BIOS etc.), the keyboard was not responding, the monitor reported there was NO SIGNAL and the only thing which seemed to work was the CPU fan, and the USB mouse which was being supplied power.Assuming it was the PSU, I swapped it with a similar 300Watt on another computer and when plugging that in, there was a faint whirring noise but the motherboard power LED did not light up. I tried switching on the power of PSU again, and smoke started coming out of the PSU.I have no idea of what could be wrong. The PSU which was originally on the new computer is new and has 300W output.Any ideas much appreciated.Thank you,Charence

Answer:Computer won't switch on and has smoking PSU

you need a New PSU with more power. I.E. 550watt

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Ok,so i was using my pc this moring and i started to smell something funny. Few minutes later smoke started coming out of he fan at the back of the power supply.

In a panic i pulled the power cable out ad opened window. about20 min later i tried to start up my pc again. everything was booting fine and normally but smoke was still coming out of the fan at the back, what should i do? I dontwant to keep my pc on and see if the smoke stops cuz im pretty sure its poisenous or something.

Answer:Power supply smoking

I don't know if it's poisonous, but this is a bad sign.
If the smoke is coming from the Power Supply, you need a new one. Don't turn the PC on again until you've replaced it.

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So I ordered this with a video card and everything else. I thought I put everything together right, lol. But when I went to plug the computer in, I heard something blow and smoke started coming from the power supply I think. Now when I plug it in nothing happens, and nothing when I press the power button. Going to assume I fried almost everything lol. I checked after and everything seemed to be connected properly... so I'm not sure what happened.

Answer:Just built computer, smoking when plugged in..

Yea, definetly power supply blew. Happened to my cousin and ended up frying his motherboard, because of the Raidmax power supply that came with his case. So more than likely you'll need a new board. Thats why you should never use the cheap power supplies that come with a case.

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Yesterday my 500w powersupply started smoking up so I went out and bought a Thermaltake Lightpower 700w powersupply. After I finished rewiring my computer I noticed my graphics card wasn't working on my computer so I changed my input from HDMI to VGA to use the integrated graphics card.

I'm not sure what caused the original 500w powersupply to smoke up and why my graphics card doesn't work anymore. I'm unsure whether the graphics card isn't working because i've made a mistake in wiring the connection from my PSU to motherboard or if the PSU killed it.

Yesterday I also received a USB Wireless Receiver for Xbox which I plugged in the top USB slots I never use, could this be a reason for the PSU faulting? Sometimes when I plug in a USB device the metal surrounding the slots spark up a little which is why I mentioned the USB wireless receiver.

Below are the specifications of my system:

AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
Kingston 2x4GB Ram 1333mhz
(New PSU) Thermaltake Lightpower 700w - (Old PSU) 500w
Sapphire Radeon HD6850 1GB GDDR5 Firmware flashed to HD6870


Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:PSU Smoking and Graphics card not working now

Anytime you see sparks it should send up a big red flag of warning: there is something seriously wrong. Shut down the computer.

In your case it sounds like there is a short circuit that is energizing the case. It could also be that your input/output shield is incorrectly attached or missing. In any case it is not recommended to keep using the PC like that. I'm surprised the sparking at the USB port has not already taken out your southbridge controller too.

Can you disassemble and reassemble a PC? (Have you done this before?)
If in doubt please take it to a shop to have it checked out.

A short circuit could be responsible for taking out the power supply, and a failing power supply can take out any and all components connected to it. So all your questions are possible.

Get this taken care of right away.

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Yesterday my 500w powersupply started smoking up so I went out and bought a Thermaltake Lightpower 700w powersupply. After I finished rewiring my computer I noticed my graphics card wasn't working on my computer so I changed my input from HDMI to VGA to use the integrated graphics card.

I'm not sure what caused the original 500w powersupply to smoke up and why my graphics card doesn't work anymore. I'm unsure whether the graphics card isn't working because i've made a mistake in wiring the connection from my PSU to motherboard or if the PSU killed it.

Yesterday I also received a USB Wireless Receiver for Xbox which I plugged in the top USB slots I never use, could this be a reason for the PSU faulting? Sometimes when I plug in a USB device the metal surrounding the slots spark up a little which is why I mentioned the USB wireless receiver.

Below are the specifications of my system:

AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
Kingston 2x4GB Ram 1333mhz
(New PSU) Thermaltake Lightpower 700w - (Old PSU) 500w
Sapphire Radeon HD6850 1GB GDDR5 Firmware flashed to HD6870


Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:PSU Smoking and Graphics card not working

It is entirely possible that when the PSU died it took the video card with it. Have another computer you can test the card in?

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today my dell inspiron 15 (N5030) began smoking from the exhaust vent on my laptop. It smells of burnt electrical wire. Any help on this topic?

Answer:Inspiron laptop 15 N503 smoking

Assuming the system still operates, you should cease using it until the problem is fixed, as it is a potential safety hazard.  Most likely the fix is to replace the system board.

