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Recover BitLocker volume information from a damaged hard drive

Question: Recover BitLocker volume information from a damaged hard drive

I am running Windows 7 Enterprise with Bitlocker.
Unfortunately I ran into problems booting up and eventually it looked like the harddrive (SSD) was malfunctioning. My backup solution was fresh so I haven't given it much thought, just replaced the drive, but I would still like to know if it's possible to
recover data from the drive while it's encrypted with Bitlocker?
I have searched the net for info but none of them seem to focus on my problem; the drive itself shows no volume information, so I'm unable to run any decryption protocols on it. Therefore I'm unable to run any recovery software on it either.
I'm afraid I might've made the situation worse with my attempts at recovery, but still, any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,

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Preferred Solution: Recover BitLocker volume information from a damaged hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Honestly don't know y I deleted it but, I was cleaning files from my drives while in Linux and I deleted the system volume folder from one of my hdds and now all my data is inaccessible. Haven't touched the drive since, would like a surefire way to get it back. Here is my set up64gb ssd Windows 7
1tb hdd internal (deleted system volume folder)
1tb external hdd 50gb Linux partition 950gb ntfs partition
Thanks in advance

Answer:recover deleted system volume information on external drive

Have you had a look at the current version of the HIRENS boot CD. this has lots of free recovery tools on it. I have used it a few times for exactly the purpose you need it for...

Go here: Download Hiren

And scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you will a download link.


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I have an external drive that's been damaged. When I plug it into my computer, it recognizes it as "My Passport 259F". But it won't mount it. I can't really do anything with it except see that it's there.

I'm wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot this. Really, all I want to do is try to get the data off it. What can I try?

Answer:please help recover damaged hard drive

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Hi guys. My friend's sister managed to spill some alcohol on her laptop, basically killing it. Now she wants her pictures from the hard drive. I have the hard drive in a caddy plugged into my computer. When I try to access it, Windows says I need to format the drive. What're my options for recovering data off it?

Answer:Recover files of damaged hard drive

I know many ways to recover files but first are you sure that the spillage did not affect the Hard Drive?
Some ways involve spending some money, which I'm sure you want to avoid it.

#1 Download Test Disk for windows on your desktop >unxip > look for testdisk_win.exe. Click create a new log, right after this you will see all Hard Drives...highlight the one you are interested click proceed > click Intel > click analyze at this point you will or will not see partition on your hard drive. In any case > click Quick Search....If you find the partition that you looking for highlight click add you will have to enter the starting and ending sector, same with heads and cylinders...In some cases when TD see no errors it will show you dialog at the bottom if you want to write to MBR's what you are seeing... Documentation.

The other way is to download Xubuntu (or Ubuntu) Desktop edition burn the iso file Run the disk...look under Administration drop down menu for Synaptic package manager. click search enter NTFS and hit enter...right click on the packages and mark for installation you are looking for Admin tools for NTFS...then type in search "mountall" same thing mark for installation, you can as well install Test Disk on Linux...After installation see if you can access your drive
Oh you must enable read & write NTFS Drives. Look for this under Administration drop down menu..
the command for test test disk is (you must use... Read more

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I have a hard drive which does not spin. When it was spinning I tried using recovery software to retrieve my data and nothing I did worked. I have been through the forum and followed advice from various threads. I have now reached the stage where I'm happy to send the drive off to get the data recovered. Please let me know the name of a company in the UK, preferably South East England who can help.


Answer:Does anyone know of uk service to recover data from physically damaged hard drive

I understand your problem but you will have to weigh up the cost of this recovery and they are expensive usually starting at around 100 pounds.
If you still want to go along this route here are a few.

Good luck

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Can anyone help,I recently had a problem with my laptop, were a registry key was deleted and i lost my (administrator) log in profile. I had to reboot and take my laptop back to its factory settings using a restore point cd i had.Since i have done this, i have found that all information previously held on the hard drive has been deleted/lost. Information included, photos, music and word documents.Has anyone got any suggestions on how to retrieve this information........?????

Answer:How to recover all information on Hard drive

You don't. Re imaging a computer wipes the files. You could try some data recovery programs but there are no guarantees. I like Unerase or Undelete....

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I am working on a project with a private investigator, he has a computer that has been confiscated by the attorneys he works for, they wants to hire us to help them gain access to the email account they need to view for information in the investigation. It is a hotmail account; I have no prior experience in doing this but willing to give it a shot. Is there certain software I need to purchase to go through the hard drive to find the information we are looking for? Is there any other way to do this? The account is still active and being used from time to time just on different computers, they have the main computer which most of the activity was done from.

Answer:Recover Information From Hard Drive

Judging that hotmail is a internet based free mail program, I dont think there is much your going to find on the computer since all of the email is stored on a server that MSN owns. I dont think there are files that are left behind other than cache / cookies or temp files. What exactly is it you are looking for ? unless they saved the emails to the computer I dont think your going to find much.

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please help
how can I recover data from a damaged disk (not physically) of an external encrypted Bitlocer.
Description of the situation:

After connecting the drive - I can decipher it by typing the password - but when you try to open the contents of the report the message "format disk"
- the disk probably has some volume damaged - it has been disconnected from the computer (without being turned off)
What I have done so far:

Using the "Lazesoft" program - I managed to copy (of course after entering the password
on the damaged disk)
the content to another external disk (full - looking after size) but -
this data is encrypted (mainly ending with .ER)
I am asking for a hint:

whether the data that is on the new disk can somehow read (on this disk I can try) [or/and]how to create a damaged disk image to try on another disk [or/and]how to repair a damaged disk (as a last resort) - I am afraid of total data loss [or/and]what other program to use to copy data from a damaged disk
but decrypted
Thank you in advance for your help
Best Regards

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On another thread I mentioned that I had a broken laptop and wanted to retrieve my info. Someone recommended that I buy one of these

Will this work for recovering my info if my hard drive is not dead?

Links to my hard drive....................below

Answer:So how do I recover my information from removed hard drive?

No, it won't. The description says it works for 3.5" and 5.25" drives.
Since a laptop hd is 2.5", you need to make sure that 2.5" drive is mentioned in the specs, otherwise, you will need to purchase another adapter as well that converts a 2.5" connector to a 3.5" connector.

Let me look and see if I can find something that will work for your laptop hard drive.

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Hi, i'm new in this forum. I have a problem with Sytem Volume Information in my Drive D: (239GB), enlarged from 5GB to 60GB (Check from My Defrag). and the free space down from 113 GB to 51 GB. I don't know how it works, it happen when my System is under Automatic Maintenance (in Windows 8). anyone can help with my problem ?. I want to save my disk space. I have check my disk using CHKDSK. i found error, and fix that. I check again, and found no Problems.

Answer:System Volume Information in My Hard Drive

Looks like you have all kinds of stuff resident on that drive; yes? However, I don't understand why you have a program files directory on that drive since C appears to have the OS installed. I also see that you are storing backups on your D drive and you have an additional backup folder as well. So, I am a bit perplexed by the contents of your D drive and (exactly) what you are doing with it. With that said, the only thing I can recommend is to download a free utility that will give you a "tree-view" of that drive and you can delete any large files that are unnecessary. I use the portable "Get Folder Size" or you can install "Folder Size" (from sourceforge) which gives you a pop-up view of your folder sizes as you navigate thru explorer. Good luck

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I have an external hard drive where I keep things like drive images, backup files (CrashPlan), offline data, etc.

I'm beginning to get concerned about available space. I ran a report using an application called TreeSize and noticed that I have a considerable amount of space being consumed by System Volume Information, which I understand are Restore Points.

But I also have the same folder on my Drive C, so do I really need the information contained on the external HDD? I know I will not be able to delete the folder. If I do, Windows will automatically replace it. But do I need to keep this restore point information on the external HDD?


Answer:System Volume Information on an external hard drive

There will be a "System Volume Information" folder on each drive for which system protection is enabled. It will contain data relevant only to that drive.

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I have a 232GB Hard Drive which is 97% full, I wanted to clear some stuff up so I downloaded a programme called WizTree, it told me that System Volume Information was taking up 74.4% of my hard drive space, I didn't want to start endlessly deleting files because they look pretty important, but they're taking up 168.1GB of space! Is there anyway I can decrease this number? What are these files even for?

Answer:System Volume Information - Taking up so much hard drive space?

Not sure what's implied here with ' System Volume Information '. It could be the shadowstorage where the restore points are stored. That could be easily fixed. Run the command below and post the result.

vssadmin list shadowstorage

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I recently replaced my hard disk. The C: drive on the old disk was 350GB with 100GB free when I replaced it. I've made this partition 500GB and now there's only 20GB left.

