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what files from my windows 8.1 can i move from the mounted hard drive to an external hard drive or removable usb drive without compromising my system

Question: what files from my windows 8.1 can i move from the mounted hard drive to an external hard drive or removable usb drive without compromising my system

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Preferred Solution: what files from my windows 8.1 can i move from the mounted hard drive to an external hard drive or removable usb drive without compromising my system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I currently have a computer that will not properly boot, so I was wondering if there was a way to move all the files from my current hard drive to an external hard drive, then format the hard drive on the computer and reload the files I know are "clean" or would my only option be to buy a new hard drive, install windows xp on it, and then move the files from the old hard drive to the new one?



PS I have a 160gb maxtor external hard drive and a 160gb hard drive in my Dell Dimension 8400. I can also boot to the recovery console, but safe mode is quite difficult to access and I'm not 100% if I can even access it anymore. If you have any other questions just ask.

Answer:Move Files to external Hard drive to format

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I have a Western Digital USB 160GB External Hard drive attached to my system for storing music albums on. I copy them over using Media Player 10 and scan the sleeve and use this as the thumbnail. I store these ablums in folders A through Z. However, quite often I find that when accessing this drive that some of the files have moved back to the root folder of this "J" drive (where they were originally copied to before sorting them)for no reason. Also, very often, the thumbnail associated to some albums has been replaced by the windows default picture. Anyone point to what is causing this. The file attributes to each folder (Read Only and Hidden) are not checked.Thanks in advanceM Wilding

Answer:External Hard Drive files move for no reason!!!!!

Dunno, something to do with file association?

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Ok hopefully someone smarter than me can help me out:

Problem: I have a game image file I want to transfer to my external hard drive. When I try to transfer it it says my external drive is full. I have about 70 gigs of free space on the drive and the image file is 5 gigs.

I've tried to transfer them to 2 different external drives and both say the same thing, "Drive is full... blah blah blah." My friend has the same image file on his comp so I tried to transfer it to my external drive from HIS computer and same problem.

This leads me to believe the problem lies in the image file. .MDS files and .ISO files won't transfer for some reason. I've tried transferring other files of the same size (about 6 gigs) and they transfer fine.

All drives have been defragmented and error checked. Any ideas??

Thanks for your help!! If you solve my problem I'll take you out for a big steak dinner if you come to Canada. Thanks!!!!


Answer:Can't move my image files to external hard drive!!!

I'm going to guess the hard disk is formatted FAT32 and not NTFS. This limits file sizes to 4gigs, anything larger will result in such an error. You need to convert the drive to NTFS for this to work.

Start, Run, CMD


where x: is the drive letter of the external drive.

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I have been moving some DVD's (iso and avi files) from my hard drive (C) to an external hard drive (I). At this point I have 45.8 GB of free space on my Hard Drive (C) and I have 62.1 GB of free space on my external hard drive (I).

Every time I try to cut a file from (C) and paste it to (I), I get a message: "cannot copy_____: there is not enough free disc space. Delete one or more files to free disk space and then try again." Generally each of these files I want to move is about 4.4GB. There would appear to be ample space on both the sending and receiving drive to handle 4.4 GB. But what do I know.

I have done disk cleanup, and even used Revo Uninstaller to clean out all temporary files, cookies, Remnants, and my recycle bin.

What do I need to do to cut and paste (or otherwise transfer) the files from (C) to (I)?

Thank you in advance. TSF people have always been able to help me on a timely basis.

Answer:can't move files from hard disc to external drive

Hi Ron!

Try a smaller file - just to see if that works. Try a text document.

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I have read similar problems I am having now but NONE have so far as i have read, with a solution.

> Firstly, my situation is this, I HAVE RECENTLY SUCCESSFULLY restored my pc from a previously created system image using default windows 8.1 (i have no question regarding the process/procedure on file recovery/system image etc.. fyi)

> My only concern now is that the system image i used to restore my pc is located on my old 500GB WD External Hard Drive.
Today i found out, that my External Hard Drive Health is only at 60% with alot of weak sectors (again i have no question on process/procedure on correcting the weak sectors fyi)

> I have a new 1TB WD External Hard Drive, and I want to move the system image from the old 500GB External Hard Drive to this new 1TB External Hard Drive. (I do not want to create a new system image at this time right now by any other method, I am satistfied with the default windows system image file/recovery)

>> Can anyone PLEASE EXPLAIN, how to i move the system image from my old 500GB External Hard Drive to my new 1TB External Hard Drive?
>> Can this be done by the simple COPY/PASTE, CUT/PASTE, or how to MOVE the system image CORRECTLY.

A hearty thanks to everyone..

Answer:How to Move System Image to Another External Hard Drive

On something so large and so very important, you should use Robocopy in command prompt.(sorry I've never need to use it, so I personally have no experience, but maybe someone else can.

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Hello. I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 notebook. I take a lot of pictures and noticed they are taking too much space on the C: drive. Yesterday I purchased an external hard drive (Western Digital 120GB). How do I move the photos? I currently sort the photos with Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0.
Can I later on download photos directly to the hard drive?

Answer:Solved: Move notebook files to new external hard drive

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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.

As the title says my external hard drive wont allow me to move/copy my files back to my laptop. its a Seagate 500GB external hard drive which I have owed for a few years now with not as much use as id like. I can view photos and other files play videos and music off it but when I go to move a file over to the desktop it pops up with a windows explorer tab showing it has stopped working. which is weird as it has nothing to do with windows explorer then it seems to reload the main screen. I've attached a video showing the problem in the hope someone can diagnose the issue. I did just manage to send a photo and a music file using email back to my computer from the hard drive so its not impossible to get them all back but that would take forever haha. Any help I really would appreciate it and promise once fixed IL use a online cloud service as I know hard drives don't last forever.

it seems I cant upload the video which is annoying as it would make it easier for people to work out the problem.


sorry I thought this was down to just the hard drive but I've just tried copying a file on the desktop screen and then pasting the copied file onto the desktop screen and it seems the issue is happening with the laptop same problem with the windows explorer tab popping up with the message windows explorer has stopped working followed with another message saying windows explorer is restartin... Read more

Answer:external hard drive wont move/copy files back to laptop

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Right now, on my external hard drive I have all but 3 folders on it windows thinks are system files.

How do I know? Because if I go to tools>folders and check "Hide protected system operating files" it will hide them all. If I click it, they are shown, but the folder icon looks different, it is a translucent color, compared to the three other folders which aren't. If I right click one of the translucent folders and go to properties, read only at the bottom is checked and the hidden box is shown checked, but it is greyed out I can't change it.

Answer:Windows thinks all but 3 folders on my external hard drive are system files

Try this:

Connect the drive, click Start, Run and type cmd /k .

Then type attrib -h -s D:\*.* /S /D (where D: is the external drive letter).

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Hi! I do not know when and why did this happen but whoever invented this paranoid (hidemysecretsfrommywife) control system of sharing and permissions should be declared as the Enemy of Mankind, or the Antichrist!
I can understand that one wants to protect C: from malwares. But have you seen a malware attacking an external drive???

I have Windows7, I have an external drive where I store all my pictures taken and my music files. I already tried everything advanced sharing and so on. Still: I can only create a new folder with a right click in the drive or inside existing folders but I can not do anything else. The disk is write protected, check write permissions.
In fact, the disk isn't write protected.

If I create a new folder, I can put in it and do whatever I want inside the new folder. But I have no permission to do anything outside a new folder, i.e. with my original media files!

Why? Who does benefit from this? What is this craziness???

Answer:[SOLVED] No permission to create/ move, copy, delete files in external hard drive

Hi akofalvi.

Try this:

1. Start > Run "cmd" (this opens a command prompt window)
2. type--> diskpart (this will open another command window in a few seconds)
3. type--> list volume (this will list all of the volumes currently recognized in your system)
4. type--> select volume # (this number is going to be your external drive)
5. type--> attributes disk clear readonly

I will say this: this procedure has been met with mixed results and your problem may return. Some have even had this issue and it turned out to be a setting in Windows Media Player of all things (whoda thunk?) One responder in a forum had this to say about this very problem: what i found to fix this was to remove the settings in media player allowing it to re-organize and rename files, after which i went to the tools/advanced/restore media library and allowed it to dump my current library and reset it. That's just an FYI.

