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Support of M.2 SSDs for z20t

Question: Support of M.2 SSDs for z20t

Hello fellow forum members.
Informaion on this topic is pretty rare (if not non-existent).
Please can anyone clarify if z20t-c (Skylake gen model)
is compatible with PCIe or NVMe M.2 SSDs?
There's one PDF that says in specs:
"Choice of 128GB M.2 SATA / 256GB M.2 SATA / 256GB M.2 PCIe / 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD's"

Can anyone confirm that?


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Preferred Solution: Support of M.2 SSDs for z20t

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I can't find any reliable info whether the z20t-b or z20t-c supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode over its usb type c port. If so does it support 3840*[email protected] ?

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Discussion AGILTY and VERTEX FW update 1.4/1.41... VERTEX EX and AGILITY EX FW 1.3/1.31 EX - OCZ Forum

I flashed my Vertex the first day the firmware was released and saw a WEI jump to 6.5 with a single non-RAID drive.

Answer:OCZ SSDs got TRIM support 10/13

Great news. I have been waiting to upgrade my Vertex which I bought Nov. last year. I am still on the 1199 firmware. Now I will be able to install win7. Thanks for sharing.

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My XPS 8910's came with one M.2 slot populated with a wireless card that I do not need.
I would like the ability to use 4X NVMe SSDs in BOTH slots.
Can I?

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Just a quick note for anyone interested in using (or is already using) SSD's in RAID 0. It seems that TRIM support for RAID 0 will be implemented in Intel's RST 11.5 driver.

[Source: Storage Review]

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I just bought a Crucial M4 512GB SSD and I cannot get this thing to work in the hard drive caddy.  Works fine in the primary slot, but can't initialize/partition/format/anything when using it with my official Lenovo hard drive caddy.  So what SSDs does the caddy support?  

Answer:W510 Support for SSDs using hard drive caddy?

tkouhsari wrote:I just bought a Crucial M4 512GB SSD and I cannot get this thing to work in the hard drive caddy.  Works fine in the primary slot, but can't initialize/partition/format/anything when using it with my official Lenovo hard drive caddy.  So what SSDs does the caddy support?  Which caddy do you have?  There are two from Lenovo now.

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Hard drives Supports 6.35-cm (2.5-in) hard drives in 12.7-mm (.50- in), 9.5-mm (.37-in), and 7.0-mm (.28-in) thicknesses Supports 160-GB solid-state drive (solid-state drive)Supports the following double hard drive configurations: ? 1 TB, 5400 rpm, 12.7 mm ? 750 GB, 7200 and 5400 rpm, 9.5 mm ? 640 GB, 7200 and 5400 rpm, 9.5 mm ? 500 GB, 7200 and 5400 rpm, 9.5 mm ? 320 GB, 7200 and 5400 rpm, 9.5 and 7.0 mm ? 250 GB, 7200 rpm, 9.5 and 7.0 mm Can i put an SSD larger than 160gb in my laptop?

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As Amy_Lenovo wrote here thermal and power managment for Samsung 960 NVMe SSD were not supported in Thinkpads.1. Does situation have changed?As users wrote here on forum, Samsung ssds works in Thinkpad, as I understand without thermal and power managment. 2. Maybe this limitation can be resolved by BIOS or NVMe driver update, if its not hardware limitation? 3. Latest thinkpads have already supports Samsung NVMe fully? 4. Whats the risk of taking 960 ssd in thinkpad without power/thermal management? I use my machine for software development, no large file processing or 100GB files that I copy often.Anyone and Lenovo support please help Thinkpads user!!!Regards

Answer:NVMe power and thermal management support for Samsungs 960 ssds

Well.. Although there is no official support,my P70 is working well with this.After attaching a 1mm thermal pad on the 960 pro,it didn't reached over 50C. 

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Intel has today rolled out a solid state drive toolbox which includes the SSD Optimizer application and a new firmware for the 34nm NAND-equipped X25-M models.


Answer:Intel adds TRIM support to its SSDs, releases SSD Optim

Thanks for the link. It's about time you got one Airbot.

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I have a Dell 8700 (Intel Z87 chipset) I recently purchased an Intel 600p SSD (M2) along w/ a PCI to M2 adapter.
While the SSD drive was recognized by Windows (10), it was not recognized by the BIOS.  My system is configured for legacy boot, and from what I've read a boot to a PCI SSD would only be supported by UFEI.  I'd be willing to reinstall Windows and change my boot mode, but, from all that I've read the current BIOS A11 on the Z87 w/ UFEI still would not support a boot to a PCI SSD.
Any chance there will be a BIOS update in the future, or would I need to go to a SATA SSD?
- martin

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Hey cant get my position with bing maps, here maps, oder mapfactor navigator, even GPS Information Apps cant show position when WLAN is off.

I bought this for Stand Alone GPS Features.
Updated Win 8.1 to the latest Updates. Still no location Service in APPs.

GPS is on in Windows 8.1 Settings, i allowed the apps to use the gps/position.
All latest Toshiba service updates are installed. Even with a SIM CARD i get no GPS.

Only in WLan i get a position..

So return this is it damaged? BTW must work tomorrow drive around the world. When its not working i must return it.

Tested here Maps und the windows maps app and mapfatorGPS.
none gets a fix when wlan is off.

Answer:Portege Z20t-b GPS no working

In the description of Portege Z20t-b-xxx the “Assisted GPS” is mentioned.

The assisted GPS is part of the 3G module… so it should work using the 3G connection too.

Did you test it?

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I have Portage Z20T-C-11C. According to the specifications ( the device is using Sierra Wireless EM7305 broadband module and has Assisted GPS as special feature.

The manufacturer specifications of EM7305 ( confirm the GPS and Glonass satellite system support.

Unfortunately I did not find a way to enable the GPS support. Haw can I enable the GPS on my z20t-C device?

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Had a portege Z20t-b for 4 weeks, turned it on and had 5% left on primary battery, 5 min later it suddenly turns off and now won't turn back on. Tried plugging the power in and turning it back on. Removed the screen and tried turning it on and nothing happens. The battery light is flashing and goss solid when plugged it. Any ideas what my problem is?

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Its possible charging Z20t-C through USB-C or only proprietary power brick works?

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The camera apps "Camera" and "TruCapture" on my Windows 10 Z20T-B2112 don't offer the rear camera, only the front web cam.
Any idea how I can fix this? Is there a specific driver needed?

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When I go to input method panel in Win 10 I cannot choose inking as input method.
I have latest Wacom software.

How can I enable inking (handwriting) input method?

Answer:Cannot use inking handwriting on Win 10 with Portege Z20t

I also have this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. handwriting entry panel has disappeared and there is not way to enter data in Tablet mode. The pen works elsewhere but the pen entry option is greyed out in the keyboard chooser.

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I have a Z20t-C-15M. SN 5H071828H. Online specs says there's a battery inside the docking keyboard and a battery inside the tablet.
Battery indicators is saying Battery # 1 is not present whereas battery led indicator in the keyboard dock displays no light (nor white nor orange).
Battery indicators is saying battery # 2 present and led indicator is white on the tablet.
Is this a normal behavior or an issue ? Why can'I get the secondary battery ?
From the specs :
Battery Life up to 9h30min tablet only (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)
up to 19h tablet & keyboard (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)


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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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I can't seem to fix this problem. The screen on my Port?g? Z20t-B2112 is just out of focus. It's enough to make you nauseous. Any ideas? I installed the windows 8.1pro.

Answer:Fuzzy screen on Portg Z20t-B2112

Have you set the right display resolution?

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I undocked the screen from the keyboard without issue (using the "eject hardware safely" icon), but when reattaching the screen, it does not recognize the keyboard. Physical connection is 100%, but no communication at all. Usually it dings and switches from tablet mode to PC mode. Not this time. Interestingly, it DOES know that the keyboard is being charged, but only "Battery 2" is present.

Any ideas before sending it to the dreaded "Depot"?

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Good morning, after using the Lenovo x61t for over 7 jears it is time to find a new one.

The z20t seems to be the only one which fits my needs:
* convertible
* track stick
* at least full HD display (and not a mirror one!)
* native(!) Ethernet

The only drawback is the little ssd (max. 256) and that is only HDMI 1,4, no 2.0 (CPU limitation) or Display Port to get [email protected]

Then I stumbled over a Z20t-B-10C-SE with a 500 GB SSD ! Is this real or a fake? It was listed yesterday with 16 GB RAM, today with only 8 GB RAM.

