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Which is better gaming mouse-g9x vs g402 vs CM Mizar for 40$

Question: Which is better gaming mouse-g9x vs g402 vs CM Mizar for 40$

I want to buy a new gaming mouse and these are the three mice that I have for the same price-g9x , g402 and CM Mizar for 40$.please suggest me the better one and please tell why too.does g402 have no acceleration and is it the fastest mouse and is its sensor as good as g502.please reply quickly.please suggest any mouse if you consider some other mouse better for the same price.
thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Which is better gaming mouse-g9x vs g402 vs CM Mizar for 40$

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: Logitech G402

I just got a Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury, my question for anyone that has one is there a sensor light underneath I don't see any blue or red light on mine ?

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Win 10 Prof. I use a Logitech gaming mouse G900 for regular mousing and photography editing. It has a tilt wheel left and right which I've assigned to copy and paste. This works fine. However, when I use the scroll wheel to scroll, it often acts as if it is the tilt wheel in the regular HID mouse settings in Win 10. Therefore it will alter an entry I made on a website instead of just scrolling the page.

For example, if I enter the #2 in box when placing an order, and then scroll up or down the page, it ends up changing the number I just entered. Hope this is clear?

Control Panel/Mouse/mouse properties/wheel tab - Vertical Properties no problem. Horizontal Properties setting is used when entering a number into a fill-in box on a website even though I'm actually just using normal vertical scrolling.

I would like to convince Win 10 mouse properties to let me set horizontal properties to 0 or convince it that there is no tilt wheel, when in fact there is. I'm imagining I could do this in the registry but I don't know where to go. Or, if anyone has another suggestion, that would be great too.



Answer:Mouse Properties Interfere with Logitech Gaming Mouse Settings

Hi mlg

I think I understand what is happening and I think it is normal. When you've typed in a boxed the focus is in that box. So when you scroll it thinks you want to scroll in that box. You have to tell the form you are finished with that box.

So just before you scroll, click outside the box, once, to move the focus back to the overall form. Then use wheel.

I may not be understanding the issue 100%. Just ignore if I'm not understanding.

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Hi there. Please help me and save me from insanity ;]

I have a Perixx Mx2000 Gaming mouse.

Problem is, I cant bind the extra buttons at all as it is only recognised as a HID Compatible Mouse.

When I try run the Perixx setup program for the mouse, I get the following message-

Found MingGuan Gaming Mouse already installed, try delete the drivers, reboot the pc and try again.
Well I have tried removing the driver, I have tried removing the mouse. Even with no mouse installed, I get the same message when I try run the setup program and the mouse is always recgonised as just a HID Compatible mouse.

I have no idea what 'minGuan' gaming mouse is, when I search for the term, lots of 'articles' show up on google, just nonsense that people appear to have written to receive the link when the term is searched for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can anyone recomend me a good gaming mouse mat the one I got is hopeless as its small, I have tried looking on ebuyer with not much luck any advice??

Answer:A gaming mouse mat for my G5 Laser mouse

There are some mice mats referred to as gaming mats here, click here, but I couldn't attest to they're suitability. The ice mats seem to have a good rep amonst gamers (25x30 cm).Hope this helps.

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I was thinking of getting a used death adder off ebay. Are their any new mice for 30$ as good as a death adder? With 2 side buttons?

I was looking on newegg but most mice don't tell you their response time, death adder has 1 ms. idk it seems like if I am not buying razor I am gettting crap.

How about 60$?

Answer:Gaming mouse for $30?

A lot of razer mice are pretty junkie to be honest.
There are many deathadder and razer fakes in general on ebay, so look into it, it's very common (for new ones). Obviously used ones could just as well be fake, and the seller may not even know it.
The fakes are not bad though I hear.

Most mice can support a polling rate of 1000hz.

Some good mice with good sensors in that price range are Razer Abyssus, Logitech G100s, Roccat Savu, Zowie Mico, and CM Storm Spawn.
Most of those mice use the Avago 3090 with a fairly well implemented ROM AFAIK, but I don't have any myself except the Abyssus.
AFAIK the polling rate on all these mice can be set to 1000hz except the G100s, which is 500hz max.

Sorry there aren't a lot of side buttons available at $30, but the mice I listed above have top performing sensors for a good price.

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I need a mouse for my PC as the one I have now is small and i dont like the scroll wheel + it only has one programmable button. Anyway my budget max is ?30 and would be great if someone can suggest a cheaper one, i was looking at the Logitech g500 but obviously will have to wait for a deal as i can only find it for ?35+

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Gaming mouse for £30?

This seems like a nice mouse, but I'm not sure about the size.

Tt eSPORTS MO-BLK002DT Black Gaming Mouse -

Unfortunately, size is not a universal standard. It would be best to go to a store and place your hand on any mouse before following someone's suggestion if size is a deciding factor for you.

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Question: Gaming Mouse?

Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheapish gaming mouse?

I play MMORPGs mainly (WoW mostly) so Macros buttons are needed. However, I don't need hundreds of them. 4 or 5 should do. If glow colour can be taken into consideration neon blue would match my keyboard. Also, a comfortable design is an advantage.

I would like to only spend £30-40 so Im aware I can not get the best mouse on the market.

Does any body know of any mice that roughly fit my criteria?
Thanks alot,

Answer:Gaming Mouse?

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err... what would be the best gaming mouse to get. the best possible gaming mouse anywhere, delivered or not, no price limit.RAZER PRO v 1.6 Ultra Fine Pixel Precision Mouse 1600 dpi Always-On? Mode Buttons ? 7is the best one i can find on a site called which i visit and purchase things from frequently.

Answer:best gaming mouse to get

Well, it comes down to your personal preference.Me, I choose the G5/G7.I have a G5 and I really like it, the G7 is the same but wireless.I hear the new G5 is even better than mine, the older one, though.My advice: get a laser mouse, and get a good pad to go with it, such as the Icemat 2nd Edition.  Fairly expensive, but worth it.

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Question: gaming mouse?

Has anyone tried a gaming mouse? The claim is that better resolution of the optical sensor is supposed to give better response time?
"The Logitech MX optical engine is now even better. High resolution is combined with high frame rates to deliver superior performance. This revolutionary 800-dpi sensor now captures an incredible 5.8 megapixels every second. Able to track up to 15 G's of acceleration, you get instant response to your fastest movements."
I've never had a problem with my mouse, but I've just seen these things popping up recently and wondered if there was any advantage to them. I wouldn't think an enhanced sensor would give me any help over a few nanoseconds.


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My mouse just died so I need a new one, but I have no clue what mouse to get. I came of a Gigabyte GM-M6800 so every gaming mouse will be an improvement. I have fairly large hands so a big mouse would be a big plus. I did some research and the roccat kone XTD, cyborg R.A.T 7 and the Razer Lachesis are nice sized mice. But I have no clue which one I should get and which is the most durable.
Help is appreciated.

