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One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected

Question: One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected


This morning a fan in my case was making strange noises (either CPU or GPU fan I think) and so I turned my computer off. I turned it on a little later and the computer was making a really odd clicking noise, so I unplugged each harddrive in turn to see which was causing it. I removed the problem drive (not the one with my XP installation on) and then turned the computer on again. This time it just said could not detect boot disk. I've tried installing XP again, but it gets as far as loading all the setup files and then my PC reboots. The bios still detects the harddrive still in.

The harddrives are just normal IDE 120gb drives (the removed one is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 and the one still in is a Barracuda Seagate). I don't understand why the first stopped working (it is at most 6 months old) and why the 2nd one's installation is not detected (it is only a month or 2 old). Up til today, my computer was working perfectly. At the moment my whole computer is useless and the fan is still making the same weird noise occasionally.


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Preferred Solution: One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected

Welcome to Techspot

It sounds like the Drive you removed was the Primary, so the system can't find an MBR.
Also if that is right did you change the Jumper on the Slave left in your box?
Buy a new Fan, why take a chance ?

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I'm not really sure what happened, but I'm fairly sure my hard drive is now dead. I was using firefox reading some article when firefox froze, I figured it was just being screwy, but I was tired so I took a nap and thought it would hopefully be working again when I woke up. When I woke up it hadn't done anything so I turned it off (holding the power button). When I turned it on, it seemed normal until it got just passed the loading screen, then it just showed a black screen and didn't do anything. I restarted it and it did the same thing, then I tried pressing random buttons to make it do something. It eventually got passed the screen when I pressed the orange button to left of the volume control (the one that makes the touch buttons change). Once I actually got to my desktop it displayed a bunch of different error messages, all of them saying something is corrupt. It said itunes and a few other things were corrupt. So now it isn't displaying the glass-like windows feature, also it no longer will do the "fancy" 3d animation to change between windows. I was going to run the lenovo system toolbox (I know its for thinkpads) but when I tried to open it it also said it was corrupt. Any help would be nice.Message Edited by TobySLN on 12-10-2008 05:40 PM

Ideapad Y530, P8400 @ 2.26 GHz 320 gb HDD, 4 gb RAM, nVidea 9500M 512mb VRAM.

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My 1year old X1 hard drive has just died and lenovo have sent me a new one;  here is the dilema.. i have no lenovo windows cd.. to make matters worse lenovo are sending me one but will take a week to get here, this is while im writing my 3rd year University Dissertation....  So i have a Windows 7 proffessional image from windows that i have installed with a USB stick. However i have no drivers and the drivers website is down for maintinence! However before the hard drive died i backed up the recovery partition of the hard drive with acronis, so my question is can i recover that part of the partition back to the computer so i can reinstall everything as it would have been?  Cheers, Alex CuttsDedicated ThinkPad userUnited Kingdom

Answer:So my X1 Harddrive just died...

yes you can recover the laptop hdd using the acronis image you have.

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hi , had a problem with my external harddrive .it just suddenly went off .i have 2 other external harddrives and they are working perfectly so it cant be the power connection and i have a similar harddrive to the one that went dead with the same adator and when i use the adaptor of the " dead " hardrive it works fine with the "" working "" hardrive so its not an adaptor problem either .there were no signs from the computer that it couldnt read my hardrive anymore so i dont know what it is .also the green light on the " dead " hardrive flickers slighly but the harddrive doesnt go on - its not warm .is the hardrive beyond reapair and if so how can i save my filles ?
thanks if soone can help

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Is it dead, or sort of dead, totally dead? Is there a way to get any more info off of it...? Could I try to slave it to the new one?

(It worked for 4.5 years daily,- Is this average for a HD breakdown?)

Id like to get some music off of it, and pics, is there a recovery service out there?


Answer:HardDrive died- Any way to get anything back?

