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Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

Question: Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

(I know it's a redundant thread but I think I'm having a different scenario)
Specs: (nothing's changed except I did reinstall win8.1)
- win8.1 x64 single languange
There was a time when I want to resize my drive C to smaller partition:
I used Easus Partion Manager to do so (to dumb I was). After rebooting my system could not start
The BSOD showed up:
PC needs repair (blah3x)
Error code: 0x000225
I was able to manage to repair and I came back up fine using a tutorial in youtube
using bcdboot C:\Windows /s (any drive letter): /s uefi
At this point, I downloaded a new copy of windows8.1 SL, thru "mediacreationtool" (as a legit copy i suppose)
and then I reinstalled using the ISO from MS, now I'm totally OK, at least at the moment.

Seems like everything's working as it is now, but as soon as I try to press F9 upon boot up, same error popup
Error Code: 0x000225, and again I got used to doing the bcdboot method.
NOW, this "Restore" partition the size of 20GB, and appeared and it had something in it (some files I think).

This wasn't there before and after reinstallation of win8.1 SL. IT ONLY appeared when I pressed F9 then I repaired
it using bcdboot.

If there's a way that I could restore my notebook pc back to day one: Or am i that close? (close enough)
If this could be fixed? I know its risky but I will take it as a new learning curve. Or will I just have to accept that I'm doomed and there's no way to possibly get it back and learn from it?
Am I still having that original recovery drive that ASUS provide when the laptop was purchased based on the screenshots?

(expanded view of the Restore partition)
Referring to user #genet here, I used the methods to possibly recover the lost partition
I also set the ID's to recovery and enabled the reagentc.exe (reagentc /enabled)

I did tried every thread I could find that could help me some were posted by #genet

After setting ID's to recovery, here's what happen

(the Restore partition was gone)
but it's still here:
MRE (partitions that were set with recovery ID) outlined in blue
Outlined in red is the Restore partition, but this time, it has no drive letter*
Then after a series of procedures I've done here's what I got
I guess I'd totally messed up my system.
Im in an endless loop. IDK what steps I need to revert or to continue on doing, I'm in great trouble right now.
BUT the Recovery Index / location is still 0 (empty)

I tried my best to be as detailed as possible

I need your help guys. I totally lost it.

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Preferred Solution: Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

So Im not entirely certain on what you are asking here. Your computer is unusable right now, or you cant get the recovery partition to work correctly?

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Hey everyone

Alright, so my ASUS laptop has been getting a little slow lately, so I decided to reinstall. Now I know my PC has an ASUS recovery partition, which re?nstalls the pc with all the tools, drivers etc, since I've used it before.
But now when I restart the computer and press F9 and reset, it doesn't work. This is what I do:

This is where it was supposed to give me the option to restore whole drive or just install windows to the primary partition. But now it asks for a CD, which I don't have. This PC never used to have a recovery CD, just a recovery partition.

Then, I read somewhere I could do the same from inside Windows 8, so I tried that as well by going to the charms bar, then Settings and then "Change PC settings". Then I selected "Update and recovery" from the left, and then went to Recovery, where I pressed the button to remove everything and reinstall windows. This is what I got:
So, I tried to see if EaseUs Partition manager showed the recovery partition. I started ASUS and these are the partitions it found:
I saw it found both a "Recovery" partition and a "Restore" partition. Now I assume the Recovery partition is the one Windows 8 boots into, and the Restore partition is the one created by ASUS. So, these are the contents of the Recovery partition:
And these are the contents of the Restore partition:
As you can see outlined in red, it does contain an install.wim file, so I know the recovery data is th... Read more

Answer:Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition

Have you repartitioned that drive in any way since you got it? If yes, that likely broke the link to the factory recovery partition. All your left with now is the basic refresh reset options that ask for your install media. It sounds like Windows can only see the small windows recovery partition. I don't know the answer though as to how you make use of it now.

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I bought lenovo thinkpad X230 in January 2013. I made a recovery USB on a 16 GB pendrive. I bought a windows 8 pro upgrade offer as well. But i did not install it at that time and kept it for future use.  About a week ago I installed windwos 8 on my system in dual boot mode making a partition on primary HDD.everything went ok with only problem that my windows 8 did not activate. I was ok with that. But when i tried F11 recovery function, it was not working. So i tried factory reset through recovery USB i created earlier. It opened up and said BOOTMGR missing. Later with some research I realized that i didnt make USB active (bootable) before burning it.(Though this is ridiculous considering, tools provided must have done that. Like when you make windows bootable.) With all this(and me panicking), I tried backing up my data with image i created through R & R tool. After back up, I lost my recovery partition on HDD. And I guess i accidentally deleted System_DRV partition as well.  Though my computer is running fine. I need a bootable media. it would be great if you can provide it. Also if you can restore my comp to factory setting with recovery partition, it would be great.Please help me. Thanks in advance.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad X230- No recovery partition, lost System_DRV and have no recovery media

Hi, You can make bootable media (CD, USB stick or USB HDD) for using with your Factory Recovery Data USB stick.Just launch Lenovo Factory Recovery Disks app from Control Panel, deselect Data media creation, select needed Boot media type. Note you'll need less then 300 mb free space on media.

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I installed Ubuntu GNU/Linux in my 3000 N100 0768GZQ laptop and deleted the partition in which i had installed Vista using fdisk. However, fdisk also deleted the Lenovo rescue and recovery partition. Not realizing this i created 2 new partitions in the free space. Now I want to install Vista in one of these partitions and I don't have a Lenovo Rescue and Recovery drive or the recovery CDs. Please help me.

Answer:Lost Lenovo Rescue and recovery partition in 3000 N100 0768GZQ have no recovery disks, please help

You can either get a hold of Vista installation disks and install it manually, or call Lenovo support and ask for recovery disks. They may charge you for the disks as you are supposed to create your own recovery disks.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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My daughter managed to wreck Vista on her laptop. Trouble now is, that she can't find her recovery disk, and formatted the whole c: drive. Is there any way she can get the Os from somewhere, as she still has her serial number..good job it's stuck to the bottom of the lappy.

Answer:Re: lost recovery disc and recovery partition

As I see, you have no more options as :

1 Order [Recovery disk|] from Toshiba for money and wait for 2 weeks
2 Get Windows copy to install. All Toshiba drivers/utilities you can download from [Toshiba Driver Page|]
If you need assistance in driver installation order, can help you

The product key she has belongs to original recovery image you got with your notebook and it is not some ?universal key? that you can use with every OS installation.

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Hi everyone, I know this must sound like a real stupid title, but please bear with me for a moment: Having wiped my R50p clean with the "Access IBM" button, I noticed that I only had a C drive with 20 GB of which much was in use. In Windows XP Disk Manager I saw that there was a whopping 55 GB on a hidden partition that I only had the option of to "remove", not to activate or anything else. Realising that this was the hidden partition with the IBM restore files, I was hesitant to take any action. After doing some research on several forums I found that the recovery part should only take up 20 GB, which corresponded somewhat to the fact that Disk Manager showed 42 GB of 55 GB to be "free" (if only I could use the free space!). In order to access those magnificent 42 free GBs on the 55 GB hidden partition, I first created a ThinkVantage recovery disc (strangely it was only one CD-R) and disabled IBM Predesktop Area in the BIOS. As a result, I proceeded with deleting the 55 GB partition and it became unallocated space, therefore allowing me to make it a new partition and assign a drive letter (in this case D), doing a "quick format (NTFS)" in order to be able to use the space available, and finally giving me the full 55 GB. Since I had preferred to leave the recovery files on the hidden partition, but had no idea how to access the useful other 42 GBs, I followed the abovementioned procedure. Now my question is whether it's possible to recreate another hidden parti... Read more

Answer:?? Restore Recovery Partition with Recovery Disc after deleting Recovery Partition

pvanedan, welcome to the forum, after reading your post several times I think I understand your situation as it is now. The answer is as follows; which you may not like sorry  You have successfully deleted the recovery partition in order to gain more space, that's the good news  The cd you have created is only a boot cd and not a recovery cd, this would be used to boot your ThinkPad and access a recovery backup which is stored on another hard drive, cd/dvds or over network. It alone is not able to recreate the recovery partition which you no longer have, that's the bad news  I would suggest backing up your files regularly and using an appropriate imaging software to backup your installation. Edit: What I don't understand is; why 55GB? The partition should have been around 4GB, maybe it was full of backups??Message Edited by andyP on 07-03-2008 07:30 PM

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I have in my possession an Asus X550CA laptop which was running Windows 8.1 before it failed to boot. The machine cycled through the automatic repair, failed, and then did nothing. The advanced bootup options were useless, including chkdsk, sfc and the usual suspects. The recovery partition was apparently missing, atleast, I couldn't use it, but doing a diskpart confirmed it was there so I suspect the 8.1 upgrade broke the link to it.

I tried the "refresh your PC" option, but this told me the drive was locked, and disabling secure boot via the BIOS did nothing (thought it would at first). In addition, the reset your PC option wanted recovery media which I didn't have at the time.

I ordered the official Asus recovery DVDs as the laptop did not have media created when it was new, hit F9 and went to the "reset your PC' option, but it told me the recovery media wasn't valid. Odd given it's official Asus media from Mentor Media, for that specific machine.

From the legacy BIOS I booted from the DVD, it loaded the Asus specific Windows 8 recovery options from the disk and I get as far as "Start rebuild Windows system process", with "processing...." underneath and the machine does no more.

I've also tried UEFI booting from the DVD drive and get the same as above.

Any suggestions welcome please!


Answer:Unable to restore Asus X550CA using Asus recovery DVDs

Is the ASUS recovery media Windows 8.0 or 8.1? It may be because the recovery disks are 8.0 and it's a conflict because your now running 8.1. The 8.0 to 8.1 upgrade does break the factory recover feature on some laptops. ASUS for sure I think. I have a K75DE, that shipped with Windows 8.0. I clean installed with Windows 8.1 from here, Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help. It reads and uses my 8.0 OEM embedded code and activates online automatically. no muss no fuss. That tool will create a bootable USB thumb drive that will work with UEFI for you. If you need any more info just ask and i'll see if I can help. I don't know why your getting the "Start rebuild Windows system process" message and the lock up? It may be because the partition structure has changed on the Drive. I created a Recovery drive, then swapped in an SSD and it would not work on the SSD. It kept saying required partition missing. That's why I bailed and did a clean install. I was leaning in that direction anyway.

EDIT: If I don't get back to you tonight don't panic. I have company coming and may not get back online until tomorrow morning. Have to go now.

