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Rename the Administrator account from the Command Prompt

Question: Rename the Administrator account from the Command Prompt

HIFrom the Command Prompt of Windows 7, to enable the Administrator user, I should write "net user administrator /active:yes". Also from the command prompt, what is the command to rename this user so that, when I reboot Windows 7, the Administrator account will be created with the name renamed?THANKSBYE


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Preferred Solution: Rename the Administrator account from the Command Prompt

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Rename the Administrator account from the Command Prompt

Hi balubeto,Net command doesn't have rename account function. Based on my research and test on our test machines, you can download a free utility named Renuser.exe to achieve this. Please refer to the following steps:1. Download file, unzip it and copy Renuser.exe file to the path: C:\Windows\System32.Please note: we provide the 3rd party software for technical use only. There may be some changes without notice, Microsoft doesn't guarantee any accuracy on contacting information. 2. Start the Command Prompt with elevated privilege.3. Type the following syntax:renuser <Current UserName> <New UserName> [<DomainName>]Since your computer isn't joined to the domain, you can skip the [<DomainName>] setting. 4. Log off the current account and log back in. Now you can see the newly renamed account is displayed on the logon screen. Best RegardsDale

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Hello all, this is my first post in the 7forums and I'm ashamed of myself that it has to be one asking for help - mind you all, I'm tech savvy so I know what I'm talking about unless I otherwise note it, but here it goes:

In the past, I have had to use the built-in Administrator account to install Microsoft's virtualization software and install Windows XP Mode (I don't know why it wouldn't install before, I even disabled UAC with failed results). In order to do this, I enabled the Administrator account via Command Prompt, as recommended by a tech support specialist I used the command "net user administrator /active yes" and the Admin account was active, I installed the program, disabled the Administrator account, and went on my merry way.
It is now about a year later and after I have created a system image of my computer (I only made one because I do not have enough sufficient storage to make multiple ones, or even replace my current one) I have found out that there is an issue with command prompt or something... I unfortunately do not know. I had to reactivate the Administrator account for one reason or another and did my business, but after I reactivated it I came to find that the same command to activate the Administrator account... Changed its password. I used a Linux Live CD with Ophcrack to find out that the password for my Admin account was changed to "yes". And after I tried to disable the account, INSTEAD of it being disabled, the password was se... Read more

Answer:Command Prompt won't Disable Administrator Account

I'm not sure why you find it alarming that net user can change user passwords. The control panel and computer management console will let any administrator change user passwords as well. It's the way things are supposed to work.

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Someone turned my userprofilelist files into a bak files using command prompt I managed to find the files they are
My question is will deleting the.bak from the files names put them back where they need to be? If so, what is the command to do it from command prompt if not what do I need to do to get the files where they used to be and what command prompt do you use?

Here is where They were and where I need to get them using command prompt


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How do I switch powershell in start menu to command prompt administrator.


Answer:Command Prompt as Administrator.

You might look in the Tutorials section of this forum for that information, at least I'm sure I saw it there.

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I want to enable Safe Mode in my Laptop and to do that I need to run Command Prompt as an administrator. But when I right click on command Prompt and select Run as Administrator, nothing happens. I tried this about 5 times with no results.
Please help me!

Answer:Why can't I run Command Prompt as Administrator?

Try creating a fresh shortcut.
Right-click the desktop - New - Shortcut.
In text box, type cmd - then hit Next. Name it Elevated (so you know you've applied admin privileges).
Finish - Now right-click this shortcut - Properties - Shortcut - Advanced - check off "Run as Administrator" - OK

Try that out to see if it works for you.

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I can't run command prompt as administrator because "it is part of this windows version" is written there
What should i do to run it as administrator in the compatibility ?

Answer:Cannot run command prompt as administrator

I really dont understand the reason you can't run as administrator, but try in safe mode.

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Hi all
Just a personal update to the excellent 'How to rename the built-in Administrator account' Windows 8 tutorial.
There are 4 methods described, and indeed methods 1 and 2 did not work ony my ('standard') Windows 8 64-bit.  However method 3, which is described as being for Windows XP, did in fact work on my Windows 8.  It looks easier than the suggested method 4!
Edit: here's the link to the tutorial in question:

Answer:How to rename the built-in Administrator account.

Thanks for the info. This is why we list multiple methods for tutorials like that. Not everyone has the same degree of success.

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I just got a netbook that has 7 Home Premium x64. How do I rename the administrator account?

I've already enabled it, but gpedit.msc, secpol.msc and lusrmgr.msc don't work with 7 Home Premium.

Answer:Rename built in administrator account?

Why do you need to rename it?

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Hello,I have trying to improve the security settings on a XP Home SP3 based machine. Reading through a link provided here I see that the Administrator account can be renamed in XP Pro. The instructions do not work for XP Home. Can the Administrator account be renamed with XP Home?Thanks!Link: Hardening Windows Security Part 1 and 2 Provided For XP Pro:Rename/Password protect the administrator accountAn administrator account has the largest amount of default permissions and the ability to change their own permissions. To stop the intruders from accessing your computers and gaining administrative rights from the built-in Administrator account, it is highly recommended to rename the Administrator accountTo rename the administrator account in windows XP Pro, follow these steps:? Right click on 'My computer' and click 'Manage', which opens the Microsoft Management console.? Open the Users folder under Local users and groups, right click on 'Administrator' and click Rename and type in your preferred unique name.? Right click on 'Administrator', click properties and edit the description for the account, so as not to reveal its true nature.To password protect the administrator account, if you have not done it already, or to change the password follow these steps: ? Right click on 'My computer' and click 'Manage', which opens the Microsoft Management console.?... Read more

Answer:Rename Administrator Account In XP Home Possible?

I just found a link which explains how to change the Administrator name in XP version. It worked for me but I cannot vouch for the credibility of this site or the safety of using this procedure as I have never used this site before. I just mirrored my hard drive so I am not too worried. If anybody is interested in trying this please do so at your own risk.Thanks

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I want to change the "Administrator" account in Windows XP home edition. I have instructions for use with XP pro - typing gpedit.msc in run--> ( group policy editor window shold open)Is there any simple, safe way of giving the account a new name ?

Answer:Rename the Administrator account in XP Home

click herethis will help,good luck..

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In the past I've been able to run powershell and command prompt as administrator. Tried today and can't. I don't know how long I've been unable to run either as administrator, it's been a few months since I opened either of them. I can open both not as administrator, but when I try to open them as administrator, nothing happens. No error message, nothing. I log into the computer with a user account that has administrative rights. There's only one user for this computer, and that user account is the administrator. I ran sfc /scannow (in safe mode, the only way I could run it since it has to be run in cmd as administrator) and it didn't find anything wrong. The only recent change to the computer I can think of is the Creators update that I did 2 weeks ago. I've tried opening cmd through Task Manager ("create this task with administrative privileges"), cmd opens, but not as administrator.  I've made a shortcut to cmd.exe, but can't get it to run as administrator. I go into advanced properties of the shortcut and put a checkmark next to "Run as administrator", then click "okay". When I go back into advanced, the checkmark is gone... Why can't I run cmd or powershell as administrator?

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Just out of curiosity... because a student got busted earlier today for being logged on to a computer as administrator. By sheer luck, a tech person walked in, spotted him, and booted him off. He told the principal he got the password through command prompt.

Now, I'm curious... is that possible? Or was that a white faced lie?

Answer:Can you get the administrator password through command prompt?

could be an privledge escalation attack.

schedule a task to start cmd.

the cmd windows starts with local system privledge.

user resets admin password.

