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Will a new full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate or Pro fix the missing Sysprep from an online Upgrade version?

Question: Will a new full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate or Pro fix the missing Sysprep from an online Upgrade version?

I am running an "Anytime Upgrade" version of Windows 7 Professional. I have since discovered that sysprep does not function (or is disabled) on "Anytime Upgrade" versions of Windows 7. In other words, if I had purchased a physical
copy of Windows 7 professional then sysprep would be available. Since I did not, sysprep is not available.

Question: If I purchased a full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate and upgraded my current version of Windows 7 Professional using that DVD could I then regain a working sysprep feature on my laptop?

Thank you in advance. I would upgrade to Windows 10, but my graphics card is not supported by Windows 10. I receive an error from Windows 10 Upgrade .... "Windows 10 is not compatible with your graphics card".

Any workarounds or advice would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Will a new full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate or Pro fix the missing Sysprep from an online Upgrade version?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have read that a retail version of 7 can be transferred from one computer to another given that its totally uninstalled from the first computer. My friend is going to sell me his old copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for a new build I'm doing. Its only been installed once on his computer and it has died and he bought a new laptop now with Windows 8 and no longer needs or wants his copy of 7. My question is can I use it? My concern is if it was originally registered in his name will it activate in my name. I have also read that in some cases you have to call Microsoft for help activating. Will Microsoft give me a hard time because I bought this off a friend and not a retail store?

Answer:Activating Windows 7 Ultimate retail full version

Hi thegeodeman2005 ... Welcome to SevenForums you might want to look at this link Product Key Number - Uninstall and Deactivate in Windows then install Windows on your computer . Here is a link on how to Activate Windows 7 by Phone

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I built a new pc a month ago and have been running Win7 RC1 on it for the time being. Obviously Win7 is coming out next week so I am getting ready to purchase the full version. I could buy the Retail version of Win7 Home Premium 64-bit for $199, or the System Builders version for $99 on newegg.

Can anybody go ahead and buy the System Builders version, or is that restricted to actual pc resellers? Would newegg ask me for a resellers license or something if I try to order it? I built the pc, don't need MS support for it, and will only ever use that copy of Win7 on that pc. I just hate spending twice as much money for the Retail version if legally I can buy and use the System Builders version for half the price. Or am I better off paying more money for the Retail version?

Also, if I can buy the System Builders version, I assume it will come with the install dvd as well as install key? Plus, with that, I can install that copy on just this pc as many times as I want without limitations, correct? Meaning, I usually format and reload windows on a pc twice a year so over 4-5 years I will be reinstalling that copy of windows on the same pc 8-10 approx over the years.

Answer:Buying full version of Windows7: Retail version or System Builders version?

Anyone can buy an OEM license. They're cheaper because they don't include Microsoft support. You are your support. OEM licenses are tied to the hardware on which they're installed. Technically you are prohibited from installing an OEM copy on a completely different system, though many people will do this and successfully activate their copy by saying their motherboard failed and had to be replaced, etc.

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installation on my newly built computer and I don't want to do the double installation trick. I tried using these instructions . But when I went to make the registry changes I couldn't find "...Setup\OOBE" under the CurrentVersion directory. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm a novice regarding the directory so please be very explicit in your instructions. Or is there another way to do a clean install with Windows 7 upgrade? A lot of the instructions on how to do so on Google are obsolete as Microsoft has fixed some of the loopholes.

Answer:Clean installation of Windows 7 from Upgrade version not Full version

Here is a better tutorial on how to do it:

The instructions seem the same, but it does include a file that will do the registry edit for you.

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Anyone working at the big box stores such as Best Buy, Office Max, etc.? Do you know if they are going to be selling the full version? I have been checking the websites and all of the Full versions from Home Premium to Ultimate are only available by delivery.

I was just planning to walk in the store tomorrow and purchase the Full version, but if none of the big box stores are carrying it. I am going have to figure out which online store can ship it to Hawaii for the cheapest price but shortest time.

Answer:Windows 7 Full version at retail stores?

Yeah, I'm sure you'll be able to walk in and pick one up @ a retail best buy, fry's etc. Starting tomorrow, Stores already have them they just cant put it on shelves yet.

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i just now purchased Windows Vista Ultimate (full version) n a Seagate 250GB HDD.

i was just thinking, the OEM version only allows one activation n retail infinite. I will not be upgrading my new mobo or RAM for a long time. However, i will upgrade from the 5000+ Black Edition i am getting to mostly likely 9900 or so n upgrade from my, already have, 9200 LE to an HD 3870 x2.

now after thinking this, does it matter if i change the graphics card n CPU n not have me require another activation, if i change now to OEM from Retail?

i need to know tonight. I am rebuilding my system from scratch, already ordered all the parts, but i need to know if i should go with OEM or stick with the retail i already ordered?

respond back plz! Hurry!

Answer:OEM or still stick with retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate?

I would go with OEM, as I have never heard of only one activation on any OEM software... I have OEM windows home that I have used on several of my computers here at home and never had a problem like that.

and no... hardware will not affect the activation at all.

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I have bought an Windows7 Ultimate on ebay and I can't get it activated. I tried the automatic service with the telephone, but I keep getting a notification that my windows can't be activated in my region.

If I try to get help from microsoft I have to pay 70? to get support ...

I can post pictures with proof it's the real deal.

Anyone that can help me?

Answer:Can't activate my geniune windows 7 ultimate retail version

Welcome Sv3nne to the windows 7 forums.

Many have bought microsoft windows from EBay and then found out that the key was invalid.
But it could be something else like,what country are you from?

That can make a difference as Microsoft has different versions for some countries that have an agreement not to include certain parts of their software, Internet Explorer for one could be restricted in your country.


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I have a Compaq laptop which runs Vista Home Basic very nicely.

I am now the owner of a full version Vista Ultimate package, and would like to upgrade the laptop to Ultimate. Should be a breeze.

When I insert the DVD it starts the upgrade process OK but when I get to the bit where I chose "upgrade" it is greyed out and a note below says "Upgrade option disabled"

I don't want to do a clean instal as the laptop has lots of software products which came with the machine and I have no instal disks for them.

Is this upgrade disabled normal? Could it be an SP2 problem, ie current system is SP2, while the Ultimate DVD may be SP1 or less??

Could it be a space issue? I have the laptop's disk divided into C and D Drive and the C Drive part is pretty full.


Answer:Upgrade Home Basic Using Full Version Ultimate DVD

The first thing that comes to mind are the editions the same bit, ie 32 or 64 bit?

In addition, I think that this thread will explain your situation
Vista Home Premium will not upgrade to Ultimate

To recap, there are various reasons that an upgrade will be blocked. In your case, I believe it is due to the SP discrepency. If you do have different, bits however, that would be the specific cause that is applicable to you.

In any event, a clean install is ALWAYS best. Upgrades are very often problemsome.

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I was advised to post my question in the forum because it might be beneficial for other users to see the answers, so here goes:
I want to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate so that I can freely upgrade to Windows 10 before the July deadline.
I have looked for affordable licenced copies to buy online but seem to only find OEM-versions rather than the retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
In order to be sure that I can revert back to Windows 7 Ultimate after having tested Windows 10, is it important that the copy I purchase is a true retail release?
Or is it enough with an OEM version as long as it proves to be genuine?
I have to hurry up and buy a copy before the deadline expires but want to make sure that I purchase the correct version for my purpose.
Maybe HappyAndyK knows?
Thank you very much

Answer:Retail VS OEM Windows 7 Ultimate version if wanting to go back after Win10

OEM versions are tied to the device. I wonder where you were able to see the offers? Were they credible sources? The OEM license may be genuine - but it 'may' be tied to some oher machine.
I would suggest you but your license (Retail) from legit sources only - eg.Microsoft Store.

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Does this exist, or only OEM versions?

If a retail full version does exist, where can I find it and how much?

Answer:Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Retail Full Version)?

I believe it's only available in the OEM flavor.

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There's a good chance that my computer will need major new parts and I'm afraid that it will not activate when fixes. I would like to use the operation system that I already configured to my liking. Can I buy a retail version of Windows 10 and just use that new key to re-activate my already installed OEM version and maintain its retail rating?

Answer:Using an OEM version and want to upgrade to a retail version

In which country are you located?

