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Host freezes on RDP session

Question: Host freezes on RDP session

I have been using RDP to connect from work to home machine. Lately, it has been locking up my host machine at home. It will come up with error that it cant connect even though it gets passed the password entry.

Anyone notice this? I am thinking video card drivers or something. SO I turned off my screen saver and set it to not turn my monitor off after a certain time.

OS- Windows 10 pro (host + remote machine) Fully updated on both machines.

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Preferred Solution: Host freezes on RDP session

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Host freezes on RDP session

When you post like this you should include at minimum the OS and version of it that you use. Anything Microsoft related and you can most likely point your finger at a botched windows update for starters.

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Team viewer lets you record a remote session from the client, is there a software that will let you record the session by the host?

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I am running lite version of Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate which has RDP Session Host removed.
Can anyone point me towards which DLL files are necessary for it to work, possibly how and in which order to register them, and their dependencies?

(BTW, even though the installation source is from unofficial distribution (obviously), I upgraded my Win7 Pro key through WAU, so the installation is legit, just for clarification. )


Answer:RDP Session Host ReInstallation & DLL ReRegister on Win7 Ult. x64

Anyone please?

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Hello everyone,
I recently did a teamviewer session with a person. After that day, a teamviewer process would show up on my firewall as i started windows showing the name of a "macbook.XXX". I uninstalled Teamviewer but still this "MACBOOK" shows up in "windows host processes" when i start my computer. This person confirmed me he has a MacBook so I am pretty sure this is related to that teamviewer call. How do I fix this? And why does it make that connection when I start my laptop? Here is a screenshot of what happens.
The first in the list is the macbook i am referring to, the second in the list fully deleted is the name of my laptop.
what is happening?
thank you in advance for your help

Answer:strange host service in Glassdoor firewall after TW session

I would suspect this shows as one of the exceptions added within the "Firewall" tab of Glasswire? If you never intend to use it again, you can click on the 'grey flame' icon on the left to block it, if it being there concerns you.

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Hello everyone,
I recently did a teamviewer session with a person. After that day, a teamviewer process would show up on my firewall as i started windows showing the name of a "macbook.XXX". I uninstalled Teamviewer but still this "MACBOOK" shows up in "windows host processes" when i start my computer. This person confirmed me he has a MacBook so I am pretty sure this is related to that teamviewer call. How do I fix this? And why does it make that connection when I start my laptop? Here is a screenshot of what happens.
The first in the list is the macbook i am referring to, the second in the list fully deleted is the name of my laptop.
what is happening?
thank you in advance for your help

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Simple question really, just wondering if it is possible to allow the user to watch what your doing on their PC when you've connected via a remote session.

i.e. I'm on PC A and I'm controlling PC B, but I want my colleague on PC B to be able to see what I'm actually doing (rather than just viewing the login screen / logging in and interupting my session).

If not, is there any FREE (and safe) software that does this.

Any help is appreciated.



Answer:XP Remote Desktop: Can you enable host watch session?

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Clicking "Start Local Trace"
MMA is up to date, running as admin on Win10. What am I missing?


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As alluded to in the title, my PC freezes when I play pretty much any 3D application (especially games) where it freezes almost immediately forcing me to restart my computer using the reset button. Afte the computer finishes rebooting from this I can then run any application fine without it freezing - until the next session of using my computer. It doesnt matter whether I access the 3D app straight away from startup or after 1 hour of use, the freeze still happens for the first startup of any 3D app. The freeze can happen anywhere up to 30 or 40 minutes of playing a game - somewhat frustrating at times. I have checked as many drivers as I know how and there really are not many external bits attached to my pc, it has usb kb and mouse (logitech), usb data dongle and monitor. The crashes did not appear to be happening when I bought the computer and it was running windows xp, although I only ran xp for about a week before installing vista. The problem has occurred over a full install of vista, and more recently a full version, fresh install of windows 7.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Please find below the DXDIAG printout,


System Information
Time of this report: 5/8/2010, 12:53:42
Machine name: ---------------------
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100226-1909)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Tech... Read more

Answer:Intermittent PC Freezes - only once per session though

Hi Matt,

Does this happen with particular games or just any game (or 3D app)?

When you say that the PC freezes, can you still see the image on the screen (ie, not a blue screen)?
Does the sound stutter?
How long have you tried leaving it to recover? Maybe the PC is doing something in the background?

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Using Roxio 5 for burning CD. Been doing so for a long time. Use either Office Depot or Verbatum CD-R Recently I discovered that when adding data to a CD with previous essions on it, and it is getting close to the end, say about 75MB - 100MB from end data gets writen but then when it is finalizing the system freezes up and it does not complete the session. This is very annoying since I have to fetch a fresh CD and put all the data on it. I use CD as my main backup, and keep adding new data as it is generated .
Any Ideas

Answer:Roxio CD-R freezes at end of session

Try reinstalling Roxio then burn a new CD but this time use the 'test and record' option instead.

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When he disconnects from his desktop from doing a RDP session, the system CRASHES HARD. No mouse, nothing. When you look at the screen it is frozen at the CTRL-ALT-DEL part. This is a fresh install of Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit SP1. No idea why this is happening? The only difference is new install, and new HD. Seagate Mometus XT.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? All Power save stuff is turned off.

Answer:Help! My CFO machine after a RDP session freezes up when he disconnec


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I just recently had the MB and PS replaced in an Emachines computer running XP. When I got it back I am not able to connect to the internet but was able to before giving it to Geeksquad since it was a warranty replacement. My daughter can install and run her programs just fine, but the system locks up when I open IE or Firefox. The keyboard and mouse do not respond and I am not able to get to Task Manager to stop the application. My only way out of this is to turn off the computer and start it back up. I thought I may have a spyware issue, but I can not even get to the web to download the most recent version of spybot and Adaware. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Internet session locks up - freezes system

try re-instaaling ur internet

start<control panel<network and internet conections<network setup wizard

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Emachines M5312
2400+ Mobile AMD Athlon EX-M
512MB, 60GB
microsoft home edition XP
5.1.2600 SP2-updated
Norton AV 2004-updated
Adaware SE personal-updated
netzero platinum dialup (no hispeed)

I can get on the internet just fine. But, getting off leaves my laptop frozen. The screensaver and system tray are still there as well as the ISP's icon. The icon is suppose to go away leaving the computer freed up. Yet, I have to power-button off and on to unfreeze it. It happens all the time.
First thought this was normal until reasoning set in. (new to pcing) "Why turn off a computer just to start it up again in order to use it"?
Talked to (e-mailed) ISP support quite awhile ago about it, and they said something about the graphics setting may be too high and to turn it down.
I was afraid to try anything, being new and all.
But, just for the record, I regularly use Adaware, Norton, delete temps and have defragmented. Use disk cleanup, too. I have all updates including XP's. Even tried the OS standby,restart, and turn off options instead of using netzero's toolbar "disconnect' button to get off the net properly. Same thing happens-the freeze. Keyboard is nonreponsive too until the restart. I close all windows as well beforehand as well.
Can you help? Thanks

Answer:laptop freezes after ending internet session

Solved the problem.
Thanks to ALL

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I have problem with session manager's session files.

