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Budget Tablet?

Question: Budget Tablet?

does anyone have knowledge of/experience with the Insignia Tablets? I saw an 11.6" screen model, 32GB, Android 7.0 with a detachable keyboard for $130, which seems fairly reasonable. I only need a tablet for the most basic things: email, surfing the net, etc.

Are there any other tablets in a similar price range? Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Budget Tablet?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all
My mind is boggling with all the tablets that are available.
I would like your opinions on which is the best on a low budget.
I have been leaning towards a Gemini joytab.
I need a 10" screen and I will be using it for the Internet and basic things such as email etc.
Thanks in anticipation

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I am a tech enthusiast who does not have the money to fund his habit. As such I am not able to update my tech as often as I desire. Also when I do it requires much saving and a painstaking amount of research on what I will ultimately spend my hard saved money on. Now obviously research should always be done especially on such pricey purchases so as to avoided the dreaded buyers remorse that undoubtedly occurs because Technology updates so frequently. So while I mull over slash save toward my next computer purchase which I am hoping will be a fanless Surface device I find myself surrounded by ancient technology by which to check email, browse the web, and use social media at home. While my Lumia Icon is great at this I really want a tablet with a 7 inch and up screen to use at home both for the added screen real estate and so my Lumia is not discharged when I need to venture out of my home. So my question is what is a good budget windows tablet that I could purchase for under $100 while I save toward my ultimate goal? I have heard that the HP Stream 7 and WinBook TW700 might fit this bill and was wondering if anyone could offer their experiences with these devices. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Good Budget tablet.

I use a Linx 8, bought off Amazon UK, haven't had any problems within the past month of having it so far.

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i'm thinking about getting a budget 8" display tablet, i think that on actual windows view is too small but from videos i see on line with windows 10 should be much better, more usable UI on small screen
would windows 8 bing be upgraded as other versions?
i would like a budget tablet but with 2Gb ram
at this moment Eve T1 seems the best
i can wait a couple of weeks if something new is coming

Answer:Best 2Gb Ram 8 display budget tablet

Windows 8.1 with Bung is pretty much Windows 8.1, just with an additional requirement for the OEM. It'll be upgraded to 10.

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My budget is below RM 1000 (around 250USD right now..., max 350USD), I want a tablet that can play 3D games (like Six-Guns, Halo: Spartan Assault, Project Spark, Windows 10 Store games) and was running smoothly.
Specs I HOPE I can get:
64-bit Windows (32-bit acceptable, if possible, please tell me some apps that doesn't support 32-bit)
4GB RAM (2GB minimum)
Thank you.

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Hello and good evening to you all, I currently have a samsung galaxy s2 fone, which I think is absolutely superb, I also have a laptop as well. Now i'm considering getting an andrioid tablet as well, ive ben looking at a few on amazon, etc
Including this one....
I must stress though that i'm on a budget...i'm looking for one thats got a usb port as well, at least one, lol. I'm not after anything too fancy,...
my friend bought this one, and I saw it but i didin't really like it its here...screen response seems a bit slow
My budet is around 100, so pls if i can get some advice links to the ones at a reasonable price, that would be much appreciatiated, as my cosin would like one also, will use to watch vids on youtube, emails, general web surfing....maybe a camera, webcam, and maybe some purchases...i would pruchase the lookout prem for 1 year for eztra security.

Answer:Best Budget Android tablet please for myself and my cousin

The first capacitive touch screen option is streets ahead of the second one, it also comes from Wendy Lou she is probably one of the best known and trusted android tablet sellers on amazon but do read the reviews and also check in the support forum
Cheers HC

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I am looking for the cheapest Windows 8 tablet available. I am getting one to replace my ipad and one for my uncle. The best I can find is a refurbished Dell XPS 10 with winRT for $200ish. I can also get a new Vivotab Smart with atom proc for $400. Ideally I want an atom proc, but the price difference may be a bit much. Are there cheaper atom tablets for less than $400? I don't want to spend that much since its mostly for leisure use.

I am also curious about web browsing performance. The atom will be faster than the ARM one, but by how much? And will the ARM one be faster than my old ipad? The other thing is there is supposedly flash support for both. How good is the performance?

Lastly. Is there any news of Windows 8 getting Words with Friends? It's available on Windows Phone 8, but not regular Windows 8. I am a WWF addict. I also play a lot of Scramble with friends. Other than web surfing, these are the only two must have apps. I have a bunch of friends both real and fictional that play them so substitutes wouldn't work.

Answer:Help me decide on budget Windows 8 tablet

The ARM will have much better battery life than the Atom, but the Atom will be somewhat faster and can run x86 applications (doesn't use RT).

For only $400 i'd go with the Atom, but it has half the battery life of the ARM version.

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I am looking for a Windows tablet within £200 to £400.
I need it for basic Microsoft Office programs and I need to be able to run the python IDE "Idle". What are your recommendations and if you recommend a tablet, can you also recommend a keyboard and case if available. Thanks for any help provided!

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I want budget tablet (at max 20000 INR) for reading and some basic editing. My requirements:
1. Good battery life
2. 4 GB RAM
3. Better multiasking (split screen view)
4. Good processor
5. At least 64GB storage
I was searching for Mi Pad 3. It runs Android. And fortunately Microsoft have good office apps on android. But is not yet launched in India.
So I googled for alternatives and for more info.
I realized that Mi Pad 3's MIUI 9 does not yet have split screen view. So it was deal breaker. Also I realized that I wont be having any Android updates. So I was quick to look for Windows tablet.
But then there is simply no budget Windows tablet in India. I wish to have tablet which will Windows update for at least five years. Or may be I will install Latest Windows from USB, so that I can always have latest build on tablet.
I come across fact that Mi Pad 2 ran Windows:
And this awesome multitasking in iOS 11 with iPad:
So I realized if I can have full Windows on tablet, it will be a lot beautiful than both.
I read recently that Windows on snapdragon will have huge battery life. How long we should wait to get such budget Windows tablet? Or is there any such available already?

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Hi all, I have recently upgraded to windows 7 (64bit) and now when I  put my tablet into tablet mode, the screen doesn't autorotate and none of the tablet buttons work. In order to rotate the screen I have to right click on the desktop and choose graphic properties/rotation.Interestingly if I press the tablet buttons while in tablet mode and then rotate the screen up to notepad mode within a few seconds the button will perform its function (rotate screen, activate tablet shortcut menu, etc). Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I've tried running system update (4.0) to no avail. Cheers

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Just got this, and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Installed all drivers, nothing funky in Device Manager, but the touchscreen and the pen are not working. Click on Pen Tablet Properties in Control panel and it tells me Supported Tablet Not Found on the System. This is my first time dealing with one of these, and am lost.  Lenovo Thinkpad X220 TabletIntel i7-2640M(2.8GHz)8GB RAM, 250GB Solid State Drive12.5in 1366x768 Multitouch LCDIntel HD GraphicsIntel 802.11agnBluetooth1Gb EthernetUltraNav, Secure Chip,Fingerprint reader, Camera

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Greetings, My system is i7 Multitouch X230t. It was working fine from last 2 months till today when while turning my screen from laptop to Tablet configuration the touch and pen function suddenly disappeared. When trying to access the Pen and Tablet setting it gives an error " A supported tablet not found on the system".Also at the same time i noted that in my device manager a USB device is now labeled as Unknown device. I searched the net and tried everything.  Restarting. - No effectUninstalling the unknown USB device and restarting - No effectUpdating all lenovo drivers from the lenovo Site - No effect System Recovery to an earlier Date (15 days) - No effect When i Tried to update Lenovo Multitouch/pen driver from lenovo site it give error " A supported tablet not found on the system" and aborts installing the driver. I uninstalled the wacom driver ISDdrivers.exe from windows Uninstall utility and again tried to install Multitouch and pen drivers but again it says " A supported tablet not found on the system". Someone please help. I am afraid it might be a hardware issue as the problem started when i turned the screen from laptop to tablet mode. Currently My X230t is just a Laptop and NOT a TABLET as there is NO touch and NO pen input, as if windows doesn't even recognize any tablet hardware on board. PLEASE HELP. Thankyou 

Answer:Help: X230t " A supported tablet not found on the system" Problem. Its not a tablet anymore

Perhaps the cable got severed when you were turning it around? I've had a Wifi antenna cable break this way on an HP tablet... If it's still under warranty have them check it and replace it if necessary. It could also be a loose connector but there's no way to be sure without opening the screen assembly.

