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Thinkpad P71 - Sending/Receiving SMS messages with Sierra EM7455

Question: Thinkpad P71 - Sending/Receiving SMS messages with Sierra EM7455

[OS: Windows 10] Is there an application to use for sending/receiving SMS messages with the Sierra EM7455 Wireless WAN card? What I am looking for isn't one of those bulk sending applications that connects to some server ove Internet. What I want is to send and receive SMS messages just like the way I can do so on my phone. I am really hoping someone knows of such an app, because all googling efforts turned out to be useless.

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad P71 - Sending/Receiving SMS messages with Sierra EM7455

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello! I have bought ThinkPad X1 Yoga and installed Ubuntu 16.04. All works, except LTE modem (Sierra EM7455).So, when all patches for support this modek will be released to the Linux Kernel?

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Good morning..Buy a ThinkPad X270 Type of machine model: 20HNCTR1WWand I want to put the wwam card I have a wwan card Sierra Wireless Airprime 4G LTE WWAN Module EM7455 Lenovo PN: SW10H24567Header Code: S1NNFRU PN: 00JT547EC # 243581 and I want to know if I can use it on my laptop. if it is not compatible. is so kind to tell me that wwan cards are compatible for my laptop thank you very much... 

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Good morning..
Buy a ThinkPad X270
Serial number: PC******
Type of machine model: 20HNCTR1WW
and I want to put the wwam card
I have a wwan card Sierra Wireless Airprime 4G LTE WWAN Module EM7455
Lenovo PN: SW10H24567
Header Code: S1NN
FRU PN: 00JT547
EC # 243581
and I want to know if I can use it on my laptop.
if it is not compatible. is so kind to tell me that wwan cards are compatible for my laptop
thank you very much...
Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

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Forgive my ignorance but now that fax machines are obsolete, how does one send and receive fax messages?
I assume nowadays the alternative is communication by email but then, if I have to forward say brochures and documents to someone, how do I copy them on my hard drive and send them off as attachments? All responses would be appreciated

Answer:Sending and receiving fax messages

Do you have a Scanner?

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When I try to send or receive an IM through AIM, I get:
AIM caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 015f:bff7b9e7.
I have uninstalled, ran Ad-Aware and Spybot and reinstalled and I still have the problem. I looked at your other posts for similar problems and they all seem specific to different registry or "junk" problems. I downloaded the hijackthis app and this is my logfile:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:35:07 PM, on 8/21/2005
Platform: Windows 98 Gold (Win9x 4.10.1998)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title = Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by EarthLink Network, Inc
R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - {00A6FAF6-072E-44cf-8957-5838F569A31D} - C:\PROGRAM FILES\MYWEBSEARCH\SRCHASTT\3... Read more

Answer:AIM error when sending or receiving messages

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Hi everyone,After installing Sierra Wireless EM7455 driver, it is checking a cellular setting "Let windows manage this connection". THis setting should be unchecked or grayed out. MS says that this setting is set by third party or drivers. Can you please help how this has been set when driver is installed. How to make it unchecked or grayed out. System Model: 20JECTO1WW

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I have a T440 with Sierra LTE. It works just fine for connecting to mobile networks.But here in New Zealand, one of our providers also provides free wifi hotspots to customers on certain plans. In order to use this though, I have to enter a password that is sent to me by SMS.Is there any way that I can view SMS messages sent to the SIM card that is inside my laptop?At the moment, I have to remove the SIM from my ThinkPad (with all the hassle that involves), stick it into my phone, get the password, then transfer the SIM card back into my ThinkPad (and often as not, there is no power socket nearby, so I can't restart because I had to disable the internal battery when removing/replacing the SIM card).So, if someone can point to a way that I can simply view those SMS messages on my ThinkPad, I will be enernally grateful.


Go to Solution.

Answer:A way to send/receive SMS messages on ThinkPad T440 with Sierra EM7345

Use Lenovo Access Connections if OS on your laptop is win7, or Sierra Watcher connection manager for both OS, win7/8.

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I have a Nokia 929 and I cannot send or receive Multimedia messaging. Any help you can give me?

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My husband recently tried re-installing Windows Live OneCare -- we'd had it installed previously, but he'd had to replace his hard drive because it crashed and then had to re-install all programs. We experienced a problem registering Live OneCare, so we were working with Microsoft Tech Support to resolve that issue. One of the steps that they had us try in troubleshooting was to download and run a registry cleaner. We were finally able to install Live OneCare -- still having problems registering, but that's an issue for Microsoft Tech Support to help us resolve -- but now Outlook on my husband's computer is unable to receive e-mail from our ISP's mail server. He can send messages just fine, but not receive them. The error message he's getting is 0X800CCC90. Does this problem ring a bell with any of you? Our ISP has been unable to fix the problem. This is quite frustrating. . .

Thanks for any suggestions you could provide. =)


Answer:Solved: Outlook Sending, but Not Receiving Messages

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hi, I just got a lenovo yoga 460. I need to reconfigure the sierra em7455 chip for WCDMA (currenty says its in GSM mode). How do I do that?  I've run all the lenovo software updates for this device.  

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I would like to purchase a carrier unlocked Sierra Wireless EM7455. Is it possible to update/modify the firmware on the Lenovo CRU part, allowing alterantive to At&t and Verizon carrier options? Does anyone have a trusted source to buy unlocked versions that work with Lenovo MoBo's?I'd like to use T-Mobile (via google fi) in the States, and Three mobile in Europe. Also if the Lenovo part is able to be unlocked, which of these two is the one to be ordered? What is the difference?

P71 Xeon E3-1535M v6, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA P5000 GPU, 1TB Samsung SM961 PCIe-NVMe SSD x 2, Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD x2, EM7455 WWAN

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Hello.I just received my X1 Carbon gen. 4 laptop with a factory installed Sierra Wireless EM7455 WWAN card and provisioned with Windows 7.  Unfortunately, I have a very persistent and annoying problem. Almost every time it resumes from hibernate mode the WWAN card device fails to restart---the Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A QDLoader Port has an error: "This device cannot start. (code 10)" as reported by the Device Manager. I have updated the drivers to the latest version  on the support site (version 7.26.4539.0105 of the Sierra Wireless Lenovo Mobile Broadband Driver Package/Device driver version 16.3.1005.41) Any thoughts?

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Hi all, I just received my new X1 Carbon 2017 (20HR) a few days ago, but am struggling with the WWAN. Windows 10Tried 3 different SIM cards (2 different providers), which all work fine on a mobile phoneSierra EM7455 looks fine in Device ManagerUninstalled Sierra drivers and reinstalled (current ver 10.0.14393.0)(Re)installed the only related package I could find on Lenovo's website (Sierra Wireless EM7455 Software for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Machine Type 20HQ, 20H...... no luck. Diagnostics confirm "No SIM card inserted".Since there is only one way to insert the SIM, I am sure it is inserted correctly. Any suggestions...? Would be such a pity if it is a defect on a brand new laptop... 

