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Picture standard user account

Question: Picture standard user account

How do i get a new picture in standard user account?
it never has had a picture
when i click start/picture standard user account/add picture nothing happens-start screen goes task bar does not let me do anything.
tried control panel/user accounts/manage accounts
does not give me option add picture
any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Picture standard user account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Picture standard user account

Go to PC Settings > Accounts > Browse .... then click on the picture that you want to associate with your account.


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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


Answer:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account

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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

Answer:How can I put my Standard user account back to Administrator when the ASP.NET Machine account is admin?

How are you trying to change the type of account?I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restoreDo you mean System Restore? If you are, you don't need the installation disk to do this.To use System Restore click on the start orb. In the search box type in System Restore. In the list of results click on System Restore, if you are prompted for an administrator password type it in.Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. When I try, I get the error message listed below. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


Answer:Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account


Right click Computer and click manage. On the left hand side there will be local users and groups. Go to the Administrators group and just confirm that the Owner account is in there?

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Hi, does anyone know what happens if I mistakenly deleted a user account?

When I open my computer, then right click on the "This pc" there is a option called "Manage". Then under manage, there are user accounts. I mistakenly deleted the "Administrators" group from my current account. Only left is standard user group.

The admin account is password protected and I have the password. Is it possible to log into the admin account and change promote back my current account?

I did try to right click "manage", but I get this window (attached file) with no place to put the password. That is slightly annoying. I was trying to reassign myself back in the admin group.

I was thinking of making an account which can modify all items, such adding hardware and items under "Device manager" etc but just limit to not being able to just make a new admin full access account. Seems that deleting the admin solves the not being able to make a new account, but in the process I'm locked out from the admin settings.

Is it possible to create a super-user account just limiting not being able to make new user accounts and have access to all such as device manager? It would be nice to not have to log into admin account just to check newly installed hardware.

Currently, on standard user, I am unable to go to "device manager" and other admin based stuff (with that admin shield logo).


Answer:Accidentaly changed admin account to standard user account

From desktop, hold CTRL+ALT then press DEL keyClick on Switch UserType: Administrator and enter the passwordOnce you are in, Win+X->Command Prompt(Admin)Type: net localgroup administrators username /add <======== replace username with your namesign out and sign back in with your name.

NOTE: In step 3, I Assume that you have the built in Admin turned on and you said you have the password.

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If I login to the administrator account to make changes, I naturally want any changes I make to appear in the standard user account since that is the one I am making changes for. Does this happen automatically or do I have to do something special to make sure it always works that way?

Answer:User admin account to make changes that show up in standard account?

You are correct - only a moron or someone who didn't care about security would run as part of the administrator group all the time. Lots of people do but that is their prerogative.

You say changes (what changes you do not say) are not copied from one user account to another. This is obvious. That is the point in having separate accounts. If user account A has authority to do something does that mean users account B-Z should as well? The obvious answer would be no.

Give an example of your issue as at the moment it seems you are just not understanding the difference between group and user level security.

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I've just installed a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. By default the 'first' user account (as declared in windows setup), is set at administrator level.
I want to run this 'main' account as a standard user, but when I went to change this in account settings, the option to change the account to standard was greyed out.

I decided to enable the administrator account to change this (computer management/local users and groups, un-ticked 'account is disabled'). I logged on as administrator, then changed the main account to standard.

As the Administrator account is now 'enabled', it shows on the welcome screen. I don't want this.
I went back and disabled it (running computer management as admin, in the now standard account, and re-ticked 'account is disabled').
technically, this should be how it was before I touched it, except, the 'main' account is now at standard user level, rather than administrator level.

The problem i have now, is when trying to run anything on the standard account, that needs admin rights, i get the UAC box, asking to enter admin password (which is blank), but there is no 'administrator' icon or password field, and the 'yes' button is greyed out.

How can I have my main account as standard user, the administrator account not showing on welcome screen, but allowing it (admin) to authorise actions on the standard account that required admin rights via UAC? i.e when UAC comes up, I can cl... Read more

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Is a standard user account really necessary for tight security for the home user or will a well secured administrator account be sufficient?

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Is a standard user account really necessary for tight security for the home user or will a well secured administrator account be sufficient?

Answer:Is a standard user account necessary for tight security and home user?

Best practice is to use a standard-level user account for your every-day work, and only the admin-level account for making system changes.

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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)

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I have always been running admin and even until now I run as admin. But, I have been doing a little bit of research and realize that using a standard account is a safer practice. I have never even used a standard account. Is using a standard account a better practice? Also, how does doing average task such as installing programs and updating work through the standard user account?

Answer:Using default admin account vs standard user account

Its safer to always run programs with lower privileges, and run as administrator when needed. Personally, I like my UAC set to the max. Basically, it stops programs from messing with your PC without permission.

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I have a new PC and set up. I have (stupidly, not knowing what I was doing) changed from an Administrator to a Standard User. There are NO other Administrators set up on this PC! Now, there seems to be NO way to change back from Standard user to Administrator. Every solution I have come across needs an Administrator password and of course, I don;t have one because I am not signed in as an administrator! Does anyone know of a workable solution to this? I can't even do a system restore because of course, I need to be signed in as an Administrator! ANY assistance will be most gratefully received!

Answer:Change Standard User account to Administrator account???

Activate the built-in hidden super Administrator Account and then log into it and create an admin account.

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According to the website "Your user account prevents anyone who is using a standard account on your computer from seeing your files." My wife and I share our computer: I have an administrator account and she has a standard user account. Yet when she is logged in she can access my documents and read them via File Explorer, though she cannot delete them. This seems to contradict what Microsoft say or am I missing something? Grateful for any advice.

Since writing the above I have found that the same situation exists on the other computer that we share, but in this case she is able to delete the documents as well.

Sorry, everyone, I think I've solved this. I must have set particular sharing permissions and forgotten I'd done so.

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Hi. I'm fixing up a computer for someone and I'm considering locking down permissions for non-admin users a little more than just setting the account type to standard.
*quick back story*
This computer is locked down because the employees forgot the password to the single account.  I break in via iso and then BitTorrent boots up and starts SEEDING illegal music files.  I know the owner of the company very well and I know he doesn't condone the use of his computer and bandwidth for pirating and seeding music.  There's loads of other junk on the computer that in no way benefits the company (assisted living housing).  So I clean it up with Revo, CCleaner, Malwarebytes, etc.  Then I made a new standard user account and an administrator account.  I plan to give the admin password to the owner, and the standard password to the employees + owner.  
My friend suggested that I somehow lock down the account beyond just setting the permissions to standard.  Do you guys have any recommendations for programs to do this?  Do you think that just standard permissions will be enough?  Thanks.
fyi the employees use it to view MS Office documents and web browsing.  Other than that I don't believe their work involves the use of other programs.

