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Toshiba Satellite C660 WiFi and LAN Driver Problem

Question: Toshiba Satellite C660 WiFi and LAN Driver Problem

Hi Folks,

A colleague passed me his poorly laptop (the Toshiba C660-18C of the title) as he is unable to connect to the internet after the re-installation of Windows 7 HP 32-bit.

Story so far...

His computer was slow - full of junk and stuff - so he asked me if I had a Win 7 disk for him to start again with a clean install.

I provided him with a disk and the re-installation went without a hitch - except now there aren't any drivers for the Ethernet NIC or WiFi and so he is unable to connect by either wired connection or wireless.

I've had a look and can't figure out what the problem is.

Device manager doesn't give any info - nothing like 'Realtek PCIe EE Family Controller' or 'Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC' that appear on my wife's Toshiba C660. Also there is no 'Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter' (not sure if that is needed). There is no description at all of the hardware.

I have found from the Toshiba UK website the following drivers and installed them, but still no joy.
The Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation LAN Driver, Toshiba Wireless LAN Indicator and Toshiba Hardware Setup.

I went with the Realtek drivers as the Toshiba website lists these as 32-bit. The NICs may be Atheros but the only drivers I could find for them were 64-bit (will they still work on a 32-bit OS?) - and these were on Toshiba Australia's support site.

Several websites have links for what seem to be the correct drivers - but these take you to a German site and return a 404 error.

Any help gratefully received. Otherwise, it seems my colleague has bricked his pc?



Oh , I've also contacted Toshiba UK via email but 24 hrs later and still no response. Are they likely to reply? Machine originally shipped with Windows Vista and CoA on the underside of the machine is unreadable!

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Satellite C660 WiFi and LAN Driver Problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Adobe After Effects always crash on startup.
It says it cannot initialize OpenGL and that I should contact the manufacturer of the Graphics adapter.

So I contact Intel because I got a Intel Hd Graphics adapter but they say the driver I already have is custom tuned for Toshiba. So I search on Toshiba but cannot really find any useful link.

Should I install OpenGL manually or can I disable it somehow without starting After Effect?
How do I installOpenGl manually?

I have downloaded the latest Graphics adapter driver from you but it doesn't help.
All I want to do is to start a popular Adobe product so I believe many people have this problem.

Answer:OpenGL driver for Toshiba Satellite C660-1J2 ?


OpenGL is a standard API for writing software for 2D or 3D computer graphics.
OpenGL is an open source product but DirectX is released by Microsoft and mostly DirectX is part of the graphic card driver and not OpenGL.

However, you cannot ?download and install? OpenGL to use it within the graphic card driver? the OpenGL needs to be implemented in the driver?

Mostly it?s done by graphic card manufacture.
Therefore you will need to check the Intel page to get an driver from Intel which supports OpenGL because the notebook supports the Intel (HM55) HD graphics.

This link detects which driver updates are relevant to your computer and then helps you install them quickly and easily.

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Hello community I have problems with my toshiba C660 every time I boot I get to a part where my screen goes black with a flashing line at the top left side. Any suggestins on fixing this thank you for your time.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-28T.

The hard drive has failed. I have phoned Toshiba Support who are sending me out a replacement.

However as an interim measure I was going to put in my spare hard drive and do a fresh install of another operating system which I have a spare key for (Win 7).

However I can't get past the "Load Drivers" screen as the laptop didn't come with any driver discs.
I can't find the relevant drivers from the Toshiba website (I did try some intel drivers which I thought were the right ones but and it says they are unsigned and just reverts back to the load drivers screen).

I have made recovery disks but obviously can't use them on the new hard drive as it doesn't have the recovery partition.

Any ideas on where I can get the appropriate drivers from?


Answer:Satellite C660-28T - "Load Driver" Problem with new HDD

> I have made recovery disks but obviously can't use them on the new hard drive as it doesn't have the recovery partition.

If you have made a recovery disk using the preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool, then you have just to boot from this disk in order to start the installation.

Additional info: All recovery disk for Toshiba European notebook models can be ordered here:

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I get 2 Plug and Play Monitors - 1 ok, the other cannot start (Code 10)

Also the laptop is not going into standby.
The display goes blank on standby but the laptop can be operated.
I also get a ACPI error Event ID: 43 - The system sleep operation failed.

Unfortunately no XP Drivers listed for this laptop.

I'm thinking this might be related to incorrect Graphics Driver installed.
Device ID for my onboard graphics is:

I'm currently using Intel HD Graphics - The driver doesn't say it has problems in Device Manager.

Device ID for my Plug and Play Monitor which cannot start:

Has anyone successfully installed XP on this laptop and if so what graphics drivers did they use.

Answer:Monitor driver problem with XP on Satellite Pro C660-2CN


The PCI VEN ID and DEV ID can be useful in order to search on this page:

The notebook seems to be equipped with the Intel HD graphics 3000 chip.
So the drivers should be compatible. You should also install the Mobile Intel(R) HM65 Express Chipset driver for Win XP since this chipset is part of the motherboard.

But its interesting that you said that one external monitor work properly and the other doesn?t? do you try to use two external monitors simultaneously?

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My friend has a toshiba satellite L645D-S4040. I reinstalled windows 7 on his laptop but when I tried reinstalling the wifi driver it wouldn't work. I tried the realtek, the broadcom, and the atheros, and uninstalled each before I tried a new one. I even rermoved the wifi card and reinserted it, and that did nothing. I reinstalled win7 again and tried all of the above and still nothing happened. What could be wrong here? thanks!

Answer:Toshiba satellite wifi driver wont install?

Is there a hardware button on the laptop to enable the wifi adapter? You may need to press Fn + F8 key combination to enable the wireless adapter.

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I had issues with my laptop so i've decided to uninstall everything et install Windows 7 64 bits "brand new", but my bad, i didn't kept my previous driver...

I'm not able to make my wifi works could you help me ?

The network controller device is not installed correctly and I don't find anything on the website. I've tried all Atheros and Realtek drivers available without any success.

What should I download? Where ?


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Hi guys ive had my laptop a few years now and it used to be fast and reliable a great laptop and all of a sudden it's just gone really slow it almost says not responding on anything I click and isn't the same as it used to be I've tried reinstalling windows but it does nothing it's like it's not responding sometimes and is very laggy any advice is welcomed

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My daughter's laptop keeps freezing; I have used the internal `Repair' to set it back to the factory settings, but it is still the same. I have been told that it is a common symptom of a faulty hard drive, for which I was quoted approx £170.00 to replace and install the operating system. I am not a computer technician, but as I was a tv engineer, so feel that fitting a new HDD is within my capabilities, and as a replacement HDD from Toshiba is £80, this seems the logical thing to do; however before I buy a new HDD, can anyone tell me if it is correct that the freezing may be the result of it failing? I would just like the opinion of other people with computer knowledge before I spend my money, and I will not blame anyone if I choose to follow their advice and it doesn't cure the problem.
Any advice would be very welcome.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 - 1ux HDD

FReeezing PC

Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans
PSU voltages (not applicable to laptops)
Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off (does it freeze when running on battery only?)
faulty memory stick try memtest click here virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use
driver conflicts especially graphics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment.

You can run a check on the drive. In explorer right click the drive select properties - Tools tab - check drive.
It may also freeze if there are a lot of windows open at the same time and cpu is at 100%
Or if there is not much spare space on the drive.
Model of toshiba laptop? Most hard drives ae easy to change as located under a cover on the base , some are harder to get at as may be under the keyboard. We can probably find a Youtube video or strip down instruction easy enough.
If it really is the drive then you an image the whole drive to an external drive using the free Macrium reflect make the rescue media from the same program - fit a new drive and restore the image to the new drive.