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Problem: Computer experienced dieing process. I was doing simple task such as email. I noticed the mouse started to "lag" and was having trouble doing much of anything. I decided to restart and I could not get anywhere. I pass the BIOS, I get all the way to the menu saying "Windows did not restart properly" asking me which mode to load. No matter what option I choose I would experience a very very slow load, until it just comes to a complete stop. As I restarted more I noticed the slower it got. It always got to the point of windows menu, but the little "pre-loading" bar sometimes or sometimes does not go, and if it does, very slowly. Also something I've noticed is I do not hear the BEEP when I power on the computer when performing POST.
I recently upgraded my computer, excluding the hard drive. Everything ran fine together for a good amount of time. I do not have the exact specs with me at the moment. The harddrive is an IDE 250gig from western digital, I dont know if that is the problem, but it is my first hunch. I also tried swapping RAM in and out of different slots with different sticks. All of this stuff is within a year and a half old (but bought in the last few months.)

Any ideas or suggestions or stories of similar occurrences will help.

Answer:Harddrive? My computer died.

I have a similar problem. I would like to know if there is a solution to this.

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The cpu inside my friend's computer died when the heat sink fell out of place. Lots of pins got bent and some fell off. Rather than buy a new cpu, because we're short on time, I've taken the harddrive out of his computer (the one with the broken CPU) and putting it inside my old Dell XPS . I've replaced the video card and RAM also so, motherboard and cpu aside, it's essentially the same computer.

It works and starts up fine...the only problem is that when trying to log on, it requires that I activate WIndows. It won't let me use the activate via internet option (even though the internet works fine with the previous harddrive) so I had to call Microsoft.

The robot lady told em that I had an invalid Windows code, which I don't, and now I can't log on.

Any ideas on how to fix this kind of problem?

Answer:Friend's cpu died, putting his harddrive into another computer

See this thread>

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The cpu inside my friend's computer died when the heat sink fell out of place. Lots of pins got bent and some fell off. Rather than buy a new cpu, because we're short on time, I've taken the harddrive out of his computer (the one with the broken CPU) and putting it inside my old Dell XPS . I've replaced the video card and RAM also so, motherboard and cpu aside, it's essentially the same computer.

It works and starts up fine...the only problem is that when trying to log on, it requires that I activate WIndows. It won't let me use the activate via internet option (even though the internet works fine with the previous harddrive) so I had to call Microsoft.

The robot lady told em that I had an invalid Windows code, which I don't, and now I can't log on.

Any ideas on how to fix this kind of problem?

Answer:Friend's cpu died, putting his harddrive into another computer

Call Microsoft back and listen to the instructions carefully. They should have an option to speak to a representative. You can then explain your situation to them and they will either activate you or not.

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My toshiba harddrive died after a few months of receiving it. I got it for Christmas last year. The original harddrive died in June and was replaced with a new one within two weeks. In September the new harddrive crashed and died. I took it to a local shop to get the data, but they were unable to get the data.

I really need this data back. It has a lot of important files. What can I do to get the data?

Answer:My Toshbia Harddrive died. How can I get the data back?

That's really bad luck!
Assuming the drive is still in the computer and will spin up you could try booting to a live linux CD. A good free one would be puppy linux.
Get a friend to download it and burn to a CD. Boot your laptop from the CD and see if you can browse to the "dead" HDD and pull files off to an external USB HDD.
There are businesses that recover data but I think it is an expensive service.

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Well I was using my computer like normal and then left it. When I came back it was locked up and I had to restart it. When it came up the second HDD I have with all my data files windows is showing but I had it titled "DATA(Z)" now its just "local disk(Z)". When I try to open it a window pops up saying the drive is not formated would I like to format it now? My guess is the File table has been messed up when the computer locked up. What are some methods that I can do to find out what went wrong with this drive?


Answer:Solved: Harddrive Just died or File table messed up?

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(sorry fro the approximative english)

I was working on my Dell laptop (Inspiron 6000).
Suddedntly it tried to reboot itself and failed.
After a quick blue screen, This sentence appeared : "Primary hard disk drive 0 not found no bootable devices--strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility."
I couldn't do anything.
I ran a diagnostic.
Result :

ERROR CODE : 1000-0142
I went on the internet, read forums about my pbm : the Harddrive was dead.
After few minutes with murder thoughts, I went to the computers shop, bought a new harddrive, a fujitsu one, but the computer's guy told me it was ok for a dell.
I putted it in the computer, thinking I was about to get out of troubles.