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Hi All,

I've read a lot of posts and a little confused. I upgraded ASUS S400CA to 8.1 . I just need to create a recovery disk with the option of copy from recovery partition which is graded out as many of you know. Can you please provide me with the steps of what I will have to do to create a USB drive which will hold the image and when I want to restore the laptop to original settings I can use that USB drive.
Thanks in Advance!

Answer:ASUS Recovery partition

See this tutorial to create a recovery drive on a usb drive. It is more of a repair option but in some cases would give you access to an OEM recovery but that is dependent on the recovery partition remaining intact.

Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8

Another option is to create a system image of your computer using a program like Macrium Reflect (Free) in the event of a failure.

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I have recently received an ASUS A53SD-ES71 from a friend. He had formatted the laptop, he without thinking formatted dirve 0 which contains all the ASUS software that is necessary for the computer. He is unable to find the boot disk that should have been included. Upon hitting F9 there is no option for a windows setup, as it has been wiped out. The recovery partition was wiped out I am thinking it is running windows 7. What would be the next step to restore it. I am not very tech savvy so advice would be appreciated.​

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I think my computer has been infected with a number of viruses and seems to be running slowly. I reckon the best way to deal with that would be to reinstall windows. I'm also thinking of running ubuntu on the system as well. The first question I need to know is whether the recovery partition will reinstall windows and the additional ASUS programs that were installed when I bought it. This system was bought in Spain and I was wondering whether it would revert back to Spanish(or it could even be Catalan!) when I used the recovery partition. I can't understand either so that may be a problem. I'm also insure whether it will wipe and reinstall both partitions or just C: where windows is installed. I don't want to lose files on the D: partition.

If anyone has advice on the best way to configure a dual boot. If heard that the best way is to have 3 separate partitions. Two small ones for both OSs and the third for my files. I've heard this is the best and cleanest way to configure the system. Any thoughts and/or advice. I really don't understand the recovery partition, how it works and the effects of using it.

Answer:ASUS recovery partition

What is the exact model of the ASUS?

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Hi, I cannot find my original x60 tablet cds. And I am installing win xp pro now on a new hd I just put in. I'd like keep a partition for recovery (like the original one in system). Can I just make a separate partition in xp installation? How big should I give to it? And how should I make partitions if I want to install multiple OS? (XP and Vista) with recovery for both? Thanks!Message Edited by saja on 01-01-2009 07:24 AM

Answer:lost my original x60 cds, how to reserve a partition for recovery partition?

you can't reserve a recovery partition in the normal sense if you don't have the Lenovo recovery media. If you want to do a dual boot you will have to partition your hdd into two drives.  You can partition your hdd by using an aftermarket software like PartitionMagic, etc.  

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I need help F9 doesn't work and my computer has been slow after I got rid of a trojan vundo. Also if there is any chance of you guys helping me to reformat my computer using someone else's disk.

Answer:How to access recovery partition on ASUS P5P 800?

It's usually a combination of 2 or 3 keys, not just F9. It can be tricky also, you have to hit the keys at just the right time
Is this board from a custom build?

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So I recently purchased an Asus k52J laptop but decided to return it soon after. Unfortunatly even though the laptop is in new condition they won't accept it because I deletd the recovery partition like an idiot! I asked if I just restored to factory settings if they would accept it then, they still refused because it wouldn't have the recovery partition, I tried to create the recovery partion normally but it wont work since Windows 7 tries to backup the entire C drive instead of just the boot files and it inveitavbly runs out of room on the hard drive. Is there anyone way to recreate that original recovery partition or at least something that will fit in 19 gig partition? I'd really appreciate the help

Answer:Asus recovery partition creation?

Running the Recovery disks will often restore the Recovery partition as well. One of their purposes is to restore the factory image to a new or replacement HD.

I'd ask Acer to be sure.

Acer Support: Frequently Asked Questions list for Recovery media and Restoring a system to factory load

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I've been stumbling on this issue for quite a while now. Nothing seems to improve the situation.

The story:

1. I bought an ASUS K52 laptop. It has a 500 GB drive and a Win 7 x64 Home premium OS.

2. And then iI install Windows 7 x86

3. now I want to back Windows 7 x64 from Hidden partition but when i ran recovery (pressing F9), it just stuck...didn't want to work....and then returned an error message with "cannot connect do a device on your computer".

I thing MBR is corrupted. Does anyone know how to repair that and how can I make the ASUS recovery part work?

I tried startup repair but but nothing seems to work. Did anyone try this or knows what the problems may be?

Thanks for your time

Answer:Asus Recovery Partition problem

How to Restore the Windows 7 MBR (Master Boot Record) brinks tutorial MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

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I bought a new computer (ASUS X555L) and i need to format disk to kill all the bloatware (install from original dvd not OEM).
One thing i do when i get a new computer is to delete the recovery partition to get more space to storage files.
But now i think that it will be usefull to make a backup of that partition and store in another disk (external hdd for example)
Any Ideas?

Answer:How to backup recovery partition (ASUS)

Type Recovery on the start screen. That brings up the recovery device creator (Create a recovery drive). Follow the wizard. Best is to use a USB stick. Check the size of the recovery partition for right size of the stick.

Btw - deleting the recovery partition makes you lose some function - e.g. refresh via F9.

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hello everyone,

so, i want to restore my asus laptop using the recovery partition. so i pressed F9 and recovery partition booted up, but i remembered to backup my data. i closed recovery but it got stuck booting into recovery, then i used windows 8.1 installation media repair option but it put computer into nothing booting and keeps restarting after asus logo. so i installed windows 7 on a new partition and that worked, i entered my original windows and backed up my stuff. but now recovery partition won't boot and hitting F9 only shows windows 7 as a boot option. so i formatted and reinstalled windows 8.1, and nothing happened.
so i typed command
1 - reagentc /setosimage /path E:\ sources /index 1 /target c:/windows
2- reagentc /enable
3- recoverydrive
but copy recovery was greyed out

Answer:asus recovery partition won't boot

I think you deleted or disconnected you recovery partition with the installs of 7 and 8.1.
At this point download the ISO for the legal product Key you have. Download your hardware drivers from Asus Support Downloads and Clean install.

Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

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I can't get to the recovery partition so i can reset windows back to its factory settings

Screenshot of disk management attached

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I bought Asus k53sc three days ago and after deleting some bloatwares I had some problems and I recovered my system Using Asus Recovery System F9 ,but it did not work and windows entered in restart cycle....after that I downloaded windows 7 home premium 64bit but I discovered that I had lost 40 gb from my HDD ..I went to disk management and there was 3 partitions "recovery" =25 gb wich I was unable to delete or extend and "OS"=250 GB I lost here 40 giga.. and D about 325 gb...Is there any way to restore this missing space?? plz help me

Answer:I lost 40 gb from HDD with ASUS Recovery System!!

Open a Command Prompt and and run a CHKDSK /R when prompted to restart computer say Y and reboot..This will check you disk for problems and bad sectors and hopefully fix them. Also if you could go into Disk Management and post a screen shot of your current drive partition setup that would help, you may just have some unallocated space.

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I want to reinstall windows 7 and F9 is not working.

Answer:How do access recovery partition on ASUS when F9 does not work?

I'm not familiar with Asus and the F9 key, but F8 will get you to Windows Safe Mode, where you can access the troubleshooting tools (and recovery) - will that help?

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I have some problems with my laptop ASUS K55VD. I had windows 8, but with the store of windows I have updated to windows 8.1.

I have tried to use the recovery partition, but every time I try appears a message. Failed to reset your computer. A partition of unity necessary is missing.
For that reason I have looking for some information, and with CMD commands like "diskpart". I have noticed that I have 8 volumen.

And in Computer Management appears this.

Then googling recommend to use EaseUS Partition, and some many things change. In the beginning, I had the same 3 partions in red and I don't know what happened.

But in diskpart change too, and I only have 4 volume, and it have dissapeared the recovery partition, and I don't know why?

Before to use EaseUS partition I have created a USB booteable with 9.79gb, and I had this:

But, in this days I have tried to create the USB booteable again, but I can't. And everytime I have tried to run the usb, appears to select the language, the keyboard, and then appears the same windows with troubleshoting and turn off (it returns at the previous windows in blue)

So I have tried to apply the recovery partition, but I have the same problems,... the unit necessary is missing...
For that, I don'w know what to do...

Answer:Problems with recovery partition in ASUS with Windows 8

If your recovery usb is 8.0, it won't let you Refresh now you have 8.1 installed.

It should let you Reset, though.

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Hey guys my brother wants to recover his laptop his default and i have little experience with asus laptops. Fortunately it seems to have a recovery partition in it, the bad news is i dont know which option to pick out of the 3
Recover Windows to first partition only.
This option deletes only the first partition and allows you to keep other partitions, and to create a new system partition as drive "C".
Recover Windows to entire HD.
This option deletes all partitions from your hard disk drive and creates a new system partition as drive "C".
Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions.
This option deletes all partitions from your hard drive and creates two new partitions "C" (25%) and "D" (75%).

Which option will let me restore to default and keep recovery partition?

Answer:Asus recovery partition which option to pick?

What partitions does he currently have?

Are his personal files (video, mp3s, pictures, etc) currently on C? Regardless, they should be backed up.

A picture of Windows Disk Management would help.

I wouldn't bother with the third choice unless he likes that 25/75 proportion. If he wants to delete all partitions and create 2 new ones, he can certainly do that manually after the recovery in any proportion he wants, not just 25/75.

It appears the last 2 choices will wipe the drive clean, which may not be what he wants---depending on his current partition setup.

The description you provided isn't exactly clear which would go back to factory default. My guess would be choice 1 as it is the only choice that does NOT say "deletes all partitions", which, if taken literally, would include deletion of the recovery partition.

You might want to contact Asus support, but that may be an exercise in frustration.

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Hi i ran out of disk space on my Asus t100 and heard i could get back 8gb by creating a usb recovery file and deleting the 8gb recovery partition. I have created the usb recovery from Windows 8 and couldn't delete the partition, just got help when i right clicked the partition in disk management. Do i used a disk wizard piece of downloaded software to delete the recovery partition and it asked me to restart. After restarting windows asks for a recovery key which i have got from bit locker and i am now stuck in an eternal loop as i don't know what to do. I have got to the automatic repair point but everything i try gets me to restart and go back into the automatic repair screens. What should i do to get Windows to reboot without losing everything. I have backed up my docs and pictures. Any ideas?

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Please can anyone tell me how to access the recovery partition on my Asus A4000 laptop.
I lost my manual and Asus have not been very helpful!
I need to restore Windows XP Home to original state.

Thank you

Answer:How to access recovery partition on Asus laptop.

This might help you.