The problem is:
The submitted storage data from firefox which is put between "storage":{ and its matching closing brace }
But in some of my session files there is non equal { and } under storage's braces.

I need to get storage data but in my case it is very hard to do programmatically because finding "storage":{ 's matching brace is impossible because of the non equal { and } in storage data.

My question: is there any character put before or after { and } like /{ or \{ to avoid confusion?

If there is not such thing, I think there could be different solution but i am not sure:
I look couple of my session files; after "storage":{...} there is ,_"formDataSaved" so i can get storage data in this example ... by looking between "storage":{ and ,"_formDataSaved" easily. Is there every time ,"_formDataSaved" after "storage":{ ?

"storage":{ ... },"_formDataSaved":true
Thank you.

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In internet explorer when i open it up and restore my last session it opens up many windows, including my last session, a session i may have had 2 weeks ago and other sessions?

Answer:Internet explorer last browsing session opens up many session points!

I believe this is the explanation of why this happens....

The behavior of Internet Explorer only remembering the very last window closed is by design.
This happens because each new window becomes a new session.
Internet Explorer is designed to remember the last, not necessarily the most important, window/session that was open.

Browse through the links below to see if they provide further insight...

Internet Explorer Reopen Last Browsing Session - Disable or Enable

Internet Explorer - Reopen Last Browsing Session

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Question: RDP freezes host

Hi Guys,

A few months ago I bought a new Notebook computer at home (Dell Vostro 1320). I've always been able to remote in to home computer with Remote Desktop. ​

However, with this notebook, when I try using RDP, I get the log on screen, but the moment I click OK to log in, the host computer freezes. ​

I did the following testing to try solving the problem, but with no success.​

1. RDP is enabled.​

2. I disabled the firewall.​

3. I took the notebook to my office and tried using RDP inside the domain.​

4. I tried using RDP with another notebook using a simple router with no firewall.​

5. I opened a new clean user, and tried to log in to the new user.​

6. I tried entering a false username or password. In that case, it will give the regular "wrong username" error, but will not freeze.​

I am searching the net for weeks, with no solution, and this makes me real headache.


Answer:RDP freezes host

When RDP freezes, does it mean that you need to force reset the laptop (i.e. a total PC freeze) or is it just the application that freezes?

Are you able to use RDP when booting in to safe mode? Also, does event viewer give any error messages when the crash happens?

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This one is very simple to do.

Anyone using http session can be easily hijacked
Just sniff the http session of a website using wireshark
Note the captured Cookie

open a web browser
Add the name and value of captured cookie. save it.

open the website . Now you are logged into someone else account.

You can do anything on that website , which is allowed to be done without asking for username and password. All this just by using the sniffed cookies.
Anyone can sniff on data traveling through hub, switches, router that you are using to connect to internet. They can easily hijack your http sessions.

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it seems firefox cannot tell the difference between a crash, or if you just have the browser open while shutting down/rebooting

apparently this is a bug, but im just curious.. is there anyway for the restore session option to still be available if theres a crash, but for the message to not come up if the browsers open and you shutdown/reboot?

Answer:firefox restore session/start new session

That is a bug that has been entered into the bug report that may or may not be corrected in the future. As it stands now, Firefox can't distinguish between a crash and an unexpected closure.
The only options that I know for now is to type about:config in the address bar of Firefox and hit Enter. Go to browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash and set it to false
This will disable the restore session.
You could try this to disable the message, but it will always be disabled until you remove the preference.
Go into about:config and Right-click in the list and select New> String.
Enter browser.sessionstore.restore_prompt_uri as the pref's name.
Enter javascript:window.close(); as the pref's value.
Close Firefox and the message shouldn't appear. If it doesn't work, just delete the preference.

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So I was using premiere pro, putting together a video, when all of a sudden windows becomes non-responsive. 20 seconds later windows recovers and tells me there was a video driver crash, and all my video sources disappear from my project. Premiere prompts me to locate the files, so I go looking for them, only to find the hard drive the files were located on has disappeared (No longer visible in disk management, explorer, etc).

My initial reaction was to restart windows...perhaps it was just..something..a restart would fix? . This didn't change anything, so I did a bit of googling. I was unable to find a potential reason, but several people had a similar problem of their hard drives disappearing, and it just took a couple of restarts to fix it. So I restarted again to see if that would solve the problem.

This lead to the situation I am currently in. Now, with the drive plugged in, the BIOS will recognize it, but when Windows starts up, it remains stuck on the black screen with the windows logo and the text "starting windows". Removing the drive solves this issue, and Windows starts fine...but my drive still doesn't work. There were no programs stored on the drive, no drivers..far as I can tell windows should have no reason to refer to information on that drive during start up, its all just stored files.

So....anyone know why? Did the drive die? Is there corrupted data on it? Is it possible to retrieve the data? Any input is appreciated.


Answer:HDD disappeared during windows session, now freezes windows boot.


A few steps you may try:

1. Check in your Advanced Power Plan Settings to see if you may have the "Turn off hard disk after idle" option set to X amount of minutes. If so, change it to "Never"?

Hard Drive - Turn Off Hard Disk After Idle or Never

2. Check to see if there is an issue with the data and/or power cables connected to the HDD.
Try replacing them with different ones to see if the issue remains.

3. Try connecting the HDD to a different SATA port on the motherboard, as there
may be an issue with that particular port?



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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. I recently noticed that a bunch of IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers (Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller), 32 of them, added to my IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller. Also, after that, I wasnt able to connect to the Internet. I had recently installed a Dynex Gigabit PCI Adapter, due to a problem I was having with my onboard network port. I plugged the network cable back into the onboard network port and I was able to connect, unfortunately, after a short amount of time the computer freezes. I've tried doing a system restore but that doesnt seem to do anything. Can anyone suggest what I can do?

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I have been have something problems with my windows XP computer. I am unable to run some of my programs, its freezes and most of the time I can't even turn it off my computer no matter how many times I keep click shut down so I am force to turn it off the wrong way and unplug it. I Also get the Generic Host Process error.