Answer:How should I lock down a user account for employees? Beyond 'standard user'

Hello, You didn't mention the OS. You can set up a Software Restriction Policy but it is only available with Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise and XP pro.
With Windows Home you can use Parental Controls to allow only certain programs.

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I planned to try the frequent advice to do as much work as possible in a "Standard user" account, rather than in the "Administrator" account.

I created a new account, "me_Standard". On opening the account, I found that I could not access any of "my" personal files. That seems fair enough. I should probably have guessed that would happen

So, I deleted the new "me_standard" account. I'm now thinking about the possibility of downgrading my "me_Administrator" account to a Standard account.

But is that going to make any difference?

Here is the description of UAC from "Help and Support":

"User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Windows that can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. UAC does this by asking you for permission or an administrator password before performing actions that could potentially affect your computer's operation or that change settings that affect other users."

Currently, as Administrator, I need to click the UAC popups that appear frequently. (I'm not complaining. I know the reason for the UAC.) If I downgrade to a Standard user, I will still need to click the UAC (and probably need to give an Administrator password). Again, I don't mind doing that. But what will I gain in terms of security?

Another frequently-mentioned reason to use a Standard account is that it restricts viruses and malware to the account of the current user.

However, I'm the only user... Read more

Answer:Admimistrator account or Standard user account?

My best advice is to simply avoid infection and contamination by getting yourself a good Anti-Virus and Firewall. Your common sense should be the first line of defense when it comes to downloading and executing programs on your computer though, Anti-Virus and Firewall protection are to be considered a last line of defense.

I've never heard of using a "Standard" account to improve security coverage, but I can see how it would help. Though I've used administrator accounts forever and never had any problems with viruses or other infections. I personally disabled UAC after a week or two of using it on Vista, it's to obnoxious, intrusive, and completely useless. It's quite a bit better on Windows 7 though, especially since you can set a "drag-bar" to the level of protection you want.

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How come the UAC is set to the lowest setting for the admin, but for a standard user it is still set as default (requiring admin password)?

Answer:User Account Control for standard user.

Built in admin bypasses UAC, hence the setting. Any other users (even users created as admin) get UAC prompts.

This is one of the many reasons security best practices dictate creating a second admin account and disabling the built in one.

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Hi there, I have created standard user account to a PC and was wondering how I can give that account permission to allow to download from the internet?

Answer:Standard User Account

Does he have any connection to the Internet?When you set up the network, did hyou use settings for a home sustes, a business system or for use on a public system?In a Business setup, there may be restrictions that can only be set by the person named by the company ans system administrator.Otherwise, in a home system there should not be any restriction. He will have download priveliges. But the Anti-Virus program might stop some downloads from some sites.Do that answer you r question?  If not, this may be what you need to know: standard user account type in Windows 7 provides a limited set of permissions needed for most non-administrative application scenarios.Click onl link for full details.

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Is it still recommended to do your daily tasks in a non-administrator user account, or is that obsolete advice in windows 8-10?

Answer:should I use a standard user account?

Personally, my Microsoft Account login has administrator privileges. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a main user account with user privileges and a seperate local account with administrator privileges.

What you absolutely do NOT want to do is rely upon or use the built-in Administrator account as your routine administrator account.

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I installed a program on the administrator account, Asus SixEngine that works correctly on this account, but the standard account, this program does not retain settings and every restart the program runs with default settings, not those made ​​by me.
We walked to the permission, I gave full control and still not working correctly.

sorry for my bad english

Answer:standard user account

Have a look at this:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- P5Q - Sixengine.exe

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Finally was able to copy my default user profile so that my admin account and the two standard user accounts are set up just the way I like them. Now in my standard account that I use on a daily basis every time I open a program a UAC pops up and makes me enter my admin password.

Answer:Standard user account


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Is it still recommended to do your daily tasks in a non-administrator user account, or is that obsolete advice in windows 8-10?

Answer:should I use a standard user account?

Personally, my Microsoft Account login has administrator privileges. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a main user account with user privileges and a seperate local account with administrator privileges.

What you absolutely do NOT want to do is rely upon or use the built-in Administrator account as your routine administrator account.

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Finally was able to copy my default user profile so that my admin account and the two standard user accounts are set up just the way I like them. Now in my standard account that I use on a daily basis every time I open a program a UAC pops up and makes me enter my admin password.

Answer:Standard user account

make one of your user accounts have admin priviledges
although you give it admin priviledges it is not the same as the actual admin account which is hidden

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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,

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I occasionally come across some functions that I can't access through my standard user account. The latest one is Start/Default Programs/Set program access and computer defaults. It tells me I do not have permission, no opportunity to elevate rights, so I had to log into the admin account.

I tried starting Control Panel using Run as administrator and going in through there, did the same thing.

Any ideas how to gain access in way that allows the UAC elevation?


Answer:Not accessible through a standard user account?

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

Standard Account:

A standard user account lets a person use most of the capabilities of the computer, but permission from an administrator is required if you want to make changes that affect other users or the security of the computer.
When you use a standard account, you can use most programs that are installed on the computer, but you can't install or uninstall software and hardware, delete files that are required for the computer to work, or change settings on the computer that affect other users. If you're using a standard account, some programs might require you to provide an administrator password before you can perform certain tasks.

Administrator Account:

An administrator account is a user account that lets you make changes that will affect other users. Administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the computer. Administrators can also make changes to other user accounts.
When you set up Windows, you'll be required to create a user account. This account is an administrator account that allows you to set up your computer and install any programs that you would like to use. Once you have finished setting up your computer, we recommend that you use a standard user account for your day-to-day computing. It's more secure to use a standard user account instead of an administrator account.

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I have a laptop with vista home premium sp2 64 bit and have created a standard user account. Now I have two accounts, the administrator account and the standard user account. My question is, is it possible to get the standard user account to remember my settings? For example, under system properties, performance, visual effects I like to customize those settings. I have to do it every time I log into the standard account. How can I get these to stay each time I log in?


Answer:Standard user account question

AFAIK, it should keep those settings but not 100% sure.

You could try a trial of a third party program such as TuneUp Utilities or Vista Manager as you may be able to get the settings to stick that way???

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When I my son signs on it comes back with logging off and logs him off.
I am setup as an administrator and can log on without any problems, my son's account is setup as standard user account with parental controls turn on.
I have deleted his account and created a new one as a standard user, I tried turning off parental controls and I still get the same problem.
The only way around this I have found so far is to make his account an administrator.
Which is not something that I want to keep this way.

Can someone please help me to correct this problem.


Answer:standard user account just logs off.

All non-admin accounts result in immediate logoff?

