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Curious screwdriver - Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

Question: Curious screwdriver - Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

Have a duff internal wireless card, and need to replace same. Stuffed because Toshiba use some weird kind of screwdriver on the coverplate screw. Looks like a cross between an allen key and a posidrive. Anyone know what it is and what name it goes by so I can order one?


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Preferred Solution: Curious screwdriver - Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Curious screwdriver - Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

Sounds like a "Torx" screw. Like a star with 6 rounded points. If not a photo may help.

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i am lost as to which screwdriver i need to remove the cover around the fan and heat sink, my p 10 is over heating now all the time and im hoping its because, of dust and dirt that has been sucked in over the last year and a half, the screws i need to open are an actual star shaped screw, not the normal philips star like the rest of the screws on the unit, I hope someone here can point me in the right direction as to where i can get one of these scredrivers........... thank you

Answer:what screwdriver to use to remove fan cover on satellite p10


Sorry but your question is a little bit laughable for me. Before you wait for some answer Google a little bit around or ask in some store for tool kit.

My last notebook was Satellite P20. It is the similar unit just a little bit bigger but with the same screws. It is not recommended to use non-original screwdriver but I have done it. Please don?t do this because of screw damaging.


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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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my manual says that I need a "point size 0 phillips screwdriver" to access the RAM and HD.

I bought one off amazon and the screws are way too small for the screwdriver. I also bought a box of 11 precission screwdrivers and none of them fit.

What screwdriver do I need??


Answer:Satellite R830-143 - what screwdriver do I need to remove RAM cover?

I don?t have this notebook model but it cannot be so complicated to identify which screws are used.
Compare screws with screw types and use right screwdriver.

It cannot be so problematic.

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Hey guys can't seem firgure this out I'm looking for a mass storage controller driver for this laptop and I went to the toshiba site and got all what I need and saw but still missing this driver

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A-200 Laptop

You say that it is an A-200 but what is the full model number on it. I have one that is an A665-S5170.

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Hi everyone...
Needing help with the following...

I just got a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that it doesnt start Windows... it turns on... it shows the Toshiba Intro screen... and then thats it... it becomes black... until i get a message that says Windows Error System file missing please insert your Windows CD and choose R to Repair your Windows...

I can get into the BIOS, checked everything and its all fine (i guess)... but when i try to change the boot order so i can boot from a Windows CD it does nothing... it kind skips the boot order and goes right through HDD boot and then i got the message described before...

Any hints?

Dead HDD?... :hotbounce

Answer:Help with a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

hold F12 during boot with the cd already inserted

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I reinstalled xp pro and then (using another computer because the ethernet still needs a driver) I went to the Toshiba web site to download the drivers but I couldn't find them. Where can I download the drivers for my Toshiba laptop model L305D-S5914? Thanks.

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I have a big problem, I have a toshiba satellite Laptop L455D S5976 that wont start has no power no lights in other words dead. I tried a new power adapter cord, I installed new power jack and still no power and no lights. Right now i have the whole laptop disasemable, Also where can i buy a tester to check the motherboard and all the other compoents like the cpu, Heat sink, Memory chips, Especially the motherboard. If anybody can help it's you guys.

Thank you,


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Although you do not say so

I tried a new power adapter cord, I installed new power jack and still no power and no lightsClick to expand...

and presuming the battery was flat and it could not therefore be tested on battery only without charging the same - I presume you did try a new POWER adapter, as against just the connecting cable and new power mini jack socket
Or at least test that you had an output from the adapter

The answer to the actual question is you cannot, there is no such thing as ONE tester for what you specify
The heat sink would not STOP it posting, even if it cut out as soon as it detected overheat on the processor

Presuming that it has more than one stick of ram, simply removing one and swopping over before of course you dismantled it was the test for that

However although a failed ram stick may stop it booting it would not stop the power led illuminating on the laptop

My opinion is, with no power led whatsoever and if you have eliminated power supply as first mentioned
capacitor failure on board on circuit that takes power from connections of jack.
It may of course NOT be so, but that is in my experience favourite

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I have this laptop that when you turn it on it will power up for about 2 seconds and then will automatically turn off.  It then restarts and will go on and off.  I needed to get a new battery for it which has been installed.  I was told that I need to sync the new battery to the laptop.  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop

How far along the booting process does it get before it restarts? What's the last thing you see?Remove the battery and try booting with just the adapter only. Will it boot normally?

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HJT log follows...

Toshiba Satellite laptop running xp Pro.
Turn on...takes forever to boot....once it boots, takes forever to log on.
Once logged on...all key actions cease.
Mouse can be moved but no key strokes or mouse clicks will do anything.

Can't load TASK MANAGER to see what memory usage is.

Brought up in Safe Mode to run HJT.
Installed spybot but didn't accomplish much.

Here's first log.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:51:33 AM, on 3/6/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0013)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title = Windows Internet Explorer ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop seriously ill

Hello and welcome to TSF.

HijackThis is no longer the preferred initial scanning tool in this forum.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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hey guys, i have been working on this laptop for about a day now and im completely lost.. when i boot up the machine it freezes at the starting windows screen; i have tired to boot into safe mode and also last good known config.. neither work. i created a windows repair disk and installed it into the computer; windows wont fix the problem with startup repair option.. i have resat the ram in the computer just to see if that would fix it;

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop

I'd suggest testing the hard drive.

In order to test the hard drive you can run one of the diagnostic programs below. The files, in ISO format, will need to be burned to a CD using a program that can burn CD image files (burnaware or imgburn).

Hitachi Drive Fitness Test
Downloads | HGST Storage

Western Digital
WD Support / Downloads / Select Product
(choose your product and select Data Lifeguard Diagnostic)

SeaTools | Seagate

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Recently, the f11 and f12 function keys stopped doing their job. When I press f11 (mute,) the loading symbol flashes next to the mouse pointer and nothing happens. When I press f12 ( WiFi toggle,) nothing happens at all. I thought this was a driver problem as the Toshiba function key driver was recently updated, but when I reverted back to the old driver the same thing happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Toshiba satellite laptop

Have you contacted Toshiba? Official Toshiba Support | Toshiba

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Just installed XP Pro on a friends Toshiba Satellite L30D PSLC0E and managed to find 'almost' all the drivers on the 'net.

However I still have a yellow question mark opposite SM Bus Controller in Device Manager. The owner has misplaced the original discs but I presume that as this machine previously had Vista that the discs probably wouldn't have had XP drivers anyway.

Wonder if anyone on here could point me in the right direction. I have spent ages on the Toshiba site but no luck.

Thank you.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop SM Bus...

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I used to work as a Desktop Computer Technician some years back and have built many a Desktop computer for friends. I am also aware that Laptops and Desktops are two completely different items and completely understand that things do change and this has me baffled.

A friend of mine has a Toshiba Satellite Laptop (year built: 2004/05) and it was working fine until one day when the monitor turned all black with an Underscore blinking.

She said when you powered it back on it went to the Welcome Toshiba screen and then it will go blank with the blinking line.

She tried to use the Operating CD to reinstall the OS and got to the screen and tells you to remove all disks and Cd's and reboot the Laptop, you do that and it comes back to the black screen with the blinking line and does nothing else.

Through asking questions to her, I did find out that she had virus's and spy ware on the laptop before all this started happening. (Just by her telling me what was popping up on the screen before it went blank).