I've tried using both Super AntiSpyware & Spyware terminator but their not getting the job done. When they both finish the complete scans they ask me to reboot but, most of the time the computer won't reboot and even when it does this blue screen comes up and tells me it shutdowns or something and when I turn it back on its like nothing happen and I still have adware, trojan, etc.

I had ask help on another website but I can't seem access it now among other sites.

Answer:Computer freezes, will not shut down, Generic Host Process error

Try to Boot in Safe mode and then run scans for adware and trojan etc.

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Hey all
I have created a mulisession data CD, but i cant see the files that were written to the first track? If i go into nero, it says the track exists, and it gives me the right size and all of the total file size, but i cant seem to get at these files at all????

Anyone know how i can access them, or why this might be goin on?


Answer:Multi session CD's - why cant i see what i wrote to the first session?

Finalise the CD under Nero. This means you cannot write more to it, but it should populate the TOC and enable you to see all sessions.

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Small office setup with a wireless modem/router. We have two computers that are identical HP Pavilion a6807c PCs running Vista Home Premium. Other computers in the office are a bit older and run either XP or Vista.

Just purchased a new HP Officejet 7000 printer and connected it via a USB to one of the HP Pavilion Vista computers (which I will refer to as HP1). The printer works fine on HP1 using the direct USB connection.

Set printer sharing, file sharing, and even public sharing on both HP computers (HP1 and the other one I will refer to as HP2). Workgroup name is the same. Can access HP1 and see the HP printer on HP1 from other computers in the office. However, when I try to connect to the printer from HP2 to HP1, it locks up HP1 and HP1 requires a hard reset. I tried installing the software/drivers on HP2, but HP2 still tries to install the drivers from HP1.

I am not sure its a problem with HP1 as much as it is a Vista issue. The reason I say this is because I have been able to successfully use an XP computer (XP3) to connect and print to the Officejet on HP1.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Vista Host Computer Freezes when trying to connect to a printer from another Vista PC

Ok, I am able to print from an older computer with Vista (computer V4)...I guess I will try to reinstall the printer drivers on HP2 and see if that works at all.

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Please see link below for what I've done so far according to the "Malware Removal" forum. They suggested posting here. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Laptop freezes--"Resolving host..."

Some things to try.

From a command prompt type in

ipconfig /all > results.txt | notepate results.txt

attach the results.txt file here.

From the command line


Do you get

You can try running this:

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Was recommended to forward this to you good folks by the Malware Removal board. Please see the link below for what's been going on so far--Can anyone here offer any further assistance? Thanks in advance!

Here's the original problem from my original post:

I've had my Gateway NE56R12u laptop with Windows 7 for a few years now with little to no problems until recently. I only use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for getting online. I'm not sure why, but recently, after I've been online for a while on either one, my laptop will freeze, with "Resolving host..." in the lower left corner. If I just let it go for a few minutes, thinking it will resolve host eventually, it doesn't, and I have to restart. I have CCleaner, Wise Care 365, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but even after repeated scans, the problem remains. I also tried using the restore feature, but it doesn't seem to let me go back past a certain amount of time. Any ideas? Suggestions on a free malware cleaner that might help? Thanks so much in advance!

Answer:Laptop freezes "Resolving host"...

"Resolving host..." in the lower left corner.Click to expand...

Does this appear near the start button?
I'm used to seeing messages on the right near the clock.

I'll do some searching but I want to be sure I have a clear idea of what you see before I search.

1. This is for chrome
I don't run it so I can only point you to fixes; I have no way to test them myself.


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Hi there! Hope someone here can please help! I've had my Gateway NE56R12u laptop with Windows 7 for a few years now with little to no problems until recently. I only use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for getting online. I'm not sure why, but recently, after I've been online for a while on either one, my laptop will freeze, with "Resolving host..." in the lower left corner. If I just let it go for a few minutes, thinking it will resolve host eventually, it doesn't, and I have to restart. I have CCleaner, Wise Care 365, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but even after repeated scans, the problem remains. I also tried using the restore feature, but it doesn't seem to let me go back past a certain amount of time. Any ideas? Suggestions on a free malware cleaner that might help? Thanks so much in advance!

Answer:Laptop freezes--"Resolving host..."

Hello, Armitage112

Please follow the following guide and attach the logs when completed:

READ & RUN ME FIRST - Malware Removal Guide

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For the past couple of days my laptop (ASUS X750JA with Intel Core i7 4700HQ @ 2.40 GHz + 6GB RAM, running 64-bit Windows 10) has been very sluggish, with newly opened windows often showing the 'Not Responding' message. On the Task Manager 'Performance' tab, I see my main hard drive (C partition with Windows 10 + program files; D partition with data) almost continually showing 98-100% active time - even though I'm doing little to nothing and only Google Chrome is running with a few open tabs.

On the 'Processes' tab, I see Dism Host Servicing Process and Modern Setup Host, which I don't normally see. When I manually end Modern Setup Host, hard disk activity immediately drops to, and stays at, the normal 'idling' level of 0-20%, and is mostly at 0%.

Why are these two processes running? I'm not installing anything. My laptop is effectively crippled when Modern Setup Host is doing whatever it's doing.

Please help to restore my laptop and its user to sanity. ;-)

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IBM Connect Direct application used for Host to Host connectivity has been picked up as a Trojan Virus by some Microsoft Security Products including Defender, System Centre Endpoint Protection, System Centre Endpoint
Protection 2012 and Security Essentials.

The result is that Connect Direct is deleted by the security software.
Question: What will be the implication of excluding this from the security policy?

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I was trying to enter a new host file on one of our remote user?s laptop and when I went to open the file it showed a bunch of Chinese symbols and wouldn?t let me do anything with it? I tried deleting it and then tried to build a new host file from scratch and the same thing happened??? I?ve never seen this before. Any suggestions?

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I was trying to enter a new host file on one of our remote user?s laptop and when I went to open the file it showed a bunch of Chinese symbols and wouldn?t let me do anything with it? I tried deleting it and then tried to build a new host file from scratch and the same thing happened??? I?ve never seen this before. Any suggestions?

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I have a local area network of four Windows 7 PCs. The PCs are named Term1, Term2, Term3 and Term4.

Term1 is the server PC.

When I map to Term1 from the other Terms(2,3 and 4) I always used the command:
Net use F: \\Term1\c /user:Admin 1234

This worked fine before; now it suddenly refuses to connect this way ? I have to replace Term1 with the actual IP address of Term1 for it to work.

have tried the following Admin CMD commands:

int ip reset

All of these commands make no difference; I just can't connect using the server name (Term1).