Does that also happen if you boot the machine into safe mode (hold F8 at startup)?

Is anything of interest logged at the time in the system or app event logs (run EVENTVWR afterwards to check)?

Have you installed any additional "parenting" software on that machine?

What worries me a little is the fact that adding a user to the admins group "fixes" this. That would presumably rule out any account-specific configuration settings such as the contents of their Startup folder (they still run the same startup group as admins). You may also wish to run a thorough malware scan, if you haven't already done so.

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How can a windows 7 standard user account be set up to give access to the same internet 9 and live mail account files, folders, settings, etc as the administrator?

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I just bought my new acer laptop today, and it came with windows 8.1. Right out of the box, I installed the updates and as soon as that was done, I tried to setup a "standard" account, so I'm not surfing the web with admin privs. The problem is, I can make the accounts but I can't log into them. Every time I do I get immediately signed out. It acts as if it's going to load, then switches to signing out and takes me back to the start. I've tried googling this and can't seem to find any info on it. It's a brand new laptop, hasn't been out of the box a day yet.

Answer:Can't sign in to Standard user account

The same thing happened to me. I checked my event logs and found out it was the Soluto program pre-installed with the laptop. I had uninstalled the program (and the other pre-installed programs like Pokki and WildTangent) through the "Programs and Features" control panel but apparently not everything was uninstalled. Check out the following link to get the Soluto uninstall cleanup tool after you uninstall Soluto through the "Programs and Features" control panel:

I also recommend getting the uninstall clean up tool for Pokki, too:

Pokki | Uninstalling Pokki

After uninstalling WildTangent through the "Programs and Features" control panel, there are still a lot of items left behind. Reinstall the Wildtangent program, and then uninstall it again in the "Program and Features" control panel. Everything should be gone now. I guess the WildTangent installer Acer used was misconfigured. Scroll down to the last section called "Windows Vista and Windows 7 or 8 Users":
Good luck!

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I just created a standard user account and when I log on its blank like I just installed windows. How do I give a standard account the same desktop and start menu settings as my admin account? I asked this on a Microsoft forum that didn't help. Thanks,

Answer:Standard User Account Desktop

Hi Cyber Kong,

Can you please post a screenshot of what you're describing, according to these instructions?

That will help a lot, thanks.

Windows Outreach Team

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I set up four Dell Computers with Windows 7 Home Premium. Used my administrative account to install software (Microsoft Office Suite), Microsoft Security Essentials, Ccleaner, and Malawarebytes. All programs installed properly.

As these computers are going to be used in a public place by junior and senior high school students, I thought it would be best to set up a standard user account for each of the four computers. I have it set up but when I log in as a standard use (non administrative) all the programs that were installed are not available.

Tell me if I'm wrong. I think the programs would still be listed in program files when the standard user is open. Can I go to each of the programs and right click to open and then be prompted to key in my administrative password. I would think this should allow the program to be run in the standard user desktop.

If I'm missing something, please help. I need these four conmputers to function with the programs that I've installed using my administrative password.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance that you might provide.

Answer:Standard User Account in Windows 7

Hello JazzMahn,What you are missing are probably only the Shortcuts on the Start Menu.When you install a program if possible choose the option "Install for All Users" or similar, when the installer ask this it will create the Star Menu entry's for all the users.Now to fix that you should open this path (1)C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs with your account with Administrative privileges,all the shortcuts and folders created on this location will be visible to all the users.At the same time open the Start Menu for you user, to do this open the Start Menu> right click on All Programs and select open It will open a folder with a path similar to this one: (2)C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu open the Programs folderWhat you need to do is copy the shortcuts and folders from path (2) to (1) and they will show when you login using any other account.Hope my instructions are clear to you.

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I have created a standard user.

my requirements:

1. standard user can install programs, which is saved for future uses (i have seen pcs where the programs are deleted/uninstalled as soon as the user log out)

2. standard user CANNOT re-install windows by inserting a windows disc at boot up!!

Is this already present under default standard user i have to add some settings?

thank you!

Answer:Account type: Standard user

Quote: Originally Posted by johnn1

1. standard user can install programs, which is saved for future uses (i have seen pcs where the programs are deleted/uninstalled as soon as the user log out)

Installing a program isn't actually a special thing, it is just copying files to a certain location and setting some things up. As long as an application is not depending on administrative power it can be ran or installed anywhere. So yes a standard user can install applications...if they support installing without admin power. Look at Google Chrome, it requires no administrative power to install or run.

2. standard user CANNOT re-install windows by inserting a windows disc at boot up!!

Impossible. Windows is not running when a computer boots up, thus no user accounts.

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I often see the recommendation to use a standard user account for security reasons. How does this differ from using an admin account with UAC enabled?

I always just use the default admin account, and leave UAC at it's default settings in Windows 7.

Answer:Using Standard User Account for Security

Because people will enter their credentials in the UAC prompt without knowing what it's actually prompting for; therefore defeating the whole purpose.
If they do not have credentials to enter in the UAC prompt, they can't do that harm.

For example, just today we've received reports from users who "must get their java upgraded for this java applet to work."
Yeah... no. Had they actually read the prompt, they could have simply clicked on "Later" which, as the pop-up explained, would allow them to access the java app and it would remind them later to upgrade.

When a lot of joe blow users see the UAC, they just enter their credentials.
They don't care to find out what's going on, what's requesting permissions, or what the prompt actually says.

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soz if in wrong place, but i had no idea where to make this topic...

so just found out that theres a hidden account in account manager, that doesnt show in C:/users folder or in LogOn screen, and it wasnt there few weeks ago.

any ideas how it was created? since noone else uses my PC then it was kinda a surprise for me.

EDIT: yeah soz, googled it and found another topic about it in SF and so on... soz but im a NEWBIE in stuff that i dont know how they happen and i like to panic alot since pretty much every week something in my pc stops working...

Answer:hidden standard user account

Where did you get your copy of 7

I will know more when you answer.


It could have been put there by one of your programs, they sometimes create an account to operate.

or it could be malware

Make and antivirus scan and download and run malwarebytes.

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I am having problems setting up different user accounts. I have been using my administrator account since I have owned my laptop. However, there are other members of my household that have recently been using my laptop to surf the web and do basically whatever they want on my laptop. This is fine and dandy with me, but I have a lot information and work files on my laptop that I do not want to be harmed or deleted by mistake! So, I decided that I would like to set up different user accounts for each user.
First I went to the control panel and created a new user account as a standard user. Now when I go to start and select switch user the only options I have are my Adminstrator Account and the Guest Account. The new standard user account is not listed in my options to select. I went back to the control panel to ensure that the new standard user account is listed and it is!
So, how come there is no option to sign into it?
I am working on a home network/work group. Is there a step I am missing or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance for your help!!

