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Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 950 reportedly detailed

Question: Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 950 reportedly detailed

With Nvidia reportedly set to announce a new mid-range graphics card in under a month's time, rumors are starting to appear that allegedly reveal this card's specifications and features in detail.

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Preferred Solution: Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 950 reportedly detailed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 950 reportedly detailed

Ouch! Half way between 750Ti and 960, it will go for 165euros. That will make outdated AMD offerings price competitive, and sales internally cannibalised by 960, not to mention that all the recent games like GTA, Witcher shows 960 is actually todays entry gaming card from nVidia.

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Specifications for Nvidia's upcoming high-end consumer graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, have reportedly been revealed thanks to a GPU-Z screenshot posted on Korean website Hardware Battle.

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Answer:Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti specifications reportedly revealed

After watching the Titan X struggle at 4K with several new games (even in SLi) it's difficult to manufacture genuine excitement for this card, as sweet as the specs are and as good as it looks.

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I'm new in sevenforums. So hello again to everyone!

Let's get into the subject...

I know that there are other topics about GeForce 310M and read all of them (I think all) but although my problem seems to be the same as others, none of the solutions worked for me, except changing DEV ID thing. I don't know how to do it. Let me remind my problem.

I have formatted my laptop and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86. Everything looks fine but the GPU. I have installed all drivers (LAN, chipset, GPU etc.) but still can't use the graphics card on desktop or anywhere else. I tried to disable the Standart VGA graphics accelerator but still can't watch videos fullscreen or adjust screen resolution beyond 1024x768. By the way there isn't any second monitors shown on screen resolution adjustment window. On device manager screen, there are three basic system drivers that have yellow mark, however when it tries to find the drivers online, it fails to find anything. I tried to install OS and everything from the beginning lots of times. It was working properly before I formatted my PC for the first time.

I thought about the possibility of damaged OS disc but installed the same OS to my desktop PC and it still works without any problems. So it can't be the Windows 7 DVD. I don't know what causes this.

As I said above, I haven't tried to change DEV ID in an *.ini file, because don't know how to do it. Maybe this is the right solution.

So any help would be very nice.

Thanks.... Read more

Answer:Need detailed help about Nvidia GeForce 310M

korli, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If you haven't yet I would start with the "Intel INF Update Driver" from here,

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Notebooks - ASUS K52JC

then install both the Intel and Nvidia video drivers, installing the Intel one first. I have a feeling that your laptop having the Intel graphics integrated into the CPU,

Intel? Core

that it uses switchable graphics (uses the Intel for low power and/or normal use, and uses the Nvidia for gaming, etc), and requires both to be installed for either to work properly.

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Ok, so I have the NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 and it seems to being some werid things, like not being able handle Dragon age 2 on direct 11 and things like that even though I can play other games. Also my monitor has been going idle while gaming, and the only way to get out is to turn the computer off. Money range is 0-300 and I only have one pci x16 slot.

Basically I just want to know what series are compadable with my system for example Can I use ANY 200 series? Can I upgrade to the 400 series? Thankyou techGuru's!
So here are my specs.
Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz 51 °C
Lynnfield 45nm Technology
8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 662MHz (9-9-9-24)
MSI Indio (CPU 1)
HF237 ([email protected])
NVIDIA GeForce GT 230
Hard Drives
977GB Seagate ST31000528AS (RAID) 29 °C
Optical Drives
MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM0000
Realtek High Definition Audio

And I have a 1600x1200 monitor

Answer:Suggestions for upgrade from Nvidia GeForce GT 230. Very detailed!

i would think that a 6850 or 6870 would be a great investment and there both under the $240 range and yes they should work fine in your computer as long as your power supply is up to the task.

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Hi. I have some questions about Graphic accelerator NVIDIA GeForce GO 7600 in model Satellite A100-906.

It has 256 MB memory. Do tou know, if this card has 128 or 64 Bit Memorybus?

And I am also curious about the memory clock, do you know the value (in Mhz)? I cannot find these informations anywhere.

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Needing detailed information about NVIDIA GeForce GO 7600 in A100-906

try Rivatuner it should give you that info (and even more)
btw, my Satellite A100-847 also has a GF GO 7600 with 256MB DDR2 128-bit dedicated (not shared) RAM; I think yours is the same

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Hey i have a question regarding mobile graphics card. i was looking at two different laptops <>



one is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS and the other with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

I found on notebookcheck that the 9400m is ranked higher than the 9300m, but the 9400 is an integrated card, and that the 9300m has dedicated memory! i am confused because i always believed that a dedicated card will be better than integrated so i am very confused!!!

please comment if you can clear this up for me! thanks much


Answer:Solved: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS vs. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

please help!!!!!!!!

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We have told you earlier that Nvidia is preparing 55nm GPUs against current ATi's offerings like RV670, RV635, RV620 as well as RV770. VR-Zone has managed to find out Nvidia is planning a GeForce 9800M GTS refresh codenamed NB9E-GT1 and a new GeForce 9800M GT codenamed NB9E-GS1 based on 55nm G94b architecture. Both GeForce 9800M GTS and 9800M GT have 1GB of GDDR3 memories onboard. Interestingly, the GeForce 9650M GT codenamed NB9P-GT is actually a 55nm G96b.

VR-Zone : Technology Beats - Nvidia 55nm Mobile Graphics Cards Unveiled

Answer:Nvidia upcoming laptop GPU are based on 55nm

9800mgx2 ?? awww

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O... Here's my dillema.   My HP NVIDIA card (HP p/n 466762-001 rev:M03) in my HP Model: 9520f Windows 7 Ultimate machine failed.   I replaced it with an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT card (p/n 5188-8004, asus p/n C403H) that came from a spare HP Pavillion Model a6150y Vista machine I had on hand. The initial VID/Graphics card failure and susequent replacement caused much havock with Windows and some other stuff (ie, not booting/loading Windows etc...) and after much effort I was able to get everything loading & working reasonable well again.   But the problem I'm still having is with the old drivers (removing them and all their remnants) and loading the new drivers for the ASUS NVIDIA card that is now in my machine.  I've tried normal uninstalls as well as the GURU DDU uninstall.  I think (and it appeares) that all the old NVIDIA drvers and other software has been uninstalled because I can not find any of it in the normal locations.   But I am still unable to install the NVIDIA 8500GT drivers for the ASUS card from the NVIDIA site or even the NVIDIA drivers/software updates that Windows Update has detected and suggested in Windows updates.  The insalls start out fine but soon fail to complete. Evidently I (and my brother who was in my machine remotely for a good 6 hours because he is an IT/Computer tech and is ten times more knowledgable than I on this) are missing something very... Read more

Answer:Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500...

Mermiatwd, welcome to the forum. I suggest that you try Revo Uninstaller free version to see if it solves you problem.  I use the Advanced option.  It removes the program from the HDD and the remnants from the BIOS.  I have used it for years with great success with removing those difficult to remove programs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I'm not a gamer, but rather an enthusiastic net surfer and would like my present graphics card to be as fast as easily possible. To do this, it has been suggested that I update my card's driver with downloading/installing Nvidia's latest driver (285.62 WHQL, Win7 64-bit...4G RAM, Firefox 9). Would this be the the right thing to do?

Answer:Driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i?

If you are not having problems, I would not go looking for trouble

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So I just updated to windows 10. and first thing i go to do is turn up my saturation, nvidia control panel doesnt work, i go to my device manager looks like my graphics card isnt even installed, i install it and restart pc, nvidia control panel still doesnt work, I install geforce experience, that wont launch either.