SecurityReason - Windows XP Task Scheduler Local Privilege Escalation (Advisory)

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Hello i installed vista basic today and I set up two accounts one admin, of course, and one standard user. I'm using the standard account as my main account. In XP I run as a limited user and what I usually do is right click runas a command prompt an then I drag whatever needs privileges into the command prompt and I'm set.

I see that in vista you can't simply drag something into the command prompt. I know you can shift right click "copy as path" and then paste that into the privileged command prompt, but is there any way to get the command prompt to behave like the XP command prompt does?

thanks in advance.

Answer:[SOLVED] Run As administrator via command prompt?

I really don't know what you are talking about. But if you right click the icon of whatever needs administrator rights, you can then select "run as administrator". I think this will give you the same result.

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Hi guys, I just recently built a desktop computer it's running windows 10.
the problem is there's only one account on it that's the administrator account that's me.
I can run everything else as the administrator applications, settings, power shell ect.
The administrator command prompt opens and the yes button works. But
I can't type in it I just get beeps also the title administrator command prompt is greyed out.
User command prompt works and power shell as administrator works too.
I'd like to get the administrator command prompt working any help is appreciated.

Answer:Administrator command prompt greyed out

Use the keyboard to see if you can open administrator command prompt:
1) win + x (simultaneously)
2) a
3) alt + y (simultaneously)

Once administrative command prompt is open type or copy and paste:
1) sfc /scannow
2) dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
3) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
4) chkdsk /scan
5) net user test /add
6) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread7) shutdown /r
8) sign on with the new user named test
9) report into the thread whether the new user named test can or cannot launch or open administrative command prompt

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Is it possible in Win8 ? It's starting to get in to my nerves receiving this message everytime i do an iisreset:
Access denied, you must be an administrator of the remote computer to use this
command. Either have your account added to the administrator local group of
the remote computer or to the domain administrator global group.

Answer:How to launch Command prompt to ALWAYS run as Administrator?

Quick keyboard shortcut: Press Windows + X, then press A.
Of course, this doesn't exactly work if CMD is called from another non-admin app.

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I have unlocked it with the Net user administrator /active:yes in the command prompt.
I have tried:
System and Maintenance, Administrative Tools and then the Local Security Policy - however the Local Security Policy is nowhere to be found.

Please help.

Thank you.

Answer:rename windows vista administrator account

go to user accounts, manage another account, click on Administrator, then click change the account name.

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The situation is simple; I'd like to know how to create an administrative account while logged into a account with restrictions.

Answer:How to create Administrator accounts via Command Prompt

You can't. Ask the admin to do it.

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I'm trying to setup a WiFi Hotspot on my Laptop running Windows 7.
When I enter the command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow "ssid=myssid" "key=mykey? keyUsage=persistent
in an elevated command prompt, it says:
"You must run this command from a command prompt with administrator privilege."

I have an administrator account and had never problems with it.

Does someone has an idea what the problem could be?

Answer:No administrator privileges in elevated command prompt

Hi Bones, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The message you get shows absolutely clear without any doubts that you are not running the command from elevated Command Prompt. That message is only shown when a command requiring administrative privileges has been run from a normal Command Prompt.

When run from an elevated Command Prompt, your command syntax is OK (highlighted yellow) and runs as it should, the output (highlighted green) showing it's working:
Two telltales of an Elevated Command Prompt, numbers referring to respective numbers in above screenshot:The title has word Administrator in it
The prompt (by default) is C:\Windows\System32


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When selecting the command prompt from the right click on startup options I get the following message:

'This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel'

Please assist with what has gone wrong and how to fix it. It was working but now not


Answer:Command Prompt not working for user or Administrator

If you press Win Key + R to open a run dialog and then run:

what happens?

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i have to get windows 10 update in my PC update feature though my PC having all the needs to install it

Answer:After opening administrator command prompt, what do I have to type in it?

It has nothing to do with that, go to the website, install a tool, and you're ready to go!
Or simply go to Windows update

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I pinned Command Prompt to the Taskbar then changed the properties to always Run as Administrator.
Setting took but is not obeyed:

When I click on the icon in the Taskbar I get:

What I should get is this:
This worked in previous builds including 10122.

Answer:10130 - Run as Administrator not working for Command Prompt

This has something to do with new start menu. It seems that the new start menu creates its own shortcut copies, so when you update the shortcut in the normal location, it's not updating the shortcut that the shell is using.

if you unpin the command prompt from the taskbar, then go into start->all apps->Windows System->Command Prompt and right click on that, then choose Open File location, then make sure the Start as Administrator is set on the link in the new folder that opens.. Then right click on that link and choose add to taskbar, then it correctly opens as administrator.

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When I launch a recent folder or any folder linked on the pinned taskbar icon for File Explorer it launches what appears to cmd.exe with "Administrator" and the folder path in the top bar. the folder is also displayed in the command prompt itself. However if I just click on the icon in the taskbar for file explorer itself, it opens fine. Anybody know where I'm going wrong?

Answer:File Explorer launches Administrator command prompt

What you are experiencing is an option that normally only appears when you hold down shift and right click on the folder. There is a list of options one of which is "open command window here". It would seem that the default option of "open" has been replaced by this alternative option. There may be a way to correct this with a registry edit but I will need to investigate first or maybe someone else already knows how to do this?

If this has only just recently started to happen perhaps you can use a recent restore point to put it back to rights.

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my laptop stopped working a few weeks ago. It would not start no matter what. I re-installed windows XP prof in a diff directory without formatting the disk and left the old OS which does not boot at this time. one of the account on the previous OS was pw protected. I need some very imporatant documents from this computer account which was pw protected and is un accessible through windows. I tried to go in command prompt and manully go in the old system directory and get into the user account. But it won't let me open the directory even in command prompt and gives me a msg that the direcory is un accessible. Computer is working fine.  I can go to my computer- C:- document and settings. I see old accounts names here but I cannot go into the account which had pw.  Any idea how can i get those document files.

Answer:How to access password protected account in command prompt

What happened to the password ? ?

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I recently installed Windows 10 Enterprise on a Surface Pro II tablet. The tablet is not connected to a domain and I created my own personal/local account. After giving my local account administrative privileges I disabled the administrator account using the command: net user administrator /active:no.

Now when I boot the tablet I get a message for the Administrator account: Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator. Once I click the OK button I can then log into my personal/local account.

How do I make the ?Your account has been disabled? message go away? I know it?s been disabled and having to see this message each time I boot is pretty annoying.

Answer:Lock screen prompt - Administrator account disabled

Hello dheck1961, and welcome to Ten Forums.

It sounds like you may still have Windows set to automatically sign in to the disabled account at startup. Changing this to what you want in netplwiz should sort this for you if this is the case.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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Thinkpad W500, Win7Pro.  Can't login: "the referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to". I need to boot to safe mode with command prompt to enable the Administrator account (disabled by default) with a "net user administrator /active:yes" command, but Lenova has their own recovery and interfaces which are preventing me from accessing with normal windows techniques. I either need to be able to get a command prompt on the true C: drive, or reset this lockout situation, and fast...  Waiting more than 180 minutes did not work, and using system restore is not an option-key software patches and additions make this very unattractive, and I know how to do that.  Optional Information:Computer OS: Windows 7Browser: IEAlready Tried:-ThinkVantage button (reg and advanced views) -a boot disk for pwd reset program (I know password, but I am locked out - didn't help) -F8, Repair options and all safe modes -NOT system restore, as we are trying to not undo months of software revisions - we just need to login!

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I have a utility I run on some customers' machines that requires being run from safe mode. I already have the utility automated via batch, and would like to just run one SFX app and move on to the next machine, knowing that this app will reboot the machine into safe mode w/ command prompt, run my utility, and reboot the machine back into normal mode (the standard shutdown -r -t 01 is easy enough, but there are no modal options!). Also, if this can be done, how would I then make sure that the current user logs in automatically, rather than have safe mode stop at the log-in screen?