What I strangely noticed is that from any of the terminals connected to Term1 (using the IP address); if I use, for example, ping Term1,
I get an address return of;
this address of will
display if I ping to Term2, Term3 or Term4.

I cannot find any solution on the web for this strange problem.

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Whenever I start my PC, running XP, just as the desktop is loading, I get a message which tell me that new hardware has been found (I've not upgraded in any way) and that it needs the drivers for a USB Host to Host Bridge.I do have seeveral USB peripherals, however all of them are working and I have no clue as to what this is, or where I could find the drivers for it.I've look through many drivers sites like click here, however to no avail.Any ideas clever blokes and blokesses?Ta

Answer:USB Host to Host Bridge - What on EARTH is is?!

you definitely have a driver missing but why that has happened is anyones guess. I have made a change to my bios settings before and been asked to resupply many driver files.You dont say which XP you are running, but if you havnt already done so, I suggest installing the service pack because this has a lot of new drivers.

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I need help, not 30 lashes with a wet noodle. I feel stupid enough already.

I think I have a failed uninstall of Norton Internet Securities 2004 and I may not have completely removed MSN 9.0 either. The machine was handed down to me from my fifteen year old daughter, who feels that it has "a bunch of Trojans".

It is a Presario S5000NX running WinXP SP2. It has two XP clients, one of which can access the internet and be seen (usually) by other machines. The 95 client can be seen by all machines but cannot see any of them. The samba (Mandrake 10.1) client can't be seen but can (usually) see the host, 95 client, and one XP client, and can access the internet. The other XP client cannot be seen or go online, but can (usually) access files from (some of) the other computers. The samba client double-boots in Win2000 and can then access the host, 95 client, and accessible XP client, but cannot be seen. The 95 client cannot access the internet.

This ethernet LAN connectivity is subject to change without notice or apparent reason.

It is currently running AVG free and Sygate free; whenever I try to install stronger security software, I lose network connectivity (which is hardly perfect in the first place) and have to run an XP system restore.

I can also scan across the network with NOD32 on a client computer. Neither it nor AVG nor Ad-Aware nor Spybot turn anything up.

Let's start with a hijackthis log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 5:23:01 A... Read more

Answer:XP fileshare and ICS host with a host of problems

get the new HJT from here and repost the new log.

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Multiple variations of this warning cause computer to lock up, as well as be inaccessible to Remote Desktopm

Answer:The protocol host process 1444 did not respond and is being forcibly terminated {filter host process 0}.

Can you try uninstalling the latest Windows Defender upgrade ?
Else you can try stopping the entire service itself.

Sumesh P - Microsoft Online Community Support

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Hello : Since I updated to win 10 . in device manager I'm having a problem with my usb host controllers , looks like I need a update for win 10 .

Answer:renesas 3.0 host controller / hci compliant host controller needed .

Can you do option one of this tutorial,

System Information File - Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

I see Renesas drivers for W7 for your board, have you tried those?

P8P67 | Motherboards | ASUS Global

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Hi there..

I just got a new USB cable for connecting my HP ZT3000 laptop to my desktop PC..

It's a cable with two USB endings, written on it "USB link cable"..

When I try to plug it, a New hardware wizard pops up, asking me the path of the required driver, both on the ZT3000 and the desktop PC...

This happens even without connecting both of them... they identify it immediately as a new hardware..

the cable is identified as a USB Host to Host Bridge...

Needless to say, that they both didn't find the needed driver... I tried to direct it to the drivers' directories in the C: drive on the laptop, but nothing helped..

Anyone knows how to connect them succesfully???

Thanx in advance..

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Hi, I have win8 Enterprise. when i connection to internet two service with names service host: Network service and service host: local system download automatically, i thought that it relate to windows update but automatic update is off and my windows is up to date. what is the problem? what can i do that stop them's download?

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I am using Windows XP home edition.

I posted this in the wrong forum, a few days ago: and was advised to post it here,
with a new hjt log. They did say that I had more serious problems than just my host file needing to be restored. They also said that there didn't seem to be a firewall. How can I find out if I'm using Window's firewall?

Arovax Shield popped up a message: "Warning: Your Windows host file was hijacked. It is recommended to restore host file."

1. Now I can't use my anti-virus program, because it stalls (freezes) before it finishes.

2. I can't use Panda or any other on-line scanner, because it too freezes before it can

3. I can't shutdown my computer - not even cold boot! I have to completely unplug it!

4. I can't do a system restore, to a previous date. (I've tried several previous dates).

I have no idea how to restore the host file, and I have no idea how it was hijacked.

Here is my new HJT log: (I hope it will be of some help)

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:37:56 PM, on 12/03/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwi... Read more

Answer:Solved: "Your Windows host file was hijacked. It is recommended to restore host file."

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I have a host-host VPN set up between a Cisco SR520 router and a PIX 515E. Connection at my end is AT&T DSL, static IP, netopia DSL modem. Don't know the service at the other end, but I do know it is a web hosting company.

I can ping the designated host computer at the other end via the VPN tunnel. They cannot reliably ping my end. If I have ping -t running to the other end, a ping coming my way works. Otherwise, not. The last two Cisco techs I have spoken with have no clue (and they have logged into both routers to examine the configuration).

Early on, we had a 2Wire DSL modem. AT&T acknowledged that its SPI firewall can be problematic. They recommended the netopia as being more transparent. Its firewall has been totally disabled.


Answer:Host - Host VPN not symetric

When you can't ping through the tunnel, how long is it after the last session through the tunnel? Did you do a show crypto isakmp sa to see if the tunnel is still up? Depending on the settings of the keep alives and hellos over the tunnel, the tunnel could have been brought down due to inactivity. But normally, the tunnel should just re-establish itself on the next keep alive/hello interval. If the tunnel is down, it will take a minute or so before traffic moves across the tunnel again due to the overhead of the tunnel being brought up.

What is your exact network layout? Are you doing a remote VPN configuration or a LAN to LAN (site to site) configuration where the VPN tunnel is between the SR520 and the 515E. The above assumes you are doing a LAN to LAN tunnel. Also, is the DSL modem you have bridged or still operating as a router. If it is still operating as a router, you should turn the modem into a pure modem and not a modem/router.

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Every cd-rom that has on it few sessions- I can see only the first session. the cd drives are 3 month old.
On my second computer, I can see and read all the sessions.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:I can see only first session of cd-rom


If you're using Nero, you can try installing Multimounter which will allow you to view the various sessions:


Make sure you pick the one for your operating system. A Readme file is included in the download giving instructions.

