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My hotmail email account in the Nokia 930 shows an error "Your Hotmail settings out of date"

Question: My hotmail email account in the Nokia 930 shows an error "Your Hotmail settings out of date"

I had several hotmail accounts that I could view in the Nokia 930 windows 10.
I have not installed any apps (however there wsa an app that I do not know what was doing there with the text showing @\user\microsoft\windowsapp\ etc. the text was longer an I was not able to remove the app)
However the problem of the emails did not arise after the above app was mysteriously installed but happened before.
It looked like that one specific account was inexplicably confused with another email account...e when I was tapping on one Icon app of hotmail account I would actually read the email of another account.
My main Email setup account within windows phone setup had disappeared and when trying to re added it was saying that it was already setup.
Therefore I could only but hard rest my phone. I have hard reset it four times now and every time I setup the account with my main Email account everything is fine but when I add another email account it all goes wrong with similar variations of the above issue and now I even have an error message saying the account the I added
Now I am getting has the settings out of date. I tap FIX button there is some activity but nothing happens.
How can I fix this!!!

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Preferred Solution: My hotmail email account in the Nokia 930 shows an error "Your Hotmail settings out of date"

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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How to export contacts from hotmail to any email account (without outlook or paying for a premium service). Follow the procedure step by step, it takes 15 minutes.

1 Go to ?contacts? in hotmail. Highlight names and addresses with the mouse. Copy all the names and the email addresses.
2 Put the selection on a Word sheet. Highlight all again, go to the ?table? menu and choose ?Convert text to table? (attention, check the option ?commas?).
3 Go to ?save as? and under the option ?files of type?, choose ?plain text?
4 Open Microsoft Work spreadsheet or Excel
5 And using Work spreadsheet or Excel open the file previously saved as plain text
6 Now you have two columns. Insert a row at the top. In the first column write Name, in the second E-mail, in the third Notes (exactly like here, attention to the capital and plural)
6 Go to ?save as? and under the option ?files of type?, choose ?.csv?
7 Open Gmail, go to contacts and on the top right you will see ?import?. Now you browse and you choose the file saved as .csv.
8 Look what a miracle


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I had used this app for quite a while. I like seeing the pop-up notifications when emails arrive. Now I get notifications that my email account settings are out of date. Sometimes multiple times in a day. I will enter my email password only for it to come back minutes later.
I have tried removing that account and making a new one. No change. Even tried advanced setup without success. One thing I have also noticed is I am unable to modify my email account sync settings. It is grayed out. Not sure if they are related. It almost appears the app is corrupted. In reading posts elsewhere on the Win10 email app is buggy. Is there any hope in making it work?

Other than fixing this issue , one of my goals is to get this working for my elderly father working with a Win10 tablet. If there is a better app for doing emails on a tablet I am open.

Answer:Windows email app - "Account settings out of date"

With the current situation at Yahoo I strongly advise that you stop using Yahoo Mail at once - other than the well known serious password security breaches they are currently going through a company breakup (maybe asset strip is a better term)

The likes of Gmail and others have options to transfer your email data from Yahoo to a new account which will be a lot safer

As for tablet use - I use several android devices - and a catch all Gmail account, (multiple email accounts with multiple providers are polled and channelled through the one Gmail account),

This account uses IMAP so that whatever device I check my mail on and with whatever mail app or directly using a browser the information is synchronised

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I thought I had corrected "your hotmail account settings are out of date" but it keeps reappearing

Answer:How can I fix your hotmail account settings are out of date?

And it will keep reappearing :) you can try to remove the accounts and add them again, you can just simply go through the "fixing" procedure or you can leave it alone for about 30 minutes or so and then check your mail.
Lately I've been ignoring it and checking my emails at a later time and it works fine

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When I tried to email some friends, there was no entry for them in Outlook's contact list, it being headed "frequent contacts".
How do I get Outl;ook to display ALL contacts?

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my Hotmail account settings are out of date how do I up date to retrieve my hotmails ?

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Some weeks ago I opened a new Hotmail account with the sole intention of using it just to acquire a Windows Live ID and to use for notifications from MS forums.
This account has never been disclosed to anyone ever and yet it has started to receive spam... fake Rolex watches, pills and potions etc. I never open any and just delete them.
I believe Hotmail has a reputation for spam, and my experience seems to confirm it.
I reported this on the appropriate Hotmail problems link and it was looked into and the reply was to the effect that "we don't know why this happens but it just does".
I have a similar Gmail account that has never ever receieved one single spam email in 2.5 years.

Answer:Problem with spam in new "unused" Hotmail account. How can that be?

I get very little spam on my hotmails acount. Probely 2/3 a month.

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Hi everyone,

I've been searching for a way to remove the "sent on behalf of" line on Hotmail. Whilst using hotmail to recieve and send from my domain site email address it always adds this extra part in which looks pretty unprofessional. But I've read that this is to avoid spamming problems etc.

Is there a way around this in hotmail? I've read that there is now a way around in Gmail with your domain STMP details.
So I'm not sure what people usually do in this situation? I use hotmail so I can get email alerts as they come through. It's just this "on behalf of" add on I need to get rid of.

Any ideas much appreciated thanks.

Answer:How do I Remove : "me @hotmail sent on behalf of [email protected]" ?

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This frequently happens both to me, in email directed to me, and to email which I direct to other who are also MSN subscribers. This is what happens: I send an email to another MSN subscriber, for example: '[email protected]'. It bounces back with "no such email address as '[email protected]'. Somewhere during the transmission "hotmail" has been added to the suffix of the address. The same thing happens to others in sending messages to me! Has this happened to any other MSN subscribers among the readers here and does anyone have an explanation?

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Can you tell me if "" is a valid email domain for UK Hotmail email accounts? I have a few people on my mailing list with "" in their email addresses. All my mails sent to them were bounced back. I have tried to use "" and "" but got messages that there are no such users. The subscribers are old folk and don't really know much about the computer. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Is "" valid email address domain?

Where are the people from? Hopefully MS didn't mess up again

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2 problems, using win 10 Photo app. I try to "share "pics to my wife and I receive a message "Account settings out of date"
and unable to send pics. How do I resolve "Account out of date"
second. When selecting "share" to send pics from the app, several good address show up and also one where I inadvertently used an incorrect address and I am unable to delete that address.

Funny I seem to really love "Vista" now.

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2 problems, using win 10 Photo app. I try to "share "pics to my wife and I receive a message "Account settings out of date"
and unable to send pics. How do I resolve "Account out of date"
second. When selecting "share" to send pics from the app, several good address show up and also one where I inadvertently used an incorrect address and I am unable to delete that address.