I'm finding several files created just this month from 65Kb to 34.7GB in size. They are not all restore points from what I can tell either. I only have 1 restore point for each day over the past week, but 2 and 3 files on some days. The System Volume Information folder is now 311.8 GB in size.

Is there a way to get rid of some without clearing the restore points?

Could the System Restore configuration just be corrupted?

How can I fix this?

Answer:System Volume Information files filling hard drive

Create a new restore point then change the size allocated to system restore points.
By default Vista uses 15% of your disc space
Then delete old restore points
Try something like this in CMD as Administrator

vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /Maxsize=10GB

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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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I have to face a problem with my hard disk.My computer worked well yesterday and while I was using nero for copying one file to CD,my computer hanged.So I restarted it again.But windows xp cannot load and I got boot disk failure error.So,I tried to boot from CD.Windows setup CD start normally and it cannot continue after a while and I got this error stop:c0000221 unknown Hare Error/SystemRoot/System 32/ntdll.dll.I am sure that my CD is good.
So I restart my computer and checked my hard disk at bios setup.There,my drive is not detected.I have checked my jumper setting and cable setting, but, bios setup does not know my disk.I have checked my hard disk at another good computer ,but at this computer ,my drive is not detected.
I think that all my bios setup setting for my hard disk is correct .I have set my hard disk to auto at setup.I need to say one thing that I have heard strange noice from my disk when I restart my computer.I think that my drive is physically damage.Is it right or not?I would like to know that how can I test to my disk that it is damaged or not and how can I recover my data if it is physically damaged.

I really appreciate to your help.

Yin Minn Pa Pa

Answer:how can I recover data from damaged drive

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Hello windows seven,

I was thinking for this...

Local Disk C --> either bitlocker encrypted or unencrypted.
Local Disk D --> bitlocker encrypted partition and a space for backup

How can I backup and recover if using Acronis?

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I need advices about how can I solve my issue:

I have an external drive. I started the encryption drive with bitlocker, during encryption process,
the drive has been disconnected so I wasn?t able to continue the encryption process.

Now, the drive is partially encrypted. When I want to access the drive, I got the error message
?Encryption Failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion?.

I would like a procedure to recover the remaining data: encrypted and non encrypted

I used M3 Bitlocker Recovery but the tool freezes, I am currently trying TestDisk 7.0. Analysis
is in progress.

You'll find attached screenshots and detailed description of the situation.

I have the passwords & recovery keys

ps: I cant attach screenshots

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I accidently formatted one of my drives which was previously encrypted.
I tried some third party software as "recover my file" but it didn't work.
Later then, I experimented on a formatted (not encrypted before) usb drive to recover files by same software and it did work.
After that, I encrypted the usb drive and then formatted it. Then I tried to recover by same software, but it didn't work. So, it's apparent that it is not possible to recover from a encrypted and formatted drive by a usual recovery software. Is there any
other method that can help me.
Please inform, I'm in a dire need.

Answer:How can I recover files from a formatted drive which was encrypted by bitlocker.


I suggest you contact the local data recovery company to recover the data. Thank you for your understanding.


Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support

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Hello Dears. I had encrypted my drive by Bitlocker in windows 7. 
few days after my friend did quick format in my encrypted drive.
my 300 gb of data lost. and nothing saved
i remember unlock password. 
how can i recover my data ??? i need my data
i tried drive recovering tools (advanced EFS data recovery, easeus . . ,) . but . . . it's encrypted and formatted drive. 
can i undo quick format and decrypt ???
sorry my english is not good.
someone help me please. 

Answer:Can i recover lost data from encrypted drive by Bitlocker

BitLocker is not the cause of failed to recover files. Format a drive will clear all data saved on the hard disk. Thus recovery formatted data will be a hard disk based technology but not related to operation system. There is no build-in data recovery feature in Windows operations. So we will needto use third party recovery tool or contact third party data recovery company for current issue.

As recovery missing data service will be expensive, we can also check emails and contact friends to see if that can help get a part of files back especially for photos, documents etc.

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How do you recover lost/damaged files from a damaged disk (external)?

I'm not sure if its just damaged or crammed way too full but it started when I plugged it into another computer at the front along with another hard drive which I've never done at that particular computer before but I thought it would be fine since I always plug in both at the back of my own computer.
At the other computer this disk disappeared and only the other one showed up. So I plugged out the other one and tried to make it show up. It didn't and when i plugged it out "Drive H:\ needs to be formatted" showed up" I just kept trying at all the usb ports to failure.
I tried to plug it in my computer and my laptop leading to the same result.

I'm talking about a "1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Seagate", image I took the butt part out and installed it in my computer directly. I think that's when the chkdsk utility showed up after windows started. I let it run when it started up. it finally showed up! The files still worked. but it was still almost full so I bought a new hard drive to transfer the files to and then format the old one and start clean, or so to say.

I plugged in my new hard drive and tried to transfer some files. It transferred some, but others gave me a few errors in transferring. Then I tried to transfer it to my laptop. It can't transfer directly from one external ha... Read more

Answer:Recover lost/damaged files from damaged external disk?

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Hi folks,
Just came across a scenario for one of our customer. 

Trying to recover data off a drive that is bitlocker encrypted. No recovery key available to get pass bitlocker and access the drive.
Please advise if I reinstall OS preserving the old data in windows.old folder; will I be able to get the access the windows.old folder afterwards to get the data off it.

Thanks in Advance

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I have a 1 TB HD out of which I have less than 100 GB available. I couldn't find where all the data was going. I ran a program called TreeSize and that shows me 53% of my HD is in a folder called System Volume Information.

What are my options here?

For what its worth I do have an external 1.5 TB. Ideally I'd like to move this folder to there. Can I do that?

Answer:half my hard disk is being taken up by System Volume Information

System Restore points? Shadow Copies? Recycle Bin? Windows backups?

You can't just move the "System Volume Info" folder - as it lives with each drive for Windows. It contains metadata and other info (like what I listed above).

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I accidentally deleted my Western Digital Hard Disk Volume,i created a new one (screenshot),though the hard disk is empty,everything is missing.

Unfortunately this is my storage E:\ and i had\have very important files on it.

I am not good with this,i never had a similar problem,so PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:Undelete Hard disk Volume and recover data!

Hello there panais,

You can try Easeus's Data Recovery Wizard:-

Free Download hard drive data recovery software tools for FAT & NTFS Drive Recovery - EaseUS

Here's the guide for it:-

Recover deleted, lost partitions or hard drives. Hard Disk Partition Recovery software.

Hope that helps.

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I was wondering if anyone can help me please .. how one removes SVI from a non-fixed USB disk? I have system restore switched off on this drive..shows zero on scale but the disk has 623mb of SVI information possibly from a previous restore point setting..not sure where it came from Not sure if indexing is on this drive Can I remove this information... and how? TIA

Answer:How can I remove System Volume Information on a USB drive

If nothing else is on the stick, the quick, easy and painless way is to do a quick format.

Remember win 7 is going to reserve some space for file info.

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If an anti-virus software such as Avira tells you that it has detected Trojans in the System Volume Information of an external USB hard drive and gives you the opportunity to quarantine them - if you agree to do that will you still be able to open the drive and access your data properly ? I don't want to take a rash decision and lose access to my information.Please advise.

Answer:Trojans in External Drive System Volume Information

Quarantining the infections shouldn't affect your ability to access the drive. Why is there a System Volume on that drive?

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Hey guys, kinda new here, hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum section.
I'm not that super oriented with computers, I'll give it my best shot to explain what's going on here.
In short my PC just won't start. The light turns on, it boots up, and then I get a black screen with text referring to either "Start Up Repair (recommended)"
"Start windows normally"
If I choose start windows normally, it brings me to the black booting screen with the windows flag, then it proceeds to go back and restart the system, going back to the black screen. OR More likely it just stays stuck on the glowing windows flag.
This also occurs if I press F8 and go into safe mode. After listing all the components before going into safe mode, it simply restarts itself and goes right back to the black screen of the two choices.
If I select Start up repair, a grey loading bar appears below that on occasion freezes. If I manually reset the computer try it again, I get to a blue windows default background screen and the message
"Startup Repair
Your computer was unable to start
Startup repair is checking your system for problems...
If problems are found, Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times during this process.
No changes will be made to your personal files or information. This might take several minutes.
Searching for problems.. (this is beneath a blue bar that has been going on for at least an hour)
There's also a Dos window... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 won't boot past possible broken Hard drive attempting to recover/clone/copy hard drive

It sounds to me as if your Operating System has been damaged beyond repair, and that you only option would be to re-install your system using the 'Return to Factory Settings' facility provided. Unfortunately, this would mean you would lose all you data, and, from what I can tell from your posting, you have not taken a back-up so you cannot repair your PC at present.
You first need to remove your heard drive and connect it to a working PC either as slave or in a caddy, and use this to copy all your data onto a new external device.
Once connected to another device, you could partition your Hard drive and copy your data into a second partition.
Once you have your data copied, return the HHD to your own PC and re-install your system from scratch.

