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Bios Time is Frozen; Bios time is STUCK!

Question: Bios Time is Frozen; Bios time is STUCK!

Hello all!
I'm new here! I have a strange problem!
As I go to the bios menu using F2 key on my laptop (n5110), I see that the time is stuck on aa.aa.aa and doesn't change. it doesn't matter if I shut down and restart the laptop; the time is stuck on aa.aa.aa.
Whenever I login to the windows (win 7 ultimate 64bit), it starts with aa.aa.aa and the time goes on automatically in windows till I shut down the laptop. Then again when I start my laptop, both bios and windows time are aa.aa.aa.
When I update the time in windows by internet or change the time manually in windows time, both windows and bios time are updated to in such a situation, then again the time on windows will be OK till I restart the laptop. while restarting, I see that bios time is set to and the windows again starts with .
As the bios version is the latest one and I cant re-flash the bios firmware, I'm really confused what can I do to solve this problem. I cant find any useful answer in forums on the net.
I should clarify that:
- I think that changing the bios battery couldn't work!
- The laptop is almost always plugged-in.
Do you have any Idea?

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Preferred Solution: Bios Time is Frozen; Bios time is STUCK!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Bios Time is Frozen; Bios time is STUCK!

Hi ahmad,Thanks for posting.The CMOS battery does not get charged by the computer being plugged in, and only lasts about 5 years, so it's a good possibliity that since this computer is as old as it is, needs a new one. Try changing the battery, they're very inexpensive and can be purchased at the dollar stores. Here's a video: the manual:

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My screen is frozen on 'Information' when in BIOS. The arrow keys are not responding when in BIOS due to this freeze. Function key and F1 F2 etc not responding. I need to access something in BIOSwas attempting to look at something with BIOS. I switched it off and on, same issue persisting. It was my first attempt at accessing the BIOS.
Windows 8.1 is working normally though, just the BIOS frozen. I had to switch off the laptop and power up again to access windows.  Thank you in advance.
B50 lenovo
BIOS version 9dcn79ww(v2.00)
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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My screen is frozen on 'Information' when in BIOS. The arrow keys are not responding when in BIOS due to this freeze. Function key and F1 F2 etc not responding. I need to access something in BIOSwas attempting to look at something with BIOS. I switched it off and on, same issue persisting. It was my first attempt at accessing the BIOS. Windows 8.1 is working normally though, just the BIOS frozen. I had to switch off the laptop and power up again to access windows.  Thank you in advance. B50 lenovoBIOS version 9dcn79ww(v2.00)

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My Dell Precision M6800 has been hanging and not booting sometimes on and off for a year.  I've managed to coax it into working before by unplugging everything and taking it out of its station.   Now it won't start up no matter what I do.  REMEMBER I CAN'T GET INTO BIOS.
What I've done so far
1. removed all storage/hard drives one at a time.  Primary, secondary, optical, mSATA
2. pulled memory, tried each stick by self.
3. unplugged coin battery with power plug disconnected and laptop battery removed.  Left unplugged for more than a minute.
4. cleaned everything with compressed air.
So now what happens when I press F2:
1. I briefly get the yellow "entering setup" on the upper right of the screen
2. Then I get two lines of text:
Initializaing Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.5.50
PXE 2.1 Build 092 (WfM 2.0)
The same thing happens when I press F12 except the yellow text changes to "Preparing one-time boot menu"
I've tried putting a freshly made windows 10 usb install media  in a usb  slot and the same thing happens

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I just replaced my laptop motheboard. With the new motherboard, time always reset after shutdown, and sometimes the little internet icon in the bottom right corner would be invisible. So i upgraded my bios, and still have same problem. I have a LENOVO G470 with InsydeH2O BIOS. I have an image of the bios attached. Also, the bios can read the HDD.

Answer:BIOS showing invalid info, time resets every time shut down.

Did you install a CMOS battery? Is it new or used?
Check the Time zone, make sure it's correct.

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Dear all,

I spilt some water on my laptop a few days ago but fortunately it's completely dried out and working perfectly.... apart from this minor (but important) issue. I would appreciate your help.

Problem: the system time does not stay correct. Even after manually updating the BIOS time and also even after manually syncing it with the various servers available under the time options.

Fix: set the internet time sync interval to every minute rather than its default setting? How do I do this?

Much appreciated.

P.S. This couldn't be a CMOS battery issue surely because even when the system is on and plugged in the system time still deviates from correct. (I assume the CMOS battery is only used when the system is powered off.) If I need it replaced, how does that sit with my Dell hardware warranty?

Answer:System Time not kept correctly after having manually changed BIOS time

Quote: Originally Posted by dell1545

Dear all,

I spilt some water on my laptop a few days ago but fortunately it's completely dried out and working perfectly.... apart from this minor (but important) issue. I would appreciate your help.

Problem: the system time does not stay correct. Even after manually updating the BIOS time and also even after manually syncing it with the various servers available under the time options.

Fix: set the internet time sync interval to every minute rather than its default setting? How do I do this?

Much appreciated.

P.S. This couldn't be a CMOS battery issue surely because even when the system is on and plugged in the system time still deviates from correct. (I assume the CMOS battery is only used when the system is powered off.) If I need it replaced, how does that sit with my Dell hardware warranty?

For right now, lets just try to update your time. To do this, click on the clock in the bottom right. Then, click on change date and time settings. In the window that comes up, go to the top and click on the tab titled Internet Time. Then, click on change settings. Click on update now in the windows that pops up.

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Steps taken:

-Fresh install (From factory recovery partition) of windows 7, fully updated and drivers installed.

-CMOS Battery Replaced (&Tested with voltmeter)

-Bios Flashed & updated

-windows time service is disabled via services.msc

-"synchronize with timer server" unchecked in advanced time settings.

Further information

BIOS time resets to 01/01/2009 00:00:00 when windows time is updated/changed manually. If windows time is not changed manually, bios time remains accurate.

Upon restart after windows time change, and directly entering bios, the date and time aboved is what the bios time is set to.

Recurring problem

Answer:BIOS Time Resets if and only if windows time is changed

Hope someone has a better idea, but the first thing I thought of is damage occurred when flashing the bios. I recommend not doing that merely as an update unless a problem is present.

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On BIOS 1.88 have fix description:= = =[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue that system no VGA output when install Ultra Dock with 4K monitor.= = = My L540 laptop with Ultra Dock without 4K monitor ( just plug an LCD 1440*900 monitor), it will always hang on first BIOS Post(after Windows normal shutdown), force shutdown, power up again. it can normally boot. Does the latest 1.89 BIOS have the same situation? I can not update due to it no way to rollback old version BIOS.= = =[Important updates]
- Update includes a security fix.
(Note)If the UEFI BIOS has been updated to 1.89 or higher,
it is no longer able to roll back to the version before 1.89
for security improvement.= = = HPBird

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So recently I purchased a Galaxy GTX 460 768MB video card. I was previously using a BFG Tech GTX 275. When I first installed the GPU I was on an ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFI Edition motherboard. I am now on an ASRock P64 Extreme4 motherboard. I mention the old mobo because the problem has been the same regardless. So I link the issue to the GPU.

Anywho, the new Galaxy card on boot, displays it's own Bios information before the mobo Bios page shows up. It's actually the first thing I see on my monitor. It just simply displays Galaxy Bios version (etc. etc. etc). It doesn't last for more than 3-4 seconds, but I personally feel it's an unnecessary delay. Especially since I'm so adamant about computer efficiency and I try to get my boot up times as fast as possible. Just a personal hobby I enjoy! So I was curious if there is a way to disable this initial Bios screen? I did many google searches and couldn't find the problem to a a perfect description. Some people did mention that it has to do with a motherboard conflict, but that's why I mentioned bother motherboards. One was old, and the one I'm on now is brand new. I've never purchased a Galaxy card until now, so I'm curious if it's unique to their brand? I've never updated Bios on a video card before and I'm not sure if it'd cure the problem either. Anyone familiar with this situation? Thank you!