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I have a 3 year old compaq presario CQ60-417DX. The laptop was in sleep mode (or whatever it's called when the power is on but the lid is closed), and had been on for about an hour when I opened the lid. The screen automatically turns on when you open the lid, and it did that, but when it did so there was a lot of digital interference. That is, the screen was all scrambled and the pattern changing rapidly. Then the scrambling disappeared briefly and the logon screen appeared, but then it became scrambled again. I quickly closed the lid and that's when I saw some whisps of smoke coming out the back vent. It returned to sleep mode but I wanted to turn it off, so as fast as possible I opened the lid and held the power button several seconds until it shut off. I can smell that something burned but only when I hold my nose to the vent. I want to make clear that only a few months ago I used an air can to spray out the dust and there was no overheating problem.

What could it be that burned and that would cause interference with the monitor? I really do not want to have to send the laptop somewhere to be fixed. If I could just access the hard drive somehow I can transfer all I need to another disk and get a new laptop. The operating system appeared to be fine. If I turn the computer back on but hook up an external monitor am I risking damaging the hard drive?

Answer:compaq presario laptop smoking!

take the hard drive out before you try to power on

first open it up and see if you can see what shorted out,you should see something showing signs of burning discoloration

providing it was not the hard drive you can get the stuff off later,by slaving it or using an external connector

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ok having a problem with my computer..

its only like 3 years old i think

ok so i turned my computer on one morning, and left to eat breakfest, took like 5minutes then i went back to my computer and it was shut off. so i tried turning it back on but it wouldn't turn on. i opened the side, took bit of dust off of fan... not taht it did anything, i hit the power switch, the fans starting spinning, then suddenly STOPPED and this grey box with outlets in them a fan and some other wires started to smoke... and now my comp won't turn on! can someone possibly tell me what i have to do??

P.S im not very good with computers or the language / short forms, can you be specific please

o and my comp has

pentium / 3.1GHz
1.24GB ram
80GB hard drive
all i know

Answer:Computer started smoking, now won`t turn on.

grey box with outlets in them a fan and some other wires started to smoke...Click to expand...

Sounds like a toasted power supply. Hopefully thats the only thing that fried and it'll be the only thing you have to replace.

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I just finished a 5-6 hour Halo 3 session, 10-15 minutes ago I could smell melting plastic, my PC is next to me so I checked it out and no problems. My only options where really my TV or my 360, so I went sniffing around the TV; no smell, so then it must be coming from the console. I quickly unplugged the console and checked underneath it and no problems, but then I could see a wisp of smoke coming from the DVD-drive, so then I plugged the console back in and quickly ejected the DVD-drive then removed the disk. The disk had brown burn-marks on it so then I definately knew it had something to do with the drive.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Halo 3 Smoking Disk Problem

... don't play for 6 hours?

I assume the console was still on after you finished?

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For 3 months Ive been trying to build this computer. Yes, 3 months. Had 3 motherboard failures, hard drive failure and somehow a screw made its way on top of the video card and when I hit the power button the screw shot up like a bullet and the card and mobo are history. So I just got the new card and mobo put in, tripple checked everything and I press the power button and nothing happens except for smoke pouring out of at the hard drive power connector. I know the drive was good because I used it for a while before the last mobo failed, and according to my power supply tester, its good. Can hard drives do this on their own? Ive built 20 computers and this is the first time Ive had any trouble.
Foregot the specs, Raidmax case and PS, ECS mobo, WD hard drive, new Apollo FX5200, 256 mb Apacer DDR, Apollo 6 channel sound card, 52x DVD/CDRW combo, 52x CDROM, XP 2100.

Answer:Hard drive smoking....literally.

Oh my, you mean actual smoke came from the Hard Drive, never heard of this....

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Just wanting to know because certain people love to smoke when using the computer.

Answer:Is smoking harmful to computer equipment?

Yes, it is.

Dust build up inside your PC increases the heat level by reducing airflow and insulating the components. Over time, this causes premature failure due to overheating or short circuiting of component through the dust layer. Smoke particles are just like dust particles except that they're sticky. Now that layer of dust depositing inside your PC is a layer of adhesive dust. Dust build-up occurs much, much faster because of the increase in the number of particles as well as the fact that so many are now sticky.

You can easily see the kind of dust build-up smoke causes by looking at a smoker's TV screen. Wipe your finger across it, and your finger will be covered in a brown, slightly sticky dust.

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I was playing games on my pc when the screen cut off and said something along the lines of 'video signal, no input', before going blank. The sound was still on but was just making a flickering, beeping noise. The computer turned back on afta a couple of tries, but then would crash again next time i played a game. This continued until next day when it just stopped turning on. I left it for a while, and when i tried again there was a 'pfft' noise, followed by smoke and a smell liek tcp :S.
Unsuprisingly my computer will no longer turn on, although when i press the power it will flash as if on standby. My friend says it soudns like the power supply has blew. Can anyone confirm this, or any other ideas?

Answer:Crashing, then smoking and now wont turn on



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I recently purchased and installed the online game Planetside. Its not very demanding as far as system specs go, so i figured id be fine.

opening the game promts it to shut itself down immediatly and tell me:
"your machine is set to allow processor speed changing in its Power scheme. Please go into your control Panel Power Management and set it to stay 'always on' Planetside will now exit."

as it happens, my motherboard DOES support dynamic overclocking, but i have it disabled. the setting its refering to in the control panel is non exsistant as far as i can tell
if anyone can shed some light on this, id be very appreciative


Answer:dynamic overclocking? what is this program smoking

How about "Sytem standby" - do you have that set to "never" ?

