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Cannot get this code or whatever it is off my downloads when I use Notepad, wordpad and etc.

Question: Cannot get this code or whatever it is off my downloads when I use Notepad, wordpad and etc.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""><HTML dir="ltr" xmlns:dev=""><HEAD><META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-16"><META HTTP-EQUIV="MSThemeCompatible" CONTENT="Yes"><LINK REL="stylesheet" MEDIA="screen" TYPE="text/css" HREF="mshelp://help/?id=Microsoft.Windows.Client.stylesheets.topics.clientua"><LINK REL="stylesheet" MEDIA="screen" TYPE="text/css" HREF="mshelp://help/?id=Microsoft.Windows.Resources.apCommon"><TITLE>The Language bar (overview)</TITLE></HEAD><BODY helptype="topic" helpurl="mshelp://windows/?id=cc452fac-0858-4baf-bc01-005ef3c90175" helpsource="local" helptopictype="tutorial"><DIV class="contentContainer"><h1 class="title">The Language bar (overview)</h1><p class="para"></p><p class="para">The Language bar is a <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=9e58e7a7-127d-4794-b5d4-66f16adf93ba#gtmt_toolbar_def" title="View definition">toolbar</a> that appears on your desktop automatically when you add text services, such as <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=464941f4-bc72-4445-957a-6e1fb15bdc31#gtmt_input_language_def" title="View definition">input languages</a>, keyboard layouts, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, or <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=d7667204-c862-45cc-a4f5-082d7598a05a#gtmt_input_method_editor__ime__def" title="View definition">input method editors (IMEs)</a>.
The Language bar provides a quick way to change the input language or keyboard layout from your desktop.
You can move the Language bar anywhere on your screen, <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=2c0d5cfe-2bc4-4021-8e6b-a81a82783b75#gtmt_gls_minimize_def" title="View definition">minimize</a> it to the taskbar, or hide it.</p><p class="para">The set of buttons and options on the Language bar changes depending on the text services you have installed, and the software program that is currently active. For example, WordPad supports speech recognition, but Notepad does not. If both programs are running, the speech buttons appear when WordPad is active, but disappear when you make Notepad the active program.</p><div class="example"><p class="para"><IMG class="embedObject" src="mshelp://windows/?id=93d5c617-b1ec-4138-a1ff-973e71de80fe" alt="Picture of the Language bar"><div class="caption">Language bar</div></p></div><h3 class="title_procedure">To show the Language bar</h3><ul class="procedure"><li class="step"><p class="para">Right-click the <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=c902cf44-35da-46f6-972d-59a8fe055898#gtmt_taskbar1_def" title="View definition">taskbar</a>, point to <span class="ui">Toolbars</span>, and then click <span class="ui">Language bar</span>.</p><p class="para">Once the Language bar is displayed, you can right-click it to display options for changing its settings, including docking it on the taskbar or displaying it vertically instead of horizontally.</p></li><h3 class="title_alertSet_note">Note</h3><div class="alertSet_note"><ul><li class="alert" style="list-style-image: url()"><p class="para">If the Language bar is not listed in the <span class="ui">Toolbars</span> menu, you do not have multiple input languages installed on your computer. You need to add additional languages using Regional and Language Options in Control Panel. For more information, see <a class="navigationLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=52e368fa-bd32-4749-955e-331f9130889f">Add an input language</a>.</p></li></ul></div></ul><h3 class="title_procedure">To hide or close the Language bar</h3><ul class="procedure"><li class="step"><p class="para">Right-click the Language bar, and then do one of the following:</p><ul class="unordered"><li class="listItem"><p class="para">Click <span class="ui">Minimize</span> to reduce the Language bar to an <a class="glossaryEntryLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=e18cb038-4ac9-42ad-af03-4af222c12a11#gtmt_icon_def" title="View definition">icon</a> on the taskbar.</p></li><li class="listItem"><p class="para">Click <span class="ui">Close</span> to turn off the Language bar and remove it from your desktop. Closing the Language bar does not remove any text services.</p></li></ul></li></ul><h3 class="title_relatedLinks">See also</h3><ul class="relatedLinks"><li><a class="navigationLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=baf302f4-f157-4e41-a627-6ed68d1352bc">Change your input language</a></li><li><a class="navigationLink" href="mshelp://windows/?id=765a7264-b593-4458-90cf-0d0713b5dfe6">Change your keyboard layout</a></li></ul></DIV></BODY></HTML>
This is what I get when I download a manuel, recipe book or anything simular . How can I fix this?Joyce Carter

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Preferred Solution: Cannot get this code or whatever it is off my downloads when I use Notepad, wordpad and etc.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: Notepad vs wordpad

What is the difference between XP's notepad and wordpad. I noticed that I can't enter code in wordpad and have it run.

Answer:Notepad vs wordpad

Notepad is a good choice for creating Web pages (HTML documents) and writing scripts or basic computer programs, since these types of documents do not require any text formatting. It is also useful for removing formatting from text that you have copied and want to paste somewhere else as plain text. Just paste the text into Notepad, copy it again from Notepad, and you have completely unformatted text.

WordPad is a good choice for writing papers or creating documents that you want to print. It is also great for making lists, since it supports bullets. You can use WordPad to open an unformatted text document and add whatever formatting you want. If you want even more formatting options and a more user-friendly interface, you can use a program such as Microsoft Word.Click to expand...


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does anyone know if there is a free program to download to convert pdf file to read in either notepad or wordpadthanks

Answer:pdf to notepad/wordpad

open pdf using Adobe Acrobat Reader, click "Edit", click "Select All", click "Copy" and then you can paste it in notepad or wordpadAdobe Acrobat Reader is free click here

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Question: notepad/wordpad

I used the old microsoft card index successfully but cannot access the information now on XP as I only get unintelligible nonsense on either wordpad or notepad. Can I regain access to the cards or at least is there a way of making sense of the reports I can find on the two pads?


it would seem that your files are in a spreadsheet or database form. You need one of these to try and open it. If you do not have either of these on your pc you can download the free office prog or it is on some of the cover disks. Just type free office prog into google.

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Question: notepad/wordpad

Hi, I find when I want to save something in notepad/wordpad it sometimes goes straight into microsoft word and if it does manage to go into wordpad it is encrypted? what do I have to do to make it my choice and how, as I never seem to be able to save a message in wordpad not being encrypted? thanks for any help.


I'm not clear on your question podlod. There are three tools:- Notepad - Text file editor - (comes with Windows)- WordPad - Basic word processor - (comes with Windows)- Microsoft Word - Full Word Processor - (separate MS office product)What exactly are you trying to do in which ?Notepad is for editing text files without any formatting. Anything you save in that should be opened easily in the other two (Wordpad and Word).If you save wordpad or word and try to open in notepad it will seem "encyrpted" because they save files with formatting included and do not save files in a "text" file format, i.e. not human-readable (e.g. in notepad - which will show you human-readable files).Pretty much anything you save in Wordpad I would expect to be able to open in Microsoft Word. Files you open in Word may not be easily opened in WordPad without loss of formatting/issues.So there is a hierarchy in effect, the most basic, human readable (in notepad) text files up to the most powerful word processor with its own file format (word) that you can't read fully in the "lesser" tools.notepad -> Wordpad -> Wordyou can go from left to right but not back.Hope that helps.