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i have a server [win2k] and have created several users on it. i want to restrict the users that once a users id is used to logon on from some machine the same user id should not be able to connect to the server unless the user who is using it has logged off.

only one session per id.

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Question: asp session

I am using asp with javascript...I am trying to set session variable
inside the java there any way to do that..

var tem = document.getElementById("Distselect")
LinID = String(tem.options[tem.selectedIndex].value)
<%Session("LDist")=%> LinID;////// i want to do something like this...

what I am trying to do is...i have 4 dynamic listboxes which displays data
from database...when the user selects the value in the listbox1 then the
listbox2 should display values according to the value of the first listbox..
and so on for the other listboxes...
I thought of doing this as..when the user selects the value from list1..i thought of
getting that value in the script and seeting it to session variable so the I could use
that session variable to query the database to list the values in the list2.
how should I do this exactly...
Thanks a lot in advance..Pls Help..

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Question: session log

hi my log says its tooooo long to post and i need it to go on to the next step for removing my worm lol

Answer:session log

what log is this? Try attaching it or break it up and post it here in 2-3 posts?
hi, welcome to TSG.

Download hijack this from the link below.Please do this. Click here:

to download HijackThis. Click scan and save a logfile, then post it here so
we can take a look at it for you. Don't click fix on anything in hijack this
as most of the files are legitimate.

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Question: Session Gap?

I've tried using Nero and other programs to burn a mixed audio/data CD. Apparently it's done with two sessions. Nero does this automatically. Other programs make you perform both sessions. The disks are okay. First session is read only as audio by older CD-ROMs. The data is read in Windows. But the thing is, when checked for a surface scan using CD Speed, the utility program, there's always a gap of unformatted or red or 'bad' sectors following the last audio track and prior to the data.

I've asked various people who ought to be knowledgeable - are all these bad sectors supposed to be there in this sort of 'mode 2 xa', multi-session 'enhanced CD'? Is it, basically, just a separation between the audio session and the data session? for maybe 100 or so frames/sectors? No one seems to know, at least that I've asked. Maybe it's not 'red book', or 'yellow' book, or whatever, or maybe it is?

Speaking of 'books', I do notice that the CD-writer slows down after writing the audio. I've been told that the CD-writer isn't supposed to change speed that much, or else it doesn't conform to these book standards. But it does momentarily slow down, then speed up again, with various CD-burning programs, not just one.

Answer:Session Gap?

I guess I'll answer my own question, since perhaps no one here knows.

It's not a slow-down or some underrun problem. In this Mode 2, multi-session 'enhanced CD' (ECD), there are about 2 and a half minutes of garbage, basically, written by all software - which they don't bother telling you about. All those 'bad sectors', are literally supposed to be there at the end of the last track, and at the beginning of the final track with all the data.

So a CD Speed reports it as this block of 'red'. And it fails the disc, of course. But those 'bad sectors' - are supposedly to be there in this ECD sort of multi-session burn.

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Question: IE 9 session issue


I'm using a software which uses IE modules. The software uses also yahoo mail. It logs in it and it reads the emails there. When I use more than one instance of the software then it needs to log into different yahoo mail accounts at the same time. I have two laptops - both running Win7 and the latest version of IE9. On one of them, the software is logging into different yahoo mail accounts without any problems and without interrupting each other, but on the other it can be logged in one account at a time. When it tries to log into another account, the other gets interrupted and logs out. I guess this has something to do with cookies and IE settings. Any suggestions on how to make the other laptop log into different yahoo mail accounts at the same time?

Answer:IE 9 session issue

Either File> Open new Window or File>Open Tab

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Recently, I have been getting a pop up window that says: "Due to inactivity your sesssion will end in approx. 5 minutes. Extend your session by clicking ok." Then a second window comes up with: "Session has timed out due to inactivity."

I am running IE 7 with Windows Vista. I have never received this message before. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for all your help and wisdom.

Answer:Due to inactivity your (IE) session will end

these type of messages usually genrates from a secure web session like bank, paypal, insurance, and or investment company profiles. they are normal & nothing alarming about them.

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I know that Windows 10 has the ability to suspend a process if memory becomes overburdened. However I have 16 GB of RAM and never seen usage over a gigabytes or so yet even when I'm using IE 11 one of its processes occasionally become suspended? Does anybody have any idea what's causing this and how I can prevent it

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i have installed ata in my dc and the first alert that pop up was - Reconnaissance using SMB Session Enumeration between my dc servers.

can someone point me to the solution for the alert?

thanks in advance

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I need to run Artisoft Session/XL in a windows98 dos window. When I try to load it, I get err 'your program caused divide overflow.'  however when I go into bios and disable mem cash level1 and 2 it runs, but the computer gets so slow that this is no good. I am logging into an old Novell 3.11 network to access session and other dos software. Everything used to work fine under dos 6.22 and 486 processors. How can I get around this issue?

Answer:Artisoft session XL;en-us;q240982Try that, yeah.

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I call session_start(); at the start of every page to call the session, but it would seem like every time i call it, instead of recognizing the presence of the session that was already started, it starts a new session, so i can never maintain a session.

When i used opera to check, there IS a cookie that stores the value for the session.

I didn't not configure any PHP settings.

Is there anything i can do to maintain a session?

Answer:PHP Maintaining a session

How is PHP set to save sessions? Normally you have to define a tmp directory to store the files on the server side. If you have have write access or the directory defined in the php.ini does not exist it will not be able to save the sessions on the server side.

Check that the php.ini matches what you think it supposed to be going on.

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Question: Session Cookies

I have a new account with a customer and they require me to go to there bar code generator site to generate a bar code for shipping, when I go to that site to generate the bar code it says session cookies must be enabled to use bar code generator. I went to tools, Internet options, security, custom, and looked for cookies to enable but it is showing nothing. Is there another way that I dont know about. I am running windows xp pro, with Internet explorer 6. Please help
Thank you.

Answer:Session Cookies

session cookies (I won't delve into the technicalities) are similar to normal cookies in that they have the same settings in the internet explorer.

Just go to Tools->internet options->privacy tab->click on 'default'->apply->ok.

If that does not help lower down your cookie setting to 'low' (drag the vertical marker all the way down to the bottom) so that it "Accepts all cookies".

Also do check whether your system clock shows current time and date.

all the very best

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is a feature that my computer is active in ,whenever forever reason computer shuts down ,have option to restore all screens was open before .
but rarley and now again ,this pop up box retore to last session ? did not came on ,niether did it got actualy restored
why this happens?
can i still find what was open on my screen then?
in other words can i still manualy in any way restore to that last session from that day ?
if ill do a restore my computer to earlier date ?????

