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Skip address field if previous field is blank

Question: Skip address field if previous field is blank

I have an access 2007 database that has fields for several addresses. I would like to have access skip subsequent address fields if the previous field is blank. I have done this before but for the life of me cannot remember how it was done. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Skip address field if previous field is blank

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am working on a database that stores genus, species, and variety I want to sort the data with genus, then species, then variety.

Now the tricky part. Sometimes there is no species. When this is the case, I want the database to sort that record off of variety.

I have though of a way to do this, but need help with the code.

If I make a species2 field, I could create an expression that would look at the species field. If the species field is empty, it could copy the data from variety. If it is not empty, then copy the data in the species field.

Once the species2 field has the updated data, I could then do a sort

genus, species2, variety

The report would have genus, species and variety showing and species2 would be checked off to not show in the report.

I am using Microsoft Access 2000.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Access - if field is blank, copy field A, if not copy field B

You should not actually need another field to do this, just another column in your report's Query. Something like this as a Field header :-

dummySpecies: iif(isnull([species]), [genus], [species])

this should provide a column with the species in if it there and the genus if it is not, which you can use in place of your actual species field in the report for sorting.

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I use due dates on my Outlook tasks. When I customize my Tasks list (in the Calendar view) to group by due date, I just get too many groupings (one for each due date!). I would like to know if I can create a custom field called 'Due Month' and/or 'Due Week', extracted from the 'Due Date', so I can view my tasks by what is due during a given week or month. If the answer is yes, any suggestions on the technique I would use would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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I have a table titled time_slips used to track the amount of time an attorney spends with a member. In the time_slips table there is a field titled reference_id which is a combo box pulling it's displayed information from another table titled references. Also in the time_slips table is a field named details which is native to this table.

My question is, can I have the details field auto-populate "no charge" when a certain reference id is selected (i.e. 300)?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Answer:Solved: Access Auto-Populate a Field using a field from another table

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I attached my database what i would like to do is create a form when an end user will enter a corresponding user ID from that I wish to populate textbox fields with Agent Name, Supervisor, Location, Dept *all seperate text boxes of course* I have attached the database if someone could help me do this it would be great. Let me know if you need any further details to help get me through this.

Answer:update field A in form based on entry in field b

Welcome to the forum, before answering you question can I suggest some improvements to your database.
Currently you do not have any "Key", "Indexed" fields in your tables and there are no relationships set up between the tables.
Also do you really need the Archive Table?
The data looks like it has been exported in from a spreadsheet, relational databases work quite differently to spreadsheets, so to make the most of their advantages you need to correctly relate your Tables.
Your UserID Roster also has some disconnect between the Field Names and the actual data in them, particularly the Name and Type feilds.
In the Supervisor Table the Birthdate does not seem to have Translated correctly.

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I am setting up kiosks that once in the field will be locked down and not accessible to anyone in the field nor do we want anyone else accessing them. However, I need the ability to remote into the system if there is an issue.

Is there anyway to set up the machine so that I can do this without someone being in the field at the machine?


Answer:Remote connect to a system in the field w/o user in field


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I'm doing a quick-and-(very)dirty design as a proof of concept. During this process I fat-fingered the word Description, as Ddescription. No problem, I know what it means, right. But it annoyed me, so I changed the underlying table (where the error occurred), deleted the control from the form, and added the (now correctly spelled) control.

However, every time I try and ruin the form it wants a value for the now non-existent field Ddescription. I simpy click-through, and the form runs fine. When I look at the available fields in the form's View query's Field List, it still shows Ddescription, and i seems to think it's coming from the underlying table.

Any ideas on how I can remove this phantom field? I can't find anything called "The_View_for_form_FooBar" anywhere, but I know it must exist somewhere...


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I need a date field changed into a text field of YYYYMMDD so for example the date of birth field is 3/17/1953 and I need that converted to 19530317 in the Excel spreadsheet. Thanks.

Answer:I need a date field changed into a text field of YYYYMMDD

under the format options.

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I support a software program that has a proprietary menu item when you right-click a calculated field. It has been this way for 10-15years and has worked in WinXP through Win10 with never an issue. This past week I had 3 different customers tell me that when they right-click one of these fields to access what is normally the Cut/Copy/Paste/ menu that also includes our menu item, they are now getting the Windows default cut/copy/paste/Right to Left Reading order/Show Unicode control characters/ etc menu. The only thing I can think of that they all have in common besides these are all Window 10 64bit pc's, is that they all have one update to Adobe Acrobat (17.012.20098).
I was able to resolve for a moment on two of these workstations by having the user go into Language/Advanced settings and actually selected "English (Unites States) from the "Override for Windows display language" even though that settings is implied by the "recommended". But after the pc was turned off over night and back to it the next day, the problem is back and that setting is still selected. All language and regional settings on all the pc's are defaulted to English/Unites States. I do not know what other avenue to go in. Could something hae been switched on or off in Windows (by this Adobe update perhaps?) that would make the context text menu switch to Windows text default right-click menu?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi. Here is the situation.

I have two tables (Field_a & Table A and field_b & Table b) and I wanna set up validation rule for field_b (Table b).

Rules needed for field_b:
1. If field_a (Table A) = 0, field_b (Table b) = 0.
2. If field_a (Table A) = 1, field_b (Table b) > 0.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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Hello everyone,

I have the current formula

CompPassFail: IIf([specifiedComp]>[PCcomp],"Fail","Pass")

This works O.K, but I am being told that it should pass or fail if is within -/+3percent. Both field are percentage fields, where[specifiedComp]is the main number that [PCcomp] has to more or less align to.

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I have a table that has service information which is categorised as ServiceType, ServiceDescription, ServiceCode, etc. The are up to 200 unique ServiceDescription/ServiceCode enrties per ServiceType.

I am trying to create table for orders that will only allow ServiceType from a listbox. I then need service description to be listed as a listbox based on the selection made from service type. I then need the ServiceCode to show based on previous 2 selections.