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(I've just tried "preview post" several times and each time it's stripped the whitespace and turned my ten paragraphs into a megaparagraph. I'm going to try pressing "submit new thread" and hope it doesn't do it this time.)

My Wacom tablet's pen has died and I hope to have a new one arriving in a few days but in the meantime I dug out an old Hanvon Rollick tablet which isn't supported under Windows 10 (which I use) but I nevertheless found some Windows 7 drivers for it which people reported working under Windows 10.

The problem is my PC is trying to behave like a tablet e.g. putting that blue teardrop thing on text boxes on Chrome (I'm not sure of its correct name) and when I try to ctrl-click a link, it shows a little "ctrl" label under the cursor and won't open the link in a new tab like it's supposed to and just does it in the same tab.

It takes multiple tries to right-click and open a link and when I hover over the link the cursor keeps rapidly flashing between the arrow and finger icons.

It is very difficult to click minimise, restore or close on Chrome because hovering over them doesn't make them go red and clicking on them doesn't tend to make them do anything unless you try many, many times.It's being profoundly irritating in programs other than Chrome too but those are some examples.

I was used to old my Wacom (Volito 2) trying to do tablet-like things but stopped it doing bubbles with gpedit's "turn off pen feedbac... Read more

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Hello. We've got an unusual problem when applying driverpackage for lenovo x201.OSD with SCCM 2007.. The Audio driver installs successfully during OSD (with silent install switch) and in devicemanager we can see that the conexant 20585 Smart Audio HD driver has been installed. Same with "Intel screen audio". But in the Audio options in controlpanel all the fields is grayed out.There is with other words no associated soundcard / standard device. If we install the driver again, logged in as an user the recently grayed out fields in Audio options automagically now shows the correct input / output devices (Conexant audio) and the sound starts working. Is there some issue when installing drivers in SYSTEM context?Notice: There is no "?" in device manager. BR!

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I have a Tablet drawing monitor, and today the pen stopped working, I fiddled with it for a while, I tried uninstalling the drivers for the Hardware and reinstalling, but then I noticed that the Tablet Settings and Calibration Options you normally see in Control Panel are mysteriously gone. After maybe 2 hrs of googling I've given up,. there's very little on google, and now im considering doing a "Rest This PC." Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a projector that I use to project things from my computer, but I have no way to show a drawing process.

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I have a Tablet drawing monitor, and today the pen stopped working, I fiddled with it for a while, I tried uninstalling the drivers for the Hardware and reinstalling, but then I noticed that the Tablet Settings and Calibration Options you normally see in Control Panel are mysteriously gone. After maybe 2 hrs of googling I've given up,. there's very little on google, and now im considering doing a "Rest This PC." Any help would be appreciated.

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Tablet PC Settings not showing in Control Panel Although Tablet PC Components enabled in Programs & Features.
I have tried System Restore, re-enabling Tablet Components...

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I think iBall Slide i701 is the cheapest tablet in world (windows) even cheaper than Lumia 430.
Only USD 77$
But i have some questions before i proceed to buy it for my child
1. As it is 16gb tablet but in actual we get only 4gb free space & i have read in reviews that once we update windows & other apps we are left with only 400mb space & we cant install other apps. So is it possible to install software's (.exe) on 64GB memory card which this tablet support ?
I am not talking about APPS, I am talking about .exe files like photoshop, ERP, educational softwares etc.
2. As it is having only 1 USB port so it is possible to attach a USB hub so that we can attach pen drives, KB, Mouse, HDD, 3g Dongel & power adapter at once ?
If anyone of you have used any windows 8/8.1 tablet then please reply.

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When I use the X220 as a laptop I can duplicate the display through my SmartBoard projector but when I use it as a tablet and it is docked I have to turn the tablet and dock 180 degrees so I am not writing upside down on the smartboard;  that means the dock has the cables coming out the front.  I can undock and plug everything into the X220 but the beauty of the dock is that I don't have to!

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hi guys i really want to try a windows 8 tablet and i plan to buy it either by the end of this month or by next January. I am confused on what to pick though
First of all, the reason why I want a windows 8 tablet IS because i like the interface. but more importantly, i need metatrader and cTrader in legacy app as im a full time forex trader. I have metatrader in my iphone but you cant seriously compare that with the windows version (no tabbing, no lines drawing, no fibonacci, etc.). cTrader doesnt even exist there.
im looking to replace my macbook pro (which btw i also installed windows 8 on it through parallels virtual desktop) with a windows 8 tablet to support my trading while im outside
So basically I dont need a super i7 tablet or something. However, im curious to know how windows 8 atom tablets perform. I have seen enough reviews and some people says atom tablets perform badly in legacy apps. Question is, how bad is that bad? Does it lag so bad even though i dont need to run heavy apps like adobe? I only need to run these trading apps which btw are very light. You can compare them with MS paint i believe, just with constant connection.
would it do well in atom tablets? I dont want lags when i switch from win8 native apps to metatrader and cTrader.
next question - how does windows 8 tablet on-screen keyboard work with legacy apps? Would i have special gesture to show up the on-screen keyboard or it automatically appears when i touch the screen? I personally dont believe ... Read more

Answer:Help Me Choose My Tablet - Thinkpad Tablet 2, Vivotab, Acer W700, Etc.

I forgot to add one more question. how responsive legacy apps (desktop mode) is to your finger? Do i really need a pen or it doesnt help either? Because acer w700 doesnt come with a pen so it's also a crucial question for me

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The latest bios update of X1 Tablet (Model:20GG) breaks the sleep (or hibernation) function. I found the tablet sometimes cannot be waken up by pressing the power button after entering connected standby. The version of the flawed BIOS is1.68-1.21 (N1LUJ30W) After rolling the embedded controller version back to 1.20 (N1LUJ29W), the problem no longer exists.

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I have a desktop that runs Windows 8.1. My x220 tablet runs Windows 7. I was thinking about getting a wacom bamboo tablet for my art in photoshop (which I make on my desktop... x220 isn't powerful enough for what I do in photoshop). Then I realized that my x220 tablet is kind of the same thing. Is there anyway I can connect my tablet to my desktop so that when I'm using photoshop, I can use the stylus on the tablet to control what I do? Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Connecting x220 tablet to a desktop to use it like a wacom tablet with stylus

AFAIK, not easily:

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After a fatal error in my windows, I had to reinitialize my windows 10. After I did so by the windows original tools, the windows became completely stable, but all tablet features are lost. Even thinkvantage cannot recognize many features and hardwares do not work. What should I do?

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I have a Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph that works without problems aside from the fact that, when I undock it from the keyboard, it doesn't detect that it should now be in Tablet Mode. I have to manually go to the Action Center and toggle it there. Same with docking it back. I have already checked my settings and I didn't disable Tablet Mode either.

Anyone have an idea how I can resolve this? I just want to seamlessly dock and undock the tablet and it should switch to tablet or desktop mode respectively.

I don't know if it's relevant but the OS is Windows 10 Home Single Language.

Answer:Tablet mode doesn't get engaged when I undock my Windows tablet?

I would like to know how to enable this as well - In fact, I was hoping to be prompted to change modes when dock/undocking....instead of having to find the setting and toggle tablet mode on/off every time.

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I am currently on a Dell Venue 11 5130 with a Bay Trail Atom Z3770 and 2GB ram. While it serves the purpose of my usage of office suites and web browsing, I could use a little faster tablet. It would stutter if I have more than 5 tabs open on Edge. But there is nothing wrong with this tablet with a plenty of battery life and nothing broken after using if for close to 4 years now.
I am looking at a Dell Latitude 11 5175 tablet with a Core M3 and 4GB of ram. Is this upgrade worth it? Or should I save some more money to get the Core M5 version for around $150 more? My usage is office word, and youtube.

