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Toshiba Satellite P50-C-169 - ssd caddy missing parts

Question: Toshiba Satellite P50-C-169 - ssd caddy missing parts

I decided to upgrade my Toshiba with ssd drive using ssd caddy. Everything is fine but where I can find those 2 things:

1. Holder to screw between caddy and motherboard

2. Front panel to cover caddy and fill missing cover.

Thanks for help

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Satellite P50-C-169 - ssd caddy missing parts

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hey can anyone advise on purchasing an external caddy to put a H.P optical drive into -- I have taken one out of a Toshiba L450 and want a case which is a good fit and which has a bezel that is compatible with the outside of the Toshiba optical drive.)

Thanks v much for any advice!

Answer:Satellite L450 - need external caddy to put a Toshiba ODD drive

Hey can anyone advise on purchasing an external caddy to put a HP optical drive into -- I have taken one out of a Toshiba L450 and want a case which is a good fit and which has a bezel that is compatible with the outside of the Toshiba optical drive.) Thanks v much for any advice!

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I was wondering if Toshiba Satellite A15 S127 parts are inter changeable with Satellite A15 S1292 parts, such as the Motherboard.

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where is the best place to buy a new hd caddy for a J130ea - thank you

Answer:parts for j130ea - caddy

HI. On pages like Ebay or Amazon: Manual: Regards.

? I do not work for HP, I volunteer.? To close the topic, check "accept as a solution" the correct answer or Thumb to say thank you.? I'm sorry but you do not answer questions privately.

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Missing Ethernet, Network, PCI Simple Communications, SM Bus and Universal controller drivers. This isn't my laptop, I'm just fixing it for a friend.

Someone on another forum asked for this information:

I don't know if I need more, but I tried downloading plenty of driver to no avail.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Satellite L875-S7209 network drivers missing

Hi for what OS is this for. have you been to toshiba support page for the drivers? should install the chipset driver first.

get drivers from here.

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I am no computer buff and know a few basics but not much else. I bought my son a Toshiba Satellite M40 PSM40L really cheap and got it home to find that it was infected. I have replaced the hardrive and reinstalled windows xp but I am unable to connect to the internet. When I took a look at the deice manager I found a series of qusetion marks under other devices i.e. ethernet controller, Mass storage controller, Multimedia Audio controller, network controller, PCI Modem, Unknown device, Video controller (VGA compatible)
My brother in law seems to think that these drivers are missing but I do not know how to begin to find them and have been going around in circles all day trying to fix the problem.
If anyone has any advice then I would very much appreciate it.

Answer:Missing drivers Toshiba Satellite M40

Toshiba Satellite M40: there are 4 different models.

M40-S312TD -

M40-S4111TD -

M40-S4112TD -

M40-S417TD -

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Hi, I've looked around about this problem on here and other sites but don't really know what I'm looking for so can't find anything.
I'm on a Toshiba Satellite - Windows Vista. (If you need any other information please tell me where to find this as this is all I can see on the laptop front)
The computer was fine until I unistalled a Softonic Toolbar that I don't know where it came from and didn't want it. After that I restarted the computer and it went downhill from there.
All my shortcuts went like this:

I have already reinstalled Firefox.
When I click on a shortcut I get this:

When I click on the start menu and go into All Programs to click on the actual name of the thing I want to open it still says the above boxed message.
I've gone into 'Programs and Features' on the control panel and Gimp and my Canon programs and Malwarebytes are all there but I just can't open them??
I also run IE on this computer as it's really my partners and I'm just using it because my Dell is broken so I use Firefox on it. However his IE search bar went missing but I reinstalled Google search bar, don't know if that's related.
I don't think I've done anything and I don't know what's up with it all.
If you need anymore information please ask though I'm not overly technical.
Thanks for reading and any help anyone can be.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite - Shortcuts & Programs Missing Help

Restart the PC
Press F8 on bootup
Click on REPAIR
On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:
Startup Repair
System Restore
Windows Complete PC Restore
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Command Prompt
Can you get to this screen?
If yes, select system restore and try restoring to previous point

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2595 - CDT Notebook Computer and I recently lost my Windows XP Pro operating system (it crashed) and I went to install another (an earlier legal version) in the same computer and it wouldn't boot from the CD. Instead I get this message across the screen saying "NTLDR IS MISSING". I think it"s a bios problem. Anyway, I CANT LOAD ANY OS ON TO MY COMPUTER NOW and I'm not an expert with bios. So, my question is: What will it take to get the operating system working again. If possible, (and if it's not too much trouble) , a brief step by step instruction on what to do.

Answer:NTLDR is missing - Toshiba Satellite 2595-CDT

Okay NTDLR Missing means you have no OS. Now to boot from a cd press Del when the computer starts up and change the boot order.

- Cheers, Daniel

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Hi Tech folks!
I have problem with my DVD ROM not being able to run after I had clean my compt. It was showing in the device manager with the yellow exclamation mark stating that dvd driver is missing or corrupted. I had reinstalled the driver for the DVD from Toshiba website and it is still not working. Any idea what I should do? I am trying to get to the BIOS but not sure how to get it. is it F12?

Anyone who had this same problem....plesae assist!!!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M45-S351, DVD ROM driver missing

I found a couple of DVD driver files here: (your driver support page)

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Hey ive got a C660 here,
So my sister installed windows 8 and deleted the original windows 7 partition and now she wants to go back to windows 7 but whenever she presses F8 and goes into 'repair my computer' the toshiba hdd recovery wizard isnt there anymore. How can I get this back? The HDD Recovery partition is still there though. Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite C660 - missing Toshiba HDD Wizard

HDD recovery installation works with ?factory settings? only. After Win8 installation this will not work anymore. Recovery image can be on the HDD but it is not possible to start HDD recovery image installation.

Only way to install recovery image again is usage of recovery DVD. I presume your sister didn?t create it in the past. Now she must order original recovery DVD from

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hello ive reinstalled W7 Premium, but i can't find wirelless connection. So when i go to Computer/Device manager i can see That i missing some drivers for Network Controller and PCI Simple communications controllers. So i supose this is it what i need to be able to acess wireless connections. So ive searched for those drivers like a 2 hours but couldnt find it on internet. I hope you can help me about this?

Also , after reinstalling my screen is not nice like it used to be! Ive changed resolution to max , but still resolution is kinda of cheap , like to much brightness , i dunno it just seems that is not like it used to be before! Ive googled about this and maybe im missing video drivers? Any idea how to get them ? Link?

Sorry for my english

Toshiba Satellite L650 is model of laptop! Thanks!

Answer:Missing Toshiba Satellite L650 drivers!


Do you have access to a wired connection? If so, connect to the internet using that and then try a Windows Update which might be able to locate and download a driver for you automatically.


