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KVM on notebooks

Question: KVM on notebooks

Hello, I'm looking for Aten CS661 KVM, my intention is to control 2 notebooks with this switch by using only monitor, keyboard and mouse of one of these notebook. Do you think is possible?

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Preferred Solution: KVM on notebooks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: KVM on notebooks

No. Because the laptop cabling for the monitor & kb are all internal and thus have no means to connect to the KVM

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Ok, so I've splashed out for a Notebook because I travel all over the place and need to have access to The Net (Internet Explorer) and my ntlworld webmail account.First thing first.....obviously the Notebook has a modem but as I have broadband at home I thought a really good way for me to get all my software and Windows up to date would be to use my broadband connection (USB) to connect to the Net.....when I had my broadband installed I had a disc, I take it I have to install this disc onto my Notebook to gain access?Obviously because I have ntlworld broadband, I haven't got a 'dial up' connection.....can anyone suggest a cheap ISP or a way that I can be 'mobile' with my notebook in Europe. Both my mobile phone and my notebook have bluetooth technology so I can connect that way but I need an ISP don't I??

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Brightness control Fn keys (F5,F6) and microphone mute key (F10) not working on my laptop.I have literaly updated all the device drivers to the latest ones from hp sites.Ohter hotkeys work though. (e.g. F1 - sleep, F3 - keyboard LED, F4 - switch monitor, F8/9 - volumn control)Only the brightness control and microphone mute keys don't work.I am having Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit installed. Any suggestion or solution will be much appreciated.

Answer:hp notebooks x64 go

You might be missing HP Hotkey softpaq installation. You can just download and install directly from the web, or use HP SDM (  to install all available HP drivers and BIOS you may need at once

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Question: notebooks

I am in the market for a new notebook. I have done some research but still a little unsure of what the right decision is.

What manufacturers do you like?
What model?
How can I tell what a good screen is...I need a good screen.

I basically need it for traveling and will be using it for everything I am using my desktop for now i.e. bookkeeping, online research, graphics (Fireworks, Photoshop) and web development, staying in contact with people while on the road.

My budget is around U.S. $1800.00. I do know that I want a above average processor and over 512 ram...because I am really impatient 60 gig HD or bigger.

Thanks for any help.


Dell or Toshiba. Don't get HP/Compaq, I've heard nothing but bad about those.

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Question: Notebooks

Hi there!!!

Well I need hepl!

Does anybody have some experiences with a Fujitsu-Siemens notebooks,

I saw this model Amilo m1420, and now i m traying to colect some opinions

I m loooking for notebook with good graphic card (Ati 9500 and higher) a possibly with DVD recorder _ / +

So give momething




as long as it works and you're happy with it's specs and price, go ahead and buy it

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Question: T.V.'s & Notebooks

I'm just wondering if there is a way to hook up a note book to a T.V. so that you can play a DVD through it.

Answer:T.V.'s & Notebooks

Welcome to TSG!

Yes, if the notebook has a S-Video port or HDMI port it supports connecting a TV. Some video adapters has a TV out function VGA port, this would require a VGA to S-Video adapter. Note that this adapter will only work if the video card supports it, it will not convert a VGA signal to S-Video.
The Laptop User Guide should have a section on how to connect to a TV if that is supported.

Some TV's may have a VGA Input that let's you use them as a monitor, so you can connect a PC without having to have a TV out feature. THe TV's user guide would have info on this.



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Question: 2 Notebooks 1 PC

Hi. I'm trying to use a designated hdd in my pc to backup the pc and 2 notebooks wirelessly. I have a 1tb hdd that is only for backup on which are 3 partitions. With laptop "A" I can browse to the partition I'm using for it, but when I select it I'm asked for username and password even though I have the sharing set to not ask for credentials. With laptop "B" when I go to set up backup for it, there is no "save on network" option, so I can't even browse to the pc hdd at all. I'm using Win7 ultimate 64bit on all computers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Question: Notebooks

I've just came into ownership of a Sony Vaio PCG-9415. Even though it has it's own battery, it will only ever last more than five minutes. Literally. I have to plug it in all the time. So I was wondering if anyone out there had the same laptop or knew something about this problem. How long is the battery supposed to last, and where can I purchase a new replacement battery?


Presume this is a second hand laptop? If so it could be that the battery is nearing (or at!) the end of it`s useful life. They don`t last forever. My laptop is 2 years old and when new the battery lasted nearly three hours of constant use. Now about 30 minutes.Type your computer name into google and the word battery. You`ll get loads of links like this one click here

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Question: Notebooks

Well, I just got a Gateway Solo 3300 notebook...and its in pretty bad shape.. I want to trade and build a new notebook in this that possible? ANY help would be great


you will have to use gateway 3300 compatible parts to upgrade it----do a google searh on "gateway 3300 parts" you will get lots of results

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Question: ISP and notebooks

Not only am I computer illiterate, I know nothing about notebooks or how they work. So please speak s-l-o-w-l-y when you answer.

I have a desktop with a ISP, of course. I am considering a laptop for travel. How does this work? How will I get on line?

Answer:ISP and notebooks

via wireless networks most of the time. Many hotels and coffee shops have wireless networks that you can use for free.

At home you can purchase a wireless router to get internet there.

Laptops can also be wired and in some instances you can do that as well.

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Question: Notebooks

A friend of mine has bought a notebook, What is missing on it is the opening for the internet connection. Can notebooks be used via an ISP Virgin or other or is he restricted to using the Dongle which came with it?.


It may have Wireless only, Have you checked the Documentation

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Question: Notebooks

I may be buying a new laptop. Can you guys recommend a good laptop?
What do you think of Dell?
Or should I cross over to MAc?

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Question: Z61 NoteBooks

Can anyone tell me if Win 2000 is compatible with dual core systems? Thanks!!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Z61 NoteBooks

Welcome to the forum! I believe that you'll find this thread interesting...the answer is yes, it is... Hope this helps.

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I found this today in my email. I'm a subscriber to the alienware insider newsletter because I entered a constest awhile ago for the free givaway of 12 comps or something like that.

Heres the link to the SLI laptop from alienware

Must weight a lot, what do you guys think?

