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New Inspiron Gaming Laptop- Vertical Lines When Powered On

Question: New Inspiron Gaming Laptop- Vertical Lines When Powered On

I recently purchased an Inspiron Gaming Series Dell laptop and since yesterday when I open it/turn on the power button the screen displays green/white vertical triangle lines (can provide an image). It DOES NOT display the Dell logo at all and doesn't even give me the opportunity to sign in, it just stays stuck on the screen.
This laptop is fairly new, purchased back in August, so it should still be under warranty, but it worries me that it is having issues when it is still fairly new. What could be the cause of it? Any way I can fix it?

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Preferred Solution: New Inspiron Gaming Laptop- Vertical Lines When Powered On

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: New Inspiron Gaming Laptop- Vertical Lines When Powered On

I'd suggest updating the System Setup(BIOS). Please following the instructions in the video below to safety installed latest BIOS version.

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I just got my laptop 2 days ago and it almost immediately started doing this to me. When I open the lid all I will see on it are gray lines with the mouse being a square shaped slightly off color gray line area. When it does this I have to completely power down my laptop to make it go away. Once I power it back on again it works perfectly fine though.
How do I fix this on my own or do I have to send it back to dell since its a faulty laptop? I really don't want to send it back though so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Inspiron 15 7000 gaming has grey vertical lines after opening the lid

Send the system back for replacement - the other option is a repair, which will also require sending the system back -- and makes little sense on a brand new system.

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I have a 'plaid' corner...horizontal and vertical lines. this seems to be in front of the curser. Do I have to replace the screen? It is getting bigger. Right now it is about 3"x3".

Answer:inspiron 1520 horizontal vertical lines

Usually bad screens don't have "patterns", they get dead or discolored Pixels but not in distinct patterns. I would think this is more likely to be a failing graphics chip. Some notebook models are notorious for this (HP, Toshiba.) If you can plug in an external monitor do you still see the Plaid Pattern? If not, then it probably is the screen itself. If it is still there it is the graphics chip.

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I have a dell inspiron 15r-5537 laptop and it has developed vertical lines of pixels on the center-left of the screen. The color of the pixels seems to depend on the color being displayed behind them. see the link below for more info on what the lines look like.
anyway, i have reinstalled the video drivers so i do not think that is the problem, but they also do not seem to be dead pixels because they change colors sometimes. If anyone could help me fix this problem it would be great. thanks.

Answer:Inspiron 15R-5537 vertical lines on screen

Hi Mykalsson,
There seems to be problem with the LCD screen on your computer to confirm we will have to perform the ‘LCD BIST’ (Built in Self-test) on the computer. Please follow the steps mentioned below to run the “LCD BIST’.

Turn of the computer.
Press and hold down the ‘D’ key on the keyboard and press the Power button.
You will see different colors on the LCD screen. Please check if the vertical or horizontal lines are appearing on the screen.

If you see the lines appearing on the screen while the LCD bist is running you will have to replace the LCD.
Also, connect the laptop to an external monitor or display to check if issue reoccurs.

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I open and close the lid a lot and since a few minutes my laptop have a pink vertical lines on the whole display and they appear everywhere. On the start sceen, bios, windows etc. Also when I change the position of the lid most of the lines dissapear for a while. I have run the lcd bist test and the lines are not shown there. Does this means that the problem is in the lcd cable? Could it be the lcd display itself or the video? I am also using an external monitor and it working fine there.
Thank you.

Answer:Dell inspiron 7520 pink vertical lines

It could very well be the wiring harness -- andd that would be the first thing to replace.  If you need a part reference, please supply the complete system model information (i.e., Inspiron 5521, etc. - NOT just Inspiron 15).

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I got back from vacation and plugged my laptop in to work on pictures when some vertical lines and a bunch of horizontal squiggly lines popped up.  I can't figure out what has caused them.
I've run CCleaner & Super Anti-virus to ensure it's not malware.
I've run the Dell PC Diagnostic full test (which said their was an error and could not provide the results).  So I ran individual tests on video card, video stress test, monitor, and they all came fine.  
I am now going to reboot in safe mode and see if I can run off a motherboard video system & see if it's the video card.
I don't really have any idea what I'm doing so any help would be great!

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Hi All,
I have Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition Laptop which i bought in 2015 November  . From Past few months , i see Purple Vertical Lines and Display Flickers a lot  . I ran Dell Diagnostic test and it passed Display Test ..Also i downloaded all latest  Display Drivers ...Still issue continues
Can someone  please suggest if there is a potential need to replace the Display Panel ?? 


Answer:Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition - Purple Vertical Lines and display Flicker

Attach an external monitor - if the fault doesn't show, the first thing to check/replace is the wiring harness that runs between the mainboard and back of the display panel.  If that doesn't help, replace the display.
If the same fault does show on an external screen, you're likely facing a bad mainboard.

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I have a problem with my display adapter Intel driver version It is causing a problem of vertical lines on the screen when waking up from sleep, the only option is to reboot the machine.
I previously solved this problem by rolling back to the driver in the device manager to the previous version This fixed the issue until a recent update on 8th November when my driver was updated again.
Now when I enter the device manager the option to Roll Back Driver option is greyed out.
I've tried searching for a download of the old driver but can't find one.
Can anyone help with this problem?
And then once I've fixed it is there a way to stop the driver updating itself again?

Answer:Inspiron 3650 back from sleep issue - vertical lines on screen - rollback Intel driver problem

Assuming you are running Windows 10? With Windows 10, it is possible to stop it from auto updating drivers. Read this.You should download and save the Intel driver to its own folder on the C: drive in case you need to reinstall it again.I do not use sleep or hibernate modes on any of my computers (laptops or desktops). The only powersave option I use is the setting to turn the monitor off after 5 minutes. At the end of the work day, I save my data and close all running applications. I then turn the computers off.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 with a 15" lcd panel (I think it is the Sharp model). Anyways man this laptop is like lugging around a full suitcase so needless to say I have dropped it several times, not to mention I use it to mix tracks in my pool room so drunks are constantly knocking it off the table onto the floor.

After several staged beatings, the LCD screen now has about 10-15 vertical lines of various colors (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, against a black background) spread along the screen. Most of the lines are only 1 pixel wide but run the entire length of the screen. It is noticable but not annoying to the point that I am not able to use the laptop productively. Anyways, I am thinking about fixing this one way or the other and I am wondering if I am going to need to buy a completely new LCD panel or if I can get away with some cheaper part that could possibly fix this.

Here are pictures of the screen:
For some reason my camera does not focus so well up close with the flash off.

This is the first and only LCD I've had so I'm not very familiar with troubleshooting them. Do these lines mean my panel is shot, or maybe some other part like an inverter or whatever. Man I don't know...

Also if the panel needs to be replaced, do I need to get the EXACT same part # from dell? I have been scoping eBay and I see several with the same dimensions and specs but different part # from dell even though the auctions s... Read more

Answer:Vertical Lines in Laptop LCD

By no means am I saying go out and do this, but I've heard of some people passing a light magnet by their LCD screens that have problems like this (usually black lines instead of single colored ones). Then they work again.

Here at my office though, we'd always send them in for repair.

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i ahve vertical reddish lines on my laptop screen and don't know what to do to fix it

Answer:how to fix my vertical lines on my laptop lcd

red lines on my laptop screen

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My laptop screen has developed vertical lines which seem to be increasing in number and intensity. Does it mean the screen is at the end of it's life? The laptop is about 6 yrs. old.

Answer:vertical lines on my laptop screen

Could be the cable on the hinge side that is getting worn. Try moving the lid to and fro and see if that alters the display - either better or worse.