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Hello, I have just installed Windows 7 64bit on my Toshiba Satellite R630 and I have lost my Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller and a unknown device drivers

Answer:Toshiba Satellite R630 missing driver help please

BenRbtz, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you been to Toshiba to check for those yet?

Laptop Support - Toshiba

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Can I remove optical drive from Toshiba P70-B-11R
and mount 500 GB HDD in caddy instead ?
Which caddy do I need ?
Any for 2.5 inch, 9.7 mm or does it need to be specifically designed for this model ?
If so, some link would be most welcome
Thank You

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I have a toshiba R10-14D and i've tried to install a HDD Caddy in the DVD Rom Drive, but when i 'm booting apears a error: CD ROM ERROR.

If i take off the caddy and after i boot to windows and if i insert the caddy it regnizes the hdd.

Any ideas?

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So well, I kind of rode myself into a lot of trouble. More and more as i applied more pressure to solving a certain problem.
The result is a complete wiped disk, wiped off all recovery data, so i cant get back to a former state.

I organised the disk with diskpart commandos.
i have a bootable windows 10 usb stick, from which i intend to install it freshly.
But the installation always fails at the end saying "Boot configuration couldnt be updated".
I tried to build the boot data from scratch. but even that fails. most likely as there is no finished windows installation available.

How can i get my System back to work? Please help. I invested about 20 hours with this now.

If you need more Information, i will gladly provide it.

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Hello everyone,

I've got a problem with the display driver of my laptop. Specifically, the display driver is stop working when I awaken the device from a sleep. I have tried to update the driver from Toshiba Australia but surprisingly I did not find the display driver for my model. So I tried to use the vista drivers but the problem still exist. Unfortunately ATI does not provide the drivers directly to Toshiba notebook instead they advice to go to Toshiba. Can any one advice me how fix this problem. My Toshiba specification details as follows:

Satellite Notebook
Series A300
Product: PSAG4A-02500M
Operating system Windows 7 64-bit.

Answer:Missing windows 7 display driver for my Toshiba Satellite?

There's a link on the Australian A300 driver page "unable to find W7 drivers - click here" (its in red, small and not obvious). Looks like you want to go here []

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Alright guys

I am hoping that someone can help with please. I notice that my Toshiba Satellite L750 came with a lot of pre installed software such as Toshiba disc creator and so on. I can give you the full list if need be..But unfortunately as few days ago I had to reinstall windows which wiped everything out.

Now I am wondering how to get them all back?

Answer:Satellite L750 - Missing Toshiba tools and utilities

Most of them you can download from Toshiba download page -

Visit this page and check what you can download and install additionally.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hi all,

I updated to the Windows 10 drivers recommended by "Toshiba Service Station", all were successful apart from Toshiba Video Player. It now says "our product is not available to update"!!
Any ideas? I can not seem to download it anywhere and seeing as I've updated to Windows 10 the Recovery is not available to 8.1.

Updates can also be found from here:


Answer:Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0 - Windows 10 failed - now Toshiba Video Player is missing

Are you able to use the Windows own system Backup and Restore option to set the OS back to early time point?

This should recover the Toshiba video player too.

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I have a new Satellite A660 with inbuiilt web camera, but there is no Toshiba software (as stated in the Manual) to run the web camera, nor the face recognition software.

I havent checked anything else yet but not in Programs directory and nowhere on the Start menu.

Any help as to where to find the software ?

Answer:Re: Satellite A660 - Toshiba Utilities - Web Camera Application missing


Hmm?. if the webcam is available on this notebook, then an right software should be installed as well.
Please check All Programs -> Toshiba if webcam software is installed.
Additionally you could visit the Toshiba European driver page and could download the Webcam driver for Win 7 64bit.
A Face Recognition software is available on the driver page too.

PS: It's very interesting to know if both applications would be available after new Recovery procedure. if you want you can try to recover teh notebook using HDD recovery procedure.


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I have a Satellite U840-10M, Windows 7, 64bit

Earlier this week I had to boot in safemode due to some problems with McAfee. Since then, the drivers for the mousepad and the keyboard were messed up.
I have been able to find/download the drivers for the mousepad, so that works again as it should.

But i cannot find the driver for the keyboard. So at this time, the backlight doesn't work and the FN keys don't work.

In addition, Since then i can't use/access Toshiba Accessibility.

Please give the link to download Toshiba accessibility or the appropriate keyboard driver.


Answer:Satellite U840 - missing keyboard driver / Toshiba accessibility

In addition:

When I try to run Toshiba accessibility, i get an error saying:

This system, can not use "TOSHIBA Acccessibility".

Please advice..

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Hi all,

I updated to the Windows 10 drivers recommended by "Toshiba Service Station", all were successful apart from Toshiba Video Player. It now says "our product is not available to update"!!
Any ideas? I can not seem to download it anywhere and seeing as I've updated to Windows 10 the Recovery is not available to 8.1.

Updates can also be found from here:


Answer:Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0 - Windows 10 failed - now Toshiba Video Player is missing

This is on my laptop Toshiba Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0

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Updated my Satellite Z830 to windows 8. In order to do that I had to uninstall the recovery program.
I thought that the program would be reinstalled when running the Toshiba upgrade Assistant - but that did not happen.

How do I update the program again?

Answer:Satellite Z830 updated to Win8 - missing Toshiba Media Creator


As far as I know the recovery media creator is part of the Toshiba image and not available after Win 8 upgrade

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I have upgraded Toshiba Satellite A200-1AE from Vista Home to Vista Enterprise, but now I can't find TOSHIBA Disc Creator and DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA software.

Any idea how to get these software?

Thanks, Bojan

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE: Toshiba Disc Creator and DVD MovieFactory missing after update

It seems your Vista upgrade has overwritten the previous settings and therefore the applications like TOSHIBA Disc Creator and DVD Movie Factory disappeared?

Did you search everywhere???

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i just installed XP on a second-hand A30/PSA33E laptop (dont have a recovery CD) from scratch.
Also i added all the drivers from Toshibas driver-page.
Everything worked nice - except audio and modem (exclamation mark in XP device listing),
because XP refused to install the drivers from Toshibas web site ("not the right driver for this hardware").

After investigating the thing further (i work as a programmer, so i know that stuff)
i could figure out that XP is right - the drivers don't fit the hardware in my laptop.

For example - PCI vendor-ID for the modem is 0x1002, device-ID is 0x434D,
but if you look at the ".inf"-files from the (two) avaiable modem-drivers for the A30
this PCI-device is not supported by any of the two drivers.

For audio i could use the Realtek AC97 audio-drivers from the Realtek website as a workaround,
but for the (soft-)modem i have no idea on how to find a working driver.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite A30 PSA33E - correct sound and modem drivers missing on Toshiba page


I cannot believe that you are not able to install the modem driver.
Since several years the A30 and the drivers are available on the market and all drivers functioned.
So, in my opinion it?s a only a installation issue.

All drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in the right order!
The chipset utility is important and should be installed at the beginning.

You ask for modem driver??? Well, I found on the Toshiba page modem drivers for different countries.
For example; the 2122ALL05 and 31116ALL5 driver version is available for United Kingdome. Check these both versions.

In my knowledge the notebook uses modem chip ?Askey? from Agere Company.
If you want you can search for an driver which supports this kind of chip

Good luck

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Neighbour's son's laptop died. He had games he liked to play. I suggested a caddy which she bought and connected to her PC. All the files and folders can be seen, but games won't run. Thoughts, please.

Answer:HDD in a caddy - am I missing something?

Yes, I'm afraid you are missing something.
The games would need to be installed from the original disk onto her PC in order to run. She wouldn't be able to run MS Word from the disk-in-a-caddy either. If there are documents on that drive, they'd be openable, but would use the software installed on the host machine.

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Hey all,

My hard drive died on my main rig, which could access everything fine, just before I went on vacation for a week roughly. When I came back, I used my notebook on my network via a wired connection instead of my desktop, and I noticed that many times, links would give a Page Cannot Be Displayed error, but if I hit refresh they would come up fine. Even on the same page, some images would be missing, or on, one or two of the frames wouldn't show up, or when I clicked to login it would get stuck on the forwarding page and say it couldn't be displayed. Now that I got my new desktop setup up and running, preparing for SLI, I noticed it too was doing the same thing.

I have a set internal IP address, the router I use is set for everything properly, and I am using the same settings as far as I remember on the new setup as I was with the old desktop. The internal IP is set for what it is on the router along with the desktop's MAC address, and the gateway/DNS is set on the desktop to use the router ( Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Answer:Some pages load fine, others have parts missing/frames missing, etc.

I'd run CCleaner just to blow out temp internet files.

For DNS...I prefer entering the ISPs DNS servers, not using the router for the DNS server. Some routers do OK with that, others don't relay as well. So log into your routers web admin, hit the status tab..and jot down the 2x DNS servers you see on the WAN interface. Use those for your rigs DNS servers.

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HI CAN ANYONE HELP.I have a toshiba laptop which has been inspected by a technician and am told I require a PCB which apparently is the circuit board containing the switch and the lid switch ( which is broke ).Does anyone know where I can get hold of such part as its quite old.Its a satelitte s1800-752smany thanks

Answer:toshiba spare parts

click hereclick heregive these a ring they maybe able to help...

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Does any one out there know were i can get laptop parts for my Equium, i have broken the power supply jack socket so cant charge it anymore. i have removed it from the mother board.

Answer:Toshiba equium parts

Worth a try? click here

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I have recently bought a old Satellite Pro A10 but it does not have a Hard drive or caddy, does anyone know if any of the other Toshiba Notebook Caddy's are compatible with this model ? I've been look around fleabay but not a lot of Pro A10 caddy's out there.

Any help is much appreciated

Kind Regards

Answer:Need HDD caddy for old Satellite Pro A10

It is not easy to give you precise answer to this question.
Have you checked eBay to see if something can be found there?

Check it for all A10 models. It can be satellite or Satellite Pro.

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Help me please! I got _Satellite A300D-156_ HDD 320 Gb
There is a place for _one more HDD_ so i bought it, but Ihave not _a caddy to fix it inside the notebook_.
Where can I get it, or maybe it's possible to ask Toshiba to sell it to me or just to send it to me?

Message was edited by: dasan

Answer:HDD Caddy for Satellite A300D-156

> Where can I get it, or maybe it's possible to ask Toshiba to sell it to me or just to send it to me?
You can order all parts from Toshiba ASP (authorized service partner) in your country.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider

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Satellite P300-20H, PSPC8E

This laptop has a second HDD bay and a second drive works in the bay.

I have tried in vain to find a HDD caddie for the second HDD bay, can anyone point me in the right direction for the part number or a shop that sells them.


Answer:Satellite P300-20H - Second HDD caddy

Hi buddy,

As far as I know such a second HDD caddy you can order from an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can order all Toshiba spare parts they are compatible with your notebook.

On Toshiba European website you can find a list of service providers they can help you to order this part.

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I have cca 6 years old laptop Toshiba Satellite L350.

Now I decided to get SSD for OS instead HDD. So I bought SSD Crucial MX100 128GB and place it where was HDD. For HDD I bought DVD caddy SilverStone Treasure TS09.

On SSD I install Windows 8.1 Pro MSDNAA (without having HDD in laptop). After that I place HDD in DVD caddy and run laptop. From now Windows is not working properly, when it comes on Desktop it freezes, only thing I can is open Task manager.

Why now laptop do not work properly?
Is problem in DVD not suitable for my laptop?
What can I do?
Do I have to change Bios properties?

Thanks, and sorry for my English...

Answer:Cannot use my Satellite L350 with ODD caddy

In the past several people have reported about such issue. Problem is that Toshiba doesn't support such additional adapters and all people use some third part caddies. In your case I think there is some compatibility problems.

If you have some time use advanced search option on this forum and try to find similar threads.
I use additional HDD but as external one.

It is not known to me that some BIOS settings can be changed about that.

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when I got my new laptop the first think I done was to install an SSD.

I don't generally use my optical bay so I am considering install a HDD Caddy.
Has anyone ever done this, and if so have you had any issues? Also, what are the data transfer speeds like?



Answer:Satellite Pro C50-A-1K9 - HDD Caddy usage

Since long time Toshiba doesn't support such option and doesn't offer such caddy for different models. All you can do is to obtain such caddy somewhere and hope it will be recognized properly.

To be honest I don't use it and I can use two HDDs on my machine (two HDD places).
Let?s see if someone else will post some useful info about this option.

By the way: have you already found something on the net?

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Does anyone know where in the UK (Web or email address) I can obtain a Hard drive caddy and screws for a Satellite L500-1XC. Part No.AM073000200 ?


Answer:Satellite L500-1XC - Need HDD Caddy


What caddy do you need exactly?
An external USB 2.5? HDD caddy in order to connect the notebook?s HDD to an USB port?

As far as I know the notebook supports SATA 2.5? HDD so you will need an SATA USB caddy.

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I would like to swap the DVD drive for a 2nd HD can you please point me at the correct caddy for the Satellite A660-1DW

I have found various caddies but I am not sure of the correct version for my laptop as the model was not mentioned

Thank you


Answer:Re: Satellite A660-1DW - Caddy for second HD


I think the best place to obtain such a HDD caddy is an authorized service provider. The guys are able to order all original Toshiba spare parts so they can check what is the correct caddy, etc. I think it?s best option for you because so you can be 100% sure you get the correct part.