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Hello my friend got giving a laptop it was running slow and I think it might of had a virus so I downloaded DBAN and used it to wipe the laptop and reinstalled a new copy on windows 7 64bit

Now I have downloaded and installed the drivers from Toshiba Website but it still wont let me connect to the internet even with an ethernet cable

Can someone help me out here please on what I am doing wrong, Thanks in advance for any help
Computer: toshiba satellite c660 - 1gr

Answer:Toshiba Satellite c660 - 1gr

Hi can you post a screen shot of device manager with the network group expanded

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Hey Guys,

I just installed windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite A300 laptop that has Vista on it before. Everything works on it but the wireless won't connect properly, it says the network is public and has no internet connection even tho if i go to the connect to a network it shows me my wireless network. any help would be great.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite WiFi problem

You didn't mention which WLAN driver you needed to install. Once you figure that out by looking in Device Manager you can get the driver from the page below.

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Have a Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255. Installed a mini WiFi card from Broadcom that's 802.11b/g capable. This came out of another laptop of mine and I know it works and it's hardly been used.

I cannot connect to my WiFi router. I'm confident that I have the antenna corrections installed correctly. I have the switch set to on for WiFi on the side of the laptop. I've checked the Device Manager and the Broadcom Network Adapter is listed and shown as working properly. I do have MAC filtering setup on the router but I did get the MAC off of the mini WiFi and have triple check that it was entered correctly into the router. Using a DLink DI-784 which I've had no problems with my other laptop.

Any ideas? Installing this card in my girlfriends Toshiba so I can get her online.

Answer:WiFi problem with Toshiba Satellite

First thing you should do is turn MAC filtering off and any other security measures you have in place, encryption for instance. You should try the card in another laptop if possible. Are you using the utility that came with the card or XP wireless ocnfig utility? What is happening? No AP when you scan from the client? In other words, give some more details about your experirence other than it isn't working.

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hi there, yesterday i upgraded my toshiba laptop . it had the pre-installed windows 7 home premium. i upgraded to windows 7 ultimate. 64 bit. after letting the cd run its course and it installed ,i find i can no longer go online ? in the device manager there are yellow triangles next to ethernet controller and network controller . when trying to go online i keep getting ' windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. if you have a network adapter you will need to re-install the driver '. i,m by no means a computer whizz so any help would be greatly appreciated..... cheers.

p.s the laptop is a toshiba satellite C660-18C and model number (part no.) is PSC0LE-01U00JEN.
it came pre-installed with windows 7 home premium. i have the windows 7 ultimate discs. 32 and 64 bit.

Answer:which drivers do i need for toshiba satellite C660-18C

Hi phant0m2012,

have you tried right clicking on the driver with a yellow triangle and select update this driver?

Normally there shouldn't be this kind of a problem on a newly installed system, or at least the computers I've installed this problem always appears later on.

Here is the latest lan driver for your laptop:

Do you have another computer where you could download and then move it over to your current one?


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I have an lap top toshiba satellite c660 with both usb ports phisicaly damaged and after replacement they didnt worked , I mentioned betwen externel pins existe power 0,5 mA but middle pins I m not sure if they work,what should I do?

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hello win 7 forum world i have a big problem with my laptop its a TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L450-13R .its got windows 7 64bit running.well the problem is to do with the wifi i have unistalled it and loaded ti up a bunch of times downloaded it also from this site
Driver Downloads - Computers | Toshiba - Toshiba

i know there is a fault because the laptop sees the routter and gets a signal as i got the bars on the signal sign on the bottom right of my screen but most of the time when i open my brouser it wont even show up google but shows that i have a connection.i can get internet no problem if i connect the cable directly into the laptop.this is a great laptop other than this problem.i know this is a problem because i have tried another toshiba laptop beside mine and it seems to get internet no problem when mine dont but both pcs show that they are connected to the same router and show that same signal that they have

any of you guys come across this problem.i was thinking of buying this maybe solve the problem but dont want my usb port used up and tis big thing sticking out either.

TP-Link TL-WN823N Mini 300Mbps WiFi Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b/g/n Windows 8 | eBay

TP-Link TL-WN823N Mini 300Mbps WiFi Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b/g/n

Answer:Toshiba satellite pro l450-13r (wifi problem)

When the machine appears to be online but the browser doesn't seem to be working it's usually related winsock being corrupted.

To fix the problem copy/paste the following two command "one at a time" into an Elevated Command Prompt then reboot and test to see if the browser works or not.

netsh winsock reset catalog


netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

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Hi pros,

Can you help me with the drivers of this laptop?

The missing drivers are on the attached image.

I highly appreciate


Answer:Toshiba Satellite C660-A027 PSC1LV

Since I can't find your model number on Toshiba's website, please do the following:

For each device listed that has a yellow exclamation:

Right click > Properties > Details tab > under Property, select Hardware Ids, and where it shows "VEN_####&DEV_####", post that alphanumeric string.

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Hey ive got a C660 here,
So my sister installed windows 8 and deleted the original windows 7 partition and now she wants to go back to windows 7 but whenever she presses F8 and goes into 'repair my computer' the toshiba hdd recovery wizard isnt there anymore. How can I get this back? The HDD Recovery partition is still there though. Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite C660 - missing Toshiba HDD Wizard

HDD recovery installation works with ?factory settings? only. After Win8 installation this will not work anymore. Recovery image can be on the HDD but it is not possible to start HDD recovery image installation.

Only way to install recovery image again is usage of recovery DVD. I presume your sister didn?t create it in the past. Now she must order original recovery DVD from

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hi Tech Guys,
I have a friends laptop that I am trying to fix, their laptop HDD is failing which has been confirmed by Crystalmark and the Toshiba HDD/SDD monitor tool. I have a spare HDD lieing around which I would like to replace it with but I want to clone/backup the files first. I tried using acronis clone image but when I place the HDD in the laptop it does not recognise the new HDD, could it be due to the fact that the HDD has to be a OEM HDD set as the OS drive? I'm stuck as the laptop will not allow me to use my external HDD to backup the files manually. Not sure what to do next even tried to backup the files via my network using easy to transfer tool but it cannot find my PC please help thanks.

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite C660-18C - HDD failure

When you clone with acronis, there are some things you need to do;
1 Boot the system using an acronis boot CD/flash drive. I always recommend doing a clone, image, etc from the boot disk rather than from within windows. It just removes one more layer of complexity from the task.
2 The new hard drive must be blank ie no partition info on the drive at all. You may need to zero fill the drive IF it was previously used.
3 Select source [old drive] and destination [new drive]
4 Complete the clone process and shutdown. DO NOT reboot with both drives connected.
5 Swap hd and pw ON. Make sure drive letters are correct, system boots without errors, etc.

Since this is a laptop, I would do the clone with A/C pw connected. Once finished with the clone, shutdown and remove both A/C and battery prior to swapping drives. Modern systems apply pw even when OFF so you want to be sure there is no pw applied when you are swapping drives or working on the system. Most [if not all] of the time, swapping drives in a laptop with the battery installed would not hurt anything however completely removing pw prior to working on the system is a VERY good habit to get into.

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Having problems, keeps coming up an error has occured now shuting down, this is when i try and up date the password?
When i try and up date the driver it comes up with the following appication using these files that need to be updated by this setup.
Close these applications and click retry to cointinue. SmartFaceVWatcher.exe

Please could some explain what i need to do?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Toshiba face recognition


SmartFaceVWatcher.exe belongs to the Toshiba software and I think this related to face recognition utility.
To be honest I?m not quite sure what cause the error message but I recommend doing this;
- Uninstall face recognition utility
- Clean the OS using CCleaner (its freeware tool)
- Reboot several times and install the face recognition utility again
- Reboot the notebook, run once again CCleaner and then start the face recognition utility

Good luck

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I bought a VGA cable to connect my laptop to my TV in order to mirror what ever is on my laptop screen. My TV did not pick up anything when I checked the Sources.