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Question: notepad or wordpad

Is there a way to send myself the notepad or wordpad document to my email?

Answer:notepad or wordpad

Hi Rose,

I can see this thread has been marked as solved?
Have you managed to achieve what you wanted or do you still require assistance?

If you still need help what are you trying to do:Add the notepad to the email as an attachment?
Put the text in the notepad into the email body?
Send it via an automated method?

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What is the difference between Notepad vs Wordpad?

Answer:Notepad and Wordpad?

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My printer is hp psc 700 series and will print, from the computer, everything except documents from Word Pad and Note Pad. I have been using them for a long time and only recently they will not work. And strangely the Copier will not print either, which happened simultaneously.

Answer:cannot print from notepad and wordpad

In Printers and Faxes, is the printer set as Default.Sometimes when software is installed, the Default will change.

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Does anyone know of a spell checker that will work with the above, as always thanks for any help.

Answer:spellchecker for wordpad/notepad

MicroSpell Spell Checker - Plain Text, HTML, LaTeX, TeXclick here

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I can print a Notepad/Wordpad document by rightclicking on it and selecting Print, but when I select Print from within documents, I get an error:

An error has occurred during this operation.

Looked at all available online info--did not find this particular problem.

Any ideas?

Answer:Can only Print from outside Notepad and Wordpad--only from outside

Perhaps delete and reinstall the printer driver?

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I have just changed computers, the new one is Windows 7, the old one was WindowsXP.The new computer cannot read mt text docs from the old computer.

Answer:convert wordpad to notepad

Windows 7 has both Wordpad and Notepad, it should be able to open it. You can try downloading and installing it, then try right clicking on the file, using 'open with' option and selecting 'openoffice writer' (do not check off 'always open with...'). If it is able to open it then you can choose 'save as' and select the file type to save it as.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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hey all -

I'm running XP Home with an HP Deskjet 697C - For some reason the printer will print Internet documents just fine but will not print from Wordpad and Notepad - The printer acts like it's printing - ink cartridges moving back and forth and all but the final output is a blank page...I was thinking of updating the driver but HP support tells me that the XP driver should be just fine and doesn't offer any alternative...


Answer:XP Wordpad and Notepad not printing

how exactly are you seeking to print.... from the opened document, or File/Print.... can you do it by adding printer to the send to menu[right click option]? If no solutions here, try the hardware forum via MOVING the thread there.

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This may be a dumb question but it's been bothering me lately and since Im not all that great with computers I figured I'd ask anyway.

My notepad decided to reformat something a long time ago, which switched it from just plain text with no formating to rich text. No matter how many times I change 'save as' to 'ansi' the formating stays the same, where the columns don't line up and so forth like they have to in things like text pictures.

Using wordpad fixes this problem but when I save something in wordpad, it opens with notepad. I tried 'open with' wordpad but my computer tells me it is not a win32 document (no idea what that is).

Is there anyway to either fix notepad so it switches back to plain text format or wordpad so it can open the documents instead?

Answer:wordpad saving with notepad

I'm a little confused because as far as I know, NotePad doesn't have much formatting and doesn't use Rich Text, nor save as Rich Text. Not unless XP or later NotePad versions do. You choose your font and whether it's bold/italics/whatever and that's what the whole lot looks like.

However, it sounds to me like perhaps the font has been changed sometime. Try opening NotePad and setting the Font to Courier New or FixedSys if one of those is there. See if the text picture looks better. Also, check to see if bold or italics is chosen, whilst you're there.

Did you know that some fonts used a fixed area for each character and some don't? So for instance, 'i' will use the same area as 'm' if you use FixedSys. To work properly, text pictures need a fixed font size. If you have Comic Sans MS, that's a good one to use to see what happens if you pick the wrong font. Type a row of ones (11111) and an equal number of fives (55555) such as around 12-15 each on separate rows and change between these fonts.

If this hasn't helped, it may also help to post a screenshot of what the document looks like and the Save As dialog box. To take a screenshot, make sure you can see what you want a picture of and then press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then open Paint and choose Edit - Paste. If it asks about enlarging the bitmap, say yes. Save as jpg format and put here.

And welcome to Major Geeks!
... Read more

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Hello everyone,
after using jv16 power tools to clean registry and broken shortcuts, i find that now notepad will not save to any folder; and any text i create with wordpad does save, but i have to manually create a word association to open the document every time i view it. I restored the backups from jv16 power tools, but it didn't help--i think i may have deleted a shortcut that wordpad uses to automatically open any wordpad documents. And probably notepad "saving document" also? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Wordpad/notepad Problems

hi, diyahnih,

have you tried using 'system restore' to restore your computer at a date preceeding your registry tinkering? failing that you may have to do a windows repair from your xp cd.

i have never used jv16, so cannot comment on that app, but many so called 'reg cleaner/fixer' programmes seem to be indiscriminate on what they find. i would analyse these findings well before pressing the 'delete/fix' button. also, don't rely on a programme you haven't used and trust to make a backup. better also to make your own independent backup as well!

good luck,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000,

A friend emailed me a bunch of emoticons that I'd like to use on my emails.. He suggested I cut and paste them to a NotePad document which I did and filed it. When I wanted to retrieve the document to chose an emoticon the images were so tiny that I couldn't see them very well. NotePad wouldn't allow me to enlarge them. So I cut and pasted the whole block of emoticons (about 100) onto the email I wanted to use them on. There I enlarged them so I could at least see them in order to pick out what I wanted. However then I had to delete all of them except the ones I wanted, which was time consuming and a hassle.
So I decided to start over and cut and past the emos onto a document on Word Pad where I thought I'd be able to enlarge them to be able to see them enough to choose only what I wanted. However the emos didn't transfer to Word Pad as images---just words in some strange computer language. I tried several times with no luck.
So I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to transfer the emos from my friend's email to something in my computer so that I can choose from them to use on my emails. thanks (Hope this makes sense..)

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Have Dell Dimension 2400 Windows XP Home Edition..... CAN print from Outlook Express and any website CANNOT print from Notepad nor Wordpad nor Word. Get no warning box. The printer {HP Deskjet 722C} merely shoves out a blank page. Have examined the printer and, it is performing perfectly, including replacing the driver. I suspect that I might have to reinstall Windows XP Home Edition; but am a little reluctant. Is there any remedial step short of that?? Grand Ave

Answer:Printing from notepad/wordpad

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I can print a Notepad/Wordpad document by rightclicking on it and selecting Print, but when I select Print from within documents, I get an error:

An error has occurred during this operation.

Looked at all available online info--did not find this particular problem.

Any ideas?

Answer:Can only Print from outside Notepad and Wordpad--only from outside

Perhaps delete and reinstall the printer driver?

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I can print Notepad/Wordpad documents by rightclicking on them and selecting the Print option, but when I select Print from within the document I get:
An error occurred during this operation.
I can print fine from within all other applications.
I could not find this particular situation reported online.
Any ideas? Running Win10Pro 1511.

Answer:Can't print ***from within*** Notepad/Wordpad,

don't have an answer for you.
I am just wondering..............
at the notepad or wordpad window, why not clicking File > then click Print ?