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I have Vista Home Premium.
I have a separate partition (D:) which appears full. The files I have put their myself total 50% of the 120Gb partition. The other 50% I see from Treesize is about 30 files totalling 60Gb.
A typical file looks like this
D:\System Volume Information{db37075f-6b4f-11e1-b156-afc12c875f87}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}
I have turned off system restore and rebooted -as most answers suggest that these files are originating from system restore and would delete following system restore being turned off - but this has not effected the files at all.
Any idea where these files are coming from? I cannot access these files nor take ownership - so cannot manually delete.
I really need this space - I'm reaching the point of saving critical files to external drive and re-installing the O/s but want to avoid this if possible.
Any suggestions?

Answer:System information volume fields are eating my partitioned drive

To start with try the following:-
Download and Run CCleaner from here to clean out all of the temp.(rubbish) files.
enter link description here
Also download and install Smart Defrag (Free) enter link description here
You will see a noticeable difference.

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Question: Damaged hard drive

My Windows XP home edition pc is no longer locating my 500gb internal hard drive.
I was trying to transfer some mp3 files from one drive to another. While doing this my pc froze and I mistakenly decided to use the restart button. When my pc began rebooting it warned me that some files had been damaged, advised me to let windows do a check, and began identifying the damaged files (sorry, I cannot remember exactly what it said). It kept doing this for 24 hrs, at which point I decided to restart again. Since then pc has allowed me access the operating system but not the damaged drive.
I really need to recover this stuff as there are important photos on the drive.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Damaged hard drive

Assume you cannot see the drive in My computer?
Can you see the drive in disk management and has it got a drive letter assigned to it?

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About two and a half or three weeks ago, I began having problems with start up of my computer (Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows XP) There is a problem with System 32 and dll. I only just realized in the past week that it has to do with the HP all in one 2410 Photosmart Printer and Software I installed. I downloaded an updated driver from the HP website, hoping that this would solve the problem...but it hasn't. My computer still has problems starting up and I keep having to manually shut it down, which i know is bad for the hard drive.

I really like my printer and would like to be able to keep it if I can get it to be compatible with my computer....but I don't know where to go and what to try from here. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks,


Answer:Help...My Hard Drive is getting damaged!

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My laptop (vista home premium, 32bit) Toshiba keeps freezing. It even sometimes flashes blue with no writing just blue and restarts. Ive turned restart off during system failure but the screen stays blue.

Answer:Is my hard drive damaged?

W/o knowing the stop errors, it will difficult to say whether is your drive or something else. Unfortunately for you, I know there is a place where you can check your errors, I never remember where it is.

Someone else will chime in I am sure.

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I tried to reformat my hard drive. When it got to a certain point where it was checking the disk it got to 20% then hung or stopped. Did this three times. I have tried to run CHKDSK and have been unsuccessful. I get messages during the operation that say "file record segment ##### is unreadable.

Once phase 1 is finished, I get messages that "correcting error in index" and replacing orphan files (or sometthing to tthat effect). Not long after that a message appears that says "an error has occured" and the computer continues to boot.

Please note that my computer tries to run through CHKDSK everytime I boot. I want to reformat but it seems impossible.

Any suggestions? Do I have a damaged hard drive and need to purchase a new one? Need some help here!!!


PS This is a CyberPower computer running XP Pro - 80 gig hard drive. AMD 2800

Answer:How can I tell if my hard drive is damaged?

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Question: Damaged hard drive

After going to hell and back with my laptop i was finally able to clean my hard drive and remove all partitions , after a format i tried to install a fresh version of windows , but when using a windows xp disc i get the message " damaged hard drive etc...
using a windows vista disc i get a message saying all the necessary files required for installation could not be found
is there any way to fix this hard disk?

Answer:Damaged hard drive

Try going to the hard drive manufactures website. They should have something you can download so you can make a bootable disc that boots with DOS. Download the disk tools to check and repair your Hard Drive.

Also make sure there is nothing wrong with the XP CD itself. Did you buy it or is it a copied one?

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I've been having problems loading programs in WinXP. All the larger programs/games either load EXTREMLY slow, or stop responding. Even disk defragmenter does'nt respond. I'm able to run smaller progams fine and navigate through windows quickly.

I did a virus scan with Norton in safe mode and did'nt find anything.

I ran chkdsk /f from the cmd prompt and it found bad sectors. I have 8 KB in bad sectors. Perhaps some of my WinXP system files just happen to be in those sectors?

How would I go about fixing this other then getting a new HD?

Maybe it's my RAM and those bad sectors on my HD have been there harmlessly for a while. Dunno...

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Damaged hard drive?

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Well when I used to use my 20GB maxtor HD everything was fine until some error came and windows would not start. I decided to reformat and did numerous times because of errors that wouldnt let windows load to protect my computer from damage. Well I decided to use my old 4GB HD as master which I was using as a slave before. Well now I want to use the 20GB HD again but for some reason BIOS does not detect it. I went to auto detect and pressed Enter on Secondary Slave which I have nothing attached to and almost immediately it said "Not Installed". This was fine because I had nothing on it. Then I went to auto detect my Primary Slave (my 40GB HD) and it just continued searching for a long time before it finally said "Not Installed". The thing is, the Secondary Slave said "Not Installed" almost instantly because nothing was attached but there is a HD attached to the Primary Slave and it just searches til it says "Not Installed". Does this mean its damaged?

Answer:Hard drive damaged?

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Question: Damaged Hard Drive

My system crashed due to a worm and several other viruses.  If I remove the hard drive will this cure my system or will there still be viruses in the system?

Answer:Damaged Hard Drive

Viruses only live on media like hard drives, floppy disks, USB keys, etc.  Not in processors or RAM after they've been powered down (so-called "volatile memory").

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Hi, I recently posted on here about problems getting an external caddy to work with the hard drive from my old computer, but have discovered there might be a more serious issue...I'm sorry if this is a bit long!I got a new computer in September and have been trying to get the data off the hard drive (all my photos, music and old uni work) from my old computer(which is IDE). The hard drive is relatively new as I bought it about a year ago to see if it could make my old computer faster. It didn't so I got a new one.I've tried several caddies: The first one didn't work. The second one was the wrong size (my fault). The third one started smoking when I turned it on and so I sent it back. The fourth one doesn't work.A friend who knows about these things came round and checked it and said that the smoking caddy could have damaged the hard drive, as it doesn't seem to do anything when turned on in the new caddy.If this is the case does anyone know if I'll ever get my data back?Here is my original thread if you want to look:click here

Answer:Could my hard drive be damaged?

It's possible the smoking caddy could have damaged the drive, but maybe it hasn't. Maybe I have missed it, but have you tried attaching the old drive to your new computer, internally, as a Slave?

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Question: Damaged Hard drive

Hello all,

This is my first post & I hope someone here might be able to help me. Because of reasons that don't need to be expounded here I managed to put a hard drive power connector in upside down (idiot).

Rather surprisingly, I am an electronics engineer with quite wide experience. My question is, does anyone here have experience of stripping down hard drives? If yes I can go into detail about the apparent damage & discus what might be done to effect repair.

All constructive ideas welcome lol

Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Damaged Hard drive

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Question: Damaged Hard Drive

After experiencing error after error, I finally downloaded a diagnostic pgm. for the 4gig Western Digital drive that's been making me so crazy. Test results reported that there are one or more errors that can't be repaired, replace the drive! Well, I can't do that anytime soon, so I was wondering if there is someway I can isolate or work around the bad sectors, so I can access the drive in the meantime. I've tried running a surface scan with Scandisk and it fixed 2 of the 3 bad areas, but can't seem to get past the 3rd. Is there anything I can do?

Answer:Damaged Hard Drive

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Question: Damaged Hard Drive


I got a black screen, and the hard drive wouldn't boot. I took 3 old hard drives that I thought were still good, but after I formatted each one, I got a message that the hard drive was damaged . . . something else was wrong, like an improper connection . . .
finally, I hooked up a new Hitachi Hard Drive, and formatted it . . . and lo and behold I'm getting the same message.