Answer:Which mouse is the best for gaming?

Well, I personally like Logitech. But I have never had a true gaming mouse, but I am planning on building a new PC and have been researching peripherals for the past few months. No luck with a keyboard, but for the mouse I decided that I wanted to get the Razer Deathadder 2013. I would recommend a Logitech G500s, but reviewers say that it isnt much of an improvement over the original G500. The Deathadder 2013 has a braided chord, which makes it more durable. But it isnt a laser mouse. But that isnt a big deal since its 4G sensor is plenty good. Make sure you get the 2013 version, since the older version hasnt been updated since 2006.

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I recently bought an ASUS G75 gaming notebook, which is great, and I'm currently using a Logitech M510 usb wireless mouse. I play mostly FPS and it has enough buttons for me, the problem is aiming accuracy when shooting, especially at moving targets. I've tried playing around with the sensitivity, turning smoothing on and off, but it doesn't seem to help. (Maybe I'm just uncoordinated.)

Would a gaming mouse help with this kind of issue? If so, I'd appreciate some recommendations. I'd definitely prefer wireless, especially bluetooth, since the G75 has that built-in. I don't mind paying up if it's a good product and will solve my movement/accuracy issues. Thanks much.

Answer:Do I Need a Gaming Mouse?

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Question: Gaming mouse.

I've been playing DDO alot.  It's my first online game I've ever played with a keyboard and mouse and I'm thinking about spending some money on a mouse.  Do any of you have favorites or ones not to buy?

Answer:Gaming mouse.

I use a Logitech MX620. The Logitech G5 is a bit more expensive but is very popular.

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Something reliable, stylish, at least 4000dpi, and cheap.

I just want to move on from my Orochi. It's not what I need these days.

Answer:Looking for a gaming mouse.

Well, 400 DPI short. But I recommend this nonetheless. Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 with High-Precision 3600 DPI Optical Engine (910-002277): Electronics

I like my Razer Naga Molten a good deal too, but... I wouldn't have bought it at full price. I got it during the half off sale.

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I want to buy a new gaming mouse, but theres so many out there I cant decide what to buy. Anyone have some suggestions? Im looking for a high quality gaming mouse, willing to spend max ~100$.

Right now im using a Logitech G5
( I want to buy a new mouse because I think its broken but ive only had it for a little over a year. Randomly I'll hear that chime of something being removed or plugged into my USB port, and my mouse will stop working and the lights will turn off (as if I unplugged it). I will have to jiggle the USB connection to get it come back on. It also seems that there is something wrong with its laser, It seems that its somewhat off. I cannot draw a straight line with my mouse in paint, for example. Because of this im not really optimistic about buying another G5.

I was looking at the Logitech MX1000 (

and the Logitech MX518

If you know a better one that you would recomend, please list it!

Thanks in advance,


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I'm a COD4 addict! Up to now I've just been using a standard optical mouse. I've seen a few mice advertised with greater sensitivity and extra buttons. Are they worth buying and if so which one?

Answer:What's the best mouse for gaming

click hereThis mouse for deffo.:-D

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Question: Gaming Mouse

Do they really make a difference?

I have a Logitech MX Revolution and it's great. Have a Teflon mousepad too which only the MX Rev. can use (so far, could be wrong).

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Question: gaming mouse?

Has anyone tried a gaming mouse? The claim is that better resolution of the optical sensor is supposed to give better response time?
"The Logitech MX optical engine is now even better. High resolution is combined with high frame rates to deliver superior performance. This revolutionary 800-dpi sensor now captures an incredible 5.8 megapixels every second. Able to track up to 15 G's of acceleration, you get instant response to your fastest movements."
I've never had a problem with my mouse, but I've just seen these things popping up recently and wondered if there was any advantage to them. I wouldn't think an enhanced sensor would give me any help over a few nanoseconds.


Answer:gaming mouse?

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Ok, here goes ... I have recently purchased a Saitek Gaming Mouse 1600 dpi... really good mouse ... It was going good for maybe the first week then suddenly it woud disconnect and reconnect it self every so often... for example im Playing Counter Strike and then my mouse has no response... It is a USB mouse if the helps... Some times the roller doesnt work but will work if i take the usb out of the port and replace it back. my pc always makes the noise u know that somthing has connected to the pc and disconnected ... thats the noise it always make and gives me no response from my mouse ... does any one have any ideas on how i can resolve this problem to sotp it form doing so???

Answer:I need help with my gaming mouse

any ideas cause it should be and easy resolution i cant get around
it just disconnects and reconnects i just wante it to stay conected

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Question: Gaming Mouse

I am looking to getting a new gaming mouse. I currently have a Logitech G5 v2. As I am left handed, I am looking at a mouse left hand orientated or for both hands. I have looked at Razer, but they are too expensive for my needs. There is not much Logitech Gaming Mice for both hands.

I did however look at this one:

Micro Center - Microsoft Sidewinder X3 UUC-00001

I don't need a whole mess of buttons, but one or two on the side is all I am looking for. I currently play SC2. The button I currently mark to the side button is Shift. I'm looking around the range of the above, nothing above ~$40.

Answer:Gaming Mouse

Cheaper on newegg but indeed it appears to be the best sub-$40 mouse. - Microsoft SideWinder X3 Black 5 Buttons USB Wired Laser 2000 dpi Mouse

It's too bad Razer is so expensive but they're supposed to be the best.
I get my Razer on Wednesday so I sure hope it was worth the price tag. I'll be sure to post my thoughts.

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Question: New gaming mouse

Ok, So for my birthday around 6 months ago i got a gaming mouse. For a while I really liked it, even thought i immediately noticed an issue with it. I picked it out of course, so it is my doing, not my parents. Anyway it is the "Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse", apparetly it is the best mouse sentey makes, according to the reviews. Well they must not make very good mouses then. Anyway to the point, i am looking for an upgrade. I will be using it for mostly Cs:Go, but i am also playing other games now like H1Z1 and a tiny bit of League of Legends. Either an fps mouse or all purpose under 80 dollars. Thanks for the help guys.

Answer:New gaming mouse

I like my Logitech G700s.

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Question: G5 Gaming Mouse

My brother just bought a G5 Laser gaming mouse and after installing the software it worked fine but my Xbox 360 Wireless controller didn't work anymore, so i tried unpluging the mouse, now both will not work...Any idea on what is going on?

I tried uninstalling both device's software and restaring with it plugged in, without it plugged in. The only thing I haven't tried is unplugging all other devices from USB ports or disabling the USB controller and re-enabling it.

Thanks guys


Answer:G5 Gaming Mouse

Alright, nevermind guys, unplugged it and re-installed it and this time it decided to ask me to restart, after which it worked.

Just need to try my 360 controller when my brother is done with Call of Duty 4.

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Hey there!!

I need some advice in buying a Gaming mouse... I am a LEFT HANDED USER and i was wondering which mouse will be suitable for me..

