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Need Driver Broadcom Gigabit Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet k57nd60x

Question: Need Driver Broadcom Gigabit Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet k57nd60x

Cant find this driver and I am servicing about 90 computers. I sometimes have to reinstall windows because of software issues and need this driver.

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Preferred Solution: Need Driver Broadcom Gigabit Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet k57nd60x

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello,I was on vacation and my laptop Acer started having this problem. Please help! The Broadband Netlink Gigabit Ethernet Device has stopped working Properly . How do I fix this ?????Thank you for your time, Tammy 

Answer:the Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet Device has s...

hello there Kritzy This is an error generally found in a BSOD. The best way around this would be to try a power reset (take battery out and unplug it and hold power down for 30 seconds.) If the issue remains after this Try a simple reload of the OS. (on boot Hold ALT, Then press F10) then click on the first option. Hope this helps.

?No one messes around with a nerd?s computer and escapes unscathed.?? E.A. Bucchianeri

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Hi,I've already seen a topic on this board with the same question and I know that there was no answer, so I've decided to start a new topic. I have a Lenovo Y570 and there were no problems with it until yesterday. It started with my Ethernet controller being unresponsible, then it disappeared from Device Manager. After reboot it came back, but with error code 12 (not enough resources). And after another restart really strange thing happened. My Broadcom Ethernet card became four different devices (one of them was an Ethernet card, one was Broadcom SD controller and two others were Broadcom Cardreaders - that to say, Y570 has a Jmicron SD cardreader) After deleting a PCI hub, under which these were located and refreshing configuration I've managed to make my Ethernet controller work, but it would sometimes hang my computer. So, there are four types of rebooting now:1) Everything works - rare2) No Ethernet controller or it is showing a code 12 - common3) Four devices instead of one - sometimes4) Hang on boot - sometimesI've done as was written in the answer to old topic, but it helps only for some time, and when I use my Ethernet controller instead of WI-FI, it hangs every so often. So, the question is: is this a hardware or software problem? I'll try to use OKR to get to factory defaults, and if it still not working, then this is a hardware problem.

Answer:Y570 and Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet

You could try reinstalling the ethernet drivers first and then see if it gets solved.

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I need to replace my XPS8300 Broadcom Netlink TM Gigabit Ethernet card and I was told by DELL that it's not available.  Can someone tell me a good network card to replace the existing one?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:XPS8300 Broadcom Netlink TM Gigabit Ethernet replacement

The Ethernet "card" in the XPS 8300 is actually built into the motherboard.
Why do you think the onboard NIC has to be replaced? Sure it's a hardware issue and not software?
Easiest way to do this would be a USB>Ethernet dongle.  Plugs into any USB port on the PC. I use one with my notebook which doesn't have onboard Ethernet. Not very expensive and works fine. A USB3>Ethernet dongle will give better performance than a USB2>Ethernet dongle, assuming you have an USB3 port available  on your PC.
Other alternative would be to use WiFi. If your XPS 8300 didn't come with an add-in WiFi card, you could get a USB>WiFi dongle.  Get one that supports the 802.11 "ac" WiFi standard, which is currently the fastest, assuming your router supports "ac". Otherwise get an 802.11 "n" WiFi dongle.  

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I have been following the issue regarding Ethernet cable and wifi connection problems with many manufacturer's PCs FOLLOWING the UPGRADE to WINDOWS 8.1.  One doesn't have to survey Microsoft's support site and other third-party tech forums to see this is a large and growing issue.  MANY users have PCs and laptops from ACER and numerous other companies that utilize the Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet chipset and these users are posting the same symptoms and issues surrounding the loss of speed or (mostly) dropped connections that were never experienced prior to the upgrade. In checking with other users and their Laptop models, I have read and heard that any update to the Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet driver does not exist.  Numerous other driver updates are posted here in the ACER support site but nothing regarding the Ethernet driver.  To me, it is not an issue with ACER nor with any of the other OEMs utilizing the Broadcom chipset.  However, there are no updates posted by Broadcom and Microsoft appears to be referring users to the OEM's support sites to get any new or updated drivers.  I think we are in a old-fashion "black-eye syndrome" where neither company is taking possession of the problem. Sending ACER fans and users to the Driver update page WITHOUT any new information/fixes for this ethernet issue is not consistent with ACER's reputation and quality.&nb... Read more

Answer:Re: Aspire 5740 Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet ...

The Aspire 5740 shipped with Windows 7 operating system.
We do not support Windows 8 on the Aspire 5740, nor Windows 8.1.
Drivers have not been posted for this system for Windows 8.  I do not forsee that changing for Windows 8.1.

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I have a Dell Studio running windows 7 sp1. yesterday i was on the internet as normal. Today i was able to connect via my schools wifi, but not my ethernet cable. Device manager shows that my ethernet port should be available. any help?

Answer:Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Not working

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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For some bizzare reason my onboard network adapter just stopped working midway through using my M51!It's showing in device manager with the yellow triangle and when I look at the properties it's giving a message "windows failed to load this driver - error code 31" I've tried updating drivers, tried looking on Microsoft TechNet, but can't fix it! WHAT CAN I DO!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. 


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Answer:HELP! Broadcom Gigabit onboard ethernet adapter - M51

Tried uninstalling the adapter, and reinstalling?  Best done from Windows safe mode.  If Windows asks if you would like to delete all the associated files, when you are uninstalling, click yes.  Reboot, and Windows will hopefully detect new hardware.  If you have updated drivers lying around, try using those first. If that does not work, check the Bios to see if the ethernet adapter is enabled.

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I've lost my cable Internet connection. When I boot up the software (BigPond cable logon) starts but nothing ever happens. There's no error message.
I've tried plugging the cable modem into my laptop and it's fine. I'm using it right now.
Broadcom Advanced Control Suite tells me everything is working - except of course receive and transmit. I've updated the driver and installed it. No difference.
I've done a non-destructive reinstall of Windows. No difference. Where else should I be looking?
The PC is a Compaq DC5000, Pentium 4, 2Gb of RAM, WinXP Pro SP2.
Any help appreciated. I really don't want to do a reformat and install - it takes too long.
Cheers, Terry

Answer:Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet stopped working

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Hello. I made a clean Vista installation from my recovery partion and installed new drivers for all controllers. But the NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NIC  is pain in the ass.I have to disable/enable it every time after R60 went out from sleep state to get LAN work. NetXtreme's  driver version is which seems up-to-date. Any Idea? P.S. Power managemet  WOL option - Wake up from a Magic Packet - is enabled. May be this is the case?  

---------------------------------------R61 upgraded to Windows 7


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Answer:R60's Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NIC doesn't work after standby/wake up in Vista

When I unchecked the 'Wake up from a Magic Packet' option and checked 'Allow to turn off the device for saving power' NIC works with no problem after standby/wake up transitions.  Does anybody use WOL? Before facory reset of Vista WOL function was OK.

---------------------------------------R61 upgraded to Windows 7

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I have a Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller but does not work in Windows 10
i use the latest driver version from Broadcom
i got error:
Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller: Driver initialization failed.
id : 20

hardware id is PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_1600&SUBSYS_01CE1028

does someone have a working driver ?

Answer:Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller: Driver initialization fail

does someone have a working driver ?

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Hi, Has anyone else encountered a problem where the NIC is no longer communicating? In Windows XP I'm being told my network cable is unplugged - I've checked and double checked everything. I have used different cables (which have all worked from my other laptop) - have uninstalled/reinstalled the broadcom driver, restored to a restore point of 2 weeks ago, and even taken the drastic step of rebuilding the notebook, but still no joy! On checking the device and driver, it states that all is working correctly. I'm not getting a connection either when using the web client available in the lenovo startup options which I assume negates any Windows XP cause of the problem. I'm starting to consider that the NIC has a hardware fault which the netbook is not picking up.  Wi-fi on the other hand is working fine. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Jimmy

Answer:S10e Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet NIC

Try installing the latest driver release from Broadcom. Click.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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Hi everyone,

First off, I'd like to thank everyone in advance for their time and help with this issue.

I recently upgraded to windows 10 on my desktop. I've run into a problem with my "Broadcom NetLink TM Gigabit Ethernet" card, basically the issue is that the internet connection will suddenly stop and show as limited access. I get the error message "Default Gateway not available." I can usually fix it by restarting the computer or auto troubleshooting, but then the connection could break again after as little as 5 minutes. I've been unable to fix this problem after hours of searching through the interwebs. Through my googling this seems like an old issue dating back to windows 7/8/8.1 (maybe longer?) and usually is resolved by updating or manually reinstalling a new driver. I can't find any help for windows 10, and the solutions presented online aren't working for me.

I've tried these fixes:
Disabling the firewall. (Failed)Updating the card automatically through device manager. (Failed)Uninstalling the driver completely to let windows recognize the card by itself on restart. (Failed)Looking for general windows updates. (Failed to solve problem.)Manually installing new drivers from the Broadcom website. (I noticed there were no newer windows 10 drivers available on the site. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place? Either way, it made me wonder if perhaps the reason this issue is happening is that there are no windows 10 drivers available for my Et... Read more

Answer:Broadcom NetLink Ethernet card working intermittently.