I am asking, because there are countries, e.g. n the European Union, in which hardware bundling is not allowed. Microsoft writes in their EULA that the software would be bundled anyway, obviously hoping that they could fool users or whatever, but this software in fact is not bundled and can be used on any other PC.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section or a similar question has been asked before. My Desktop is Windows 7 Pro, (which I am used to), and I wondered can someone point me in the right direction please

I am getting, (hope) a new HP laptop for Xmas with OEM version of Windows 8. In case I wish to upgrade the hardware at a later date I intend buying a retail version of 8.1. My question is:- Is there anything I should watch out for when and if I can upgrade to 8.1.

Appreciate any/all assistance

btw, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all members.

Answer:OEM version of Windows 8, want to upgrade with retail 8.1

Windows 8.1 upgrade reboots to black screen of 'nothingness'. - OUC1TOO - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Error 0xC1900101 ? 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community

Originally Posted by Microsoft Forum Moderator

Error 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1


We understand that many customers are receiving error 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1. This error is typically caused by an incompatible driver.

If you are receiving this error:
First, please double-check the error code. There are many variations of error 0xC1900101, each with a different location code -- the error extension, located after the dash. The information in this thread is intended only for location code 0x40017. If you are receiving a different location code, these steps are unlikely to resolve your issue.

Check that you’ve already updated all of your drivers. In particular, if you have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, make sure you’ve installed the latest Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Check that you do not have any Frequently Asked Questions - What devices are supported by the SteelSeries Engine? that support the SteelSeries Engine installed on your PC. The SteelSeries Engine software is currently not supported on Windows 8.1. Please uninstall the software before attempting to update to Windows 8.1

Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018, C... Read more

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Hello All,

I have a new PC and I am in the process of transferring all of my files from my old PC to the new PC. I have a retail version of the Windows 7 64 bit software and it is an Upgrade version. I downloaded Windows 7, SP1 with the help of one of the tutorials from this forum and I used that version to install Windows 7 on the new PC vs the CD that came with my upgrade version. Windows has installed sucessfully on the new PC. I did not connect the PC to the Internet and I did try to enter the retail key from my upgrade copy but Windows would not accept it. I then downloaded the file in option 3 from this tutorial. I was able to get to the point where Windows wanted to connect to the Internet to verify my activation but I did not connect my new PC to the internet as I wanted to ask some questions.

1. Once I activate Windows 7 on my new PC, will that immediately invalidate the copy on my old PC?
2. As I said, I have a retail Windows Upgrade CD but I used a version of Windows that I downloaded which had SP1 on it. I did this so I would have the latest version of Windows.
3. If the answer to #2 is it will not work, should I install from my retail CD?
4. Am I missing anything?

Thanks, Bill

Answer:Using Windows 7 Upgrade Retail Version on new PC

Hello Bill,

What will most likely happen is that you may have to activate by phone on the new computer if doesn't do so online since that key number has been activated on the old computer.

Once activated on the new computer, it will eventually no longer be activated or genuine on the old computer. As long as you format the old computer when finished transferring what you wanted to the new computer, you'll be fine and acting within the EULA.

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So I just went out and bought a copy of windows 7 ultimate full, for a shitload of money, under the impression that I could use it more than one pc here at the house. Upon some research I have found out that it can only be activated on one pc at a time, with a total of 5 activations. Is this true? I feel like I just got raped by microsoft if that is the case. I would have just ordered the damn system builder version had I known that I would still be limited to use on one pc by buying the full version.

Answer:Windows 7 ultimate full version

It is just a single license unless you got a family pack license.

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I went to staples today and I was asking one of the employees there about the Windows 7 Upgrade version and he said that he tried both the upgrade version and the full version and said that the full version was faster does anyone else have reports of this? I'd like to save the $60 if possible but i'd like my computer to be as fast as it can be, even if that means spending a little extra.

EDIT: title should be Windows 7, not Microsoft 7.

Answer:Microsoft 7 upgrade version is slower than full version?

Buy the upgrade version, but do a "clean" installation. See this tutorial think someone was trying to get more money out of you.

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I was updating my operating system Windows XP Pro SP2 on microsoft updates. After the 7 updates downloaded, it starts installation automatically....unfortunately my system crashed at the same time. Now Windows is not starting when I turn on my computer. I was considering a system restore...but Windows doesnt start even in safe mode...nothing is loading at all...a file must be corrupt or damage in the boot sequence so Windows cannot start. I cannot boot from the Windows CD and proceed to repair...I dont have the CD...operating system was already on the used PC.

So now I want to buy Windows XP SP2 legal and install it on my PC so it will overwrite my illegal version. I want to know which one is more suitable...Full retail version or OEM version...I dont know the difference ...

Thank you

Answer:OS:Full retail or OEM version

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I need to compare this with the OEM and old BETA versions that I have. Thanks!

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Running Windows 7 RC -- would like to upgrade to retail version-- I found this web site offering Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version 64 Bit (Promotional) for $180 -- what is the difference in the promotional version verses standard Windows 7 retail version.

Answer:Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version 64 Bit (Promotional)

Nothing. Odds are that the promotional disc that they are selling are ones from MS Launch Events, or House Party packages. There is no difference between these and retail if that is the case.

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I took advantage of the Windows 7 student offers to buy either Home Premium or Professional editions at a reduced price ($30 or £30 depending on country) but one thing that isn't clear is stopping me from using it yet. I know they are labelled as Upgrade editions but as I've never used a version like that it's confusing me a little.

Are Upgrade versions classed as OEM or Retail products? I ask because my desktop is still clunking along happily right now but I'll be upgrading it at some point in the future and I like to build my own systems. If it's classed as OEM then the key would be tied to my old computer but if it's Retail it'd be free to use to upgrade any legtitimate Windows install in the future.

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 Professional Upgrade version - OEM or Retail?

Are Upgrade versions classed as OEM or Retail productsClick to expand...

They can be either one.

Not sure what that student version is, I doubt it is OEM.

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what's the difference with an oem with a full retail version? are they the same and how do you differentiate which is which?

Answer:what's the difference with an oem with a full retail version?

Most time nothing other than the packaging and bundled stuff....and sometimes the warrenty is less or there is no tech support, but normally it is the same item without the extra packaging. Most retailers (newegg etc.) will id whether or not the item is retail or oem. For example XP costs around $300+ retail.....the oem is $139 but MS will offer little or no tech support for an oem version and will charge you more for a replacement disk if it is lost or damaged, much the same for components

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Recently I saw a posting about digital river offering 29.99 for anyone with a student email address. You had to go to the website and choose which version and whether or not you wanted the 64bit or 32 bit upgrade. I placed the order and then called Microsoft Store to cancel my previous preorder. When I told they why the said they can offer me the full retail version at the same price. I signed up and cancelled my order with digital river.

Here is what you do:
1. Make sure you have a valid email address with .edu
2. Make sure you have your student ID ready.
3. Call 1-877-696-7786
4. Tell them you want to purchase the full retail version of either Home Premium of Professional. Why anyone would not choose Pro is beyond me.

For an extra $5 you can purchase the disk otherwise it is a digital download.

Enjoy a full retail version of W7 for only 30 bucks!

Answer:Full Retail Version of Pro For Students only 29.99

Quote: Originally Posted by Jacen

Recently I saw a posting about digital river offering 29.99 for anyone with a student email address. You had to go to the website and choose which version and whether or not you wanted the 64bit or 32 bit upgrade. I placed the order and then called Microsoft Store to cancel my previous preorder. When I told they why the said they can offer me the full retail version at the same price. I signed up and cancelled my order with digital river.

Here is what you do:
1. Make sure you have a valid email address with .edu
2. Make sure you have your student ID ready.
3. Call 1-877-696-7786
4. Tell them you want to purchase the full retail version of either Home Premium of Professional. Why anyone would not choose Pro is beyond me.

For an extra $5 you can purchase the disk otherwise it is a digital download.

Enjoy a full retail version of W7 for only 30 bucks!


Thank you for sharing. Many wouldn't.

Do you know if 'Ultimate' is also offered ? For benefit of other students reading...

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I have Win 7 64 bit Home, OEM. If I do any anytime upgrade to Win 7 64 bit Pro, does that change the OEM to a full version?