I hope that'll help. Let me know.

Good day!


PS: As an afterthought, you may need to log in to the REAL administrator account (which needs to be activated manually) and set your permissions there for your regular user name. We'll go down that path if the above procedure doesn't net you anything positive.

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Hi guys, computer's running a lil bit slow and wont allow me to install my new mobile phone software as c drive memory is full, i've tried my best to move things to the d drive hard disk but its still really full...

is there any safe way of transferring most of the programs and files over to the second hard drive?

many thanks,

Answer:Solved: how do i move files from c drive to d drive (both hard drives)

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I am trying to move my files from the hard drive I removed from my old computer to the external hard drive. I want to be able to view the files before moving. Thanks

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I recently bought an old used PC (Dell XPS Gen. 2 ? Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM), installed my 1 TB SATA hard drive and a new install of Windows XP SP3. I?ve also got an IDE hard drive in there with lots of media files on it. I?ve been trying to copy or move files from an external USB hard drive to the IDE drive, but nearly every time I try to do so, Windows Explorer (or Q-Dir) will lock up, with the progress bar showing very little progress. I have been able to copy a few small files successfully, but anything else seems to crash it. I?ve checked for DMA/PIO status and have found that it has reverted to PIO several times, and I?ve deleted the primary IDE channel in device manager so that it would reinstall with DMA mode. The problem persists. My device manager shows two primary IDE channels and one secondary IDE channel. I have the 1 SATA hard drive, 1 IDE hard drive, and 1 SATA DVD burner installed.
Any ideas?


Answer:Windows XP locks up when I try to copy or move files from external drive to IDE drive

can you write a file to the drive?
any files you can open on the drive? Or do you get access denied when you try to open a file?

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I have a Dell Vostro 400 using onboard Intel G31/G33 graphics. When I log into admin user and try to remove my Western Digital My Passport it gives me a message that it could not be removed because a program is using it. I ran Process Explorer and the processes running on the drive were all system processes. I tried running my antivirus on both the pc and the hard drive. I tried running WD Drive Utillities and did a quick self test and SMART test and both passed. I tried plugging other devices on the same port but they did not have problems. Also, if I insert the USB plug on a different port, use a different user, or plug in on my laptop it does work fine.

Note that this happens only sometimes and most of the times after I read or write on the drive it happens.
Should I worry about this or just shut down and remove the drive? It does not seem to be writing or reading anything on the drive because the indicator light is not blinking.

Answer:External Hard Drive not safely removable

Externals giving that message is quite common. Many of us have had a similar problem. It is really just a pain and not a problem to be worried about. I would just turn it on when I need it and when you need to remove it, just shut down. Is your sata controller in AHCI mode? If it is, that is one of the features of AHCI, drives being hot swappable. I had a similar problem once even in AHCI mode (a BIOS setting), I installed Intel Rapid Storage driver and have not had the problem since. If you are not in AHCI mode, don't change it or your computer won't boot. There is a way to change it and if you need to know how, we will give you the link to a tutorial. But, unless you have an SSD, it really makes little difference.

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Greetings, W7F Community. When I started moving files from one external drive to another, the SOURCE DRIVE suddenly became non-existent. That is, it disappeared and Windows said that it "no longer exists." The TARGET DRIVE was just added a week ago, bringing my number of external drives to 3. Part of the reason for the transfer was that with the installation of the new drive, the SOURCE DRIVE had changed it's drive letter on it's own. I have tried to reach the drive using Windows Disk Management, R-Studio 5.4.1 and Hiren's Boot CD 15 on a Linux USB Pendrive. The programs on the Boot CD yield the same results as the screen shots I have included. The Boot CD has some programs I have not tried, because they are run from the Linux Command Line and I have no real experience with Linux, and I'm afraid of making things worse (if that's humanly possible). I have recovered files from drives with lost partitions and have restored partitions in the past. But this disk does not even register as "raw". Is it at all possible to access the disk (my data), or has this drive become nothing more than a paperweight? Please help...

Answer:EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE: No System Files

Can you see the drive in the BIOS?
Have you tried this drive on another machine.
Have you checked inside the caddy to ensure the drive has not slipped off the USB to SATA interface (this can happen)

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I got an external hard drive to back up pictures and stuff so that I don't loose them and when I first got it, there was a little green arrow that would show up in the bottom right panel showing that it was connected. I would be able to right click on it and it would let me safely remove the driver from the usb port before unplugging it.

For some reason, now that little green arrow doesn't show up when I plug in the hard drive and whenever I go to unplug it now, since I can't right click that arrow, I just unplug it and the screen turns blue and it says an error occured any key to whatever.

I know it's not the hard drive becuase I have taken this drive to a friend's computer and the green arrow shows up on their computer and I can select to safely remove hard drive and it works just fine.

What did I do to make this arrow go away? How can I get it back so that I don't screw something up on the drive and so I don't keep getting this error screen?


Answer:Solved: Removable External Hard Drive Troubles!

go here... just a alternete way to do it

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Currently, I'm typing this up on my Dell laptop. My old CompUSA purchased PC decided to hate me about half a year ago and one of the system files was corrupted (right now, I don't know exactly which one, but hear me out!). I looked it up, and studied what to do about this issue and determined that I needed to use a system start-up disk to get things back in order. Fine and dandy, except that I don't have one. I don't think one was ever sent with any of my family's computers, and certainly not my PC. In fact, the version of XP I'm running on that computer was loaded by some tech guys who came over once to fix my dad's computer a long time ago.

So I know what to do with that, as long as I can get my hands on one of those CDs (Unless my other fear, that the CD drive is busted - a good possibility as it has given me trouble in the past). Now, onto the good part. My fancy-schmancy Dell laptop is filling up, and is actually slowing down due to the amount of stuff I have on here. I can't see myself being able to delete enough to free up enough space for it to run properly, so I got into my head that I could not only get an external hard drive, but build one myself out of that old busted PC. It doesn't look too hard. But I have concerns, hence this thread.

My question is: Will a corrupted Windows XP system file affect the hard drive if I convert it into an external drive for my laptop? I would want to retrieve some of the documents and pictures off of the hard drive before comp... Read more

Answer:Corrupt System Files & An External Hard Drive

Hi thejlar and welcome to TSF !

No problem using that old drive in an external enclosure provided the drive itself is not physically damaged.

First thing is to run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility on that drive. You'll find the make and model on the sticker that's on the drive itself if you don't know. Create the boot CD or floppy and boot the computer with it. You'll have to enter the BIOS to set the boot device priority to CD-rom first. Try to press the del key during startup to enter the BIOS, if that doesn't work then check this site. Run the long/extended test and report here if you get any error message or bad clusters on the drive.

If you get no errors then you can put the drive in an external USB enclosure (note that these ones are for 3.5'' IDE drives, make sure the enclosure will work with your drive before you buy it) and hook it to your laptop to retrieve your old documents.

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I have an Acer Aspire One netbook that I was running Linux on (Ubuntu 12.4) I had gotten a virus on my netbook and installed Ubuntu so I had a working computer again. Just today, I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop, 15R, running Windows 7. I put all the files from my netbook onto a seagate external portable hard drive and when I plugged it into my new computer it will not open without reformatting. I need these files off of this, and I know there is a way, I just do not know it. help! Thanks in advance

Answer:Move files from hard drive on Windows 7 without reformatting.

What file system is the external HD? Did you format it on Linux or did you use the filesystem it came with?

One thought it if you still have the CD you installed Ubuntu from, you could boot the new laptop from that--you don't want to install but use the Try It option to run Ubuntu live off the CD. Then see if Ubuntu can read your external on the new laptop. Create a new folder on the laptop's C: drive probably sda1 or sda2 (It will have both a Windows and Users folder to help you identify the correct drive) and copy your files over to the new folder.

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Recently bought a new Laptop, and went through all the setting up process, one of which was Windows 7 back up. At the time I just went for the partitioned drive option, but after a week, I've decided to buy an external Hard drive for my back ups instead.
My questions are:
1. Can I easily change the destination of the back up files?
2. Do I just delete everything on Drive D once I'm backing up to an external Hard Drive, or will Windows give me this option when I change to external Hard Drive?
3. The Back up is done on a schedule, so how do I get on when the date passes? Will it ask me to plug my external Hard Drive in the next time I boot up?
4. Finally, I'd like to back up our Desktop too, running on Vista. Can I just partition the external Hard Drive, and keep our laptop, and Desktop backed up on the same hard drive??