I opened the "Action Centre" on my laptop and selected "Project". I changed the current setting of "Duplicate" to "Second Screen Only", this caused my laptop screen to go black when the VGA cable was connected. When I disconnected the VGA cable my laptop screen came back on. This frustrating because I want to change it back to "Duplicate" but it is impossible to navigate while the VGA cable is plugged in because of the black screen.

note that when i changed it to "second Screen Only" my TV still did not pick up my laptop.

any solution for this?

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I have a Toshiba laptop c660-115 intell core i3 4gb ram windows 7 home basic I brought it second hand but when I'm using it it sometimes randomly turns off .. the 2nd and 3rd time wad when I put the charger on I noticed and when I put charger in it turns screen black for a cupple seconds but it's turned off 3 tines 2 times I noticed it was the charger the 1st time I can't really remember anyone got anything on this pls ?

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This question relates to a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-1UX Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.

Some of the onboard keys (E, T, U, I, O, A, B, N, together with the Enter key) fail to register. All of the other keys tested so far appear to register normally.

When connecting an external USB keyboard, all keys function properly. However, when using either the onboard keyboard or the external USB keyboard, it is necessary to hold down whatever key is selected for approx 2-3 seconds in order for its character to register. This makes typing incredibly slow and is understandably unacceptable.

I've checked device manager looking for errors, but am unable to find any. The driver for the keyboard is listed as installed and working properly, and driver update says that the latest version is in already in use.

I have also scanned for viruses using Malware Bytes and Spybot, and also with the laptops own pre-installed antivirus software. All of the full system scans return a no threat found message.

I have read that the keyboards on these machines are prone to failure, which could answer why only certain onboard keys function. The fact that all keys on the external USB keyboard work would seem to confirm this. However, the fact that both onboard and external keyboard is affected by the same slow keypress might also suggest a bios problem - but as this laptop is several years old and has been working perfectly, why would bios suddenly cause this problem.

I hav... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 - Keyboard Problems

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Hi everyone. Im new here and was wondering on, how do i get the screen back, as I've just changed the screen ribbon on toshiba c660 as my old ribbon had broken wires. Everything works and can hear the fan etc but no screen. I noticed though that if i shine a light on the screen i can see the background. Im not computer minded but need help. Thanks

Answer:toshiba satellite c660 black screen on xp

Hi mw_86 and welcome to TSG.

Have you tried an external Monitor ? I would do that first if possible and if it's display is good carry on below.

With those symptoms if that model has an Inverter I would try switching it with a known working one.
You should find some on Ebay. (I've had good luck even with used ones).

If it does have an Inverter it could be the backlight instead but that's usually much more difficult to replace.

If it's an LED model (ie no Inverter or Backlight) I would guess either the LEDs have failed or they aren't getting power from the motherboard.

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Hello i have a big problem with my toshiba it is stuck in a reboot loop. Cant go to recovery mode. Need help for a other way to recover or factory reset my pc.

If you need more info just ask

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Hello There,

I recently purchased a Satellite C660/C660D everything is fine, apart from one or two minor issues (which this thread is about). Firstly, The laptop was and still is littered with loads of TOSHIBA random software, below is a list:

+TOSHIBA Assist+
+TOSHIBA Bulletin Board+
+TOSHIBA ConfigFree+
+TOSHIBA Disc Creator+
+TOSHIBA Face Recognition+
+TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support Utility+
+TOSHIBA Hardware Setup+
+TOSHIBA Media Controller+
+TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in+
+TOSHIBA Online Product Information+
+TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator+
+TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator Reminder+
+TOSHIBA ReelTime+
+TOSHIBA Service Station+
+TOSHIBA Supervisor Password+
+Toshiba TEMPRO+
+TOSHIBA Value Added Package+
+TOSHIBA Web Camera Application+

Is there a pre made ISO recovery image somewhere or do I have to make my own, because if I decide to unisntall some of these programs I might need it at a later date?

The second issue is with the TOSHIBA Accessiblity application which shows the FN keys, it does not seem to start. It worked the first day then I disabled all TOSHIBA applications from startup and I get the following error: "Registry is missing or may be broken.", I dont know why!

I have tried cleaning the registry, so the registry isnt broken.

*Thanks in Advance*


Answer:Satellite C660 - TOSHIBA Accessibility Error

Hi Humza,

I?m happy to hear that you?re an owner of Toshiba notebook too and you discovered the forum here. We can discuss everything about Toshiba notebooks, that?s interesting :)

I will try to help you to sort this out:

1.Yes, there is a premade recovery image to restore factory settings with all driver and tools on your notebook but important is you burn this image on a blank DVD using preinstalled recovery media creator. You will get a disk with an image of Windows with all drivers and tools => ?out of box settings?. So the same settings as you purchased the computer.

2.I think the FN keys don?t work anymore because you disabled some important Toshiba tools they are necessary for FN keys. For FN keys the startup items ?TOSHIBA Button Support? and ?TOSHIBA Flash Cards? are absolutely necessary so you should enable them and restart the computer.

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Hello everyone,

I wandered if anyone can help me. Over this week I have purchased 2 x 4GB RAM Modules from Maplin stores in the United Kingdom (that's where I live) and I have installed them in the laptop and everytime I go to install Windows, the Laptop Blue Screens and turns itself off. I did some research before I bought the RAM on the Crucial memory website and it recommended me to buy the DDR 3 PC3-12800 RAM which is what I bought from Maplins, however this doesn't work.

The laptop is running the BIOS version of 1.08, does this matter?


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Good health. On the laptop TOSHIBA C 660, replaced the hard drive and, as a fact, the OS flew down (Windows 7 SP1 HB x 64). Installed not licensed, there was no way out, on the Microsoft website, to download the image failure, the key from the laptop is not suitable. Not a licensed image, there was no desire to put, the assembly is an assembly, naturally installed such an operating system behaved badly, buggy. Done, and now the laptop does not work. In the service center installation of OS and drivers costs 3500 rbl. Offensively. So I'm looking for help on the forum. Please, kindly request help. Thank you.

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So basically i have a Satellite C660, and it came loaded with a iso on drive D. So whenever i need to clean my system i can just use the iso from drive d and it will be like new again. However i hate all this toshiba bloatware it installs and all other stupid stuff, so i was wondering if i got a windows 7 disk, and like booted the laptop up from the disk, and installed windows 7 from it without all the stupid stuff, would everything still work as normal? or what?


Answer:Satellite C660 - Can I use own Win7 without Toshiba bloatware?

Generally speaking you can do with your notebook whatever you want and nobody force you to use preinstalled stuff. You can install own Win7 version and if you install all necessary drivers it will works without any problems.

Please note: for this own Win7 version you must have valid licence for product activation and before you start installation create recovery DVD for recovery image back-up. After your Win7 installation you will not be able to start recovery image installation from HDD.

What I do, and can also recommend to you and all other people, is preinstalled OS optimization. Use original Win7 but remove all stuff you don?t need. After doing this you will have original, activated OS that will run much faster and without some ?useless? stuff.

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ive just installed xp
after the TPS installation was finished,TPS gives me this error
and wont work

any help will be so much appreciated

Answer:Satellite C660 & Win XP Toshiba Power saver error 0x2

Can you please post exact notebook model? I just want to check if your notebook is full supported for WXP.
Anyway, before you start to install any Toshiba specific tool or utility you must install common modules at first.

Please test it.

From my experience it is not easy to fix now so it is also possible that you must reinstall WXP and install all drivers, tools and utilities in right install order.