Edit: I'll take a picture of the Bios screen and post it quick. I just thought about doing it, but I typed this entire message and I can't ... Read more

Answer:GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time)

It will still have to do it's thing...even if you manage to make it disappear....I have had systems in the past that has done that same thing...if speed is what your after a SSD will do more for that.

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I am one of the many unfortunate owners of an Asus motherboard with a UEFI clock freeze problem. The clock randomly freezes and when it does, apart from the Windows time going wonky, it causes havoc with certain applications that I run that rely on the BIOS clock. This includes Precision Manuals Development Groups (PMDG) Boeing 737 simulator for FSX. The problem is widely reported on the ASUS ROG forums and affects quite a few of their high end boards. Mine is the Hero Maximus VI. They are as confused about the issue as us unhappy owners and have yet to identify a solution other than a total reset of the BIOS which is irritating when you have tweaked settings for over clocking. This is not a BIOS battery issue, it is a software or hardware fault that is causing the BIOS clock to freeze. So no "change your battery" comments please

Anyway, in an effort to fault find, is there a way to totally disconnect Windows time from the BIOS clock? As I understand it, when Windows corrects its time using the time servers, it will adjust the BIOS clock also? Maybe this is when the freezes occur and if I can stop this process, maybe the problem will "go away".

Answer:Disconnect Windows time from the BIOS time

Try this software:
Thinking Man Software - Dimension 4 v5.3
I think that you can set it to sync each minute.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv6700 and usually it does not get past the BIOS to load Windows, normally the lights come on but the screen stays black. Out of hundreds of attempts the BIOS loaded around 5-10 times, and made it to Windows only once.

The laptop is pretty dusty in the inside so I don't know if that makes a difference with the BIOS chip, I am guessing I need to flash the BIOS via USB.

Any help?

Answer:BIOS not loading 99% of the time, or going very slow 1% of the time.

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Today I find strage problem on one PC.
Our PCs sync time with DC fine. But one pc has it's system time fall behind for about 4 minutes. Manually sync with NTp did not get any result. Leap indicator had warning and referenceid was undefined. 
When I logon to bios and changed time manually, ntp sync start working fine without warnings.
Question is, what was the reason of this and how to prevent it?

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I've got an Acer Model As5742 Laptop with an i5 480M processor and 8 GB of good Ram. I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 Bit. It's only about 5 months old and this started about a month ago. I have no other problems. IE: Blue Screens or Lockups or anything, just the Bios clock changes to a random date and time after every restart. I replaced the Bios battery twice and it only effects the chore of having to reset the time in Windows every time I boot.

I'm going to send it to Acer to be repaired within a week or two, but maybe it's not a bad timing mechanism in the motherboard and one of you people have a correct solution to it. Which will save me the trouble of sending it in for a motherboard replacement.

I do have all the drivers and bios updates installed. Oh yes I've ran about 15 different virus Etc. Malware scans with several different products and they all come back clean.
I ran System File Checker SFC /scannow from the command prompt several times that also comes back OK.



Answer:Bios Clock time changes after every Restart even after replacing Bios

Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmanx

...just the Bios clock changes to a random date and time after every restart.

If this is the case then Windows wouldn't change it, though malware might I suppose (and you have checked for this).

Can you otherwise make changes to your BIOS settings that "stick"? If yes, then return/repair is all I can think of. If NONE of your BIOS changes survived reboot though, then I might consider whether that laptop left the factory with its "reset CMOS" jumper in the "reset" position. Dunno if laptops have these, but most desktop mobos do of course.

Oops you said "started a month ago" so my "left the factory jumpered wrong" would not apply.

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I want to be able to use my laptop as an alarm clock, get me up in the morning and ready to do a few things before work. Yeah I have a phone, but  my problem is it's too easy for me to just reset my phone time and go back to bed. I do it ALL the time. I figure it'd be harder and less appealing to shut down my laptop after it's booted up and played an alarm noise. I know it's a weird question, but can the bios for the W530 support time based automatic bootup of the system via the internal clock?

Answer:Does the W530 bios have a scheduled bios startup time?

I think you can set it up with a Wake on LAN system, or with a timed resume from Standby.

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Asus P8Z77 V Deluxe mobo.
Seasonic 1050W modular PSU
i7 2700k
Noctua NH D14 air cooler
Corsair Vengeance RAM 1600 (mobo - native is 1333mhz)

Sometimes, when I access my BIOS, on the first page I see, it will show UEFI boot disk in the boot order at the bottom of the screen.
When I access my BIOS at other times, it does not show the UEFI boot disk. (large stripe on disk icon that says UEFI).
There are times when I boot my computer, I see a black ASUS splash screen before booting into windows.
Other times, I see a Red/Black splash screen with another company's name.
Is this normal?

The automatic boot order in BIOS, it lists 2 devices.
my mechanical harddrive (disk 0) as option 1. Then my dvd drive as option 2.
The problem is my boot drive (with OS) is on an SSD (disk 1).
I tried to change it, but the boot order only shows DVD and mechanical HDD options.
I had to use the boot override option, which lists my SSD.

I just did a fresh install of win7, then upgraded to Win10. I only had the SSD connected.
I did not remove the win7 OS from my mechanical drive until I was sure Win10 would upgrade properly on my SSD. After the upgrade was working, I connected both HDDs and booted up I got some type of boot error. No boot sector found please enter a disk or reboot - something like that.
When I rebooted with the spinner disconnected, win10 started normally, afterwhich I hot connected the spinner disk and then formatted it to use as my data driv... Read more

Answer:BIOS boot issue and has UEFI boot option one time, next time it doesnt

This all stems from having both drives connected at the same time when you originally set this up and has caused the MBR location for both drives to be stored on one drive, your HDD (spinner). Which explains your very first boot error message (No boot sector found please enter a disk or reboot - something like that).

I would start from scratch; remove the SSD first and leave the HDD (spinner) and do a clean install on that with your original OS. Then upgrade to 10. Once done remove HDD and attach SSD and do a clean install of of original OS and then upgrade to 10 on that. This way the MBR is stored on the correct drive for each OS install and this should correct your BIOS flash screen problem.

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I can't find anywhere to set the Date and Time in the BIOS for an HP Elitebook 840 G3.Can anyone advise if the Date and Time can be set in the BIOS and, if so, where? Thanks in advance. Mike

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When I start my laptop it shows the startup text (F10 for Bios F2 fo diagnostics etc) for some seconds and then nothing more happens. I've figured out that if I go into BIOS (F10) and then set it to system default (F9), all is well and it continues the booting up.But since I have to this every time, it must mean that something is CHANGING in BIOS since it doesn't work the next time (but works if/when I set it to default), right?It all started with the laptop booting up like every second time, but now it never does it (if I don't change the BIOS). When I've got the system to start and choose to RESTART the system, it works fine, but the next day it's all the same again. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?

Answer:Need to restore BIOS every time

Sounds like your CMOS battery needs replacing. That would explain the loss of settings when the machine is switched off.Without details of your system it's not possible to give more information.

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windows task manager says last BIOS time was 8.9 seconds
Is this normal?
windows 10 pro x64
8 gb ram
i-5 skylake

Answer:what is normal bios time?

hi there are a lot of factors for boot times I use a program called bootracer its really good and gives you comprehensive details with your machine and booting

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My computer does not boot perfectly it shows a message showing

"CMOS Date/Time Not Set
CMOS Settings Wrong
Press F1 to run Setup"

And i need to get into BIOS in each boot and set the time. I thought it's the problem of BIOS battery and I changed it. But problem not solved. So I flash the bios to solve the problem of bugs in BIOS if any. But it doesn't solve the problem.

here the dds log

DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Run by aju at 10:59:49.45 on Wed 04/06/2011
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7601.17105
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.1015.303 [GMT 5.5:30]
AV: avast! Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {C37D8F93-0602-E43C-40AA-47DAD597F308}
SP: avast! Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {781C6E77-2038-EBB2-7A1A-7CA8AE10B9B5}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: avast! Internet Security *Enabled* {FB460EB6-4C6D-E564-6BF5-EEEF2B44B473}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Windows\Exp... Read more

Answer:BIOS time keep resetting

Hello ajumt,

I'm not seeing any malware in your logs. This is most likely a hardware issue, please continue the troubleshooting process in your original thread here ==> help

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When I change the time in the BIOS on my Acer Aspire One ZG5, it won't stay changed. I moved to the US, but my laptop seems determined to stay resolutely on British time. I exit and save changes etc. Any ideas?