Answer:Nvidia geforce experience & nvidia control panel not working.

Nightmare, but I managed to fix things on my computer.

First I stopped Microsoft updates.
Then uninstalled every NVIDIA program/driver/utility I could find and (IMPORTANT) deleted the install folders!

To stop Windows 10 updates do this...

Open the start menu and type "Advanced"
Select the second result, "View Advanced System Settings"
In the "System Properties" window that just opened, select the hardware tab
Click the "Device Installation Settings" button
Select "No, let me choose what to do"
Select the "Never install driver software from Windows Update"

To boot into safe mode do this...

Type msconfig and open the System Configuration utility.
Click "Boot" and check the "Safe Boot" option.

Next time you boot into Windows 10 it will be in 'Safe Mode.'
Install the following driver...


Do NOT install the GForce Experience and do not update the graphics driver to the newer version.

I dunno if this will work for you, but it sorted out my problems.
Incredibly, even after I had disabled Windows updates the crafty twat STILL downloaded an NVIDIA driver.
Now I get pop up alerts from the task bar whining that it can't do the update!

Microsoft... Inching it's way slowly into the past!

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what is this update and it fails to install.

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Hi all,
I have a XPS 8300 from 2011.  
My son wanted to upgrade his GPU (he has a Erazer 310 ( which has a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti like this one (
So I thought it was the perfect time to take his 750 Ti and upgrade both PC's at the same time.
I took my GPU out of the XPS 8300 and inserted the 750 TI. Nothing happened. The PC did not recognize the card.
Then I started to read all types of discussions, problems, adventures and what not, about this PC and a GPU upgrade. Man, I was about to do a BIOS flashing without even knowing what that meant...I have to admit that it has been 2 very interesting days and I have learnt a lot and then...
Then I found the simpliest video with the simplest explanation on how to do proceed. I tried it and completely succeeded in about 15 minutes (plus 10 minutes of downloading a driver).
So, here is the link to the video. The video is in Spanish but these are the SO LOGICAL steps (
I added two steps on my own and then followed the video:
1. My step: Turn on the PC and unistall the stock GPU (from the device manager)
2. Turn of the computer.
The video explanation starts in second 50:
3.Disconnect the power (for security reasons).
4. Open the case and extract the GPU you currently have (he does not show this in the video)
5. Check that at least you have 300 W. The XPS 8300 has a 460 W power supply so... Read more

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Lenovo seems to be lagging behind in getting updated graphics drivers from Nivida to its loyal customers.  So I went to the Nvidia site and looked.  The date on my driver is 12/16/2008.  When I let nvidia scan my system it reports that it is driver 179.30.  The latest for the 105m is 186.  And to add insult to injury Nvidia says "The manufacturer of this system requires that you download the driver for your GPU from their support site."  Sooooooo....... I have two questions: 1)  for Lenovo - when do you expect to release a new Nvidia driver for us? 2)  for other (apparantly) forgotton loyal Lenovo cusoters like myself: .....Has anyone gone ahead and installed the Nvidia driver?  Does it work?  Are there problems?  How did you get around them? Ok sorry - that's more than 2 questions.  :-)  But I think you get my drift. Brassie

Answer:Graphics driver from Nvidia for my SL500 with the Nvidia Geforce G 105m?

1) The Lenovo drivers are tested rigiously to make sure it is not incompatible with the systems, so this is why it is so slow. 2) No, only the nvidia driver from Lenovo would work.

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I have an older machine I use for backup (Dell OptiPlex 745) fairly well appointed, with an on-the-motherboard graphics adapter (Intel, I think) running one monitor and a plug-in nVidia based adapter, running two monitors. I was running Linux on it until January 2015, when I joined the Windows Insider Program and installed Win 10. At first the two nVidia-driven monitors would not work at all, but in a few months they started working after an update download from Microsoft (I was a "fast track" Insider). All was well until February 2016, when both nVidia monitors quit working and my WiFi card went dead. I tried a number of things, but no no avail. I got the nVidia-based monitors when I directly downloaded a driver from the manufacturer, but after that, when the first Microsoft update was downloaded, the nVidia-driven screens went blank. I really need three monitors for the work I do. I tried all sorts of things, including a hard disk wipe and complete reload of Win 10. No success. I just ran out of time to experiment with it after a few weeks.

I'm now very concerned about my main machine. It's an older custom-built machine with an Intel Core2 Q6600 processor and two graphics cards: a GeForce 8800GT and GeForce 9500GT, driving four monitors. I really can't screw up on its Win 7 to 10 upgrade and loose this machine because of bad device drives forced on me by Microsoft.

QUESTION: Does anyone have success with the 8800GT and/or 9500GT?

Answer:nVidia GeForce 8800GT and GeForce 9500GT

Hi @websquad .

IMHO you should stop Device driver automatic installation, then Uninstall the installed nvidia driver, and try 341.95 WHQL.

341.95 WHQL should work with both of your cards.
Just make one thing sure, perform a driver only installation of the nvidia installer package.
NVIDIA Drivers - Avoid Problems - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope it helps. Let us know the result.

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I have an older machine I use for backup (Dell OptiPlex 745) fairly well appointed, with an on-the-motherboard graphics adapter (Intel, I think) running one monitor and a plug-in nVidia based adapter, running two monitors. I was running Linux on it until January 2015, when I joined the Windows Insider Program and installed Win 10. At first the two nVidia-driven monitors would not work at all, but in a few months they started working after an update download from Microsoft (I was a "fast track" Insider). All was well until February 2016, when both nVidia monitors quit working and my WiFi card went dead. I tried a number of things, but no no avail. I got the nVidia-based monitors when I directly downloaded a driver from the manufacturer, but after that, when the first Microsoft update was downloaded, the nVidia-driven screens went blank. I really need three monitors for the work I do. I tried all sorts of things, including a hard disk wipe and complete reload of Win 10. No success. I just ran out of time to experiment with it after a few weeks.

I'm now very concerned about my main machine. It's an older custom-built machine with an Intel Core2 Q6600 processor and two graphics cards: a GeForce 8800GT and GeForce 9500GT, driving four monitors. I really can't screw up on my Win 7 to 10 upgrade and loose this machine because of bad device drives forced on me by Microsoft.

QUESTION: Does anyone have success with the 8800GT and/or 9500GT?

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Hi, Im thinking about buying a new graphic card and found a card i liked named ASUS GeForce 9400 GT. On the website where they sell it its located under the tab Nvidia, yet if I check out Nvidias prducts page their 9400 GT looks completely different from this one. Then I check out ASUS page and there I find it. So what's the difference between ASUS and Nvidia, why do their cards have the same name, and why does the website im buying it from put the ASUS card under Nvidia products????

Answer:Difference between ASUS GeForce and Nvidia GeForce???

Nvidia designs and makes the GeForce line of graphics chips. Other manufacturers such as Asus, evga, BFX, PNY and others then use the Nvidia chips in their graphics card designs.

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I wont be able to upgrade windows 10 , my video card is not compatible...