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I have a document filled with a bunch of coding, then I have another document with almost the same coding exept something as been altered..
It's thousands of codes so is there some sort of program that can find the difference between the two?

Answer:Notepad/Wordpad .. Coding...

Is this "coding" actual code that's readable by Notepad? Or do the files just display gibberish? If it's gibberish, comparing the two aren't going to help you. No way to interpret the differences or make changes to either file. If it's just text, you can use ExamDiff.

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Lets please start again. Is Wordpad and Notepad somewhere installed on Vista Home premium? If so, in very simple terms, "Where is it?"
I figured it would be under Accessories if it did i fact exist, The problem is that I have no clue how to find and Accessories feature.
In old Windows apps. I would go Start>Programs>Acccessories. But that appears lost to me. My wife is about ready to kill me as she hates the trial we have for MSOFFICE.'
Please help.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Answer:Solved: Wordpad/Notepad on Vista

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My Notepad and Wordpad stopped loading on Saturday, 8/15/2009. When you load either application from Start > Programs > Accessories, or from Start > Run, the processes start but take a large amount of CPU. The applications never actually open. The CPU usage eventually rises to 100% and stays that way until you reboot. I tried killing the processes, but they do not terminate.

Here is what I have already tried:
- Rebooted computer multiple times
- Ran CCleaner to remove old temp files and repair the registry
- Ran AVG, Threatfire, Spybot, Ad-Aware (Spybot found something negligible, which was removed. The other applications did not find any other malicious content.)

I haven't been able to find much about this problem on other websites. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:100% CPU consumed when Notepad or Wordpad are opened

Error check the drive. Uninstall and then reinstall the programs, then report back. If that doesn't fix it then it might be a Windows operating system problem. How old is this computer? CCleaner usually does more harm than good.

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I am not sure how or when, but my default paper size in both Notepad and Wordpad has changed from the standard 11X8.5 Letter to Tabloid. MS Word and other applications seem normal.

Any idea where this default setting is stored? I tried walking through the registry looking for 11X8.5 or Tabloid, but didn't see any entries that looked like it was setting the defaults for these two applications.

Answer:Paper size in Notepad and Wordpad

Im not sure if we're talking about the same thing but there is a paper size selection in "Page setup" under "file" . Hope that helps

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I opened Microsoft Word randomly one day, only to be greeted with something about a licensing issue (wish I had paid more attention to that so I could provide more information). Anyway, I followed the steps and then upon opening again, I received the "Microsoft Word has encountered an error and needs to close" error message. Then I tried all of my other Office 2000 programs (yeah, I'm a bit outdated right now...) and found that they no longer work, either. After uninstalling and reinstalling, I still had the same error.

I assumed that I just needed a patch or just a more updated version of Microsoft Office. Since I had no other word processor, I tried to use Wordpad. Oddly enough- the exact same "needs to close" error. Notepad? Same thing.

I've scanned for viruses- nothing. I restored my computer to a date previous to this issue... no luck. I just don't understand how whatever it is that's doing this took out all of my word processors at once. I don't even know what to look for at this point.

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Okay here's what I'm trying to do but don't know how or even if its possible.

I want to make my files for movies more unique. What I'm trying to do is place a image of the show I want and then name the file as "Season 1" and then in order place a link from the file.

It would look like this "The Originals Season 1" and then the episode would look like this. "Pilot" which hopefully could be a colored like to click that would open the file in vlc media player. And under the link would be a description of the episode. I would put a link to each episode with a description in each file.

So I would open notepad or wordpad or which ever and then I would place a link to the first episode on to the last and I would also copy and paste a description from each episode online into the pad as well. And each one would be saved in a new folder called "TV Shows" and in the folder there would be a pad document with all the episodes. That way everything is together. I know I can already do al this with plex but I would prefer to have it set up my way on my own personal pc rather then having it online. And needing to worry about always having a internet connection. After all I'm also planning on doing the same with my laptop but can't always have internet on it.

So if this is possible please let me know how to place a link for a file into a pad and if its also possible to click the link and open the file from the pad.

Thank you.

Answer:Odd question? Is it possible to link files to wordpad or notepad?

In WordPad you can insert links as icons.

Click on "Insert object", select "Create from file", browse to your file and then select "Link" and "Display as Icon".

Then when you double click on the icon in your document the associated file will open in your default media player so if you make VLC the default to open .mkv or .mp4 etc it will use that.

You can move these icons around and type text but it isn't very pretty...

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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to set the default html editor notepad to open with wordpad instead? Thanks.


Answer:How to Set Default HTML Editor Notepad to Wordpad

Left click once on an HTML file that you want to edit.
Then press and HOLD the SHIFT key while you right click.
Then left-click on "Open WIth" navigate to notepad select it and check the "Always use this program" box, and then OK.

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As the title says, I have a 974,089kb text file that I need to view. Notepad and Wordpad lock up, show as Not Responding in Task Manager. Memory Usage shoots up to over 2,000,000K in Task Manager when I try to open the file. Word is stable enough to at least tell me that it can not open files larger than 32MB and so nothing happens beyond that error message. I need alternatives here or workarounds.

I have 4GB of DDR2-800. Win XP x64.
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Can't open a 951MB doc in Notepad, Wordpad or MS Word

Are you sure they are locked up, maybe it just takes a loooooooooooooooooooong time before they are ready with the file.

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WINDOWS 7 and probable all other versions.

To change the default save directory for wordpad, do this.

1 - Create a blank document with the line spacing the way you want it - This is the time to set the default document settings such as line spacing, default font and font size, etc.

2 - Save the document in the folder you want it to be - save as "blank.rtf"

3 - Close wordpad

4 - Right click on wordpad, select properties.

5 - on the line for the program, where it says TARGET, go to the end of that line, enter a space and then put this, INCLUDING THE QUOTES: "E:\MS Word\blank.rtf"

6 - Wordpad will now default to the chosen directory.

7 - Close wordpad

8 - Select the file in explorer and change the attribute to READ ONLY so that you never save on that document by accident. What will happen then, is that when you click SAVE, a window will open so that you can rename the document to what you want! Even if you try to save it - a pop up will tell you the file is READ ONLY and it will ask you to pick another name for the file.


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I noticed that Notepad and also Wordpad save files differently in Windows 7. Here's what I mean: In the attachment, Notepad includes the file's full pathname when asking "Do you want to save changes...".

Windows XP asked simply "Do you want to save changes to Hello.txt?" without including the full path.

Is this something new in Windows 7?

Answer:Notepad (and Wordpad) Save Files Differently


Welcome to 7 forums.

Please be advised that both the above indications are same. In windows 7, it seems that they wanted to make the information about the file extension to be more clear to the user when we save it. There is nothing new other than the file extension is shown

♥ Cheers ♥

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Ok I have an hp computer with windows 8 I would like to write a letter but have no idea how to do this if I can't find wordpad or notepad

Answer:how do I find notepad or wordpad on windows 8 on my computer

notepad windows 8 windows 8

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Hi There !

Could you name a good freeware program that can just live spell check when typiing into programs like Wordpad / Notepad Etc.

Word etc has its own spell check i know. I want something which can check in the above 2 programs and also when typing filenames/folder names etc in windows explorer.