The utility in question is a simple "Common Software Package" which includes some software such as Reader and Flash. Some of the software included cannot be installed while an antivirus is running (at least any that have tamper-protection) due to the registry editing involved, but are completely positive in nature (one such software package simply checks the current registry vs. a backup it takes on each shutdown to look for any discrepancies, adjusted for installed software, of course). The packages do not require Windows Installer service to be running, so I have found SM w/ CP to be the best option.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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I have the following problem in a dir called pictures I have many files asname-tmp-000001.ppm,name-tmp-000002.ppm,name-tmp-000003.ppm, etcI need to renamename-tep-1.ppm,name-tmp-2.ppm,name-tmp-3.ppm, etcI need to delete the zeros after the second dash preserving all that is before the second script (in this example is name-tmp, but name can be changed to any word and -tmp always exist)¿This can be done only with the command line using for and rename?Than for all

Answer:Rename files using command line for & rename

Try's free and will do a batch rename any way you'd likeSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions 7 Medals

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Hi all.

I'm using Windows 10, Build 15063.

I have a huge folder of media files (some 15,000+).

Every day, a program that I use generates new media files and automatically places them within this folder.

These newly generated files are new versions of existing files (which they're meant to supersede), but are generated with a different name.

I then need to rename each of these files with the same name as the existing file (which I'll no longer need).

For example: The program creates XYZ.mp3 and I need to rename it to ABC.mp3 - a file that already exists (in this same folder).

However, if I try to rename the file with this existing file's name, I'll get a Windows prompt that says:

<Do you want to rename "XYZ.mp3" to "ABC.mp3 (2)"?>

The problem is that I don't want a file with a different name (a "(2)" version). I simply want the new file to replace the existing file altogether. I want the existing file to simply disappear.

Because I sometimes need to do this dozens of times a day - every day - it's a huge time waster for me to look for the old file (ABC.mp3) and delete it, and then go back and rename the new file (XYZ.mp3) with the name of the deleted file (ABC.mp3).

So my question is this ...

Is there any way in Windows 10 that you can set it up so that when you rename a file using the name of an existing file, it will ask you something like ...

<Do you want to replace the existing ... Read more

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The Update process for new Windows 10 builds has shown evolutionary changes over the past two years as part of the Insider Preview Programme.

One noticeable change has been that the ability, by default, to observe behind the scenes events by opening a command prompt with the keyboard shortcut Shift+F10, which has for a long time (back to XP at least), been a means to investigate and interact with the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE), is now apparently disabled.

WinPE does not normally have a graphical shell interface, but used to allow some graphical applications such as Task Manager, Notepad, Regedit for instance, to observe and interact in a limited way with the environment during installation or upgrade with the Shift+F10 shortcut.

Windows Setup has a commandline switch:
/DiagnosticPrompt {enable | disable}
Specifies that the Command Prompt is available during Windows Setup.

Enable: The Command Prompt can be accessed by pressing Shift+F10 during Windows setup.

Disable: The Command Prompt is not available during Windows setup. The Command Prompt wil not be available while offline and OOBE phases are running. This is the default setting.

setup /DiagnosticPrompt enable

This setting is new for Windows 10, Version 1703.
Windows Setup Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs)

My question is how to enable this feature during Build updates, which are initiated by Windows Update, rather than by user commands.

Does anyone know if ... Read more

Answer:Build update Diagnostic prompt (Shift+F10 to get command prompt) gone?

It would appear you can pass the parameters in Setupconfig.ini

Use this file as an alternative to passing parameters to Windows setup on a command line....
IT pros can use the setupconfig file to add parameters to Windows Setup from Windows Update and Windows Server Update Services...
...Do not include ?/? characters, and with parameter and value pairs, include ?=? between the two.

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Ok So I got myself into a unique bind here. I was trying to install some custom system files (for a theme) and I did it wrong and now I cant open explorer.exe . I dont want to goto a backup because this is a easy fix. (in my view). So I need to know how to run command prompt with administrative privleges from command prompt.

I am trying to do this command:

copy explorer.exe C:\Windows\

So if there is also another command I can just tack onto that that gives me admin rights to do it. I would be happy.

Answer:Run administrative command prompt from command prompt

On a friend's computer that also has win 7 64 bit installed, make a system Repair CD.

Boot from the system repair CD

go to a command prompt.


START | type System Repair | Enter key | Create Disc button


1) Insert System Repair Disc into optical reader.
2) Shutdown your computer.
3) Boot up your computer from the System Repair Disc
If your computer doesn’t boot from the optical drive, then
Immediately after pushing your Power ON button,
start tapping the F2 key to get to the BIOS to change the boot order

On some computers, Immediately after pushing the Power ON button, start tapping the F12 key and choose CD/DVD to change the boot order only for this time.
4) Wait while a mini-version of Windows is loaded and finally the SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTIONS dialog appears.
will search your system for installed versions of Windows.
7) select the Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows radio button |
8) Choose command prompt from the list shown

Run any desired commands and type EXIT when finished.
Remove the System Repair Disc.
Shutdown your computer.
Power on your computer.

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I am writing a VBA macro in Excel and have hit a wall. I am trying to get excel to open a command prompt and make it execute a command. The problem I am having is if I try to do anything but open another program, it throws an error back at me.

I can open the command prompt using:
Call Shell("cmd.exe" & dosCmd, vbNormalFocus)
I can also open Acrobat which is the program I need using:
Shell "C:\program files\adobe\acrobat 9.0\acrobat\acrobat.exe", vbNormalFocus
However if I simply wanted to open a PDF file, I have the code to that without opening a command prompt.

I need to open the PDF document on a specific page, and to my knowledge the only way to do this (apart from manually) is to use the command prompt. However I have no idea how to get VBA to put the command in the command prompt, hit enter and then close the prompt.

There are 2 commands that need to be executed in DOS (I'm not sure if there is a way to combine the commands)

They are:

cd c:\program files\adobe\acrobat 9.0\acrobat

start acrobat.exe /A "page=10=Open Actions" "M:\Full Scores\allegro.pdf
These open the pdf document called allegro on page 10.

I am completely stuck. Out of ideas. I've searched the length and breadth of the internet and can find nothing to point me in the right direction. So I was hoping one of you fine people could. Thank you so much, James

Answer:Solved: VBA Macro that opens the Command Prompt and executes a command

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Hi,This is probably an easy question to answer. Basically I want make a file that will do the same thing as me doing this..Start -> Run -> cmd -> "ping -t click here"I've zero experience in writing files so sorry if this seems really stupid.Advanced Thanks and have a good Christmas!

Answer:Easy question. Automatic Command Prompt command.

Open NotePad and type the following line: ping -t www_google_combut when you type it change the underscores to dots.Save the file with any name you like but with the extension .bat (e.g. test.bat). Double-click it to run.

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what is the windows xp cmd for repairing flash disk

Answer:XP command prompt command for repairing flash disk

Do you mean format & lose everything?Format A USB Pen Drive With NTFS File System

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Hello everyone

Recently a problem has arisen with my system.

Previously I have been doing work that requires me to unplug my network connection and I need to check my IP address each time I plug it in again. I guess it's not set for static IP.
Anyways to do this I usually go into Command Prompt and type 'ipconfig'

Now however I just get "'ipconfig' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

The directory is the same as its always been, I can change it but it doesn't seem to matter what it is.

I've checked many other posts and is there something possibly wrong with my PATH variable? I used the command 'echo %PATH%' and it works, the list it gives is very garbled however.

I'm not sure what might have made this problem arise, but I would greatly appreciate any help.