Funny I seem to really love "Vista" now.

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Every morning upon bootup and then several times a day I get a notification popup in the lower right of my screen from yahoo that tells me "YOUR YAHOO ACCOUNT SETTINGS ARE OUT OF DATE".
Clicking on this splash sends me to another popup that I don't want that gives me an option to "fix" my account. When I click on the"fix" box, I get a popup that tells me I need to update my password. I've changed my password several times, but that doesn't stop this aggravating popup telling me that my Yahoo account settings are out of date. This morning, I just entered the last password that I had set up for yahoo and was sent to a Yahoo email page that I did not want and do not use. I "X"d out of that page and invoked my regular Yahoo mail account that I am familiar with.

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The Hotmail message "We can't connect to Hotmail right now. Please make sure that you're connected to the internet and try again." seems to appear all the time.

Is this caused by poor internet speed, because I've got that, or is it something with google chrome, the browser I'm using? When I'm using the Hotmail mailbox it seems to work okay, but this message appears, seems like, every time I use it.

It's mainly annoying since I can't understand the cause of why it appears. If I'm not really noticing a problem while accessing Hotmail, why does this message appear so frequently?

Answer:Frequently get Hotmail message "We can't connect to Hotmail right now"

Hotmail is changing to Outlook. will be

So, there might be some technical error.Try again after one day

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Nokia lumia 580 wont synchronise dub 408 hotmail accoun error code 85010014t

Answer:Why do I keep getting the error code 85010014 on my Hotmail account on my Nokia Lumia 580?

It's a Microsoft Server issue just as outlined in this already large and growing thread.

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I've been using Hotmail for years. Suddenly, when I attempt to log in, I get this message: "Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies. To use .NET Passport, you must enable cookies."

I have deleted all cookies. Same message whether using I.E. or Netscape.

Need help.


Answer:Hotmail -- strange "cookies" error message

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Hi all- I'm operating on a computer with Windows Vista which has Norton 360 installed on it (I think that may be what's causing my problem). I've just hooked up my computer to a new internet source at my university, and the internet works fine- the only problem is when I go to and type in my user name and password, I get this error message:
There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

"This organization's certificate has been revoked.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
Click here to close this webpage. "

I know it's not the internet because all my flatmates can sign into hotmail without trouble. And I don't think it's Vista because my flat mate runs on a Vista computer and she also has no problem logging in. Could it be a problem with Norton? I was on the phone with PC World forever (costing me about £30), and they basically told me to try on Mozilla Firefox (which I installed and tried), but had no success. I thought it might be my account but when my friends try on my computer they get the same error message. I've only been able to get into my Hotmail account once before through this long process, but that was before I moved to the new internet source. Does anyone know a way around this problem? I'd apprecia... Read more

Answer:Hotmail site - "certificate error"?

Try the steps below, see if it solves the problem.

1. Open up Norton 360,

2. click on TASKS & SETTINGS.

3. On the right handside click on CHANGE ADVANCE SETTINGS


(you might get a pop up asking how long would you like to disable Transaction Security. Check UNTIL I TURN IT BACK ON)

5. Click APPLY > OK


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I just bought a new Lumia 540 which came with windows 8.1 update 2. I signed in with my account "[email protected]". It signed in properly, but it doesnt seem to sync anything. Keeps giving me "Not Up to date." when I go to the Accounts setting. And when I tap on it it pops a window saying
"Not Updated
We cant synchronise at the moment. But you may be able to find more information about this error code at
Last tried 1 minute ago
Error Code: 85002025"
Please help! Its very important that I sync my email and calender!

Answer:Microsoft Account "Not Up To Date" on new lumia 540. Error code: 85002025

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I just bought a new Lumia 540 which came with windows 8.1 update 2. I signed in with my account "[email protected]". It signed in properly, but it doesnt seem to sync anything. Keeps giving me "Not Up to date." when I go to the Accounts setting. And when I tap on it it pops a window saying
"Not Updated
We cant synchronise at the moment. But you may be able to find more information about this error code at Windows Phones.
Last tried 1 minute ago
Error Code: 85002025"
Please help! Its very important that I sync my email and calender! Check your internet settings, both wifi and data carrier, particularly APN internet settings (very important), some sims doesn't copy it in the phone.
Check your carrier web site if you don't know your APN

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when i log into hotmail i cant open or delete messages and it says error on page in lower left corner i tried deleteing temp files and everything but still nother i fear it might be spyware or something so i attached my hijackthis log and hopefull someone can tell me wat to delete to fix it

Answer:hotmail "error on page" plz help!!!

Please do not create multiple threads for the same problem! Read >>Posting help read first<< if you feel you are not getting help.

Continue here:

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I have Windows XP and am using Office 2007. A week ago my Outlook calendar started showing the wrong date. Today is showing as 11/13/09 and it's 11/19/09. My inbox is grouping my email in "Next week" (It should list it as "today"). All todays outgoing email is dated 11/13/09 on the receiver's end (so my clients don't think they've received it because their email program is filing it under 11/13/09. All incoming email has the right date on it. My sent file has the wrong date. This is bizarre! Please somebody help me.....

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added this Hotmail account to windows 10 mail app as opposed to outlook. will not be using outlook in the future.

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To expand on this I lost my bigpond email account and after successfully setting all back up again I keep getting the message as in Step 1. Everything works perfectly however I wonder is the date somewhere being recorded on a wrong date?

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My notebook is set to the recommended screen resolution, under display settings that allows you to change the text size indepdenent of the screen resolution, I was expecting to see 3 radio buttons (as per the windows 7 tutorial) but I can see only "Small" and "medium". I haven't played around with different screen resolutions to see if it has any effect.

I wonder if it needs some driver update or related to my screen resolution or whatever? Thanks.

Answer:display settings only shows "Small" & "Medium"

I really don't know, but the Nvidia driver automatically makes some adjustments, depending on what it is installed on. I suspect that they feel no one would want the large text on a small display.

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When on line I frequently get a message "your hotmail account settings are out of date". If I click on the "fix" button it asks for my password. Could anyone tell me if this is a genuine request or a scam as I am reluctant to show my password until I am sure. The message seems to pop up about every half hour......very scary for a PC dumbo like me.

Answer:hotmail settings out of date?

This sounds like a clock problem. I don't believe it to be a scam. That being said, even clicking fix may not fix it. If it doesn't, I would check Settings - Time and synchronize to correct it. Hope this helps.
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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AT&T store employees can't solve the problem. Re-set phone a number of times. Very frustrating.

Answer:Why won't my Nokia Phone sync to my Hotmail account?