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I have an HP pavilion dv5 laptop and I am experiencing vertical lines on the screen which do not go away, and return after rebooting. I have read some other threads with similar issues; however, my laptop becomes completely unusable after these lines appear. This same problem happened regularly about 1 and a half months ago, but went away following a system restore. My battery is pretty much shot, and I don't know if that would have anything to do with this problem. When the lines appear I am forced to shut the laptop down and restart it, only to have it happen again. I took my battery out for most of the day yesterday, and I was able to use the laptop for an hour or two today before the lines returned. I have no idea what to do, and I have system restored like 5 times in the past week, but nothings has worked. Please help. [recovering disk space - old attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:Help: cannot use my laptop because of vertical lines on screen

See, if same issue happens in Safe Mode.

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My laptop screen have five vertical laines in middle How to fix it

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Like the title says I see vertical lines on my Dell Precision M3800 QHD touch screen.
I first noticed a few months ago(like 4-5 months) but it stopped until last week. It starts as only 1 line, but as the computer starts to heat up more appear and in different colors. Some guys from the store told to connect it to an external display and check if the problem persists. Well, I tried it and the lines also appear on the external display. Does this mean it's the graphics card and not the screen? Is there any way to know for sure? Also, if it's the graphics card is there any way to replace it without having to replace the whole motherboard? If yes, can i change from a Quadro K1100M to any GTX?
Thank you.

PS(1)- I don't have any warranty

PS(2)- I also noticed that when watching one of those videos from youtube to look for dead pixels the line(s) only show up on specific colors. For example, when playing the video on full screen I only see the line on green and purple.

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I have an Acer Aspire laptop 5742-6458 that I bought last July. I use it regularly and just used it last night. When I turned it on just now, white vertical lines appeared about 3 inches from the left side. the lines seem to disappear if I press on the plastic backing. What might be wrong?

Answer:laptop vertical white lines

Could be a failing display or a short in the ribbon cable connecting the display to the main board.
but if it disappears when you press on the plastic bezel around the display it probably is the display itself going out or got damaged.

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Hi I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook N Series, Model Number N3511 it runs on Windows XP Home.
When I'am booting up my laptop, I get multicoloured vertical lines across the screen which are there constantly. I have done a system restore to an earlier time but it hasn't solved the problem it has been dropped and I was wondering if it was the graphics card that isn't working due to it being dropped if this is the problem can you please tell me what graphics card it is and where I can get a new one from. And if it isn't this then what it may be and how I can solve the problem. I would be very grateful for any help and advice.

Thanks Sarah

Answer:Vertical lines on laptop screen

will be mobo so its broken , sorry no card in yours but double check !!!

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My compaq presario laptop CQ57 has a vertical line and red screen on startup, please what is the solution.  Thank you

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Hi all,

My friend's laptop has vertical and horizontal lines across the screen, making lots of blocks across the screen.

See an image of the problem by clicking the above link. The effect isn't very well captured but look at the task bar and you can see it really well there.

Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks for looking and for any help you can offer.


Answer:Horzontal and vertical lines on laptop.

looks like the monitor cant handle the refresh rate he's got it set at, or it cant handle the resolution, or a combination of both, get him to set it to 60hz and 640 x 480 and see if it clears.


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Hello, I bought a new expensive hp laptop from official hp website with extended warranty and all expecting that if there is any issue, I will at least be helped with on it. The laptop was delivered around 15th Aug and by the end of month there was the below issue:the screen started blurred up with vertical lines throughout. Initially, it was just for a milisecond and unfortunately, I ignored it(Still regret that). Soon it increased rapidly, I contacted the support and they mentioned that replacement is only within 15 days(Even a 50k iphone gets an year). After the first complaint technician came and updated the drivers and said "Sir, the issue will not come again now."Issue started in 2 days again, new complaint registered, same technician came and this time cleaned up the laptop and said "Sir, the issue will not come again now."Issue started in 2 days again, new complaint registered, this time technician came and replaced the motherboard and said "Sir, the issue will not come again now". The issue still persists. Can you please tell me what should I do to get this resolved. I am forced to restart the laptop in middle of my meetings to see whats on my screen at least twice a day.Thanks,Aayush

Answer:Vertical lines across laptop screen

Somehow technicians have visited you 3 times and they will come a fourth time if you call in and say it is not yet fixed. What would you like to see happen? Not that I can actually make anything happen. This is not HP Warranty Support but just fellow end users volunteering to help others. It seems the screen may need to be replaced. 

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Hi I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook N Series, Model Number N3511 it runs on Windows Xp home.
When I'am booting up my laptop I get multicoloured vertical lines across the screen which are there constantly, I have done a system restore to an earlier time and it hasn't solved the problem it has been dropped and I was wondering if it was the graphics card that isn't working due to it being dropped if this is the problem can you please tell me what graphics card it is and where I can get a new one from. And if it isn't this what it may be and how I can solve the problem. I would be very grateful for any help and advice.

Thanks Sarah

Answer:Vertical lines on laptop screen

Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Continue here.

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the bottom half of my screen dont work have toa gust the screen for it to work and then some times still dont work

Answer:how to fix my laptop screen that has vertical lines through

First of all try an external monitor on it to make sure it really is a screen fault. If that does it too then let us know.If it is the screen itself then you either repair or replace it. Sometimes screen problems can be due to the cable connecting between the computer and screen (they give trouble where it hinges back and forth). In these cases you can often see a tell tale change by watching the screen then closing it slowly until it is nearly down.The connectors can also work loose at either end.EDIT: I've just realised that you probably mean "adjust" the screen. If so what particular adjustment do you make that temporarily fixes it?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6400, and about a year ago I sent it into Dell and had my LCD screen replaced for a pixel issue. Soon after I started to get colored vertical lines that prevent me from using the screen (my warranty has run up and it has been so long I cannot send it back to Dell). The screen looks very similar to this screen:

When I hook the computer up to a monitor or even a projector I can see everything and use the computer fine, the screen remains unusable with the vertical lines though. I put the laptop aside for a few months because I had no idea how to fix it. Randomly I turned the lap top on and it worked perfectly, no lines and no problems. After about a month the computer suddenly washed out and the lines appeared. Saddened, I again put the computer aside for a few months. About three weeks ago I tried to use it again and it worked perfectly but tonight it has washed out and the lines again appeared. I'm wondering if I need a new LCD screen or if it is simply a connection issue since the screen works fine sometimes. I appreciate any help or advice. If anyone has a step by step guide on how to fix a connection issue I would love that. Thanks

Answer:Vertical lines on laptop screen

Looking at the pictures here:
your display resembles example #1 and example #7 and the repair person, unfortunately said he replaced the LCD screen in both laptops.

But before you replace the screen again, since this started happening soon after Dell replaced the screen, it could be a bad connection.

Start here (I assumed your Inspiron 6400 is running Vista but at this point I think the OS doesn't matter)

Follow the steps to run the Preboot System Assessment (PSA)

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Hi I have a PAVILION 9000 laptop with a 17" screen, running windows Vista. Some days ago the display begun to show red vertical lines, mainly on white zones of the screen. If I open   NOTEPAD I can write and use it, but it is hard to work for some time.I attached an external display and it functions. I wonder if do I have to change the lcd display, or if the problem is on the cable or on the video card. I already opened the display and I checked that the cables are well plugged in.I alse uptated the Geforce 8400M GS drivers. I am going to attach a picture.Thanks for any suggestionBruno Pasquali[recovering disk space - old attachment deleted by admin]

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A few months ago a thin green vertical line started showing up in my screen from top to bottom whenever I would move the screen a certain way. When I'd stop moving the screen, the line would go away. Eventually this turned into 2 lines, with about a millimeter in between. Then red line started popping up. Now I'm at (from right to left) 2 green lines, a red line, and another green line, all really close to each other about 1/3 of the way away from the right side of the screen.