Cheers, Matthew

Answer:Change back up files from D Partitioned Drive to External Hard Drive?

Hi Matthew -

You don't need to partition the HD to keep your different backups on it.

The WindowsImageBackup file needs to be named only that and in the root of the external to reimage from the booted DVD or Repair CD, however you can click on it to see which PC it is for.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Backup User and System Files

I don't like the way Win7 file backup works so I drag the active User folder from each computer here to external once per month, then update the backup image every few months. You may decide to go Manual after trying the automated backup, since you'll need to move the external to catch the backup anyway.

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Hey Everyone,

I just got a Maxtor 120GB Hard drive, and I currently have a 30GB Maxtor in my computer at the moment. I know a lot about computers, but hard drive images are one of the few things I have little experience with.

I would like to keep my operating system, XP Home, and all of its programs, files, settings, etc all together. Basically, the currect exact state it is right now as if I'm on my 30GB. I've seen my school use images to put the same image on like 20 computers.

Trust me, I'v had to re-load program after program on my dads computer and I'm already sick of doing it, so I want to avoid that lol.

I'm pretty sure there is a way do to this, and if so, can you tell me how, or give me a link to something I can read so I can pull this off. Don't want to put a fresh install of XP and reload everything and re install programs and all that stuff.

David Waters

Answer:Move 30GB Hard Drive Data To New 120GB Hard Drive

Can I do this without CD's, because 15GB of data wont fit on a Cd...I wonder if there is a way I can like just move it over to the other drive or something. pls help.


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I have been trying to set up an Xcopy to a removable hard drive to use as my backup medium.

It didn't work smoothly and now I have a situation where the drive thinks there is a directory on it (BackDir) with files in it but they are invisible to Explorer.

Properties shows there to be 2.5 Gb on the drive.
If I try to Xcopy to BackDir it asks if I want to overwrite.
If I do a DOS del *.* on that drive it finds nothing to delete.
It won't let me format the drive because some other process has it open.

What is happening here?

Answer:Invisible files on removable hard drive

are you running XP and have System Restore enabled on that drive? Or maybe Norton Protected recycle Bin or similar other app?

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I was trying to get rid of a persistent Vundo infection yesterday.

I turned the PC off to reboot when I though I was going into safe mode and went into regular mode instead. Now, it thinks one of my external drives is the C drive. On boot, I am getting a message that it cannot recognize find the system 32 windows config file (I'm paraphrasing).

I used the repair utility to get to the C prompt (which is pointed at the external drive) and checked the drive letters. I don't think the PC bios knows the hard drive is there.

I tried going into setup and reverting to factory installed configuration and that didn't change anything. I could not get it to recognize the hard drive.

The PC is a Dell Dimension 8400, about 5 years old.

Dell support (out of hardware warranty, but will provide phone support) said that I should reinstall windows but it will wipe out whatever is on the hard drive. They suggested finding a data extraction service.

I'm not against that, but I'd like to see what I can do to get at the REAL C drive beforehand.

I do have the factory Windows disk, although I am not sure of my product key.

I also saw the material on about getting it to recognize the C drive, but that seems on the edge of my technical expertise.

Does anybody have any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:system thinks external drive is hard drive

I do have the factory Windows disk, although I am not sure of my product key.Click to expand...

There should be a sticker on your Dell somewhere .. that will tell you the Code for your OS.
Most likely .. you will not need this code to use your Dell recovery CDs

Using the Code finders will not work for the OEM installs in a Dell, HP or others.

I'd remove the drive (at 5 years old) and install a new one .. and recover it.
Then ... there's ways to read the old HD and extract your data from it.
Here's one way >>

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I have a 160gb hard drive on my laptop which i want to upgrade to a 750gb. I have no windows disc and no restore disc. is there any way to clone the entire contents of the 160gb (including windows vista) to the new drive.....

Answer:upgrading hard drive, how do i move windows to new drive

Almost every company offers the user some way to create disks. Make the disks now for protection or consider ordering them if you need to.Generally companies that sell laptop hard drives also offer some way to clone the old one over. You may have received a usb to sata adapter or you may need to get one. You also may need to download the software from the hard drive makers site if it didn't come in box. A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system
Windows 7 OEM
System is about 6 months old
i7 860 2.80ghz
8gb ddr3 ram
Ati Radeon 5770
1tb hard drive
Motherboard model OT568R, chipset intel DMI Hostbridge
Power Supply Thermaltake 850w

So this has just occurred to me while I am transferring files from my computer to an external toshiba 1tb hard drive, its happened 2 or 3 times during the transfer and after I boot back up the computer this message will come up

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF96000171A8B
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Thank you so much in advance for any help that you can give me with this issue.

Answer:BSOD system crash while transferring files to my external hard drive.

Hi -

The bugcheck on the lone dump -

0x3b (0xc0000005,,,) = system service threw an exception - 0xc0000005 = memory accesss violation

- Remove Daemon Tools/ Alcohol120

- Update these drivers -


LHidFilt.Sys Wed Apr 22 20:05:22 2009 (49EFB0C2)
LMouFilt.Sys Wed Apr 22 20:05:26 2009 (49EFB0C6)
atksgt.sys Sun May 17 09:36:34 2009 (4A1012E2)
lirsgt.sys Sun May 17 09:06:57 2009 (4A100BF1)

Driver Reference -

If BSODs persist, run the Driver Verifier --

Windbg Logs

Regards. . .





Built by: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Debug session time: Sun Nov 14 02:45:38.306 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 2 days 12:48:30.446
Probably caused by : win32k.sys ( win32k!xxxMNOpenHierarchy+17f )
Bugcheck code 0000003B
Arguments 00000000`c0000005 fffff960`00171a8b fffff880`0a2dbdb0 00000000`00000000

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I want to sell my External Hard Drive. If I Move all the contents unto another hard drive (not delete.. move).. can some tech smart person still see what I had all the hard drive?? Thanks!

Answer:If I move all the contents from my external hard drive Can they still see it?

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I have a SanDisk Extreme USB 32Gb Drive. It's been formatted and the problem now is that it's only being detected an another hard drive on my PC and not as a Removable Storage Device.

This is a problem as I have some software that I need for my job which will only write to a USB Drive and not a local hard drive.

Operating System I am using is Windows 8 64bit.

Suggestions please?

Answer:USB Pen Drive detecting as hard drive and not a Removable Storage Device

Did you format it to a NTFS file system? format it again back to a fat file system. These USB drives are natively Fat 32

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so my pc don't work so i have to reinstall windows, pretty much.
i don't have the CD so i went ahead and bought an external hard drive, connected it to my mac and formatted so my mac and pc can both read the hard drive.
went online and bought windows 7 professional and downloaded the windows 7 iso files into my external hard drive.
my pc didn't seem to read the hard drive.
went into my bios settings (I'm guessing that is how is call)
went into it and set it up to where it boots up using the external hard drive
well... that didn't work either..
i have tried everything but nothing works. i really unplugged the hard drive and turn it on hoping the external hard drive with work.. nope still nothing...
if so.... what a waste of time.

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Hello all,

I've got Windows XP home and two external hard drives (connected via USB) and I'm trying to give one or both of those drives paging files. My hard-drives are an I-Omega 500GB and a Maxtor 300GB, both with plenty of room. I want to set my paging file to 650MB.

I know how to change the size of a paging file. I go to System\ advanced\ performance...etc to get to the virtual memory box, I set the paging-file sizes for the external drives (remembering to press SET) then reboot. When the computer has restarted I run a disc analysis, but the external drives have no paging file.

I notice that many people move their paging file to an external drive, so why isn't it working for me?

Dell Dimension 5150, 1GB RAM.

Answer:Can't move my paging file to an external hard drive.

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I have a small internal hard drive (4 gb) on my laptop with 160mb of RAM. I want to move thousands of email messages (in Netscape 7.1 on my C drive) to a larger external hard drive (E:\) attached through by BUS port. I also want to be able to run on E drive and recover my messages exactly as I have sent or received them. I can't find anything about exporting email from one hard drive to another and keeping them intact with no gibberish such as code included.