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on the laptop TOSHIBA C660, replaced the hard drive and, as a fact, the OS flew down (Windows 7 SP1 HB x 64).
Installed not licensed, there was no way out, on the Microsoft website, to download the image, the key from the laptop is not suitable.

Not a licensed image, there was no desire to put, the assembly is an assembly, naturally installed such an operating system behaved badly, buggy.

Done, and now the laptop does not work.
In the service center installation of OS and drivers costs 3500 rbl.

Offensively. So I'm looking for help on the forum.

Please, kindly request help. Thank you.

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I cant find my product "Satellite c660- 20L , why is that?

Thank you and the faster the response the better.

-----ahmad sakr------

Answer:I can't find Satellite C660-20L on Toshiba support page?

You mean you cannot find it on Toshiba download page - ?

Your notebook has model name and model number. For your notebook it is PSC1LE. Can you find it?

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How do I set the BIOS disk mode to 'Legacy IDE' on a Toshiba Satellite C660-108?

Answer:'Legacy IDE' disk mode on Toshiba Satellite C660-108

In BIOS you can change this option: you will find the AHCI (SATA) mode or compatible mode (IDE)

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I am a newbie and have just purchased a reconditioned laptop as above. On trying to connect to wireless network I have found ii cannot. On trying to troubleshoot the issue, the message i get is "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adaptor. If you have a network adaptor, you will need to re-install the driver".
First things first, How do i find if there is a network adaptor installed?
Secondly, if one is installed, how can i download drivers if i am unable to connect to the internet?
The conection box shows a red cross on it too.
Any help appreciated

Answer:toshiba satellite pro c660-2dh network adaptor issues

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hello i have had a toshiba laptop for a while now and i am trying to reset it to factory settings to give it to someone but i have forgotten the password at the part after pressing f8 and clicking repair your computer it comes up with a dropdown menu with ASPNET and HomeGroupUser$ and i cant remember that password i was hoping someone could help me

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I formatted my Toshiba Satellite C660-S2PI with PART NUMBER PSC1LF-06F027F3 and I have not been been able to get the Bluetooth drivers. Pls I need your assistance.

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I have recently installed an Intel 2200 Wireless Card into my Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552.

The computer recognizes the hardware, and all the software and drivers are working fine.

The problem is when I try to Enable my Radio Switch. I need to be able to press Fn + F2, but on my Satellite the Fn + F2 switch accesses the Battery Mode.

Does anyone know how I can re-map my keyboard, or enable my Radio Switch???

Please help.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552 WiFi Networking Problem

Perhaps you don't have to press Fn+F2?

On my IBM the radio is controlled by Fn-F4.

And you don't have to use the Fn+x combination anyway. The WiFi connection software can be used to turn on/off the radio. If you don't have any special software then disabling the wireless connection will effectively turn off the radio.

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Sorry I wasn't exactly sure where to post this thread

I looked up how to remove this warning that keeps coming up on this forum earlier and followed the procedure someone posted about renaming a file called TWARNMSG.EXE. i couldn't find that file, and as the problems and the make of laptop were slightly different, I thought I'd post my issue.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-16W and I have a message that keeps coming up every ~20 seconds headed "System Warning" and reads: "Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. (Next Line) Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."

I have had this warning coming up for months and tolerated it but it has gotten worse and annoyed me for the last time. I can hear the fan, and the computer is not over heating. No other issues arise like the computer slowing down, it just gets in the way of what I am doing, like typing right now. As I have typed, it's already popped up 6-7 times.

Please help soon, this is preventing me from gaming and even other things by now.


Answer:Repetitive cooling system warning -- Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-16W

I'm going to have your thread moved to a more appropriate forum. Please stay subscribed.

Note: TWarnMsg twarnmsg.exe > Toshiba System Warning Function for Windows 98, Me, 2000 - provides notification dialog when the cooling fan stops ...

This is a valid program, but it is up to you whether or not you want it to run on startup.
There are some rogue programs that give fake alerts or 'critical system messages.' But this isn't one of them. It is specific to the brand of system you have. It might be that someone in the other forum has another idea- but my suggestion would be to take it to a show and have them open and clean out the box.

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I spend some hours to try to create the recovery disks for my Laptop (Satellite C660-1DG)

It fails on the second DVD halfway. It just hangs. CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work anymore a cold boot is required to start the thing again.

I tried several DVD's but NOGO each time halfway the second DVD it hangs.

I really need to create these recovery DVD's because Im going to upgrade the laptop to run a Windows Server 2012 install for development purposes.

I thought this would take just a minimum amount of time but... of course...

Any thoughs on any way to get this stuff working?

Answer:Satellite C660-1DG - Toshiba Media Creator Recovery fails creating 2nd DVD

I burned just another disk and it was full of validation errors: hundreds.

So I connected my external DVD writer (NEC ND-3500AG) (firmware 2.1A) and took THE SAME DVD and burned it: presto: no problems: 0 validation errors

So I deduce that the internal DVD writer (TSSTcorp TS-L633C) (firmware TF20) is chunky.

I am still in warranty but... is it any use?

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This is my second attempt to recovery using the hidden image. The first attempt hung at an earlier point Loading Windows 7 ;( However on this attempt it has been over an hour on the "Setup is starting services" screen with a moving light under it.

Does anyone have any reasonable idea how much time this process takes? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C660-1F1 Toshiba HDD Recovery "Setup is starting services" hang?

Powered off after 2 hours.

Seems that it could be BIOS version currently 1.2 needs upgrade to a more recent version so I'll have a look at that. Also possible issue with bootrec maybe.

I'll update later :)

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Hiya peeps, Wonder if someone can help me, I've installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my Laptop wiping off Windows what I've done is failed to back up my drivers for the lappy Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 ... needless to say that the laptop will not connect to the internet in any way ... I've been to Toshiba's website to access their drive lists ... I've tried various drivers to no avail ... the laptop will not install any data via Flash Drive or CD disc....Ive uploaded an image of the error I keep getting whilst trying to run the drivers...hope someone can help

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 Driver problem

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1j9 (PSKG8E-02D00KCE) working with i7-3630QM and a AMD Radeon HD 7670M.
The problem is, I'm not able to install the Display Driver from AMD. When I try to install the software and drivers this problem appears:
The first time this happen I was using Win 10. I did the update to win 10 one month ago and everything was ok until 4 days ago. I was working with my laptop with a external screen connected by HDMI and suddenly the screen started flashing with some green lines and a black backgroud (something as you can see in the video).
I saw in internet that some people had problems doing the update to wion10 so I installed again windows 8 to see if was something related with win10 but the problem persists.
I tried install the GPU from the intel CPU, a Intel 4000HD graphic card, but is not possible use it as a main GPU. I got this problem: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"
I need help please to understand what can I do to fix this problem. I took a look through internet and until now I did find any solution that could fix my problem.
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L850 - Display Driver problem


any solution?

Anyone knows if toshiba will make a bios update where I can switch the graphic card? From AMD to Intel...

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My above moentioned laptop came with a recovery disc with windows vista on it ( which i don't like) so i decided to downgrade to windows XP however I'm unable to find drivers for at least the ethernet
as mentioned above its a toshiba satellite pro a120
model noSAC1A-0R903H

any help would be appreciated

regards, Cloudy

Answer:Solved: toshiba satellite pro a120 driver problem

If you don't mind having to reformat your computer if something goes wrong, I have a few suggestions:

Try this and choose the closest model to your computer. I think it's a PSAC1E, but it might still work.

You can also try installing the Vista drivers from here. I wouldn't recommend it for the first thing you try, but it could possibly work, but it would more likely give you a BSOD on your next boot.