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I've seen a number of posts regarding smoke coming from laptop - none quite the same as mine.  Plugged laptop in to charge and smoke came out where chord connects.   Currently can't turn the machine on because the battery is not charged, so don't know the extent of damage to the computer . Very unfortunate timing - one year and 1 month from date of purchase.  Any suggestions?

Answer:15-ac121dx smoking where power chord connects

Needs to be taken to a competent technician. There is a short in the motherboard or the charger and one or the other or both is going to have to be replaced. Possible even likely the smoke (actually the short that caused the smoke) caused massive internal trauma to the laptop. 

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Do you guys have any problem with power supply. My wife just called me and she smelled something burning. And power supply wire is melting and smoking.And I called Lenovo tech and he told me that my machine is just 13-month old and he can't do anything at all.He just told me replace power supply. I used to have dell and IBM X41 and never have wire burning problem.Is this normal? If my wife found out little late and buring the carpet still he is going to say this machine is out of warrenty and Lenovo has 0% responsibility.I told him, I'm going to take picture and post to the internet and he told "I don't care".Wow what a nice man. He supposed say "Sorry" first then say your machine is out of warrenty...Anyway, I'll never going to buy Lenovo again.Thanks Message Edited by icul4u on 07-10-2008 01:28 PMMessage Edited by icul4u on 07-10-2008 07:13 PM


Go to Solution.

Answer:T61 - Power supply wire melting and smoking

icul4u, Certainly we care about our products and any time there could be any kind of potential safety issues, we should err to the side of caution, and I apologize for the response you received so far.   Could you send me a PM with your system model type, serial number and contact information, and we will ensure this is appropriately handled.   Thanks for letting us know. MarkMessage Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 07-10-2008 01:46 PM

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I found a couple threads where a moderator PM'd the original poster on this topic.  I've had pretty much every one of our 8000 models do this and I was wondering if HP has an extended warranty or replacement program for these occurences. This describes my exact scenario -

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Dear All,

Can anyone confirm that they can see the smoking aero effect while burning disc with Infrarecorder in Windows 7?
Though i have that smoking aero option checked in my Infrarecorder config & my machine supports Aero, some how i do not see that smoke effect while using infrarecorder. Any one witnessed it in windows 7?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Need info..Smoking aero in Infrarecorder in Windows 7

The smoking effect was working on Vista, but not on Windows 7. At least not on the current version 0.50 of infrarecorder. I hope it will be fixed soon, because I love that effect

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Sorry, didn't really know where this issue belongs.

Ok, so I may not be a computer genius or guru but I have been around them for over 20 yrs now and I pretty much know my way around them... I have built quiet a few of them from scratch as well.

Being said that, I have never seen or witnessed this before... it happened to my kids computer so this is hearsay.

One of my kids says he was on skype and playing an online game when the computer made a weird clicking noise and restarted on its own, when it got to the XP login, it made the noise and restarted again, all of a sudden he just saw smoke coming out of the PSU and he panicked (of course), yell at me and I immediately told him to unplug it.

I am going to take it to the office on Monday, clean it up and check for more clues but I was wondering if someone has experienced this before and has some hints as to what to do, expect or check further... this is definitely not how I wanted to start the New Year but it now gives me something to do I guess

PC is a few years old, perhaps even 10 yrs old but it was a very good built and my kids use it for homework and online playing. IIRC, it has Windows XP, 2GBs of Ram, OCZ 600w PSU, 9500GT

Answer:Computer fried?, Multiple restarts, smoking PSU... WTH????

Ouch-bad luck mate

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I just finished my first build. Decided to go with SATA HD and DVD drive. Installed Soltek MB which supports SATA and IDE. Turned computer on for first time and hard drive pops and begins smoking with a strong BURNT RUBBER smell (like its a short). I have no idea why! Especially since my DVD drive doesn't start smoking. I'm using one power connector split off into two to support two devices (the HD and the DVD drive). I sent HD back and received a new one (thanks newegg). This time I used a DIFFERENT sata connector for power and it happens AGAIN! Now I'm afriad newegg wont return it but I'll try anyways. BTW... I connected my (old) IDE drives to the same power plug and no problems. I am using a 500w PSU... So:

It's not the hard drive's fault (because I got a new one with the same result)

It doesn't sound like the PSU's fault (because my other drives work fine)

It doesn't sound like I'm overloading the curicut, if thats possible (because I'm only connected a MB, DVD drive, and HD to the PSU)

Could this be a faulty MB? Has anyone else had this experience? I'm thinking about just staying with IDE even tho I paid good $ for an SATA MB

Any help, thoughts, comments, or laughs would all be appreciated!

Answer:Hard drive SMOKING when I turn computer on!!

May I suggest you remove that 2-Way adapter you said you are using?

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Okay, long story...I've got two external hard drives. Ones is my parents (gulp) 500GB Lacie external hard drive. The other one is my own Seagate 320GB SATAII HDD inside a CoolerMaster X-Craft Enclosure.

Now both of power cords with the same connector at the end (with 1*12V, 1*5V, and two grounds). Now in my stupidity, I thought that due to having the same connector, they'd be the same standard...only to find later that the 12V and 5V are SWAPPED. Now I connected the wrong cables to the wrong HDDs, frying them both.