Answer:Windows 7 Standard User Account

I don't know if it is necessary, but I'd try a reboot before doing anything more.

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When I try to change the account type for ANY of the accounts on my desktop PC from admin to standard, I can no longer login to that particular account unless I make it admin again.

What happens is, after clicking the account the "Welcome" screen appears, then after a short moment, instead of logging me into that account, it returns me back to the account screen, as if nothing ever happened.

I did scans with Malwarebytes and MSE, didn't help. I also tried to repair potentially corrupt system files by typing "sfc /scannow" into Command Prompt. That didn't help either. My laptop has Windows 7 too and doesn't appear to have this problem.

Desktop specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-870 @ 2.93GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)
GPU: AMD Radeon 5570, 2GB GDDR3
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

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I want to stop my son from accessing 'my docs'. He has a basic account and I am administrator. How do I do this?


Answer:Standard User Account Restrictions

You moved your documents outside of your user directory (C:\Users\[username])? Otherwise they would have been protected...unless you altered the permissions of the system.

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How do your restore account user settings? I can not change the "picture!"

Answer:Restore User Account choices, user picture

Are you using the administrator account?1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Hello, I've discovered a really annoying problem in Vista and it is bugging the [bleep] out of me, I can only get the @ symbol to display while using an administrators account, if I log into a standard user account the @ symbol displays as " , I cannot get the @ symbol to display in anything: web forms, notebook, Open Office, nothing. Can anyone tell me why this crazy situation exists?

Answer:@ symbol will not display under a standard user account

Does a Guest account allow you to go to Control Panel to alter the keyboard to English (UK)?


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Hello All, I have set up a standard user account on my Son's laptop, but there are software programs I would like him to have access to, without me having to log on with Administrator ever time.

When he try's to run said program it says Parental Controls has blocked this program the Administrator can grant access. I don't have any programs blocked under Parental Controls. Is there a way to grant access to certain programs without having to log in as administrator every time while using a standard user account?


Answer:Standard User Account Program Access

Have you tries using Parental Controls to allow them to use the program(s)?

Parental Controls - Allow or Block Specific Programs

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At my workplaced I've been tasked to setup a new server (Windows 2008 R2) and install and configure all its services. I use Remote Desktop to login using my normal domain account, which has standard user permissions on that server. I also have been provided with another account that has administrator access there, which I use to satisfy UAC prompts. So far, so good.

Now my small problem. At some point the multiple installers I ran request a reboot. But the typical start menu or the "close Windows" dialog, as I was running as standard user, neither show the "reboot" or "shutdown" options, which I need. This seems logical as I don't have permission (2008 by default only gives admins shutdown permissions, contrary to 7 that gives all users that access).

My (lame) workaround was to open an elevated command prompt (hence gaining the required permission) and issue a shutdown command. That worked and the server rebooted as it should, but I would like a more serious option to do it, specifically that the normal shut down dialog to display the missing options, asking for elevation when needed.
Any ideas?

Answer:Reboot a server from a standard user account

It's actually a restriction of Remote Desktop, not Administrator vs non-Administrator. I don't know of any work around other than using the shutdown command as you did.

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I'm running 8.1 on a laptop and a desktop. I have admin accounts setup on both, associated with my primary windows/live/outlook/ whatever-they're-calling-it this week account. I've set up Standard User Accounts on each machine associated with an alias. I can log-in to outlook from either account with the same password, but I can't log-in to either machine using the Standard User Account with that password. Any help getting this setup working would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer:How can i change a user account type while i am on standard?

Control panel then "Change your account type"

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I have heard that it is safer to be logged on only on a limited/standard account rather than an administrator when logging on to the Internet.
Is this true?
I am the main user here on a home computer – My grandchildren have access on a limited account.
I am the only administrator and my user account is as administrator.
Would I have to turn my present main user account (where all my documents are stored and which I use for everything on a daily basis ) into a limited/standard account and create a second user account with administrator rights and switch to the second ( administrator ) account when I want to download something or change settings?

Answer:Use of Limited / Standard User Account for Security

Yes, it is more secure to run your computer daily with a limited user account. Attackers take advantage of coding flaws in Windows and try to install malware when you chance upon their websites. If you are running as a limited user, some of these installs will fail, because only administrator accounts can make system changes.

You will have to create a second administrative account first and then demote your present account to limited user.

You don't have to use the admin account to do downloading. You only have to use it if you are installing a program. I normally download applications to the Public/Downloads folder ( on Vista, or a subfolder of All Users on XP )

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Hello, I've discovered a really annoying problem in Vista and it is bugging the [bleep] out of me, I can only get the @ symbol to display while using an administrators account, if I log into a standard user account the @ symbol displays as " , I cannot get the @ symbol to display in anything: web forms, notebook, Open Office, nothing. Can anyone tell me why this crazy situation exists?

Answer:@ symbol will not display under standard user account

What happens when you try?

Do you get any error messages?

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I can't seem to simply create a second user who has no access to files/programs on the computer by default. From what I read, that's supposed to be the default behavior? When I try it, the new 'Standard user' account can see all programs and files. I haven't previously changed permissions or anything on this PC.

Answer:Standard User Account - File/pgm access

In the User Account - Create you should be able to use Parental controls to limit programs and file access (although I haven't had to do so myself)

You should be able to create a standard user accounts on your computer and reserve administrator permissions for your user account, you’ll have to type your account’s password whenever a standard user wants to install or access restricted programs.

After that I believe you can right click on any application and set the permissions (or disallow run)

You could also use Group Policy Editor - Quickly View Enabled Policies in Windows

If you have Windows Ultimate you could also use AppLocker - Create New Rules

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Hi There, First time on the Forum.
When logging on to my computer as the administrator, everything is fine.
However when my family attempt to log on as Standard Users, they enter their password, click enter, and the computer automatically switches to "Logging off" and goes back to the page where everyone logs in.
I have set up new standard user accounts and passwords but nothing seems to help.
Can any one help as my children are lost without the computer and I am loathe to let them log on as the administrator in case something goes wrong with this account.

Answer:Cannot sign into a Standard User Account in Vista

Hi Sean
What version are you using? have you tried logging in in safemode? If you can log in then do a complete disk check with auto repair errors and see if that helps. Have you also checked the User account settings to see if they are correct. If you go to it through Control panel User Accounts it will tell you what accounts are set up on there.

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In Windows 10 Pro is there a way to prevent a user without administrator privileges using a standard account from being able to format a usb drive?

"Perform volume maintenance tasks" is set for Administrators (Group Policy), which must be the default, but that does not stop formatting.

Thank you.