ServiceType ServiceDescription ServiceCode
Cleaning Clean Dwelling 001
Skips Empty Skip 002
Skips Replace Skip 003
Skips Remove Skip 004
Scaffold Erect New 005

So if I select Scaffold from drop down, it only shows Erect New in drop down for description and once that is selected, 005 is autofilled for Code

Answer:Solved: Access - Lookup Based On Previous Field Result?

This is fairly easy to achieve. The easiest is with the queries supplying your 2nd & 3rd Combos.
Asuming that your ServiceDescription Table contains the ServiceType ID
and the ServiceCode Table contains the ServiceDescription ID.
Create a query for your ServiceDescription including the ServiceType ID.
Create a query for your ServiceCode including the ServiceDescription ID.
In the first combo Afterupdate event procedure requery the 2nd Combo.
In the 2nd combo Afterupdate event procedure requery the 3rd Combo.
The key to make it work is to enter in to the 2nd combo's query's Criteria row for the
ServiceType ID - forms![fromname]![combo().column(1)]
where the second column of the 1st combo is the ServiceType ID.
Repeat this for the 3rd combo and the ServiceDescription ID.

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I am using a search function as described in thread click here. I have a keywords field and would like to search the whole field with the QBF function. Is there a way to do this as it will not recognise "art" in painting, art, drawing.Also can i search a number of fields at once with this Query By Form function?Thanks in advance.(If you have a script which is fairly large, just send it to me by email by clicking the envelope at the top).

Answer:Searching more than one field/any part of field.

Just a quick suggestion, have you tried to see if "%art%" will work in your search?The % is the wildcard character within SQL server, and may be simliar in access!R.

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When I try to forward or reply to an email, my from field comes up blank and then the email will not deliver. It happens occasionally when I hit reply and very frequently when I try to forward. The server will not deliver it if there is no from.

Anyone seen this before?

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I know the Include Field will include part of the text from an Include File if it is in a bookmark. The format is {IncludeText "File Path" Bookmark}. I have 2 files: Source and Target.

Source is a form template. I included a Text Form Field and gave it the bookmark AA. I also included other text in a "normal" bookmark, BB.

In Target I have 2 fields: {IncludeText "C:\\" AA} and {IncludeText "C:\\" BB}. The text from BB shows up, but the one for AA is blank.

If I go into Source and look under Bookmarks, both AA and BB are there.

BTW, I have tried it with the Source form both "Protected" and "Unprotected" and it didn't make any difference.

Any idea why this is happening, and more importantly, any idea on how to make this work? If not, it seems like a real bug in Word 2003 as they are both definitely considered to be bookmarks.

Thank you,


Answer:Word 2003 - Include Text Field - Not Including Bookmark Text if in Form Field

Thread reopened for user to post solution.

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Hi there MGs.

My address field has disappeared from the top bar. Funny thing is that the bar still has a marker that says "address" but there isno data entry field. I've searched in all the options and I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE but still no good. It's not a big issue, just a little irritating when browsing from time to time. Any ideas?



PS same wth the links - there is an icon labelled links that does SFA

Answer:Address field disappeared in IE

OK - problem solved - It was there but hidden and I couldn't drag it into position because the bars were locked.

¡que tonto!

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In Outlook Express...In any outgoing mail (New, reply, etc...) all fields are showing in the address area ("To", "CC", "BCC", Subject) except for the "From" field. I used to have a choice in a drop down menu of two different accounts that I have and use different return adresses for business and personal. I used to be able to choose...but now it's not there any more...Gone...POOF!
Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer:Missing Address Field...

In OEX click on Tools>Accounts and be sure they are both still defined.

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Hi ,
I have a table with a full address in one field. I have another table with only a partial address in one field. I need to match the table with the partial address field to that with the full address field. Is there any way I can tell access in a query to do this (all partial addresses are variable length unfortunately)
Thanks in advance

Answer:Match Partial Address Field

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Please consider this scenario and tell me what might have happened. My wife is a late-comer to computing, having only been using email (Outlook Express) for a few months. Yesterday she replied to an email from a friend. The friend alerted my wife to the fact that my wife's email had been copied to another person (a relative who is in my wife's email address book). My wife did not intend to Cc: the third person. No harm in it (message was innocuous chit-chat). But we're trying to figure out how this could have happened.

The only two possibilities I could imagine:

1) My wife somehow accidentally added the second recipient. I can't imagine how this could have occurred. She would have had to accidentally hit the "Cc:" button then accidentally scroll down the address list to the address in question. (The name isn't visible without scrolling.)

2) Some sort of virus that takes a message **that is actively being written** and randomly appends one address from the Address book to the "Cc:" field. I assume there are viruses that could pull a message from the Inbox or Sent directory, then add an address of its choosing (that it either supplies or pulls from the user's Address book), then sends the message. But what are the chances this could occur to a message that is being actively written? Ever heard of such? And what would be the motive/benefit to the virus-writer?

I'd appreciate anyone's insight re: (1) how an address f... Read more

Answer:Address added to email Cc: field

1) seems the more probable cause; it is often easy to add a CC address from the address list (for example) if you are not attending to what you are doing.
2. I don't see why a virus would WANT to do something like that; as you wrote, the motive for doing so seems unclear. If this has happened only once, and not on a regular and consistent basis,it would not be a virus. Just for ease of mind, though, you might want to test this by having her send several messages to your E-mail address to see if there is a unwanted CC and watch what she does when composing the test messages.

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Problem : IE8 hangs when not using www. or http:// in address field.

If i run IE8 without addons it works as normal.

I have tryed disabling all add-ons manualy but IE8 hangs anyway.

IE8 is up to date. (100511)

Other addons are Acrobat Reader 9.3.2 addins, Flash 10 addins, java 6 addins and silverlight. So no special once really.

Iw tryed to reinstall IE8 but i feel it was just a time waste.
Any one got a clue what to do next
(Dont say use another browser thats not an option.)
IE8 runs on a Windows Xp pro machine thats have a totaly fresh install (2days ago)

Answer:IE8 hangs when not using www. or http:// in address field.