Do you have two factor authentication on? I remember that would cause problems for me and you need to get a one use password for it. I'm not exactly sure where to do that anymore but it should be from your account on your computer.

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I just noticed several messages in my hotmail account with delivery status notification (failure) from the [email protected] - all with subject "good game, I've played for a moment for free. = " and an attachment, sent to several contacts from my contact list.

Since I never sent such a message, I looked in the sent folder - and low and behold, there were 8 such messages - 4 sent at 11:47 AM and 4 more at 12:47 PM today.

I have obviously changed the password on my hotmail account. Anything else I should be doing? The key question I have is whether it is something where my password is compromised, or is that not necessarily the case.


Answer:Hotmail account shows sent messages not sent by me...

Well, I would first notify those 8 friends to not open the attachment.

Its hard to say if your account password has been compromised. The account may be accessed thru the normal way using a password or the hotmail site may have a bug which the hackers know about. Or else there may be a bug with MSN messenger.

I would post a HijackThis log for a gold-shield log specialist to take a look. HijackThis is available here:

Use "Do a system scan and save a log file", and notepad will open with a log of what it finds, copy and paste the contents here. Don't ask it to fix anything.

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Windows phone, Nokia Lumia will not let me delete email account, to add it again. Last updated 2 months ago. It listed a missed item that "This event couln't be updated on server". I have tried changingnserver to, instead of default Tried checking off Sync to email, and turning it on again, all not working. Same message Windows account Not Up to date.

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I have been playing the game for a few weeks now in my spare time on my Windows 10 desktop and have acquired some bonus packs, a dozen vehicles, upgrades, unlocked 5 seasons, and moved my user rank up to 4824 in the multiplayer ranks amongst various other things. I do not want to lose my progress but for the first time i wanted to upload a ghost the other day and seen that (it seems) I will lose all progress if I log into Facebook now. Also, I noticed that my "local account" doesn't transfer my save data when I log into the game on my Windows 10 laptop (which is super inconvenient because I am rarely home). I seen topics posted that a Facebook sync fixes this but I am afraid I will lose all my progress.
Anyone have any experience with this?

Answer:On Windows 10: "Asphalt 8 Airborne" can I sync my "local account" with my "Facebook Account?"

I am with you on this. I'm having the same problem, and the Customer Care form at Gameloft is not set-up yet for inquiries on desktop platforms. Also, search engines are hard to trigger relative informaiton on the subject. I have no intention of changing over to my Facebook "version" if the progress isn't going to be transferred.
It's just a new problem brought around to headline the Windows 10 updates. I'm sure there will be a wait time, but there has got to be a flood of new Win10 users that are firing up their CC services for a fix.
If I find out that it fixable, I'll get back to this thread.

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Please help us to troubleshoot the following problem in our Compaq NX 9000 Machine with Windows XP Professional Operating System:-

- An error shows with two options "Switch to" & "Retry" after booting the machine, which forces to press "Retry" button in the error window repeatedly and as you press this "Retry" button, "Start Menu" automatically opens and it then again asks to press "Retry" Button.

Thanks to all helping members.


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I just reinstalled Win XP and now when I try to sign on to Hotmail and several other sites I get the following message: uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate has expired.
The certificate will not be valid until 6/18/2008 5:00 PM.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate)
What gives?


Answer:Solved: "Invalid Security Certificate" alert when I try to open hotmail, others

Check your Windows Time & Date

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I updated the title and added some info....

My computer was working fine until one day I couldn't sign in to Hotmail or Yahoo, or use Windows Update. Until a week ago I was using MSN Dial-up to access the internet, but recently switched to a wireless connection via a D-Link Wireless G Router and a USB Adapter; my homeowner has BellSouth DSL and we hooked into it. He uses Outlook to retrieve his mail on his laptop (which used a USB connection to the DSL modem until we got wireless) but we can still get onto the email servers via IE on the laptop, no problem. The PC is using the USB wireless adapter to access the internet, and the connection works fine - we can browse online all day, I can even play MMORPGs. The thing is, I can't get into any of my email. I can get the hotmail or yahoo home page but when I sign in then an error message says page unavailable check network settings, Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer. Also when I use windows update the page freezes during the find update process with error "Windows Update encountered an error" 0x80072EE2, I think. I am sure these problems are linked. I can surf all other pages on the net without any problems. Also I can sign into hotmail with another computer without any problems using the same settings and proxy server settings from the internet provider. The only difficulties are with hotmail and yahoo sign in and windows update. I have restored all the internet settings (including security) ... Read more

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so every day I literally get 100+ of these emails, when I open them they usually have something to do with world of warcraft, which I have NOT played in years. This inside contains this "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed." then some WOW spam following that. Is there ANY way to stop this? idk why this is happening, and it will NOT stop. It all started when I put one of the wow addresses on my block list, then I took it off when this began and it still continues. If anyone has a solution besides making a new email, please let me know! thanks! There is a screen shot included

Answer:"[email protected] Delivery status notification (failure)" please help!

Spammers are using your email address (spoofed more than likely) to get past the spam filters. You can either cancel the account or you can wait it out and eventually (like a month or two) they will move on to another name

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?tT_o?0?????Z`#.?^&?+mY?UeK??{t? V??l????;"?m?????pwdV?Z\?G???Nc;?<?5 ??m?Ea?????Ue?i??eE????<?G?_~?B)???C??JS??$??^q?&@B??py??~??vR???. ???xs%?,???Q?i??g?_?~L???vwp=f ??`?h?b~??~qw???"?????_*kU}?z??D/???\{&\R&???_??~ ???v?~|(?z?f?-??E??~D???lea??^!?a??s~????l!???????????u?? ??Zr ????F? ??? ? ??c??*?,???F Č.*?Z?]??O?¸.qr?$^????f1?%?$2??X?P b?? P?????VQ4?F??i?????91,?????????B?>?=>?!??=?#???a?????"??x???$???5??{ģ?ā?k?? b??1-?P?)? ?4???K1?+_??zJ E(????|?|?C??Q??0???????RC?????/?????"9 The above is what appears in the area where I would type a letter .This happens when I try to reply to all my emails .I also can't attach anything.I tried sending myself an email and can't send. Today I upgraded to service pak 3 and also IE 8 .Before that I was sending emails with no trouble.Something must have gotten wrong with one of the updates .Can someone help ? Thanks ,Neil

Answer:when I click "reply " to my hotmail acct a bunch of jibberish apears in the box

Maybe this will help?

