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HDCP support/ built-in display question

Question: HDCP support/ built-in display question

Can anyone please tell me how to find out if my Hp Desktop Computer pre-loaded with Windows 10 home 64 bit. Has a built in display and supports HDCP or not ? I bought terminator genisys on blu ray DVD Digital copy I have redeem the code in iTunes Store. But can not get the movie to play for me. Thank you for any help on this.

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Preferred Solution: HDCP support/ built-in display question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HDCP support/ built-in display question

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Hi! i have a linksys 3200 router and i am wondering what all External USB HDD work with it. I have a WD 1 TB but it doesn't seem to work with it. I know that with the latest Firmware the router supports drives upto 3 TB so i know my capacity is not the issue but rather it seems that the drive itself just isn't recognized at all.

Anyone know of any drives they know work with this model?

Answer:Routers with built in USB storage support question

If you are running stock firmware on the 3200 check out this guide -

Also is your external drive USB powered or external powered? I know that some of the newer e series linksys routers don't supply enough power to the USB port for the 2.5 inch drives (at least none that I have seen yet... check online thought for additional confirmation)

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Does anyone know if the Vista Home Premium 64-Bit O/S has support for HDCP? I was reading buyers feedback regarding their recent purchase of selected monitors where the manufacturers said those models support HDCP, and a few of them said it has been disabled in Vista, so buying one that supports HDCP is pointless if you're running Vista.

Any truth to this?


Answer:Vista 64-Bit: HDCP support?

I would call BS.

22" LCD Monitor

That is the specs for my main monitor that i run on DVI and it says HDCP right there.


Mine has worked fine in Vista for the whole time i have used it along with Windows 7.

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I just bought an external USB Blu-ray drive and a copy of PowerDVD 13. When I try to play a Blu-ray disc (no external displays attached) on the internal 3K display,the attempt fails with the following message: "CyberLink PowerDVD is unable to play this media because the required HDCP could not be initiated. [...]" So I downloaded the "CyberLink Blu-ray Disc & 3D Advisor" which checks the system for Blu-ray compatibility.According to this tool, the internal display is not HDCP compliant: "HDCP-compliant Display: No" All other test passed. So, is it really true that this display is not HDCP compliant and, thus, not capable of playing Blu-ray movies?   


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Answer:[Display not HDCP-compliant?] T540p - 3K WQHD+ display

In case I do not get an answer in this forum,which other options do I have to contact lenovo support?

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Bought this laptop in 2014
Intel is with on board graphics 4400
Loaded Vudu To Go and downloaded movies for to to Greece. I get an error that both my output and display support HDCP.. I get this message using my laptop screen only AND when it is connected to a brand new Samsung series 6 TV.
The Intel website says the 4400 supports HDCP..
All drivers current.
1. Does the hardware on this laptop support HDCP?
2. Is this a configuration issue? If so, where do I go to fix it?
FYI,  WiFi and mobile data difficult and spotty, here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:XPS 12 9Q33 (2014) HDCP Support

Sorry for the errors in my post. Posting from phone
Intel I7.
for trip to Greece.
Error says both MUST support HDCP..  Implication is they don't, including laptop screen when used without any cables or connections to TV.

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Do all versions of Windows Vista Support HDCP?

Answer:All versions of Vista Support HDCP?

Yes, as far as I know. Of course, the video card and monitor has to support it as well for BDs/HD DVDs to play in HD.

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Hello guys,

I have the A660-10W and want to download iTune movies in HD
It says I need to have a video driver with HDCP (Support?) but I don't know, nor do I understand what it is.
I would appreciate your help - as you have done extremely well in the past.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite A660-10W with HDCP support


HDCP is a copy protection protocol.
This protocol prevents copying of high-definition movies.
If the system does not support the HDCP you will not be able to send the data to the device (TV, LCD) via HDMI or other ports like DisplayPort or DVI.

Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 use HDCP in computer graphics cards and monitors.
But if you want to watch high definition movies on external TV you have to ensure that both HDMI ports on TV and notebook would support the HDCP.

But it seems that Sat A660-10W does not support the HDMI port and therefore you will not be able to watch the HDCP protected HD movies on external monitors.

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i want to know if optiplex 3050, 5050, 7050 can support HDCP on HDMI port ?

Answer:Optiplex HDMI support HDCP ?

Linhut,I find not information in my database to verify if this supports through HDMI.

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The spec sheet says it supports HDCP, but does not specify a version.

Answer:Does the Dell S2817Q support HDCP 2.2?

Dell 4K ULTRA HD  S2817Q HDCP 2.2 is the next generation of copy protection for the 4K era, and it likely won't work with any of your current gear.
The 2.x version of HDCP is not a continuation of HDCPv1, and is rather a completely different link protection. This means older devices wont work. One other annoying change with 2.2 is a "locality check." The source sends a signal to the sink, and if the sink doesn't get that signal within 20ms, the source kills the connection. HDCP 2.2 is essentially about ULTRA HD 4k copy protection. 
Version 2.x employs industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as 128-bit AES with 3072 or 1024-bit RSA public key and 256-bit.
HDCP 2.2  came out in Feb 2013

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Hello, I would like to be able to playback audio that requires HDCP compliance. When I try to play the HD source, it fails with an error that My audio card does not support protected audio playback.  I have tried to disable the digital audio out in the Soundmax control panel, but it does not help. Is there a newer Soundmax HD driver available for Xp-32 bit ?

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About a year ago i did a system reset, because Windows 10 installed incorrectly, and that removed all installed software. Since then, after I've reinstalled all the drivers, and same software, that i sourced from the HP support website for 'Envy 17-j113tx' I no longer can play Blu-Rays, and I no longer have HDCP support.My PC has a built in Blu-Ray drive, and it worked perfectly prior to resetting my PC, and I used to be able to play HD videos on iTunes, but now i no longer can.For the last year I've been trying to fix it myself, going on all different forums, and trying to find people with similar problems, but there was no success. I've recently tried re-installing the graphics driver for Intel HD 4700, but i get an error message either telling me that the software already installed is up to date(It isn't), or that my computer hasn't been signed to install the driver or "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer" (Ironically that last one i get when i download the driver from the official HP website for my computer model). And now when i try to play a Blu-Ray disk, it tells me my graphics card driver is not supported.Can someone please help me, it has been a year since I've last watched a Blu-Ray on my computer, or watched something that i downloaded off iTunes.

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I asked in another thread but since this is a video card question I thought maybe I should create a new thread for this question. I'm building a new PC and I need to select a video card. I want to stick with NVidia, and I want to be sure I get one that can handle HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 in order to decode 4k HEVC 10-bit, especially if I get the Skylake and don't wait for Kaby Lake since Skylake doesn't have built-in support for HEVC like Kaby Lake will. From what I see very few cards support HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. Am I correct that the card has to be based on the the GM206 GPU to support this? From a post I read, the only cards that support this are:

- GTX 960
- GeForce GTX Titan X
- GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Are there any other NVidia cards that fit that specification other than these? The 960 is around the right price point for me and I see EVGA has a nice one. The other cards listed above are way, way out of my price range. Is the 960 my only option then? I want to stick with NVidia. How does the 960 perform? I'm looking at this card:

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 04G-P4-3969-KR 4GB FTW GAMING w/ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card

Answer:NVidia cards that support HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0

Are you saying that the 970 and 980 do not support HDMI 2.0 ?

Are you certain you`re even going to use HDMI ?

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got all the latest drivers, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing seems to workm still can't play blu ray (cyberlink 0122 error - BD analyzer shows HDCP display isn't compliant - how do I make it compliant???  Error started when I upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10 and I can't rollback - tried that too

Answer:Re: Cannot display HD content - HDCP Issue

got all the latest drivers, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing seems to workm still can't play blu ray (cyberlink 0122 error - BD analyzer shows HDCP display isn't compliant - how do I make it compliant???  Also downloaded the MS media pack for N KN, 64 bit Error started when I upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10 and I can't rollback - tried that too

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Products in Question:HP 2711x Monitor & HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix (with AMD Radeon HD 7770) OS:Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 Error:When attempting to purchase HD content from iTunes, I receive "This cannot be played in HD on this computer". Upon clicking Learn More, it describes issues with HDCP What I've done so far:1) Download/Install latest graphics driver from AMD2) Download/Install latest monitor driver from HP Not sure what the next step is or what is wrong with my system that is prohibiting this. Ideas? Thanks!

View Solution.