Thanks for your help.undefined

Answer:How to move Netscape 7.1 email to an external hard drive

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Would like to move some thing like total pictures folder from the primary ssd disk to free up space to either a secondary hard disk on the computer or an external hard disk

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Is there any software that will allow me to do this using a CD Image ... I just can't boot my computer into Windows to get the files by using installed software. Any suggestions?

Answer:Hard Drive Dead ... Need to move folder over to new hard drive!

Please explain more fully what you want to do. If your hard drive is dead, any folders on it have gone to computer heaven. Perhaps you need a bootable CD-ROM?

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A friend brought me her computer. It is a Sony Vasio Laptop model: PCG-5K1L. It has a Hitachi 250GB 5400RPM SATA HDD that has failed do to physical damage (she dropped it). Is it possible to move all the data, including the Vista Home Premium OS from the old HDD to a new HDD so she doesn't have to buy a new OS?

She's had the computer for awhile and doesn't have any restore or repair disks. I happen to have a Vista repair disk (from an old laptop). Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista?

Thanks for your help. If this topic has been covered successfully in this forum in the past, just link me to it. I tried looking but am not exactly sure how to phrase the search question. I've looked, but not satisfied with what I have been finding.


Answer:How do I take Vista off my old failing hard drive and move it to a new hard drive?

In spite of the physical damage you can still read the hard drive? Try cloning the drive or imaging the needed partitions. I use Macrium Reflect Free. Easeus Todo Backup is another free one, and there are lots more.

Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista?Click to expand...

Only if the "repair disk" is a Vista installation DVD. Repair disks just include the Recovery Console programs (I probably don't have the correct term there) to fix issues with booting and startup, etc.

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Answer:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive

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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

Answer:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.

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Hey guys!

My Zune 80gb stopped working a while back. It wouldn't charge. So I thought I would take out the hard drive and use it as an external 80gb hard drive. So I bought an 1.8" ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it.

All appears good with the installation. When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on & the disk starts spinning. Then Windows Vista does the whole "Install new Hardware" thing and calls it a "Disk Drive" and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and says hardware is installed and ready for use.

But the problem is I can't seem to access the drive. I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't show up as a drive I can use or anything. I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn't it couldn't find it either. I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it, but the Mac doesn't recognize it as anything.

Back in Vista, Using Device Manager, Vista notices the drive under the "Disk Drives" option as a "Disk Drive" and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft (since it has the Zune firmware on it) but I can't do anything with it ... And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists. I can't reformat it or anything.

Can anyone help me? I thought I read somewhere... Read more

Answer:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!


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I just put in a 40Gb Hard drive into my computer as a slave drive. My computer recognizes it as a drive, but it shows that it is a removable drive. Any suggestions?

Answer:computer thinks new hard drive is removable drive

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I have the external hard drive plugged into the USB port and don't know what to do next. Please help.

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Hey, I'm running XP. I was wondering how I move files from a cd onto the hard drive. When I enter a cd into my disk drive how do I transfer it so that it is now on my hard drive even when you remove the CD.


Please respond

Answer:Move CD files onto hard drive

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I installed a second internal hard drive that worked fine at first, but recently I was not able to move files onto it. I can play movies and move things from it, but when I try to put something on it, the message box telling the progress seems to freeze, and after a long time, I just close it. My computer is normally fast enough to do this in a couple seconds.

Answer:can't move files onto hard drive

We're gonna need way more info...

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i have recently installed two hard drives one running xp and one running linux. I have dvd files on my xp hard drive that i would like to move to the other. Is there any way of doing this?

Answer:move files to another hard drive

????? The "linux drive" is the slave? Why?...the slave isn't bootable. Format the thing with windows. This is a confusing thread to say the least!

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Mine is a desktop running Vista ultimate I have been working with a 40 gig drive. I have added another 500 gig drive. There are two SATA ports on the Intel main board. So far so good.It occurred to me that if I did a clean install of Windows on the new 500 drive I could avoid swapping any malware to the new drive. So:I did a clean install of Windows on the 500 drive with the 40 drive unplugged. Then:I reconnected the 40 drive and copied the files I wanted (documents) to CD drive. Looking good so far as I check the files on the CD.I booted from the 500 drive and, alas: I can't see anything on the CD...I unplug the 500 drive and boot from the 40...The files are there where I left them on the CD.I know that there is a flaw in my understanding, but it seems this should work.Any Ideas?Ivan Copas

Answer:How to move files to a new hard drive.

Easiest solution if they are both SATA drives would be to DLoad and use the Free utilities from the 500G manuf site and "clone" the 40G to the 600.Then you completely remove the 40G and setup the 500 as the boot drive and walla ! !'re good to go.The 40 can then be hooked up as a slave...formatted and used for storage.PS: This will work even if the 40 is an back if you need more info.

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I hope that I have posted this in the right place! I am trying to move a large file (19 Gb) from my computer to my external hard drive.

But it is saying the file is too big to move (obviously there is plenty of space on the External Hard Drive!!).

I am far from an expert on this - I think I compressed the file using WinRAR but still getting the same error.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks,

Answer:Solved: Unable to move a file to my External Hard Drive

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I found a Windows 10 Forums article online about how to move the Users profile folder to an external drive, but it was not something easily understood by a not-too-techie user.

If there are some easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do this for a recently upgraded Windows 10 (not Windows Professional or Windows Enterprise) OS, I would be happy to get them.

Answer:How to move the user profile folder to an external hard drive

If you mean to move it for running it from the external drive, rather than just for backup purposes, I think it would be a risky thing to move the whole Users folder, or even individual user profiles under that folder and I doubt this is supported by MS.
Are you able to move elements of the profile, such as Documents, then just redirect the connection afterwards (or use libraries)?
I'd be interested in seeing this article you mentioned.

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I am trying to re-install xp pro on my Toshiba Notebook with an external DVD drive. I am able to boot from the drive and the blue "windows setup" screen begins to load.

After I press enter to set up Window XP, it says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your comptuer...Press F3 to quit.

I am stumped. If I quit setup and I can reboot and load my original windows. Therefore, the hard disk is present and works fine.

How do I get the windows setup to see the hard drive and proceed with setup?


Answer:Solved: Install Windows with External Dvd Drive - Hard drive not found?

It is usually because the installation cannot recognise the SATA driver for the hard disc
If you have a usb drive load from Toshiba the sata controller drivers
so on the screen for the install you press F6 load drivers and then load the sata driver from the usb - I say usb as I presume you do not have a floppy drive
OR you can include them in a reburnt CD using nLite but that is a longer way round the problem

OR you can TRY try this

Enter your BIOS/Setup Utility
Locate the Serial ATA or SATA configuration section
I’ve seen this section called ‘On Chip Config’ on some Phoenix Award BIOS

On Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads it’s in Config > Serial ATA (Sata)
Change the mode of the SATA controller from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility
Save & Exit
Reboot and begin the Windows Setup again.
If Windows Setup successfully detects your hard disk this time then go ahead and perform the Windows Setup.
When Windows setup completes change the mode back to AHCI in the BIOS


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I was trying to do a system backup on an external hard drive in windows 10 and once it started i noticed that it was creating a backup for my old Windows 7 64 operating system. How do I get it to back up my current Windows 10 system and all of my files on the C: drive.?

Answer:How do I Back up my Windows 100 system on an external Hard Drive?

I think you'd have to describe your system configuration further, and say how you're starting the backup.
Are you dual booting?

Otherwise: best recommendation: use disk imaging regularly, before and after each major change.

Macrium Reflect (free) (no incremental imaging)
I've seen recommendations for this one:
Free Desktop and Laptop backup - Veeam Endpoint Backup

I'm currently using O&O DiskImage, having moved from Aomei Backupper.

Use one of these + create its boot disk/device + get large enough external storage.

Allows to to back up everything on a disk/partition and recover your PC to how it was when you created the image and replace the drive easily. (For example).

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I was trying to do a system backup on an external hard drive in windows 10 and once it started i noticed that it was creating a backup for my old Windows 7 64 operating system. How do I get it to back up my current Windows 10 system and all of my files on the C: drive.?