This would be ok if they only showed up when I moved the screen, and then went away. But now it takes a lot of gentle moving and nudging in order to go away. And sometimes the laptop is just sitting by itself, and it pops up out of nowhere. It's being a real pain to take out now, getting more and more stubborn each day. Soon I'm sure it's just going to stay there and it will be impossible to get rid of.

I called into HP and they told me to send the laptop in. I would, but I just started my second semester at college and I really do need my laptop. So I said I'd send it in in the summer and they said fine. The problem is, the more I wait, the worse it becomes. So anybody have any idea of how I can get rid of it?

By the way, the lines show up even when I'm just booting up my PC. They don't show up in an external monitor. So I'm pretty positive that there's something loose inside (especially since moving it around temporarily fixes it)

So any help is ap... Read more

Answer:Green and red vertical lines down my laptop screen

Sounds like your screen is going :S
Best idea is to go to a local computer repair shop and see if they might be able to fix it. Although you could take the laptop casing apart and check all the connectors are properly plugged in... Also, if the laptop has been dropping or knock could have cause some damage to the screen or graphics card (rare, but does happen )

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my laptop display  is showing vertical pink and flouroscent green lines. how it can be fixed and what is the reason of this problem.

Answer:vertical pink lines on my hp pavilion g6 laptop

1. Check if the vertical lines are seen under BIOS of your Notebook2. Tilt the screen/display forward and backwards to check if the vertical line stays at all the angles3. Connect an external desktop monitor and check if the vertical lines are seen even in an external screenPlease revert for further assistanceRegardsKNRKI work on behalf of HP

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Hello. I am new here and hoping that somebody might help me. I have a Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop. I have read the topics about vertical lines on laptop screens here but my case is different. I suddenly got these vertical lines all over my screen, about 1 pixel thick and 7 to 8 pixels apart and that when it appears, the system crashes and freezed. I tried to reboot but when the desktop icons start to appear then the red vertical lines also appear and that the system freezes again. When in safe mode, it works fine. So i tried to re-install the windows 7 32bit system from my package. After installation it works fine. But when I restarted my laptop again it showed red vertical lines and system crashed. Everytime this happens I have to re-install my windows 7 again and again just to use my laptop. For now, I don't shutdown my laptop because i know that when I will start it up i will have the same problem again and will have to re-install. I don't think that this relates to loosed connections or overheating because I never shutdown my laptop for a week now. I also tried to open my laptop to inspect the graphic card (ATI Radeon) but I cannot find it, perhaps it is integrated to the motherboard? I noticed that something triggers this vertical lines to appear like: (1) running MS DOS programs; (2) hibernating, idling and dimming to save power; (3) restarting; and (4) when administrator permission pop-up appears. Now I am avoiding these actions to prevent system freeze and... Read more

Answer:Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen - Different Case

Check you on memory or run toshiba diagnostics tool... I think is when you go to recovery mode ... there has a option for hardware testing

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I have a gateway m2624u series. It started these vertical lines, then the screen would go to dark gray; and then it would freeze. I would have to turn off and on again a couple of times for it to get going again. I had Windows Vista; thought I might have a bug couldnt get off; so crashed the computer; with no back up disk; put windows 7 on it now. It didnt help the problem; now I just get different black out screens, white and some yellow with green stripes. I have tried so many things; even what they call the Nanor Fix.

Answer:laptop; vertical lines, screen goes blank

sounds like a possible hardware failure.1st, open the small covers on the underside and remove then replace the memory modules, they may have become loose, try one module at a time if you have more than one.2nd, if its still under warranty return it.3rd, if its not warranty, and you feel brave, you should attempt to take it apart and reset all connections to make sure thay are not loose, you may even find a video on youtube to show you how to do this on your model, its not really difficult, HOWEVER, save all your files, because its always possible to brick your machine.4th, take it to a repair shop and be prepared for high costs.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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My Acer Aspire E1510 laptop screen has vertical lines. How to fix this issue. Images uploaded. Please help


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My screen developed blinking vertical lines in the beginning to constant now. There is no more blinking, just vertical lines of varying colors. 
Is this fixable or will i have to replace my display screen?

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I put in a new hard drive in my laptop and now every time it starts up the whole top right quarter of my screen has different colored vertical lines. I put the old hard drive back and still have the same problem. I checked the cable connection to the motherboard and it is fine. Is it possible that I somehow damaged the flex cable that goes to the LCD or could it be something else?

Is there a generic flex cable to the display that I could buy somewhere?

Answer:Vertical Lines On Laptop Screen: Is Cable Damaged

Hi sparkplug

It could be a loose connection on either end of the cable or a connection to the lcd screen itself being loose. Does your laptop have a connection for an external monitor? If so hook one up and see if it has a problem. Also try opening and closing the screen section and watch to see if there is any change i the display. Laptops usually have no generic parts and you will need to contact the manufaturer for any replacements. Posting the make and model of your laptop can help others here give you better advice.

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1) A couple of months ago 3 vertical lines have appeared on left of laptop screen.  Then the last couple of weeks all of a sudden the entire screen turns into a grey color with vertical lines.  Happened three times already and don't know what to do.  Not too computer saavy (I'm a senior) and will bring it in for repair but I don;t want to get cheated and want to be at least knowledgeable on what it might be.  Read something about an inverter (don't know what this means).  When this happens I obviously turn off the pc wait a couple of minutes and turn it back on.  Just do not know what is causing this. Perhaps I need to change the screen, is this costly? 2) Also I'm on a wireless network and the pages sometimes have a delay in loading or it says it's not connected.  Have called my provider and they do not know what the problem is.  Fox six mos their service worked fine, all of a sudden it doesn't and of course they blame my pc.  Would anyone know why this would happen intermittently ? Thanks in advance. Appreciate all of your help..........

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i am lenovo g570 user,  all of sudden  vertical yellow green lines appeared on  display screens . please suggest how to remove thos


Hi Sonu,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the vertical lines are displayed in your G570 Laptop, please let me know if the issue is same in BIOS. To access the BIOS menu press F2 when the Lenovo logo appears on the screen while the computer is starting up, please let me know the findings.
Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hi all,
I need a bit of help, as I'm slowly losing my mind over the following problem. I run Xubuntu Linux on a HP Elitebook 8460p. Some two weeks ago, the entire left 3 cm margin of my screen started to display black/green/yellow/blue lines, which seemed to move constantly. Wiggling the screen and pressing here and there solve the problem temporarily, but only temporarily. Furthermore, the next 3 cm seem to be following suit. I ordered a replacement screen from a company here in The Netherlands and got to work. After replacing the screen, and a fresh startup, the screen displays a yellowish sheen, plus that it seems like every second vertical line in the display is "greyed out", making the screen fuzzy and hard to focus on. I thought something was wrong with the replacement screen and send it back, requesting another. The next screen had the same, but with a reddish sheen. The next new replacement (the third by now) had a blue-ish sheen. All three replacements had the vertical line problem. Placing my old, defect screen back shows a good image, that is, all vertical lines work properly. Another odd detail is that both in the second and third replacement screen, there can be seen a collection of static pixels (dark-red coloured) in the lower left corner in the configuration of a capital "C", in mirror image. Does anyone have the faintest idea what is going on here ? All help is greatly appreciated, many thanks !

Answer:Thin vertical grey lines make laptop screen fuzzy

sounds like you had a bad connection or ribbon cable between motherboard and screen is failing.