I need a mouse in the range of 1000-2000 dpi..

I was thinking of a Death Adder BUT its design is such that it is suitable to only Right Handed users.. Unless a Left Handed Death Adder is available its a different issue.. Oh and yeah, please let me know if special Left Handed user mice are available also...

I guess the Copperhead, Diamondback, Death Adder, Logitech MX518 and the G5 are the best but i wanna know which one will be best for MY NEEDS...


P.S. You can suggest other mice also.. Like any Microsoft mice or w/e...


Answer:Best Gaming Mouse for me?

Well the Lachesis is like 4000dpi, and thats way to sensitive for me... I have considered it but i figured it isn't the right one for me...

Are there any good Microsoft mice also? I've seen the Habu, but then again, its more right-hand oriented

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Question: Best Gaming Mouse

Does anybody have any recommendations?

Razer? Logitech?

Answer:Best Gaming Mouse

I've heard good things about the Logitech G9X, it was the mouse i was gonna pick up. Some people only buy Razers, but my guess its fanboyism. The quality of their mice seems low, and plasticky. I'm gonna pick up the Corsair M60 next time i head over to micro center. you should also consider a quality mouse-pad. Bottom line tho, it whatever suits you the most. The way you grip your mouse, hand size, comfort, type of games you'll play.

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Question: gaming mouse pad

hi not sure if im putting this on right thread but im looking for a good mouse pad for gaming prepaired to spend $35

thank you

Answer:gaming mouse pad

This is totally new in my book.

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Question: Gaming Mouse

Hey all.

I know this particular forum is for hardware "troubleshooting", and not that I have "problem", but just kinda figured this was the best forum to come to out of all the others with what I have to ask.

It has to do with pc gaming, but on these boards here on this site, the actual forum of PC Gaming seems more geared towards the games themselves rather than a piece of a mouse!!!!

I do a fair amount of pc gaming which includes action first-person shooters, and I'll be getting a gaming keyboard, so, figured I'd go with the whole package and look into a gaming mouse, too.

When I googled some searches on "best gaming mouse", a couple of the name brands that popped up were "Logitech" and "Razer". I've heard of both of these brands (and way in the past I had a "standard" Logitech mouse). For years I've been using various Microsoft mice, and recently wireless, optical ones with that ergonomic design.

I guess what surprised me on my searches with the Logitech and Razer results was that the mice themselves were "wired" and not wireless. I know they say you should never assume, but I had assumed that gaming mice would want to lend themselves to freedom of movement, so I thought my results from my search would have me looking at wireless mice.

On some of my search results there were some wireless gaming mice, but a fair amount (majority) were wired mice.

What do you thin... Read more

Answer:Gaming Mouse

I have a Razer Krait and I love it.

Originally, I bought the Krait because it's best for RTS, but now I'm more into FPS, so you should choose which ever mouse fits your style.

The reason most gaming mice are wired is because they are more precise than wireless mice are. There will never be any instances of you blaming a mouse skip for getting killed with a wire mouse :P

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Question: Need gaming mouse

I am looking for a new mouse my budget is up to $50. I use palm grip on my mouse. I was thinking buy this logitech mouse but I don't know if I should go for it or not. So I want to see what everyone else thinks.

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Hello all,
Can u all please suggest a gaming mouse for under 50$ please

PS- i am using microsoft wireless mouse, for reasons i dont know, i find myself having wrist pains and wrist getting swollen, i guess its because i use mouse almost all the time the 24x7

Please suggest for me a mouse in which i don face wrist pains

Thanks in Adv people

Answer:Gaming Mouse under $50

Changing your mouse is sort of like applying a band-aid when a tourniquet is needed. The tendons that are used to move your wrist go through little sheaths when they move. Repeated use can inflame the tendons and make them rub up against that sheath rather than gliding through it. You need to get that inflammation down. Changing to a different mouse may sort of help by altering angles in your wrist, but not much since they all have the same basic design.

You should consider one of those wrist rest mouse pads and taking some NSAIDs. Or learn to use a trackball.

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RTR-720 for the site. Visit it first if you want a good concept of this review!

I've owned many gaming mice starting with the Boomslang in 2000 ('99?) which was a ball mouse. Optical gave a very keen edge on ball mice due to the lack of the possible situation of the mouse ball sticking from dirt and mechanism cleaning, more so the former. Nothing was more irritating when your crosshair wouldn't move all the way to your target due to a clog from lint. Optical was a clear choice for this remedy but had nothing on a 2000dpi Boomslang ball mouse, as long as you kept it clean. Now we have laser mice reaching up to 2600dpi and above. The RTR-720 I am reviewing has a 1600dpi cap.

1600dpi is a very high resolution for a mouse for First Person Shooters. In fact 900dpi is good using an in-game stock pointer setting, generally speaking. What I like to do is set my mouse DPI at it's highest setting and tweak the pointer speed settings in the game that way I gain the smoothest tracking. Theoretically this should apply where you get the smoothest tracking available but I am unsure if a medium setting on a mouse with a medium setting ingame would give the same results.


Separate X/Y DPI
Programable with onboard memory
No software/processes running when connected or on
Buttons will never wear out
Very customizable
Cool Factor: 10 out of 10
Ships from USA, EUR and Australia
LAN parties, "That's a MOUSE?!?! Let me try it!" though... Read more

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Question: Gaming Mouse Mat

I have a Logitech G5 mouse and I'm looking to treat myself to a gaming mouse mat. Any advice on what you have or what you think is best or worst + any links to review sites please let me know. Thankyou

Answer:Gaming Mouse Mat

Personally i have never found a shop bought mousemat that was any good for gaming, there always TOO small. I use a piece of dense foam which is about 5mm thick and cut to 18 inches high by 22 inches wide. I bought it from a craft shop, and found that the extra area is perfect, saving on the need to keep lifting the mouse and moving it back. Especially when using the mouse to "look". Sometimes "size" does matter!

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Question: Gaming Mouse Pad

I'm thinking of buying a gaming mouse pad, been looking at a few ranging in price from $20-$60CAD.

Just wondering if anyone uses one and which one(s) you use and offer up any suggestions of which one(s) are good and bad.

Pro's and Cons would be nice too, I've read a lot from people saying they get scratched (sounds to me like people need to clean surface more often) and others saying they are loud etc etc.

I'm looking at the Razer Vespula or the Razer Megasoma.

Answer:Gaming Mouse Pad

gawd darn it $60?!:eek Here's video of the megasoma, at the end they show how quiet it is. I pay $5 for my pad as I don't game.

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Question: Gaming Mouse?

Hi, All!

I'm thinking about a new mouse. I'm looking for better accuracy, but also I'd like to free myselft of getting the cord stuck in the middle of gaming. I was also thinking about going optical, so no more stumbling over the inevitable pretzel crumbs on my mouse pad.

So, a wireless optical mouse? Any good for gaming, or am I asking for trouble?