Answer:Notebooks now go SLI


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Question: notebooks

Hello,  So I am playing Counter Strike: GO on my laptop, and when someone unplugged my charger, I had a sudden drop in FPS. Is this fixable? Tried restarting it a couple of times, and nothing happened. My laptop specs are: intel i74510-u @2 GHzGeForce 840mWindows 10 Pro12 GB Ram I do not have any other apps open either. My laptop is not yet over 2 years in age and this happens.

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I was at Apple's webpage looking at Macs & their hardware appeared like PC parts. Now please forgive me, that was my first time looking at a Mac's specifications so... yeah noobish I know .

Reason I'm into this is because my sister wants one for school, but after it's over she doesn't want it anymore. So what I was wondering is - is it possible to install a MAC OS onto a Notebook PC? And how well would it work? Also, what if we were to do it the other-way around & install a Windows OS on the Mac?

Answer:MAC & PC Notebooks.

You cannot install MacOSX (legally) on anything other then a Mac so this will not be discussed here.

You can however install Windows XP (& maybe other versions) on a Mac in a perfectly legal manner with the Bootcamp software made available on the Apple website.

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Anyone here have a Sager Notebook?I was wondering how those are. Right now I am deciding between 3 notebooks

HP ZD8000
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Media Center Edition(w/dual tv tuner)
Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 processor 540 w/HT Technology
17.0" WSXGA+ BrightView Wide Viewing (1680x1050)
1.0GB DDR2 SDRAM, 400MHz (2x512MB)
100 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive
DVD+/-RW/R & CD-RW Combo w/Double Layer Support
256MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) X600
54g(TM) Integ. Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN & Bluetooth
Microsoft(R) Works/Money
12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Dell Dimension XPS
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
Pentium® 4 Processor 3.40GHz w/ HT Tech
15.4-in WUXGA Active Matrix
1GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz
100GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
8x CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer write capability
Dell® Wireless 1450 Internal Wireless (802.11a/b/g, 54Mbps)
Inspire P7800 with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX
96 WHr 12-cell Primary Battery with Subwoofer
132 WHr 16-cell Secondary Battery

Alienware Area 51-m 7700
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
Area-51m 7700 Case with 17" WideSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 LCD Display with Built-in Camera - Xeno Grey
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 560 w/ HT Technology 3.6GHz 1MB Cache
Geforce 6800 go PCI-E
1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 533MHz - 2 x 512MB
Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA
100GB 5400 RPM ATA100 - Seagate
8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW / 24X CD... Read more

Answer:Which one of these 3 notebooks would you buy

I happen to be doing some research for buying a laptop myself however I'm mostly looking for Centrino-based notebooks that offer a longer battery life... you seem to be looking for a desktop replacement with gaming on mind (which sets you at a very high price range).

But since you seem rather comfortable paying for those notebooks you mentioned, I would say the Alienware would be my first choice, it's the most expensive, too and you don't mention what's the videocard (Geforce Go 6800, I think), I especially like the 17" screen.

If you don't mind the smaller screen, the Dell gets close enough although for a mere ~$200 extra, I would go for the Alienware. I definitely like the battery options in the Dell something which you should look closely in anything you buy.

The HP system looks nice but the X600 videocard is not a gamers' choice so beware of that.

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Question: Notebooks?

Have you guys heard of a company called KillerNotebooks? I was just looking at they're site, and they're have incredible deals. I was just wondering if you guys know anything about they're credibility or quality? If you care to check it out, its


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Wonder if these guys are accounting for the people that build their own systems. I doubt it.. I would presume this is a significant market, considering the success of places like newegg and zipzoomfly..

Answer:Notebooks more popular?

Yeh, I think maybe notebooks are now outselling desktops because so many people now are building their own system. Since you cannot build a laptop, people are stuck buying one. I know most people that have a laptop (but they know stuff about computers) also have their own built system. Like for college kids, they need a laptop for school but have a complete system in their dorm or at their respective place of residence. When I go to school, I'm going to buy a very cheap (but new) laptop just for my school work. I dont really care about speed and power when I'm typing notes. When I get back to my dorm, I'll just throw that **** on the charger and jump onto my beast! And then go to my computer...

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I'm trying to fix a compaq presario notebook model 1620 for a
friend. The AC power adapter plug got poped into the notebook
and I'm trying to figure out how to get to it. I've got everthing
out of the case (that I need) except for the floppy drive. I can't
figure out how to get the rest of the top off (the piece at the top
that holds the monitor on). If anyone knows what I should do or
would like more info or even a picture just let me know. And I
know most of you will probably say take it to a service center,
but my friend doesn't have that kind of cash and I'm trying to
help him out.


Answer:Anyone know about Compaq notebooks?

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Question: Gameing notebooks

What is the best gaming notebook out there? I dont know anything about laptops, and I dont want to just buy one blindly. Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Gameing notebooks

gaming laptops are pretty expensive... look here for some

you want an AMD processor since they are usually better for games...

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Question: Notebooks/Laptops

i dont know if this is the right section for this thread but i was wondering if you could upgrade stuff in your laptop. sorry if this sounds stupid but im a newb. thanks


Yep, you can upgrade the hard drive, memory, CD drive, operating system, and a couple other things.

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can i read my notebook's hard drive with my Desktop if I connect the notebook's HD as slave in my Desktop?


Answer:notebooks to desktop

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Question: Cheap Notebooks

Has anyone heard of or own any Medion or Tevion hardware and are they any good?

Answer:Cheap Notebooks

NO, I never had heard anything about those two companys.

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Is it possible to interconnect two notebooks using a crossover cable (with RJ-45s at each end) and be able to access the internet line that is connected to one of them without using a modem? I have succeeded in linking them via wireless but cannot connect to the internet on both with one line. Please advise.

Answer:Networking Notebooks

Just configure ICS on the one with the Internet connection and leave the other one at the default configuration.

What is the version of Windows on each computer?

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Need Assistance I forgetten HP EliteBook 820 G1 Notebook Bios Password , Please assist me guide how do i reset BIOS password Best Regards

Answer:HP Notebooks x2 Go bios

Hi, Unfortunately,  business machines such as Probooks or Elitebooks have more stringent security than consumer models - they don't produce 'halt codes', the password cannot be derived from the Serial No. and the code is stored in non-volatile memory so removing the RTC cell will not reset the password in this case. If you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a customised SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password. Regards, DP-K

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I want to invest into a new Acer laptop and found these following models to be most suitable acording to my personal specs. The Problem is, I cannot see any difference between those two. Can anybody explain why there are two seemingly identical models on the internet? These Are the Models:Aspire V15 Nitro BE VN7-592G-73R2 (NX.G6JEG.006)Aspire V15 Nitro BE VN7-592G-71JF (NX.G6JEV.003) Thanks in Advance!