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emachines model E728 2 years oldWindows 7 updates regularlyYellow vertical line appeared yesterday now turned to pink will not go away

Answer:LCD & Vertical Lines Yellow vertical yesterday now pink

That model appears to be a laptop. Try connecting an external monitor to see if the lines appear there.

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I'm almost positive it's not a driver issue, as I have updated, rolled back and reupdated the GPU and monitor's drivers.

Recently, blue lines start to appear a few pixels to the right of thin black areas (more often than not, text and the mouse cursor), but only if white is the background. I'd demonstrate with a screen shot, but the monitor itself does this, not the software. I might take a picture with my cell phone to post it up if need be.

It happens randomly and it stops on its own as well, but I have not been able to find the cause. It's not as if I've been doing heavy gaming lately that my GPU would react harshly. Does anyone have some thoughts?

Answer:Solved: G50VT-X1 Laptop: vertical blue lines appear randomly over white spaces

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I'm trying to determine the likely cause of a (minor, for now) laptop display problem that has recently started on my Compaq Presario M2000 notebook running Win XP SP2.

A few weeks ago a single, vertical (extending the entire height of visible screen), blue-green, one-pixel-wide line appeared on my 3 year old (out of warranty) laptop. It is about 3 inches from the left edge of the screen.

Doing a 'print screen' screenshot does NOT capture the line in the image.

It went away once briefly, but has been there at all times since and seems like it is now a permanent fixture across my screen.

Do you think the cause of the problem is the **LCD screen** beginning to fail?
Or is there a way to troubleshoot my **graphics drivers/cards** to see if they are the culprit?

A second line about 1/8 inch away has now appeared.
Is this growing problem an indication that my display will completely die soon, or is this problem not a precursor to anything more serious and I should not be concerned if I can liv with the tiny lines?

Thanks for any advice you have on this.

Answer:Laptop screen has developed two, vertical, blue/green, one-pixel-wide lines

The fact that a printscreen did not capture the line would indicate to me that it's a hardware problem.
Is the graphics card driver up to date?
I am guessing here, but could the battery on this machine be failing?

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Today at CES, ASUS announced exciting new laptops and all-in-one PCs powered by Windows 10, and showed their Always Connected PC announced last month: the ASUS NovaGo, designed to deliver impeccable connectivity to keep you in touch around the home, at the office and on-the-go. Let?s take a look at these devices:

ZenBook 13

The revolutionary ZenBook 13 is a laptop that?s ultralight, ultrathin and ultrapowerful. It?s the first-ever ZenBook to be constructed from magnesium-aluminum alloy, a super-strong and super-light material that?s 33% lighter than the standard alloy used in laptops. It?s built to give you the ultimate mobility, featuring a feather-light 985g all-metal chassis and all-day 15-hour battery life. Powered by Windows 10, it arrives with features built-in such as Windows Hello and your digital personal assistant Cortana** for more efficient and productive computing.


ASUS X507 is a 15.6-inch laptop with backpack-friendly dimensions and an overall weight of just 1.68kg. It?s powered by up to an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphics for smooth visuals. Its NanoEdge bezel design and Full HD display with wide 178 viewing angles ensure you get the very best visual experience.

X507 has a dual-storage design that offers a choice of flexible and convenient storage options, combining a blazing-fast 256GB SSD with a large 1TB HDD. Ultrafast dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides speeds of up to 867Mbps ? that?s up to 6X ... Read more

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Just out of warranty(of course). Recently i noticed these moving bubbles(circles) that are gray and white translucent popping up on the left side of the screen and when they do mouse take on a life of its own and windows start opening and closing and all hec breaks loose like the laptop is possessed. then just as quickly it sometimes stops on its own- other times if i move the screen a bit forward or backward it stops.Other times thicker vertical bars show up along with the circular bubbles and again the laptop freaks out and windows open and close and shrink and enlarge without me even touching the mouse pad. All drivers are up to date-even bios and all win10 updates are fine as well. No new software added at the time or since the issue.It happens sometimes and not always.If i move the screen all the way back and put pressure on it the black likes will show up.Not always but sometimes. My feeling is this has something to do with the cable that connects the screen to the main part of the laptop but i just dont know how to get to it to maybe seat it better if it is the issue...if anyone has any ideas please do let me know.Thank you
Hsuru4u at

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Any ideas on what could cause a thin blue vertical line on side of screen? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?  I have  a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop.  New to forum, thanks for any help on this!

Answer:Thin Blue Vertical Line on Screen on Laptop Dell Inspiron 2200

I have the same laptop and have a thin green horizontal line on my screen.  Hope you get an answer here that will help me too.

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I've a Dell inspiron 15r se laptop which is 1.1years old( model - 7520). It was working fine until last couple of days. Last week it started giving a horizontal white dot line on the very top of screen( like this ............. in white) for the entire width of the screen. From yesterday or so a similar line started appearing at the bottom too. Both of these line will come and go every 2 or 3 sec. And screen will jump a bit (like say 5 pixel or so roughly) and it will also shake sometimes which makes letters difficult to read.
The problem exists everywhere, even in boot screen. In short when I press power button and screen start displaying something problem also starts.
Today I connected an external lcd monitor via vga cable and it works fine. No line and no flickering. So I guess GPU is ok?? What could be the problem?? Could it be just loose contact or something in laptop screen cable?
Another question: I had warranty including accidental damage protection and stuff for a year. But since I'm outside this period now, what should I do?
And since I'm outside the warranty period anyway is it okay if I open my laptop and try something?
Please help!!

Answer:Laptop screen flickering & horizontal lines in Inspiron 15r SE 7520

If u found the solution please share with me.

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Very strange issue here is happening here. When the laptop T410s is always off before it's docked, so once it's docked I press the power button and no image shows up on the external monitor.  I then open the lid of the T410s, press the power button on the laptop, quickly close the lid and it comes up.  I've tried different docking stations, power supplies and the issue still persisted.  I then tried another Lenovo T410 and it boots fine. Here's the kicker... When the T410s is not powered down while docked and only logged off, then undocked, and then powered down. When it's reseated into the dock and powered up it works fine. It then made me believe there was a Docking profile issue. I've removed the docking profiles and recreated them, since it that didn't work; I even set XP to allow us to manually choose whether it's docked or undocked.  This did not work. Is anyone else experiencing this or have the expertise on this subject? 

Answer:If laptop is powered off on dock, will not display image when powered back on.

I have a T410s with 2 external monitors that I always used. 1x24inch LCD connected using VGA to VGA and 1x26inch LCD connected using displayport to HDMI. It used to be fine until some intel grapics driver update a while back. So I come to believe is the driver fault and/or the internal graphic card lack of capacity. My solution is to setup the monitors the way I like is to change the BIOS to boot up from displayport, and when successful going into the desktop then disable the laptop LCD. Then connect the 2nd LCD, extend the desktop and setup the resolution. From that point on I must always boot up with VGA disconnect then after into desktop, plug in the VGA cable and it will show up fine. If I forget and left the displayport + VGA connected when I bootup, it will fail and I have to do the initial setup again. So something with the displayport/graphic card/graphic memory is making the T410s 'forget' or discard the displayport. or the 1900x1200 resolutions of 2x monitors overwhelm the graphics card memory and it had to made a choice or give up. Most of the time it just goes blank or flash on/off In your case, if you only have 1x external monitor you can just change the BIOS to bootup screen in VGA/Displayport/Dock and when in the dsektop, set to duplicate mode for both screens. Then download this utility called ultramon and use it to setup the extended display setting to your liking, save the profile on the desktop/startup folder. When your T410s bootup, int... Read more

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Question: Vertical Lines

Over the years a friend of mine sends mail with vertical lines down the left had side of the page. When I had XP that was fine as I knew how to remove them before sending the mail on if needed.
Now I'm with Widows 8 I don't have a clue. Is there any one out there who can help please. arram

Answer:Vertical Lines

arram, what are you using for email? You could just copy the text instead of forwarding the whole email.

