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Toshiba Satellite C850 - touchpad issue

Question: Toshiba Satellite C850 - touchpad issue


can someone please help me out, my touch pad was working fine last week, however when logging back into my machine the device would not work. I have located the device under hidden devices in device manager.

I have attempted to reinstall the drivers but keep getting the error message of the device may not be available, or some drivers may be missing. Any help that can be provided with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Satellite C850 - touchpad issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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The mouse, out of nowhere, starts to go to the right or to the left and there is nothing to do to remove it from the place. Sometimes it stops and others doesn't. This problem prevents us from working. It has nothing to do with the mouse (we tried several) or with docking station because it happens without the docking station.

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I just newly installed Windows 7 on my C850-1F2. To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad. After this, the installation went smoothly and I subsequently installed all corresponding drivers (downloaded from Toshiba) manually.

All devices could be installed and are functioning correctly - except for the touchpad.
If I enable the touchpad in the BIOS again, Windows won't boot. It just stops at the "Windows is starting" screen - it's not even freezing (the animation keeps looping), it just won't continue. Booting in Safe mode, it will also stop after loading all drivers. I had the laptop running all night to see if I was just being too impatient, but to no avail.

The system also won't detect the touchpad. The device manager only displays the USB mouse I connected or nothing at all. When accessing the 'Mouse' settings, the system will first ask me whether I want to deinstall the existing Synaptics drivers. I tried that as well, reinstalling both Toshiba and the Synaptics generic driver, but no touchpad.

If I use FN+F5 to enable the touchpad (while previously disabled in the BIOS), I merely disable the keyboard. The touchpad won't work. However, I have to disable it again, then put the laptop into standby and wake it up again in order for the keyboard to work again.
Furthermore, if I reboot after using fn+f5, the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS again and Win... Read more

Answer:Satellite C850-1F2 - cannot enable touchpad

>To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad.
I have installed Win7 many times but I never heard about something like this and I?ve always installed it after BIOS was set to default settings so I don?t understand this ?theory? and cannot understand why you have done this.

Anyway, if nothing works well I strongly recommend you to set BIOS to default settings and then install own Win7 version. I hope you use original Microsoft installation disc and not some ?self made? stuff.

I don?t think there is some magic trick that can solve your problem.

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The laptop will not start up. When I press the Power button, nothing happens: there are no sounds or light and there is no display. When the laptop is connected to the charger no lights appear. I have tried removing the battery and holding down the power button for 2 minutes but still my laptop is not working.

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Well, I'm new here and better say " Hello " first!!
My girlfriend dropped her thermos on her laptop (see above) last week and wound up with a black screen and the dreaded "Check cable connection!" PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device"
So I went into DOS Setup Utility.
Went to "BOOT" and 1.HDD?SSD showed NO harddrive.
Waited patently for a new online purchased harddrive (a little smaller then original...500gb) to arrive and installed it today.
Now the Utility is showing that it recognizes it.
Tried to to use the Toshiba Restore disc we burned upon purchase and also the three cd System discs with zero results.
Went back into the laptop, removed the bottom and checked all connections and cleaned contacts at harddrive, cmos bat., Cd etc.
Entered the Utility again and see:
2. USB Blank
3.ODD MatshitaDVD-Ram
4.LAN Atheros Boot Agent
All of the data on the old harddrive has been saved so we agree to just try to restore this puppy back to factory specs on the new harddrive but obviously it appears more troublesome than just popping in the new unit.
Of course this laptop is out of warrenty and being on a limited budget I hate to tell her to continue throwing more money into it, reader...etc.
I've read several (hours and hours) threads and suggestions on downloading software uti... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 problem

Greetings, mendoAu, and welcome to MajorGeeks.

Nice first post - very informative. Thank you.

This might turn out to be a tough one without the ability to burn bootable disks. If you reorder your start menu to ODD MatshitaDVD-Ram first can you boot to any of the Toshiba disks?

Be patient - I'm sure other MGs will jump in with suggestions.

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Hi all

For some reason, neither my internal nor external DVD writers will burn DVDs. My internal DVD-RW is a tsstcorp cddvdw sn-208ab. Th external DVD-RW is a tsstcorp cddvdw se-208db.

For a while I could burn a DVD by using "Fix it", but then I'd have to reboot, use "Fix it" again, but now that doesn't work at all.

Sometimes there is one driver shown (C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\cdrom.sys) and sometimes there is a 2nd driver (C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\GEARAspiWDM.sys).

I've tried uninstalling the DVD-RW drives, and rebooting.

I installed the Gear driver update, but then I couldn't find it in its location.

About 6 months ago, I had similar problems and fixed it by deleting registry keys (upperfilters & lowerfilters), and that fixed the problem at the time.

Maybe I need those keys back? One site recommended adding an UpperFilter within the same folder, containing the text "GEARAspiWDM" & rebooting, which SOMETIMES allows me to burn ONE disc, then the reg key is gone.

I tried uninstalling the most recent Windows update, but it made no difference.

I have used a range of burning software- doesn't seem to make a difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Answer:DVD-RW won't burn - Toshiba Satellite Pro C850

Welcome to the forum!

Gear driver is not something I would want on my computer: GEARAspiWDM.sys Windows process - What is it?

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This drives me insane!!!

im trying to boot off cd/dvd to clone the hard drive before reinstalling the system
i have changed the boot order to cd/dvd and USB (using external) it just says check media failed and boots to win 8
i have googled and people are saying in advanced settings boot change to etc...but mine is stuck on UEFI boot and ii is greyed cant change it...and i cant see any other settings...can somebody please advise me on how to boot this damn thing off cd...ridiculous Toshiba wake up!!!


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My laptop is Satellite C850, windows 7. It was working well till I deleted some programs (as cleaning of spams). I'm not sure if that is related to my problem or not. Since then I can't scroll using my touchpad and I can't find its hardware or settings. It works well as a mouse but not to scroll.

Any help ????

Answer:Touchpad doesn't scroll - Satellite C850

Have you checked all touchpad options?
Be sure that scroll option is activated properly.

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During usage the touchpad decided to stop working completely - the pad and the keys. Any ideas how to fix this?


Answer:Satellite C850 - Touchpad ceased working

Does touchpad works again when you restart your notebook?
Is there some reaction when you use FN+F9 key combination?

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I've just bought a toshiba c850/c850D laptop this week and the third day when I was browsing with chrome my touchpad mouse starts freaking out.

I could barely control the mouse with the touchpad, it kept "shooting up" at the top of the screen.
I rebooted the system to have the touchpad not functioning at all (mouse key's on laptop included).
When I plug in a external mouse via the USB, that one works fine.

I've tried the short cuts f5-key (turning off and on the touchpad on the laptop)
I've went to the mouse controls. Where the USB-mouse and the touchpad is visible. It just says it's functioning properly,which it is obviously is not.
took a printscreen:

I've even gone so far as restoring the computer to the factory settings by pressing f8 whilest rebooting etc etc.
Still the touchpad mouse wont work...

It runs windows 7.

Could someone please help me figure out how to get my touchpad functioning again?


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Answer:Problem with Satellite C850/c850D touchpad


The F5 enables and disables the touchpad
Please check if the touchpad is not disabled.
Also you can visit the Toshiba EU driver page to download the latest touchpad driver?
The touchpad driver update solves many touchpad issues.

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I got a Satellite C850 last weekend and I'm having issues with the mousepad - it freezes frequently.........any help greatly appreciated - really don't want to have to send it in for repair after only 5 days

Answer:Satellite C850 touchpad freezes frequently

Try to update the touchpad software/driver.
Visit the Toshiba EU driver page:
Choose the notebook model you own, and download the touchpad driver.
I guess it?s from Synaptics.