But not at all. I tried to turn on my laptop

So I ran diagnostics one more time.

It failed the "starts DST Short test"
error code:1000-0141.
MSG: No drive detected

The message error is not the same.
I d'ont know what to do this time.
I really need my computer to pass my degree.

Does anybody have an idea of what should I do ???
Please ?

Thank you !

Answer:Harddrive died, new one doesn't work : HELP ! French student about nervous breakdown

Return the drive and see if they can test it.

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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My Dell Vostro 1400 Laptop recently quit working. Its only 4 months old.
I turned it on and it came to a screen saying,

"Windows dould not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair"

I inserted the setup disc and booted from it, when I got the the Repair option it says,"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.
Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program.

Setup cannot continue."

So I took the computer down to the local computer store and they put in a new 130 GB harddrive, ran the setup disk again and it displayed the same missing HDD message.

Anyone have any Ideas of what could be wrong???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Windows Setup Disk cannot find Harddrive, even with a brand new harddrive installed.

Hi, and welcome to TSF. If it's still under warranty I would take it back to the suppliers.

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I recently had a very strong magnet. The magnet was then stuck (By a child) to my laptop. I then had errors on boot. I tried reinstalling Vista with the restore disk, but I recieved "Error - Cannot set temp path".

I today purchased a 250gb harddrive (a upgrade from my 120gb), and then Vista installed fine.

Now it runs fine, but I get bluescreens after random amounts of time, with errors involving a windows file. Unfortunately, I don't have the bluescreen error details at the moment. I have however uploaded the 3 minidumps from the 3 occasions.

Is it possible that another part of the computer was damaged by the magnet? Ram?




Answer:Magnet damaged my harddrive. Replace harddrive but now bluescreens? (with minidump)

hi have you tried running your av and malware progs to eliminate this as a possible

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I presently have a 40GB....5200RPM...2MBcashe..HARD DRIVE

Will i see much improvement upgrading to a: 60GB.7200rpm..8MBcashe Hard Drive?

I can do it for about $40 ( Or should i wait,i expect to get a 200HD by the end of the year...)

Answer:SHOULD I UPGRADE: 40GB/5200 HardDrive-to-60GB/7200 HardDrive?

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ok heres my new problem,I had to format computer and reinstall windows, everything was going good except the puter would not detect mouse, so opened puer and checked to make sure there was a good connection and attempted to start computer again,but i accidently pushed f8. then the computer said something like fdd not conf. or something like that then it said put in bootdisk and press any button to continue, well it would read it so i shut down the computer and put in back on and now i just have a black screen. can anyone help. thanks in advance    marybeth

Answer:harddrive not being detected

Why did you open your computer case to see if your mouse is properly connected? That does not make sense. Can you boot and press F8 again to see what the computer says?

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hi i recently tried to reinstall my friends hd, when i first tried it, i boot up wit xp cd then tried to install but durin half way, it crashed so i rebooted comp but to my surprise, it cannot be detected. nomatter which ide plugs i tried and power plugs it does not get detected when booting up comp as master or slave, it does get power tho because i feel the heat on it. does anyone know what the problem is?

Answer:harddrive cannot be detected

Go to the hard drives manufacturers website and download and run the diagnostic software. If the drive checks out ok, use the HD Manufactuers software to format the drive and then try to install.

Example; Downloads/ATA Hard Drives&downloadID=22 Downloads/ATA Hard Drives&downloadID=57

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I have a gateway notebook MX6957 it has a sata seagate drive in it it came with XP media center well I formatted the drive because it was about to crash and deleted the partion on it as well and tried to put on XP Pro now it says the drives not installed .I was told by gateway that it needs the sata drivers is this true or do I need the sata controller drivers .And how are they installed am running vista on it at the moment thanks for any help you can give me

Answer:harddrive not detected

welcome to PCReview

they don't lie, you need drivers for your doorstop running XP ... DriverVersion:

... make sure you pick the right one


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sry, wont let me delete this either.

Answer:Harddrive Not Detected??

Use "thread tools" and mark it SOLVED.