NOTE: ****One thing gets me is she swears this Laptop has Windows XP on it, when you insert the OS CD it says starting Windows 98. When I went to delete the partition it was not formatted to either FAT32 or NTFS... I now forget what the format was, but it took me forever to delete the non windows partition, but this might because of the issu... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop

The first thing to ascertain is whether there is a hardware issue and to this end I would suggest using a Linux Live CD. I would suggest Puppy Linux personally (small download 95Mb). If the laptop is about 4-5 years old perhaps a slightly older version of Puppy will work better (v3.x and use the retro one). I would try v4.x retro first though.

The Puppy file is an ISO which you burn to CD. Set 1st boot device in bios as optical. If bios access is not possible then just boot without the hard drive if necessary.

Puppy Linux is a full o/s and will load in ram. If Puppy loads then you will get to a desktop and for all intend HW issues can be removed from the equation.

One thing gets me is she swears this Laptop has Windows XP on it, when you insert the OS CD it says starting Windows 98Click to expand...

Not sure perhaps it started life as 98SE and the o/s was upgraded to XP later on.

Good Luck

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I RECENTLY acquired a Toshiba Satellite M40 laptop which isn't working.When turned on it shows "Operating System not found." The Bios doesn't detect the hard drive.
Using the original recovery disk I can get it to boot
to the recovery utility, but whatever I try it returns "No disk drives were detected".
When I leave the recovery it goes into Dos mode, defaulting to x:\> (I assume this is Toshiba cd drive) I can then go to c:\>.. Doing a directory search it shows
"Volume in drive C is MS-RAMDRIVE
Directory of C:\
Does anyone have any idea where I start????

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M40 Laptop

Perhaps the Bios is correct and the hard drive has failed.

Replacement hard drives for Toshiba Laptops are notoriously expensive. You can sometime pick up a bargain on Ebay if you wait long enough.

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Was given a toshiba satellite laptop and was told the hard drive was bad. I don't know exact model number as the sticker that gives that info is worn and impossible to read. The os is xp pro. I replace the hard drive and went to install xp home and before I knew it I couldn't get cd rom to work. Is there a way of checking to see if it is broken?

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop

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My name is Ken and I am trying to repair a customer's Toshiba Satellite laptop. It had Windows XP loaded and when it boots it will only get as far as:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

I saw on one website to press 0, F1 or F8 to get the hard drive disk utility to come up on the screen but it only displays the message that I detailed above. I also ensured that the CD/DVD was the first boot device and I tried to reload the operating system with a Win XP disk that I have but the same message appears.
I cannot get past this message no matter what I do.
And to make matters worse, the customer doesn't have the original Setup CD-ROM. I guess what i'm looking for is an original setup disk.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop

Which O.S are u using

U didnt specify the o.s u re using but from my experience with o.s i guess it is win xp. Now if u can get a sata win x.p with will correct the issue,note there is the normal x.p software and there is also sata get that and see the end result

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When I use my laptop at home, I am able to access web pages no problem, but when I am at the college, I can get a connection, I just can't access any web pages. What do I do, what do I click etc.... I was told that I might have a static IP. BUT... I am lucky to remember my name half the time with a brain injury. So can someone PLEASE explain to me (1)What the heck a static IP is, (2)How can I access web pages on my laptop when I am at the college or another location when I have a open connection, and (3)Will I have to change the profile each time I access the internet from a different location?

I see that I have the ConfigFree using the Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network. I can get to the properties if anyone can tell me what I need to do.

Nina Anne

Answer:Satellite in Toshiba laptop

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I have a Toshiba laptop satellite 5205-S503 and have installed a Toshiba WI-FI card. My broadband router is a D-Link 614+. I can't not get the laptop to see the router, although it does seem to know the desktop computer name. I'm kinda new at this WI-FI game. Toshiba wasn't much help although they did teach me how to turn on the laptop WI-FI switch. I am running Windows XP. I have the router connected with a Cat 5 cable to both the desk top and lap top successfully. When I try to connect the laptop via WI-FI, I am unsuccessful. I do get icons in the tray, however.

Anybody got an idea of what I need to do to go wireless?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop and Wi-Fi

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To Flavallee (Frank)Could you tell me where the ATI onboard Graphic video card is located in the Motherboard. Also can they be replace or upgraded. If posiible could you send me a picture of the motherboard of the ATI onboard Graphic video card. This is a Toshiba satellite Laptop Model # PSLC8U-00D010. This Laptop will boot up the fan is working all lights are on. I tested the Memory sticks (Ram) on another Laptop plus i also tested the Hard Drive. I also took apart the screen and all the wiring seem to be connected. I connected the VGA adapter to a different Monitor and still no video display. I am no sure but could it be the ATI onboard Graphic video card. Please help me with this problem.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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the cddvdw has stopped writing to disc in burn and I don't know how to fix. I try burning cds and I get an error essage. saying either the burner is busy or an error has occurred while attempting to burn files to disc can you helo me?

Answer:i have a toshiba satellite laptop

Go to Toshiba site and download the driver for the DVD drive and install it. Then see if there is any improvement. If not then the drive may be bad.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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On Start Up the fan momentarily runs up to a point where it appears to be at its maximum possible speed and makes a `buzzing` sound before the speed drops to normal and only changes with CPU load/temperature thereafter. It happens at each and every start, either from cold or as a Restart during use but only the once for each Start/Restart cycle and no other time.No changes have been made to the laptop other than a new battery and the fan appears clean when viewed through the grill on the bottom.This has only just started happening. Has anyone else experienced this on a Toshiba or any other laptop and is the cause known? Better still does anyone have any idea of how to resolve it?Many thanks in anticipation for any help.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop Fan


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Hi everyone,have just got a new laptop - a replacement for the one recently stolen from car boot (Grrr!).My query is - does anyone know why it powers down at regular intervals? This happens even when being used. The Toshiba that was stolen did the same. There must be a power save setting or hibernate setting that I haven't found because I have looked and the settings I have made should not cause it to power down.ThanksFire :)

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Satellite A10 or something!

Try calling Toshiba Tech support0870 4448936 (from their web site).

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My toshiba satellite will not power up with cord or battery. The battery appears to start charging but shuts off after five mins or so.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop

not malware related so moved to hardware

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When trying to type an E-Mail address to get @ I press shift and then 2. However I always get "Ideas please as to how to overcomeDES NL

Answer:Toshiba laptop Satellite M60

On a UK configured keyboard <SHIFT><2> should produce <">. <@> is on another key. My Toshiba and Acer UK keyboards are <SHIFT><'> but yours might be different! I assume you are using a USA keyboard and driver to obtain <@> by <SHIFT><2>.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite M35 laptop that continues to freeze. I am running Windows XP Home Edition and have 1.5 GB of Ram and 80 GB Hitachi HDD. Because of the freezes, I replaced my hard drive, reinstalled factory OS with drivers, changed my battery, changed and upgraded my memory but as soon as I log on to freezes. One thing I can say is that the first time I log on, it stays up for about 5 to 10 mins before it freezes. After, as soon as my profile gets up and running, freezes. I have enough time to move my cursor over to the start button and click on anything and it freezes.

I don't know what else to do. I have changed everything I am able and this thing does not want to stay up.

Have anyone heard of Toshiba having this problem? Please let me know the next step to take because I have exhausted all my resource thus far!

Answer:Laptop Toshiba M35 Satellite Freezes

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I gave my daughter a Toshiba Satellite M35-S359 laptop for Christmas two years ago.

About 4 months ago the DVD/CD-RW developed a problem with the lens servo and stopped working. I advised her to get another at that time, but she didn't.