Answer:Changes to BIOS Time Won't Save

Could be that your CMOS battery is dying.

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Hello gang,

I have used TechSpot for a couple of years and ALWAYS find exactly my newest pc issue answers right away. This time i have clicked a little too quickly (messing with the bios setup) and have no clue what i did and NEED to do to fix my mistake! I know just enough to cause problems for myself, so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Issue: Some dummy tried to reinstall the CD Writer that she knew had issues and of course i changed the settings in the BIOS after the physical install. I found that there is still something wrong with the setup, after installing the "on hand" Nero software, and decided to just go inside my box and disconnect the stupid writer drive. THAT is all i did.. initially! Then when restarting my pc after unplugging the drive, i am getting a "BEEP" at bootup and it appeared to DEMAND that i go back into the BIOS. Long story short, i changed settings regarding boot up drives and restarted again, then went BACK into the BIOS and clicked to Load Default Settings. Now when i restarted it went through the standard memory check, blah blah blah and then to a screen that says: ULTRA 100 BIOS Version... Detecting:... "Ultra 100 Bios Version not installed because there are no drives detected". Windows loads (XP-SP2), but is obiviously hanging.
I know this likely makes little sense but i am not sure how else to post what is in my brain. What did i do in the BIOS and can i reset everything back to PRE-Kate modes? I pr... Read more

Answer:BIOS Issues- what did i do THIS time?

I am editing here: I am in the setup again, not touching anything! but i noticed that when some dummy clicked to reset everything to default config, the BOOT SEQUENCE is really different now.
1. Removable Device [Legacy Floppy]
2. IDE Hard Drive [ST320420A] which is my primary HD
3. ATAPI CD-ROM [ blank ] when extended, the only option here is "Disabled"
4. Other Boot Device [INT18 Device (Network)

It appears that i may have disabled the CD-Rom instead of the CD-RW drive according to these settings. I will recheck the cables, pinning, etc and come back here. I have 2 (20GB) hard drives, floppy drive and cdrom. Originally there was an Omega Zip drive as well and i have had that out for over a year. The cd-writer reinstall is what i attempted that messed this all up in the first place and it seems i reset the resets of the resets in my BIOS. Good Grief!

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Hi thereI have an Acer desktop pc which is about 5 years old. It's started losing time. Not resetting back to a default but if I leave the pc at night (sleep mode) it will have lost time when I come to use it the next day. Ehen booting into cmos I can see that the time is not ticking over. I have replaced the battery and reset cmos but this has not helped.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

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How do I set date and time in bios?  I replaced the battery, and now I can't set the time and date??I have a Dell  with windows XP.My hdd died, so I have on order a new hdd. Would the hdd being dead cause the date and time to not be set in bios?Thanks in advance

Answer:Date and time not set in bios?

What do you mean? There is no date, and time entry in BIOS, or what?

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Hello all!I have a B50-70 a week now, but I cannot make the time set: every time I enter the BIOS and check for it, I find out that the time has not change since the last time I changed it!!!And another thing is, I'm sure that one of these days I'm having the notebook I once entered a _very_ different BIOS! Since then, I can only get the usual minimalistic BIOS interface and trying key combinations to show it again give no effect! I mean, I am _sure_ I once view a BIOS in which I could at least enable/disable the virtualization feauture of the CPU, but not any more!!!Really weird! george

Answer:BIOS set time and issues


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I can't load any OS disks...the screen hangs @ post screen, displaying "Update new data to DMI!" for a couple seconds then goes black. What should I do? Are there settings I need to change/configure?

Answer:First time BIOS setup, need help.

Maybe a reset to bios defaults, that usually gets rid of minor stuff.

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hey guys,
My laptop's startup is something which embarrasses me all the time in front of others,
I have HP Pavilion 15 e-001ax Notebook,
Specs are:
AMD A10-5750m Processor, Quad core.
OS- Windows 8 (Preinstalled), Now Windows 8.1 with updates.
It takes ages to start, Please see attached picture, startup of everything is disabled still BIOS time is very high. Even most of the Non-MS services are also disabled (I see them when I open "msinfo")
BIOS is also updated and Windows is fairly updated, (Updated 3 months ago).
Any Idea what's happening ?

Answer:I just can't believe !!!! 27 seconds of BIOS time ??

What part of the startup sequence is running long? Before or after you see the Windows logo on the screen?
If it is referring to the time spent in BIOS before Windows starts, no amount of tweaking around in Windows settings is going to help.
Look in your BIOS settings for things that might be slowing it down, such as extensive memory testing, long timeouts waiting on drives to spin up, etc.

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windows task manager says last BIOS time was 8.9 seconds
Is this normal?
windows 10 pro x64
8 gb ram
i-5 skylake

Answer:what is normal bios time?

hi there are a lot of factors for boot times I use a program called bootracer its really good and gives you comprehensive details with your machine and booting

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Question: Windows Bios time

Hi I was wondering if there was a way to force windows to read the bios clock as utc instead of local time. and if not if there was a program the could make programs only see a different time. ie bios clock is UTC and windows clock is UTC but all the programs see the Eastern time.

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Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and I have a question quite off topic...(some background info)I work at Atea in Sweden for Unicef preparing their computers, printers etc. and they always (for some reason) want the latest BIOS version. The computers they buy is X201 and T510 Now the problem:The computers we have in stock right now run BIOS 1.35 and i tried to upgrade to 1.41 but for some reason it said that update couldn't be done. I quote " An update is not necessary at this time. The process has been canceled" I've done this job for quite some time and i never experienced this problem before. Any ideas ? Moderator edit: Matched subject to content.  Edit: SOLVED! I tried the second ISO file and it worked out as it should..    

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-immediate boot to black screen with NON-blinking (i.e., sold) cursor at the very top left corner-after SEVERAL minutes, Intel Matrix Storage Manager appears (press ctrl - i) to enter configuration utility-port 2, 500 gb drive-port 5, 74 gb drive (where Windows is instlled)-both non-raid disks, raid volumes: none definedthen to "serial ATA AHCI BIOS" screen...does some quick scanning...proceeds to BIOS setup screen (Intel motherboard)...then Windows boot normally-What could causing the long initial boot screen?

Answer:Long BIOS Boot Time

The problem happened to be my USB mouse. It's a Sony mouse with a built-in MemoryPro slot; once I don't have it plugged in, it boots fine. I guess the MemoryPro slot is confusing the system.

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Hello, I do have a X220 with Win7 64bit, 8GB RAM, i7 and SSD. TPM & Bitlocker are enabled on the system. When I do hit the power button to start the machine it takes about 14 seconds until I do see the ThinkPad logo. Is there a way to troubleshoot this and to find out what is causing the huge delay? Thanks,Chris :-)

Answer:X220 BIOS POST time

What SSD is it?  Did it come with your system or did you add it?  If you added it, does the same delay occur if you use the HDD that came with the system originally?

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Every month or so I come across this strange problem.
The BIOS time and the OS time are different.
I'd sync up the OS time with the other clocks, either manually or by forcing automatic update, but then 10 or so minutes later, it's a minute behind. If I wait longer, say an hour, it will be around 10 minutes behind.
When I check the BIOS, the time is the same as all my other clocks.