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I have an X1 Yoga 20FQ with Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit and a Sierra Wireless EM7455 WAN card that came with the unit from Lenovo and an AT&T micro SIM card (also in the unit when it came from Lenovo). I also have the latest Lenovo software for the Sierra Wireless card (v. 7.47.4743.0105) from the Lenovo web site. The WAN card will connect to HPSA on AT&T (using the "default APN" and "broadband" in the Win 10 settings) but it will not connect to AT&T LTE. The AT&T web site at!/wireless/KM1218316 says to use NXTGENPHONE as the APN, but when I input that as the APN the card does not see it at all. I know that NXTGENPHONE is the LTE APN because that is the APN that my cell phone uses for its LTE data connection. AT&T tech support told me I the Windows 10 and NXTGENPHONE APN settings are correct and the AT&T diagnostics show I an LTE connection is available to me.I realize that there can be sources for this problem (Win 10 or AT&T) but I thought I would ask here to see whether anyone has experienced the problem or has a solution.Thanks.

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I recently installed an EM7455 LTE modem (FRU 00JT542) and antenna kit (FRU 01AW958) in my X1 Yoga running Windows 10 Pro.Drivers installed fine and I have nothing unidentified in Device Manager, and "Cellular" exists in the networking panel (when you click on the network icon in the taskbar).However, none of my SIM cards are being detected by the system. I've tried T-Mobile and Verizon SIM cards (both verified working in other devices) to no avail -- Windows keeps telling me to insert a SIM.I spent all afternoon on the phone with half a dozen Lenovo support reps (and have a ticket open with them) but we haven't made any headway yet. Here are some things we tried:Different Windows 10 installations (the original image on the supplied SSD vs. the one I created and have been using on my 950 Pro): no effectThe Windows 7 Mobile Broadband Activation tool: errorVarious Gobi 5000 Drivers: no effectUpdating UEFI: no effectWindows Troubleshooting: uselessI'm beginning to think it may be a hardware issue with the SIM slot but the reps haven't been willing to admit as much. In addition, I only have the depot warranty which I've heard atrocious things about, so I'd like to avoid that. I was also informed that they don't allow self-replacement of system boards so worst case I'll have to shell out for an onsite warranty.I'll take any suggestions -- even if they're shots in the dark!

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Hey there! I hope you can help me with a problem. One of our L470's stopped reading simcards all of a sudden (Sierra EM7455 LTE modem). After opening a case, sending the notebook in, getting the mainboard replaced and setting it up with Windows 10 Enterprise x64 again, that modem still won't work!I hope you can help me here, because at this point i don't want another struggle with the repair center. ISSUE:After a clean install of Win 10 Enterprise x64 and the newest official drivers and firmware, including the BIOS of course, the Windows 10 devicemanager doesn't seem to find the LTE-Modem.The Sierra EM7455 driver from Lenovo won't install.The newest driver directly from Sierra is able to be installed but the firmware won't because it can't find the modem. Driver and firmware are two separate packages.I already checked the BIOS. WAN is enabled under 'I/O'.What else can I try?Thanks for your help!

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My Nokia Lumia 635 was purchased unlocked and I set it up with straight talk, it worked great for 2 months and I noticed I couldn't send my fiancee text messages but she could send them to me and I could messages everyone service expired and I renewed the service and asked straight talk if they could fix the texting problem, now I can't send or receive text messages from anyone. I did a hard reset and redid all the apn,port,URL settings for straight talk as I did when I first got the phone and still nothing. Someone said to replace the SIM card. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated

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Not sure if this is a problem, more just a question... I installed a brand new Sierra EM7455 WWAN module a few days ago in my X260--got it direct from Lenovo. Getting it working was a little convoluted (had to reset BIOS) but it connects just fine to AT&T. The question or concern I have is when ever I restart the computer, I get a pop-up in the lower right that says "Configuring mobile broadband device...Do not shut down or restart Windows." It takes about 1-2 minutes, says "success" then everything is fine. The "problem" is that this happening every time I reboot. Has anyone seen this or know what's wrong? I've attached a screenshot of the message. I installed the official Lenovo drivers for the EM7455. I tried uninstalling the Sierra package and the message goes away--but so does the WWAN module... I re-installed the driver package and now the message is back. I had an X250 with the previous gen Sierra WWAN module and it was generally trouble free, no strange issues like this. Thanks

2016-06-15_15h46_22.png ?27 KB

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Dear Thinkpad X Forum, here it is Michi, an old user of all kind of Thinkpad. In the last 5 years I have had the X1 Carbon (1st and 2nd Generation) and X1 Yoga (1st generation). After a very unfortunately repair in my X1 yoga (only 18 months old but suffered 4 onsite repairs with the only result that two LCD screen were broken, hinges not working and battery not able to work on a reliable manner), I decided to move to a X1 Carbon 5th Generation. Info regarding the new laptop:- 20HRCTO1WW- Received on january 4th 2018 (should have been produced in the last week of 12/2017), directly shipped from PRC-WWAN: Sierra 7455 ISSUE:1) tried to insert the MICRO-SIM I had on my the X1 Yoga. It was not recognized, in fact it is still showing "Insert SIM"2) Tried the MICRO-SIM again on my X1 Yoga: it works fine. Tried it in a couple of cells: works fine.3) I checked extensively that forum and found a lot of tread mentioning problems with the SIERRA 7455 WWAN4) Just check Lenovo updates. I have installed the following update:Sierra Wireless EM7455 Software for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad7.47.4743.01052017/10/16 5) Just restarted the computer and check it again. Still not working. I would appreaciate any help, since in the plenty of posts I have read, there are a huge bunch of possible problem causes / solutions. Since the computer has less than a 1 week I supose there is no HW problem but a SW one.. Of course, I can provide more data on that matter - I am on... Read more

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Lenovo why you lock the com ports on the Sierra Wireless EM7455 ????? USB composition for the EM7455 is set to 9, which is MBIM only. I need to have MBIM and also COM ports for the AT commands and NMEA GPS data. So I need the USB composition 8My question how to enable the com ports again ???thank you in Advance...

Answer:Sierra Wireless EM7455 COM ports are Locked... Lenovo Why do you do something like that?

Hello and welcomeThat's not a Lenovo deal to lock the ports, more clearly, to choose appropriate default USB composition. MS and Sierra do that. To change default USB composition change Sierra wwan card drivers installation configuration and reinstall them. Edit the configuration.ini file within the drivers package:- [Default Values] section- USBCOMP=x parameter (choose 8 as you want).

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Current Lenovo firmware for the EM7455 is, however Sierra Wireless has a newer version, listed here: After flashing with the newer version and rebooting, the card reverts back to Has anyone else experience this? Is this something the carrier would dictate and enforce? Any help would be appreciated. Reason for upgrading is, when traveling internationally the unit has spotty connectivity and not very reliable. Hoping firmware upgrade would be a step in the right direction to resolving it.