I''ve heard not so nice things about optical mice, re accuracy. Is this true?



Answer:Gaming Mouse?

O own both a Logitech optical mouse(corded) and an Intellimouse explorer(cordless) and can't tell a difference in the function of them. The Intellimouse was almost twice the price but it is cordless and I've had no problems out of it. Some people do seem to dislike the Logitec mouse though and claim it doesn't work right in XP, but I had no problems with it, I just decided I wanted the cordless and went with the Intellimouse. As for gaming, I have used both and neither have given any trouble. I did have a little trouble to begin with until I got rid of my mouse pad because it had a glossy surface, I guess it was reflective enough to interfer with the sensor. I now use an old dull grey pad because my desk is also shiny.

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What mouse

What mouse do u 3D Gamers use? Im after a new mouse and i was thinking optical but i dont mind wires, what refresh rate is the mouse u recommend?

Answer:What mouse for gaming?

Logitech cordless mouseman optical

I also use a microsoft intellimouse optical at work and much prefer my little logitech mouse.

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Question: Best Gaming Mouse

I'm looking for a good gaming that's worth your money. What do you recommend and why?

Answer:Best Gaming Mouse

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Question: gaming Mouse

i'm in the market for a new cordless gaming mouse, does anyone have any sugestions? please help!:major

Answer:gaming Mouse

Logitech MX1000 is good for Cordless.

If you're after a gaming mouse though, most people have a corded one because of better response and not having to worry about batteries.

I've just bought a Logitech G5, and it's brilliant

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Question: Best gaming mouse

Gaming is my passion and i want to continue this with my gaming experience...But today i am stuck when my mouse is not matching my speed so i want a little help from you guys in finding a better gaming mouse.
I google it and found some articles for best gaming mouse for me....please take a look and tell me

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Question: Gaming mouse help

Recently I bought a RedDragon lava wolf gaming mouse to help make Lineage 2 a little easier. The mouse is great I love it, only issue I have and i'm hoping someone here can help is it came with utterly no instructions on how to run the software. I checked the box and the net and just..nothing.

The mouse comes with two modes, 5 profiles each. I set up the first set of profiles easily (though the macro function on my summoner does not like to work) When I switched over to the second mode to set up for the high rate server i play it reverted the original mode to be identical. I was under the impression that mode 2 meant completely different profiles.. other wise..what the point?

On the bottom of the mouse as well there is a way of switching the modes with out having to open the program. That has not worked once.

I know i'm an utter noob when it comes to gaming mice but does anyone have any suggestions or know what is going on?

Answer:Gaming mouse help

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I can't actually check the video at work as youtube is blocked, but are these any help? I believe they are reviews on your mouse and may well cover things like the software etc.

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razor diamondback? or logitech mx1000

Answer:Best Gaming Mouse?!?!?

Razer is spelled like that. From what I have heard the MX1000 doesn't meet the hype. I would go with the Razer myself.

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Question: gaming mouse

just thinking of getting a gaming mouse, i figured if it could handle gaming, then it could handle everything couldnt it?

so guys, whats a good gaming mouse, at the moment im looking at the Razer Salamander or the Diamondback, just cause they dont have those fancy customize it yourself- buttons (i think), didnt choose Logitech cause they look so complicated...

Answer:gaming mouse

Had a look at the Logitech g5 or g7? The g7 is cordless. THey are not complicated at all, only thing is I dont like the scroll wheel on the g5. But it operates very smooth.

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Question: Mouse for gaming.

Gaming forum or Hardware forum??? Ahh… Hardware it is.

I am looking to replace my MS Trackball with a good mouse for gaming. The last few weeks in UT 2K4 have shown my old trackball hasn’t got what it takes. What is the best mouse for gaming at the moment; I have heard good things about the Logitec MX700.

Answer:Mouse for gaming.

Depends on what youre looking for. Buttons? Support? Resolution? Looks?

I use the MX700 and its great. Covers most of those bases VERY well.

The new kid on the block is the Razer Viper (no I didnt misspell it). Has 25-150% more optical resolution than other mice. "High precision"....

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Hey guys I'm new here
I'm currently buying new rigs to complete my computer.
I currently own the newest model of the Alienware x51.
Along with the Alienware I own a Logitech THX Certified Z623 Speaker, Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard, and a Razer Goliathus Small Control Edition.

I am now looking for a gaming mouse
I have narrowed it down to either the Razer Abyssus or the Roccat Kova+.
I WAS going to get the Roccat but then I thought wouldn't a Razer mouse would look much better with my already Razer Keyboard and Mousepad?
So now I'm confused >_<

Which mouse would you guys choose?
If neither please recommend me another mouse with almost the same price tag

Thank You

Answer:Which Gaming Mouse For Me?

Out of those two, I'd go with the Roccat Kova+

If you're willing to spend a little more however, the Razer Deathadder is also a very good choice.

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What are the differences/benefits to getting a gaming mouse (ie, Logitech G3, G5, etc.) versus a regular optical mouse or a trackball mouse (like the Logitech TrackMan Wheel)? What kinds of games benefit from a gaming mouse? Is it worth the extra $$ to get a gaming mouse?

Answer:Solved: Gaming Mouse?

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Ok, so my mouse, (it's a corded optical mouse plugged into a USB port) is freezing in games! The pointer will stop, but I will still retain functionality!After 3 seconds, the pointer will snap to the mouse and it'll work fine for awhile. I hope you guys can help.

System Specs

Windows XP sp2
Pentium 4 2.8
1024 meg RAM
NVIDIA geForce 7800 GS
Soundblaster LIVE! 24 bit
P5p800 ASUS motherboard

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Hey, right now I'm looking for a gaming mouse, and a good mouse pad. My price range is about $1-75 for the mouse, and I haven't really decided what my budget will be for the mouse pad. Any suggestions on what I should get? By the way, I will be using this mouse to play mostly first person shooters, and I would prefer a wired mouse over a wireless one.

Answer:New Gaming Mouse and Mousepad


I have a G7 which is the same as a G5 but wireless. I love it, it has 2interchangeable lithium ion batteries with nice dock that has usb port on it. I dont think they sell them anymore though and most gamers prefer corded mouse, so If I had a corded mouse I would go for the G5 100%. I have never read a bad review of it and it is a great 2000 dpi mouse with good software for settings and tons of customizable options. Go with that, you won't regret it. On logitech it says 99 bucks, I see it all the time for 65-80, it's worth it.,en

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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a razer lachesis (two actually) and I've been hearing reports that cloth mouse pads are too soft and allow for unwanted cursor movements during gameplay.
For the sake of my awp and scout kills, it seems I'm going to have to go with a plastic or metal pad. Can anyone suggest a good plastic/metal pad? Preferably under $30

Also, if anyone has the razer lachesis, would you mind telling me how it preforms on your pad?

And sorry if this post should be placed elsewhere. Maybe under PC gaming section?