If I'm allowed to dream, I would add these ones to the z20T:
* the third mouse button to the trackstick for scrolling (this is something I use almost everytime))
* Perhaps putting 16 GB RAM to the notebook
* HDMI 2.0 or Displayport - this problem is solved itself via an upgrade to Skylake which provides HDMI 2.0
* Having PCe-Lanes (one would be enough) in the dock connector
The last one enables to have more keyboard variants:
* the one which is offered today
* one with a ExpressCard slot (additional card reader, more USB ports, TV cards, special internet connection cards, interface cards for data aquisition etc.)
* one with a ExpressCard slot & second SSD/HDD bay (e.g. for a "cheap & really big HDD")

Additional, a "small & tiny" one for people for which every gramm is important could be nice (no, I prefer the "standard" one which comes with the z20t a lot over the tiny ones which comes with many other tables)... Read more

Answer:Portege Z20t-B-10C-SE - hardware specification question

Your “dreams” sounds good

- The additional 3rd mouse button… well I never required such button on my touchpad… so for me such button would be useless…

- 16GB RAM… definitely big YES… but unfortunately this Portege Z20t-B-10C supports max 8GB RAM… this limitation appears due to the chipset/CPU

- Espress Card slot is could be a nice-to-have feature but I think this kind of interface is already more or less in decline…

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I?ve got a Z20t-B-10C with a 256 GB SSD Samsung MZNTE256HMHP, which is a SATA M.2 2280 module.

I assume, I could replace this one by any other SATA M.2 2280 module, like the new SanDisk X400 1 TB (also named SD8SB8U-1T00-1122 or SD8UB8U-1T00-1122, don?t know the difference yet).

Does anyone know, where I could also replace it by a PCIe M.2 2280 module (also called NVMe), like the Samsung SSD SM951-NVMe 512 GB M.2 (MZVPV512HDGL) or the Plextor M6e 512 GB M.2 (PX-G512M6E)? Do I have to look for the M.2 ?B? and/or ?M? key?

Answer:Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I dont think the notebook supports PCIe, you should get a SATA drive to ensure compatibility.

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I own a Portege Z20T B-10C which is a rather nice machine, but has one annoying flaw: The screen gets scratched by virtually any contact. For example, I can't use the "emergency pen" for touch input or to write on the screen as it causes scratches. Also, the screen has already collected a series of scratches shaping the outline of the touchpad, i.e. supposedly produced when closing the laptop. Hence, you can't really use the laptop the way it should be used and I fear that a few months from now the screen will be filled with scratches.

While I'm waiting for my notebook shop to decide whether this is a warranty case or not, I wonder if anyone of you owns this model and has come across the same problem?


Answer:Portege Z20T: Screen becomes scratched by virtually anything

I have exactly the same problem. I've only been using the machine since July and already it's quite damages. Basically the screen rubs against the dock and I have the imprint in the outline of the touchpad. I'm concerned that they will soon damaging the images captured by the camera since the outline of the touch pad is right over the lens.

Toshiba is so far unwilling to repair this and I've included the response from my account rep below. Frankly, I was shocked since this is such an expensive computer and the cause of the problem seems so obvious. I was also disappointed that they didn't consider this thread when evaluating my case since it is the first result when one Googles 'portege scratched screen'.
Hello Eric,

I sent your email with the pictures of your laptop screen scratches. They replied back saying that the scratches are not due to a manufacture defect and there have not been another reports of other Z20t touchscreens getting scratches like this on the screen, so there is nothing they can do to replace it. Our Customer Service Manager will usually just make the call to replace it, if the laptop is with the first 90 days, which is 2 ? months past the normal return policy. He was not able to get the approval to replace it.

I am glad that you were able to get this laptop back up and running. Please keep that Business Technical Support number handy for any future needs, which I hope that you do not ever have to use it in the future. Please give me ... Read more

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I've got a z20t-B-107. Lovely machine, upgraded to win 10, all working fine - I had to download a new Wacom driver to get the 'left-click' to work with the pen.

I'm using it in tablet mode to digitise some data points on a map, and to sketch with the pen. However, when I rest my hand on the screen it 'activates' the touch screen and makes things go crazy. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the touch digitiser and have only the Wacom digitiser running, and if I can toggle it on/off somehow that would be useful. Otherwise i need to use the pen in a very unnatural position to avoid touching the screen with my hand.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which uses the Wacom type digitiser - it doesn't seem to suffer from this, as soon as it detects the pen near the screen it appear to switch off the touch part.

I would be grateful for any help - I've tried search engines but they only seem to give results about touch pads, and that's completely different...

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z20t - can I turn touch screen OFF?


I use a Z20t too (but with Win8.1) and have the same problem. I have decided to switch off the touch complete. It is not a good solution, but a good working with OneNote is only with switching off the touch functionality possible.
Maybe this is a possible solution for you.
In Win8.1 I switched off the driver in the device manager.

I found the following steps here:

1. Right-click and select "All Apps" at the lower right corner, then select Control Panel
2. Select Hardware and Sound
3. Select Device Manager
4. Select Human Interface Devices
5. From the list, look for the driver for the touch screen. This can be tricky since on my tablet they are all listed as "USB Input Device" and there are 3 of them. I found it by disabling and re-enabling one at a time until the touch screen stopped responding. You can also identify the touch screen by checking the Properties | Details and get the "Hardware Ids" then do a search online to see what the device is. In my case, the touch screen has the ID USB/VID_0EEF&PID_7302.
6. Once you know which is the touch screen, disable the driver and the touch screen should no longer work
Enable this device to make the touch screen work again.

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I've worked on many Toshiba portege z20t laptop/tablet and i always have the same issue: the screen feel slack on the hinge. If i put a little piece of paper on the hinge before connect screen it solve the problem but it's not a professionnal solution...

Anyone can help me please ?


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I have a client who wants to use a Portege Z20T but in a wall-mounted position (either fixed or flexible bracket / frame).
Has anyone had to deal with this situation and what have they used?
Or, what would anyone suggest (apart from not using a Portege Z20T)! :-)


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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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Recently We order some model "TOSHIBA Z20T-C".Our company policy have to enable Windows bitlocker function.
I have a problem. I can't input bitlocker pin on screen keyboard when I power on the tablet or normal model .
Model "Z20T-B" is no problem.

PS:Portege Z20t-C
P/N : PT16BT-01T04Y
BIOS Version : 5.50
EC Version : 1.30
OS:Win10 or Win8.1

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z20T-C. I purchased it 6 months ago. After 3 months it developed a white ghost spot on the screen (approx 1cm across) which I now understand to be a pressure mark.

I don't actually use the touch screen of the laptop so I was surprised about this.

I wondered if any other Z20T owners have had this problem. Since I don't use the touch screen I wondered if it was a common fault with this model.

I did send the laptop back to be looked at under Toshiba's repair and warranty, but was told it wasn't covered and it'd cost me ?528 to repair.

I paid this. It took 3 months to get the machine back and the new screen has a similar pressure mark, just on a different part of the screen. Plus I have a lot of nice scratches all over my (was as new) laptop.
I suspect the pressure mark was caused by the engineer whilst reassembling the machine and pressing on the screen.

The Toshiba repair company say I can send it back to be re-assessed. They won't guarantee to fix it under their 90 day warranty - only to assess it.

I certainly won't spend another ?528 and wait another 3 months.
So, I've had a very expensive laptop for 3 months that's now pretty useless.
I can't say I'm having the best experience as a Toshiba customer.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi ,
I have bought new toshiba portege z20t that came with pre-installed windows 8.1 pro downgraded to windows 7 pro , inorder to get windows 8.1 pro againe toshiba company has accompanied 3 DVD recovery media for windows 8.1 with laptop and its written in instructions to switch from windwos 7 to 8.1 I have to enter bios change it from CSM mode to UEFI mode I made this and I put the first DVD in my External dvd and chose F12 then boot from ODD what happened is that Toshiba logo came in screen loading for long time with no further continue to enter /windows 8.1 installing option . I don't know how can I setup the windows

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When I turn the display off, the touchscreen and digitizer are still enabled, so, if I touch the screen, the display comes back on. Any way to solve this?

Also, not sure if related, if I turn the screen off and leave it overnight, the battery drops by 25-30% in about 8 hours. Same thing happens when I leave the screen turned off for a short period of time, the battery just doesn't last. Not sure if its because the touchscreen and digitizer are still on.

P.S. Running on upgraded Windows 10 64bit.