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Hi I resently got a Thinkpad x1 yoga gen 2Type 20JE-S1C600S/N R9-0NGFRQ 17/05 As far as I know there should be a Sierra Wireless EM7455 modem in the machine, but i can't get windows to detect it. I doesn't show up in device manager, or in the network setting of windows. It is running Windows 10 Home. 64bit. In bios I can enable or disable WWAN (under security > IO ..), not sure if that means there is a modem, or just a setting thats always there in the bios.There is a slot in the back of the machine for a SIM card, but not sure if that means there is a moden in the machine, or the slot is always there.  I Tried reinstalling the machine, but didn't help.I've made sure there is no pending updates for the machine.   1. Can you guys help confirm if there is a modem in the machine. (If not, then the seller lied to me)2. If there is, how do I get it working ? I did put a SIM card in the SIM slot in the back of the macine. I'm pretty sure it is currectly inserted. There is only one direction where I hear a small click, and the card stays in place.  Thanks Simon

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I bought two brand new X270's WWAN upgradable and bought EM7455 cards separately. I installed the cards as directed. When I booted the laptop the first time after installation, a warning message saying something to the effect of "unknown network hardware EM7455." Windows didn't detect the newly installed card. So I did a CMOS reset (removed the extra battery, disabled the built-in battery on the BIOS and pressed the CMOS reset button to the left of the battery bay). After the CMOS reset, Windows recoginized a new hardware by the name of "Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm" but couldn't install the driver (see the attached screenshot). I did install Lenovo's EM7455 driver (total file size 191MB) and didn't work. I turned to Sierra and found a generic USB Build 4581 driver and it didn't work. When I restarted Windows, the newly found hardware was gone. I did a CMOS reset again and it came back up on the device manager list.  So I turned to Windows update. It found a driver update by the name of Sierra Incorporated - Ports dated 10/20/2016. It tried to install it but it failed. However, the device's name was changed to Qualcomm COM Port (3) and it was still not installed properly. I went to the device's properties and changed the port to 8. It recognized the full name of the card but GPRS connecitons on Windows didn't show up. I restarted Windows, and the device was gone again! I checked the BIOS permissions and I tried different scenarios (disabled WWAN, e... Read more

Answer:Problem installing Sierra EM7455 WWAN card on X270

Hello and welcomeCould you provide the wwan card service p/n (FRU)? It's printed on the modem's labelCompatible wwan card (em7455) doesn't need manufacturer's (Sierra's) drivers as win8.1/10 has native drivers for MBIM network mode. Modem in the default configuration supports that mode.Also, to make sure for current wwan modem state, provide its IDs, please:- Device Manager, right click on the modem entry, Details tab, Option list, pull it down, Hardware ID (the 3rd item from the top);- copy and past here the values from the field below

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Lenovo why you lock the com ports on the Sierra Wireless EM7455 ????? USB composition for the EM7455 is set to 9, which is MBIM only. I need to have MBIM and also COM ports for the AT commands and NMEA GPS data. So I need the USB composition 8My question how to enable the com ports again ???thank you in Advance...

Answer:Lenovo Sierra Wireless EM7455: How to enable COM ports on Windows 10 ?

Hello and welcomeThat's not a Lenovo deal to lock the ports, more clearly, to choose appropriate default USB composition. MS and Sierra do that. To change default USB composition change Sierra wwan card drivers installation configuration and reinstall them. Edit the configuration.ini file within the drivers package:- [Default Values] section- USBCOMP=x parameter (choose 8 as you want).

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Hi, I have a P50 recently updated Windows 10 Fall creators update. After the update my system no longer shows my wwan hardware (Sierra Wireless EM7455).I no longer have a cellular connection option in the network menu after clicking the network icon in taskbar tray,no cellular connection section in the networking settingsNo wwan device in Device Manager under Network AdaptersNo cellular connection shown in the Network Connections control panel under Network and Internet. What does show up in device manager is a 'Sierra Wireless Location Sensor' under the Sensors category.I did try to install the Sierra Wireless softwar from here: But it didn't help.I do not know if any of this has to do with the recent update on Windows 10 but if anyone else has experienced this please share your situation and solution if any.Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

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I've been trying to fix a problem with my Lenovo T460S for months now, with hours spent on it and no success. The thing pops up with "Configuring mobile broadband device" every time from a fresh start, which takes about 30 seconds to complete. I've read this is to do with the SierraEM7455 onboard, but there is only one driver available for this on the website, and this does not fix the problem.  Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm getting very frustrated with it.

Answer:T460S "Configuring Mobile Broadband Device" every time on power up (Sierra EM7455)

HiThere is a solution in another thread where you've posted short question about issue with em7455 - disable Selective Suspend Mode drivers.Navigate to the folder where em7455 drivers package from Lenovo site is extracted (usually c:\drivers...). There should be Lenovo7455DriverSetup installer and Configuration.ini file. Open the latter in the text editor like Notepad. Add the following string in the 1st section [Default Values]:SS=0It'll disable SS mode drivers installation. Save the file, reinstall the drivers. I'd advice to remove existing modem drivers firstly.

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Hi there, after heaps of tries I have managed to get the Sierra Wireless working in Linux Mint 18.2, the only problem, it automatically goes back to unavailable after suspending or disabling and then re-enabling it. The only way to get it to work again is to restart the lap in Win10 and then again into Linux again. Any workaround? This is being a massive pain!

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Hello everybody, I have problems setting up the wwan module EM7455 under Ubuntu 16.10 (kernel: 4.10.0-13-generic). I have extensively googled, tried most of the approaches, but nothing seems to work for me.  The module is recognized, but I can't connect to any network. The area is all greyed out (see picture). The LTE-frequency-bands of my provider (Salt, Switzerland) are covered by the module (3, 7, 20) usb-devices

T: Bus=01 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=01 Cnt=01 Dev#= 2 Spd=480 MxCh= 0
D: Ver= 2.00 Cls=00(>ifc ) Sub=00 Prot=00 MxPS=64 #Cfgs= 1
P: Vendor=1199 ProdID=9079 Rev=00.06
S: Manufacturer=Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
S: Product=Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A
S: SerialNumber=LF65157364031020
C: #Ifs= 5 Cfg#= 1 Atr=a0 MxPwr=500mA
I: If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 2 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=ff Prot=ff Driver=qcserial
/usr/bin/usb-devices: line 79: printf: c: invalid number
I: If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 1 Cls=02(commc) Sub=0e Prot=00 Driver=cdc_mbim
/usr/bin/usb-devices: line 79: printf: d: invalid number
I: If#= 0 Alt= 1 #EPs= 2 Cls=0a(data ) Sub=00 Prot=02 Driver=cdc_mbim
I: If#= 2 Alt= 0 #EPs= 3 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=00 Prot=00 Driver=qcserial
I: If#= 3 Alt= 0 #EPs= 3 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=00 Prot=00 Driver=qcserialmmcli -L
Found 1 modems:
/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0 [Sierra] MBIM [1199:9079]sudo mbimcli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --query-device-caps --verbose
[17 Mär 2017, 07:36:33] [Debug] opening device...
[17 Mär 2017, 07:36:33] [Debug] [/dev/cd... Read more

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I have a Thinkpad X260 and a Sierra Wirless AirPrime WWLAN card.  When the card is installed the system fails to boot an Operating system throwing an error: 1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the network card.  System is halted. The Box for the WWLAN card has Lenovo's Tape Seal, and a Lenovo FRU label/number.  The compatibility matrix says this card is compatible.  Please help. Notebook Details: * UEFI BIOS Version: R02ET50W (1.23) * Embedded Controller vserion R02HT29W (1.11) * Machine Type Model: 20F6CT01WW WWLAN Details: * FRU P/N: 00JT542 * Model: EM7455

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May i know whether Sierra AirPrime EM7345 work with ThinkPad W540?


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad W540 Work with Sierra EM7345?

Since it is listed in the official parts-list for the W540: Yes. However, you will need a Lenovo branded card (04X6014, which is the Sierra Wireless EM7345 LTE/HSPA+ 42Mbps M.2 Card).

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Hello,since a long time I am looking for a Sierra Wireless MC8780 embedded module for Thinkpad x61s series. Did not yet find any store world wide selling this item.Can anybody of you help me?Perhaps a seller in the US or elsewhere?Thank you!