Now since the Lacie is closed and I don't want to void warranty I haven't opened it yet, but I had a chance to look at the Seagate working with the proper cables. When I add the power, it works fine - Hard Drive starts spinning and all. As soon as I connect the SATA cable to the hard drive, one of the chips right next to the SATA port (on the hard drive) starts smoking. A lot.

I've tried different hard drives on this enclosure and they work fine, and I've tried my HDD on different enclosures (messing up one of my friends enclosures in the process).

Now is there any easy way of recovering data? I called Seagate and they suggested I buy another Seagate HDD and replace the circuitry - is this an easy process? What is the risk? Does it require the same size HDD, or can it be another HDD of the 7200.10 line?

Thanks a lot in'd be great if I could get back that data...

Is getting a data recovery company to help very expensive?


Answer:Smoking SATA EHDD - Any way to reclaim data?

If you have anything important and unreplacable on the drive your best option would be to take the effected drive along with an equal or larger drive along with you to a professional data recovery service.

Once you expose a factory sealed drive by opening up the casing without being in controlled circumstances you will ruin the drive. No dust or moisture period! The only openings seen with drives is small holes for air pressure equalization while the internal parts are completely sealed from exposure with a special internal wrapping.

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Hi there

I can't get Broken Sword 2 The Smoking Mirror to install at all. I just keep getting this message :::

Could Not find cluster in either D:\ or E:\

I have the correct disk in the drive. Also the game is NOT a pirate. It's a Sold Out range game I have.

Thanks for any help here

Meg, Scotland, UK

Answer:Broken Sword....The Smoking Mirror.....Can't install

try putting the disc in your FIRST drive, for example if you've got two CD-drives, D and E, use drive D,

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I have an AMD 955 system at 3.75GHz and the Intel Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 for Desktop Network Adapter (7260HMWDTX1.R) which I was told was one of the better adapters to use. My antenna has line of site to the AP only about 4 feet away (a cisco 2702i). I get 90-105Mbps over 802.11ac down. One other thing it's doing is when it hits 100Mbps+ it starts backing down speed.

My wife I am putting together an older desktop which is current a stock Dell Vostro 400 with a E4500 CPU (2.2GHz). I installed my old Linksys WMP600N and she was getting 50Mbps, I picked up an $18 ac600 usb adapter by Realtek and it was getting about 50Mbps too. I then activated both and she's getting consistent 120-126Mpbs over the air. She is about 1 foot further away than my antenna. Her speeds don't throttle back like mine when she is at 100Mbps+

Is there a better PCI-E card I can use for faster speeds? If the difference was close, I wouldn't care; but at 20+% that is pretty major. Could there be something configured wrong I could look at?

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forgive my newbieness, but I'm in need of a bit of assistance.

my 450w power supply had taken up buzzing sporadically when I was running high end games (ie, World of Warcraft, etc), and then started buzzing even when I was only running the OS and surfing the web. I removed a few of my components, with the sound remaining decided it wasn't a heat issue, but the power supply was most likely going out. Without wanting anything fried, I went out and purchased a 600w power supply. I swapped it out and plugged everything back in. It booted just fine, just had an issue with the case fan not starting up (that was my bad, didn't have it plugged into the PSU). It turned off after POSTing. The second time I booted it, smoke actually rose from the harddrive, and I got the burnt rubber smell. Is there such a thing as too much power? Everything else appears to be ok - just looking for some input before I trek to take this psu back. Thanks! Oh - here's my specs -

Mobo : Foxconn/ECS with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB mem (non overclocked), wireless network card, GeForce 6800, TV Tuner Card

Answer:Hard Drive takes up smoking... input requested

A psu will only give the system what it needs upto its maximum capacity, so, no, it's not down to too much power!!!!

It's far more likely that the hard drive was already on its way out!!!!

Unless, was it a hard drive that had both sata power and normal molex power connectors on it? If so, fitting both could have caused that, you are supposed to use one or the other only!!!!

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i had a Asus P8Z77-V PRO i brought around three months ago and lost the box with the Warranty , 1 week ago i installed a new graphic card a MSI Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition (its duel width by the way) when i installed it, it look like it fit but a small piece on the end didn't go in, it went on and work for 15 mins, then i was cleaning up my cables and making everything look nice since i had the case open, i plug everything back in it wouldn't turn on after 30 mins of screwing around with it something on the motherboard starting smoking. i tired it again today all the lights when on on the motherboard but it wouldn't boot i try with the card in and out and nothing. i was just look for some help here on what i should do and if any one had a suggestion on a new motherboard that would fit my Graphic card

I will list my spec if anyone need to know
Diablotek UL Series PSUL775 775W
Kingston HyperX T1 Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Western Digital WD Blue WD10EALX 1TB
LITE-ON iHAS424 dvd drive
Rosewill RANGER Gaming ATX Mid Tower
and the Asus P8Z77-V PRO


Answer:Asus P8Z77-V PRO smoking problem/graphic card

That PSU is not a reliable one, it could partialy be the problem. Were you working on your computer while it was on?
Did you follow ESD procedures?
Where on the board did the smoke come from?
Can you take a pic and post it here?

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Had a sudden issue with hotmail/outlook, (hotmail user since long before msoft owned it, so it's always been hotmail to me) But ran into an issue hwile trying to respond to a question, rebooted and loaded a screen that I could swap to in an instant that would be very nice and make a lot of sense.