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I have recently been given the above and it connects to the internet perfectly (via WiFi)when connected to the mains but will not when on the battery. The report says "Limited access". The battery is fully charged. Any help please.

Answer:Toshiba C660 web access problem

in device manager right click the wireless adaptor- select properties - power tab (if its there) - untick allow the computer to switch off...
if no pwer tab click advanced tab
select power saving mode - select CAM constantly awake mode

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I have searched and can not find an answer - sorry if this is repeating another issue.
I have a sateleite C660-11K.

I turned it on this morning and it would not connect to the internet.
I checked the network and sharing centre and there is no option to look for wireless connections.

I have looked at the hardware and there is no wirless driver installed.
I can not try and install one (because I can not get online). I did a system restore - just in case I had done something stupid - and it did not come back. I also did the basic (re start) and nothing

Help please.

Answer:Satellite C660-11k - No Wireless driver

Sorry - when I say restore, I do not mean full system I just from the last months activities.

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I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1FL (PSC1JE-00800FRU).
I'd like to install Windows XP, but i see "stop error" during installation.
I know that i need press F6 for install disk driver but WHERE CAN I GET IT?

Thanks a lot!


Answer:Satellite C660 - Where is HDD driver for XP installation?

Maybe is THIS what you need. Check it out.

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Hi all,

I bought a new Sat.'s extension is PSC1QE-05H00JTE..I'm working like animals days and days to find it's NVidia XP graphics driver..I have to use XP Pro,and i searched lots of places on web,tried lots of drivers that people say,bu ti didn't resolve the problem..Please tell me is there somebody knows which driver for this?

Also on Nvidia web page,there is a small program to find whichc nvidia product on pc,but when i try to use it says " there are no any nvidia products on this machine"..also i tried Driver genius and driver magician etc..these programs found 2 kind of drivers for try 260.99 and 266.58..both of 'em not works..

I feel...there must be somebody hear my voice :)

Answer:Need WXP display driver for Satellite C660-2TL


I?ve checked notebook specification and your notebook has NVIDIA N12M-GE-S 1GB (DDR3) graphic card. Several Toshiba notebook models have this card but none of them is supported for WXP.

Toshiba doesn?t support WXP and display driver for this nvidia card is not available. I?m afraid you must try to find driver googling around.

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I have a Satellite C660-1x4,PSC1NE. It has only 3 months , I had a problem with the hard disk ,the authorized service had replaced the hdd ,and now I just reinstalled the Windows 7 on 64 bits, i have saved all the right drivers from the site on a memory stick, and it is not the first time when I install the same drivers myself but now after came back from the service, the wireless LAN is working ok but I can't install the network LAN driver.

I really don't know what to do more...

Answer:Cannot install LAN driver on my Satellite C660

If I understand you on new HDD you have installed own Windows version and you dot want to use original operating system that you got with your notebook. Is this correct?

Do you try to install this driver?

What happen when you try to install LAN driver?

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I have a problem in installing the ATI vga-driver. I know that only drivers from the Toshiba's site can be used, but they don't even work. I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 1-EF notebook with ATI HD5470, and Windows 7 SP1 x64 installed. I had bought it without an OS, so I didn't get any disks.

After I installed (clean install) the OS, I saw that some devices had been installed with the built in drivers of the Windows (or not even installed). So I decided to download the appropriate drivers. The first problem was, that I couldn't find ATI driver for W7 x64 on the Toshiba's site for this type of notebook. I tried to find a similar laptop, which has the same graphics card. At least I could find a driver. But when I wanted to install it, it was closed. It didn't do anything, just closed.

Since that, I have tried several drivers (most of them I downloaded from the Toshiba's site), but the result was the same.

What should I do?

Answer:Re: ATI Driver installation on Satellite C660 1-EF


THIS is the right ATI display driver for Win7 64bit.
Can you install it?

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Hi there - I've had to reinstall Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my laptop - Please can anyone give advice / detail on the driver for the Trackpad? - I wish to disable it or for it to "auto-off" when an external mouse is used. ..

Answer:Satellite C660 - Trackpad driver?

I guess you mean the touchpad driver.
The Synaptics touchpad driver can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page as shown on the screenshot:

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Can anyone help with a HD graphic driver that works with AutoCAD 14 and above. I have the latest Toshiba driver for my laptop and the Intel and AutoCAD site just refer back to manufacture web sites.

C660 i3 64bit 8GB ram windows 7 Intel HD graphic version8.15.10.2189

Screen locks up when Acad loads.



Answer:Need HD graphics driver for my Satellite C660


Usually the latest Intel HD graphics driver could be downloaded directly from Intel driver website.

The Intel driver depends on the Intel CPU.
So I’m wondering what Satellite C660-xxx do you have exactly and what CPU has been installed in the notebook.

Could you provide such details?

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I've been trying to get a game called Football Manager 2008 to work on this laptop for a long time. I've trawled the Internet for a solution to my problems running it, but I haven't found anything that works for me. In fact, the majority of the time, the problem seems to be solved by the person updating their graphics driver.

I've been trying to find an update that works for me, but I've not found anything so far.

Anyone shed any light on this?

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1F1 Graphic Driver Update?


From my knowledge the notebook supports the Intel HD graphic card (IntelHM55)
So latest driver can be downloaded from Intel page directly.

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Hi, I've got a Satellite Pro C660-2DN, and I'm trying to update my display driver through the Toshiba UK website as Intel refers me to Toshiba when I do their driver assessment thing.

I've downloaded the three latest display driver updates that I can find in the list that corresponds to the C660 but none of them will install - the temp files are extracted, but then nothing happens. Could anyone help me?


Answer:Can't update display driver on my Satellite Pro C660

And which OS do you use?
Do you still have preinstalled original Win7 64bit home premium?

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I have a problem to find this driver

this is the system

and this is the display

_and the model is :_
satellite c660
_and the Short Model No is :_
the laptop is toshiba

Please help me

Answer:Satellite C660 psc0se - need help to find a driver

Can you please try to identify device following instruction on ?

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I wanted to install picture To Exe on my new computer Satellite C660-12G, but when I click on the icon picture to exe to open it, ask me to update the driver of the graphic card..the problem is, I don't find this driver anywhere...The model C660-12G does not appear on the list of the computer on the Toshiba website....Where could I find this driver? I paid for the program PT? and I can't use it because of this missing driver ;.-(

Many thanks for your help,

Answer:Need graphic card driver for Satellite C660-12G

All available drivers are offered on Toshiba download page under

Your notebook model has part number PSC0QE, so choose there Satellite C660 with this part number.

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There is no display driver for my laptop Satellite C660-1ME PSC1SE ?:|

Answer:Satellite C660-1ME Display Driver needed

The NVIDIA GeForce 315M has been built in other notebook too.
Try to use the driver released for:
- Satellite C640 PSC2YE
- Satellite L730 PSK0CE
- Satellite L735 PSK0CE
- Satellite Pro C660 PSC1RE

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The current driver available on the main site is severely out of date, and I now have two programs which crash on startup because of problems with the aticfx32.dll driver library.

This is a known issue with some intel drivers, and has been fixed with the latest ones, but as the laptop uses a custom driver setup, I cannot use the generic drivers.

Could we get an updated driver, or a workaround for the error.

Can post error logs for the two programs if necessary.

Answer:Re: Graphics driver outdated for Satellite C660-11K

>This is a known issue with some intel drivers, and has been fixed with the latest ones, but as the laptop uses a custom driver setup, I cannot use the generic drivers.

Try to install the driver via device manager.
I did this too and it worked? I have forced windows to choose my Intel driver which I downloaded from Intel page? I chosen the Advanced installation procedure and have pointed to the driver files stored on the HDD.