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ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

since having z20t for the last year and half. I still can not find any other 2-in-1 to be better. this comes from someone who had previously only used the most expensive thinkpad models and updating every 1-2 years.

however, the trackpoint cap drives me a bit crazy as I rely on it most time as a 10+ year thinkpad user. it is tiny, needs a lot of force to move, and after a while, the surface becomes smooth and easy to slip.

I did tons of search and bought quite a few replacement caps to try, none worked. and it bugs me that toshiba does not sell a replacement either. so one day when the cap wears out or damaged, I would need to buy a new keyboard dock at least.

finally I found one that works perfectly, from no other than thinkpad itself.
ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

It fits perfect into the space, right size recess to connect to keyboard, just a bit higher than keyboard surface for easier usage. It is also low enough that it does not touch screen at all (far from it) when closed.

more importantly, as it is bigger and have many dimple on it. it is actually much much better user experience. I would say now it would give similar feeling as the best thinkpad trackpoint now. no slip, needs much less force to move around.

I found this solution by accident as I bought a... Read more

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The current driver in my computer is:-
Device Manager>Display Adapters>Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300>Driver>
Version= 18-11-2015 Intel Corporation.

On the Toshiba web site,
Intel Display Driver Driver Windows 10 64-bit 179.7 MB

And on the Intel Web site, Driver is 28-JAN-2016

Now how is the Intel driver at 28-JAN-2016 version 15 and the one in the computer at version 20 but dated NOV-2015 and the toshiba web site says version 10 and says that is still current?

And all of this is because Firefox does not restore properly and also the computer does not wake up when I open the lid.

Answer:Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version

I am using Portege z20t with Dynadock 4k and external monitor. The Intel 5300 driver cannot see second display and is clearly not working properly. Will this be fixed? Can I update it to latest version of driver from Intel?

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We have bought a Portege Z20t-C-121 to test it as a replacement for some of our senior management. I re-built it with Windows 10 Enterprise and installed all the latest Drivers from the Toshiba Website. The Intel Wi-Fi Driver did not work correctly so I downloaded and installed it from the Intel website.

The only thing I can't get to function seems to be the auto screen rotation; when I un-dock the screen to use it as a tablet Windows detects this and switches to tablet mode but, however I turn the screen it remains in the same landscape orientation that it was in when it was docked.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
OS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this feature to work please?

Answer:Portege Z20t-C-121 screen does not auto rotate in tablet mode

Did you install Win8 or Win10 drivers?

Did you install the Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba System Settings?

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in the instructions:

Changing the screen orientation
When operating the computer in tablet mode, you can change the screen orientation by roting the computer sideways. The screen orientation automatically changes according to the rotation angle detected.

But it does not go!
The operating system is windows 10.

What can i do?

Answer:Portege Z20T: Windows 10 - Changing screen orientation don't work

This response from Toshiba is an outrage.
Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Sie eine negative Erfahrung mit Ihrem Toshiba Ger?t machen mussten.

Aufgrund der Themen-Komplexit?t und m?glicher notwendiger R?ckfragen k?nnen Anfragen zur Konfiguration und Installation von Software (Treiber, Betriebssystem etc.) nicht immer vollst?ndig per E-Mail beantwortet werden. Wir bitten daher um Verst?ndnis.

Nutzen Sie hierzu bitte unsere umfangreichen Online Supportangebote <> oder wenden Sie an unsere Experten unter 0900-18674422 (1,56 Euro/Minute).

Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben, z?gern Sie bitte nicht, erneut mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen. Sie erreichen uns Montag bis Freitag von 8.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr unter der Telefonnummer (0 21 31) 52 40 40 00

Mit freundlichen Gr??en,

i.A. IME Service
Who can help, when the Support dont help?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????

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i tried to install a toshiba Z20t-c-11g

OS: Windows 10 LTSB
Driver: complete

I tried to install the new BIOS from the drivers page on
That BIOS sadly does not work ...? Why?

Anyway... the problem i had and i wanted to have fixed is:

Bitlocker encrypted my whole drive.
it starts correctly and displays the keyboard.
GPO: Keyboard Slates (or something like that) is activated.
BUT: Touchscreen does not work. That means.. i can see the keyboard but it does not work.
thats why i wanted to update my bios but it says it is not working on my computer... well thats frustrating...
why offer the bios update when it does not work at all... or is it some sort of windows 7 only? cant imagine that tbh.

i guess the only problem is the bios but i could be wrong (z20t-b works on same settings for example)

Any help would be pretty nice. Thanks ..

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on a Z20t-B-10C with one minor modification (upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, dropped recovery partition, but not the EFI partition), I have the following issue:
When the BestCrpyt Pre-boot screen shows up, I cannot directly enter the passphrase, but have to 1) hit at least one key 2) wait for approx. 10 sec. 3) delete the entered key(s) and then 4) enter the passphrase.
Thought it may have to do with a delayed interaction between tablet and keyboard dock, but a USB keyboard directly connected to the tablet, not the dock, shows the same behaviour. Trying different things in the Bios (switching to UEFI legacy, etc.), with no effect. This phenomenon is, according to their support, not known to the BestCrypt people. Operation system is Windows 10 64bit, all drivers and bios are recent.
Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Or experience with other full disk encryption which are compatible with a UEFI bios?
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

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Question: Ssds?

There have been numerous opinions about Ssds - good and bad.
Some say they are in their infancy and to avoid them - others have the exact opposite opinion.

Have they improved and would this one significantly improve my speed and efficiency?



My comp details:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16269 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 108675 MB, Free - 42717 MB; D: Total - 316632 MB, Free - 209748 MB; E: Total - 398761 MB, Free - 210939 MB; F: Total - 484271 MB, Free - 484157 MB; G: Total - 1798950 MB, Free - 1740647 MB; H: Total - 469587 MB, Free - 469473 MB; L: Total - 87894 MB, Free - 56996 MB; M: Total - 522583 MB, Free - 428088 MB; N: Total - 610479 MB, Free - 68114 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., P8Z77-V
Thermaltake RX - 1 Full Tower
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
HdHomerun dual tuner - Fabulous!!


IMO, SSDs have gotten better over the pat two years. The caveat is that given brands and models still vary widely in quality and reliability.

The fact that the Samsung has good user reviews is a plus. Contrast this to the OCZ drive my dad bought about a month ago for his netbook. After two hours of beating his head against a wall trying to install Windows, he finally contacted OCZ tech support who informed him a firmware upgrade was required in order for the drive to work. confused:confused

Whatever you choose, I'd backup your data religiously and keep the old drive loaded with Windows and your software just in case the SSD tanks.

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I saw in a post that you can "convert" the 2.5 inch bay into a dual M.2.  Is that true? If so, can it be wired to be PCIe?  Or does it *have* to be SATA?  If so, does it require a cable, a special request, or something? 

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Question: SSDs

SSD's intrigue the hell out of me. i just read this article The SSD Anthology: Understanding SSDs and New Drives from OCZ - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News and now im not so sure I want to get one.

i would use it for my OS and programs only, i already have a 1TB drive for data

what are some of the best ssds out today? The intel X-25M sounds nice... but how does it compare to the oCZ vertex 2's and other drives?

have any of the problems from that article been solved now? That article was from march '09


The Intel X25-M's are great drives and the new $120GB for around $240 is a good deal. Aside from those, the Vertex 2's are great and so is just about anything with the new Sandforce controllers.

I think most of the kinks have been worked out now and have experienced no problems whatsoever with my Intel X25 M.

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The SSD Anthology: Understanding SSDs and New Drives from OCZ

The Prelude

I spent about three weeks working on my review of Intel?s X25-M SSD. Most of that was research and writing and re-writing to not only review the product but also to talk about the rest of the SSDs in the marketplace and their deficiencies. Truth be told, I spent more time working on SSDs that weren?t the X25-M than the Intel drive itself. The Intel drive just worked as it should, the rest of them didn?t.
If you read the article, you know I was pretty harsh on some of the SSDs out at the time and if you?ve ever used any of those SSDs, you know why. Needless to say, there was some definite fallout from that review. I?m used to negative manufacturer response after a GPU review, but I?m always a bit surprised when it happens in any other segment.
I took a day or two off after that review went live, I think it was a day. Afterwards, I immediately started working on a follow-up. There was a strange phenomenon a few people noticed, something I unfortunately picked up on after the review went live; if you filled the X25-M up and re-benchmarked it, it got slower. And I had no idea why.
A few weeks later, I had it figured out. But then Nehalem was right around the corner. I?d tackle it after that. But then a new batch of SSDs from OCZ and other vendors were almost ready. I told myself I?d do them all at the same time. Then CES happened.
The More Things Chang... Read more

Answer:Think you know SSDs? Think again.