You could also try the original touchpad software from Synaptics driver page:

Good luck dude

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Hi there

Been having problems with the mouse and touchpad on the Satellite C850-19Z.
It cuts out after a while. I?ve tried the shortcut on the computer but to no avail. I have phoned Toshiba and they told me to refresh the laptop.

It worked then it has cut out again a few weeks later so tried what I went through with Toshiba guys and nothing happens...I need the laptop for work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Mouse/touchpad is not working on my Satellite C850

It is really unbelievable that you have the same problem with touchpad and external mouse. What is more unbelievable for me is the fact that Toshiba guys were not able to help you with this.

I really don?t know what to suggest about that. Notebook has valid warranty so Toshiba service MUST help you with this. I don?t know if there is possibility for you to get replacement so you can continue your work but talk with service guys about that and try to find solution.

By the way: do you use external mouse with cable or wireless mouse?

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So I have absolutely no idea what's going on.I'm not the best with computers. Anything I put in the USB ports, HDMI cables, USB's, my mobile phone, none of it will read. There's no notification sound, nothing that pops up and says it can read whatever I just put in, literally nothing. Like no noise, or any sign that the computer read it. I checked the device manager, and all the ports, installed them and uninstalled and enabled them etc. I downloaded new updated drivers for it too, but it says it's already up to date. The ports aren't damaged that I can see. How do I fix it if Windows is insisting that I'm up to date and the ports are there? Please help! Thank you in advance.

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my laptop is satellite c850 a796 Corei5 with 4 gb ram in it. yesterday i turned on the laptop and it is not turning on. when i press the power button power led and wifi led, light for about one sec and off with a sound coming from dvd rom.

this this happening again and again. to stop this i have to remove the battery. i tried resseting cmos, reseat ram nothing happens. also tried without battery
no results. this video will show you my problem


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Got a problem on my Toshiba satellite C850-B378, just yesterday brought it back to the shop and ask for help as default apps aren't launching. they fixed it out! but when i reached home, suddenly I cannot connect to wireless connection at home. here the details. please help.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
(c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\PRINCEZ>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Toshiba
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : MyDslDomain

Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 16:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2

Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 24-EC-99-E4-D1-C9
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 12:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 24-EC-99-E4-D1-C9
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : MyDslDomain
Description . . . . . . . . . . . ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C850-B378 windows 8

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Hello, can anyone please tell me if i can change my celeron B820 processor with some other at least bit better processor

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Can someone help me with the VGA driver? I could not get it. Attached a screenshot for reference.


Answer:Drivers for Toshiba Satellite C850-B797

Amd graphics driver (either Radeon HD 6625M or 7610M)

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This is the 5th time I'm using my laptop.(Only have it for 4 weeks now) My touchpad / mousepad stopped working. I tried installing new drivers, but still no luck. I'm running Windies 7, and also have a cordless mouse (luckily) - but this is also giving some problems.

My main concern is that the mousepad on laptop is not working.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite C850-F31Q - touchpad has stopped working

After reading your posting it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Who knows what happen with your touchpad?
Do you use original Windows 7 that you got with your notebook?
Can you enable or disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination?

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Only had my C850-1D2 a few months, and the touchpad has suddenly stopped working completely, so I can barely do anything on the laptop. Restarting was no help. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did they fix it?


Answer:Satellite C850-1D2 Touchpad stopped working completely

Did you check if touchpad is disabled?
Pressing F5 (or Fn + F5) enables and disables the touchpad.

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I'm a bit confused with the 'support software' that came with my new laptop. It doesn't seem to be clear what the various programs are for.

As an example, I opened up TEMPRO and it specified a bios update which I duly installed.
Then I looked at SERVICE STATION which also seems to be for updates.
Is there some duplication in all this?

Can someone recommend which of these programs needs to be active?
Is there a brief explanation on what they do and whether there is any 'overhead' in running them?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Answer:Question about Toshiba support software for Satellite C850

I can imagine that you are a bit confused about that.
Both of them are nice applications especially Tempro. More about Tempro and Tempro service you can read on

To be honest I don?t use any of them and both are removed from my system. Generally speaking when you get new notebook you will have perfect configured OS and everything will work stabile so some not so important updates will not be needed at all. Both applications run in the background and just slow down the system.

If you have some time check other postings about these applications. You will find a lot of them here on this forum.

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Where can I download the Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64x?

Answer:Satellite C850-1E7 - Need Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64x

Since WXP Toshiba doesn?t offer power saver as separated tool. It is part of Toshiba value added package that Toshiba has created for Vista and modified for Win7.

Which notebook model do you have?

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I need an assistance of the site where I can download my ethernet driver for my toshiba laptop satellite c850, win7/4bit.

My Ethernet device ID is:

Card reader device ID is:

Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Ethernet Driver for Toshiba Satellite C850

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I purchased a new C850-1G3. Touchpad doesn't work well, sometime stop to working (also during Win8 first installation). The keyboard has bad feeling: very very flexing (like netbook of some year ago).
Feels cheap.

What do you think about? Touchpad stop working is normal?


Answer:Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

>Feels cheap.
The Satellite C850-1G3 is a cheap notebook. You can get it for about 370 Euros.

>Touchpad stop working is normal?
Even if the notebook is cheap, the touchpad should work properly.

But what do you mean exactly by stopped working?
Can you enable or disable the touchpad by pressing Fn + F5 (or just F5)??

Did you try to modify the touchpad settings? (can be found in control panel -> mouse -> last tab ?pointing device -> settings?)

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Hi. Every time I turn the laptop back on the Synaptec touchpad is not working so I have to use a mouse. In device manager it say it is working and has the latest driver installed. After a while it starts working for no apparent reason. Any advice appreciated. Pete

Answer:Touchpad stops working every time Satellite C850-11C is rebooted

Was this happening when Win7 was installed?

Did you upgrade using the official Toshiba upgrade program or did you install a retail version of Win8?

Did you install Win7 drivers in Win8?

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Hi all,

my Toshiba has suffered a number of problems.
My touch pad, speakers and wifi no longer work.

Im running windows 8.
Tried a complete system restore to factory settings but in blocked from doing this.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C850-1GL Win 8 - touchpad, speakers, WiFi no longer work

> Tried a complete system restore to factory settings but in blocked from doing this.

In order to Reset the notebook (doing recovery) you?ve got two:
- Recovery disk (or flash memory)
- HDD recovery

What procedure did you try and how?

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Hi, tried twice now to create recovery media on 32GB flash pen.

First time failed during verify process saying there was a difference between files, second time failed during recording process, sorry but do not have error codes, is there a log I can look them up in?



Answer:Unable to Create Recovery Media on Toshiba Satellite C850

> is there a log I can look them up in?
From my knowledge, NO.

Try to format the USB flash memory stick and try again. Also you should try another USB stick

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Hi! I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C850.
When I first got the laptop, the cursor would freeze up, I managed to google it, and I found this thread.
In the comments it says to go FN + F5, and that worked, kinda, but I had to do it a few times just to get it to work. For about a year, I've been having this problem, and a lot of the time it will freeze up for five minutes at a time and the FN + F5 keys wont work unless I just keep pressing them or mucking around with the keyboard or even try scroll.
As I use my laptop a lot (more than 12 hours a day), it happens a lot, once a day perhaps, and it's getting quite annoying.
I was wondering if there was an actual way to disable it, as it just happens randomly while I am using the mouse. If anyone knows a way to disable it, that'd be nice, thanks!
P.S: If I plug in an external mouse, it does work perfectly and it NEVER freezes up, but I always seem to break my mice, so that is not an option.