Answer:What is the Differnce between these two notebooks?

Looking on the acer site can only find the NX.G6JEG.006, there's a NX.G6JEV.001 and 002 but no 003Also, googling NX.G6JEV.003 only brings up 650 results compared with 4500 for the G6JEG.  I can only imagine there was some kind of mistake but dont know for sure why.

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Question: notebooks pwm free

Do you have notebooks pwm free, using the new Direct Current (DC) Technology ? MSI has  all in one PC at Asus has , but I prefer more powerfull like I want real DC dimming like , for real pwm free, preferable certified by TÜ V Rheinland )Big thanks,Iulian 

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Hello, Whats the diff between laptops and notebooks?

Answer:notebooks and laptops

Jam610682 said:

Hello, Whats the diff between laptops and notebooks?Click to expand...

Welcome to the forum

There is no difference, people from the UK use the word laptop more than people from the US 'I call everything a laptop'. Some manufacturers will name smaller laptops as notebooks especially in the US but I call those netbooks.

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I have a 2 year-old laptop and a 6 month-old netbook. I recently read that if my mobile notebooks are always plugged in to a power source,(and mine are 99% of the time) the battery should not be in the equipment. It read they should be removed and stored away. Is this true? If so, my question, is it to late to remove these batteries and put them away for safe keeping? Are they slowly being drained away plugged into the notebook? Thanks for all your help here!

Answer:Notebooks and their batteries

Read the following link on laptop batteries...
Four essential tips for extending the battery life of your computer, cell phone, and every other gadget. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine

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as im new with labtops, ive overclock desktops before but never a laptop but i just got this hp pavilion ze2315us what can be done safely, maybe just alittle ump

Answer:overclocking hp notebooks

CPU FSB, softFSB, or clockgen are your best bet..inless you are up for taking the laptop apart to look for dipswitches....

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Question: Mini Notebooks

I have been looking into these mini notebooks, because when I go to college, I will be bringing my desktop with me, but I'll also want a small, cheap laptop to bring to class/library for basic word processing and internet use. I won't be buying one for months, but I'm just interested in knowing: which is the best between the HP Mini, Dell Mini, Asus Eee PC, and the MSI Wind?

(And please, refrain from "Don't get a Dell, Dell's suck").

Answer:Mini Notebooks

I have been looking at netbooks for similar reasons and so far the MSI wind is my favorite. It has one of the best screens I have seen on a laptop regardless of size and is reasonably priced for a 10".

I recommended finding a store that carries several of the different brands so you can compare them side by side to see which one you like best.

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Some time next week, I am looking at getting myself a gaming laptop. I am going to be getting this in conjunction of an offer at work where I get $700 off if I sign up with Next G Mobile broadband

MSI MSI8018 GX720
* Intel Core 2 Duo Proc with Intel PM45 + ICH9M chipset
* 4GB DDR2 Memory , 320GB SATA 5400RPM HDD , DVD Super Multi/ Blu-ray
* 17" WXGA ACV(Amazing Crystal Vision) Display Res 1680x1050
* Built-in Gig Enet LAN & Modem Module, 802.11b/g/n WLAN Card, Bluetooth
* nVIDIA Geforce 9600M GT 3D Graphic Card (Built-in DDR3 512MB)
* HD Audio, 4 speakers+ 1 sub woofer, 4-in-1 Card Reader, SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro
* 1 x Graphics Card Output (15-pin, D-Sub); 3 x USB2.0 Port, 1 x Mic-in Por
1 x Headphone Output, 1 x Modem Port; 1 x LAN Port, 1 x PCI Express Card
1 x eSATA, 1 x HDMI
* Li-Ion 6 cells
* Windows Vista Home Premium

I have my heart set on this notebook. As any one used a MSI Notebook before. Have any one here used them? Can any one comment on the over all quality of there notebooks?
I have used MSI motherboard and have been happy with them.
MSI's Australian head office / service centre is only about 20 minute drive from me.

The other notebooks I am considering are :-

Asus M70VR-7S015C
CORE2DUO P8400 2.26GHZ,250*2,2x1GB,17.1" WXGA+
AGN 10/100/1000,1.3MP,8C,TVT,BAG,VISTA PREMIUM. Read more

Answer:Has anyone here used MSI Gaming Notebooks?

Looks pretty decent, but I'm not sure how MSI laptops are. What are the prices?

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I bought a new notebook comp. and I want to get my itunes library off of my old notebook HD. Can I connect the two computers with a usb cable and transfer files between the Hard drives? Thanks.

Answer:Can I connect two notebooks via usb?

use this:

I have something like it and have had no problems xfering data back and forth on mutiple systems

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A few questions that I have been trying to determine for some time.

1. What is the best way to get the dust out of a laptop? Mainly acer ones, they are usually the name brand we use.

2. Can excessive dust in a laptop really slow down program performance that much?

3. At my home, I'm paying for a 20MB download connection. If I have a laptop hooked up to my linksys wireless router and it’s the only computer on. Should I get the full 20MB or will I get about 80% of that since I'm going through a router?

4. Would it be better to just use an ethernet cable or wireless for overall speed reliability?

Answer:4 question's about notebooks

1. Can of compressed air.

2. When I worked for the school district I had a Compaq NX6000 and I literally had to take it apart to clean it. The Heatsink would get so full of dust the cpu and gpu would start over heating.

3. A wired network card can be 100Mb or even Gigabit speed. Most newer wireless cards are 54Mb or faster. So your lan speed will always be faster than your Internet Connection.

4. Wired connection is probably always going to offer better reliability but I don't think it makes a difference when access things over the Internet.

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Aside from whether they are 2x 4x etc... are they the same?

Answer:Are AGP slots the same on all notebooks?

Yes, I believe that they are. AGP is AGP.

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I would like to install Mac OS on my HP Notebook 15-ay112ne , anybody can tell me if it is possible or not ?...And what about device drivers , how I can install them on MAC OS?