Answer:Gaming input (mouse pad)

Have you considered glass? I am using a glass mousepad now and its great. Super smooth. The only downside is that its very cold.

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Having just got a new laptop, with decent gaming capabilities, I want to get a mouse for gaming. Whilst I would be getting it for other members of the familly, I want to be able to give it a go, myself (a complete beginner).
What I want is something of decent quality, with some programability, but not something with "500" buttons, I wouldn't be able to use, or need an electronics degree to set up. The ability to actually use it as a MOUSE, would be handy. I don't want to spend a fortune, but don't want to get "cheap and nasty", that's likely to break in five minutes.

Answer:Gaming mouse for beginner

As you do not mention what you would like to spend it is difficult to suggest any particular mouse. I am a massive gamer and and find that I have never used the buttons that come with some mice so tend to buy a decent laser or optical mouse.

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How r ya?

I bought a new razor gaming mouse and for some reason it will not work, any ideas?

I removed my old mouse, plugged in the new one in a USB port and almost nothing, the only button that works is left click.
I managed to install the CD that came with the mouse using the keyboard but still nothing. Restarted the computer and still nothing. The lights on the side of the mouse that I think should light up red dont light up at all

Is it fooked??

running xp


Answer:new gaming mouse problem

1. plug the mouse connection in the mouse port instead of the USB.
2. check ur mouse on any of ur friends' computer. if it still shows problems, then its probably "fooked". then get it replaced.

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Hey everyone,

So really ever since the end of the old fashion "ball" mice (or whatever they're technically called) I haven't ever really used a mouse pad. However, now that I am gaming a lot more and doing it primarily on a PC I think it would be a good idea to get one. Obviously though, since I haven't used one since the good ole' days I figured I'd get some suggestions from some of the other gamers out there.

First, I primarily play MMOs, if that makes any kind of difference in the type of pad I should be looking for.

Second, there are the hard and soft versions out nowadays what do you prefer and why? What are the differences between the two?

Third, do any of you have the mouse pads with wrist rests/pads? Do they actually add any comfort for you? I feel like it might just get in the way but would like to hear from any of you that might have a version with one.

Other than that if there is anything else worth noting please let me know. Suggestions are definitely welcome.


Answer:Gaming Mouse Pad Help/Suggestions?

I use this one: - Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Mouse Pad

It is a combo of hard and soft. The mat is flexible but not foldable. The surface is solid and not cloth. The underside is rubber (or something very close) so it has a touch of give and does not move. Plus the size is about right... not tooo small and not too big. And you can't beat it for $20.

I used to use a Razer eXactMat. They no longer make that one, but I think they do a new version in white, but it is made of plastic instead of aluminum. Hmmm... NewEgg has the white one, but Razer's site has a black one (for $8 more). - RAZER Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat
Razer Vespula - Gaming Mouse Pad | Razer Online Store

I prefer a rigid mat. I guess it is personal preference, though.

I can't seem to use a wrist rest with a mouse. I had one with my eXactMat that I used for a couple of days and then tossed in the closet.

I went through a lot of research a ways back on this subject before I bought the eXactMat and have now moved to the Propus 380.

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Want to get a gaming mouse looking on ebuyerwhich of the 2 would you recomend?Logitech G5 Gaming Laser Mouse USBLogitech MX518 Gaming Grade Silver Optical Mouse -PS2/USBCheers Rob

Answer:Which gaming mouse would you reckomend?

I've just bought a Saitek optical mouse and its like having a brick in your hand, unless you have very big hands keep well away.

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...and a mat.

Budget is around hmm.... let's say 75 dollars.

Mouse + mat specs should be suitable to play Counter-Strike / Left4Dead (1st person shooter game).

Thanks folks.

Answer:Need a mouse recommendation for gaming.

$75 US?

Where are you shopping from?

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Hi guys. I am looking for a new gaming mouse & keyboard for my pc

any suggestions?

money is not a problem

Answer:Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

Heyy, welcome to Vista Forums!
I would have a look at Razer and Logitech, they sell some nice gear, and the designs look amazing.
For gaming, I've just got a Logitech wireless Playstation2 controller plugged into an adapter to USB, does me perfect.

Hope this helps,

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I had thought about the G5 or G7  laser mice but, I really don't think my level of play will warrant getting to the extreme of "lasers" and an ice pad ~Would this mouse  suffice for a casual gamer to be ?,enbattlefield 2142, oblivion, company of heroes & the real  hardcore precise mouse requirements for Tiger Woods golf ! 

Answer:Is this a decent gaming mouse ?

It depends on what games you're going to play. I play a lot of Halo PC and my mouse is fine. Right click, left click and scroll...

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Im wanting to get a decent mouse. ATM, I have a little Logitech wireless one (not sure which one just a $25 one from Walmart) and its done OK, but looking for something a bit nicer.

I have a couple Im looking at, but My local Best Buy doesnt even have either, so running up there to get a hands on isnt a option.

Since my Keyboard is a Saitek Cyborg (which I love BTW) I was looking into this Mouse (or RAT??) - Saitek CCB437050002&#47;04&#47;1 Black USB Wired Laser 4000 dpi Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse
Theres more expensive versions of it, but the features they offer are not that important to me.
I like the fact it has a aluminum base, and wieghts if I want to make it heavier.

So Im curious if anyone has one, or any experience with it can give a bit of persional input.

The other I was looking into was: - Microsoft SideWinder X8 Black 12 Buttons Tilt Wheel 2.4GHz Wireless 4000 dpi Gaming Mouse

Anyway, just curious if anyone has a couple suggestions ot thoughts about these two.


Answer:Gaming Mouse Suggestions

I had a Saitek keyboard for years and years, and when it finally died, I took it apart and it's the most solidly built keyboard I have seen in a while. Good company.

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Hi, I have been playing some games on my macbook pro and periodically during the game, my mouse lags. It doesn't stop, it just lags. I tried this on my mac and with it running on windows 7 bootcamp . The same problem occured. I then tried using different mouses and even turning the game settings down to minimum ( by then the game was running at 60fps) and still the problem persisted.
I have no idea how to fix this so please help.

Also, I have noticed that when the mouse lags, actions in the game that require me to hold the mouse button only work for around half a second before it thinks i let go of the button. Though that might help, thanks in advance.

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Hey guys,
I'm dying to be able to install my drivers for this mouse, but no matter what i do i can't seem to get the drivers to work.

I've tried installing the drivers then connecting the mouse (as instructed in the instructions).

I've tried installing the drivers while the mouse is connected.

I've tried v1.0 of the drivers.

I've tried v2.0 of the drivers.

But none work. I can't even get the firmware on the mouse updated cause apparently when using the newer firmware the new drivers work with it fine.

Also my other problem is it double clicks when i single click, no matter how low the double click speed is set in my settings. Which is driving me insane.

Any help would be appreciated guys.


Answer:MS Habu USB gaming mouse

Try it on another pc and see how it reacts. Then get back and post results.