It's possible the 3 older hard drives could have become damaged, but when the brand new Hitachi gives me the same message, I think maybe something else is wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Answer:Damaged Hard Drive

Might be a controller problem. Can you put a drive on the second IDE connection and boot from it (change BIOS)? Do you get the same error when preparing a drive connected on IDE2?

And try a new cable. Could be that simple.

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hi Everyone

i am new to theforum ... please help i am having problems with laptop and bitlocker... the usb with key is notworking .... please help!

Answer:Please help with bitlocker damaged or formatted key

If known, provide exact specs: make/model of laptop, exactly W10 -- OEM or Microsoft retail, make/model of hard-drive. I'll be gone awhile, however, others much better than I will show up.

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So here is what happened, in steps:

1) Started BitLocker encryption on drive E:
2) Power failure interrupts the process around %17
3) Could neither access drive E: nor continue BitLocker encryption
4) After some search, found out that BitLocker Repair Tool can recover a drive to "an empty output volume of equal or larger size than the BitLocker-protected drive"
5) Did that. After the decryption process, used "chkdsk /f", to check for and fix errors.
6) After that, formatted drive E: and re-copied its content back in
7) Found out the next day that some files are not working. Text documents have scrambled symbols in them, for example. Rar, pdf, iso, jpg, doc.. All kinds of files are affected.
Interestingly, the same files in multiple folders within the drive do not work in any of the locations.

I did a loooooong search, but all I could find was thousands of posts everywhere on "How To Recover A File From A Damaged Drive".
But I do have the files. They are already "recovered".
Still, tried a bunch of recovery tools, even though I already knew that it was futile, since:

a) I had already copied the content of the drive in question back in it.
b) It is not that the files are missing. They somehow remained "scrambled", I believe. They don't need to be recovered. They need to be "repaired", maybe, don't know how, but with the "BitLocker Recovery Key" file... Read more

Answer:BitLocker Has Damaged Some Files

Bitlocker can not be interrupted, but more importantly, there`s no reason to use it.

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hi Everyone

i am new to theforum ... please help i am having problems with laptop and bitlocker... the usb with key is notworking .... please help!

Answer:Please help with bitlocker damaged or formatted key

If known, provide exact specs: make/model of laptop, exactly W10 -- OEM or Microsoft retail, make/model of hard-drive. I'll be gone awhile, however, others much better than I will show up.

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damaged hard drive clusters/ damaged boot sector of the hard

Answer:c drive unreadable, damaged hard drive clusters

Time for a new hard drive, it is beyond repair.Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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My IT department and I have been trying to enable BitLocker protection for my second hard drive, 1TB Seagate SSHD in the bay (so, SSD for OS drive, BitLocker is fine, bay for DVD?Second drive swap not able to use BitLocker).
We have looked at Group Policy, I have two partitions on the drive (one 500MB, the rest in a second volume). As mentioned, BitLocker (managed with TPM by IT) is working fine.
The second hard drive does not show up in the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel applet...either as a Fixed data drive or as a Removable data drive.
The second drive does show up in Dell Data Protection as a removable drive. Which, technically it may be,,,but at the same time it is connected directly to the motherboard, so it really should show as a fixed disk.
I have seen many, many posts on how to enable BitLocker...nothing I have tried has worked.
Has anyone else run into this and fixed it? Maybe a domain Group Policy setting that could be overriding the local I set up using gpedit.msc? 
Anything come to mind?

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I'm having a lot of problems with my external hard drive and I can't seem to find a solution... my sister tripped over my hard drive cord and it fell on the floor. This was not the first time she did that... after this last time though anytime I tried to load it, it said something like "Disk must be formatted before use." I looked up a bunch of forums on what I could do and what the problem was, and everyone said that it was probably damaged and I'd need to try and recover the files. I tried using a free file recovery program (Recuva) because right now I'm jobless and living at my dad's place... so I couldn't get anything better. I did a few scans and got some of my stuff back, but I wasn't quite finished when it randomly started giving me another problem.

Now it only shows up in "My Computer" half the time, and instead of saying what it used to say when it loads it says "F:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect." I don't know what that means and I can't seem to get any of the file recovery programs to work anymore. Every time I try to use one of them they just say "Cyclic redundancy check - data error" and then close... but they used to work. I don't understand why it's suddenly doing this now or what I can do about it. Someone please help...

Answer:Damaged External Hard Drive

If the drive was running when it fell on the floor, it could very well have damaged one of the read/write heads inside the drive or damaged the disk that the data is stored on which in turn may have damaged a head. If a head is damaged, the only recovery method for that side of that disk is to place it in a different drive and try to avoid the damaged area of the disk. This is not easily done. Companies such as OnTrack do this for a living and are very good at it however they also charge a lot for their services.

A hard drive is a much more fragile piece of hardware then most people realize. Moving a HDD at all while it's on can jeopardize your data. The platters or disks inside act like a gyroscope. When you move the drive it can put stress on the heads and do damage to the disk and the head.

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My workstation has 5 SCSI drives in it, running off of an Adaptec 29320 controller.

A couple of weeks ago (2 weeks today, as it happens) I had a SCSI cable short which somehow took out the controller card and burned a ground trace on the onboard controller card on one of the hard drives (/dev/sdd, a 15K RPM 147 GB Hitachi drive), AND caused a head crash on another hard drive (/dev/sdb, a 10K RPM 73 GB Fujitsu which is the oldest drive in the system).

I replaced the cable, had another controller air-freighted to me, found an fixed the burned ground trace, and was back up. Drive /dev/sdd passed all tests after repairing the ground trace and shows no signs of further problems.

I did not discover the head crash on /dev/sdb for a few days, until I checked the logs and discovered it had failed self-test. I ran Spinrite on the drive, which took about a day and a half to complete, and Spinrite found extensive damage in one region of the platter. Spinrite recovered some significant portion of the data in the damaged section, but failed to recover all data from a total of 81 blocks, and mapped out a total of 167 bad blocks. Data loss consists of one corrupted song file, which doesn't trouble me a bit.

The drive now appears to be functioning normally but is now failing self-test due to the high number of bad blocks that have been mapped out; this is being identified as an impending failure.

Now, if these blocks were just going bad, then that would be right and it would be a cl... Read more

Answer:Opinions on damaged hard drive

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Big problem here, I turned off my computer and when I turned it back on, Windows wouldnt start. I put in my recovery CD and it said
"Operating system: Unknown on (Unknown) Local Disk"

Then i went into the command prompt and put "diskpart", then "list disk", and it shows up like this:

DISKPART> list disk

DISK ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
--------- -------- ------ ----- --- ---
Disk 0 .. No Media 0 B 0 B
(sorry if it looks weird, this forum wont let me edit what I put above the way I want it to)

Will I have to get a new hard drive? Should I put "select disk 0" and then "clean"? Did I get infected by a virus?

Answer:Damaged Hard Drive/Partition

Hello and welcome KM mate before you do that do a sfc and chkdsk and if you can run these form the command prompt
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Disk Check

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A former friend of mine took my lap top to the shooting range and well now it's full of holes one of them stringent throw the hard drive sniping it in two. my question is is the hard driver fixable and if not is their a recovery severs that can receiver the data.

Answer:Vary damaged hard drive

Is this a joke?No the hard drive is not fixable and No it cannot be recovered.

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I have my mothers dell inspiron laptop at the moment. When you turn it on it cascades the message " FAILED TO SAVE ALL THE COMPONENTS FOR THE FILE \\SYSTEM32\\00002ed7. THE FILE IS CORRUPTED OR UNREADABLE. THIS ERROR MAY BE CAUSED BY A PC HARDWARD PROBLEM"A system check box then appears and does a scan. When you press FIX ERRORS. Its unable to fix 9 errors and you have to purchase the full version. Virus maybe????? I am unable to delete the system check box from the system tray.The screen is just a black background and all the icons have disappeared. When I press the windows icon and all programs the file icons appear but when I click on them they say EMPTY.Please help

Answer:Damaged hard drive clusters

Yes, sounds like a scam alert. I suggest you post in the Am I Infected forum.

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I dropped my external hard drive while moving my computer. When I try and play video files form the external they are very slow to load. I think I know the answer but have I damaged my external hard drive?

Answer:does this sound like I damaged my hard drive

Run chkdsk and find out if it is damaged.
You have made a backup of the files on the suspected drive? do it now,better safe than sorry...

# Open "My Computer" and right-click on the icon for the drive that is to be checked.
# In the context menu that opens, choose "Properties".
# Click the "Tools" tab at the top of the Properties window.
# In the "Error-checking" section, click the button "Check now".