Asus Recovery System

I?d like to give you a brief description of the system recovery utility all notebooks from ASUS come with. You can use it from a special hidden partition on the hard drive by pressing F9 at system startup or from the included Recovery and Driver&Utility discs (to do that, you should press Esc at startup, select Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM Drive and then change the discs as requested). The system will offer four options to you:

1. If none of the following recovery options is selected, the computer will just be rebooted to load Windows (if Recovery is started from the hard drive) or run the bootable disc in the optical drive.

2. The first partition is deleted (the others remain intact) and a new system partition C: will be created.

3. This option removes all the partitions from the hard drive and creates a new system partition C:.

4.This option removes all the partitions from the hard drive and creates two new partitions C: (60% of the drive?s storage capacity) and D: (40%).


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Hello all, I just joined this forum after finding it in a search for an answer to my issue. I've got an Asus TF600T Windows RT 8.1 tablet that's all but bricked. I created a recovery USB and attempted to flash a new recovery partition using the instructions at this page: Antonius [Denny] Harijanto Blog: Guide to Recovery your TF600T!. I'm able to boot to a command prompt and format the partition according to the instructions but when I tried to flash the image, I got the error "Error 3; The system cannot find the path specified; The DISM log file can be found at X:\windows\logs\DISM\dism.log.
I'm leaving on a trip in a few days and really need to have a working tablet so any assistance that can be provided would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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As many did, I upgraded my ASUS G751JY from Windows 8.x to Windows 10, and this destroyed ASUS F9 built-in recovery feature. When I press F9 now it will give me a BSOD with:

Your PC needs to be repaired
A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.
Error code: 0xc0000225
[ A text saying I should use recovery tools on my installation media to fix the issue. ]
Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Start-up Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings

This happens every time I want to use F9, then every time I have also to repair Windows boot (have no problem, I know how to do this and regenerate a correct BCD), so my idea now is to recreate a generic Windows 10 install partition working with ASUS F9 feature.

Here is my current situation:

but Recovery partition was Disabled.
No problem. I've managed to re-Enable it using the REAgentC command:

C:\Users\Luca\Desktop>reagentc /info
Informazioni di configurazione per Ambiente ripristino Windows
e la reimpostazione del sistema:

Stato Ambiente ripristino Windows: Enabled
Percorso Ambiente ripristino Windows: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition4\Recovery\WindowsRE
Identificatore dati di configurazione di avvio (BCD): fc0612d5-20ce-11e6-8adf-9bc77791b978
Percorso immagine di ripristino:
Indice immagine di ripristino: 0
Percorso immagine personalizzata:
Indice immagine personalizzata: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: operazi... Read more

Answer:Recreate ASUS F9 recovery functional partition

correct - as far as the OS Image Recovery
Not sure about F9

as you would have to regenerate the bootkey

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As many did, I upgraded my ASUS G751JY from Windows 8.x to Windows 10, and this destroyed ASUS F9 built-in recovery feature. When I press F9 now it will give me a BSOD with:

Your PC needs to be repaired
A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.
Error code: 0xc0000225
[ A text saying I should use recovery tools on my installation media to fix the issue. ]
Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Start-up Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings

This happens every time I want to use F9, then every time I have also to repair Windows boot (have no problem, I know how to do this and regenerate a correct BCD), so my idea now is to recreate a generic Windows 10 install partition working with ASUS F9 feature.

Here is my current situation:

but Recovery partition was Disabled.
No problem. I've managed to re-Enable it using the REAgentC command:

C:\Users\Luca\Desktop>reagentc /info
Informazioni di configurazione per Ambiente ripristino Windows
e la reimpostazione del sistema:

Stato Ambiente ripristino Windows: Enabled
Percorso Ambiente ripristino Windows: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition4\Recovery\WindowsRE
Identificatore dati di configurazione di avvio (BCD): fc0612d5-20ce-11e6-8adf-9bc77791b978
Percorso immagine di ripristino:
Indice immagine di ripristino: 0
Percorso immagine personalizzata:
Indice immagine personalizzata: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: operazi... Read more

Answer:Recreate ASUS F9 recovery functional partition

correct - as far as the OS Image Recovery
Not sure about F9

as you would have to regenerate the bootkey

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Hi All

My son wants to buy this machine.
Can someone tell me if we would be able to manually create a backup iso from the recovery partition in case something turns to custard? Or any OS backup(reinstall) solution for that matter.

Answer:ASUS ZENBOOK recovery partition backup?

Asus A1 Recovery.
ASUS Feature Video : AI Recovery Burner - YouTube

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Hey guys. I've read a lot from this site and the tutorials and solutions are amazing. so I have decided. somewhat, maybe you can help me. here's the scenario:

I have a windows tablet ,ASUS Vivotab M81C non-signature edition (Please google for the specs), upon downloading all the necessary updates, I upgraded it to windows 10, after the long upgrade I noticed that windows 10 removed my oem recovery partition. so I immediately reverted back to windows 8.1

When I checked my partitions, I see that it was restored and labeled "healthy" I thought everything is ok until I decided to reset the tablet (in windows 8.1 already). But then reset/refresh and even create recovery drive didn't work. the refresh/reset menu said "Couldn't find recovery environment" while Create Recovery Drive said "A required Partition is missing" Itried booting from an iso with same architecture and tried reset/refresh but nothing worked. So I decided to fresh install the OS using the ISO I found here : and thankfully I hadn't encountered any activation issues with the ISO. I used Custom Install, deleted all partitions EXCEPT the default Recovery Partition and proceeded. Installed all the drivers and got the tablet working again.

I now decided to copy the recovery partition and it was successful though I still didn't delete the one in my HD. Now I want to restore my tablet back to its factory default using the recove... Read more

Answer:ASUS default recovery partition not working

Although it says "healthy" that doesn't mean all the data is still there. Installing Win 10, even though you backed out could have corrupted the recovery partition or the boot record. For example, on a Dell with a recovery partition installing some other OS invalidates using the recovery partion to restore and in those cases a restore/reinstallation requires discs or USB drive to install OS then needed drivers.

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Hello i buy new asus X550CC-XO028H ultrabook with windows 8 preinstalled.I upgrade windows 8 to 8.1 over windows store.I get many erros in event viewer.So now need restore windows 8 from recovery partition.Install all programs and upgrade to 8.1.But i cannot to do this.Windows 8.1 cannot find system image.I try this this manual System Image Recovery - Restore Image on Computer in Windows 8 Asus manual also say recovery same

1. Restart your Notebook PC then press F9 during
2. Wait for Windows? to load the Choose an option
screen then tap Troubleshoot.
3. Tap Advanced options.
Notebook PC E-Manual
4. In the Advanced options screen, select System
Image Recovery.
5. Choose an account you would like to recover using
a system image file.
6. Type your account password then tap Continue.
7. Select Use the latest available system image
(recommended), then tap Next. You can also
choose Select a system image if your system
image is in an external device or DVD.
8. Follow the succeeding steps to complete the
system image recovery procedure.

Please help how fix to work recovery partition.All original asus partitions are untouched.

Answer:Asus X550CC recovery partition not working

You could try this instead, Reset Windows 8. From what I've read this should roll you back to your original Windows 8 install. I'd back up any data you want saved to external recovery media before you do anything though.

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i have an asus taichi 31
i did reinstall the windows while the hard disk is pluged in as an external with another computer
but i had a lot a problem with that windows so i deciced to reinstall while the hard disk is plug in the lap top but i had this problem its cant be installed due to some problem its says "windows ne peut pasetre install? sur cet disque. le disque s?lectionn? est du style de partition GPT"sorry i have a french win .
and there is the recovery partion but i cant acces to it with f9
plz help
ps: i did formated the partiotion with the win not recovery so i have no win on my laptop now
ps: i have hirens but i dont know how to work with it

Answer:can access the recovery partition asus taichi31

it appears your disk is not partitioned correctly for the way your PC booted..

with only the hard drive you want to install to , installed in your PC (only 1 HDD installed)
boot from the setup media and when you get to the install screen - press SHIFT+F10 to bring up a command prompt
type> diskpart
type> select disk 0
type> clean
Type> exit

Now continue with windows setup

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Hey there I've a huge problem.I just wanted to setup win 64bit on my w500 instead of my 32bit system.So I used the Lenovo Recovery discs to start and play the 64bit on.Now Win is installed, but I lost a partition that i had before. And there were all my files saved.Is it possible to recover the partition and why is it gone? Pls help!  

Answer:After Recovery, Partition lost

uhoh!Boot with "Ultimate Boot CD" and take a peek.  (You can google for it). Sorry, I have no other advice I can think of.Rick

RickW500 4058-CTO WinXP

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I lost my HP recovery paritition, but I have the recovery.wim file, backed up on a network share. How would I put the recovery image back on to the HDD, and reimage it to my laptop?

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Hi all, New to the forum *Waves* I've recently formatted my hard drive and noticed i did a full wipe like a boss. i've had a few issues and went to recovery and nothing was there! After looking into it some more i noticed i formatted my HOLE hard drive. Is there anyone to get my windows 8 partition back? or request a copy of it somewhere? since the my Lenovo Z500 IdeaPad notebook doesn't come with a product key im not sure were to start. Any and all help would be appreciated.  

Answer:Lost Recovery Partition

hi Adikt2,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I suggest you call Lenovo Technical Support in your location about how to obtain a copy of the recovery discs. (fees may apply).

Country or RegionProductLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation

United Kingdom
THINK-branded products
08705-500-900(Standard warranty support)
9 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday
IDEA-branded andB, C, E, G, H, K, N, Q, V, Y Series Products
0844-249-1112 (5 pm from BT landlines)
9AM - 6PM Monday - Friday

Solid Cruver

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I have a U430Touch, from which I accidentally overwrote the recovery and Windows 8.1 partitions.  Using recovery software, I have successfully been able to recover both the Windows 8.1 partition and the recovery partition (and backed up to external drive). Now my problem is I cannot boot into the recovery partition or the Windows partition.  I can only boot into a LiveUSB. Any ideas on getting either of these partitions to boot? 

Answer:Lost Recovery Partition

I've realized I also recovered LRS_ESP, the Lenovo Recover EFI system partition.  This was not recognized by the UEFI firmware, basically when I hit the "Novo" button and went to recover, it would just load the default boot loader.  This was because the GUID on the LRS_ESP partition was wrong. After correcting the GUID (per, at the bottom), the System Recovery option now attempts to boot into the recovery system but fails.  I get a blue Windows screen with a face and error code 0x000021a.  It is my understanding that this error is due to issues regarding the boot process for Windows, so it is perhaps related to the locations of the recovery files. Will keep updated in case this is useful for anyone.