Answer:My laptop cursor keeps freezing up. Toshiba Satellite Pro C850, Windows 8.


Try this 1

1) First make sure that touchpad is not disabled. Try the combination Fn+F9 to

enable it.

2) Turn OFF your laptop --> Unplug the power cord from the laptop --> Remove

the battery --> Press and hold the Power ON button for 50 secs --> Now insert

the battery --> Plug the power cord --> Turn ON your laptop.

Good Luck.

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Hi tried twice to copy recovery media to 32GB usb flash drive, failed both times.

First time failed on verify, second time failed on recording with error,


Any ides appreciated.



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Answer:Re: Unable to Create Recovery Media on Toshiba Satellite C850

how many threads do you want to open about one and the same theme?

Follow the first one!

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I was playing games with my laptop c850-b756 then the battery get low at 7% and asked to connet charger but i didnt connect then the laptop shut down or hibernate i dont know but i clicked the power button for some seconds until it shut down

now i connected the charger and try to open but keep restart in toshiba loadind innovation screen the windows 7 never start just the toshiba screen and keep restart

i tryed to take off the battery and reinsert but nothing happen

what should i do please some help

Sorry of my poor english

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Hi guys,

I have a Satellite C850-1FN laptop which came with win 8. I want to install win 7 because i prefer it to win 8. The problem is that I cannot boot from the Cd/DVD drive or a bootable usb flash drive with win 7. It always says no no bootable media no matter what boot options I choose from the bios menu. I even used an external cd/dvd drive but still no boot from other drive besides the internal hdd.

My Win 7 disc is ok, so is the bootable usb flash drive (tested them on other machine).
Any ideas??
Thanx in advance guys.

Answer:Boot issue with Satellite C850-1FN

> My Win 7 disc is ok..
Do you have original Microsoft installation disc or some ?own creation??

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My issue is that recently I have purchased Optoma GT750 projector, unfortunately it doesen't work with my C850-175 (OS Win7 Home Premium 64) throught HDMI port. I have tryied all avaliable Intel and Toshiba drivers for graphics (Intel HD Graphics) but no luck there.

The most anoing thing is that HDMI does work with all HDMI equipped TV's I have tryied but doesn't want to work with Optoma GT750 projector. There seams to be no communication at all when using HDMI between those two. Not even a blink, I have tryied many various HDMI cables including designated 1.4a gold plated HDCP- no luck there too.

Before anyone ask, when using VGA port for conecting those two there is no issues at all it does work but I would like to use HDMI so I do not need additional cables for the sound.

I hope above is detailed enought for any tech minded to be able to figure out what is the issue.

I have Googled the issue and can not find any solution at all.

Does anyone have/had similar issues or maybe somebody knows what it is stopping those two to see each other through HDMI?

Many thanks in advance

Answer:HDMI issue with Satellite C850-175

I think it will not be easy to say why all this happen.
Usually when you use TV and use FN key combination HDMI option will be there (device is detected).
Is the same option available when projector is connected?

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Dear friends,

I am a Belgian and a few weeks ago I received a desperate call from an English friend (she's a student).
Her 15-months old Toshiba Satellite C850-1KN laptop did not power up. No signs of life anymoe...

Much to my surprise the standard waranty period is only 1 year in England (In Belgium and in many European countries it's 2 years).
And of course she should have taken a warranty extension, I would have told her (and now she realizes this also of course).

So she send it to me...

For the problem itself, I tied each and every trick about power problems (power reset pressing the powerbutton for a minute, replacing the power brick, etc, etc..., I even checked the current arriving on the mainboard, and this is ok...).

What surprises me is that I find so many references to power problems with Toshibas (and very little real solutions...).

My friend treats her laptop very well, it looks brand new, I find it such a pity to throw away the laptop (even for ecological reasons).

A well-treated laptop should run for 4 to 5 years, at least..., and a decent company should not allow this to happen..., not even out of warranty (at least not after 15 months).

As you know these laptops are not cheap (especially not for a student...)

Can somebody give me some advice (on the warranty or on any technical suggestion...).

Many thanks for your support (and for having read this!).

Kind regards,

Answer:Power issue on Satellite C850-1KN


Obviously some serious hardware issue has occurred and from my point of few any hardware part could cause this problem.
I assume parts like memory modules, motherboard as well as CPU might be affected? I guess it will not be possible to say what?s wrong here without touching the notebook.

My notebook did not power up because one of the memory slots on the motherboard was faulty.
After I removed one of the modules, the unit could be powered up.

A friend of mine could not use the notebook because of memory malfunction. Two modules died at the same time? both parts have been replaced and unit is still working until now?

As you see, hardware can start to malfunction? this is nothing unusual in the wide computer world?
So what shall I say; I think notebook engineer should check the hardware parts? after than you can still decide if you want to fix it or not?

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Still Having problem with a satellite C850-1KN. I have the recovery discs but thought I would try and recover from the hard drive. This is what happens :
Start up with F12 pressed until See Toshiba display. Get to boot menu, go to HDD recovery, choose language, go to Troubleshoot. Choose option " refresh PC , press next , choose to start in Win 8.1 and get message "drive where windows is stored i9s locked . Unlock drive and try again ". Any ideas how to unlock the drive as the computer will not start up unless I use F12.
If I use option "toshiba maintenance utility " and win 8.1 as target operating system I get an invitation to choose either 1 ) delete all dat and partitions from the hard disc or 2) delete all partitions and overwrite all sectors on hard disc.

What will these do to my computer ? would I end up with a useless piece of junk or will the operating systems still be there. There are other options
such as "reset your PC" when all personal files and applications will be removed, and PC settings will be reset to their defaults . What will be left on the computer.

I have not tried from revery discs yet and wonder if this is the best option.
Can anyone help please.

I repeat I am certainly no expert or anywhere near.

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I have a Sound problem with my notebook.I just bought it 1 week ago and I just normaly started Windows 8 and I could not hear any sound truough my headphones or the built in speaker.I checked the drivers no update is nedeed and it says:"This device is working properly."

What should i do?

Answer:Satellite Pro C850-1KO - Sound issue

Are you sure option MUTE is not enabled?
Check please volume mixer and be sure nothing is set to mute.
Post some feedback if everything is OK there.

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My Satellite C850-B718 ran into some issues. I had recovered it with my recovery discs. The recovery was said to be successful. When I rebooted the laptop, it still asks me to recover.

What do I do?

Answer:Recovery Issue with Satellite C850-B718

It is not easy to say what went wrong there.
Please try to recovery your machine one more time.

Have you installed recovery image successfully in the past?

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Hi there,

I need urgent assistance regarding the keyboard of my C850-F0202.
Without warning the keyboard went moot.

The only bit that seem to be unaffected are the shorthand keys for brightness(f2-f3), wireless toggle(f12) as well as those for volume(f9-f10). Furthermore, the "NUM LOCK" indicator light does comes on upon restart.

I have effected several suggestions and recommendations-system restore, uninstalling keyboard driver and restarting system, etc-all to no avail.
In one of the occasions in which I tried system restore I did get an error message: critical process died.
All attempts at "system restore" have ended up unsuccessful.

I'm dumbfounded, bar this keyboard issue, everything seems to work just fine; boot-up is smooth, no hustle.
I'm at my wits-end, I need more positive assistance.

Please help, thanks!

NB: Operating system: windows 8.1 pro.

Answer:Keyboard issue on Satellite C850-F0202.


From my personal opinion you should check whether this issue could be related to internal keyboard problem or keyboard controller issue.
Connect the external USB keyboard and check if it will work properly.

In case the connected USB keyboard would work correctly, the problem is must be related to the internal keyboard malfunction. To fix the issue, you need to replace the internal keyboard.