I have a similar problem with my Dell Desktop (Late 2009), though my broadband (wired) connection drops and reverts to my wireless card. I have to restart in order to reset the broadband wired connection. This feature is making me crazy!!! One source I have read indication I might have an unstable Internet signal, however that makes no sense as the system reverts to the wireless connection.

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hello all,

i have a dell precision 490 with a broadcom netxtreme 57XX gigabit controller (per device manager)
i have a comcast gigabit router (tg852g) using all cat 6 cabling

my issue is i can not get the broadcom to reach 1gbps.
it used to be running at it but now its 100 full

i have done everything that i know of being changing cables, to device manager advanced (speed) for the nic, to updating/rollback drivers.

thoughts? suggestions?

Answer:broadcom gigabit issue?


You never will as most networks are not 1GB they tend to be 100mb at best. I have GB networking hardware and my network and internet are 100mb network and my internet is limited to my providers speed for my area at 3mb/s

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I have clean installed Windows 8 Pro on my HP DX7400 desktop which has a Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet NIC (part # BCM5786).

All went well until I tried to connect. Win8 has no driver for this NIC, and Broadcom say it is EOLed and not supported on Win 8.

I used a wireless connection to connect to the www and tried Windows Update and "Update Driver" in Device Manager. Update Driver searched and seemed to find a driver but it failed to instal due to something wrong with the INF file.

Anyone know of a driver which works with Win 8?


Answer:Broadcom Netlink NIC driver required

Same same

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Hi. I got my U350 today and I am very pleased with it so far. Looks great and behaves well. But it came preloaded with Vista - which I threw away and installed Windows 7 Ultimate instead. Everything works great - except for the Ethernet (Broadcom Gigabit). I have tried every driver out there, but that yellow mark in Device Manager will not go away. I also tried Lenovos "driver agent" - but it only gave me this message: After detection, we found that the following device drivers have a problem, but there is no repair version available at this time, you can leave your feedback during the survey.Any ideas?             


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Answer:U350 - Broadcom Gigabit not working

I haven't tried the win 7 upgrade yet -- maybe this weekend.  Did you go x64?  Is your wireless working?  As for the NIC, you might try a vista driver for now.  Maybe from: -- Bud

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Hello, After restarting my laptop - Y550, I have to re-install the driver for Broadcom NetLink Enthernet to access internet. By cliking to install driver, it will remove the driver first, then I run the instalation file again to re-install this driver. After reinstallation, I can access internet! Can someone help me to solve problem?I don't want to reinstall this driver everytime I restart or turn my laptop on after turning it off. Any reply would be very welcome!

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I have a ThinkPad R60e 0657-4TG (specs and drivers here) and i have setup a profile on ThinkVantage Access Connection (TVAC) to connect via a network cable.  However when i plug in the cable into this laptop, the Network interface card's (NIC) lights are showing no activity, ipconfig show that all media is disconnected and TVAC is showing connection failed.I have uninstalled the NIC and then re-installed it. In device manager the NIC is showing to be working properly but still when i plug in a cable it shows no activity.I have yet to update to the latest drivers, but will do ASAP.Is there anything else that i can do to try and fix this problem or is the NIC faulty and i won't be able to fix it?FYI The cable and connection have been tested with another laptop and work perfectly fine.Thanks for your replies

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My internet has been running a little slow, and I have been getting intense lag on Xbox Live. People are telling me I have a bad connection. I have Charter Digital Cable connection though and it has never been really slow before but the past month or so, it has been. I ran a diagnostic test through control panel>network settings and it said something was wrong with my Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller:

"DNSServerSearchOrder (FAILED) (FAILED)
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss) (FAILED)
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)"

Does this have anything to do with my slow connection and is there a way to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller FAILED

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Having problems with a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. OS is Win 7 Home Premium.

This laptop suddenly stopped connecting to anything 7 days ago. Since then I've confirmed that the wireless adapter is working (can see access points).

If I plug in a working ethernet cable there's no light at all. Device Manager that's set to show 'hidden devices' shows the Broadcom 57xx Gigabit Controller as 'not connected, Error Code 45.'

Also, when a known working ethernet cable is plugged in no light comes on at the jack.

When the internal wifi adapter, or a USB external wifi adapter, is on I can see various nearby access points and it will make an initial connection to that router BUT will not complete the negotiation and give internet access. I'm guessing it does not get an IP address?

I have updated drivers for the device but the problem remains.

How can I fix this? Is the device accessible without totally disassembling the entire laptop? I have a Dell service manual for the model but I can't find a diagram or instructions for this particular component. Point me to some diagrams that show where it is and how to access it?

Or, is it possible to just leave it alone and get a USB ??? that takes it's place and allows Wi-Fi to fully connect to the internet? If so please advise what type of device I should search for.

Appreciate any help.

Answer:Dell Laptop - Broadcom Gigabit Controller Not Connected - How Fix?

Detach the ethernet cable from laptop. Try to access internet wirelessly. works?

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System: A51 Thinkcentre  8138D4UNIC: Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 11) Symptom:  1-5 hours after bootup NIC stops working; OS reports "Cable unplugged" and LEDs are yellow. Restarting network services doesn't revive NIC; only a re-boot.Testing: tested with both ethtool(1) and the Broadcom B57DIAG tool; both report NIC failing the "NVRAM test". Data from ethtool(1) is below: # sudo ethtool -i eth0
driver: tg3
version: 3.121
firmware-version: 5751-v3.40a
bus-info: 0000:02:00.0
supports-statistics: yes
supports-test: yes
supports-eeprom-access: yes
supports-register-dump: yes

# sudo ethtool -t eth0 online
The test result is FAIL
The test extra info:
nvram test (online) 1
link test (online) 0
register test (offline) 0
memory test (offline) 0
mac loopback test (offline) 0
phy loopback test (offline) 0
ext loopback test (offline) 0
interrupt test (offline) 0  I was unsure of whether the NVRAM resided in the system BIOS so I inquired on the Broadcom support form[1] and was told that, no, there should be a separate NVRAM chip on the system board.  The B57DIAG manual suggests a corrupt NVRAM could be recovered via re-flashing: the Broadcom forum reply states this would be something I'd need to obtain from Lenovo support channels... So, _is_ this NIC recoverable and, if so, how do I go about it?  In the interim I've disabled the onboard NIC in te BIOS and installed a PIC-based NIC which works fine but I'd like... Read more

Answer:Onboard Gigabit Broadcom NIC showing NVRAM Test fail

You need to flash your BIOs. Download the file HERE for the CD-Rom .iso. Burn this to a CD, and then reboot your computer with the optical drive as first boot device. You do not want to flash from within Windows, that oftentimes causes problems.

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My ethernet conection is not working ;-( When I troubleshoot I get this: the Broadcom NeXtreme 57xx Gigabit controller adapter is experiencing driver-or hardware-related problems.

Is this something I can fix???

Windows 10 Pro Dell optiplex 745 desktop computer.

please Help

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No matter how many times I try, I can not get the power management settings for this network adapter to save. I dont want the "only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby" to be checked off because I want to remotely access my office computer from home using my latop and logmein. If I uncheck the setting and place the work computer into standby, everything is fine until the computer is restarted, at which time the check box for all three options are checked off.

I am running windows Xp Pro with service pack 2

Answer:Cant Save Power Management Settings for: Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller

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I recently upgrade my Y550 from Vista to Windows 7. But there is a problem about the LAN driver for the LAN card which is Broadcom Netlink Gigabyte Controller. I just cannot install the driver properly. I had visited the Lenovo Support Website to download the newest driver. But it does not work. The InstallShield had terminated at the end of every installation. I had tried all methods and even visited the Broadcom website to seek help. Still the problem cannot be solved. I can only use WiFi to connect to the network but not LAN card. I find that the problem is not about the LAN driver because if I give up the upgrade and do a clean Windows 7 installation, the LAN driver work. It only cannot work in the upgraded environment. That is very weired for me. I had called the local Lenovo Technical Support Team, the technician cannot solve the problem either. I suspect the Lenevo Technical Department had ever tried to upgrade the IdeaPad Y550 model to Windows 7 to see if all the new drivers are working properly. I had raised this problem in many local computer forums to see if anyone have any idea about this driver problem. Meanwhile, I can only do a clean Windows 7 installation in order to avoid this problem. However, I have to give up all the bundled software in the IdeaPad. It is ridiculous to see that the LAN driver cannot be installed in the upgrade environment. If any reader has similar problem, please share or you may have a solution 

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I down loaded this driver update to a which is a zip file. How do I know I have the update installed. Maybe I am having a problem unzipping the file? Not sure did the update happen automatically?