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce 7100/ NVIDIA nforce 630i

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i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

Answer:nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Quote: Originally Posted by Overson

i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

Hello Overson, welcome to the forum

Windows update does not necessarily install the newest drivers . If you are having no problems with the driver 266.58 then I would stay with that one

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I have this windows update as optional,

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9200
Download size: 152.6 MB

running windows 7 - do i need it? it seems rather big at 152.6mb

Answer:Solved: nVidia - Display, NVIDIA GeForce 9200

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I have a nvidia geforce logo on my laptop but  I cannot find the graphics inside my computer. Device manager says just Intel 4600 but no Nvidia. Do I have it or is this false advertising?  

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i am getting a NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 i want to know is it better and by how much

Answer:geforce 8800gtx vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Sorry to tell you bad news, but the 8800gtx is faster.
take a look at these:
PassMark - GeForce 8800 GTX - Price performance comparison
Is this Good? - -
gt 430:
PassMark - GeForce GT 430 - Price performance comparison

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I am thinking of getting a new graphics card for x-mas. I currently have a Geforce 8600 GT and i was looking at this GT 220.

Which is better? i think the 220 is but i just wanted some expert confirmation.

GT 220: (scroll down past the 210)

8600 GT: (The right Column)

Answer:NVIDIA GT 220 VS Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

Why bother? If you want to upgrade from an 8600GT - you need to buy a card that has a noticable difference.

For example... the 9500/9400GTs are also pretty much re-badged 8600s. Think of the 220 as a smaller and cheaper to make version of the 8600GT with blu-ray decoding abilities. Its more like a bit better version of the 8600GTs.... that costs $65~95.

An ATI 4670 is about $60~95. Heres a nice one at $80:

But for real big speed bumps - look at ATI 4800s/5700s or at least a GTX 260... or even the GT250 (which is a 9800GT which is a 8800GT - UGH! )
These cards are about $ 120~200.

Your power supply will also be important too. Do you know your brand and model number?

Also your computers own performance.

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i have a acer aspire x3400g. back to factory default settings. all windows updates.

last time i did a restore nvidia told me the current drivers was 15.46whql or something. but now its saying GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR is the latest motherboard drivers? what is that anyways. i cant get no search on it. somebody help me. i think since i might have the wrong smbus controller for my chipset that my wifi is dropping with my brand new ae2500 adapter from linksys with a 3200 new router also. thanks in advance.

Answer:GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR? nvidia auto update is wrong?

nForce is chip-set, GeForce is graphics. I would say that GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR is refering to your graphics card not your chip-set.

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Hi, I just want to ask what is the similarity of NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 and INNO3D GeForce FX 5500 ?and also their difference ..

thnx ...

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 and INNO3D GeForce FX 5500 Comparison

They are both the same card... specs can be found here.

Performance will differ via bus type (AGP or PCI) but they are both 5 series nvidia-based cards.

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So I've installed the correct driver as prescribed by one of the members off the NVidia forums. It comes to a part, half-way into the installation that it freezes and you still get that laggy graphics. Now in device driver it says that "Video Controller" it says that "Drivers for this device is not installed. (Code 28)" And I have a choice to "reinstall driver" which is confusing... also have a few choices to update, rollback and uninstall driver. It's been an issue for the past 3 months, although it has worked once when I attempted to install a game - and mysteriuously enabled me to "enable driver".

Thanks a lot if you can help.

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A grandson now earning, wants to buy a new computer of his own to play "Black & White 2" His brother and I have narrowed the choice down to a decision about the video card It seems that GeForce abilities (and price) climb from 6100 and the game requires 6200 at least.Anyone out there sure of what he should buy?At present he may go for a Novatech system and replace the basic 6000 with something more powerful, but needs to know which card is sufficient?

Answer:nVidia GeForce.. the right one for the job?

For starters does he need an AGP or PCI-E card?

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I have got a major problem it is really screwed up my system you see i have a Geforce 2 mx 400 and my computer is running under a windows xp now the prob. is that i cannot activate my display driver or geforce video card or how you wanna call it. you see the thing is if i do i get a flikkering screen that turn off and on and i cannot play any freakin games either so that really sucks cause i got some hot games like hitman 3 contracts and spidy 2. ANYWAYS i got downloading some drivers all over the internet, the nvidia official homepage, i got a little over a 100mb on nvidia geforce 2 drivers on my comp. now the thing is that one did work i was happy and i thought it would stay that way but CRAP it didn't so i thought f***k it i am going to re install windows xp yeah why not so i did like 7 times and every time i did it showed the windows xp logo and it freezes into a black screen with a little white dot in the upper left corner now i lost a lotta files during those attempts so i dont want that to happen again SO PLEASE CAN ANY ONE HELP ME CAUSE I DONT NO WHAT TO DO OR WHAT TO FIX IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING BOUT THIS PROBLEM I BEG BEG BEG YOU TO HELP ME

thanks a bunch!!!!

windows xp
geforce 2 mx 400
is there anything more ya wanna know? talk to me? email me if you got anything [email protected]

a desperete desperado in need guys! help a brother out!!

[email protected]

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While playing a game (JKII) my computer kept locking-up and then unlocking until it just froze. When I restarted my computer, an error report showed up saying it was my video card. This is the error report:

// Watchdog Event Log File

LogType: Watchdog
Created: 2003-12-17 21:04:32
TimeZone: -600 - AUS Eastern Standard Time
WindowsVersion: XP
EventType: 0xEA - Thread Stuck in Device Driver

// The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop. This
// usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device
// driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your
// display device vendor for any driver updates.

EaRecovery: 1
ShutdownCount: 260
Shutdown: 0
EventCount: 58
BreakCount: 58
BugcheckTriggered: 1
DebuggerNotPresent: 1
DriverName: nv4_disp
EventFlag: 1
DeviceClass: Display
DeviceDescription: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
HardwareID: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0110&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_B2
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
DriverFixedFileInfo: FEEF04BD 00010000 0006000E 000A14B7 0006000E 000A14B7 0000003F 00000008 00040004 00000003 00000004 00000000 00000000
DriverCompanyName: NVIDIA Corporation
DriverFileDescription: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 53.03
DriverInternalName: nv4_disp.dll
DriverLegalCopyright: (C) NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.
DriverOriginalFilename: nv4_disp.dll
DriverProductName: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 53.03
DriverPr... Read more

Answer:nVidia Geforce 2 MX 200/400

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so i came back from work last night and somehow my computer has just been destroyed when it was off all day.

i dunno wtf has happened but it can no longer find my Nvidia geforce gt 430 graphics card and shows a Radeon 3000 in its place on cpuid. im not stupid but i definatly have 100% a Nvidia geforce gt 430...

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

so how the hell can i sort this out? the fan on the graphics card is still runnin so it has power running to it but my computer cant pick it up at all, when i plug my monitor into the graphics card i just get the "no signal" box come up on my screen. i can still use my computer but the graphics card is not working at all when i open my nvidia control panel it tell me that it cant detect any nvidia devices even tho the card is firmly in the slot inside my computer.

please help this is extremely frustrating if its broken i just want to know what part needs to be replaced thanks in advance

edit: i have removed the card and put it back, i also tried re installing the drivers but the disc tells me that the drivers are not need for the radeon (which i know) so it only detects the radeon not the nvidia graphics card.

Answer:Nvidia geforce gt 430 is gone?


Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, build 7601)
Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 260 Processor 3,2GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11


Name: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics
Chip type: ATI display adapter
DAC Type: Internet DAC (400MHz)
Monitor: Generic PnP monitor


Main Driver: aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx32,aticf
Version 8.850.0.0
Driver Model: WDDM 1.1

Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC
Model: M4A78LT-M

dont have a clue why my dxdiag tool is saying that i have a radeon 3000 (unless pcspecialist put it in as some basic chip set) and its no longer (since last night) picking up my Nvidia geforce gt 430 so yeah any help would be lovely is there a way to choose between the two cards or something?