Furthermore here it?s only an user to user forum so nobody can post part numbers here.

And by the way: List of ASPs you can find here: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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Where can I find HDD caddy for Toshiba Satellite L850-150?

I want to add a SSD to my laptop and remove DVD-rw because I never use it.

Answer:Re: Satellite L850-150 - need caddy for SSD

Are you sure that something like this exist for your Satellite notebook?
In the past Toshiba has offered such compatible caddies for business notebooks Tecra and Portege but it is not known to me that Toshiba offer it for your Satellite L850.

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hello could anyone help me make it better am i was given a toshiba p300-16t laptop for xmas its a pentium dualcore 1.8 T2370 and has x3100 grafix 2gig ram with windows vista,
i asked a friend and he said i could upgrade cpu ram fans harddrive plus to get a cheap cool pad it gets very hot but i could not change the video card or something he said i should ask here for help.

Answer:laptop parts upgrade toshiba p300-16t

Looking here
1.You have the maximum RAM the laptop supports.
2. Video in laptops is rarely changeable because it is a chip soldered on the motherboard, rather than a card you can remove.
3. I have two of these
The mats do not steal one of my USB ports. There are crystals inside and the crystal absorb the heat and turn into a gel.

I can't help with cpu - not my area at all.

I'd also like to inquire, why do you feel the need to replace the harddrive?

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Hi there .. i never use my optical drive and its no use anymore , as i do everything on the usb
i was looking at amazon and found this 0&coliid=I14DBX147IAAGW
this is my laptop

i am just wondering what is the best way to do this and if it the right size


Answer:Re: Satellite L755D - I want to replace ODD with a HDD caddy

Usually every notebook manufacturer offers list of compatible accessories and parts that can be used on certain notebook model. As far as I know such parts Toshiba doesn?t offer for upgrade so with this you are on your own.
With other words you will be very lucky if someone on this forum has the same notebook model, use identical part and can confirm that it works perfectly.

Generally speaking it is not expensive and I think you can buy it and test it.
Do you know how to remove optical disc drive?

Anyway, if you need some assistance you are welcome.

One more thing: has your notebook valid warranty?

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I want to add an SSD drive in the 2nd drive bay of my P500-1F8, but need a "caddy" carrier to hold it in. I have removed both HDD bay lids, the currently unused bay does have SATA connections (but no caddy), but the caddy must be different to the presently used one, as two screws are used to hold it in place, whereas the HDD is held in place with only one screw on the caddy.

I intend to use the SSD as a boot disk only, and use the current 640GB HDD for storage. I would have thought, with a laptop this expensive, the caddy would be included, it's only a cheap piece of pressed tin when all's said and done!!

Any help on this would be greatly received as I really want to add an SSD, but don't want to spend a fortune on a large capacity one that would allow me to store all my music etc,
Thanks in advance, Roo

Answer:Re: Satellite P500-1F8 - Where to purchase 2nd HDD caddy?


I can understand you Roo, SSDs are really nice so it?s good idea to use it as boot drive and use your current HDD as storage.

Anyway, such HDD caddy you can get from an authorized service provider. The guys can order all original Toshiba spare parts so I?m sure they can order the correct caddy for you. Here is a list with all addresses that you can get in contact with them: > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

Good luck! :)

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I recently aquired one of there old machines, I an just wondering where can I get the internal caddys from?
Secondly, does this model use a hard drive pin adaptor?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Re: What post of caddy does a Satellite Pro 6100 use?

This SP is very, very old notebook model so I don?t think you can order it somewhere. Try to check eBay. There you can find many different parts for old notebook models. In worst case buy one defective SP 6100 and use it for parts.
>Secondly, does this model use a hard drive pin adaptor?
I don?t think so but you can check it alone. You can remove HDD very easy. HDD cover is fixed with one screw. When HDD cover is removed, remove the HDD pack by pulling the vinyl grip attached to the HDD pack.

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I have removed the blanking piece from the dvd drive bay and replaced it with a caddy. In the caddy is a 120GB SSD. The SSD works perfectly when the OS is Windows 10 and I can use it for data. At this stage I do not want to swap drives.

However, I am a Linux user.

When booting into Linux the drive is never seen. The boot order is the same as is in Win10, HDD, USB, DVD. At every boot I get the message:

'special device sdb1 does not exist.'

If I then boot into Win10 and then boot back into Linux, the SSD is found, can be partitioned and mounted correctly. If I then shut down and boot back into Linux, the SSD has gone! Why should it need win10 to allow Linux to find it?

The BIOS is the latest and the SSD firmware is the latest.

It appears that Linux does not detect the drive on its own. I have tried every suggestion I can find in Linux forums to no avail and was wondering if another Toshiba user had managed to get a drive, not necessarily an SSD, working in a caddy.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a caddy / tray in the UK so I can fit a second hard drive into the empty bay in my laptop?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A300D-15B - Where can I buy HDD caddy/tray?


Such HDD caddy that you mean you can get from an authorized service provider. They sell all original Toshiba spare parts and there you can buy one.

By the way, here you can search for nearest authorized service provider: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider


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I would like to know if any of the two HDD slots runs on SATA-3.
From what i found, the intel chipset provides a SATA-3 interface. Is any made available on this Toshiba notebook?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P70-A-11Q - SATA III or SATAII on HDD Caddy 2

Since some others might need this and Toshiba will be unable to answer it.
I am giving the answer here.

The interface where the primary HDD is connected is a SATA-3. While the secondary slot is SATA-2.
So in case of an SSD insall, just swap the disks.

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My daughter has an eldely Toshiba S2800-200 laptop.
It is broken where the power supply lead enters the machine and she has been quoted ?100 to have it repaired!
She has already bought a new computer so repair is not an option.

The Toshiba, however, contains some files (mainly photographs, music etc.) which she would like to keep, but getting the files out of the laptop and on to her new machine is a problem.

My thought is to buy a cheap USB caddy from somewhere like eBay, remove the hard drive and use the caddy to download the photos. etc. to her new machine via USB.

In order to buy the correct caddy I need to know the full spec. (diameter, capacity etc.) of the Toshiba's hard drive and I don't have a clue!

Can anyone here point me towards the spec. of the hard drive on a Toshiba S2800-200 please?

Answer:Satellite 2800-200 - What external caddy can I use for the HDD

I assume the Satellite 2800 series supports IDE HDD controller and therefore the HDD would be also an 2.5? IDE HDD.
Therefore you should look for an USB IDE HDD case?

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Can anyone help?

I need to get a caddy for my Satellite L350 hard drive to try and save files on there. Not sure what one to get is it a ide or SATA.
Any help would be much appreciated. I really need to try and save my daughter?s wedding pics.


Answer:Need HDD caddy for hard drive from my Satellite L350

What you need is 2,5? SATA HDD caddy. You can buy it in every PC store or order by eBay.