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Hi I had some quite bad viruses that led me to a re-install with people breaking into my accounts. Needless to say I have had to change my habits even though they were better than many. Eg- Remove any password that is emailed to you by a website etc etc etc etc etc etc

However I am uncertain that over a 6 month period with problems on and off if my recovery partition is infected and I have no recovery dvd. I have re-installed windows for my Asus K53E like my manufacturer told me from the F8 revovery partition. I could re-install windows again as it is only one week old into the fresh clean install at present if required.

I want to be 100 % certain I'm okay by scanning my 'recovery partition' with Kapersky which I have before installing it now. Or I could somehow make it available , perhaps visible to my PC so it can be scanned without re-installing. I'd feel safer knowing some how that all my partitions are okay. Also if there are other methods or PROVING there is no suspicious activity or viruses then I'd like to know about a method thats easy if you have one to do this. For example I check keyloggers by looking in task manger for just 'one' of the winlog.exe running. When my computer used to be infected if I went to task manager is would revolve the titles so things like winlog.exe would disappear and then re-appear. I thought this for example might be an EASY classic sign that takes 2 seconds to check if there is suspicion at least that there may be something going on.... Read more

Answer:How to I scan my K53E Asus laptop recovery Partition ?

Try the Kaspersky Rescue Disk . Read this Comprehensive List of 26 Bootable Antivirus Rescue CDs for Offline Scanning ? Raymond.CC

download page Comprehensive List of 26 Bootable Antivirus Rescue CDs for Offline Scanning ? Raymond.CC - Page 2

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Hi Seven Forums,

I have a problem with my Asus X52JK laptop.
Upon getting a new laptop and my sibling's laptop (conveniently) breaking down it was decided that I would give the X52 to her.

I backed up all of my personal files to an external HDD so no worries about retrieivng them. When I went to create the Recovery Discs through the utility mentioned in the title that all went smoothly and so I began the recovery process.

Booted from discs first and went through the moitons and when that was done I was expected the W7 installation screen however I was greeted with my old login screen with user account still there.

I repeated the process with the same result then decided to check the Recovery Utility and says partition does not exist yet I used MiniTool Partition Wizard and the partition is in fact there. I have tried to use EasyBCD to get around this but with no luck. I have spent roughly 2 days on this problem.

So is there a remedy for this or will I just have to download a Windows 7 ISO and install that?

I appreciate any help I can get.

Answer:ASUS AI Recovery Utility message: Partition does not exist.

Asus know they have a problem with the Recovery Partition & A1 Recovery app.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nite10dnood

This issue frustrated me for quite some, so I had to post this since I couldn't find the solution anywhere else. I also made a tutorial on youtube
ASUS AI Recovery burner fix: Partition does not exist - YouTube
because I tired looking there too for answers.

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hi All i am having a problem, my hdd just faild and is not working any more so i checked and cant be repaired, i want now to use my Second HDD to Recover Visata , but i never did make a copy of recovery dvd because i thought that Recovery disk that was showing is se[erate from C, any body have any ideal how can i download this 2 DVD or is posible to download on USB and recoverd from there,I have checked my Box ther is only one page cd printed and is explaining that you can create recovery DVD or you can use Partition Recovery HP to recovery your Llap top but now is to late.
please help or if you have link i will download

Answer:Lost recovery Partition DV9000

If you can't get into the Recovery Partition, HP offers a replacement. With the partition it takes about a half hour to restore the OEM to its original condition. If you have to order the replacement, count on eight hours plus all the restoring of backup and program replacement times.

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I recently had problems with my MESH PC which resulted in the System restore being corrupted midway through a restore. Ended up doing a reinstall of XP from the recovery disc provided but since then I don not get the message "Press F10 fo Recovery" on boot. I can see a 2.44GB partition in system information as well as the primary partition.Anyone have any clues in getting the Recovery option back for future use.

Answer:"Lost" recovery Partition on a MESH PC

Have you got a clean install of XP now? If so, run windows update and ensure you have all necessary updates then get something like Drive Image or Ghost and you can create your own recovery partition.

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Hello, i have a problem with my HP 8460p Notebook. I accidentally deleted the Recovery Partition when i installed Windows 7 on the system. I tried a Recovery CD from my Workplace but that not worked the way i wanted. In the System Information Windows on the System Properties there should be the Name of the Laptop displayed. From what i unterstand therefore i need the Recovery Partition Backup. Is there a Way to download it? Does it maybe only help when i buy a HP Care Pack and send the Notebook to HP?  Thanks, Best Regards David

Answer:8460p Recovery Partition lost

@dave135 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Sorry, but HP does not provide downloads for the Recovery Media; instead, you have to order a set of disks or a USB stick from them. I'm not in a position to answer your questions about the Care Packs -- and for those, you really need to contact HP Customer Support directly.  You can also order the Recovery Media from them. If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------Good Luck

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Through my own fault I lost the trcovery partition and thus my Windows & which came with my E325. Is there a way of getting it?

Answer:Lost recovery partition and thus windows 7

Hi Praguer,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with Windows recovery on ThinkPad E325.
Please try to perform the recovery from think vantage button in the system and follow onscreen instruction, if the think vantage button is not working then you have to purchase the recovery media.
However if it works then you can proceed with Think Vantage rescue and recovery.
Please click here to enter the link where you can get the steps for think vantage.
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Hemanth Kumar

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:HDD Data Recovery from lost partition

After 2 installations, you are wasting your time trying to recover anything. It is all gone. Hopefully, you had everything backed up, right?

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:Data Recovery from lost Partition

Do not double-post.

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Hi there,While trying to put Windows 8.1 Pro on my Yoga 2 Pro, it would seem that I managed to ruin the parititons and so have lost my recovery partiton. Of course, now I can't recover the Lenovo drivers or software that came preinstalled, and it seems not all of it is available for download separately from the Lenovo website. I've tried calling support in AU who has advised me that there is no recovery media available for the Yoga 2 Pro....Despite showing online at - who do not ship to Australia. Is there anything I can do?

Answer:Lost Recovery Partition on Yoga 2 Pro

Dear BeauGiles
Welcome in Lenovo community
You can fill in your details to order a recovery CD, also you can contact the Lenovo authorized service center to get the recovery installed on your machine .
Also be informed that we can support you in any missing driver or software that is missing from you machine .
Let me know

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Hi guys!I have a T61. I bought it a year before without recovery cds .when I wanted to restore orginal factory from recovery hidden partition but failed. there was a problem "couldn't find convert.cmd. I looked for solution on many forums, they said the problem caused by bad files accessing. But i till could access files on the hidden partition by using some softwares. i made a rescue media cd and try with this way. the result, my hard drive formatted and the hidden partition gone.Please show me what i should have done?thanks!

Answer:T61 recovery hidden partition lost

Xin Chao  I live in Hoi An, Quang Nam and use a T61.Where do you live now? Is your problem fixed now?

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I accidently deleted windows bootloader file. I Don't know how this happened but tried to recover my windows by DVD and its works But Now the problem is only Drive C is visible. Is there any way to recover other drives which are not visible now.??
I m attaching some Screenshots with this post..please help me..thanks

Answer:Lost my HDD partition after windows recovery.

Try downloading and installing Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition (free) along with the ISO for standalone bootable CD and burn it to CD.

Then boot to the CD and use its "partition recovery wizard" to see what it makes of your hard drive. If the original partitions can be discovered and recovered, let it do it.

In the future, taking regular periodic "system image" backups to say an external USB 3.0 drive with Macrium Reflect (free) for at least your "boot drives" (i.e. "system reserved" where Boot Manager lives, and C where Windows lives) is the minimum backup protection you should be running.

f course you should also be backing up your irreplaceable data on C and other partitions regularly, so as not to be exposed to ANY type of unexpected disaster.

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I had two partitions at my HD (Satellite L30-114).

I used the Toshiba recovery Cd to restore windows at my laptop. The CD did not offered me any Full or Expert modes as written here It just recovered without any input from my side!

After recovery, Windows does not see my second partition. I used disk management utility and it says there are 17 GB of unassigned disk space (this is my second Partition!).

Can and how can I restore it?

Tx a lot!

Answer:Partition lost after recovery - Satellite L30


It seems that the L30 was delivered with a new version of recovery cd.
I think the Recovery procedure is a little bit different as the old one with the 2 different recovery modes (standard and expert)

I know a little bit about the new recovery procedure because a friend of mine bought a new Satellite with this recovery CD. He asked me for the notebook installation and we have checked it.

It seems that you have to press the ?Setting? button after choosing the language.
If you don?t use the ?setting? button for the configuration so the recovery procedure will delete and erase everything on the HDD. I think you didn?t configure the settings and therefore all partitions were deleted.

Unfortunately I think there is no much to do. You partition was deleted and it?s not possible to bring back the lost data.

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hi guys i use a lenovo 3000h series desktop and i have lost the rescue and recover partition due to an incorrect partitioning during suse linux installation i see that rescue and recovery software is available as download for lenovo j series 3000 desktops i wonder if i could download and use it pls help me people!!!!

Answer:lost my rescue and recovery partition

Rescue and Recovery is not supported with the Lenovo 3000 H Series products. The 3000 H Series systems came with a program called One Touch Recovery. One Touch Recovery is not available for download, but if you may be able to get assistance from the Lenovo Support Center.List of support phone numbers for Lenovo 3000 J Series desktops:

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hi,guys. I got a problem now, I install a free software a week ago, then when login the windows, always had a babylon 9 advertisement pop up at the right coner of the screen, so i use the anti -malware to remove it ,unfortunately it didn't workeven worse I lost the total data of q recovery  partition, my questions are how to remove the disturbing ad.  and how to back up the system.   thanks    

Answer:Lost data from recovery partition

First, some info:What anti-malware program are you using?Also, did you create restore disks when you first used the system?What free software did you download and install (the name of the program that keeps creating the ad)?I'm assuming that 'Q:' just doesn't show up in 'Computer', correct?Can you tell me what happens when you go into Start>Search for 'Computer Management'>Storage>Disk Management? Do you see 3 blue boxes in total, and is one of them labeled 'Lenovo Recovery'?Finally, what version of Windows are you using, and on what kind of Thinkpad?