Thanks a lot in advance

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I first noticed this when I wanted to take a screenshot and i realised that paint was not on the list to use the program and it disappeared from my start menu, even system sound i could not find it in the list, also the system games, notepad,wordpad, messenger (the old msn one). The software I have installed is fine, computer is fine from viruses as well, it's just the microsoft system programs disappeared. (Office 2003 and 2007 is fine)

Also my Messenger refuse to sign in onto my account, using Yahoo was fine, tried signing it in (msn account) with trillion, won't work, but it did work when I logged into messenger via internet browser!

Live Messenger:

wlcomm.exe - Application Error

The instruction at "0x7c809e3a" referenced memory at "0x9e037275". The memory could not be read. Click ok to terminate the program..

I don't want to restore from a previous point because I don't know exactly the date the problem occurred, so I probably restore on a wrong date and lose what I have/bring back some uninstalled games I got rid of. I tried going into Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs --> Add/Remove Windows Components > Accessories and Utilities but I don't have the windows discs it ask me, because I had my computer formatted from a local computer store.

Anyone know what is the problem? Tried google but didn't help with my specific problems. Would be nice if anyone could really help me! Thank you.
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Answer:Paint, Wordpad, Notepad, system sound disappeared

Some information on wlcomm.exe: Re: Beta Windows Live Messenger 9.0:
There is a potentially annoying new annoying system process though - wlcomm.exe that runs in the background.

"This is supposed to sign you into Windows Live Messenger faster and keep your contacts up-to-date across all Windows Live services. We're simply not fans of needing extra processes to do this kind of stuff - it's yet another reason for Windows to run more sluggishly."

Are you running the Beta version?

As for the missing Accessories, Do a search in Files & Folders for Accessories> right click on each you want on Start menu> click on 'pin to Start menu'.

I don't think the two problems are related. However, when experiencing an unexplained change on a system, it is always best to scan with the security programs: one antivirus, at least 2 spyware/adware programs, updating each right before the scan.

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Today as I was editing a php file using Notepad, when I saved the file, all of the carriage returns disappeared. They disappeared in the saved file as well as on screen.

I have an unedited version of the file and I repeated this several times, trying various things (i.e. saving with different encodings, saving with a .txt extension, etc) and every time the carriage returns are stripped. This wasn't happening before since I was previously able to save the file with no problems.

I tried the same thing with Wordpad, and it doesn't even load the carriage returns - they are stripped out right away. Notepad at least loads the file ok.

Using MS Word works fine, but that is overkill to edit an ASCII file. I'd rather not use it.

If I create a textfile with notepad and enter a few lines, then it saves it with no problem. Other files also save fine.

This appears to be a problem with Vista since both Notepad and Wordpad are affected. Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas on how to solve it? Is it possible that something in the contents of the file is flagging Windows to strip out the CR's?

Answer:Notepad and Wordpad are stripping carriage returns automatically

Ok. I fixed the problem with a little visual basic...

For some reason, notepad had previously save the file so that the first line break in the file saved as CR CR LF CR CR LF, and this was confusing notepad and wordpad. I ran the file through some code to make sure all line breaks were CR LF's and the file now saves fine.


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or any digital image format that I can convert from jpeg? Procedure for xp if there is or is there any sw that can do it (freeware if possible). Not a big deal, but I get FW & HIPS pu's from time to time that I capture with printscreen SW, that I would simply like to go back & save the text from these PUs to notepad or wordpad, and save to a compilation in np or wp. thx.

Answer:Any way to copy/paste text from a jpeg image to wordpad/notepad?

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Just upgraded from Windows 10 (1511) to the anniversary edition.

When I try to create a new Wordpad or Notepad document, several minutes pass before the document pops up.

A pre-existing file pops open upon command as usual.
Other pgms may be doing the same, but I am not certain; most pop up quickly as they usually do and should.

Answer:Wordpad, Notepad taking long time to open new document


Found a USB hardware device which, when unplugged, these symptoms went away.

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I must have change the setting for my downloads and now whenever I want to open a downloaded file it opens up in Word Pad and I just can't read anything as it is all gibberish.

Answer:why are my downloads being open in wordpad?

Open explorer, not internet explorer. Go to tools, folder options, file types. Check all the file associations & change what's needed.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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when trying to download in email and on line the download goes into wordpad and get the message 100% complete formatting-please wait. It never come up. I close the program - document wordpad not responding. How can I get these downloads? Please help. Thanks .....I use MSN and windows 98

Answer:downloads stopping in wordpad

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I downloaded an AI map for DOTA and it always open with notepad...
how do I change it to its real file type?

Answer:all my downloads open with notepad..

right click the file and change the file association by clicking on open with.

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I've been searching for most parts of the net and the forums here and did install/uninstall/restore my notepad, paint and wordpad but nothing seems to work.

When these files are opened, nothing seems to be a problem. But whenever you attempt to save by Ctrl+S, or the by clicking File>Save or File>Save As the program automatically closes. This has been a consistent behavior for the 3 softwares.

I'm using Windows XP 64 bit OS and had no error messages of any sort except that these programs just close themselves when a save attempt is done.

I did virus and malware scans by Avast, ESET Nod & Kaspersky and nothing was detected.

Reinstalling isn't an option for me now as I don't have any optical drive... besides, this may be very hard for me but I'm willing to suffer for the sake of learning.

I'd really appreciate your inputs on this matter.
Thanks for all ideas and help ahead!

Answer:Notepad, Wordpad, Paint automatically closes whenever save or save as is selected.

How did you uninstall/reinstall the programs without the CD? They're part of the system.

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...and I can't figure out how to put them back.

Tweak UI won't allow it, and I'm not sure how to fix this at the Registry level.

An extensive search of the web only netted me a number of "How to remove...", but no "How to add/replace..."

All I recall doing, last evening was opening a .dat file and saving a copy of it as a text file (No, I don't remember which it was). As soon as I'd finished saving, my Notepad icon changed (fixed that) and both Notepad and Wordpad were gone from the "New" context menu.

I did come across what looked like instructions to add a "Shellnew" registry item (I know Notepad is .txt, not sure what the Wordpad extension is), but I really don't know how to do this, exactly. I've d/l, but not yet installed a program called "Coding Cake" and these are the instructions I found related to adding something to the "New" context menu:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript" defer>
Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2
Dim fso, f, strDesDir
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fspenTextFile("BFastSave.ini", ForReading)
strDesDir = f.ReadLine
Set parentwin = external.menuArguments
Set doc = parentwin.document
Set sel = doc.selection
Set rng = sel.createRange()
Dim strTitle
strTitle = rng.text
if(Len(strTitle) = 0) then
MsgBox "No Select"
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Di... Read more

Answer:Notepad & Wordpad missing from "New" context menu...

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OMG!! Vista is so retarded and frustrating. I usualy like to leave create notes in folders just to give some info or reminder to myself about the programs in there and to do this I always used to right click and then select "new" and then choose "notepad, word pad or document" in Windows XP but the only option I can see in Vista after right clicking is the create a new folder option.

Why is there just an option to create a folder in vista and no notepad or wordpad, what happened to all the other options that used to be in xp to creating and adding other items?


Answer:How do I create a "notepad or wordpad ot .txt or .doc" file?

well buddy, i have that option....