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I have a W520 and am looking to purchase a WWAN card.  I see that Sierra Wireless has the MC7750 card available (supports LTE, EV-DO and HSPA+).   Will the W520 support LTE, or am I just wasting my money getting a WWAN card with LTE support?

Answer:ThinkPad W520 and Sierra Wireless MC7750

The short answer: get the MC7750!Probably the biggest improvement isn't the raw download/upload speed of the unit, but rather the reduced network latencies. All the advertisements are only talking about the improvements in MBps, probably because it's the easiest thing to describe to people in 30 seconds or on a billboard. In reality MBps only matters if you are watching video, or downloading large files. Most of the delay time for other applications comes from the several hundred milliseconds it takes the computers to make a round trip communication. Each time you click something on the web, there are several rounds of communication which can add up. If your current connection has a 400ms delay (as mine does) it takes several seconds each time for anything to happen. Some better connections like HSPA are supposed to have about 100ms latency, but LTE is going to push that down to about 40ms.  Can you tell that I'm excited about getting LTE  I'm planning on getting the MC7750 as soon as Lenovo releases it. Unfortunately, every time I call in, I seem to be told that it's just a month or so away. I've been hearing that line for almost 4 months now. I was also told that I will be able to upgrade my existng x220, which had better be true otherwise I'm going to be royally pissed because I bought the system with that understanding.You may find my thread on the MC7750 for the x220 device interesting. Read more

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Hi folks

I have Windows XP home SP2 on a Dell Vostro 200 and connect to the net via a BT Voyager 220v adsl router. My broadband tel no is also my fax number.

Up until now, I have been using an HP 6110 all-in-one fax/scanner/printer on which I have sent & received faxes manually, but I was hoping I would be able to use the Windows fax console to send and receive directly from my PC.

When I try to set this up it tells me it needs a fax modem? Can someone tell me exactly what this is?

Can I not set up my broadband router connection to act as the modem or does it need a genuine (what I thought was old fashioned) modem connections.

I'm hoping that a colleague would also be able to send/receive the faxes on a network and that I'd no longer need the printer fax as I have a better printer.

I'd appreciate any help

Best regards


Answer:Sending/ Receiving a fax

As far as sending a fax through a computer, the computer needs to have a 56k modem that can support fax. This modem can not be set up through broadband, it has to be setup through the actual telephone frequency like how your current fax is set up.

I am not sure if there is any program out there to send faxs online but there may be for a fee, but you can try to get a all-in-one or set one up so that you can send a fax to it from the computer but i am not sure if that is possible or not since i never tried it and it is just a suggestion to look into.

Sorry if any of my information is incorrect but i have not played around with the fax on a computer in awhile

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I am connected to the internet using a cable modem, but have one computer that will not receive bytes. I have reformatted the drive and installed windows XP and have replaced the NIC with a new one (using a different PCI slot). I get the usual messages when trying to use Internet Explorer--I have noticed the more I use it the more bytes are Sent--but none are being received. I have also used DOS to ping various web sites and the sent bytes continue to grow but the receiving does not.

I have tried connecting it directly to the cable modem, using a Cat-5e cord that does work, and still no luck--any thoughts?

Answer:NIC not sending or receiving

So.....this is what im gathering...
You have 2 or more machines, and they seem to ping eachother. You have the connection shared but still cannot recieve data?

Or am I wrong, is it that you cant ping the other machine? Is there another machine at all? What operating system are you running on them?

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I went away to college and I never had a problem using my cable land line at home. I got here and it is an ethernet land line and when I plug the cable into the jack then into my computer and enable it, it will connect and send packets but not receive any(yes I tried different cables) and to no surprise I am getting very little help from the IT people around here. I was wondering if any of you possibly knew how to fix this problem because I don't think it is my card because it is doing the same thing for my laptop which is running a completely different card, and again I have had connected through a cable land line for nearly a year.


Answer:sending not receiving

here you go. the WiFi here is working, but I need the land line to work and it is not.

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I am having problems with my wireless. We have three computers in the house all connected wirelessly and two nights ago, they all crashed at the same time. we rebooted the router and two out of three connected fine. The third connected but is not receiving. We did alot of troubleshooting with many tips, to no avail.

We have tried:

-Setting a static IP
- We tried a tip that was on another thread where we were instructed to type "netsh winsock reset catalog" >enter ""netsh int ip reset reset.log" > enter > restart computer. nothing changed
-we have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling.
-disabling all firewalls and VP/SPYs
-release and renew ip address. (states it always cannot renew)

I am now at a loss, help?

When I type ipconfig/all in cmd this is what comes up....

Host name: Plastique
Primary DNS Suffix:
Node Type: Hybrid
IP Routing enabled: No
WINS Proxy Enabled: No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 3:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Description: D-Link DWA-130 Wirelesss N USA Adapter(rev.C)
Physical Address: 00-22-B0-6D-FD-A7
DHCP Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration Ip Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Answer:Receiving but not sending

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Hi Guys,First off, thank you for this very wonderful resource. Now, I will try to make this short and simple and hope someone can help me out.I currently am using a T430s which I ordered a Sierra MC7550 (GOBI 4000) mini PCI card for to have internet (4G) on the go via verizon.I followed all instructions and installed the card without any issue. I booted the notebook and notice a little popup in my tool tray that said the hardware was not successfully installed. I then tried using System update to install the driver which seemed to have installed everything successfully. I opened my network connections and still didn't see the new device so I decided to open up device manager and saw that something was wrong.The MC7750 was listed under "Other devices" instead of "Networking" and had the yellow exclamation point next to it.Currently the exact error is as follows:The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.I tried manually downloading/installing the driver from Lenovo's site, using System update, manually pointing to the downloaded driver's path and nothing seems to fix it.I am hoping someone could help me here. I'm not sure if this is Lenovo branded or not however I'm not getting any BIOS errors upon boot. I'm running the latest BIOS and Windows 7 Pro 64bit.There's not much information on this card via the net and I assume this is because of it... Read more

Answer:ThinkPad T430s + Sierra MC7750 WWAN Issues

UPDATE: After hours and hours of research and contacting lenovo support via phone to no avail I decided to install the MC770 driver (same device, but for AT&T) and downloaded the installation file from AT&T and VIOLA! It installed and I was able to see it in my device manager under Network adapters.I'm not sure if its fully working yet because I had no idea I needed a sim card.. I thought i could just call up verizon with my IEMI number and have it activated... either way I consider this one step closer and it leads me to believe that something is up with the driver download from LENOVO. Also, could I buy a prepaid Verizon sim card and use it in here or? IF this works fully and flawlessy, I hope this helps someone to prevent them from going through what I went through. Hopefully Lenovo updates their drivers.*** I ask that you guys still kindly reply to let me know if I am missing something here. Thanks.

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Hello, Has anyone tried installation of a sierra wireless MC7750 card on a X220 tablet? I've gotten hold of a MC7750 and intend to install it on my X220 tablet and try it with Verizon 4G network. Thanks,Anand

Answer:Thinkpad X220 Tablet - Installation of sierra wire...