Answer:HP Notebooks very bad with Windows 10

Beyond the scope of this Forum, but what you are trying to do is called a Hackintosh or CustomMac.  This is the leading Forum for people who do that, who are a cult all unto themselves. The hardware in the laptop generally has to be something that the Mac OS supports, i.e. it has to be similar to one of the Mac computers.  I have tried a couple Hackintoshes and it is a lot of work and not very stable.  If you don't like Windows 10 you might want to consider Linux. Much easier to install and supports a much wider variety of hardware.  Good luck you are gonna need it.   

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For the first time, three NVIDIA chips - two flagship NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7800 GTX GPUs and an NVIDIA nForce®4 SLI media and communications processor (MCP)-combine to provide unmatched notebook performance and visual quality

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Hi all. Well it seems I've learned another lesson the hard way. I ordered a 256mb SODIMM PC100 32x64 for my Thinkpad 600x 2465. WRONG! I had no idea that notebook memory was so picky., as this is the first laptop I've ever owned, so I did not bother to do my homework before ordering. In hindsight, I should have checked the existing memory stick for the make and ID numbers associated with each chip on the SODIMM to see waht speed it actually is. It already had a 64mb Kingston KTM-TP390X/64 8m x 16. Needless to say when I put the 32x64 SODIMM in there, it wouldn't even POST. I have a couple of questions on this. What does the "32 x 64" mean. Why are these SODIMMS so particular. I mean there seems to be an endless variety of 144 pin modules out there. It also seems the older the SODIMM, the more rare it is, and thus, more expensive! A 8m x 16 stick seems sort of rare, as not many sites like Newegg and tigerdirect carry that type anymore. Crucial and Kingston carry it, but I would like to know if there is another way to find out about compatibility besides filling in the "memory chooser" drop down menus. I'd like to shop around for a stick. I made the mistake of ordering before I knew the whole story, and now I have to return it, and I'm not sure if they have a compatible type in their stock(computergeeks dot com). I'll probably end up having to give them a re-stocking fee and only get part of my money back. I hope someone else c... Read more

Answer:RAM Compatibility in Notebooks

I recently made the same mistake. If you want to know what that mysterious "32 x 64" means visit.....

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Have just bought a laptop and want to know if I can access the internet without a phone line of anysort. Have been told about wireless modems (what are they)? and prepaid internet service cards that can (apparently) be slotted into the side of the laptop. As I am completely ignorant of all these things can someone offer me some advice on the best option?Thanks

Answer:notebooks and the internet

there are two ways to do this.(1) access internet via mobile phone network, use so called GPRS technology (2.5G, not 3G technology yet), Vodaphone sell a few package cost monthly about £100 +, speed is almost as fast as broadband.(2) acess wirelessly via a wireless "Hotspot" nearby (30 meters) if your laptop is wireless ready, there are many hot spot around the county for example most Starbuk coffee, but cost is high as well, maybe 5 pounds a hour, speed is the same as broadbandA cheaper, but slower method (25% speed of normal dial up) is to dial a normal dial up service using your mobile phone if your mobile phone has build data modem (many have) and both your mobile and laptop have either infra-red or bluetooth connection.

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This could affect you, Read all the link. click here

Answer:HP says as many as 900,000 notebooks buggy

it could be

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Does anyone have any advice on using a notebook in South East Asia.. mainly Thailand. The power sockets out there have no ground, so you get a shock everytime you touch anything that is connected to the mains. God knows how their electrical goods don't fry. Are they any gadgets that can rectify this problem? And having it plugged into the mains, I assume that it won't do the battery any good, as the voltage is 220AC, 50 Hertz.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Answer:Using notebooks in S.E. Asia..

The power converter will protect your laptop; its output is regulated, so the supply to the laptop from it will remain stable.

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Can any one help me with a few questions.I am looking in to bying a notebook for photo/vidio editing office docs.and 2-3 games.Would a pentium 4 3.3ghz 128mb grapics card,amd mob. 2400+ 128mb grapics card or a athelon 64 3400 64mb grapics be best.pentium is a acer 1714smi,ceeron is a acerferari 3000 and the athelon is a evesham.thanks for any help


Either would be good; no point in spending the extra mondy for an athlon 64 though. A good PIV with plenty of RAM will do the job. An external monitor would also be an advantaged.

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I'm looking to buy a notebook. Things which are important...- Screen size / clarity- Comfy keyboard- Good bat life- LightNot too worried about power. It's going to be a word processor / email / internet machine.There seems to be a lot of options, processor wise. But it's looking like I should go for one with a specific mobile processor in it for battery life.Budget... Probably looking at a grand (before VAT) max. Is that always going to tight on a laptop? I usually build my own desktops so get a really decent machine for less than a grand. I don't think it's going to be that easy.The other thing is second hand machine, any particular models about a year / two years old I should look out for? Any websites which have an archive of older reviews?I've been told IBM thinkpads are always a safe bet. Would there be any problems with getting an older machine onto a wireless network. It will it be hunky dory as long as I've got a pc card slot?Any help / recommendations much appreciated.

Answer:Getting confused by notebooks...

click here For buissness auctions, cheap PC's it may be actually, try it.I like the medion laptops myself or the Compaq.Look for a 2.8 at £1,200

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A few questions that I have been trying to determine for some time.

1. What is the best way to get the dust out of a laptop? Mainly acer ones, they are usually the name brand we use.

2. Can excessive dust in a laptop really slow down program performance that much?

3. At my home, I'm paying for a 20MB download connection. If I have a laptop hooked up to my linksys wireless router and it?s the only computer on. Should I get the full 20MB or will I get about 80% of that since I'm going through a router?

4. Would it be better to just use an ethernet cable or wireless for overall speed reliability?

Answer:4 questions about notebooks

1. I wouldn't worry about it, if you can't get to it with canned air, then it likely isn't a big issue.

2. Only if its preventing the CPU from maintaining a normal temperature, if it gets too high the CPU will throttle down.

3. The router won't slow up your connection, it is likely 100 or 1000Mbps, so a max out on your dl of 20 is well within its capabilities. If you see 80% it is your ISP and or the servers you are connecting to.

4. Wired, but even 802.11g is over twice as fast as your 20Mbps down, so in theory it wouldn't make any difference. But I've always felt like things are quicker wired even if they shouldn't be.

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I see them on Gateway and Toshiba, not sure what other companies offer them. A girl working at Best Buy, where they had the Gateway systems on display, said that they see them coming in with alot of problems. Something about not quite having the technology worked out between the monitor and base - buggy connection or something.