Last month, something happened to the hard drive (possibly simply corruption of the OS files, not sure) and the system would no longer boot. Since there is no way to boot a system without a workign hard drive or CD/DVD I purchased a new DVD/CD-RW and installed it in hopes of booting the recovery CD and reloading the Operating System. The new CD however did not work. (not sure why) I have also purchased a new hard drive and installed it in the laptop, but without a way to load the OS on it, it's useless. (the laptop has no floppy)

i'm looking for sugegstions on how I can troubleshoot the CD/DVD. It spins, and you can hear the read head seeking (moving) but won't boot the recovery CD. Is there a way to tell if this problem is power-related or possibly a bad interface/cable/what-have-you?

Possibly someone knows a different way to boot this puppy?

Thanks much for your indulgence,


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop won't boot.

Go into set-up (the bios) and set it to boot from dvd as the first boot option.

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I bought this new, obviously some years ago.
XP Home and all original hardware.
Gave it to my sister about 4 years ago to run to run scientific apps that won't run on anything newer than XP.
In her possession, It was not used on a network---no internet at all.

It's screen went blank but the lights on the front of the case showed it loading/booting up.
So I attached it to an old CRT monitor. As the computer booted the screen filled with a few hundred colored vertical lines but finalized with the regular background, but no icons or start menu. Right clicking on it did nothing.

So I booted to an Acronis Boot disk and installed a known drive image I made 4 years ago that I knew was good. Same issue.

I then installed the factory image from my Toshiba Install disk and, with the CRT attached, it boots up normally with no apparent issues.

I still need to check the wiring connections of the laptop monitor but at least it's still useful with the external monitor.

I'd like to hand this back to my sister with confidence as she uses it at home to do scientific data analysis for her employer.
Any thoughts on what this issue might be, have been?
SysInfo to follow.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A25 laptop issue

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The lcd screen backlight work fine, but screen is reddish. When I connect the external monitor to the laptop the video is great. When I installed a another used lcd screen into laptop the is white, and no video. So, I ordered another video cable hoping that this will fix the problem. What could cause the lcd screen to be white? The external monitor work good with the laptop, I am not getting any video to the lcd screen. Could the video on the motherboard be bad?

Answer:toshiba satellite a40 laptop-LCD SCREEN

I don't think you have a bad video card if the image on the external monitor is fine. It sounds like its either the video cable or the backlight inverter. If the original lcd screen is bright enough and clear enough (except for the reddish tint) then I'd suggest trying the new video cable with the old screen. If you still get a reddish tint then I'd recommend replacing the backlight inverter (if you can - not all laptops allow this).

The only reason I can think the new screen isn't working is due to no/out-of-date/incompatible drivers. Still, not sure why the screen would be white. Have you tried the screen with a different laptop?

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Hello All,

It's been a while. Got a problem with my dad's Toshiba satellite L455D-S5976 laptop, It has win 7 home. It starts up , windows logo appears, then "noting", Can't get into safe mode, last know configuration, or anything. Tried the restore disk the can with it, I got "error f3-f100-0003". I've tried several "boot up disk including Trinity Recovery Disk, nothing. And I don't have a Win 7 disk. Only a "upgrade" disk.

I even tried pressing down on the 0 key and holding down the power button, same error message.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

Answer:Help with Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Win7

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I have a 2 months old Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows 7. I tend to leave it plugged into the power socket when I leave home, when I return I find it started up !!!

It is just doing nothing, I just can see the adobe acrobat baloon asking me to install an update in the taskbar.

This happened twice. I have the wake up modem options disabled in the BIOS setting.

Any recommendations to why this is occuring?

Answer:Help-My Toshiba satellite laptop switches on alone !

You may wish to go into your power configuration settings and turn off other Wake On... settings.

Go into device manager and go through your various network components and any other devices you don't wish to be able to wake your computer (hard drive, etc). Leave your keyboard & mouse on unless you wish to use the power button to wake.

Start > Control Panel (All Items) > Device Manager

Right Click Each Item, Click Properties

Go to the Power Management Tab & Turn off "Allow this device to wake the computer"

From what I can tell, it looks like your ethernet/wireless is detecting an incoming/outgoing connection and waking itself in order to deal w/ that connection. If you want a simpler solution, just turn off automatic updates in Adobe & whatever else tends to wake your computer.

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I have a Satellite L35 that stops at the first screen on boot.  The bottom left of the screen says "Press F2 for Setup, Press F12 for Multiboot".  If I press either one of these the message on the bottom left of the screen says that it is going to Setup/Multiboot, but never does.  I did the normal checks: check RAM, hard drive, connections, try with battery, with AC power .... nothing worked.  I called Toshiba Tech Support and they said to put in the recovery CD and tap "C" as the computer booted and the system recovery would begin ... no such luck.  Does anyone know of any other key combinations to get around this issue?

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Hello. I was hoping to get some ideas/opinions on how i can further proceed to diagnose a laptop I have.

Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050
Model # PSK2LU-001003

current symptoms:

does not POST
does not boot
black screen (no lights)

upon pressing the power button
fan will spin once, stop, then after a few seconds spin full blast and remain that way forever

charger led lights up when plugged in to charger
power led lights up when turned on
no beeps (assuming this model does error beeps)
nothing in LCD screen (not even any lights)
nothing in external monitor plugged into laptop
nothing when trying to invoke external monitor with fn+f5

tested each memory stick AND memory slot individually.
tested with no memory at all
tested with hdd removed
tested with cd drive removed (cd rom makes some noise when it's plugged in. probably reading the disc inside?)
tested with battery removed

totally stumped.

i want to say mobo and call it a day but I'm never too sure and would like a 2nd/3rd opinion.

have I been thorough enough? what else can i test?
thank you very much for your time.

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite Laptop

read this

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Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite A215 S5818 Laptop, and for a while it keeps overheating and eventually cuts off, I've been through three cooling fans and it doesn't still overheats, it will eventually cause the pad to stop working (don't know if burned it out through the usb or not) and the current cooling pad I have either still overheat the computer, even when I do have it on flat surfaces or cause my touch pad to drag or get stuck entirely. I tried to use a usb mouse for it but yet again, it stopped working, don't know if its the same problem with its burned out through the usb port or not, but I just want to know what is the problem??? I've tried air duster and just about everything else to no success.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop Overheating

Sounds like 360 overheating. Your out of luck. Its defected in the mainboard, and it wont stay cool even with a cooling pad. The motherboard probally can be repaired by a specialist. Check with Toshiba

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toshiba satellite laptop VERY slow.....
running XP home version
tried reloading xp, no improvement, still slow, almost crawling....
exchanged hardrives (30GB) with another identical laptop
that operated normally. slow laptop with new hardrive
(working normally) now still runs slow, other laptop with
other harddrive stills runs normally.
Analysis: Hardware problem with 1415 toshiba satellite laptop.

tried everything, checked memory, cpu, bios settings, all normal

finally friend said, take out battery, and disconnect power cord(charger)
to cut all power, lets look inside again. still didn't see anything wrong.

plugged in power, battery still out, computer runs normally NOW!

put battery in, computer STILL runs normally, fast like it used to!

analysis: buss lines/control lines on motherboard to memory/cpu held low or?? by voltage, once voltage removed, (battery out, not plugged in) lines could float, charge dissipated, AND computer back to normal speed!!!!!

woo hah!

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Problem with my laptop Toshiba satellite pro A60

when i switch it on, a sound appears as if a key is pressed while the laptop is on booting process, it takes sometimes then windows Xp starts up successfully. When i open MS word, the letter "e" writes on the empty document automatically that it keeps on writing eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as if somebody keeps on pressing the key "E" on the keyboard. I tried to clean the keyboard, on the key "E" nothing helps.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Answer:Problem with my laptop Toshiba satellite pro A60

you'll need to check keyboard connection to MB. if it firmly connected, then replace the keyboard. it's a stuck key failure,

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop with PGP Encryption running Windows 7.