SSD are freaken awesome.. i just cant wait till i can get 1TB drives for an affordable price :P

[ame=""]YouTube - Samsung SSD Awesomeness[/ame]

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Question: SSDs

I'm just curious. How fast is an SSD compared to RAM?

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Question: x2 SSDs

I have two SSDs, one of them my old 50gb that has since been replaced by a larger one. It is now sitting in my computer, unused. I'm wondering if I can put temp files on it and increase speed? Or will this be negligible?

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Question: SSDs in RAID 0?

I bought a 2.5" 50gb SSD earlier this year (just before they became popular ) - at the time it was top of the line for 2.5 inchers.

Unfortunately I am almost out of space on the SSD, and I'm considering buying another identical one and setting it up in RAID 0. I like the security of RAID, but my previous setup I had two and a half years ago was a headache when things went wrong - it was a six 400gb RAID 0, and I had to replace THREE of the drives over the course of the 2.5 years. Western Digital replaced them under warranty... makes me wonder if they lost all of their profits from the six drives I bought after giving me three more...

Anyways, the biggest question is whether I will actually get doubled speed on RAID 0. I'm currently getting about 350mb/s read and write on my SSD. A couple months ago, I had to replace my motherboard with an ASUS (I believe it is a P6T - I physically broke my previous 680i ) - although I have not run RAID on this board, the RAID on my previous 680i was NOT double the speed. I was only getting about 170mb/s on SIX 400gb drives in RAID 0. Individually they earned 79mb/s. Funny thing is, when I ran them as externals in Windows RAID (via disk management with the SSD as C:\ - the six drives were non bootable) I was running exactly six times the speed.

I am interested in some of the higher end SSDs, however I do not want to run PCI-e storage, and the 3.5" disks are in the same performance ring as what I already have. I will be... Read more

Answer:SSDs in RAID 0?

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Question: M2 SSDs for T431s

Hello, Crucial is about to release its new M500 M.2 SSD. the crucial part number is CT120M500SSD4.PK01 and according to documentation it's a "M.2 (2280-D2-B-M) SSD". Does it fit the t431s M2 port? If not, are there large M.2 SSDs (120 gb at least) which would fit this port? many thanks for informations.  regards


Go to Solution.

Answer:M2 SSDs for T431s

hi,so does anyone know which ssds can be used on this port?I have to upgrage soon and I'd be glad to have 2 drives (SSD and HDD) on this machine

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Hibernation is very bad for SSD life expectancy so I'm a bit alarmed after cloning my laptop's 8.1 from HDD to SSD to find that hiberfil.sys is in use, 2.5GB of data uselessly being written to my new SSD every session. I've reviewed all the advanced power settings and nowhere is the hibernation option selected. I've also tried deleting hiberfil.sys with a boot disk (Windows won't let me delete it), but it's recreated at next boot. Fastboot is also turned off.

ATM I'm thinking I had better remove the SSD and reinstate the HDD until I can find an answer to this problem and in the meantime I'm not shutting it down.


Answer:SSDs and Hibernation

It's OK, I found it -

In an elevated command prompt powercfg -h off

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I just bought a new HP Envy 4t. I'm looking for a thin 7mm SSD to put in it, and I've narrowed my choices down to 2. I understand one comes with a data transfer kit and one doesn't, and there's a slight difference in capacity. That being said, and "stated drive performance numbers" taken with a grain of salt, which drive would you go with? I'm leaning towards the Corsair, but I do have a regular 9.5mm version of the Crucial M4 that does well. - Crucial M4 CT256M4SSD1 2.5&#34; 256GB SATA III MLC 7mm Internal Solid State Drive &#40;SSD&#41; - Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F240GB3A-NB 2.5&#34; 240GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive &#40;SSD&#41; Notebook Upgrade Kit

Answer:Choose between 2 new SSDs.

best advice: capacity and data transfer rates should be your primary concern. the fact that you're buying name brand is an excellent decision......

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So I'm planning on buying a solid state drive for my OS and main non-game program files: Planning on buying SSD for OS - require advise on fresh-installs etc.

I'm pretty confident that I can do alright with that, but I want to make sure that my SSD lasts as long as possible while maintaining decent performance.

I came across this in a review on the SSD I want to buy: Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD review

I understand it is telling me to disable a few things in order to keep the SSD performing well.

I am also worried about things such as power loss. Where I live, power cuts are rare, but they do happen maybe twice or three times a year. I understand about getting a UPS but I don't know much about them and they are surprisingly hard to find. My PSU is a 750W one (which doesn't normally consume that much if you look at what is in my system).

So before I ask for a list of how to maintain SSDs, I have a few worries or unknowns in my head that I'd like busted. Does that make sense? :P

1. I read someone about SSD's continuing to consume power when the system is powered down? If true, what happens if you unplug the PC from the wall? Or remove the motherboard battery? Maybe I'm just paranoid but I'd love to know.

2. If there is a power cut and my SSD is not writing anything, will be fine?
2.1 If there is a power cut and my SSD is writing, is it likely to corrupt everything?

3. This The SSD Optimization Guide - The SSD Review
3.1 I would be using one SSD and 2 HDD's so would I be c... Read more

Answer:I need some reassuring on SSDs

im going to put this simple BUY ONE NOW!! NO WAIT GET 2!!

i have a corsair force 3 120gb in my gaming rig and its been amazing. I have done nothing special or changed any settings other than from IDE to AHCI in the Bios.

The failure rate of an SSD is a lot lower than a mechanical drive as there isnt any moving parts, and the life expectancy of an SSD is like 30years of nonstop use lol.

I cant see how an SSD can consume power on an off computer as there is no power being sent along the 12v rails, when its off its off. It doesnt need power to keep its memory, its just like a giant flash stick.

As for a power cut.. id worry about that if and when, i cant see it having any worse effect on a computer with a normal hard drive or an SSD.

If you buy a smaller SSD (60gb) you can enable fast cache, in conjunction with another larger mechanical drive, allowing the instand speed of an ssd but with the size of a larger drive, however it wont be as fast, and if on fails i think both set of data will be lost (might be wring on that)

i have only an SSD in my gaming rig, and im soon to add another, im that impressed id rather buy 2-3 SSD than add on mechanical drive.

and i think your paranoid. seek help in the form of retail therapy and get your butt on ebuyer and order an SSD!

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Question: ComboFix and SSDs


I'm not sure if this is the right place but I have a Dell Mobile Precision M4500 and was wondering if ComboFix can be used on Windows 7 Professional 64bit located on a Samsung PM800 64GB SSD. I also have a 500GB Toshiba HDD built in as a storage drive. Both are non-RAID.

Does ComboFix work if the OS drive is an SSD? Any issues unique to using ComboFix on SSDs?


Answer:ComboFix and SSDs

Hi GWT1,Welcome to BleepingComputer!As a general policy, Bleeping Computer does not offer advice on how to run ComboFix unless we asked someone to run it or if there is a problem with the computer caused by running the tool. This is because people should not be using ComboFix without being advised to do so by a trained expert (i.e. Malware Response Team) who is assisting a member deal a malware issue on that system. When issues arise due to complex malware infections, possible false detections, problems running ComboFix or with other security tools causing conflicts, experts are usually aware of them and can advise what should or should not be done while providing individual assistance. When false detections are identified, experts have access to the developer and can report them so he can investigate, confirm and make corrections. Those attempting to use ComboFix on their own do not have such information and are at risk when running the tool in an unsupervised environment. Further, using ComboFix is only one part of the disinfection process. Preliminary scans from other tools like DDS, RSIT and GMER should be used first because they provide comprehensive logs with specific details about files, folders and registry keys which may have been modified by malware infection. Analysis of those logs allows planning an strategy for effective disinfection and a determination if using ComboFix is necessary. ComboFix was never meant to be used as a general purpose... Read more

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Hello All,   I just order a P50 workstation with a single SSD (225Gb) option with Windows Pro.  I will be ordering a Samsung EVO SSD and M.2 dock to mount the Samsung drive in the laptop.  I would like to keep windows on the factory SSD and install a few different Linux OSs on the Samsung drive.  What would be the recommended way to choose which OS boots when I start the computer?  Is this possible?  Currently I have a desktop and I just remove the drive with the OS I don't want to run.  Is the scenario I portaryed possible with two seperate harddrives running multiple SSDs? Thanks!Popsickle

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Hello all,

I know that if your using an SSD Drive that you don't need to have Superfetch enabled, but I think that my regular HDs do benefit from it.