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Hey guys new to the forum so let me start by saying and thanks for even looking at my thread! So here's my situation. I have above graphics card and all was well when on win 7. But now that im on Win 8.1 pro X64 my display going out to my sony bravia tv no longer works. I tried the display on duplicate and extend and all i get on my tv is a blank screen.(I've tried multiple drivers and beta drivers but still no luck) I'm not the saviest computer guy but i manage most of the time, so if helping please give good details so i can do it. any other info you need about my pc justy ask and i will gladly provide.

Answer:Nvidia GeForce 550 GTX Ti

Hi bambam1978 and welcome to the forum. Are we talking HDMI here? Also what kind of puter? Do you also have Intel integrated graphics? More system specs would help.

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ok the current drivers i have are from 8/3/2004.. I do not know how to update this, there is no button i can press, and i cant find the drivers on the NVIDIA website. PLEASE HELP!!

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 3 Ti 200 enter your details in here, but will go something like this in the boxes

Graphics Driver > GeForce and TNT2 > whichever Windows or Opperating System your using and click GO for the driver download. ( n.b. your GF3 Ti200 is listed in the supported pages for the latest 81.98 driver )

Also who makes the GFX card you have?

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Question: NVIDIA geforce 2


I recently got a NVIDIA geforce 2 MX/MX 400 64MB graphics card which replaced my voodoo 32mb card.

Not sure what the problem is esactly but its something to do with something belive it or not!

since i have put the card in it has a lot better graphics on my games such as unreal tournament but it has seemed to slow down my computer and runs very glichey wen minimizeing or restoring down this didnt happen before with the last card.

how can i sort this out or do i have to put up with it?

i hope this qestion is in the right part.

Thanks ipatriot

Answer:NVIDIA geforce 2

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Question: NVIDIA GeForce 2

Okay I bought a NVIDIA GeForce 2 off ebay for my gaming computer but it didn't have the installer. So I was wondering if any of you could help me find a program to install it and i can copy it to a floppy disk and insert it into my other computer, boot it up and voila... so any help very appreciated.

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 2

do a windows update. The appropriate drivers that are stable will download.
Actually - select custom update.

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Question: Nvidia geforce 210

hi can forgive me for my dumbness

can anyone explain to me my Graphic Card Specs

Im asking this because i remember buying this graphic card a year ago having 1gb. Im confused because i can't see 1gb on the specs.

Answer:Nvidia geforce 210

It depends on the card manufacturer. What you have linked to is the page from NVidia which lists the reference specs for a card of that type. Other manufacturers take the reference design and customize/tweak it. The changes that they typically make is to increase the amount of memory (usually by higher-capacity chips or by inserting chips into otherwise empty memory positions on the PCB) and/or pre-overclock the card (make it run faster than reference).

To find the actual specs for your card, you will need to check the card manufacturer's website (Sparkle, PNY, etc.).

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Question: nvidia geforce 4

i updated the drivers the other day with the help of you good folks, today i thought i would check out the performance on my tv and found that the only display on tv was desktop without icons and in black and white no matter what i was watching on pc, after fiddling around with settings for graphics card and tv tool i was able to restore full tv operation, my problem now is that when i play content on pc i get sound but no pic but tv images are fine, i have one or two players like vlc etc all are the same what have i done please? xp pro sp2 and above graphicsjohnny.

Answer:nvidia geforce 4

been playing some more and find that in nvidia settings when switched to clone view pc behaves ok but tv shows sound but no vision, situation is reversed when switched to dual view.jhnny.

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Hmmm.... I dunno what to think

Nvidia's GeForce GTS 250 graphics card - The Tech Report - Page 1

Answer:Nvidia's GeForce GTS 250

Well, it's better than the 9800GTX+, and wins in my book.

EDIT: Looks like it even beats the 260 c216 in the filtering rates...not that it matters, lol.

EDITEDIT: Looks like Palit is coming out with a 2gb model... Palit GeForce GTS 250 2048MB review | test

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nVidia GeForce GT 240 GDDR3 vs. nVidia GeForce GT 220

I've compared these two online, and i'm still not sure which is better.

i just bought the GT240 and 'Can Your Run It' is saying that i cannot run Supreme Commander 2 but not really telling me why. it also says i cannot run Supreme Commander 1 which runs fine on my system.

so i'm thinking of returning the GT240 and getting the GT220.

your thoughts?

Answer:nVidia GeForce GT 240 vs. GT 220

The GT 240 is a better card then the GT 220, hence the higher model number. Neither is a great gaming card though, but the GT 240 is good enough for most games. See a benchmark here with both cards and lasts years mid range card and the previous years near top card, the 8800GT:,2475.html

Here are the requirements for Supreme Commander 2: Commander 2 Full System Specs

Note the CPU recommended, dual core. Your Pentium 4 is going to be the weak link.

P.S. "Can you Run it" isn't perfect.

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Question: Nvidia or Geforce

Hi to everyone,
I all new to forums so please bear with me if I am talking bull here.
I have a Geforce FX5500 256mb OC by BFG and just got an ATI Radeon 9800SE 128mb. I heard that the ATI overheat, and heat is an issue to me as I live in Brazil and at the mo the av temp here is 35°. I do alot of video editing therefore my system often is v hot inside. Which card should I use? Below is a copy of my system:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
2 512mb DDR400 crucial
3 Samsung HD ( 1 Sata 120Gb/ 1 IDE 80Gb / 1 IDE 40Gb)
Geforce FX 5500 256mbOC (BFG)
1 DVDRW Phillips
1 Systemfan at the back and one at the front cooling HDs

Answer:Nvidia or Geforce

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I would like to add a graphics card to my H500S.  I see that the NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 1GB graphics card should work.  Would a 2GB GT 620 card also work? Many thanks in advance.

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AAGP 8x graphics card with 64MB DDR memory and TV-out.


How do I upgrade this to the latest driver? (sorry, but the question mark, for some reason, shows up as an ?)

I went over to the nvidia website to no avail. Please help.

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440

paula89, welcome to the Seven Forums.

To answer your question, quite simply you don't. There is not now and never will be a Windows 7 driver for that card, as Nvidia dropped support for it a long time ago. The best you can do is the last XP driver,

ForceWare Windows XP/2000 32-bit

Probably have to use compatibility mode,

Compatibility Mode

to get it to install. It the rest of the computer is of similar vintage as the video card, there is also a good possibility that the video driver won't install due to the lack of a working AGP/GART driver.

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hi all , ok i have this huge problem with my nvidia geforce card i think it is a 6800gt well thats what drivers i got advised to use before anyway when i turn on my pc with the graphics card insatlled after a few miniuts the screen goes on to standby and when i move the mouse nothing happens just a blank screen and a standby light ,and its not the screen it works perfectly can someone please help me :) thanks

Answer:Help with nvidia geforce...

I'm not sure but the graphics card might be overheating?

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Hi guys. I am planning on upgrading my GTX 555 OEM cause its a little to low end for my taste. The question I have for all the tech-savy people out there is which graphics card should I get? A Geforce GTX 680, 690, or 780? I've heard that the 690 is basically 2 680s running in SLI. If that's true, that means any games that wont work with SLI or don't perform well with SLI, will still have the same problems and I wont be able to do anything about it. So i was wondering which one do you think I should get? I wanna be able to run any next gen games on max settings if not, one below max settings.