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I am trying to update the driver for the Intel HD graphics on my Satellite C660-22v. The most recent version of the driver on the Toshiba support download is already installed, but Intel have a newer driver which needs to be used.

Unfortunately the driver on the Intel site wont update as it says that it needs Toshiba specific driver needed ie Toshiba has customised the Intel drive.

Anyone know a way around this or is there an updated driver available?Thanks.

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?

Okay I sorted this for anyone else that gets stuck. Download the driver from Intel as a zip file. Uninstall the toshiba one then install the intel one.

Why is the Toshiba driver not updated by Toshiba? Caused a lot of hassle for a new laptop.

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I currently have the version of the Intel HD Graphics Driver and want to update to Driver but every time I download, unzip the file and open the file, it will Extract and asks "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer" I click "Yes" and then it just disappears and nothing happens at all. I have waited a long time to see if anything comes up but nothing happens.

Any info on why it isn't updating would be great.

I have also noticed that the same Driver Version on different Toshiba Satellite models has a different file size, I was wondering if I should download and try to install these on my C660 as I presume they would all the the same Driver Update. I just don't know why they would be a different file size.

Thanks for any info.

Answer:Satellite C660 Graphics Driver Won't Update

Can you please tell us which C660 do you have exactly (C660-xxx)?
Which OS do you use?
Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?

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I have a Satellite C660-1JH that needs a reinstall of the chipset.
Anybody know how I do this please?

Answer:Satellite C660-1JH - Need to reinstall Chipset driver


The notebook supports Mobile Intel(R) GL40 Express Chipset
The software can be downloaded directly from Intel page: 19562


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Go !

I installed WIN XP in my Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop, and downloaded the drivers for windows XP,but I am not able to install the chipset and display drivers.

It says 'This computer does not meet the minimum requirment for installing this software.
Setup will exit now' .

Can you help me,please ?

Answer:Satellite C660 - not able to install the WXP chipset driver


Which C660 (C660-xxx) do you have?
Have you installed WXP with integrated SP2 or maybe SP3?

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Hello there,

I've been exhaustively trying to find wireless drivers for C660 but in the toshiba's website the download link leads me to a panel with several links that none of them works.

I cannot acess to the internet, hence i'm using another computer to report the problem.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Wireless driver unavaiable

You should be able to find it on Toshiba WLAN portal -

By the way: which C660 do you have exactly? I just want to check which WLAN card is inside.

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I was recently messing around my USB settings and I've accidentally uninstalled the webcam driver. I tried a driver from the Toshiba support website but it does not install. Within the last year, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64-bit) so I think that might have something to do with it. I've also tried running the driver in compatibility mode.

If someone could suggest where I can go next, I would be very grateful!


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After upgrading my Satellite Pro C660-2N2 (PSC0RE-02801QGR) to Windows 10, I have issues with the wireless connection. The router is only 1 metre away, but sometimes the connection fails. Is there a new driver version for this device? The Windows device manager says that the newest driver is installed. Thank you for your suggestions


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I could not reply below so here is my question.

As*** I do not know if you work for toshiba but what else am I suppose to do if the driver installed on a new laptop does not allow me to use my software?

The software is ArcGIS and would be widely used.

Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Will there be an update in the future?

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?


This seems to be a user to user forum? so would not expect to get answers from Toshiba here?

> Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
> I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Where is a problem? The Satellite C660-22V supports Intel graphic card.
Visit the Intel page to get the latest graphic card driver.

If you would not be able to install this using the install.exe, go to device manager and install/update the graphic card driver via device manager?
Use the advanced install option to point to the driver folder containing the latest driver files? that?s it?

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I'm trying to update my display drivers as I'm currently stuck with ones from 2011 ( and they won't auto update.

However when I try and manually install what seems to be the most up to date version ( it doesn't work. (extracts but then doesn't install).
My model is Satellite C660 - 23m. Part number PSC0QE 05603DEN.

Any ideas why this might be?
Am I trying to install the correct driver?

Answer:Updating Display Driver on Satellite C660-23M


You want to update the Intel graphic card driver?

The internal GPU is part of the Intel Core i3-370M CPU and its Intel HD graphic.

I?m wondering why the update is so important for you? I think you will not get any new features nor you will notice any performance boost.

However, you could try to start the graphic installation via device manager.
This procedure should work especially if you would use the ?Advanced? installation which allows you to point to the driver folder containing the driver update files

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tried to install epson rx560 printer (windows 7 64-bit) driver on satellite pro c660 but it fails epson told me to consult a technician as the printer driver is fine

Any help would be gratefully recieved

Answer:Cannot get printer driver to install on Satellite Pro C660

I don?t think that this is a notebook issue.
In my opinion you should visit and check the Epson support page:

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Hi there,
I want to backup my C660-10F harddisk to a network storage using Ghost 15 Recovery Disk CD. Therefore I have to configure the bootable Recovery Disk CD with the C660-10F LAN driver for XP 32bit to get access to the network when booting from this CD. When I'm using the file with the XP drivers from the Toshiba download page I get the error message

Cannot copy a 64-bit hardware device driver to a 32-bit Srd image. One or more binary files listed in ... does not match the target SRD platform

It seems that the XP drivers contain partly 64-bit files. Same problem when using the original Realtek drivers for PCIe FE Family Controller! Where can I get functioning 32-bit XP drivers for the LAN controller of the C660-10F?


Answer:Satellite C660-10F - Need Windows XP 32bit LAN driver

Hi lagraf,

All Windows XP drivers on Toshiba website are for 32bit XP version because 64bit was never supported.

Everything what you can do is testing the Realtek drivers directly:

If it doesn?t work I think you have to contact the external HDD directly. The most NAS devices also have USB port.

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Dear reader,

I am struggling for days now with my Satellite C660/C660D 1FH (SN: 2C092277K).
I did a clean install of a legit Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and installed the drivers in the correct way as maild to me by the Toshiba customer support.

But when I install the ATI videocard drivers it says "installing" but after that nothing is installed.
My laptop is still using the standard VGA adapter and my maximum resolution is 1024x768.

I called tech support several times but all they tell me is "install in the right order".

I did a clean install 3 times (4 in total) and followed their guide, but nothing. Is there anyone who can help me out on this matter as I am getting a little bit frustrated *lol*

Yours sincerely,


*All date lined up:*
Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D
Serial number: 2C092277K
Sticker says: Dual Core and AMD Radeon Graphics
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Model no: PSC1YE

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D 1FH - GPU driver cannot be installed in any way

Have you tried to install this driver?

After AMD display driver install AMD AHCI driver.

Test it please and post some feedback.

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Hello all,

So i'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD and I'm getting nowhere fast.

The current driver i have is version
Toshiba website offers version which i'm led to believe is an older version than my current one?

I have tried downloading the newest version from the Intel website however this doesn't work either and i cant actually find what the newest version is from this site. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get this done?

The annoying thing is i went through this process over a year ago to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember it being a bit of a headache then. The most annoying part is that i cant remember the processes i had to go through to get it done. Doh!

Thanks in advance


Answer:Trying to update graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD


Generally speaking you should use Toshiba drivers only. Why? Drivers offered on Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with notebook?s hardware. Of course, you can use drivers from GPU manufacturers support page but you must know that newer drivers will increase GPU performance. More performance means more heat and also a bit risk for hardware.

Result can be suddenly shut downs or even hardware damage.
Anyway, I hope you are satisfied with GPU performance with your last driver so I don't understand why you want to update current version. Be happy that everything works well with this ?non-supported? driver version.