I'm running VISTA ULTIMATE SP1 and it's there, just right click and the menu appears


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Im working on a notepad and I want to add a goto function. Sounds simple but Im not sure how to count lines in my richtext box. So Ie a box asks you what line you tell it the numbe and the cursor sets focus to that line but im not sure if there is a way to retrieve how many lines there are and how to set focus to a user defined line. any help would be greatly apreciated.

Answer:VB: Need help with notepad code

You can use split and count the linefeeds. See if that gives you a start.

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I am new to computers and not very computer literate. I have a problem when I try to open some pages from web sites. For example trying to order a photo book instead of an order form opening on page I just get a page headed Notepad which is full of gibberish which I have been told is machine code. This has been happening for about 2 months now but I cannot think of anything I have done to cause it. Although Im sure it is probably my fault.
Would be grateful for any help but please keep it very simple.

Answer:Notepad in machine code

It sounds like a problem with your .exe extension. Click on .exe and follow instructions. Hopefully it will be fixed.
Default File Type Associations - Restore
To be sure that there are no permanent undesireable changes begin with a system restore point.
System Restore Point - create
You will be able to go back if that becomes necessary.

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Hi i have a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Li 1705 notepad(laptop)

get a series of beeps at startup : - Beep Beep (gap) Beep Beep Beep (gap) Beep - then silence.
after the series of beeps it just shows the power light - nothing on screen. The beeps only sounded once in the series.

would it be a memory/hd problem.

thanks for any help.

Answer:notepad will not start beep code help

Hello does it start in safe mode ?

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When I hit the help, it comes up in notepad. Instead of normal english it looks like some kind of code. Is there a way to change that

Answer:notepad written in code instead of english

??#@~^[email protected]#@&,a[aa[a[:a[a:P[a~:[aa[:a[aa[::P,P,a~P~:,a:a[:P[P~~,PP~:,a~P,~,a:[a[Pa[a[:P[a:a[@#@&:[aa[:a[aa,~~a[P,P~P~:[a:a[:a[a~~,aP~~[P:P,~,P:,P,aP,P[~a,P~P,a~~,PP,~a,PP,~:@#@&a[a:a::[P~P,:a,P~~,PP~~[a:a[:[a~,P[aa[a,:a[a~P,a~:,aP[~P[PP,~~a[a[P~P~:,P~P,:@#@&a::[aa:~,P~a[:[a:,a[aa[P[:a[a:a,P~:,PP[~a[aa[~~P[P,P:P~~[a:a[~a[a::,PP:~,P~P[@#@&a:[a[aa,P,:a,P:a,a:~,aa,:a[aa[:@#@&[a[a:a:~,a:P,:a,a::[aa~~[a:a[:[P~,a[aa,P,~a,P~P[a::[Pa,~P,aP,~~a,P,P:a::,P:a[:@#@&a::[aa::,P~P,~,a:,P,PP,a[:a[a:a,P~:,PP[~P[Pa,~:P,P,P~a~~[a~P,~a,a~~,aP~~[P:P,~[@#@&[a[aa[a[:a,P~P[a~~,PP[:a[aa[::a,P,a:a:~,a:a[:P[P~~,PP::[P:P,~[a:[a,Pa[a[~P[P~P[@#@&~[aa[:a[aa[:~a[P[a:a::[a:a[:a[P~~,aP~~,a~P,~,a~[a[aa,a,~P,a~a,P~~,aP[~P,aP[::[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&MeMMCeMeCMeCeMMCeP/6h5]qVu:Pc;#, !Z%,u2qS3K:OK);|b"9PgnZ,P/2,C}jjK6H,[email protected]#@&JzMeCMCeMCeCeeCeCM[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&Jz~\}fjd3P=PSm;Um4RN/~P~~,P~P,[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&z&~hj]n}jAPl,SmEx1tdPmw2VbmCObWxkSPS+4,2Co/BPOW2r1/SPkG0Dn)}kP0.GsPun,uV2,l [email protected]#@[email protected]#@[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&&&P}?,?;w2GMY~), k NGAkP.rdDl~b^s,.nM/bWxkP]f ,[[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&zJMMeCeCeMeMMCeMeC[email protected]#@[email protected]#@&~,.+.dbWUz"n7kdbW [email protected]#@&P,'x'{'xx{''{x'{''@#@[email protected]#@&,Pj2]?(6gP~P,7fzK3~,PP~~,P~P,~;I3zKAfP~5i92UZ]qhK([email protected]#@&,~Fc!!i~~P,d8 &F0&y!TG,~P,P7BKtx~Jmx[DH7&xrDkmVP"+^[email protected]#@&P~qc!Fi7FJ,zyTT%i9KtUPJC N.X,7b9Nn[,0EU^DkGxk~6W.,ChPCz?,[email protected]#@&P,F Tydd8&F8z ZT0dxW4x~SCU9DzPi)N9+[l,@#@&77id7di bx90x... Read more

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Hi there ,
Whenever i run my pc a notepab automatically appears how do i stop or remove this ? and why is it appearing

Answer:Notepad appearing on startup with a code

Click here DDS

Click on Download Now button

When the download is complete . Drag the DDS program from the Downloads folder to your Desktop

Double click the DDS icon on the Desktop then click the Run button to run the tool.

Place a check next to attact.txt and click Start . When done, DDS will open two logs DDS.txt

Save two logs onto your desktop and upload them with your reply

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[email protected]%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21769

How do I fix this?

Answer:At start up notepad opens automatically with a code


Take a look at this: - How to remove Notepad file which loads every time I boot: - Microsoft Community

Does that help?


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I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem after installing SP2 for XP Pro.
I have lost access to being able to load all my old wordpad documents in the new wordpad.

I get the error "Can not load Word for Windows 6.0 files".

All these files opened just fine with xp sp1 so I know it was the sp2 install.

You would think that Microsoft if anything would at least make their own documents
created with their own software usable after an upgrade.

At this point I don't know of a solution and can only hope that Bill and company will provide
a fix so I can access files that took me years to create.

So this post is twofold...

1. To let all of you know that this may happen to you as well.
2. Anyone know how to fix this problem ?

p.s. I can still use my other XP drive (to access these files) which I imaged just prior
to the sp2 install just in case something went wrong with the sp2 update.
Other than this issue the sp2 update went just fine. I haven't had any of the problems
I've been reading about on this board..
I think I'll try everything out so I'm not surprised again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:[SOLVED] After SP2 install Wordpad won't open older wordpad files

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I've been following the instructions here and here to get the old version of Wordpad working, however I have run into a problem. I downloaded the old version of Wordpad provided in the second link, since I don't have Vista, but when I try to overwrite the existing version on my computer, it won't let me give it the permission necessary to do so. It passes one permission check, but then says I need permission from "TrustedInstaller" to change it, which no amount of clicking "Try Again" will solve.

Is there something I need to be doing that I'm not? Or is there some other problem that I'm encountering? Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Problem replacing Win7 Wordpad with older Wordpad

Simple copy/paste file would not work on protected system files.

You need to take ownership of a particular file
Take Ownership Shortcut

Then, change the name of the file original file from filename.exe to filename.exe.old
and paste donor file filename.exe in the folder.