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Hi. Recently, I have noticed that wifi connection in Tablet mode in my Thinkpad X230 Tablet is significantly slower than in laptop mode. Sometimes, it completely disconnected to the network. I tried to test with Speedtest. net and download a file via Internet Download manager. Both show that laptop mode has significantly higher and better speed connection than does laptop mode.  Does anyone have the same experience as me? Is the antena has any problem??? Thank you. I 

Answer:wifi connection on tablet mode - Thinkpad X230 Tablet

which model wifi card do you have? intel 6205, 6300 or ThinkPad 1x1 or 2x2.

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I have upgraded to Windows 8 64 bit on my X61 Tablet, however I cannot get the tablet buttons, hotkeys, or auto-rotation to work. My understanding is that Lenovo has stopped supporting these products. I think it is a shame to stop using a perfectly working tablet PC with a superior LCD. I don't want to go back to Win 7 leaving all kinds of nice features on Windows 8. Any suggestions? Is there a hope? Koray

Answer:X61 Tablet Windows 8 - Tablet Button and Features Request

Hi koray,
I've been playing around with Windows 8 since the developers preview.  I've ran it on a lot of older systems.  Getting things to work will require some experimentation on your part.  
You can start with your Driver Matrix.  There you can find the Hotkeys Utility for Windows 8.  You will also need the Power Manager Driver for Windows 8.  Not Power Manager,  just the Power Manager Driver.  
Run Windows Update, it will probably find some stuff.  Some Windows 7 drivers will work, others won't.  
I'm running Windows 8 Pro on an x60 tablet and everything works fine.  I also have it on an x61 non-tablet and it runs fine. I had to do a lot of messing around with stuff to get them to work right though. 
Just make sure that you set system restore points before changing anything so you can get back what you had before, just in case something doesn't work right.  And, only install one thing at a time and reboot and test it out thoroughly before you install something else.  
Good luck with this,

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Hey all, I have a weird problem.  My tablet buttons have stopped working-- but only in tablet mode.  That is, I can't rotate, or bring up the tablet shortcuts, or move around the screen in tablet mode.  Also autorotate doesn't work.  But if I switch out of tablet mode, I can do all of these things just fine (except for autorotate). Also, when I switch into tablet mode the screen doesnt rotate or anything, but when I switch out of tablet mode the screen rotates to the direction I defined in the settings (sometimes.. to be honest it seems pretty random to me).  I am running 32 bit vista w/ 4 gb ram on an x61 tablet with the latest drivers.  I have uninstalled the tablet button drivers and the lenovo system interface and reinstalled them already.. I have the latest APS. Help me out here.. I have no idea why this isn't working!  Don't make me have to reinstall vista to get the buttons working.. Tha'ts ridiculous!!  Arrrgh.

Answer:Tablet buttons stop working in tablet mode only

sano88 wrote:Also autorotate doesn't work.  But if I switch out of tablet mode, I can do all of these things just fine (except for autorotate).You haven't calibrated it yet and enabled it yet. You have to get into Tablet shortcut menu setting and do it all first. For the rest, uninstalled all ThinkPad Tablet Button Driver, ThinkPad Tablet shortcut menu then restar and reinstall vis System Update. Just let it find for you; that's the only thing I could recommend for this case.

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Has anyone run into the problem where there is no audio on an X61 tablet even though SoundMax drivers are shown to be installed properly?  Any help would be appreciated. Thx

Answer:No audio on X61 tablet running Window XP Tablet Edition

I have the same issue right now on an X60 tablet that I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate.  All of my drivers are up to date, except it shows on windows update that I have an audio driver still to update.  I go through the process, and then it will not install the update.  I wish I could help with this more, but wanted to let you know that others have similar problems. I hope someone can help us.B 

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Hi I have installed 64bit windows 7 on my machine quite recently in order to utilise the extra ram. When i rotate the screen clockwise to tablet mode, the screen will auto rotate to primary potrait by default and the buttons will work as usual. However, when i swivel my screen anti clockwise to tablet mode, the screen will NEVER auto orientate to primary potrait mode and all the tablet buttons will not work if i rotate the screen ANTI CLOCKWISE. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks alot in advance for the replies

Answer:X200 Tablet rotation and tablet buttons problem

I found another thread in another forum whereby another x200t user has the same problem. Hope someone can give advice regarding this. Thank you

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I just bought my Yoga 2 13, when I flip it to Tablet mode, the screen turns off. Apparently it goes to sleep. When I open it it turns on again. Do I need to do any adjustments? or is this a defect?

Answer:Yoga 2 13 Tablet Screen turns off when in Tablet Mode

Try updating your drivers first: that does not help, try a factory reset:1. Turn off your Yoga 2 132. Press the tiny button next to the power button on the right3. Follow instructions to perform a factory resetIf none of the above attempts have helped you, it is probably a hardware issue.

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Hi people!, Im pretty sure this topic has been discussed before but im still having trouble making it work. When in tablet mode jabbing any of the buttons doesnt do anything, however when i switch back to normal laptop mode the buttons that i pressed start taking effect (screen rotate, tablet toolbox) . ive tried reinstalling windows and all the drivers i would be great to get this working again! Ive got a X61t with the following installed:-Windows 7-ISD tablet 7.1.0-9-Tablet button driver 4.04-tablet shortcut 6.33 any help is appreciated thanks!

Answer:tablet buttons dont work in tablet mode

download thinkvantage system update, it should load all the missing drivers for you.

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hello all, i would like to set the three Tablet Buttons (the ones on the 'display' half of the notebook) to Shift, Ctrl and Alt, so i can use photoshop  also in 'tablet' mode of the notebook. the ctrl and alt keys were OK to set up, but it doesn't recognize the Shift key in the setup dialog. is there any known workaround?thanks for any reply.

Answer:x200 tablet & setting Shift to one of the Tablet Buttons

Try checking if the SHIFT key is actually one of the items on the drop down menu in the tablet pc button settings.

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Does anyone know if there is a program available (free if possible) similar to Quicken (Deluxe) that I could use on my Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301)? That would keep track of bank accounts and interest earned, and keep track of one stock IRA and interest earned and yearly RMD? And produce reports for that interest earned, etc.? Mainly for using when preparing yearly tax forms.

Answer:Quicken alternative for Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301

Have you looked at

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So the DV port on my asus eee pc 1005peb is failing, and got the idea from android central to look into tablet and tablet hybrids. I kind of like the idea of having a hybrid for both the netbook kind of experience combined with a tablet experience. I'm having trouble discovering what my brands and model options are for that type of device. I'm concerned from what little I have seen so far I'm going to be against a cost prohibitive wall compared to spending $100 to have the port replaced. I'm one to figure if I'm going to toss that kind of cash into a repair I might as well consider replacing it with something else instead of doing the repair.
For my desktop PC I hesitant on going to windows 8 because of a lot of negative stuff I've heard but at the same time I hear good stuff about it too. But when it comes to a portable device like my netbook and a tablet. I think hm windows 8 (not RT) sounds like it would be a good fit since it is designed for both traditional mouse and keyboard input and touchscreen input. Plus I would like to retain the software I use on my netbook to use on whatever replaces it. Something I can't do with my current HP touchpad with webOS and android (CM9) on it. I tried using both as a replacement for my netbook but in the end there were just too many things I didn't like about that. I let my dad take my netbook out of town with him for about 2 month and was trying to use the touchpad as a replacement. I was glad to have my netbook back to use it again.
... Read more

Answer:shopping for netbook replacement with tablet or tablet hybrid

Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. What would be the price range you are looking at?