Answer:Cannot display HD content - HDCP Issue

Hi, Download this Cyberlink Blu-Ray and 3D Advisor. Install the program and then launch it and click on 3D analysis. Post your results.

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hello....i just upgraded my HP laptop from WinVista32bit to Win7Ultimate64bit with a 500gb(7200rpm) hard drive upgrade(Wow what a difference). Since I made the upgrade i decided to replace the integrated webcam because it didnt work. Replacement did the trick. Presto!. NOW onto the problem, the micophone.....I have looked extensively online for the answer but i am still having to use a plug in mic......the driver is working....i can go to device mgr and tap the mic and the green test bar has action...but it will not record audio....i am beginning to think i should replace it too....but i hope not...any help is appreciated.

HP Pavilion dv9627cl notebook
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit upgraded to Win7Ultimate64bit
2g RAM 200-pin SODIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400
200gb(120&80) Memory upgraded to 580GB(2 drives 500 & 80)
AMD Turion 64x2 processors 1.9GHz
17" widescreen high definition monitor
NVIDIA graphics

Answer:Built In Microphone Support

I also have an HP laptop and if you go and open HP Media smart Webcam then click on About in the left pane then check Capture with audio.
Maybe that will solve your mic trouble.
Good luck

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Windows Xp pro + dell PC

In windows millinium i could right click and send files to CD-RW disk.
No burning program needed.

I could even download files from the internet right to CD-RW.

In Windows Xp pro, when I try to right click ,snd sent to CD-RW
all I get is some icons in a system tray popup that says
" Files are ready to Burn " .

How do i get them to go to the CD-RW ?

Answer:[SOLVED] Built in burning support ?

Insert blank CD, right click on drive and tell it to write the files to CD.

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My Dell Insipron 6400 laptop will not support multiple monitors. I think I may not have a key driver installed. Help!!

I have attached two separate images, screen shot of my device manager and display properties and a screen shot of the same image on my mothers PC. (which is also a Dell Inspiron 6400)

On my PC, In my device manager I can not view the display adapters (there must be something installed and I do not have visiblilty?? correct??)

Also, on my display properties I do not even have the option for Multiple monitor support. (these are the same PC's)

I inserted my Drivers and Utilities CD from Dell, but I did not see any driver on there that was applicable to a display adapter.

Am I on the right track???



Answer:Solved: Display Adapters - Display Properties - DualView - Multiple Monitor Support

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Guys does build 9879 include the gestures that Joe belfiore showed at some event? My touchpad doesn't seem to support such gestures without having to install driver.

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This is a General question regarding the end of support for XP. I realise at the end date the computer should be backed up in case you have to format the disc at any time after the end of the support period.

My question is does the built in Windows back up in XP when backing up the system include the installed updates? Or is it best to use third party software to do this.


Answer:[SOLVED] End ofThis is a general question regarding the end of support for XP support

I believe Windows just backs up your personal files and won't do the entire OS. You'll need a 3rd party program to do the entire HDD.

Also you really should think about upgrading to Windows 7. Staying on XP after the end support date is not recommended as you will lose security updates from Microsoft as well as patches.

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Confirmed by Mr. Sinofsky himself, there will be no native BluRay support in Windows 7. However, BluRay Drive makers and OEMs will be able to extend Windows Media Center to support playback. What will be supported in Windows 7 though, is the burning of BRD discs.

Here?s the email that was forwarded to me from our loyal reader Theodore. I did make a WHOIS check to make sure that it was Sinofsky himself. Location was indeed from: United States Redmond Microsoft Corp.

Original Email with Sinofsky at the source

Answer:Confirmed: Windows 7 will NOT have built-in support for Bluray playback -only burning

I assumed they would treat it like DVD codecs and bundle them with players.

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I wanted to purchase the Dell U2711 that uses a resolution of 2560x1440.  I have a Lenovo T410 that is using the built-in Intel graphics Media accelerator card.  I have a few questions: 1)  Can I use the 2560x1440 resolution monitor with this laptop configuration (connection via Displayport to Displayport), if not, what is the maximum resolution that I can use? 2)  If so, can I use the Dell U2711 as a plug and play monitor or do I need to install the drivers to use this maximum resolution (the T410 is a company computer and I can't install drivers)? Also, while I am asking, I have a T500 with an Ati Mob. HD 3650 video card.  Can I connect to the dell monitor via Displayport to Displayport to achieve this resolution?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can T410 w/ built-in Graphics support the Dell U2711 res of 2560x1440 using the displayport?

1) Yes it can.
2) No drivers, plug and play. Although windows would give you some drivers regarding monitor calibration, etc. 
3) Yes you can (all thinkpads with displayport can support this resolution, which is one of the reason why Lenovo choose this over HDMI in their business laptops). 

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The model is W540 , with an embedded graphic card Intel HD 4600 and another graphic card Nvidia Quadro K2100M. And I had the built in display and an external DELL monitor via the VGA port. The OS is windows 8.1 64bit. The system worked fine yesterday with both displays. Actually it is a new machine and just was received 2 days ago. And I thought the pre-installed lenovo applications are something I don't need, so I removed most of them except the drivers.  And then I got the issue, that when I power on the box, lenovo logo is shown in the built in display and then the windows login gui is shown in the 2nd display. When I login, the built in display is dark. I checked the device manager. The drivers of both graphic cards seem okay. And there are 2 dell monitors there but no built in display. Here are some actions I took.  1) I tried the mini display port. It won't help. Same behaviors.2) I tried to disable the intel hd 4600. And OS installed a display driver for the built-in display. So I had the built-in display but lost the external display. And the built-in display driver only allow a refresh rate of 64HZ and restricted the resolution to 1920*1200. So weired.3) I tried to put all lenovo things back. Won't help.4) I tried to install the inf file package, which was downloaded from lenovo web site, for the display again. Wont help too much.5) I downloaded latest Nvidia driver for K2100M. And when I tried to install it, it said no compati... Read more

Answer:Built in display is gone

Press Fn + F7 to dupicate or extend both displays.  Hehe! don't you feel silly?

W530 | 3840QM | 32g @ 1.35v CL9 1986z | 512g 840 Pro | 1t HGST 7200 | FHD AUO v.4 | Quadro K2k | GOBI 5k | Centrino 6300

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Just Built a new PC for the first time however no matter what I seem to do, there is never a display with any monitor I use. I have an
- Asus AMD 880G ATX Motherboard
- NVidia gtx 560 graphics card
- AMD Phenom 2 4x3.4GHZ CPU
- 500w corsair power supply
I have tried all output source available and even removed the graphics card and used intergrated ports, still no signal to monitor.
An help would be great

Answer:Just built PC, no display

Ok, assuming everything is powering on as it should with proper connections, is the primary graphic adapter set to PCI-E in the BIOS?
If so, try hooking up the monitor with another system (maybe your friend's) and see if it's working. If it isnt, get it replaced.

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Hi, I've built a PC, and after a few problems everything now seems to be working (all 4 fans are spinning, the hard drive is clicking away, LEDs light up, etc).

The problem is that nothing is being displayed on the monitor. The screen doesn't even act like it has any input. Nothing. So using my acute powers of deduction I've come to the conclusion that it's something to do with the graphics card. But as this is my first attempt at building a PC, it may well be something very obvious that I've overlooked.

The graphics card is an Asus ENGTX260 and the motherboard is MSI 770-C45.

The fan on the graphics card is spinning, and the monitor is securely plugged in (it's an old CRT screen so it's plugged in via a DSUB - DVI adapter which came with the graphics card).

I've tried 2 different monitors, (both via the DSUB-DVI adapter) both of which work with other PCs.

Can anyone help, please?

Answer:Built my first PC but it won't display anything

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Hi. I'm planning to buy a new sdhc card, but will the internal card reader support uhs 1-3?
I haven't been able to find the proper information about the card reader(It seems to be a realtek RTS5227/RTL8411B).

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If yes it's grate news if no then hopefully in final officially public release ( may be 14 December hopefully).

Answer:Latest built windows 10 mobile support side loading android app/games


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So I've got my new pc built. I've quadruple checked EVERYTHING. It is all in there as it should be. I've been able to utilize old components to rule out the following problems: Video card, ram, monitor.

Now, it all works, fans spin, lights are on, optical drives are operational, etc. I've ran it bare-bones with just the ram/cpu/mobo and got the same results. My monitor remains blank and the power light on it becomes amber as if it were in sleep mode or the computer was shut off. In addition, I get NO beeps of any sort from my pc speaker. I made certain that it is indeed plugged in correctly.