Answer:Nvidia GeForce GTX 680, 690, or 780?

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I don't know much about GPUs on PCs, I recently just got a Zotac GT 430 1GB DDR3 and when I go to install it's own drivers from the new March 2012 Nvidia GeForce drivers, it installs this NVIDIA HD Audio drivers and I got no sound since I can't use my Realtek Audio, I have to disable my realtek onboard audio on the BIOS to avoid the system from crashing/freezing, I mostly got freezing. I just need help, I hope someone can tell me how I can install the GT 430's drivers fine and NVIDIA Audio drivers (if I have to) and still use my Realtek Audio without my system having a conflict with NVIDIA and Realtek audio drivers.

What I have been told to fix this (via Steam): use older drivers via from the CD. - But I wanna know what you people here at TechSupportGuy think.

Answer:Nvidia GeForce GT 430

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hey all...trying to use my sony wide screen exclusively for my does the display in clone mode just fine but the dimensions are off,vert and horiz.. as it is blown out a bit larger on the tele screen and cant see all corners etc.any experience on how to adjust the mx settings to accomodate my wide screen ?? ive tried adjusting the monitor view sizes,resolutions and i`m stumped without pulling in all icons and shrinking IE window sizes.thanks in advance.

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce MX 440

You should have at least one 16:9 resolution in your control panel> display properties.

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i want to buy the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295, as an upgrade from nvida geforce 9800gtx. my motherboard is Asus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP i did post on their website but no reply, i want to know if i buy the new graphics card will it be ok with the motherboard.

computer specs are
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Type DualCore Intel Core 2 E8400, 3000 MHz (9 x 333)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Bearlake P35
Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX (512 MB)
DirectX DirectX 10.0
Motherboard Name Asus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP
Audio Adapter Analog Devices AD1988B @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 - High Definition Audio Controller
Optical Drive ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P SCSI
CdRom Device
Optical Drive PIONEER BD-ROM BDC-202 ATA Device (BD:5x, DVD+RW:12x/6x, DVD-RW:12x/6x, DVD-ROM:12x BD-ROM/DVD+RW/DVD-RW)
Printer Canon MX300 series Printer
ATI Theater 650 TV Card hybird visiontex

Answer:Nvidia GeForce GTX 295

yes the GTX 295 will work as long as you have a great PSU. of by the way buy me one too plz

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Hey I am not entirely sure if this is the right form but anyway, I'm looking for a Compatible Graphics Card for my pc, an Inspiron 530 which I have had for 4 or 3 years.I have seen a Nvidia Geforce GT 220, and wondered if that was compatible because I need a graphics card that can play Sims 3 and all its EP's and SP's as well as the Harry Potter games and that card is in both their system requirments.  The card would must be used for gaming.So basically, my questions are;Is Inspiron 530 compatible with Nvidia Geforce GT 220?Are there better graphics cards that are compatible with my Inspiron 530 and Sims 3 and The Harry Potter games?And if I were to get it, would I need someone to fit it for me?Thank you.Just an additional question, is there any chance you can change your level of experience and what type of operating system you have, as I accidently didn't notice that at the start and I pressed ok?

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce GT 220?

According to the site, it looks like you have a 300W power supply which is not very good for a fast graphics card. You should be able to get one that will support the games you want, but most likely no more than that.A GeForce GT 240 should be good. It may be possible to get a GT 430, but you should check the amperage on your 12V rail to be sure. To do this, open up your comp and look at the power supply. There should be a sticker on it. Look for +12V it should then say how many amps (A) next to it. If you want the 430, it has to be bigger than 22A.

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Hello every1
i have got a NVIDIA geforce 2 MX 400 graphics card, my windows 7 is automatically installing a standard vga instead of installing my graphics card, i have search alot for the suitable drivers for the mentioned graphics card but no improvement. plz someone help me, i m quite in trouble.

thanx in advance

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX 400

mrViXey, welcome to the forums.

The reason you can't find any drivers for that card is that there aren't any, and haven't been any for close to 5 years. Here is a thread from our graphics card section,

HELP driver for geforce 4 mx 440 agp8x

that most had good luck using the 71.90 XP driver, or you can try the last XP driver,

ForceWare Windows XP/2000 32-bit

One thing that won't happen is Aero will not work on that card.

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Answer:Nvidia GeForce GT 220

It will play modern games at low resolutions without AA. The Radeon 4650 is a small step up. You might try looking for a used 8800gt. I just picked up another 4870 for $55 and a 9600gso for $35 on some other forums.

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Question: Nvidia Geforce

Hello everyone! I have a quick question that I hope can be answered fairly quickly as this is the last ting I need to know before buying this PC. I am wanting to buy this PC HP Compaq 8000 Small form factor , but I couldn't find any specs on video cards. I need a VERY decent video card because I am a digital artist. I have always had Nvidia cards and they have always worked great, so, was wondering if any of you spec genius' could tell me if the MSI Nvidia GEForce is compatible? If not, what would you recommend?I also need to do a memory upgrade, what is compatible? Thank you in advance

Answer:Nvidia Geforce

Hi, This is a series of many machines. One machine can have at least one of the following options: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 (integrated)Nvidia GeForce 3G210 Graphics Card (SFF)(CMT)Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 Graphics Card (SFF)(CMT)Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 Graphics Card (SFF)(CMT)ATI Radeon HD 4650 DP Graphics Card (SFF)(CMT)HP ADD2 SDVO + DVI-D Video Adapter (SFF)(CMT)HP DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter (SFF)(CMT)HP DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (SFF)(CMT)Source: You have to see it first, you still do not know what is inside. After that, you can use options above. Regards.

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anyone have any links to that specific driver download? thanks all

Answer:Nvidia GeForce 4 MX-440

We would need to know your operating system.

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Can anyone rate these G Cards please.
Im looking to upgrade from the geforce gtx 6600.
Price range is around ?100 ($150)
Thanks in advance

Answer:Nvidia Geforce gts 450

Its about the replacement for the old gtx260s. they have 192cores, and are dx11.

Honestly though... you'd be better off with an ATI, as theyre still a better bang for the buck card.

I'd go with an ati 5770, @ about ?110 from

Saddly, the 450 is looking like a bust, or shoulda been released 10 months ago.

Big question though is will your current parts... more importantly power supply, run it.

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I am thinking of upgrading my tft to the IIyama ProLite E481S will my Graphics card cope with the DVI connection, have mislaid documentation that came with video card, all help thankfully received

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX-----DVI

The monitor has both DVI and D Sub connection.Your card will almost certainly only have a D Sub but I am sure you will notice very little difference even if you had DVI.

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hi, my new dell computer just arrived, and it comes with the 128 mb nvidia geforce 8300 GS
can someone tell me how this card compares with other cards?

i already know its a lot better than my old crap computer with the 64mb intel chipset thing..
how does it compare with a 256 mb nvidia geforce 6150 LE integrated? my brother has that and i want to see if mine is better...

also the computer came with a CD that has the 8300 GS and 8600 GT drivers on it, but i dont have the 8600 GT.... does anything happen if i try to install the 8600 GT even if the computer says it has the 8300 GS...
i am a newbie with computers....


Answer:Nvidia Geforce 8300 GS

8300 GS is a low power and less speed and also a Direct X 10 card, and its not recommend for 3D future games to play on high settings, if you order a 8600 GT, you'll see a big difference just like ram.