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I have a wierd problem - I have six X61 Tablets, all with XP SP3.  One of them gets the BSOD on every boot during the XP Logo scroll.  This occurs on both its original drive and if I put in an HDD which works fine in another chassis.  Note that it will copy (clone) that disk fine if I follow normal protocol using Acronis True Image Home 2010 CD (on the ultrabase with either CD or DVD) - it clones USB drive to HDD fine, then that HDD works fine in another chassis, but gives the same BSOD when I try to run it in this chassis.  I am pulling my hair out trying to figure what is different, as I am unaware of any setup or BIOS changes.  Any ideas?  Could a bad CMOS battery cause this?  I have yet to try a new HDD setup from Lenovo disk set, but that is my next try.  I hoped to get insight here first, though.  Thanks in advance. Joe Holzer

Answer:X61 Tablet BSOD with XP SP3 using same drive that works fine in another X61 Tablet

hey ideaman911,let me get this straight ...X61 Tablet (Shoddy) + original HDD = BSODX61 Tablet (Good) + original HDD = PerfectX61 Tablet (Shoddy) + HDD (from X61 Tablet(Good)) = BSODX61 Tablet (Good) + HDD (from X61 Tablet (Shoddy) ) = ??is all the unit at bios version 1.25 ?

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I have a new X220 Tablet, and the Pen and Tablet functions work perfectly out of the box as long as the unit is on the Ultrabase. As soon as I remove from the Ultrabase (or boot while not connected), the Pen & Tablet functions stop working. Conversely, if I dock the X220, the Pen & Tablet functions begin working again. The behavior is the same regardless of whether I have an external monitor attached or not. Any thoughts?

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Well, I've finally had it. I've had my 6365 CTO X60 tablet pc for over a year now and last Monday I lost pen functionality in tablet pc mode in the afternoon after working fine in the morning. It works fine, even now after rotating the screen back to laptop mode. As soon as the screen is rotated back to tablet pc mode, no pen functionality but the mouse still works fine so I know it's functional in laptop mode but rotate back, all ok!  I did uninstall the Wacom drivers, restart, and then downloaded the tablet pc, windows xp version drivers from the site as instructed in a previous post. Unfortunately, the digitizer pen is still disabled in tablet pc mode and works fine when rotated back to laptop mode. I've called Lenovo tech support in Atlanta four times now and they've been totally useless. I wiped out my X60 tablet last Friday and used Rescue and Recovery to reinstall the operating system back to it's factory settings. I went back and unistalled and reinstalled the Wacom driver. Nothing. Since that didn't work either I've requested the box to ship this back to the Memphis Depot. Hopefully, I'll just get a new replacement machine that works but I'm so angry and frustrated w/ Lenovo's support because it's obvious that the people on the phone are not tech specialists and they couldn't even point me in a direction to get this fixed. It's cost me over a week now wo... Read more

Answer:X60 tablet pc digitizer pen functionality disabled in tablet pc mode

Problem solved! While the support folks weren't able to fix the problem over the phone, they did overnite me a prepaid return box which I sent back that day. Two days later they overnited my X60 tablet back fixed with a note saying 'LCD enabled'. I'm impressed how quickly they got my tablet pc back up and running. I'm glad I got that 3-yr. support warranty because I usually opt out of those things. This totally paid for itself. I just wish I hadn't been so reluctant to send back my laptop because I do need it for work and I figured I wouldn't get it back for at least a week or longer. I was so frustrated and pessimistic that I forgot sometimes these problems do get fixed in a very satisfactory manner. It's too bad the initial steps that led to sending it back were so painful. Bottom line: Lenovo fixed my pc quickly, no questions asked. Thanks!

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plz help
i have lenovo thinkpad 2 tablet it was not running well so i decided to reset it ...
and it keeps on repeating the same thing...
please help me ....


If it is still under warranty, call Lenovo. IF you tried to reset to factory defaults, and it is still failing, then you have something else that is going bad. My suspicion would be memory as that is what happened to me although it was on a desktop. Something to check...good luck.

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Hi, I have here a X220 Tablet that seem to have a FAN problem.Often in the last days my CPU temperature is often over 90 CAnd the fan has problem to reduce the temperature.I have also situation that the CPU is going too hot and the tablet switch off! With the CPU tool TPFC.62 I can see that the fan speed is 2300-2500 RPMs.But this seams not enough to be. And now the strange thing:When I disable the graphic adapter ?Intel(R) HD Graphics Family? (Driver and reboot and do the same thing that I done to get the temperature over 90 C with the intel graphic adapter the temperature is not going over 83 C!!! The fan speed is 3500-3800 RPMs. Can someone helps me with this issue?  

Answer:X220 Tablet FAN Problem - temperature over 90 °C - tablet switch off :(

Hi giciorek,
I understand that your fan/temperature problems can be frustrating.  I would try updating your BIOS and also updating Power Manager.  (Some on the forum have tried downloading ThinkPad Fan Control, but that is not an official Lenovo solution.)
Download Power Manager here:
Download BIOS Update here:
In Power Manager, click Advanced at top right, you can Set Optimize Fan Control to Balance All Parameters under Battery Settings.  Set it to Reduce Noise Dynamically under AC.
Let me know if this helps.

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I have upgraded my X201 Tablet to Windows 10 32bit. As far as I can tell, everything is working, including the WACOM drivers and touchscreen.  Wireless has worked perfectly so far, not sure about Bluetooth as I don't use it. My only issue is that the buttons on the display do not work. The power button located on the display does work. I tried installing the Tablet Button Driver II and it will go through the install but the buttons do not work.  This is the download link: The document claims Windows 10 compatability and was Last Updated :08 Jun 2015. On inspection, all the files extracted are dated from 2012 and when trying to manually run the software Windows throws up an error that the software is not supported on this PC.   I removed and reinstalled and noted that the driver information page when running the installer does NOT have Windows 10 listed as a supported system. My assumption is that the driver that they have linked on the download page is NOT the most current driver and is infact the driver for Windows 7 from 2012. Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo to get the correct driver posted to the page, or know of an alternate source to try and find it?

Answer:X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working

hi, I can't help you with your question, sorry! Gooed to hear everything else is working fine on your system. Can you tell me what to do to get the x201 tablet's touchscreen to work!? I will have a clean windows 10 install. Where do i get the (right) drivers (windows, Wacom?) Thanx!Carlo

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Hi all,    I have a really annoying x220 tablet disconnects from the internet whenever I enter tablet mode. The internet can be working perfectly fine while in non tablet mode but as soon as I switch to tablet mode, my internet disconnects. And if I switch back to non tablet mode from tablet mode, my internet returns almost instantaneously. I can load a page in non tablet mode with no problems, switch to tablet mode and the page stops loading. If I return back to non tablet mode the page resumes loading without so much as a pause or a hiccup. Also, when I switch the computer to tablet mode, wifi networks disappear off of the "available networks" list that were there before the switch.     I've tried everything, from updating network device drivers, reinstalling network device drivers, running diagnostics, reformatting my computer, uninstalling Norton Antivirus, system restoring to days before the last known working date in normal mode and safe mode, and contacting customer support (chat and call, managed to get a hold of a rep) but none of them have worked.    I also used to have a networking log before I reformatted/system reset to factory settings and there were a ton of errors with words like avsc manager failed to "something" ... I'll reinstall the thinkpad network managing program to create another log. Can someone please help me? My last resort is calling lenovo support again to have tech support come to hel... Read more

Answer:X220 Tablet Internet Tablet Mode Problem

hey kiul676,that's weird, could you check your bios is at 1.24. if it isnt go here and update :

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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The bay trail tablets come with office 2013 preinstalled, I cracked my asus t100 and wanted to move office to my new dell venue 11 pro core i3 version. I downloaded office and it got to the point where it needed to check if any other computers are using the license. So of course with it being activated on the asus it didn't let me. So is there anyway of deactivating it from the asus and transferring it to the dell or is the office version "special" that came with the bay trail tablets?

Answer:Possible to transfer microsoft office from bay trail tablet to new tablet?