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I 've already Installed ALL the drivers for XP, the laptop works great!
But did not find the driver for the sound

Although found, but when installing the sound does not appear
Everything is installed but there is no sound at all and settings are not available
The device manager not contain any unknown devices nor yellow exclamation marks.

when I try to run the file I get the error:
Bad DirectSound driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration.
Error code: 88780078

I have a bunch of drivers for sound under XP, but they all do not work

Installed win7 - sound immediately appeared and without driver

Can anyone help me?

win7... I don't like it... : )


Answer:Satellite C850-B1K - PSKCAR - sound issue with XP SP3


The notebook support the Realtek sound chip. So download the Realtek HD audio manager from Realtek page?
Should work.

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I bought this laptop about 14 months ago and have had fairly consistent problems with internet connectivity. At first the problem occurred when the "choose your browser" prompt would appear. Having selected IE or chrome, within a day or two we'd start getting the "limited connectivity" message. We got around this by simply avoiding the browser selection prompt, but would still run into problems every few months, I.e being told there was a problem communicating with the DNS server.
We did the usual stuff: unplugging the modem for a couple of minutes and as sometimes it would resolve the issue, but only temporarily.

Usually as soon as the first problem arose, it would just be a matter of time till we could get no connection whatsoever. The only thing that would get it working again was a full system restore, which we must have done 5/6 times over the months.

Anyway, it's happened again, but this time NOTHING we've tried before is working. It began with us seeing full bars and "connected" but not being able to open any webpages and now tells us we have the usual "DNS server" issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm not in a position to get a new laptop, or pay for repairs right now.
I'd also have to respectfully ask that any tips or assistance be explained as though you were talking to a 5 year old...this is NOT my forte!!

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite C850-19Z - internet connectivity issue


Usually all notebooks with factory settings and with proper WLAN or LAN connection can be used for internet immediately. You must just choose your favorite browser or install it additionally and just start to use it.

In your posting I didn?t understood one thing: which kind of connection do you use.
Do you use WLAN or LAN connection?

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what is the difference between C850-B820 and C850-B821
how can i get the complete technical specification of the above satellite series and having part no.s
PSKCEV-04P00FAR and PSKCEV-04R00FAR respectivly.
if i replace the motherboard does the serial no. of laptop change.
appreciating your answers.

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Hi, i am new here.

i just want to know how to prevent this kind of problems on my satellite C850..

Suddenly, when i open my laptop and desktop boot up the shortcut keys for the Brightness and volume keys ain't working. My brightness settings is on low when this problem accured then the brightness
Now i think its in the middle of the brightness settings and i can't change it..

and one more problem: the network connection is not working.
I can't connect to my Wifi but my other devices can.. and on the audio.. they are all disabled.. can't do anything about it. but my solution for this is Refreshing my laptop to the Restored point but im tired doin this all the time when i encountered this problem coz i have lots of software need to installed again..

Please anyone here already encountered this problem and have a solution except for the Refreshing my laptop? :(

Answer:Satellite C850 brightness & volume key don't work + wifi issue

Hi Symba,

I?m wondering how you use the function buttons.
As far as I know you can use the function buttons in the traditional two key FN key combinations or you can press only F (F1-F9) keys.
This option can be changed in the BIOS (Advanced tab -> system configuration) or in the HWSetup Utility.

About the WiFi problems:
I would recommend you to update the WLan driver firstly.
Then you could add a new WLan profile. This can be done in Control Panel (switch to the icon view) -> Network & Sharing Center. On the left you would see the option called ?Manage the wireless networks. Click it. Now you could add and configure new Wlan

Regarding sound issues:
Be sure its not muted. Additional go to control panel -> sound and ensure that speakers are enabled in Playback tab.

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Got a new C850-1JZ yesterday and am trying to replace pre-installed Win 8 with Windows 7. I did create the recovery media (3 DVDs).

The laptop is driving me "insane" as it seems to block any attempt to boot anything else other than Win8 on the preinstalled hdd.

1.) Inserted Win 7 Ultimate DVD and tried to boot, would not boot from disk.
2.) Loaded advanced boot menu and tried to boot from ODD, would not boot from disk it. (Options are LAN, USB, HDD, and ODD (assuming this is optical disk drive)
3.) Changed regular bios settings boot priority to boot from ODD first, then HDD, would not boot from disk.
4.) Learned there is a "security boot protection" mechanism enabled by default in the bios. Turned it off. Machine starts loading from ODD and says "Windows is loading files" then hangs. This is a MS original Win7 Ultimate disk from the Microsoft store, no scratches. Makes no sense. We actually have 2 of them, so I tried the other, same result.
5.) Thought screw that, let's just put the hard drive from the other computer (T61) in here then and do clean new setup another time. Replaced hdd with other sata hdd that has Win 7 ultimate installed and system configured. When booting from hdd, it says "No OS" found and reboots. When booting from ODD, it starts with windows is loading files again and then freezes.

What kind of other extra protection/virus blocker/stupid setting am I missing here? This is puzzling me. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite C850 - boot from DVD issue - want to replace Win8 with Win7U

I have successfully installed Win7 on my U940 and all I have done is actually described on

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on my admin account the touchpad freezes, but when i use the keyboard to go to the shut down page i am able to use the guest account without the mouse freezing. i contacted customer support and they said it was a software problem.

Answer:Toshiba satellite c55 a touchpad

what windows version, and then we can move to the correct OS forum

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Inherited a TOSHIBA SATELLITE laptop computer (2008 vintage) from my daughter. It had VISTA on it and an old version of IE. Would not update IE saying it was 'not computable with OS'. So I installed w-7 allowing the 'C' system partition to be overwritten; then installed SP-1 update. Works fine now, except I need to update the touchpad driver. Synaptics was original driver but was erased on the w-7 install. Tried to see if the available download for VISTA from Synaptics might work but it will not install.
The touchpad as it functions from the W-7/SP-1 is pretty sad in my way of thinking. Is there a program or driver I might install to improve it to something similar to as-it-was or maybe better?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite touchpad driver?

Have you tried here?

Synaptics Drivers

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had disabled touch pad on my toshiba satellite whilst using windows vista,upgraded it to windows 7,then touchpad no longer works even though windows 7 recognizes it as enabled and working shall i fix it ?Please Assist,

Answer:toshiba satellite touchpad (mouse)

Select your model info here..........
Then check for a touchpad driver,download and install it.
Probably a synaptic touchpad driver.
The laptop model should be on the bottom of the laptop.

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Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-1AP that has problems in the touchpad area. I've replaced the touchpad itself and refreshed the drivers but the problem remains.

Sometimes there is no response at all, at other times it just moves the mouse pointer extremely slowly and erratically. When the first problem occurred I attached a USB mouse which worked fine. On subsequent attempts the mouse is not recognised at all, on any port. I've adjusted the sensitivity via control panel (Win7) but there is little difference in behaviour. I'm also aware of the Fn+F9 switch.

I suspect the thing is destined for scrap. Any suggestions as to how to rescue it would be gratefully received.

Thanks for your time,

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305d S394 that had the Vista virus on it when I purchased it one year ago. I scratched the original OS and installed W7 on it and found immediate relief. The only problem I am having is that the touchpad is way too touchy. I will be typing in one window and the cursor will jump, of its own volition, to another place in the document, to another window, or will bring up some menu option (like delete!!!!!)

I have read the Toshiba website, as well as a few other sites that I found googling but seem to get doublespeak about this problem.

Is there any way to find a file that is only a driver for the touchpad? I kept getting directed to a master "help you upgrade to 7" file, and I was afraid that if I used it I might take out all of my data files.