Answer:broadcom:netlink bcm4401 4.60

Hi Jeb

When you downloaded the zip file did you save it to your desktop or in my docs? and then right click and extract all? then double click any installer/setup file?

Please describe the steps you followed and what if any messages where on screen, also you can look in Device Manager and look for any yellow ! marks and tell us what if any you have?

If you when downloading choose to RUN over SAVE then download again and follow the steps I posted above.

Also link us to the file in question as I/or one of us can test.

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Will there be drivers created for this board

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It seems that we are dealing with larger and larger amount of data, huge files of high-def movie that even 1 Gigabit network seems slow. For my new house, I really really wanted 10 Gigabit but the cheapest switch I can find is $7000 from SMC lol..

Man I really wish networking can progress as fast as CPUs and make 10 Gigabit more affordable and common. Imagine getting a 10 gigabit switch for $200 and all mobos come with integrated 10 Gigabit port.

It seems that we moved much faster from 10 mbit - > 100 mbit -> 1000 mbit on the home level but now it seems to have stalled...

anyone wants to add in something?

Answer:When will 10 Gigabit over ethernet Cat 6E be affordable like 1 Gigabit...

And what benefit will that bring? Nothing on the home end will even come close to saturating 10 gig ethernet.

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Have just purchased a laptop recently(Acer 5633 vista home premium intel T5500). Created a second partition and installed win xp pro.Thats fine. The ethernet uses a Broadcom 440 intergrated controller. I have not been able to find the driver for this card anywhere in the net. I have downloaded the intel driver for the chipset which i believed is a Mobile Intel 645 express family, and this doesnt help. Even for the sound i have to download the driver from Realtek website. I thought the intel driver would have taken care of the business?Has anybody here any idea where i can download the NIC driver?any advice will be much welcomed.

Answer:Broadcom 440 10/100 ethernet nic driver for win XP

click here= any good?johnny.

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I need some help about ethernet driver for Lenovo A52 series. I just format the desktop used the driver that i download from Lenovo support but unfortunately at the device management it cannot detect the driver when i run the driver .exePlease give some advise. Thanks

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Have a 3000 N200 Type 769   Model BNG Had to install Win XP prof. SP 2  Everthing went well, Conectivity to LAN / router / Internert ist given. There only still is a error marker (?) on "Ethernet Controller" at the System\Hardware\hardware-devices Have removed and installed the Broadcom Driver 68ln05ww.exe from 15th of May 2007, several times, but no Chance Is there anybody who can help me ? 

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Hello everyone,

I sure hope someone can figure this issue out. I reinstalled windows 7 pro 32x and everything else installed fine (driver) (software), but my ethernet controller wont install, i have posted a screenshot of my cpu info, i have figured out its a broadcom ethernet card but have downloaded the driver numerous times and tried to install with the error of (This Installation package is not supported by this proccessor type). yes i have verified that i was installing the 32bit not the 64, and also i have verified that it is for windows 7 too with no luck. My wireless works flawlessly but i cant connect thru ethernet port. Any help would be appreciated and if you would like more information please ask.

Tony J

Answer:Broadcom ethernet driver issue

Hiya pal and welcome to the forums .... any chance you could fill in your system spec in full ... just makes it easier to help you out

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Hello, updating from Win7 to Win 10 the Microsoft Driver is used for my Intel 82577LM Ethernet Adapter.As WakeOnLan doesn't work, I would like to get the Intel driver to work. I tried the following Intel driver got an error message: Driver could not be installed. No Intel Adapter found. Has anyone a solution to this issue. ThanksNick  

Answer:Driver for Intel 82577LM Gigabit Ethernet for Win 10

Hi, Nick: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W7 driver from your notebook's support and driver page. On some of the PC's I have installed W10 on, I needed to use the latest available drivers from the support page to get all the features of the hardware to work. For example:  I have a HP dc7800 CMT with the soundmax HD audio. W10 installed a working driver, but it did not work as well as the W7 soundmax audio driver from the dc7800 support page.

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Friends on my Compaq DC7600 with a typical Broadcom ethernet controller, running Windows 8 Enterprise RTM 32-bit, the network performance is unreliable. With my windows 7 hdd in and running its flawless. If I still a USB wireless device in and run it to the same access point as is hosting the cabled connection, it is fast/furious. Sometimes the network link via CAT5 will start off with a blaze but then quickly drop to a crawl inside of 1sec.
Anyone seen this?

On ordinary internet traffic, flipping through web pages, it seems "normal" but the halt/herky/jerky disease triggers on any long-download item [such as a speedtest or a file download]

clues? Should I replace the default windows 8-installed driver with something else?

Answer:Unstable Broadcom/CAT5/Ethernet network speed. Is the driver buggy?

Have you tried shutting everything down - power off - leave for a few minutes and then power up.

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum for posting this ...??.

Can Anybody tell Me where I can download the following Driver from ( Free )

Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)

I have looked everywhere without success...!!!!

Many Thanks,

Jumbo 1

Answer:Solved: Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) Driver

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I recently reformated my windows vista home premium 64bit because it was showing corrupt internal drivers, everything was working fine until trying to set everything up after the format. I tried to establish a connection to update windows and mydrivers, but in the device manager it shows my network adapter with a "!" unable to fix it when reinstalled,

We currently have Verizon fios, it was working fine before the reformat and it continues to work fine for everyone who has wireless.

help?! D:

Answer:there are driver orhardware problems with the network adapter "realtek family PCI-E Gigabit ethernet NIC"


I had this problem as well, and found that a Windows update seemed to cause the problem. Fortunately I was able to download the LATEST ethernet driver from Realtek, and this resolved the problem.

You may also try to go to Micro$ost update and do a "custom" Search for updates, if I'm not mistaken there is a Realtek NDIS update there, this may help.

I am assuming that you have a wireless connection. If not, I suggest that you ask a friend to search for your particular driver at realtek, and have him download it for you.

Do you have the Driver CD or DVD for your motherboard? - The ethernet driver will be found on that CD.

You can also try to "update" the driver from the device manager:

Open device manager

RIGHT click on the driver with the "i"

select properties

click on the driver tab

click on the update this driver button (you must have your driver disc loaded into your ROM)

In the next pane, select "browse my computer for driver software"

HOPEFULLY the OS will scan the disc and load the necessary NDIS files from there

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I have been struggling with my both dell machines. Both have Broadcom cards. These cards have similar problems with my router for the past few days. what wireless cards do you have?

Answer:broadcom 1390, broadcom 1370 dell wireless

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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So I have the DGL-4500 router. It's the Xtreme N router with gigabit lan ports. I have it set for wireless a thru n so that my bro's cheapo B router can connect to it wirelessly.

I am hardlining 2 other laptops, both with gigabit ports and wireless N cards to the router. Wireless is off so I'm getting a perfect 1Gbps connection to/from the router.

When I transfer files between laptops, or a NAS, I get 3-4 megabytes per second which is extremely slow.. it should be upwards of 70-90 megabytes I'm assuming..

I've looked at all the settings and cant think of a reason why it's doing it.

1 laptop is a Latitude D630, 4gig ram, Win7 64bit. 120gig 5400rpm drive.

the other is a Latitude E6400, 3 gigs ram, Win Vista Enterprise 32bit. 160gig 7200rpm drive.

Nas is a 120gig 7200rpm EIDE drive.

Any ideas?

Answer:DGL-4500 Xtreme N router, gigabit connections but not gigabit speeds

Try a network benchmark to factor out the drive subsystem, file transfer protocol, etc.

E.g. iperf version 1.7:

server: iperf -s
client: iperf -c server -l 64k -t 15 -i 3 -r

where server is the name or IP of the remote computer running iperf -s.

I'd expect around 20-30 MB/s for file transfers across random Windows machines. Consumer "fakegigabit" NAS boxes are often much slower.

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I'm wondering if switching from a Netgear GS108 to a dell PowerConnect 2708 would increase some of my network speeds. It seems the GS108 misnegotiates speeds between it and router.

What do you guys think?

Answer:Netgear Dummy Gigabit VS Dell webmanged Gigabit...

for what purpose? home or business?

honestly, i wouldn't worry about it. i have two gs108's and a 24-port gbE netgear (don't rememer model) that feed into a gs116 that i can image 27 systems at once with GhostCast, and i have fewer problems with the netgear than the Intel 480T that sits near the image server.

on basic testing, i get an average of 45MB/sec transfers over a gs116 machine-to-machine... can't complain much there.

to give the 480T credit, it has some issue with either software or hardware failure.

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I will be building a multimedia server with a 1TB Raid 5 array. It will be streaming content to two to three computers at the most at any given time. I am in the middle of gathering hardware, and now i must decide if I should go buy a mobo with onboard gigabit lan, or is it ok to use an older mobo and just install a PCI gigabit card. I realize that the speed will probably be slower because of the PCI bottleneck, but by how much? Anyone have any experiences or numbers to share? Much thanks for any help.

Answer:Is onboard gigabit lan alot faster than a gigabit PCI card?