Answer:Solved: Command Prompt Error - 'command' is not recognized...

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I'm trying to split a .flv file by using flvparse, which is a Windows-only, command-line interface tool. I did get through to the directory by following instructions posted on another forum, however, command prompt doesn't seem to recognize the the .exe file. I'm an absolute novice at this, any help would be really appreciated!

Attaching a CP s/s, and here are the instructions I'm trying to follow (copy pasted from the forum)


For trimming the beginning and/or ending of videos, you can use FLVParser ( ).
FLVParser is a Windows-only, command-line interface tool. After you unzip it, move its folder to C:\ for ease of use. Also for ease of use, copy/move the .flv file you wish to edit into the FLVParse folder.
To make edits, you need to know the in and out points where you want the edits. Use FLVPlayer to find these points. FLVPLayer only lists times in total number of seconds, not HH:MM:SS, but don't worry, FLVParser can handle that. In the FLVParse directory create a new blank text file called: CuePointFile.dat
This is the file FLVParser uses to edit from. Open it in NotePad, and enter the in point and out point, separated by a single blank space, like so: 2525 5150
Save, and close the file. Open up the command line interface and go to the FLVParse directory: cd C:\FLVParse
In the command line, enter this to edit the flv:
flvparse.exe FileToSplit.flv CuePointFile.dat
Your file will be split into ... Read more

Answer:Command Prompt doesnt seem to recognize the command line!!

You are using the basic cmd, try in elevated mode
Elevated Command Prompt - Windows 7 Forums

However looking at you screen shot, you may have to check the command over carefully. There does appear to be an error in the command. With my eyes, it is difficult at times to pick out the subtle shades of difference.

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Hi All,

I'm running a program that parses .csv files and then changes them into ._OK files. This process takes longer when there are a large number of *.OK files in the folder where the files being converted are located. To remedy this I occasionally manually run this command:

del *._OK
While pointing at the proper folder.

Is there a way to have this command continuously run, kind of like out ping -t [IP ADDRESS HERE] continuously pings a certain IP address?



Answer:Command Prompt: Repeat del command continuosly

I'm running a program that parses .csv files and then changes them into ._OK files.

I take it then the conversion program will not accept an output folder other than the current or working directory? More detail what you actually do with the output files might be helpful.

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when I open up my command prompt and type 'ipconfig' without the ' and press enter it returns the line:
'ipconfig' is nto recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file

I am trying to find out the information I need in order to set up a static IP Address for port forwarding

Answer:Command Prompt command <ipconfig> not working

In order to set up a static ip address internally, you'll need to either tell your router or your computer not to use automatic DHCP and instead to use a specific IP address.

Go to the System Tray (Notification Area)
Click the Network icon
Click 'Open Network and Sharing Center'
Click the 'Change adapter settings'

Selec the connnection for which you'd like to use a static IP
Right click it
Click 'Properties'
Select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)'

Select 'Use the following IP address':

In the 'IP Address' field, insert the IP you'd like to use.

Note: The IP you use must be within the router's list of acceptable IP addresses. It's usually a list between to

If you're trying to set up an external static ip you'll need to pay your isp extra for one.

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How I can activate reagentc command in command prompt? My operating system is Windows 10 but I am using a recovery flash drive that is Windows 8.1. When I type the reagentc command in the command prompt on the flash drive I get "'reagentc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" I need to use the reagentc command so that I put the install.wim in the recovery environment where it belongs. I was thinking perhaps there is a way to activate the command in regedit. Here is the YouTube of what I am trying to do have followed the video about 4 minutes and 30 seconds when he starts putting commands in command prompt and then they do not work for me please watch the video and tell me what to do thank you

Answer:activate reagentc command in command prompt

Are you certain you are inputting the command "exactly" as given? Case doesn't matter but everything else does. It works on my Win 10.It should be:reagentc /infoAlways pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hey guys.

Ive been trying to figure out how to make a command prompt run a command line as soon as the box comes up.

I need this to happen all from one command line. A command prompt needs to open with "echo hi" being ran as a command line.

Any ideas?

Answer:Make a command prompt run a command as soon as it opens?

Hello Fmjc001,

You could create a BAT file for this. Just type in the commands into a TXT file, then rename the file extension to BAT. When you run the BAT file it will run the commands in a command prompt automatically.

Hope this helps,

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Hey guys,
Earlier my internet was being slow so I went to do a ping test and CMD proceeded to tell me that it didn't reconize the command. I have done countless pings before and this was weird. If i run CMD from the run bar by typing in its Dir then i can run ping and all the other commands or if i change the dir to sytem32 and run the command it works as well. I'm thinking that the paths for the cmd files have somehow gotten messed with and I'm not really sure how to change those so any advice on how to correct those paths would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Command prompt won't execute commands from cmd or command

If you go Start - type cmd then right click on cmd to select Run as administrator you can run a system file check with the cmd sfc /scannow

With Win 7 you don't need to use the Run box.

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I have Windows XP on my computer, and when I try to ping something through the command prompt (, this shows up:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0f23 IP:010c OP:c4 f6 06 a9 02 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application

Running tracert also has the same problem.
If I try running ping or tracert through cmd.exe, it stalls and doesn't do anything. I have to close the program because it doesn't respond.
I can use ipconfig in both cmd.exe and Do I have a virus on my computer, or is there a way to repair the command prompt? I've attached a HijackThis log file.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:47:15 PM, on 1/18/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\HackerWatch\HWAPI.exe
c:\program files\common files\mcafee\mna\mcnasvc.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\... Read more

Answer:Solved: MS-DOS Command Prompt Problem (cmd.exe,

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Hey guys. Just need come command prompt help.
How do I rename a bunch of files recursively?
For example, say I have a bunch of video files like:
Example S01E01
Example S01E02
Example S01E03
Example S01E04
Example S01E05
Using the command prompt, how do I rename all the files to:
Just take a word out of every file. I'm sure it's really easy but can't figure it out. Everything I find online shows me only how to rename a single file, it doesn't have information on options like /f, /R, etc to do it recursively.

Answer:Rename Files Recursively Through Prompt

Rather than use Windows for may want to take a look at a tool I use for renaming, Bulk Rename Utility .

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Hi all,

I'm using a custom built desktop with Windows 10 Pro. I'm having issues when I rename a folder. It closes the rename prompt on its own in about 2-3 seconds after I've clicked rename. How do I fix this? Also this may not be related but a folder with a lot of images 50+ keeps refreshing on its own and takes me to the 1st picture in the folder every five seconds and hence I can't scroll down using mouse since it refreshes and takes me to the top. Anyone else facing these issues?

Intel i7 - 4790K @ 4.00GHz
16GB Ram
64 Bit OS
nVidia GTX 760

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Dear All,

I want to rename several filenames in one directory with the ren/rename command, but this may NOT overwrite anything in the filename only add the value shown underneath:

a filename like:

Should become:

I only could get a value like:

which is incorrect

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Could someone please tell me how to insert a command prompt command into an "application" so when the app is clicked/opened the command is launched?
I'm trying to put an cmd prompt command in an app so when open all the apps will open so my old computer won't work any more. pretty stupid way to crash it, but please don't judge

Answer:Could someone please tell me how to insert a command prompt command into an

So, if I understand correctly, you want a desktop shortcut to run a switch on an application?
For instance, when you double-click the shortcut for Example, it runs example.exe -e ?
In that case, you can right-click on the shortcut, and choose Properties. You can edit the target, and add the -e to the end of the target.
If that isn't what you were asking, please provide more details and we'll try to help you out.

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When I type:
start funny picture.jpg
in the command prompt it says cannot find file 'funny' If I say:
start "funny picture.jpg"
it only opens another command prompt with funny picture.jpg as the window's title.