I have an Intel SSD, and the toolbox recommends disabling it. Since I have all my games and data on regular HDs, wouldn't it actually hurt my system to disable it?

Thanks in advance...

Answer:SSDs and Superfetch

I don't think SuperFetch affects anything but the Boot process and the first few minutes of OS run time.

In my opinion, SSD's should not have SuperFetch, PreFetch, or BootTrace enabled.

I don't like PageFiles on SSD's, either.
There are conflicting thoughts on this subject, notably MS says "Yes" and Steve Gibson says "No". I'm going with Gibson on this one.
Nor do I like hibernation files as they take up a lot of room. (I don't use a hibernation file, myself)

If there was a way to make my games start up faster, I don't think I'd be interested. Really.
I'd be much more interested in something that made the game run better- what's a second or two start-up time.
We're talking about micro-seconds here... not much of an incentive.

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I have seen a lot of discussion on how fragile SSDs are and that you should not do this or that because that will put wear and tear on the SSD.

However, I have not yet seen a single thread about a failing SSD - in contrast, there are a lot of threads about failing HDDs.

Are those SSDs maybe sturfier than we are made to believe ??

Answer:Do SSDs never fail ??

The only seemingly reliable information I've seen on ssd failure rates puts it at around 3 to 4 percent. There really hasn't been enough time of them being out there to really get solid numbers though. I seriously doubt there's a huge chunk of the population out there with them in the first place right now, and those that are out there are only a couple of years old or less. I wouldn't expect to see a large number of hdd's dead in that period of time either. Barring doa's which happen with basically all tech items.

Basically my stance is it's too early to really say, or provide reliable numbers on this, there just aren't enough of them out there being heavily used. For us, the tech guys and geeks, it may seem otherwise, but they are hardly making up a significant portion of what's out there right now.

More time and larger portion of the market are required to make a honest statistical analysis of this.

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Question: 48 SSDs tested

The German Chip magazine (largest German computer mag) has tested 48 SSDs. The results are summarized in a table. Although this is in German, it should be easy to understand. The prices listed are in Euros applicable in Germany and not relevant for other countries.

Vergleich: Solid State Disks (SSD) im Test - CHIP Online

Answer:48 SSDs tested

FWIW. works great..


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Question: OK to Raid 0 ssds?

Hello all,
My HDD died Sunday morning. After a lengthy funeral and playing taps, I went to Fry's and picked up a 120gb Corsair Force 3 ( After installing Windows 7 and three games, the drive was more than half full. So I'm trying to decide what to do. Should I return it and go for the 240gb? I've looked on Newegg and the reviews seem to be 50/50 on them. Or should I purchase another 120gb and try a raid 0? It looks to be a little cheaper to go with the 240gb but better performance with the Raid configuration. Are you able to use TRIM on a Raid 0 with these drives?

Any information would be appreciated,


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The following are my views based on my own research. Sensible comments and discussion are welcomed.

The truth about SSDs
•Increased start up speed
•Increased application/game launching
•File fragmentation is negligible
•Consistent read rates
•Lower power consumption and heat
•Increased reliability
•Small size and weight
•Less prone to failures (due to lack of moving parts)

•Expensive dollar per gigabyte
•Lower storage capacity (for now at least)

Random Read Rates:
SSDs outperform HDDs in this area by a wide margin (up to 100x faster than a typical HDD)

Sequential Read Rates:
SSDs can read sequentially at an average of around 200MB/s (almost twice as fast as most HDDs)

Random Writes & Flushes:
These rates, although generally much slower than read rates, are hardly noticeable in real world performance. (I recommend this article for more info)

Performance Degradation:
In Windows 7, if an SSD reports it supports TRIM, the file system can erase the relevant blocks without having to mix data that are subsequently written to that block which, in turn, reduces wear. Trim is also integrated with partition- and volume-level commands, truncating and compression, and with System Restore.


“Which SSD should I buy?”
This really depends on your budget. You should get the SSD with the largest capacity you can afford. Manufacturers like to advertise the SSDs sequential rea... Read more

Answer:The Truth About SSDs

Nice summary. I would add "less heat" to the pros. That is one reason I will put an SSD into one of my laptops that runs very hot. And here is an extract to support your last point (since this is always subject of lengthy debates):

Should the pagefile be placed on SSDs?
Yes. Most pagefile operations are small random reads or larger sequential writes, both of which are types of operations that SSDs handle well.

In looking at telemetry data from thousands of traces and focusing on pagefile reads and writes, we find thatPagefile.sys reads outnumber pagefile.sys writes by about 40 to 1,
Pagefile.sys read sizes are typically quite small, with 67% less than or equal to 4 KB, and 88% less than 16 KB.
Pagefile.sys writes are relatively large, with 62% greater than or equal to 128 KB and 45% being exactly 1 MB in size.
In fact, given typical pagefile reference patterns and the favorable performance characteristics SSDs have on those patterns, there are few files better than the pagefile to place on an SSD.


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The first time I installed the Windows 7 RC it took no time at all on a standard velociraptor but when I changed over two a pair of SSDs running in RAID0 I had all kinds of problems. Mostly these problems seemed to relate to proper partitioning of the hard drives as if I got Vista to partition them then Windows 7 would install fine.

Anyhow the question is, now that I've got everything partitioned right with the wear levelling section etc etc, am I going to have to do this all over again when I install the retail version or can I leave the whole set up as is and let W7 hopefully detect and use the wear levelling partition correctly?

Answer:SSDs and reinstallation

it shouldn't be that big a problem.
you might want to load some hard disk drivers in the windows 7 install process though. Backup some hard disk and RAID drivers on a usb and click on load driver during the windows 7 instllation. Navigtae to ur drivers and use these drivers instead of the ones in the install disk
good luck

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I'm SSD illiterate. I want to swap over my cdrive on my win7 64 desktop PC to an SSD. Are they all alike? Is there a 'quality' brand etc?

Answer:Are all SSDs alike?

Like all things there are good ones & not so good ones. Generally speaking you get what you pay for, so a cheap one will probably be less reliable in the long term.

Samsung are probably amongst the best, so shop around for the best price. Big Gb capacity SSD's are still very expensive, but you can get some reasonable prices on 128 & 256 Gb ones.

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I see the W701[ds] described on Is there any info available about these new machines supporting non-RAID two SSDs?  Quite a few new PCs have one SSD and one regular SATA HD, and further investigation reveals the machines won't really support 2 SSDs? Thanks. Lester

Answer:2 SSDs on W701[ds]?

I have 2 non-RAID SSDs and runs fine.

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I want to take my new RAM and my SSD with me on a plane. The only problem is that I read online that it gets really cold where the Baggage is kept. Someone said it would become -700C.
Is that true? Is it save for RAM and SSDs to be that cool? I dont want my RAM to break

Answer:How cold can RAM and SSDs get?

-700C ??? LOL!
Won't happen, it depends but usually the cargo will no go below freezing. SSDs and RAMs will have no problem.

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Question: Prefetch and SSDs

My understanding from reading the MSDN blog was that prefetch and defrag were to be disabled for SSDs with "good performance." I have a second generation Intel X25-M 80GB as my boot drive which I believe qualifies as a "good performing" SSD.

I do see that defrag is disabled for my SSD (C: drive). However, the c:\windows\prefetch folder is fully populated. And the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters\EnablePrefetcher is set to 3, which seems to mean "enable all."

Does anyone know why prefetch is enabled? Is this happening for everyone?

I am running RTM from TechNet with all updates applied.

Answer:Prefetch and SSDs

Hello Guy,

I have a older generation SSD and had to manually disable Disk Defragmenter and prefetch from running on that drive.

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Question: SSDs in Thinkpads

I can't seem to find much information on the SSDs being used. All I know is that Lenovo uses Samsung drives and most likely they are SLCs. Is that true? On the web I cannot find any reviews on the Samsung 128gb drives, only on the 64gb SLCs. Can I assume that the 128gb drives perform better than these early drives? How do the lenovo SSDs compare to the Intel X25-M? Would it be wiser to order without SSD and buy one of these on the internet? I could live with the capacity and on ebay they go for $400 bucks.

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I have 5 drives installed on my PC (1 HDD and 4 SSDs, the rest are just partitions). I am just wondering what does CF means on 2 of the SSDs. Does it stand for "compact flash"? How to fix this? Or should I just leave it alone?

Answer:SSDs detected as CF?

Hi Robot!

I just installed a 240 GB SSD today and have installed Windows 10 on it.