Answer:restore to last session

If you want to power down your computer without losing whatever you have open, use the Hibernate feature to turn off in the first place. If you are referring to when the computer turns off without you're intending to turn it off, there is nothing you can do to guarantee that you get the screens back.

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My computer froze last night while I was in the middle of updating my database for my business. HELP!! I lost an hour of work, not a big deal- but I'd love to get it back.
It's a 7 year old Dell computer and I work on Windows, that's about all I know.

Thank you,

Answer:How do I restore an old session

Hi focusgrouplady5,

Unfortunately, if you didn't save your work before the computer froze, then you will have to redo the work over again. This time, try saving your work every 5-minutes or so. Hope everything works out for you.

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Question: Session timeout

Hi guys.. I hope someone can help me out here.. Don't know what to do already

Whenever I try to log into this website, after a few seconds or so I will get session time out using Opera, Firefox, Chrome. If I use IE9, I immediately get session timeout, even worst.

I tried to follow the guide from the website (attached screenshot below) but it is still the same.. I suspect the fault is over my side but I don't know exactly where.

I hope there's someone knowledgable in this because I tried google but cannot find any possible solution to this.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Session timeout

need help please anyone..

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Here is my situation:
I have a Windows 8.1 where a local account is always connected (no time out configured by GPO).

My goal is to open a RDP session remotely with mstsc and with this specific account. So we will recover our session remotely.

My constraints are :

I don't want any popup to allow the RDP session because this is a bot session locallyI absolutely need that when we disconnect from the RDP session, the local session have to stay open (no lock)

How can I proceed to respect my constraints ?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi,Please try to run GMER by unchecking "files" option first before clicking scan.

Answer:second session of IE opens on its own

QUOTE(Blade81 @ Apr 19 2010, 12:13 AM) Hi,Please try to run GMER by unchecking "files" option first before clicking scan.still can't get it to complete. first time a window opened that said something like "there was a problem with GMER and it had to shut down" and then I got the option of sending an error report. I chose not to.second time it began to run and within 1-2 minutes my PC rebooted on its what?

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SpySweeper picked this up. I've run a ton of scans and I think I'm clear, but want to make sure. Thanks.

Answer:What is Win Session Logger?

Post the SpySweeper log as an attachment.

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Question: Multi-Session DVD

Im using Nero as my burning softwar. and if i ever selected to burn half a DVD, and use multi-session, comes up with some message saying something about multi-session DVDs not playing on all players (sorry i dun't remember exactly what it says). however, i wanted to know how that would apply if i wanted to make multi-session DVDs. will it only not work on older DVD drives? haveing a newer drive would i be ok to read it, and even write another session?

Answer:Multi-Session DVD

You are better off to be using a rw, because Nero and their Multisession is not a real sure thing

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I am having problems with secure sessions within Internet Explorer, I am able to login to my accounts on a number of sites and yet when I try to navigate to another aspx page, within the session is dropped and I am logged out. It works on my other computer using internet explorer 7.0 and I am able to do so with other browsers on this machine. I have added the domains to my trusted sites, ensured that the domain is not on the restricted sites list, added the sites to my privacy sites area, the popup blocker area set the cookie sessions to always allow. I have ensured that in the advanced settings option for the browser that ssl 2.0 and tls 1.0 is checked. I have checked my MTU and it is ok...does anyone have any ideas what else I can do? It appears that for some reason the session is broken by my browser when I use the navigation that is working on my other computer or in my other browsers on this computer.

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ant look at the still pictures before the session is closed. It's my understanding you can get a 1000 pictures on a CD, and though I wont want that many I'd like to add as a baby grows. Call me an old sentimental fool. TR

Answer:Can you multi-session a VCD?


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I have a PKI key connected to a physical machine W8.1 which is correctly mounted and viewed by my software.

But when I open a RDP session on a W8.1 too the key is not well mounted anymore.. I can see the device detected in the Device manager but my software don't view it.
I already tested with a 7 and it works great, the key is correctly viewed by the soft.
I tried to activate the option RemoteFX USB Redirector on my target PC but same result..

How can I remediate ?

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I need run an old clipper program in a DOS session and it needs running in the session.What driver need I install to do that? It is possible to d that?My computer runs Windows Xp SP2 and I already installed IPX/SPX windows protocol in the eternet adapter.DOS Box didn't work. in Windows XP DOS session

Have you tried DOS Box ? ?I believe it's still FREE.

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Why am I only able to run one IE6.0 session on my XP SP1 PC.Trying to start a 2nd session, just replaces the 1st session

Answer:Only 1 IE session allowed

How are you trying to do this? CTRL+N should open a new window.

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I have an ASP page with session variables and I want to be able to access them using PHP... Is it possible??

Answer:ASP session variable using PHP

Yes you can but you must know how to deal with cookies using PHP. I might use Perl if I were you.


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Question: Stale Session

This is not a problem for me any more, I'm just posting it in case anyone else runs into it. Maybe it'll save someone some grief.

Last Sunday, I woke up and got my coffee and rather sleepily tried to get online to check my mail. I usually shut my broadband connection down at night. This morning, it told me that my username and password was invalid. Figuring the system was down, I went away and tried later in the day. No luck with either my desktop or my laptop.
I called my ISP who was convinced that the problem was my modem, or my IE settings etc in spite of the fact that I assured him that nothing had changed between the night and the morning.

To make a long story short, he told me I had to wait three days til they could 'escalate' the problem.
When three days passed the ISP called me (!) and after some discussion, she went away to talk to her colleagues. I could connect with a test username and password, but not with my own. This was unusual.
When she came back, she said that I had been having a 'stale session'. Apparently,my computer had a minute drop off in power so that my ISP picked me up as having not logged off when in fact I had. Everytime I tried to log on after that, the system picked up the log on attempt as an attempted hack and refused entry. So they reset it, I pulled my modem off the computer for a few seconds and plugged it back in and all is well now.

I had never heard of a stale session before. Has anyone else?
Anyways, for what it's wort... Read more

Answer:Stale Session

This is well documented on Google, however I have never had it happen to me or heard of it happening to anyone else.

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Question: View Session

In server 2003 it is possible to view and interatct with client sessions, my question is how?

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Guys, so I'm a person who works with many many tabs in Mozilla Firefox and restores them every time I on it. I have like about 40+ of them so it's impossible that I remember every single of the site's name.