6150 intergrated is an onboard video card, and its very bad for gameplay. This is Direct X 9

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I have installed Windows 7 on my 2nd hd and the the Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 will not work. I cannot get the dual montors to work correctly. I have downloaded the new driver; try to use ntune; but nothing works. If the card doesn't work on windows 7, Can someone give me advice of a graphics card that will work. deanie44

Windows XP Pro--SP3
1.99 of Ram
2 SATA Harddrives
Philips DVD+-RW D8801 ATA Device
Floppy disk Drive
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06 MHz
Hauppauge WinTv PVR PCI Dual Tuner

Answer:Nvidia GeForce FX 5200

Try here first:

Compatible GPU List

Here's a download link for the Windows 7 FX series:
ForceWare Release 95

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I am going to get a new PC and I'm undecided whether to be be happy with the 8400 that comes with or pay an extra ?100 (?200) for 2 x 8500 ones.

Obviously, the graphics would look nicer but would anything else be affected like how fast the loading time of the games are and do you get more frames per second?


Answer:nVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

My brother has an 8500 that he's pretty displeased with. While two would definitely be better, I'd recommend looking to get something nicer if you're going to upgrade.

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I'm looking at getting a Macbook, is the nvidia geforce 9400M a good enough card to run cod4 and other quite intensive games. I dont mind playing on low settings. I think the Macbook Pro would be able to run those games but its like £400 more!!!


Answer:Nvidia Geforce 9400M

At low settings, but yes, it should be able to run them. The 9400 chip is pretty weak, but it does have all the new technology in if for most new games to run.

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First thing is, what is AGP "8x"? I don't get the 8x, or if I even have 8x or whatever it means.. I had a GF4 Ti 4600 but died on me awhile ago so now I'm going to buy this one if it's compatibile with my computer. Thats why I'm here, to get some advice if it is compatibile and how good is it for gaming? I'm not interested in the new games (2004+), so can I run most games under 2004 with this card? Another question, it has another name in the title at the place I'm about to purchase, "PNY Verto," what is this? When I was searching the web, it had a lot of names, such as Diablotek, eVGA, etc.. Is this a problem as is it better or worse then the other names? I have a 930MHz motherboard, 512 MB Ram, Intel P3, Windows XP SP2.. I'm not sure what the name of my motherboard is.. So, am I good to go?

Answer:Nvidia Geforce 6800 (AGP)

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Hi all,I am trying to play a DVD on my computer and get the message that WMP cannot play DVD, problem with digitial copy protection between DVD drive, decoder and video card, try installing updated driver for video card. I have downloaded and installed the latest driver but still no joy. NVIDIA have no staff dedicated to offering technical support and/or answering queries!! Any ideas?

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce 6200

It could be that the player copies the DVD first rather than just playing it as a result the DVD copyright protection will not allow the copy to take place?

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The Nvidia site has the GeForce 3 4200 listed as haveing 128 M of memory. This is wrong. Right? Everywhere I know has the card listed as 64M.
Iwould still get it at 64M. Such a bargain when you compare it with the performance of its bigger counterparts. A few frames/sec areen't worth a second on the house.

Answer:Nvidia GeForce specs

gforce 4 TI 4200 comes with either 64 or 128meg of memory

So there you have it, until you turn on the AA (or test with an intense flight simulation) the added 64MB on the 128MB Ti 4200 boards isn’t taken advantage of in today’s games. Of course, the “original” 128MB Ti 4200 board did outpace the final 64MB board in these tests, but keep in mind that NVIDIA must have had a reason for not releasing it. Considering the rising costs of memory, NVIDIA was probably unable to stick to their original plans for this board. Just look at the Ti 4400 as an example: when the board was originally announced, the estimated MSRP was $249. Final prices on shipping boards ended up at $299. If you’ve been shopping for computer components recently, you’ve probably noticed the rising cost of memory; unfortunately its ramifications have also impacted the video cards we all love so much as well.

Would you have been willing to pay, say, $249 for the original 128MB GeForce4 Ti 4200 NVIDIA had originally promised, or would you get the $179 64MB GeForce4? It depends on just how much you enjoy AA (and having a few extra dollars in your pocket) but we have a feeling most of you would answer in favor of the cheaper board. The added memory available on the 444MHz Ti 4200 is nice for OEMs who want to offer 128MB GeForce4-based systems at an inexpensive price point, but those of you who have examined this article now know that not only is the 64MB board the better bargain, it’s also the better perfor... Read more

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Hello,I have recently purchased a new computr with the above graphics card in a PCI slot.When I boot the computer one of two things happen.1) The computer boots fine.2) The computer boots fine but the graphics card fan is revving too high, thus making a lot of noise.I have trawled the internet for someone having the same problem but am unable to find a similar situation.I have updated drivers, tried reseating the card, disconnecting the cables connected to the card as well.Any help on th subject would be greatly appreciated.Rupert x

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

Maybe its just a loud card?. If you think it is a problem download Nvidia tray tools and Ntune, you can adjust how fast the fan spins if i remember correctly

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Every time i try to update the Video drivers they install and it shuts down my monitor ? any ideas
Runs the drivers from 02 /07 just fine but latest release and beta both black screen me says monitor isnt getting a signal.

System Information
Time of this report: 10/16/2007, 02:14:50
Operating System: Windows Vista? Ultimate (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.070627-1500)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 8190MB RAM
Page File: 1846MB used, 14545MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6000.16386 64bit Unicode
DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: The file ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Sound Tab 3: The file ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). ... Read more

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTX

I have come across a similar problem when I update drivers on my nvidia - the screen goes black for a certain amount of time - this usually tells you you're using the wrong version of the drivers in no few words! The monitor sounds like it has a timeout that activates when the driver blanks the screen.

You could try this driver: free x64 downloads, no registration, no popups. nVidia forceware 163.69 WHQL for Vista x64 and see if it makes any difference (its WHQL certified)

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Install An nVidia 88000 GeForce GPU (Graphics Card) to a nForce 7 Chipset Motherboard?I need to know this because I'm currently building a High End (Gaming) computerThanks in advance,Bioshox.

Answer:nVidia 88000 GeForce

As long as the motherboard has a PCI Express (PCI-E) slot it should be fine. Get one that has at least one 16x PCI-E slot for graphics. OR, one with two 16x slots with SLi / Crossfire support if you plan to add another graphics card in the future.Assuming you'll be getting a 8800GT, if you can stretch your budget a little, also consider the newer breed of cards - the nVidia 9800GTX, & ATI: HD 4850 or HD 4870 in particular.What's the rest of your proposed spec may I ask? G

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On my Laptop when I click on the NVIDIA Control Panel the only options I have in the left hand pane are for 3D settings & Video & Television but not Display is there a reason for this?
I've been on the NVIDIA website and downloaded the latest drivers but still no joy.
Can anyone help me please?
Many Thanks

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce GT540M

Go to this site enter link description here (don't change from USA - United States) - search manually for your driver - download and install - the Nvidia Control Panel should install with the driver and give you ALL the options. - Right click on your Desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel from the list.