I figured out that the seconds seem to be lagging behind compared to all the other clocks.
So I did 2 tests:
Test 1:
I started up an online stopwatch, and started them both at the same time. The laptop seems to be lagging behind, in the time it took for the desktop to get to 20 seconds (image 1), the laptop only got to 15 seconds (image 2).

Test 2:
I loaded up the correct time on both computers, and they both displayed the exact same time (down to the same second) when they fully loaded. Then I waited 20 seconds. In this time, the laptop seems to have lagged behind again (image 3 and 4).

What's causing the seconds to be slower on the laptop?

The laptop is an Asus T100, it's been running Windows 10 since August, and this is the second time I've had this problem.
The desktop is running Windows 8.1

This may seem trivial, but after more than 2 hours of use, it can be behind by at least half an hour.

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I have a Time notebook approximatly 18months old. I recently bought a dvd writer and fitted it. When booting the bios does not recognise it, stating their is no primary slave present.Even so it is recognised by xp and works ok. I tried putting the old one back and this isn't recognised any more either. The problem is that occasionally I do have to use the drive in dos. I was thinking that the bios was faulty but the drive is seen and works in XP. So I thought the bios would need updating, but cannot find an update anywhere. Has anybody had a similar fault or know where I can get a bios update. The model is a 8375 and also has these numbers: 0500-503-00465, and 00465NT01G4.Thanks Ian

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Hi Everyone-

For a few months my Dell Desktop has had an extremely long startup time. When I power the CPU on, I see the normal Dell/BIOS loading screen...once that is finished, the screen goes black w/ a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. Approximately 10 minutes later, the Windows XP load screen finally appears and the CPU starts as normal.

Any ideas as to what is causing this lag and ways it can be addressed???

Thank You!
Joe Chronowski
Rosedale, MD

Answer:Long load time between BIOS and XP

Sounds like it is doing a full Ram scan - there may be a setting in Bios to have it do a quick boot.

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On bootup bios is saying that my CDRW and DVD Rom drives (both on IDE 2) are incompatable with ATA something-or-other and are not loading (not showing in My Computer or Device Manager in Control panel).
This is all happened 2day, system was working no probs b4. Tried a system restore but of course it didn't fix it as it is obviously a BIOS prob.
Is there a way 2 reset the BIOS (eg jumpers or pulling the battery out & putting it back in) or will I need 2 flash it?

System Specs:
Soltek SL75FRV mobo (Via KT400)
Athlon XP2100 cpu
512mb Kingston DDR
40GB WD (8mb cache)
Windows XP Pro (SP1 + all updates)

Answer:[Solved] Is it time 2 flash the BIOS?

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Hello everyoneI have a Z50-70 (59-420313) laptop. My previous laptop had a setting in bios which allowed me to automatically start it at a particular time (say 8 am) daily. However this laptop's bios doesent have this feature. Is threre any workaround for this problem?

Answer:wake up at specific time from bios

getsuga wrote:Hello everyoneI have a Z50-70 (59-420313) laptop. My previous laptop had a setting in bios which allowed me to automatically start it at a particular time (say 8 am) daily. However this laptop's bios doesent have this feature. Is threre any workaround for this problem?One option is use a program or look at Windows feature. Another is to ask somebody to modify your bios (this can break your laptop if not done properly). To address your question the bios mod option is the right answer since you want the process done through the bios.

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Hi, I'm new at this forum, so if found any mistakes, i apologize in advance x)

The situation is, i have a Foxconn motherboard that does not save data and time settings, and then i can't acess even Msn and Windows Updates.

This happens if after shutting down the system, and turn off the power supply.

Already checked the BIOS battery, and the CMOS jumper.

If anyone could help me i would be gratefull :cool

Thank You...

Answer:Bios reset after set time and date.

If you know for sure the battery is good and you're not getting the correct time and date after setting it and rebooting, then you have a hardware problem and the MB needs to be replaced.

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I'm new to Toshs so I am sure this is a very easy problem. Keep re-setting the time & date.

It will hold in the BIOS for about a week and then need to be updated again. I'm upgrading the hard drive anyway but don't want to start this without getting to the route of this issus.

Battery issue?

Answer:Time & Date keep refreshing in BIOS

Sounds so?

I think the RTC (BIOS) battery is not fully charged.
In the user manual you should find details about BIOS battery and how long it?s necessary to charge it.

I think you should let the notebook running for about 12-16 hours on ac adapter.
Then the RTC battery should be fully charged


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I have the last version of the BIOS (3.7, 1.40). I update the BIOS time, presse "OK", then F10 then "Yes", the computer restart and the time in the OS is correct. But as soon I shutdown the computer, the time information are again lost (alwas 2 hours late, I think default GMT).

The computer is brand new and all others BIOS setup are saved correctly.

Any Idea?

Answer:Portege Z30 lost the BIOS time

check your windows settings. bios time and windows time gets synchronised.

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Hi guys, ive posted b4 that i had an problem to turn my comp on, and now again, i updated my BIOS, since it was having some problems on stablity, and this time, it said : You may now restart ( appeared after flashing the bios ).
So i pressed the restart button on my computer and after, that, i cant see anything else on the screen! I waited and waited, looked in the manual, Cleared Bios, ( CLRTC ), shoved a original bios back up floppy inside and still no luck, to me, it's probably screwed up now, and i need a new MOBO.
Can anyone recommend me a S754 MOBO, for gaming and overclocking?
Btw, i didnt overclock b4 it screwed up... i just wanted to try it when i get a new MOBO, if necessary...

Answer:Bios Crashed Again, But this time, WORST!

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need fast help. E5 571g, saw a new bios 1.14 in acer site, tried to install - windows phase went quick, restarted into simple instaler, went quick, and then screen turned black and cooling to full power, already 9 hours in this stage, what do i do?

Answer:very long bios update time

Ok, so after 1 more hour of waiting, i just shut down laptop, then turned it on, screen was turned off, but after smashing some hotkeys a few times(change monitor / turn light on/off) and it works, and bios shows version 1.14 I thought it was dead already ... Why did it happen, why laptop stayed at that stage for infinite amount of time ? You should at least warn users that about what can happen with your buggy bios updates, i could have did the same 10 hours ago, because i think that the last stage with 100% cooling was just a bios updater failing to restart laptop... I did update bios once before to 1.11 or 1.09, what was the latest version before 1.14, and it went quick - ~1min, and everything went just fine, so didnt think anything bad about this update, too, but from now on... Edit:I relaunched windows experience index, and it looks like it is finaly able to use geforce card instead of intel graphics.

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My new p500 BIOS is displaying the wrong time.  It is usually 4 hours ahead.  I can set it back, but on its own, it jumps back ahead again by 4 hours.  This causes problems within my Win7 x64 OS.  I do not see any BIOS firmware updates either to address the problem.


Go to Solution.

Answer:p500 BIOS Time Wrong

Hello and welcome,
Are you dual-booting with Linux or some other OS by any chance?

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12 March 2008

Dear Tech Guy,

This may seem like a minor problem, but it's still annoying:

When I booted up aboiut a week ago, instead of the Microsoft XP splash screen i got an American Megatrends screen telling me the date and time in the BIOS were incorrect. So I hit F1 and fixed the problem, but now I have to go through the same routine whenever I use the computer.

I can't think of anything I might have done accidentally to create this problem. I've never had this problem before.

OS XP Pro. Hardware -- motherboard Asus P4P800S, Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 512 DRAM,

I emailed Asustek but got no reply.
Help? Please? Thanks!

Frank Milner [email protected]

Answer:BIOS won' reetain date and time

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I have a desktop that I built four years ago. I used it on a monday afternoon, on tuesday noon the fans came on by themself. Now everytime I plug in the power cord all the fans come on. No boot, no bios access. I tried another motherboard, no help. I tried another power supply, no help. I tried another proessor, no help. It has a Intel D865GLC board, a Intel P4 2.6 GHZ S478, 512KB,800FSB proessor, an ATX 480W power supply, 184-pin SDRAM DDR400 RAM, Intel AMI BIOS, Intel 865 chipset, An Radeon 8500 Video Card, Sound Blaster Audio Card. I removed the video card, no help, I have ordered new ram. Hope someone can help.