I've never even used a tablet pc - they were always way over priced in my mind. The idea of combining the two, tho, is neat. I don't really want to be a beta tester, tho, unless they want to GIVE me one to test for them. hehe

Answer:Anyone Using the New Tablet PC/Notebooks?

Tab PC'S are fine. Most are as good as a laptop nowdays... We use them at work all the time and love them... Most sync to the server twice a day to upload and we have not had any problems...

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Question: Quality Notebooks

I'm looking to be buying a laptop before I head into the service but everything is so *#&$(@ expensive. I know that the mark up is huge but this is unbelievable. Everything thing that I see in the price range i'm aiming for is so sub par for what I want in my computer. Anyone have any suggestions on a good place to shop for a laptop?

Answer:Quality Notebooks

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Yo... Another day, another computer, another new problem. Actually, in many cases, my biggest problem is getting inside laptops. Anyone know of a "one-stop-free-download" site where I could get schematics for Dell, Gateway, Compaq and others? Thanks. [For those I've not "talked" with before, I work for a pawn shop refurbishing pawned and sold computers.]

Answer:Need Schematics 4 Notebooks

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I've been pricing out new laptops for college, and I've read a few HP recommendations on other computer forums. I checked out the HP site, and customized a dv9500t, and was pretty suprised at what all I could cram into it for the price.

Here's what I built, for $2,157 (2 year accidental damage warranty included in price)

Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo T7500 (2.2GHz/4MB L2Cache) (Santa Rosa right?)

17.0" WSXGA+ BrightView Widescreen (1680x1050)

2GB Ram

511MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS

200GB 7200RPM SATA Dual Hard Drive 100GB x 2

LightScribe DVD+/-RW w/Double Layer

High Capacity 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

To me, it seems like an amazing computer for the price, not to mention that it'll have the new Intel Centrino Pro processor. Does anybody have any feedback on HP? They're ranked pretty high in consumer reports and have a pretty common respectable name. I may be missing something, but this notebook seems to beat out anything I could get for the same price from somewhere like Dell or Alienware.

Just wanted some feedback. I won't be actually ordering a laptop till late August, so maybe things will have changed a bit by then.

Answer:HP Notebooks, reliable?

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Question: Dell Notebooks

We offer brand new models of Dell Notebooks for very low prices.

If you have something to sell, post in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum and be sure to post a price, not a link. -Guy

And these are the rules for selling:

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Relevance 38.13%

I am a little bit confused with regard to International warranty services. Does Lenovo provide IWS for notebooks, which you can configure and buy on us Is there any possibility how to find out a model type of notebook I have chosen to configure on this web? For example, I have found some links leading to the online compiler, where you can configure T61 with 3 years warranty on the basis and the compiler also provides more options than the "default" one. For the life of me I am not able to find corresponding compiler for notebooks I am interested in (T400 to be specific.) Thank you.

Answer:IWS & notebooks from US

Welcome to the forum! None of the T400 machines currently offered on Lenovo's U.S. site wouldn't be eligible for warranty in Czech Republic. Hope this helps.

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ThinkPad T61 14.1" widescreen with integrated graphics and windows--3~5 lbs.ThinkPad T61 14.1" widescreen with integrated graphics and Linux--Over 6 lbs.Please open this URL. they are only different on CPU and OS. One CPU is Intel® Core? 2 Duo processor T8100 (2.1GHz 800MHz 3MBL2)1  while the other is Intel® Core? 2 Duo processor T7250 (2.0GHz 800MHz 2MBL2)1 .Message Edited by albert on 04-22-2008 03:51 PM

Answer:why are the weights of two "T61 14.1 widescreen" notebooks so different?

it could be a typo... these things happen, i think the first spec is more realistic, a 14.1 inch screen T61 with 6 + pound is 'unrealistic'... that is how much my R61i with 15.4 inch screen weighs.... if the second spec is true.. then T series Thin and light motto is out of the windows.... but god the laptop in USA is cheap.. i have decided to ask my Aunt to purchase one for me at the end of year from US of A... Australian dollar is strong thank god.... 14.1 inch widescreen, i have never had one those before...

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Relevance 38.13%

is there a way to create a template so that each onenote notebook you create will start with the same pages?
for example each notebook is a different flower. and then the page titles are "pics", "drawings", "links", etc. thanks

Answer:onenote templates for new notebooks

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question is there a way to create a template so that each onenote notebook you create will start with the same pages?
for example each notebook is a different flower. and then the page titles are "pics", "drawings", "links", etc. thanks check this page:
There's a section on templates, perhaps the information you're looking for is there
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Is there a pci e wifi card that support ac speeds for my notebook?

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Hi! I'm looking for a notebook with USB-C port, and specifically for one whose battery can be charged through its USB-C port. For the sake of clarity I'm not talking about charging other devices here, like Powersharing, but more the ability to charge the PC itself without having to bring a big Powerbrick wherever I go. I know that the Spectre ultrabooks have this feature but since I'm leaning towards a more traditional model in terms of ergonomics I'd like to know if there any of the ProBook, EliteBook och ZBook models that also can be powered through the USB-C port? It seems as if the ProBook 640 G2 and the HP EliteBook 850 G3 can do this, but I'm not sure. Help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Anders

Answer:HP notebooks with USB-C charging feature

Hi, At least the following machines have USB-C port: HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile WorkstationHP EliteBook 850 G3 Notebook PCHP EliteBook 848 G3 Notebook PCHP EliteBook 840 G3 Notebook PCHP EliteBook 755 G3 Notebook PCHP EliteBook 745 G3 Notebook PCand more Regards.  

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Hello,I purchased 7 HP zBook G3 laptops - 4 in the 17" size and 3 in the 15" size. I'm posting here because I'm thinking they may be something like an engineering sample that was creating during development. See this photo: There are white stickers on the palmrest that say "OS" "CPU" and "Feature Label" and on the bottom it has a white sticker labeled "COA." Additionally, the batteries I received with the computers say "samples for development phase qualification" on the labels. Finally, the screens are also completely shattered - there are multiple deep dents on the lid that almost look like they are intentionally destroyed. Can anyone provide some insight on whether these are mid-development laptops or not? I'm concerned about whether it's legal to actually sell these if they are a development model. Thank you! Robert

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Running Win10 on Surface Pro 4
How do I retrieve my files? They were there last night, as I uploaded some photos to my study group on Facebook.