You could try resetting IE8; Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / ResetIf there's no change:How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows Vista and Windows XP tryed to reinstall IE8 but i feel it was just a time waste.I solve most problems by reinstalling.

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Hi guys,

Something weird is happening. Some of my movie files (file type doesn't matter) became corrupted; when I play them in VLC they cause errors, they were just fine before and nothing has changed. I noticed in Explorer that these files have no Date Modified field, it's simply blank; I've never seen anything like that.

I did a chkdsk on the drive and see no errors. What could it be ?


Answer:Blank Date Modified Field ?

VLC should rebuild the Index, but that is a temporary fix. Depending on what format they are, there is "DIVFIX" and "Meteor MKV repair" you can try to run the faulty content through which of those is appropriate, you'll have to google it, cant remember the links.

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Hi everyone.

I'm using Word 2003 and I'm merging records from an Excel spreadsheet.

Does anyone know the field code that instructs Word to move to the next record if the next record is blank?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Word field code for blank...

radar2ooo said:

Hi everyone.

I'm using Word 2003 and I'm merging records from an Excel spreadsheet.

Does anyone know the field code that instructs Word to move to the next record if the current record is blank?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.Click to expand...

Anyone with any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you.

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The op system is XP, using MS 2003. Finally figured out how to do a mail merge. However, I added a line in the "new address list" for recipiants, used the Move Up button to move the additional line to the correct line in the "address block". However when I edit recipiants list, it shows way at the end of the row. How can I move it up here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When in Internet Explorer, when I type in the address field, sometimes the whole window shakes randomly. IE seems to perform normally except for this and it is becoming a nuisance. Any advice as to what may have caused this and how to get it to stop? Thanks!

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A new and annoying problem. EVERY time I try to navigate by typing an address in IE just closes. If I use links from my favourites menu or following links all is well. I have scanned for viruses with my PC-Cillin up to date with the latest patterns; Un-installed and re-installed IE6. This seems to have happenned after the last Windows updates download.Any Ideas guys?(I have been absent from the forum for a while and had to re register - old handle: Warder54)

Answer:IE6 closes after 4 letters typed in address field!

Just tried using MSN Explorer and that works fine! (a bit tacky but useable!) will have to see, if it's a new virus it may affect this too after a re-boot or two.

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The emails I receive in OE6 show only the Sender's name in the FROM field. The Sender's email address is not shown anywhere. I don't have many Contacts (like 3 or 4) and so I thought OE6 was using the nicknames I'd given them in my Address Book, because they are my Contacts. But I've received mail from various people not on my Contacts list, and the FROM field just says their User name for their email account.

If "[email protected]" sent me an email, I would see:

The email address is not displayed anywhere.

It's funny, because my own email address shows up completely in the TO field.

What do I have to do to view the Sender's address? Right now the only way I can email people is to Reply to an email they've sent, even if it's a completely different topic and it's three months later!
(And only their User name is in the TO field, so I don't know where I'm replying to.)

Answer:OE6 does not show Sender's email address in FROM field

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Can I change permanently the field names in OE addressbook? I want to track other things about the people.

Thanks, Frank

Answer:new field names in OutExp address book

I'm not really clear on what you mean by "Field Names".
Can you try to give me a better idea of what you mean?


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I am wondering how to automatically fill a cell in my TransactionForm. When I want to lookup and insert a commodity into a transaction I would like the form to automatically insert the CurrentPrice of a commodity into the SalePrice field. I have attached the database. Thank you!

Answer:Automatically fill blank field - Access

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When Windows 2000 starts, it displays a log-in dialog with the name showing of the last person who logged in.

Is there a way to have it display the name field blank by default, so that the user has to enter his name as well as the password?

Answer:How to make name field blank in Win2000 log-in screen?

Yes, it is a group policy setting.

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I am trying to insert an address and slide the text up so I do not have to see the blank lines plus extra space.

Answer:Access - slide text up if blank field

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i have two columns date & month. I want a result of total count for the month Jan which is having blank date.

Closed DateMonth2013-01-01Jan Jan2013-01-01Jan Jan2013-01-05Feb2013-01-01Jan2013-01-01Feb2013-01-01Feb2013-01-01Jan2013-01-01Jan Jan2013-01-01Feb2013-01-01Jan Jan2013-01-01Jan2013-01-01Feb2013-01-01Feb2013-01-01Feb Jan

Answer:Count Number of records having blank field

Welcome to TSG muzamil. Hope you get some help and provide others with help when you get an opportunity.

What tools do you have to work with? Access?

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When I import phone number fields into Outlook 2003 they only show up correctly if the field in Outlook is already a phone field and thus expects a phone number. (ie: into a field named "Other Fax" or "2nd Phone")I can then format the column and rename the column whatever I want such as "Spouses Cell Phone" instead of "Other Fax." This works fine but when I want to create a custom Address Card view the field names revert back to their original Phone List names. (ie "Spouses Cell Phone" shows up on the Address Card view as "Other Fax") Is there a way I can also rename the fields in the Address Card view to match those in the Phone List view?

Answer:Excel 2003 Address Card field name problems

Does click here help?

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Hi all,

I need to copy outlook email addresses from sent emails to an EXCEL file. When I try copy paste it copies only the name and not also the email address.
how shall I do it to have the email address too? thanks for your help!

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Hi, I need help with a macro. I want to copy the contents of the cell above into the cell below if the cell below is blank.

A1 1234
C1 5678
E1 2345

so it looks like this after the macro runs.

A1 1234
B1 1234
C1 5678
D1 5678
E1 2345
F1 2345

A1 is line 1 of column A. My apologies that I don't know how to copy an excel into my post.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Solved: excel help if field is blank copy contents


Is a macro absolutely necessary? This can be done by using a blank column and, starting in row 2 enter this formula


Copy this to the end of your list then copy the new column and PasteSpecial/Values to column A.