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Hi. I have had this asus 1000h for 4 months- all worked great. Till 2 days ago when I lost bluetooth and usb internet sharing with my blackjack. And it wouldn't wake up after hibernating. Regular wireless was fine. Then I tried repairing registry errors with share/free ware program- 1st time to use it, my computer froze on black screen. I shut down with power button- and it wouldn't reboot. Tried again, and I got error message- restart in safe mode--regular mode- or back to a known working point. Since I didn't know what the problem was, I restarted in Normal mode- the message I got was There wasn't a fat 32 system detected, so nothing could work( I'm paraphrasing and trying to remember What I saw.) So I took the opportunity to upgrade with 2 Gb ram and 320 Gb hard drive. Bios recognized ram upgrade as over 2 ,000 MB detected. And hard drive was partitioned to 160 Gb and 144 Gb(?) not exactly adding up to 320. (this was after new install) So I used the recovery disc to reinstall the default settings to the new hard drive. So far, everything seems to work except the wireless connection. I pow wowed with opt on line support--nothing is wrong on their end. I can connect with the router with 4 bars, but states little or no conectivity . When I hit repair connection I get( can't renew IP address.) I tried releasing IP address from computer and unpluging modem and router, reconnecting and repairing, didn't work. Any Ideas? PS -- My old hard drive ... Read more

Answer:asus 1000h lost wireless connection after recovery

First off, your amorphous blob of text is impossible to read!

From what I can glean from the post, you can't connect wirelessly?

My top suspect here is the fact that the router is probably encrypted and you are not entering the correct encryption key.

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Hello to Lenovo support(and community)! My laptop: Lenovo G560 (I have noticed some variable specification) I have bought G560 and it came with around 500GB hard disk;partition C: 420-430GB which is for application software, operating system, and user documents.partition D: 30GB for OneKey system reocvery and needed files, perhaps for factory restore.and two more partitions but they are invisible and only found them by running disk management. Now the problem is that I have my files(documents), app software and operating system on the same partition and I want to have only the operating system on C and have app and documents on another partition OR have a new 200-300GB(taken from C) for backups partition.**I know it is not recommended to have backups on the same hard disk, but this is a temporary solution. How can I shrink C to have unallocated space and use it to create a new partition(or more) without corrupting the D OneKey Recovery partition?   Thanks for supporting your customers!!!  

Answer:OneKey System, Recovery partition, need repartition. Will it corrupt recovery partition?

Hello OLL98, welcome to Lenovo forums!
You can´t use Onekey Recovery anymore if you change the partitions.
So please create your recovery media before, messing up with the partitions. My 2 cents.

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I have an ASUS X555UA (F555 series) - Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
Laptop purchased about 2 months ago. I would like to backup the recovery partition. I called ASUS and they do not ship recovery ,media- either in or out of warranty and that it flat out isn't available. Backtracker (Which worked on Windows 8.1 PC's subsequently updated to Windows 10 does not work). In order to factory reset the PC, I would have to ship it to ASUS to be done (if under warranty it is no cost). I have Windows 10 EDU (has most features of Enterprise) I got from Dreamspark. Clean installation would wipe the recovery partition.
Is there any way to do a clean install but preserve (back up the recovery partition prior to clean installing Windows 10 EDU)?

Thank You!

Answer:Backing up recovery partition on an ASUS laptop before a clean install

Hi and welcome to Tenforums.

You can use Macrium Reflect Free to image any partition, or your complete hard drive.

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My computer is slow and freezes so I thought I would use the recovery to reset to factory settings with my discs, but I am unable to access my recovery partition. I get a blue page and a message that reads.Stop: c0000218 {Registry file failure} the registry cannot load the hive (file):\ SystemRoot \ System 32\ Config \ Sam or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.I have included the info on my system and the hijackthis logOS Name Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionalVersion 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600OS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name CHERYLSPUTERSystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HP Pavilion dv9000 (EZ452UA#ABA)System Type X86-based PCProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 72 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1607 MhzProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 72 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1607 MhzBIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.3D, 11/22/2007SMBIOS Version 2.4Windows Directory C:\WINDOWSSystem Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2765 (xpsp.050928-1517)"User Name CHERYLSPUTER\cherylTime Zone Central Daylight TimeTotal Physical Memory 1,024.00 MBAvailable Physical Memory 520.63 MBTotal Virtual Memory 2.00 GBAvailable Virtual Memory 1.96 GBPage File Space 2.26 GBPage File C:\pagefile.sysLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 5:00:49 AM, on 9/5/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.0... Read more

Answer:Unable To Use Recovery Partition

I apologize for the very long delay. We have a huge backlog of HijackThis Logs to handle and it has been taking us greater time than normal to get caught up. If you are still having a problem, and want us to analyze your information, please reply to this topic stating that you still need help and I will work with you on resolving your computer problems. If your problem has been resolved, please post a reply letting us know so we can close your topic.

Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, feel free to create a new one.

Once again, I apologize for the delay in responding to this topic.

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Long story short, whilst formatting an SD card in a USB slot my PC BSOD after 30 seconds and would not boot after restart, PC was running Win10ProX64 and the primary drive is a Samsung 840 Pro 250GB SSD.

I have tried recovering machine with the drive in situ as primary but I am unable to run startup repair/system restore/reset pc or any other option from a win10 usb installer, so I gave up on that and installed my working (tested on another machine) Macruim boot USB that also fails to load so I booted to command prompt and had a quick look through diskpart, originally the disk had one partition consuming the entire drive and im assuming it will have had the 450MB partition created by win 10 installer

At this point I removed the drive and attached to another machine running Win7
Disk management looks like this

Mini tool partition wizard looks like this

and Get Data Back looks like this

Have skimmed through folder structures and all looks intact, my original intention was to recover a few files and format but I am now wondering if it is possible to recover the drive as a whole but am not sure of the best way forwards, any advice gratefully received.

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Hi Guys can I ask for a little help please
My Dell Vostro laptop was running Windows 7 (64 bit) professional but a few months ago I made a backup of the windows partition with True Image Plus 2013 as a back-up, I then upgraded to windows 8 all was working ok for a while but I decided Windows 8 was not for me and decided to use the true image backup I had made of windows 7.
I booted my computer with the true image boot cd and selected the relevant backup image file, all was ok until One second from completion and then true image said the restore had failed.
I then tried to boot my computer but the MBR was missing I then tried to use a Windows 7 system dvd to repair the MBR but it would not work.
I then found out that when the restore failed it had destroyed my windows partition and my factory recovery partition, and a partition I had my data stored on, so now I am unable to restore my computer with the factory restore option.
Fortunately I had made some rescue dvd and I have my computer working again but I would like the recovery partition back working if I can
I you look at the disk management screen shot I have attached you can see that I have a partition with a size 750.0 MB and 750MB free.
But now I am using Macrium to make my backups and when I run a back-up it reports that a partition is called Recovery and it is 750.0 MB with 212.0MB used and 537.0 MD free please see second screenshot
Can anyone tell me what?s going on and can I get the recovery partition to work again... Read more

Answer:Lost Dell factory recovery partition

The 750mb partition contains the files needed to boot windows. It is quite large because there may some oem tools on there as well.

You don't have an actual recovery partition containing the files needed to reinstall.

You can make one easily enough. It doesn't need to be a separate partition , you could use your data partition for that and still keep all your stuff on there.

I would use the latest installation media for that.

You can get it from here: Windows 7 Direct Download Links -

Or you could use what is on your recovery discs if you really want.

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I purchased a new Motherboard to upgrade my computer and new SSD drive. I installed Windows 7 again on my new SSD. I had a 3TB Seagate Drive that had 3 partitions. One partition had Windows 7 and system files. The other two had data. Now, one of my data partitions shows as Unallocated. The old Windows 7 partition is totally accessible as well as one data partition. I need to recover the data on the drive from the unallocated partition. I've tried Seatools and EaseUs partition tool. I'm going to try DiscInternals next.

Does anyone have suggestions on recovering a partition that is now unallocated? I imagine the data is still there but the partition isn't being recognized by Windows 7.


Answer:Lost Partition - Now Unallocated - Data Recovery

Try a simple partition undelete using Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

If that doesn't work try data recovery software.

Your data should always be backed up externally or to the cloud, using a modern method like Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums

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Hi, this is my first post so any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have started using windows 8 now as my work PC and wanted to make a recovery drive, just in case.
I have a 128GB SSD (for the Win8 OS) and a 2TB HD for all my work files, videos, photos, music and so on.

I wanted to make a recovery drive so I went to Disk Management and created a small 32GB partition.

Then went onto Create a Recovery Drive. It did say that the drive would be cleared, but I presumed that it just meant that partition.

I now have 1.9TB of unallocated space (that im hoping my files are still on) but im worried anything i try might wipe it for good.

The main reason I think that the files are still there is that the 'formatting' took less than 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance!!!

Answer:Solved: Tried Recovery using Partition - Lost all files?

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My DELL 8300 has a damaged hard drive that must be replaced. Problem is that the recovery data is on a partition on the dead drive. This 8300 came with no recovery or OS discs when it was new. DELL Support says they cannot give or even sell me an OS or recovery disk because the machine is now out of warranty. Is there any way I could use a DELL OEM OS XP disk that belongs to one of my other DELLs on my 8300 after I install the new hard drive? I realize some of the drivers will be wrong, but I can handle doggin down the right ones.

Answer:Replace lost recovery partition on dead HDD

yes u can use DELL OEM OS XP disc. The disc will work on many systems (hp, acer etc.) the wrong drivers will not be installed.

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G'day alll,

Been out of the game for a while, got a Toshiba Satellite P850
I thought id set it back to factory default so hit zero key.

Came up with option wipe hdd, Toshiba recovery wizard.

I thought great it will wiped the hdd then let me use the hidden partition to reinstall the fresh copy of windows8 that came with it.

Now I get on boot up
Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and pre any key.

Im gob smacked that its own Toshiba recovery wizard would wipe it own recovery partiton ....

so now have no recovery partiton as im aware as holding the zero key down keeps coming up with the above..

think i made a big boboo.

Looking for best way & eaiest way to solve this?
cheers macka.

Ive tried using my hiren & bootcd but wont even pick them up after chaning boot order in bios to cd drive first etc.

just keeps going back to
Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and pre any key.

any help will be appreciated.
cheers again Macka. Am i missing something???

Answer:Lost recovery partition on Satellite P850

Your biggest mistake was that you didn?t create recovery media using preinstalled recovery media creator tool. With this recovery media (DVD or USB stick) you will be able now to install original recovery image. It is also described in user?s manuals document. Such back-up is very important.

Problem is that you cannot force your notebook to have access or install recovery image, if it is still saved on HDD. Now you can either install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc or order original Toshiba recovery disc for recovery image installation.

I don't know where do you live but if you have European notebook model you can order it on

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I wanted to Format My computer.
I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0, and then choose the system configuration then Formate hard disk.

when I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0 Again , It Did not work

I did "nt find find operating system!

How do I recover operating system?


Answer:I lost recovery partition on Satellite C50-B863

Hi imksa

You have a problem now. Obviously you have formatted whole HDD and also deleted saved recovery image on recovery partition. This can be done if you have already created recovery media (USB or DVD).

I presume you don't have such recovery media, right?