Answer:Touchy touchpad on my toshiba satellite

I know exactly what you are going through, I was fighing with it myself with a linux install. finally got it fixed.

there should be touchpad settings in your control panel. it may be under the mouse settings or its own. just turn off the tap feature.

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To start off, I seen another thread about the TouchPad not working but this is a slightly different situation.. First off, it's a really new computer and I'm dual booting windows 10 and linux. Anyways, the TouchPad only works in windows but it randomly stops working every once in a while and I have to go into the mouse settings and re-enable it but what I thought was really weird is that when I go to the efi firmware settings, it doesn't work either.. The mouse cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have to use the keyboard to navigate, even a Bluetooth mouse won't work there.. That tells me that is not a windows issue but that also tells me that is not a hardware issue either because it works in windows when i enable it in the settings.. I also have to use the bluetooth mouse for linux as it doesn't work at all.. I'm not a noob by no means, i fix pc's for a living and i usually have some kind of idea on how to fix issues but this one, i have no idea.. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sent from my SGH-M919N using Tapatalk

Answer:Toshiba Satellite TouchPad not working

Did u try putting your USB mouse in another USB slot?
Does your mouse even turn on?

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On a Toshiba Satellite the touchpad is all together with the laptop cover and to fix it
I think I have to replace the whole cover to fix the touchpad, unless there is a way
to remove the touchpad board and replace that board, is there ?

Answer:Touchpad on toshiba satellite L305D, Help!

Look at these links.

Up to step 8 shows how to remove the cover.
How to remove LCD screen and replace video cable in Toshiba Satellite L305 and L305D laptop

Here is the touchpad


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I have a Toshiba Satellite E205, Win 7. A small icon with a picture of the touchpad keeps appearing in the middle of my screen, quickly followed by a similar one, but with a red circle. The mouse or touchpad then freezes briefly. By looking in Task Manager, Processes, I see that this is accompanied by the appearance of touchpadED.exe, which then disappears from processes. I think it started when I unplugged a USB hub with mouse and keyboard from my computer while it was still on. I removed and reinstalled the Synaptics Touchpad driver from Toshiba, ran virus scan and malware software, and cannot stop the process in Task Manager. How can I get rid of this problem??

Answer:Toshiba Satellite E205 touchpad issues

Try installing this: It may fail since Toshiba has very bad support for drivers coming from manufacturers.

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I can't use touchpad after install windows7 on my satellite m100
In device manager it shows "PS/2 Compatible Mouse"
my part no. is PSMADL-00V00F
how can i solve the problem?


Answer:toshiba satellite m100 touchpad problem

Try this touchpad driver, if it doesn't work, let me know, either way really.

Model Content Page

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Hey all!

I upgraded my laptop with Vista to Windows 7 Professional and ever since then I cannot get access to the touchpad settings at all. I want to turn off the tapping and turn on the scrolling. I have tried installing and uninstalling the device as well as the new the new driver for my symantics touchpad from the symantics website and the recommended driver from the toshiba site but neither has worked.

When I go into device properties and go to change settings the only options I have are to specify the actions the two buttons have.

Totally absolutely should have been an easy fix.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite A200 touchpad

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working on a laptop that I removed a stack of viruses from. The laptop is running fine with a USB mouse but I would like to get the touchpad working as well. My problem is that the friend's son had the laptop: I know for sure that he filled it full of porn and viruses (which I removed) BUT he wont admit to having physically damaged the touchpad. I've googled all the forums, been on the Tosh site and reinstall driver about ten times, applied SP3, checked BIOS, toggled Fn-F9 ... but I still cant get the touchpad to

There's nothing in the BIOS and Toshiba diagnostics tests everything bar the touchpad. Does anybody have any suggestions as to something else that I could boot to that will tell me if there is a hardware fault?


Answer:Touchpad not detected on Toshiba Satellite A60 (PSA60E)

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I have been using both the touchpad and usb mouse together successfully for many months then first the touchpad stopped responding then 30 minutes later the pad buttons quit working.

I have been in control panel and made sure the touchpad is turned on, tried it with the mouse unplugged, nada.

Any ideas?

Toshiba Satellite M-100 1111e


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I went to use my laptop today, and I discovered that the touchpad has stopped working. In fact, I was unable to even get past the sign-on screen, and if it weren't for the fact that I got a mouse arrow with a plug-in USB mouse, the laptop would be completely dead to me.

My son uses the laptop for Minecraft gaming, but I don't think that has anything to do with this. Even a reboot didn't change anything. I wonder if a Windows update screwed something up (again)? I'm at a loss. I'm not always where I can set up a physical mouse to use - and frankly I don't want to have to.

Any suggestions?

Answer:My Toshiba Satellite touchpad suddenly stopped working

Found the solution. When I pressed the F5 button (not Fn + F5), I got a popup that said "touchpad disabled." When I pressed it again, it said "touchpad enabled." I unplugged my USB mouse and tried again, and it's now working. What a screwed up design that allows a user to accidentally disable one's touchpad with an accidental press of the F5 key. Then you have to research the problem before figuring out the problem. Someone in the Toshiba laptop design department should be fired.

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Other than that, mouse works fine with moving and clicking

Answer:Toshiba Satellite touchpad doesn't work at startup

Try this. Turn computer off. Remove all attachments and the battery. Press power button for 15 seconds. Replace power connection and battery. Start Computer and press F2 at the Toshiba splash screen to get into Setup. Press F9 to reset defaults. Press F10 to save changes and exit and answer yes to complete. Computer will restart.

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The touchpad on my toshiba was not working. I uninstalled the driver after reading some posts. Then I deleted the device. Clearly not my best moment. Now when I go to the start menu I can find the driver, but the device has been removed. Is there a way to reinstall it? I am using Windows 10 and I'm not computer wise....obviously. Thanks for the assistance.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C55t-A5222 Touchpad how to reinstall

Toshiba Satellite C55T-A5222 Laptop (PSCF6U-01T00D) - originally came with Windows 8 64-bit

If it's now running Windows 10 64-bit, select that Windows version for the operating system, then select the "Drivers & Updates" tab, then select "Keyboard and touchpad", then select and download the driver.

After it's been downloaded and saved, close all open windows first, then install it.


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I am disappointed with the ALPS touchpad driver which Tosihba provides for my laptop and have tried Synaptics' drivers but they do not seem to be compatible (Scrolling does not work).

The issue with the ALPS touchpad driver is that it does not support continuous scrolling, which is a must-have in my opinion.

Are there by any chance any alternative drivers which at least support continuous scrolling and are compatible with my laptop?

I've googled alot, but to no avail...

Thanks in advance - Brutality

Answer:Alternative touchpad driver for Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-14M?


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hey all, i'm typing from a keyboard-only laptop that i'm fixing for a friend. it's got a standard touchpad and mouse buttons, but they dpn't work. iver tried updating the drivers, uninstalling, etc to no avail. the driver status is always 'the device could not start' leading me to believe that the touchpad's hardware has burned out, but would this explain a USB mouse not working? it's a kensington USB mouse, and i dont know the model right now.. it has all supposedly worked before but now it doesnt. everything on the laptop seems to be in perfect working order... LCD screen, sound, wireless, speed,'s a windows xp sp2 with pentium 4.
any help would be appreciated..

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A45-S250 touchpad/mouse NOT working


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Hi there,

Im having problems with my Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Touchpad. It was fine until when i was walking down the stairs and accidently dropped it. The hard drive had to be replaced and the touchpad wansn't working. I've tried to diagnose the problem by checking device manager updating driver's etc. And ive narrowed it down to 2 causes: Damaged motherboard OR the touchpad wire has come loose/off. So as im really good with computers and very good with laptop's i need to disassemble my Laptop to get to the touchpad wire and check it out first. And then i will know if it is the touchpad or the motherboard. And now I have never disassembled a laptop before i have no idea what the process is especially for my medel which i cannot find guides for as it is not a very recent one. Could someone please give instructions on how to disassemble it? I will leave model and other info. about it at the end of this post. I would appreciate links to a guide etc or just simple easy instruction and pictures would be helpful.