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Hi TSF, the problems are:
1. When I type something on Google search, sometimes it says: "This computer is sending automated requests", and I have to fill in 2 correct captcha to proceed.
2. Most of the time when I try to download from Rapidshare, they just block my account, saying "there are too many critical calls", although I'm not downloading anything at all.
3. One of my hotmail account suddenly can't be accessed, the password is wrong, although my password is a 'strong password'. Now, I don't know how to retrieve it as the security question is either changed or wasn't set up.
4. My other hotmail account is sending junks to all my contacts and was blocked by hotmail. I have noticed this a few months ago and have changed the password back then and it did stop for a while, but then it started again. I realized this when I tried to sign in a few days ago, my account was blocked. Hotmail advised me to reset and change the password, and I did. My account is unblocked now, but I'm afraid it will be just like last time, it only stops for some time, and will start again.
*I didn't remove utorrent and Bittorrent because my brother is using them.
*I have access to boot CD created using Acronis.

DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
Run by User at 3:17:19.09 on Sun 10/03/2010
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.2180 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_12
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.2038.1425 [GMT 7:00]

AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-acces... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Google, Rapidshare, Hotmail all seem infected (&quot;First Step&quot; done)

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


Please visit this webpage for download links, and instructions for running ComboFix, but do NOT run it yet:

* Ensure you have disabled all antivirus and antimalware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.

Get help here

Open Notepad and copy/paste all the text in the codebox below into Notepad:

uInternet Settings,ProxyServer =
uInternet Settings,ProxyOverride = local
Save this Notepad file as CFScript.txt to your Desktop and then close the file.

Referring to the picture above, drag CFScript onto ComboFi... Read more

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I've got a long list of Blocked Sender list and I cannot seem to find a way to export it from Hotmail and import it into the Windows Live Mail (Beta) or Windows Vista Mail?

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Hi alll,

The "attach photos" option in my msn hotmail has vanished, and i'm only left with "attach file" drop down option.

Can anyone tell me how to get it back please pos?

Thank you.


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Hi ...
When I click on the "Hotmail" tab, MY hotmail mailbox comes up ... cool. Now, my spouse has her own "hotmail" mailbox setup also but we can't bring it up since clicking the "hotmail" tab automatically brings mine up. How do we get her mailbox up ??

Note: She set up her "hotmail" on another PC at some library, not here at home.

Help ???

Answer:{SOLVED} bringing up spouse's "hotmail" mailbox

Do you mean accessing hotmail through outlook express? you can create another profile in outlook express so that you would both have seperate accounts.

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Hello there everyone...when I type out "" in my Google toolbar, it doesn't retain it in there after I type out something else in the search bar...why is this?

Anything else, it retains....

Answer:Google toolbar doesn't show "" in it...why?

Why would you need to type it in a search engine if you already know the address? Why not just type it into the navigation bar. Search engines are for finding sites you don't know the address of.

Better yet, why don't you just save it into your favorites in the menu bar?

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I just need to know the above.

Answer:How do I move "my pictures" to my Windows Hotmail photos?

Thread re-opened after discussion with an MS Support Team member.

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Been thinking of getting this program--have heard it seems to be reasonably effective--because since I got a msn mail account so I can use NetMeeting, & MSMessenger, I've been getting spammed from that msn E account to my mindspring E box, and its rather annoying to say the least!
1 ... It can be used with msn Hotmail I gather, any special problems I should be aware of when trying to set up "Mail Washer"? Assume there's thing's to watch out for since I go directly to the ,msn box at times to clean it out, & don't use "Outlook Express 5.50 to do so.
2 ... what other problems should users be aware of when setting the program up & running it the first time??

Answer:"MailWasher" Program questions re msn Hotmail, & setup.

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My Hotmail access is problematic. When I enter my login name and password, I get to a blank screen that says "done" in the lower left corner and cannot get to my email. I am running XP Home Edition SP2. I am using IE 6.

My son's and wife's hotmail accounts are fine. I can get to my Hotmail by way of Outlook Express, so at least I can read my email. I have not tried accessing my hotmail from another computer; I will try that today at work.

I can login to, but when I take the hotmail link, I get the same blank screen and done in corner.

I used Ad-Ware SE to check for adware, spyware and it found a few things but that did not resolve the problem. I have deleted cookies and my IE cache. My Norton Antivirus 2005 scans found nothing.

Any thoughts?

Answer:Blank Hotmail Screen; "done" in left corner

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.

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I don't know whther this post should be under OS's>Windows, or some other subject.  I am sorry if it's in the wrong place and also if Windows XP is a subject that has been expunged from Computer Hope.I still use in several systems, Windows XPI use IE8 on these.  I believe that this is the most up-to-date version of IE that use under Windows XPI use hotmail.  I don't know what MS call it now, maybe its or something.typically I go to, which gives me the log in screen.  I enter my login details, and get to the "mobile" version, a horribly presented and cut-back version of what I  am used do make it use the version I am familiar familiar with, which I can still access on my Windows 7 system ? (it is frequently convenient to access my email on my XP systems).This started happening only recently, sometime in the last month, maybe even oin the last week.  It happens on all my Windows XP computers.  What's going on ?  Can I fix it ?(Now the IBM T41 I am using goes straight into mobile version; I have also experienced a pre screen on which I am offered the choice to update IE [this is confusing as I thought I was already using the most uptodate version available version aavailable to me ??] or else go straight into mobile mode - this step is now missed out.  The  MS website is no use as any reference to XP has been deleted)Thanking responders for their solutions an... Read more

Answer:access hotmail in "normal" mode IE8 Windows XP

My personal suggestion is to ditch IE8 and use Firefox or another up to date browser of choice. You may be running into formatting issues as well as lack of support for modern features. I use Firefox with my Windows XP Builds and they run top notch on Firefox with no problems with all websites I visit which vary from email accounts over the web to youtube and Netflix etc.Also from systems I have tried IE8 on with XP trying to surf the web some sites report that your browser is not up to date and the site no longer supports IE8 or requires IE10 or newer etc.

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My hotmail accountis doing the same - it's blank and says done it bottom left. It's starting to do same on some other sites too. have run Hijack programme - here is the log:

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
O2 - BHO: AcroIEHlprObj Class - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Reader\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.ocx
O2 - BHO: DgnWebIE - {2843DAC1-05EF-11D2-95BA-0060083493D6} - C:\Program Files\Dragon Systems1\NaturallySpeaking\Program\web_ie.dll
O2 - BHO: Google Toolbar Helper - {AA58ED58-01DD-4d91-8333-CF10577473F7} - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Google - {2318C2B1-4965-11d4-9B18-009027A5CD4F} - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [hpsysdrv] c:\windows\system\hpsysdrv.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE NvQTwk,NvCplDaemon ini... Read more

Answer:Blank Hotmail Screen; "done" in left corner

I split your post off. Please do not post your log in someone else's thread.