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I'm close to buying an ACER brand notebook.
Before jumping however I was wondering if anyone here had knowledge of notebooks that could be upgraded with better processors and dedicated mobile graphics cards after buying.
Far as I see currently it seems notebooks are somewhat a throw away if you want to move up without buying a whole new machine.

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I'm thinking of buying a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo V2020 notebook. I already have a home PC with a Wanadoo broadband connection and was wondering how easy it would be for the notebook to use this connection? In the spec. it says it has a wireless NIC Intel Pro/ wirelss 2200BG. I'm not entirely sure what this is. My question is, do I need to buy anything else to achieve a connection to Broadband without the need to connect with cables or more hardware? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Notebooks and wireless broadband

Do you already have a "Live box" from Wanadoo? This allows you to have a wireless connection to your p.c as well as your new laptop, if you get one. I have one and it works well for the p.c but the signal strength to my new Dell laptop is very sensative to where I am in the house. Before I bought the Dell I phoned Wanadoo to make sure the wireless card that came with it was suitable. I think as long as it does 802.11g it should be fine.

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I struggled with this on my 3440ct (w/ a new 20gb hd).

First I gave up, and installed Linux variants (fedora and redhat), which both worked flawlessly!

So it wasn't a hardware problem.

But then I got tired of the, for me, unusable Linux, and tried gathering information from the microsoft bulletin.

Seems the XP(and 2000 install) is trying to use an incompatible HD driver during install. Using a generic driver would do the trick, but I have yet to find out how to do this (pressing F6 during install, probably, but what to load?)

Toshiba could probably resolve this if they released specific HD drivers for the laptops mentioned(are you reading this?!).

I thought maybe 98 SE didn't force incompatible drivers during install, and I was right! :)

(If your tied to a PCMCIA cdrom, the 98 install won't work, you need to copy -both- the W98 CD, XP CD and XP CDROM drivers to the laptop HD using a 1.8" adapter via a desktop computer.(possibly other laptop with built-in cdrom))

Then -upgrading- to XP from 98 SE worked without a hitch.

This seems to affect a large number of laptops, not only the Portege series, but also some of the Satellites (i think).

But the workaround works! :)

Answer:How to install XP on Toshiba notebooks!


You are absolutely right. Workaround works in some cases. In my opinion the OS installation should be done using Recovery CD. On this way everybody will be sure that all drivers and tools are installed properly. The topic title should be ?How to install WXP on old Toshiba notebooks with new and bigger HDD?. ;)

If you change some hardware components like HDD there can be some problem because of BIOS restriction (for old notebook models like 3440). It is also important that all drivers and tools are designed for each OS and for each notebook model.

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Hello. My Aspire E1-532 is turned off and does not work. HDD screen and adapter lights shine but the notebook does not have any responses. please help me. I can not connect to the acer support center, my country is not included. country Georgia. please help me.

Answer:please help. my notebooks creen is black

have you tried connecting to an external TV or monitor? try a battery reset too:

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hi,     my laptop, a z470, when is sleeping (but no hibernated) resumes everytime i open the lid.i would like to resume the laptop when i press the power button instead. any clue how that can be achieved? thankx


Go to Solution.

Answer:notebooks resume after open lid

Hi G, please go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\System Settings and choose what action you want from 'When I close the lid' and 'When I press the power button' menu. Zehn

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Ok here is the scenario.

I have two notebook, one has WinXp the other Win98. The one I just bought has the Win98, the other one that's kinda broken has the WinXp. How do I go about installing WinXp on the other notebook? I don't have the Windows CDs.

Answer:2 notebooks, Win98---->WinXP

No Windows CD, no install.

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Does anybody have a laptop running a version of Linux?

If so please post the specs.

Answer:Linux Laptops/Notebooks???

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S204 Running RedHat 9

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Hey I have a quick question for you all I was just wondering how to tweak the power saving for my Inspiron 9300 because even with my battery full if i unplug the AC charger adapter my screen dims to conserve energy but I do not want the screen to dim....where do I go to locate these settings so i can just keep the screen bright without my AC in...thanks a lot

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Hi,I'm looking to replace my aging laptop, with a budget of about £500.I am looking at all the options in that price range but I am a bit confused as to the difference between laptops and notebooks.Any ideas as to a good machine in this price range would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance

Answer:difference between laptops and notebooks

As far as I am aware, there is no actual difference, just the names some people prefer to call then. Though generally speaking I believe that notebooks are usually considered to be those laptops with the smaller screen-sizes.Novatech should be a good starting point in your search.

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Are Dell Notebooks any good?
I can get a really good deal on an inspiron 1150 through the company I work for( it is a small business, 6 ppl including me)

here are the specs:
-Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.80GHz, 14.1-in XGA
-Microsoft® Windows® Home Edition(That is all I need)
-256MB Shared DDR SDRAM, 1 Dimm( I plan on buying a stick from newegg for $40-$50, VS the $100 dell wants to charge me)
-30GB Hard Drive( all I need for a laptop, since I have my desktop for storage)
-24X CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive( all I need)
-Productivity Pack including WordPerfect®(I have office xp 2003)
-Integrated Network Card/ 56k modem
-65 WHr 8-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

the special price for the business is $979 minus $230 instant savings, and a $100 Mail in rebate making the total $649

I am adding these:

-96 WHr 12-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery [add $39] ( instead of the 65WHr)

-Dell® Wireless 1350 Internal Wireless (802.11b/g, 54Mbps) [add $39 ]

One of my coworkers emailed dell to see if they can give us a better price with the extra items I want.

Mainly this notebook will be used for surfing the web, writing word doc's and maybe some light use of Photoshop. and it will be lugged around.
when I go to college, if I live on campus (depending on where I go) It will be used as my main computer since most dorms do not have enough room for my current desktop and a roommates desktop.

BTW I have been looking for a cheap notebook, as cheap as I can... Read more

Answer:Are Dell Notebooks any good?