A few extra steps than a Macro but much easier to maintain. If you really need a macro let me know and we can whip something up.

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I have the cursor jump problem in my Dell laptop with Vista Home Premium. Granted I have a wireless mouse but when I unplug it the problem of the cursor jumping persists whether I restart the computer or not. It jumps from the form field to the address bar mostly. This appears to be an explorer related problem because the cursor will NOT jump if I'm typing in yahoo messenger or notepad BUT it will jump in firefox etc. In addition, all the icons will flicker on and off (not the monitor setting so please don't bring that up.) If I'm lucky and hit esc they'll stop long enough for me to bring up a program. I work around when it really gets bad by typing in notepad and copying and pasting to the field I'm filling out, sometimes it can even be so bad that it's the address field in a web browser. I have a registry program, I've defragged recently, I have a driver update program. etc. If it's the keyboard then why would the icons on the desktop rapidly blink. It is not the monitor so please don't go into that.

Answer:Cursor Jumps from form field to address bar in Dell Laptop


Run an complete anti virus scan

Download and use malwarebytes (do it weekly to avoid future problems)

Try in safe mode (report back to us)

Read and try these suggestiions

Mouse Jumping All Over Screen This link is very old, the names may have changed but the principles are the same.

Good luck

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I have a query where a number field is multiplied by a currency field. The expression is numerically correct but is not expressed in currency format. How do I change that?

Answer:number field multiplied by currency field express in currency

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At work I use MS Access 2003 running on Windows XP. I have an address field which is populated by the last line of an address then a space followed by a UK postcode. I want to remove just the postcode from the field that it is in at present, and move it to a field where it can stand alone. The postcodes are all at the end of the field but the problem I have is that they are in differing formats/lengths eg SY10 7AG, N1 7BJ, LE1 7QA so I am finding it difficult to know which command to use to sort of 'cut and paste' the codes into their own field... can anyone help please

Answer:Solved: Moving postcodes of varying lengths from an address field on MS Access db

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invisible finger .. after the boot Windows Explorer window address field starts to be filled with slashs ///

Just after booting and a Windows Explorer window is opened , as I click the address field to point to any of the existent hard drivers , C:\ , D:\ , E:\ , the address field starts to be filled with slashs …////////////// … from left to right as if a invisible finger kept the slash key pressed ; It sounds the standard warning sound as well (the same sound event when one or more keys are kept pressed for a while ) ;

I noticed that mother board sounds the beep twice as soon as Windows is on and also the standard warning sound sounds a lot of times as to warn about an unknown error ; every time a window is opened the same happens.
Under this circunstance I opened Microsoft Word , clicked once on the white editing area to immediately start to type the slashs by the “invisible finger”. The abnormal occurrence stops as any key is pressed.
I suspect to be infected by some kind of virus then scanned with updated Norton AV to find nothing.

I have not installed neither ran any different software recently , the only changes I made was to install a new D V D driver and a slave hard disk in order to have more room. Both devices work fine.

Do you have any idea on what is going on ? any hint ?
thank you

Answer:Windows Explorer window address field starts to be filled with slashs !?!!!

Try connecting another keyboard. I suspect the slashkey on your keyboard might me the culprit.

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invisible finger .. after the boot Windows Explorer window address field starts to be filled with slashs ///

Just after booting and a Windows Explorer window is opened , as I click the address field to point to any of the existent hard drivers , C:\ , D:\ , E:\ , the address field starts to be filled with slashs ?////////////// ? from left to right as if a invisible finger kept the slash key pressed ; It sounds the standard warning sound as well ;

I noticed that mother board sounds the beep twice as soon as Windows is on and also the standard warning sound sounds a lot of times as to warn about an unknown error ; every time a window is opened the same happens.
Under this circunstance I opened Microsoft Word , clicked once on the white editing area to immediately start to type the slashs by the ?invisible finger?. The abnormal occurrence stops as any key is pressed.
I suspect to be infected by some kind of virus then scanned with updated Norton AV to find nothing.

I have not installed neither ran any different software recently , the only changes I made was to install a new D V D driver and a slave hard disk in order to have more room. Both devices work fine.

Do you have any idea on what is going on ? any hint ?

thank you

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I have a unique problem. I am trying to use the INCLUDEPICTURE field code. The document I'm using is linked to a very sophisticated database software program and I have received instructions on merging data from this database INTO the INCLUDEPICTURE field to create the filename for the photo files. An example is typed below:


In the above example, the photo filenames are all matched up to the fields referenced in the formula (last_first.gif). These are the correct field codes, and the double slashes are important, I have been told.

My problem is that as soon as I save the document containing the above field, the underscores all change to "%20" and the field doesn't work!! No one at my software vendor's help desk can help me with this problem. Does anyone know anything about preventing this??

Thank you!


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I have 2 tables that are linked by a zipcode field. One one table there is a kinda count field. If the zipcode field on the first table is updated, then I want the count on the second table to increase by one.How can I go about doing this? Thanks for all the help.

Additional info left out: The zipcode field on the count table has a list of zipcodes. When a zipcode is entered on the other table, I want it to match the zipcode in the count table and update the count for that zipcode. Thanks.

Answer:Update one field in a table based on another field in another table.

Not quite sure what you are trying to do, but is linking the zip code fields a good idea? Are you tring to find the number of times that a particular zip code is entered?

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I'm wondering if there's a simple setting I'm missing somewhere that returns the blank space in the name field of a window when in Detail view to blank space instead of the extension of the file name on the same plane that I click on.

I'm looking to be able to quickly change the focus from the folder structure in the left navigation pane to the name field and scroll instead of selecting any file and without having to go all the way to the far right of the window to drag the slider down to reveal the target files. I also want the blank space to work as such so I can drag-select 2-4 consecutive files in the list and quickly open them. I kind of have that part working with the checkbox viewstyle but its still too "sticky" and will sometimes only grab the first file I start on anyway.