I mean it looked good, was very easy to understand and made an f'n hell of a lot of sense. Microsoft please keep that interface, it's as clear as slap in the face

Answer:holy smoking puppy poop new interface for hotmail.

I am a function before beauty type, but I'm afraid to shut down my email page....

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I currently have a T60p (with Flexview , but last weekend I was sitting on the couch with it on my lap working away and all of a sudden it started smoking and that nasty plastic/electronic burning smell filled the room //! I immediately unplugged it and took the battery out; I was not sure what to do at that point. I booted it with no batttery in it and it booted fine, but the HD activity light now remains solid (lit). I tried putting the battery in one more time and it started smoking again, and I have not tried to put my existing battery (or any other battery) since then. The battery is a 9-cell battery that was a replacement for my original "recalled" battery (less than a year old). I'm not sure what to do with it at this point. I removed keyboard, palmrest, etc. and could not find any physical damage or burning, so maybe the smoke was coming from the battery? I don't know.  Either way it is a serious safety concern.I should also note that the day this happened, the battery would not charge when plugged into ac.  Vista stated something like 'plugged In, Not Charging'.  I rarely use my notebook without AC power. I use a docking station at work and plug it in when I'm using it at home. When the issue occured, I was using it on battery at my relatives house because I wasn't near a convenient outlet. The battery was working fine, but it got down to 6% and still would not charge when plugged in.Thanks in advance for your input.Message Edited by jodymr on 04-... Read more

Answer:Surgeon General Warning to T60p: Smoking Is Bad For Your Health!

sounds like a shorted battery circuit board... your battery might be the culprit, get it looked at or you could get yourself an exploding battery...

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Boy am I having problems this month yesterday a email came from East tec .com which professed to contain a virus remover which it did, but now it cant be removed and has taken over my computer and in a form of blackmail want upto £19.95 to remove it .So can any one help me remove it cooki8c

Answer:East-tec com blackmail

Try a System Restore back to before you received the email.

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Does anyone have experience with east-tec Eraser 2014?
I'm trying this product, I read a lot of positive comments on amazon, has anyone had any problems with it?

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Fellow Geekers,
A co-worker of mine is planning on setting up a linux box for security. He asked me of all people,is there a way or software that he could use to permanently delete the information on his linux log files. The only thing that comes to mind is East-tec eraser but I do not know if it can be used on the linux platform. Is there something out there that can be used on the linux platform that not even hardware recovery tools can recover? Can I please get some help on this one? I do not know what to tell him.

Many thanks,

Answer:East-tec Eraser or what?

Data recovery is big business. Basicly unless you take a drill and drill the HD there is always a chance someone will recover it. It's for this reason that many companies won't sell off old HD's anymore. They drill them because if someoen wants to badly enough they can recover data.

That being said I don't really know of one. But why does he want to delete the logs? If it's his own server he can turn logging off. If it's not his own server he's wasting his time. Log files are usually mirrored and/or emailed out automaticly to administrators every day. So deleting it won't cover up anything. In fact it's more likely to cause someone to look at the backups to see why the logs were deleted in the first place.

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Question: east tec eraser

ive used east tec erser before its really good but my trial has ran out does anyone know of a free program that is good for wiping specific files with multiple passes like DOD etc

Answer:east tec eraser

My Opinion is CCleaner with eraser or Wisecare 365, or u may wait until GlaryUtilities giveaway starts. Advanced System care 7 is also good for cleaning. Its up to u. My first choise is CCleaner

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Harvey here....
Today, I purchased a software that I had contiunously read about through many posts on this and other forums. And for the longest time, I do have to admit that I thought that system mechanic was by far the best software for cleaning out information from the computer. But I have since discovered the greatest software invented since slice bread. EAST TEC ERASER 2003 PRO. After trying it out, it is by far the best software for protecting your computer privacy and vital information. Listen to me, I sound like a cyberspace salesman..Knock-knock But anyway, thanks to all the majorgeeks out there for your posts

Answer:East-Tec Eraser 2003 Pro

Harvey I have been using this software for a number of years and still find it a superb tool for not only erasing junk but it helps in clearing out the registry files some programs write ( mediaplayer 9 etc etc )

glad you like it, one thing I have found is that if you have your AV program running in the background it slows the wiping process down a bit, turn your AV off and you will find it runs quicker.

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I've downloaded this program from the Magazine disc (Dec.2011)- registered it as required, which has been acknowleged - but no license Key is forthcoming. I was aksed to contact their Customer Support - but no response here either!
Has anyone had simliar problems - if so, how did you fare?

Answer:PCA DVD East-Tec Eraser 2011

Contact Forum Editor for advice.