What's the motherboard?

Typically, onboard will be faster...

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Running win xp on both pcs.

I need a solution to get this lan going!

I have a smc router attached to a switch from SMC GS8 with 1gbps (8 ports).

I have 2 pcs connected to the switch and this switch is comnnected to router

I have cat5e cables.

I need an ftp or something good to get the gigabit lan working with gbps transfers. I have 2 pci cards from Surecom in (one in) each computer with gbps support.

So, i know i cannot get the gbps from the windows interface... so i need another solution.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?
Thanks a lot!!!!!

Answer:Gigabit lan with switch gigabit and router - how to transfer files

you need a working router/gateway, and the computers have to have valid IP configs (can they ping each other). then you can do the 'ol \\pcname command in your exploreer windows to brose the other pc.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?Click to expand...

FTP is an acronym for file transfer protocol and is used for internet transfers. you needn't worry about this.

unless you need the extra ports on the switch, you'd be able to plug the two computers right into the router.

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Okay, here we go...

I bought a Netgear GS-105 Gigabit 5 port switch. I have 2 PC's that I want to use the gigabit on (one is XP Pro, the other 2000 Server). I also have a Linksys BEFW11S4 4 port 10/100 router. The 2 PC's are connected via Cat5e cable to the gigabit switch (each cable is about 25 ft). I am using port 5 on the gigabit switch (which I am assuming is the uplink port) connecting to port 4 on the Linksys router (port 4 is the uplink port on Linksys) which is also connected by Cat5e (length on that is about a foot).

The 2 PC's are using Netgear GA311 10/100/1000 NICs with the latest drivers, firmware, etc. I cannot get a file transfer to go at 1Gbps. I tried forcing 1000Mbps on both cards, this did not change anything. I have also tried to set them to auto negotiate. There are no 10/100 devices connected to the router at this time unless you count my cable modem (usually I would have my Xbox connected to this but I unplugged it for troubleshooting).

The interesting thing is that on the uplink port on the switch there is a light for 100Mbps and one for 1000Mbps. The light is now on 100Mbps. I am guessing this is where the problem lies. But I am using Cat5e which I thought was Gigabit rated? Anyway that is my problem.

Netgear tech support suggested that I upgrade to Cat6 cabling, but I don't see how that would solve anything? Cat5e is gigabit rated is it not? Even using Cat5e would think I would see speeds better than 100Mbps; like 200-300Mbps... Read more

Answer:Full switch to Gigabit, but not getting Gigabit Speeds?

Do you mean 60 Mega BYTES (MB) or 60 Mega BITS (Mb) ?

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Cannot get gigabit performance out of Nics in Win 7.. Locked 100 mbps. My motherboard is an Evga 590 Sli Am2 motherboard, with dual gigabit nics. Having established that there is really no benefit to using both nics at the same time in another post, I am now posting because it seems I am only getting 100mbps out of my nics, even though all the cables in the network are cat 5e, and both the router, and switch in the network are gigabit capable.

I started researching this problem some time back on the net, and came across threads where other folks were able to resolve, by installing their specific network driver from mobo maker, as opposed to the network driver bundled with chipset from nvidia. I did some footwork then with drivers, and was able to get my machine running at full gigabit speeds. It ran this way for the past few weeks, then when transfering a 1gb file from one machine on the network to another the other day, noticed that the speed was locked at 100mbps. I went under task manager, network, and noticed that the speed was back to 100mbps.

I am posting here to see if anyone has any advice. The only option on my nic controller config and the one I used to get it working before, is auto negotiate. Gigabit is not listed.

Any help greatly appreciated..

Answer:Gigabit nic stuck at 100mbps in Gigabit network.

I am guessing you checked this already, but can't hurt to post the info in case not.

Right click your network adapter in the device manager. Choose properties. Then advanced. For the link speed/duplex mode, choose 1000 mbps/full duplex or whatever setting is the closest to that. I don't have gigabit network so I can't say exactly. Also, if an update for the firmware of your router is available, that is always good to install.

If both nics are onboard, try disabling one of them (if not in use) in the bios or device manager.

Here's my settings though, where I'm saying to look. I know you said auto-negotiate is the only option. You're sure about that after checking again, right? Weird problem, heh. Perhaps another machine on the network is set to 100 mbps, thus defaulting your router to work at this speed also?

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So I built a WHS with a 10/100 ECS mobo that's connected to a WRT54G dd-wrt router, also 10/100 and am dying over the 10Mb/sec transfer rate. I'll be replacing the mobo with one with gigabit lan but I don't want to replace my router (not really into spending $100 for a 655 for a a tiny room), nor do I want to lose the wireless.

So the questions:
1) Can I stick a gigabit switch in the WRT54G?
2) If (1) is satisfied, can I get gigabit lan speeds if I plug the WHS and comp (just need the speed between them, other devices' speed matter not) to the switch/box?

Answer:Connecting a gigabit switch to non-gigabit router

Yes and yes.

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Dear Tech Support Guys,

I have a Gigabit Capable Router. The Router being the NETGEAR WNR3500L Model. Which you can view from here...

I also have a Gigabit Capable NIC Card. The NIC Card being the TRENDnet TEG-PCITXR Model. Which you can view from here...

I also have the connection between both the NIC Card and the Router using FastEthernet Cabling (Hence: Category 5e). I am aware that Category 5e can support Gigabit connections. When both me and another one purchased the Gigabit Capable Router and NIC Card we connected to the NETWORK at 1.0 Gbps. A few months down the road, and now we both can only connect at 10.0 Mbps. We have both tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating the drivers/software/NIC Card. We have also tried changing the cables in which connect from the NIC Card to the Router. I am aware that I will not connect to the internet at 1.0 Gbps, but I want to connect to the network at 1.0 Gbps. But what also is baffling is the fact that if we use the integrated NIC Card via the MotherBoard in which came with the computer as a whole we can connect to the network at 100.0 Mbps.

We are now aware the problem may not be the Gigabit Capable NIC Card but quite possibly the "Gigabit" Capable Router. We have QoS (Quality-Over-Service) Enabled on the Router, which should not affect the Connection Speed v... Read more

Answer:Not Connecting At Gigabit Speed With Gigabit Router

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I have a gigabit switch and gigabit NICF on 2 PCS and cat6 cable between them and cant get gigabit transfers!


Hard drive limitations?? I ahve SATA I II IDE drives and cant get it!

Is it limited by those hdds??? Is it a question of software??? I use XP on both!

Will ui get more on Linux???

Why cant we get those transfers near gigabit?

Answer:Gigabit transfers rates! Why not gigabit values?

8 bits = 1 byte.

Therefore you transfer rate will theoretically be about 125 mega byte per second.

That will be lower because of harddrive limitations and overhead.

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The Q150 that I purchased from an authorized reseller stated it has a gigabit ethernet interface.  The product sheet that came in the box and my serial number (when one verifies the item on the  Lenovo warranty website) also shows my machine type and product number having a Gigabit ethernet connection (1000mbps).  1000 mbps Data is alot more than 100Mbs data.  Yet it only connects at a speed of 100 (even with the driver and chip update from the Lenovo Support site, dated June 3 2010) in Windows 7.   According to Win7  this is an Intel 82550 device.   Intel designates the 82550 Ethernet chipset as a  FAST ETHERNET device not a GIGABIT ETHERNET device.   Either Lenovo does not have the correct drivers listed in their OEM install, or its ACCIDENTALLY misrepresenting its product, unless someone else can provide a different driver.   Funny thing though, Linux also recognizes the chipset as Fast Ethernet device.  Anyone care to respond?® 82550 Fast Ethernet ControllerOverview The Intel® 82550 Fast Ethernet Controller is a third generation fully integrated Fast Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC)/ Physical Layer (PHY) device. The MAC offers a low-cost, high-performance 10/100 Mbps LAN solution

Answer:Problem: Q150 Incorrect Ethernet Speed -Gigabit Ethernet- only runs at 100

Hi cerasmuerto, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Can you be more specific about where the materials say Gigabit (a link or image)? I checked the systems reference sheet for the Q150 and it says 10/100. 

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Hello! I have a good problem at home, because I cannot connect to the internet as I installed XP in a HP computer that came with Vista, and I don't have any support for XP drivers from them.

System says that my Ethernet Controller doesn't have it's driver installed, so I've tried to find it during a week now and I really can't find anything.

My HP model is (no Windows XP support for this model, Vista only)
The driver that I think it's missing is Intel 82801IB ICH9 - Gigabit Ethernet Controller (from running Everest).
OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack SP3
Motherboard Asus Berkeley
Chipset Intel Bearlake G33

For a full Everest report :

Thanks! I hope you can help me, Im pretty much hopeless :major

Answer:Unable to find driver for "Intel 82801IB ICH9 - Gigabit Ethernet Controller "

Would like to add that I' m a bit of a novice user, I would appreciate if you could take the time to look through the everest report to see if I'm looking in the right direction to fix my internet.:-o

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Hi all,

Any L670 series Satellite owners on here ?
Looking at various websites, the common consensus is that the L670 series is not equiped with gigabit ethernet, but with regular fast-ethernet.