I have not tried it, but I can tell you that most likely it will not work in the default configuration.  Lenovo machines have a whitelist that checks to see if the WWAN card inserted into the machine is regonized and certified.  If the machine doesn't recognize the card it will display an 1804 error.  Since Lenovo doesn't yet sell these cards yet, it's unlikely that this card is on their whitelist. Some people modify their BIOSes to recognize cards that Lenovo hasn't put on their list yet.  I believe you can find such moded BIOSes here: or alternatively maybe in the forums in There may be newer versions of the BIOS in the same forum, but I haven't checked in a while. I've been waiting for months for Lenovo to support the MC7750, or another LTE card like it.  I've been told by several sales people that "it's right around the corner".  Pretty much hogwash so far.  I haven't gone the step of ordering one of these card yet hoping that Lenovo will officially support it soon.  Please post back though if you do end up moding your bios.  I'm curious to know how well it works.  Also read up on taping pin 20.  Some people say it's necessary in addition to moding the bios. Good luck. 

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Hi all,I've really been helped by this forum in the past, and really hope you can help with this issue.I've installed the card and installed the driver - all of which has gone down without a hitch. The compute recognises the card with no issues. Unfortunately, however, when a simcard is inserted it does not register the simcard whatsoever - 'Insert sim' is still present.In my searches on this forum it seems this problem is Windows 10 specific - the system does recognise the wireless card but does not recognise the simcard reader. Anecdotally, it seems to work for others when using Windows 7 (although that wouldn't be a fantastic solution in my situation.)Is there any solution for this?Thank you in advance for your time and any responses!Jack

Answer:Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, Sierra EM7345 and Windows 1...

Hello, jraynerwin10 doesn't need wwan card's manufacturer drivers for the normal mobile connection, it has a native support that. Additional drivers are needed for the legacy location features via NMEA port, for the custom wwan card virtual devices configuration (like NDIS port etc).So, the 1st thought modem firmware is outdated. Check it out:open command prompt window (cmd) and type in the following stringnetsh mbn sh cap int=*Copy and past an output here (remove Device ID for your privacy).Another version is connection settings, APN mainly. Do you see a cellular network item in the win10 network settings?Anyway, I hope mobile device em7345 is present in the Device Manager w/out errors.

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I got a W520 and installed the card, drivers and hardware is seen properly (I'm using Win7 x64bit)but it keeps looking like it is turned off (how you turn off wifi).  Though when I press FN+F5 it doesn't show mobile broadband, only wifi and bluetooth I use the AirCard Watcher app and it keep saying Airplane Mode, radio is off.when I disable and enable the card via network settings.    The Aircard watch see the card for about a split second when I reenable it but then it goes right backto airplane mode.. I also tried using the Lenovo access connection and when I try to connect to mobile broadband . it keep saying no signal or sim not activated  BTW: I have a working Verizon Sim card that I use for a usb dongle and I have a x240 with broadband card that works fine with the SIM  so it's not a sim card problem. 

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I have dial up, and before the browser is activated my send/receive icon is lit up. When I open the send/receive icon it's sending and receiving something. I never had this problem before. I realize that the lite will come on talking to my ISP, but not continiously. I use Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad Aware SE Personal, Norton's Anti Virus and Counter Spy. All are updated daily (or at least checked for updates daily. Counter Spy and Norton's are Active and enabled. I'll do a scan with ad aware and spybot before shutting down. Nothing is being detected. I let it run for about an hour, in that time 24 megs were received and 1 meg was send. God knows what was received/downloaded or SENT. Any Suggestions as to what is happening. I really get bugged seeing that send/receive icon blinking away and I'm not doing anything.

Answer:my computer is sending and receiving??

You got something bad on your PC.
Get HijackThis and make a folder for it to do the scan from and to save the log file to.

I can not help on reading a log file but someone else can.

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I recently cleaned up a lot of dead and inactive programs including Windows Media, Realplayer etc. upon restarting I lost my Internet connection and although I am now "connected" the send receive packets are so low I cannot get out to the Internet. Time Warner tells me something in the system configuration is blocking the wireless connection. System restore has been ineffective and TW has done all they can. Running in safe mode did not work to connect, any restore disc are several States away. I am running on a Toshiba Satellite and XP. I am working off the IPad but need the laptop. All other programs seem to work and if I can get someone to get me connected I have 'Hijack This' so any remaining and needed tweaks can be done. Appreciate any help.

Answer:Low packets sending and receiving

can we see an ipconfig /all and the following ping tests - see below
also try a tcp/ip reset - see below

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results fr... Read more

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I'm sure I did it. My RAM was overloaded, so I looked for programs I didn't understand, tried to read their descriptions (in the "Settings" on the Task Master, and turned off a couple (that I can't recall). OK, dumb.

Now, Outlook 2007 stays stuck on "Preparing to send/receive" forever, with the dialog box either empty or full-green, but without doing anything. (I have 22 accounts, and all were working mid-afternoon. It's now 9p.m.)

When I go to each individiual account and ask for it to "send a test message," everything checks out fine, but nothing seems to happen in the "Outlook Send/Receive Progress" box.

Does anyone know which "Services" are required for Outlook to work? I disabled only a few, and only "manual" services like "peer" this or that...


Answer:Outlook not sending/receiving

Unless we know exactly what you did, we can't help undo it. NEVER do anything to a computer (or possibly, in life) that you do not know how to undo.

Try System Restore.

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When i look at the network wirless connection status something is constantly sending and receiving Bytes and lots of them.the modem gets warm from all of the activity.How can i stop it

Answer:Constant sending and receiving

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a friend is able to send e-mails but is not receiving any. Neither new ones or replies to her own. This is nothing to do with her pc as it is the same from other pcs at different locations. Hotmail security is set to low and no filters are in use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:hotmail sending but not receiving

Has she by any chance changed the default "from" address in her hotmail settings? If so, there may be a spelling mistake there...

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as my computer was constantly sending and receiving packets I searched the web and your malware thread seened the place to start, as far as I know I have run the programs etc as advised in READ ME FIRST, and I attach the logs as requested

Answer:constantly sending and receiving

this is the final log. As I do not have a great deal on here I am not averse to a complete reformat. I appreciate the time you are giving me and await your suggestions

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The LOcal area conncection status is connected. But able to send packets not receiving any packets. I have checked the cable, AV disabled.

Answer:Sending packets but not receiving

Can you please provide some more info? Are you connected to a router? Are you trying to access the internet? If you are using a router, have you verified that the router is able to access the internet?

As much info as you can provide would be helpful.

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A friend is running Windows XP and Outlook Express and the PC has started sending e-mails but not receiving. Anyone got any ideas. ThanksDD

Answer:E-mail - sending but not receiving......

Has the friend got any anti-virus program newly installed? It may be trying to check mail and messing up the settings.Any spam catcher installed?Is the pop3 server correctly specified / password correct?

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I have a USR v.92 performance pro modem. I only have 1 phone jack with a brand new phone cord running to it. at random times during the connection it starts sending, but not receiving. it can be 20 seconds from when I connect or hours before it happens. I disconnect, reconnect..everything works fine again until it feels like stopping

Answer:starts sending but not receiving

what does the messgage say? does it time out or other?

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I have a USR v.92 performance pro modem. I only have 1 phone jack with a brand new phone cord running to it. at random times during the connection it starts sending, but not receiving. it can be 20 seconds from when I connect or hours before it happens. I disconnect, reconnect..everything works fine again until it feels like stopping. I've tried 3 different modems, formatted the harddrive, and ran a new phone cord from the NID directly to the modem.