(win7 wordpad.exe change to wordpad.exe.old and paste wordpad.exe from vista/xp/etc as well as other files if required)

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Hi. Please bear with me, I'm a PC novice.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Recently I tried to make the Windows 7 version of Wordpad look like the Vista version using the following instructions:

How to Get the Good Old Wordpad (without Ribbons) Working in Windows 7? - Tweaking with Vishal

But it didn't work, and now it seems I can't use Wordpad at all.

If anyone can help me reinstate Wordpad I'd be very grateful.

Kind regards,


Answer:Wordpad: How to reinstate Windows 7 version of Wordpad?

try running sfc/scannow it should revert the changes,

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - Windows 7 Forums

failing that do a system restore to a point before you made the change to wordpad,

System Restore - Windows 7 Forums

edit. if you have any third party themes then sfc can change back to default windows, so if you do then try system restore first, this wont affect any themes you have

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Answer:have HP550-110 ,when downloads app have message error code 0...

Hi, That is an error from Windows Store when download or buying app. Please try: Regards.

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I can't download or update and application on my phone. How do I solve this problem? It says inquiring minds may find the error code helpful.

Answer:Why am I getting the error code 80048103 when trying to do downloads or updates?

Set the date and time. If its wrong you can't install apps, etc. That should solve the problem.

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Hi I am getting the above code showing after 3 failed downloads
one at 08.11 am and 2 at mid day
Can some one please let me know what the above code means because when I click on it I get taken from one Microsoft site to another.
and disappointed

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I use Wordpad a lot on a lot of machines, but I have one XP machine in which Wordpad gives me the error, Can't open Word 6.0 document (or something very close to that) with documents saved in Wordpad from other machines. This is a new Dell Dimension straight off the shelf with very few added applications.

Since then I've scratched my head, upgraded to Service Pack 2, installed Office 2000 Word and Excel, and hoped the problem would disappear. Alas.

Shouldn't WordPad for Win98 thru XP understand any WordPad saved file?

Before I start seriously fiddling with things... Is there something real obvious I'm overlooking?

Gaylan Wallis

Answer:Wordpad can't open Wordpad Documents

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I hear that it's possible, but I'm a complete novice at anything to do with DOS prompts or the registry.

I've attempted the instructions given outside this forum but been unable to 'take ownership' of the files in order to replace them (and I'm not even sure just replacing those Wordpad system files would be sufficient--I don't have XP or Vista components anywhere on this hard drive, so I'm not sure how that would manage to give me the whole program I want)

can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer:replacing 7 Wordpad with ME/XP/Vista Wordpad?

Can you point me to your source (that describes how to do it), and I will have a go, and post back

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Windows XP Home
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
NIS 2007

Hello again

We recently noticed that when we paste into wordpad, the font now automatically changes to New Times Roman. Example: We are pasting from "file A" into Wordpad; file A is written in comic sans, bold, blue. When it's pasted into Wordpad, it changes to New Times Roman bold.

It wasn't like this until early March 2007.

We tried the Edit>> Paste Special>>RTF and it's the same result as above. If we choose the Unformatted Text, it pastes as font Arial.

Also, our system restore doesn't work, unless we do a restore in Safe Mode (then it works). We tried to restore the pc back to March, but that didn't fix the Wordpad issue.

Can anyone please help us to get wordpad working back the way it used to? (being able to copy/paste fonts correctly from the original source).

Thank you!

Answer:XP, Wordpad- text changes when pasted into wordpad

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I am having to use other word processors to save files in WordPad format. WordPad can't do it.

Is there an elegant solution for this?

Answer:WordPad can't save in WordPad format

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I have no idea why this happened but my Word documents are not saving as .doc files instead they are saving to Wordpad.
How do I get this to stop?

Answer:Word docs saving to Wordpad; Documents opening in Wordpad instead of Word

Once the document is saved to Wordpad, right-click on it and select Open with.
If you see Word listed, select it. If not, click on Choose another app or default program. If you see Word listed, select it and check the Always use this app to open doc files check box.
If you don't see Word listed, click on the More apps list and do the needful.

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I have had a few issues with my child accessing certain topics and images on her notepad, i have tried to adjust her viewing settings but she has a better knowledge than me regarding computers. She manages to change them back ! Can i remotely trace data history on my childs Samsung NB30 Plus from my Samsung N150 plus ?

Answer:remote data history trace on my notepad of my childs notepad

I don't know if you can remotely trace history from one pad to another. I suppose it would depend on the devices and the operating system they're using.If you're really concerned, take the device away from the child and tell her, "Sorry, you don't want to obey the rules you don't get the device" Ground her for two weeks and then let her have it back and tell her she's had her one chance, next time, she loses the device for good.Worked like a charm on my kid.It matters not how straight the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll,I am the master of my fate;I am the captain of my soul.***William Henley***

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Worpad and cetus wordpad will not paste anymore
I have to use special paste--unformatted
Reinstalled wordpad and cetus and clipboard
Also reinstalled critical files
Nothing helps
Must have deleted or corrupted some file
Help--very descriptive--would be appreciated

Answer:Wordpad / Cetus Wordpad

Unfortunately Wordpad has nothing to do with MS Office and isn't really considered a business application. It's really just a small program that comes with Windows. I'm going to move your question into the "Other software" forum where I hope it will get more attention.

I've also renamed your post to be more descriptive.

When is the last time you cleaned up your hard drive? If you want instructions, just send a blank email to [email protected] This alone can help with a lot of problems.

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I find some post that saying can replace our notepad with notepad++ so I do it but now it had a problem with notepad++ because when I open every *.txt it ask to create new this picture

Answer:problem from replaced notepad ++ with notepad

That could be endcoding. Check this link for tweaking.

Encoding |

Also here is a help page for setting it up.

Notepad++ Online Help

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Hi one and all.

I have a problem with copying and pasting the lyrics of a song into Notepad so that it is Courier.

If my friend who is a music teacher, copies the text into Notepad under XP, it converts properly and the chords above the lyrics look to be in the exact places.

He is teaching my daughter and has sent me the document to print in Notepad.

This is when the problem begins. I open it up and the chords are not in the correct places. I am using Notepad under Office 2007 version.

So I copied and pasted the text from the website as courier, but got exactly the same as what I got when I opened the file up.

Does anybody have a clue why this is happening?

This is the link to the lyrics , just in case somebody wants to try copying and pasting in their version of notepad. It needs to finish up as courier as that is fixed width.

Many thanks for any clues.

Answer:Notepad with 2007 versus Notepad with XP

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Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.
Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendliness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.
This project is mature. However, there may be still some bugs and missing features that are being worked on.

Answer:Notepad++ the best Windows Notepad replacement

I will download and see it. Thank you.

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Well, that's a new one, usually there's no room write what I want but here I'm told to add 100 characters - feast or famine! I'd guess that if you don't get the question as it is, you probably won't know the answer, and wouldn't if I elaborated at length and drew pictures!!! You either know, or you don't, I'm firmly rooted in the option 2 camp so I'm hoping an option1 guy can help me out. I'll optimistically say 'thanks' now,it's the Green way too, save the planet!!!

Answer:How do I change notepad as default to notepad++?