Answer:Fans on all the time, no boot, no bios

If there is a speaker/buzzer connected to the motherboard try removing the ram, you should hear some beeps if everything else is working.

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I have a customer whose Thinkpad R30 model # 2656-20U would not boot up due to a 0250 error. I replaced the CMOS battery and ran the BIOS setup. When I entered the Date selection in the setup I could not change the date. The computer would lock up and I had to power it down. I can ignore the bad date in the set up and boot into Windows XP. I get a message saying that the date is invalid, I then can update the date and time within Windows XP. If I restart the computer the date and time are fine. If I power down and cold boot the date again is invalid. I updated the BIOS to the most current available but get the same issue. I assume that the system board has issues and the cost would be prohibitive to replace. Please let me know if anyone has come across this issue and if there is a work around other than just setting the date in Windows every time the copmuter boots up. Thanks,Paul


Go to Solution.

Answer:System Bios - Date & Time

Paul, welcome to the forum,
check the two solder points on the CMOS battery holder, see here. If this is the problem you're experiencing a fine pointed soldering iron and a steady hand should be able to fix it.
Hope this helps

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Having this difficult problem where the date/time in my computer is backdated to the date/time last logged off. It started with the problem whereby have to change the setting in the bios (due to weak battery?) Now, after chnaging batteries and clear cmos. the problem of the wrong date/time happens. Anyone can help? Thanks.

Answer:Wrong date/time in bios & Win XP

 calvina ..... Are you not able to set the correct time and date in the bios and then save changes  and exit ?BTW, what time and date are being displayed ?dl65 

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I have a Precision Workstation T3620 Mini Tower and I used Auto On Time in the BIOS settings to set an automatic daily start time.  This has been working fine for months, but all of a sudden it has stopped turning on.  The settings in the BIOS hasn't changed, for example:
BIOS -> Power Management -> Auto On Time ( 07:00, Weekdays)
Windows update is turned off, not that this should effect the BIOS.
Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance

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Gday folks,We're trying to PXE build our new X2's. The demo unit is building flawlessly now (BIOS v13).We've received a new batch of X2's from HP (BIOS v14) to build and none of them will build.THe issue looks like buing the time and date are wrong. But there's nowhere in the BIOS to set/change this.Any ideas?Thanks

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I used to be able to access my BIOS but recently I have noticed that my USB Keyboard doesn't power on until Windows fully loads. Because of this, I can't access my BIOS anymore. I have tried plugged the Keyboard into USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports to no avail. I really need help with this, google searches brought up nothing.

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Serial Number 5CD6107NZM  Product Number T1D62EA#ABU i am a little disappointed in boot up time which takes about 25 seconds. The main delay seems to be the time taken before the HP logo appears. It takes about 5 or 6 seconds before a message 'press esc key to enter startup menu' appears and then another few seconds before the HP logo. After that it is very quick.Is there any way to boot straight to the HP logo?Prior to buying this notebook I did buy one from Microsoft Store (decided to change because of larger SSD hard drive) and that notebook booted up in 1.1 seconds. I think it was called a Signature Edition of the Spectre x360 and apparently contained no bloatware although I'm not sure if that affected the boot time. 

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The keyboard lights come on just a second after the system goes into chckdsk attempting to repair the drive. I know the drive is bad and I DON'T want Win 7 to check it. I can't get inside the box without a lot of hassle to disconnect the offending drive.

If I'm not making sense to y'all, here's the sequence of boot.

1) Power on, BIOS screen appears then a few pre-win checks and the window spinner logo appears, then it launches into CHKDSK

2) I cannot cancel the CHKDSK because the BIOS hasn't recognized the keyboard yet. So, within that 10 seconds before I can cancel, I can't. Sometimes, the keyboard loads before the chkdsk delay period ends and I can cancel CHKDSK and get into windows no problem.
I tried [chkntfs /X f: ] and it returned a prompt screen, almost like it worked. Reboot shows it didn't.

I did a [ fsutil dirty f: and indeed it showed 'unrecognized drive'. All other chkntfs and fsutil dirties on other drives worked as expected.

HELP, is there a software fix either in BIOS or WIN 7 PRO that can avoid this so I don't have to get into my computer (scary prospect).


the Deserted one

Answer:Prior to win 7 boot, checkdisk allows bios time-out

You don't mention what this assumed bad drive is: a DATA drive (no OS)?
Once chkdsk has finished does it then start Windows? And all is good afterward?

Can you get into the BIOS settings? If you can you might have the option to disable the failing drive there. Not all BIOS allow this.

If not then you must either let chkdsk repair the drive's file system (run through the entire test), or you must get into the case and disconnect the drive. From your reluctance I assume this is one of those all-in-one machines? Ugh.
If that is the case it might be a good idea to bring it to a local computer shop and let them do it.

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Hello all, I am new to the forum. Thank you in advance for your help.

I have the M5-481PT-6644 which came installed with win 8. My HDD crashed and had to be replaced. While waiting on the RMA I upgraded my SSD to 128GB and installed win 7 (my win 8 copy went down the drain with the drive as did my recovery partition). Computer works great with only SSD installed.

However, when I attach the new HDD, the BIOS only recognizes the empty HDD when both HDD and SSD are plugged in. In the boot order, only the HDD shows up. If only the SSD is plugged in then it shows up on the boot menu.

My bios is InsydeH20 version 2.22 (ugraded from the 2.16). If I disconnect the HDD, then it boots to Win 7 without any problems, but I would like to have both, for HDD data storage. The bios sees SDD at SATA 1 but then when HDD is also plugged in, bios boots to HDD at SATA 0. Any Ideas on how to get around this? The Win 7 installation CD does see both drive. I could try to reinstall and disk clean both but I'm wondering if this would just continue to give the "No boot drive" error at start up as it may continue to only boot to the HDD at SATA 0. My BIOS is set to legacy because I never figured out how to properly install with UEFI (but that's another long story). Also, does anyone know the motherboard on the M5-481PT-6644?

Thanks again.

Answer:BIOS not recognizing both mSATA SSD and SATA HDD at the same time

can it be that one of the drive is offline ? if so maybe u can make them online using diskpart (windows 7 repair cd)

at the command prompt of the win 7 repair dvd..

list disk

find out which disk is offline .. then..

select disk 0 (or 1).. then..

online disk

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I have notebook HP Pavilion dv6 2020ev Corei7, and I?m not able to set up correct time and date. When I set date in BIOS and start Windows 7 there is time difference (few minutes sometimes, few hours etc. but every time different). When I turn off nb (also remove battery) time in BIOS is still OK. But when I start Windows 7 there is difference. BIOS time is ok till I change time or date in Windows 7. And this is big problem, when I update time or date in Windows 7, then after new boot BIOS time and date is reset to 00:00 01/01/2009. I?ve tried everything, update BIOS, fresh installation of Windows 7, change time internet sync settings, change the Hard, RAM,... after a lot of research, i decided to change the bios chip next to the "Control Keyboard chip" on motherboard ( i download last Bios version from HP, and program it), problem not solved.
after that i changed the other BIOS chip. problem not solved again.
finally i change the "Control Keyboard chip" (ENEKB3926QFD2) and unfortunately problem still alive.

note: Sometimes, when I work with my notebook date and time changes it go future or past.
i changed the battery on mother board, No effect.

sorry for my english.

please HeLp Me.

Answer:BIOS time and date reset after boot OS.

Change the cmos battery.

How to replace the CMOS battery.

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I am having a sony vaio leptop
my bios is taking 30 to 40 sec to detect the hard drive when booting up ..
you can watch the video here of my lep boot up problem - YouTube
i have not connected any external drive and still its taking long time i have even updated the bios but no hopes
please help me out

Answer:Bios takes long time to load

Do you always get that black screen with those options, especially " start normally". If so that's not normal at all. Have you checked for virus's and malware? Is the laptop abnormally warmer than usual? Have you cleaned out all the intake and exhaust ports with canned air?