While using today it suddenly gave a blue screen of death and shut down. It refused to restart properly. When I restart it is does different things and it seems random.

1. Sometimes it goes to the PGP screen and then does one of the following:
a. won't let me type
b. refuses to accept my password
c. accepts the password and gets stuck on identification verification
d. accepts the password and then freezes on a black screen.

2. Sometimes it goes to a BIOS setup.

3. Sometimes it says "boot failed" and gets stuck. Sometimes it goes to the PGP screen (but messed up)

4. Sometimes it asks what to boot from (HDD, CD/DVD etc). I choose HDD and it goes around in a circle again.

ONE time it gave the option of Safe Mode and I wish to God I had chosen it and done a system restore. But alas it won't work.

Any help?!?

Answer:Can't start Toshiba satellite laptop

I should also mention that I saw on a forum where someone with a similar problem found that their hard drive had simply come loose. I opened it up and the hard drive indeed was loose, but I plugged it back in with the same problem continuing.

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plz help!! my laptop just changed the way my programs open.... it changed it to be opened in media center and I don't know what to do..... if you can help.... then do so plz!!!!

Answer:my laptop (toshiba satellite L500D)

In Windows, I usually right-click the icon, and choose a program in the Open With dialog box, possibly under the Choose Program option. I check the Always open with this program option to make it the default.

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Briefly - this Tosh Satellite 2800 was fine, then one morning it wouldn't start. On pressing the button, the power led would light and the floppy drive would kick then all silent. On removing the additional RAM soDimm it starts up as normal. Great! I thought, faulty RAM - replaced it and back to dead :(Am I looking at a cream-crackered motherboard?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop non-starter

Perhaps it's the original RAM module that's faulty - but only when accompanied by a second one.Also it might be the RAM connctor. Try each RAM module on it's own, in the original connector slot.Also be sure to remove the battery before changing RAM modules.

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hi there. I am having some problems with my Toshiba laptop. I was wondering if somebody here could help me.
This has a windows xp and was bought in 2004. The problem started in the morning when I left the computer on for Norton scan overnight. In the morning I noted that it was switched off. when I wanted to start it goes on to a screen which says ' we apologise for inconvenience ,but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.' After 30 seconds wait it would go to windows xp screen, try start and would get switched off and would try to get restart again to do the same thing. I tried safe mode, pressing F8 ,taking off the battery and letting it to run on AC mode. Nothing worked!
iI would be grateful if someone could help me out.

Answer:Toshiba satellite Laptop not starting

A computer that automatically shuts down with no warning suggests a problem with overheating. I would double check to make sure that all the connections to any fans in your laptop are properly connected. If the laptop still shuts down as it has been I would take it in to your local PC repair shop and tell them what's going on as they may have the tools and access to parts to fix your problem. Hope that helps!



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I got a toshiba laptop A satellite model. It came with vista. When i first got it i liked vista and the cool look of aero. But then i got tired of the loading time and the excess use of RAM. I then installed Windows Pro XP SP2. I noticed a difference right away. My Pc was alot faster and booting time and loading times were incredible! But to my amazement Toshiba doesn't have a drivers for XP. They only have drives made for vista. I was going crazy looking for some. I finally found one for video and audio. But i couldnt find any for the Wireless LAN and a modem. I couldnt get on the internet!!! I called toshiba all they told me was that the laptop i got was only made to run with vista (he was saying something about BIOS). I was furious. If you guys have had this problem and found some drivers for Toshiba Satellite model A135-S4666 please show me a link.
I eventually went back to vista. To get back on the net but i still would love to have XP on my laptop.



Answer:problems with Toshiba Satellite laptop and XP

download and run SIW. now you'll have all information you need to download XP drivers from 3rd party manufacturers' support pages.

all they told me was that the laptop i got was only made to run with vistaClick to expand...

rubbish, i haven't seen a computer as of yet that couldn't run XP because it was "made to run with Vista"

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My Tosihiba Satellite A105 laptop won't start. At POST the progress bar reaches almost 3/4 of the way up and then the system stalls. Can't do anything except to power off the system. Any suggestions. Please help.

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Does anyone know a site where I can buy on-line a cooling fan for the above model?
I've tried so many sites but without success and now getting desperate!

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A while back cybercore helped me solve a really frustrating recurring BSOD. It helped a lot, but I couldn't find all the driver updates I needed, and now I think some new problems may be surfacing.

My webcam has never worked properly, and some of the Bugcodes seem to point to that, but I'm pretty illiterate in these areas, so maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Talked to Toshiba support, and he thinks everything comes down to the kernel in the system 32, and that I probably have a virus and need to reformat the computer and start from scratch. Not really stoked about that solution, but want to do what needs to be done.

Is there a way to contribute to the forum? You guys are really helpful, and I appreciate it.

Here's the original thread:

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop BSOD

Quote: Originally Posted by fordlikethecar

A while back cybercore helped me solve a really frustrating recurring BSOD. It helped a lot, but I couldn't find all the driver updates I needed, and now I think some new problems may be surfacing.

My webcam has never worked properly, and some of the Bugcodes seem to point to that, but I'm pretty illiterate in these areas, so maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Talked to Toshiba support, and he thinks everything comes down to the kernel in the system 32, and that I probably have a virus and need to reformat the computer and start from scratch. Not really stoked about that solution, but want to do what needs to be done.

Is there a way to contribute to the forum? You guys are really helpful, and I appreciate it.

Here's the original thread:

most of your crashes (from 3/2 till present) are caused by usbccgp.sys which is a generic usb composite driver (probably the webcams). Is that web cam supported under win 7? is the driver win 7 or earlier?


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\031611-14820-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\Symbols*;srv*e:\symbols
* Read more

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Used to boot up first time if I pulled battery out and reinserted and did not have power connected. Now it doesn't work if I pull battery out and reinsert.Can you tell me how to proceed.

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop does not boot.

Dead laptop laptop

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Is there any way to slightly overclock a Toshiba M35X-S163 laptop?

Even just a little.

Answer:Overclocking a Toshiba Satellite laptop

Does it have any options in the bios? I doubt it does. Also, you might be able to use a software oc'ing utility, if you can find it's chipset/motherboard details.

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I have worked a small bit on laptops, like replacing memory sticks, replacing a hard drive,....but I've not ever worked on a Toshiba and I've not replaced a how difficult is it to replace a (possibly) ailing fan on a Toshiba Satellite? Is there anything in particular I would need to know or be careful of?

Answer:Replacing a fan on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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The CD/DVD Driver in my Satellite A50 Laptop (TEAC DV-W24E) won't read CDs or DVDs and doesn't appear on My Computer, when I checked the hardware, it says that Windows has properly loaded the driver but the hardware cannot be found (code 41). I don't really know what to do, should I consider uninstalling the driver?? thing is I don't know how to reinstall it, and even though I know plenty about PCs, this, for me, has been an issue and I don't know what to do. HELP!!!!