Answer:How do I Back up my Windows 100 system on an external Hard Drive?

I think you'd have to describe your system configuration further, and say how you're starting the backup.
Are you dual booting?

Otherwise: best recommendation: use disk imaging regularly, before and after each major change.

Macrium Reflect (free) (no incremental imaging)
I've seen recommendations for this one:
Free Desktop and Laptop backup - Veeam Endpoint Backup

I'm currently using O&O DiskImage, having moved from Aomei Backupper.

Use one of these + create its boot disk/device + get large enough external storage.

Allows to to back up everything on a disk/partition and recover your PC to how it was when you created the image and replace the drive easily. (For example).

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Hi Everyone
This may be a stuipd question, but can I take my old hard drive with Win XP on it and build a new computer (new mobo, new CPU) and insert the same hard drive with all my data, turn it on and have everything still there?

That would be quite a timesaver...

Answer:Move hard drive over with OS to new system?

Please visit this thread for guidance:

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i'm using windows 7, my external hard drive shows up in my devices and printers section but it won't show up as a drive, so i can't view any files in that external hard drive. if i put a memory card in, it shows up as a drive and a flag shows up for when i want to unplug that drive and it asks if i want to remove my external hard drive too.

normally when i turn on the external hard drive it autoplays but it doesn't do that anymore.

i don't understand why it shows up in my devices and printers but not as a drive when i open windows explorer.

i've looked into the external hard drives properties and it all says that the device is working properly.

Answer:problem with external hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Go into Control Panel (classic view) ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management.

In bottom-right pane, if you see a horizontal band representing a drive with no drive-letter assigned to it, that's the cause of your problem. You need to give it a drive-letter:

Right-click that horizontal band and choose "Change drive letter and paths".

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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


Answer:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }

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my macbook pro is currently our of commission due to a mishap with a cup of water. the person i spoke to on the phone at the apple store said to have the hard drive transferred to an external one in case they need to reformat it. is this even possible if my laptop won't turn on?

Answer:transfer data from laptop hard drive to external hard drive

Depends on the type of water damage has been done.
If your laptop has been a small puddle of water for a little bit of time, yes it will mess up your hdd's connectors and possibly damage it.
If the water spill was like a splash on the keyboard and quickly cleaned up, you have a good chance of the hdd working.
Just depends on what got damaged badly enough for something not to turn on for quite awhile.

Also get rid of that macbooks battery, I have a bad feeling it might not work with your macbook anymore.

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I bought a esata-sata cable and tried to connect a esata external hard drive througn a sata 2nd hard drive caddy. The result is that my T42 can not detect the external hard drive. The caddy, cable, and the external hard drive are all functional with other setups. As I know, the signal of esata and sata are the same. It should be just passing through. I don't understand why it fails. I observed that both the leds on the caddy and above the caddy are lighting when I boots T42. However, both leds dims after that. Any suggestion?PS. I know using a pcmcia will be easier. However, several reviews confirmed that the writing speed is limited to 30 MB/s through pcmcia. The writing speed on the caddy is at least 55 MB/s when I tested it with a 2.5 in hard drive.

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I need an external hard drive for taking regular backups of all of my data.
When i searched the internet I got two options:
1. Porable HDD [high cost, slower speed but don't need external power]
2. Desktop HDD [low cost, higher speed but need external power]

I want to know that...
1. Which hard disk's live longer? Porable or Desktop.
2. I heared that pulling off USB cable of Portable HDD may cause data lose because it also supplies power to hdd.
What will happpen if Power goes off from Desktop HDD? Will my data/Hard disk remain protected?
3. Level of safety of data on moving or shaking on both Desktop and Portable HDD.
4. Can we install os and boot from portable and desktop external hdd?

Answer:Need Advice : External Desktop Hard drive vs Portable Hard drive?

Unless you really need to go portable with a Laptop .. I'd not use a USB powered External.
You cannot boot from a USB External .. But there's another option if you're capable of physically changing HDDs ..

Get a good external Enclosure (with a fan for cooling) .. Install a good HDD ... with a 5 year warranty
and make the HDD in the enclosure a bootable backup .. where you could swap HDDs if/when needed ..

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Hi, recently my lenovo T61's video card fizzled out right after the warranty expired. I have information on the laptop's hard drive that i need to get off of it. I have a hard drive enclosure for my old hp laptop's hard drive but the two drive have different connectors. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to find a lenovo T61 hard drive compatible external hard drive enclosure. The hard drive is a 100 GB 7200 RPM driveModel: HTS722010K9SA00HDD: 7K200-100LENOVO P/N: 42T1056HITACHI P/N: 0A53257MLC: DA2141

Answer:Need help finding correct external hard drive enclosure for a T61 hard drive

There is a lot to choose from. Any USB SATA external hard drive enclosure should work. Since i don't live in the US i don't know where the best place to buy such a enclosure would be in your case. If you cannot find any maybe someone else that live in the US could help you out.

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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

Answer:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.

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I'm amateur pc user. Been trying fix problems all week. Changed power box due to over heating, used AVG & Superantispyware. Keeps asking to reboot and choose boot device, and several hints of mysterious behavior inside machine. Feels like something is eating it (paranoid spirituality). Anyone know what's going on. Please be gentle with me;Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 14:43:58, on 30/04/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18904)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AASP\1.00.61\aaCenter.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Kontiki\KHost.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\Sup_SmartRAM.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\DT Utilities\DT Utilities PC Backup Pro\mgCtrl.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\EntriqMediaTray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\\EntriqMediaServer.exeC:\Windows\Integrator.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR0 - HKCU\Software\Micr... Read more

Answer:Unknown problem,system restore&recycle bin&2nd hard drive vanished, 2nd hard drive

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I recently used my system image disk to restore on a new (larger) hard drive but now when I look at the hard drive from the computer view it shows my hard drive as being the same size as the old one instead of being the size of the new one. I'm not sure
I'm making much sense so I will post a picture...

Is there anyway to fix this? Does the drive really only have 286 gigs on it?

Answer:System Image disks installed on new hard drive show new hard drive same size as old one

You have to be logged in as Admin to perform these operations.
Go to Start, and in the Search box, type in DISK MANAGEMENT. Pick the Control Panel item "Create and format disk partitions." Once Disk Management comes up, right-click on the area of your disk and select "Extend volume..." Move it out
as far as you want, making the whole thing one drive.
If that doesn't work for you, then you can download Easeus Partition Manager Home  and create a boot CD from it that will accomplish the same thing (and more, if you want to read up on it). It's a free program and works
with 32- and 64-bit Windows. I like it and use it myself.

SC Tom

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My hard drive recently became corrupted and had to be completely replaced.
Before this, I had backed up everything on the hard drive using `Backup and Restore Centre` for Windows Vista on an external hard drive. Now I want to restore all the files (which included everything on my computer at the time) again using `Backup and Restore Centre` for WV.

However, I know nothing about computers, and after just having got my laptop back, I don't want to have to send it back to the shop because I'm completely and utterly useless.

Restoring the files I recently backed up shouldn't cause a problem? Or is there something I need to do before/after using the Restore function?

(The files I wish to restore include everything, quite literally. I backed up everything a few weeks before my internal hard drive failed, which is the reason I'm a little concerned, as some of the data from the corrupt hard-drive was rescued [I've placed it on an external hard drive so it won't be lost by anything stupid I do from here on out ] and I wasn't sure if that would affect it for some reason, some how.)

Apologies about the stupid question, but any help/advice would be awesome.

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how do I fix this??... I tried downloading a patch from here

but I keep getting error messages when I try to install it

what is going on??

Answer:windows 7 keeps freezing while transfering files to external hard drive

Are you using "Copy and Paste" or are you "Dragging" selected files to the external drive?

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 already on its second hard drive due to troubles with Windows.
When I boot the computer, the final result is a black screen with a white cursore that moves when I move the mouse. I get the same result in Safe Mode. I have tried using the Dell Windows reinstall/recovery disc and have not had luck so far. I even installed a second version of Windows, but I still need to get the data files somehow and I don't know how. Today I purchased and downloaded Acronis True Image 2010 Home, but honestly don't know what to do with it! I downloaded to a CD, but don't know what to do next. Ideally I would like to repair my original install of Windows XP. If not possible, I would like help getting the data files. I have read many threads about setting up the HD as a slave on another computer, but no instructions about what this means or how to do it. I own an external drive that I just took out of the package today, but again don't know where to begin with it. HELP?