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Yesterday i tried reformatting my computer, i get to the partitions section, i choose the un-partitioned one, just cause i want one drive. It goes through and gets to 100% then tells me it cannot complete it due to damaged hard drive. it also tells me to check my cables, so i check them, and they are fine. My hard drive cant be dead, because i was on it yesterday and it was working fine except for the errors it had from my previous problem with my computer.

i have installed my SATA drivers from my floppy.

any ideas? what am i doing wrong? what am i forgetting?

Answer:Cannot Reformat Due To Damaged Hard Drive!?!

ok yesterday "except for the errors" from previous problem, YOU HAVE A BAD HD.

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Good morning Lenovo community :-) Recently, I upgraded my Lenovo Edge 330 from Windows 8 to 8.1. I bought the device 6 weeks ago. The day before yesterday, I tried to use the 330, but suddenly  there appeared the "blue screen of death", saying, that windows has tu be repaired. And so it went on - the automatic repair function of WIndows 8 ran as I restarted the computer. The problem now is, that the automatic repair doesn't stop, and if it's finished, the computer restarts autimatically, again in the repair mode. That's an endless loop of restart - repair mode - computer has to be restarted - repair mode - etc. So I started the BIOS from my computer and checked the hdd - maybe there was a mistake on it. I checked the drive via the bult in Lenovo HDD Check, and got this screen, saying, that "Smart Short self test" and "Targeted Read Test" failed (you see the result of the hdd check in the picture below). I also tried to get to secure mode, but it doesn't work. BIOS works. So, what doing now? Do I have to send the 330 to the repair service or is there's another possibility to repair/update/restart/etc. the device? Thanks so much for the coming help! 

Answer:Edge 330: Hard drive damaged?

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that Lenovo diagnostic tests showed a failed status for "Smart Short self-test" and "Targeted Read Test? in your Lenovo ThinkPad E330.
The result of these tests suggest that the hard drive has failed or is about to fail. First thing to do is back up all your data while the hard drive can still be accessed. Also, I strongly recommend you to contact our technical support for assistance.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Best Regards,

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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I have my mothers dell inspiron laptop at the moment. When you turn it on it cascades the message " FAILED TO SAVE ALL THE COMPONENTS FOR THE FILE \\SYSTEM32\\00002ed7. THE FILE IS CORRUPTED OR UNREADABLE. THIS ERROR MAY BE CAUSED BY A PC HARDWARD PROBLEM"

A system check box then appears and does a scan. When you press FIX ERRORS. Its unable to fix 9 errors and you have to purchase the full version.

Virus maybe????? I am unable to delete the system check box from the system tray.

The screen is just a black background and all the icons have disappeared.

When I press the windows icon and all programs the file icons appear but when I click on them they say EMPTY.

Please help

Answer:damaged hard drive clusters

Follow this guide

Let me know how it went

good luck

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Have a fairly new Dell XPS M1330 and I dropped a AC adapter on it today causing a dent in the chassis and causing the hard drive to end. It was making a very faint running noise when I powered it down and on reboot it says no drive detected, run F1, F2 or F5 - F5 gives the 0141 error - no drive detected. But there is no physical damage to the drive when you look at it so I am guessing it got a little jolt and maybe the reader arm is stuck or broken or what I am thinking is to open it up and take a look.

1. Is this OK - will it ruin it?
2. Is it necessary or is it possible to maybe boot from CD and will the drive possibly try to read data and not run as a bootable device (just a shot, doesnt technically make sense and sounds stupid, but just trying)
3. Dell is sending me a new drive, but obviously this one has data on it - I have a backup that is about 1 month old (stupid again....especially for someone in the backup software business, but the cobblers know the story) So I know the data is fine and short of taking it to a recovery service....what can I do. Funnier is the Dell rep said - bring the new drive and old drive to a shop and we will pay for it - should be about $50-$ this in some other type of currency?

Any advice, experience or solutions are highly appreciated and SO needed. I am so upset about this, the chassis may as well be made out of paper, or that really strong light bulb container cardboard.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:PLEASE HELP - hard drive partially damaged, but I KNOW I can fix it!

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I'm looking for a way to image a windows installation from a machine whose drive I believe to be corrupted. The symptoms are slow, unresponsive windows explorer (file explorer won't launch, start menu search doesn't function). The disk light is always on, and it isn't usable in safe mode either. A chkdsk /f was stuck for almost a week and never completed successfully because I need to move onward.

My question is: how do I best recover all the installed programs or the system as it exists with the hard drive in this state? Is it possible? Will windows backup (if I can even open it) image bad sectors? I have a feeling the failing sectors of the drive contain critical windows files since basic navigation is almost a dead standstill.

Thanks in advance.

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I have HDD and it is about 7% damaged (according to some tests I ran via UBCD4Win) I wanted to know if it is possible to somehow section off the damaged section (it makes loud clicking noises) and install windows using the chunk that is still good? The HDD is a Toshiba... if that makes any difference...

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Can I Install New OS on Damaged Hard Drive

the large clicking noise will eventually kill the harddrive completely
The heads are touching the surface and will be damaged each time its used
so the damaged area will increase and then the drive will not work

time to change the drive

common problem

do you have data on the drive you need off ?
It may be possible to boot from another Operating System
This will at least test the Hardware and also see if you can see the Harddrive and possibly get data off.

If you have another PC with a cdwriter and spare CD
goto and download the ISO

full details are here

click on the image "download ubuntu"
Select a location
then begin download
Save the file onto your PC – remember where you saved it – so you can find it again to create the image bootable CD.

You do NOT copy the ISO file onto a CD - you have to use the ISO to create a bootable CD
The CD creator software you have on the PC may have an option to create an image from an ISO
If not - use this free program

When the UBUNTU CD boots - you will see the following options
1) Try ubunto without any change to your computer
2) Install ubuntu
3) Check CD for defects
4) Test memory
5) Boot from first hard disk.

Use OPTION 1 "Try ubunto without any change to your computer" ONLY this option this will run from the CD and not install onto your harddrive... Read more

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.
How can a format my usb drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with decrypting my drive by deactivting bitlocker on it by entering the valid password/recovery key. At 36% of decryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried... format with windows
   ..remove with diskmgmt
   ... remove with diskpart
   ... repair-bde
   ... manage-bde
   ... ubuntu live cd
   ... mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned I don't need to recover my data. With that tool I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.
How can I break the write-protection mode to finally wipe the hard drive?

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I'm attempting to encrypt a 10TB hard drive (it's massive, I know) and there have been error messages given saying "can't enumerate any <g class="gr_ gr_283 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-del replaceWithoutSep"
data-gr-id="283" id="283">more,</g> because the associated data is missing". I have tried wiping the hard drive and running it again, checking it for damage or errors, and letting it cool off but this is seemingly the only
issue the hard drive itself has been presenting.
I'm wondering if it's not possible to encrypt such a large external hard drive with <g class="gr_ gr_594 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="594" id="594">Bitlocker</g>
or if there is a common bug or error that I am missing. Also, it is formatted using exFAT which is supposedly compatible with <g class="gr_ gr_708 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="708"

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I'm attempting to encrypt a 10TB hard drive (it's massive, I know) and there have been error messages given saying "can't enumerate any more, because the associated data is missing". I have tried wiping the hard drive and running it again, checking
it for damage or errors, and letting it cool off but this is seemingly the only issue the hard drive itself has been presenting.

I'm wondering if it's not possible to encrypt such a large external hard drive with Bitlocker  or if there is a common bug or error that I am missing. Also, it is formatted using exFAT which is supposedly compatible with Bitlocker. Also, there is no data
on the hard drive.


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Dear Friends,
I have a Toshiba external hard drive. When I viewed the photos on it accidentally my friend locked with bitlocker in my absence. He has no idea about the recovery key and password. He has given some hints for the password. But all failed. Can anyone help me out of this issue.

Answer:External hard drive has to be opened from bitlocker

Hello Jenieragav, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I'm afraid that if you have do not have the password or recovery key, then about the only option is to format the drive to be able to use it again. That's what BitLocker is designed for. No access with password or key.