Reason I ask, I may want to change motherboards, to a different brand, and with an OEM I wouldn't be able to reactivate it.

Answer:Anytime Upgrade from OEM version to full version??

I don't even think you can get a Windows 7 Retail any more.

My understanding you can up grade from Home Premium but you will have to pay for the Up grade to Pro OEM builders.

Their might be other members with a better idea.

I personally don't like upgrades and just buy OEM builders and do a clean install.

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Need to find the Big full retial version of windows 7 ultimate oem I do not want to call up mictsoft all the time every time I install the damn thing on a upgraded motherboard. I do not want to deal with that upgrade disk crap I just want to install it on empty machines everytime i change over to a new one.

I fry a lot of motherboards in my extreme atempts to overclock for more rendering speed;. after a few months of overclocked 24-7 rendering they just die even with good cooling.
I cant find it anywhere it's all the upgrade versions or the oem or it looks like a shady fake copy on like ebay or something or they do not say enough about wheat it is and I don't want to deal with it either I just want the fucking windows 7 ultimate the whole thing.

I don't even want to deal with cracking or bother to pirate it I just rather pay and get it over with.
$300 or higher is to fucking ridiculous for an OS like $200 at most for this and miacrosoft can go to hell for this windows 8 crap while i am at it.

And you know what else i hate the fact that people selling that crap list everything i don't fucking care about the Pc part and or software and nothing I do like
It has bit locking tech...... \
and this
Best PC entertainment experience:
Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV with Windows Media Center.
Blu-ray read/write support for data files.
Includes integrated video and Dolby audio codecs.

I fucking know that already and don't care i... Read more

Answer:Need to find the Big full version of windows 7 ultimate oem

maybe try switching to chamomile

and no they dont sell enterprise to 'normal humans' anymore thanks to ebay abuse

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i want to run combofix cause i went to a websote and possible clicked on somethingi should not i beleive i may have a back door trojan

The error i am getting is

Windows cannot find "NircmdB.exe". make sure you typed the name correctly, and thn try again.

I tried renaming to cf.exe no luck i even try using SDFix in safemode no luck when i click on runthis bat file cmd start then close so i dont know what is going on..

In the past i had vista and abale to run combofix and get rid of any virus i had . Now with window 7 i am getting this error above

Any help to run combofix would really appreciate


Answer:Combofix will not run on window 7 full retail version

ComboFix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Please create a new topic, in the Am I infected? What do I do? forum, explaining the nature of your problem. Describe pop-ups and system tray or desktop icons that have appeared. Explain what is "going wrong" with your computer. Note any tools you have used and their respective results.If needed, we will direct you to our HJT Preparation Guide.This topic is now closed.

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I recently purchased the retail version of Malwarebytes just to see if it's any good. It seems almost mindless how people talk about Malwarebytes but and I have yet to try it. However, the only computer I have that I am absolutely determined to keep for more than a few months already has comodo internet security installed. Now I am fully aware that having two RT scanners running simultaneously is supposedly a recipe for instant distaster, but you know what?
It's been almost a week and nothing bad has happened.

I've deliberately tried to infect my computer and nothing I've found on the internet gets past it. Sometimes Malwarebytes catches it, sometime CIS catches it. Rarely they both find something simultaneously. Who knows, maybe someone in microsoft is smart enough to have figured out by now that there is no such thing as a single application that can stop everything out there.

Answer:Full retail version of Malwarebytes & Comodo.. anyone using both?

Although the prevailing feeling is that it would not be ok. I feel that you should not have a problem.
I won the free version of Malewarebytes and it runs with my AntiVirus with no problem. That is a benefit of Malwarebytes it plays nice with most antivirus software.
I would never run two antivirus software together as that is a sure forumla for problems, BSOD etc.
Since, I have been using mine since (about January) and you have been doing the same for a week, I am sure that we are doing the right thing.

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Okay, here's another one:

I'm coming across something called 'system builder' versions of win 7. I'm trying to figure out where or if I can get win 7 home premium that I can move from one computer at a time to another if necessary. Can anyone help me? What are 'system builder' versions. Is there a 'regular' version that I can buy like anyone else and install it on my machine?

Using it with parallels desktop 9 on my mac.

Answer:Where can I buy the full retail version of 7 -- not system builders

I haven't seen them listed for sale for over a year. But we hear lately that they are allowing retail OEM to move now when using MS phone Activation. Either way it may be the only option since they still think their only popular OS is being phased out, even as business moves off of XPired almost entirely into Win7.

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Do any of the top manufacturers of PCs or Laptops ie Dell, Gateway, HP, Packard Bell, Compaq, supply computers with any of the of the following Vista versions (home basic, home premium, business, and ultimate) installed, include the proper Vista installation CD for future use or do all of them preinstall OEM versions of the above Vista operating systems on all of their computers.


Answer:Vista OEM versus Full retail version CD

think dell ,compaq,and acer are preinstalled with extra cost to provide disc but they all have ability to create one but only once

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I purchased a full retail version of Windows 8.1 that comes on 32-bit and 64-bit DVD's. Will the retail version still ask for the Windows 8.1 product key when installing from the Windows 8 desktop? Does the retail version check for the BIOS embedded product key before asking for the product key?

Answer:Windows 8.1 Full Retail version over Windows 8

Hello Keith,

The Windows 8.1 installation will detect the Windows 8 product key embedded in your UEFI/BIOS firmware, but it will be determined as invalid since it's a Windows 8 product key and not a retail Windows 8.1 product key.

You will then be prompted as usual to enter your Windows 8.1 product key like in step 4 below.

Clean Install - Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I tried to upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit but it said the disc is not compatible. I don't want to format the drive and install a fresh Windows on it because there are too much stuffs in there and the system is still fresh less than a year old.

Answer:How to upgrade from Win 7 Ultimate 32bit to 64bit using the Full Version Win 7 64bit.

You cannot upgrade from a 32-bit to a 64-bit Windows OS. You will (unfortunately) be required to format and re-install the OS followed by your apps.

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Hi, I want to 'Start Over' on my computer and wipe the whole thing clean. Problem is I have no Operating system disks, and no driver disks. Therefore, I have to purchase a new operating system. Right now I have microsoft windows XP Professional. I am going to buy XP Home edition b/c I dont want to spend that much money. Can I buy the upgrade version or do I need to buy the full version. Remember that I need to format the drive. Thanks.

Answer:Full version or Upgrade Version??

If you don't have any XP discs and you format your drive, you will need the full version. What you could do is get the upgrade and install that first, then remove your XP.

EDIT: Sorry, it's late here and I really should be in bed. For some reason I was thinking of Vista Home Basic. What I said still applies, however. If you have an earlier version of Windows, eg, '98, you can reformat your drive then install the upgrade. It will simply ask you to insert your '98 disc to check that the upgrade is valid. It's a long time since I installed my upgrade version of XP, but it was quite happy when I inserted an upgrade version of '98.

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Is there a difference between the MSDN subscription version of Vista Ultimate and the Retail version that would cause the Virtual Server2005 R2 SP1 installation to fail on a PC upgraded from Home Premium (retail version) to Ultimate (MSDN subscription version)?

I have a Vista x64 Home Premium that came loaded with software from the manufacturer that I would lose if I were to overwrite it by a new installation from my MSDN subscription version of Vista Ultimate.

If I install Vista Ultimate as a brand new installation, Virtual Server installation works fine.

But if I install Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 after I upgraded Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate, I get the following error at the last phase of the installation: ?Windows Installer has stopped working? and then it sends to Microsoft the attached 3 files.

I even tried Windows Installer 4.5 but it did not work either:

Any idea why the upgraded version fails to install Virtual Server 2005 whereas the brand new installation of the MSDN subscription Vista Ultimate works?

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k so I'm confused with upgrading to windows 7. i am currently running the windows 7 RC and for upgrading to the full version I'm unsure if i need to buy the retail version of windows 7 or if i can use the upgrade disk for windows 7.

Answer:retail or upgrade version?

The upgrade version IS a retail version. There is also a full retail version.

All you need is the retail upgrade

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I have Windows XP on my machine currently. If I bought a new HDD and installed the Win 7 upgrade onto the new drive, would this work?

If it did work, would I then lose my product key for the Windows XP copy I currently have thus making my old HDD "dead" if I ever needed to put it back into use?