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East-Tec Eraser version 11.1.6 - new
Released on Oct, 30, 2014

Download page:

Version 11.1.6 - Released on Oct, 30, 2014

Updated sensitive areas:
Microsoft Office 2013
Google Chrome 40
Nero 2015
360 Browser 7.5.2
Chromium 38
Comodo Dragon 33
Comodo IceDragon 26
Aurora 35
CoolNovo 2.0.9
Coowon 1.6.8
FlashPeak Slimjet 1.2.9
Pale Moon 25
Nightly Firefox 36
SlimBrowser 7.0
SRWare Iron 38
Torch 33
Yandex 34
Waterfox 32
Mozilla Firefox 34
Opera 25
Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8 Store

Bugs fixes:
?Windows 8 64-bit freezes? issue

1.Destroy all evidence of your online activities: Clean Web Sites, pictures, movies, video clips, sounds, e-mail messages, chat room conversation history, AutoComplete, etc.
2.Destroy sensitive data from your computer: Clean traces of the documents and pictures you've recently accessed, and make sure that the files you are deleting are really gone
3.Remove cookies placed on your computer by Web sites. Keep only the cookies you approve
4.Supports the most popular Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, MSN Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator, etc.
5.Supports all types of popular programs such as Messenger, Email, News, Player and P2P Programs
6.Very secure erasing: meets and exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information.Version History for east-tec Eraser 2014


Answer:east-tec Eraser 2015 v. - new

east-tec Eraser 2015 v. - new
Released on Nov, 27, 2014

Download page:

east-tec Eraser 2015 protects your privacy, identity and confidential information and removes all evidence of your computer and online activity. Eraser exceeds U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information when erasing your Internet history, Web pages, pictures, unwanted cookies, chatroom conversations, confidential documents you want to get rid of or files deleted in the past.

Version History for east-tec Eraser 2015:

east-tec Eraser 2015 v.

New in this version:
new and improved risk-monitor from System Tray
new clean and shutdown feature
new feature to notify you when you close your browser that you have to clean your sensitive data
new feature to notify users about open browsers before erasing process starts
new feature in Privacy Guard, allowing users to first run a Scan process to analyze the amount of data that is being cleaned and also exclude, if necessary, some of the files and targets that should remain
Erase Deleted Data now includes support for wiping RecycleBin files
Media Wiper supports now removable devices up to 128 GB
full support for exFat
supporting manual activation
small scheduler performance and interface improvements


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Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem this morning about 06:00hrs. There's nothing indicated on the server status page.I'm at work at the moment so I'm unable to check my connection.I don't suppose I'll get any replies from east London if its still down, but you never know.

Answer:NTL World down in east London?

Have you phoned NTL??

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Question: East Asian Support


I have a problem dealing with installing East Asian Support on my computer. My computer did not previously display asian text, so I decided to install support for it (mostly to see japanese). I'm using Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP SP2, so the japanese text I would see would look like "?????". I go to install the files and they are all then installed and my computer asks me to restart. I say yes. My computer restarts and then I go to look at some online japanese resources. Every one of the websites still contained "??????" so I thought it might just be a Firefox issue. I then tried viewing the same sites on IE and what it came up with was a bunch of gibberish that it usually would display without support.

I then thought that maybe things might improve if I worked in Japanese code page. Now, instead of "????" and Japanese, I see blocks. Also, the smalle.fon items are now oversized bitmaps, it seems. The text is all bulky and certain letters like c and e look the same - a small block. It is really frustrating, because I tried repeatedly to reinstall these files, and they have the same result every time. I need help, please!

Answer:East Asian Support

In IE, you have to select View menu > Encoding, and then choose the desired page encoding for the site you're viewing.

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Just download the 'Free Trial', works well for 'Years' undefined

Answer:East Tec Eraser 2004/5

Always thought it was a 30 day trial.

enlighten me as to what the below means?

works well for 'Years' undefinedClick to expand...


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i've installed support for east asian languages but programs like ppstream are all composed of question marks. help?

Answer:East Asian Languages

i clicked on and it is in chinese for me. and i mean it. i have east asian languages installed here. sound to me like you have to go back and select the languages you want to view.

first off....go to settings>control panel>regional and language>languages> click on details. select the language you want to add. when finished, hit apply and ok.

now to internet explorer...

click on tools>general>languages> add> select the wanted language. as above, close out program by apply>ok.

then check back on that link and it should be readable as long as you read chinese.

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Question: East Asia Language

I need to install the East Asia languages. I bought my PC from Dell, who did not give me the XP disks with the machine. When I try to install new languages, it asks for the XP disks, that I don't have. Can I get the required files from anywhere else (can't find them on the microsoft web site).


Answer:East Asia Language

What do you mean install languages? If you have an english version of XP then that is the only language you will get with it you can change the keyboard layout but that will not change things like the start button and such to another language.

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Hi I'm trying to add japanese input lanugage, I already install support for east asian languages,restarted, but when I try to add japanese I don't see it on the "add input language" window, infact all east asian languages(ie. chinese) isn't there.. but I see japanese on the the "regional and language options" window,

Answer:East asian languages

Hi and Welcome to TSG,
I hope this Microsoft guide is what you are looking for?
"Windows XP supports more than 100 languages and dialects. Typically, you use one primary language on your computer. However, with Windows XP, you can set up multiple languages, and then switch between them with just two mouse clicks. A multiple-language setup is useful if you often send and receive documents in different languages. If your computer is used in a multilingual household, you can configure each user account with a different language."


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Hey there experts
Anyone think it could work to "replace", or sort of,. the Win10/tabtip.exe ,with the much better version that was lost back in win7????    not same but still tabtip.exe? or maybe replace it with the even more lookalike win10/pipanel.exe,hwriting/mathcalc
small app nowadays....7 and 10 are no dought family,sisters with same layout and with the yellow background still alive today in 10sys...  it must have been left in a corner under the win8 years and now can be explored to its justice again  haha 
   : )) ...? 
Is it possible?  Just a wild thought because win 10 almost is back in win 7 "land" after a visit out in the cold when win 8 environment were in charge. If its a stupid Quest guess im just gonna say... - Have a nice day! ... best regards //Mike
Flower swede no nut

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I got my official Windows XP Magazine today, and one of the free programs is called East-Tec Eraser. I thought i would try it and it deletes the crap files and others that are just rubbish.