I looked at the Disk Manager and found nothing out of the ordinary . . . well, maybe I did . . . I don't see anything telling me I have an SSD drive!


I think I'm still using the old BIOS, rather than UEFI.

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I have read that defragging a solid state drive (SSD) is a very BAD idea, and will not only slow down the access speeds, but could potentially cause data loss or drive damage. I have also read that "Defragger Brand X" is optimized for use with SSDs, which kind of negates the thought that defragging a sold state drive is not a good idea. So what's up? Is defragging really a bad idea for a solid state drive? If so, why?

Answer:Another question about SSDs

Defragging an SSD is a very bad idea, it will accelerate it's death.

Buy an SSD that supports the 'Trim' command, or at least, has some Garbage Collection firmware builtin.

SSD's access data so much faster than HDD's that defragging is pointless; SSD's have a limited 'write' cycle.

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My P50 is on the way, and I got it with the 2.5" 256GB SSD. I also have ordered the Mobile Workstation Storage Kit needed to add hard drives.  I have gone on sites like Best Buy looking for SSDs, and the drive interfaces they have there are: SATA, Other, Mini-SATA, USB 3.0 and Serial ATA. I'm also confused about the NVMe vs PCIe vs M2. What are the exact specifications of any M2 SSD that will work with the P50? Both in terms of the things above, and also physical size. Also, would this one work?

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Question: Defragmenting SSDs

The consensus of opinion seems to be that you should not defrag SSD hard drives, not so much because it's harmful but because of the different NAND filing system used by SSDs. However, there is still quite a lot of controversy in various forums on this topic. Some say defragging harms it because it unnecessarily reduces the life span.

Because SSDs have a finite number of writes, they spread the data evenly and randomly over the whole recording surface to maintain even wear. However, data which is corrupt or no longer serves any useful purpose is not written over, as the SSD can't detect that it is useless. And this tends to defeat the purpose of even wear.

Windows 7 TRIM is meant to pro-actively delete corrupt or obsolete data on the SSD, and is set to run by default. However, it only works on single disk installations, and even though running in Windows, is not necessarily being implemented on the hard drive. For TRIM to function the operating system, storage drivers and solid-state drive must all support the TRIM command.

This is a link HERE to a PDF article on optimizing SSD storage,and which says among other things:

"The principle issue is write speed degradation due to free space fragmentation... "

When I bought my first Corsair Force SATA3 SSD a year ago, the computer store told me to use it just like a normal HD. So I had been defragging it for almost a year when I became aware that you shouldn't defrag them.

I contacted Corsair Tec... Read more

Answer:Defragmenting SSDs

Poppa Bear said:

"The principle issue is write speed degradation due to free space fragmentation... "Click to expand...

Hmm; Guess I'm the cynic - - I don't buy the association of write speed -> fragmentation.

The advantage of the SSD is it voids the SEEK and ROTATIONAL delay of the HDD and the
only component left for the I/o operation is the TRANSFER time. That said, understanding that
a defrag addresses the SEEK time and the SSD has none, defrag on the SSD is meaningless.

Read/Write to bock X vs. block Y is no different than accessing Page X vs Y in memory (consider real and not vm systems).

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I have a new Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD in the air right now. I will have it soon. - Patriot Torqx PFZ128GS25SSDR 2.5" 128GB SATA II Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Solid State Disks

I have heard the "do not defrag" warning.

What other differences are there I need to know? What do you need to do or not do with an SSD you would normally do or not do with a normal HD?

I plan to run Windows 7 and programs from this drive and use a normal one for storage until I get two more SSDs and set up RAID.

Answer:SSDs - Don't defrag - What else should I know?

Turn off your paging file.

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Question: Hybrid Ssds

I'm considering replacing the 7200 RPM HDDs in my Dell Latitude E6400 with either SSDs or Hybrid SSDs (I may eventually replace my USB enclosure HDDs as well).

Any thoughts on which I should use? Brand(s)? Reliability?

I found Seagate hybrids on Amazon in the capacities I want (1 TB, 500 GB) at reasonable prices if bought used but, I'd like more information so I can make a better informed decision.



Answer:Hybrid Ssds

Hi mdonah

I would normally say out of the box, go SSD and the Samsung 840/850s have been reliable for me, however the cost difference is quite a bit from $100-+/- for a Seagate SSHD to a Samsung Evo 850 (1TB) at $282 +/- so the cost per MB is excessive for what is a 6+yr old laptop. SSDs while great they start getting expensive over 500GB and if you only have 1 drive slot then you really need storage over speed, if a desktop then you could get away with a smaller SSD then have either 1TB+ HDD/SSHD as storage.

When I was looking at the same idea of SSHD I did a bit of looking at reviews and some video tests on youtube as to real world setup and boot and reboot and the difference between SSHD and SSD was not that much but I guess this could also be reliant on what solid state cache the drive has as they are generally 8/32/64MB so the 32/64MB would be the ideal one on a 1TB drive, I could also see that even 8GB SSD cache could take some of the heavy lifting of data and speed up your laptop.

I know makers are Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital from who I can remember, I likely would opt for Seagate as they are the makers from the outset that didn't go down the pure SSD development route (do have some enterprise ones though) but stuck developing SSHD, so they have alot of experience with these drives IMHO.

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I've been in the habit of going into the "defragment and optimize drives" menu and noticing that it will say something like "20 days since last run" even though it's scheduled for weekly.. Not sure why.. so I always click "optimize" and do it manually for both "Windows (C" and "Recovery Image" (both are SSD). The other two things in the list say "never run" and "needs optimization" but nothing happens when I click optimize. Anyway, I just came upon a blog post that says you're not supposed to optimize SSDs and this shortens their lifespan. So is what I've been doing bad? Should I stop doing this?

Answer:Optimizing SSDs is bad?

Yes.. you don't need to optimize or defrag an SSD. The extra writes that are performed can shorten the life of the SSD.

One link to check out:
defragment - Is it bad to defrag a ssd? Or just pointless? - Super User
Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD | PCWorld

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Question: SSDs and Trim

I've got two Kingston SSDNOW drives, a 30Gb & 64GB. My O/S is Win7 Home Prem. It seems that w7 has built-in support for 'Trim' as well as defrag. I'm aware that SSDs should not be defragged but my question is, how do I activate Trim? as I cannot find it on the O/S.

Answer:SSDs and Trim

click herethis should help

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Question: SSDs in RAID

I'm just wondering what the ideal stripe size and controller (gotta be at least PCI x8) for running a pair of 380mbps SSDs in RAID 0 would be...

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I've been in the habit of going into the "defragment and optimize drives" menu and noticing that it will say something like "20 days since last run" even though it's scheduled for weekly.. Not sure why.. so I always click "optimize" and do it manually for both "Windows (C: )" and "Recovery Image" (both are SSD). The other two things in the list say "never run" and "needs optimization" but nothing happens when I click optimize. Anyway, I just came upon a blog post that says you're not supposed to optimize SSDs and this shortens their lifespan. So is what I've been doing bad? Should I stop doing this?

Answer:Optimizing SSDs is bad?

Yes.. you don't need to optimize or defrag an SSD. The extra writes that are performed can shorten the life of the SSD.

One link to check out:
defragment - Is it bad to defrag a ssd? Or just pointless? - Super User
Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD | PCWorld

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Question: SSDs in RAID 0

I'm thinking about setting up some SSD's in RAID 0 and I had a few questions.

So am I to understand that if a Crucial M4 reads at 415 MB/s that if you RAID them that it would theoretically equal 830 MB/s? Or are there safeguards put in place where you can't just put ten of them in RAID 0 and have the drives reading at a blazing 4.15 GB/s?

Also how is TRIM support for RAID 0? Would I have any issues there? Another thing I wanted to ask was what are the advantages of running RAID off a PCI-e card versus running it through your motherboard's onboard SATA ports?


Answer:SSDs in RAID 0

1. you cannot just add it up. You loose some in the raid control - about 10%.
2. there is no Trim in Raid0
3. if you think that will speed up your OS, it is not going to happen. For the OS the R/W speed is pretty irrelevant. It is the access time that counts and that is the same in Raid or single SSD.
4. PCI-4x has a throughput of 10Gb/sec versus 3 or 6Gb/sec for the Sata ports.
5. A 10-fold Raid will be limited by the max. capability of the ports - about 300 or 600MB/sec for Sata.

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Question: SSDs in RAID 0

I have a 120gb and and another 128gb and, One made my Samsung and another made by SanDisk and I was wondering if it would be possible to run them in a raid 0

thanks in advance

Answer:SSDs in RAID 0

It would probably be possible (depending on the controller) to combine these drives in RAID 0 but not normally recommended. RAID 0 works best with matched drives. Only 120 GB on the larger drive could be used.