Answer:Win 7 Upgrade vs Retail Version

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I presently have Win98SE and want to change to WinXP Professional. I have been looking on Ebay, and have found three versions (all with the SP2) and can't figure out which one i should get. Which would be best the OHM, the Upgrade or the Retail version. All come with the COA and registration key and are new and never opened systems. Please help me as i have no clue.

Answer:OEM, Upgrade or Retail version

OEM is actually for new builds, typically you have to purchase new hardware to qualify for this version. Upgrade only works if you own a prior version, and it has to be a full retail version, or an OEM version to qualify for the "upgrade" version. Full retail is the best choice, but it's a bit more costly.

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Hi guys, after clicking on this deal and proceeding to checkout that it's an "upgrade" version. What I understand is that I would need Vista/XP to use it and it would not be suitable for a fresh install on a new comp or even to use the disk for reinstalling the windows 7 that I have on other computers.

Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:Windows 7 - Upgrade or Full Version

How to Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Anyone know a quick and easy way to tell if a genuine Windows XP Installation CD is the upgrade or the full version?

Answer:How To Tell if Windows XP CD is An Upgrade Or Full Version

Put the CD in the drive and reboot. If it's the full version, it will say "Press any key to boot from CD". If it's an upgrade, I don't believe it will do anything and Windows will boot as normal. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

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I bought this at my local Future Shop, and from my best guess I think this is the full version. I want to be able to do a clean install, but am unsure if this is just a simple upgrade disc. Box I bought looks like the attachment. Sales reps didn't seem to knowledgeable. Also want to confirm, this doesn't look like an OEM version right? I want to be able to install this on another computer in case something happens to my current computer.

Answer:Is this the full version of Windows 8 Pro or an Upgrade?

I thought they weren't selling a full retail copy. It was either an upgrade, or a system builder (Oem).

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i have heard that thewindows XP upgrade can be installed like the full version if you have an old one to put in the drive, even if you never installed it. is this true?

Answer:Can windows upgrade be used like full version?

Could you be a bit more specific. I don't get what you mean with " have old one to put in the drive".

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Hey guys. I know this has probably been asked a million times before, I'm sorry though I don't have time to look and I want an up-to-date answer.

Anyway, I am currently using Windows 7 RC. A while back, I purchased Windows 7 Professional from the Digital River student offer (for $30, good thing I'm a student).

Then I found out it's an upgrade version, but it doesn't matter since there are workarounds to do a fresh install with it anyway.

However, I wanted to see if there are any options of upgrading from RC to the retail/upgrade version that I bought. The thing is, I HATE the hassle of resetting everything and reinstalling all the programs manually. I also have a ton of games installer besides just that, it'll take bloody forever to get everything done.

I was wondering if there was any way to preserve on that. I've been doing this stuff for a while and I know it's normally not possible but I stopped following the hardware industry a while ago so who knows what's possible now. I just wanted to ask about all the possible installation options and I know for example if you edit a file on the W7 disk you can enable the upgrade option, but it will store all your files in a folder called windows.old and not save all your program installations or something...

Can somebody just clear this up for me? I'll really appreciate it, thanks.


Answer:Upgrading from RC to retail (upgrade version)

Many have reported good results doing an in-place Upgrade from the RC using this popular workaround: Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to any retail version Icrontic Tech

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How would i find what version of XP Pro is on a computer? I need to run a Windows repair so I found the product key (using Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.5.) I have the "Windows XP Professional OEM" and "Windows XP Professional Retail" and "Windows XP Professional Upgrade" CD's but i cant find anywhere in the system that gives me the information i need to know which one to use. If anyone could help it would come in very handy for future repairs and reloads on different computers.
Thank you.

Answer:Finding the XP Version (Retail, OEM, Upgrade...)

On your System Properties window you will see a Product Id number if it has the letters OEM in it, then your version of windows is an OEM version.
Dont bother with the upgrade CD use either the full OEM or Retail, whichever matches the installed version of course.

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Hi all,

I have an account at a local computer shop that has windows 8 pro 64 bit upgrade DVD version for 60E. Since I have some money left on that account, i was thinking of buying the retail DVD of windows 8 pro upgrade instead of using the online procedure with the 40$.

My concern is the following:
The Retail Upgrade Windows 8 PRO UPGRADE DVD package is in my local language version and not the English language version I would prefer. Its NOT the version 3UR-00022 (ref. to English)

So, the question is... Can I use the product key number found inside the non-English version DVD box of Windows 8 upgrade pro, to download and activate the english version of windows 8 pro uprgrade OR each key is also related to the default language to be initially installed in my system?

Looking forward to your help...

Answer:Windows 8 Pro Upgrade ONLINE vs DVD version and Language!

Once Win8 is installed, you can install any of the language packs, and works in whichever language you like.

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Didn't want to hi-jack the other thread that crumbleeze has running but like to clarify the following:-If I have one retail copy of Win98 and purchase two upgrade copies of XP can I install them on two different systems?Does the upgrade version work in the same way as a full retail version in that, if I uninstall on the original system, I can re-install on another system?Thankscc

Answer:Windows XP - Upgrade version v Full prog

Two answers:Physically, you can do it. Clean install, pop the 98 disc in when it needs to be checked for validity, then swap discs and carry on with the installation.Legally, no you can't. One copy of 98 = one installation of XP. Not two.Up to your conscience, really. I know what I'd do, but you might not like it.

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I use Win98SE and am quite happy with it, but am getting the urge to change to XP (the challenge).1) Should I go for the full version and do a clean install and have all the hassle of reinstalling my software or would an upgrade version be better and hope (the challenge) that things go smoothly??!2) I assume that if I ever need to reinstall the upgrade I would have to reinstall Win 98 first each time.3) Is XP Pro worth the extra money?4) Is it possible to get either on the Microsoft Student Licensing or am I really beginning to lose it??!!All opinions welcomed as I seem unable to make a firm decision! Thanks for your input.

Answer:Windows XP-Upgrade or Full Version-Home or Pro?

1) Clean install2) No - you will just be prompted to insert the W98 disk at some point, to prove you have it3) Not unless you have specific or complex networking or security needs4) Yes - try SimplyMake sure you run the system checker on the MS website, to see whether your current hardware and software is ompatible.

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Good morning everyone

I have purchased (i mean got it Windows 10 Multiple Editions from my College's Dreamspark account and I want to know if it is a Full Version of Windows 10 or Upgrade only?

Windows 10 Multiple Editions includes Windows 10 Pro and Home editions in it. I have received ONE key for it which is for Windows 10 Pro edition. So i think i can install windows 10 Pro with this Key from DreamSpark.

But I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 on my computer and I do not want to do Upgrade from Windows 8.

So does anyone know if i can use DreamSpark's windows 10 Multiple edition Key to do a Fresh Clean install on a computer?

Answer:Windows 10 From Dreamspark - Is it Full Version or Upgrade only?

I could be wrong so don't quote me on this, but if you have a key... then I don't see why you can't do a fresh install. <shrug> Makes sense to me...

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Hi.  I've calmed down a bit after the excitement of my first computer upgrade in a few years (went from T61p to W530).  Pretty happy with the W530.  In fact, very happy.  Wish Lenovo would have as much published info about the W530 as was offered for the T61p.  I think that info enhances the value of Lenovo's user's experience. Makes Lenovo a better value proposition.  Anyway... I have the (legitmate) OEM Windows 7/64 Pro recovery disks for my W530.   I want Ultimate (because of Bitlocker, and a few other features that are nice).   I have the UItimate Install disks (w/ legitimate key), but they arent' Lenovo OEM disks.  Ideally, I'd  install the OEM version (which has all the drivers installed) of Pro, then would use the Ultimate disks to upgrade.   If that works, that's what I'll do.  Alternately, I could just load Ultimate directly, then load update manager 5, and update my drivers and such.  The question is: is it ok (or even better) to load Ultimate directly, without the Lenovo OEM stuff?  Pluses, minuses? If I can't use the full version key of ultimate to do an upgrade, I guess I can troll eBay for an upgrade key.  Can OEM versions be upgraded? If it matters, the install is going onto a Samsung 850 Pro 500Gb SSD.  Thanks!