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Hello all,

I didn't use my external hard drive for over a month, and today I decided that i wanted a back-up of some of the stuff on my laptop. I plugged it in and immediately a message popped up, saying that this drive was protected by something called BitLocker. It required me to enter a 48 digit recovery key. I had NEVER heard of BitLocker up until that point. I didn't know anything about a recovery key, and why didn't it ask for a regular password first, before asking for a recovery key? I didn't have a clue. I still don't have a clue. I searched my computer for BitLocker using the regular 8.1 system search. No results. I searched in PC Info. There is something about encryption there. That was, and is turned off. Not a mention of BitLocker anywhere. When i looked it up it said it comes with Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise edition. I am fairly certain I have regular 8.1. How in the name of all that is holy did I get saddled with this piece of shit encryption that locks me from my files, while I don't even want it? When I plugged it into my fathers laptop, also running 8.1 it gave the same message. When i plugged it into my brothers Asus tablet with keyboard combo, also running 8.1, it didn't give any problems. Does anyone here have any clue what is going on? Would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:BitLocker and External Hard Drive(WD My passport 2TB)

I'm having the exact same problem. I've been dealing with it for months. Both of my external hard drives had this happen to them at roughly the same time, and I have no idea how. I too had never heard of Bitlocker before this happened. I tried calling WD and they told me to call Microsoft as Bitlocker is owned by Microsoft. I called Microsoft and they told me to talk to WD. I've been led in circles for months and still cannot access my hard drives and the files on them. I do not have the recovery keys and do not know how to get them. I have been searching for answers throughout the internet without any results. I was told that I could reformat them, and that might work, but then I would lose all of my files. I don't have a backup for them because my hard drives were the backups (that's why I had two!). If you have been able to fix this problem, or have any sort of solutions or options, please, please help me out.

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When I turn on my laptop, I am getting multiple "Critical Error" messages. There are the two in the Topic, "Damaged hard drive clusters detected," and, "Missing Hard Drive." Also there is another that says something along the lines of, "RAM usage very high. RAM failure imminent." There will be an occasional set of popups saying different things about a Hard Drive failure and if this happens, the laptop will end up restarting itself after all of these are done. I'm assuming from what I've read by searching that it might have something to do with some kind of Virus or Malware, but I have not found any useful information on how to fix it, and we have tried running Virus removal programs. One came up empty I believe, and the other will not run at all. This laptop is the only working computer we've got until Christmas, so this problem can get very annoying.. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

DDS (Ver_10-12-12.02) - NTFS_AMD64
Run by Cannibal at 3:58:31.33 on Wed 12/15/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.2812.1474 [GMT -5:00]

AV: Norton Internet Security *Disabled/Outdated* {88C95A36-8C3B-2F2C-1B8B-30FCCFDC4855}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Norton Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {33A8BBD2-AA01-20A2-213B-0B8EB45B02E8}
FW: Norton Internet Security *Disabled* {B0F2DB13-C654-2E74-30D4-99C9310F... Read more

Answer:Damaged hard drive clusters detected

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting... Read more

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I unfortunately dropped my dell inspiron n5010 laptop yesterday ( on carpet) and when I booted it lead me to windows recovery stating 0xc000009ce , either external usb problem or cd/dvd/ hard drive failure etc. I was able to go on safe mode but I wasn't able to retrive my files and my laptop was runnign really slow. After that, I restarted many times and finally I was able to boot normally, but again, it would take 10-15 minutes and it would lag all the time. I was able to transfer my files to an external flash drive( most of them) but I lost patience because it would lag etc. And after 50 min or so , it would shut off without notice.No files were missing and everything seems ok expect for the speed part. I also did a check disk upon reboot and it said it found no bad sectors , so I am puzzled why the result is lik that. I n my case, what is the best solution? buy another hdd , reinstall hdd, or reinstall windows 7? Also , I still have som videos that I wasn't able to transfer so what is the best way to retrieve them?

Also, the RAM at the back when I unscrewed the cover the first time to see if it was just a loose memory problem were popped out, so I put them back in again by slightly pushing them down until the metal things on the side clicked them into place. Now, when I tried to take the RAM again by pushing those metal things on the side apart the RAM didn't pop out,? I had to slide them out carefully? is that normal , thank you.

oh and I am running windows 7

Answer:dropped laptop damaged hard drive HELP

Hi bstvrhd,

The unit most likely at fault is the HDD. What I would recommend you to do is install Windows on an external Harddrive OR run an Ubuntu Live CD on an USB drive, and see if the problem persists. If all the above options run well, it's most likely the HDD. Thats where I would start atleast :)

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It seems all my files are damaged or corrupt on my external hard drive and wont open. Why is this and what can I do to get them back? They are videos, docs, pics etc.

Answer:Damaged Files On External Hard Drive

More likely the file system is damaged.CAn you access the drive in windows?Try to right click the drive select properties - Tools tab - error checking - check now.

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My laptop was thrown to the ground, rather hard (dont ask).  Apparantly according to the only external damage, it landed right where the hard drive was stored. My IT bloke at work who is pretty good tried running it through another computer but it said the device was unknown. It appears that something within the hard rive has been damaged by kinteic energy. I guess I have no options but to send this to a professional recovery service. What are my chanced for a full data recovery?

Answer:Hard drive damaged by kinetic energy

I suggest asking that of the recovery service  that you consult.   The recovery can have a pretty stiff pricetag.

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hi my sisters pc was damaged bu a spike surge the man she bought the pc from diod not supply a sugre protecter. her pc would not start nd we have found out thart her motherborad is needs replaccing. is ot possible to get the the memoerey back from the harddrive. please helpscott

Answer:hard drive damaged by spike surge

Maybe, you'll just have to connect it up and see what she reveals.

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Damaged my external hard drive that I use to make backups of my File History. When connecting a new drive will it capture all the files or just where I left off when using my old drive? Using Windows 10 anniversary. Thanks

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Every time I start my computer now, none of the icons are on the desktop, the background it black, no programs or accessories are showing up on the start menu, and I'm getting a million dialogue boxes saying "Failed to save all the components for the file \System32\00002455. The file is corrupted or unreadable. This error may be cause by a PC Hardware problem." Is there a way to fix this and retrieve my files, or am I pretty much screwed?
I'm running on XP. I'd tell you further specifications, but my computer isn't letting me access that information.

The error messages read the same, except with different numbers, like 000066ed, 00007d3d, 0000385e, 0000217b, 00005eab, 00002d34, 000001a4, 00001321, 00000167, 00001f82, 0000613b, 00003e6d, 00000ce4, 00002e66, 00005d0c, 000029c3, 0000748e, 0000616d, 00002243, 00007a5d.
The numbers seem different every time. Every time I close the boxes, a bunch more pop up with the same message and different numbers.

Some other error messages are as follows:
"Critical error: Windows OS can't detect a free hard drive space. hard drive error"
"RAM memory reliability is extremely low. This problem may cause system failure"
"Hard drive clusters are partly damaged. Segment load failure"
"Critical Error: Hard drive critical error. Start a system diagnostics application to scan your hard drive for errors and performance problems."

Answer:Corrupted files/"damaged hard drive"

I'm having the exact same problem as you are.
Try this thread and it should help.
Can you access files through a usb?

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I've had this Western Digital EIDE (WD Caviar SE 7200 RPM) 80GB Hard Drive for almost a year. I got it in December of 2006 as a gift. Yesterday, I had some problems with it via programs would take a while to load or if you'd drag a folder to move it, it would be very slow. (I'd do spyware, virus checks, and defragment it regularly by the way. I also use Tune-Up utilities to clean out the registry and clear the memory and such.) Then, my DVDrom started acting funny. Mind you it still works, but the tray doesn't shoot out very fast like it used to. It moves out extremely slow. When I had the WD drive hooked up in my computer and still had Windows XP working on it. I'd open the DVD drive by clicking the button. The drive would open for a second or two and then automatically close by itself! It would do the same thing after I'd burn a disc using Nero. It would burn, but when you click the next button on Nero it would open and close, open and close, and then Nero would not respond.

I checked the drive for viruses and came up empty. I had a bit of spyware like four or five entries come up in Spybot. Nothing came up in Ad-Aware. But I was still having this slow and weird DVD problems. So I finally decided to just reformat the drive and thought everything would go back to normal. Well, I got the drive reformatted and all, but when I went to re-install Windows XP it came up with an error and said that the disk drive was damaged. So now I don't kno... Read more

Answer:Hard drive won't install windows/says it's damaged

I forgot to add the following information.

The Compaq 30GB drive is my backup (slave) drive that I used with the 80GB. I had Windows XP installed on the backup drive as well which is a good thing because I would've lost all my stored files if I had to install WinXp on it.

When I tried to re-install Windows on the 80GB. I had it set as it was originally (no jumpers for single - according to the box it said that was okay) and I disconnected the slave drive just for a safety measure. Never really had any problems conflicting between the two drives either.

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I was running a defrag program on a hard drive and accidentally copied some data to the hard drive at the same time. My computer completely froze before I had a chance to cancel it.