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Need to run recovery procedure but lost the partition on the HD. Since the product key is stored in BIOS/UEFI i wonder if i can use the iso provided by Microsoft 8.1 + drivers posted on Toshiba site.
Is this possible or must i purchase the recovery disks from Toshiba?
The OS mentioned there is Win 8 RTM 64-bit

Answer:Recovery partition lost on Satellite C870D

Yes you can use iso file and drivers offered on Toshiba download page but you cannot use product key for activation. As far as i know this key belongs to original recovery image that you got with your machine.

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Thanks to a recovery software I have saved the "HDD RECOVERY" folder an all the other files that were in D:(the damaged partition) into another folder in C:

Now how can I burn a recovery cd/dvd starting by this folder ?

I've the Satellite A300-21w that came with a 320 GB HD splitted in 2 partitions: C: & D an Vista Home premium:
The D: partition containing the "HDD RECOVERY" folder was accidentally damaged by me and now the system only view the C: partition !
I've tried to run the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator but it shows the message: can't find the "hdd recovery" folder.
How can I reboot my laptop?

Message was edited by: melauf00

Answer:Satellite A300 - Recovery partition is lost

Thanks to a recovery file software now I' ve copied the "HDD REcovery" directory with all the other hidden files in D: in a folder in C: I can burn a recovery cd/dvd with that folder ???

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I have satellite A300 with pre loaded Vista home premium OS, due to some reason I had to format the entire disk and I lost my OS recovery partition.

Can any one help me in getting my os partition?
I had checked with the service centers they said I can use the OS recovery partition of similar model.

So I request everyone if anyone can provide me the OS partition, I would be thankful to them.

Please contact me at [email protected]


Answer:Satellite A300 - I lost the recovery partition


I think you did understand something wrong.
On the Toshiba notebooks there is no recovery partition, they have a HDDrecovery folder that contains the factory settings.
I recovery partition that you mean is a Window Vista feature, not a Toshiba.
Here is a useful link to this:

The HDD recovery folder is stored on the second partition of the notebook. You can use the HDD recovery function if you go in the advanced boot menu, choose ?Repair my computer? and select the Toshiba HDD recovery function.
But I think this is too late now?

Did you burn the Toshiba recovery disk? Normally you can burn the factory image that is stored in the HDD recovery folder on a DVD by using the Toshiba recovery disk creator. Therefore you get always a remember message or popup that you have to do this.

If you didn?t do this and you want the Toshiba recovery disk you must order a new one. You can do this here:

I hope I could help you. Do you have more questions?


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Hi. Few days ago i've got problem with my hard disc (it crashed ), so i've changed it for another. There were some problems with installation new windows xp, but already done, but ... how can I restore hidden partition with all stuff, without recovery cd's, or where can i get this cd's? Thank you for advice.

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Completely my my fault, but I have deleted the hidden recovery partion on Ideapad S10e
Product Name: 4068RFG
Bios Version: 14CN66WW
Lenovo SN: 11Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just wondering if there is a USB key executable which it can boot off to restore available from Lenovo
Recovery CD does not work without this partition.
Many Thanks
Moderator Note; s/n edited for members own protection

Answer:Linux Recovery Partition on s10e lost

Hi and welcome...
the linux version (suse) comes with CD ... that installs Linux complete as i know...there is no recovery partition for linux ...
If you want Linux back ...i prefer other distris instead of old SLED...
Download on other computer one of these : Opensuse ...Mint 8 Ubuntu 8.04 (dont prefer9xx buggy) ...
and prepare on a bootable USB-Stick  ...
sincerely KalvinKlein

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Hey guys,

This is more applicable somewhere else but I've gotten help on here with this kind of stuff before so I figured I could try again

I've gotten to the point where I need to just reinstall windows completely on my Asus G74SX (too many problems, I want to start fresh.). I encounter an error 1029 with Asus's recovery disks that I made when I had windows working: it says it is recovering all the way to 100% then doesnt work. I am in the process of trying it again so I'll see if it actually managed to wipe my hard drive like it said it was doing, and maybe if it did actually work and reinstall windows.

However, I'd like to be able to get into the recovery partition because I would prefer restoring it with Asus as they recommend me to. However, when I hit F9, their target to get there, it doesn't do anything and just reloads the boot screen, with the Asus logo on it. I don't have an actual Wndows recovery CD so that's not an option, and at this point since my hard drive has likely been wiped by these recovery DVDs, I don't think going into Ubuntu and fixing the MBR will do me much good anymore.

Has anyone had this problem, not being able to get into recovery? Is getting their CD really my only way out of this?

It may be worth noting that before I last restarted, I marked the Windows partition as active because of a tutorial here, making it so that recovery partition isn't active anymore. I don't know if that may have affected anything and if so can... Read more

Answer:Disc ASUS Recovery Error 1029, cannot boot into that recov. Partition.

Hey never mind. I think I can fix the problem. I found a link to a clean Windows 7 ISO i can flash and download that will allow me to freshly install Windows with none of Asus' bloat ware (even though thats pretty limited, it would still be nice to have a truly clean Win7 install.). Never mind!

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hi friends i have used a disk partitioning software to install linux onto my system and had made a terrible mistake ....i completely mistook the recovery partition and deleted the partition my horror i lost my novo key recovery process.......please guys tell me how to recover the partition and get my novo key working ....i ll be greatly indebted to u for this....

Answer:re:lost recovery partition ,novo key ,lenovo 3000 y 410

hello any one there? please help me MARK

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Accidentally deleted Recovery Partition and lost discs.Can I recover by downloading windows 7 somewhere using the product key found on the back of my laptop? I am a total newbie at this. If anyone could help with this, please send a link or any info that would help. Thanks!

Answer:Accidentally deleted Recovery Partition and lost disks

Yes, you can download an ISO and use the key off of the back of your laptop to activate it. Here is a source for the ISO:

Download Windows 7 ISOs, Legally and for Free |

This will be a clean install, though. It won't have any of the laptop manufacturer's bloatware and utility programs on it. If you want all of that still, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and get replacement restore disks.

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I was trying to restore my Toshiba Sattelite L645-S4056 to factory default and reinstall windows 7 by inbuilt recovery system. While i was formatting the computer swtiched off itself. Then i couldnot access inbuilt recovery during booting. The computer wont boot with any windwos cd. It said something like "Cannot boot.Enter a bootable disc". I then installed a linux distero by booting with a USB device.The linux system works fine but i need windows 7. It shows that my hardisk is totally empty. There is no reserved part previously occupied by recovery system.I didn't get a recovery disc with my laptop. Any other dvd wont boot. How can i install back my Windows 7 ?? What is wrong with the system ?? Is there any way to get windows 7 back ?? Please Help ASAP...
Thank You in advance

Answer:Windows 7 wont boot. I lost recovery partition.

You need to access the system bios and tell it to boot from cd under boot options.
Some laptops also have a 'boot menu' feature that can be accessed by pressing a key.

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I have sony vaio core i5, Model VPCEB4B4E, windows 7 home premium 32 bit. I bought it from italy, i lost its recovery participation. and formatted my hard disk completely. i also do not have its recovery disk. i called vaio service center they told that you have to buy recovery disk for almost 50 EUROS. I do not wanna buy it. any body can tell me that where from i can download the recovery disk of this model. or if any person have the same model. please contact me. and reply me it is very important.

Greetings in advance


Answer:Sony Vaio VPCEB4B4E. I lost my recovery Partition. Need Help

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document

How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:
1.Go to
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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 If I have two M series Thinkcentres having compatible machine types. Can I use a set of restore discs from the first Thinkcentre to factory install Windows XP onto a second Thinkcentre where the recovery partition and install drive became corrupted? Also do Thinkcentre applications and utilities install under a retail copy of Windows XP (installed onto a Thinkcentre)? e.g. Fingerprint reader software, Rescue and Recovery, Client Security, etc.   


Go to Solution.

Answer:Windows XP restore discs & lost recovery partition

Yes, if the model is the same (same first 4 digits) you can use the recovery discs on the second machine. You will load the disks, and then when that process is finished, you will select F11 at boot and then restore to factory state once the Windows Recovery loads. No Thinkcentre specific applications will load with a retail copy of Windows. You will have to go to the Lenovo download pages and install the apps individually.

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Hi guys,

Been doing my best to sort out a troublesome PC, and this forum kept coming up when googling, so thought you guys might be able to help out! Up for a challenge?

I have made some attempt myself using tutorials, but can't help but think I should have posted first... Anyway, what's done is done...

Setup: Win XP Pro (SP2) with three logical drives:
Physical Disk 1 (200GB SATA - NTFS): Logical Drive C: and D: (C: containing Windows)
Physical Disk 2 (IDE - FAT32 converted to NTFS): Logical F:
Physical Disk 3: (300GB SATA - NTFS) Logical G:

Long story short - some bad (new) RAM was causing my screen to BSOD and restart. Before I could properly diagnose that (it killed an audio driver, which continued the BSODs even after the RAM was removed), a BSOD restart killed one of my hard drives - G (Physical Disk 3). Windows would not boot with it plugged in (moaned about hal.dll missing, even though it's not the Windows drive - booted fine without it plugged in!), and from Windows Recovery Console it was dismissed as having "Unrecoverable Errors" when trying to DIR or CHKDSK.

On advice, I tried 'bootfix', which made it an empty 10GB drive, FAT format.

Loaded up TestDisk from the UBCD, which claimed it had one 'Linux' partition. I followed a tutorial to scan it in forced NTSC mode, but it came up with nothing.

I then used ADRC Data Recovery to write an NTFC boot sector, but all that did was make the drive unreadable.

Then used ... Read more

Answer:File Recovery On Lost Ntfs Drive/partition?

Each time that you access the disk (even during bootup) the chances of losing your data increase. So limit your disk accesses as much as possible.A data recovery program attempts to check the structure of the disk and see if it can find anything that it recognizes as files. Since you've already performed some of the tests that we'd recommend, I'd have to suggest that you consult a commercial firm that specializes in this sort of thing (and they are expensive!).Other things to try would be the NTFS GetDataBack tool from http://www.runtime.orgIt allows you to scan the drive (for free) to see if anything is recoverable, then you'll have to pay to do the actual recovery (about $80 US the last time I checked)Others here have recommended a free tool called Recuva, and other free tools may also be listed here:

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Product Name: Star Wars Special Edition Notebook - 15-an001nx (ENERGY STAR)Operating System: clean installation windows 10 home single language (64-bit) I lost my recovery partition and system when make factory reset so i install a clean installation windows 10 home single language (64-bit) by Media Creation tool and automatically activated when its done installingmy problem is star wars themes and HP software after download Star Wars Control Panel from HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads not work "this system not support". my questions1- why HP didn't offer request System Recovery Kit for this model? like lots of star wars model i found it or can i request one of them for my model if they are same hardware?2- if this windows compatibility how can i fix "this system not support" for Star Wars Control Panel and another programs?3- if this windows not compatibility how can i get the compatibility windows?