Uninstall it on the T100?
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I'm going to be doing some presentations and teaching online. I'm using Team Viewer 9 running on Windows 7 as my software. I would like to be able to have the equivalent to a whiteboard visible to the participants.
For a demonstration of the sort of thing I want to do see
click here
where the presenter draws circles etc. He doesn't do any handwriting in the YouTube video (but he does in the actual presentation at CBT nuggets)
I'm total newbie when it comes to tablets, but a tablet that allows drawing direct on the tablet and simultaneous display on a Windows monitor. I know that the presentation on You Tube was done with various Wacom devices. Intuos4, Cintiq monitor, or more recently, Cintiq Companion tablet. (I tweeted the presenter Shawn Powers). These devices are a bit beyond my budget. Is there a cheaper alternative? Sadly the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is not yest available in Australia (where I am) - I'm not sure if it's a possible answer, but I'm assuming it would be. Is there anything else that's not going to mean I have to take out a mortgage on my house?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Drawing on a tablet with simultaneous display on the tablet and a Windows PC

I assume you mean you want to use an app on a standard tablet such as a Nexus 7 or IPad and stream the tablet screen content to a monitor or TV?
Maybe something like this is needed

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Hi I've looked at every category in the drivers matrix and absolutely cannot find the drivers that control the Tablet buttons on my tablet screen,  Can anyone point me to a link???  I found another thread on this forum that talks about a similar issue and someone posted a link to beta drivers, but the link doesn't go beyond the main Support home page at Lenovo.  Thanks, -G

Answer:X200 Thinkpad Tablet - Tablet buttons drivers NA???

Hey there Cr0sschex77,
To get some clarification to better direct you, what operating system are you currently using? Additionally are you referring to physical buttons or "buttons" on the touchscreen once at the desktop? Thanks Cr0sschex77!

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I'm new to the Tablet community but excited to venture into it.  My workplace provided me with an X201 Tablet type 2985 model C5U.  The pen works great but I can emulate any of the finger/touch demos.  Is this not supported with my type or model?  Or do I need a special driver.  When I open the tablet PC settings, I'm given the option to identify my screen as PEN or TOUCH.  While I select TOUCH, no finger combination (one or two) that presses my screen will invoke anything.  I was hoping this would be a touch solutoin albeit more powerful than the iPad.  Appreciate your responses everyone. Thank you. L

Answer:X201 Tablet Tablet MultiTouch Support (Newbie)

welcome to the forum!
the 2985-C5U model has a pen-only outdoor-viewable display.   it does not support touch input.

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X61 Tablet what OS better&faster XP tablet  or Vista Business. RAM 4Gb.

Answer:X61 Tablet what OS better&faster XP tablet or Vista Business???

I can say that XP is simply faster, but Vista is just much better as far as Tablet functionality is concerned.

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The learning curve on this machine is steep if you want to take advantage of all the input options but I've put the time in and I'm starting to love it. There is one thing I wish Lenovo would address though. I see plenty of ThinkPad users with this problem going back to at least 2008, and no solutions forthcoming. The manual states: "On the display bezel near the screen is a row of buttons with which you can control your computer in the tablet mode, without the use of the keyboard."By default the buttons are set to turn your computer off, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, or rotate the screen 90 degrees. The manual goes on to describe how you can customize these buttons via the Tablet Shorcut Menu, which is accessed via Start > Programs > Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools > Tablet Utility.If you open this program you get a dialog box titled "Auto Screen Rotation Settings." This dialog controls what orientation the screen should switch to when you convert into tablet. So it really doesn't have anything to do with the buttons.The only dialog that allows any assignment of the tablet buttons is Windows Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings. Here the Buttons tab is supposed to list the actual buttons on the front panel and let you assign them, but the only one shown is the Screen Rotation button. This works fine, you can set the button's function for a single press and a long press. (Too bad it's not possible to use Shift by itself, but that is as-designed by MS.)It should go without sayi... Read more

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My X41 (1867-CTO) Tablet will not go into Tablet Mode.  Also ThinkVantage System Update has 2 updates that keep downloading and installing but just keep appearing.The stylus does not do anything either.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo X41 Tablet - Tablet Mode Not working

You mean it doesn't change screen orientation when turn to tablet mode, right? If so, I have that problem too!! and no one helps us so far.

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Hi, Happy New Year. I replaced my old harddrive with a new one and I just installed windows xp tablet 2005 (not supplied from lenovo or ibm) on the new HD. Now it seems that a lot of drivers are missing. Like bluetooth, keyboard, wireless... The drivers are available to download from ibm's website, But I have to install 20+ drivers one by one. That is too much. After installing xp, my windows desktop showed no icons except for recycle bin (I believe this is due to drivers missing also). Anybody know is there a x60 tablet driver bundle/package cd image somewhere? How did you guys change your os to xp on a new HD? Thanks!

Answer:Installing XP tablet 2005 to X60 Tablet new harddrive

Why not let System Update do the work for you? You will need to have installed the MS .NET Framework 2.0 beforehand, instructions can be found on the site, and then let it loose.

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I downloaded the 'driver' on the gateway website:

after downloading & Extracting the file. a 'read-me' file pops up.

it reads:


This document describes the steps necessary to install the Tablet PC button drivers for the notebook computer models listed in the Applicable Part Numbers section below.

1. From the Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Manage.

2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.

3. In the left pane, click Device Manager.

4. In Device Manager, click the plus sign (+) next to Human Interface Devices.

5. Click Tablet PC Buttons, and then from the Action menu, click Update Driver Software.

6. The Hardware Update Wizard displays. Click Browse my computer for driver software.

7. In the Update Driver Software dialog box, type or browse to the C:\Cabs\D20113-002-001 folder. Click Next.

8. Open the D20113-002-001 folder and confirm the selection of the qttabbtn.inf file. Click Open.

9. Follow all onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

I get stuck at step number 5.. I do not have a 'Tablet PC buttons'!! (this is the reason why I need to download it..).. it seems to me this 'driver download' is actually an update for the driver. and not the driver its self.?

I downloaded other drivers from them, for my computer and they all worked great.. they all had easy 'install... Read more

Answer:Gateway Tablet PC, I need the 'Tablet Buttons driver'


After opening the qttabbtn.inf file (installation script), I found these alternative names for "Tablet PC Buttons." Try finding one of these names in the Device Manager:
"Quanta Computer Inc."

"Quanta Computer Tablet PC Buttons HID Driver"

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I just went about searching the web to find out if an X60/X61 Tablet pen fits in an X41 Tablet (as in, stores properly in the pen slot - it will definitely work on the X41 Tablet screen) and couldn't find the answer on any of the popular forums. So, I pinged some Lenovians to find the answer.

-----------------------------------Tim SupplesLenovo Social MediaGot a question? Don't PM me, post it on the forum!Lenovo BlogsX60 Tablet SXGA+ primary, Z61p fully loaded workhorse


Go to Solution.

Answer:Does X60/X61 Tablet pen fit in X41 Tablet and vice versa? *SOLVED*

The answer is that the X41 Tablet pen fits in the X60/X61 Tablet slot, but the X60/X61 Tablet pen does not fit in the X41 Tablet slot. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

-----------------------------------Tim SupplesLenovo Social MediaGot a question? Don't PM me, post it on the forum!Lenovo BlogsX60 Tablet SXGA+ primary, Z61p fully loaded workhorse

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Has anyone come across a problem with PEN input not being available at boot but becoming available when you disable and re-enable the HID component.  As soon as you shut the machine down and restart PEN input once again unavailable.  Windows event logs contains no error message in relation to hardware or drivers and none of the devices show and issues in device manager.Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, I've just downgraded my X61 Tablet to Windows XP Tablet from Vista Busines. When i try to install Lenovo System Update i get the following error message"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your personnel or package vendor. Action StartSuService.EXE, location: C:\Program Files\Lenovo\ ... \startsuservic.exe" Does anyone know what to do about this error? I have tried to:Add the "StartSuService.exe" file from another lenovo tablet, to the System Update directory, aswell as the installers cab files.Aswell as the obvious (rebooting, redownloading, and rerunning the installer). Thank you in advance,Mikkel

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So I purchased my Tablet with XP Tablet OS downgrade (it was suppose to come with Vista, but I choose to have XP tablet instead). So my Laptop gets shipped in a speedy manner, I open the laptop up and there is a Vista sticker on it.  Luckily XP tablet  was installed on the laptop. However, on the bottom of my laptop is a Vista Business Product Key  . . .  Where is my XP Tablet 2003 product key? What if I wanted to do an OS refresh of XP Tablet without using the ThinkVantage software/bootup? What if my HD fails and I need to replace it? Does ThinkVantage offer to burn a cd/create an image or install of the Fresh XP OS install like Dell does? I know it offers to burn a recovery disk, but is that recovery disk just a restore point of the PC, or an actual OS installation. I really would like to be able to avoid the dependancy of ThinkVantage software on the hidden partition for restore and recovery. Also I guess whenever I'm ready to use Vista, how would I go about installing Vista? Is there another selection for creating a "Vista recovery disc"?Message Edited by tonefour on 08-26-2008 09:55 AM

Answer:X61 Tablet XP Tablet OS Product Key? OS refresh concerns!