When I tried to turn my computer it wouldn't restart and just froze on the loading Windows 2000 screen after 8 bars showed up. I unplugged the hard drive and was surprised that the computer then started up fine. The reason I was surprised is the OS is not on that hard drive.

I then powered up my computer and plugged in the damaged hard drive to an external device so it shows up as an external drive. When I go to it I see it as having nothing at all (0 bytes free and 0 total).

What should my next step be in the morning? Should I run disk check, defrag, or anything else first? Or should I run a disc recovery program first?

9 hours ago - 3 days left to answer. - 3 answers - Report Abuse
You can't answer your own question.

Answer:How do I retrieve data from a damaged hard drive?

first of all i would not touch the damaged hdd at all. and i would recommend taking it 2 a specialist. as the file table on the drive is probably damaged in some way, so the data is still there its just the references are gone. a techy could prob fix it in a day and recover most if not all of your data. but most importantly do NOT do ANYTHING to that drive, if you attempt to format the drive, activate it, partition, it defrag it, anything you will lose data


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i have windows xp system. running on a gateway lap top. at first i thought i had a virus or Trojan.

this is what i have done. i was running a scan on the pc with avg and it froze. i have run avg, adaware, spybtsearch and destroy and all freeze when they get to the a particular picture file from 2005 of my kids. i also have run chkdsk and it freezes at 72% of the first step. I narrowed it down to the picture file but i cant delete, open, or move it. i can rename it.

i tried moveonboot and it let me put it into the file to delete on next reboot and pc freezes on start up. i had to reboot to a previous working configuration and i finally got a restart but file is still there and bad.

i tried to restore to a previous date but it says no action can be taken.

tried defraggler and it freezes.

i also tried recovery options and did the full factory restore and it froze on reformatting hard drive for 30min.. lucky for me i powered down and it did restart with no problems.

i have scanned the rest of the drive with several scanners and they all come back clean. what do you think. any help would be appreciated

Answer:damaged hard drive or corrupt file?

Have you tried to delete it using DOS?

Start>RUN>cmd>cd (folder location)>del (file name)

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i have an oldish IBM-Deskstar model DTLA-307045. the power cord was stuck and unfortunately my finger slipped and knocked two of the tiny little components off the circuit board on the back. What shall i do??? can i get a new board to go on the back? or shall i attmept to soulder them back on? has important information on it aswell as the kind i dont want other people seeing (if you know what i mean).

Answer:External circuitry damaged on hard drive

If your hands are steady enough, and you know how to solder that kind of things, I don't see why soldering wouldn't work, unless the drive was in use when this happened and it damaged something else too.

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Shut down and went to start up next day and got 'invalid system disk' used another hard drive to pull up my main drive, rann all the virus scans and malware on drive and nothing.. I think I have a bad boot sector on the drive. all programs were working on it when I checked it. still get same message when I make it Master. So how can you replace the boot sector on it to make it work?? Running windown ME...thank you

Answer:damaged 'boot sector' on hard drive

Did you run a scan disc on it?

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I have a hard drive that I believe lost the partition on it. It will not boot into Windows (7) and when I attach it to another computer via USB/SATA adapter, it mounts 3 separate partitions (drive letters M, N and O) but when I click on any of them I receive the error:

N:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.​
I am confused at what to do because if it was a damaged or lost partition, shouldn't it not show up at all as a mounted drive? Looking for any help you can offer.

Answer:Lost/damaged partition on a hard drive

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I just had NIS 2012 on my computer - it ran a full scan (even though full-scan was disabled) this scan killed he PC to a standstill, the hard-drive was making some funny noises and programs were unresponsive, i got rid of NIS 2012 and tried to install Avira IS 2012, during install i got an error which said something like

fwinst.exe can not be read from memory (numbers here) at reference location 00x00000000, click OK to debug

no matter how many times i tried, with web installer and full installer i got same problem, so i decided to download Avast IS and try that - low and behold the exact same error came up:

can not be read from memory (numbers here) at reference location 00x00000000, click OK to terminate

BUT when i ran the avast installer again it continued the installation and is working, so to be sure ive uninstalled it with avast removal tool twice and re-installed twice and both times results were the same, error, terminate, re-run installer and it worked..

I ran a DISKCHECK and after it finished and proceeded to launch windows I had a BSOD which said SESSION5_INITIALIZATION_FAILED which would continue at every boot attempt from which I could only recover if i used "Last Known Good Configuration" - it has since booted normally

can anyone tell me what this could be? I think there is surface error on hard-drive, specifically where the temp folder is located - can anyone advise a program I can run at boot from CD or USB that can scan & fix the HDD..?

t... Read more

Answer:Cant be read from Memory (hard-drive damaged?)

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I accidentally hit my computer this morning, and when I tried starting it, it told me to select boot or insert media device boot. I ran tests on it and it says I dont have a hard drive, even though I do. Then I started up my brothers computer, which is the exact same, and saw that it said it had a hard drive and when I pressed f12 for boot options, hard drove was on his but not on my computer. So I think that my hard drive is damaged or out of place. Any tips on what I should do?

Answer:hard drive is damaged or not completely in place

Why a new topic for the same issue?

Depending on the model, open the HDD cover and verify the drive is connected. Most are a tight fit, so it's not likely loose. In which case, if it's under warranty, have it serviced/repaired. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new HDD and hope the HDD is the only thing that was damaged.

After you get the new HDD, you will need to install it, and reinstall the OS (assuming you have the recovery discs). If not, you will need to buy the recovery discs from the manufacturer or buy a retail copy of the OS.

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I was hoping somebody here might be able to help advise me what is wrong with my hard drive as I have a feeling it is corrupt. Basically I bought my Kingston v100 ssd as a boot drive for my computer around 4 to 5 moths ago, soon afterwords problems started occurring and windows files started to randomly go missing with .dll files disappearing and a number of registry issues occuring until it reached the point where my pc was virtually unusable and even system restore wouldn't solve the problem so I had to reinstall windows. This solved the problem or so it seemed....

A few weeks ago the same issues started arising with important files mysteriously going missing and no viruses showing up in any scans. It started this time with scripted diagnostics host stopping working and things rapidly declined from there. It reached the point where now none of my devices show up in device manger and my drivers have disappeared (making windows think my copy now isn't genuine), I can't enable plug and play to recognize them again so I can't reinstall windows. When I try to do this from the cd in windows it says windows can't get any information about my disks so it wont let me go any further. I now can't even boot my pc from a cd when the ssd is connected no matter what I set my boot order to, it just boots up from the ssd. I have a second hard drive I use for storage so I disconnected my ssd and booted up my pc again this time it booted fine from my windows ... Read more

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I recently did data recovery from an old hard drive. I had a lot of pictures saved in a folder in C: disk, I searched them by file name and found the folder in SWSetup. I copy pasted the folder and not the files to the desktop, which was a mistake because I couldn't open the folder after removing hard drive. Now I've added the hard drive and done data recovery again, however, the SWSetup folder containing the pictures seems to be corrupt. All of the JPG pics have turned to .ini files and I have not been able to convert them. Is there anything I can do to get the files back to normal? Help plix plox.

Answer:JPG Files Damaged Upon Hard Drive Recovery

What size are the .ini files? The size that your jpg's should be? If 'yes' there's a fair chnace that you can simply change the file extension from ini to jpg and then open them.

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Damaged my external hard drive that I use to make backups of my File History. When connecting a new drive will it capture all the files or just where I left off when using my old drive? Using Windows 10 anniversary. Thanks

Answer:When replacing a damaged external hard drive

I guess it will only copy the current version of your files since the older versions are only stored within File History. Can you extract the old file history folder from the damaged drive? If so you could copy it to the new drive and see if FH will recognise and add to the existing backup.

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Recovering data from a damaged hard drive...?

What programs would you suggest for recovering data from an external hard drive.
Apparantly only a portion is readable.
What program would you suggest to recover as much possible?
I am happy to do it from Windows 10 or Puppy linux.
Would like it not to cost anything.

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Computer: Lenovo Thinkpad E450
Windows 10 Pro
New Harddrive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO

I recently switched out my factory harddrive for a SSD. I unencrypted the factory harddrive before doing anything. Created the image, and then made the switch. I am now trying to encrypt the new harddrive but am getting this error message:

"The path specified in the boot configuration data (BCD) for bitlocker drive encryption integrity protection application is incorrect. Pleaes verify and correct your BCD settings and try again."

I found this article from Msft

I completed everything in the article, restarted my computer and still received the same error. Any thoughts on what is happening and what I need to do to fix it?