Run these tools and then post a new log. Please post the WHOLE log from start header to last entry.

Please download Ad-aware SE and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Go to this site to get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Download and install Spybot S&D. Run Spybot and click on the Search for Updates button. Install any updates if they are available. Next click on the Check for Problems button. Let it run the scan. If it finds something, check all those in RED and hit the Fix Selected Problems button. Exit Spybot.

The Temp folders should be cleaned out periodically as installation programs and hijack programs leave a lot of junk there. Download Index.dat Suite to clean out all the temp folders. Run Index.dat Suite now and go to Tools->Settings. Then make sure to check the following: Cookies, History, Recent Documents, Swap File (if you have Windows 95/98), Temporary Internet Files and Temp Files. Click Save at ... Read more

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I've been using both Firefox and Hotmail for a long time without a problem, but for the past couple of days whenever I try to access Hotmail I get a very long message entitled "Web Site Certified by an Unknown Authority."

It goes on to state "Unable to verify identity of cb1.msn as a trusted site," and says that one reason may be that the site I've accessed is no longer the one it purports to be, but is instead a hacker. (This, after entering "")

Furthermore, although the box gives the options "okay," "cancel" and "help" at the bottom of the dialog, clicking on any of them only results in looping back to the same box. Clicking on Back, Home or anything else has no effect-- nothing changes. In order to get rid of the dialog box, I have to close the browser (Firefox) using Ctrl+Alt+Del.

If I then reopen Firefox, everything seems to be okay-- UNLESS I try Hotmail again. Then I'm back to all of the above.

I tried e-mailing the Hotmail Webmaster about this, which I figured would be useless and it was.

I've now notified most of my Hotmail contacts to use my Yahoo! address, but I still have lots of stuff stored in Hotmail, some of which is pretty important.

Anybody know what's up with this? Thanks a bunch!

P.S. Forgot to mention that I'm running Windows 98SE with a high-speed DSL connection through an Actiontec GT 701-WG modem that has its own router/firewall. ... Read more

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It used to be not connected to any email account but when it updated to 8.1 I chose to get an email address for it, so now as a result, the password has to be 8 characters long and I have to use a PIN number , but that's still 4 characters, and I usually use one character password.

So how do I go back to the normal type of user account to use the 1 character password?

Answer:My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8

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Hotmail can you configure the "From" name (the name displayed to recipients of your email messages)and return email address where is it done in Hotmail

Answer:Hotmail can I edit the "From" field in my messages?

if you go to options "message replies " you can change the email address thats seen by receiver - is that what you are trying to do ??

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Hello: Just learned through Hotmail that affective in July they will be only be allowing you to store "sent" messages for 30 days and then they will be deleted. Boo! Take care and have a great weekend! angelize56

Answer:Hotmail "Send" Folder Info

Should have previewed the above message! EFFECTIVE not affective in July. lol

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I've been accessing my Hotmail account via Outlook Express for something like 18 months or so.

I've just noticed that occasionally, ie not every time, emails I send describe the sender as unknown or leave it blank. The rest of the time it says my name, as desired. This is deeply annoying as some contacts are deleting my emails thinking they're spam. Have checked all through my help menus and looked on the microscoft and MSN sites, but to no avail. Can anyone help? I'd appreicate it enormously.

Answer:"Mail From" Hotmail via Outlook query

I'm not sure there is alot you can do about it.I recently started accessing my Hotmail account through Outlook Express 6 and I recieved a warning on my screen that being able to do this was in the beta stage.Why not just send your emails through the Hotmail web site and avoid having your emails deleted?

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I can view other sites in IE8, and I can view hotmail and in firefox, but keep getting this error on hotmail and in IE8 (final) "cannot dispaly web page".

Tried resetting and restarting IE8, same issue.

Answer:IE8 "cannot display web page" only for hotmail/

Using IE8, no problems,is it set as default.?

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Running XP, Norton Personal Firewall 2003, Norton Antivirus, Spybot, and AdAware:

Problem surfaced out of nowhere -- has worked fine in the past. Now, when we try to access Hotmail account, an error page comes up telling us we have to update our browser to use Hotmail. Problem is, we have IE 6 with all updates. (Note: we also get this same message when trying to access MusicMatch, but have not noticed it anywhere else.)

We noticed that if we disable the firewall, Hotmail works fine, so I'm thinking the problem has something to do with the firewall settings, but I can't figure out what to change.

Please help, as this is very frustrating.

Answer:Hotmail and "update browser" message

Welcome to TSF.

For your firewall, go into the tab/window where you can see what programs have access to the internet and what doesn't. Make sure that you are letting your browser access the internet. I never used Norton Firewall before, so can't give you the steps on finding it.

I suggest you download HiJackThis and run a scan. Then save the log file and post the whole file here. Wait for someone to examine it before making any changes.

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These last two weeks Hotmail seems to be riddled with internal server errors. Is there a problem with it? I'd ask them, but there doesn't seem to be a way to contact them.
Also, what happens if I don't sign out of Hotmail, and shut down or come off the internet?
I ask because I'm still getting the computer freeze problems in Netscape Navigator (4.70) when I get bounced to the MSN Homepage after signing out that I reported in a thread about two months ago.

Answer:Loads of Hotmail "internal errors"

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I'm being spammed to death. So, I've registered a new Hotmail account. Now, I would like to transfer/copy all my contacts in the old account into the new account. Can someone please tell me how?

Arthur Bay

Answer:hotmail -- transferring/copying contacts to new hotmail account from old

Have you tried using the extensive filter and spam blocking on Hotmail?

If you are usiing OE also go to it and export your address as an .csv file then go to this url and import them to your new hotmail account.

I don't know if their is a provision to import them from your old Hotmail account.

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I can’t access my HOTMAIL accounts- HOTMAIL support?

I learned about Microsoft’s new policy of not allowing you to send email from Hotmail using it’s own products Outlook and Outlook Express unless you are paying an additional fee, when I replied to a (Hotmail) email while using OE. After sending my reply I received an error message that OE could not access the account. It then proceeded to DELETE all my previous email message in outlook express for this account.

A web search then led me discover that this account was one of those now requiring payment of a fee to send mail using Outlook or OE instead of logging on to the website. (They are doing this in stages so some HOTMAIL accounts still allow the free use and access with Outlook/OE.)