Uh... I guess no one wants to help me in here, or they're having a bad day, since I've seen really nice tips on the other threads. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A50 laptop CD/DVD not working

There is a regedit to fix your issue, frist go to start then run type regedit
click the plus sign next to HKey_local_machine, then click the plus sign next to current_control_set, then click the plus sign next to control, then click the plus sign next to class, then click on the number {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318, then on the right hand side delete the upper and the lower filters, if both are not there then delete waht ever is there, then restarte the computer and the issue will be fixed


Read more

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My toshiba laptop won't boot up. i have tried the various options on boot up but none of them work and even though it attempts to try and repair the system after a few seconds the screen goes blank. I have spoken to Toshiba and they said that I need to use a recovery disc but I can't find it. They told me I could buy one but it would cost me 30! Are there any websites where I can download the necessary files onto a PC and then copy them onto a disc for installation onto my laptop?Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L350 laptop

How old is the laptop? If not quite new, it is possible that the only thing stopping it from loading up is a flat, or nearly flat, CMOS battery.If you have a friend with the same OS, perhaps you could borrow their Disc?

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I am not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but here it goes. I actually have 2 problems that I am hoping that someone can help me with.

First problem: I have no problem with the log on screen, but when I start my laptop and the desktop loads up and the internet browser (Firefox) is loaded, my keyboard acts funny. And it's just not that, it's with all programs that involve typing. My keys are locked in the CAPS position. All letters are uppercase and the numbers are locked in and will only show the symbols above them. When I actually turn on the CAPS LOCK, the letters are lowercase, but the numbers are still showing the symbols above them. I have to restart my computer several times before it is up and running fine. Also, at certain times, my SHIFT button, when used, displays this "NB~A". This has been going on for about a month or so, but here lately, it is almost every time I start my laptop.

Second problem: Here recently, about a week, a friend of mine and myself, installed the SP3 for Windows XP Home Edition for my laptop. Everything was working fine for the first 2 days, but then I started to have a problem with my wireless internet connection. So I went into the Device Manager to check to make sure everything was ok and up to date. To my surprise, EVERYTHING is gone. The entire page is blank. Nothing it there. I clicked the Show Hidden Devices tab, still......nothing. So I went into my Network Connections.......nothing. Everyt... Read more

Answer:Solved: Need help with my Toshiba Satellite laptop

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Hello all,

So I have an older Toshiba Satellite A505-S6969 laptop that one day just abruptly shut off and never came back on. I have replaced the following:

Motherboard (Twice)
Graphics Card (dedicated)
AC Harness
LCD Screen
LCD Inverter
LCD Cable

There was an improvement in that the system itself powered on. The hard drive spins and the CD drive opens. But I have no power to the LCD screen or display (used the flashlight trick.) I thought the initial motherboard replacement may have been the issue but I swapped it out another with no results. I can't VGA out the system to a monitor either (which would suggest a problem with the video card, but I figure I'd at least have power to the screen.) I'm at the point where I don't so much care about having mobile computing abilities, but more obsessed with figuring out what I'm missing here.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop Mystery


Originally Posted by bodibaloo

Hello all,

So I have an older Toshiba Satellite A505-S6969 laptop that one day just abruptly shut off and never came back on. I have replaced the following:

Motherboard (Twice)
Graphics Card (dedicated)
AC Harness
LCD Screen
LCD Inverter
LCD Cable

There was an improvement in that the system itself powered on. The hard drive spins and the CD drive opens. But I have no power to the LCD screen or display (used the flashlight trick.) I thought the initial motherboard replacement may have been the issue but I swapped it out another with no results. I can't VGA out the system to a monitor either (which would suggest a problem with the video card, but I figure I'd at least have power to the screen.) I'm at the point where I don't so much care about having mobile computing abilities, but more obsessed with figuring out what I'm missing here.


Before this abruptly shut down, was this laptop getting hot underneath ?
Did you feel any hot air from the air vent ?
You said you checked everything but have you looked into a cpu over heating problem ?
Also have you thought about the power supply on the mobo maybe faulty ?
Check into those again abit more closely once you find the culprit.
Come back here and let me know I'll see about getting you a replacement part with instructions to do it right.

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when i removed the HDD from my laptop it decided that it needed a BIOS Password. I need to Know how to kill a password that i don't Know. Please HELP

Answer:Toshiba laptop satellite pro 440cdx

Laptop BIOS passwords are notoriously harder to unseat than PC as you can't get to the CMOS battery and persuade the BIOS to lose its memory quite so easily. Hang on and have patience and provided the Moderators agree, there is a poster who will pick up on this thread and may try to help.

Bump the thread up to page 1 every day to make it more noticeable.

I take it you have tried just hitting Enter at the apssword prompt.

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Greetings! I have a problem with my old laptop (Toshiba Satellite 4060 CDT). When I bought it, it was running Windows Millenium, so I decided to install WinXP (game edition, only 200Mb), because it was an only operateing system in wich i could set up Wi-Fi connection. The system works fine, despite very poor RAM\ROM\CPU. But! i have no idea how to make video adapter work fine, all drivers wich i found for it in the internet are not compatible with XP (they all for Me\Win2K\Win98)Could you please help me solving this problem? It is Very difficult to work without video driver(((p.s. Thanks!)p.p.s. Sorry for some mistakes, English is not my native language(

Answer:WinXP on Toshiba Satellite laptop

Try the Windows 2000 drivers, XP and 2000 have a lot in common.

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Not sure if anyone can offer any advice on this one. Basically I bought a laptop from someone who I work with for my son as an xmas present. Paid 400 for it which I was told was reasonably fair at the time, it was 14mths old.As of yesterday it has apparently died. When it is connected to the power supply there are no lights, nothing. The power lead is warm so I am assuming that part is ok. When I wiggle the power lead around there is no intermittent power coming through, so I think the power jack is ok so that leaves me with the motherboard. I have read on some sites that it can be pretty expensive to repair, some companies offer to change the whole mother board whilst others will repair the faulty chips. Not sure whether to send it off to someone or take it down to a local computer repair shop (I dont want to be ripped off more than I already have)!Has anyone else had a similar problem, or can someone recommend a good repair company to use.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A-100 laptop no power

1. Disconnect battery and try on mains only.2. with battery and mains disconnected hold power button for 30 seconds, reconnect battery then mains and reboot. (rids board of static which may be causing the problem)

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Hi, the battery is now flat and when i plugin ac adapter, i get nothing on laptop led's for indication that the laptop has ac power connected or that the battery is charging. i purchased a replacement adapter and still no indication that the ac is connected or charging.Any ideas or do i just throw the laptop as it's quite old now.tnx in advance

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A60 Laptop won't power up

if you remove the battery - does the machine's power indicator light come on then?

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I have a toshiba satellite model A215-s7422 with 160 gb harddrive and one gig of ram running windows vista premium 32 bit- first of all when I download windows updates it freezes for example, I shut down my computer to go to sleep and my computer installs and configures but when i wake up it will still be on the screen without shutting down. second my system restore doesnt work and I didnt shut it off I use to be able to restore from a earlier time but then when I tried to do one it says i have no more points and when I try to create a new one I get an error saying something to do with the vcss or vss volume driver. Now for my third problem when I turn on my computer sometimes it will just turn off and when i try to do a virus check with avg in safe mode without networking my computer will shut down. Will somebody please help me because I have so many music files I cannot afford to lose any of it since I'm a dj.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start. When I turn it on I get the message "we apologize, but Windows did not start successfully." I do not have a CD for XP, as it came installed. I have tried every option offered on this screen, i.e. Start Windows Normally, et cetera, and none of them work. Any suggestions, for a computer dummy, on how to cure this problem?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start.

you will need to purchase an XP CD or get the original installation disc for your laptop. I suggest the former. Your registry or HD is corrupted.

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I can not get any key board functions to work. I can use a mouse plugged into a usb slot to move around but can not type anything.

Answer:toshiba laptop satellite computer

can you type anything with an external USB keyboard?