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Hi guys..
Got this card recently.. I have a Intel P4 3.0 GHz and 1 GB of Ram.. I recently also updated my SMPS to 440W..
The problem is when the card is "ON".. Windows XP freezes halfway when its loading.. I read many forums but not many ppl have the same issues.. Most of em suggested to reload `ol drivers.. I've tried the latest one 178.24, 175.19 and 81.95.. Still the same problem occurs.. The best part is the comp only works in Safe Mode with good graphics.. Thats really sad..
Waiting for some "Good" help plz.. Im pissed with this problem.. Btw ive not done any settings in my BIOS.. so if thats to be done then plz do let me know..
Thanks & Cheers..

Answer:Nvidia geforce 6200

Well, if the card works fine in safe mode and not during a normal session than I would say it's most definitely a driver issue. Here's what I would try...

Boot into safe mode with card installed... make sure it's seated properly
Run Driver Cleaner Pro (download from Guru3D) to remove old drivers
**You may want to consider reinstalling/updating chipset drivers too**
Go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the driver entries from there (clean up)
Restart the computer; boot into Safe Mode again
Reinstall the latest drivers for the video card **after chipset drivers if you chose to update!!**
Restart the computer again; see if it boots normally

If the video card still doesn't work, you might have to update directX or download some Windows updates. I'd say if nothing works after that point, ask for an RMA... might be faulty vRAM or something.

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im looking at buying a PC for mostly gaming and casual internet use, and im wandering if this system would hold up with games such as MW2, Borderlands, Black ops. here are the specs and it would be a great help if you could tell me what you think.Processor: AMD PHENOM II X2 560 (3.30GHz/6MB CACHE/AM3) - BLACK EDITIONMotherboard: ASUS® M4A78LT-M: mATX MAINBOARD, DDR3, USB 2.0, SATA 3.0Gb/smemory RAM: 4gbGraphics card: 1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS250 Hard drive: 500gbdo you think this system would hold up while im playing these games, or would i need and upgrade? (my budget is around £440.thanks for your help

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Ihave currently a geforce 8600gt with a video memory of 256mb.
it cost me about £80 when i bought it a year ago and i would love any alternatives suggested by you for no more than £90.
I was insteresed in a 950gt 1gb version, a 9600gt 1gb version or a 9800gt 1gb or 512mb version.:grinthumb

oh and if anybody knows any radeon equivelents of these cards or better for the price please include aswell.

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Nvidia GeForce 358.59 HotFix

Windows 7 and 8
64 bit Desktop
32 bit Desktop
64 bit Notebook
32 bit Notebook

Windows 10
64 bit Desktop - Win10
32 bit Desktop - Win10

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I installed the software for this card and now get an annoying usage monitor appear on the screen everytime I boot.
It is easy to minimize or even close but it is a niggle.
There appear to be no settings to adjust which are relevant to stopping it.Is there a way to remove this?

Answer:Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 630

If there really isn't an option to eliminate it, I wonder if it's an option you missed when you installed the software - which would mean the only cure would be a reinstall. What happens, when it appears, if you right click on it?

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Nvidia Geforce 6600 gt...monitor signal loss

ok i have problem i just got a geforce 6600 gt video card like a month ago and all was going well until i started to play a few of my games. The games work fine until i get up to a certain part then the monitor shuts off and goes into power saving mode. The games i have a problem with are worlds of warcraft(when u are a ghost), Everquest 2(character selection screen) and star wars knights of the old republic 2(when u are out in space). The phrases in parenthesis are the only times the monitor shuts off any other time everything works fine. I've tried lowering refresh rate, downloading updated drivers, changing resolution, reseting my monitor to default specifications and have even changed my monitor, but it doesn't help or make it worse. i have a pentium 4 2.53ghz and 1gig of ram. the motherboard i have is an asus p4pe. my last thought is all of the monitors that i own are all 15 pin VGA and the 6600gt is a DVI so i need an adapter to connect and maybe some signal is being lost in the connection...? i don't know i am very good and very smart when it comes to computers, so if someone could please help me out i would be very grateful.

Answer:Nvidia Geforce 6600 gt

try disabling advanced graphics options in your games such as:
shadows, lightmaps, smoke, tiretracks

DVI so i need an adapter to connect and maybe some signal is being lost in the connection...?Click to expand...

your problem is software and your dvi connector has nothing to do with it.

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I've the following PC Specs:(1) Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Processor.(2) Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 Motherboard i.e. with Intel X48 Chipset.(3) 2GB DDR3 RAM.(4) 450W PSU.(5) SATA 160GB HDD.The Gigabyte motherboard i mentioned has specified in its specification that it "Supports ATI CrossFireX with Dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphics for extreme gaming performance". Does that mean, "nVidia Geforce/nForce" GPU can't run to its full potential, but an "ATI Radeon" GPU can?So, i thought of adding an ATI GPU card which might result in more compatibility than adding an nVidia GPU card. Will there be any case of nVidia GPU of not running to its full potential?Should my PC run a "nVidia" GPU? OR it should run an "ATI Radeon" GPU? Which one is perfect?Specification Websites:click here --Intel Core2Quad Q8400click here --Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6click here --ATI Radeon HD4350 GPUPlease reply ASAP.Thank you.

Answer:Should my PC run nVidia Geforce or ATI Radeon?

I'm no expert but I would guess the board will support any graphics card. The CrossFireX is only applicable if you intend to use two graphics cards at once. I'm not so sure if it applies to the cards that have two graphics cores built in though, for instance would my NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2, which has 2 cores work with it even though it uses only one PCI-E socket? My guess is that it would as two PCI-E sockets aren't being used, but it's only my guess.If you're planning to use two graphics cards then I would guess your best bet would be the ATI route as NVIDIA's SLI doesn't seem to be supported. If you're planning on using one card then either make would, I presume, work. Why not email Gigabyte and ask their opinion?

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i am getting the blue screen error

ok so i just installed a new graphics card onto my computer with all of its drivers so that i could play games, so anyways every single time i play Half-life 2 deathmatch, i open hl2 and my screen goes black and a blue box appears saying auto adjusting. then i can play i can always load the map, and after playing for about 3 to 10 minutes my computer monitor goes black and a blue box appears and say's "no signal" after restarting it posts some of the graphics card information in the top left hand corner of my screen ad loads windows. after i log in windows says a serious error has occurred, but i installed my graphics card correctly and uninstalled all the previous drivers for my old graphics card

please help

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce FX 5500

Which drivers are you using, and whats your full specs?

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so i have a pretty outdated system
and i am thinking about upgrading it over the holidays.
i am adding 2 gb ram and am looking for a pci (not express)card tht can run aero for around 50$. i am upgradeing from my wimpy little ati raedon 9250.

would this card be capable of running aero?

With the research ive done on numerous websites i think this card should be able to get the job done.
but im just making sure that anyone doesn't know anthing different.
also if there are any other better deals out there let me know.

any feedback is appreciated

Answer:Nvidia Geforce 6200

Yes you will be able to use the aero feature and vista will run better with 2GB of ram instead of your 512MB of ram now.

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will this run black ops ? $800 best buy alienware ax51-2020bk desktop; i5 cpu, 1 or 1.5 gb on card; 8gb ram; thanks
can i put a bigger card in this machine ? power supply needed ? thanks

Answer:nvidia geforce gt 545 : black ops ?

It seems it runs fine to me.

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okay i found out my mobo was a NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE it has a AMD 64 3800+ i wanted to upgrade to atleast a AMD 64 X2 or at best a AMD X4 i know its a AM2 socket
any help would be appreciated

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE

ANy one?????????????????????????