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do to sever problems i was having with my pc i decided to do a fdisk and reformat...... i thought i was doing a smart thing by using my slave drive to backup the things i didnt want to lose .... after backing it all up to the slave drive i erased my harddrive and installed a new operating system... was win98 and now is winxp............ everything is going great now except all them programs and files i backed i can no longer access.... if anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated...

Answer:reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

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I have pretty old secondary hard drive (11 years) and currently in power settings there is an option to put hard drive in sleep mode if it's been idle for X minutes. Is it a good idea to disable this setting and let the harddrive spin all the time, since as I know, frequently enabling/disabling hard drives makes more damage than never putting harddrive to sleep.

Answer:Harddrive health with harddrive auto-stop in idle

Is the drive going to sleep now ?

You should consider buying a new drive to replace that one, then copy your data over before it dies

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My laptop HP pavilion 2000 not dv doesn't detect hard drive and hp service says you have to replace it it is damaged what should i do now?

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Hi. I'm trying to help a friend on an issue they're having with their laptop's hard drive. Their laptop does not detect the hard drive upon start up. I have a hard drive usb cable that I bought a while back for another issue I was having and I hooked it up to this drive and nothing is being detected by my computer. I hear the drive running and clicking constantly which I'm guessing isn't a good thing. Is there any way to salvage whats on there?

I've asked on the dell forum and so far one person replied and told me to either take it to a specialist or stick it in the freezer, so I figured I'd ask around for other opinions. Thanks

Answer:Laptop harddrive not detected

Do you have a SMART monitoring program installed on your PC, such as CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World ? If not, download and install it and see what it reports for the drive. Please include the report with your next reply so that we can give you better advice.

My guess is that it is going to be either a mechanical or electronic problem (or even both). Since you can hear the drive spinning and clicks emanating from it, it probably means that it is mechanically OK, although the head might have got stuck somehow or other. Try just gently giving the drive a few taps with your hand whilst it is running to see if there is any difference. Sticking it in the freezer (be sure to wrap it up so that it doesn't get damp) for a few hours and then allowing it to warm up to room temperature can sometimes free a stuck head assembly, but you do so entirely at your own risk.

The best thing to do at the moment is to see what its SMART status is and report back with the results.

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Hello , ive been carrying this issue for a long time and now i think its enough actually.
My problem: Disk wont be detected
Specs: Disk- Sata Caviar black 600gb , Proccestor : AMD x4 2.9 GHZ , RAM-2GB , Windows: Windows 7 , Motherboard: M4A78 PRO (Bios may be outdated) , Graphic card : ATI 1gb Radeon 5750 HD.
Please help me.. Sometimes my harddrive is detected and sometimes not... I have tryed switching sockets.

Answer:Harddrive wont be detected

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I volunteer at a local battered womens agency and a PC I use there is giving this message.... "no hard drive detected".

Does that mean the drive crashed, and does that mean the information is history? No one ever did backups I guess and policies and procedures are lost if so.

I will try to get more details if I can but all I know is that it worked one day and didn't the next....

Answer:Solved: no harddrive detected...

First check that all cables are attached internally to the drive, but it really does not sound good.

Unfortunately hard drives are just a temporary storage medium, but they are seldom treated as that.

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When I try installing FC3 on my computer it works until it says that it can't detect my hardrive. It tells me to select a device and when I do and go on to partitioning the hardrive it would say that it could not detect the hardrive and to check my hardware.To be more precise,the error message is this "An error has occured-no valid devices were found on which to create new file systems. Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem" .
I have intel915 64 bit motherboard,SATA 80gb harddrive,2.8Ghz processor,512MB RAM.I left 8GB space for linux.In the rest space i'm currently running window xp service pack 2 and it does run properly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Harddrive Not Detected During Installation

The FC3 install kernel doesn't support your SATA controller. If you insist on using FC3 then you may be able to create some driver floppy or an install image with a newer kernel.. I'd recommend FC4 or some other newer distro instead.