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Hello! I was just wondering what were the effects of changing the BIOS time on Windows 10? I've heard it can do some damage to files and programs (specifically antiviruses, I've heard those can be broken). What are such effects and are they reversible by putting the BIOS time back to the proper time? I only intend to change the time by a couple of hours or so.

Answer:Effects of changing BIOS time on Windows 10?

I've had to do it before when on deployment and not connected to the internet for weeks at a time to keep some of my games running. When I did finally connect to the internet I forgot to change the time to the current date/time and all I experienced was a lot of webpage errors until I figured out I needed to update the date/time.

I don't run third party anti-anything programs though.

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On boot up on Dell 530s PC.... F1 to continue, and F2 to enter setup appears......I can use F1 and everything goes well.. I note that the time is in error and I entered the BIOs section where the date shows a 2007 date... I also noted that the "A drive" , which does not exist on this pc should have been at "none" wasn' I clicked on NONE.... Once corrected and time reset all seems to go well... ... Is the battery involved in this malfunction?. I did add an extra 2 gigs of memory from Crucial about a month ago..all went well for a few weeks.. this new symptom appeared just a week ago.

Any suggestions?

Oneoldman... very

Answer:Continually resetting date/time in bios

You need a new CMOS battery. It's a button battery in a slot on the board near the BIOS chip and the BIOS-clear jumper.

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Hello all! Thanks in Advance to all who replies.

So to start this off I have done alot of OS switching in the years ive owned this computer ( purchased sometime late 2011 ) I went from the original OS Windows 7 Home Prem SP1 x64 to many different linux distro and windows installs.

I decided I wanted to restore the computer back to its factory state. I had lost the restore disks years ago so I ordered a new copy off the Acer website. Once they came in the mail I booted up the disk and everything went smoothly. Until I restarted the computer expecting to boot into my fresh Windows install all I got was a black screen and/or a Constant reboot loop after getting to the Windows loading logo. After a little research I was able to figure out the BIOS was set to RAID and it only would boot up on AHCI. After selecting AHCI I was able to boot into my new install and set everything up.

After I login for the first time I do a full Windows Update and just select everything available to update.
after everything is done I click the restart button and It hungup on the installs before restarting.

So I figured ok, no big deal ill do a hard shutdown and reboot and try again. Same exact outcome.. So I search a little and find a Windows fix for update issues so I downloaded it and run it. Everything updates properly and Im able to restart without the hangups. BUT the BIOS has put itself back into RAID so I change that once again and boot up windows.

Now that all the updates seemed to have... Read more

Answer:Update Hangs, BIOS Changes, Date & Time changes

My guess is that the MB needs a new RTC battery. That is causing the MB to forget its settings. Lots of Win7 update problems lately. If the offending update is not necessary, you could Hide it and move on. Also, the date problem could mess up updating.

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so having bought my recent rig which is the following
core i3 4150
gigabyte h81m-ds2 rev 3 board
8gb ddr 3 ram
nvidia gtx 650

now few days ago i updated the bios and then restarted my pc and it gave me a bluescreen , found out i had to turn on ide in the bios settings and along with the use optimized defaults. i also enabled the fast boot option. earlier my pc took almost 3 seconds to boot from windows logo screen to the login screen and now it takes 2 to 3 minutes.. and its really frustrating me, what could be the culprit? do i need to enable the ultra fast boot option and is there any timing option in the bios?

help me guys

Answer:Slow boot time after BIOS update

why did you update the bios if everything worked fine...? maybe the new bios dont manage your hardware properly.

try to get the old BIOS

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i have a hp compaq nx9005 . an every time i boot up i have to go in setup all the time because it doesnt save my bios. and i have to maually boot from hardrive and set time and date every time i boot up . hope someone can help me .

Answer:my bios do not save and time and date, on laptop

This has all the signs of an exhausted cmos battery, not easily replaced in a laptop!

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The system does not retain the correct date and time.
Also on the page bios setup clock does not turn the minutes and seconds.
After set the current time in bios page and exit by save windows 8.1 have a wrong time.

can you help?

Answer:Satellite P50-B-10V - incorrect BIOS date & time


I would recommend you to update the BIOS to the latest available version.
You should get the newest version (at this time v1.50) from Toshiba EU driver page.
After the update, load BIOS default settings and set the right data and time.

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I recently reformatted my computer and updated (stupidly) my BIOS to the newest version.  Now my computer takes 15-20 minutes to boot.  I've had this problem before so I'm sure it's the BIOS.  I've tried restoring my BIOS to all the older versions I can find but to no avail.  Are there any ways to retrieve my original version from 2008 without restoring to factory setting?  I've searched all all over the web and can't find anything before version 3.01 from May 2009 (which does not work either).  Thanks for the help!

Answer:Lonnnnggg boot time after BIOS update

I have a T400.

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Well this is a blast from the past.  I have a Dell Dimension 9150 circa 2006, with 3 gigs DDR2 Ram, an Pentium D Dual core CPU, a 1 TB Western Digital HD and the original AMD/ATI RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450] video card.  It's still running fine, but last week I noticed the date & time was wrong.  I figured perhaps maybe it was time to change the CR-2032 battery.  I mean after 10 years, the thing might have gone bad. ;)
So I put a new one in & re-set up the BIOS settings, and here's the rub, the time will still sort of keep changing.  By that I mean the Minutes & Seconds will usually always be right, but the Hour will change & also it will change from AM to PM & Visa-Versa.  But no other BIOS settings are affected. 
This only happens when I'm in the BIOS.
I have Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 LTS on it, and the time/date are always correct, (I'm guessing because the clock is set to use an Internet Time server instead of the computers)
As this seems to be the only problem on a 10 year old Dell, is there anything to really worry about?  Everything else is working fine, just this one small thing in the BIOS that I hardly ever see anyway. ;)
One other thing, is there any Linux program I can download just in case a miracle happens & Dell releases a new chipset driver or BIOS update?  I did find this in the Ubuntu repository:

firmware-tools plugin to handle BIOS/Firmware for Dell systems: The firmware-addon-dell p... Read more

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About a month ago the computer wouldn't boot up and after three times, the MSI Award bios reset itself to safe defaults and I was able to get into the bios. The time and date numbers were jittering and I was unable to set them. After about 10 minutes they settled down and I could set them and I then had to reenter all the info into my bios for non default settings like memory voltage and timeing, etc.

This happened about a few weeks ago and then this morning once again I got the jitter time and date problem and it cleared up after about 10 minutes. After resetting the bios entries and saving, on reboot I got an error message in the post read outs "CMOS checksum error, defaults loaded. Please reenter cpu setting in bios CMOS setup." I went into the bios and found the memory timeing and voltage had been set back to default and the primary graphics adapter was back on default PCI instead of PCIEx, so I reset everything again and saved. On reboot there was a long wait of several minutes on the post check where it checks for "Jimicron Tech PCIE-to-SATA/IDE/Rad controller" and then it finally booted into Windows and seems OK again.

Any ideas of what might be wrong or what I could check would be appreciated. My system specs are in my profile.


Answer:Solved: Bios Time/Date Jitters

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I have a new dell 5558 core i7 8gb ram windows 10
the last bios time is 14.3 seconds
and the startup of windows is so slow
Total boot time is 1 minute and 57 seconds
(slower than an older dell 5537)

Answer:Dell 5558 High bios time

My Dell 5558 i5 12gb ram + 240gb ssd  last bios time the same 14.6 seconds
I'm angry, that Windows boots quickly than BIOS!

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In the Task Manager - Starup Tab - Last BIOS time it shows at 17615.2 seconds. That is almost 5 hours.

I thought this was supposed to indicate boot up time? My boot time is very quick under 10 seconds, so what does this number mean?