Thank you ever so much for reading this wall of text and Thank you if you decide to help me out

Come on Tech Forums Let's see how good you are

Model Name: Satellite Pro A200
Model Number: PSAE1E-00Q002EN

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Laptop Touchpad Issues

Dropping it could have damaged the touchpad itself. Not just the wires.

If it is still under warranty, do not open it. RMA it to Toshiba.

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When I have the touchpad enabled the cursor jumps around the screen when I'm typing somthing causing me grief. It also has minimized the current browser I'm in, not always but has happened.

When I disable it and connect my Logitech wheel mouse (which I'v used for 2+ years) the problem disappears but I can't highlight/select things properly. For example, normally when I double click on a word it highlights but it doesn't do that anymore. Or when I try to select a a few words it selects the entire sentence or parts of it. I have to use the shift and arrow key. Also using the vertical scroll gives me a problem as well.

I downloaded and installed the current mouse drivers, changed the USB the mouse connects to...nothing. I'm using XP Home version (i've only used the pro version before).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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Hello all,

I own a Toshiba P30-135.

I experience TOUCHPAD temporary freezes from time to time.

During freeze the mouse cursor cannot be moved for 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

Freeze occurs randomly, at least once a week, often once every day.

The last available driver on the Toshiba site is installed.

The software installation is clean without suspect software, spyware and viruses (I'm a specialist of IT security)

I read on the web two different stories :

1. it is due to an electrostatic problem, and it is required to change the top cover on some models. However on mine the display had to be changed recently by Toshiba maintenance and they changed the top cover, too, (which was corroded by sweat). The problem occured before mantenance and still after maintenance.

2. It is a "normal" process whereby the software readjusts mouse settings. I never found anything from Toshiba about this. However I never saw any PC from any brand freeze for minutes before, and I do not find this normal as it can freeze during critical phases.

Does anyone have information about this issue ? and / or any information on how to disable the "auto-adjust" feature if it is true and consequences ? Any standard driver able to replace without the feature ?

Many thanks !

Answer:Ramdom freeze of Toshiba ALPS touchpad on Satellite P30-135


I?ve got the same problem like you sometimes on my machine (Tecra S5). Since I am using often the touchpad it occurs during work and it?s very annoying.

What I?ve found out was that since my hands are sweating when I am typing some longer docs, the sweat adheres on the surface of the pad and generates some kind of layer which prevents the pad to get the "touch" from my fingers.
After cleaning the touchpad gently with some non-aggressiv kitchen cleaner, it works like a charm and stops blocking for some weeks till it?s starts over again. I think humans cannot disable sweating like a background process under windows. Would be interesting if you could check this, clean your pad and report if the pad works after cleaning it.
Thats also sometimes a good reason to clean the whole machine periodically from sweat, debris and dust. (Don?t forget the ventilation holes from the cooling system ;) )
It?s like cleaning your apartment, just keeping it clean and preventing some bigger SH**. :)


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Hi I'm trying to fix my mother's laptop. It has an interesting problem that I've never seen

Whenever the laptop is unplugged from AC power, the touchpad works just fine with no problems. But whenever it is plugged into AC power it stops working all the time except a few rare occasions it does.

I've already tried re-installing the driver for the touchpad but it didn't work at all.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M45 S269 laptop Touchpad problem

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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Its wierd, I disabled it in the mouse menu and still works - which I want it not to obviously.

Answer:How to disable/turn off touchpad on toshiba satellite laptop

Why worry about it? If you have a secondary pointing device, just use it and ignore the touchpad.

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Originally Posted by justinc89

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

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My touchpad has stopped working. The little mouse light in the top left hand corner is off. When I attach an external mouse the pointer reappears and all is fine, when I remove the mouse the pointer goes away again.

Pressing F5 does not appear to be doing anything.

It has happened a couple of times in the past but a reboot seems to fix it. However this time nothing has fixed it. I have even tried re-installing the TouchPad drivers from Toshiba's website.

Any advice would be gratefully. Thanks.

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I hope someone can help me with this weird problem
My laptop is Satellite U405-S2833 with 1.2 GB Core 2 duo.

It came with a Vista home premium operating system, but I later added XP professional to it (Dual booting)
About 10 months ago, the touchpad as well as the 3 USB ports stopped functioning. Two of the ports will not recognize peripherals, but could power the items, while the third was totally redundant. Since then, I have been using an express card USB adapter for attaching an external mouse and other peripherals. The problems were occurring in both operating systems.
Laptop technicians have had a look at it to no avail.

Here comes the weird part: On occasions when I had to repair or install windows, the pad works perfectly, only to stop working after windows has fully installed.

NB: I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (4.0). Windows 7 RC also exhibited the same problem

Answer:Weird touchpad problem with Toshiba Satellite U405-S2833

go to the Toshiba site and get the latest drivers and utilities

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 Notebook - Synaptics Touchpad Not Scrolling?

It could be a hardware issue.

I had similar problems w/ notebook - mousepad had to be replaced.

You could try to un-install all drivers in Device Manager then re-boot. Vista will re-install. Also make sure to go to OEM site and get updated driver - if available.

Note that you will lose mouse function completely after un-install. Have USB mouse or b/c familar with CTRL-ALT-DEL that will get you to screen so you can use arrow keys to restart system

Regards. . .



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OK, I was using my Toshiba Satellite, and out of nowhere, the touchpad stops working completely. no buttons work or anything. I've run a virus scan, booted in safe mode, tried rolling back driver, tried updating driver, tried installing driver package from Toshiba... Nothing... Any ideas?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302 touchpad stopped working completely

Obvious question...but...did you hit the button or key combination that disabled the touchpad?

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My webcam suddenly stopped working again...when I try to start Toshiba Web Application - it says 'Web Camera failed to initialize - please check device and restart application or you computer'. This is the second time in a week this has miraculously started working again...but now its stopped and I cant get it to work and from I got my laptop my touch pad has been malfunctioning since the day I got it...just two months ago...the cursor just sticks and refuses to move.... HELP!!!!

Oh....since I changed to AVG Free 2012 from 2011 this has been happening...with the webcam...HELP!!!!

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I have a problem which is driving me to distraction.

Unless I'm staring at the touchpad when I do it, about 60% of the time I try to
left-click with the touchpad, I right-click it by mistake. I'm not sure whether this
is because the touchpad is offset so far to the left compared with the other
laptop I use, a Thinkpad, or what.

Anyway, the only way I think I can carry on using this machine is if I can
somehow change the settings so that wherever I click on the touchpad
it interprets it as a left-clift - I'd be quite happy to use the RH Windows key
to get context menus, etc.

Can I do this and how?

I'm using Win10 Pro 64-bit if that makes any difference.

TIA, Martyn

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I bought a toshiba satelite c850-d and i was playin gta 4 and i noticed that it was a bit slugish, so i made a benchmark
here are the results:

Average FPS: 28.95
Duration: 37.41 sec
CPU Usage: 95%
System memory usage: 63%
Video memory usage: 27%

Graphics Settings
Video Mode: 1024 x 600 (60 Hz)
Texture Quality: Medium
Shadow Quality: Off
Reflection Resolution: Off
Water Quality: Low
Texture Filter Quality: Anisotropic x16
Night Shadows: Off
View Distance: 1
Detail Distance: 6

Microsoft Windows 8

Video Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 7420G
Video Driver version:
Audio Adapter: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

File ID: Benchmark.cli

soo... what can i do to improve my fps, should i upgrade my cpu?