Answer:Windows XP won't boot, need to get data files to external hard drive via USB

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I recently got a Solid State Drive to replace my other HDD & kept the HDD as a secondary storage drive.
Can I move the program files folders (Program files, Program files x86 & Prgram data)to the secondary drive to free up some space on the smaller SDD which has my windows installation on & Warcraft.
If I can, can I just drag & drop them?
I'm assuming I'll need to replace my desktop shortcuts as they won't follow the programs.

Answer:Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

You will need to uninstall the programs you wish to remove from the SSD and then reinstall from the setup files to your secondary drive. Make sure you use custom install selecting the secondary drive path as your target for installation.
The reason you cannot just move the folders is that the program installations involve registry entries and by moving the folders these will be corrupted and the programs will not work.

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I have a Dell XP that must be old because I am. Anyway I ordered it with two hard drives, both 30Gig. Both are full. Who knew back six or seven years ago that 30-gigs was (were?) not enough?

I have tried to keep C:/ for programs and D:/ for files. I would like to get an external HDD and move programs onto it in order to free up space on C:/

What kinds of problems will I run into? Will the registry be able to keep up or tag along or edit itself or...? Is it even doable? Will it give me nightmares?


Answer:Move program files to new hard drive

There is no real simple way to do that. the only way I know of is to uninstall the programs one by one and reinstall them point at the external drive instead of the C:\ Drive. the best way to do it, in all honsty is to just buy a larger hdd (500gb are around 50.00 these days) and just do a direct drive to drive clone from your old HDD to the New one. A Program like Symmantec Ghost (it's not free but there are others out there that are) will clone everything at a bit level and automatically resize the partition to encompass all the free space.

Just Moving the Program Files directory will only serve to make the programs non-usable. Registry entries will not follow the move.

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I have windows 8.1 and c-drive is system drive.
Programs are mainly installed to C: but I have also some programs installed to E: Program Files, Program Files (68), Program Data etc .
Now I want to to move E-drive contents to another hard drive (all files stored on e-drive).

I think the safest way is to reinstall all programs, but I don't want to do this. Also it is possible to move files to new partition which has another drive letter than e: and create link, but this I don't want to do either.

Can I do it like this:
1) Change e-drive letter to x
2) Create new e-drive to another hard drive
3) Copy e-drive contents to new e-dive
4) that is it?

Can I use normal copy - paste to copy all files?
I think register references are the same after these steps because drive letter and content of the e-drive are still the same.

Does my method work? It sound so easy to do. Is it "too easy"? Does it have any risks?

Best regards

Answer:Move program files to another hard drive

Yes, it should as long as the drive letter is the same and also I would move instead of copy to retain the ownership of the files.

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I have just reinstalled XP Pro. I have a SATA hard drive and have to install drivers during install. I didn't install the drivers this time assuming they would still be in the system. Ever since XP thinks the hard drive is a removable drive. I tried reinstalling again but nothing.

It's not a big issue other than the removable drive icon in the system menu.

Is there anyone out there that knows how to fix this silly problem?

Answer:XP thinks my hard drive in a removable drive

When you find out, let me know.

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I just replaced my Power supply yesterday, and everything seems to be working good. I'm still pretty worried about it blowing up and making me spend even more to fix, but it doesn't seem to be going down that path!

However, I do have an issue.

My Internal Hard drive and CD rom drive now cause the "safely remove hardware" icon to show up. And they are selectable. I have an external hard drive, psp, and ipod, so I am constantly accessing that section to remove them. It is only a matter of time before i accidently select my cd rom or actual hard drive on accident.

So did I do something wrong installing the new power supply? or is this normal.

Answer:hard drive/cd drive show up as removable?

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Hi, I have a c drive with the programs on, and have installed 2 removable (in caddie trays) hard drives from my old computer. These are already numbered d and e. However windows 7 on my new computer will only see one of them. It sees either one if only one is plugged in, although it calls both of them d drive. It will see either disk on the end of either ribbon cables, but if they are both plugged in - it still only sees one. There are no dip switches to swith on the drives, and they both work fine when in my old computer which runs XP.

Any help or suggestions??? Thanks

Answer:Windows 7 is only seeing one removable hard drive

Welcome to the Forum Chatterbox.

Some additional information would be helpful. Also, by filling in your "System Specs" in your profile it makes it easier for people to help you.

When you say you "have installed 2 removable (in caddie trays) hard drives" , does this mean you have an external enclosure connected by USB or eSATA?

Are these 2 drives in the caddy IDE drives or SATA drives? (When you mention a ribbon cable it indicates that these are older IDE drives.)

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Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series
I have this laptop. My question is why would you sell a computer with 32GB hard drive when you know the OS will take up 20GB? How am I supposed to use this computer? I can't upgrade the HD and why should I buy an external drive for a laptop?
I am so utterly confused.

Answer:Can't use laptop because Windows 10 is using 90% of the hard drive, what can I do besides using an external drive?

This isn't a true notebook - it's a glorified tablet/internet appliance.  It's fine as a Windows substitute for a chromebook, but forget running anything demanding on it -- it's designed for a single purpose:  to be inexpensive.

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i have a freecom external hard drive. it was working fine until one day it decided to stop working.

this light on the drive lights up but i can't hear anything working inside it. and now it won't show up as a drive when i open windows explorer.

please help?

Answer:External hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Hi have you tried it in another computer to see if it works there

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I am not very good with computers, so I don't really know how to do this, and need explanation in simple english . My harddrive is constantly causing BSODs on my HP laptop (Windows 7), and I have ordered a new hard drive. I am not quite sure how to transfer the operating system, any help would be appreciated greatly!

Answer:How to move operating system to a new hard drive?

Make the HP Recovery disks so you can boot them after swapping out the old HD to recover to factory condition: HP Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using HP Recovery - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

However if you'd like a much cleaner Win7 OS without the preinstalled HP crapware and useless factory utilties which have much better versions built into Win7, look over these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

A third option is to save externally a Win7 backup image of your current installation to reimage the new HD once you swap it in: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery
or use free Macrium - Image your system

Here's a video on how to change out the HD. Be sure to guard against static shock by touching the case before touching any electronics.

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Hey guys, I was working with my grandfathers computer. The computer would not boot, it kept getting the BSOD with "Unmountable Boot Volume" At the top. Annoyed, I decided I was going to just back up whatever files were on it (Just his favorites, he has absolutely no documents or anything else) plugging his HD into my home PC as a slave and copying them to my flashdrive. Then I would reinstall XP Home on his Desktop, and use the flashdrive to put back his files...Sounds easy enough right? NO!!!!.....Problem is, his user account on the computer (Ralph), was Password Protected so now when I try to access any of his files (using Windows 7) I get a message saying Access Is Denied. How do I get around this. It is not possible to boot his old computer to take off the password. Are his files recoverable?
Thanks for any help!

Answer:Recovering hard drive files from unbootable, password protected hard drive?

You don't have to do all that to overcome an unmountable boot volume error...try running chkdsk /r command on the drive.

Start/Run...type chkdsk X: /r (where X is the drive letter assigned by XP and with spaces between k and X: and X: and /) and then hit Enter.


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Access DENIED to VIEW ,COPY OR MOVE pictures on an external hard drive
Im having access problems copying ,editing and viewing my photos on my external hard drive ,it says i dont have the correct permissions to access the file .and the file belong to an unknown user account ,i am using an administrator account ,how can i have access to this files ?

THE problem started since i was using windows 7 ,now im using windows 8 ,the problem is still there!!

Please help me ,its been two years im trying to solve this problem.

Here is the link to the additional pictures showing all the problems

im using HP530 ,2g RAM ,windows 8

the external HD is a samsung model HD103SI ,1TB

Answer:Access DENIED to VIEW ,COPY OR MOVE pictures on an external hard drive

Right click on the ext drive then go to Properties.
Under Security tab Click Edit
Select the User Account that you want to have access. Usually looks like Test (Test-PC\Test)
Make Sure to put check on Full Control under Allow and NOTHING is checked under Deny
Click Apply and then OK

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Hi, Im new to the forums.