How can I open a file with a space in the name?

Answer:Command Prompt - start command help?

Welcome to TSF.

Type the command as follows:

Start "" "Funny Picture.jpg"

The first set of quotes ("") sets the title (for the window, this is what the start command expects for quotes normally), then the second set around the file name allows the space.


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My PC has been acting up recently. It's been running slower than usual, my games that I play are randomly crashing, and there are a couple of really random events happening.

1) Command Prompt is missing from Start Menu
2) "Run" command is missing from Start Menu
3) Internet Explorer missing from Start Menu, and every time it is opened, it pops up with the window that asks you to set up IE8 (the one that is supposed to open the very first time you start IE8)
4) Mozilla Firefox asks me to make it my "default brower" (to which I click yes) every time I open it
5) Some programs will not install correctly

I am running Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. It has popped up saying that it has detected trojans but blocked their access, and has no trace of them inside the application, as in there are no logs stating which ones it blocked, so I can't share those with you.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I also ran Webroot System Analyzer, and that came up clean, but there is obviously something going on with the symptoms listed above. Can anyone help me out? I attached a logfile of a Hijack This scan in case that helps.

Intel Core i7 940
6 Gb DDR3 1600 Mhz Corsair Dominator RAM
2x 1.5 Tb HDDs
32 Gb SSD
2x EVGA GTX 285 FTW Editons
Windows 7 Ultimate

Answer:Missing Command Prompt, Run Command, and Others

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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hi.......... i am working in an Reliance Company.I am doing my job in an IT department.From few days we are facing a problem in our few of the machines in our Reliance Domain.        The problem is that we are not able to run "systeminfo/sysinfo" command in some computers the following command runs successfully.        We had get an onscreen information of successful information of this PATCH KB958644.we are not able to cross check because this sysinfo command doesnot run.It gives an error message,"PROVIDER LOAD FAILURE".       I will be very thankful when you will guide us through this problem.       Hoping for your positive reply.....

Answer:i am not able to run sysinfo command in command prompt

From Microsoft...In addition there is a FREE app called System Info for Windows that you may find very helpful for identifying hardware...

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ok here is what i am trying to do i have software called btprox which lets me lock my computer when my phone goes out of range of my desktop using bluetooth. what i want it to do though, is when i come back to my desktop i want it to unlock automatically instead of just having to put my password in. (i know im lazy but really i just want to do it cause i think its cool) now this software lets you pick programs to run instead of the lock command and stuff. what i want to know is, is there a login command for the command prompt? cause then i could just set it to run a batch file when i come in range and it will log me in.

Answer:command prompt logon command?

Hi -

The Task Scheduler may be of some help -->

I would urge caution in 3rd party software designed to circumvent Windows 7 security and power functions. You may come home sometime and find yourself locked out of your system and a reinstall of the OS to be the only viable option.

Good Luck to you.

Regards. . .



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W7 Pro 64 (6.1.7600. on HP w c300 128SSD at boot drive, - system failed to reboot. W7 start up repair failed; system restore failed. Earlier restore files clearly show the OS  (SSD) as drive c: All drives test AOK including the SSD. I can see the data and the OS from command prompt.The SSD drive - previously C: now is named G:-- c: drive had only temp files - I deleted those, on the theory that the drive lettering is now my problem, perhaps caused by the auto repair program renaming the drives. I tried to copy the system files from g: to C: with dos commands, including ROBOCOPY but no joy. Access is denied - hyberfil.sys.I want avoid a new install if I can. Is there any way to copy or move the system files from g: to C: or to rename G: as C: (and rd c:)??I have the command screen available from a W7 install disk.Any help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:W7 Boot/AutoRepair/Restore Failure - ? Rename drive from Cmd prompt?

Was Win7 originally installed to the SSD ? ?Is there another OS installed on any of the HDD's ? ?If no additional OS's are present power down and disconnect all but the SSD...boot to the Win7 DVD and run the Repair Install again.

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I want to hide this. I'm running a python progam (if that matters) and it always has that open on my taskbar. I want to hide it. I don't care where it goes or how much time it takes, I just want to hide it. So I never have to deal with it. Maybe make it a system process or something? I don't know.

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Hello Everybody!

I don't know if this is a real issue, or just one of those "What the . . . .!!" situations. You judge.

I was working on a batch file that combines two .txt (ASCII?) files created in Notepad to create a composite file, and I noticed something really interesting. (And yes, when someone talks about doing something and the result is "really interesting", it's time to duck and hunt cover! )

Assume that there are two text files: "This.txt" and "That.txt", and they contain the text "This[cr-lf]" and "That[cr-lf]", where [cr-lf] is used to indicate a newline generated by hitting the "Enter/Return" key on the keyboard.

If you look at the files with a hex editor, what you see is something like this:
The file "This.txt" contains the text "This" followed by 0x0D0A, which are the ascii codes for CR and LF.
The file "That.txt" contains the text "That" followed by the same CR and LF characters.
Note that these two files contain nothing else.

Issue I discovered:
When I execute the command copy /y ".\This.txt"+".\That.txt" ".\This&That.txt", I do not get the simple concatenation of the two files, which is what I would expect. Instead I get the two files concatenated, (including the trailing CR/LF's as I would expect), but also one additional character, the hex character for a right-arrow symbol - 0x1A. In e... Read more

Answer:"Copy" command in command prompt generates 0x1a artifact?

I was trying to remember from my DOS days but drew a blank. A Google Search brought up a possible solution:
ms dos - In MS DOS copying several files to one file - Stack Overflow

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im using vista, and i discovered that the hidden admin account can be renamed, from control userpasswords2, and my question is should it be rename to my username or just leave it Administrator.

Built-in Administrator Account - Change Name

and the name can be change from control userpasswords as well but it doesnt change the actual username but just the Full name...

and if i like to use it daily, should the hidden account be named Administrator or my username?


Answer:hello, rename built-in Administrator?

yes, i can see the link, but the administrator folder which is from c:\users, is still C:\Users\Administrator, i can rename the folder by deleting it and then rename it from control userpasswords2 or if you havent log in to it yet and just activated it, What im trying to say is should the hidden admin account be use as C:\Users\Administrator, or C:\Users\My Username

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Hello, I am trying to learn the command line, and in that regard have purchased, The Windows Command Line
Beginners Guide by Jonathan Moeller. This is an excellent resource, but I can't find anything about renaming
folders or files from the command line. I realize I can do do these tasks from the GUI, but I need real life examples to practice with, using the CLI.
A related question: Is it possible to rename user accounts from the CLI ? And in particular administrator accounts?
Perhaps someone could direct me to a link, thread or tutorial if the answer is too long to reply to here.
Thank you for looking.

Answer:Rename files, from Command line

Hello Dorian, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I hope this below helps some.

File and Folder - Rename from Command Prompt

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I'm looking for a command line rename utility that will accept a file name and rename it with date information included. I.E.

........................... YYYYMMDDHHMM

YYYY - year
MM - month
DD - day
HH - hour
MM - minute

This utility has to run from a command file, not a GUI.

Answer:Solved: Command Line Rename

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I have a bunch of files with more than one extension in the filename; e.g., song.flac.cue. I would like to use the batch file "ren" command to omit the ".flac" so the filename would be simply song.cue. However, nothing changes when I execute the command "ren *.flac.cue *.cue." What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Simple rename command question

tryren *flac.cue *.cue

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I have a few PCs connected via a bridge on an ethernet LAN. They communicate with each other, not "the internet".
I'd like to rename "Unidentified network" to something more reasonable like "DoNotTreadOnMe" (allegorical.)

Answer:What powershell command will let me rename my network?