I think it could still be either the mobo battery, power supply (would it be a problem even though everything else gets its appropriate power?) or the cpu (I reinstalled it upon examining it. Perhaps it just doesn't work to begin with?). Or maybe event the mobo itself. Any ideas or offerings of assistance?

Specs: nforce 4 mobo (gigabyte ga-k8nf-9), athlon 64 3500+, ThermalTake 420 watt psu

Answer:Built a new pc, no display at startup...

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I just built a new computer ,also my first built, and the only thing that doesnt work is the display to my monitor.
I've tried switching motherboards, graphic cards, monitors. Ive taken out everything out except the graphic card, psu, 1 stick of ram. Not even the keyboard or mouse were connected.
I just cant get a display on my screen and everything else works. Fans, lights, power, cd drive, hard drive, even the graphic cards fan works it just doesnt display anything on the monitor at all.
The graphics cards ive tried to switch it out with were the nvidia 8800gts and nvidia 6600. 8800 had its fan working as well but no display for both of them. 6600 also doesnt have a fan.

gpu GTX 470 (Fermi) 1280MB
hdd Western Digital Black 1TB 7200 RPM
mobo ASUS P7P55D-E LX
cpu i5 750
cd drive not sure

Answer:Built Computer/No Display

Sounds like maybe the display itself is at fault. Does it work with another system?

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After spending hours putting together my new PC ( some new parts, some old parts from my previous computer) I finally get the thing to boot up. THe fans are spinng and the lights go on, but the only thing is theres no display. Ive tried multiple things to get it to work, but still no luck. If anyone has any feedback as to what i should do, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the Specs:

ASRock AOD790GX/128M AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX ATX AMD Motherboard

AMD Phenom 9750 2.4GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Processor

Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5

APEVIA ATX-AS520W-BK 520W ATX Power Supply

POWERCOLOR AX3650 1GBD2 Radeon HD 3650 1GB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16

OCZ Platinum 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)

Also keep in mind the MoBo has an onbord video card which I've tried already, by itself and while the graphics card was still attached.

Answer:No Display on my Custom Built PC

when you disconnect the video card, does the onboard work?

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i have an asus a7m266-d motherboard with no usb ports on it.
-2 mp 2000 processors at 266mhz fsb
-nvidia fx5500 256mb
250 gig hard drive

monitor wont display anything and i desperately need help . this is the first pc i built and i want it running.

Answer:my monitor won't display anything! i just built a new pc.

Does it fire up at all??? Do you get any beeps??? What ram have you put in it???

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Hey, I just built my first PC and i believe i have everything set up properly in the case. But when i turn it on, the fans run, LED's come on, everything seems to be getting power but i get no display on my monitor. Also, i get no beeps. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my specs.
GPU: XFX HD Radeon 4890
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D
PSU: Rosewill 850W ATX12V v2.2
RAM: Corsair XMS3 4G (2x2gb)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.66GHZ quad core Model BX80605I5750

Answer:Just built a new PC. No display on monitor

To be able to hear any beeps you will require a small motherboard speaker. Do you have one?

Ensure that your monitor is properly connected to the card. Try running your system with a single stick of RAM and see whether it POSTs. Also check whether your RAM modules are occupying the slots closest to the CPU.

If it doesn't work, then I would advise you to disconnect everything and reconnect components one at a time to the motherboard and check for POST after each new addition.

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Hey, so I just built my first PC. But when I power it up there's no display on the monitor. I've checked everything is in place on the motherboard and everthing seems to be fine. I'm guessing it's the graphics card where the monitor plugs in, and I've also put in an old card from an old PC that worked fine, but still no display. I'm really stuck, any ideas?

Answer:Built new PC, no display when boot up.

Tell us a little more... does your motherboard post when you turn it on? Does your hard drive\CD Rom drive spin? Also check to make sure that your motherboard is not shorted to your case.

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i have built a pc for gaming. all parts are compatible, when i turn it on there is no display on screen. i have already tried removing and re installing the cmos battery and moving the jumper to the next 2 pins and back to it's original position but there is still no display. im using vga which is connected to a tv. i have an intel motherboard (dq35jo) lga 775 ddr2
xeon x5460 3.16ghz (this is lga 771 but i modded it so it could fit lga 775) (its a little more powerful than a q9650 and when overclocked to 4ghz you get the same performance as an i5 6400. which is what im planning to do.)
8gb (4×2gb) 800mhz
500gb hdd
500gb ssd (pulled from a ps4)
gtx 1050 ti
cit 500w psu 80 plus
how do i make the bios show up?

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i always built frankensteins from several non functioning computers to make a couple ones that work,but i never built a new one from new parts till now.i ordered these parts from

1 MSI MS-7210 intel 945G socket 775 mATX motherboard with celeron processor and heatsink/fan preinstalled.

1 Logisys cs-206BK 10 Bay atx mid tower computer case w/480W

1 Nvidia GeForce 9500GS 512MB DDR2 RAM pci express PCle dvi/vga/vi

2 CenDyne 1GB DDR2RAM PC2-6400 240 pin DIMM

1 Western Digital Caviar RE16 160 GB SATA/150 7200RPM

i already had a lightscribe dvd/rw i added as well.

*******The thing is when i put it all together like i usualy do making used pc's.everything went smooth and according to the motherboard manual< which i had to download =i received absolutly no documents or cd's with drivers,bios for any of my purchases, no cords either that were in the pictures i clicked on to buy> the only things i couldnt do according to the manual was :

a) connect the "power on LED" to the open pins with the rest because the case has a 12v old school male with only 2 wires that i had to attach to a 12v cos thats how it came.

b) I dunno if it matters or what but the CPU 8 pin on the mobo came with a plastic clip covering 4 pins, and the case power supply only provided a 4 pin power supply.

so i hooked everything up according to the plans and attached all the bells whistles on the case< usb's, audio,leds,switches.triple checked everything.assured the ... Read more

Answer:built new computer ,everything seems to work but the display?

wow i found the answer 10 seconds after i posted right here in catchtwentytwos thread! super and online techs couldnt figure it out for 50 bux..ok i love this place..nuff said THANKS!!

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Talks about how it say's you will need a TV TUNER in caps and in bold and I am like wtf mate! why a tv tuner for one, I just need the wireless display thing to work with me where I can transfer the screen when I need to.

Answer:Does this laptop have the built in wireless display

shocking shocking shocking

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built a new pc last week, bought a barebones kit from i had a cpu fan problem as well as a display problem before and posted in the building new computers's the link for details on what went on there (Built a new computer...NO POWER!!! HELP!!!).
i finally got sick of it and thought since the cpu fan connection wasn't working that maybe parts on the mobo were bad so i called tigerdirect and they shipped me a new mobo which got here today and i have to send out the old one tomorrow but when i connected everything tonight still no display!! it's becoming very frustrating. i've been reading through many different forums about this same problem but nobody seems to have a fix and if they do they didn't post it. also since i can't get a display i get errors but i also have no beep codes or anything of that sort because i am unsure of how to connect the system speaker that came with the case. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

Answer:Built new PC, on 2nd Mobo, still no video display! HELP!!!

read in a lot of other forums that ram is possibly bad and that should be tested. i took 2 1 GB sticks out of a working pc and tested with my 1 1GB stick and in all tests still had no video display. any ideas yet anybody?

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I just built a computer, here's the specs.
EVGA nForce 680i SLI Socket 775 Motherboard - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz OEM, 500GB SATA HD, 20x DVD±RW, 2GB DDR2 PC6400, ATX Mid-Tower Case, Ultra 650 Watt Power Supply and a Sapphire Radeon 4850 512mb.

It turns on and remains on but the monitor does not detect any signal. I'm afraid the motherboard or gfx card may be shot.

Answer:Just built a computer, turns on but no display!

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I have a Thinkpad edge e420 (type 1141) running windows 7.  The Desktop extends maybe 10%  beyond the right edge and below the bottom of the built in screen.  This happens on the BIOS splash screen, in the BIOS setup screen and in Windows regardless of the video driver.   It only happens with the built in display. If I use the vga port, the desktop fills the screen normally. Has anyone seen this? 