Im having problems with my external harddrive i backed up all my data so i could sort out my virus problem which i used the removal of viruses guide on this site. After, my computer was "cleaned" i plugged in my harddrive and and it was recongnized by Vista but when i try to move all my data back to where it belongs it wont move back. Could this be a virus problem or is my system in need off a proper virus "hunt" and a good virus "clean". i can access the files they just wont go on my computer



Could it be my hard drive infected with a virus is so tell me how to remove it

Answer:WD 250GB hard drive wont move my files

What happens when you try to transfer files? Do you get an error message? You'll need to be more specific than 'it doesn't work'

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Hi everyone. I am trying to move three JPEG pictures from a floppy to my hard drive. Unfortunately I keep getting an error that says:

Cannot copy "filename": Cannot read from the source file or disk.

What do I do?

Answer:Can't move JPEG files from floppy to hard drive!

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Basically I bought an SSD to put Windows 7 on along with some of my most used applications.
However, I want to some how put my users folder and program files folder onto my 500GB HD. I?ve tried multiple times to mess with the registry settings but it doesnt seem to work..? I?ve also tried an application but that just meant when I restarted my PC it diddn?t recognise my user account meaning I couldnt log in at all forcing me to reinstall again?
Any ideas? I basically want only OS & a coupel of aps on SSD while having my desktop/users/prorgam files on my 500gb.

Answer:How can I move my user&program files to a different hard drive?

Well this trick may help
User Folders - Change Default Location
Once you've moved the location you should be able to just copy the contents in question.

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I just assembled a rig for my brother. After installing XP Home on a WD SATA 80GB in a PC CHIPS a11g 1.0, Windows is seeing the drive as removable; I'm getting the Remove Hardware tray icon.

The hard drive is in SATA I, while my NEC 3550a is connected to IDE1 as a master. What would make Windows see it as such, and how can I fix it?

Answer:Windows thinks my hard drive is removable

remove tray icon is useless

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Yesterday my external hard drive was working fine. Today I open it and there's a new folder called Pfiles...I am not running linux...and a tmp file. I delete the tmp file and try to delete Pfiles but it won't delete. Weird. So I open one of the folders and see that it's now empty, as are almost all of my other folders and subfolders. My daughter's folder however has her movies on the main subfolder, but subfolders in this folder are also empty.

The hard drive is showing half full...exactly what it should assuming I could access all the files. So what can I do? I've enclosed a screenshot of the Disk Management screen for this drive. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Help with external hard drive. Files "missing" but still taking up space on the drive

Hi djfl,

External Hard-drives come in different types, some of them are, External storage devices and Automatic back-up devices.

If it is an automatic back-up device then data might be backed-up on the External Hard?drive without user intervention.

If it is an External storage device the files might be hidden. This could be the reason why the external Harddrive is showing half full. We can check if the files are hidden, please use the following link for detailed instructions to unhide folders: Hidden Files and Folders Option - Add or Remove

Please revert back for clarification.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4910MQ CPU @ 2.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16289 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro K2100M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941813 MB, Free - 353493 MB; E: Total - 1907728 MB, Free - 1325929 MB; F: Total - 4769177 MB, Free - 3687024 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0T3YTY
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled
Dear Sirs,

In writing this post I am doing my best to comply with the spirit of this My Tech Guy website so please forgive me if I unintentionally do something that violates the rules.

I did check all of the posts regarding True Crypt and to the best of my knowledge did not see a post regarding this issue.
That being said my problem is the following regarding True Crypt:
I have been using True Crypt to Encrypt my Seagate External Hard Drive for 5 years without a problem until I attempted to encrypt the most recent Seagate Backup Plus 2TB external drive.

I have a Dell Precision M4800 which operates on Windows 7 64 bit.

When I tried to encrypt the drive True Crypt went through the entire process but at the end I received a message that the drive could not be mounted in either an exclusive or non exclusive manner.

I have a Seagate 1TB which is also encrypted with True Crypt.

When I try to mount both drives I get the following message:

On the 1TB drive I click okay, the ... Read more

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I have a 204 Gb hard drive that I am trung to load with Linux 10.10 from DVD.
I have carried this out so far several times recently for my self and then other folk.
This particular drive is being a bit tricky.
The normal routine is to load the formatted drive from the 'Boot from CD ' command.
This one however fails with the report drive not mounted.
When now running the computer as normal[Ubuntu 10.10] and looking at the drive through 'Disk utility' it shows a disk 204 Gb.
Clicking on Mount. then reverting to boot from CD and attempting to load- I still get the Not mounted comment with no such device from the DVD.
So I guess this is a format[FAT]/mount issue - format/mount or mount/format. which?
I also found that looking at disk properties- it had set its self up with a 9Gb partition and shows the remainder as 186GB- thus approx 17Gb appears to be 'missing'{i nhad not set any partition]
Any thoughts please

Answer:Getting a Hard drive to 'Mounted' State

Sounds like this drive has been around a bit. Maybe a good idea to start a fresh with that hard drive. Put that HDD into the PC you wish to use it in and make dead sure you have no other HDD's attached. Get yourself a blank cd and download the ISO of D-Ban
And then burn with software like cd-burner xp and then boot to that cd and type in "autonuke" or "quick" and walk away till its completed.
I dont use Ubunto, but i would imagine that when you install Ubunto it will also format the drive as required.

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I recently bought a new computer with XP on it. My old machine was 98ME. I bought an external USB case for my old hard drive. I removed the drive from my old machine and installed it into the USB case. When I plug the old and now external hard drive into my new machine's USB port, it installs the new hardware driver, but does not assign a drive letter.When I went back to CompUSA (where I bought the USB case), the technician said there is a problem with the partition information and XP can't see it.If the disk is good enough to boot to 98ME in the old system (still is), why can't XP see the drive?Is there a drive utility that I can run that would tweak the partition info to make it clean for XP, and not loose my data?FYI, mounting the drive directly in the new computer does the same thing, so the problem is not with the USB external hard drive case.Thank you in advance for any help.

Answer:Old hard drive mounted is USB case not seen

check the jumper setting, try put jumper to back your result, thank!

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 recently.
Everything works well except this one thing that happened couple times already.
All the files that I saved to my external hard drive when I was using Windows 10 disappeared when I tried to open them again in a different machine (Windows 7).
They can no longer be found even when I go back to Windows 10 and tried to find them.
I am sure they are saved properly.
I checked and confirmed that they are located in the correct location after they are all saved.
I used the "Eject" external hard drive function and remove the drive only when Windows 10 promoted "safe to remove".
Any idea?

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I have an HP dv6810us. its 7200 rpm and only has 160 gigabytes of space. I just bought a Western Digital My Book Essential 2TB external hard drive, at 7200 rpm; model: WDBAAF0020HBK-NESN. I have put ALL my movies, documents, music, pictures, and everything other than my programs and stuff that came with my computer. I only have 20 gigabytes left on my computer i was wondering how i could somehow turn my external hard drive into my internal hard drive....and how. any websites of videos that could lead me to the right place would be very helpful. i have used 140 gigs of space on my computer mostly due to the sims 3 and programs. please help!

Answer:Making an external hard drive your internal hard drive

Hang on, so if I understand you correctly you've got a 160Gb drive installed in your laptop and it's only got 20Gb free space left. So now you want to put the 2TB drive into the laptop? Sorry, but that won't work. You'll need to buy another 2.5" drive.Is the drive inside your laptop SATA or IDE?

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I earlier posted about the Aspire AST690-UP925A having 250GB hard drive. I since then contacted Aspire chat support. Apparently, not being tech savy we didn't realize 250 gb hard drive only 112 c drive is able to be used, the d data drive holds the programs to run the computer.

I didn't mean can I use the external hard drive internally. I meant, if I hook it up externally would it work in place of the internal hard drive that is nearly full except for around 10 GB?

So, unfortunately the computer isn't as big as you believe. But...I wanted to know if I purchase (I was looking at western digital elements 2TB external hard drive). Can we use it for this computer. It will not run itunes or anything like that, but we can obviously go online.