Two W530s, i7-3820QM, 2.7Ghz, 500Gb Samsung 850 Pro, 1920x1080, nVidia K2000m/100m, Win 7 ProT510, M540, 2.53Ghz,... Read more

Answer:OEM Pro, then upgrade or install Full Retail Ultimate 7 directly. W530.

If you're not going to use the Lenovo-provided 3rd-party software products (which mostly are lite or trial versions that you need to pay for anyway if you really want to use them fully-featured), or if you already have your own collection of 3rd-party products (both free and non-free) that you would be installing after-the-fact and using anyway on your new W530 no matter how you got whichever Windows version installed (and thus you'd probably be UNINSTALLING any "bloatware" from your delivered W530 in any case), just do what you want if you have a retail Ultimate and you want to use it.
As a 2-year owner of a W530 (243852U, Win7 Pro x64, K1000M, 8GB memory) who 1 year ago replaced the original 500GB spinner with a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro and reinstalled "from scratch" using a retail Windows Pro x64 installation DVD rather than even considering using Lenovo's recovery media (which I never even kept in the first place!), my own feeling is that creating a "pure" self-installed Windows is amost always the way to start if you have a day or two... assuming you have a retail Windows installation DVD and your own collection of 3rd-party software products which characterize any machine setup that you build.
I already maintain my own manually maintained collection of latest up-to-date drivers and Lenovo system products for the W530, as I am periodically checking for any recent updates on their W530 driver download site and maintain my own local folder of all of these i... Read more

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Thinking about investing in this upgrade deal but one thing has me confused. If you go here:
It pretty much says in order to install Windows 7 Upgrade, you have to back up your files, do a clean install, and reinstall your programs. At least on XP anyway. With Vista you have the option of a "true" upgrade or you can back up and do a clean install also. Correct me if I'm wrong, but how is this an upgrade? Then I might ask, what's the difference between the upgrade and full versions? I know I tried to install XP Home Upgrade from a clean install once, and it asked to insert the disc from my previous operating system. Is this the case? Is the upgrade the same as the full, I'll just need to insert my XP or Vista disc during installation? THANKS

Answer:Windows 7 Upgrade vs. Full Version: Clean Install???

Upgrade here is referring to pricing. A discount because you have a previous qualifying version of WIndows.
As for doing a clean install I think that is the better way to go anyway. You don't have to reformat so you can leave your data, just like reinstalling Windows, but with a newer version.
Coming from XP you will probably need to insert your CD or it will need to see your old Windows install (even though it will be ignoring it), though I can't say for sure which since I pretty much always do clean installs.
As for the difference, a full version assumes you have nothing and costs more whereas an upgrade assumes you have a version of Windows already and is cheaper because of that.

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my current setup is that i (believe) i did a clean install of win 7 prof over my old win xp. but in any case, i have a new mobo, cpu and ram and im assuming i have to reinstall windows because of the hardware change.

since this is an upgrade version, do i have to reinstall xp first before i install win 7? or can i just install the win 7 w/o having to bother with the xp at all?

Answer:new hardware, can i do a clean install with a retail upgrade version?

Hello Natty, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yeah, usually with a new different model motherboard you'll need to reinstall the OS.

You will not have to install XP first. The tutorial below can help show you how to do a clean install with a upgrade copy of Windows 7.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,

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So my gaming rig has the Release Candidate of windows 7 on it. I currently am hoping that the Ultimate Steal from microsoft ( ) will get windows 7 Ultimate on it soon after the release date tomorrow, just like how it has Vista Ultimate. I was told by someone on here that Vista Ultimate from Microsoft's The Ultimate Steal is the full version of Vista, and so i assumed that if they sold Win7 on there, it would also be the full version. But i looked today and saw that it says this
Windows Vista® Ultimate (PRODUCT)RED Upgrade w/SP1
At no extra cost to you, Microsoft will contribute $10 to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa for each purchase. In addition to getting the most complete version of Windows, this special edition version includes exclusive content from (PRODUCT)RED partners to personalize your desktop.
Buy Windows. Join (RED)TM. Save Lives.

It says it is the Vista ultimate "upgrade".
So if windows 7 does come out on the ultimate steal, and it is the upgrade. Can you use a upgrade version of Win7 on a computer that only has the RC on it? Or does it need the full Windows XP or Vista on it to use the upgrade version? Thanks

Answer:The ultimate steal Q/ Is full version needed ontop of RC

That's a question that Microsoft did not officially give an answer to, so everyone is waiting for the Upgrade version of Windows 7 to come out to find out.

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Hi there, question about license keys... I have a retail copy of Win 7 Pro. I would like to install it in a virtual machine on my current computer and use Anytime Upgrade to upgrade it to Win 7 Ultimate.

When I finally purchase a new computer, can I use the same upgrade key to put Win 7 Ultimate on the second computer?

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT: If I Upgrade a RETAIL Pro key, does it become a RETAIL Ultimate key, or does it become an OEM (in a sense) key that is tied to the computer on which I first install it?

Thanks in advance!!


Answer:Windows Anytime Upgrade from RETAIL Pro to RETAIL Ultimate

Check the frequently asked questions here:

Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Anytime Upgrade - Microsoft Windows

What is Windows Anytime Upgrade?

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I just came to the realization that a computer of mine is 64bit even though it has been running the 32bit version of Windows 7.  This came about when some curiosity lead me to the manufacturer's website seeking to learn some specific details about the
computer.  Interestingly there is a statement which says something to the effect that this particular computer was not intended for use with the 32bit version of Windows.  This causes me to assume that it was sold with the 64bit version installed
which was changed after market.  I have no idea how this might have happened insofar as I obtained the computer from a friend who was discarding it.  This friend isn't someone who would know about such things.  I did reinstall the 32bit version
of Windows when I added an SSD drive but did this thinking it was a 32bit computer because it was running the 32bit version of Windows.
While the 32bit version is working fine, I am dependent on some software where support for 32bit has been abandoned.  I'd also like to add more memory and learned that while the computer can support up to 16GB it. apparently, won't use more than 4GB
when running the 32bit version of Windows.
I have quite a bit of work invested in building out the computer with the software I'm using and it would be nice if I didn't have to redo that to upgrade it to 64bit, which is what leads to my question.

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Right now I'm using windows 10 version 1511 , then I have to install windows update KB3199986 , the bad thing is that I have to upgrade my windows version to 1607 enable to have to install KB3199986? How can I upgrade my windows 10 version 1511 to 1607?? or can I install KB3199986 using my current windows 10 version 1511? Thank you...

Answer:How to upgrade windows version 1511 to version 1607

Go here:
Windows 10

Click the "Upgrade Now" button.

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Right now I'm using windows 10 version 1511 , then I have to install windows update KB3199986 , the bad thing is that I have to upgrade my windows version to 1607 enable to have to install KB3199986? How can I upgrade my windows 10 version 1511 to 1607?? or can I install KB3199986 using my current windows 10 version 1511? Thank you...

Answer:How to upgrade windows version 1511 to version 1607

Go here:
Windows 10

Click the "Upgrade Now" button.

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Answer:is the vista retail version going to be = to the rtm version?

Yes, that's what RTM means - "released to manufacturing". RTM is the exact same version they have been mass-duplicating for sale in the retail and OEM channels.

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Is there a difference? I am going to buy this anti-virus software, and Newegg sells both an OEM and a Retail version. Can't tell any difference from Newegg's site, but thought I'd ask here.

Also, Micro Center is selling the OEM version, but it's more expensive than on Newegg currently.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Answer:Nod32 - Oem Version Or Retail Version?

why not try a free one from herei use avg never had a problem

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Answer:Will the Windows 10 Technical Preview users be able to upgrade to the full version of windows 10?

Last I heard is that there WILL be an upgrade path from Windows 10 Technical Preview to Retail Windows 10 IF:
You ONLY have a released build installed (no leaked build)NOTE: Below is NOT OFFICIAL, just supposition!!
Now, as for the FREE part, there will probably be steps needed to prove that you own a copy of Windows 7/8. However, if you did an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview and not a clean install, you may not have to verify. Only time will tell.

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I want to run combofix cause i went to a website and possible clicked on something i should not i beleive i may have a back door trojan

The error i am getting is

Windows cannot find "NircmdB.exe". make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I tried renaming to cf.exe no luck i even try using SDFix in safemode no luck when i click on runthis bat file cmd start then close so i dont know what is going on..