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Greetings, I've had a search around as I'm sure someone would have asked this before, but have been unable to find an answer: I'm currently using my T410 with two Dell 1908FP monitors - 1 via the DP port, the other via the VGA port. This disables the built in laptop display. Is there anyway of enabling the built in display as well as the two 1908FP's? Well I don't know how much the T410 varies or what information you'll need so this is taken from the Systems Information:Operating System: Win XP SP3Driver Vision: HD Graphics (Core i5)Video BIOS: 2026.7


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Answer:T410 2xMonitors + Built in Display

no unless you have the Nvidia optimus technology. You would would have to get adapters, such as the Usb2vga or usb2dvi converters.

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For the last week and a half the built in display on the Windows 7 HP Pavilion dv4i laptop which I purchased a few months ago will not display anything but a black screen. There is power to the screen, which stays illuminated and flashes during the correct transition times between the hp screen, the bios wait, and the windows start screen, but there is no interface or video whatsoever. I can get the video to display on an external monitor using VGA once the Windows login screen pops up, but that means I can't use my laptop as a laptop or see to access the BIOS. It is possible this is a problem with the CMOS preventing the laptop from recognizing the screen (also on one boot the date was defaulted back into January of 2009), and I have ordered a new CMOS battery to see if that is the issue.

However, there is enough going on to convince me that might not fix the problem due to a software issue. There was one prior reboot since the problem started where the screen worked, but on the next boot it was broken again. In the device manager the computer only sees two Generic PNP monitors (one of which is the display that does not respond) instead of their proper handles. In the display options I get the external monitor (a HANNS-G labled properly) and then the option for a VGA output monitor, which I can turn on but it does not change the laptop's display. The other issue is that I have the HANNS-G monitor plugged in via VGA, so it makes no sense that the computer w... Read more

Answer:Laptop Cannot Detect Built in Display

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Motherboard: ASUS A8V Socket 939(Non-Deluxe)
Processor: AMD 3200+ Venice 939
Vid Card: nVidia 6800 GT
Memory: Corsair Value Select 1 gig
Hard Drive: Seagate SATA 120gb

Okay, well I just finished putting it all together yesterday and when I flicked on the power everything seems to be operating fine except one thing... the monitor stays in standby mode, no green light, no image at all. Right now I'm using my old computer with the 6800GT and same monitor, so the problem isn't either of the two. I've been asking around everywhere, and the most common answer is the A8V has a problem with display with anything over 3200 and needs to have an updated BIOS. Well, I can't even GET to the BIOS because I don't get any display at all. Would a dead processor cause this as well or would the display at least show me some sort of error? Please, I need your help...

Answer:Just built a computer, getting no display signal

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Ok, so i just finished building this system:

Raidmax RX-530SS, 530W modular cable power supply
ABit IP35-E
Core 2 Duo E6750
400GB WD Caviar SE, SATA
Emprex CD/DVD dual layer burner
2GB OCZ 4-5-5-15 pc6400
And standing in until the 8800gt gets in, a geforce 6600gt
CoolerMaster Hyper tx2

When i first turned it on, all case fans and the cpu fan spun up, as well as the video card fan, and the monitor clicked on. About 4-5 seconds later the system seemingly powered down. Another 2 seconds later it powered back up without me touching the power switch, and the monitor did not respond.

Since this first experience i've attempted unplugging the cd rom drive, which prevented the system from powering down, but no display ever comes up. Then i also unplugged the hard drive (no operating system on it yet anyway) and the system again powers down after 4-5 seconds and turns back on. This made no sense to me.

I'm not really sure what could be causing this problem. Did i break the cpu when putting on the massive heat sink? Did i fry the motherboard somehow? I'm reasonably sure the video card is ok. Its been sitting in a box ever since i replaced it.

The only theory i have is related to the 12V rails. The IP35-E has an 8 pin slot, but says that it will work with a 4 pin connector. The power supply has what looks like an 8pin connector broken in half so that it will work with all ATX motherboards. So far i've only plugged in one of the 4 pin connector... Read more

Answer:No boot, power on and off, no display, just built

Take the motherboard out of the case. Check to make sure the CPU heatsink is installed properly and that there was thermal paste applied in the right place. Run only with power, cpu, memory and video. See if the motherboard posts. If it doesn't post, it or the CPU is defective

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is there a way to not display the built-in admin account from the "manage accounts" list? Also, i set the password and set so you could not change the password. However in the manage accounts list i'm able to change the password and/or remove it. don't want that.

please advise.

Answer:way to not display the built-in admin account

The only way top hide the real Administrator account is to disable it as follows:

Open a Elevated Command Prompt: How to open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 7
From the Command Prompt, type net user administrator /active:no and press Enter.

How did you set the password so it couldn't be changed? Post a link if you were following instructions.

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Today I build a PC and as it was my first time I was a bit nervous however I got to a point where I thought it is finally finished so I plugged my monitor in using a HDMI cable, and once I powered it up bios didn't come up the only thing that happened was all the fans on all the components came on and a motherboard led and a PSU led. So the PSU is fine and so is the motherboard, so why is it doing this and how can I get bios to come up so I can install windows.

Extra Info:
There was no bios beep.
All the fans come on and stay on.
The motherboard led comes on and stays on.

I opened up the case and looked at the motherboard and wrote down all the names of the slots that aren't in use (don't have anything plugged into them.)

Please help, it's horribly frustrating...

AMD Phenom II 955 3.2GHz
4GB RAM (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 Corsair XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit Link)
1TB Hard Drive (IDE)
M4A785TD-V EVO Motherboard
ATi Intergrated 4200 (currently plugged in)
ATi 5770 (currently unplugged)

Answer:Newly built PC doesn't display image!

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First off let me say Hi, and let it be known that I've searched the web far and wide for answers to my problem, but to no avail.

About two weeks ago my fiancé ordered some computer parts in attempt to construct a new PC to replace my piece of rubbish that was hanging on to its life by a piece of tape. Literally...

He's put computers together for a living before, and he's a game developer graduate with a love for computers, so he knows what he's doing, but I don't. He did everything, I touched nothing but watched.

Here are the parts, which arrived last Monday and Tuesday, respectively:

XCLIO A380BK Black Case
CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ \2.6GHz AM2 Processor
Sunbeam PSU-HUSH680-US-BL 680W Power Supply
ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Rosewill RCX-Z1 CPU Cooler
Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound

I used my same ol' 250Gb harddrive, which worked fine just days before I received the parts, so I know that works perfectly well.

Everything was smoothly put together and powered up like clockwork. Eager to get started installing Windows XP, we hooked it up to my monitor. Powered up and everything seemed good to go... fans worked, mobo light worked...dvd drive worked....led lights came on....harddrive spun up.... but absolutely no display hit that monitor, nor did we hear any beeps.

To diagnose, we tried the following:

- With and withou... Read more

Answer:Custom-built PC gets power but no POST/display/etc.

Did we either wipe the HDD, or try booting without it?

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is it possible to use external monitor on Satellite L40 together with built-in display with different output? For example you would have larger desktop, etc.
Simply does the laptop have two graphic adapters?

Answer:Satellite L40 - external monitor and built-in display

You can use external monitor or TV with your notebook. You can have cloned desktop or extended desktop but I don?t understand what do you mean with ?different output?.
In user?s manuals document is explained how to use it.

Do you have this document? You can download it from Toshiba download page.

Notebook doesn?t have two graphic cards.

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just built a new computer, my first time from scratch... heres what i got

160 gig western digital HD
16 bit soundcard
Asus P5GC-MX/1333 Socket 775 Motherboard
Intel® Core? 2 Duo E7200 - BX80571E7200
SATA DVR-2910A5PK DVD-/+RW Drive
BFG 8400GS PCI-E 512MB Video Card
Rhino Panther 450W ATX Power Supply

i plugged it all in, got it to turn on... everything SEEMS to be working fine... but my monitor still has a window that says

"no display"

can anyone help?

Answer:Built computer- first time- no monitor display

Are you really using a 4GB DDR2 PC5300 SO-DIMM KIT? That is for laptops. You should be using 240 pin SDRAM DDR2 667. Also, remove the soundcard for the time being. It can conflict with the onboard sound until you have a chance to disable the onboard sound in the BIOS later.

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I'm trying to get the smoothest experience possible from my setup.

XPS 15 9550
TB15 Dock Thunderbolt 3

2 4k Monitors via DisplayPort
2 USB 3.0 to DisplayPort adapters (Plugable brand)

My two 1080p monitors are unfortunately connected through USB 3.0 to DisplayPort adapters. Things are significantly slower and delayed on those monitors. I tried connecting a Thunderbolt 3 to Dual DisplayPort adapter but I couldn't get all the monitors to work at once. Is there another adapter or setup that I could use to get better performance? What if I got a WD15 and connected it to the TB15?