Can someone confirm or deny that please ?

Does it or does it not have gigabit ethernet ?

Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Rene Fennet

Answer:Satellite L670 series: fast-ethernet or gigabit ethernet ?

What Satellite L670 do you have exactly?
Different L670 are equipped with different parts so there could be a difference between single models?

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Hi all,

Any C660 series Satellite owners on here ?
Looking at various websites, the common consensus is that the C660 series is not equiped with gigabit ethernet, but with regular fast-ethernet.

Can someone confirm or deny that please?
Does it or does it not have gigabit ethernet ?

Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Rene Fennet

Answer:Satellite C660: fast-ethernet or gigabit ethernet?

What Satellite C660 do you have exactly?

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I know this may sound like a stupid question, but what would be the difference between WiFi and broadcom Ethernet. Can I connect anywhere with either one? I just ordered a IdeaPad Y550 and ordered with the broadcom Ethernet that comes with it, im now wondering whether I should have ordered it with the Wifi instead.. Any help and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you so much for any and all help

Answer:wifi verse broadcom Ethernet

Are you saying that you ordered without any wireless capability? Ethernet uses a cable to plug in to a router or cable/dsl box.Wireless is capable of connecting without cable to same.Also wireless hotspots, etc. Most laptops come standard with both, so I am not sure exactlywhat YOU mean by WIFI.

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Recently, after returning from being out of town for a week, I discovered my wireless router was not working.  After attempting to reconnect with no luck I purchased a new router today.   I successfully connected the modem, router and pc and attempted to run the software for the wireless NetGear router.  Here is the message I get: No Adapter  The Ethernet adapter is either disabled or no Ethernet adapter is installed on this computer. Either enable or add an Ethernet adapter and run the application again. In checking the adapter in Device Manager it IS ENabled.   Using the Thinkvantage Productivity Center I updated the adapter and I still get the same message.  Obviously the wired connection is working (as I'm here!). Any suggestions? NOTE:  While I was away I used TETHER between my BlackBerry and laptop to connect to the internet.  I noticed, of course there is a new TETHER adapter listed in Device Manager.  I have disabled that in case it was having some affect on the Broadcom, but that made no difference.

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Question: Gigabit Ethernet?

Hi Guys, the ideaCentre looks great but why does it only have 10/100 ethernet? Is it possible to purchase the ideaCentre with gigabit ethernet or will I need to purchase a gigabit ethernet card separately?

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet?

As far as I know, IdeaCentre are consumer-oriented systems. So, there're not for buisness use. Gigabit ethernet is needed to access different databases with maximum transfer rate. It's needed when you've got a powerful desktop with RAID on it, or a server which needs a high bandwidth - these cases are reasonable for gigabit ethernet use.Modern  HDD can handle maximum 90 mb/s (in ideal situation, witout fragmentetion, linear read/write, also depends on model), and usually 10-15 mb/s , so it's no need to have 125 mb/s transfer rate of gigabit ethernet.Also if your internet provider uses 10/100 ethernet - what's the use of gigabit one?I doubt that we'll be able to buy Centre with GigEthernet for now, but in future they should use it as option. Just think about WiFi - it's twice slower than 100 mbit ethernet, but no one complains "where is my Gigabit WiFi" , everyone just use   =)Just my 5 kopejka's =)Message Edited by skripatch on 03-20-2008 11:35 AM

//help will save the world

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Hi all.

i have a gigbyte G21mx-s2 motherboard in my media center, i am on windows seven 64 bit, i have a HP pro Curve gigabit switchand a tp-link router. all my devices are hard wired through the switch and the switch is wied in to the router.

the gigabyte website has no drivers for this OS on this board. windows update has updated the driver fairly recently. i am still only showing a speed of 100mbps and the lights on the switch confirm this. other devices on my network are working at 1gbps.

I am using a mixture of cat 6 and cat 5e.


Answer:no gigabit ethernet.

have you tried swapping the cable on the 100mbs card for one that has 1gbs. Also have u looked at the cards advanced settings for selecting the 10/100/1000?

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What does Cat 6 wiring and connectors give me that Cat 5e wiring and connectors do not over a gigabit network? Does Cat 6 just have extra frequency "headroom" or is it critical? Is Cat 5e not suitable if we ever go to 10 gb over copper ethernet while Cat 6 can handle that? Any info is appreciated.


Answer:Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 & Gigabit Ethernet

I think you will need Cat 6 for 10Gb/s networks, but I'm not sure. Try looking here.

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I have a 2Meg Broadband connection via a Wanadoo Live Box (ADSL Modem & Router combined)It is attached to my PC via the gigabit LAN motherboard socket & the Router LAN socket.I guess the Router probably only has 100mbps LAN sockets becuse that's what it says when I click on 'status'.(I read that the speed of your network defaults to the lowest compatible hardware device on the network.)The status of my 'Internet Gateway' says 2.2mbps?Does this mean 2200mbps and if so why is my connection speed only 100mbps?Basically I want to know if I replace my wanadoo live box with an ADSL modem/Router with gigabit LAN sockets instead of 10/100 will this improve my internet connection speed particuarly for online gaming?Will my staus show 1000mbps instead of 100mbps?Confused......!?

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet Help Please ?

<<< Does this mean 2200mbps and if so why is my connection speed only 100mbps? >>>No, it doesn't mean 2200Mbps, it means 2.2Mbps - 2200kbps (kilobits per sec) or about 275kBps (kiloBytes per sec). Your network connection between the computer and the router, at 100Mbps, is running approximately 45 times faster than your broadband internet connection, so I don't think it is having a serious effect on your online gaming! :-)Obviously, if you connect a 1Gbps (1000Mbps) adapter to a 100Mbps port, the speed of the connection is going to be restricted by the slower port. If you have a need to run your Local Area Network at 1Gbps between your computers, you could install a Gigabit network switch and connect the computers and router to that. The computers could then communicate at 1Gbps while connecting to the router at 100Mbps for internet access.

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My network utilization under task manager tops out at 60% usage under load. Its a 10/100 network card in my server. The software I use is all installed on the server. The server opens the software very quickly and the other workstations, although faster computers, are somewhat slow to open the program. Whats the dealie-o?

Answer:Do I need Gigabit Ethernet?

Originally posted by batotman
My network utilization under task manager tops out at 60% usage under load. Its a 10/100 network card in my server. The software I use is all installed on the server. The server opens the software very quickly and the other workstations, although faster computers, are somewhat slow to open the program. Whats the dealie-o? Click to expand...

The server is naturally going to open the software faster because it is pulling it directly off the hard drives.

In theory a 100Mbps network can transfer information at 12.5 Megabytes per second (someone correct me if I'm wrong), alot slower than the transfer of even an IDE hard drive. Gigabit has a theorectical transfer rate of 125 Megabytes per second.

Since these are only theory based rates your mileage will vary in your network. Although it sounds like it might work, you need to do some testing before widespread deployment.

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currently using a Gigabit Ethernet card. Does firewire have a faster transfer rate for MB/s?. Currently getting around 50 MB/s transfer bewteen computers did some google research just wondering how I can get something way faster thanks

Answer:Gigabit ethernet vs. ?

Quote: Originally Posted by KCINREBAK

currently using a Gigabit Ethernet card. Does firewire have a faster transfer rate for MB/s?. Currently getting around 50 MB/s transfer bewteen computers did some google research just wondering how I can get something way faster thanks

Firewire is somewhat faster, but if you really want to go fast its fiber optic.

What do you need to go that fast for?


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I've two PCs distant 100m/300ft. one from the other.
Within a budget of $1000 what's the fastest current solution for
connecting them?
Are network cards, cables and plugs certified for 10gibabit/s Ethernet
already on the market?

Answer:10 gigabit/s Ethernet already available?

Now within your budget. Truthfully, I don't know how much, if any, 10gig stuff is on the market.

I'd just string a fiber and hope for 10gig to become available soon. Truthfully, gigabit Ethernet should keep most people happy...

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What is the difference between Gigabit ethernet and 10/100?

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100?

10/100/1000 mbs

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Question: gigabit ethernet

my friend just bought a dell with integrated gigabit ethenet. how can he take advantage of this, he only has 4mbps cable line in his house.

Answer:gigabit ethernet

HelpMe said:

my friend just bought a dell with integrated gigabit ethenet. how can he take advantage of this, he only has 4mbps cable line in his house.Click to expand...