Yet another variant, via the desktop. Right click a txt file > select "Open With". If Notepad++ is not showing in the list use Chose default program. Browse for the exe file for NotePad++ [not a lot different to #2 above].If there are any other file types that you want to open with Notepad++ repeat the above for one of them [one does all].Bear in mind that not all file types will be readable in Notepad or Notepad++ but text files will definitely do so.Another way for simple questions is to search Google with your subject line. Bags of hits and you don't have to explain a thing, or bother folk who only do this in their spare time to try and help so don't appreciate way more than 100 characters of blabber.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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If I had known how much hassle Win 7 was I would have stuck with XP! Well I suppose its a learning curve....

Latest major hassle, I have a text file on my E:\drive, this is a copy of my XP C:\ drive before I installed Win 7 on it.

I have now been able to get to it after changing the security settings, and then tried to drag and drop my Blacklist.txt to a newly installed version of the program (Mailwasher Pro) on my C:\ drive. I was not allowed to do this as "Notepad: Access is denied", I could not open it either to copy as again "Access is denied". What ever I try access is denied. This applies to Wordpad as well.

I am setup, as far as I can tell as administrator, I have printed and read the tutorial - Permissions - Alloy or Deny Users and Groups. but this did not seem to help, when I open the security tab it shows:
and a long, long set of numbers, there is no administrator or user information as I have seen in other Security tabs.

It was dead easy in XP just drag and drop or open in Notepad and copy paste across!

Is there a way to get around this problem?

Answer:Trying to copy txt file in Notepad. "Notepad: Access is denied"

1. If you have any AV running disable it and try to move the file.

2. Try to email the file to yourself and then open it.

See how those go.

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Is it possible to revert from notepad 2 to ms. notepad in w8.1?

Answer:revert from notepad 2 to ms. notepad

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Hey guys,
Windows 7 version of notepad comes with some annoying features when codeing.
Is there anyway I can revert back to the XP version of notepad?

Answer:Solved: Revert from Windows 7 notepad to Windows XP notepad

If you are running Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate you can install XP Mode. This would allow you to launch the XP version of Notepad as a Virtual App. Otherwise you could just try copying over the executable of Notepad from an install of XP to your Windows 7 computer.

Why don't you actually use a text editor that has syntax highlighting for your coding. I have been using Notepad++ for many years now and have not turned back.

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I have two Download folders. I think I have been saving my downloads in DAP=Download Accelerator Plus. If I tell you what the icon looks like and what it says do you think you could help me and tell me if I can delete or to put in my completed downloads folded? NB There are quite a few.This is a folder.CNET TechTracker. These ones looks like a pg with the corner folded, and a square inside with red and blue dots in. Content_4734_down.imw IMW file 33KB. content_12590_down.imf IMF file 38KB. epson32451eu.exe.dap DAP file 4728KB. I have a number under different names looking like a page. Should I delete or move or keep? This will do for now

Answer:Miked my folders comlete downloads and downloads

the icons that look like a page have different endings. i.e X.alb or dab or aspx

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Well, for no reason I can discern. See if anyone out there can crack this problem. I've searched the forums, and came up empty as far as finding an exact match of the problem.

The problem: Downloading EXE files and what I assume are EXE files (Flash Viewer update, Java update, etc.) stops after a short amount of progress. There's no warning message, no error message, no clue at all given by the OS; the progress bar just...stops. It waits patiently, even if I cannot. It'll stay there all day if I let it.

Replication: It's inconsistent in that some EXEs do download just fine, but consistent in that the same EXE files always freeze. Consequently, I don't have the latest Java updates, Flash Viewer updates, and more, and I can't download Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. The latest problem: I can't play my new game, Company of Heroes, until the in-game patch downloader installs the latest patch. Problem is, it freezes.

System configs: This happens on both of my Vista Ultimate 32-bit machines at home: one a home-built desktop, one a Gateway laptop. The problem files, updates, and circumstances are identical between the two machines, so please no "homebuilt-bashing" or "Gateway-bashing" in regards to this issue. Seriously, the only things in common between these two machines are (1) I'm the user (2) the OS (3) same network. Desktop is cabled Ethernet, laptop is wireless 802.11g. I'd list all the memory, processors, hard drives, etc. here, except si... Read more

Answer:EXE downloads and plugin downloads stop for no reason

Hi Akambe and welcome to a world where there are 90% men.

I think I had the same problem some years ago. I'm not sure if this will do any good, but it's better than nothing.

Click on Accessories and RUN and type this sfc /scannow
This will repair windows or replace either corrupt or missing files.
Have the OS DVD in drive while doing this.

Also on RUN type msconfig and on the StartUp tab disable things you don't want starting up. Try disabling everything and see if there's any difference. Something could be conflicting with other applications.

Other things you can do is to clean your HDD with ccleaner.
Enable Advanced options while doing so which will eliminate a lot of garbage from your PC. It's all safe to do so.

Hope this helps.

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The problem accured when I wanted to download some cool backgrounds from interfacelift, i would click the backgorund-->save image as... and choose desktop, it would only download 34kb of like 1mb of image (1080p-1920x1080) and is unable to view it in imageviewer too.... anybody know what would cause this?!

prntsrn :

Answer:Downloads FireFox only downloads partial files?!

It could just be host server related.

I had a similar problem with a NASA Mars panorama download. Half a day later, I tried again and there were changes to what was offered and the download was completed.

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When I use internet explorer I can not download. I can start a download but it is deleted before I can open it. I receive an error message

"the download contains a virus and was automatically deleted"

These are trusted downloads from trusted sites. Can anyone pls help, it is driving me nuts.....

Answer:all downloads contain a virus, Downloads are deleted before i can open them

Does this happen for all file types? You could try a different browser. Mozilla Firefox is the best on my opinion. What antivirus software are you running?

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The "Downloads" folder for W10 is a little strange. I've ran W7 for years and new programs never went to the Downloads folder. W7 offers the choice of Save or Run and I always just selected Run, but Edge says Save or Save As, and you don't get the Run option till the next window.

I recently bought a W10 laptop and set it up using the Edge browser. Afterwards I discovered everything I had downloaded..... a printer driver, Kaspersky, Revo Pro, and MS Home & Student Word setup was all parked in my Downloads folder!

I thought this stuff was supposed to be somewhere back on the hard drive in Program files.
Once these programs are installed, do they still need to sit in your Downloads folder or can you safely delete them out?
Is the Downloads folder just a temporary parking place till the program is installed?

Answer:Downloads Folder Holding All My New Program Downloads?

The installers for programs can be deleted or copied out of the downloads folder after they have been installed, though if you have the space you may want to keep the installers in case you need to re-install in future.

This will also depend on your download speed - A decent fibre download speed and a lack of disk space would make deleting after install the way to go, but a slow download connection and lots of disk space would lend itself to saving the installer.

The reason for the change from Internet explorer's option to run, from a temp directory, ( what actually happens with the run option), to the save option in Edge, (and I think in all other browsers), is that it is safer to download and perform a deep malware scan that to rely on the quick scan that is normally the best you can expect during download.

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i have upgraded my computer at work b/c i needed much more RAM to calculate and upload data faster so it now uses windows 7, but i need my notepad to still print exactly like notepad xp for data entry. 