Answer:Task Manager - Startup Tab - Last BIOS time

Hi, interesting thread here:
windows 8 - Last BIOS time on Task Manager - Super User

Note this thread contains opinion, some contradictory, some statements may not be accurate.

Here are just a few of several interesting comments:
"Although I'm not sure why you are getting it displayed as 0.0 seconds, the purpose of the "Last BIOS time" is to tell you how long it took to load the BIOS, it is the amount of time between pressing the power button, and seeing the screen that indicates that windows is loading."

"If Secure Boot isn't enabled but your Windows is UEFI and has a GPT Windows partition this will always show 0.0 as the timer only works with Fast Boot...." (??)

"The BIOS time is the time taken before the first beginning screen shown after pressing the power button."
- this doesn't make sense- mine's 3.5s, but it takes about 12s to the lock screen from startup.

Your time doesn't make sense.. there are comments about very long times you might care to search for.

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Has anyone got a spares bios (RTC) battery for this motherboard. I just spoken to Toshiba - who told me to talk to Topaz, who told me

'it is part of the motherboard, and we cannot get hold of the components for the motherboard. A new motherboard will cost ?160. That is the best we can do'

The battery would cost no more than ?3.
Anyone got one please???

Answer:Satellite A200-1SI - Need BIOS (RTC) Battery this time


Maybe it?s enough if you load the RTC battery?!
You can charge the battery by power ON the machine for several hours.

Here is an interesting document about this:

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So I got lenovo y50-70 for about a year and like 4 months ago I have noticed that it takes longer and longer to boot my computer. In these few months the time that my computer needs to boot till bios has increased from less then a minute to more then an hour. I have updated my windows from windows 8 to windows 10 thinking that it might fix something but it didnt. I have tried to turn on hybernation but it didnt make any differences at all. This problem only appears when I am trying to turn my computer on (if I left it sleeping or turned it off it acts normal). When I am waiting for it to boot up it makes sounds and my keyboards is glowing as usual and that's all rest of my computer acts like it is turned off and stays like this till my screen turns on and lenovo logo appears.

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  I recently updated the bios of my 300-220, but my system became slow booter.  Here is the story. 1) I had used the A0.08 rev.A(sp73976.exe). Then my system became to require very long time to boot.     (about 3~5 minutes to get a bios screen after pushing the power button) 2) After a few trials of 1), I had tried the A0.10 rev.A(sp76701.exe). to resolve this problem, but there was no difference.      And between several trials of 1) and 2), the leds of power button started not working. 3) I also had tried "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI" tool, but there was no difference.     ( Yes, I also had tried to update the bios again with UEFI tool.  ) Currently, My system has BIOS version of A0.10 rev.A. (I confirmed that in the bios screen)And the windows version is up to date (windows 10 anniversary update).After very long boot time (about 5 minutes), it works perfectly as usual. How can I fix this problem? 

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Hello, After I got the motherboard replaced (on a y5070) at the Lenovo Service Center, the BIOS time increased quite a bit. Before it was 2.8 seconds and now it is about 7 sec (according to info povided by Windows Task Manager) I have the latest BIOS update (as I did before), the Windows is fresh-installed and the motherboard is new, but it takes longer to boot...Preety weird right?    

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HP Support Assistant is suggesting I install the BIOS Update SP77795. When i do it it stays at the "HP Notebook System BIOS Update" stage for a long time and shows no progress in the gray status bar. I finally stopped it after about an hour.  Suggestions? Thank you,Ron 

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I have a Lenovo t400s laptop running Windows 7.  At the Lenovo website I did a system update, where they scan my computer and show recommended updates.  I chose all of them, including the bios update.  Had I known there was any chance of a problem I never would have chose 'bios update'!  Now, after 3 hours, it is still "updating".  I looked online and found out it should only take a couple minutes!!  Now what?  I haven't tried to restart or anything yet.  What should I do next?  PLEASE HELP!!

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I have a Satellite M100. Yesterday when I switched on my notebook the clock sets time to 2010. After I set the time back, it either lacks a few minutes or went back an hour within 1-2 hours after I reset the time.

I checked the window time with BIOS using promt but it is the same. I set the daylight saving correctly and because I am using my uni network there might be restriction for me to sync the clock. I am using windows XP home.

Please some one help suggest what I should do to stop my clock from acting wierdly?


Answer:Satellite M100: BIOS time is wrong


I don?t know if this will help but please be sure the CMOS battery is not empty. Check user?s manuals and there you will find info how long CMOS battery need to be full charged.

If you are permanent online be also sure that the notebook time will be permanent synchronize with internet time server. This option you can find under ?Date and Time Properties?.


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I just happen to go through the BIOS and noticed that by default the BIOS has been set not to report the battery time left (e.g.  displaying 9hrs and 52 misn left) Is there any particular reason that this reporting has been disabled in the BIOS? 

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Not sure how it's happened but it appeares my mom's system has both a 6 blink and 2 blink bios code issue going on. LEDs on keyboard and plug light flash blink the fan and cd-rom can be heard but no screen and after a few seconds the power restarts the pattern. The operating system was upgraded to win10 last year and has never had any real issues until yesterday, i have tried w+b, fn+b, all 4 arrows battery in out nearly a you name it ive tried it no luck. I see something about making a usb flash with a combination of hp-tool and the bios for the originial operating system it ran but i am a bit comfused as to where to find hp-tool download and all the components or how to compile to a bootable from another window10 or linux machine, ...where do i find hp-tool as a exe to start and how exactly do you compile these and in what program from win10 if it has to be done from a win to work, and does it matter explorer/  chrome when downloading , have read doesnt work if it was downloaded with chrome.?  ANy help to get the Mother back her window10 so i can take back my linux and boot the other 10 back to what it runs smoothest soon, ever so greatful in advance..thanx

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compaq presario 5000
p4 1.6 ghz, l2 256kb, 400mhz
3 x 256 mb, 768mb, pc133, 133mhz

computer has for a long time, deteriated in the boot up process, slowly degrading until finally issues were being brought up at initial boot up saying how changes were made and needed to be 'saved'. I replaced the CR2032 battery for the CMOS. I am still having a boot up/BIOS/CMOS loop, asking to have information saved, booting again, asking to save and verify changed components.

I am unable to boot to any device, FDD, HDD, CD-ROM. The pc stays at the beginning BIOS loading and reboots.


Answer:BIOS taking long time to boot

Pull your ide ribbon off the hard drive and see if it will post normal, I have seen failing hard drives do this, let us know. ed

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First Off, I don't know if this falls in this category?

Problem with time and date settings in Bios

Every time I press the power button on my computer, my computer boots up the keyboard, mouse, harddrives, etc.
BUT then i get an error message saying that time and date settings are incorrect. I took a picture on this:

I press F1 to enter setup to fix the issue (inside the bios setup):

It restarts then no error message comes up. However when I shut down the computer at night and open it again the next day the error message comes up again?
Any ideas on how to keep the time the same and get rid of the error message.

Much appriciated in advanced!

PS. the computer specs that are there right now are wrong.

Here are the specs for this computer:

128 MB - RAM
5 GB - Harddrive
W2K Pro - OS
Gateway 2000 - Model
Want more, just ask!

Answer:Problem with time and date settings in Bios

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Hello - curious where I can find information about setting the time in the BIOS for my M900 Tiny.... Primary issue: How do I set the M900 BIOS time to local time and have it remain without (apparently resetting) to UTC? I can set the time to local time (America / New York / EST) in the BIOS and boot into my OS and everything is fine, BUT once I power off the machine and return to the BIOS the time has been reset back to UTC (apparently) because it always increments +5 hours. The real issue I'm having if I have the machine wake from power-off, my cron jobs (Linux OS) kick off 5 hours early whenever the machine power cycles. Thanks for any insight. 

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We have an HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC, running Windows 8 64-bit. I've been trying to install an update today, HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors) thru the HP Support Assistant. It's been on "Installing" for more than half an hour. Is this normal? I've cancelled, restarted the laptop and tried the update again, but it's still the same thing. Please help!