In the past i had vista and abale to run combofix and get rid of any virus i had . Now with window 7 i am getting this error above

Any help to run combofix would really appreciate. All i want ot do is run combofix on window 7


Answer:Combofix will not run on window 7 full retail version, combofix will not run error

Please note the message text in blue at the top of this forum. You should not be using Combofix unless instructed to do so by a Malware Removal Expert who can interpret the logs. It is a powerful tool intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Combofix was never meant to be used as a general purpose malware scanner like SuperAntispyware or Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. That's the decision by the creator and we will abide by that decision.Further ComboFix does not officially support Windows 7 and SDFix only works on Windows XP.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (v1.40) and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware... Read more

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going to buy full version soon but will do i need to unistall my trial version and download new kaspersky full version?

Answer:buying full kaspersky version, do i need to unistall trial version?

If you already have the trial version of the Kaspersky product you want to buy, you can leave it installed and enter the licence key to activate it, simple as that. However, if you buy an edition different than the one you have in trial, then you'll need to uninstall the trial edition and install the edition you'll buy.

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I noticed that alot of people post snapshots of errors and screens...
I would like to get a snipping tool that is compatible with Vista home basic..

Any Suggestions??

Also I know there is a tool that clears msconfig from obselete entrys...What is the best free one to get??

Answer:Where To Get A snipping tool full version free, not trial version

Just go to search and type snipping tool, its part of your operating system. It works great.

Part 2
Although safe, I would leave the default settings, except for the one registry adjustment that you want, if not already set.
My settings

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Alright, I thought I had the process nailed down, but I'm not having much luck.

I have a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit version coming tomorrow. It comes with 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 seems like the first OS that has wide support for the 64 bit version, please correct me if I'm wrong. So I thought I'd upgrade to 64 bit since everyone tells me I can do so, legally, for free, with the key on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

So I planned to download the ISO via Bit Torrent and check the hash, as somebody recommended. I installed MD5Summer.

But I'm stuck because I can't seem to find the Hash Checksums for W7 HP 64. Can anybody provide me a link to them on MS's site, or similar?

Anybody got a good BT link to save me from searching myself? I didn't see any that looked like the right version on Demonoid. What should my search term be? "Windows 7 OEM 64"?

I've never installed Windows 7, does the procedure differ from XP? I've installed XP hundreds of times.

What's the best way to verify performance of my new laptop? Free benchmarking program? Website with common benchmarks? I'd like to see if the OS upgrade actually benefits the benchmarks.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Answer:New Laptop, Want to upgrade from Windows 7 32 bit version to 64 bit version

go to a local mom and pop's PC store and show them your license and they should be able to burn you a 64bit cd for $10 or less

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Upgraded from win7 to win 8 and then to win 8.1. After upgrading to Win 8, I have upgraded my PC ( new motherboard , CPU Video card etc. ) and had lots of problem during activation of Windows in my new PC. I had to call customer care service and after a very lengthy procedure windows could be activated. The service personal also told me that if I change my motherboard/cpu in future then the same procedure will follow again. As far as my understanding only OEM versions of windows are tied to the motherboard , so is my win 8 which I upgraded from win 7 is an OEM version ? How do I know that.

Answer:Windows 8 , is it a retail or OEM version ?

Big hardware changes like a motherboard swap (new chip-set) will trigger activation, even on Retail versions. The intent is to prevent you from using your product code on more than one PC at a time. OEM versions cannot be transferred to another PC but Retail versions can. If you had an OEM version Microsoft would have been within their rights to refuse to allow you to activate it again on the new hardware. Since its Retail they gave you a code to plug in and activate with.

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hi, please can some one help me i have a retail copy of windows 10 that i purchased at a pc store its still unopened . the question i have is its been on my shelf about a year, will i still be able to use it at some point? thank you,

Answer:windows 10 retail version

Welcome to TenForums @kev777

Yes, but it will be for an earlier build, probably Anniversary update (1607), maybe even the one before that (1511). The retail key is valid for any version, so you could download new install media from Microsoft using their Media Creation Tool. You must install the edition your key is for (Home or Pro).
Download Windows 10 ISO File

Or you could just install the one you have got, windows update would then update you to the latest version.

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can someone please clarify a few things for me.

1. the upgrade disks and the full disks are exactly the same EXCEPT the upgrade one requires proof that you own a copy of vista or xp.

2. what kind of proof does it require? does it just ask you for an XP/vista serial during the install?


Answer:Upgrade Vs Full version

Welcome to Sever Forums, fadetoblack.

Actually, you don't need any proof.

Check out this tutorial - Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Im planning the move to Windows XP. I currently run Windows 98. Should I just get the Windows XP upgrade or should I get the XP full version? Besides it being an upgrade and installing over Win 98 what are the downfalls to using the upgrade version of XP??

Answer:Win XP upgrade or full version

They are the same except the Upgrade version looks for an older Windows, which can be on CD. I recommend you install it fresh, not upgrade, but Microsoft for the first time requirements an upgrade. But why burden yourself with old problems?

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It doesn't say upgrade anywhere on the box but I noticed it does say it on the discs.

I ordered full version for the $30 student deal but I'm not sure if that is what I received.

I'm not installing until after x-mas in hopes of an SSD drive, so can you experts tell me from these pics if this is upgrade or full version?


Answer:Is this full version or upgrade?

Looks to be the full version, 'anytime upgrade' is in most versions so you can electronically upgrade to a higher version without reinstalling the OS

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I already have a full version of Powerquest Drive Image 2002. I have recently installed Windows XP and think I might upgrade to Drive Image version 7.The Upgrade version is five pounds cheaper than the full version.Is there any advantage in buying the full version over the upgrade?.... If I buy the upgrade does that mean I must keep hold of the old version and cannot sell it?Thanks in anticipationRob

Answer:New full version or upgrade?

The V7 upgrade will require you to have a qualifying version already installed, in your case 2002. If you are confident you will never need to re-install your o/s you can go for the upgrade version and pass your 2002 version on. Are you that confident ? It's your call ;-))

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I have read here over the past few months that just about every upgrade disc of Windows allows a clean version install from within an already running copy of Windows. Has anyone tried this yet with Windows 7?

I've got the RTM version of Windows 7 installed currently obviously and would like to know if I can just buy the upgrade and not the full version (trying to save my pennies).

Answer:Full Version vs Upgrade

Hello Igster,

Yes, it's been confirmed. You can do a clean install from a upgrade version of Windows 7. At least for now you can.

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

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The cost of the full version of Ultimate makes me want to throw up but I may not have a choice. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate RC. I do have Windows Vista Home Premium but haven't installed it since the first Win 7 beta came out. I do a lot of experimenting and frequently have to reinstall the OS. It's fun..............I like to do it. My question is if I bought the upgrade would I have to install Vista first everytime and then use the upgrade? Since I do frequent fresh installs I'm betting that the full version is the way for me to go. Thanks

Answer:Upgrade or Full Version

No one will know for sure until we can test the upgrade media on the 22nd.

But it looks like re installations are going to be more of a hassle than in the days of XP and vista.

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I'm sure this is an easy question. I want to upgrade my Windows 98SE O/S to Windows XP Pro. Does the XP Pro full version have the option to upgrade, or do you have to do a full install. I want to save my programs and files. I ask because I have not done a full install since Windows 3.0. Appears that full version are available on eBay for less than cost of upgrade version.

Answer:XP upgrade using full version

stevef919 said:

I'm sure this is an easy question. I want to upgrade my Windows 98SE O/S to Windows XP Pro. Does the XP Pro full version have the option to upgrade, or do you have to do a full install. I want to save my programs and files. I ask because I have not done a full install since Windows 3.0. Appears that full version are available on eBay for less than cost of upgrade version.Click to expand...

Add another hard drive. One will be 98Se and the other XP Pro.

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A friend just asked me the following question..."I know you can only upgrade with Home Premium Upgrade, and Clean Install with the Full Version. But, can you upgrade XP with the full version?"I am assuming he wants to install 'WinXP Pro' on a PC that already has 'WinXP Home'. By using a WinXP Pro disk as an upgrade or repair install. My gut feeling is no you can't.