I feel the same way as you. Last laptop crashed, and the recovery partition/MBR went too. The company wanted me to pay for recovery discs. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, I only have a partial answer for you unfortunately. I have Vista Business installed so you'll have to ask Lenovo about the XP part. I just spoke with Tech Support for though and they showed me where the option to Create Recovery Media was:Start-->All Programs-->ThinkVantage-->Create Recovery Media Follow the wizard and good luck, it worked for me.  We shall see if it actually works when the moment of truth comes. Best 

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Got a tablet PC, but we lost the original system disc that came with it. Can I simply put WinXP Pro on it or do I have to put Tablet Edition on it?

Answer:Tablet Edition required for Tablet

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Is it possible to use a Tablet PC Pen on the display screen (13.3" Toshiba True Brite(r) WXGA TFT High Brightness) of my Satellite U400-137. I have some pre-loaded SW for Tablet PC (I Ignore if it was supplied with Windows Vista or some additional complimentary SW supplied by Toshiba with my Note book).
In case that it is impossible to use the pen on the screen does exist some external screen / display by Toshib to connect to my notebook, which coul support Tablet PC SW?

Answer:Satellite U400-137; Tablet PC Pen - Tablet PC

I doubt you can use a pen, even if the laptop has touchscreen capability.

The Tablet PC laptops have an extra digitizer layer inside the screen to sense pen input, so you would need to have a Tablet PC model like the Portege M750 or M780.

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I wanted to give my impressions of the Lenovo TPT2. First off, the model I have is the 3679-27U, this means that it has the digitizer pen, windows 8 pro, no NFC, no 3G/4G antenna (though there is a slot for a SIM card). Let me also be frank about my biases concerning tablets. I am not a voracious media consumer. If Im going to watch a movie or TV program I prefer to do so with a large screen TV in the comfort of my living room. As far as checking email, messaging, twitter, and facebook that is why I have a smartphone. Why do I need another piece of electronic equipment that does the exact same thing as my smartphone? In my opinion iPADs and Android tablets are really only good for media consumption, they give you a slightly larger screen to run the same apps that your phone runs. If Im going to buy a tablet it has to provide some functionality that my phone or laptop cannot, otherwise it is a waste of money. Therefore, a tablet had to be able to run productivity programs: MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, GB-Stats, etc That meant a tablet using either the Atom processor or a Core processor (i3, i5). This left out not only Apple and Android but also any tablets running Windows 8 RT. Obviously one the major advantages of a tablet is its size and portability. My laptop is a comfortable size and fairly easy to carry around, so what advantage would a tablet give me. The answer is battery life. In order to be practical I would need a laptop with a significantly longer run time tha... Read more

Answer:The Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2: Everything a tablet should be

Nice review. I have had my TPT2 for a little over a month now. I have used it extensively as my only device away from the office and have been able to do so without adjusting my computing needs too much. The only drawback that I have had is an under-powered USB port where i am unable to attach my external hard drive. Anything that I knew I was going to need for the day or trip I load onto a USB stick and problem averted.
Edit: I suppose I should mention that my usage is not too intense in terms of productivity. My programs of choice are typically the Microsoft Office package. I do a lot with excel, word, and power point and so far, I haven't run into any issues. I'm in the process of getting a new monitor for home and i'll have a better idea what it's like running a multiple monitor setup from the TPT2 and mini HDMI to HDMI connection. At this point I have a BT keyboard and Mouse which I have been using for the past few days with no issues (except when the battery is close to dying in the keyboard and it behaves as if it is possessed).
I might be one of the lucky ones but haven't had any issues with the wifi signal, sleep issues others have experienced, etc. Outside of the USB and mini HDMI to VGA issues, I'm still completely satisfied. If Wacom could update the drivers to enhance the accuracy of pen input, then I'd be completely satisfied given my particular usage patterns.

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 Last week I woke up my X60 from sleep mode like usual and was greeted with a nice "Unknown device found" message. I found that my tablet pen does not write, no buttons on the monitor work and the status lights on the monitor do not work (the charging, battery light and sleep light do not turn on). I have tried several driver upgrades from the website, but none seem to do the trick. I am trying to avoid reformatting to get them to work again, but if that's what it takes... Any suggestions? Running Vista Buisness. 

Answer:X60 Tablet uninstalled tablet driver, help!

Welcome to the [email protected]!  Please contact the help desk about this.  The error that you are seeing is typically related to a bad digitizer.  This is not something that you can replace, as it is attached to the LCD.  They should let you send it in and they will repair this for you.  

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Hi there, I hope someone can answer me a little querstion. I recently bought a x61 tablet and am really happy with it. Although I could be much happier If someone could help me with the following problem. I use Photoshop often, very often and for that reason I use the shift key a lot. In order for me to use it in tablet mode however I always have ot open the lid enough for my hand. I tried to map the tablet pc buttons in the control panel but it doesn't let me. I can map ctrl and alt and all of those but not shift.Is there some secret way to map the shift key? Or do I have to use some loophole and remap one of my normal keys. I hope someone can help me or at least tell me there is no way to do it. It would be greatly appretiated. Thanks in advance Pix (Short for Phoenix )

Answer:x61 tablet - How to map Shift key to tablet buttons?

I don't really have a direct solution for this since I want to customize them as Ctrl, Shift, all kind of this as well. However, there is a workaround that I found it's really good. What you have to have is "Mouse"  wired or wireless doesn't matter. Though I do recommend you to use wireless and Logitech as a brand. The reason why I recommend Logitech is because they have real nice SetPoint program which allows you to customize every buttons on your mouse. Then just map one of them as "shift" It works perfectly.. One hand with pen and another on mouse. I think Razer and Microsoft are another brand I know which have this feature in their software.

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Hi allI need some help, the pen is working when i uses the X61 whwn the scereen is in the "normal position". But when i try to use it i tablett position don't work ??OS is WinThx for help 

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Hi I have just updated an old laptop with Windows 8 (Microsoft has a great offer right now = it is only a great offer if it works ;-) )The PC is a: Lenovo ThinkPad X61 tablet 7767.But I am having issues with the tablet interface. Windows 8 has been designed to tablets...With the virgin installation, the tablet interface does not respond.The tablet is found in the Device Manager:+ Human Interface DevicesHDI-compliant device (3 lines)Wacom Penable Dual TouchAll control programs are in place, calibration program can be opened, but there is no response from the tablet (pen or touch). I have looked at the lenovo support site, and downloaded various drivers, most with no effect, others caused windows blue screen - which in windows 8 is more light-blue greenish.I have also Installed ISD_DualTouch_710-9 from, this gives the most positive result.Both pen and touch works (no dual touch), but is unaligned (when in a corner, pointer is 2cm from corner x and y. center of screen is aligned)I cannot calibrate, neither pen nor touch. Running tabcal (from control pannel or commandline) gives 4 popup windows with error messages:1) Failet to enumerate the installed digitiser devices.2) No suitable hardware was found to calibrate.\nWindows supports calibrating only integrated digitisers.3) Invalid display was specified.The Device manager lists the tablet as working:+ Human Interface DevicesHID-compliant deviceWacom DeviceI have tried to find a file holding the calibration; I found a ISD... Read more

Answer:X61 Tablet with Windows 8 - no tablet function

check this topic

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Hi! and sorry for my bad English, If any one knows it is possible to replace the X61 tablet motherboard with X61(no tablet) motherboard?

Answer:X61 tablet motherboard replacement with X61(no tablet)

don't think they are cross compatible when i last checked. 

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Random question, I know. Anyone know the answer?

Answer:Will Windows XP Tablet Edition run on a non-tablet PC?

mrfettucini said:

Random question, I know. Anyone know the answer?Click to expand...

If anyone is interested, the answer is yes.