Answer:BIOS Update taking long time to install?

Hello moonrivermaiden, Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand that the BIOS is taking a long to install, or is possibly freezing. The best thing to do is give it a few hours and see what happens. If it freezes, or provides an error, try restoring the BIOS. If that doesn't work, there is likely a hardware failure. Please contact HP phone support for assistance. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP appropriately, based on your region: Contact HP Worldwide Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.Mario

I worked on behalf of HP.

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Hello - curious where I can find information about setting the time in the BIOS for my M900 Tiny.... Primary issue: How do I set the M900 BIOS time to local time and have it remain without (apparently resetting) to UTC? I can set the time to local time (America / New York / EST) in the BIOS and boot into my OS and everything is fine, BUT once I power off the machine and return to the BIOS the time has been reset back to UTC (apparently) because it always increments +5 hours. The real issue I'm having if I have the machine wake from power-off, my cron jobs (Linux OS) kick off 5 hours early whenever the machine power cycles. Thanks for any insight. 

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I have Toshiba Satellite L50-B for over a year now. I upgraded RAM memory to 8gb and it works great. But last 10 days BIOS date and time keeps restarting to default every time I shut down or hibernate laptop. My battery is dead, but I didn't take out, it charges all the time, and BIOS restart after I disconnect charger from laptop. I think that CMOS battery is dead, but when I open laptop there is no CMOS battery. Someone told me that this model have some kind of flash chip for bios time. How do I fix this?

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We have 7 SPA10 laptops in our University department.

They are all showing the same problem when they haven't been used for a week or so.

The error message is:

RTC battery is low or CMOS checksum is inconsistent.
Press F1 key to set Date/Time

They didn't use to do this so is there an RTC battery we can change or anyone know another solution?

Our SPA60s don't show this problem.


Answer:SPA10 battery and BIOS time lost problems

Hello Paul

Check this please =TRO0000000acc .

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I downloaded a BIOS driver and installed it in my laptop (Envy 4-1035TX). The monitor went blank but my laptop is still on. I tried removing the battery and putting it back. When I turned my laptop on, nothing is happening. It's still blank but the power button is on.

Answer:Re: BIOS Update taking long time to install?

Hi @leimgling, Welcome to the HP Forum!  I am pleased that you have become a HP Forum member.  It is such a wonderful site to find answers and tips. Here is a link to the First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More for you to have the most rewarding experience and answer any concerns about posting. It is also important to include the operating system you are currently running.  What is your operating system? I understand that after successfully updating the bios that your monitor remains blank on startup.   Here is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boo... as a guide. Please let me know the outcome. To express appreciation for my post please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon?.  If my post resolves the issue you are experiencing, please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find what worked for you! 

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Hi I need help.... I have a 7th gen AMD 10-9600 APU hp laptop that I bought recently..... Not too long ago I was asked to update my software ..upon doing so...a couple minutes my screen went blank and won't display anything... And I restart it.. And it's showing me this info and it's just stuck there... And I'm worried cause I just got this laptop

Answer:Re: BIOS Update taking long time to install?

[email protected],


Thanks for reaching out to HP Support Forums. One stop for all solutions about your HP product. To have the best experience on HP forum, visit our HP Forums Guide to know more.


I was going through your post and would like to help you.


Stuck at the BIOS screen. Is that, right?


I recommend you to try couple steps and check if that helps you resolve the issue.


Perform hard reset on the PC:


Also, please share the model number of the PC to find a more appropriate solution towards the issue.


Hope the above steps will help you finds the solution. Please share more to serve you.




Glad to help you. I work for HP

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My problem is:
TOSHIBA Tempro alerted me for update my notebook BIOS and I install the update but, after update done
MY TOSHIBA easy media LEDs are on all the time and the power on & off led is not working fine

And if I want to power off the LEDs I must restart My system and enter to the BIOS setup and turn off the LEDs from there

Can any body help for this problem or can I restore My last BIOS version?

Answer:After BIOS update easy media LEDs are on all the time

I don't know which notebook model do you have but on my Satellite A300 everything works well.
I have disabled illumination in BIOS settings but I can still enable/disable it using on/off button.

Has your notebook original preinstalled Vista?
I don't know if this will help but you can try to remove Value added package from the system and after restart install latest version from Toshiba download page.

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Hi anyone,I have a N200 769-ELG. I installed modified winXP SP3 and everytime I plug in or out the power jack the notebook resets the time and date settings in BIOS. Same OS is installed in an old desktop and nothing happens. Therfore I am pretty sure that it is not related. All drivers are installed without any problem according to a sequence list I found in the forums. So I wonder if anyone can provide any suggestions. Thanx anyway..  3000 N200 TY2ELTK T5750 Intel Core2 Duo 2.0GHz 1GB 160GB DVD+-RW

Lenovo 3000 N200 769-ELG - C2D T9300 2.50GHz 800MHz FSB-2GB DDR2 667MHz-256MB Intel GMA X3100-500 GB 7200rpm SATA-Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG


Go to Solution.

Answer:BIOS time&date reset when power is plugged.

the bios battery probably ran out for some reason, usually the battery should last for around 4 to 5 years, but every once in a while you might get a bad cell that lasts only 1 year or so. So do you still have warranty, if not then you can replace it yourself, you can get one for around 10 USD on ebay.  

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It is well understood by many that Time Computers technical services are poor in the extreme and extortionate to boot. Moreover, finding driver download support is almost non-existent.Suffice it to say I flashed the BIOS for the following Time Computer:Time ComputerModel: 644MF04G3Motherboard: MS-6340 Ver 1I went to the MSI site for the BIOS, as trying to find it on Time Computers website was impossible, and that was the end of the BIOS chip. Unbeknown to me the motherboard used by Time Computers is a striped down version of MSI?s equivalent. For this reason the BIOSes flash updates are incompatible.I?m in the process of buying a new BIOS from click here but what I need is the BIOS that came with this machine from time Computers. The latest version is preferable.I would appreciate it if someone could furnish me with the BIOS file.Regards,G

Answer:Time Computers BIOS update file needed

In order to help, its probably best you remove the case from the pc and give us the numbers on the motherboard. I looked at your pc specs and according to time several versions of that motherboard have been used in that model so we would be guessing.

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Few weeks ago bought new dell xps 9550 4k model i7 512 Toshiba ssd model.
Unsatisfied with boot time - about 23 seconds to boot windows 10.
Bios boot time in task manager shows 12,3 seconds - it is unacceptable for such expensive computer with newest hardware. My old inspiron with windows 7 boots faster and has bios boot time about 1-2 seconds.
Clean install win 10, bios newest version 1.2 and newest drivers.
My boot looks like this:
also I found a video there xps 13 boots very fast:

Searched all forums - no solution.
So maybe Dell engineers know what is the problem here and how to fix it?

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Has anyone seen this problem before. I installed fresh after setting the BIOS up over a month ago and then installed XP Home upgrade over Win98se.And not get looping boots but my concern is the Time/Date & Year has reverted to Day 1 like the motherboard was new out of the box.Putting Looping boots/re-boots continous & the BIOS Dates changing itself could I be looking at a virus, Power supply or faulty M/board.I am going to run a emergency Norton scan in dos.

Answer:BIOS Time/Date/Yr keeps reverting back to default

Hi KinlossNot an expert but a possibility might be battery problem as above therefore BIOS setting to default when machine is powered up.Woth a look

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My brand new Y510 was shipped with Windows 8 but is now running Windows 8.1 without any significant issues, except for the long cold boot time -- 233.4 seconds BIOS time as shown under the Startup Tab in Task Manager. When the power button is pressed, the Lenovo logo screen comes up and stays like that for 233 seconds. Then the OS starts loading as shown by the circling dots. After that it takes around 45 seconds to complete the boot process.My question is -- how do I reduce the BIOS time from an unacceptable 233.4 seconds?Thank you.

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