Answer:starts sending but not receiving


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Hi folks,Win 7 64-bitSerial port external modemPlease advise where can I find guide/steps to setup Win7 sending and receiving fax. I don't expect to create a list of fax number at the beginning. I want to send a test fax first. TIAB.R.satimis

Answer:Guide for sending & receiving fax in Win 7

Click on 'start' and then type 'fax' into the search box. The top option will be Windows fax & scan' - select this and there's your faxing program. Before you can send/receive you will need to have set up your modem so that it can be used as a fax modem and ensure that it's recognised under the phone & modem section of Control Panel."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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Is there any way just to receive mail or do I have to click Send and Receive all the time?

Answer:Outlook XP Sending AND Receiving

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Hello, new to the board

This just recently started happening btw. I have a cable modem hooked up to a linksys router supplied by vonage. An Apple Airport wireless router is also hooked up to said router. I also have a rj-45 line hooked up to main pc. Until recently, I didn't have any problems connecting to the internet. I disabled my on board sound card via the BIOS because I was installing a new sound card. After that, I could no longer connect to the internet. The system tray shows that I am connected, but upon further inspection I am only sending, not receiving packets. Thinking it was a software error, I reinstalled Windows. Same problem. I know my router is ok because I have a mac that I use on it all the time via the rj-45 connection. I typed ipconfig /all in the command prompt and received what seemed to be a valid output. I had a valid IP address for my router, subnet mask, default gateway, etc. Thinking my NIC was fried, I tried connecting via a wireless connection. No dice, same thing. Here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+
768 MB RAM
Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT
Soundblaster Live 5.1
Windows 2000 Pro

My NIC is an Nvidia nForce ethernet controller. I also tried reenabling my onboard sound card thinking that was problem, but I still could not receive packets. I can ping my ip, but everytime I ping the router all of the packets are lost. I even tried connecting directly to the modem. Still nothing.

Any suggestions would be ... Read more

Answer:Sending not Receiving packets

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I have found it very difficult to find an appropriate title to the problem I am raising.My daughter, who runs a small business from "home" has just moved to a new abode where the owner uses AOL Broadband. Her provider is One-Tel and she has the permission of the owner to use his broadband installation but wants to do so utilising her One-Tel email address. Unfortunately she is only able to receive emails this way (she uses Incredimail), not send emails. She has spent hours and hours on the phone to AOL and got nowhere. Can anybody suggest what settings are required to both send and receive emails in the way expalined above?

Answer:Sending/Receiving emails using another ISP

Use AOL's SMTP server settings in Incredimail's options for sending the email. That should allow her to send emails via AOL's connection. If they allow it. Else she could send her emails via One-Tel's web interface on their website, if they have a webmail option.

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I am using Outlook 2003 with Windows XP.  Everything else is fine but for the last 36 hours, I have not been able to receive mail.  It sends ok.When I hit 'Send/receive' it says, "receiving status 50%" then says, "receive complete" but there's nothing there.  I've tried testing it by sending emails to it from another account but they don't come in.Any ideas would be most gratefully received.Ta

Answer:Outlook sending but not receiving

I would recommend backing up your outlook profile and then deleting it.  Uninstall outlook and reinstall.  This usually solves any problems with being able to send/receive emails.  But before you do that....are you behind a firewall of any kind?

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Hello thereSuddenly a new problem showed up this morning. It has to do with a computer which sent emails with attachments allright until yesterday. But from today, whenever I want to send an email with an attachment I get the following error. It is strange because if I send the same message from another computer in the same LAN, it does send the message successfully.The first computer which fails in sending the email has win vista and is using windows live mail to send emails.The second computer which sends messages successfully even today has Windows XP and uses Microsft Outlook Express to send emails.The problem with the first computer comes up when you try to send a message and instead of the message being sent you get an error which translated into English would be something like:Unkown error: Subject ", Account: "AccountName'. Server: "", Protocol: STMP, Servers' reply: '554 Sorry message looks like SPAM to me'. Port:25, Security (SSL): No, Server's error: 554, Error number: 0x800CCCGFIn conclusion, I am getting this error which seems to be related to the email server's spam filter policy. Nonetheless, this seems strange since there is a computer which can send emails with attachments from the same account without problems.I have to add that both computers have avast installed.Thankshttp://www.arreglaordenador.comIn-home technical services for computers to individuals and small companies. Arganda, Madrid, Spain

Answer:sending emails but receiving

thosecars82, sounds like an overzealous spam filter (at your ISP). Change it's stringency?If you can't do that, perhaps imbed the attachment (maybe use a different font/color?) in the mail rather than send it as an attachment?HTH.Ed in Texas.

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This pc is so slow and I wish I could find out what is wrong with it. When I click to open a window I put the mouse pointer on the 2 computers on the taskbar. When I do that I get this info. Sent 156.736 bytes
Received 335.924 bytes.
Thats one of the readings I have gotten. A"expert" told me that there is supposed to be more bytes sent than received. Help!!!

Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2

Answer:sending and receiving bytes

It really depends on what you are doing with the machine. If you are sending lots of emails, you may see the "sent" bytes are more than the "received" bytes. If you are downloading lots of files, then the received may be larger.

In either case, this is not likely the reason for your PC running slow. There are several things that can cause your PC to run slow. A few things to check:

Check free space available on your drive. Clear temporary internet files, temp files.
Download a program called "HijackThis" from here: (unzip the file and run the program)
Do NOT fix anything just yet - click the "Save Log" button and post your log here. There are several experts stalking these forums for an HJT log to scan They will reply with which items you can remove, or if you do have spyware, how to get rid of it (even if it means you have to download more programs...)
After removing all spyware, run a "chkdsk /r" from a command prompt (your PC will tell you that you need to reboot before it can do this. Save anything you are working on and let it reboot.)
Run a defrag on your C: drive - let this run overnight, it may take a while.
Reboot after the defrag and you should be OK, as long as you have enough free space on your HD.


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Since yesterday, April Fools, my msn freezes up for about 10 seconds when I send/receive an IM. First assumption would be this silly April Fools virus thing so I scanned and yes, I got 2 viruses, however, I deleted them and I thought my problems would be fixed but obviously not. So I tried re installing but nope.

I'm running XP2, WLM9.

I can't really get more specific. IMs take about 10 seconds for msn, it just freezes (the whole programme) for that long, then the message sends, then I read reply, etc, I send one then it freezes etc etc etc if I click too much while it's taking its 10 second break it freezes and crashes. Opening the main WLM and browsing through it and whatnot is fine. It's just the IMs, which is what I need it for.

Help please.

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If emails are received from four different people, is it then possible to collect these and then send them as one email to a different fifth person.
I know it is possible to send them indiviually.
Any helpmuch appreciated.

Answer:receiving sending emails

Either copy and paste the content into one new email or attach each one as an attachment into a new email and send that.
As far as I'm aware, you cannot simply join them together and forward the lot in one go.

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I have a Yahoo email account and a Cox (Internet Provider) email account. I send & receive a great deal of emails from both. However, I frequently am told that an email I sent did not reach the recipient (from both accounts) + I frequently am asked, "Did you receive my email?" To which I reply, "No." None of my sent messages that do not arrive at their destination are returned or bounced back. They are just "out there" somewhere.

Of course, if someone sends me an email that I don't receive, I don't usually know it. Alternately, if I send one that does not arrive at its destination, I usually don't know that either.

Since I do receive & successfully send so many emails, why are some not being processed properly? At the suggestion of Cox, I uninstalled Zone Alarm & changed from Outlook Express to Incredimail. Neither made any difference. The emails that I do not receive are not always from the same person, & in fact, I might receive one email from a particular individual, but not receive the next one that same person sends. The same applies when I send an email.