I then tried to sign on to my account using another Microsoft product Internet Explorer- initially everything looked unchanged,

1. however after typing in my name and password instead of opening my account

2. I got a new screen of “scrambled letters” designed to prove that a person and not a machine is accessing my account.

3. I type in these scrambled letters and one of two things happens:

a. (Usually) I receive yet another screen of scrambled letters to input

b. (Occasionally) I receive the “sign in screen” again EITHER WAY

4. Whichever screen I receive- whether I input scrambled letters yet again or insert my name and password the process repeats itself and one of two things happens:

a. (Usually) I receive yet anothe... Read more

Answer:I can't acces my HOTMAIL account- Hotmail Tech Support?

I've never used Outlook or Outlook Express in any form my self, so I can only offer some limited suggestions for sorting this out.

First: have you tried deleting all cookies and accessing the account? If using XP/2k -- it may even be helpful to try creating a new User Profile and logging in under that, this will ensure you have an entirely new web cache, index.dat and cookie folder.

Try accessing the account from another computer and see if you get in that way.

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I have one email address in hotmail but would like to set up an additional address but cannot see how to do this. How is this done please?

Answer:New email account in hotmail.

Morning young man ;-)Go to hotmail login page, at the bottom right is " GET " in blue, click on this and open new account.

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-I can not sigh into my hotmail email account on 1-9-13. Can any one help?

Answer:I can not get into hotmail email account

Nothing we can do. Contact Hotmail.

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Hi there techguys!

I have a problem with getting into Hotmail. I type in my username and password like normal and it seems to activate it but doesnt eventually get me into the account (ie takes forever to download the page). What I have also noticed is that alot of 00000's come up on the address bars whilst its trying to get in and load my account page (this is unusual). No matter how long I wait for it to download the page, it just doesnt do it. Please help as it is so frustrating!

Many thanks...

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I have a hotmail account. Some people try to send me emails but they are returned as undeliverable while I can get emails from others.

Answer:can't get email in my hotmail account from some but can from others

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I have a Hotmail email account that I have had for a number of years. Every day up until a couple of weeks ago I generally had about 20-30 emails a day exhorting me to enlarge my penis/breasts, clear all my debts without any hassle, earn a fortune without any hassle etc etc. BUT in the last two weeks all this cr*p has stopped. Has MS/Hotmail introduced some new filters?

Answer:Hotmail Email Account

"enlarge my penis/breasts" lol. Was this a ladyboy special. Seriously I had the same problem, (e-mails not the, well you know) And I dont get them through hotmail anymore.

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from my friend's email account, I am not sure if it goes through Outlook on her part or what. She says she sent it to me once, I have it a dozen times at least today.

it just contains a .wmv that I didn't even open because I was suspicious of the amount (at the time 5) of her emails. I replied "why so many?" and she was very confused.

I don't use Outlook or anything, I am very plain almost the stupidest computer illiterate around, and just have my gmail and hotmail account, it doesn't go through anything, I just logg in and away I go.

So... I did try to search this here on the boards but can't quite find what I am looking for, so if it is a duplicate, Im sorry. It's late and I am googly eyed lol
Any thoughts on what to do here? I suggested she contact her service provider for help since it is HER email being sent out multiple times.

Next I guess I run a scan (I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2009- is that ok?)

Anyways thanks for any thoughts.

Answer:Keep getting same email to my hotmail account

Hi claudemarie,

It would be her account that is infected. And yes, Kaspersky is excellent.


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(Running Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1)
I'm a professional photographer and have recently begun shooting with two cameras simultaneously at events. They use different file names to avoid duplicate names/confusion, i.e. IMG_175000 and XMG_175000. Often times I'll take a photo with one camera and then take a photo immediately after it with the other camera and I'd like both of these images to be organized in the same subfolder and shown sequentially, but by default Windows Explorer lists all the "XMG_######" photos at the end and the IMG_###### photos at the beginning. I can manually sort each individual folder by going to "Sort by - Date" or even better, selecting "Sort by - More... and putting a check mark next to "Date Taken" so that it shows up in the Sort options (which it doesn't automatically) and then sorting by Date Taken, but since I'm dealing with hundreds of subfolders with hundreds of thousands of photo and video files I'd like a way to do this for all the files in these subfolders that isn't manual.

Is there a way to make Windows Explorer automatically arrange every file (both image and movie files) inside the various subfolders inside one root folder by Date or Date Taken instead of automatically always sorting them by name?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Making files in subfolders sort by "Date" or "Date Taken" by default?

Hello XMGING, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could set a folder how you like it, then use the method in the tutorial below to apply it to all folders that use the same folder template.

Folder View - Apply to Folders

Hope this helps,

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Is there some way of moving all messages from my hotmail account to another email address? So when I emails are sent to my hotmail address they are then sent to my other email address, (then deleted from hotmail).
Is there a program that can sit on the desktop that is always checking hotmail, and when a email is recieved it is then sent to another email address? (this address is not a hotmail address).

Any possibilities??

Answer:Make all email that is recieved from my hotmail account go to another email address.

if you have outlook express linked to your hotmail account you can run a rule on the mail - not sure if it works on webmail cia outlook/outlook express
but the rume to forward certainly works

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Good afternoon everyone! I have both a Hotmail ( email account, as well as, the email account(s) provided free by my ISP (Cox Communications).I would like to inquire if there are any methods/programs I could utilize so that if I receive a new email in my Hotmail account (while offline, for example)...I would be alerted via either some icon on the Taskbar and/or sound generated?Thank you for your time and any information!

Answer:Hotmail email account; any ways to be alerted when a new email arrives?

@ Moderators/Admins: This topic may be CLOSED for comment! It obviously was of no interest to anyone, and I managed to locate some helpful assistance in another forum!Thanks anyway!

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Hi Guys,
I have faced some issues with Windows 8.1 demo. So i have done a hard reset on my mobile.
I was happy that the mobile came alive and was running cool but then i found that the contacts from my outlook were not copied to the phone as well i was not able to add email accounts to my phone except microsoft's outlook which was enabled during the time of fresh startup. so i tried a lot juggling around it then finally gave up and decided to reset the mobile again.
So here i confronted the issue. I don't see "reset your phone" option under Setting >> about.
SO i saw some other option called "update demo content". i dont know what it is, but just i clicked on it and the phone started updating some stuff and then i came to know that its a retailer's package which make your phone one like we see in the store... running automatic videos and stuff.
i'm totally annoyed by this.. guys please help me ... i'm just freeked out. :(

Answer:I don't see "reset your phone" option in Settings>about in Nokia 820

Originally Posted by Noel Rak**** Hi Guys,
I have faced some issues with Windows 8.1 demo. So i have done a hard reset on my mobile.
:( How did you perform the hard reset ? and where did you get that device / software from ?
Google 'Nokia Lumia 820 Service manual' ...
at the very end of the manual, there is a key combination to perform a hard reset. It'll wipe EVERYTHING & start fresh (probably WinPhone 8.1, though) else use NSU to fallback to WinPhone 8.0.