Google give you lots of info on this. Here is one:

Renaming Network Adapters by Using PowerShell

Many more available: how rename network powershell

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Can I Rename a Batch of files in 1 Command with XP Pro? Hmmm...... What am I talking about. Well, back in the DOS days, before Windows, I could rename all the files in a folder by going to that folder and then giving 1 rename command. This would save a ton of time when I backup or archive files.

An example is that I want to add a numeral or digit to the beginning of the file name. To do so, I used to be able to type in ren *.* 7*.* (there is a space after the ren and before the 7 in the command) and all the file names would then start with a 7 and the rest of the name would remain the same along with the extension.

Of course, I am talking about just data files.

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Can I Rename a Batch of files in 1 Command with XP

Doing it the way you describe removes the first character of the file name.

E:\batch files\rename>dir /b

E:\batch files\rename>rename *.* 7*.*

E:\batch files\rename>dir /b

E:\batch files\rename>
You would need to use a FOR loop to parse all the file names in the directory to rename them correctly.
Here is that code in action from a cmd prompt.
E:\batch files\rename>dir /b
Some file.txt

E:\batch files\rename>for %I in (*.*) do rename "%~I" "7%~I"

E:\batch files\rename>rename "AnotherFile.txt" "7AnotherFile.txt"

E:\batch files\rename>rename "Foo.txt" "7Foo.txt"

E:\batch files\rename>rename "Some file.txt" "7Some file.txt"

E:\batch files\rename>dir /b
7Some file.txt

E:\batch files\rename>


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I have a few PCs connected via a bridge on an ethernet LAN. They communicate with each other, not "the internet".
I'd like to rename "Unidentified network" to something more reasonable like "DoNotTreadOnMe" (allegorical.)

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Hi, I have got the below code to rename several MP3 files from 01.mp3 to "Glastonbury 2003 CD 1 - - 01.mp3" and son on:@echo offclsset StartText="Glastonbury 2003 CD 1 - "echo.echo This script will append the string: %StartText% toecho each target filepauseset myName="%StartText%01.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\01.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%02.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\02.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%03.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\03.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%04.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\04.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%05.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\05.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%06.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\06.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%07.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\07.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%08.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\08.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%09.mp3"ren e:\Mirc\Glasto~1\CD1\09.mp3 %myName%set myName="%StartText%10.mp3"echo.echo Process Completeecho Press Any Key To Exitpause>nulclsexitHowever it does not work, I am running XP Pro, not sure if this makes difference, but please someone help.Many thanks,JanuszP.S. The CD is brought by myself and in my room. I am making backups and was testing with batch renaming.

Answer:Rename/Append Batch Command in DOS

As you have just found out, to start a new line in this Forum, you have to press Enter twice, not once.Can I suggest you repost, so that we can see where each line starts and ends?BTW, with XP, you do not have to use DOS to rename multiple files - see click here

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good day experts!

my problem is that i cannot rename the administrator in user accounts.
i already logged in as admin. but there is no option to rename.
need your help. i'm using win xp pro w/ sp2.

Answer:cannot rename administrator in user accounts

From what I recall of oddities of XP, you can only delete your original account name and then establish a new one with whatever name you want. Additionally, you can create a new account with admin rights without deleting your original account by creating a new account. A while ago i had to delete the original account to make another one and it saved all my files in a shared folder for access.

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I've got a very specific task in mind: I'm creating a CD full of mp3's which will play on my portable cd player. BUT: for it to 'see' the mp3s, all the file names have to be preceded by 3 digit track numbers, i.e. 001, 002, NOT 1, 2, or 01, 02.
Rather than re-label 'em all by hand, I'd like to use the rename utility. The only problem is that the rename utility doesn't 'add' the zeroes in front, it 'overlays' the zeroes over the existing label, so I get a bunch of files all numbered '00'.

Simplified Example: I've got a list of ten cuts in the album "Call Me A Cab":
0 - call me adam
1 - call me betty
2 - call me carl
3 - call me david
4 - call me edna
5 - call me fergus
6 - call me gary
7 - call me henrietta
8 - call me ian
9 - call me jane
10 - call me kerry

I position myself in the command window and issue the command:
ren *.* 0*.*

I would think that the interpretation of that command would be take every file in the directory, and place a '0' in front of it. But when I execute the instruction and look at my directory I have:

0 - call me adam
0 - call me betty
0 - call me carl
0 - call me david
0 - call me edna
0 - call me fergus
0 - call me gary
0 - call me henrietta
0 - call me ian
0 - call me jane
00 - call me kerry

The instruction didn't 'add' the leading zero, it replaced the first filename character with the leading zero (It has nothing to do with it being a... Read more

Answer:Solved: Trying to use command line to rename many files at once.

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Having trouble getting the correct command format. We need to add a leading zero to a batch of files in a directory on a regular basis. I cannot download and install a software The operating system is Windows- The length of the filenames varies. i.e. 000165-CityName1.pdf to 0000165-CityName1.pdf 000166-CityNameLonger2.pdf to 0000166-CityNameLonger2.pdf etc. Looking for a rename command that would work, can someone please suggest one, it would be appreciated. I have tried a half dozen without success. Thank you Russ message edited by techexpressinc

Answer:ms dos command rename files adding characters

Alternate solution:1) Save this as a batch file in the folder in question:for /f %%a in ('dir /b/a-d') do if "%%~Na" NEQ "%%~N0" ren "%%a" "0%%~Na"2) Run the batch file.How To Ask Questions The Smart Waymessage edited by Razor2.3

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Was on this site and found code to rename a file using batch but I can not get it to workI have a file master.bak in folder T:\backup\masterI would like to rename it with a current daterename master.bak master03232009.bakHere is my batch [email protected] offT:cd\backup\masterfor /f "tokens=1-5 delims=/ " %%d in (%date%) do rename "master.bak" master%%e=%%f-%%g.bakexitthe message I get isThe system cannot find the file mon.Any idea on what is wrong?ThanksTom

Answer:Batch command to rename file with date help

try changing:Code: [Select]for /f "tokens=1-5 delims=/ " %%d in (%date%) do rename "master.bak" master%%e=%%f-%%g.bak
toCode: [Select]for /f "tokens=1-5 delims=/ " %%d in ('date /t') do rename "master.bak" master%%e=%%f-%%g.bak

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Couple of months ago I had to leave my pc with sby else, so wanted to secure my administrator account with a password and wanted to create an open "guest" account.I don't remember exactly what I did back then, but some way or other I gave that guest account a password secured administrator status ?nd created a second guest account without password.Problem is that now I lost my original Admin-account. Just don't get the option to choose it. It's like it doesn't exist anymore. Yet I sure as *censored* did not remove it myself. Did not remove my personal files underneath it, but can't view them in the normal "verkenner" (windows mapping system).I'm using an XP SP2 with 248MB RAMACPI Uniprocessor PC??More info needed?Thanks in advance...Hans

Answer:guest account with administrator status removed original Administrator...

Hi, Please try the below mentioned steps:1). Try to boot your machine in safe mode by following below steps:                   a). Turn on your machine and keep on pressing F8 key from the keyboad.                   b). Select the "Safe Mode with Networking" under boot option screen.2). Type any of default passwords you had earlier (if asked).3). Now you are logged as Admin, change the account password or account previliges you want to chage.Good luck.

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I purchased my computer 11 months ago and had two additional hard drives installed 5 months ago. I had a technician install and format them for me. A couple of days after I brought my computer home. I renamed one of the hard drives successfully. Now 5 months later I am unable to rename the other hard drive due to getting this error "You will need to provide administrator permissions to rename drive". I haven't done anything to change any settings. What would cause this out of the blue?