My thanks to anyone who can ease my annoyance with Vista if but for a night.

Answer:Solved: How to make blank space in the name field blank space?

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I'm using Windows 7 and use both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

When I start to type a search term in IE the field goes blank after a few letters (or sometimes immediately). This is frustrating as I'm not a touch-typist and look at the keyboard while typing, then when I look up I find nothing has been entered. Chrome behaves perfectly in this regard.

Any ideas on the cause/remedies for this?

Answer:Search field goes blank while entering search details

Did you try re-installing IE?

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My field list in excel is active but I can't see the actual field list. I checked and don't have any XLB files. I also clicked on the pivot table and moved around the worksheet to find the hidden list but again, no success.

Please help.

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Question: Blank "From" field

I have a user that is experiencing something strange. If he moves an email to a folder the "From" field will sometimes be blank. Not everytime and not every folder. I'm useing Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2003. Anybody have any idea what might be happening?


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I have a Gmail account. I have a problem that when i send a mail TO any one and CC to others, when i see in sent items, it displays like normal but at the recipents end, the addresses in CC displays in TO field while CC dont appears. For example, i sent a mail and when i see the sent items, i found as following;

To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

when i see that mail in my yahoo account or other receipents, i/they found as;

To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected].

While [email protected] also recieved that mail. it means mail sends correctly but addresses appear abnormaly.
Please help how to resolve this issue.

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Question: Add new field


I have created a database to track applicants’ eligibility process. Mainly, a Head of Household will call or apply in person for a medical assistance for self or for child #1, child #2 etc. I created two tables tblHeadHouseHold and tblApplicants with a (one-to-many relationships) and, a main form (frmHeadHouseHold) and a subfrom (sfrmApplicants). So far, the database works fine and just recently, I was approached to add a new field ‘Source of Application’ where applicants learn about our program and the options are (Friend, School, Doctor, Advertisement, other) and to produce a ‘Source of Application Report’, how many from Friend, how many from School, how many from Advertisement etc. I’m using access 2003 and would like to know:

Given the type of report I need to generate for ‘Source of Application’
shall I use check box, drop downs, or a lookup table?
Thank you in advance,

Answer:Add new field

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Question: Field


Can anyone explain the Field Command under Insert Menu for Microsoft Word XP 2003?

I want to know each and every elements of Field command, such as (Formula, Address Book, Advance, Auto Num, Auto Num LgL, AutoNumOut, Barcode, Bidi Outline, Compare etc)

Ramish Bigzadah

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I just read this thread here:

And wow, that really scares and depressed me. Just graduated from high school and working for an AAS (yes, not the best) for networking and security (I want to be sort of a systems admin later on).

Is what those people say in that thread true? This is giving me a heart attack. I've never really liked and see myself as anything else but a computer guy!

Answer:How is the IT field?

Reading the first page I get the feeling a lot of those people saying abandon IT have been fired recently.

They all seem to be of the opinion that IT abandoned them, so they should abandon IT.

But others make a good point that IT is a very large field. Desktop support is not the same as systems administrator which is not the same as application developer. But they are all being called "IT"

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Question: IT field

What is Computer?

Answer:IT field

computer is the thing that you are staring at when you posted this post.

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I am new to access and need to use a field several times but it keeps coping previous information or replacing old info with new details.


date correspondence user

the correspondence and user fields are updating but also changing all the information previously addrd.

I hope i have been clear

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Question: BCC field

I have looked in the knowledge base and cannot find an answer to this one.In sending to a large group in the BCC field, if one of the recipients email addresses cannot be found, does this mean that none of the other recipients will receive it (the whole email not sent)?I say this because this looks as though this has just happened to me. Immediately I hit the send button an error message came up saying that it could not be sent because one particular address could not be found. There was nothing in my sent box to say that anything had been sent. I hit the send button again but exactly the same message came up (same rejected address).I am asking this because the group is made up of many people I have contacted over the past years - some of whom may probably now have new addresses. I was hoping that only the now non-existent email addresses would not be delivered (bounce back) but the other ones would be delivered.It looks as though I may have to send to each separately. Any help appreciated.Terry

Answer:BCC field

"In sending to a large group in the BCC field, if one of the recipients email addresses cannot be found, does this mean that none of the other recipients will receive it (the whole email not sent)?" No. The message would have to be sent in order to be rejected from the recipient's mail server.What email client are you using? Have you looked at the list to make sure the email addresses are all entered in the proper format? What is the exact error message you're getting?id10t

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Question: battle field 2

i was looking at the box for bf2 and i noticed on the system requirements it says you need an agp or pci-express graphics card. i've never seen this before, i mean isn't a graphics card a graphics card? i can run f.e.a.r. but i'm using a pci card (x1300) so shouldn't i be able to run bf2?

Answer:battle field 2

I think this is in reference to onboard video which would not be able to play BF2.

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Hi Guys,When I tried to enter my password for my account at the logon screen nothing entered? Have wireless keyboard, so changed batteries, still could not enter anything into login field? Have installed sp3 on Sunday 11th May and all seemed to be ok. This issue occured this afternoon? OS is Xp Home sp3. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Hello friends, I'm on yahoo mail. I am aware that in a recieved mail, only the name(s) that were put in the "TO" field when sending appear and that all those that were put in the "Bcc" field do not appear, right? Now, is it possible that on receipt of an email even what was put in the "TO" field becomes invisible? What configuration would I use to achieve this? Thanks.

Answer:"TO" field in email.

and all the rest to the "Blind Carbon Copies"

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My comp: Intel(R) Pentium Dual core CPU [email protected] 2.7Ghz
2 X 1Tb Hdriive
4Gb Corsair RAM

I am running FL Studio 9 and a lot of VST(instrument) plugins and the time is coming where it is finding it hard to handle it all.

I am thinking of buying a new PC(32bit - because some VST's need that, don't think 64 bit would work, not sure).