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i have installed game sword vs sword free version from windows store as windows administrator,

i can not access this game from my child account

Answer:game not accessable from standard user account

when you were going through the install of the game, did it prompt you to install it for yourself or for all users on the PC? .. I don't use the apps so I'm not for sure if it even does this but it was worth suggesting considering other programs do ask this, including games, if you want to install it for yourself or all users.

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hi here is my dilemma... i installed hulu desktop from an administrator account that i created. i am trying to run it from a standard user account.

the application was installed in c:/users/(admin account name)/appdata/local/ i cannot access the folder to run it from the standard user account.

i've already tried allowing access to the standard user account using the security tab but i can't run hulu from a standard user account.

Answer:Running programs from standard user account

Quote: Originally Posted by windows7noob

hi here is my dilemma... i installed hulu desktop from an administrator account that i created. i am trying to run it from a standard user account.

the application was installed in c:/users/(admin account name)/appdata/local/ i cannot access the folder to run it from the standard user account.

i've already tried allowing access to the standard user account using the security tab but i can't run hulu from a standard user account.

run as admin. instructions here Elevated Command Prompt Shortcut

Ken J

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Hell Tech guys,
I made a partition on my laptop, Compaq, hp, run with windows 7,
One partition for the kids to play games, I tried to download some software, even Skype unfortunately not willing to accept, I downloaded it on the Admin account, then put in drive D, and tried to install it from there, as well still rejecting to complete the installation process, how to solve this please?

your prompt reply will be highly appreciated,
Kind regards,

Answer:How to download software on other user standard account?

Can you possibly explain a little more clearly? Are you trying to run programs from a standard acct?

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In Windows 10 Pro is there a way to prevent a user without administrator privileges using a standard account from being able to format a usb drive?

"Perform volume maintenance tasks" is set for Administrators (Group Policy), which must be the default, but that does not stop formatting.

Thank you.

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I have my system all setup the way I like it. All security software etc... setup. I assume it would be a good idea to change the account to standard user for some extra security. So, should I simply create a new admin account then change my current admin over to standard user? Will I encounter any problems using software after the change? If I do have issues can I solve them by switching he account back to admin level? Thanks for your help

Answer:Can I convert my administrators account to standard user?

Before you change your current admin account over to standard. Just a little tip disable UAC.

Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings > Set the toggle to the bottom one.

Just incase you've installed programs that still require a security warning.

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Okay so i dont have access to any administrator accounts due to the fact that our admin forgot his password and the rest of us are standard users. So can we enable it as a standard user to use the admin account in safe mode?

Answer:Can you enable the built in adminstator account as a standard user?

To run the command net user Administrator active:yes in Command Prompt, you must first type net user Administrator followed by the name of an Administrative account and the password. Try it with one of your accounts but I can't see it working. To bring up the Command Prompt, use the Windows key and R together.

If that won't work, you'll need to reinstall Windows 7.


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In Windows Vista, when I try to execute a program from a standard user account that requires the admin password, it says the password is incorrect. It is the correct password because using the same password, I can log in to the Admin account.

Can someone help?

Answer:Standard user account will not accept Admin password

Lets first make sure that the problem is not worse than it seems
Run an sfc check
System Files - SFC Command
Make a full anti virus scan
Download and run a full scan with malwarebytes.
If all are negative
Open another user account and see if the problem persisits, it may be corruption in one account.

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I've deleted the only Local Administrator account, and only have a standard user therefore I do not have rights to anything. How can I assign myself Administrator rights?

Answer:[CLOSED] - I Deleted my 'Admin' account and only have a 'Standard' User!?!

[SOLVED] - I used a software to unlock 'Administrator' I then used the software to reset the password and was able to login as 'Administrator' and give myself rights. Thanks to all who responded.

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I have searched for several hours for a response to this question to no avail. I am currently taking a network technician class trying to get network+ certified and there is an exercise that asks me to create a file as the administrator account, give
a standard user permission to take ownership, and then to log in as the standard user and take ownership of the file. however when I try to take ownership of the file as a standard user account I get a UAC window asking for an administrator password to run
the program "Permissions editor for files and folders". After several hours of playing with group policies and permissions I am still unable to take ownership of the file as the standard user. Thus my question on the title of this post.
Any help with this would be appreciated. 

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I have a Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit machine. I use IE 8 in my admin account and have had no problems with browsing websites. When I switch to my standard user account and use IE 8, some sites just don't render correctly (see attached screenshots). I've tried almost every suggestion I've come across in researching this issue, to no avail, including uninstalling IE 8 and using IE 7, reinstalling IE 8, compatibility view, add-ons disabled, mtu router tweaks, disabling anti-virus. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Sites in the screenshots are,, and

BTW, I use Firefox mostly but need IE working for testing purposes as I'm a developer. Thanks.

Answer:IE 8 some sites don't render correctly in standard user account


Are there any IE addons used? what abt AV? Im feeling like its a config problem since admin doesn't have it and std user does. just the one std user has it? you could create a temp user and see if they have it. If so it might be some kind of permissions problem. Let us know


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My Son And I Share A Laptop Running Windows 7 Home Edition , Am The Administrator And He Is The Standard User But He Keeps Going In And Changing My Account To Standard User And His To Administrator , Can Someone Tell Me How He Is Doing It And How Can I Put A Stop To It

Answer:How can a standard user gain access to an administrator account?

My first guess would be that he knows your password, or have managed to install a keylogger program to find out what password you type. Check in Control Panel - Programs and Features if you see any newly installed program you don't recognize. And change your password. And do a full scan with your antivirus.

Some keyloggers won't show up in the list of installed programs so take a look here as well:
How to detect if a Keylogger is installed? - Microsoft Community

Some laptops have a finger scanner and come with software you can configure to use your finger instead of typing a password. Mine has this and I've set a long and difficult password so even if someone saw me typing it they wouldn't remember it. But with this feature I type this in only ONCE in the finger scanning software, and then I only use my finger. Works very well.

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I set up a standard user account in Vista so I could run without UAC on and still have security protection. But in that account when I right click a shortcut and select "run as administrator" it doesn't actually run as administrator and does not prompt me to enter the admin password like it works on XP. This is Home Premium so I have no access to a policy editor either. Has Microsoft completely removed the ability to run something with admin access under a standard user account in Vista?

Please do not turn this into a lecture on why I should be using UAC. I just want to know if there is an option to enforce prompting of admin password so I can run an app in the standard account if I need to. I've looked and can not find any such option.

Answer:admin access in Vista standard user account?

There is no Administrator account in Vista, period. No matter what you'll read or hear from others (even people with "friends at Microsoft") there simply isn't an Administrator level account with the types of privilege that previous versions of Windows allowed the basic "Admin" account to have. If you can't get the process elevated to Admin level privilege the way you've chosen to alter the User account you created, it's time to do things the way they're supposed to be done.