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Question: Red vertical Lines

Having problems with red vertical lines when any game louched or at windows start up , had nv4_disp error reinstalled video drivers - same , once runed system repair , before it , screen frozen , but mouse still can move , than screen goes black , wait about 5 sec. and pc runing... after repair this error is gone. red stripes:

Answer:Red vertical Lines

1: The monitor or video card are faulty. 1a: Borrow another monitor & try.1b: Try the video card in another comp or borrow a card & try it in your's. The wrong driver is being used for the video card. 3: The refresh rate is out of range for the monitor. What does "Optimal" Refresh Rate really mean? change the refresh frequency for your monitor Remove the dust off the video card fan, power supply fan & any other fan.Information about cleaning computer components The Grunge Out Of Your PC, Fred Langa cleans the dirtiest PC he can find, and along the way shows you how you can easily tackle yours. noisy computer fans with a drop of oil

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Hello..I need help.
Well ,I am desperate !...I bought a new
Ati AIW 9800Pro then I start having problems when doing a fresh boot ,I
start having vertical color lines (where I log into windowsXP),then I
reboot and the lines are gone,I called Asus/ATI/Nvidia(my old card) ATi told
me to return the card which I did and got me a brand new
replacement,installed it and got same errors,now not only that but my
Counter Strike Source game has weird white lines in the game ,making it
impossible to play white lines and snow.
Ati told me might be the Bios ,then I bought an Nvidia card 6600 video card
and now the lines are not apppearing but my Game CSS still has problems .
What can it be ?....PLEASE I am frustrated,neither Asus or Ati have any
solution to my problem ...Thank you for your help ! =)
P.S. my specs:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard
Ati All In Wonder 9800Pro video card
I Gig of Ram

Oh oh I refomated my drive twice.... THANX =)

Answer:Vertical Lines HELP !!!

How many caes fans do you have?Try running the pc without the side panel on to eliminate heat.

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Question: Vertical Lines

Hello Every One
I have Windows 8 with Outlook 2007 as e-mail.
In the old XP days when ever I received e-mail with that annoying vertical line down the side of the page it was simple enough to get rid of them by using the instructions below. Now of course in this modern world things are different with tool bars turning into ribbons. When I open the e-mail there is no View.
Can some one, if it's possible convert the XP instructions below into Windows 8 please. arram.

Lets see if this helps: Open the email and click Forward: Now, click View on the Menu Bar: Now look for SOURCE at the bottom tab and click: Now look through the SOURCE CODE and find a selection that starts with something called <BLOCKQUOTE>Now, if there is one line in the email you should see it once. For each blue line you will see it listed. Highlight each line in the screenshot below and delete:

Answer:Vertical Lines

Have you tried this?

There is another way in Outlook to do this which is even easier. Outlook has keyboard shortcuts to “Clear Formatting”: CTRL+SHIFT+Z or CTRL+SPACEBAR. Either of these methods will remove the blue vertical line.

source: Removing the Blue Lines in Forwarded Emails | Worldstart's Tech Tips Newsletter

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Question: Vertical red lines

I have an older Presario, still (and happily) running Win-98. Recently vertical red lines can obscure photos, and sometimes illustrations, on the web and often in my offline picture files. Not all photos are obscured, and the vertical red lines don't run through text, etc. This is not a monitor issue... cause it was present on my old monitor and now on my new flat screen, and is not in the same position -- but where ever the photo appears. Anyone know what I'm missing here? THANKS

Answer:Vertical red lines

Did you update your video drivers?

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Question: Vertical Lines

Discovered purple/blue vertical lines going down my laptop. At the very top the lines are very dark... as the line down down the line gets fainter and looks invisible but in some random spots there is some dark spots. Its probably about 10 pixels wide. The first time I turned it on it was a solid blue line all the way down but now it is blue and purple for the most part and varies in visibility through the day. Not sure if this is a video card issue or the LCD monitor. Any comments to fix or what is wrong is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Vertical Lines

I remember the day before they appeared I had my laptop closed but was still on sleeping for quite some time. Just did the same thing for a couple hours right now and went and checked on it and the lines appeared darker. Not sure if theres any correlation there but thought itd be worth nothing.

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Yesterday while in the middle of playing a game Windows XP hung up. Upon reboot it came up with colored vertical lines. I cannot get it to reboot in safe mode or get into the setup screen. I have tried numerous times to restart and tap F8 however the computer starts up immediately with the colored vertical lines and no opportunity to get into any type of program.

I switched monitors to ensure that it wasn't a monitor issue, but same problem with the other monitor.....vertical lines that change color and pattern every couple of seconds.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Vertical lines in XP

Hi and welcome. Please do not duplicate post....keep all replies here:

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Question: vertical lines

I have vertical lines when i switch on .its on the company logo, then the windows screen.After that the screen goes black and nothing.Can someone please help!!!!!
windows xp prof
amd athlon(tm) processor

Answer:vertical lines

Welcome to TSG....

If this is a company computer I would suggest calling the company IT department to fix this, this would not only save you from getting into trouble but will save you from getting into trouble.

If you are getting video until it starts booting into Windows the problem sounds like a bum video driver but not being familiar with the specs on this particular computer or whether it is on a network or not it is just a guess.

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Question: Vertical Lines

I received my chromebook 3 weeks ago, it immediately had a vertical line. It comes and goes but right now its staying. How do I permanently remove it? I don't have my receipt to take it back. I love the laptop and I would just rather try to fix it here? Thanks!

Answer:Vertical Lines

MitchellMills You will get better Chromebook support if you use this contact information:  Talk to a Chromebook Specialist - Chromebook Help Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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Hi everyone I'm using windows vista and my computers been working fine up until recently, i started my computer and strange black vertical lines were running from the top to the bottom of my screen, i didn't think much of it at first but my computer wouldn't start up normally, I'm using safe mode with networking right now, Ive tried other solutions Ive read online and none worked so i figured id come here, i cannot get onto my computer without using safe mode because of these vertical lines please help, thanks in advance.

Answer:The Vertical Lines...

Hi -

Try booting w/ "Last Known Good Configuration"

Also try "Enable VGA Mode"

If no-go on both, see if system restore helps -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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Hi i need big help i am having problem in my VGA when i start it shows vertical lines then when it boots to OS the screen becomes black i had tried to use system restore it did work after a reboot then i rebooted the problem started again it since then nothing is functioning right it never logs to windows if i choose safe mode it flickers alot.

Many thanks

Answer:VGA P20 - 552 (vertical lines)


do You get the strange lines even before Windows is loading? You should normally get a TOSHIBA logo when powering up the machine. Are the lines there even then? If so, Your unit needs service!

good luck


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Question: Vertical Lines

I recieved my Thinkpad T400 in July, and during the month of september I have noticed litte vertical lines appearing on my screen and seem to be appearing more over my screen. These lines are really noticeable on light backgrounds. I think these lines are on the inside of the screen.14.1 LED BL

Answer:Vertical Lines

this is a hardware problem, you should warranty service on them. 

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Question: Vertical lines

I have vertical lines on both my laptops yellow, light green, and pink, I did let my norton virus protection run out Can you tell me how to fix this problem The screen just slowly keeps getting more lines


Answer:Vertical lines

I actually had that with a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and I installed an updated video driver and restarted and the problem never came back. You could try that but if it doesnt work than most likely your screen has gone bad and will need to be replaced.