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Hello. My computer recently (less than a day ago) started to display User Account Control prompts whenever I deleted or copied that weren't in the "Users" folder, such as the Program Files folder. I am using an Administrator account, and the User Account Control is set to notify when programs make changes to Windows but without dimming my desktop. Whenever I try to delete any type of file not in the Users folder, the User Account Control prompt pops up like in the attachment. I believe there is something wrong with the "File Operation" program, because I'd imagine it would be signed by Microsoft and would automatically be elevated to Admin status so the prompt shouldn't show in the first place. Clicking on "Change when these notifications appear" doesn't do anything, but I am able to copy/delete files after clicking "yes".

I'd really appreciate help, because it's getting annoying getting this prompt whenever I want to delete or copy a file, and this prompt never appeared before when I was just deleting a file until a day ago. I'm using Windows 7. I'm just using a Windows 8 RP theme. Also, I don't want to disable UAC, since it lowers security.

I feel perhaps something happened to that certain registry key or keys related to it. But I'm not sure.

EDIT: I figured out that something was wrong with shell32.dll, so I replaced it with an unmodified copy of the file from another computer and the prompt doesn't come up anymore.

Answer:User account control shows "Publisher: Unknown" for File Operation

*bump* same problem

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I have two hotmail accounts and on one my email is always grouped by sender. I have looked at 3 or 4 websites on how to change this, but all of them have either not worked, or I was unable too find what I was supposed to click on.Could someone give me an idea of where I set this?

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Hi, I have a vista 64 bit PC system, and a hotmail and a roadrunner email account. Only the hotmail account has been infected I believe as follows:
1. Spam of my entire contact lists and random accounts are being sent from my hotmail account. I get undelivered notifications even in non English languages.
2. Spam is added to each email I try to send out.
I may have other problems associated with the above two.

My norton internet security 2010 does not dectect anything, nor does malwarebytes software. Help would be appreciated. I have a lot of ties to the hotmail account and hate to close it unless its absolutely necessary. Thanks, WC

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I was trying to set up my Grandmother's email account on her new iPad to work alongside her iCloud account, as the latter she had no interest in using, as the former had been in use for many years. Unfortunately, my Nanny's list of accounts and passwords are horribly unclear, and any password I tried failed, so I got pegged by outlook as a dodgy person, who needed to prove who they were, on the reset my password button-further complicated by the alternate email and mobile number being wrong too-by providing such information as the last three people who were emailed, and what the subject line was. I failed this, and so by Nanny is now locked out of her email, regardless of device.
With no way of knowing what the password was, or who had been emailed recently-the account was mainly to receive emails-I don't know what to do from here to solve the issue. Any advice would be most welcome for next time I visit Nanny.

Answer:Hotmail Email Account Blocked

Please see this: Unblock and Recover a blocked or suspended Outlook or Microsoft account

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Have received email, addressed to Windows Live, saying that a number of accounts need to be closed and my account is one of them selected. I need to verify recent use of my email account, by sending email address and password.The email was not addressed to me personally, ie, not using my Hotmail account.Is this some sort of scam or is this for real? Does anyone know about this??? Needless to say, I'm concerned if this is safe.Many thanks for any help

Answer:Hotmail - email re validating account

and here

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Since Hotmail stopped allowing new accounts to be used with Outlook/Outlook Express nd other programmes without paying the fee has anyone become aware of a programme that you can use for free to read your Hotmail emails from an account set up recently?Cheers

Answer:Using New Hotmail Account With Email Programme

Yes, Freepops click here I use it for all my web mail accounts.

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My partner has her own PC and email accounts.Recently, maybe 6 or 7 weeks now, she has been unable to access her Hotmail email account. She can log in OK but when she goes to Inbox it says "no messages".If she logs in to her Hotmail account on my PC it shows 15 new messages. She is able to reply/delete as necessary.Both PCs are Win XP SP2, on NTL (Virgin) Broadband. My PC is Wired, hers is on a wireless adapter.Any ideas please?Thanks

Answer:Can't access Hotmail email account

Seems like no one has an answer to this problem so I will shut it down.

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can any 1 tell me why my email is flooding with "[email protected]" i get over 40 msg a day i scan my pc wit eset an malwarebyes and it says system clean any advice? i change my password as well same thing

Answer:why do i keep getting this "[email protected]"

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined below. Use a USB flash drive to download and transfer the tools to the affected machine, if necessary. You might like to run the Flash_Disinfector.exe on the clean machine and the flash drive first to protect against any possible transfer of infection via USB.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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When using some applications, like Hotmail and some forums, if a long link or other text string is present it can cause the text to be displayed wider than normal - off the right edge of the screen.

In Notepad, this would be 'solved' by turning on "word wrap".

Is there any way to corral these maverick characters back into the confines of the screen as they would 'normally' be displayed?

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Hi, I have MSN hotmail, and 3 e-mails addresses. One address is for personal mail, one for contests and other "junk" mail and one address for business related mail. I am registered properly (in the 'account settings') on all three accounts to my actual city and state.
When I am in my mail and I click on the toolbar "Home", while in my 'junk' mail account or business mail account, it will show my home town and state and the current weather temp. When ever I am in my personal email account and click "Home", it always shows "Redmond, WA" . I have checked my account settings and they are correct and I don't live in Redmond, WA! I was wondering if my personal email account could have been spoofed, especially, since I used to date a man that worked at Microsoft Corp headquarters - and continues to work there - in Redmond, WA. Thank you for your input and help.

Answer:MSN hotmail "Home" location


No it defaults to Readmond WA, I'm in UK and if I dont set my city right, I'm listed as Readmond, likely you will need to set your Home City on all 3 of the accounts.

Try resetting the Home City in your Personal Email account, to the correct one.

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Having email sync issues on my lumia 930, emails last updated on Saturday 9th of August 2014.
Is the server currently having issues?

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I'm having difficulty figuring out why an email link from a web page adds the suffix "/start" in my Hotmail account, (which is returned to me) but seems ok in my Outlook Express account.
I'm trying to resolve this issue on a web page I've been asked to update, but am baffled! Please...any help would be appreciated!

Answer:"mailto:" problems with Hotmail

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I thought it will be interesting to see what is in your Hotmail "Junk" folder. lol

Answer:What's in your Hotmail "Junk" folder?

actually not much at all and thankfully

my Lycos gets more junk mail - looks like they are shifting away from Zimbra....maybe??

well at this point it looks like they are shifting from working to not working....grrrr

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What's up with this?