I have read something about adding my user in the security tab of the properties of the hard drive. Administrator is already listed in the security tab, so that doesn't make sense as I am the administrator with Full rights. In the same dialog box if I click on Advanced and go to the Owner tab. The Owner says SYSTEM. What is the purpose of the Owner being SYSTEM and why?

I checked all the settings on the other hard drive that I renamed 5 months ago and every setting is the same as this hard drive. It seems that something must have caused a change somewhere.

Would a Windows update have changed any of these settings? This isn't making sense when I haven't changed anything on my computer. In fact, I hardly use this computer cause I have a laptop that I use more regularly. Recently I had this computer turned off for at least a month or longer.

I'm looking for an easy way to maybe change a setting that can be changed back the way it was easily after renaming the hard drive.

Answer:You will need to provide administrator permissions to rename drive

Since your pc was off for so long I would first check to make sure it starts up with the right date and time (your cmos batt might be dead causing security conflicts). Your security has all four of these groups correct?

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I want to rename a shortcut file on a desktop & change that file icon to my created icon. Please can someone help in creating one batch command to run both options. so just running one batch file both should take changes.

Answer:change icon & rename file using batch command

Please look at this free program. It may not meet your demand of renaming a shortcut but it does much more than that and it creates the shortcut with an icon of your choice and may be very helpful to you. Renaming a shortcut is much easier, anyway.By the way, I have not used the program myself. Therefore, I do not know if it does what it promises.EDIT: I tested the program. It works perfectly. It took me about half an hour to figure out how to configure the arguments. You must use double quotes for paths of programs and arguments if they contain blank spaces. Otherwise, use none. The icon file such as Shell32.dll must be copied in current user's Documents directory.CoolGuy

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Well, I think I've done something terribly wrong, I first asked not so long ago about changing my users profile and so I did. I made a new account -and- I put it to be an administrator account, I erased the one that HP made for my father when he bought the laptop. I've forgotten one program that asked me for administrator rights for it to finish instalation because I just disregarded it as not important but I have Corel Draw X3 and for me to actually use the program at all it asks me to get on an administrator account to run it the first time and that then it'll be available for all users, but I only have this user and I've verified that it is most definately an administrator account, what's going on? Did I do wrong by erasing the other account? What?

I'd like to thank anyone beforehand for their patience and effort to helping me out.

Vista Home Premium
Intel core duo
1024MB RAM

Answer:Solved: A program asking administrator's rights but my account is administrator

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I have just had my computer wiped and xp put back on
However the person who did this for me has called me John by mistake!
I can change it in my user account

But in C Documents and Settings I may be John forever unless I have to lose my computer for it to be wiped again

Any quick and safe way to do this please?

When I try it says its a Windows file and cannot be re named
Please help

Answer:Rename computer administrator in Documents and settings folder

I just tested that. I created an account and gave it administrative privileges. Booted in and out of the account. Booted back in to my regular account and renamed the new account in users and documents and settings. Booted back out and logged onto that new changed account without a problem. Worked for me!

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For example, in d:\, I have got three txt files:


How can I rename them in batch like this:


I know I can do it in Windows Explorer by selecting all the files, pressing F2 and typing "file (1)" and this produces similar file names (though it is not file1 but file (1))
But I wanna know how I can do it in a bat file.

Could anyone who knows it help me? Many thanks!!!

Answer:cmd command lines: how to batch rename files in a sequencing order???

its been a long while since I did it but try using wildcards for file name.

ren *.* file.txt

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


Answer:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account

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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

Answer:How can I put my Standard user account back to Administrator when the ASP.NET Machine account is admin?

How are you trying to change the type of account?I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restoreDo you mean System Restore? If you are, you don't need the installation disk to do this.To use System Restore click on the start orb. In the search box type in System Restore. In the list of results click on System Restore, if you are prompted for an administrator password type it in.Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

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Hello everyone,

Ahh, don?t you love just Microsoft and its OS designed by a team of idiots led by Alfred E. Neuman? Why do people keep buying new products from these worms to keep them in business?

This problem is more ludicrous than having to remove IE7 and go back to IE6 in order to repair XP, when you can't boot into Safe Mode or anything else.

I recently got a machine that was part of an internet caf? or so I was told buy the guy selling it.

Caf? software has options to limit what the users can do. Evidently it is not dynamic; the changes are made in the registry and affect the whole machine even when not part of the Caf? network.

I logged into the Administrator Account (which is a complete joke in the real computing world as Bill never got the concept of what a real a Administrator is or what it is they actually do.) and I find that I have no right-click option. I can?t get to the Run Command and there is no Administrator menu for getting to system services, group policies or anything else.

So I open a command window from the Accessories menu and try run regedit and I get a notification that "The Administrator has disabled modifications to the Registry"? Gee and I thought I was the Administrator.

The login did say Administrator didn?t it? Yup it sure did Myrtle.

I found a third party registry editor, but I would rather not have to spend the time searching for every single registry entry that has been changed to gain control back.

I am... Read more

Answer:How do I Restore Administrator Privileges to the Administrator Account?

The Account may be called "Administrator" but it is not the built in Administrator account. go to Start/Run and type compmgmt.msc and hit enter. Open Local Users and Groups. Open the Users folder. Here is a list of the user accounts on the computer. The First one to the right will say it is the built in Administrator account (the actual name may have been changed by the previous owner) You will have to log into this account with it's password to be an actual Administrator to make changes or create your own Administrator account

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I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 and Office 2007. I installed a Bluetooth transceiver recently and developed a problem when replying to email in Outlook 2007. When I select an email to reply, the email editor pops up with a "Custom UI Runtime Error in Send to Bluetooth." The solution to this issue is to disable the COM Add-In "Send to Bluetooth" in one of the other Office applications such as Word.

However, when I attempt to uncheck the "Send to Bluetooth" option, I get an indication from a pop-up warning box that "This add-in is installed for all users on this computer, and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator.

I am the only user on this computer and my user account is an administrator account. I have the system to start to the desktop without any intermediate log-ins or any intermediate screens.

How do I let Word know that I am an administrator so I can disable the COM Add-In and stop the offending pop-up every time I reply to an email?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Answer:User Administrator Account won't allow Administrator Privilages

You could try right clicking the program and choose run as administrator. Then try to disable the addon.
Although with Microsoft software it usually is smart enough to prompt you with uac when you need to change something like that.


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Hi, I have an Acer laptop which came with one user account, Acer, with the administrator right. When I tried to rename it to Administrator or administrator, I got an messages saying that user name has already existed.

How do I rename Acer to Administrator? Thanks.

Answer:Renaming the administrator account back to Administrator

Hello, Yky, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The username Administrator is reserved for a built-in administrator account. If you want to use the name for another account, you need first rename it to "free" the name. Instructions here: Built-in Administrator Account - Change Name

Please keep in your mind that even if you change the name of the user account Acer to Administrator, it's userprofile folder's name remains Acer. Renaming a user account does not change the name of the user folder.

An example: my username is my real first name, Kari, and that's the name I also use for my userprofiles on all of my rigs. If I now decide to change my username on this computer to LarryLaffer, it's OK. Easy and fast done. BUT: it would mean that on this computer, user LarryLaffer's files would be located in folder called C:\Users\Kari, because renaming a user account does not change the name of the folder. Windows user folder name stays always the same it was when the user account in question was created and user logged in first time.


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Question: command prompt

Hi all i need you help me a thing

I went to use autosave all text on command prompt (CMD), how can i do or use what command prompt cade for mark it autosave when i used command prompt.