As its recommended by Microsoft i though okay ill try it, I was just wondering if anyone has used of or know about it???

I have found the info page here



Answer:[SOLVED] East-Tec Eraser

It sounds ok. I still think Cleanup! is better:

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I just installed the new Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta software and it alerted me that East Tec was trying to run silent.exe. When i originally bought the program i recall some discussion about accusations east tec has spyware in its system but i can't find anything in my searches.

Any idea what this silence.exe does when launched by east tec? I'm I getting paranoid?



Answer:East Tec erasor 2003

SILENT.EXE is a required file for East-Tec Eraser to run, without it the program won't work. However, I can't confirm whether or not it's spyware. My advice is to remove the whole Eraser program and use instead this free one which is also called Eraser only it's more powerful and has been voted the No. 1 erasing tool.It definitely contains no spyware and it's free.

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i recently installed east asian languages out of curiosity; i then uninstalled them but i still see some weird stuff

for instance, instead of forward slashes, i see a "W" with a horizontal line through it; some other characters also occasionally display as strange characters

more importantly, however, i downloaded 'picasa' and everything is in korean...its from an english site:

any thoughts? thanks a lot!

Answer:east asian languages


Are you still having this problem? If so, go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show other issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.



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I am wanting to configure East Tec Eraser, so that it cleans out the temporary files that Apple Safari leaves on my PC, as it does with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Apple safari is not listed in the programs as being integrated into East Tec Eraser, but I can specify the folder to clean. The trouble is, I can not figure out where it stores it's temporary files.

As I can not find a specific folder I am wondering if in fact it uses the same folder as Internet Explorer?

Can anyone help?

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Alright, so I wanna install the East Asian Language Pack for my parents so they can use the computer. I am running Windows XP professional. The only issue is that I lost my windows professional CD. I still have my windows XP Home Edition CD. Is there anyway I can install it? I really rather not buy another windows XP CD. I already bought enough of them.

Answer:East Asian Language Pack

Can't they just borrow someone's CD? (Go door to door and say "hi" to your neighbors?) It doesn't have to be the exact same CD from which Windows XP was originally installed.

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So I do some programming and in particular, I need to be able to display East-Asian languages, as some stuff I do is in Unicode and has translations.

I particularly work with Japanese and Korean, both which were in the East-Asian language for XP. I installed them using the XP CD and added the language pack.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium right now, no installation CD (my notebook was store purchased).

Anyways, I need to be able to install the languages, not that I will set my language to it, but to be able to view it, because currently, both languages do not display. I need it to display correctly.


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Have installed this program from PCA disk. Obtained registration key from - this key when entered flagged up as 'valid key'. However when I try to use the program it says 'invalid key' for this version of the program and to upgrade now or download older version. Can anyone explain this to me please.

Answer:East-Tech Eraser 2010

I assume this to be a trial version as the full program costs $50.I would forget it and use the free ccleaner click here and eraser click here

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I have lost all connectivity with my printer since installing windows 10.Windows have updated my printer driver but to no effect. I simply have 'error' or 'error state. I have a USB link which apparently should upload the necessary technology anyway. I have an elderly but normally reliable Epson stylus c60. Is this the time to replace it? or am I missing something simple?

Answer:northern powehouse in east lancashire

Maybe roll back the driver from Microsft and see if it works with the old driver.
or have a look in here for the proper driver.
Click here

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Would someone list them. Cause my XP is a preformance edition... with many things taken out. (Original 600 mb, now 290mb). I really need to use chinese and see japanese. Thanks!

Answer:East Asian Langugage files help...

These people have some free downloads that might help you. But I've only had very minimal experience with it.

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I want to install some "East Asian Languages".
I am using "Windows XP service pack 3"
But I have "Windows XP Service Pack 2" disk how can I install this files.

Answer:How to install East Asian Languages

Open internet exploerer.
Click tools/windows update.
Check the optional updates for language packs.

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Hi i am wanting to wipe my second internal harddrive with east tec eraser 2008 using the entire drive wiper option which states that the secure data destruction of your disc
by overwriting all data beyond forensic recovery.
What i was wanting to know is can i still use the disc after the process like put files on there or would it be completely unusable

Answer:east tech eraser 2008

If this is only a program that wipes/formats your disk, after this process there would be no reason not to use it again apart from the fact that all your previous data will be lost.

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HiClicking on the link for East-Tec Eraser Lite to gain activation key takes you to the East-Tec site with no mention of 'Lite' version nor any online registration box etcSpecial upgrade offers for PCAdvisor, but nothing else...Any reason/ideas for this happening?Thanks

Answer:East-Tec Eraser Lite - PCA DVD Iss146

kwil2, holaI don't know about any of that PCAdvisdor stuff. I'm guessing it was promoted in their magazine or something. Anyway, this might help -"Ignore the 'time limited demo' reference on this page. This software is the full Lite edition and won't need a serial code." - From this download page - click hereThat's the extent of my knowledge on that, but I do know this is a blisteringly good alternative with excellent shell integration options, and well regarded amongst the cognoscenti. click here

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But you will need to be quick as it`s on Giveaway of the Day click here

Answer:East-Tec Backup 2007 for FREE

No takers???