But this morning when I went out and left my laptop at home, my aunt went and used my computer (without permission, duh) and of course, she used my Firefox browser to do her stuffs, and then closed the computer.

So now, I'm left without MY previous session and everything... Is there anyway to restore the PREVIOUS previous session in Mozilla Firefox? I only know how to get the files for the Previous session, but not the PREVIOUS previous session. Please help :( Thanks for reading

Answer:I really need Help with Previous Session

Firefox only stores the last 2 sessions.

If you've got the 'Clear history when Firefox closes' option disabled, then you can look through your history to find the missing tabs. Ctrl+Shift+H, then click 'Views > Sort > Sort By Visit Date'.

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Have 900mb movie I'd like to copy to CD but am not sure how to multi-session on CD RW (Nero). I can copy 600+mb but this isn't large enough to put onto one disc. I need to carry over onto second disk. Hmmm, should be easy but not for this idiot. All suggestions and help always appreciated.

Answer:CD RW multi-session

7-zip click here can get surprisingly good results with all but a few highly compressed file types like JPG or MPEG.

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QuoteNew bug found in Browsers - Berth of In-session PhishingDon't ask for the source. Just Google "In-session Phishing" and get lots of hits.But, Really?  So what are we suppose to do now? Hide under a rock?What do you say?You could read the news first, but don't let that stop you from making a post. Post now, research later. That's what we say.

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Hi, tried searching the net for an answer but been unlucky so far.
The problem that I'm having is that my son closed an active session without logging off and now when he tries to log in again it won't let him.
Thanks for your help

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Still wanting on e-mail for tech support with my problem

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Question: Twain session

As I attempt to download my pictures - (I am using ACD.See) - I am receiving a error message stating: "Unable to start Twain Session". This is all new to me, so I am not quite sure exactly what I need to do to fix this problem. Thank you for your help

Answer:Twain session

With your camera plugged in and turned on, Right click on Start>Explore. Scroll down in the left column until you get to the drive letter that is your CD drive – probably “D”. The next drive letter should be a “removable drive” or “camera”. Left click that drive and keep left clicking the folders that show up in the right column until you have a screen full of images. Edit>Select all. Right click on one of the highlighted images and select “Copy”.

Now navigate back up to a folder where you want the images. You can make a folder by left clicking Start>My Documents>My Pictures. With the contents of My Pictures showing and nothing highlighted: File>New>Folder. Type a name like “Bubba 12 June 05”. Right click on your new folder and select “Paste”. The images will copy to the folder.

Most people transfer the files that way after they gain some experience. It is much better than going through a program. If the files will transfer that way there isn’t anything wrong in your camera setup. That would probably leave the problem in ACDSee. It is possible according to your operating system that you might be able to both uninstall ACDSee and delete your TWAIN files, then reinstall ACDSee. I wouldn’t do that if you can download directly from the camera to your computer.

If the camera when connected and turned on does not show as a drive letter you will have to give us some information.

Were you ever able to download using ACDSee?
If so, what have you in... Read more

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Hi all, ive got some dvd's someone from work lent me but i cant open them on my computer, Ive figured out the problem is that he didn't close the session after he burnt them.
Just wondering if it is possible to close the session on my computer, when i try open the disk i get a error so i cant get into the DVD its self.

Im running XP pro SP3

I took 1 of the disks to a friends place ( hes on vista ) & he could open the dvd & close the session by going into the right click menu, that DVD now works on my computer just wanting to not have to take all the disks ( about 50 ) round there & do it to each of them.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Need help to close session on DVD

Hello!If you have a video editing application, such as Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle, or Avid--then you may be able to open them and finalize them.I have worked in Final Cut Pro and Pinnacle, and have had success finalizing DVDs, even after they are ejected, then replaced in to the computer.Hope it works out for you! edit: your friend's computer may have encrypted the DVD until it gets finalized.

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I have a user setup with an RDP session to connect to a server to run an application.

On his old PC, he would be using the app most of the day and would be away from his desk for periods of time but still be able to go back and use the app.

I moved him to a new PC but the same OS - Win XP, SP3. However since then he has been having issues with the app - when he comes back to his desk the app is still open but does not respond and after awhile he has to kill off the RDP session and start again.

I have setup the RDP on my PC with his credentials but am unable to repeat the problem. If I leave the app idle, it will prompt me to log back in again but I can contimue on from where I left it.

I though it might be power settings so I have switched them all off.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

- pm

Answer:RDP session hanging

We get this a lot - Have you tried it in /Console?

START> RUN> "MSTSC /Console", OK.

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Does AIM store chat sessions?

I need to find out if I can somehow access my previous chat session (a week old). Would it be stored on hard drive somewhere? I need to confirm information previously given to me.

Or, do you actually have to save your chat session? I remember being able to look at my previous sessions not more than a month ago.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:AIM Chat Session Log

I think you have to set it to keep a log. It may already log though. If there is a chat log it ought to be in the AOL/AIM folder under Program Files.


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How can I know if a dvd-r is open for multi-session. The last dvd-r (not rw) I tried to add files to overwrote or something. The files that were on it were not there after next burn session. Where is option in Img Burn Free for multi -session ?
Thanks !!!!!

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Question: session timeout?

we have pdc running NT4 wkstn, with 4 attached terminals that run win98. during the day everything runs fine, at night everything stays powered on, and nobody is in the habit of logging off, we're not concerned about security or anything as this is a small office. when people arrive next morning, the network drives are not accessible from 3 of the 4 terminals, but there isnt a red "x", and if you go to dos prompt, you can ping the server, and from the server you can access the terminals so i know they are still on the the lan. if we log the user off and then on everythng is fine again until next day. is there a timeout setting, or something else we
can do? or do we just convince people to log
off? or can we force them off at certain time
so they have to log on each morning?

Answer:session timeout?

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own built-in CD-RW? If not and I have to buy software, what is Nero OEM? I know what Nero is but what does the OEM mean and would it be any good for me. Thanks TR

Answer:Is it possible to have a multi-session with XP's

Exactly the same as the retail version [Original Equipment Manufacturer]is what OEM stands for, and in general is hardware/software sold to system builders/suppliers for distribution with a new PC.Most suppliers will sell you an OEM version of software if you buy a small hardware item at the same time. Many will sell the software without these restrictions applied.In general, buy the OEM version and save yourself a fair bit of money. The main concern is that the supplier is responsible and not the manufacturer for help with any setting up of hardware/software. This will in most cases not present any problems, especially with software. j.

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Question: Session Wall 3 ??