Answer:Bitlocker Stopped Working after Hard Drive Swap

Sounds like an application issue, not an OS issue. As noted in your other topic, for most software issues (ie: it's working fine, and then it's broke), uninstall, reboot, reinstall.

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I have a Dell D820 running Windows 7 Enterprise with Bitlocker active. Because of video problems, I want to move the hard drive to a spare D820 (the spare has no hard drive).

Do I just temporarily disable Bitlocker, or must I decrypt the drive first? The computer with the drive installed in it now is working just enough that I can probably decrypt the drive if I have to.

If I just temporarily disable Bitlocker before swapping the drive into the spare computer, what are the steps for re-enabling Bitlocker? The new computer has its own TPM, but I am not sure of the implications of that.

I'd appreciate knowing what steps I have to follow.


Answer:Managing Bitlocker while moving hard drive to new laptop

Just to be safe, I would decrypt the drive, and then just recrypt it when it is on the new laptop.

BitLocker Drive Encryption - Windows 7 Drive - Turn On or Off with no TPM


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My 13 yr old daughter was on the laptop, we have a Dell Vostro 1500, when she said she needed help.  Now the screen says "Dell MediaDirect Express cannot access your hard drive.  This may be because you have enabled Microsoft BitLocker (Drive Encryption).  MediaDirect Express is not accessible when Microsoft BitLocker is enabled."  I have no idea what she did.  She says she didn't do anything.  There is an exit button, and when you push it the computer turns off.  When you turn it back on it looks like its working, but then it goes to the same screen with the above message.   It never makes it to my homescreen.   I have windows XP.  I use verizon as my internet provider.  If you could help please let me know.

Answer:Help..cannot access hard drive...may have enabled microsoft BitLocker???

Seems to be a comon problem with media direct,hold the "home" (media direct) button while pressing Power on button,this should force it to boot to XP.As for a permanent fix for the problem try a google search.

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Hi All, My hard drive has been damaged and I'm planning to take this opportunity to upgrade to an SSD. Admittedly I am rather inexperienced in computer parts and there is little information online per SSD drive compatibility besides ads promoting the sale of certain upgrade kits. Can you recommend a model of SSD that is compatible with the Lenovo Ideapad S400? I'd like a 240gb SSD drive. I've been looking at the SanDisk 240GB 520mbs SATA III SSD. I've also heard that some notebooks might need sizing brackets for their drive replacements, will I require one for the S400? Thanks for your help.

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The problem is with a Toshiba Laptop and a 500 gb SATA hitachi hard drive (Of which around 80 gb were used, the rest was empty) From which I want to recover some files.

Problem started:
Completely randomly, the computer was working fine, it ran out of battery and next time it wouldnt start.

When you start the computer, it starts loading windows, but once it gets past the logo it just freezes there, it takes like 10 minutes and then shows a black background and the cursor. After that I left the computer on for 4 hours, and it didnt get past that, all the time however the HD led was constantly on (As if it was trying to read the hard drive)

Same or similar behaviour when trying to start in safe mode, last known configuration and others.

Same behaviour when trying to boot from a windows 7 installation disk (It makes it all the way to showing the blue background of the installer but then stays there)

I disconnected the hard drive and plugged it via an USB adaptor to another computer, the device manager recognizes it immediately, but then it takes AGES to show in my pc, and if you try to open the drive or anything, it just freezes windows explorer. The hard drive manager has similar behaviour, it takes around 10 minutes just to show the drive.

I plugged the drive to another laptop as a secondary hard drive and it just doesnt lets the computer start, again it freezes when trying to read the hard drive. However now I was able to start chkdsk, I left it ... Read more

Answer:Slow (probably damaged) Hard drive keeps computer from starting

Since you said you plugged it into your laptop; and it took ages to load once recognized; i would have to say that drive unfortunately is on its way out. However; you can attempt to recover the data you need using some of the free data recovery programs out there

I just googled for free recovery software; and since i am not a expert in the use of data recovery programs; I will let you look through the results and decide what route to go:

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I had an old XP machine that I ran my email server on. A few days ago it started to give me BSODs and after a few reboots refused to boot any longer.

I purchased a new desktop that came with Windows 10 Pro. I then removed the hard drive from the old XP machine and attached it to that Windows 10 computer and tried to read data off of it. Unfortunately Windows Explorer was very slow to read the "Users" folder on the old HDD and eventually started to give me CRC redundancy errors.

Luckily I had a somewhat recent backup of most of the data, but still I will lose about a week of data if I don't read it from the HDD that crashed.

So I'm curious if there's any software that can recover data from that hard drive? Anything in Windows 10 itself?

PS. I tried to use SpinRite but that software is very old & slow and it doesn't seem to work with newer hard drives larger than 500GB. (Mine is 750 GB.) I tried it on two desktops and it crashed twice on me with this error. Worse still their support blame my BIOS for which I tried every possible setting with no luck.

Answer:Software to repair damaged spinning hard drive

You need to use a Sector by Sector program like EaseUS Todo Workstation. When you want to copy information from a hard drive that is failing, you never want to try and use it any more than you can. Otherwise you are going to end up with not being able to rescue anything after the heads have thrashed the coating on the platters so much that they are wrecked.

You are best to always keep a copy of files like media, documents, etc on a NAS or cloud drive, so that you always have them in a safe place.

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Hello, first post :) So;
I have a hard drive with information on it, but the USB in port on it is damaged. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what i should do - I know that there are people who provide data recovery services though i've never used one. I was wondering how hard it was to do - and whether It's something that I should try myself? How much would something like this usually cost?
I wanted to upload some images but i can't see an option for that (maybe I'm missing something) Not sure if this generates an email prompt for posts either...
Any info appreciated though, cheers!

Answer:External Hard drive info - Damaged USB port

I am assuming that you are talking about a harddrive that is in an enclosure, the simplest solution would be to remove it from the caddy and either connect it directly to a PC internally, if you have a desktop, or if you have a laptop, buy another caddy, which are pretty cheap, and connect to your PC that way.

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My s230u fell. From what I can tell, the notebook is okay, but the disk is shot. If I try to boot, it fails. Tried to repair bad sectors from for BIOS. The check found bad sectors, but was unable to repair. I took the drive out and connected to a different pc via a USB adapter and was able to recover some files. For some of them the drive would make a clicking sound and fail.I think I need a new HDd, which I can buy. How can I reinstall windows now? There was no media that came with the notebook.

Answer:Dropped s230u, hard drive damaged. Recovery?

Hi, i have a similar issue, can someone please advise how to do it? Thank

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I have a damaged hard drive (fujitsu model #M1623TAU). It is currently attached to another hard drive as the Primary Slave. It is showing as drive d: in explorer with some of the directories, specifically Windows, Program Files, and My Documents. I don't care about these directories! I want a folder named Admin6 which is not showing! Scandisk will not work - gives me the message that becuase of the amount of damage it cannot perform a scan. I am not a brilliant techie - I have just enough knowledge about this stuff to get frustrated. Can anyone help? How do I get that directory off of there? My butt is in hot water over this one. Thanks a bunch to anyone who responds,

Answer:damaged hard drive - desperately need to retrieve info

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i've recently tried to install ubuntu. At first GRUB did not recognise windows on a different partition, until I had to manually edit it. when i attemped to boot into Windows XP Home Edition, there was a critical error that mentioned something about my RIT and FAT32 partition (unfortunatly i did not care to write down the exact message, at that time). i tried reinstalling ubuntu a couple more times to see if it would change the results, but nothing, i had to constantly add a new line to my GRUB duel boot system.

When i was running Windows I had RestoreIT installed onto my PC, this software application always loaded before Windows, and had a chance to pop-up before the this critical message error, it mentioned that my Windows partition had been modified by non-Windows OS.

After i received that message i had completely unistalled Ubuntu. but since GRUB was still on my computer i deleted all existing partitions, except for my origional WinXP's partition (with the information i am trying to recover), and reinstalled windows.

Now, with WinXP installed, i check my old hard drive, and there are only 10 files, and they are all unrecognized by Windows. LAYERS.000
VBFBP000 (DAT file)
VBFBP001 (DAT file)
VBFBP002 (DAT file)

all of these files equal up to 22 GiB so im almost positive that this is my old hard-drive, but i dont know why this happend, and how to open them, or in any way recover my informati... Read more

Answer:Ubuntu unistallation led to damaged WinXP Hard-drive, HELP

Hello & welcome to TSF,

I have seen this befor when one of my friends installed Ubuntu on his system

he ended up having to manually erase the whole drive & start from scratch

Killdisk is a great 3rd party eraser & free and can be downloaded from



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