Few months ago I bought one from eBay for incredible 5 euros only.

If you cannot find it let me know and I will post you the link where you can order one.

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I have replaced the original HDD and installed a new SSD which works fine.
Installed the W7Pro and all updates.

I do not use my CD-Writer so I replaced the CD-drive and installed a caddy with my old HDD to have more diskspace.

When I boot my laptop I see a message CD-ROM ERROR.
In device manager the caddy and or the HDD are not shown.

I tried to change settings in the BIOS (according Toshiba utility the latest version) but even in the Bios is no information about the present SSD or the installed HDD. (or the CD-Drive when I re-install this drive again)

What is wrong here? Do I need an updated BIOS that allows the 2nd HDD?
Or do I overlook a setting somewhere?

NB In the BIOS the HDD drive settingis according ACPI, in the listing below it is mentioned as IDE device.
When I enter in the BIOS IDE in stead of ACPI I still see the CD-ROM ERROR during boot and after this message the screen is blue and no further activity.

The relevant PC Information:
Model Name Satellite Pro S300
Part Number PSSB0E-02H00FDU
Serial Number 88091121H
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
BIOS Version Version 3.00
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5670 @ 1.80GHz
Physical Memory 4096MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity 255,953,203,200 [Byte] 238.375 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity 200,118,833,152 [B... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro S300 - HDD in caddy is not recognized by BIOS

As far as I know Toshiba doesn't offer such caddy for your notebook model so I presume you use some third part product. Is that correct?
I mean if this is not working correctly it is not Toshiba related issue. Caddy manufacturer must offer support and explanations.

As far as I know BIOS update has nothing to do with it. It is compatibility problem I think.

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My son's keyboard keys were broken before, but was fixed for free because it was still under warranty but it took the manufacturer to do it like a couple of weeks which my son hated. Now another key is broken where the nylon plasctic spring-like mechanism is missing. Just wondering where we can buy it? The first time it broke, I called the manufacturer and ask for those parts only to find out that what they are sending me are the complete qwerty keys themselves not the parts underneath them. Since it was still under warranty I decided to send them the laptop and have it fixed. I know I can fix it myself if I have the parts without having my son computer hungry for a couple of weeks. any suggestion as to where I can get those plastic part sunderneath the keyboard keys aside from the manufacturer, they must be sort of generic or universal, aren't they?

Answer:Where to order Toshiba plastic parts underneath keyboard keys

It is normal to replace the whole keyboard when something like this happens. Laptop keyboards are around $25 on EBay. Why are these keys being damaged in the first place? Have you thought about attaching a stronger USB external keyboard temporarily?

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How to obtain the four screws that secure the caddy to the laptop body?  
(Not the screws that keep the HDD inside the caddy.)
Does anyone know the specification for these screws, and where I can buy them?
Thanks in advance.

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I need a caddy and hinges for a Satellite Pro A110-ML4 hard drive
I was wondering if anybody knows the parts numbers for them.
Or if there were other Toshiba models that had compatible pieces
Or if someone knew a site that has what I'm looking for

Answer:Need hard drive caddy and hinges for my Satellite Pro A110-ML4

It is problematic to find such parts for old notebook models.
This old Satellite Pro is similar to Satellite M70 so you can use both missing parts for both notebook models.

In my opinion best chance to get is to search it on eBay.
Check it out.

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Hey all
I have infront of me, a toshiba netbook, model NB305. I have just recently reformatted it to the default windows 7, 32bit.
(I was reformatting it for a friend)
Now, druing the formatting process I saw there there were many partitioned parts of the main hard drive. Druing the process however, I only formatted the main part and install the OS on that specific drive. Now how ever I cannot located the other sections of the full hard drive. There is only one listed and its only 129 gb of the full 500 bg that the computer should come with. As far as I know the installation was fine, and the formatting process was succesfull.
Any ideas on how to find the missing partitions?
(Not to rush anyone, but kidnf of need to get this thing up in running with in 12 hours from now)
Thanks all

Answer:Toshiba NB305 - Trouble locating partitioned parts of hard drive

Do you know what these other partitions are? Try looking in Computer Management, Disk Management, see what it says. It may just need to be initialized.

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I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 using custom install and now my Toshiba software (eg Toshiba Camera Assistant) are missing.... is there anyway to get them back?

I also downloaded the Toshiba Utilities PC Diagnostic Tool.. but that only helps me update drivers, but I think I need the software... And I don't know where to find the software. Help? Thanks!

Answer:Toshiba software (eg Toshiba Camera Assisant) are missing?

And which notebook model do you have?

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My toshiba doesn't want to boot,and I can't press F2,F8or F12.

I tried everything unplugging the battery,taking out the HDD, everything!!

And i can't do absoloutley nothing when i turn it on no button on the keybored does anything.

Please help!

Answer:Toshiba satellite P300 (-1CD) won't boot past toshiba splash screen.


Perform the following steps:
-Remove the battery and Power adapter
-Press and hold the power button for 30-45 seconds (with battery and power still removed)
-Insert just the battery and attempt to boot the laptop.
-Insert just the power adapter and attempt to boot the laptop.

If still unsuccessful: Remember to remove battery and power before removing/installing components

-Remove the power and battery
-Remove the hard drive from the laptop and attempt to boot with the battery installed. Do you receive any error message?
-Remove the memory modules from the laptop
-Insert just the battery and attempt to start the laptop (you should receive beep error)
-Try inserting just one module of memory and test (swapping modules after each attempt)
-Remove the optical drive and test.
-Try disconnecting the CMOS battery for a few minutes then re-connect and try.

How to take apart a Toshiba Satellite P305 series notebook

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Hi, I have the Satellite P500-12F and I need two new hard drive caddy's as when cheked they are missing in both drive bays lol it was second hand so not a fault of Toshiba thankfully!
Many thanks for any helkp offered.

Regards, Wayne..

Answer:Re: Internal Hard Drive Caddy for Satellite P500-12F needed

Hi Wayne

Use Google and check if you can order it somewhere.
You can also contact Toshiba service in your country and order it.

eBay is also god place to find such parts.

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I have a Toshiba P55T-B5262 but I have removed the blu-ray driver and put a Caddy for second HD, the bios dont recognize this and I not be able to boot from the second HD.

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My laptop cannot tell me any post after the Toshiba logo just black screen. Cannot get into the bios or anything... These are the things I have tried:
Taken hard drive out,
Taken ram out and only tried one..
Taken Battery Cmos battery out for a few minutes..
Had a look at the motherboard and fan is not even working when I turn it on..
I have taken the cpu and put it back in..
Defiantly Sounds like the motherboard problem but want to know if its just a chip that needs to be replaced and soldered.. If anyone has any ideas that will be awesome.