Nice to see you again, btw...

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In one of my user account( standard User account) i cant see folder icons ,thumbnails etc but iam able to see all folder icons etc in my admin user account? .even,my computer icon in desktop is corrupted and not properly windows explorer also,it is the same case.Please help me to fix it.Iam using windows 7 64 bit PC.

Answer:Folder icons corrupted in standard user account

if you're talking about the icons on your desktop
right-clight anywhere on desktop
hover mouse cursor over View
click Show desktop icons

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So I have an administrator account for maintenance purposes and I also have my frequently used standard account.

Usually, when you right click on a program, for example: Spybot S&D

There is an option to "Run as Administrator".

And if you click it, it prompts for an admin password.

But for me, it does not ask for an admin password, it just ignores the fact that I clicked that completely, and runs it as a standard user.

This happens whenever I need admin privileges for something. I cannot elevate my privileges on a standard user account.

It used to work properly, until I changed my account type to standard, and enabled the Administrator account.


Windows 7 Home Premium

Dell Inspiron N7010

Answer:Cannot Elevate Privileges Temporarily on Standard User Account


If it helps at all, whenever I click on something that needs admin elevation, a window pops up and says:

"The requested operation requires elevation"

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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

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Hey forum,

I never thought about it until recently when a friend mentioned it. He said even though I am the only one that uses my computer, that I should still create a standard user account and use that to greatly increase the security of my system. This seems to be sound logic and I have heard it somewhere else before, but I figure I would ask for the opinion of someone much more knowledgeable than myself.

Is it recommended to operate under a standard user account login even if you the sole user to the computer?

Answer:Creating a standard user account for security purposes?

There are different views on this so I'll give you mine as an Installation guy who tries to set up perfect installs as compiled in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

When WIn7 is installed it issues an Admin account to the user assuming he is the owner.

As long as User Account Controls are kept at default then the only protection that an Admin Account lacks is that it will not be prompted to okay any changes with a password. It will still dim the desktop and flash the warning that changes are being made. So ask yourself how much more important it is to you to have to insert your password for every change made which triggers UAC. For most it is too annoying a redundancy to bother with.

If others are using your PC it is always a good idea to create for them a Standard Account and then password yours, or use the built-in Guest account.

Others may have a different view which is equally as compelling.

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System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I cannot successfully execute 'pin to start menu' in the standard user account on my laptop. Here is what I do:
- Navigate to folder containing the program of interest
- Right click on executable and select 'pin to start menu'
- Click on start button
- However the pinned shortcut does not show in the start menu items

If I go back to the folder containing the program of interest and right click on the executable, the 'pin to start menu' still shows in the menu so clearly the above did not work.

Why doesn't this work? What can I do to fix this? Do you need any other information?

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So I'm logged in as a standard user and at start up I have to type in 15 admin passwords just to get the things running on the computer. Especially Asus AI Suite II. But I was just wondering is there a way to get that program to stop asking for all the passwords? I do use it ALOT and the program has saved my behind a couple times when I overclocked to high one time. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Standard User account and the barage of Admin passwords

Quote: Originally Posted by Hoib

We have liftoff!!!

I uninstalled everything. Logged in as the standard user. Hit the install package. It begged me for the admin - I responded. Install completed successfully. I went to the shortcut and took ownership of the referenced folder after providing again, the admin password. In the prop panel, the ownership was listed as "\\....Administrator" - and I reassigned ownership to the standard user, HA017. I closed out and rebooted.

Bingo! Standard user now has direct privs into the application - no admin password prompt.

BTW, before I got to this point of uninstall and reinstall, I did try the AppLocker secpol snap in as you suggested. When I called in the default "Path" item, It already populated HA017 as having "Allow" rights along with the Administrators Group and Administrators. With the standard user, this still failed. I went and added the "Everyone" object to "Allow" and tried the standard user. Did not work again.

So, happily, we're back in business and we didn't have to sacrifice security for functionality.


Would the above really work???

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Hi there,

In Win-7, as an admin-user, it was easy to change the picture from another user. In Win-8 I'm only able to find where I can change my own picture. Can't I set it anymore for other users?


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Hi all!

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I want to completely deny access to Device manager in standard (default) user account.
As I understand, Standard user has basically all administrator rights, especially with an administrator password.
I already made a full administrator account. Can this be done?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:How to deny access to Device manager in standard user account?

You can do that via group policy as admin.

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My wife has a Standard User Account and she can open Canon MP Navigator, however I cannot open the same program when logged in as an Administrator.  I created a new Admin account and can open the program when logged into the new admin account.  Why can I not open the program from my old admin account?

Answer:My wife has a Standard User Account and she can open Canon MP Navigator, however

What error messages are you receiving when trying to open the program under your other account?

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I am trying to get Java to work on a Standard User Account in Vista - without success. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling in the standard account but still cannot access for my nephew. It all works fine in the admin account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Java doesn't work on a standard user account?

Hi There uses Flash. You need to reinstall this if you added new user accounts. ( Install Flash )

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Dear All,

I am using Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. I have 2 user accounts - admin (myself) and the other as a standard user account.
I would like to disable the low disk space warning for windows 7 standard user account. The regedit method of NoLowDiskSpaceChecks works fine for the admin account but in standard user account, i am getting the below error

Plz help me out guys.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:How to disable low disk space warning for win 7 standard user account?

Upgrade the standard user to an admin, make the change, and reduce the account back to standard.

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May be a simple question, may be I'm just being over cautious? But is it safe to install Windows Updates logged into the machine as standard user (as opposed to a Computer Administrator)?

Up until now I have always logged into the machine as the Computer Admin specifically to install updates - but is this necessary?


(Vista Home Premium SP1)

Answer:Is it safe/OK to install windows updates from standard user account?

It's not recommended. To be honest, if Windows/Microsoft Update allows someone to update at a "Non-Admin" level... damage can and MAY be done to the computer.

Windows Updates manipulate, change, and fix components found within your Default Drive (C:\) In most cases, you must be an Administrator to access such a directory of importance.

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Our users are standard users on their PCs. There is one program that is asking for a username and password with administrator rights.
I know of the shortcut method using runas /savecred /user:administrator, but this is not a good idea.
I tried the scheduled task / shortcut  method "schtasks /run /tn "taskname", but this doesn't work.  The GUI is launched in the administrator session and is not even visible to the user.
How can I allow a standard user to run this program without him having to enter admin credentials or without making him a member of the local administrator group on the PC?