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Yesterday the computer went wonko. we were playing a movie in QuickTime and all of a sudden what seemed like the resolution deteriorated drastically. Closer examination showed that there are all these tiny red vertical lines on the screen. we plugged the laptop into the computer and the resolution was fine, so i'm hoping it's not a graphics card problem. Is there anyone in computer-land that can help the technologically challenged? I appreciate any and all help.

Computer stats: Asus gaming laptop running windows 7 home premium.


Answer:Red Vertical Lines on Screen


Originally Posted by atc142730

Yesterday the computer went wonko. we were playing a movie in QuickTime and all of a sudden what seemed like the resolution deteriorated drastically. Closer examination showed that there are all these tiny red vertical lines on the screen. we plugged the laptop into the computer and the resolution was fine, so i'm hoping it's not a graphics card problem. Is there anyone in computer-land that can help the technologically challenged? I appreciate any and all help.

Computer stats: Asus gaming laptop running windows 7 home premium.


It might be the graphic card it seems that those vertical red lines are artifacts or it could be software related to the graphic card, I just had a similar issue but the red lines where horizontal. But mine was way worst it would shut down and show a blue screen telling me and error that points to the graphic card.

Try reinstalling the software for your graphic card, see how that works.

Have you heard weird noises of the fan before that?
By the way how old is your graphic card, wich type of graphic card and how do you use it. ?
Ex: I play "Name of game" for 6 hours non stop 7 days a week.

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I have a Dell Latitude that I replaced a backlight and inverter on, but now there are two vertical lines on the left hand side of the screen, purple and green. What is the source of these lines and what do I need to do to get rid of them?

Answer:Two Vertical Lines on LCD Screen

How wide are the lines? If they are just a pixel or so wide then a colum or two of pixels may be dead, and you'd need to replace the screen to resolve that issue as far as I know.

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I hope someone here will be able to help, or at least tell me what the problem is.

I'm using an Acer monitor (AL1916W). It's about two months old, give or take a week, bought new. It was working fine until this morning, when the screen occasionally flickered before fading into single and multi-pixel vertical coloured lines. I don't have a picture, but the coloured lines are the same colours as my desktop wallpaper (greens and browns, mostly) and fill the screen.

I turned the monitor off and turned it on again. The display was fine for about ten seconds before it faded into the vertical lines again. Changed resolution and refresh rate - same thing. Restart - same thing. Changed cables - same thing.

Everything else works fine - I'm using the computer to listen to some music at the moment, with the monitor off. I tested a game and a few other programs and they worked fine, with the exception of the display.

Specs: Athlon 64 3200+, ABIT AV-8, Radeon 9550 128MB, 1GB RAM. Most of the parts are between 1-2 months old.

If it isn't already painfully obvious, I'm not that great with computers

Answer:Vertical coloured lines

hi, does the vertical line always stays there and it doesnt disappear no matter how many pictures do you choose? if its true, maybe the only way to remove this line is to check and use the ATI catalyst software. (sometimes the trouble come when its there and vice-versa)
btw if you find a same vertical line in other monitor under same pc, its definitely the ati9550 problem and the problem come similar to me using M9700.

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whenever i put my laptop to sleep and turn it on i get vertical lines on screen and then i have to force shutdown my laptop to use it again. I am getting this problem from few days and searched for it online . This problem is related to my Intel GPU . Could use some help .

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I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop running XP SP3. About 3 months ago I started getting vertical lines on the screen. One at first then after a few weeks another until now about 8 and a black screen. I can't boot to safe mode but can get to the bios. I've read other threads here and most suggest on the lcd screen going out. I don't know much about laptops but I'm kinda leaning toward the mother board.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Vertical lines on LCD screen

To check if the vertical lines on your screen is caused by a faulty LCD screen, try to access the bios and check if the vertical lines appear. If you see the vertical lines on the bios screen that means your LCD will need to be replaced. But if you did not see any lines then it is possible that your issue is with the video card. Try to reinstall the video card driver for your system and see if that will help.

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Hi, I was on my PC and all of a sudden it triggered my Asus Anti-Surge Protect which caused it to lock down( first time ever). I verified on my APC surge protector and noticed all was fine. I rebooted into windows and there was green lines heading down my screen and in Device Manager, under Display Adaptors, all I see is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I properly removed the drivers in safe mode, did the whole process of rebooting into safe mode again, installing the appropriate drivers, but when I would boot into Windows normal mode, it would show the Catalyst Software installed but under Display Adaptors, I would still only see Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I had uninstalled it, disabled it, then would re-clean and re-install the drivers going through the process countless times but still nothing.

Also, I have tried the most recent ones, the beta and the old drivers I had before all this happenned and the same with all 3 except that 2-3 times, the PC would lock up while installing the drivers right after the screen flicker during installation. I followed some of the solutions on the other threads and nothing resolved it. In dxdiag and GPU-Z it shows Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I have tested the screen and it works fine.

Answer:Green Vertical Lines

Hi Dookie

You should go into safe mode, uninstall your gfx drivers, then remove the video card from the pci slots. The lines will probably go away. <3

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I have a dell laptop and it's now displaying vertical lines of different colours on the screen.

They started on the right side of the monitor and increased to 10, now another one appeared right in the middle and the area around it is discoulored.

I hooked my computer to another screen and the lines weren't there so the problem is with the monitor.

Is there a cheap solution to this problem?



Answer:Vertical lines on screen

Yes, either the LCD panel and / or the inverter maybe faulty or the power cable connected to the back of the LCD panel has come slightly loose.

Dell have good online manual so have a look. If the LCD panel connector has come loose no real probs. As to the LCD panel and inverter, these are not difficult to replace. Probably takes about 30mins for someone who has done this before. I usually find replacements on ebay.


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Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

The vertical lines problem have just started happening in flash games. It's like all the graphics get shoved together and then they go back to normal. Any idea what it is? I thought it was a driver problem and updated it but it's still happening.

Answer:Vertical lines across page

Welcome to the forums.
Post your computer specs
If it is a big box computer give us the manufacturer and the model #

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Hi, just yesterday morning everythings was okay, but i went to play a video game and when game started the computer freezed and i had to reboot it after that a saw vertical horzinial lines everywhere on my monitor screen (notice, all my drivers are up to date and that game isnt new i had it from 8months ago and graphics options set to low-medium) hmm i tried to remove the video drivers but nothing happned and in safe mood its the same too , i tried Windows Repair but same Nothing ;( ... then i went to Chkdsk ulitilaty and it took verry long time (strange) like... arround 9hours to complete... and after it finished i rebooted then the problem gone, but after little time i got it back again -.-" i dont know why but i noticed a icon in windows bar shows me that VGA Adapter keeps Unistalling everytime i restart the windows.... ( notice, the video drivers also are gone i cant install them ...)

Here's my laptop specs:

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 2428 - Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz - 2GB Ram - 8600MGS Video Card & 512MB Vram...

Please help me...

Answer:Vertical Yellow Lines.

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Hello guys,

I have a Toshiba Satellite M60-104 and the last few months I noticed vertical lines on the LCD. How can I resolve the problem?

Any answer will be helpful,


Answer:Satellite M60-104 - Vertical lines on the LCD


First you should check if you have the same issue on an external monitor. So you can make sure if the problem is the graphic card or display.

However, I think the mainboard or display must be replaced. For this you can go to an authorized service provider.


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how do i get rid of colored vertical lines my screen is frozen ican't do anything

Answer:how do I get rid of colored vertical lines

Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Continue here - P4 3.0ghz HTTATI 9800 Pro AGP 8x2 x 1gb Corsair DDR4002 x 250gb HDDWindoze XP SP3

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I have seen this many times, cache gets loaded up and you start to see vertical lines through all the images on the web. Usually I just do a quick sweep of all the temp files, cache, etc and the lines go away, but this time they refuse to leave. Does anyone have any idea's about this?