Answer:Can I upgrade XP with the full version?

Yes, it is possible apparently - see last post in this thread click here by Ron Martell. G

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I have 5 copies of windows XP Pro Full edition, but I need to do an "In Place Upgrade". Why, if the Full version costs more than the upgrade version, won't it let me do an upgrade? Is there anyway to bypass this goofiness and use my full version to do an upgrade from win98?

If I use an upgrade cd, it won't accept my full version product key. Even after upgrading with upgrade cd. I can't insert the full version product key with Magical Jellybean Key finder.

Can someone explain the rational of why the more expensive product does less than the cheaper version?

Does anybody know how to either:
1) force the full version product key after an upgrade install
2) do an upgrade with a full version disc?

I've got 5 full versions of XP pro that are worthless to me at the moment.


Answer:Need to Upgrade with XP Pro Full Version

If you are upgrading to WinXP from Win98, then you are likely to suffer many problems and have an unstable system. If I were you, I'd reformat and do a clean install of WinXP, otherwise you may regret it at some point down the line. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I've yet to see an upgrade from win98 to winxp that was without problems. Even if you later update all the drivers you will still find that some things won't work as expected and you may get various errors when installing some software further down the line. Do a clean install and follow this by updating to sp2 as soon as you can.

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My computer had recently been updated by someone at a local computer shop who told me that the Windows 7 was genuine, but apparently it wasn't. The software gave me errors about a month after and now my computer is starting to run terribly and I am forced to use safe mode. I don't want to use illegal software and now this computer shop closed and I have no idea how to contact them and I really don't even want to bother. I just want to know if I am able to buy the Windows 7 Upgrade disk because they offer it at my work for a reduced amount. If I have to buy the full version, let me know.

I appreciate your help on this. Thank you all and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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I have a copy of Windows XP that I purchased a few months back. I built 2 computers and installed it on one computer ran it for about a month. Then I deactivated it and put it on another.

I want to run Windows7 on the deactivated computer. Do I have to buy the full version or can I upgrade.

Also if I upgrade to Windows 7 does that make my copy of XP no good anymore?

Answer:Full Version or upgrade

Personally, I would purchase a full retail version of Windows 7.

Here is upgrade info on W7 -->

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Just a quick question when i upgraded to xp home with the upgrade disk,you need a full version of a windows OS to do it ok,but why then does it list Xp home full version as a version u need,if you had that you wouldnt be upgradeing would you?So is there things in the full version you dont get with the upgrade?May be silly question but thought id ask lol.Regards.

Answer:Xp upgrade or Xp full version ?

Sorry fot bieng a pain but another question i run AVG and now i dont get the boot menu showing up when xp starts like i did with 98 so is it still running and just not showing me? AVG is set to run bootup scan i checked.Regards.

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My apologies if these question have been asked. My search skill is as poor as my bank account.

Suppose I have a Windows XP pro x86 on my box, and I'm buying Windows 7 retail to upgrade my system. My search tells me that I can buy the Upgrade version to upgrade. I know it's not a direct upgrade.

My XP was upgraded from Windows 2000, which was upgraded from Windows NT 4.

What if the unthinkable happens and I need to reformat my hard drive?

Q1: Will I be able to reinstall Windows 7 using the upgrade disc? Or do I have to reinstall XP, then perform the "upgrade" again?

Q2: Will I be better off buying the full version? Can the full version be used to perform this "upgrade"?

Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.


Answer:Should I buy full or upgrade version?

Get the full version if I were you.

With the full version, if anything goes wrong, just format you HDD and reinstall windows. Much easier than the first question you raised.

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I am Currently running Windows XP Pro. I know I qualify to buy the Windows7 upgrade editions. I plan to install it on a new hard drive but the old hard drive will be there for upgrade verification. What happens if I later decide to wipe out my Windows 7 installation and do a fresh install? Or if my hard drive craps out and I need to do a fresh install? At that time I will not have an activated Windows XP os. Would I be better off with a full version of Windows 7?

Answer:Full or upgrade version?

Hmm, good question.

As long as there is a copy of Windows on the hard drive, you'll be able to reinstall to your hearts content. If you try to install on a blank hard drive, or your hard drive kills itself in a way you can't restore it, then you'll be out of luck unless you have a backup of your hard drive somewhere.

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My computer had recently been updated by someone at a local computer shop who told me that the Windows 7 was genuine, but apparently it wasn't. The software gave me errors about a month after and now my computer is starting to run terribly and I am forced to use safe mode. I don't want to use illegal software and now this computer shop closed and I have no idea how to contact them, and quite frankly I don't want to because of what they did... I just want to know if I am able to buy the Windows 7 Upgrade disk because they offer it at my work for a reduced amount. If I have to buy the full version, let me know.

I appreciate your help on this. Thank you all and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Answer:Upgrade vs. Full Version

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I upgraded my pc and bought Windows Vista ultimate 64bit, and i would like to install Windows vista Business 64bit.

How can i do it ?

I took ultimate because it was the only version i could find (in my area anyway) that had a 64bit version in the box.
But i don't want the media center, the high definition, and all the multimedia stuff. All of these ultimate "extras" are of no use whatsover to me.

So my question is basically can i install the Business version with my ultimate key ? (is it "downwards" compatible in a way ?).

I don't understand why ultimate is the only one with 64bit in the box. It doesn't make sense to me. It would have been much more logical for the Business version to be the one with 64bit in the box.

Answer:Install Business version with Ultimate version dvd

You can try this (but I don't know if it will work):
1. Preform a clean installation but DO NOT enter the key when prompted.
2. When asked which version to install, select Business. This will install the Business version in trail mode.
3. Now the I don't know part: Once you are up and running, go and try to activate your copy using the Ultimate key. I suspect this will fail but I have never tried it.

On the other hand, did you try installing Ultimate and then remove features once installed.


Originally Posted by olant


I upgraded my pc and bought Windows Vista ultimate 64bit, and i would like to install Windows vista Business 64bit.

How can i do it ?

I took ultimate because it was the only version i could find (in my area anyway) that had a 64bit version in the box.
But i don't want the media center, the high definition, and all the multimedia stuff. All of these ultimate "extras" are of no use whatsover to me.

So my question is basically can i install the Business version with my ultimate key ? (is it "downwards" compatible in a way ?).

I don't understand why ultimate is the only one with 64bit in the box. It doesn't make sense to me. It would have been much more logical for the Business version to be the one with 64bit in the box.

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I put this question to Microsoft this week by email:

Good morning

This complaint pertains to the upgrade options from a full retail version of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

According to the EULA:

?4. Transfer. The provisions of this section do not apply if you acquired the software as a consumer in Germany or in any of the countries listed on this site (, in which case any transfer of the software to a third party, and the right to use it, must comply with applicable law.

a. Software preinstalled on device. If you acquired the software preinstalled on a device (and also if you upgraded from software preinstalled on a device), you may transfer the license to use the software directly to another user, only with the licensed device. The transfer must include the software and, if provided with the device, an authentic Windows label including the product key. Before any permitted transfer, the other party must agree that this agreement applies to the transfer and use of the software.

b. Stand-alone software. If you acquired the software as stand-alone software (and also if you upgraded from software you acquired as stand-alone software), you may transfer the software to another device that belongs to you. You may also transfer the software to a device owned by someone else if (i) you are the first licensed user of the software and (ii) the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. You may use the backup cop... Read more

Answer:Are Windows Retail Version Upgrading to Win 10 OEM??

I can't see how they could lock up the retail version if you were to upgrade to 10 pro OEM . I know for testing purposes what I have done with my retail copies of xp and vista ( yeah I know Vista lol ) I did use them to upgrade to 7 and 8 , got activated with no problems . Then later on decided I no longer want windows 8 and just go back to the retail version of Vista and I had no problem with the activation. But lets say I couldn't get activated ? I would of call MS and tell them my copy is an retail version were by it can be transfer to where ever . I can't see how they'd argue the facts but I'm glad you brought this up . I'm curious to know the outcome

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I am using Windows 7 Homebasic 32bit OEM version pc
Now, if I download a Windows 7 Home basic "64bit" (retail version) and did a clean install over 32bit,
1. will my OEM key work on retail version of Windows?
2. Will it also work if I switch architecture (to 64bit-retail version) ?

i.e) From 32bit OEM ==> 64bit Retail (same edition) using same key, is it possible?