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I am Hopeing some one here can she'd some light on this. My friend has given me a toshiba satellite pro laptop but its refusing to turn on.
it was working fine then the was a power cut in his hosue the laptop turned off and will not power up as of then

With the AC power supply pluged into the laptop the power light comes on as well as the batty indicator witch flickers.

With the Batty out and the AC power in all i get it the power light comeing on thats it

with the AC power out as well as the batty i get nothink at all

thanks for any replay

Answer:Toshiba satellite pro laptop will not power up ! help me !

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have moved your thread to the appropriate forum. I have also Deleted your other thread.

Please don`t post computer problems in out Guides and Solved Issues forum. Thanks.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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is giving me fits.

Running Vista.

Avast is installed.

Rollback RX is installed.

It keeps telling me that the hard drive is near full and demands attention.

My limited knowledge is saying BS. It looks like only 1/3 of the HD space is being used.

I removed a couple of gig of unused stuff and then emptied the trash can.

The computer said I have even less room than before.

Went to my $50/hr computer guru's a few days ago and showed it to him. We spent 45 minutes and he ended up calling his mentor. Had to leave a message.

He will call me later. The Rollback folks will get back to him. It probably isn't the Rollback because I'm pretty sure the problem existed a long time before it was installed.

I am now on my old, slow backup box.

There has to be someting falsely telling the computer that the HD is full.



Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop computer

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S6804. Has Vista OS. Everything has been fine with it until a few days ago. When I go to shut it down at the end of the day, I do it the "normal" shut down way. The problem is that when I start it the next morning, the battery is not fully charged. What is happening is that rather than shutting down, it is going to sleep and using the battery I want it totally shut down and not going to sleep. I didn't start it up for a couple of days, which is unusual, as I normally use it daily (when I use it, it is always plugged in and not running on battery), and the battery was at like 40%! I have noticed that when I shut it down, the lights on the front of it go out, but the ones that run across the top of it, are staying on...even when I close the lid. I hope this is making at least a little sense, I'm sorry

I would love some suggestions, please. I did go to control panel, power options?, and system settings, but was unsure what to do once there.

Thanks so much

Answer:Help with shut down on Toshiba Satellite laptop

your putting the machine to sleep and not shutdown you can fix this a couple ways

click on the start orb

you will see on the right there is a "power button"

dont click that, vista has that on sleep by defult,

next to the "power button" is a symbol that looks like a lock

and finnaly next to that is and arrow pointing right

go ahead and click on that arrow, and from there you should see a menu

Switch users
logg off



go ahead and hit shutdown

i have attached a file called image 1 take a look at that

the second way is by telling vista to make the "power button" shut down instead of sleep.

first, hit the start orb, from there search the term "power"

you should get results and click on "power options"

from there you will be at the power options screen and on the left side you will see 5 options

require a password on wake up

chose what the power buttons do

create a power plan

chose when to turn off the display

change when the computer sleeps

you will want to click on number 2 "chose what the power buttons do"

the first question will be "when i hit the power button" click on the drop down menu and select shut down.
 image1.jpg   51.73KB

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i have this laptop for few days i took it from my cousin, but its very slow when i start it up it takes like 4-5 minutes to start and when i try to start any aplication it also takes like 1-2 minutes to open it, i did scan with malwarebytes and it found only 1 infected file, i dont know what to do so if u guys can land me a hand ill be apriciate it. sorry if i didnt put the post in right place.

Answer:very slow toshiba satellite laptop

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2595 laptop that originally had Win 98 OS installed on it. It has a DVD drive that would play DVD movies. It has a Celeron 400 cpu with the max of 192MB of RAM. I installed Win 2000 Pro OS and now the DVD player sputters as it plays a DVD-sound and video stops and starts. Is it because of th OS that this is happening? I did install a new DVD RW drive with the same results. I appreciate any help, thanks.

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I just bought and installed Spyhunter in my toshiba laptop to remove this DELTA search virus. After the installation, l scanned my laptop and the spyhunter detected the delta search virus and other malwares it deemed harmful to my laptop. I pressed FIX IT as instructed and the Spyhunter removed the supposed harmful software and Delta search.Thew software instructed me to restart my laptop. I did just that and my laptop cannot boot anymore. l keep gettingfdisk cannot open /dev/sdb : No medium foundunfortunately, l do not have a startup disk for Toshiba Satellite L750/L755 1MU to use and start my laptop.Please, how can l resolve this problemThanksIyke

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop cannot boot

We are missing a piece of the story. /dev/sdb is a Linux disk label not Windows. The specs at the top of your post says Windows 7. Did you have dual boot? How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite 1800-814, with pre-installed Windows XP. I've had a few unexplained problems, some of which I feel have come up after installing SP1 (and uninstalling). Anyway, I've decided to reinstall XP. How do I get the laptop to boot up from CD so I can reformat the hard drive or is there another way? I'll be around on and off till 2am, if anybody's got the answer. Ta.

Answer:Reinstalling XP on Toshiba Satellite laptop

You need to set your Bios to First boot sequence CD Rom Second Floppy Third Hard drive..Then re boot the PC with the XP CD in the rom then follow the on screen instruction. Make sure you make the file system NTFS..

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Ive been looking at my friends Toshiba Satellite laptop for sometime now. The laptop started off with vista and soon after got some type of virus that made the laptop terrible and i didn't want all the work of fixing it so i told him to get windows 7. After i formatted the computer and installed win 7 and gave it back to him the computer started getting messages that there is no log on process and the laptop wasn't able to log on in normal or safe mode. Now that i formatted it again and put another win 7 copy on it and gave it back the computer is receiving critical errors an cant repair them but wont boot up. The funny thing is it only happens when he has it, any advice on why this could be happening to a fresh copy of win 7 with Norton 360 installed? Ive had windows 7 for months with absolutely no problems but he has problems with it days after he gets it.

Thanks, Zack

Answer:Win 7 problems on Toshiba satellite laptop

and welcome to the Forum

The first thing I would do is run diagnostics on the hard drive ( click here )

See this for how to make a bootable cd

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hi, I have a toshiba a300 laptop and it has now stopped working. it powers on and then goes onto a screen stating its had problems and should i start normally or try to repair. if i select either of these options it loads windows (although the windows picture sign is not showing) and then goes onto a blank screen. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:toshiba satellite a300 laptop not working

It worked properly before? Last time it appeared to function properly?

Can you boot into safe mode?

You have restore capability?

What was the last activity you conducted on the system...before the system stopped working properly?


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My Toshiba Satellite laptop computer does not play any DVD's. It does not play DVD RW or store bought DVD's. I am in the UK in region 2 and bought the computer at Curry's. Both my husband and I are experiencing the same issues. We put a DVD in and then it spins in the tray and nothing. Below is my computer information:Toshiba Satellite Laptop PCAMD E-350 Processor 1.60GHz6.00GB (5.60GB Usable) RAM64-bit operating systemWindows 7 Home PremiumService Pack 1HL-DT-ST DVDRAMGT30N SATA CdRom DeviceDVD RW DRive (E:)I access: control panel>hardware and sound>AutoPlayI've selected Auto Play for all media and devices.For DVD Movies it has a pull down menu to choose what I want the DVD to play on:Windows Media PlayerNero MediaHub10Open folders to view files using Windows ExplorerTake no action?Ask me everytimeI also have a Windows Media Center where DVD's can be played but I have had no luck there either. I need replies to be in the plainest language possible as I am not experienced in computer jargon. Thank you for any help you can be.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Laptop DVD Playback Issues

Welcome to the forum.From your post it would seem that the Auto Play feature is NOT the main issue. In stead, the Windows Media Player can not play DVDs. Do you have another computer that can play the DVDs ? Do you have any kind of DVD machines that can verify your DVDs are good?You might be able to use a Media Player that is more tolerant.  Below is a link to a site that claims to have found alternatives to the WMP (Windows Media Player). top recommendation is VLC Player and that is what I use on Windows 7 64 bit.Still, you may have some other issue. Please respond. Somebody here must know the answer.