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I have a custom built computer that I put together. This includes a NEW motherboard, CPU, graphics card and of course DDR 3 memory. All of these have the latest drivers and are all working ok.So thought it time to install Windows 7. Once Windows 7 was installed I have been having a problem with my display graphics. Two problems although I am not sure they are both linked. When I select a theme (pictures on the personalize page) then the trouble begins. About every 3 mins or so a flashing chequered board appears. Although the functions of the computer still work the display is so bad it gives me headaches. When I switch back to basic (just the static Windows logo) it all goes away. Also in this mode as well as the chequered board I sometimes get my screen going blank and then back again with an error saying my display driver has failed but restarted.Microsoft seems not to be able to give me a fix. Have any of you out there any ideas?

Answer:Windows 7 display problems on custom-built PC

U didn't bother to mention your hardware. I think u have driver issues,try to use old drivers or win vista driver.Did u install monitor driver?

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I recently rebuilt a system for a friend of mine using replacement components - a long story involving a lot of parts suddenly failing just within warranty. The important components are:

Mainboard: MSI K9N NEO-F V2 (socket AM2, nForce 520 board)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
GPU: EVGA GeForce 8500GT 256MB DDR2
RAM: Corsair 2GB XMS2 DDR2 Twin2X PC6400

I cannot get any display output or a POST beep from the system in ANY configuration (see below). I realise the PSU is less than stellar and have had a 450W Antec unit at hand to try out as well. The configurations I&#8217;ve tried are (not in any order and these were tried at least twice, once before I sent them away and once after):

Mainboard (connected to power switch and internal speaker for this and all following permutations) + PSU - The PSU fan spins up, no beeps from speaker.

Mainboard, CPU + PSU - CPU fan spins up, as well as PSU, no POST beep(s).

Mainboard, CPU, GPU + PSU - All three fans spin up, no post beep(s).

And so on... Including RAM in and out and clearing the CMOS.

I e-mailed the company that I got these off weeks ago ( about this problem and they took back the mainboard and GPU, reported they worked (had a test docket in there with some info on a three hour test that they passed under windows XP) and sent them back.

The next obvious component is the CPU but I can&#8217;t understand the lack of a POST error. If anybody has any suggestions b... Read more

Answer:No display/POST from newly built system

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If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

I bought a monitor to use when I'm in the office (it's an LG Flatron L225WT), installed the software that came with it and plugged it in. Nothing seemed to happen, so in Toshiba HWSetup I changed Power On Display to "LCD + Analog RGB".

To cut a long story short, the external screen works perfectly now, but I can't access the internal screen, even after changing the Power On Display back to "Auto-Selected". The Fn-F5 button does not seem to have any effect at all.

I must have inadvertently done something to mess the computer up. Can anyone suggest how I could reset it back?

TIA to anyone who can help!

- Laurence

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 can't get the built-in display to work again

I don?t know what notebook you have and don?t know what OS you use but it seems that you have managed to set the external monitor as a primary display.
You should change it in the display properties (right click on desktop -> properties)

Somewhere in the ?Settings? you should try to mark the internal display (1) and should mark ?Use this device as the primary monitor?

You will not find any similar settings or this will not help then set the OS back to the early time point. In such case all settings will be reset!!!

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I have an x1 yoga  20FQ model (i7, 520 integrated).  I am coming from a gen1 x1 carbon and had a gen3 x1 carbon as an temporary machine. On my x1 carbon with the onelink dock (usb 3) I was able to connect 2 external monitors + a 3rd monitor into the mini dp + the laptop built-in display.  Essentially I had 4 monitors. I am surprised that I cannot get the same setup with the x1 carbon gen3 and now with the x1 yoga.  One of my next step is test the vga port on the onelink+ dock to see If I can then enable the built-in port. The x1 yoga and x1 carbon (gen1) intel cpu/gup specs shows that they both support 3 displays.  I am thinking the usb dock is the difference maker.    Is this possible on the newer machines?  

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Hi, I am currently using Y410P Laptop and I was just wondering if there's a way to increase my Display Resolution? The maximum I can use is 1366 x 768, I am hoping if I can change it to a much higher resolution. I'm trying to avoid using an external monitor. Thanks!

Answer:Lenovo Y410P Built-in Display Resolution

If you bought the laptop with 1366 * 768 resolution (which is usually available in the lowest configuration), then sorry you cannot change the display resolution any more.
I had a laptop Y560 with the resolution and it looked not so good. Anyways, my plan always was to buy an external monitor and hook it up.
Now, I own a Y510p with 1920*1080 screen but still its connected to an external big TV, there's nothing better than gaming on a bigger screen.

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Hi there, new to the forum and looking for some help on my computer build

i basically have it all ready to go put everything o the mother board and plugged it all in.
iv double checked all the cables and they're all in there correct spots. and the board is getting power

but my problem would be the display. i turn it on and plug it into my monitor and it says no DVI input then nothing, it does the same with my HDMI.

there is no slot on my mother board or graphics card for vga

My parts are

Radeon HD 6850 Graphics card

Intel core i5-2500k

and ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
I'm looking for any help with the situation if possible...

thanks in advance.



when i also power it down i hear 1 low toned beep. no sounds on power up it turns on just fine but no display at all

Answer:No Display to monitor on a newly built computer

Sounds to me like the computer is not what we call 'posting'
Just wondering b/c you didn't mention...what Memory did you use in it?
Make sure the memory is seated properly, if your using 4 sticks remove 2 of them and make sure you leave the two in channel 0. Then see if it posts and go from there. Also that motherboard has integrated graphics as well, so you might try removing your other card just to check if it will post using the on-board one.

It would be kind of odd if its the memory since usually you will get a series of beeps upon turning it on... so check the graphics card first I'd say and then check the memory.

try it and post back here b/c there are lots of reasons for a computer not to post.

PC Troubleshooting Procedure List

^^ look at that list under new motherboard won't power up for further ideas.

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Hi, Trying to find a way/hotkey to turn off the built-in display whilst I'm connected to another external monitor with the Thinkpad S1 Yoga model. Do you guys know how to do it? I could even remap any of the default hotkeys if someone knows how to do that as well, as the defaults are not too useful for me... Thank you!!


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Answer:S1 Yoga - How to turn off the built-in display/monitor?

Hi Mickael28,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing looking to turn OFF built in Display on your ThinkPad S1 Yoga.
You can use Windows key+P keys as shortcut key to switch the displays, please check with below link for further assistance on that.
Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Whenever the display for my Yoga 3 experiences any force (the tap from a finger is enough) it immediately shuts off. From an external monitor I know that touching the screen still works normally even when the screen itself is not displaying anything.  I assume it is a hardware issue like a loose cable, however the screen does turn back on without moving it at all if I restart the laptop. Being optimistic it makes me think this could somehow be a software issue instead. This is a new issue after about a month of regular use, and I've never dropped it or otherwise put it through any major stress.  No obvious event preceded or lead to this. If anyone else has had this issue or knows if by some miracle it's a software issue instead of a hardware issue, any info at all would be appreciated.

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Can anybody tell me if the Satellite 1800-921 has a built in aerial behind the display?

Answer:Satellite 1800-921: built-in aerial behind the display?

I suppose you mean some kind of antenna? As far as I know behind the display is placed WLAN antenna for models with supported WLAN connectivity.

I was not able to find any info about Satellite 1800-921 but if the unit is delivered without WLAN I suppose there is no WLAN antenna behind the display. By the way: I believe the whole Satellite 1800 series is delivered without WLAN option.

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Hi all, I've just built a computer using the following parts:

AMD Athlon64 Venice 3200+
MSI Neo4 K8N Platinum Motherboard
MSI RX800XL-VT2D256E PCI-E Graphics Card
Corsair 1GB DDR400 Ram
Western Digital 160GB SATA300 HDD
FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-A ATX12V 500W PSU
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2

Here's the problem I've been having.