My brother wants to buy a new computer, but I know that is probably not the way to go. Should we get an internal hard drive installed and other memory or something or can we use the external hard drive?

I would appreciate any informed help on this since we do not no technical info on computers. Can't really afford to buy another computer right now.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive?

If you want to take out the drive from external hard drive case and install it in your desktop/laptop, then usually you can. Usually external hard drives are just ordinary hard drives accompanied by some extra controller to make it able to "talk" via general ports (e.g. USB). However I am not familiar with digital elements 2TB , so I can not confirm it. But I do have WD external drive, which I had positively confirm that its real drive is just ordinary hard drive.

Note that if you decide to do this, I suggest to find experience people to work on extracting the drive. If you do it yourself you will risk to damage it, and you don't want that since usually opening the closure means voiding the warranty.

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Hi, for nearly a year now I've been using a Buffalo 500GB external hard drive.
Just yesterday though, after unplugging it from my PC, using it on another Windows 7 machine and then attempting to reconnect it the my PC, it began to show up on My Computer as a Local Disk rather than an external. In addition, when I try to access it, it gives me this message: E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. My question is, is there any way to return the drive to it's original state or recover the data inside? The data is of extreme importance.
Thanks for any help.

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I have an internal hard disk not in use ,and I would like to make it as external disk !
I looked on the net and I found I should have the " encelsure " butt I think I wont find it here in my city .
So is there another way ? like usb -esata cable ?

Answer:how to make your internal hard drive into and external hard drive ?

Firstly, where are you based (Which country)? I would get the part of the internet, I trust we are talking about a 3.5" drive? Do you have an esata port on your pc? I would get something similar to this, I think: - Buy CiT 35M17SEF 3.5 inch SATA / USB / Firewire / eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!

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Windows 7 desk top computer stopped during use. It would not restart when button pressed. External power supply ok. Possible internal Power Supply Unit failure. Can the pc hard drive data be backed up to an external USB hard drive enclosure before testing to find the fault in these circumstances?

Answer:Hard drive backup to external USB hard drive enclosure

Yes, most HDD is use on laptop and desktops units are pretty standard. The desktops use 3.5 inch internal drives and the laptops are mostlt 2.5 inch. The Sata interface is almost universal. Suitable enclosures are sold by major vendors. Be aware that the very lost cost kits are not real enclosure, just the power and interface components. Not recommended. To easy make a mistake.You will need a working PC or laptop to read the data. And enough free drive space to store your data files. Recovering program files is not piratical, unless the programs were  portable programs. Which is not likely.This video is basic and helpful. (Ignore the lead in advertisement.) you will see in then video, you can buy an enclosure for  any starred hard drive. So just pick out a good enclosure and you can get you data back!EDIT: On of the best tutorials I have seen lately.  He makes it plain and simple and very useful information.  Geek-9pm recommends you watch. That guy is even better that me.

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I am unsure about what happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive... Let's say the internal HDD was your only laptop HDD and you replaced it with a SSD. If you convert your old internal HDD to an external HDD, what would happen when you open it up on your newly installed OS (on the SSD)?

I am trying to download a new OS but us my old internal HDD as an external drive just to access specific files. However, I don't want any other data/programs/settings/etc. downloaded onto my new SSD. Do I need to delete my old OS when I convert my old internal HDD into an external HDD or does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?

If anyone is able to clarify these questions that would be fantastic!

Answer:What happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive?

does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?Click to expand...

it will just be seen as a data drive and you would need to goto the directory for your data
it wont run as an OS at all

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I had been using my Hitachi 320g external HD for 2yrs.It had not problem until yesterday I transfering some files from my Drive C to Hitachi HD when the computer hang.I unpluged the external HD and restart PC.When I pluged in the external HD again it was recognised as interrnal HD.I've problem accessing the files.The PC detected it was FAT32 since my system was NTFS and asked me to reformat my external HD.I tried connect to other PC but no different.

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I currently am running windows 8.1 x64 bit, and I am thinking of copying my entire hard drive (consisting of C & D drives using a total of 929.2 GB of space.  And wanting to get a Western Digital External Hard Drive with 1.5 TB of space.  I have been led to believe that windows 8.1 has a utility called System Image Back Up Utility (located in the Control Panel).  I have also been led to believe that this can be done completely using a bit by bit copy of the entire hard drive (programs, files, drivers, apps, utilities, etc),  But I can not fine enough info on doing this. And there are still questions, such as How do you transfer the copy from the external hard drive back onto the PC if it should completely crash? (I do have a five disk recovery set I made when I purchased my PC, but still want an additional source of a back up system.)  I can not find the procedures for copying the copy from the external hard drive to the crashed PC, and are ther better and safer programs out there to use instead of the windows system Image back up utility?  I would add that I am somewhat of an intermediate user, useing PCs since windows 95. but there are obviously issues that I need to research before attempting something this complicated and advanced.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in Advance !

View Solution.

Answer:Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b...

A description of System Image Backup can be found here.  If you want both C and D, I would suggest a clone program. Both Seagate and WD offer a free Disk Wizard Program. With the cloning process, you use an external case to perform the clone.  When disaster strikes, you swap out the drives, and continue. Personally, I make clones of my primary desktops every 30-45 days.

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How can I use an external hard drive to boot windows?My newer computer has a now-defunct hard drive.I want to use the files on this computer and use it on my newer one,which has the better memory and better processor.Now I'm not sure if copying files from another computer to an external hard drive to make it work with another computer will make some hardware conflict.

Answer:External Hard Drive as Main Hard Drive?(Changed)

I don't know about older versions of Windows but XP and newer doesn't like being booted from external hard drives will not at all without some serious customization. Since you haven't told us what version of windows you plan on using it is hard to guide you further except to say that the general advice is to not attempt it.

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Hi guys,

I'm new on any sort of forums so go easy if it's a stupid question..but here goes.

Me and my brother built me a new computer from scratch (he did the building - i did the watching).

To cut a long story short - I purchased an internal hard drive from Overclockers UK. It's a Samsung 1TB drive. I also have a 64 Solid-state drive in there as my primary hard drive that Windows was installed on and a couple of programs are installed on. My storage disk (the 1TB disk) is for all my music/films etc. Whenever I drag and drop a file into the Samsung hard-drive - it copies it rather than moves it instantly.

When I had a laptop, I had 3 external hard drives and this is the way it copied files onto them.

Does anyone know how I can get the internal drive to stop acting like an external drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive

This is the way it works. I have an 80GB SSD and an internal HDD and the same happens if the file/folder is large enough. If you just copy a few MBs, you will not see the window with the green stripe running. But if e.g. you copy 500MBs, you will see it. It physically moves the data. That is different if you copy on the same volume from one folder to another. Then it only makes an entry in the MFT.

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ADMIN: Please don't move this topic. This is NOT related to my previous post regarding indexing. Please leave this topic here.Hi allGlad I found this forum. Hoping one of you uber smart people can help me figure out wtf is going on in my computer. Long story short: I have a Seagate external drive hooked up. I back all my data up to it. The other day I accessed it and to my shock ALL FILES were gone. Poof. We're talking thousands of files. Weird though, the folder structure/tree was still completely in tact!! Every folder is there, it's just the files that are gone. I used Recuva This and got about 60% of it back. The other 40% is gone forever I guess. Very sad as there were about 500 family images that we lost.Anyway, I add more files to this drive about three days ago to test. Sure enough they TOO are gone now but their folders are still there! Ugh! Important to note these files are NOT going to the recycle bin for some reason. They are just being zapped from the drive somehow.SOMETHING/SOMEONE is making my files disappear. This drive is NOT being shared on the network. I ran scan disk and no errors were found. Here is my HT log:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 2:56:07 PM, on 1/31/2010Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.01.3504)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16385)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\LivePerson&#... Read more

Answer:PLEASE DONT MOVE THIS TOPIC! Files disappearing from hard drive -- please help

Was Nod42 and Nod143.exe virus. Eradicated. So far so good. Thanks for all the help guys. ;)

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I don't want this showing in taskbar. I know it is considered normal for AHCI Sata 3 drives

Answer:windows 7 64 bit treats internal hard drive as removable

When I had the same problem, I realized I had connected the hdd to the removable(external) port on MOBO.

I changed it and problem solved.

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