RAID 0 improves performance by increasing transfer rate. In theory this would be near double but even benchmarks do not reach that. But modern SSDs already have a transfer rate such that they do not materially limit performance.

RAID 0 makes things more complicated and has a number of other serious downsides. One being that if one drive fails you loose everything. Backups are always important but even more so with RAID 0.

In this case you would have all the disadvantages of RAID 0 with little performance gain.

Better to use one drive for the OS and the other for important applications.

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Question: SSDs Losing MFT?

OK, so on two different Windows 8 machines, that are clean installed probably every 3-4 months or so, I had both SSDs lose their MFT in the same week.

I saw they lose their MFT but that's a guess. Both systems just randomly stopped booting one day. One of them worked fine. I powered it off, and then it wouldn't boot again. I attempted repairs in Command Prompt from a bootable USB and the Windows 8 partitions both showed up as RAW. Since it says RAW, I believe there is little I can do to fix this.

Why is this happening? What can I do to prevent it? For one of the systems, I back up the SSD weekly with an Acronis True Image schedule. So I was able to restore it easily. The other system doesn't have anything that isn't on the cloud so no biggie.

Answer:SSDs Losing MFT?

Google Search found some pages about converting/restoring HDDs from RAW to NTFS, should find help there:

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HI, I have a Portege z20t - the letter "A" key has come off and I am wondering if anyone knows the trick to getting it to stay back on. I am still under warranty but it is such a long process to get it fixed ( return it to Telstra who send it off etc) that I am wondering if its an easy fix? thanks

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Hi everyone, I have some of  questions regarding my new laptop. Are both SSD bays on the Yoga 13 for mSATA 1,8" SSD drives? If so, would it make sense to buy a faster 256Gb drive than the included SSD and "swap" the primary to be the faster 256Gb drive and leave the128Gb SSD as the secondary drive? I hear comments on the included SSD being pretty slow... Any suggestions on a fast SSD drive that would do the trick (Samsung, Crucial)? Would you think there would be a noticeable increase in performance by doing this? Thanks so much! JC  

Answer:Swapping SSDs instead of adding one

Welcome To Lenovo Community
 Yes you can upgrade Yoga 13 with a second 256 GB SSD
 Instructions here: How to Upgrade Memory and Storage on the Lenovo Idea pad Yoga 13
 If you get the OCZ Vertex 4 SATA III 2.5 SSD or the read/write speed is much faster than the mSATA SSD. Check this review.
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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OK. My SSD died, so I had to swap in a standard HDD while waiting for the new drive to arrive. I did a new install of the OS, and set up everything as if I had the SSD in the system.

I have three HDDs in the machine, and only one will be swapped to SSD in the near future, so I did not disable defrag, but I did turn it off on the temp HDD [A.K.A. "SSD", I figured I'd just have to do it myself before creating the image]

This morning, I went to do a defrag of the "SSD" and saw that it was done by the automation. [All drives were checked]

Once the REAL SSD is installed, I don't want to defrag it, but I do want my other drives to be taken care of.

Now, there is the slight chance I did mess up while disabling defrag on the "SSD", but it's a simple process, so I doubt it.

Advice on what to do to take care of my HDDs yet not defragging my SSD?

Answer:SSDs and HDDs and defrag.

You should be able to uncheck (deselect) the SSD from defrag schedule. (See warning box.)

Disk Defragmenter Schedule- Turn On or Off

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I am a bit confused about my ENVY dv6 7300 Quad Edition. In the maintanence manual, it says that it does not support SSDs over 160GB. If this is true, then why? I want to upgrade to an SSD, but I will need more space than a measly 160GB. That doesn't even seem to be big enough for the entire OS.

Answer:Is my laptop compatible with SSDs?

Hi, You don't need 160GB for any OS on personal computer. One of my laptop has 120GB SanDisk SSD. I use it for Windows 7 Ultimate, Office Plus 2010, Adobe CS5 suite, Nero 10 suite and few other programs and still have 24GB free. Anyway, back to your question: You can use SSD greater (capacity) 160GB. The sweet spot now is 1TB. Regards.

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Hi folks

Is anyone "actively personally" using a Solid State Disk with Windows Vista, or Windows 7 beta that can feedback their experiences with setup and performance (boot speed, data transfer speeds, application load speed, if using a secondary drive as in SATA does this hinder performance) of these drives as I'm toying with the idea of with next build going with the main operating system and software drive being an SSD drive.

If you can then please let me know what brand and model SSD your using as well as Windows Version and SP, know its a big ask on this as they are not in common use in home PCs, but I have read reviews and have used much smaller ones in the past so just need personal experiences.... muchas gracias

Answer:Anyone using SSDs with Windows Vista?

Hi Halo... I installed Vista Home Premium on an Intel SSD, the 80gb X25 (? I think that's the model number ?). Actually, I cloned the old SATA drive to the SSD, so I didn't get a chance to see how fast the install went, but I wasn't real impressed with the boot times on the SSD. But once the desktop hit, everything ran REALLY fast, and that's where I really noticed a difference. Naturally, it's not my PC so I can't really offer any insight in to consistent performance, but for the 2 days I messed with it, I was pretty impressed on the whole.... but this was a couple of months ago, before the SSD 'explosion' and the Intel X25 was the 'big boy on the block' and was leading the pack. Things have changed a lot since then, but you knew that already...


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Hi everyone. i'm considering buying a cheap-ish average/low capacity SSD. mainly as a boot drive and for one or two intensive games. performance is my main focus (with cost being a secondary, so i can't get a particularly spacious one)

right now, i'm looking at the following:

This one's from corsair, it's the cheapest of the three, but has a low capacity. It's relatively expensive for it's capacity and seems to be relatively slow. i've heard that corsair has a reputation for reliability, but is there anything to indicate this drive might have a longer lifetime than the next two?

Second one:

This one is what i'm leaning towards atm. However as far as i can tell, it seems to only support SATA (and not SATA II or III). is that correct?

As i understand, Even SATA allows a transfer rate of 1.5 GB/s, which is far in excess of the drive's 490 MB/s read speed, so would there be any point in having a more advanced SATA anyway ?
Last one:

This one is almost identical to the second drive, except that it has "ultra plus" in the name. I don't really see what makes it faster though. In fact, the only difference between them i can see at all,... Read more

Answer:Can someone explain the differences between these 3 SSDs

Get the latest version SSD you can, reliability has vastly improved with the latest versions.

I would look to 120-128GB, you really don't want them over 75% full for reasonable long-term speed and the larger the drive in the same family, the faster they are. The smaller they are, the faster they choke.

The cheapest reliable drives would be Crucial M4 (not V4!) or Samsung 830/840 non-Pro.

My 128 M4 was silly fast over SATAII, it's still my System drive since moving up to SATAIII and still fast at over a year old. I recently bought an 840 just to hold games even though I have to connect it to SATAII as my 'board has only the 1x SATAIII.

A good alternative that is sometimes a little cheaper is the Plextor M5S; my advice would be to save up for a few weeks, check comparison sites for those 3/4 models regularly and jump on the cheapest one when you have enough saved (~70-75 ATM but prices regularly drop and special offers are frequent).

The priority once you have a new SSD is to update to the latest firmware!

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Okay, now that my S7 is out of warranty I swapped out my 128gb ssd for a 1tb ssd without a hitch -- almost.1. I want to use the original ssd as external storage. The drive when I removed it had 73gb of 103gb used. With the old ssd in the external case I went to my partition software and it said the TOTAL space was only 59gb. I wiped the drive and still only have those 59gbs. So, my question is, how do I recover the rest of the space (128gb - whatever is used in the formatting)?2. On the new 1tb ssd, the main (Windows) partition has something like 930gb of unused space. I want to shorten that partition to 160gb with the balance to be a new, separate data partition. But, when I tried to resize the partition with my software, it created problems such that Windows would no longer boot. Luckily I made a backup of the drive before trying to modify the partition size. So, now I'm looking for recommendations for partition software that is excellent, works with Win10, is not too expensive and will do what I want to do without producing errors or problems.Thanks.

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Question: Aspire X3990 SSDs

I've replaced the HD with an SSD, using a mounting bay.But now I've found a mounting bay that can hold 2 SSDs.Can the motherboard support this; either with a second cable or one cable with master/ slave? Ed 

Answer:Aspire X3990 SSDs

SATA doesn't have a master slave, it's not like the old IDE connection. your motherboard has only 2 SATA port, so if you want a second SSD, you need to disconnect the DVD.