Answer:Vertical lines through all the pictures

BUMP BUMP BUMP ! Frustrating problem !

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I accidently dropped my monitor whilest carrying it down very steep stairs. After that it now has vertical lines across the screen. Also there's a part of the screen that looks darker. When you first turn on the monitor this area is small but then it goes bigger.

Is this repairable? Is it likely that I would have to replace the lcd module itself? It's a good few years old.

I suspect it also has an issue with the light source as well because sometimes it has trouble lighting up the screen. But generally as it heats up it's brighter.

To be honest I'm getting a new one but am just curious. Also I've always had an interest in electronics. Also is repairing this potientially dangerous? It's only 12V and at less than 5amps.

Answer:TFT monitor with vertical lines

For what you can buy monitors for these days, it's cheaper to replace-unless it's some sort of big screen. If you see vertical lines, that tells me the module is gone, which over time, LCD's do that anyway.

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Hello, I have Nokia lumia 625. I wanted to charge up with "Mr Boost Juice Box Portable Charger" but stopped charging many times. I turned Off after On this portable charger and after thin vertical lines came up for a second. Since then black screen and I cannot turn it on. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Why do I have thin vertical lines come up for a second?

Please use the original charger which came with your phone.
Your battery is probably flat.
It can take a few hours before your phone recovers from the flat battery.
If after a few hours the phone is still not responding connect it to a PC with the original USB cable and leave it connected to your PC (OC must be on.
If above does not work please register on this site and reply on this post/

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I have a Radeon 9600 Pro with a heatsink rig. It is about 1.5 years old. Monitor works

The other week I restarted my computer and upon reboot red and/or green lines appear vertically. Reading text and browsing the net is fine but I cant watch videos or look at pictures because the lines appear even closer.

I reinstalled the drivers. I downclocked with ATI TOOL and lowered the temp to 48. The problem is still there.

Answer:Red & Green vertical lines

Sounds like the memory is going south on the video card.

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Hello. Yesterday computer suddenly shut down. I turned on it again, but I can see grind vertical lines across lcd and when windows are starting it just shuts down(before reaching desktop). Safe mode works fine(without grind lines), I tried to reinstall graphic card and monitor drivers, clean off the dust from graphic card, checked the wires, but still windows can't normally start. I am thinking maybe monitor or graphic card are damaged or burned down, but I don't really know much about that.

Do you have any ideas how to fix this?
And sorry for bad English.

Answer:Grind vertical lines across lcd

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My laptop started with one vertical coloured line that has progressed to about 30 of various colours and the screen is starting to verge on dificult to use. It is a 15 screen so can this problem be repaired or a new screen installed?Edwin

Answer:Vertical Lines on Screen

I think this is a connection problem in the cable, maybe just get the cable changed out first and then see what happens, if you are handy you can get a working cable off ebay for around 15 dollars and there are step by step manuals availabe for DIY.

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Today when I got back from work my desktop could be seen but I have blinking blue/pink vertical lines that wont go away. I can do everything normally but i dont know why i see those lines. Btw I have a Dell Inspiron 600m that runs on Windows XP.

Answer:Vertical lines on screen

Did you try rebooting your system, or shutting it completely down and restarting? If not, try it.

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Please, help me...Two vertical lines approx. 2 inches, of width one is black and one is white.They appear on my lcd monitor in the left middle since the boot. Always in the same position.After, when the desktop appears, the black's one remains black and the white's one becames of a casual color (or a combination of multiple moving colors) .I tried to use an external monitor and i didn't have the problem.I tried with PC doctor hardware test but all tests have been passed. I would like to understand if the problem is the video driver, the lcd monitor, the connector between the lcd and the mother board or the GPU. If the GPU is the problem, can I substitute it without changing the mother board or not? My PC is Thinkpad R60 9461-DXG and it's 2 years old.My BIOS release is 7CETD2WW (2.22)My O.S. is Windows XP pro SP3.My GPU is ATI Radeon X1400My video driver release is 8.442.3.0 03/01/2008


Go to Solution.

Answer:Two vertical lines on my LCD monitor

Hello I often saw a problem like this when the connection cable from the mainboard to the display is broken. Does the lines change when you move the screen a half-open position or a position with the screen flappen up at all? I think it is not a problem of your mainboard but  probably of your display. Either the wires in the hinge or the display itself. 

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I bought this F10 in Poland over 18 months ago so guarantee has expired.
I would like to fix it and bring back to life only if costs of repairing won't go over buying brand new one. I am sending few screens so it might be helpful in diagnosing the problem. I hope it's not the case of getting new graphic card.
It also needs new keyboard as friend spat coffee on it. Something around 1 month later after that coffee accident, laptop went crazy, display seems to be damaged (as on screens), fan works on full performance and windows run only under safe mode with low screen settings - 800x600:4bit. However I am able to change resolution to 1296x800:32bit but laptop works even slower.

Would there be a chance that I can fix that? Let me know.

Answer:Vertical lines on Qosmio F10


if I were you I would ask your friend to buy you a new notebook. If you spill liquids over a notebook without afterwards cleaning the core components from that spilled liquid (coffee, coke, etc..) your machine is irreversibly damaged and it would cost more to repair it then to buy a new machine.

I had the same situation and my machine was after that unusable.... for forever.

Sorry dude, but I think a new machine to buy is better to repair it.


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This happened about 15 minutes ago.

Finished playing Battlefield 2 online, logged off and got back into my desktop but I periodically get these vertical lines (about an inch thick running the full height of the screen) it's even doing it now as I type this.
I have a feeling that my graphics is to blame (it's getting on a bit) but I'm not sure.

The pc is only 3 months old so I can't see it being that, the graphics card is about 1.5 - 2 years old which I took from my old pc and put into this new one.

I've rebooted a few times but I'm still getting this happening. So any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Here's my specs:

P4 3.2
1024 gigs of ram
250 gb hdd
Power color ati 9800 xt graphics card

Answer:Vertical lines on screen

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My sister-in-law has about a hundred vertical (running up & down)lines on her monitor. In addition, the mouse pointer has a 1-inch square trailer with these same-type lines. She told me about this about two months after it happened so I'm afraid to go into her Windows XP for the last known good configuration. Windows help / troubleshooting didn't resolve the problem.

I switched her to another monitor and that didn't get rid of them. She has two teenage sons who could have screwed up the video driver by installing incapable games?

She has a popular anti-virus program and it comes up clean.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Annoying Vertical Lines

Try to reinstall the drivers for the video card or download the latest drivers from the manufacturer web site and install those.

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Im having a strange problem with a HP Pavilion DV5000 laptop.

When i turn the laptop on nothing appears to the screen. The back light however done turn on. After about 30 seconds vertical lines start appearing on the screen.

I plugged it into an external monitor and the external screen works fine so i figured that rules out any problem with the GPU. I tried replacing the screen but the same problem occurs. I then retried replacing the screen cable but again, the same problem. Is it likely at this stage that the problem is with the GPU? even though it works on the external screen.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Vertical lines on screen

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I bought a new 19" Hyundai L90D+ LCD monitor a couple months ago. It worked great for the first few weeks, then I saw a red line, 1 pixel wide, about 3" from the right hand side of the screen. Over the next week or two, 15 or 20 more lines appeared in various colors in the same area on the right side of the screen, making the monitor completely unusable. I returned it to the warranty service center and received a refurbished one in return (advance service was quick, thankfully).