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hello how are you all im new here and i hope somebody can help me i lost my hidden xp rescue partition , but i have it on dvds as an image can i restore it again to my laptop R60e please help me with my best wishes to all thx

Answer:Please Help , i lost my hidden recovery partition but i have it on dvd image can i restore it???!!

If you run the discs it will completely reformat the drive and all information will be lost. The computer will be in the same condition as when it came out of the box. The hidden partition will be there again.Are you sure it is gone or do you just need to re-enable the restore function with this?

______________________________________________________T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.T400 2765-T7U Windows 7Registered Linux User #160145FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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I bought the machine in question from a friend and have used it for sometime. I would now like to restore it to its original factory state. Not having any installation discs for XP I wanted to use the recovery partition but I'm not sure if this is still on the hard drive or not. Looking in disc management there is the main partition labeled C: showing 74.44GB and also an un-named partition showing 55mb of total capacity with 48mb free space. i have tried to use ctr+f11 at start up according to the directions on Dells site for how to start the recovery process but that doesn't do anything and the machine continues to boot as normal.

So I need to know if this smaller partition is likely to be the recovery partition? Is there any way to look and see what data is stored on there? If ctrl+f11 is not working does that mean the factory restore option is no longer available on this machine or is there something else I can try? Maybe I just need to ask Dell to send me the recovery disc.

Thanks for reading :-)

Answer:Dell Optiplex 170L+XP Pro, Lost recovery partition?

I seem to remember that the Optiplex you have came with a set of discs. Windows install disc, Driver disc and software disc(s)That 55Mb partition is the not the recovery partition, it is the Diagnostic partition.The drive size you are showing for C: is the proper size for a 80Gb hard drive.You will need the right XP disk, and ahead of time download the drivers and utilities from the Dell site.BY Right XP Disc I mean either a Dell XP disc or a OEM XP disc that matches whichever version, XP Home or XP Pro, the license on the computer is. Maybe your friend still has the discs?Good LuckRoger

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Hey Everyone--

My first post here, so hope I follow protocol well enough! Working on a client's PC here, and could use a little help or suggestion. The machine in question is an HP Pavilion a1630n, and has a D: partition for Recovery. Currently I am unable to get it to boot from that partition using F11 to do a complete reinstall of Vista. When I try F11, I get BOOTMGR is missing. Here's what led up to this:

- PC would not boot and kept dropping into Vista Recovery Manager, which was unable to repair the startup problem

- I was going to pull the drive, backup the user data off onto another disk, then do a clean restore of Vista (which was an available option for recovery)

- Somehow when trying to back out of everything and shut down, I hit Yes at a prompt where I meant to hit No (or vice versa), and the Recovery Manager started to erase the C: partition (nice how it didn't pop up a dialog for me to confirm). I immediately held down the power button to make it stop, but it was too late-- the C: drive was empty

- From the user data standpoint, this wasn't a huge deal-- the main utility of this machine is Webmail and Web. So we elected not to worry about trying to unerase files and just install a fresh, working copy of Windows

However, now I cannot seem to make any progress toward reinstalling Vista from the recovery partition (naturally, if the client ever had any restore discs, she cannot find them now). Despite the D: Recovery partition still being intact, ... Read more

Answer:Unable to boot to Recovery Partition

Hope this helps Fred,

Bootmgr is missing

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I am currently unable to boot to the recovery partition to restore my computer to factory installation, but the Recovery partition that was around 13 gb is still there and has files on it and i did not touch them, but still i cant use F11 to boot to recovery. Any help ?

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HI! i'm new in this forum's!I've ThinkPad R61e , i received him with Vista business , I wanted to install xp to him, but in same time I removed the partition of restoration of the configuration of origin, I présise which I did not receive with my laptop the DVD of Windows Vista!Now I would like to recover my Vista but what to make?Thank's for your help!

Answer:I lost ma recovery partition and my Windows Vista Business after installation of XP

You are supposed to make your own recovery discs before you remove the recovery partition. If by chance the recovery partition is still there you will need to run this tool to repair the F11 function.  It requires a USB floppy drive.Otherwise you will need to get a set of recovery discs from someone.Message Edited by carbon_unit on 05-19-2008 08:54 PM

______________________________________________________T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.T400 2765-T7U Windows 7Registered Linux User #160145FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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After researching my issue and found this closed thread - "Windows 7 won't read drive in explorer" I started my own little research to my problem.

First some basics: I am running Windows Ultimate 32 bit. I have 2 SATA Hard Drives (one with OS), 2 SATA DVD and Blu-Ray Drives and 1 IDE Hard Drive which is configured as a slave.

Second - I needed to do some hard drive trouble shooting for another computer that had a (possibly) dead IDE Hard Drive. To do this I shut down my computer, and attached the (supposedly) dead IDE Hard Drive in its place.

Now - all the trouble began.

After booting into the Bios, I noticed the supposedly dead hard drive did not register even though it was spinning. I kept booting into the OS to see if it would be recognized in any case - it was not.

I put my working IDE Hard Drive back in - after shutting down and removing the dead IDE Hard Drive.

I booted back into the BIOS and noticed my good IDE Hard Drive wasn't being recognized either. I then went into advanced Bios settings and walla - it saw my hard drive but said I needed to reboot.

After rebooting I noticed the same thing with the Bios, but this time proceeded to boot into the OS.

After signing on, I noticed my Good Hard Drive was no longer recognized in Explorer.

I went into Administrator and Computer Management and then into Disk Management.

What I saw puzzled me as over the past 25 years I never have seen this. My good hard drive was showing up as Disk 0 and showe... Read more

Answer:lost my drive letter on Healthy (Active, Recovery Partition)

Go into control panel and change windows update settings
to something other than automatic,like download and notify.
That way you have a choice what to install.
Then run windows update manually.
Check the list of updates for a drive controller driver.
It sounds like it is installing one that isn't working for you.
It would probably be under optional updates.
You should be able to select hide update an click ok
so it won't try to install it anymore.

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To help some people out... I read some of you formatted your drive and now are stuck without the ability to restore Win 8 if you went to Win 7 before you knew there was an issue, or lost your recovery partition for any other reason. FYI, if you can get your hands on ANY Win 8 disk (doesn't matter if its Professional or the Regular version) and install it, your serial key for Win 8 is hardcoded into your motherboard BIOS. Therefore, if you have access to a disk, you can simply install and it will auto activate and install your pre installed key. No need to spend $90 or more if you don't have to. If you don't have an external DVD Drive, simply download the Win7 to USB tool from Microsoft (it will work for Win 8) and transfer the disk image to a USB thumb drive (from another PC of course). Then boot from the thumb drive to install. Note: You will have to go into the BIOS to turn OFF UEFI and allow it to boot and install from a thumb drive. In my experience, I had to turn off UEFI in the BIOS (Get to BIOS by pressing F2 at boot). By turn off, I mean place in "Legacy" mode. Then save and exit and allow to restart. Upon restart, enter the BIOS once again and you should now see your thumb drive appear on the list of bootable devices (the thumb drive has to be connected BEFORE booting into BIOS). Move the thumb drive up the list to be the first boot device, save and exit and you are in business. Also, if you have access to the MSDN, you can actually download the R... Read more

Answer:Lenovo S405 How To: Re-Install Windows 8 if you have lost your recovery partition

This is very helpful and informative, thank you for posting!

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Hello all,

I am trying to find ways to recover all of my important data from my hard drive which was not working suddenly.

After several attempts of recoveries, I have decided to buy a same HDD because it didn't even appear on disk management. And I replaced a board of that on my old drive and then I can see it on disk management.

Of course, I did click on cancel on disk initializing.

Then, I have used Partition Wizard tool to recover my data what I have discovered from this forum.

Actually, it is big numbers of sectors since capacity of hard drive is 1TB.

From this point,I have experienced that too low scanning rate (128 sectors/sec) was going there and it is hard to wait till the end. It will take about 176 days at that speed, approximately.

Is there any solution on this problem? What could be the reason of slow scanning speed?

Answer:HDD lost partition recovery related problem (Samsung HD103uj 1TB)

I have many comments to make on your dealing with this issue but will reserve it for a later moment since you are already on with the Full scan and so I shall catch on it for the moment.

I see the scan had gone upto 1920 sectors. Hold on till it reaches 2048 and beyond. The first partition will always (in most cases) start on 2048. Let us see whether it finds the partition at 2048.

Post a screenshot after it goes beyond 2048.

Let me know whether the scan is still on. Otherwise I shall go to sleep and return only after another ten hours and shall see the screenshot then. After posting the screenshot wait for half an hour.

If I am not seen in that half an hour cancel the scan and close Partition Wizard.
I shall continue tomorrow ( my tomorrow)

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I really appreciate if you can provide me with the Windows License for My Laptop since the windows Recovery Partition was Formatted by Mistake

here is the laptop specs

Satellite L850-B757
Part Number : PSKG8V-05M002AR
thanks for your support

Anas Shamasneh

Answer:Lost Windows Recovery Partition - Satellite L850-B757

Essential recovery medium can be ordered here:

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Hi folks, i've got a problem concerning the recovery partition of my ideapad s10e.Due to some installation chaos i've lost the origin mbr and bootmgr .. now i've got a lonely service partition (not modified, deleted or resized) which is not active anymore. Had to install a clean win xp  on the free space and make it visible using TestDisk. Is there any chance to make it active again to start the lenovo rescue/recovery environment ? .. as mentioned .. the content of the recovery partion is untouched. I've tried to make it the active boot partition (with TestDisk) but it did not work I think it's the WinPE boot stuff which cause the problem (maybe). Would be great if you have some hints ...  Thanks! Best  regards, flitzMessage Edited by flitz on 05-28-2009 05:44 PM

Answer:recovery partition untouched - unable to reactivate it

I don't think it can be re-activate by lenovo keys or f11 during bootup.But you still can use it in my experience. The way I did is to use partition manager program, like norton gdisk, acronis disk director...etc, to make the winpe partition active and bootable. And then, you can do your winxp recovery. however, you still need to change the XP partition active manually after recovery. I did that successfully, when transferred 80G to another 80G HD. Not try other size of HD.