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Have installed this program from PCA disk. Obtained registration key from - this key when entered flagged up as 'valid key'. However when I try to use the program it says 'invalid key' for this version of the program and to upgrade now or download older version.Can anyone explain this to me please.

Answer:East-Tech Eraser 2010

I suggest you contact the East Technologies Support Team - top rightclick here

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I am using English Windows XP with SP2. I have installed East Asian langauge pack to view the websites.. but I cannot run any of the East Asian software applications. All the characters are displayed as '?'.

Answer:Displaying East Asian Characters


Are you still having this problem? If so, take a look at this, and see if it helps:

Windows XP in Your Language



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Dell Inspirion 15 left on standby while son went to work. On return, difficulty in getting started and only as far as a message that said "No Hard drive"
New problem to me and am unable to "pop round" as he lives in Oregon so would be grateful for any advice which I can forward. Has Windows 7.

Answer:Lairey of Peasmarsh, East Sussex.

Remove and refit the hard drive to remake the connections and retry to boot.

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I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered here.

I'm running XP Pro. I had Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. After I installed SP2 I got a registry corruption that crashed me. I hired a guy to fix it, which he did, but after he returned my laptop (Thinkpad) the Chinese option was missing from the language bar.

I tried several times to add Chinese from the list, but every time I pushed "Apply" it still didn't show up. So I uninstalled the language files and tried to reinstall them. Now I get a message asking me to insert the Service Pack 2 CD-ROM so that it could read from D:\I386\LANG, which I don't have because I downloaded SP2 from the web instead of a CD. I changed the path from D: to C:, hoping to point it at the right files, but after copying over some of the files, the installer prompted me for the Windows XP CD-ROM, seeking the same D:\I386\LANG path. Even though I changed the path from D: to C:, the language installer still looked in D:, and returned an error and cancelled the install.

Have any of you run into this? What should I do? I know that I can order the SP2 CD from Microsoft, but
1. I don't want to wait 4-6 weeks
2. The installer crashes after asking for the XP CD, not the SP2 CD. I don't have the XP CD because this computer came with XP pre-installed (legally).

Answer:Can't install East Asian Languages on XP SP2

I want to bump this, because I still haven't been able to solve the problem for over a month. Basically, I try to install East Asian languages, and the install fails. Here's the error message that Windows gives me:

"Windows setup could not copy the appropriate files."

If you Google that error message (quotes and all), you'll find other examples of people experiencing the same problem, but nobody's been able to help them (or me). Does anyone have any ideas?

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Does East-Tec Eraser offer any advantages over CCleaner?

Thank you.

Answer:Battle: Ccleaner and East-Tec Eraser

I visited the homepage of East-Tec. It says they are 16 years in the market. But i never heard of them. They got a positive review from Softpedia, a clean 5 stars. But that was on 15 December 2005. And their last review of this product was 2011. Dont know but my inner alarm ring.

Maybe I do them wrong. But i would chose Ccleaner over East-Tec Eraser, simply because Ccleaner is an established and trusted product.

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In the past, I have had no problems installing East Asian Language support on my PC; I'm using Windows XP SP2 now, although I believe that previous installs have been on SP1.

Since SP2 has been installed, I can't install this feature. Windows asks for the XP CD (correctly), although it proceeds to search for files and folders that do not exist on my XP CD. An example would be a file called msmincho.ttc. I surmise this is because I'm now on SP2, though my CD is SP1.

Is this a familiar issue with anyone on these boards? A friend suggested I find a download at the Windows website for East Asian Language support for SP2, but I haven't been able to find this resource and have done quite a bit of searching.

I've since tried slipstreaming SP2 to my XPCD, but the files that the East Asian Languages installer is looking for can't be found on the CD (an example is msmincho.ttc; the files are located in the i386\lang directory).

This is seriously impeding; can anyone help!?

Thanks! AJ

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Hi there,
Is there any way to debrand ATT 920 to make it have more languages than what it has now?
I need it to fully support Arabic Language.

Answer:Debrand ATT 920 to work in middle east

Flash the CV ROM from an Arabic country, I would think.

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hi guys .. really need ur help ..
as u can see i'm new to this forum and new to windows 7 ..

and i been googled around for whole week .. trying everything .. and my windows still show those east-asian characters as "boxes"

i think this is the right forum to get the right help .. hehehe

this is the list i already tried ..
1. changing the system locale to chinese PRC
2. downloading chinese/korea/japanese language packs
3. downloading chinese fonts
4. unhide the fonts
5. and few others method i found googling around

really pissed off right now .. why microsoft makes it so difficult just to display east-asian characters .. when i'm using xp .. its so much simpler ..

i don't need to type those characters .. hell . i don't even know how to read korean or japanese .. hehe

i just want it to properly displayed when i'm playing korean song or surfing to chinese site ..

anyway .. big thanks in advance ..

Answer:[help] displaying east-asian characters

If you just want to see the characters, then use Google Translate;

Google Translate

Chinese translation of the above.


It will also translate any site for you.

Regards....Mike Connor

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