Answer:Will my OEM key work on retail version of Windows?

Chandra mate why are you asking because the 64bit version you bought should have it's own activation code. It will not activate with the OEM version (code) you have.

For future reference the retail version can be installed on another machine in any case should the original machine you install it on dies- the only thing you cannot do is have it on more than one machine at a time.

Having said that I think MS might get ask why if you have installed it on more than say three machines in a row.

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I have recently bought a PC with pre installed windows 8. I have bought an SSD and am trying to install a Windows 8 pro N on it. however this is proving much more difficult than i imagined.

I downloaded windows assistant from microsoft and entered my key. It downloaded the OS and went on my usb pen fine. Though when i boot from the USB i get the following error "the product key entered does not match any of the windows images available for installation"I have done some research and cant find anything helpful.

Please help i have been trying to do a clean install of ages


Answer:overwrite OEM windows with a different version of retail w

You using a Windows 8 Pro N on a Windows 8 Core Pre-installed, the installer can see the embedded Product Key in the UEFI/BIOS firmware. You need to use a Windows 8.1 Pro N installer.

To clean install:
1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums
2a) Clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.

2b) Clean Install - Windows 8
2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
For USB:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Activate retail Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 Product key.

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Is the upgrade version of XP the same as the full version except for requiring you to prove you have a copy of W98 before it will install.orIs the upgrade version of XP essentially an add on to W98.I'm confused.

Answer:Difference between full and upgrade version of XP?

It is exactly the same except that you gave to either (a) install over the top or (b) reformat, install and pop in your 98 disk when prompted.

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Can someone explain the difference between - in this case - the upgrade and full version of XP? I've just formatted my hard drive and plan to install XP Home version. I assume that the upgrade only works if installed over an existing version of a Windows OS (in my case Me) and since an upgrade is half the price of the full version, should I re-install Me and then upgrade to XP straightaway on a relatively clean drive? Or should I pay extra and get the full version?However, will the upgrade version work if at some stage I have to format my hard drive again and need to re-install XP?

Answer:Upgrade or full version of XP Home?

i installed update on reformatted hard drive blank.all that happened was xp asked for win 98se product key which of course i had.then every thing went hunky dory

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I was asked a tech question that took my a little off guard by a co-worker. We were talking about the new Vista and the differences in buying an upgrade compared to the full version. Then this question came up:

What are the major differences (besides price) in buying an "Upgrade" Vs a "Full" version of Vista Ultimate?

I realized that the upgrade requires you to provide an original OS disk to verify the eligibility for the upgrade. But other than this, what are the differences?

Keep in mind we both ONLY do clean installs of the OS after completely wiping the hard drives.

Is an "Upgrade" a complete 1:1 copy of the "Full" version, just with different install requirements?

Answer:Vista - Upgrade Vs Full Version

J8son said:

I realized that the upgrade requires you to provide an original OS disk to verify the eligibility for the upgrade. But other than this, what are the differences?Click to expand...

No in Vista that method of popping in a previous OS cd doesnt work to upgrade, now you need a previous recognised OS installed on th HD and you run the upgrade disk from inside the OS GUI.

However a workaround for using the upgrade DVD to clean install was posted here for you it bascially involves you installing Vista twice.

Other than that the two versions are the same.

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I bought XP and now need to install it on a wiped hard drive. My CD says XP Home Edition and also Upgrade. I have not been successful installing it on the hard drive. It doesn't recognize it and says I need the "Full Edition." Here are my two questions: 1) Can the CD only be used ONCE? I installed it on another computer in my home when I was upgrading from Windows 98.
2) Is there a different version of XP that is the "Full" edition--in other words one that doesn't say "upgrade?"

Answer:Solved: full version or upgrade

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upgrade or full version
Home Premium Upgrade $49.99 full version $199.99
Professional Upgrade $99.99 full version $299.99
Ultimate Upgrade $219.99 full version $319.99
i am thinking of getting the professional one

couple of questions
what is the difference does one have more than the other
i have window vista (genuine) can i do a clean install if i get the upgrade
if i pre order it is it 32 or 64 bit it does not say

Answer:window 7 upgrade or full version

Where are you finding pricing info for W7?
Last I heard it is still in beta and isnt available to be sold.

As for the upgrade or full version that is up to you but in Vista there is a trick to use the upgrade disk and be able to do a full install. Im not sure if that option will still be possible in W7 until it comes out.

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hello, was wondering, i am reinstalling XP on my friends comp and booting from cd says its an upgrade put in your old 98, me, 95 disk , well we dont have 1 we only have his xp cd, so i tryed installing useing boot disk, well same msg again, error msg says cant find a previous version of windows installed, to continue, setup needs to verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product, but this is the full version on xp home edition, pls help thanks

Answer:XP install help pls, says full version is an upgrade

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I don't know why this info seems so hard to come by but I am going to change over my old Vista 32 HD to a new 1 T HD. I want to install 7 clean on that new drive and use my old as a storage volume.
My old HD was upgraded using a Vista upgrade disk.
If I buy a Windows 7 Home premium upgrade disk 64 bit will I just be able to insert the old Vista upgrade disk to prove eligabilty like you could do when installing and upgrade version of XP?
I hope I don't need to buy the full version when I have already paid for the Vista upgrade.

I hope I made my question clear.


Answer:Full version or upgrade needed for 7?

Why not just clone your old hard drive over to the new one? I believe all the hard drive manufacturers have software to do this; visit their website ti download it. I know Western Digital has it; look for their Data Lifeguard Tools.

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I'm new to the forum, so I apologise if this has been asked before. Can W7 Home Premium full version be used to do an in-place upgrade?

I have a new PC with Vista Home Premium that gives me a free upgrade to W7 (but it will still cost 20 euros for p&p). Vista is pre-loaded and the recovery files are on a separate partition on one drive. Worse case scenario is the hard drive dies. I will need the full version of W7 to do a clean install on a new hard drive, but at the moment I would just like to upgrade.

All things considered, I'm thinking of buying the full version while it's half price but need to know if I can use that to just do an upgrade. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:In-place upgrade using full version?

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums

Whilst the ability to install fresh from an upgrade disk is doubtful the ability to perform an upgrade from a full Windows 7 disk is well proven.

Check the tutorials section here for various options

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Just what difference is there in either version except with the upgrade you either have to have a previous version installed or the disks available. I assume you have a choice for doing a clean install with the upgrade if you desire or saving your current files etc.

Answer:Difference between 8 pro upgrade and full version

There is no traditional full retail version of Windows 8. The nearest that I know of is the System Builder license, which can be used similarly to the old retail license. I'm not sure whether it can be used to do an upgrade-in-place, like the old full retail license.

Normally, an upgrade license requires that an upgradeable older OS be installed. (Some would say and activated.) Just having disks for the older OS isn't good enough. However, there's another activation method:

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade[2]=Installation and Setup

Yes, an upgrade copy can be used to do a clean install. You can even delete the existing partitions on the OS install drive. It's a bit different than older versions of Windows: even if you delete the OS partitions, some settings and files will be carried over from the old installation.

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I purchased Vista Ultimate Upgrade. I am running XP on my "C:" drive and I purchased a new drive which I called "V:."

I installed Vista Ultimate Upgrade onto the V drive and it seems to be working fine.

My questions are:

Am I taking the full advantage of Vista even though I installed just the upgrade onto the new drive?
What more does the full version offer then the upgrade?

If I would have installed the upgrade onto my C: drive over XP it would have taken some items (I think it probably must have) from XP so did that happen when I installed it on the fresh V: drive?

Last but not least; I have a HP iPaq h5555 that I am trying to sync with my contacts in Office 2007. When I plug the device in a screen pops up asking what to do with the device... browse folders, sync music files etc. But when I try to sync it using the syncing thingy in the control panel it does not even see the device.

How do I fix that?

Thanks all...

Answer:Vista Upgrade/Full Version

The only difference is that the upgrade requires xp installed, eventhough there is a way around this, and Full doesnt.

How did u install the upgrade on the clean V drive? Did you put in a key? I have a feeling something is missing here.

For the Ipaq, you need to install Windows Mobile Device Center, the replacement for activesync for Vista:

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