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hey guys what's the clock speed and amount of pipes lines and the shaders the card use and also any other information about the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700VE. Because i am buying a new card and want to know how much of a upgrade i am geting or what i need to get in a new video card.
thx for helping

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700VE

i must admit i haven't heard of the VE line before...i know theres a 5700LE...but i'm guessing that's not what you have...

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Hellow everyone I am new to this. this is my first time posting anything on the net. But i am stuck. 4 mouths ago I bought a HP DV9700 with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS 512mb card in it. It has vista ultma X64, and every time i try to run one of my games (Neverwinter nights, Dungeon Lords, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic or Oblivion) the vido drivers stop working after about 30 minuets. I have gone to NVIDIA and thay say that HP is handling the drives because of the QuickPlay that comes on the laptop, and HP has no fix for my problem. I could realy use some help. thanks

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS

You can try new drivers from the problem is that if they are not certified you will not be able to run your blueray or HD DVD drive.

When you say your drivers stop working, what exactly do you mean?

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I have need of a new video card for my Dell E310, and I've been considering options for months and through other posts. Lately, a friend of mine offered to send me his Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS. My computer only has one PCI-E slot, a bus speed of x1. This card requires a x16 slot. I know I can buy a converter for the slot, and that the card should be able to function. However, this method is only recommended for use with low profile cards. Is this card low profile? Also, I'm going to have to upgrade my Power Supply, which is neither hard now expensive. I know there are other options upgrading my computer and whatnot, but I just want to know if this can work. (The planned Power Supply will be 450 watts)

Answer:Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS

Try the card in the slot you have and see if it works

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OS: windows vista home premium

Company: HP

Model: s3600z

Processor: AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 4450e 2.30GHz

Memory: 3 GB

RAM: 219 GB

System Type: 64 bit

I play Oblivion, and i do fine for a while, then on the more larger areas i start to experience lag, even if im on the lowest video quality. the back of my comp tends to get hot, so i put a fan behind it to keep it cool :haha: and now it doesnt get hot, but i still experience lag. i was thinking that maybe its not using its full potential, because when oblivion starts it automatically detects graphics settings, but it says that it couldnt detect the graphics card and it automatically sets it to normal. on the device manager is says the graphics card is working properly and i have updated my graphics card to the newest one on the Nvidia website. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

~ Buz :darth:

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE

Memory: 3GB

RAM: 219 GB ?

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Hey , anyone have a Dell xps 700 with the Nvidia Geforce 7900 gtx graphics card ?

If so have you tried to hook multiple monitors or even noticed that feature in the settings ?


Dan .;

Answer:XPS 700 with Nvidia Geforce 7900 gtx

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Wanting to upgrade but not able to decide on 128Mb ATI Radeon 9800 Pro RTL (Sapphire)lite version or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 V9950GE 128mb.Want to play Doom 3 unreal Halo Farcry etc. Advice please .... Thanks

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 or Rad

Personally would go for the 9800 pro (should cost somewhere around £130-£140) Recently installed a sapphire into a new gaming machine I built. Does the business :-) For the price I don't think you'll find better. Should last for a good few years yet.tons of reviews click hereR

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I have 3 24 inch monitors, two on a ATI Ra. HD 3450 that work fine but the last one on a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 will not pick up drivers (tried 306.23, 306.02 and 304.79).

Need help.


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Hi all, would like your advice with regards to the new Gforce 6800 G/cards, as they have their own graphics processing unit will it be a advantage for video editing, or is it mainly just for games? also does it make a PC system similar to a dual processor. thanks BLH

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce 6800


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Hello guys, just wanna ask some help for my laptop. im using fujitsu with Nvidia geforce with cuda. when i reinstall my win8 last night , i noticed that i can't install see the driver details on my control panel after i install all the device drivers.. its not unusual when i first install win8, the driver is active, but now its not appearing .. see my screeshots.

AFTER i reistall the program encircle in my screenshot is disappear...

and in my device manager

"NVIDIA GEFORCE 410M (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v 1.2)"

what should i do? should i update it?? need help.. thanks in advance.

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce with CUDA (Help)

Head to Nvidia's Web site and let it scan your hardware: NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Automatically Detect NVIDIA Products It'll let you know what it finds.

For the record, what laptop do you have, specifically?

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Does anyone know where I can download the latest drivers without going through outfits like Pitstop and Driver Robot?

Answer:Nvidia GeForce 8600GT

For Nvidia cards I always go here:

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I can't get the s-video tv-output jack on my Nvidia geforce fx 5200 to work... I'm using XP and I'm confused HELP ME!

Answer:NVIDIA Geforce FX5200

Is the S-VIDEO output on the video card connected to the TV's S-VIDEO input, and the TV is viewing from the S-VIDEO input, and using your VGA monitor to switch to S-VIDEO out in Display Properties?

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Ok i have 2 monitors a compaq mv520 and a dell e156fp i know i have the compaq set up to a dvi cord and it works. I can make it so both monitors can project the same thing at the same time but heres my problem. when i click the down bar theres no other nview display setting and i want it where i can have windows open in both screens. So right now my computer is set to clone monitors is there a patch i need to download?

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Does anyone in Australia know where I can pick up a fan for Nvidia GeForce 7600GT Graphics Card? I have googled and googled. I now reside in the *** end of Australia, Tasmania.

And as you can imagine, they don't have a lot of shopping choices here.

God I miss the big island

Answer:Nvidia GeForce 7600GT

There's a review here:
That stated they used the Zalman VF700, info here:

You may want to locate one of those

By the way, I hope it fits, perfectly. Possibly others could reply


Member created a New Thread here:
Stating he replaced the entire Video Card

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HELP!I had to reformat my hdd to get rid of some trojans,and reinstalled Win98se,all is fine,exceptin display settings all i can get is either 2 or 16 colours.I cant find the disc with the drivers for my graphics card(as above),ive been to the nvidia website to try and load the drivers,but it wont let me.any ideas please on how i can get them?16 colours isnt much use,and i'd like to be able to get the usual choice,also,my graphics card isnt shown in device manager...HELLLPP,many thanks

Answer:driver for nvidia geforce MX 440

click here Hope this helps.

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hi. when i try to watch videos on my computer using the nvidia geforce 6200, the computer slows down considerably. i also have another graphics driver in my computer...the Intel 82845G/GL Graphics Controller. i disable the geforce and restarted my computer and was able to watch videos but when i enabled the geforce and disabled the intel, i was unable to watch videos. what should i do? thanks.

Answer:nvidia geforce 6200

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I have the above card but I seem to have lost the ability to connect a second display. I have downloaded the latest drivers-to no avail.

Answer:NVIDIA GeForce FX5200

The functionality could have been temporarily removed from the drivers due to bugs etc, try looking for a slightly older version of them. The latest drivers aren't always the best.

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Today I just bought myself a gtx 960 and I notice that the fans tend to struggle to turn on. What I would like to do to put my mind at ease is to have my fans running all the time so I don't have to worry about them struggling to turn on. I use evga precision x to control the fan speed, however my main question is how much rpm should I put my fans at? I would do 100% but won't that hurt the card overtime? I just need help finding the recommended percent for them to be at during all times of use (gaming or not gaming)


Answer:Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 Fan Problem

100% would be very fast and and very loud, that is what it would spin at if it was to hit say 89c What do you mean they have an issue starting, do you mean spinning up or physically have a hard time staying spinning. What model is the gpu, it probably has a design that it does not start spinning the fans till it gets above say 45c.

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