Its a good deal, but your battery life is gonna be pretty lousy

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Hi all, I am looking to buy a new laptop/notebook, which will be used for video editing, Dreamweaver web development, Adobe photoshop, and the odd 3D game like Call of Duty 2. Because of the creative applications I need something with at LEAST a WSXGA+ screen, or preferably a WUXGA+ screen res, and a decent 2GB DDRII memory, with a nice fat HD of about 100GB or so. Also, for the gaming, it will need a decent graphics card. I am not into these heavy (well over 3Kg), thick (over 4cm) shoulder breaking paving slab machines for top end gamers.. as it must be portable! Hence I have opted mainly for the 15.4" screens.I have narrowed the list down to about half a dozen or so, but now I just simply don't know which to chose. Could anyone with specific knowledge in the models quoted, or a specialist with lots of useful info, PLEASE post and help me out here. If you think I have missed a good laptop of a similar spec' off my list, then by all means, highlight this to me also.Here is the list of contenders which I have put together in a herePLEASE DONT POST A REPLY JUST TO TELL ME WHAT LAPTOP YOU HAVE AND HOW GOOD IT IS, especially if it's not on the list or of the same spec as the others listed. I am looking for sound, informed advice here only please. Many thanks.Cheers, Widgetuk

Answer:My shortlist of laptops notebooks, but which one?

"PLEASE DONT POST A REPLY JUST TO TELL ME WHAT LAPTOP YOU HAVE AND HOW GOOD IT IS, especially if it's not on the list or of the same spec as the others listed. I am looking for sound, informed advice here only please. Many thanks."First of all welcome, but the above quote, however well meant, is not really within the spirit of what Helprooms are about. If you post then you will get contributions and its down to you to think and select.I have none of the listed items but for reliabilty issues would choose the Acer. Given the closeness of Vista can you wait, the investment is significant?

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Compact Flash and NotebooksLooking for a notebook (around 1000GPD) for general word processing and digital photos.Our cameras are Canon which take Compact Flash cards.The adverts for most notebook PCs seem to state every other type of card apart from CF.Any idea how to get round this one please?Also, any feedback on Asus and Gateway machines would be appreciatedThanksPS seem to have duplicated this somehow.......

Answer:Notebooks and Compact Flash

I can find lots of PCMCIA compact flash cards, but no notebooks with integral CF reader.

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I am newly come here, and I need to do the following consultation to all the members of the forum.
I have a lot of experience in PC but none in Notebooks. For example, to the old women PC Pentium with socket 7, in certain models of motherboard, they pod?a to update the BIOS to manage to place a more powerful processor, in general an AMD K6 the II 500 and this way to optimize the yield of an old PC simultaneously of lengthening his useful life.
I need to know in particular if there are models of Notebooks to it is possible to do the same, this is, to update the BIOS and that go on from 166 MHZ Pentium to AMD K6 the IInd 500 for example. Concretely, you mark and specific models. Thank you.

Answer:Upgrage And Optimize Cpu For Notebooks

Sorry to say but your research is a bit off. There is no way someone went from a Pentium to a AMD chip. They are completely different socket types. There is no way a AMD chip fit into a Intel socket spot without replacing the whole mother board.

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My daughter is going to college in September and we are looking into getting her her own computer, which she can use for work and also for personal use. What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook, and which would be best for her?

Answer:Differences between laptops and notebooks

the main differences are battery life and raw processing power and size. Laptops tend to have desktop chips in them and are bulkier but quicker as they are designed to be desktop replacements. Notebooks are vice versa. There isn't a lot of difference these days.

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Does this battery care function really help save the batteries life? It has two choices I can select one is 50% and one is 80%. It said that if I will be using AC power mostly then set it to 50% and if I use the battery the most then set it to 80%. I have been using my notebook at home mostly so I use the AC power. Or is it best to just have that feature off and let it charge 100% when the computer needs to? I don't think my computer will overcharge since todays computers won't do that.

Answer:Battery care for notebooks

If you are running it on AC 24/7, take the battery out. It could stress out your battery.

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I had 2010 OneNote and loved the fact that you could sign into Microsoft and use the notebooks on the computer without being online and still be able to sync them. I had an issue with 2010 and took it off and was wanting to know if there is a way to get the notebooks that I made on 2010 over to the 2007 from the website for OneNote

Answer:Need Help getting OneNote Notebooks onto 2007

So you want to export the 2010 and import it to 2007?

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Hi,A silly question (maybe) but i don't know the answer!I have a notebook that i want to use in North America - would it be ok to connect it to the power via a 2 pin plug via the power pack or would i need a new power pack that will work with the North American power supply?

Answer:Power Leads for Notebooks

Depends on the notebook. Check with the manufacturers first. Most will be OK, I'm fairly sure but you may have just the odd one that isn't.At least the USA power is lower voltage than here so it is unlikely to burn out from overvoltage.

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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum.

Is this the right forum to ask about laptops/notebooks?
If not where should I post this question?

If it is, I am completely in the dark about them. We are trying to get my daughter a laptop for college. If we end up able to do this, what I am I looking for? What makes it "good". What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook? It is worth a bit more money to make sure it has...? It is not worth paying more to get...? Any info would be helpful and appreciated. Sorry, I am amazingly uneducated on the subject. Melissa

Answer:Is this the right forum to ask about laptops/notebooks?

A few considerations .....what will the child be majoring in? If she is doing graphic arts ....probably want a mac.
If it is business, probably want a pc.....the school may also have some guidelines for you or they may have a lease option for students. Some actually give them laptops.
We can help further if we know some of the above.

Did you post your printer problem in software yet?

(View the thread in the lounge under free computers for ....)

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I want the Acer TravelMate 210C but apparently it isn't sold in the US. I've been looking at HP's lineup and so far they look the best so far. Funny thing is, I'm having trouble locating sites that offer a decent selection of tablet notebooks. I want one with good stylus use, battery life, and graphics. I can use portable hard drives for future storage and it doesn't have to be a gaming machine, just good/fast with video and photos; as well as good wireless internet. I'll be using it for school notes, photo editing, and viewing/organizing video files. Any suggestions? Also, I probably won't be willing to spend more than $1500

Answer:Where to shop for Tablet notebooks and which to get?

ok now I'm getting really frustrated, every american website does not offer it and every UK site that does offer it doesn't ship to US. Why the hell is this laptop not sold anywhere in the US? Is it UK made?

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Answer:Custom built notebooks

Does anybody know of a business that will allow me to build up a custom notebook specification. It is just out of pure interest.

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Hello Guys .

I am new around here today . Hope this has not been asked .