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I was fiddling around with Task Manager trying to eliminate some unnecessary background processes. When I tried to end Windows Explorer I figured it would just close a few files I had open, but it made my taskbar/windows icon disappear, and my wallpaper is also just black now.

I can still alt-tab my current internet windows and use them, but if I were to close them I couldn't open a new window. The task bar is just a blank black stripe with no icons, and nothing happens when I right-click it. I've tried Googling answers, but most seem to involve using some Windows Key+x or +r command to access the Powershell, which isn't responding now.

I'm scared about what will happen if I try a hard reboot.

Answer:Taskbar not working - Toshiba Satellite laptop

If you still have Task Manager open, Click File / Run New Task / type explorer and click ok. If you've closed Task Manager then Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

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i am fixing toshiba satellite laptop for a friend of mine; i dont know the specs, model number, or anything. when he bought it from a friend of his, the thing came with a password. after turning it on, the Toshiba logo appears and goes straight to asking for the password. when he told me about this problem, i thought is was an xp password, however, upon turning it on i found this out. im guessing that the password was created with the motherboard. Any help with getting this password off? if i have to take it apart, do you have any knowledge of taking one apart or a guide book. thx

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop password removal

Take out the CMOS battery for a couple minutes, replace it and that should reset the BIOS to defaults, including the BIOS password.

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite A70 laptop computer that I bought about six months ago, and I have lost the CD with all of the device drivers on it.

The problem is, is that I can't seem to find the correct drivers on the Internet for it. Even the Toshiba website is hopeless.

Does anyone know where I can get a full set of up-to-date drivers for this model laptop?

Answer:Device Drivers: Toshiba Satellite A70 Laptop

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Hey guys, so I was watching an anime the other night and all of a sudden my laptop just turns off. So I taught the battery died or something I checked if my ac adapter was plugged in and it was. So I retryed turning my laptop on but it doesn't turn on and only my battery light blinks a few times then stops. If any of you had the same problem and were able to fix or if you know what is wrong please tell me.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Toshiba satellite L755 laptop crash. please help

First unplug AC and battery, hold Power button down for 30 seconds to drain resid power. Now put it back together and plug it in. What happens when you power up?

If it still won't start, unplug the battery and try again.

If these fail, try another power adapter of the same voltage. You can always take it to a shop or Geek Squad and they will plug it into their universal adapter which reveals if the adapter needs replacing.

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Dear Sir,

I've Toshiba Laptop Satellite M45-S351. I hope to get TV Tuner to watch & record TV programes. Which model is most compatable with my laptop & how much it cost me & from where I can get it either from Egypt or Saudia Arabia.

Thank you in anticipation.

Dr. Samy El-Shenawy

Answer:TV Tuner for Toshiba Laptop Satellite M45-S351


Well, if you want to watch TV on your unit you need an external TV-tuner like this one:
You can connect this tuner to USB port. In my opinion you can goggled and try to find a dealer in your country.

Good luck


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We purchased a Toshiba Satellite CM30-107 Laptop with integral wireless.

We connected to Wanadoo Broadband following their instructions which required loading their CD and plugging in their USB external modem for the intial setup.

Success connected to Broadband. You are then supposed to alter Laptop settings and configure 108.1x network wireless.

Have followed Toshiba's PC help, tried to configure using the same WEP key and 108.1x but cannot get it to connect to Broadband.

Any ideas out there please.

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Trying to format hard drive with XP. when I boot the CD with Xp on goes through the install cycle, but when it restarts. says UNABLE TO READ, I would think this is a HD problem, is there a program to boot to DOS, and use dos commands to format the hard drive? Or maybe a boot program that will scan the hard drive and block any errored sectors,etc. so data could not be written to them. Just thinking of a workaround from buying a new HD.

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite Laptop L355D

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I'm a new Geek, though hardly a geek and will leave it at novice.

Here are my specs:
Toshiba Satellite m35X-S349
Windows XP SP2
Intel Pentium M processor 1.70GHz,480MB(RAM)

i have had my laptop for about 4 years now. running like a top until 3 weeks ago when it crashed. I did a clean sweep and lost all of my data(very little of it was backed up, hence why I'm really not a geek and just a novice).

It ran fine until 3 days later when it began rebooting itself for hours on end. Took it to the GeekSquad (ripoff) who ran a diagnostics to tell me that there was no Hardware malfunction.

Since I am a Grad student I asked around the library for a few of the technicians to lend a hand. They ran all sorts of ram diagnostics (dimm something??), this and that and also could not figure out why my computer kept restarting itself and occassionally showing a BLUE screen.

Days later I encountered a few real Geeks who figured out that my problem was- an outdated Intel/Proset Internet wireless card driver being out of date. They installed it and my laptop has been fine, until today.

I got the infamous BLUE SCREEN again. Here is what it states and I am hoping this forum might have some suggestions on how to go about fixing what my computer may have:

Technical info:

" STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000005, 0x80567AF7, 0xEDB87918, 0x00000000)

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete
Contact your system administrator or technical suppor... Read more

Answer:Help with Toshiba Satellite M35X-S349/Laptop

The error 0x0000008E can be caused by many different things, including a virus called HaxDoor. When does the error occur? Does it pop up when coming out of standby? Does it happen when browsing through your files on the hard drive? Are any file names listed when the blue screen error occurs? If the error appears to be random, take a look here and see if it helps:

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Hello guys!

I bought a new Toshiba Satellite laptop, I only have a small problem.

While I am using Microsoft Word 2007, whenever I type anything, the cursor jumps to the top of the page, its very annoying, I cant type 4 or 5 words, it keeps jumping to the top.

How can we solve this problem?


Answer:Small problem with new Toshiba Satellite laptop

Before you start to use Office applications disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination.

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Hi All,

I have the above laptop, downloaded Windows 10 - then uninstalled it as it made my machine mega slow.

The + and - buttons to alter the volume no no longer work on the laptop unless you press the FN key.

I went into the control panel to change that, did as I was instructed but I still have to press it to get any volume. I rang Toshiba helpdesk and they couldn't solve the issue either.

Also, the volume has to be turned up to at least 50 to get any sound out as you cannot hear it otherwise. Someone said to do something to the BIOS but i have no idea as I am not tech at all.

Any help would be great as I have tried You Tube and online and not had any luck.

Thanks all.

Answer:Volume issue on Toshiba Satellite pro laptop

This could be it:

I set it so that I can press F1 to F12 without holding the Fn key. When I did that then I had to press Fn key to adjust volume with the - + keys that are on the F9 and F10 keys.

Also you may want to open the volume mixer to see if other volume levels are less that the master volume.

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I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L305 laptop and it repeatedly crashes and gives off a blue screen saying: it was doing physical dump of your memory, something like that. So I was wondering is there an easier way to fix this and is this caused by a virus?

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Satellite L305 crashes

Let's try this.Download/install BlueScreenView, BlueScreenView.exe file.When scanning is done, Edit/Select All...then File/Save Selected Items.Save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content and paste it into your next reply.Louis

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A (Windows 7 Home Premium). It was bought brand new around 3 weeks ago. I've noticed that, besides the fan noise, the bottom of the laptop makes a clicking or buzzing noise. The laptop has blue screened twice, something about memory dump or management. I don't really mind the noise, I just want to make sure there's nothing wrong with the laptop's hardware.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Answer:Clicking noise from new Toshiba Satellite laptop?