Answer:toshiba satelite c850-d

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Hello everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6114 running XP. For the year that I've had it it has run great.  As of lately I haven't been able to use a CD in the DVD-R drive.  The CD tray opens, I put a CD into it, it tries to read it( I see the light turn on and hear the cd spin) but it just stops and won't recognize it.  I try to open it in "My Computer" but it just prompts me to insert a cd into the drive.  I don't know what happened in the past month to make this happen.  The catch is this.....  It will play a DVD just fine.  It recognizes it and plays it right away.  I updated the driver and even deleted the driver and started fresh.  Nothing worked. Has anyone ever heard of this?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite CD/DVD issue

Could be the particular CD you put in there.However, I once had a gateway laptop need a replacement Drive put in.  Maybe someone else has a better idea.

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I have a Toshiba satellite s855-044 and am having issues with the power. I have looked up on countless forums and have been able to find people with similar issues but not the same. Basically the issue is that it will not turn on sometimes and wont show any symptoms of having power. Here is what i know about it:
1. The issue only comes up when i power off the laptop while it is unplugged.
2. None of the power indicators on the front light up, however when you look at it in a pitch black room it is VERY faintly blinking (indicator for when it is plugged in)
3. It turns back on usually after 10 or so hours of messing around with it. (Pulling plug out and putting it back in. Checking connections inside, etc.)
4. I have 2 batteries as well as 2 power adapters (chargers), trying different combinations of them do not seem to make a difference.
5. I have tried the method of unplugging and removing battery and holding the power button for around a minute, no results from that method.

If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Issue

Have you checked the actual power jack connector? May be worth replacing it, since it's only a $10 part:
DC Power Jack w Cable Harness Toshiba Satellite S855 043 S855 044 S855 S5290P | eBay

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I recently had major problems with my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook after I did a BIOS flash. I brought it in, got it repaired, and everything is running normally.

However, there are 2 problems which I cannot seem to figure out.

The first issue is with the volume control -- the scroll for the volume works fine, but the display bar does not show up on my screen indicating volume level. This is NOT a major issue at all, but I'd like to know if someone knows a solution to it. Maybe a missing .dll?

The 2nd issue (VERY IMPORTANT) is with the touchpad -- the scroll on the right side of it does not work anymore. I cannot find any problem with it, and I compared it to my brother's laptop (exact same kind) and it is identical. I assume there is a missing driver....please, someone help with this issue. It is critical that I can scroll up and down, because using Page Up and Page Down is just too annoying.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 Touchpad Issue

Well just go to the toshiba drivers section, put your laptop model and look for the touchpad driver and install it to see if then the scroll works. (Don't know if it's the same for all toshiba laptops but if your laptop has the alps or something like that touchpad driver then install that one instead of synaptics)

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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem

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I have Satellite C55-A-1R8, using Windows 8.1.
The Synaptics touchpad has always given some unpredictable results, whatever setings I have used or cancelled.

For example, it suddeny loses the ability to receive a double click, even though the icon still has 'tap to click' ticked; when I do click it, the cursor flies off into the top right corner of the screen and is difficult to control again.

The buttons continue to work normally, though, But if I sleep or hibernate the computer things are normal again immediately it wakes.
Also, the pad often picks up and moves icons/files without double clicking. I installed the most recent Synaptics driver update, but no change.

However, I am told that the casework on this model is so thin that fingers resting on it below the keyboard can interfere with the touchpad commands, and am beginning to suspect that this might be the reason for some of the odd behaviour.

If it is, can I insulate it with anything to prevent this happening?

Answer:Satellite C55-A-1R8 - Touchpad interference issue

Have you tried to reduce mouse sensitivity?

Since when have you noticed such strange touchpad behaviour? From the first day maybe?

I don't think it is the best solution for you but maybe you should reinstall operating system using original recovery image and test he touchpad functionality with “factory settings”.
If the problem persists it could be some hardware related issue so you can contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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I'm having a stange problem with the touchpad of my Toshiba Satellite C70-A-14M.
After a few seconds of the start menu/desktop loading up, the functionality of the touchpad automatically switches from the normal free-moving cursor to only selecting the various tiles/menu bars etc. that are accessible on-screen.

The cursor freezes, but the touchpad and buttons still work, however they are only able to switch between the various objects on the screen that are capable of being selected, vastly reducing the functionality of the laptop.

I have tried the usual trick of turning my laptop off and on again, with no results.
The laptop is about two months old, so there is no new touchpad device driver to which I can upgrade, and I am unable to un- or re-install the existing one.

I have not yet tried a system restore, as I don't want to loose the programmes that I have downloaded and go through the hassle of re-installing them unless there is no other option.

So, what should I do next? Any help and advice would be much appreciated!

Answer:Satellite C70-A-14M - stange issue with the touchpad


I guess you are describing the gesture feature (Modern Touch Pad)

I think you should check this document / workaround how to change some Synaptic touchpad settings.

[How to change the Synaptic touchpad settings in Windows 8?|]

I guess there you would find the settings to enable or disable the gesture feature.

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Hi everyone!!

I have bought a Satellite P300-15D and I'm experiencing some problems with the touchpad.

I simply turn the pc on and sometimes the touchpad is working, sometimes not.

I tried FN+F9 button's but it simply doesn't work. The touchpad doesn't even appears in the system devices list.

I have search the web and this Toshiba forums support for help, but I haven't found anything related.

Please help me!!

Answer:Touchpad issue on Satellite P300-15D

Sound like a hardware issue which should be checked by a technician or an authorized service provider.

If I were you I would click [here| 000000871], search for the nearest ASP in your country and send my machine to them to fix that.


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I just bought a Sat Pro C850 yesterday. It has 4G RAM, and I have an almost-new RAM of 4G from another computer I want to use in the Pro. The problem is I can't find the second slot.

In fact, contrary to Toshiba specs and to my Speccy system info program, even though the slot appears to be there, it doesn't appear to physically exist. Even the clamps are there, but no slot.

Can I upgrade the RAM in this or not??



Answer:Solved: Toshiba C850 adding RAM

Is it not set up so that one memory module would somewhat overlap the other? Sometimes the slots are set up that way. Like one in front, one behind it. Here's a photo example.

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My house-mate recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A60 laptop machine. It appears to have a bit of an issue booting correctly.
On 60-75% of boot attempts the result is an error meesage indicating the driver for the onboard ATI display adapater could not start correctly and that the system will restart. On this second reboot the system invariably starts normally.
Any ideas on what could be the issue? Does this machine require a BIOS update?.. or perhaps it is an issue brought on by the patching of the preinstalled XP home with service pack2.

Any ideas gratefully recieved

Answer:Boot issue with Toshiba Satellite A60

Have you guys looked for a video driver update?

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I bought this new, obviously some years ago.
XP Home and all original hardware.
Gave it to my sister about 4 years ago to run to run scientific apps that won't run on anything newer than XP.
In her possession, It was not used on a network---no internet at all.

It's screen went blank but the lights on the front of the case showed it loading/booting up.
So I attached it to an old CRT monitor. As the computer booted the screen filled with a few hundred colored vertical lines but finalized with the regular background, but no icons or start menu. Right clicking on it did nothing.

So I booted to an Acronis Boot disk and installed a known drive image I made 4 years ago that I knew was good. Same issue.

I then installed the factory image from my Toshiba Install disk and, with the CRT attached, it boots up normally with no apparent issues.

I still need to check the wiring connections of the laptop monitor but at least it's still useful with the external monitor.