Please help!

Answer:Sending & Receiving email

It would take a book to describe everything. We don't even know what OS and service packs, if any, you have?

Since you send "many" maybe your emails are being "received" as spam by various ISPs and thrown out before the recipient gets them. Maybe the settings on their computers are preventing them from being received. Do you send in Text Only Mode? Are there files embedded? Attachments?

Check all settings in your anti-virus and firewall. Turn off anything that is specifically for scanning email.

If you want to pursue this, you would have to provide detailed information about specific instances. That would include knowing exactly what the sender is using for emails and other programs that might malfunction.


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I'm using broadband connection. I also having same problem with my internet. 0 receiving packets. But it is only for Ethernet socket 1, and other 2,3,4 are working. So I think it is a technical problem in that socket.

Moderator note: Moved from this thread:

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I have a gateway labtop that has a nic built into it. I use netstumbler to connect wireless to the internet. I have a wifi connection on the front porch of my house. It used to work perfectly but now I can't connect to it. Their's almost no activity, when I connect it doesn't ask for any passwords or anything, never has. I looked at the connections and it said I was sending packets but not receiving them.

Help please?

Answer:sending packets but not receiving them

it could be the wireless settings issue. this case study - sent packets only on a wireless computer may help,

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I have discovered that some of my emails were not reaching their recipient and some emails have not been reaching me. The emails show up sent for me, and they are not in the recipients spam folder. Whats got me confused is that I have tried different email providers, and I have tried sending from my phone as well (different isp). Any ideas on what could cause this?

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When i go to network connections on winxp and open my lan icon it doesn't have any packets being sent or received. I've noticed that the packets only start to send and receive when I connect to a website. My speed tests turn out normal, and I can web browse and play pc games. Is this not normal? The reason I ask is because I have been getting reoccuring lag outs from playing Final Fantasy XI.

Answer:Packets not sending or receiving

try power cycling your modem and reinstalling your lan drivers

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I have been searching many posts and still cannot solve this problem
after formatting the computer and installing windows xp, all the drivers had to be installed. The ethernet driver was installed as well and it says network is connected.

But the problem is that it is sending packets slowly but not receiving any at all.
A wireless modem is connected to the router and it is working, it's just the LAN that does not work.

I have already tried
-turning on 'obtain ip address automatically' and DNS as well.
-resetting the router
-release and renew ip address from cmd
-turning off firewall

says dhcp is enabled in ipconfig

And i am wondering if having 00-00-00-00-00-00 as the physical address is normal.
Please answer this problem!!

Answer:Packet sending but not receiving on LAN

Davedave123 said:

But the problem is that it is sending packets slowly but not receiving any at all.Click to expand...

How did you check? Did you try to copy a file from a network share?

Davedave123 said:

A wireless modem is connected to the router and it is working, it's just the LAN that does not work.Click to expand...

I'm assuming it is a wireless LAN adapter attached to the pc. And it successfully connected to the network. Is this correct?

Can you run "ipconfig /all" with only wired connection and paste the results here. And do the same with only wireless connection.
Can you ping the ip address of the router?
Also check the device manager, make sure there are no problems.

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Classic story, 2 computers- one works on the internet, the other doesn't....

I've tried everything I can think of and everything I've read online but still to no avail... my computer says it's connected w/ excellent strength and is sending packets but not receiving any. I've made sure my settings are on "obtain IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS automatically" and I've tried running Winsockfix; however, when I tried running winsockfix my computer shot back the error "This application has failed to start because MSVBVM60.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." my ip address is stuck on the "default" IP address 169.254.....etc. I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FS810/W and have a netgear router....HELP, PLEEEEASE!

Answer:Sending Packets, not Receiving....

What version of WIndows and what service pack level?

Are you having a problem with ethernet or wireless or both?

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Hi there,

im using a router which is conneced to a modem which is connected to the internet.

Because the wireless is not that strong on my coputer upstairs i have to use an ethernet cable which i connect to a 4 slot Belkin router.

however recently its been playing up, its all connected properly and it says that its "connected" to the internet however i dont recieve or send any packets.

i try and use "repair" but it then comes up saying that "your IP address cannot be renewed"

Can anyone help please?

Answer:Not receiving packets or sending any

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Suddenly today, Mozilla Thunderbird will not send emails..prompt box says connection to server timed out...please help...

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This applies to only one computer (there are two in my house). For some strange reason, the internet on my computer just suddenly decided to stop working about two days ago. I checked the wireless network connection and it received absolutely 0 packets out of the 100 or so that were sent. When I clicked on 'support' and then 'details', the DNS Server part was completely blank, and my computer was telling me that my IP address was I tried in the command manager ipconfig /flushdns, but that didn't solve anything. Also, I tried pinging google, but it came up with: 'Ping request could not find host. Please check the name and try again.'. Now, I have no idea what to do, and it is quite strange that this computer is working perfectly fine, whereas the other one is not. I'm running Windows XP, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Sending packets, but not receiving any

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Why can't MS release an app that would enable user to send files using the wifi hotspot

Answer:Sending and receiving files

Try cross-platform app "SendAnywhere".

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How do I find out who my sending and receiving servers are and since I am so ignorant, exactly what are servers anyway? Thanks

Answer:sending and receiving servers

They will be your email servers - pop for receiving and smtp for sending... your ISP will have their own mail servers which you are using.

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My ISP is Orange FR and until a recent shut down of internet activity whilst Orange were performing repairs to the system, gmail worked well in Windows Live Mail.
Now I can't get it to send or receive emails in Live Mail, please can anyone help? My OS is windows 7 and I have 4 accounts in my windows live mail set up, one being the main ISP of Orange.
This is really frustrating so appreciate any advice to help resolve the problem.

Answer:gmail not sending or receiving

Do I need to configure something in gmail or windows live mail, I don't understand why things have suddenly changed as it was all working well before

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OK, this is a very confusing problem and I am at my wits end trying to find a solution. I have tried my ISP, Internet Security, Linksys and Microsoft Outlook and no one has been able to find the problem or problems. I suspect I may have several problems.

I am using Outlook 2007 with a Linksys Router and Windows Vista all on a newer (1yr) ACER laptop. My ISP is Shaw, I have Trend Micro Internet Security and my router is a WRT160N V3 Wireless. Although I have also tried to send by connectly directly to the wired connection and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm no computer expert but I get by....until I run into something like this.

To begin....a few months ago I was unable to send or receive emails. I called in Geek Squad and they narrowed it down to my router. I went and purchased a new wireless router and the problem was solved.

Recently I have begun to discover that some of my emails from one of my accounts are not sending to some people. Some receive them fine, others not. I also discovered that I have not been receiving some emails. The ones I send appear to have sent with no bounce back messages or error reports at all but nobody receives them. These are people I send to all the time.

I can send to those people fine if I use my secondary email address but not my main one. If I log in to Webmail, I am able send from there no problem with both accounts.

I spent some time dealing with this last week as I was unable to even send an email to ... Read more

Answer:Sending/Receiving Emails


Just to rule a few things out have you tried connecting with a wired connection?

do you have access to another pc in the same house. (does email programs work on it)?

good luck

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Will I be able to send a fax with the magic jack phone line connection?