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I play quite a few games, such as: SWTOR, Call of Duty series, World of Warcraft, DC Universe, SWG, etc...

Basically, I play games where i control a character.

At times, randomly, my mouse will jump while I'm playing the game.

What I mean is, I'm walking forward with my game. I could be walking towards my next quest, or looking straight ahead and getting ready for a headset in CoD.

Then, suddenly, I see myself looking down at the ground, or the sky, or even doing a complete 180, even though I didn't move my mouse in that direction.

It happens randomly. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes, it'll go an hour without doing it. Sometimes, it'll go a few hours without doing it.

It only happens sometimes, but it's quite annoying. I don't notice if it happens on my desktop, or when I'm browsing the internet. I don't pay much attention to the pointer, except of course in FPS games. I just notice it inside games, cause my character's view suddenly changes by itself.

The only thing I've found, after doing some research on my own, is this topic: Mouse Jumps

I don't know if Windows Defender real-time protection is the problem or not. I'm mostly looking for help to see if anyone else may know what could be causing this.

I used to use a Logitech optical mouse. I cleaned it, but it was still causing it.
So I purchased a new mouse.

I am now currently using the Logitech G500 Laser mouse with 5600 dpi. This mouse has been doing the same thing inside games as my optical did. The ... Read more

Answer:Mouse jumps during gaming

Test with a clean boot


Update mouse driver.

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I am sorry if this is not allow, I was so excited when I saw this that I had to post it here... you can scold me later

The price is $49.95 with a $30.00 Mail in Rebate + FREE shipping. Heck, even if you are to lazy to fill out the paperwork and send it in, you are still paying a good price for it.

I had to pull the pin because my G7 is acting up big time on almost all the games as of late.

LTG9LASER | G9 Laser Mouse |

I gotta ask the biggest and dumbest question of all times... Would I be able to plug in both my Mices and use them separately? I mean, use the G7 for my Wife and the Vista OS and the new G9 for Windows 7 and my games? of course they would both be plug to the same PC.

Answer:Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse... $20.00 w/MiR

I dont know the answer to your question, but I have a G9 and absolutley LOVE it! You will not be sorry that you bought it.

I paid $65.99 CDN, which was $100 off. Same kind of smoking deal you found!

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OK... finishing up my Christams list...

read the reviews, searched the forums...

What is the best (not TOO expensive) mousing surface I should get...

Using a cordless optical mouse...

Whatcha think?

Answer:Best Mouse/gaming surface

I use my MajorGeeks mouspad It's got the same image and the illustrious logo dude, but I have a small problem with the mouse whenever it goes over a bright part of the surface like his sunglasses lol

j/k, it works just fine

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I just received a wireless gaming mouse (carpo v2016 2.4ghz) that I ordered from ebay a while ago (oversees seller). I checked before buying that it's compatible with windows 8, which it is. I tested it first before leaving positive feedback and it worked fine. Then literally within minutes of me leaving feedback it stopped working.
I'm using a hp laptop with an i5 core, windows 8 os.
I've tried plugging the receiver into the other 2 usb ports in my laptop and still got no response.
I've replaced the batteries and tested both the first set i put in and the new ones - the batteries are working fine, just not in the mouse.
Could it be my laptop touchpad conflicting with the signal?

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Firstly i hope i have put this in the right place.

Secondly i was wondering if anyone could help as i recently bought a mouse and it and all its buttons were working fine in browser and in game.
One day i started a game of CSGO and the two side buttons stopped working. They still work in browser and when i go to rebind them in game and a blank space appears instead of mouse 3 etc..

Any help is a appreciated and i hope i have explained the problem clearly!!

Sharkoon FireGlider Laser Mouse inc Weights - 4044951008599 -

Answer:Trouble with gaming mouse?

I haven't played CSGO but when you say it was working in game do you mean on CSGO or on other games? Does CSGO support mapping to mouse buttons? I know some games don't.

So I use the program that came with my mouse to bind keys. The one for your mouse can be found on the page below.

FireGlider | SHARKOON Technologies GmbH

Sharkoon Fireglider Mouse Editor Demo - YouTube

Use that program and just bind the buttons on the mouse to whatever you want and save the profile. Then whenever you play CSGO just load up your profile.

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Son plays online games quite a lot. Mouse is playing up so I said I would buy him a new one. Any recommendations? Are the multi button ones any good for gaming. also for gaming would you recommend USB mouse over wireless?He is also on about wanting to upgrade to TFT. I have heard on here that CRT monitors better for gaming. Any opinions?Thanks.

Answer:Mouse for gaming & monitor.

I would go for CRT,just my own preferance,others may disagree,wouldnt go for anything smaller than 17" screen,19" or bigger if you can get one,as for the mouse i would stick with a ps2 mouse and go for a optical one rather than one with a mouse ball lots better for gaming and no messy mouse ball to clean,also go for one with a scroll wheel,invalubale to gamers,the button number doesnt much matter as most games nowdays use the keyboard pretty much for every think so a 2 button optical mouse with scroll wheeel should suit ok.

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hello im thinking about getting a new gaming keyboard / mouse , as ive heard they are a big difference over regular mice / keyboards, my current mouse a Logitech LX3 Optical Mouse, and my keyboard is the one that came with my HP Computer, ive been looking around and cant really decide whats better.

Ive been looking at the logitech G series mice , and the razer mice (lachesis etc) , as well as the G15 Keyboard / Saitek Eclipse / eclipse II / Razer Keyboard (forgot name) and i am unsure which would be better, i think the razer one has a feature where it wont bug out on you when you press more than 3 buttons at once (gets annoying when playing wow and it bugs out) , but yea any tips would be appreciated, im looking to spend about 90 and below for a mouse, and up to 100$ on a keyboard (the ones ive selected all fit that i think)

Answer:Best Gaming Keyboard / Mouse?

I've been quite happy with my Razer Copperhead the first time i went into half-life 2 death match along with a Func Pad. And as soon as i got into the match i got 3 headshots kills in under 4-5 minutes. Honestly i'm calling that beginners luck . But honestly it's a beautiful mouse where you can adjust the weight/speed of the mouse so if you like your cursor to move in a very "small" increments" pretty ideal for sniping than you set it at a lower DPI. If you need to turn around real quick in a death match type setting set a higher DPI and you can turn around and look around amazingly fast.

The FunCpad also has an amazing effect on a mouse such as this as it has 2 sides to it which you can flip over painlessly. One of the smooth surface and one kind of grainy surface. You choose which side is comfortable for you.

As for a gaming keyboard...I can't really give you any info on one of those as i haven't owned one of those. But I can vouch for that mouse though ^_^.

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What is a good Gaming Keyboard and Mouse. Preferably on the cheap side.

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I was looking at this one, all I know is the higher dpi the better. Anyone got anything better in mind?