1. As soon as I boot up the computer, as soon as the motherboard's
logo screen come's on I get this very messy screen. It's like there
are these white dots evenly spaced all across the screen. It continues
in BIOS and WinXP installation, often blocking the letters. When the
WinXP logo bootup screen shows up, the blocks turn into big green
ones, still evenly spaced. When it comes into windows, it becomes 3-4
giant vertial, spaced-out strips that is sort like a darker shade of
the normal color that it should be. If I were to move the mouse over
it, all these strips would flash a lil color for an instance but still

2. All of the above has been on WinXP's generic video driver. I have
been unable to install ANY radeon/ati drivers. The latest one from the
MSI website (v8.09), the latest one from ATI (Catalyst 5.6, both with
and w/o NET frame versions), and the usually reliable OMEGA drivers
(Catalyst 5.4). It would install fine but then after a restart, there
would be a significantly mroe noticeable red blotches over the screen.
Then mouse won't work after bootup, then 10 secs or so after it goes
into windows, the mo... Read more

Answer:Newly built pc: blotchy display & ati drivers headaches

it is my opinion that you have a video card problem

do you have another?

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Here are some things I've noted.

It worked just fine on ANOTHER monitor. I just received a new CPU heatsink and installed that. Now tried to start up on a DIFFERENT monitor, and will not get a display, although the fans are all on. The output is through DVI and my video card only has 2 DVI outputs so I cannot test with analog.

I tried reseating the video card and that doesn't seem to help.
I really doubt its the monitor because I have another computer just used to connect to it using the same DVI cable and it works fine.

Basically the only thing I've done is install this new heatsink. One thing I did note, is that this heatsink comes with a "backplate" that allows you to screw the heatsink in instead of using the crappy pushpins that are now standard for intel boards. The "backplate" has some double sided very strong tape and I placed it on the back of the motherboard as instructions noted. I noticed that the sticky part touched pins on the bottom of the board - Maybe the sticky tape was conducting electricity somehow? But then I thought - well then the computer would just short out and shut off.

I'm stumped...

appreciate any help, thanks!

Answer:newly built computer turns on but NO display on monitor

i'm very concerned now... I tried connecting to the monitor using the VGA-DVI adapter supplied with my video card... still no display.

Also I've noticed that my usb keyboard and mouse are not getting powered when the computer is turned on.

ALSO, if I push my power button, the computer is not shutting down like it normally should ( I have to hold it down for ten seconds to force it to shut off).

has something happened to the motherboard? Could the backplate that I put on for the heatsink really be causing this problem?

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Hello everyone,

I have finally bought and put together my new beastly computer, but something is wrong.

I have connected everything as best I can and my uncle, who built his own computer, cannot find anything wrong with the way the components are connected. But when I plug my moniter into the 8800GT, nothing happens. I have tried three different moniters, (2 CRT and 1 LCD) and the best I can get is a "No Signal" image on the LCD. The other two remain black.

I have also tried removing and replacing the card, like it says to do in theTrouble-Shooting section of the card's manual, but to no avail.

The fans all start spinning around, the LED's light up... but that's about it. nothing else happens.
(The moniters all work on the other computer, just fine by the way).

It looks very pretty and all, but it isn't exactly living up to my expectations.

Is it normal for a PC to do this untill the OS is installed? I would appreciate any information anyone might have as well as any advice.

Also if anyone can post a link to a good "How To Build A Computer" guide for noobs, I would be very grateful.

Classic Rock.

Answer:Built a new computer, but the monitor wont display an image

Check your MB specs

You may want to look at your motherboard specs.
Some MB if it's SLI requires you to flip a jumper if you are running with 1 GPU if not already set by default. Also if you are running a single GPU it may also require you put the GPU in a specific PCI-E slot.

Good luck.

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ok so I put in a new p5k-c mobo, a used (tested) e6300 intel with a thermaltake max orb heatsink and fan, ati 2600 pro new, 160gb seagate hd new and 2 gb dual channel pc5400 ddr2 new. I hooked that all up and turn the power on the psu. i get a green light on my motherboard.i turn the computer on success everything powered on then it seemed like it restarted and booted again but the monitor did not turn on at all. any solutions for me ?

all my connections are set right for sure!

Answer:Custom built pc, boots fine, but no display picture

Cold boot to SAFE MODE to see if you get a low resolution on the screen. If so, you probably have a defective video graphics drivers.
Otherwise, you either have the wrong video graphics unit for that motherboard,,, or a defective one... I suspect your used one is used up.

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Here's the scoop. Went to microcenter got all these parts went home with a friend and built it.

Plugged in my monitor to my onboard gfx slot, monitor goes green for a second once the connection is made but goes to yellow when I try to power it on.

It's not the monitor. The computer boots up like it's going to the BIOS screen but I cannot get any picture. I'm pretty sure I made proper connections, I had a friend help me whose built computers before. The light on the motherboard goes on. I really don't want to trade it in because i've got the processor and everything good plugged in, but as far as I know I might have to suck it up and do it.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

Answer:built new pc - can't get onboard video or card to display on monitor

Post a parts list.

Did you buy the entire system or upgrade an existing one?

Have you connected the PCIe Power cordand all MB power cables? double check in the manual what connections are there.

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From what I understand according to many that post on this forum, Toshiba's graphics drivers have built-in overheating protection. I've used their drivers from day one, and seriously doubt that this so-called protection works as intended. What exactly does this protection do? If it's meant to protect the GPU, why does it not kick in when temperatures reach 100 degrees centigrade? That's not a healthy temperature for common GPUs such as Geforce 9800M GTX and similar cards. I had my previous card becoming permanentely damaged from overheating issues despite using Toshiba's drivers. So, someone, please tell me how this protection works because I'm starting to think that this "protection" is an urban legend.

I AM using Toshiba's drivers, so please don't advice me to do so. I've read many posts here where people ask about overheating and depite explaining that they do, in fact, use Toshiba drivers, get what looks like copy-paste answers that tell them to download Toshiba drivers. ;) Also, my laptop is placed properly on a flat surface and there is nothing obstructing air flow around the machine.

Thanks for your input. :)


Answer:Qosmio X - Built-in overheat protection in display driver?

Are you running Vista or Win7?

What temperature is it when idling?

Have you updated the BIOS?

Have you blown the dust out from the heatsink?

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I have been almost 2 weeks with my new W541 and I have found 2 issues, one is kind of easy and could be related to drivers.  Built in screen is not detected so, at this moment I'm using an external monitor since my laptop screen is not working. I assume this is related to drivers since this started happening after I connected to an external monitor via the VGA cable. Keyboard issue on number "5" key, just by touching (not even pressing) I can get the 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555, so this is very bad since I assume I will have to ship my computer back. This is bad quality inspection for sure.

Answer:Issues with my new W541 - Built in Display and Keyboard on Number 5

Hi Manuel_Anaya,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!

Can you able to see the BIOS screen on laptop display?
Is the display going blank after booting to windows?
Did you try booting the system into ?Safe mode? and also check if the keyboard issue occurs?
Check with uninstalling the keyboard adapter from ?Device Manager?.

Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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I've recently built a computer and i would like to know what could be causing the small beep and no display?

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*nevermind problem solved read below post*

Answer:Built in webcam not working on dual monitor display?

nevermind, i realize that I am a dumb *** and didn't really take the whole "not plugged in" thing seriously as I thought a built in webcam was already plugged in with the rest of the cords. I guess one of my monitor cords wasn't pushed in all the way which caused it to not be detected. problem solved :/

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I have a Samsung RC512 SO2 Netbook w/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

My Computer has two videos cards in it:
1) Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
2) NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

Currently it is using the Intel card for my built-in display on the laptop.

The max resolution is only 1366 x 728. I am looking for any way to jack up the resolution.

Is there a way to switch the built-in monitor's video card to the GeForce, with hopes that it offers a higher resolution?

The only thing I could find is a way to utilize the Nvidia card for another monitor if I plug it in, but not for the built-in display of the laptop.


Answer:Pick which video card to utilize built-in display

You cannot increase the resolution of your monitor regardless. LCDs have a fixed native resolution anything outside of that doesn't work. Or would be highly pixelated.

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I sucessfully completed building my computer. Fan finally works, but nothing on the screen appears (i was expecting the BIOS screen to appear). I double checked the cables, they're all in place. I tried disconecting everything but the CPU, CPU Fan, RAM, and video card, but the BIOS screen will not come up. What's up? Please help me! I spent a lot of money on this system and I of course want it to work!

Answer:Just built new computer, BIOS screen won't display after power up.