Anyone using SessionWall-3 before? I am thinking of buying SessionWall-3 and do not want to regret later....any advice is appreciated.




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I have a computer at home which i connect into using RDP from work

I log in using the external IP address which logs me into my PC this was setup using the port forwarding on the router.

The issue i have been having is when i am logged in remotely the sessopn seems to hang after a while and then automatically reconnects by it self after a while. Does anyone know why this seems to be happening


Answer:RDP session keeps disconecting

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Hi all,
i am Sachin from India.
i have 2 M/C's 1) win XP and 2) Win 2000 Pro.
i want to make RDP session on win 2000 Pro from win XP.
i have installed sp4 on 2000 Pro M/c.
and start all Remote service s but still i am not able to to RDP.
i tried to start terminal services in control panel--> add remove programs --> windows comp.
but there is not such option (terminal services)

hoping for the best....

Answer:RDP session in win 2000 pro. M/c

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Question: Session repeat

How can I repeat the same session in a Web browser to generate the same results without the Web application storing my session ID or saying session expired?

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Question: Session Timeout

I have dial-up(can't get broadband here yet). This might just be a setting problem because I think I've had it as long as this computer. I try to go from page to page and it just runs and finally says "session with server has expired/go back to your original link" and I also have a problem where I can do one piece of mail and it immediately takes me to have to log in again every time I do a piece of mail and it says something about" session timeout" . I can restore it back 10 months ago and it does not make any difference. Can anyone help?

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This could go in many different categories so I hope this section matches my issue best.

I have a server 2003 box that I use as a file server and a terminal server. It has all of my music on it and I have it set up close to my stereo equipment with just network and power. I remote desktop into this box any time I need to access it. With it having all my music and close to the stereo I would like to use it to play music and control what song is playing via remote desktop.

The issue is that when I do this the only audio device listed is "Microsoft RDP Audio Driver". Even using the console session with RDP I'm unable to use the audio device on the box to out put sound.

Any advice? Is this even possible?

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I have a server running Windows Server 2008 Standard R2.

I have activated one Per User Remote Desktop CAL on this server, and added a user into the RDP group.

My server has an IP address of 192....., which I am aware is a private address.

When I use a laptop to connect remotely, it allows me to do so using that IP address as long as I am on the same network as it.

Obviously, this does not work once you are on a different network.

How do I set this up so that I can access remotely through any internet connection?

Answer:RDP Session from Outside Network

Use a vpn or thirdparty remote service like logmein or teamviewer. I would not want my servers rdp open to the world.

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Question: Session Variables

I have a web site that uses session variables and all I've read indicates that these are "not good". I do not have the option to do away with them at this point so here is my question.

How can I create a NEW session variable such as session("newGuy") without closing my browser window?

Is there a way to "log in as another user" and replace the session variable session("newGuy") ??


Answer:Session Variables

not enough info for me to help.. i'm still confused

hopefully someone else can help

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Question: Akamai net session

Hi I am new to tech spots
and I have a serious problem
I play a lot of online fps games, I havent been in town for a week and today when I played my system froze
the light in my mouse went off, then after looking into compmgmt.msc I got this frm the system log

The Akamai NetSession Interface service terminated with the following error:
The specified module could not be found.

what happened to my system pls tell me the steps to rectify it.

Answer:Akamai net session

That has nothing to do with your USB ports not working.

Does the problem persist after a reboot? What do malware/virus scans show up?

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I am having a problem clearing my session in internet explorer. I use the website If I load the security code more than 5 times then I get a delay when the system is searching for tickets.

if you do not understand, go to, pick an event, and then look for available tickets. you will have to enter a security code. when you enter the word correctly there will be a 5-7 second wait until you are presented with the available tickets. now go back look for tickets but enter the security code inccorectly the first 5 times. the wait for tickets to appear is now 20-30 seconds.

the only way I have found to clear this is to exit and then reopen IE. is this something in internet options I can set or do to avoid this delay? any help would be appreciated

Answer:clearing my session in IE

Since they use servers, it could be something on their end. Try it with Firefox, and see if you still get the same behavior.

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Answer:Multi- Session CDR ????

Following an earlier thread that tried to explain why somone who had a CD burned in Australia who could not read it here on his computer, I made the comment that I never had trouble reading my multi-session CDs on lots of other computers PCs or MAcs. I was pointed to a site that partly explained the burning of Cds, but I was left with more question than answers.Can anyone explain the technology, behind cd burning. For example how does multi-session work?? If I have a computer (at School )that has a cd writer why can I not do multi-session on it. What can I do to get this facility. I have tried putting my copy of nero on to test a theory but that didnt work. Any help, advice, Guidance, or knowledge will be very gratefully received.Arthur Baker

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Question: PPP session error

I have DSL with verizon/Msn. The other week I could'nt log in, after calling verizon there was a message saying there aware of the problem, later that night I could go on the web.

This week I keep getting booted off the internet. I keep getting not connected to the internet. If I'm connected with the verizon or the MSN part. The messenger keeps shutting itself on and off. The modem lights, there are three, power, dsl, ethernet. I notice the DSL light is flickering. I got an error your PPP session has been disconnected. I called verizon they said its a issue with there area. After it still wasnt fixed I called again. They reset my modem after they had me go to there web site it said not working. The modem is an Westell model 2200. I have windows xp. This ran fine when I got this about two months ago. Now there sending me a new modem. Is there anything else I should be looking at before I get this modem? For example a setting on my computer? I had a Trogen and did change some settings (verizon is aware of it) for security. I have no firewall running with my computer. I was just wondering if I should check anything else. I'm so upset at this.


Answer:PPP session error

I've had similar problems with my sharkfin modem for cable. For about 2 weeks, I had intermittent internet access. The cable company said it was a problem on their end (solar flare stuff). Anyway, after they said it was fixed, I had some more issues.

I've ran Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D and found a good bit of spyware and malware. After getting rid of that junk, my browser did not act up (until I got more of the junk). I regularly run these, and some other, to find and get rid of spyware (along with Norton for virii).

If you have these, run them and see what they can find. I also recommend HijackThis! and Spyware Blaster.


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Is there session saver for IE 9?

My box is windows 7 x64, and I need to save session with tabs.

When I cleaned garbage files with ccleaner or other tools, I could not open the session with "about:Tabs".
If there is somthing like session manager of FireFox, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Session saver for IE 9

Have a look at these. They may or maynot be what you're looking for.

Download IE Session Saver 0.0.3175.26135 Free - Saves your Internet Explorer Sessions for re-use - Softpedia

How To Save & Restore Tabs / Last Session In Internet Explorer?

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