Anyway, I?m sure that you know that everything you do is on your own risk so you can do with your notebook whatever you want. I found one interesting article that may help you.
Check it out please -

Good luck

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Further to an update to windows 10 that totally screwed my laptop, I had to reinstall windows 7 (from another disk than original) and then to re install all the drivers.
I downloaded all from the sites :chipset, lan, wifi.... And everything was ok but the wifi : there is no wifi card regonized by the system
i have only a "!" on the driver (network controller)
help would be most appreciated and thanked
Kind regards

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Just re installed Windows 7 32 bit o/s but I cannot get onto the internet as the drivers were not installed and I do not no were to start looking or for. Which drivers as I am not very techy minded.

Can you help please?

Answer:Satellite C660-23m - Ethernet controller driver needed

We would like to help but we don't even know which notebook model do you have.

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Hello all you wonderful people.

I'm writing this post to inquire as to why the display driver for this model hasn't been updated since 2010?
I have been playing a favourite game of mine (Civilization V) on this model. They updated the game with a patch in November and the computer can no longer display the graphics properly because of the old drivers.

I've done my research on the gaming forums to try and fix this and after looking at my dxdiag its become clear that the drivers are out of date. I've been on the Intel website and they have updated drivers for the card (Intel(R) HD graphics), I've downloaded these drivers however the laptop will not install them unless they are Toshiba verified? My questions are..

Why does Toshiba stop me from installing these drivers from Intel's website?
How do I get round all this Pfaff and update my graphics drivers?

Many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - (PSC0QE) display driver update

Hello again,

Having spent a bit of time reading other threads i've managed to update the drivers :)

Thanks for looking

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My system information shows driver for "acpi/tos1900/2&daba3ff&1" is not installed.
From where can I get driver for that?

Answer:Satellite C660 mising driver acpi/tos1900


As far as I know the driver for TOS1900 is Toshiba x86 ACPI-Compliant Value Added Logical and General Purpose Device.
Install the Value Added Package from Toshiba European driver page and this should fix your issue.

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I just brought today an Toshiba Satellite C660-1DR and I can't install the audio driver, I get it from the site but when I unzip it install is complete but still nothing is installed and I can't install the Video Card ATI Park XT 512MB don't find the driver.

Any help is great.

Answer:Satellite C660-1DR - Can't install driver for audio and video

Hi buddy,

What operating system you have installed on your C660? Have you installed newest Service Pack before you started with driver installation?

Usually all drivers for your notebook can be downloaded here:

If you have installed all drivers, no yellow exclamation marks should be in device manager anymore. Have you checked this?

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I have a Satellite C660 and I, just recently, reformatted it. There was no problem with the reformatting. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit. After that, i installed the proper drivers like the LAN drivers. There was no problem until I installed Counter-Strike 1.6. In the Video options of CS, there were 3 choices for renderers, (Software,OpenGL ,and D3D).

Before the reformat, i was using the OpenGL option. But after that, it seems like the OpenGL is missing.

i tried to find the cause of this problem online and most of the solutions i found was to update my display driver. Evidently, the updated driver supports OpenGL. (Please explain if i got something wrong as I'm not really a techie).

Browsing online, i found the updated display driver in the Toshiba website. ( It is version

This is my display driver version right now.

And as you can see, the one in the toshiba site is more up-to-date. I downloaded it and installed it. But after the installation, there was no notification or anything that said my driver was updated. I checked again in the device manager but the driver WAS NOT updated. I also tried to right-click the driver>Update>Look for updates online, but it says it is already the most updated..

Please help me. My laptop is very far from unusable. But it bugs me that I cant... Read more

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Hi all.

Please can someone help me.

I bought this toshida satellite c660-26z with windows 7 laptop as my old one died,
First I must tell you I am not that great on computers.

Now the problem I have:
I loaded up my Turbocad 17 and tried to run it, and I get to the first page I choose new and turbocad crashed it pops up this message (unhandled exception (crash) occured in the program)

I also tried to load in Sketchup and when I run it the program crashes at the first page when you choose a template

Could this be the graphics card driver or what?
Can someone please help ie: lead me by the hand to rectify this

Gratefully Mike.

Answer:Satellite C660: TurboCAD crashes - do I need new graphic driver?

> Could this be the graphics card driver or what?
try the drivers from Toshiba driver page: -> Support & Downloads

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I need some support . today i format my pc and i cannot find the driver for graphic ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5470

I hope you can help and give me a link to the proper driver ...

Tank you

Answer:Satellite C660-1D1 - Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470

Toshiba EU driver page:

Here choose:
- Notebook
- Satellite
- Satellite C
- Satellite C660
- All
- Display driver

Now all display drivers will be displayed.

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I'm looking for a link to a dvd driver for my
Toshiba Satellite C660, PSC1GA - 01E01M


I tried to play a dvd for my daughter and my Dvd didn't auto play and wasn't listed under my computer as a device. I looked for the problem in the control panel and found the

'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware the driver may be corrupt or missing'

I have tried to look for a driver to fix my problem but all I keep finding are downloads to driver repairers or updates that want money to fix the problem. I have had my laptop for a year and bought it with an extended warranty. This was the first time I tried to play a dvd on it. My daughter was soooo disappointed.

Any ideas???


Answer:Satellite C660 - Dvd player driver is corrupt or missing

Wait a moment.
Is optical disc drive listed in windows explorer?
What is the status in device manager?

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hi there. did a complete re install of my satellite c660 , running windows 7 ultimate, 64 i cant get on-line ? i went into device manager and found a yellow triangle next to network controller. right clicked , properties then details... i noted the first line of numbers/letters> PCI/VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_818410EC&REV_01< and tried to find a driver download but no joy ..... its a realtek driver.... but cannot find. any help would be greatly appreciated....... thankyou........

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I have a 3 year old Toshiba Satellite C660 and every time I play on Sims 3 the game crashes and the screen flashes black to white and displays an error message which reads "Display Driver stopped responding" and sometimes it even ends up being a blue screen saying there is a problem with the software?

I not very computer savvy so if you could explain to me in simple terms how to rectify this problem


Answer:Satellite C660 - display driver stopped responding

It is not easy to help with this problem.
Do you use original display driver preinstalled by Toshiba?
Please post exact model name and OS that you use.

We can try to find newer driver version that you can install in hope this will help you.

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Can someone please help with my Laptop? Here are my Laptop specs:
Model: Toshiba Satellite C660-117
Part Number: PSCOLE-00Y00JEN
Serial Number: XA458343K

I have just rewiped my Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. I use the laptop on a wireless connection. Yet in device manager I have an exclamation mark next to Ethernet controller. This is preventing me from going online.

Can someone please direct me to the link required to download whatever driver I need?

Many many thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite C660-117 - Where to download Ethernet controller driver?

Hi buddy,

Ethernet controller driver can be both: WLAN or LAN card. All drivers and tools can be downloaded on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You have installed Windows 7 Ultimate but may I ask you why you haven?t used the Toshiba recovery disk with Windows 7 Home Premium? On this disk are all drivers and tools are installed because it?s an image of factory settings so you don?t have stress with driver and tool installation.

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I did a clean install Windows 7 and installed all the drivers from the Toshiba site but my function keys are not working.

Any idea how I can make them work?

Answer:Satellite C660 - What driver for brightness keys to work?


As you can read in many other threads the FN keys require Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools can be downloaded on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Install Value Added Package at first, then Flash Cards Support Utility. After installation of both tools the FN keys will work as usual. :)

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I can't install WLAN driver on my Satellite C660-168 after Windows 7 installing.

What's the problem?