Get Cat6 Gig Cable and a something can transfter at Gig speeds, as in a Gig siwtch

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Hi folks, So i will try to cut this as short as possible but don't expect only a couple of lines. I have the aspire 5755g with specs: i72670qmgeforce gt540m8gb ddr31tb wd scorpio blue windows 10 pro x64  I have upgraded to windows 10 back in july(?) when it came out. For a couple of months it worked just perfectly fine. After a while probably because of some updates my ethernet stopped to operate normally, in a nutshell randomly but really often and on high download speeds simply stops workin.. i mean by that that my network becomes restricted ...running troubleshootin solves the problem 9/10 times.  If i dont run troubleshooting (resetting the adapter) the device manager shows an error "Code 10" in the device's description.So i started to read after the problem. Ive found many similar problems but none of those solutions worked for me, but found out it will be probably a driver problem. Contacted several forums and maybe microsoft community site offered the solution which was simply don't use the driver windows automaticly installs but the one on the acer support site... fine altough the last driver available only win7 compatible it worked just fine. Until this week ....when  "the first major upgrade" came for win10.In fact i had to reinstall some stuff to make them work properly but i forgot about drivers because everything seemed fine. Then i connected through the LAN interface and the error came up again so ... Read more

Answer:5755g broadcom ethernet problem on win10

The old driver isn't doing you any good.Uninstall it and try the other drivers you downloaded.

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I upgraded win XP to win 8. I saw that Broadcom needed update I could not get Internet so I install by USB it said found update but does not instal I tried multiple times it said update interrupted :( I don't want to purchase a PCI card HELP

os win 8 & win XP
processor intel pentium 3.20 ghz intel pentium 3.20ghz
graphics intel 4000
ram 1 gb
HDD 500 gb

Answer:Won't install broadcom net link gigabyte Ethernet

make a folder on your desktop and copy the drivers from the USB there

then update the drivers manually pointing to the desktop folder

if successful delete the desktop folder

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Hi folks, So i will try to cut this as short as possible but don't expect only a couple of lines. I have the aspire 5755g with specs: i72670qmgeforce gt540m8gb ddr31tb wd scorpio blue windows 10 pro x64  I have upgraded to windows 10 back in july(?) when it came out. For a couple of months it worked just perfectly fine. After a while probably because of some updates my ethernet stopped to operate normally, in a nutshell randomly but really often and on high download speeds simply stops workin.. i mean by that that my network becomes restricted ...running troubleshootin solves the problem 9/10 times.  If i dont run troubleshooting (resetting the adapter) the device manager shows an error "Code 10" in the device's description.So i started to read after the problem. Ive found many similar problems but none of those solutions worked for me, but found out it will be probably a driver problem. Contacted several forums and maybe microsoft community site offered the solution which was simply don't use the driver windows automaticly installs but the one on the acer support site... fine altough the last driver available only win7 compatible it worked just fine. Until this week ....when  "the first major upgrade" came for win10.In fact i had to reinstall some stuff to make them work properly but i forgot about drivers because everything seemed fine. Then i connected through the LAN interface and the error came up again so ... Read more

Answer:5755g broadcom ethernet problem on win10

The old driver isn't doing you any good.Uninstall it and try the other drivers you downloaded.

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I had to reload Windows 7 and could not get my ethernet card to work. The drivers I will trying to load were also not working. I uninstalled the hardware and can't seem to reinstall it. This came with my computer and I don't seem to have any other disks other than the Dell Driver Disk. Is there an installation driver I can download to allow the computer to recongnize the hardware again? Thanks.

Answer:How do I reinstall my Broadcom BCM 57780 Ethernet Card

Heres the driver you need

or check out the page yourself
Product Support | Dell UK
your driver is listed under the network section

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I cant figure it out and can not find a solution. All three computers have gigabit nics, I have gigabit router and switch, my d-link 321 is set to gigabit, the only thing on my network that is not gigabit is my printer. I'm not getting gigabit transfer speed from my computer to dlink 321. I rarely do computer to computer transfers, so I dont know what the speed is of that. The best tranfer rate is from 7-12mb. I am also using cat 5e wires on all connections. What am I missing?

Answer:Gigabit network but no gigabit speed

That NAS is notorious for running at 10/100 speeds even though it has a Gigabit NIC on it.
My brother has one and it does maybe 12MB/s.

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Ok, so now that we're starting to have computers with SSDs and internal read/write speeds are reaching 500+ MB/s, gigabit ethernet is becoming a bottleneck when transferring files between computers.

It used to be 10 Mbps ethernet, then 100 Mbps, then Gigabit...

When is 10-Gigabit ethernet going to become a consumer commodity? Or is the pattern going to break at this point due to technologies like Thunderbolt, etc.?

Answer:Next thing after Gigabit ethernet?

Lightpeak/Thunderbolt connections are throwing a wrench into the Ethernet life cycle.

10G is extremely expensive for consumers, but as things like USB 3.0 (5gbps) and Thunderbolt (10gbps atm) become mainstream, you may start seeing "Ethernet over Thunderbolt" or something similar for home users.

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I have a Macbook Pro 17" and a self-built P4 2.6GHz/2GB/500GB PC. My PC acts as a file server for music/videos/data. I want to connect my MBP directly to my PC using a Cat-5 cable, and be able to transfer files to and from using 1000Mbps ethernet NICs on both machines.

Currently, I have successfully connected my machines together using a Cat-5 and can share, but the connection speed at which each transfers is well below what a gigabit NIC should be able to transfer. I only know this from observation, not measured calculation.

1. How can I properly see the speed at which I transfer? Is there good software out there for this?
2. How can I speed up the connection between my computers?

Answer:Networking Mac/PC over gigabit ethernet P2P

You will not get true gigabit transfers in any case using SMB protocol between two workstations. First off, there is significant overhead using SMB. Also, a gigabit channel could theoritically transfer 125mbyte/sec, however it's doubtful your hard disks could read/write data that fast.

Try timing transfers in each direction using a stop watch and a large file and calculate the speed that way.

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Hey, Does the G560 have gigabit ethernet, as per specification it seems to be implented?! But when I try to connect to my gigabit network it only gets a 100 mbit connection.I've installed he newest ethernet driver and all devices including switch & cables are gigabit capable. kind regards

Answer:G560 - gigabit ethernet?

Is there no one who can help? I would be very pleased, thanks a lot  kind regards

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Simple Question. Do the Y730 Laptops have Gigabit Ethernet?


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Answer:Y730 Gigabit Ethernet?

I apologize for this one.  I got a better sales rep that was able to point out where the actual specs are hidden.  He did say it was Gigabit but it is not listed as so in the IdeaPad Y Series tech specs (917KB) it is a "10/100 ethernet, Broadcom BCM5906M".   I have to say that this is extremely disappointing.  Gigabit ethernet may not be in widespread use but for me it is streamly important not only for speed but for the ability not to have to use a cross over cable in many cases.

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I have two computers with 10/100/1000 network capability. When I connect them with a cable, they connect at 100, not 1000. There is no switch in the connection only a cable. Is there any way to try to force the two machines to connect at 1000? They are both running windows Me. Thanks

Answer:gigabit ethernet connecton

Are you sure the cable can handle gigabit ethernet? Do you have drivers installed that support gigabit ethernet?

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Hi, I all. I am new to this forum. I have an SMC 7004 br router central to my home network. This has been working well for the past 5 years. I recently purchased a Gibabit network attached storage NAS (Buffalo technology Linkstation). I have put all of my digitized movies and files on this linkstation. I also bought a gigabit unmanaged 8 port switch. I connected the uplink on the switch to the one of the 4 ports on the 10/100 SMC 7004. I then connected the Linkstation NAS into one of the 8 ports on the gigabit switch. I connected my computer that has an onboard gigabit adaptor into another port on the gigabit switch. I set up the SMC routher for DHCP so it supplies ip addresses to the devices on the gigabit switch. The question I have is will to files on the Linkstation download to the computer at gigabit speeds as these 2 devices are connected to the gigabit switch and both are gigabit speed devices or will the transfer speed be lowered due to the 10/100 smc router?

Answer:Question concerning Gigabit ethernet

The communication between the Linkstation and the computer will be through the switch (only); thus, you will get the gigabit benefits.

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I am going to give up on trying to make that Marvell Yukon controller that is on my Asus P5E motherboard work reliably. I have replaced drivers, etc and is still fails to come up correctly about 1/2 the time.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a Gigabit ethernet controller that will work reliably with Vista 64?

Answer:best Gigabit ethernet controller?

Intel Server NIC controllers work great. I am working on setting up Jumbo frame networking over 1 Gbps full duplex. I can move files up to 66 MB/s.

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My roomate and I have two gigabit-compatible computers. When trying to connect the two directly we are limited to 100 mb/s. I have tried using cat5e and cat6 cables, patch and crossover. The drivers are all up to date and the computers are running Win XP SP1

Answer:Gigabit ethernet problem

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Thank you all for your help in advance.

I am getting married soon and moving into an apartment thereafter. I have an HTPC in use, a personal computer for gaming/processing, and my fiancee has an Apple Macbook Pro that she uses quite often. I have an HDHomeRun Dual (2 tuners) for streaming OTA/QSM cable over the network (the HDHomeRun plugs into the network, not a computer). I also have a TV and Blu-Ray player that have ethernet ports.