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Hi,. the particular model of my x200 is 7453-FJ9. I bought it from ebay and the seller claimed is was multi-touch. After checking on the Levono support page where you identify the machine features through the model # above, it does not mention anything about being touch capable let alone multitouch. However, since I installed a new copy of windows 7 pro 64-bit on a new hdd, after installing all of the automated lenovo and windows updates, I checked the system properties and it states 'Pen and Single Touch Input Available' as shown in my system properties screen below.
Link to picture
I have tried to use the single touch input but it does not seem to be working. I have tried calibrating touch input though the screen calibration and it has not worked. I have looked at the HCI devices in the device manager and it shows 'Wacom Penabled MiniDriver','Bluetooth Remote Control', 'HID Compliant Consumer Control Device' and several repeated entries of 'HID-compliant device' but nothing about touch input ! 
I don't understand what is going on, do you think this tablet has touch input available ? Should I try install the touch driver on the lenovo website ? the wacom website ? or am i just wasting my time thinking it has touch input since it is not mentioned on the 7453-FJ9 lenovo support page (that I can see). Any advice on this would be kindly appreciated..
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

... Read more

Answer:x200 tablet : does my tablet feature pen AND single touch input or just pen input ?
Type in the first 4 digits of the model number and then the serial number of your machine.
Make a note of the Pt# of the display and the description and I'll see if I can get the specifications for your display.

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I just bought the HIS HD 4670 IceQ Edition 1GB graphics card and its bottle necking on my pc..

My current cpu is intel pentium 3ghz..

I got 100 was less.. Which cpu would be best ??

I need intel socket 775

I want to play my GTA IV... I no my NEW graphics card not amazing.. But it can play GTA IV.. Its on youtube.. reviews etc.. But it lags.. and my current cpu was like 98 usage in benchmark test :L

Also play cod4

Answer:What CPU should I buy on a £100 budget?

I was thinking maybe

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Question: Budget Rig

So, this computer that I'm thinking about started out cheap, but has gotten a little more expensive over time. This is the first build I will be attempting, so this is pretty cool for me. After having multiple computers from places like Dell, I've decided to just build my own. This computer will be used for a range of things, including some gaming (stuff like Tomb Raider: Legend), Internet, Music/Video, School, and so on. Here is what I have so far (just looking at Newegg right now):

- Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- $99.99
- GIGABYTE GA-EP43-UD3L LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard -- $79.99
- Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 Wolfdale 2.8GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor -- $ 119.99
- Rosewill RC-204 IDE to SATA Mini Vertical Bridge (for IDE device) -- $14.99 (I have 3 IDE drives and 1 port (2 devices) on the mobo)
- Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W ATX 12V 2.0 Power Supply -- $59.99, $39.99 after rebate
- G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-8500CL6D-4GBNQ -- $47.99
- SAPPHIRE 100225L Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card -- $74.99, $64.99 after rebate

Totaling: $467.93

I am using from my old computer:
- 120 GB Seagate SATA HDD
- 120 GB WD Caviar IDE HDD
- D-Link WDA-2320 PCI Wireless Card
- Some Hauppage TV tuner (I don't remember the model)
- 2 DVD RW drives (Pioneer and TEA... Read more

Answer:Budget Rig

Try this as an alternative build:

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Callisto 3.1GHz Black Edition 6MB L3 Cache CPU - Retail - $102 + free shipping
ASUS M3A76-CM AM2+/AM2 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail - $59.99
OCZ Fatal1ty Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit - Retail - $49.99 ($39.99 after $10 rebate) + free shipping
XFX GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card - Retail - $89.99
BFG LS-550 550W PSU with Active PFC - Retail - $68.49 + free shipping
Antec Nine Hundred Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Retail - $111.22 + free shipping
You can go with the Corsair 400CX instead of the BFG PSU if the latter is out of your budget.

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Question: Budget PC

I am eventually going to build a budget pc, but for now im trying to understand the parts as much as I can. For the cpu i wanted to know what the discription of the cpu
is, for Ex. "Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2500 BX80637i53470"
For the "3470", I wanted know what that means, like if its overclockable by that much. as well as the "Intel HD Graphics 2500", does that mean what type of graphics card it is compatable with are something else. If any one can help explain these things to me I would be very much greatful. those discriptions above are the only ones I need thank you.

Answer:Budget PC

Start by Googling & reading.,2817,2405044,00.asp

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HiI have a problem, in that i am soon to go off to college, mycurrent pc seems to be used by my mum and brother the whole time, and i need a new pc. I have either 350 to spend on a tower, as i have a very old pc, or 700 to spend on a laptop. I required 512ram, 40gb hard drive, and 2400+ athlon, or pentium equvelent, any suggestions?Thanks for any help.

Answer:Help With New PC and Low budget

This is the closest I can get within your budget (incl vat).click hereMarvin

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Question: Best Budget PC??

Could anyone advise what is the "best buy".A Dell P4 3.06Ghz with 17" TFT,DVD-R/W,80 Gb Hard drive for around 720 or a Tiny with 15" TFT,Celeron 2.6Ghz,DVD-R/W and a free camera and printer for 610?. I am not bothered about games etc

Answer:Best Budget PC??

between those two options I would go for the Dell without a doubt. A much faster processor and bigger monitor. The "free" camera and printer will not be of much value. Running costs are crucial when choosing printers. The monitor you will be using constantly, the camera only occasionally. If you are serious about photography then you will need to spend at least 200 to 300 on a digital camera.Dell have also got a better reputation for customer satisfaction than Tiny who went bust and were bought up by Time if I remember rightly?

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Question: Budget PC Sub $500

Hey, I'm a first time pc builder and I wanted to pass by my parts list to a tech forum to hear recommendations. Ill mainly be doing graphic design in Photoshop and a little bit of 3D modeling in Autodesk Inventor and 3D studio max.
Please let me know what you think of these parts, and if there is anything I left out.

AMS Gmono Black Mid-Tower Case, with 350W PSU, Model "CF-2029SW-BK" -RETAIL
Case Type: Mid-Tower Case
Color: Black Automotive Paint
Material: Steel
Drive Bays: 5.25" x 4/0, 3.5" x 2/4 (external/internal)
Expansion Slots: 7
Front Ports: 2 x USB, 1 x Firewire, 2 x Audio ports
Power Supply: 350W, Ultra silent, Intel/ AMD Recommend, UL, CB approved
Cooling System: 8cm Cooling Exhaust Fan
Motherboard Compatibility: (10" x 12") AT/ATX
Dimensions: 17" (H) x 8" (W) x 19" (D)
Features: 4MM acrylic side window, Removable side panel w/ thumbscrews, open PSU back plate for redundant PSU
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years more info-> $62.00

MSI "KT4AV" VIA KT400A Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU -RETAIL
Supported CPU: Socket A AMD AthlonXP/Athlon/Duron/Sempron Processors
Chipset: KT400A + VT8237
FSB: 400/333/266MHz
RAM: 2x DIMM support DDR400/333/266 Max 2GB
Slots: 1x AGP 8X, 5x PCI
Ports: 2x PS/2, 1x COM, 1x LPT, 8x USB2.0(Rear 4), 1x RJ45, 1x RCA SPDIF out, Audio Ports
IDE: 2x ATA 133 up to 4 Devices
Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC655 6-channel
O... Read more

Answer:Budget PC Sub $500

new motherboard ull regret it if u get a kt400 chipset

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I need to get a computer for general use, web browsing, music downloading and for watching media online. I have an external hard drive for music so i am not too worried about the hard drive size but i want a decent PC with reasoable sized monitor, keyboard and mouse. Where on earth do i start looking?

Answer:£500 budget, which PC do you buy?

(Not advertising) A good site to use is Dell for building your PC from scratch online to see what you can afford. Also there are a few good dealers in the PC Advisor magazine so it may be worth looking.