Answer:Can not instal Win7 WLAN Driver for Satellite C660-168


Maybe you used a wrong WLan driver?.
The notebook support BROADCOM 802.11(B/G) BCM94313-HMC WLan card.
Here you can download the latest driver:

Check the Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

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Laptop Satellite C660-1TN. Under the corporate standard it is necessary to work in Windows XP Pro SP3. The driver of video card NVIDIA ? GeForce? 315M isn't established. Thanks

Answer:Satellite C660-1TN. Win XP Pro SP3. Driver of video card GF 315M

Your corporate standards are pretty old. It should be time for corporate update to new standards. ;)

Anyway, newest notebook models are not supported for old operating systems and newest notebook models are designed for newest operating system. Newest notebook models have newest hardware also designed for newest OS.

Problem is not Toshiba or WXP support. As far as I know even Microsoft doesn?t support WXP anymore.

Check if NVIDIA supports WXP for GeForce 315M.

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In short I'm looking to update the graphics drivers for Intel HD Graphics, the current version is, I've tried multiple times to get them from Intel's own site but I'm either downloading the wrong ones or I simply can't find it. Nor can I find the driver under the Toshiba Support. The device manager is unable to find any updates either.

Model: Satalite C660-220
Part No: PSC0QE 05000CEN

This has been a problem for about a year now, so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C660-220 - Can't update Intel graphics driver


The notebook supports the Intel Core i3-370M CPU
According to the Intel ARK page where you could check all the CPU specs, the CPU provides the internal Intel HD graphics. This was the first Intel HD GPU release.

I checked the Intel download page and unfortunately, the Intel page does not provide the Intel HD graphics (for Intel Core CPUs 1st gen) anymore.

But I found an newer version of Intel driver on Toshiba EU driver page:
[Intel HD graphics driver v8.15.10.2353 Windows 7 - 64 Bit| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=6013&selSh ortMod=null&language=13&selOS=all&selType=11&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=11&page=1&ID=79658&OSID =30&driverLanguage=42 ]

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I just got a unused C660-21Z from a acquaintance, only the Device itself though, no charger or Recovery Disks.
Charger is already orderd, and if I try to boot it (Batteries are still charged), it says there is no Operating System installed, so I have to do that myself, too. (Windows 7 x64)
Not that installing Windows is a problem for me, but looking on the Driver page, I see that there are ~ 40 Downloads for win7x64, and no Instructions about how / in which order to install them correctly.
So, my questions are:
* What exactly do the things marked with '?' do?
* In which order should I install the drivers (See further down)?

List of Downloads:
* Assist
* Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
* Bluetooth Monitor
* Bluetooth Stack
* Bulletin Board
* Bulletin Board Assistant
* Card Reader Controller
* Chip Set Utility
* Config Free
* Display Driver
* Face Recognition
* ? Flash Cards Support Utility (Info says it is needed for other Toshiba applications, but not what it is?)
* HDD/SSD Alert Utility
* ? Hardware Setup
* ? Intel Management Engine Interface
* LAN Driver
* ? Media Controller
* ? Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
* ? Online Product Information ('Informs you about Updates')
* ? PlayReady PC Runtime
* ? Rapid Storage Technology Driver
* ? Recovery Patch
* ReelTime
* ? Registry Patch
* ? Service Station ('Informs you about Updates' #2?)
* Sound Driver
* Supervisor Password Utility
* ? TEMPRO ('Informs you about Updates' #3 -_-) ... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-21Z - Manual Driver Installation Win7x64

Hi mate

All details about single software or drivers which are provided on the Toshiba driver page can be found also on the driver page in ?More info? column.

<img src='' border='0' width='540px'/>

>Flash Cards Support Utility (Info says it is needed for other Toshiba applications, but not what it is?)
This tool controls the FN buttons
>Value Added Package (Seems to be a compilation of things already listed above?)
This tool controls multimedia button and contains and installs a range of important utilities

Further details can be found on the driver page.

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I have a Satellite C660-26z. I am trying to use Trimble/google sketchup (3d modelling programme) but keep getting a "Bug splat" error message.

Google have recommended that I up date my driver, when I try to update from Intel, I get an error message telling me it has been modified by the computer manufacture and to contact them.

My driver is Intel (R) HD Graphics Version =
The programme runs well on my 5 year old other computer.

Any suggestions ????

Answer:Satellite C660-26z - Intel graphic driver update is not possible


It is well known that you cannot use drivers offered by graphic card manufacturers. Not for mobile computers. Display drivers are modified by notebook manufacturers to offer balance between performance and hardware protection.

What you can try is to check if Toshiba offers newer driver for newer notebook models.
Please check on Toshiba download page -
If you can find newer display driver for:
Satellite L775 (PSK6DE)
Satellite R700 (PT314E)
Satellite Pro U630 (PSK01E)

Please post some feedback.

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New to this forum so dont know if this problem has been covered.

Have installed Photoshop elements 11 and premier elements 11.
The elements program runs ok but cannot get get premier elements to open new project. Adobe advised trying to update drivers which I have tried without success.

When running driver update on laptop it says latest driver installed.
On checking Toshiba update site it shows later version
Have downloaded this ,I then unzipped it and it says will start automatic installation when finished but nothing happens.

Have tried several times but once unzipped it will not install.

Any help would be appreciated and infact confirmation of latest driver.

Answer:Satellite C660-23M - graphic driver update issue

It may be software related by the sounds of it, Have you updated direct x, as this is used aswell as adobe.

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Im trying to run some software on my laptop (the new Zwift cycling). The product wont run and the support team say i need to update my driver on my Satellite C660- 64 bit Windows 7. The latest version i can find is what i have. Is there nothing since? Do i need to upgrade my laptop??


Answer:Satellite C660 - Latest Intel graphic driver is from 2012


Display driver upgrade on mobile machines is pretty problematic. Due to specific design and limited cooling system the temperature must be all the time ?under control?.
New display driver means more performance and more performance means more heat so in worst case GPU can be damaged or your notebook will oft shut down due to critical hardware temperature.

Anyway, I would like to check if newer driver is available on Toshiba support page but you must post full model name of your notebook (C660-xxx).

Have you tried to find or install driver from Intel support page?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1D7 running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium with Intel Core i3 [email protected] GHz CPU and 4GB RAM. I use my laptop a lot for graphics etc. with Adobe CS5 and Corel Paint shop Photo Pro x3 etc.

After only 2 months I got an HDD alert saying it would fail soon. So under warranty 2 weeks ago Toshiba arranged for an authorized dealer to collect and replace the HDD which they did. Ever since then I cannot use my graphics software. Now, I remember when I first got my laptop I had the same problem and it was to do with my graphics/video card and OpenGL. Toshiba site and my own laptop kept saying that all drivers were up to date. But when I went on Intel site I found that Intel HD Graphics was not up to date. As soon as I updated I was able to use all my graphics programs.

The drivers installed without any problems at all. This time, although I gave a recovery disk to the repair dealer, when my graphics software was not working. I went to Intel site and once again there are more up to date drivers available. However, when I try to install them it says that I now have modified drivers from the laptop manufacturer and I must go to the Toshiba site. Either way, the drivers I need are not on the Toshiba site and I have tried every way possible I think to install the ones I want.
Please help!

The programs do open when I click e.g. Paint shop pro x3 but when I go to save a photo or edit it hangs, and 'not responds' and I must use Task Manager to e... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-1D7 - Installing latest Intel display driver

Hi John,

The problem is that only Toshiba drivers are pretested on your system. Installing other drivers happens on your own risk because they are not tested by Toshiba.

Anyway, just download the drivers on Intel website. If setup.exe file shows you an error message about not compatible drivers install them manually (I know this message from my notebook). Therefore navigate to device manager > right click on graphic card > update driver. Then choose the advanced installation where you can choose the driver and directory yourself. Now you are able to install this driver :)

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I have a small problem. I can't find a HotKey driver and Utility for Windows 7 64bit on Toshiba c660-16z.
Please help me

Answer:Satellite C660-16z HotKey driver and utility for Win7 needed

I think its this file []

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