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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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Hi.. I am trying to fix a freinds instalation of xp because he has quite a few trojans and trackers on it.Having also noticed 80 processes running in the background i tried to access ms config, but it's gone!!! i cannot access the processes tab of task manager either. Has anyone got any ideas, and if i have to repair install, will it destroy the 5 user accounts and all their programs?RegardsTricky

Answer:xp missing some parts

You may not like the following Tricky but if it as you discribe you be far better of this time with a format and clean install of WINDOWS.Trojons,trackers poss virus, 80 processes. Files from five accounts to back up. Make sure there clean before even atempting to Copy and re-install.5 user accounts is a handfull to look after when the systems is in a1 condition.The time being spent to sort that lot out i dont think is worth it.Personal opinion.Jim.

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Greetings, I am trying to update my Toshiba Satellite P50-C-11M through the Service Station, however an error occurs. Please note the laptop is roughly a week old only.

As I press install on the updates I get the following message: "The software update download operation failed. Reason: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {4991D34B-80A1-4291-83B6-3328366B9097}.

I tried the following solutions and nothing worked:
1. Updated the BIOS Independently from the Toshiba Europe Website.
2. Uninstalled the Service Station and reinstalled it again.

Thank you, and I hope this helps others too.

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I had been using Toshiba A30 for a pretty long time but I had some serious problems and contacted local Customer Support Dept... But I thought it's better to contact Toshiba Europe or Toshiba Worldwire regarding my concern...


Answer:Satellite A30 – Should I contact Toshiba Europe or Toshiba Worldwide?


What a strange question?.
If you have some problems with you notebook you have to contact the authorized service provider in your country.
The technicians should help you.
But listen; if your notebook is out of warranty (and I think it is) you will have to pay for the reparation!!

But what?s a problem with you unit???

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I recently got a couple of laptops from my friend. One is missing the DVD drive and the battery. The other one has a cracked LCD. I was really easy to take off. Right now I'm using the one without an LCD. It is hooked up bto my external LCD. I would like to buy some parts for these laptops.
I looked, but I can't find the DVD drive. It is an Asus N7100 laptop. My friedn told me the driver model was TS-L462, but I bought one and it didn't work. Can someone help me find one?

The other computer is a Sceptre N4-U2000. I need the LCD for it. Can someone tell me where to get one?
On the Sceptre I'm also missing the drivers, The drivers I downloaded don't work.

Answer:Laptop missing parts

Most laptop DVD drives are the same with the exception of the door. If you don't have the old laptop DVD door to swap it with you may want to google laptop parts tons of sites will come up and you can usually find the parts by model number of the laptop. Just make sure you do a BBB check on the companies before ordering to make sure you are not dealing with a scam company. You may have to look at quite a few before you find the parts for your particular machine.

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I have just become aware of this problem : when I view a website [National Rail Enquiries Online] on a friends computer there is a box [also a text line]
for special discounts .. however when I went to this website on my computer this box and text does not appear! I have tried disabling all my security software [including pop-up blocker] also experimented under options setting security level to 'low' etc etc but to no avail.
If anyone can put their finger on what is causing this I would be very grateful for any ideas.



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Often opened internet pages have a raised block where I assume an ad should be. For example on this page, just to the left of "Turn off TSG Ads" there is an i and the words "Action Cancelled" I thought I had turned off all ad blockers.

or...often when I send or receive mail there are pictures missing.. People tell me that there was only an "X" on the page and not the picture or item that I sent. I can send a picture from my computer to a networked computer upstairs and all the other computer gest is a red "X"

Is it my settings or theirs?

Answer:Parts of pages missing

I get those sometimes. Normally I can right click them and select show picture. This works most of the time. Now I'm not a computer guru but thought that might help.

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There appears to be two programs missing that I need--Backup and formatting. I have followed the paths to where they should be--not there. Yes, I can download programs to performs these tasks, but, why are they not there to begin with? Help!

Answer:[SOLVED] Missing XP parts!

Names of the executable files would be helpful, MKO. As for why they're missing... could be any number of reasons, ranging from accidental removal to virus infection.

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I just recently updated from windows xp to vista ultimate. But some how in my upgrade i didnt get all of vista ultimate. i am missing 2 big things. 1) Windows Media Center 2) Sidebar and also when i went to administrative tasks and tried to click on one of those it did not work. so i have a feeling that i am missing some possibly important files. how do i find these files. and how do i get wmc and sidebar??? any help appreciated thanks

Answer:Help missing parts of Vista

Hello jpeazy,
When you say you "updated", was it a fresh clean install or did you install over the XP OS ?.

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Hi, everyone
I am new here and looking for some advice.

I have a broken A30, I am wondering if i can use its CPU (P4 2.8GHz)and internal wireless card for my Satellite 2400(PS240C-00UJXP) which is P4 1.6GHz?

I checked the wireless slot on my 2400, but didn't find the two cables(W&B) that mentioned on the service manual. So does this mean it cannot be upgrade?

many thanks!

Answer:Satellite A30 parts for satellite 2400?


> I checked the wireless slot on my 2400, but didn't find the two cables (W&B) that mentioned on the service manual. So does this mean it cannot be upgrade?
This means that your Sat 2400 doesn?t support a WLan antenna and therefore you will be not able to use the internal WLan card.

> have a broken A30, I am wondering if i can use its CPU (P4 2.8GHz) and internal wireless card for my Satellite 2400(PS240C-00UJXP) which is P4 1.6GHz?
I doubt this is possible? I read several threads here in the forum and mostly a CPU upgrade is not possible due to a overheating issues and due to a BIOS compatibility issues.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I think it became infected with ad ware. I removed the ad ware with anti virus software, but now my laptop runs very slow. I'm trying to use my Toshiba recovery disk to erase everything and reboot the whole computer. when I put in the recovery disk in, it starts the process but then it says NTLDR is missing and wont complete the process.Is there anyone out there who knows what this means and could help me with this.

It's a A-100/A 105 model

Answer:Help reinstalling Toshiba software in Toshiba satellite?

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I am looking for the components/parts used in the T500 Model 2082-52G. Normally I can find them on the lenovo Hompage, but there is only very less Information for that Model (how come?). Where do I find out more about the exact product and model numbers used as components like the video cards, the modem, the motherboard, the chipset, the dvd, the lan card, the wlan card, the wwan card and all the other parts used?Any Ideas? I normally used the search function here: and entering the modell number in the Enter a product number text-field on top.

Answer:T500 Parts information missing

Please take a look in your T500 HMM. I think the parts look up information will be restored in a while.

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While typing using email, TalkTalk, Open Office, and Skype the lower case e looks like c t and f without a horizontal bar etc looks fine whilst typing in here.
Had it for two days now, just copied and pasted bad letters from my email to here and they turned out fine.
Just a glitch?
OS Vista.