I have received five email "returns" (undeliverable mail) for emails that I never sent to people I don't know.

Some of the names are similar, such as "lilmeat", "lilmikey", "lil~", etc.

Here is a sample message (I got five of these, all the same with different names as the "to" party):

[email protected] MSN Home | My MSN | Hotmail | Shopping | Money | People & Chat
Web Search:

Today Mail Calendar Contacts
Options | Help
[email protected]
Free Newsletters | MSN Featured Offers
Reply | Reply All | Forward | Delete | Block | Junk | Put in Folder | Print View | Save Address

Sent Messages
Trash Can
Old Emails
Report Junk E-Mail
Report and Block Sender

From : Mail Delivery Subsystem <[email protected]>
Sent : Sunday, March 21, 2004 9:48 PM
To : <[email protected]>
Subject : Returned mail: User unknown

| | | Inbox

Attachment : attach4 (1 KB)

The original message was received at Sun, 21 Mar 2004 16:48:19 -0500 (EST)
from []

Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is listed in the section
labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----".

The reason yo... Read more

Answer:Phony Hotmail "Returns"?

It's possible a worm of some kind is hijacking your e-mail address out of someone else's Address book and "forging" it to send to others. You get the return error if the message is undeliverable for some reason.

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I'm trying to help someone having a HotMail problem. We go to, type in his login and password on the hotmail page and click and we get an instant "Page cannot be displayed" error.

To be clear, we don't get any message about wrong login info, just an instantaneous "Page cannot be displayed".

Anyone else having a problem with this?

Additional Info: I have been able to successfully log in to two other web mail accounts, a jono account and a charter account.

Answer:Can't log in to Hotmail, "Page cannot be displayed"

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I need to copy all my addresses from 1 hotmail account to a 2nd. I would like to do this in a way I do not need to type in each address

Answer:hotmail address book another hotmail account

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How do I get my Hotmail emails over into my new Outlook Hotmail account I inadvertently created my new account without checking properly

Answer:How to get my old Hotmail emails into my new Outlook Hotmail account

Here's how you add your Hotmail account to your account. I don't know if you'll get your messages over or not. They're two separate accounts that can't be merged.

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i've tried uninstalling the drivers (all associated with lumia) and unplug phone and restart computer then replug and let windows install. But it still shows this.
Under "Portable Devices" it shows my phone's name with a Lumia logo.
I am trying to deploy a test app from Visual Studio but Visual Studio is saying there's no Windows Phone detected. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot !!

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Sudden problem sending mails using hotmail on iMac. As it seemed to be a problem with the outgoing server, went through process of re-adding the hotmail account in mail setting outgoing server to Now get following error message:
'Cannot send message using the server The sender address was rejected....................user not authenticated.'
Help appreciated.

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from my ISP - Pipex broadband.I get the mail returned immediately if I try to send it using OE6 and Pipex. Is there a way I can do this without setting up a Hotmail account myself? TIA TC.

Answer:Sending email to a Hotmail account recipient

Are you happy you have the correct email address? I send email to hotmail accounts regularly.

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Can someone help please, my laptop is sending spam to all my contacts!

Many thanks

Answer:Email sent from my hotmail account to all contacts - but it wasn't me!

Closing duplicate.

Please continue here:

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My friend has a hotmail account that is blocked and he can't send emails or use windows live messenger because it always asks him to verify his account.
He can't get a verification code by phone because he doesn't have a phone.
How can he verify his account using an alternate email?
If there is another way to unblock the account please let me know.

Answer:How to verify hotmail account using an alternate email

go to,, etc and create a new Email address to use to verify his hotmail account.

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several months ago i deleted an email unknowingly, I have all the responses that i sent as well as the person responding again to me, just not the original. Is there any chance that i can recover it, maybe with a program? i really need to find this. Any suggestions i would greatly appreciate!

Answer:i deleted an email from hotmail account months ago

Do you access your Hotmail on their website, by signing in each time, or do you have an email client to download the mail (Outlook Express, LiveMail etc?). If you use a client then there's a very slim possibility of recovery, but if you do it on the Hotmail website then you have lost it completely I'm afraid, especially after 'several months'."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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Hi ! This refers to the subject of "Automatic email from excel based on date", and relevant thread

This was fantastic. Only one issue remaining.
This is generating multiple emails and even the items not due are generating blank mails.
I would like to generate only one mail with different items different expiration dates.
After that group the identical addressees and compose one message with all the relevant data.
Awaiting kind help.

Answer:Need Help reg "Automatic email from excel based on date "

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Good day,

I was looking for someone to help me in this:

Please see the attached excel file, which automates Groupwise mails for due date reminder. However, it generates individual mails for each due items, whereas, I want one single mail with all due dates. How do I achieve it?

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I'm not happy with MS wanting another email/phone for email access; however, gave them another email account to keep mine.

However, now when I log into the email - I can only get my account info, not the email. I've logged out several times and back in.

I seen nothing to route me to my email when I'm in account info.

Please, how can I access my email?

Answer:[SOLVED] can't get hotmail email - only account info when logged in

are you logging with a hotmail/outlook/live account
are you using another email address
MS allows any email to be used to register as a MSAccount (changes since windows 8) and so you could register with a account
you wont get any email access as the email server is provided by gmail and not MS

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I'm a still-learning, self-taught, fairly new, computer student. I have a problem with an email that I received in my inbox on my hotmail account from a ?friend? recently. The subject line reads...Fwd: Fwd: Angels....size 617K. When I clicked the open box, I got a firewall alert (Norton) that instance of confidential info "block bank account" had occurred. I then tried to delete the email and got the same alert and then again when I tried to move to another folder within hotmail. After reading the email listed above it in the inbox and deleting that one...this email opened...had an attachment titled "application thingsar.pps". I did not open the attachment but tried to delete on the page and once again got the same firewall confidential info alert. I just can't seem to make it go away!!! I thought about disabling my firewall until I delete it...but if it's blocking access to my personal conf. info....seemed like a bad idea.

I also had another strange incident involving the sender of this particular email and my hotmail inbox a short while back. I received an email in my inbox addressed to him...??????????? Always wondered how that happened!! Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is an awesome site and forum!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Answer:cannot delete, open, or move email in hotmail account

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My wife has 2 hotmail accounts ( and .com) . She can access them via a PC, her android phone and ipad, the ipad being her primamry source. However there have been 2 instances in the last week where emails have been received and show on the phone and the PC, but not the iPad. As you can imagine, this is more than frustrating. Any clues or solutions would be more than appreciated.

Answer:Hotmail email account on Ipad not receiving some emails

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