Example :

Color 0a

%echo KHC_Office_Manager
%echo KHC_Office_Buying

color 1a


what i need is autosave to my desktop is Ping today.txt

Thank All

Answer:command prompt

You can try this and see if it works and does what you want:

Color 0a

%echo KHC_Office_Manager > "Desktop\Ping today.txt"
Ping >> "Desktop\Ping today.txt"
%echo KHC_Office_Buying >> "Desktop\Ping today.txt"
Ping >> "Desktop\Ping today.txt"

color 1a


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Question: Command Prompt

Hai..guys..can any one of you help get out my problem

my system is running on windows-xp(professional)sp2 and my roblem is:

when I am opening my "windows command prompt" -" my system is re-starting automatically!!" my widowns command prompt opens as c:\documents..\eeswar\....

waiting for a help.

Answer:Command Prompt

command prompt should be in C:\WINDOWS\System32\ tht could be a problem right there

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Question: Command Prompt

You can do almost ANYTHING by using Command Prompt.

Research on the internet about the Net commands.

You can buy books about the Command Prompt and Commands for it.

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Question: Command Prompt

Is there a way with command prompt or a .bat file to automaticly look at two directories with exactly the same files and the find out which out of the two is newest??? then copy the new file into the other directory.
Basicly syncronise the folders.

Answer:Command Prompt

Do you have to use the command prompt? I suppose that you can create a batch file to do this for you. I've written a few for backup redundancy that I've given to a couple of clients in the past. I don't usually give my stuff out though unless I'm the one supporting it.
Give this a try

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Question: Command Prompt?

I'd recently been having a few problems with my PC (AGAIN!), so I decided to use my recovery disc try and return the windows files back to default. Once completing this, Windows will not re-open as something (can't remember what as I'm on a different computer) is said to be compressed. I've had this problem before and just used the command prompt in the advanced setup menu to uncompress the problem. Unforunately, that does not seem possible anymore as the option of entering the setup menu isn't appearing. The only option I have is to press control-alt-delete to restart the computer.
What is that I will need to recover my command prompt? Is there some kind of boot CD that I could use?

ALL help will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance,


Answer:Command Prompt?

recovery console, runs sfc /scannow
You will need the XP install disk to do this. Boot from disk, go to recovery console from boot options.

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I can access/read/write to this ftp site with a client fine.

When I try to use it through a command prompt I can connect, enter credentials, change directories, but when I write to it using "put filename.txt" it says connection closed by remote host.

Is my syntax wrong. All the info I've found online says no. But clearly something is messed up.

Eventually want to write a script for a nightly backup.

Answer:FTP through command prompt.

Any other commands that don't work? Are there any permissions that prevent it?

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Currently when I go into the command prompt program into XP. My path is set at " C:\Documents and Settings\edward> ".
I want to change it to " C:\ " so when I type the command "dir" it gives me all the files and folders on the C: drive. I'm not only looking to change to path name but the files also have to correspond with the folder as well.

How would I go about doing this

Answer:Command Prompt Help

the command "cd...." without quotes

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Question: Command Prompt

The previous IT folks where I work changed the path of the command prompt for one of my users from c:/users/fullname to c:/documents and settings/
She cannot ping because of this. Anyone know, first why someone would change the commad prompt and second, how do I change it back to the default?


Answer:Command Prompt

why someone would change the commad promptI don't do I change it back to the default?

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hello all

i have a problem with command prompt and since i am using xp pro i figured this is the appropriatte place for the question?

i am using xp pro with sp1

i am tryin to change the directory where command prompt initially opens in.

from start/programs/accessories/command prompt

i open command prompt and it seems my target is my computer(desktop) my start in is D:\john and both lines are not changeable(lighter txt than other lines)

and when i click command prompt like this it opens then closes.

but if i go to start/run/cmd command prompt stays open but the directory is :
C:\Documents and settings\Administrator

i would like it to read this if its possible without changing the directory every single time if its possible?


i use to be able to change the path of where command prompt opens by changing the target and start in boxes in the properties of command prompt from accessories but seems i can not do that now.
any help or advise would be greatly appreciatted.

i am not very good at command prompt as it is but i use command prompt every day in the path i typed above

just continuosly changing the path eachtime becomes very annoying
plz any advise for me?

thank you very much

**the cmd prompt newbie**

Answer:Please Help With Command Prompt In Xp Pro

This link may be of help. It requires registry editing.

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When I'm in Command Prompt it says:
C:\Documents and Settings\Thrax>
How the hell do I get it to say C:\>
I am trying to update my vid card bios bios instructions

Answer:Command Prompt help take u 2 sec to help

cd C:\

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Question: command prompt

hi everyone

i recently bought an iomega floppy plus (USB) because the laptop didnt come with floppy drive, all of this because i have zipslack wich is a version of linux but it runs within the same operating system with no need to partition the HD.
so i create (format) a floppy disk so that i can start the system in dos mode, so i can run and configure linux. but there is A problem...

the prompt looks like this:

A:> some like that, so when i try to change directory (where i have linux) which is in drive D:\linux it says drive not found or something like that...and plus the command prompt's title is not the same as the one on windows xp.
so my question is, if am doing something wrong when creating a boot disk, please correct me. Or, how can i surf within dirs when i start the system with command prompt without receiving "drive not found" errors.

Answer:command prompt

My first thought: Is your win xp hard disk NTFS?

I havent used one of those recently, but there are a bunch of tutorials here that may help you.

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hey guys, just a quick question, how do you IM from command prompt? I've heard of it, and tried one method, but it didn't work. i used:

net send <IP address here> message here

it may be wrong, but ive read that's how to do it. i tried it with a friend last night, but nothing worked. it just said it couldn't find the file.

Answer:how do you IM from command prompt?

Originally Posted by Wii Master 64

hey guys, just a quick question, how do you IM from command prompt? I've heard of it, and tried one method, but it didn't work. i used:

net send <IP address here> message here

it may be wrong, but ive read that's how to do it. i tried it with a friend last night, but nothing worked. it just said it couldn't find the file.


Either of you guys have a firewall or router between you?


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I decided to run System File Checker in Windows XP but it would not accept sfc /scannow. So just to see whats going on I ran scandisk on C drive. After Windows booted I then wasn't even able to get the Command Prompt to come up.
Help! What's going on?

Answer:No Command Prompt !!!

How are you trying to get a command prompt?

Go to start and run cmd.exe

If it is not found, or does not open do a full drive search for cmd.exe and see if it will open by double clicking it where you find it.

And what do you mean XP would not accept the command:

sfc /scannow


Does the file sfc.exe exist in c:\windows\system32 or any place else?

Did chkdsk (not scandisk) report any errors fixed? look for chkdsk.log on the root drive.

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I just tryed to use cmd as usual but it seems that I can't explore an other HDD than C:

It bugs me I don't understand why i'm the only user on my computer and I am admin on it I at home so it should work but when I type "cd d:" I get that :

anyone has solved this problem ?

Answer:command prompt bug ?

At a command prompt the command "D:" [ENTER] is used to switch to the D: drive, not "CD D:". "CD \abc" [ENTER] is used to change to the \abc directory from the current directory of the current drive.

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I'm logged in as an administrator (the only administrator), but when I try to use the command prompt I get the following message:

The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator.

Press any key to continue...

Does anyone out there know how to correct this?

Answer:command prompt in XP Pro

Are you sure your the only administrator? Go to computer management and check under users. There may be another account you have to use.

Another possiblity is going to Local Security Policy and checking to see if it's disabled in there.

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Question: Command Prompt

Was reading the tutorial on tracing a hacker and followed the steps for using netstat but then I realized that I cant access my ipconfig using command prompt. I can access it using network settings. I even tried using the run command to access netstat a but to no avail. Whenever I type ipconfig and press enter nuttin happens.
thankx again for your help.

Answer:Command Prompt

Try ipconfig /all

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