After 2-3 weeks of very light use (holiday travel), this new monitor is showing a blue line in exactly the same place as before. I'm expecting additional lines to appear in the next few days.

I'm running a GeForce 6800 GT 256MB. In both cases, the lines appeared regardless of whether I used DVI or analog input. The lines do not appear on my old analog monitor.

So......I'm going to line up another replacement from Hyundai. But in the meantime, does anyone have any experience with this? Have I just been unlucky? Do Hyundai monitors just suck in general?

Answer:Vertical lines on Hyundai LCD?

I have an old monitor here with a blue line, but it was about three years old when it happened. My wife still uses it, and claims it doesn't bother her at all. You have been pretty unlucky, because that's not a normal failure, especially twice!

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hi girls and boys

we have vertical lines appearing on our monitor during bootup blue vertical line on windows logo and windows will not boot up but it will in safe mode!

any ideas? spec below.....

gforcefx 6800 pci-e

pentium d 2.3ghz dual core 800

1gb ram


Answer:Vertical lines on boot!

Do the lines still appear in safe mode? It could be a monitor or graphics card problem.

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I have nvidia 8800GTS 320mb from Point of View EXD edition (overclocked from factory).
It served me well for 2 years but now I have problems.

I've entered a game played for few seconds and got artifacts, so I exit the game lowered the graphic settings and entered again, still got artifacts, so I exit, I didn't play any game till the evening but the pc where on.

After about 6 hours I've entered another game and then my pc stuck with odd lines on the screen.

Now I have lines and dots from start up and even in bios..
and in safe mode and VGA mode too..

Is this only video card failure or could it be more then that? like mother board or I don't know..
And could the source for this be a virus or just over cooked?
Because then I will just buy a new card as my warranty run off..

Thanks alot,

my pc:
Windows XP x64 bit
[email protected]
Nvidia 8800gts 320mb
2GB ram
Asus P5K mother board

Answer:Vertical lines from start up

Try updating the drivers:

kimsland said:

nVidia Video Card Drivers
Click to expand...


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My monitor shows vertical lines that cover the height of the view area at random times. This event pretty much renders my machine useless so I'm forced to reboot it everytime this happens.

Here are the specs on my machine...
- Windows XP Pro OS
- 1 gig or ram
- Pentium 3, 900mhz processor
- video card used is built in to the motherboard
- video driver is Nvidia Alladin TNT2

I've done a search on this forum and others and have found some possible solutions (included are my attempts at the solution) such as...

1) replacing video card (have not been attempted yet, thought about purchasing a new ATI video card, and if all else fails, maybe a new system)

2) updating video drivers (tried to but can't find new drivers either for the video card or the monitors for use with XP, was able to find some for older OS's though)

3) switching monitors (tried a TTX 1775 and a Samtron 75V, same problem, next I'm going to try my Apple ColorSync monitor after I find an adapter)

Mind you, I'm not sure how well these solutions apply to my case since there are no pictures included with the posts that I have read regarding similar issues. Therefore I've added a link to show what exactly is going on (no this is not an ad of any sort, just copy and paste the path below to your browser address line)...

Thanks in advance for any assistance in the matter.

Answer:vertical lines on monitor

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My NEC Versa laptop has vertical running lines at startup. Device manager shows the graphic card as the problem "The device cannot start (Code 10)"
Windows searched for a newer driver but none appeared. Once I get past the start up screen I can operate normally but I suppose the startup screen problem is a warning that things will crash sooner or later. I have searched the net to find out if the graphic card is integrated with the mother board but can't find any info. If that is the case is there anything I can do or is it a new machine given that laptop repairs are so expensive?

Answer:vertical lines on startup

beezneez said:

My NEC Versa laptop has vertical running lines at startup. Device manager shows the graphic card as the problem "The device cannot start (Code 10)"
Windows searched for a newer driver but none appeared. Once I get past the start up screen I can operate normally but I suppose the startup screen problem is a warning that things will crash sooner or later. I have searched the net to find out if the graphic card is integrated with the mother board but can't find any info. If that is the case is there anything I can do or is it a new machine given that laptop repairs are so expensive?Click to expand...

Let's start with the exact model number of your laptop and the operating system you're running (XP, Vista, 7). Then we can probably find the type of video chip in the laptop and point you to a driver.


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I just got my Mac a couple of weeks ago and now it has developed vertical lines on the right side of the screen. I tried looking for answer online but nothing has helped. They keep getting worse, at first there were a couple of lines but now there are more. What can I do?

Answer:Vertical lines on my screen

I just got my Mac a couple of weeks ago
If you bought it new it will be under warranty. Return it!

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Have an old pentium III computer running windows xp. Was wanting to use it as a second PC but when I start it up coloured vertical lines appear on the screen. There is no time for the operating system to appear. When this was my main computer this sometimes happened when it had been unplugged for a length of time but usually worked fine after rebooting. When i had to use it again recently due to problems with my new computer the lines appeared every time. After restarting numerous times it eventually boots ok. Have tried reseating the graphics card but no difference. Monitor is fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:coloured vertical lines

I would say faulty G-card

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Hi All, I have a T61 (6459-CTO) I purchased back on 2007.  Waranty expired.  Here's the situation.  I got a message (don't remove exactly what it was) whil playing a game and the system froze.  Upon reboot, the screen show up with colored vertical lines. can't see anything... not even the bios stuff.  I think I have a nVidia with 128MB. I didn't notice any beeps during reboot try. So, what are my options?  I can just buy a card and replace it or is it integrated with the motherboard? Thanks in advance.Message Edited by ultragc on 07-29-2009 09:06 AM

Answer:T61 Boot with vertical lines - Am I SOL?

you need a new motherboard, the GPU is physically soldered to the motherboard. 

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Son has satellite L50-C-!PD. He rotated the screen using ctrl , Alt & direction arrows. Now when screen is correctly orientated there are vertical lines across it. No lines appear when screen is rotated any other orientation.

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so my computer freezes with vertical blue lines no idea what the problem is ive tried updating graphics drivers and checking device manager didnt help ive ran a few virus scans with malware bytes with nothing being picked up so im at a loss of what it could be any one know what to do ?

Answer:vertical blue lines

It appears that your video card is failing or there is a loose cable.

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I have a Macbook Pro A1261 with Windows XP as the OS. When i turn on the Mac the screen starts bugging out. Different colors start flashing all over the screen. After Windows starts up it settles down but it has vertical lines across the screen. i swapped the screen out and i have the same problem. any help will be greatly be appreciated. Ty.

Answer:Vertical lines on screen

How did you install Windows? Does this happen when you boot into Mac OS-X, or only your Windows install? If only Windows, then bad driver not compatible with your machine, for the Graphics chipset.

You can always take it to the Genius bar at your local Apple Store (not Best Buy Geek Squad, a real Apple Store), and they can take a look at it, to see what is going on.

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When I start up my computer today I get nothing but colored vertical lines that change color every few seconds. Have a Dell tower. Tried restarting and unplugging and get the same thing each time. The machine has been dogging the last couple weeks but can it be related? Please help. Panic time. Thanks!!

Answer:Just vertical lines on startup

This is not likely to be related to malware. I was going to move it to the Hardware Forum, but I see you already posted there. That is where you should continue.

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My mother-in-laws calls me today with a compter problem. She says it has blue vertical lines on the monitor and won't complete the boot cycle. I told her to power down and wait several minutes for a cool down. Then I had her try and boot in safe mode but it still wouldn't boot. The end result is, as she describes, a fuzzy screen with blue vertical line. What do I do next?


Answer:Blue vertical lines

You're probably going to have to visit Mom. Bring another monitor with you. If it works, the monitor is bad. If not it needs a new video card.

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