As you all know Vista is coming out now i want the Areo Version and am looking for a notebook that would be "Windows Vista Capable" .

I know Dell have stated there range that are Vista Ready . But due to reasons i am not going with Dell this time .

The Reqirements are here :

and here... if you dont want to click the link :

A Windows Vista Premium Ready PC includes at least:

* 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1.
* 1 GB of system memory.
* A graphics processor that runs Windows Aero 2.
* 128 MB of graphics memory.
* 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space.
* DVD-ROM Drive 3.
* Audio output capability.
* Internet access capability.

and in more detail .... footnotes

Windows Vista Capable and Premium Ready footnotes

* Processor speed is specified as the nominal operational processor frequency for the device. Some processors have power management which allows the processor to run at lower rate to save power.
* Windows Aero requires:
o DirectX 9 class graphics processor that:
+ Supports a WDDM Driver.
+ Supports Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware.
+ Supports 32 bits per pixel.
o Adequate graphics memory.
+ 64 MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor ... Read more

Answer:Vista Ready Notebooks ... (Help Please)

Most HP notebooks are Vista compatible. And HP is better than Dell, anyways...

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Currently ASUS has not many note books available in india. I checked on
They have few models i like 2 of them The bamboo - u6v and g50v

Both are unique with Core 2 Duo processor. I think the graphic card of G50v better. Can any one suggest me which one is better

Answer:ASUS notebooks in india

What is the main purpose of usage? Without knowing this, what ever we tell you is pure speculation and may do you more harm than good.

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I want to do some serious gaming on my laptop .
So thought if i could install a dedicated graphics card .
Is it possible to install one ?
i.e is it possible that the mother board has the slot .

. if true , can i replace intel HDgraphics with a graphic card like ATI- Radeon or nvidia cards?

My specs :-
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1813 Mb
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KXKNH, A00, .BK6BVQ1.CN4864317E2148.
Antivirus: None

Answer:can i upgrade my notebooks graphics ?

What laptop do you have (make (I assume Dell)/model)?

On some you can. I have an Asus G73. The video card is replaceable.

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I came across a Dell Inspiron 9200 Notebook a couple months back that had a one pixel wide pink link that bisected my screen and I just wanted to share my experience with you. This pink line showed up in the BIOS and during the Diagnostics so it was obviously a LCD issue. There's not much you can do at that point other then replace the screen or just live with it if your out of warranty. Right? Not exactly.

Apparantly there is a known defect with 17" screens on some 9300, 9200, and XPS Gen 2 notebooks. I did a bit of research and found this DELL site that offered some information about it.

The gist is they will replace the screen within 3 years of purchase even out of normal warranty. The problem is 99% of Dell Tech Support doesn't know about this and I had to direct them to their own site and quibble with them about it for a couple hours. The last date of purchase they are honoring is Oct 2006 so we are coming into the last year of this extended recall warranty and I just wanted to let people know they might have another option other then forking over money to have Dell replace a defective product.

Answer:If you Fix Dell Notebooks read this

"Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace defective LCDs with this issue."


"This potential issue applies to Inspiron 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 models only
Only these three systems shipped from Nov. 2004 to October 2006 are potentially affected
Not all systems are affected. U.S. customers who are experiencing this issue, or who have paid to replace an LCD for this issue can call 1-800-624-9896."

"For customers outside the U.S., please send an e-mail to vertical_line {at}dell {dot}com. To help them route inquiries to the right global contacts, please use &#8220;Vertical Line Issue, <country name>&#8221; in the subject line of your e-mail&#8212;where <country name> refers to the country where you are located. If you are a non-U.S. customer who prefers contacting Dell on the phone, please:

Go to
Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
Choose Contact Us
Choose Technical Support

Choose Call Technical Support"

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On my office we have 2 Siemens Amilo Pro notebooks I want to link in a wireless LAN.
I set IP1= / and IP2=,
two different computer names, the same W1(network name SSID) wireless conection (mode 802.11g&802.11b) as following:
-computer to computer (adhoc)
-automatically connect to non-prefferd networks
-Data encrypption(WEP enabled)
-Network authentication(Shared mode)
-The key is provided for me automaticaly
On both computers the result is Signal strength:Excellent and the wireless connection enabled. They are in the same MSHOME workgroup!
The wireless device is Intel Pro/wireless 2200BG network for both!!
I set up further an office connection, disabling LAN connection (with NIC) and Irda connection and providing just a wireless connection.
File and Printer Sharing is on!
I disabled WXP SP2 firewall on both computers(and all antivirus) but I cannot see smth. in My network places to do a file copy from a share directory to other laptop.
What to do?

Answer:2 notebooks in just their wireless LAN cannot ping each other

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Hi ... I was at a few different local retail stores and every salesmen i spoke to had said that when buying a notebook or laptop its best to get there extended warranty because they say that most of the time there is always seem to be problems with notebooks/laptops ... After hearing this all it did for me was to discourage me from every buying one ... Now i am curious if thoses sales people are telling the truth about notebooks/laptops and how many people do have problems with there notebooks/laptops ??? Please if you have boughten a new notebook/laptop i would greatly appreciate what kind of experience you have had so far with your ... Thanks

Answer:Are Laptops/Notebooks worth getting ???

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Purchased a universal AC adapter for notebooks from Radio Shack and having a problem that hopefully one of you might solve
It runs fine for roughly 5 - 10 min and then the light goes off and it basically stops powering up my notebook. I have to unplug it from the wall outlet and plug it back in. I have to repeat this procedure every several minutes. I have set it at 19v, as per compaq's specs. I'm not sure if the AC is over heating and it automatically shuts off, but it's not running hot.


Answer:Universal AC adapter for Notebooks

It may have the voltage required, but it may not have enough amps, and that can cause problems. Check your laptop manafacturer sticker where it indicates that it uses 19 v and see what amperage is required, then check your universal power adapter and see what amperage it puts out. Also another note is that sometimes those universal power adapters have a polarity switch and you need to make sure you have the polarity right. Is your system using alternating current or direct current?

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Breaking News: Notebooks now available with HDMI

Gateway M-150XL now is available with: Chassis: Chassis w/ ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT PCI Express Graphics, Intel PM965 chipset and HDMI/MDM

What I want to know is does that mean I can have any TV set with an HDMI connection be used as my notebook monitor?

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