Answer:Sending & receiving fax via magicjack?"The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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Hi there, I have a W541 with Sierra EM7345.I had and now have a lot of problems with the WWAN-Card, and more like you can read here: And now i cannot reinstall the driver because it's not supported for Windows 7 x64 any more:Sierra Wireless EM7345 Software for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad Now I have supported hardware with no driver available?!

Answer:ThinkPad W541 no driver Win7x64 support for Sierra EM7345 any more?

Hi aschulte,
If you have a W541 then you need the driver for the EM7355 card; that's what should be in the system unless the parts list and psref are mistaken.

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Guys,Im thinking of getting t420s, but the critical condition for me is to be able to plug in Sierra Wireless MC7710,I know that its not on the whitelist, but lets just assume that I can patch BIOS and actually make it work, will be possible technically to plug in Sierra Wireless MC7710 into t420s?Is there a slot for it? And are there enough antenna cords for it as well?I've seen some screens and it seems that Wi-Fi card is using 3 antenna cords and there are only 2 spare whereas MC7710 requires 3 antenna cords?Cords are seen here - someone clarify please.Many thanks in advance !D

Answer:RE: Installing Sierra Wireless MC7710 into Lenovo thinkpad T420s

One of the three antenna connectors on the MC7710 is for the GPS antenna. This could mean that it could work fine with the two antennas that are available.

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I am running Windows 98 with I.E 6 (SP-1) and OE6 as my e-mail system, but this question may apply to general e-mail programs as well:

As most of you know, Outlook Express has HTML tags enabled as the default setting for incoming and outgoing mail. (This is simply text code that enables you to add special features like bolding fonts, underlining text, or putting URL's inside of e-mails where the recipiants of messages can just click on the URL link and it takes them to the site or opens up their default e-mail program to send messages in an e-mail link.)

On my old Netscape Communicator 4.75 if I sent someone an e-mail message who didn't have HTML enabled on their computer you would get text that says:

"Some of the recipients can't recieve HTML you want to:

a. Send this message in HTML
b. Convert this message to plain text
c. Don't send this message

I had acontact in my old Netscape address book who could not recieve HTML mail (I don't know why.) so I just clicked option #2 when sending her a problems.

Now, OE 6 does not give you the prompt about a recipent not being able to recieve HTML and I sent this person a message in OE 6. Does this mean that she is not going to be able to read my message when she opens her inbox? (There were no special HTML formats in the message other than OE 6's defaults for text, you know)

OE 6 users have an option where you can go to your address book (not sure of exact steps)... Read more

Answer:Sending/Receiving HTML in E-mail?

On the email for her, before you send it, click format. Then you can choose to make that particular email text .

Or you could simply experiment by sending her a short typical HTML email and have her write back how it came in. You could even take a screen shot of what it is supposed to look like. That way she will be aware of the differences.

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Hey people,

Noticed my connection has slowed down over the last few days.
Did a Avast virus scan yesterday, Spybot and Adware the day before and came up with nothing.
I've noticed little black squares blotching out logos and sometimes trailing off the mouse pointer. (not very often, about 3 times in the last week)
Also notice my HD whurrs into action if i leave the PC alone for a few mins. It stops if i open a folder (i have to do this cos it annoys me!)

Just checed my connection data by right clicking the network tray icon and it says:

84,210 packets sent and 80,075 packets received. I dont think that is right.
Zone alarm isnt flashing for sending data.


HJT log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 22:53:56, on 02/03/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlcli... Read more

Answer:Solved: Sending as much data as Receiving: HJT help

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I have lost the program that allows me to send attachments (i.e. jpeg) When I send something out it changes form to a .dat file and duplicates itself to the person I am sending it to. (many times) Also when I click on an incoming attachment I get the following message: The system cannot find the file specified.

I do not know where to find a program or which one I should use for opening the files. I am using ME Outlook. I had a digital camera program installed and it wanted to take over all of the opening of all my attached seemed to mess up my system so I uninstalled that digital camera program and must have deleted the other program.

Can I get out of this mess? Thanks for any help.

Answer:{RESOLVED}Sending/receiving files

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Does anyone know of a free service that would allow me to send and receive faxes over the internet for free?I've searched on Google and most seem to allow you to received faxes to your email account. And, some sites allow you to send only. But, I can't seem to find a site (preferably UK based?) that will allow me to send & receive faxes.I only need to send 1 or 2 a year - when booking my holiday hotel accomadation direct! As a lot of the independant foreign hotels I prefer seem to have very few email addresses - hence the need for faxing...Or... should I be looking at special software that will perform the same function (free software if poss. after all I need to save-up for my holiday spending money!).Thanks... Jeecie

Answer:Faxes on the web v software - sending & receiving

I don't know anyone that offers a fully free both ways service (why would anyone?).Most modems come with a CD which has a faxing program. This if fine for sending. You will have to pay the phone call, as with a fax machine.For receiving, a free service which converts your incoming faxes to email is really good news, as don't have to leave your system on in fax reception mode for a start. Try click here - they seem to have restartd their free service, with fax numbers in the UK available. Also some ISPs may offer such a service (Tiscali do in Spain).

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I have verizon DSL, and a westell wirespeed modem

the thing is, that my computer sends out packets, but receives them VERY slowly. Sites time out before they connect

the thing is, that if I connect from my router, my internet works, but it won't work through the modem. (it is much faster if I go through the modem.)

anybody know what I should do?

Answer:my internet is sending but not receiving packets

here is a picture

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I have a friend who uses a Mac; he uses Mac Mail and has 3 accounts configured within the app. He is able to send and receive email from the app everywhere except when he is at his church where he volunteers a few nights a week. None of the 3 accounts can successfully send/receive email when he is at the church. While at the church, his Internet works fine, and he is able to use webmail for all 3 accounts.

The church's network is simple - 1 modem, 1 wireless router, 1 wireless access point. No server. He has tried connecting to both the router and access point - same problem. No one else at the church has email or other connectivity issues.

I am going to meet him at the church tomorrow night to see if we can figure out the problem, so any ideas as to what may be the issue would be appreciated.


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Im with Orange using a freeserve e mail addy, and have been lucky as I dont seem to have problems with my account. But since Saturday I have been unable to send or rec any e mails, but have internet connection as I can view websites.

Saturday morning I did receive loads of Spam e mails which all had a read receipt on them, I said No to them all and block most of them, now Im wondering if these had a virus in them or have done something to my e mails. I have done a AVG scan and nothing was picked up.

Im using OE6

Any advice most welcome


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My ISP is Pipex; my friend?s is BT; both are broadband connections; she uses XP and OE; I use Vista and Windows Mail. Until a month or two ago my friend had only a dial-up account with fsmail.I have both her addresses but I normally write to her BT address ? and none of my emails arrive.If I write to her previous (fsmail) address she receives my emails ? in OE which is now, supposedly, a BT broadband connection .BUT other people are able to write to her at her BT address without problems. Also, she can write to me only from her BT address, not from fsnet.So the current situation is that we can exchange emails provided I write to her at her fsnet address AND she remembers to reply from her BT address.Can anyone please explain this (and suggest a solution?) Also, I don?t understand how she can receive emails addressed to her dial-up fsmail address on OE given that OE is now used by her BT broadband; I can?t receive my previous dial-up Tiscali mail on my Pipex broadband ? I have to use Webmail if I still want to access that previous tiscali account.

Answer:a problem sending & receiving emails

what happens if you send a reply to one of your friends mails?johnny

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