I looked at this on eBay:

and wondered if this is gonna help? With the extra RAM and processing power is it enough to deal with FL application plus all that goes with is - plugins.

Or has anyone else bought a PC of late for that purpose for about the same price and could recommend me one?

Any advice would be great as it's been years since i bought one, cheers, Ste.

Answer:Probably a bit left field?

I recently built a new PC for Sonar X2. Look at the "My System Specs" for my system specs. The Intel CPU's outperform the AMD's, according to two commercial DAW PC builders comments on the Sonar forum.

I have 64 bit OS and Sonar X2 Producer 64 bit. Sonar has a bitbridge to allow using 32 bit VST's. Don't know if FL studio has that. However, I also have ProTools MP9 which is a 32 bit DAW and everything works under Windows 7 64 bit.

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i dont have bf2 special forces on this pc i have bf2 v1.0, is it necessary to patch-up? it shouldnt be....?
whenever i patch my bf2 to v1.41 it always crash to desktop black screen occurs
I think there is a simple soultion to this, but don't know what...any suggestions???

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Question: interacting field

is there any software which will allow me build so as to interact with the window that it displays for example in windows i drag n drop the file to another folder in the same window.

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Does anyone have technical info on Near Field Communication? Security strengths? Viability for use?

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Question: SPAM and Bcc field

Does using the Bcc field for group emails really reduce the risk of SPAM. If so how? Unless the contents of the Bcc field are not stored anywhere on the machines fo recipients I would have thought that what is entered into the Bcc field is recoverable somehow by malicious scanners?

Answer:SPAM and Bcc field

click here

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Question: Battle Field

Hi AllI have been board for a long time, the UT2004,world war craft, i'm getting used to them. Mortal Kombat i'm an execpt.Can someone tell me where can i get Battle Field for free or doanload it.  Guys i'm talking about GamesThanks appriciatated

Answer:Battle Field

dude the game is so cheap its untrue go out and buy it lol 

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In MS Word, is there a way to have a field box (grey) automatically appear when you press return?

For example, I have "External Examiner: (name, degree, department/field, institution)"

"(name, degree, department/field, institution" being the field box. I need the same field box to appear on the next line when they press enter for additional entries.

Any thoughts?

Answer:MS Word - field box

I am not quite getting what you are asking for with this post. Do you want Word to automatically throw that text in again as a header row which they will type underneath of?

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Question: Access - Field


I have a database with a field called "Date". But on that field, I just want an automatic date of 10/31/05 meaning when the user goes that field it will be automatically populated with that date. How do I do that?

Answer:Access - Field

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Question: Field Work

Hi guys, I currently am in my last year at college Doing Hardware Maintenance/Networking. I'd say I'm fairly knowledgeable and have some experience under my belt.

I currently perform services from reinstalling OS's/PC tuneups/Diagnostic for free. However, I'm going to be charging soon and want to go the right way about it.

Reinstalls of Windows I'm going to charge ?20 provided they have a genuine copy. You can use the OEM sticker on machines Can't you?

Basically I just want to know what you guys think the best way of doing things are, Also what prices you think should be charged for specific services.

I need to get some tools etc obviously..

I've got external Hard drives for backing up, Got a reference machine for Virus scanning

Currently use freeware such as AVG free, Ccleaner, Malwarebytes etc.

I need to get a toolbox and some tools any suggestions? I Live in Manchester in the UK.

Sealey AP528 Toolbox 650mm with Lid, Parts Storage & Wheels AP528 ?25.31

I thought that toolbox looked good, then I could buy some precision screwdrivers (Posi's flat headed) smaller ones for laptops, Compressed air, cable ties, Wire cutters, thermal Paste.

Anything else I've missed, This help would be greatly appreciated, I have the enthusiasm to do the Job, I read these forums daily and contribute, Read Hexus for the latest hardware and keep up to date as much as I can. I believe in Time i can become a great technician but I need the proper way of doing things... Read more

Answer:Field Work

So essentially you're doing tune-ups and installs?

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Question: Memo field

Good day all,

I'm having some issues getting a combobox to work with a memo field.

Master repository (table) = my data warehouse
Main (form) = drives data to Master Repository
Verbiage (table) = document types list in combobox on form Main. One of the 3 fields retrieved by the combobox, [Body], is a Memo field containing formatted wording to be used to generate a printed letter.

The combobox will return the correct field/data upon selection but it truncates the information in that field. I read that there might be some sorting and like field issues but I haven't been able to fix or work around the issue yet. Suggestions are greatly appreciated

Perhaps there might be other ways to achieve what it is that I would like to do. What I am trying to do is create the ability to generate a formatted letter hub of sorts. These are one-off letters that are produced at the time of data entry that will use information from the current record and from several tables.


Answer:Memo field

How many Characters are you trying to display in the Combo from the memo field?
There is a 255 character limit for the columns of Combjo box fields.
You can however display those characters but then use the whole of the table field's data by using VBA code to retrieve the data either using dlookup or a recordset.
Or if the user needs to see all the data you can use an unbound memo field to display the same data in full.

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Question: eq field code

eq field code for bracket and square bracket together

Answer:eq field code

Welcome to the forums Aier - I don't understand your post, what is it you'd like help with and for which application?

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Manufacturer: System manufacturer
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Hard Drive: 137 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio output
Speakers/Headphones: Creative 2.1
Keyboard: USB Root Hub
Mouse: USB Root Hub
Mouse Surface: Wood
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

First of all, the system above ^ I built myself, with little trouble at all, assembled nicely, working fine for the first few weeks. It's been a number of months now and a few confusing things have occured.

When I first got the PC, I installed the UT3 demo to see how it handled. On full settings I didn't encounter one single trip in framerate, as with all the other games on it. When I bought the full game today, I installed it fine, ran it and it literally wouldn't display it on anything other than 800x600. whereas before it ran perfectly on 1280x1024. Note that I am running a dual screen system. One at 1280x1024, the slightly worse quality one at 768x1024. When attempting to run the game at that resolution is simply freezes, black screen and takes a good few minutes to minimise/maximise.