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I just got a bunch of computer parts for Christmas and put them all together with the help of a fairly computer savvy friend. However when I start it up everything looks like it is working fine and yet nothing shows up on the display. The fans all turn on, the lights all turn on, its making all the right sounding...clicks and such. Me and my friend are baffled. I tried out my old video card to see if it would work, the same thing happened, I tried my new video card in my old computer and it worked. I tried taking it all apart and putting it back together. There is no video connection on the motherboard itself for some reason so I can't test that. I tried out everything on this list as well just can't think of anything else to doThe pieces I have are MotherboardMSI 970A-G43 AM3+ AMD 970 + SB950 6 x SATA 6Gb/s ports by AMD SB950 - Supports storage and data transfers at up ...Graphics cardASUS Radeon R9 380 STRIX-R9380-DC2OC-4GD5-GAMING 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support ...Processor AMD FX-9590 Vishera 8-Core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W FD9590FHHKWOF Desktop Processor - Black EditionProcessor fan ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2, CPU Cooler - Intel & AMD, Multi-Directional Mount, 92mm PWM FanRamADATA XPG V1.0 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model AX3U2133W8G10-DRCaseDIYPC Zondda-O Black/Orange SPCC ATX Mid ... Read more

Answer:Newly built computer won't POST or show anything on the display

Which vid connection are you using on the card ? ?

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I am running W10 and whenever I have an external monitor connected to a Dell Inspiron 7348 laptop and choose show only on monitor 2 or I close the laptop lid which disable the laptop screen, the 2nd monitor turns upside down. I have updated drivers. I also have auto rotation disabled. Please help

Answer:External monitor rotates upside down when I turn off built in display

Do you have a program from Dell installed which will rotate it despite the feature being disabled in the Settings?

For anybody else looking for an answer, note that this is a laptop/tablet so screen rotation is normal behavior. The laptop might possibly believe that it is upside down when it is closed but you do have the feature disabled which is wierd.

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Hello, I've got an E520 here that doesn't seem to want to display anything on the built-in screen, unless I've hooked the device up to an external monitor. I've attempted the following: 1.) Windows Key + P to change the display. (No good)2.) Updated drivers. (No good)3.) Changed primary monitor. (No good)4.) Changed to Extended display, duplicate, single. (No good) I'm not quite sure what else to do. Any ideas?


Go to Solution.

Answer:E520 Built-in Display Not Functioning Unless Plugged Into External Monitor

Hi MrMcWhiskers,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing the issue with Display on ThinkPad E520.

Please check if you are able to see Lenovo logo on built-in display when you switch ON the system.
Check booting the system to safe mode if you are able to seen the display on built-in screen.
Boot the system in normal mode connecting with external monitor and uninstall the graphic driver from Control panel ?Program & feature option and restart the system and check if the issue still persists.

Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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I just built my dad a new computer and I'm having trouble getting it to work.

AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.1GHz CPU
AsRock M3A770DE Motherboard
G.Skill 4GB (2x2gb) Dual Channel DDR 1333 RAM
Seagate 1TB Sata Hard Drive
Lite-On 24x Sata Dvd-Burner

And I'm currently using my Powercolor 1gb PCI-E 2.0 Radeon 4850 video card since the one we ordered didn't arrive yet.

After assembling the computer, I tried turning the computer on but nothing appeared on the display and there was no post beep. I could hear the hard drive and dvd drives spinning, so they appear to be working. The case fan and motherboard fans came on, so the motherboard seems to be powered and the power supply must work.

Afterwards I disconnected both the hard drive and dvd drive and turned the computer back on but it still didn't work. Then I tried removing both ram cards and after I turned the computer on, I heard 3 beeps. beep-beep-beep-pause and this repeated. I then tried each ram card individually and in different slots. But this got me back to where I was having no post beeps.

I put my video card back into my computer to make sure that it was still functioning and that I didn't shock it or anything, and it worked. I put it back into my dad's computer and then took turns trying the dvi and vga ports (both my video card and my monitor have both) but this didn't work either (and no the motherboard doesn't have integrated vide... Read more

Answer:Solved: New Custom-Built PC. Boots, No Display or POST Beeps

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As stated in subject. The machine works well with an external display over HDMI, but the built-in 4K display remains black. The system knows about the built-in display in a minimal way, i.e. it knows it exists but the drop-down menu to adjust resolution is empty. The built-in display is assigned a number but it just remains black. If I roll back Intel's driver (downloaded from Dell web site), the driver becomes Microsoft's generic driver, and the built-in display works, but it doesn't work under the Intel driver. Help?

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Okay its the last one in my signature. I have a ati 9600 installed. But when i go to anything on it like play counterstrike, its horrible. Now on my system the 1st in signature its perfect. But with this other one its like the worst thing in the world for some reason something is wrong. The drivers seem to be installed right because i did it like twice to double check. If anything the hard drive is p.o.s. because its from an old machine i reformatted it. If I could get any tips about this computer. Its the only I have built that never quite seemed right, ofcourse its the one i built for my own home too. Is the 9600 just that slow or something? Something is jacked with it. any tips.


Answer:Question about pc i built

change ur video settings in da game to opengl or direct3d. that sould do the trix. tell me if it werkz. it should.

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How to turn off the built-in display without
having to change the power option ( Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings),
close the window,
or put the system to sleep.

WQHD sucks. Most Icons (YouTube video player controller, Win Photo Viewer controller, Eclipse, etc) are tiny. Is there away to fix this annoying small icon issue? Can we get quality (WQHD) without hurting our eyes? plz take a look at the pic.
X1 Carbon 2014 WQHD 2014 (none touch screen)
Link to image 1
Link to image 2
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

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I had to do a System recovery on my HP Desktop Computer with Windows 10 home 64 bit that came preloaded on it. and the HP technical support told me before doing this unplug everything but your Monitor keyboard and mouse so it did. And everything went great I came to a point where it told me to let's get connected pick a network and go online to finish setting up this device. It found my Verizon fios gateway router and I put in the web Key number and was online with out being hard wired. Hp technical support told me my Hp Desktop computer has built-in wireless to it. My question is if I want to do a hardwire connection do I need to turn off or disable the built-in wireless feature? for the hardwire connection to work properly? thank you for any help on this. Hope this make sense sorry if it does not

Answer:Built in Wireless question

Not quite sure what your problem is but try this.
Open Settings and type wire in box at top.
Click on Turn Wire Devices on or off, then click on WI-FI.
All available connections are listed, and by clicking on your ISP you should be automatically connected.

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Ok i'm not sure if this is where i post this since i'm new but whatever, I have a Lenovo laptop it's either G450 or G550 i can't tell which it is honestly cause the booklet that came with it says "G450/G550", anyway it has a built in webcam.  The thing i don't like is when you record videos with the webcam, it's very bad quality plus the size of the video is very small also (640x400), i was wondering if there were any updates or upgrades you could download to perhaps get better quality? HD Maybe?  Or do i have to buy a seperate webcam alltogether?

Answer:Built-in Webcam Question..Anyone?!

Good day and welcome to the community.
You're in the proper forum for G450/G550 discussions.
Here are the links for the driver matrices for each model:
though it appears that the Camera section of each points at the same drivers. That makes sense considering the title of the booklet you have. If there's a driver newer than what you have installed, this is where you'll find them. You should be able to see your current driver version in the camera's properties in Device Manager.
Hope this helps.

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I want to know if I can used my built in web cam that is advertised on a sticker on my computer that it can be used for skype. I want to know if my built in web cam can be used for other software applications besides skype such as uploading a video on youtube using my built in web cam. My operating system is a windows 7 and the personal computer model that I have is a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5214. I tried typing "web cam" in the search bar but got no results. Is the built in web cam only used for skype or can I use it for other things like uploading youtube videos

Answer:Question about web cam thats built in on my computer

Yes it can, your laptop must of came with some type of software for the web-cam.

If not just google web-cam software, you will see many different types of software.

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Hi,just a query about the 'built in' cd burning software supplied with XP Home.When i burn a file to disc the following warning window appears.'Confirm Stream Loss''The file "???.???" has extra information attached to it that might be lost if you continue copying. The contents will not be affected. Do you want to copy the file anyway?'Everything copies ok though, i was just wondering if anyone knows what this message means.Thanks, Chris.

Answer:'Built in' XP CD Burning Question

What files you burning?

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Mac OSX runs on Intel architecture, great. Everyone knows this. I have one simple question to ask; Why can't anyone, assuming they have purchased it legally, just be able to run it on any PC? Why does it require hacks and trickery to get it to run only half-assed on a non-Apple machine?