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I have to reboot my computer once or twice to get it to download. At times the Aol wont even load. Please explain what to do in VERY elementary terms. I know a little but very little . I also get very confused easily. I hope someone has patience to deal with me. Thank you for your time .And when it does it still has been downloading very slowly. I have digital cable. I am sure not used to this at all. haha

Answer:[SOLVED] slow downloads and no downloads

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Before I had XP my old PC (now u/s) had a program on it which allowed you to resume large/time consuming downloads each time you logged onI need to have something similar as I need to download a driver which will take over two hours - but my provider logs me off after two hours!!Can anyone recommend such a program?!Cheers

Answer:Resume downloads/large downloads

click here.G

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I folow this tutorial: How To Replace Notepad in Windows 7 - How-To Geek

After, when I started the "notepad.exe" (notepad++ executable) from C:\Windows the error below appears:

Answer:Error message when I replaces "notepad.exe" by "notepad++.exe"

Don't replace notepad...Just change file associations.

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Question: WordPad on W7

On the Word Pad there is a icon for emailing. I can't seem to get this to work. Is there a special default that must be used for this to function.


Answer:WordPad on W7

Quote: Originally Posted by enigma1944

On the Word Pad there is a icon for emailing. I can't seem to get this to work. Is there a special default that must be used for this to function.



the only thing you need to do to get wordpad to work is to make an email client (WLM) the default app for emails. Just tried it on mine. didnt work until I made windows live mail the default email app (also use thunderbird). As soon as i did it opened a windows live mail message window

Ken J

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Question: wordpad

Does anyone know if Microsoft has a newer version of wordpad W95 rich text edit control ver. 4.0?


not sure, maybe check their site and do a search for it...

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Question: WordPad

WordPad has vanished from Start/All Programmes/AccessoriesI have the Installation CD and have found WORDPAD.EXE on it.How do I reinstall it ?


Wait hold on, can you confirm WordPad is missing from Windows?Look for it here:C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe

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Question: WordPad

I know, WordPad isn't exactly a Business App - but the smartest people handling editors are in this forum.

Say I have 3 text files. Each contain a column of numbers. For simplicity:

I want to put those into WordPad (or OE HTML email or even Notepad) in 3 columns. To look like this:


How do you do it?
It is simple with DOS - but not Windows. It appears to me that each column has to be typed into place individually.



I can't see a way to do this directly in WordPad ; I can't even see being able to have WordPad columns per se.

There is a trick for doing this in Word. If it's just a one-off thing, you can mail me the files if you wish:

[email protected]

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Question: Wordpad help

I received a very important document in Wordpad but when
I try to open the file I get an illegal error message which says: WORDPAD caused an invalid page fault in
module MSWRD832.CNV at 0167:0140fcf5.
EAX=00000001 CS=0167 EIP=0140fcf5 EFLGS=00010293
EBX=0143df98 SS=016f ESP=0119f944 EBP=0119f960
ECX=00414ffd DS=016f ESI=00415000 FS=3a27
EDX=00000000 ES=016f EDI=00410000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
66 8b 06 83 c6 02 66 89 45 fe 8d 4d f8 51 8b 45
Stack dump:
004145d0 00000019 004139c0 00418187 004145d0 00000008 000039c0 0119f988 01412edf 00413726 00414a61 00000001 00000000 00000019 00000000 00000788

I can save things into wordpad and send it as attachments in Word pad but can't open anything I receive. Please reply to my dad at (email address removed)


Answer:Wordpad help

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Question: wordpad

line spacing.
after I finish writing a document,
when I press the enter key on the keyboard to edit a line,the line spacing appears to double,or tripple.
I use a mixture of font sizes,but not font styles in the same document.I do use bold,and will sometimes underline the text.I know how to use ctrl+1,and ctrl 2.
fat fingering has been ruled out.
any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated


Using Shift + Enter will move the cursor one line down. I don't know of any other way to change the default actions in WordPad.

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Question: WordPad 5.1 Help

Everytime I press enter, it double spaces automatically, how can I stop word from doing this?

Answer:WordPad 5.1 Help

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Question: wordpad

Wordpad when I size it to 16 it'll go back to 11 the next time I use wordpad.Also whe I type in wordpad it will be set at 16,but if I copy & paste in itit'll be in 11 size.How can I correct that?


Quote... WordPad is different with Microsoft Office Word. There is not configuration to set default font and size. That?s a by design with WordPad. You can use Microsoft Word instead of WordPad which can set default font.Use another tool, like Word, and set the default values.Wordpad is just a 'make do' for when you don't have nothing better.

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Question: Wordpad

If you uninstall works/word from the add and remove programs will your documents automatically return to Wordpad?




NO - they will probably be unassigned - but you can reassign to wordpad without uninstalling

goto one of the documents
right click
open with
choose wordpad and you should have an option to " always use"
so now all the documents of that extension will be assigned to wordpad

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Question: Wordpad

Hi, first time here, sorry if i'm in the wrong spot but i really would appreciate it if someone can tell me what " unable to load graphics conversion filter" means in wordpad? I am trying to open an attachment in a email and this error pops up. Thank s very much if u can help.


Yes, this should go in the misc software forum..

The attachment contains some image type that Wordpad can't recognise.

You should try opening it with some more capable program like MS Word..

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Question: wordpad

i,v received a link to an e book i,v purchased.(ebay)the problem is......"can not load word for windows 6.0 files".(windows xp)hope someone can help,i,m not very computerate thanks.


What is the link?

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Question: Wordpad

I have a problem with Wordpad on one of my computers running XP. There is a delay every time when I first open the program.

It may have nothing to do with it, but I think I may have edited a file across the network with Wordpad, and that might have may be the cause of the trouble. The reason I say that, is because the problem looks similar to what I have experienced in the past when I have run programs across the network. For example, when I next open the program, it defaults to opening the last file it used, which may be on another networked computer that is not currently turned on, and I have to wait for things to time out.

I haven't figured out a way to clear it. I hate to resort to restoring the whole drive from a backup. Any suggestions?


Hello Bill!
Welcome to PCReview!

Go to your registry (Start>Run>Regedit) and delete the following... then try again!

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When I open a new WordPad I always want to have the same settings: font, paragraph, line spacing, etc.

Answer:how do I set WordPad

When you open a new WordPad (wordpad.exe) it should always have the same settings. If you are opening an existing document in WordPad it will carry forward the settings already contained in the document.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Question: WordPad Down

I get:
"The procedure entry point SHRegGetValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll"
When I try to open wordpad.
Anyone have experience with this???

Answer:WordPad Down

Hello and Welcome to TSF

It is essential to keep your computer's operating system and programs in top condition. That means keeping up with applying patches, hotfixes and service packs. Make sure that your Operating System and Internet Explorer are up-to-date by visiting the Windows Update Site and downloading all of the Critical Updates and Service Packs.

You can also Run the System File Checker

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow ( sfc if not reconized)

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem. You will need your Windows cd.

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Question: Wordpad

I went into accessories where I used to find wordpad and for some reason I can't
locate it anymore. Please help..


Download this handy little program

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Question: Wordpad help

I am running Win XP Pro and I use the Built In Wordpad to do and edit text.I need to know somethings about Wordpad?When I insert an Image into my Text do I always have to have the ariganle Image in the same place for it to show up in the text document?Or does Wordpad just make a Copy of the Image and place it into the text document?

Answer:Wordpad help

depends wether your embedding or linking the image into your document.

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