Currently I use Verizon Fios and their Actiontec MI424WR router, which to my knowledge has gigabet ethernet. When I move I will probably be saddled with Comcast Xfinity Internet, which will supply a cable modem if I want, but no router. The only router I currently own is a Zyxel NBG-419N, which has only 100/10 ethernet ports. My current computers all have gigabit ethernet. For the home theatre components and my HTPC, I plan to pick up a network switch with gigabit ethernet. So my questions are:

1. If I use the Zyxel and the Comcast cable modem, would I be throttling my network speed at the router? I would hate to choke my speed just because one component does not have gigabit ethernet.
2. If I were to upgrade to, say, an Asus RT-N56U, would that make a huge difference on network browsing and throughput speeds?
3. Finally, what kind of cable is needed to maximize discernible speed increase? Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6?

Thank you again for your help. I just want to wire this properly up front so my wife doesn't complain... Read more

Answer:Advantages to gigabit ethernet?

your internet connection is not going to be faster then 100mbit so a 100mbit link is not going to bottleneck it. that being said- some routers cant process at full link speed. the cheap ones cant handle it. i dont know how fast a zyxel is as ive never heard of the brand before. you can hook it up between two computers (one on the LAN port and one on the WAN port so it goes thru the router and not just the LAN switch) and run iperf. if the resulting speed is faster then your FIOS speed (50mbit?) then your current router will work. you may still, though, see a small speed increase and decent latency decrease if you upgraded.

CAT5 cable is not used. CAT5e is standard and is capable of 10/100/1000. however, CAT6 is usually only a few cents more and is rated for 10GbE so most new installations go with that just for future-proof.

if you are spending $100+ on a router, ditch the asus and get the current market leader

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Hello! Intel® Ethernet Connection I218-LM is supposed to handle up to 1 Gbit/s speed, right ?I have 120 Mbit internet connection, but I just realized that my router TP-link MR3420 handles only 100 Mbit LAN connection so it's the bottle neck to have the full speed, is that correct ? task manager on the networking tab says 100 Mbps link speed when it comes to the wireless connection in the same place it says 130 Mbps, do you know on which settings this values is based on ? cheers


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Answer:T440 gigabit ethernet ?

Yes. That router is limited to 100 Mbit Ethernet. The mr3520 has 2 models: 150N has a max speed of 150Mbits and the 300N can do 300 Mbits, but those speeds ate affected by distance to equipment, interference, etc. I assume the router is the limiting factor there also.

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Will be using two desktop PC's in house for the first time now.

Have always had a hard wired Ethernet cable between Router output and the one desktop pc.

New PC coming with, apparently, some "wireless" capability.

a. Can one of the PC's be connected to the Router wirelessly (and the other thru the Ethernet cable) ?

If so, where are the Settings to do it, and how would I go about it ?

b. Or, is it better to try and set up a GigaBit "Switch", and have both PC's use it ?
Would this be better than one PC wireless, and one PC thru the Ethernet cable ?
Why ? Any caveats or gotchas doing it this way ?


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Currently, we have DSL and the DSL modem also functions as a 100 Mbit 4 port router.

Here's my question

In such a setup, will transfer speeds between PCs be gigabit or 100Mbit? I think the DSL modem will still be assigning the local IPs in such a situation, so I'm wondering what speeds would result.

Answer:Question about gigabit ethernet

PC to PC should be Gigabit speeds if they are all connected to the gigabit switch

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Hi there, This is my first post here... I try to get gigabit ethernet in Z570 and no success! I installed number of drivers, currently running version  7.58.411.2012 and nothing. The driver has Speed&Duplex set to Autonegotiation and nothing. What is strange is that in selection of the speed there is no choice of 1000Mbps.  I tried the obvious - checked and changed cables and ports in the switch, I tried the same cable and port with another computer and then had gigabit ethernet with no problem.  Any suggestion? How likely is it that 2012 laptop, advertised as having gigabit ethernet actually has some old ethernet adapter? Cheers,Piotr

Answer:Z570 + gigabit ethernet

Welcome To Lenovo Community
I have checked the data sheet of  Z570 suggests that 1000 Mbps  LAN is optional
Please share the system type  , model number so that we can verify if the system is shipped with 1000 M Lan
Hope This Helps
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Hi, is z470 support gigabit network?

Answer:Z470 Gigabit Ethernet

genkiyan wrote:Hi, is z470 support gigabit network?No. It has the 10/100 M ethernet only.

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I have a PC running W7 Ultimate with two Realtek Gigabit PCIe Ethernet Ports onboard my Gigabyte P55A-UD6. I only use one at the present time (on occasion it's been beneficial to have one spare to use to set up another device), but I have rather a lot of video files I want to copy to my Home Server (HP ProLiant Microserver N54L with onboard Broadcom/HP Gigabit Ethernet, running Windows Server 2012 Essentials).

When I copy them across quite often I am swamping the connection on my PC (presumably my server too), by which I mean I reach up to 99% Bytes Sent Throughput. I have looked at the settings for the onboard chip in the server and unfortunately it appears it does not support jumbo frames (I've read they can help when transferring large files as it causes less CPU Interrupts), so I've bought a separate dual Gigabit Ethernet PCIe x1 Card for my server. However my current setup has 8 wired devices, I have a Linksys EA6700 Router and a Linksys SE2800 8 port Ethernet Switch, the latter currently has 2 ports free.

I have another 5 port Switch I can use so I was contemplating connecting both Computer and Server up using two ports each, however does this mean I need two Ethernet cables between a switch and the router? E.g. If I connect my PC up with two ports to the router, do I then need two cables between the router and the switch serving the server? Or can one Cat 6 Ethernet cable handle 2Gbps worth of Data?

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet Questions

does this mean I need two Ethernet cables between a switch and the router

The switches I've used had only 1 Uplink port for connecting to the Router so that would be a limiting factor.

The only time I've see 2 NIC/Network Interface Cards/Adapters in use on one computer was for connecting to 2 separate networks, check about Bridging, might work in your case.

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I'm upgrading the connection between my main workstation and my fileserver to be gigabit ethernet, since those are the two computers that I use the most.

I got two Intel 1000/MT Pro cards and a Linksys 8-port gigabit switch. Transfer speed between them maxes out at about 15,000KBps, and it's not even a constant speed. One cable is Cat 6 and the other is Cat 5e. Both drives are 7200 RPM. Both are in 1000baseT/Full mode.

What kind of speeds should I be getting? What can I check or change to get the full speed?

Answer:How fast should gigabit ethernet be?

what kind of hard drives? ide? the network is not your bottlenexk rather your computers and their components (hard drives/pci bus).

to get the fastest speed you need freakin fast scsi and may as well get a mobo with 64 bit pci slots and scsi controller cards

you see it's a combination of things, it will only operate as fast as the slowest component.

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Just curious... is dual gigabit ethernet going to be at all useful for a home gaming PC?

Obviously the answer is no if I'm connecting over the internet (since my DSL will be, by far, the limiting factor), however I'm planning a LAN party, so will have other people hooked up via a gigabit switch. I do have the fastest computer of the group, so I'll likely be hosting most of the games on my machine... but even so, is anything likely to bog down a single gigabit ethernet connection?

I know it's mostly for high end servers that need to handle hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of connections at a time... just curious if it's anything more than male reproductive organ waving for me to use up two ports on the ethernet switch. (not that I have anything against MRO waving... I may still do it for that reason alone... just wondering if there will be a benefit )


Answer:Dual Gigabit Ethernet?

Seeing as games are designed to work over as little as a dialup connection...gigabit is several orders of magnitude more than will even matter to it.

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I have recently gotten my gigabit ethernet network hooked up which currently consists of two PC's running IC7-G's w/ 15k Fujitsu SCSI HD's running though an SMC Gigabit Ethernet switch. Jumbo Frames are turned on and this particular switch does in fact support them. So far it's been quite fast and with my current benchmarking tools it looks like I'm maxing out around 60MB/s, which is around 480Mbs. This speed is simply awesome and I'm plenty happy with it. However, I still want to see how fast this can really go when hard drives are not a factor. Anyone know how I can test this and send files back and forth straight from memory? I tried a ramdisk utility but I couldn't find one that supports Server 2003, client is XP. I guess I just want to see how fast this can really go when the hard drive is not a factor.

Answer:Gigabit Ethernet Benchmarking

Short of setting up ram drives you might look in to some network benchmark tool. The [H] uses dumeter ( ) that might be a start.

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Hi and thanks for any advice you can give, it's really appreciated.

I have an HP Compaq 6715s laptop with Windows 7. I have had a problem for sometime where the modem (the aforementioned Broadcom 590x 10/100 Ethernet) will not work wirelessly any more. I just get an icon in the bottom corner with a red x over a monitor and it doesn't seem to be able to detect any wireless networks. This has happened quite suddenly and I've not changed anything on the cpu that I'm aware of. The modem does still work if I physically plug it into the router.