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I've been the sole user of this computer (Vista Home Premium SP2)for a while now, and have only just got round to creating my standard user account for day-to-day use (yes I know - not recommended! I got sidetracked by various troubleshooting; fortunately not including malware infection).
Ideally I'd like the same data & settings in the standard account that the admin one has accumulated.
I know how to create a user account (I've done a standard one for another user, and know how to make its settings the default for further ones). And how to change account passwords and all that type of individual task. But I can't seem to see the wood for the trees. (I couldn't seem to find the right search terms - instructions seem to be aimed either at big companies' IT teams, or users afraid of long words).
It's just a summary I'm trying to find (the chapter headings, so to speak).
Any pointers?

Answer:Creating original Admin's standard user account - sequence of steps?

Wow - this site's certainly on the defence against spam, isn't it?

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Hello, I want to create a standard user and deny him seeing files on the main account on the computer.

I am using windows 7.

Basically one hard drive will have the main account(set to administrator) and another account for a friend to use(set to standard).

I do not want the standard user to see files on the administrator at all but ran into problems.

The administrator can have a file named "bank account" and the standard user can search on the start menu "bank account" and actually see the file! This goes for pictures, music, and other files I do not want the standard user to see or even access.

How do I fix this?

Answer:Wanting to create standard user and deny seeing main account's files.

One way to do it(from the main account) is to go into properties, security tab for folder c:\users\username where username is your main account. Click the Edit button and then Add the second user account. Then check Deny. When you check the first box "Full Control" it will set all others as Deny.

There may be other and better ways to do this as it's better to change the read access to only certain account types than to deny a certain account, but the above solution is fast and good enough as long as you continue to add deny restrictions for any additional standard accounts you create.

PS. On my current PC standard users don't have read access to my "main" account, and I've haven't done anything to set that up. I think that's the default behavior. Maybe someone knows more and can explain?

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Yesterday I decided to scan my computer(Windows 7) for possible malware. I ran TDSSKiller and it found nothing. Afterward I ran JRT(Junkware Removal Tool) I will post the log after this post.  Then I ran the eset online Scanner during the scan it found the HTML/FakeAlert.AK trojan on a Standard User account and deleted it. After that I ran Malwarebytes anti-rootkit and during the scan the program began to hang eventually I went into my Task Manager and tried the end the process but it continued to hang. So I decided to reboot my computer.  Today after booting up my computer I ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing during it's scan. I think I might have a rootkit. 
Other information about the computer: The standard user profile where the infection was found isn't accessed very often.
The administrator account hasn't shown any symptoms of infection.
All the scans were preformed on the Adminstrator account.
Here is the log for the eset Online Scanner
C:\Users\User 2\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\uks5xd3m.default\cache2\entries\00652827AB1B5306CBC6F7241DE42BEC15E67772    HTML/FakeAlert.AK trojan    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

Answer:FakeAlert.AK trojan found on Standard User account possible rootkit infection?

Here is the JRT log
Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by Malwarebytes
Version: 7.5.1 (07.16.2015:1)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Ran by Soren on Tue 07/21/2015 at 20:42:30.98
~~~ Services
~~~ Tasks
~~~ Registry Values
~~~ Registry Keys
~~~ Files
~~~ Folders
~~~ FireFox
Successfully deleted: [Folder] C:\Users\Soren\AppData\Roaming\mozilla\firefox\profiles\adfp9jio.default\extensions\{0aa9101c-d3c1-4129-a9b7-d778c6a17f82}
~~~ Chrome
[C:\Users\Soren\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences] - default search provider reset
[C:\Users\Soren\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences] - Extensions Deleted:
[C:\Users\Soren\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Secure Preferences] - default search provider reset
[C:\Users\Soren\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Secure Preferences] - Extensions Deleted:
Scan was completed on Tue 07/21/2015 at 20:50:36.44
End of JRT log

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I am using Windows XP Professional 2002 x86 SP3. I use the Windows log on screen because I need to password protect my pc because of the nature of work that I do. My install of XP is relatively fresh and the only issue I am experiencing is that I can't change the picture on the log on screen. I know, it sounds trivial, but it makes me wonder what other issues are going on that I am not aware of. I have posted on a couple of other Forums with no resolution to this issue. I have run 'sfc.exe /scannow' with no luck. In 'User Accounts', I am the only User and Administrator. Any help towards resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:User Account Picture

I am confused and think I am missing something. I am unsure what /scan now has to do with changing your profile picture.

1.In Control Panel, double-click User Accounts.
2.Click the account for which you want to change the picture.
3.Click Change the picture.
4.Click a picture in the window, or click Browse for More Pictures, and then click the picture that you want to use.
5.When this picture is highlighted in the window, click Change Picture.

Note that this is not supported on computers that are a member of a domain.

Am I missing the bigger picture here?

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So we have a fixed drive as its a dual drives in a HP, when encrypting the second drive and testing unlocking with a standard user name, it prompts for admin rights after entering the bitlocker password. What can be done on group policy end to stop that
from happening? I don't want to have it auto lock, beats the purpose of encryption security.

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I have two user accounts. One is an Administrator account and the other a standard user account for my children.

There previously was a password prompt if you tried to make any changes to the system under the standard user account or download any files.

I am not sure what happened but now there is no password prompt to download and execute files under either account. I have tried to loacate ?Local Users and Groups? to change the user settings but it is missing in the Computer Management?

I have even deleted my childrens account and created a new one yet we are still able to make changes to the system and download files under that profile.

I have been through every setting I can think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Standard user account setting-disable full rights-enable pw prompt?

Hi, press the windows key plus "R" at the same time (win+r) to open the run dialogue box , type

control userpasswords2
press ok

Highlight your current user (the box "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer") has to be checked,for the settings to be accessed.

Under advanced you should find what you are looking for.

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I have tried to find an answer to this but cannot. Lately, I noticed my User Account Picture was not the picture I had selected. In addition, the Background Picture for my Windows 7 Home Premium edition log on screen was changed. This happened after running a program that is for exams at school which reboots your computer into a safe mode where the only program available is a rudimentary word processor.

I contacted the company that makes that software, Examsoft, and they told me how to get my default logon picture for my Windows Logon background back.

To address the User Account picture, I went into Control Panel > User Accounts and attempted to "change picture". This is not an option, however, for my administrator user account. It is an option for my guest account. I tried cloning my account without the bad .dat files, but that didn't work either as the new account I had created, also an administrator account, did not display a "change picture" option in control panel either.

I ran sfc /scannow, and it found no errors.

I am not sure what to do. Has anyone encountered this? Can you please help me?

Attached is a screen shot:

Thank You.