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I found a computer and I think its missing parts and i would like to put the ones that need to be put in there. I'm not sure what parts need to be put in there, so i would like seem help on which ones to put in
plus, i think i want to upgrade it a little.
I'm on a budget of 100-200 dollars

okay here it is:

some specs

okay from what i can see, its missing a graphics card ??? and a power supply
* i took the dvd drive out for a different computer *

okay so, what graphics card do i need ?
what power supply do i need ?

and is there anything i can upgrade ?

Answer:Found PC - missing parts ? - want to upgrade it

From what your case states it has an onboard Video Card already, and far as for a power supply.. Look up the manufacture information for the make and model of your PC, versus HP's website, and you should be able to find some information about it.

Best of luck.

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Hey guys i have recently built a system using old parts . its 775 Pentium 4 at 3.4ghz i have a thermal take ruby orb but I'm missing the 775 socket for my heatsink would any one know where  i could get the part / bracket i have highlighted the bit i don't have in blue, [regaining space - attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:thermal take ruby orb parts missing :/ the above website:The bracket you say you are missing only applies to AMD AM2 sockets. You already have all the required parts for LGA775.

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So... I bought a Lenovo Yoga 710 (Model: 80TX) from Best Buy a couple of days ago. I bought it brand new (not open-box, refurbished or anything like that). I noticed that the exterior sides of both hinges (the side closest to the edge of the laptop for both hinges)  look exposed and I feel like there should be a little plastic piece or something covering the exposed side of the hinge. The reason I find this weird is because the interior sides of both hinges DO have a little black piece of plastic covering them. Also, one other thing to note - the "." key on my keyboard keeps on popping off very easily. See the attached pictures for reference. SO... what do you think? Is this normal and I'm just being too critical? Is this a mistake on Lenovo's side? Did Best Buy sell me a used laptop? I appreciate all and any helpful feedback. Thanks!Exterior Side (exposed)?Exterior Side (exposed)?Interior Side (covered)?

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Problem solved! Please ignore this thread

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Hey all,
Got an odd one here. Trying to figure what to do. I have a Dell XPS 8700 desktop. I got it from a store being liquidated. It appears to have been shipped with no service tag, no express code and the only parts inside are the motherboard, power supply, and some cables/fans. 
I have identified the motherboard as dp/n 0KWVT8
Obviously, I cannot test the board without the cpu and I don't have a spare. The store is gone and liquidations do not allow returns, besides I'd rather get this working- eventually. Dell, so far hasn't been much help, no service tag or express code. I get to call back on Monday to a department that is closed today.  I also don't want to put too much money into it- in case something on the board is not working. 
Any thoughts and does anyone have the full specs for the board.

Answer:What to do with XPS 8700 with no service tag, missing parts

Specs for the XPS 8700 are here. Obviously, these are "generic" and won't tell you the exact specs of this system when it came from Dell.
You'll need a CPU that's supported by the Intel Z87 chipset, heat sink and Dell CPU fan, PCI-e x16 video card, monitor, keyboard and mouse,  at minimum, to get into BIOS setup, which might still have the Service Tag listed.
But having the Service Tag doesn't really do you any good, especially if the 1-year warranty expired. And even if the warranty is still active, you won't be able to get it  transferred to you unless the previous owner initiates the transfer. 
So in reality, assuming the motherboard is good, you can rebuild this system to your liking with RAM (up to the specified limits), hard drive or SSD, etc.
If you know what version of Windows was previously installed and activated, eg Win 7 64-bit Home or Pro, you may be able to buy a Dell OEM Windows Reinstallation Disk on eBay to install the OS on a hard drive. Assuming it's the identical version as was on the PC, a Dell OEM disk won't require you to have a Microsoft Product key. (You didn't mention if the Microsoft product key sticker is still on the tower.)  Otherwise, you'll have to buy a new product key from MS.

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I am very very upset with Lenovo customer support line. I placed a T400 laptop order around mid November, and received the order 2 weeks later. Not until early this week, that I noticed that the laptop is missing a part that I was ordered (42X1263) Express 7 in 1 Media card reader. I made several phone calls to your hotline, from 877-338-4465, 866-42-844665, 8004267378, 87742844665, 866-45844665, and talked to reps in Service Dept, Tech Support, Sales Depart, from both Lenovo and IBM... but just nobody can get the issue addressed and send me the replacement part. It is a $8.50 little part!!, and I paid for with my order placed. One guy even rudly question that why it take me so long to request the replacement part!! I got tech support case no. 30TTF5H... can anybody here  help me?

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If I connect Sat.M70 to a TV, parts off what shown on the M70 screen doesn't show on TV. If I connect M70 to a TV it must show everything what I see on my M70 screen must also be shown on the TV, their musn't be missing any parts. I'm not good with computers, Can anyone help me with this problem?

Answer:Connection of Sat-M70 to a TV, screen parts are missing


What do you mean with ?some parts??
Which parts are missing?
I don?t know if it helps but try to change a display resolution on the notebook.


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Hi, anybody knows any seller for Satellite Pro parts? I have to change te cooling fan.


Answer:Need parts for my Satellite Pro A10

You can purchase all parts and devices from the authorized service partner in your country.
If some devices or options are not available the guys could order it from the Toshiba head warehouse.

by the way; what notebook do you have?

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I reformatted my Dell 4600 with xp professional SP 3 and now I'm missing the following device manager parts.
Ethernet controller
Multimedia audio controller
Network Controller
Video controller
I can't access internet where I was going to download from MS - Ideas?

Answer:reformat missing device manager parts

and welcome to the Forum

You can use the pc you are posting here and You can go to the Dell support site, enter your Service Tag Number and download the drivers. Be sure to use IE and do not use the Dell Download Manager!

Just download the driver file, save it to a flash drive or burn to CD to install on the other one.

On the list of drivers, click on the driver file:

Then the download button here:

See this for the order they should be installed:

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Hey all i have been having some problems with parts of windows going missing. I am running Windows XP Pro x64

This started with the administrator tools menu in control panel not loading, the network connections menu wasnt loading the right click menu was missing items like open with winrar, ultraedit and photoshop. if i double clicked on pictures nothing would happen and i had to right click and open with image and fax viewer.

I then used Hijack this which repaired the menus but there are still some problems.

here is the hijackthis log file

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:50:11, on 22/04/2006
Platform: Windows 2003 SP1 (WinNT 5.02.3790)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.3790.1830)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PFShared\UmxCfg.exe
C:\Programs\Tiny Firewall Pro\UmxFwHlp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PFShared\UmxPol.exe
C:\Programs\Tiny Firewall Pro\UmxAgent.exe
C:\Programs\Tiny Firewall Pro\UmxTray.exe
E:\Programs\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\Apache.exe
E:\Programs\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\Apache.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Service\AdskScSrv.exe
C:\Programs\Audio Deck\EnMixCPL.exe
C:\Programs\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program F... Read more

Answer:Strange Missing Parts Of Windows Problem

welcome to tsf

your in the hijack section for the security techs to ok your log

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Well this one is really strange and I need help asap please.
I'm running WinXP Pro SP2. I'm not able to search at all. When I click start search, the window comes up blank except for the little dog search buddy.
Also, while I'm online, I cannot download anything. For Example: if I go to, all I see is the name of the file. No download link.