Causes i've eliminated:

I'm starting to worry about this, I havn't changed anything major in my computer since it ran fine, my drivers are up to date, the cabling is firmly connected, convection isn't a prob... Read more

Answer:Problems in the field...

Did you try installing the latest patch for the game? There's been a few releases already, there's a good chance that the latest patch will fix it. Other than that, be sure you have the absolute latest drivers, sometimes when a new game comes out, companies release drivers that day, because they're optimized for certain game fixes.

Oh, and what's wrong with electrical engineers?

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Hi All

I have a number of fields that is of data type yes/no. These fields are all questions for a questionaire to see how well someone performed. I now want to calculate what is the percentage. Thus I first want to know how to calculate the amount of yes/no answers (please note this is over different fields), then the amount of questions filled in (some questions may be N/A) and then devide the total number of "yes" by the amount of questions answered (to get the percentage of the questionaire.

I'm new to access, and know only what is needed, so a simple answer will do.

If anyone could help please.


Answer:Calculate yes/no field

Nadia1, welcome to the Forum.
Access registers a "yes" by storing the value -1 and a "no" by storing a 0.

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I've just downloaded the latest Incredimail Xe and as a result have lost the BCC field. Can anyone help me to restore it please?

Answer:BCC Field in emails.

Go to View menu and show BCC - or in some versions View then CC - then BCC.

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I have a mail-merge letter whose data source is an Access 2000 query. Besides the fields from the query, I want to insert a Word field that in effect does this:
If [corner], "This includes a corner location", else "". In other words, if the checkbox [Corner] is checked, enter the text indicated. If it's not checked (=No/False), don't do anything.

If I click the combo box to select the [Corner] field, leave the Comparison "Equal to" and the Compare to value Yes, enter the text in the "Insert this text" box and leave the "Otherwise insert this text" blank, I get nothing. If I enter some text in the "Otherwise. . ." box, that is ALL I get; never get the text in the "Insert this text" box even when [Corner] is checked.

What am I doing wrong or not understanding?

Answer:If-then-else Word field

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hey can someone tell me what patch every one is using on battle field 2 and on special forces

Answer:Battle field 2 help

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A field may have data such as 'This is a test'.

If I select this field within a unix for loop the result of this query is


How can I get it so that the result stays on one line.

The unix code is below.

number=`db2 -x "select distinct(number) from test"`

for n in $number
echo "getting data for number"
data=`db2 -x "select data from test where number= $number"`
for d in $data
echo $d

result is

1 This
1 is
1 a
1 test

ideal results
1 This is a test

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Well I'm using Outlook 2003 and I want to programmatically set the BCC field to a preset email everytime I create, rely or forward a message. I want the email to be show in the form so that the user can delete the email if they desire.
Thank you in advance,

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Question: change field name

I am using access 2003 and have a database with over 1500 rows
I have many queries and reports relating to this database
One of my agencies changed their name and I want to know what is the best way to change the name in the whole database, including queries and reports

Answer:change field name

Ouch...that depends. If your queries have links based on their name, you will have to make the change in a table and fix all those broken links. But if they (and reports) just show the name in relationship to a code, you can change their name in the main agency table (or wherever that info is kept) and they should all be updated automatically.

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In ACT 6.0 when I rename user fields (not just change the label, but actually rename) it still retains the original name when I export the data. Is there any way to change the field names for real? Thanks, Ed

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Now don't all rush out with the answer "close the gate first"!!I have just designed a form on MS Word XP and want to lock the header design so it can't be lifted. Is there any way this can be done and would the same command work for any text or graphics filed?

Answer:How do you lock a field?

Sorry about this but possibly a bit more info may be of use. It is actually Word in Office 2003. I have designed a graphics header to go on the top of each page that I don't want anyone to copy. Had this happen to me in the past where I put a lot opf work into designing a header for a page and some kind soul lifted the design and got all the credit, and a little extra in their pay for their "efforts". So can anyone help with a way of locking the whole design in the header or footer...please!!!

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Hello all. Fresh college grad, just started sending out resumes over the weekend. So since I got time I decided to check out the forum. Boy oh boy I spent 20 minutes on it and I feel like I just stepped into the Twilight Zone or some kind of nightmare realm. My god that is the most depressing stuff I've read.

I'm talking about the state of IT employment. Is it really THAT bad?? Half the posts on there are about how Indians with H1B visas are taking all the IT jobs and almost no Americans ever get hired. And how your only chance of getting hired is if you get a Masters degree in CS with 5000 years experience and only then will a company let you polish the boots of the janitor on a part time basis

Answer:IT Field & Employment

thecrafter said:

Hello all. Fresh college grad, just started sending out resumes over the weekend. So since I got time I decided to check out the forum. Boy oh boy I spent 20 minutes on it and I feel like I just stepped into the Twilight Zone or some kind of nightmare realm. My god that is the most depressing stuff I've read.

I'm talking about the state of IT employment. Is it really THAT bad?? Half the posts on there are about how Indians with H1B visas are taking all the IT jobs and almost no Americans ever get hired. And how your only chance of getting hired is if you get a Masters degree in CS with 5000 years experience and only then will a company let you polish the boots of the janitor on a part time basisClick to expand...

Try spending more than 20 minutes truly researching this topic.

Posting something useful or about yourself, such as the kinds of jobs you would be interested in, would be a great start to having more experienced peers provide insight and research directions.
Edit: Here's a good, recent thread on a similar note.

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Right now for college, I am looking at some kind of Business Information Systems type course (like working with computer hardware and networking the most). The thing is I'm not sure how many jobs are available for this field or if it is even the best IT field to go into at this time. What would you guys suggest?

Answer:Best IT field to get a degree in?

I hate to break it to you but the job market is really bad right now and many IT jobs are outsourced or given to visa workers from India or whatever country. Why would I pay you 70k to do the work when someone else is willing to take 30k right? You can get plenty of information on IT at

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Does anyone know if there is absolutely anyway to find out the names that were put on the BCC: field of an email taht was sent to me? Thanks for your help.