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My daughter was given this laptop by a friend after it crashed and he assumed that it was virus-related. I had her give it to me so I could format the hard drive and do a fresh install of XP Home - which originally came in it.

After I plugged in the power adapter and started it, this is what occurred:

The Toshiba logo screen appeared for a few seconds and then a black screen appeared with the message:

SMART failure predicted on hard disk 0

Warning: Immediately back up your data and replace your hard drive. A failure may be imminent.

Press F1 to continue.

About a minute later, the screen went black and the power light went out.

I restarted it and accessed the BIOS setup screen.

It remained there for about 2 minutes before it blacked out and the power light went out.

I inserted the XP CD and booted from it.

The blue setup screen appeared and started to go through its setup process.

About 2 minutes into it, the screen went black and the power light went out.


I've pretty much figured out that the hard drive has crashed.

It's very user-friendly to remove and replace, but I don't want to invest in a new hard drive if there's another hardware issue with that laptop.

Any comments and input would be appreciated.


Answer:Need Some Input On Toshiba Satellite A85-S107 Laptop

Probably your cheapest way out is to get an adapter for the drive. According to Toshiba, it uses an IDE drive. Get an adapter to adapt it to the ide for a desktop and try the drive in your desktop, or get an external USB case and try it that way. Now you can do a test on the drive.

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Well, if you guys think that computers and I don't get along, wait until I tell you about my brother's laptop... a real doozy (sp?) to say the least.

The model is: TOSHIBA SATELLITE R15 TABLET PC, it comes with Windows XP w/SP3 and even though this is just a Vista forum, I trust you guys.

He lives in Guatemala, he tells me that his laptop is acting up and that he took it to the Toshiba Shop there and they told him that he needed a new motherboard, I ask why, he can't answer me. I asked him to tell me if the Laptop can get to the desktop and he says YES, I figure that whatever is happening to it can not be the mobo. He says that he'll be in Miami in a few days so I told him to bring it, I'll take a look at it even though laptops and I get along worse than PCs and I [IMG]http://www.****[/IMG], if that doesn't work, I'll take it to a Toshiba retailer here so they can dig in deeper.

Well, the laptop is here, what it does is completely wierd for sure, if you are on the desktop and you click on 1 of the icons there, all of the icons to the left side of it and above the icon you just clicked on get HIGHLIGHTED... WTF???

If you get to Explore, same thing happens to files inside a folder which makes it extremely hard to open documents or applications.

Here's where the odd and doozy thing takes place... after a few restarts and/or log offs, the laptop works just as well as any other laptop...

I have my suspicions that this ha... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC... Laptop from Hell

Can you at least show me where can I get the software CD from? I have been on their site and I can get to each individual driver but not the whole CD software.

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My Toshiba Satellite laptop C55 series won't turn on, when I click the power button, the power button lights up for about 3 seconds, then goes off. I got it in 2003.

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Toshiba satellite A505-S6970 system unit. HDD #1/SSD #1 User Password Status: RegisteredHDD #1/SSD #1 Password Select:[User Only]Set HDD #1/SSD #1 User password: [Enter]password is unknown

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop HD password unknown

Can't help you with passwords.

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Toshiba Satellite M35X-S311 laptop

Only have sound on one side (right) either through built in speakers or headphone jack. Have disassembled it to see if anything was lose, disconnected, etc. Found no problems. Disconnected/reconnected the ribbon wire leading from the sound portion to the MB just for giggles. Still the same. Ideas?

I asked an irishman if the irish always answer a question with a question. He answered "who told you that"?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop sound problem

Have you checked the volume properties inside Windows?

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Please could someone help. I am trying to recover .pst files backup folder for outlook express 10 on a crashed hard drive. I have recovered all the other files except for the outlook folder which is proving elusive, but really important as it is for work. I have tried several programs and managed to find a couple of saved emails but not the folder. I cannot find the link in user or document.

Answer:window HP crashed on toshiba satellite laptop

is there a file called DNREP?

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Good morning/ day all ! I was hoping someone could help me open windows-8 on a laptop I was given. The previous owner doesn't remember the password she set for it. She also said several folks have tried helping her and failed. Any suggestions ?

On restart/ power on Windows does nothing now and what looks like a dos(blue) box or window asks for a password. That is as far as I have gotten so far. Thanks in advance to all that support this site.

Toshiba Satellite

Windows 8 (supposedly)

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Win 8 o/s and no password

Sorry, but help with passwords is against the rules of this site.

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A while ago, while my BIOS was updating, my laptop shut off. When I tried to power it back on, I get nothing. The harddrive boots, I get the lights and everything, but absolutely nothing shows up on the screen. The light on the screen doesn't turn on or anything. I was thinking that it might be a BIOS related issue since this happened after my laptop shut down during the update. So would resetting the CMOS or anything like that fix this problem? Or will I have to hot flash the BIOS?

Answer:Resetting the BIOS on a Toshiba Satellite laptop

if you screwed the BIOS update (never do it from within windows) then the motherboard is screwed and there is nothing you can do to retrieve it (short off soldering a new BIOS chip on that is)

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I dismantled this laptop completely to fix its power jack which had become completely loosed from the motherboard. After assembling the unit I could get the power on and hear the harddisk running, but the system does not boot. I have replaced the memory but it did not help. I connected it to an external monitor but it still did not boot.

system spec:
Toshiba Satellite M35X S161
OS = Windows XP SP2
Ram 512 MB
Processor= Unknown, I have not had the chance to see other system info.

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So a couple months ago, my started having an odd little issue--sometimes, when I try to start it back up from hibernate or sleep, the power light will come on, and I can hear the fan running lightly, but the screen stays black and won't do anything. Usually, after fiddling with it for a bit, it randomly starts working again. However, the problem has become increasingly frequent.

Here's what happens:
I press the power button. It makes the little internal starting up noise, and the fan starts. The power button also lights up, but the other lights don't and the screen stays black, and it's not the "I'm trying to turn on" black. I mean the kind of black that it would be if the screen wasn't working.

Having said that, no, it's not a screen issue. When all the lights come on in my computer, I know it will work, but right now just the power light is on with none of the other ones, except the small ones at the bottom that say its plugged in and the powers on. It will work for weeks at a time, and then one day I will open it, and it won't completely wake up from sleep, so I will turn it off and it will do this for between 4 days and a week before randomly turning back on completely for a couple weeks. It feels like I am missing something really easy to do, but I also feel like it is really weird.

Other things:
-Leaving it on in its not-quite-started state does not change anything. It makes absolutely no attempt to start up once the ... Read more

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Hello, As the release of the three things at the same time,
1) 4th Generation Intel Core Processor
2) Windows 8.1
3) NVIDIA Geforce 700 Series Graphics Card

I want a new laptop with all these three things and the only that I can see is this Toshiba Satellite P70-AST2GX1 Laptop

Its a very good laptop and can fulfill my requirements. But, Before I buy it I need the suggestions from you all so please tell me whether I should buy it or not and whether there is any other better Laptop than this one.

Actually this is the first time I am going to buy A Toshiba Laptop and I don't have any experience but I have heard they are good.

Please help me, Thanks.......................

Answer:Is Toshiba Satellite P70 A Good Windows 8 Laptop?

Seems a good laptop.
for more check : Hands-on Toshiba Satellite P70 Pre-production Notebook - Reviews

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