I've tried disabling popup blocker in Control Panel/Security / and turned the firewall off. I've tried cleaning temp and cache. I've tried to reinstall IE SP1, but it says my version is older, so I can't. i've looked thru the registry and can't find anything.

I did just remove the SD BOT virus from the pc, so I wonder if it corrupted something along the way?

Has anyone ever run into this?

Answer:Missing parts of browser and search functions

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Well, first of all I would like to say hello to this community

Lets get to the problem:

Here are 2 pictures:

I installed some program, I dont remember which one, and then this disappeared.

If you need some more information, please post here.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks alot. Marcus.

Answer:Navigation parts in installation browser missing

Problem solved.

Link to solution: click

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I have been trying to print web pages but i keep getting the writing at the top of the page and down the side are printed but the rest of the page is missing i am running windows xp

Answer:Missing parts of page when printing off web sites

In IE click on the print preview button then on page set up and then you can change the margins that are used

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I have some private movies on a hidden folder, and when I hide/unhide the folder to watch, some of the movie shortens. It's really supposed to be longer, but it stops after about 1min. Each movie does about the same thing. If I fast forward by clicking like the middle of the movie (windows media player) it gets further, but still stops a little bit later without showing the full movie. Anyone know what's going on?

Answer:Hidden Folder - Missing Parts of Files

are they shortcuts perhaps?

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I have been using Microsoft Outlook (from Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Edition) for some time now on a lap top with XP. Lately I have been having trouble – like parts of the template are not there. Specifically the “subject” line does not show up. So all my recent emails are going out with nothing in the subject space. Many people (myself included) do not open emails with no subject.
Looks to me like I need to repair the Outlook program. I am not enough of a computer jock to know how to do that. Can someone suggest a place to find instruction on how to do that?

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I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Professional, with service pack 1 installed. This worked at one time, before I upgraded to Professional and added service pack 1 (or at least I set up the backup one time). I tried to change the time to run the automatic backup in "Control Panel - System and Security - Backup and Restore". The link inside the window named "change settings" didn't do anything. So I turned off the schedule thinking that might let me change the settings. Now neither the "change settings" nor the "turn on schedule" links do anything. Now I have to do the backups manually. I am a firm believer in backing things up to a network drive every night. Does anybody know about this issue or know how to fix it? I run 4 different automatic malware / spyware scans every night and I am usually clean except for a couple of tracking cookies.

Answer:Parts of Windows 7 scheduled backup missing

I found another problem with backup that I am having. I get no action when I press the "Back up now" button. Perhaps someone has seen this. I could really use some help on this!

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 Hi everyone. I have been waiting for over two weeks now for an on-site repair of my Thinkpad T460 notebook because of missing parts (defective fan). Can you please tell me how to speed up the process? Having to wait for two weeks for service on a business series notebook is a joke.

Answer:Waiting for repair - missing replacement parts

Unfortunately, some of the cheap Chinese made parts used in Lenovo laptops of late are of such low quality that they fail quite often, so even Lenovo cannot keep up with demand, and with the Thinkpad 460, its noisy defective fan issue is well known, so it will proably take some time to get it fixed.

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Hi guys.

I've got some idea to replace few parts in My A50-106.

And This is My question. What can i replace :), maybe processor or something else from HW ??

Thx for response.

Answer:What parts can I replace in my Satellite A50-106

You can replace HDD with more capacity and RAM module. This notebook can handle with max 1 GB of RAM. Two memory slots are available. Compatible modules are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

I am not 100% sure but I believe you can also exchange ODD (optical disc drive) with better one. Check please users manuals. Probably there you can find a list of all compatible ODDs.

Good luck!

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Looking for compatible processor, memory modules and table the specified type. Unfortunately, the support is not familiar with these types ...

Failed to obtain the serial number (Z7033304R) and model number (PSL48E-01E01MHU) did not specify the TOSHIBA probably very ashamed that these models are launched, or simply the Hungarian users are banned from support ...

Any help is appreciated:

Message has been translated

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this little, tiny white piece of plastic, which is attaches underneath the ALT/GR?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro S - Where to get spare parts?

Hi masimba,

I don?t know which part you mean exactly but for keyboards there are no single parts available. That means you would need a complelty new keyboard.

Anyway, you should contact an ASP. There you can get all Toshiba parts: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Got a Satellite Pro L40 PSl43E laptop and want to up grade the memory to 2GB.

But I can`t seem to find this model on any sites where I might be able to purchase the parts for this upgrade!

Any help please!

Answer:Satellite Pro L40 - Need parts for RAM upgrade


The Satellite Pro L40 can be upgraded to 2GB max.
You need DDR2-400 / DDR2-533 RAM with 200pin.

I don?t know where you can buy it in your country but you can also buy it from an ASP (authorized service provider).
Here you can search for one: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP


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Back at Xmas 2012 I stupidly pulled my lap top onto the floor breaking the case and the hard drive.

I have had the case and hard drive replaced by a local pc repair company because of recommendations.
Unfortunately my trust was misplaced and 5 months on I still do not have a decent wifi pick up and I have also discovered that the camera plus light built into the screen face of the lid are missing.
I have been back to the repairer but blank looks and no joy.

I know from taking a look that there is a white plastic multipin socket for at least the camera
So does anyone know from where I can buy spares hopefully for the missing camera and light and the Wifi element.

At the moment I am loathed to part with the R630 because it has proved invaluable when travelling about because it is light and prior to Xmas 2012 ideal for picking up wifi signals in hotels and cruise ships.

Secondly I am in September travelling out to china, hong kong, Japan, & Singapore

Can anyone recommend a modern not so expensive equivalent to the Satellite R630 that I can seek out and purchase?

I did look around prior to the repairs being done and could find anything equivalent under ?1,800.

Hope someone can help out
many thanks

Answer:Where to buy parts for Satellite R630-155?

It is very problematic to find such parts for notebooks, especially for newer notebook models.
Best place to get such stuff is authorized Toshiba provider. They can order such parts but I don't know if they will sell it to you or they order it only if they can repair your notebook.

You can try to contact ASP and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

It is not easy to give you some good advice about other notebook but I think for travelling and extremely mobile usage Satellite Z series can be very good alternative for you.

Check a bit Toshiba site for your country and pick up some info about hardware and price of course.

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