Answer:No "Change Picture" option for User Account Picture

hi dooba, welcome to the forums ,if you have exhausted all avenues you could try a system restore prior to just before you had probs System Restore

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Hello, I have a problem with windows vista that I cannot figure out alone. The problem is that when I try to change my user account picture to something else, it always reverts back to the default orange flower picture on log off or restart (it DOES change the login picture, but NOT the start menu or user account pictures). I have tried everything. I fixed it temporarily by copying the my user account picture to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures and renaming it "user", but I want the ability to change it without going to that hassle. I found one "solution" that told me to run regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll but it gave me an error message ("The module "shimgvw.dll" was loaded but the entry point DllUnregisterServer could not be found. Please make sure "shimgvw.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and try again." or something like that). Can anybody help?

Answer:Problem with user account picture

Not to be impatient, but this thread has been up for more than 2 days by my time zone. Please don't tell me this is unfixable.

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Hi Everyone. I am stuck right now. I dont know exactly what happened but my account picture on Vista randomly changed to an orange flower. I can not change it through control pannel or user settings or anything. If I click on another picture to be used, nothing changes. I saw a thread for this problem here:

This thread listed takes you to another thread with the "resolved" issue. The steps , however, that this solved thread told me to do didnt work. This is the advice that worked for the others:

"Another MVP had told me how to disable the new Win XP FAX and Picture
Previewer by going Start>Run>regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
I turned it back on with Start>Run>regsvr32 shimgvw.dll"

The problem is, if I run "regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll" I get a notice on vista saying : "The module "shimgvw.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegister Server was not found. Make sure that shimgvw.dll is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again."

I really am stuck and I dont know what to do to fix this problem. Please help, thanks

Answer:Account User Picture Problem

Have you tried a System Restore back to a point before this problem first appeared.
When you go to START have you double clicked on the Account picture and tried to change the Accont picture?
You could also try running SFC:

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I want to create some Windows 8 User Account pictures in Photoshop. I understand this can be done with either .bmp or .png.

I understand that Win8 will reduce and crop, but not necessarily in a way that will produce a good picture. I am having real trouble locating the pixel dimensions that Windows 8 needs for an uncropped User Account picture. Can anyone help?

Answer:Need User Account Picture Dimensions

This should help you get started with your project:

Attachment 24351

Good luck.

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I installed a desktop theme that changed my user account picture, but then changed my mind. I uninstalled and deleted the theme but now can't change my picture back to what it was. Account pictures are located in C/ProgramData/Microsoft/User Account Pictures, but PC Settings, where I'm trying to change my account picture from, won't let me access the ProgramData folder. What do I do?

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Pardon me if this is answered already.
Bros i just installed Windows 10 Pro Creators Update Version 1703 Build 15063.0. I want to remove user account picture on login screen.
I tried some tutorials but nothing is working for me. I don't remember how i did it in Anniversary update

Answer:Remove User Account Picture

The only real known way to do it, was posted by @Edwin here: How to make the login account pic transparent? - Windows 10 Forums

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I have recently encountered a problem with my Windows 7 log-on screen. Ever since using "Tuneup Utilties" to automatically change the BACKGROUND of the log-on screen, the User Account Picture has become extremely low quality and blurry. It is not a problem with the picture resolution, even the default pictures are not blurry. I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you

Answer:Low Quality User Account Picture

hello and welcome,
that's maybe cause by your background of the logon.
try to use the default background and see the logo picture,still got same issue or not.

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When I first start my computer a screen appears with pictures of each user's password-protected account. When I clik on one of the pictures a new screen appears with the same picture I cliked on, but the picture is about 3-4x larger. Is it possible for the account picture in the first screen ('choose account' screen) to be the same size as the account picture in the second ('password login' screen)? If so, how to do?

-thank you

Answer:User Account Picture Question

No, they are smaller on the first screen because there is more than one.

There was another thread here a while back that was trying to accomplish that too, through the registry, it just made everything huge.

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The is no picture in my eser account.

Settings>change Pc settings>account> account picture> BROWSE does not go to my PC pfotos folder to choose one.

Camera roll, screenshots & slide shows are empty.

How can I get to my photos? .....thanx .....nick

Answer:how to change user account picture

Hello Nick,

Are you able to "Browse" to the folder you want instead? See the yellow tip box under step 8 in the tutorial below to see if it may help.

User Account Picture - Change in Windows 8

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Hi all,

Some time back, I set up two user accounts on my Windows 7 PC, customised to use desk top icons from my personal photo library. Now I would like to copy these images to another Windows 7 PC. Of course I cant now remember where I got them from, and whats more cant find where they are located on the first machine. Can anyone point me to the right place?

Answer:Customised user account picture

I dont quite understand what you mean but I think this will help

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures

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I am having a problem. No matter what picture I choose for my User Account, it will not display. All I get is that little box with a red X in it. It won't display on the desktop or in the box when changing User Account information. Any suggestions? System operates fine except for that.

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Does anyone know of a way, or an app, which would allow me to have my user account picture update every the login / lock screen is displayed?

Basically I have a folder full of images that I like to use as my account picture, but instead of changing it every week or whatever, I'd like for it to change every time I login, so next time the login/lock screen is shown, it's different..

Does anyone know of anything like this? Or would be able to make a simple script to do it?

EDIT: Ok I've made a script which updates the user profile .bmp file, but changing that file does NOT update the user profile picture if it's a local user (it works for domain users apparently).. Any idea where the actual edit needs to be made / what cache needs dropping?

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Auto-changing user account picture?

Hmmm. I fired up Process Monitor (PM) and was not able to see the step(s) that you need to do to get the desired results. You might want to spend more time on it than I did. Filter PM on Explorer and record/monitor the events that take place when you manually change a user's picture via Control Panel > User Accounts.

The profile bmp that you mentioned can be deleted if this is for a local user account - even after a restart, the user image is coming from somewhere else.

If you really want to dig into this issue - you can run PM from one user account while you log off and on to another user account. PM should show you where W7 is getting the image from for the log on screen.

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Myself being the administrator on my home pc I created another user account that can be used by my kids. I noticed a problem when attempting to open jpeg photos while signed in to this account. I assumed the same program that I have set for this task on my account would launch when attempting to open a pic. Instead a window pops up that says something like "there is no program associated with this file type. Please choose a program from a list or search the web for a suitable program". When I attempt to choose the same program I use and I check "always use this program" the photo will open in said program but once I close it and attempt to open it again the same thing happens all over again. Why is this happening..?

Answer:user account picture viewing problem

Hello Mrmars

Here is another way to try to make it stick

Open a Windows Explorer window such as 'My Computer' then go to
Tools\Folder Options.
From the folder options, select the 'file types' tab, and wait while Windows builds the list of file types present on your PC.

Scroll through the 'registered file types' box until you find jpeg.
Highlight it and hit the 'change' button below to select a new application to open this file type by default.


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