Answer:Mac OSX on a custom built PC, I have *ONE* question

It's Apple's choice how they want to support it. As far as Apple is concerned, they have shipped it as compatible as it needs to be to run on the hardware they ship.

The tricks are to get around: 1) virtually no retail motherboards ship with EFI support, 2) to support hardware devices that Macs doesn't ship and 3) to work around bugs unofficially supported as hacks by 2 and 3.

There is nothing really that stops someone from purchasing OS X and patching it to run on a generic PC. It's against the EULA, but I'm not sure Apple would want to test that in court. But you get no support and updates will likely break it.

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Hi everyone. New to this forum and hope I have posted this in the right place.

I built a computer from scratch for the first time about a month ago, and it has been exceedingly unreliable since I first began to use it. Often I can use it for hours with no problems (I'm typing this on it now) before it crashes, more rarely it'll crash or freeze after just a few minutes. When it's working, it's extremely quick, as it should be for a high spec gaming PC. There is no hint of slowdown or poor performance other than complete crashes. Since I first built it, it's never gone an entire day without a crash. Typically it will crash 4-5 times if I attempt to use it all day.

The nature of the crashes are baffling to me as it's not the same error each time. I get:
- BSOD's leading to an automatic restart.
- The monitor goes black and on standby. However, the computer continues to run, and all the fans on all the components continue to spin.
- Computer completely freezes, the display looks normal but nothing will respond, windows clearly frozen rather than keyboard / mouse issues as the clock stops updating
- The monitor suddenly displays jagged, chaotic lines across the entire screen , forcing a hard restart.

The crashes don't seem to pertain to a particular activity. I am a gamer and have had long sessions on games like Skyrim, Borderlands and The Witcher smoothly with no problems. The system has crashed while gaming, but more often it happens wh... Read more

Answer:Variety of crashes (BSOD's, display errors and freezes) on a newly built system

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Hi everyone. New to this forum and hope I have posted this in the right place.

I built a computer from scratch for the first time about a month ago, and it has been exceedingly unreliable since I first began to use it. Often I can use it for hours with no problems (I'm typing this on it now) before it crashes, more rarely it'll crash or freeze after just a few minutes. When it's working, it's extremely quick, as it should be for a high spec gaming PC. There is no hint of slowdown or poor performance other than complete crashes. Since I first built it, it's never gone an entire day without a crash. Typically it will crash 4-5 times if I attempt to use it all day.

The nature of the crashes are baffling to me as it's not the same error each time. I get:
- (most common at first but now rarer) BSOD's leading to an automatic restart.
- (most common) The monitor goes black and on standby, and the backlight on my keyboard goes out. However, the computer continues to run, and all the fans on all the components continue to spin. Only way out is to hold the power button on the PC down.
- (more rarely) Computer completely freezes, the display looks normal but nothing will respond, windows clearly frozen rather than keyboard / mouse issues as the clock stops updating
- (more rarely) The monitor suddenly displays jagged, chaotic lines across the entire screen , forcing a hard restart. Backlight on the keyboard stays on, computer stays on but is completely unresponsive.

The cra... Read more

Answer:Variety of crashes (BSOD's, display errors and freezes) on a newly built system

How interesting. Immediately after posting this thread, I experienced a new error.

I was browsing the internet on chrome and had a couple of notepad documents open, as well as a few windows explorer windows. Chrome completely shuts down with no warning, and the start menu disappears. Only the two notepad documents remain. I close them, and am greeted with a completely blank desktop without a taskbar at the bottom or any icons on the desktop at all. I tried to ctrl + alt + del and an error message pops up, something about it not being able to open the task manager.

I would have copied out the entire message (am on my laptop now) but shortly afterwards, the horizontal, chaotic lines across the screen that I mentioned in my first post happened.

This has never happened before and seemingly makes the problem even harder to narrow down.

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When watching live streaming and/or videos on T510 notebook display  and clicking on "full screen" mode. Screen goes black..hitting ESC key returns to original"small format".Same thing happens when connecting to Samsung HDTV via DP to HDMI cable/adapter, (but do get sound thru TV speakers).Further research pointed to set DISPLAY settings via NVIDIA Control Panel and adjust "scaling"..However NVDIA Control Panel does NOT give me that capability or option...checking NVDIA support site,forums, and update drivers page, no success or info.Via Device Manager did an Update Drivers function for both the Intel graphics card and the NVIDIA card and reply was latest drivers installed. I suspect my NVDIA Control Panel is not fully accessible to make changes to DISPLAY settings but cannot find a source to "update" it. Thanks for any replies.

Answer:No Full Screen on T510 with NVIDIA 3100M ( via built-in Notebook Display or HDTV)

Are you using a Flash-based player? Make sure you're running the latest Flash.

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If I have a built in graphics card on my motherboard is it possible that if I try to install Windows 7 using one in the PCI-E x16 graphics card slot I will get errors during the installation?

Answer:Built in Graphics Card Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Anpippin

If I have a built in graphics card on my motherboard is it possible that if I try to install Windows 7 using one in the PCI-E x16 graphics card slot I will get errors during the installation?

Sorry but I don't understand what you are asking.

If you have onboard graphics it is a chip on the motherboard, if you have an actual graphics card that will be in a slot.

I think that if you install a card you would disable the onboard chip.

Whichever you have neither will give problems during an install.

If that is not what you want to know please post back with a few more details of what you are trying to do.

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I got a brand new laptop the other day, I do a lot of tinychat, and my damn built in webcam is so upclose its crazy! ive looked everywhere to try and fix it, but no luck.
I have an acer aspire ES 15 .
all it says about the webcam is that it is a VGA webcam .
Horrible I cant live like this haha .
any input or ideas ?

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I have just recently have a TEcra A4-SP619.
It has a built-in microphone because I have used it, but I could not find where it is !!!
Sounds strange, but I will thanks if someone could help me to know where is physically the built-in microphone.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Tecra A4: Question about built-in Microphone.


According to the user manual it depends on the Tecra A4 model you purchased, your computer has a built-in microphone that can be used to record monaural sounds into your applications.
Nevertheless check the display frame if there you will find something like a internal mic.

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1)2 weeks ago. I am loosing my mind...I can't read anything ( including this forum.) Is there any universal way to to increase text size across the web w/o changing my monitor resolution?
2) Even my Outlook Express address book window/text is tiny

Thanks, Serry
check the text size of this window..everything I am seeing is either size 1 or 2. I am going blind

Answer:Newbie re-built

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I recently built a new Pc and some utility people were working on something down the street and knocked the power out.  My computer restarted fine but the system clock was a few years off.  Is something not right?  I think I was getting some messages that said something about cmos not having enough power or something like that.

Answer:built my own PC and had a question.  I Time m

You should be able to set the system clock back by entering the BIOS. The CMOS is supplied by its own power source, unless the battery has become depleted, it can not have either too much or too little power for it to work properly.

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So I recently built and assembled my first desktop

Asus M4A88TD-V EVO USB3 Motherboard

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad Core Processor

Corsair 4GB DDR3 RAM x4

Video Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 1TB

DVD Burner

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case

Power Supply
Cooler Master GX Series 650W

Once the DVD burner arrives from UPS today, I'll be able to download Windows 7 and all the other stuff I need on there.

My question is, is there anything else I should be buying for my computer to 100% work? I already have the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and I'm not worrying about speakers atm. I know I still need a wireless adapter, but do I need anything else??

Also, with the wireless adapter I'm not really sure what to look for. Should I be getting a -G or -N adapter? PCI or PCI express? Other than the adapter, do I need anything else to get internet for my computer (we already have a router)?

Answer:Built a new computer - internet question + a checkup

Go with a USB WiFi adapter like this:
D-Link Wireless

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I just received an E6420 billed as an i7-2720QM, 4 Core CPU.  I'm almost certain that when I viewed the BIOS it also identified as such.  
I upgraded the BIOS from A01 to A05, and then form A05 to A24.  Now, the machines current configuration identifies the CPU as an i7-2640M 2 core CPU, but with a -4 appendix, as if the machine knows it has 4 cores.  I would like to know once and for all what I actually have without disassembly. 
Service Tag <Service tag removed>
Thank You

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Lets say I make a text file on Friday, my system gets backed up on Sunday, I delete the file on Tuesday, does the file on the backup media get deleted when the new backup is made next Sunday?

Answer:question about built in backup/restore in Windows

Answer is yes. If you want to keep the older version you should use a backup approach that you can control - e.g. a simple copy/paste.

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