Answer:What's a good gaming mouse for around 50$?

this is a great gaming mouse RAZER DeathAdderand Logitech G5

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We bought a SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse. About a month ago we lost the files somehow on the computer or maybe they are just gone. Can't delete the program for the mouse, can't open it to change anything. And the mouse sometimes doesn't work in WoW. We have tried reinstalling the files directly from the site, that didn't work. They had directions to remove from computer, that didn't work. At our wits end. How can we fix?

Answer:SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse

Try using an app such as Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the software/drivers.

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I am building a supercomputer and would like the best mouse/mousepad/keyboard/headset to go with it.

I recently bought a g9 not knowing the razer lachesis was out.
considering the fact that i bought it for 54$ is pretty nice but i still might get the lachesis

i would like to know which is the best mouse/ mouse pad/ and keyboard if there are best keyboards.

best for response of course. money is not a problem.

google was not being a good friend and all i got was what they "think" is the best mouse and 2005 imformation about g5. solid facts please.

Answer:Best gaming mouse and mouse pad

mx 510, I'm getting the 518 tomorrow, could be even better.

Razer are not good because it's for left and right handler.
Wireless is not good, too telling because of the batteries.

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I'm looking to buy a new gaming keyboard and mouse and i am looking for suggestions on which ones are better.I have chosen a few keyboards here-'m also open to any other suggestions.Price- Keyboards - Under $100         Mice- Under $60

Answer:Help with buying new gaming keyboard and mouse


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I've been having intermittent problems with my mouse, here's the topic.
Buying a new one is a must, to hunt down the source of the problem more easily.
So which mouse do you guys/gals use & which would you recommend for gaming/general use ?

Answer:Recommend a good gaming mouse

Razer, and Logitech are my first two choices for gaming mice, from there it is all about how much money you want to spend. Personally I like mice that give you a switch that toggles the dpi on the fly. That way you can have it super sensitive for gaming and not so sensitive for non-gaming uses.

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I just baught a Logitech Cordles Click! Plus mouse and while it works good for surfing the web and doing everything else, it's kinda a bit inaccurate and just a hair slow to respond when im playing warcraft III. is there anyone using a wireless mouse that works great in gaming? especialy in WCIII. thanks for the response,id like to get alot of opinions on this one,i dont wanna have to take five mice back to the store to get one that doesn't suck.

Answer:Whats the best wireless mouse for gaming?

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I bought this mouse a few months ago, when I came upon this guide. I was quick to open up my mouse, and I noticed that there was no weight in it. Is this normal? I have the blue (later) version, and maybe one of the changes was taking out the weight, although I don't think they would do that. Is it possible I got a mouse that was already opened, and repackaged?

Also, when I opened it up, a tiny little spring came out, I figured it was no big deal, and when I put it back together, I noticed that when I move the scroll wheel, it doesn't make any sound, and it glides along (which is awesome, highly reccomended). Just saying, I don't have any complaints about that.

Last, but not least, I'm running on basic MS drivers, not mouseware 9.8. I have enhanced mouse precision on, on highest speed, and sometimes when I try and move the mouse, it will studder backwards in the opposite direction that I'm moving it. Is this reverse acceleration? How can it be fixed? It can be very annoying when I'm gaming or doing anything else.

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Hey ill post the pics...this is what the prob really is.
I have the mx 600 mouse and theyre settings for it on setpoint.
The problem im having is smoothness with gaming in fps shooter games.
the game play is fine, im getting fps of 25 and up,sometimes its even at 40+.

When im moving it the mouse, it doesnt move slowly, it feels like its on a really rough surface, im using a mouse pad though.
I know the mouse is not faulty because i just got a replacement for my previous one.

here are the pics of my settings for the game.

Answer:Mouse gaming problems (vernong)

Few things I would try. I have a G5 optical laser mouse thing. Anyway sometimes it gets really dirty under the sensor and I just grab a Q-tip and swirl it around in there and it runs ALOT smoother. However, I doubt this is the problem because the mouse is brand new.

Check mouse acceleration in game and in windows (in the mouse settings page it is marked as make my mouse more accurate or something) anyway, if you disable those it makes gaming + aiming alot better (Ex-ET Player).

Also the polling rate would be another thing to look at.

By no means am I an expert those are just the things I would look at, I will try and dig up a certain mousefix.reg file created by a famous ET player named Raziel who could aim like no tomorrow, that MAY help.

Sorry to hear about this, good luck.

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I have tried everything I can to fix this and now I'm at the end of the rope. I hate to ask for help as I realize this is done on a voluntary basis. I, however, appreciate any help you give and thank you in advance! My mouse and keyboard keep freezing when playing games. It will not freeze on games such as pokerstars, full tilt poker and pogo. It will freeze on WOW, worldwinner and such. I have tried using different mice and keyboards. I have adware, spybot, AVG and Windows Firewall activated. I have done scans, checked device manager, performed windows update and I may be forgetting a few things but please see logs as requested and I will patiently await a response. Thanks Much

HJThis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 12:36:18 AM, on 9/13/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18943)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\Content Transfer\ContentTransferWMDetector.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:... Read more

Answer:Keyboard/Mouse Freezing during gaming


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Ive recived my new mouse today as above and I was wondering what the best settings are for it it also came with little small weights any help apreciatedRob

Answer:Logitech G5 Gaming Laser Mouse USB

click here for the latest driver

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Hey, do any of you use this OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator brain mouse, it is said the brain games with a Blink of an eye! Sorry I am noob here, do any of you use it? Any good, that's very expensive.

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I got a nice big gift card for X-mas and want to get a new keyboard/mouse combo. I was wondering if there is any problems with wireless keyboards/mice and gaming. I play shooters/RPG/RTS/Simulations, pretty much all genre. Does anyone know of any good ones to get??

Answer:Wireless keyboard/mouse and gaming...

My advice, get one with a rechargeable mouse, there is nothing worse than your mouse not working because the batteries have died, other than that, I doubt you'll notice a difference between wired and wireless as long as you have the only set in the house.

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I debated for about 5-10 minutes whether this would be a hardware or a games thread... Whilst technically the thread is concerning hardware advice it's more to do with their correlation to games?

Plus I figured regular Games forum go-ers might have slightly more experience in this field

Simple question really, I'm looking for a decent gaming mouse and keyboard, as all my life I've had boring simple keyboards and mice and this bottom of the line wireless Logitech is just embarrassing now!

Looking to spend about £70? Maybe a little more if the cost:quality ratio is higher, not necessarily looking for a definite combo, ie, if you can recommend a mouse and then a separate keyboard for the same price then go ahead

Thanks in advance,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum xD


Answer:Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Advice :)

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I don't want something that looks too outlandish - I'd prefer something that looks fairly plain - just black or silver would be cool.Tony

Answer:Optical mouse for gaming? Recommendations please!

Gosh, mice are so personal - all about the shape and size of your hand. These get good reviews from gamersclick herethough I've never tried one myself.