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I am trying to help a friend with their Satellite L505D that had a serious virus issue(s). I was not able to run/install any programs with the virus on it. I used a Microsoft tool to remove the rootkit trojan, but I still had virus issues. I also lost most of the programs on the machine. All the folders were empty (except for some games), so I could not access any tools that way. I could not get the machine to load any Toshiba restore utility by pressing Zero while powering on. I accessed some recovery options using F8 during bootup, and had a link to restore to Toshiba's original setting, but clicking that choice did nothing other than pause for a few seconds. I waited several minutes, clicked it again, rebooted and tried again. Nothing. As a side note, once during all this, the restore partition was visible from explorer.exe. Not before, or since.

So I then Reformated the computer with a Win7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade disk (leaving the restore partition intact), and entered the key for the system. Supprise supprise, it is asking me to activate within 3 days.

My basic question is, can I access that recovery partition in a different manner to attempt to use it? IE copy it's contents, or boot to some comand prompt to log to e:?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D


To be clear: there is only one way to use recovery image saved on HDD and install it.
Exact step-by-step description how to do it you can read on

If this will not work, only way to do it anyway is to use recovery DVD. Question is: has your friend created these discs?

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I am going crazy! My recovery partition has been full for over a month now! Every time I attempt to delete files, it says "Not enough memory to perform operation on disc." I have logged in under safe mode to try this and I have also tried pressing delete with shift. Can someone give me some ideas as to what I can try next? This should be very simple, but I cannot figure it out!!


Answer:Unable to delete files from recovery partition!!

Open windows explorer, right click on the partition drive letter and select properties, hit the disk cleanup button, it takes a while to calculate, then see what comes up in the list to delete.

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I've used for about 1 year an HP Elite m9426f, Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, 8GB RAM, 600GB HD, ATI HD Radeon 3670, Vista Business 64 bit as a dedicated HD recording computer.

Yesterday, I decided to partition the HD and created a C: and two data partitions. There is a 13GB recovery partition labelled PRIMARY.

I ran Defraggler to compact the OS and program files into the C: volume, and which is is supposed to migrate any files into the C: drive-(works in DOS?) when setting the partitions, but perhaps something got orphaned into a new partition and Windows wouldn't open- "corrupted files".

No matter how many times I pressed F11 at startup, it would not enter the recovery utility that would reinstall the Vista 64 Business. I tried F2, F11, F8 and trying to launch it as an application from Win Explorer- no good. Of course, I was too lazy and never made the recovery disks.

I did a full format on C: and tried- probably 8 times by now!- installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on the clean C: drive. This would go through all the motions until the very end of "Completing Installation" and I would see a message for perhaps 1/2 second, something close to : "Windows can not configure Windows on this computer" and instantly shut down- - no messages, no diagnostics, no options- bonkers! > sudden blackness- it was as though the computer was angry!

I tried installing Win 7 64 in every combination, then tried installing Win 7 32 bit- no good. This Win 7 ... Read more

Answer:Lost Vista 64 bit > Unable to load from Recovery, Win 7- 32 or 64 bit

To try forcing Factory Recovery if it remains on the HD, mark the Partition Active and reboot, tap F11 repeatedly to see if it will start. Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

Another method is to install EasyBCD (free Download at bottom of page - no name or email required) then browse to the boot.wim file on the Recovery partition to add it to a Dual Boot menu that will trigger Recovery at reboot. To find boot.wim you'll need to unhide System and Hidden files in Control Panel>Folder Options>View, give Recovery a letter in Disk Mgmt if it doesn't have one, then browse from Add New Entry tab in Easy as shown below:

click to enlarge

If this fails there is no reason to save the Recovery partition as you will need to order Factory Recovery disks from HP since you didn't make them or Clean Reinstall. So I would wipe the HD to see if Win7 or Vista 64 bit will install as desired using Diskpart Clean Command accessing from DVD DISKPART At PC Startup .

Unplug all other peripherals and HD's, reset BIOS to defaults: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS. While in BIOS setup set SATA controller to AHCI to try install.

Boot the installer to Custom Install deleting all partitions if you didnt' wipe HD, follow these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

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Hi All,I have a Thinkpad X220T. It was purchased with Windows 7 and late last year I bought Windows 8 and installed it. Since then, I've had tons of issues with W8, where at this point, even after careful debugging and troubleshooting multiple reinstalls, Windows 8 will eventually reach a state in which it will not load or have other critical issues in the desktop. What I realized is that the W8 installed also corrupted the W7 install so I have no way to restore it - trying to load it from BIOS or Windows 9 would occur in an error. After a few more W8 installs, the W7 restore partition was actually deleted completely - I'm not clear when this happened - I've had to reinstall Windows 8 at least 6 different times trying to recover my fatal issues in the last 8 months. Now I'd like to know if there's anyway for Lenovo to help me restore the partition or provide the serial number so I can download the ISO and install my machine copy of Windows 7 again. I don't really need the serial, the partition is preferred so I always have a backup.

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Hi yoga family i got my yoga 2 13 just a week ago and so far i am happy with it,but have still some questions: i have this model of yoga;  OPERATING SYSTEMWindows 8.1 DISPLAY13.3" FHD, IPS, Multi-Touch PROCESSORIntel Core i3-4010U MEMORY8GB DDR3L STORAGE500GB HDD GRAPHICSIntel HD 4400 COMMUNICATIONWiFi, Bluetooth i have installed new 8.1 on it and formatted recovery partitions,but now i want to restore it to factory defaults,so i was thinking about asking from here,maybe someone can share yoga 2 13 recovery partition with me?  someone who has same model of yoga....and second strange thing,when i charge my yoga battery and got 100% charged,then it still shows charging,is it normal? thank you for everyone who answers.......

Answer:Lost Yoga 2 13 recovery partition,also battery shows charging even after 100% charged

It will be hard to exchange the 16 GB recovery partition,as I only know how to copy complete non-DOS partitions between physical drives.You're welcome to come to my country... The Windows indicator showing means it is still external powered, not necesseraly charging ...The meaning of the LEDs in and close to the power button are explained in more detail in the User Manual page 11  

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This doesn't seem right.. I used Thinkvantage tools to make recovery discs.  Also in this tool was the option to recover the space of the recovery partition and add it to the overall C-drive space.  Unfortunately, now that I've made (and boot-tested) the recovery discs, I can't get back into the recovery disc tool to make use of the partition.  Is there any other way to run the recovery partition removal tool, or will I have to do it manually?  


Go to Solution.

Answer:Option to delete recovery partition is lost after recover discs are made.

what os are you using in win. 7 you can do it with disk management

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Hi all

I have an i7 ASUS Ultrabook (HDD is 2xssd in raid0, UEFI, GPT partitions.) which is great but have an issue where wifi profiles don't retain and i'm not too concerned about retaining the data on the ultrabook so after attempting to fix the wifi profiles not saving (Have been through the driver scenario, folder permissions, sfc, etc and no joy) i'm just going to do a clean install from the recovery partition.
I started by trying the recovery methods 8 has built in, refresh the files, but fails without an error and makes no changes. Attempted to do a full restore via 8 recovery also but fails with no error also and then I realized I was actually missing the OEM options (F9 during boot doesn't allow for EMS boot to begin recovery from recovery partition like expected, just boots into normal recovery)
After installing windows 8.1 it no longer allows me to do an OEM recovery via Windows 8.1's built in recovery methods so I created a recovery USB from the recovery partition using the windows 8 tool since the AI Recovery Burner doesn't recognize the partition, the USB recovery creation did recognize the partition and allow me to create the USB recovery drive from this successfully.
When running the USB recovery, the recovery fails with "Required drive partition is missing"
I think this is because the recovery partition is actually a windows 8 partition, not 8.1, and will not work.
Seems like a lot of effort but I want to retain the OEM key and softw... Read more

Answer:Unable to perform recovery - Required partition is missing

Believe i've worked out the cause although not sure how to resolve

I noticed that reagentc would not start, resulting in error 3, I assigned the two hidden recovery partitions, one with winre, and one with the recoveryimage, drive letters and then the service would start. Although when the system is restarted or shut down the drives lose their letters.

When the drives have letters recovery does attempt to begin, but once restarted into RE, since the drive letters go again it falls over and starts RE as if it has been user invoked

I suppose at this stage I need to know how to make these letter assignments permanent until I can complete the recovery

I still cannot recover from recovery media due to the partition missing (suspect reason is above) and the windows is locked error (even with secure boot disabled and bcdedit rebuilt etc)

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Hello, On Friday, I assembled the office z620_2 : E5-1680 v2 / 64GB DDR3-1866 EC reg. / Quadro P2000 5GB/ Z Turbo Drive M.2 256GB + Intel 730 480GB + 2X Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB > Windows 7 Pro 64-bit However, I am unable to evoke the recovery partition on the Z Turbo Drive to reinstall Windows. The 12GB recovery partition is visible on the Z Turbo in Explorer, but there is no setup or application file that I can find to try and run it. 1.  There are instructions that claim pressing F11 repeatedly at start up will put it into recovery mode. This appears to "almost" work. The words "recovery mode" flash on and then the screen flashes back and forth betwen the same two screens several times and either ends with a "disk error" message "Press contril -Alt-Delete to restart or starts the Windows already on the drive. As the F11 showed brief signs of working, I tried several times, sometimes pressing several times as in the instructions or only one time and at different points in the startup, but it always ends in one or the other same result.  Am I pressing F11 at the wrong time? 2.  There is a video on HP support that instructs Start > Recovery Manager >  but there is no Recovery  Manager in the Start list 3. I tried running the z620 Recovery disk, but it can not see the Z Turbo Drive. 4. I tried to make a WinPE reovery disk on a USB drive,  but maddedingly, it needs 33.01GB and the USB drive is 29GB.... Read more

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Hi Friends,

Mine is Dell xps 13 ultrabook shipped with windows 7. I thought of installing ubuntu, so I unknowingly deleted recovery partition, formatted it and installed ubuntu. Now ubuntu is working fine. But in grub, I am not able to see windows. So I followed this tutorial How to Manually Repair Windows 7 Boot Loader Problems - How-To Geek to fix my windows. But it didnt work

In second screenshot, Windows 7 option didnt appear. I clicked next and did Startup repair which didnt help and then went to command prompt to execute the two commands

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

The first command executed successfully but the second command gave me an error "the volume does not contain a recognized file system"

How can I recover my windows . Please help. I need windows badly


Answer:Deleted Recovery partition. Unable to boot into windows now.

Hi Rajeshksv37,

Welcome to SevenForums.

If you are in U.S.A, fill in the Media Request form and submit online.

Other than U.S.A., please contact DELL Technical Support in your country and request backup disc for your system.

DELL will send you the OS Reinstall Disk free of cost.

With it in hand, you may do a clean install and then install Ubuntu, Kubuntu or whatever.

Whatever other course you want to try, you are free to do it, but try to get the free OS reinstall disk from Dell. It will keep you in good stead.

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