Windows insists that I have the latest drivers and not being hugely technical, am at a bit of a loss to know what to do.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Broadcom 590x 10/100 Ethernet modem won't go wireless

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Help !!!

I have a dell inspiron 700M (4 yrs old) laptop. I recently reinstalled the OS from the secret partition that dell provides. It was supposed to be restored to factory default. However the NIC which is onboard did not get configured. I believe its "Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller". The Wireless 'Intel Pro 220BG Wireless" works fine.

I have tried all the drivers from Dell website but have not been able to fix it. In the device manager it appears as "Network and Computing Encryption/Decryption Controller".

I have seen other posts very similar to mine but have not been able to find the right solution.

Please help.

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Hi ,
I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to install the above driver onto a D230MT machine. It is running XP SP3 and was a fresh install when I started and I have been going down the list of unknown devices installing correct drivers as I go along. I checked the Vendor as Broadcom and the Device id is 4401 so know it is this. I did check the HP website and tried the network drivers they had listed but these did not work either.

I have found and downloaded from the Broadcom website the zip file for the driver but there is no executable file within this, so have extracted the files to machine (specifically windows\system32\drivers) plus other locations locally but have been unable to install the driver, please could someone point me in the direction of where I am going wrong. This is drving me batty and I am running out of ideas.
Thanks, in anticipation.

Answer:[SOLVED] Unable to install Broadcom 440x 10/100 Ethernet

Hi there, Are you the administrator to this machine?
So from what I have gathered when you go to device manager the network adapter is missing. Is there anything else missing.

Go to start then run and type ncpa.cpl
check if there is any network adapters present.
One other thing that springs to mind is that you also need to install the motherboard drivers. Sometimes the network adapter comes integrated so it means you need to use that CD with your pc to install it or go to the manufacturers website and download it from there.

By the way when you downloaded the driver did you choose the correct Os i.e. windows XP 32bit.

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Recently, I've been looking for a faster and decent upgrade to my trusty, but aging wrt54g w/ dd-wrt installed. I have been doing some research online, however I am looking for a router that would fulfill these needs:

1. Wireless-n or draft-n (duh, said it in the thread title)
2. Gigabit ethernet support (again, title)
3. Longest range
4. Most reliable (yeah, i know this is an oxymoron when paired with the word wireless, but some routers have better uptime than others)
5. Decent QoS

There are some other features I would prefer in a new router, like custom firmware support, but that stuff can be optional. I've had my eyes set on what Linksys has to offer, like their WRT350N, but after seeing that their routers had many problems with reliability, distance, and compatibility with Intel's 4965agn, I've decided to pass on what they have to offer (too bad, it was the only 802.11n router I could find with DD-WRT support).

I've been looking at what Buffalo and D-link has to offer and I like what I am seeing. Unfortunatly, I've never bought anything from Buffalo before, so I don't know what their reputation is like.

D-link seems to be a favorite in this forum with their DIR-655. I remember setting up my family's first wireless network with D-Link products back in 2000/2001, however their support and quality of their APs and wireless NICs back then...well, left a little bit more to be desired. Therefore, I haven't bought or o... Read more

Answer:Looking for Wireless-n router with gigabit ethernet

I'm in much the same boat as you. I've been looking at the Linksys WRT600N : It looks like a kick ass router.

I've only done some basic research on it, but haven't yet found a decent review, especially the reliability of it. Anyone have anything on this one?

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Hi all,

Ive recently got setup with a wireless broadband setup (coaxial cable from rooftop panel, down into a cable modem, which is connected with a Cat5 ethernet cable to my pc)

The thing I don't get is the speed of the LAN reported in Vista64. I have an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard with dual gigabit ethernet ports, but the rated speed of the LAN is only 10.0mbps.

I have checked the Speed and Duplex settings on the NIC, it is set to "auto-negotiate" with the possibility to change it to "1000 mbps Full Duplex" Ive seen on other forums that changing this setting can have no affect. Could this be a configuration issue, or the fact that the cable modem (branded only "Com21") may not be compatible with faster speeds on ethernet, or maybe the Cat5 cable needs to be changed?
**UPDATE - I remember that my PS3 had a Cat6 cable in the box, connected that between the modem and the NIC and it still ran at 10 mbps. I then changed the Speed n Duplex setting to 1000mbps at which point I lost all connectivity and only regained it when i switched to the 100mbps option...........

Answer:LAN Speed on Gigabit Ethernet Port

If you're plugging your PC directly into the modem, you're likely seeing the limitation of the port speed of the modem which is typically either 10 or 100 Mbit. This won't matter too much as I doubt your wireless service is giving you anything over 10 Mbit anyways.

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I bought a new router (Cisco Linksys E2000), that emits a blue light if your device is gigabit (1000 Mbps) and a green light if it's 100Mbps. Whenever I turn my computer off, the LED is blue. Also, in my BIOS (Gigabyte motherboard) there's a testing utility that can test the speed of your Ethernet cable. I've done this and it says that it's gigabit. I turn on my computer and all through the POST and "Starting Windows" screen, it's gigabit. But once my computer gets to the Windows login screen for Windows 7, it switches to 100Mbps and stays there as long as the computer is turned on. I've tried logging off, and it still stays at 100Mbps. What's going on? It's gotta be a Windows problem.

Answer:Windows 7 doesn't like Gigabit ethernet?

this is from Cisco site =
Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports for faster file sharing with other Gigabit devices

It may be that you computers network card is not Gigibit [10/100/1000],so it changes from blue to green . your network device may only be 10/100 check the back of the computer where the cable plugs in from the router, it should be stamped 10/100 or 10/100/1000
also check device manager and see what network device is on your motherboard

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I built a computer at work that has this motherboard (called a SHB), Core i5-660 CPU, 4 GB RAM, and runs Windows 7 Professional (32-bit). It also has dual gigabit ethernet ports. Everything has been working fine until yesterday when I tried to eject my USB flash drive, and the ethernet port quit working.

Upon inspection, I noticed when I click Safely Remove Hardware and Media, I see:
Eject USB Flash Drive
Eject Gigabit Ethernet Controller

So I must have clicked the wrong one. I went to Network and Sharing Center where I found the gigabit ethernet controller missing. Help instructed me to remove the device from the computer and then re-connect it. Well I can't do that because it is integrated into the motherboard! Next I opened Device Manager where I found the gigabit ethernet controller had a yellow icon next to it. In the Properties there was no Repair, Install or Enable option. I ended up doing a System Restore to get it working again.

I need to find a way for "Eject Gigabit Ethernet Controller" to not show up as a removable device so this won't happen again, especially not after I deliver the computer to a customer.

Google and Group Policy Editor weren't especially helpful.

Answer:Eject Gigabit Ethernet Controller

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I recently purchased a Gigabit router (an upgrade from a 100Mbps router) for home network since my desktop and Y580 both supported gigabit ethernet--or so I thought. The specification specifically says that the network adapter used is gigabit, and even the name is "Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller." However, the actually connection is only 100Mbps. I went to advanced configuration to see what options exist.The available ones are:10 Mbps Full Duplex10 Mbps Half Duplex100 Mbps Full Duplex100 Mbps Half DuplexAuto Negotiation. In the mean time, my desktop is getting a 1 Gbps connection without any problem. I checked to see if there is a driver update available, but the one on the website ( is what is already installed on my laptop

Answer:Y580 gigabit ethernet is only 100Mbps

Set your speed to Auto. I only have the same speed choices as you, on my Broadcom Card: 10 Mbps Full Duplex10 Mbps Half Duplex100 Mbps Full Duplex100 Mbps Half DuplexAuto Negotiation. And yet the Auto connects the 1 GB link, IF you have the proper cable, and a router that handles Gigabyte speed.   DragonRider    

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I have a bad feeling my 3com ethernet cards could be the culprit to why my m0n0wall installation is having issues so I was thinking of replacing the cards.. I heard the intel Pro 100 cards are the best, but what models? Any reviews? What are the best gigabit cards as well?

Hell since we're on the subject, best gigabit ethernet switch? probably be 16 port.. Sadly, information about networking and whats the best product ISN'T widely known or easily obtainable via the internets as I've had great difficulty in finding out what I currently know..I spent a lot of time doing research on my IDE raid cards, mind as well do it for ethernet cards as one of my biggest problems is poor connectivity via my network.

Answer:Best Ethernet card(s)? (10/100) and gigabit? What about switches?

get cheap dlink 10/100 cards, i have been using them for ages in most of my machines, they work, they are based off the wide spread realtek 8139as chip.. and are supported by almost everything..

as for gigabit, the netgear and dlink variants aren't that but i dont have extensive experience with them.. if you really need that kinda bandwidth for a firewall.. i would recommend a different firewall setup all together

as for switches, get a netgear 16 port 10/100 or dlink gigabit

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