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After a long 4 years using the Logitech Dinovo Bluetooh mouse and keyboard set, i've noticed this set aint that good for gaming. Also the thing keeps loosing sycn once in awhile.

So i've been looking, and i have found a mice and a keyboard of my liking, but i have two of each, and need some knowledgeable people to help me decide on which would be good.

Keyboard: Logitech G15 Version2, or Razer Lycosa keyboard

Mouse: Razer lectheis, or Razer Copper head

Those are it lol.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Decision help on Gaming keyboard/mouse!

I've heard good things about the Saitek Eclipse keyboards, or the Saitek Cyborg keyboard if you can afford it.

And for mouse, the Saitek Cybgorg mouse is very good, but expensive.

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I was wondering how I can easily set up my gaming mouse with it's customized side buttons, using the Logitech Gaming Software 8.50 on the go? Is there a way I could just plug in my mouse on another computer and drag the files for the program and my pre-set functions would work?

Answer:Solved: Gaming Mouse and Software for it on the go?

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I'm not asking which mouse I should get. I'm really asking if laser mice are better than optical for first person shooters? I know that laser mice have a better dpi than optical, but does that mean more accurate or smoother crosshair movement in fps games? exactly how does it improve your gaming experience?

Answer:Solved: Laser mouse for gaming?

I switched from a Logitech optical to a Logitech Laser and besides my new laptop I think it was the best decision I have made. Its fast, smooth, and the software I found for it has allowed me to tweak out the multipurpose middle button.

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In the advance settings there is a place to adjust the speed of the mouse. There is 5 slots to set 5 different speeds but the mouse only shows 3 led spots which means I can set 3 speeds. Is there a way to set 5 and use all 5?

Edit: Also I have this exact same problem this guy does: G5 Sensitivity weirdness Windows VISTA - G-Series Mice - Logitech Forums

Answer:Question about my G5 gaming mouse settings

yes, you can use all 5. And it can be done with the 3 LED's.

Highest DPI = top LED only
high-mid DPI = top and middle LED
middle DPI = middle LED only
mid-low DPI = middle and low LED
low DPI = low LED only

without the drivers and software installed, it just uses 3 DPI settings.

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I bought this mouse from ebay, it is a generic, 2000 dpi mouse. From the ebay page, it said the mouse is just plug and play to work. I plugged it in but it only shows up as a HID complaint mouse with a question mark in device manager of windows. I have searched far and wide but I cannot find the drivers for this thing to work.

Any help?
That's the ebay page.

Answer:Generic Gaming Mouse not installing

If it's anything like my mouse, with 12 buttons, it will definitely need a driver to function. I'll dig out the driver CD later today if you don't find anything. It might work. Who knows?

If you only have 5 buttons, plus the middle-click and middle-button sideways click, you can probably operate it with Xmouse Button Control. It's a fantastic, generic mouse controller that I use on all my machines, even those with normal buttons, to assign various functions to the buttons that can be done on a per app basis. For example, I can assign button 5 to scroll in Word, but to open a new page from a link in a browser or to go back a page.

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Hi. First post here, so please excuse me if I've posted this in the wrong subforum.

When playing games, I can't use the keyboard and click on the mouse at the same time. I have to first stop using the keyboard, then wait a few seconds, then be able to click with the mouse.

Any ways to fix this? It's really irritating when playing, especially with those shooter games. Sniping isn't really my speciality


Answer:Keyboard + Mouse won't work together when gaming.

Thanks for the help, everyone! /s

Like seriously...

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I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15 n083sa, All is well with the system until I load an 3D games.

When moving using the WASD keys, I am unable to pan using the mouse pad, this makes it impossible to play many of my favourite games.

I've looked in the control panel and mouse settings and can't find any obvious solution, (I was hoping for a tickbox saying Disable mousepad while typing but there isn't one)

Am I missing something? I need these things to work simultaneously for gaming.

Thanks all!

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what do you think is the best gaming mouse avaiable right now?

Answer:would like to start discussion on best gaming mouse

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I bought e-Blue Cobra Gaming Mouse USB 2.0 and when I inserted it to my laptop it works in a moment then after I opened Dota 2 it's constantly connects/disconnects. I made a mouse troubleshoot the finding was " The USB input device is an older USB device and might not work with USB 3.0". But my gaming mouse is not only working on Dota 2. Is there any way to fix it? Or i just need to buy a new gaming mouse with USB 3.0 version?

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I recently bought a gaming mouse: Professional 6 Buttons 5500dpi Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for PC Laptop | eBay and Windows won't recognize it (Code 43) and it calls it: Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed), I tried contacting the seller but he didn't know of any driver for the mouse. please i need help ASAP.


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Hi. First post here, so please excuse me if I've posted this in the wrong subforum.

When playing games, I can't use the keyboard and click on the mouse at the same time. I have to first stop using the keyboard, then wait a few seconds, then be able to click with the mouse.

Any ways to fix this? It's really irritating when playing, especially with those shooter games. Sniping isn't really my speciality


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I've got my mind set on buying these parts so you would need a pretty solid argument to get me to change, i would just like to hear what you think about these parts and if theres something genuinely bad about them that might make me want to choose something else.

Keyboard: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 - USB - $59.99

Mouse: Logitech G700 910-001436 Gaming Mouse - USB, Laser, 5,700 dpi, Black - $79.99

Answer:Thoughts on my keyboard and mouse?(gaming)

Well for "real gaming" I couldn't live without my N52 gaming keypad (Seperate keypad for gaming, not a keyboard).

I then have an earlier version of thet KB just for the backlighting but I don't use anyoff the gaming features on it really, but otherwise a decent KB.

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Hey all!  New user, first post.  Please forgive me if there's a post about this before.  I did a search, and didn't turn up anything quite like mine.
Ok, so let's start with the system specs:
Self-built machine with
Z77 chipset mobo
Intel i7-2600k processor
Nvidia GTX 670 gpu
16 gb Corsair RAM
power supply exceeds the needs of the system
The symptoms:
While gaming, my keyboard and mouse will sometimes freeze temporarily or permanently.  This usually happens when I'm playing League of Legends, however, it has started doing it with other games.  If it's a temporary freeze, I'll notice a distinct framerate drop after it unfreezes, and it will recover.  If it's permanent, the keyboard and mouse will lock up, the lights on both will blink on and off, and I'll have to restart my computer to recover control.
Solutions I have tried:
Driver updates for anything and everything, from USB to GPU drivers
Anti-virus scans with free AVG
check power loads on rails to ensure proper power supply
About myself:
I built this machine myself.  I cannot say that I am the most computer proficient person out there, but I consider myself to be much more competent than many.  As such, I may have not checked something properly.
If anyone has any ideas, then I'd greatly appreciate hearing them.  Cheers!

Answer:Keyboard and Mouse lock up gaming

Have you run any other scans - like Malware bytes Antimalware or Super AntiSpyWare?
Keyboard and mouse wired or wireless? If wireless are batteries fresh?

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