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Hi all
I have decided to buy a new PC as my current one is quite old now.
My problem is I dont have a great budget (up to 200), and was looking at Ebay but there are so many options I don't know what to look for.
I mainly use my PC to browse the Internet and at the same time run Microsoft Excel. At the moment my PC is struggling to multitask so both are very slow whehn running together. I am looking to have both Excel and thInternet running to a fast standard.
I also download the odd thing, but nothing too much, so any PC wouldnt necesserily need to have the hardware required for large downloading.
I also dont really play games on my PC. Maybe Football Manager, but that is all, so top gaming graphic cards may not be necessary.
I am really looking for advice on what to look for in a PC for my needs. Ialso have a monitor so I would only be looking to purchase the box.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Gemma

Answer:what pc to buy on a budget?

Tell us what you have now.
200.00 is a bit on the low side, even though you will not need to buy things such as a Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers (assuming that you already have them) or Software.
You may be able to, very simply, make your current PC more capable of handling your desires, for 50 quid or so.

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Question: £150 budget PC

Hi im looking to buy a new pc for my bedroom! i have a tight budget of 150 and i need the base unit, Graphics Card, soundcard and a keyboard and mouse. The cheaper the better because i want money for modding :P and i would rather run an AMD processor!I can build the system myself so i just need parts! plz help :DRabbit

Answer:£150 budget PC

Your build starts click here

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My current computer:

Dell Dimension 4550

Penitum 4 Northwood 2.4ghz s478 (does not support prescott cpus )
350w Power supply
Nvidia 6600 OC
2 gigs of RAM (Max on Mobo)

I have $200, what can I buy to get decent FPS on TF2, currently I am sitting at 20fps.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:$200 budget what can I do.

Basically nothing. TF2 relies too much on the CPU for a graphics+power supply upgrade, which you could afford, to make any difference. A new motherboard, CPU, RAM and OS are out of your budget. ~80 $ for a decent motherboard, 110$ for a really good one, 50-80 for RAM, 80-130-150-190 for a CPU, 90-150 for an OS.

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hey guys i am from south africa i was wondering if u guys could help me build up the best amd gaming pc i can with R8000 from this site
i will need everything except a os i am welcome to all your thoughts thanks for your time

Answer:best pc for my budget

Put a 6800 gt in that system and you will be set... if you want to burn money though, a fx 55 would be good. Keep the motherboard, no point wasting money getting a new one. Get some coarsair xms, 1gb of it would do.

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Question: Budget of $110

Need to know what kind of graphics card i should get for about $110 dollars

Answer:Budget of $110

You won't find much, probably at most a low end 9000 Radeon card or a mid-range FX card.

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Question: $10,000 Budget

Making new computer 6-8 monitors (8 preferred) for 80% business 20% gaming.

Need a completely silent case so I don't hear the fans or whatever.

Right now I'm looking at 2x for videocards.




and what kind of monitors should i get? I use 2 ultrasharp 20.5" dell ones atm (1600x1200 res)

any recommendations is appreciated. also wanna hook up a wiimote and a wireless internet card.

Answer:$10,000 Budget

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Question: Budget pc

Hi im looking to buy a budget pc that can do internet and things easily, and also maybe to be able to play World of warcraft if possible, aslo would i be able to play World of warcraft on my laptop the specs are Intel pentium processor 1.73ghz502mb ramIntel 915 gm/gms, 910gml express chipsetThx and my budget is 300 to 450

Answer:Budget pc

World of Warcraft should play on your laptop if the graphics chipset is up to it and is supported by it.The only way to definatly answer it would be if someone else had the same laptop and it worked on his/hers.Its the graphics that might be the stumbling block. Your laptop appears to exceed the rest of the requirements comfortably.Regarding a desktop have a look at the Novatech ones click here some of the cheaper ones should meet your requirements but you would have to add on the cost of a monitor and another 60 for a reasonable graphics card.

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Hello everyone, I'm currently using a Lumia 520 & I've been looking to upgrade for the past few weeks. My budget is around 250. I've been looking at the 920 & the 925. I am leaning to the 920 because it has everything I need for the price. Decent cam, battery, and so so specs. Am I overlooking any phones? Thanks!

Answer:New here & on a budget

For $250 you can easily grab a lumia 1520 or Icon in good condition on ebay or amazon, which are spec wise the top two lumias out right now
They both include very nice improvements over the 920 and 925
Icon (5in) and 1520 (6in) have larger and full hd displays
They both have more mics for better recording and can record in surround sound
They both have 20 megapixel cameras versus 8.7 on the 920 and 925
They both can record in 4k (only with the latest lumia firmware update though, which some phones still don't have)
and they both support a feature called "hey cortana" where you can simply say "hey cortana" to activate cortana verus having to pick up your phone
Although the 920 n 925 are very nice phones, but with $250, you would be missing out on two awesome phones (Icon and 1520) that have very nice improvements, especially considering the 920 and 925 can VERY easily be found in good to mint condition on ebay for $120

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What is a good buy for under 500?

Answer:Which budget PC under £500?

What will you be using it for? Please list all activities.Does your budget include/exclude a monitor? G

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Question: Budget

I wanted to know if any of you guys could help me with creating a budget sheet in Excel 2010 to track all the different people I owe money too and how much I have paid and remaining balance, with dates for each entry. Thanks in Advance!!

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I curently have about 25€ that I would like to spend on a new RAM. My PC isn't the best and often games are loading really slowly. (NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 ; Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 ; 2GB of RAM [<-the problem] ; Fujitsu Siemens D2824-A1). DDR2 RAMs only. I've read that it's best if you match your motherboard's operating speed (DDR2-533;DDR2-666;DDR2-800;DDR2-1066). But I cant seem to find it. Is it really that important and what RAM would do suggest me?
Thanks for the answers in advance.

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Question: Best budget pc?

I went into all local Dixons: they had a compaque and Heward Packard both for 500 each, the specs seemed the same: which one is best to go for??

Answer:Best budget pc?

i personally would prefer the compaq,have they got the same processor ie athalon or celeron,and check the size of harddrives if you are going to need a lot of space.

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Hi .
I have updated to Lumia 640 lte from 630 & I'm looking to purchase an windows mobile ? with possibly ~2 gb ram.
I don't have a lot of money .
Any feedback?

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I'm looking to buy a new PC on a budget of around 600, but with the huge amount of choice currently available I'm struggling to know where to begin.The PC will be used mainly for Internet / general games use but will also be used to edit and produce home movies (using Sony Vegas).I wany to but a system that has warranties, just in case, so I guess I'm looking at the main high street / net retailers - any current systems really stand out as contenders for my requirements ? Any help much appreciated.ThanksDD

Answer:£600 budget for new PC - but which one ?

You could do a lot worse than choosing a Dell.BTW You've chosen the best dv editing suite.

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Hi Everybody!

I need some help with my HP Compaq Presario SR5030NX Desktop PC. Lately I have noticed that it has been running low on memory and the performance has been slow. I have already upgraded my RAM to the max capacity (2GB /2 GB (max) ) and I have been running into problems when trying to do general things like surf the net, run WMP11, and some general multitasking. WMP will start skipping as I am running an application or browsing the internet or I will have slow loading times.

I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to improve its performance by not breaking the bank. I have thought about buying a non integrated graphics card to free up memory but I would also need a new PSU since I am working with stock. Could buying a new Mobo with more RAM expansion and a faster processor help or is there anything that you all could think of?

I use my PC for listening to music, surfing the internet, editing videos, and business applications.

Here are a few of my specs:

Desktop PC HP Compaq Presario SR5030NX
Processor Intel Pentium 4 641 / 3.2 GHz
Type & Installed Size L2 cache 2 MB
Chipset type Intel 945GC Express
RAM 2GB / 2 GB (max) PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive 160 GB Serial ATA-300 7200rpm
Graphics Intel GMA 950
OS Windows Vista Home Basic
Security / Utility Software Norton Internet Security (always on), PC Tools Spyware Doctor (occasionally on), PC Tools Registry Mechanic (occasionally on)

Answer:Budget PC needs help

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Question: Low Budget PC


I am building a low budget PC for a friend of mine. He would like the system for a couple of music mixing programs and to play a few lower end games. Here is what I put together from NewEgg. Let me know what you think.





Hard Drive


For the graphics card, I have an old PNY GF4-4400 w/64MB that I can give him. Do you think this would be a good barebones system for him? Any problems that you might see?


Answer:Low Budget PC

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