I'd like to hand this back to my sister with confidence as she uses it at home to do scientific data analysis for her employer.
Any thoughts on what this issue might be, have been?
SysInfo to follow.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A25 laptop issue

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During a software update my laptop lost power and made my computer into a brick, I lost my revovery partition and the back up discs were corrupt.
However with a bit of formatting from 3rd party software I have manage to install an old version of win 8.1 64 bit.
However when I have come to install drivers from the Toshiba website the wifi drivers don't seem to want to play and the wifi hardware is still not recognised.
Does anybody have any info or guidance of what hardware may be installed wifi adaptor wise
Toshiba Satellite C500-A-13G
Part number PSCGWE-02JOOXEN
thanks for any help you can give
G :)

Answer:Toshiba Satellite driver issue help

try click here

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hey, everyone, ive been looking for similar problems but found none, maybe you guys can help.

i have a toshiba satellite m40 and it has no hard drive. even if it doesnt have a hard drive it should be able to boot and tell me so. my problem is:

1st. the laptop screen works sometimes. meaning the laptop turns on but the screen is off....but other times it turns on fine. now, when the screen doesnt turn on, i found that hitting it makes the screen appear and im not happy about hitting my laptop, im just trying to get it to work.

2nd. when the screen does work, the laptop gets stuck at the motherboard logo screen and does not move from there.....unless..... you hit it.

whats wrong with the dumb thing? anybody help?

oh and like the thing is, it does function, the screen does turn on and the motherboard logo screen does change but u have to really hit it a few times..... other wise it freezes or the screen wont turn on.... ive ran linux off of a live cd on it so i know for a fact im right.

Answer:Toshiba satellite m40 huge issue

It is time to have the laptop serviced by a qualified technician, or to buy a new laptop. If you are familiar with removing memory or hard drive, you can try reseating them. The video cable from the LCD panel to the motherboard may be pinched or loose

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So, the problem started when my dad told me various recharge lights would not come one. Low and behold after opening it up I noticed the Power Pin within the DC housing was not there, in fact it dropped directly into my hand while I was opening it... So after a great deal of experimentation in trying to fix it... I have given up, if I jiggle it for a little while the lights will come on for a second... Please look at diagram for what I believe is accurate~

The connector just behind the housing... is that a ground? my limited knowledge on, on-board circuitry prevents me from repairing this myself.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A75-S209 DC Issue

if you can visually seek the break, then you know where it should connect in order to repair it. You need not know the polarity. But I don't recommend repairing this yourself unless you are good with a soldering iron. Take it to a shop.

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I have a toshiba Satellite L855-10P and my webcam was working fine until today when, during a skype video conference, it started showing black lines a bit like static and the quality decreased significantly. I used the webcam application to check if it wasn't an internet issue and the same problem occurred.

I restarted the computer and removed the protective plastic from the webcam and nothing changed. It's a brand new laptop, it's only 2 months old. Is there anything I can do to find out the nature of this problem or should I just go ahead and use the warranty?

**Edit: I changed the quality to 1280*700 and the image had great quality but when I changed it to anything lower than that quality the static came back.

Message was edited by: FranPicoto

Answer:Re: Toshiba Web Cam issue on Satellite L855-10P

Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba Webcam driver?
Latest version you can find on Toshiba support page -

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I have a sound "problem".
I'll try to explain.
2 days ago i formatted my notebook and install all drivers that here on the toshiba site, but my sound is different.

I play counter strike and the som on game, on youtube, etc, seems different with echo.
I have the same notebook, same drivers, same headphones, same windows (8.1).

Best regards.

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Opened my daughter's laptop this morning and it seems like the LCD has "dissolved" in the left bottom of the screen. There's no identation on the screen or any sign of damage. The liquid crystal just seemed "smeared" or something in the corner. Any thoughts? I'm not a technie so sorry if I don't know all the terminology... I purchased this for her for Christmas at Office Depot so it's only a few months old. Please help! Thanks mucho!

Answer:Issue with Toshiba Satellite Screen

The LCD screen could have been damaged by placing a heavy object on the top of the closed laptop or by bumping or dropping. It doesn't take much... The LCD panel might be under warranty. Its worth checking into. Otherwise, it is expensive to replace. They cannot be repaired

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I've been working on a friends A200-AHC308. It had a few viruses and was currently running XP, so I decided to reformat to XP-SP3. Prior to the reformat I attempted to back up all of his files to a USB flash drive, although the computer had problems recognizing the USB. I figured that the problem may have had something to do with a faulty driver installation so ignored it and continued with the format, having backed up his files on a DVD. After the reformat I am still having the same issue. All drivers are installed properly and nothing in Device Manager is popping up with a question mark. What happens is this: I plug the media in (whether it be an external HDD or a flashdrive) and the computer goes through its device wizard. It does one of two things:
Says the device was installed successfully although when attempting to access it through My Computer the drive does not load (it is present, although when attempting to open it I have no luck).
Says the device is not compatible.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 USB Issue

If you have a second USB flash drive available, plug it into the Toshiba and see if you can read from/write to it.

If you can, it's likely the drive you backed the data up on is either going bad or was corrupted by the virus(es). If this is the case, any attempt at recovering the data should be done with extreme caution. If inserted into and accessed from another PC there is a good chance it will infect it. Go to the virus and malware section of the board for specific scanning and cleaning tips for the drive before you attempt to open or transfer any data from it.

If the second (clean) USB drive doesn't work, reboot the PC with the USB drive removed and try again. If it still fails, go to and download the Beta version of Microsoft's Fix-It Tool. XP SP3 had a few bugs; this tool fixes many of them.

Hope this helps.

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Hello everyone. Nowadays, I see on this forum people are discussing about the CD/DVD issues on L30/L300/L350. I would like to share my experience on this issue and hope everyone shares your experience as well.

My laptop are Toshiba L30 PSL33 and Toshiba L300 PSLB2E. I am lucky that I have no problem with CD/DVD discs/drives as I can read/write/play CD/DVD smoothly. However, I used to have some problems with CD/DVD drive on my notebook. Here is my experience.

1) Make sure there is no other CD/DVD softwares on your computer (except the orginal software from Toshiba). Especially to those who have been used to using Nero. If you have problems, try to remove Nero and test with the one supported by Windows

2) If you still have problems, try to update the firmware of the DVD drive. It can be done by visiting the Toshiba Support Driver site ( Check what drive you have by looking at the Device Manager. Download the newest firmware from there and update your drive.

3) My last solution. If you have Vista pre-installed, try to get a XP version on your computer and do not install any other software. Test/copy a CD by using windows writing tool to see whether the problem is solved or not.

In my opinion. the main reasons you may encournter are: there are CD/DVD drives have XP firmware base and need to be updated so that they can be used in Vista; or there are software like Nero and PowerDVD are causing the conflict between the ACPI con... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L3** CD/DVD issue !!! Here is my solution. How about you?

Hi anhchuong!

Thanks for this nice solution instructions. In future, this ways,s mentioned by you, should be checked first.
I really like this one!

Rock on dude! ;)

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With my new network now up and running, and all devices talking to each other as they should, I probed about in the (VM supplied) Netgear Superhubs settings and discovered I can change the frequency from 2.4 to 5gz which gets me away from local interference.
My iMac, Ipad iPhone and ATV work perfectly with the setting at 5, but laptop flatly refuses to even see the network. I have a new Draytek wireless router being delivered this week and would like to use the higher setting for all devices without having to go into the admin screen and change back to 2.4 when using the lappy.
Anyone had this issue, or suggest a workaround?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro Wireless Issue

Should have added....Laptop runs Windows 7 64 bit, and the network card is the Atheros with the latest drivers installed.

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