Answer:BCC Field on emails

Nope, If they did not put their names on it, then you can not get their names.

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Im not sure if there is the best place to ask but does anyone have any suggestions on how to start off in the IT field.....i have years of exp but no certs....what are the best certs to get first and where to get them

thanks in advance

Answer:Starting In the IT field

How can you possibly choose IT as your main career if you have NO idea what certs are needed to even make any decent cash?

My suggestion, start looking at some jobs you might find interest in and see what their requirements are.

You're going about this all wrong.

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I want to be able to print my Access report to PDF and make sure the name is based on the current reports info.

Dim MyPath as String
Dim MyFilename as String
MyPath = "C:\Clients\
MyFilename = field: PhysicalCompany& " "&field: WorkOrderID
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "", acFormatPDF, MyPath & MyFilename

2 things with the line in red:
1) Will this code print the current record/report?
2) I am sure this is not the way to use the fields to get the MyFilename correctly.

Answer:Solved: Add field name


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Question: alphanumeric field

I have a column with an ascending sequence of numbers from 1 to 10000. Some of the numbers are alphanumeric (e.g. 9a, 9b, 9c). I need to separate the numbers and text into two columns. I am not sure what formula to use because not all the fields alphanumeric and their length varies. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:alphanumeric field

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Question: Field blacks out

Quite regularly a field in a document, like an amount in a bank statement, will be blacked out, as though censored. If I minimize and then restore, the blackout has disappeared and the amount is properly displayed. Also quite regularly a rectangular area of the display is "whited" out, often the full width of the screen. Minimising and restoring brings back the full display. Any suggestions?

Answer:Field blacks out

It sounds like it could be a Graphics driver problem See if you can get a Update driver for it

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On the windows classic logon box underneath the password field how do I enable the 'Log on to' field, where you choose what to log on to.Thanks

Answer:'Log on to' field in the log on box -how to enable

How do I make it a member of a domain?

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quote from support:

"If that works, then try putting it back and adding the z tag for the additional header field. That is accomplished via the DNS"

Answer:dns: how do i add a z tag for the header field?

It might help to have a little more context for this problem in order to help you out.

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I am at a crossroad and do not know which direction to go. I got my Associate's degree in IT a few years ago and never really did any more than that. I am in the process right now of trying to set up a small network in my house, to get some real world experience, but education wise I am not sure which direction to go. If I get my Bachelor's degree it would have to be from some where online because I already work full-time and I am looking at getting a part-time job in the evening as well plus I have two small children. The other route I have been looking at is going to the local community college next to my house for some online certification programs they offer such as Cisco or a general networking certification. My company is willing to reimburse me up to $3000 a year towards my education plus I qualify for Pell grants as well which would make paying for a degree easier but I don't know really which would be best at this time.

I have done a little of everything on my own, and I am now looking to get focused in an area. I would really like to work in our NOC but I don't which education form would benefit me the most.

Answer:Need advice from those in the field...

If you're just looking for a job in the NOC as a network technician or whatnot, Network+ --> CCNA --> (maybe) CCNP certification may be the way to go. Will your company cover certification costs?

If you have two kids, a full time job, a Bachelor's will probably take way more than two years to finish (that's assuming you can transfer all your credits from the Associate's Degree). Doing a good certification path and getting some experience along the way would probably put you in a better position in the short run. The certification path has more of a focus on teaching you how to perform tasks than teaching you how to think in a certain mindset - and vice-versa for the bachelor's degree.

It's kind of a hard question to answer, but in my opinion if you're focusing on a certain type of IT job, school might not be the answer.

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Sorry if I am being vague, but I know there is a feature on the htc one m8 for windows that does that, and in a review for it, the man said there was one for Lumia, but he never mentioned it. What's the name, I need it on my 521 :)

Answer:What is the name of the app for depth of field?

Maybe you are looking for Nokia Refocus.
WIth that app you can play with the depth of field of any picture.

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Question: No pass field

Hello everyone! After fresh instalation of Windows 7 there is no logon screen with password field and i'm sure i had it before with no password set. I've tried everything: netplwiz, tried to create another account, turn on Guest and there is only screen with users account but there is no password field after i click on my account. I repet, i'm sure i had it before. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Answer:No pass field

A fresh install will not have a logon screen unless you setup your account with a password.

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I would like to disable the Information Field (the yellow strip that pops up right under menus and toolbars in IE) from popping up each time I open a file I know is safe and resides in my local network. Is this possible and how is it done in IE?

I don't have this "problem" with Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Yours sincerely

Answer:Information field IE

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Is it to allow pop ups, active X etc?

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Question: Battle Field

OK so I went out and purchased Battle Field 2, loaded the game and received an error. Something about vpu. I can get this if needed. Anyway on the box my system meets or esceeds the requirements of the video, so I thought. Box has "video card must have 128 mb or more memory and one of the following chipsets Nvidia GeForce FX 5700 or greater and ATI Radeon 8500 or greater"

Now I have the radeon 9250 256ddr and guess what ? the game will not run. It plays the intro video fine, which is awesome by the way then up pops the vpu error.

Now my dilemma is. I DO NOT HAVE an agp port available, this computer does not have an agp slot, I do however have the pci slots. I have been told that there are NO PCI video cards that battlefield 2 will support. SO as you can see I am need of assistance on this. I have already e-mailed EA games which makes Battle field 2 where I have NOT received a reply as of yet. Some how I have the feeling they are going to tell me that my video card is not supported. Hmm let's see, it said ATI Radeon 8500 or greater, isn't 9250 greater than the 8500 ? I guess someone counts backwards.

So is there anyone that can shed some light on this for me such as, 1) do they make pci video cards that are supported by battlefield2 and 2) is there anyway for me to get this game to run with my existing video card ?

thanks guys.

Answer:Battle Field

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