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I just bought a KingSpec IDE SSD from "Hot Deals 4 Less" on Amazon, and while I did get the MLC model, the computer I'm putting it in will definitely not be used every day. So what do you all think of these SSDs?

Answer:KingSpec PATA SSDs?

Sorry Nick.
I haven't used one of these SSD's so can't comment.
I will only use Samsung 850 Evo SSD's.

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I have a new pair of Kingston V+100 SSDs. My motherboard is an EVGA nForce 750i SLI. Intel 6600. Well-used computer. My C: drive is an old Mtron 16gb SSD.

Problem: Installed the Kingstons and rebooted the computer. The first BIOS page sees them as SATA 2 and SATA 3. But when I get into XP and Disk Management, they are not to be seen. Therefore, I couldn't either initialize or quick format them. RAID was disabled (else they wouldn't even appear on the BIOS page). Subsequently, I plugged each in individually into another machine (with an X58 Gigabyte board), and XP saw each as it should have. I was therefore able to initialize and quick format each, one at a time on this second machine. But upon returning to the EVGA board with which they are to be used, XP still can't see the darned drives. (Until recently, I had been using a pair of Mtron SSDs in RAID 0 on SATA 2 and SATA 3. One of them began to rapidly develop sector errors. This resulted in my removing them in favor of a pair of more modern Kingstons.)

Help! tia


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My Yoga 900 currently has this SSD: I am considering updgrading it and am looking at these: Will either or both work?  Do you recommend others?  1TB or more. Also,Can I get a USB enclosure and 'clone' the disk?  I want to avoid resinstalling windows. Thanks.

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I just purchased a Crucial M500 240GB SSD to upgrade my T420 and after installation and reboot I get the dreaded "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" error.   After Googling it seems that this is a common problem with ThinkPads and various SSD's it also appears that there is no known solution other than changingt to another drive. I would like to think that there are some SSDs  that don't cause this error and are safe to purchase knowing that THEY WILL work in the ThinkPad models.  Is there such a list of compatible SSD drives?  Sure I can return the M500 and try an Intel or Samsung but would these drives also be susceptible to the problem? Hoping I will be able to use my fantastic T420 with an SSD in the future.  In the meantime I will be installing using a spinning Seagate HDD. Thanks in advance for any suggestions Paul

T400 6475-8Q5 | 8GB RAM | WXGA+ | Seagate 500GB 7200 | Win 7 Pro 64-bit............T61 7658-CTR | 8GB RAM | WD Black 320GB

Answer:What 2.5" SSDs are compatible with ThinkPads?

I run a Crucial M4 mSATA SSD in my T420.  Does your SSD throw that error consistently?  IIRC my SSD did that too after a firmware update.  Crucial explained that they do some internal housekeeping that can make them slow to initialize for a couple of power cycles.  Mine did it once or twice and never again.
Have you checked for firmware updates for the SSD?  I can't guaranted that you don't have a compatibility issue but there may be other explanations.
[edit] Clarify: mSATA SSD.

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Hello everyone, I can't believe this day is finally here, and the P50 is available for order. Before I pull the trigger, however, I'd like to figure out the answers to these questions (I've also sent them to a Lenovo sales rep): Can the M1000M and M2000M drive 3 external displays (2x Dell U2415 and 1x Dell U2715H) without a dock? Since there's a mDP out, and the displays support MST, plus there's an HDMI out, I'm inclined to think yes, but I'd like to double check.I'd also like to buy a dock that would allow 3 external displays (again, they support MST, so maybe all it'd need is 1 DisplayPort and then I can daisy chain?). I see 3 docks on offer (Ultra, Pro, and basic) plus the workstation dock ( - which ones would work for 3 external monitors that support MST?I see that the SSD options are extremely overpriced, unlike the rest of the components. A 512GB NVMe SSD costs $550 over the cheapest 256GB SSD SATA option, and if you add a second 512GB NVMe SSD, it costs a whopping $950! Samsung 950 Pro is going for $330 right now, the markup is just insane. Can I just go with a minimum 256GB SSD SATA drive and buy 2 950 Pros to swap them out in RAID0 config?Has anyone found any eCoupons I could use for an extra discount? The system I'm building will have 64GB RAM and the top processor, which is turning out quite costly.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Several P50 questions regarding SSDs and supportin...

archon810 wrote:I see that the SSD options are extremely overpriced, unlike the rest of the components. A 512GB NVMe SSD costs $550 over the cheapest 256GB SSD SATA option, and if you add a second 512GB NVMe SSD, it costs a whopping $950! Samsung 950 Pro is going for $330 right now, the markup is just insane. Can I just go with a minimum 256GB SSD SATA drive and buy 2 950 Pros to swap them out in RAID0 config?I posted this in another thread: 

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Hello everyone.

Recently, I've encountered a problem, which is that I get a black screen after the loading screen when I boot up my computer. To fix this problem, I decided to do a dirty install, but I stumbled upon a problem. I have 2 Crucial 64GB SSDs that I put together as one, making my C: Disk, but I didn't see it in the Volume List. I only see what was Drive D:, my 1TB Seagate HDD, which, supposedly, took my SSDs' place as Drive C:.

I've unplugged the SSDs and booted up with only one plugged in, and made the Primary Boot Device "Removable Disk", but when I boot up, I get an error message saying "BOOTMGR is missing". The same thing happened when I did the same with the other SSD. It can be deduced that both of the SSDs have to work together as a whole to function.

Then, I unplugged the 1TB HDD and tried again. When I did a chkdsk for Drive C:, I got a message saying, "The system cannot find the drive specified". From this, it is obvious that the 2 SSDs (which are the actual C: Drives) aren't being detected by my computer, but the 1TB (Drive D: ) is being detected.

After uncovering this problem, I think this may be the fault that is giving me the black screen after boot.

So does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks.

Answer:SSDs aren't being detected


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Hi all, My T440s came with a 256GB SSD. I now want to replace it with a 500GB SSD model.Which models are compatible with the T440s ?Many thanks for your recommendations !Alen

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I think it may be better to ask this question here.
I recently upgraded the firmware (as reqd) on the Crucial M4 128GB and it went fine. Transferred the OS using Paragon Migrate OS to SSD. It also was straightforward. Except:
My Reliability Monitor doesn't appear to update. I know one of the SSD tweaks is to disable the Reliability Monitor and thought maybe the Paragon software did this. BUT the RacTask appears enabled.
>schtasks.exe /change /enable /tn \microsoft\windows\rac\ractask

So can I ask
1) Those using an SSD is your Reliability Monitor working like it did with your spinner?
2) Those who have used the Paragon product, is your Reliability monitor working as usual?

Answer:SSDs and Reliability Monitor

Re question 1, yep:

But tell me more about the tweak recommending it be turned off. Never heard of that tweak.

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Hi there,
I'm new to forums so please bare with me,

I've recently bought 2 250Gb Samsung EVO SSDs and want to RAID 0 them, then transfer my OS (and a few games) to them and keep my current 1Tb Seagate Barracuda HDD for the storage. I have fit them into my computer fine and (still running in IDE mode and booting from the HDD) they show in the Samsung software so I know the computer can see them.

I then put my BIOS into RAID mode and set up the raid 0 for the SSDs no problem, still booting from the HDD. I was told from a friend this would be fine as would be able to use the Samsung software to then transfer everything I wanted no problem then set to boot from the SSD.

However, this is where the problem started, windows started to load but went straight to the system restore and trouble shoot menu. I reset and let it try and sort itself out a few times before thinking something wasn't right. I was then worried about the integrity of my OS and all files on my HDD so unplugged the SSDs, deleted the RAID setup and changed it back to IDE in the BIOS. All worked perfectly so the HDD is fine.

Clearly I am doing something fundamentally wrong and haven't set something to the right option or what my friend told me is wrong and I may possibly need to do a clean install (which would be a real pain in the neck).

Any help on this would be really appreciated, I am new to RAID and SSDs so I am hoping there is something simple I am not doing to sort this problem out. System specs are belo... Read more

Answer:Setting up RAID 0 on new SSDs

Sounds like you did everything right. When you had the SSDs installed as regular drives did you go into disk management and format both drives just to make sure both SSD drives are working properly? If both drives are okay and you then went into the bios to set them up as one raid drive, Windows should have booted properly from your HHD without any problem.

The EVO drives are cheaper for a reason, I am starting to think that the Samsung 840 EVO SSDs should not be used in Raid mode.

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