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i have a maxtor 20 gb drive that is a 541dx. the drive sounds like it is spinning up when the power is turned on even if the ide cable is not connected. the drive had been doing ok then one day the bios wouldn't detect it. i am sure it is not a cable or jumper problem. i have tried different settings in the bios for the cyl, sect, heads along with the auto setting. the motherboard is a gigabyte 7vkmls with amibios.

i suspect the drive is finished, but it has been such a good drive that i didn't want to just give up on it. any suggestions? i can rma it if i have to.

Answer:harddrive spins up but not detected

Heh well of COURSE it will spin up if the IDE ribbon is attached - The IDE cable does not supply power! What do you think the 4 cable molex connector from your power supply is for? Anyways, now that you mentioned that the IDE ribbon wasn't plugged in, make sure it is plugged in securely and all the way. Make sure the jumpers are in the correct positions and make sure in BIOS setup that your IDE devices aren't set to none/none/none/none. Have you recently added any hardware or made other changes to the computer?

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Hi y'all! I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3, and for some reason, my LaCie external harddrive isn't being detected by my computer. It is, and always has been, connected to my computer via USB. I know that all my USB drivers are up to date.

The peculiar thing is that the HD DID work, but it fell off of a table (not very high up) and was disconnected from my computer. When I reconnected it, it didn't work. It's not a problem with that specific USB port, because I tried to get it to work via other USB ports on my laptop, yet it still did not work. Other things (iphone charger, wireless keyboard, computer fan, ect) all work with the USB ports, so I don't really know what it could be.

If I plug it into my Xbox 360, it detects the HD, which makes it even stranger. I've already went to My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management, and it does not show up there. Any ideas as to why it is not being detected? Before it fell, I would just be able to plug it in and it'd automatically be detected and show up on "My Computer", as it should, but now it isn't detected at all!

Any ideas?

If any more information is needed, let me know.

Answer:External Harddrive not being detected

Take it apart and check all the connections inside the external case.

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Ok, so I formatted my friends harddrive to FAT32. At first it was working on both Mac OSx and Windows XP. But no windows XP does not detect it, but my MacBook does.

I googled the problem and what I got was to get drivers and stuff like that and that my enclosure may be defective, but once again, my macbook can detect it just find, but windows xp does not. It has the sound when you plug in a usb and take it out, but it does not show up under "My Computer."

Any Ideas and solutions would be great.
Thank you in advance.


Answer:FAT32 Harddrive not detected

Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management

and see if it's listed. You may only need to assign it a Drive Letter if your lucky

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This situation is a bit screwy, and I might not be able to explain it fully. If there's something I said that doesn't make sense, feel free to say so.

My story starts out with one rainy day and cleaning out my harddrive. I'm a fairly messy fellow, and kept most of my personal files just in the C:\ directory. Going through and cleaning it out, I deleted I know -- it was a stupid thing, especially not knowing what it did, however my stupidity isn't part of my question.

Jump forward two weeks when I finally restart my computer. I get an error saying "NTLDR is missing". A quick search on the internet shows that this file I deleted could very well be the source of these troubles. "No problem" I think. I just pop my XP disks into the computer, run the system repair on it and try and copy the file over to my C:\. However, it turns out that C:\ doesn't exist. My harddrive now goes urecognized by my computer. Grumbling a bit, I head over to the bios. In the CMOS section, it tells me I have no primary master drive, but a primary slave drive (LITE-ON LTR-523275 if that helps). This is a bit peculiar I think, however I think I remember seeing this before, and this computer has ran for over a year with no problems.

Another weird thing -- the f6 to install sata/raid drivers with the XP disk doesn't work. When it says it doesn't detect any mass storage devices prescent though, I am able to go select t... Read more

Answer:SATA Harddrive not being detected

I had a similar problem a while back with my Sata drive however the sata wasn't the C: drive for me so I could still do many things fine. I had to go into the Bios and Checked around long and hard and eventually I started enabling things and such that I thought would involve a Sata drive eventually I got it and It worked however I can't remeber the setting so my advice would be look in the bios and search around and play with them a little don't change things that are critical though try to play with minor things untill something happen don't mess with things that are obviously not invloving hard drive like cpu settings but you probably already knew that you probably know too it's not smart to screw with the bios but I did and it fixed my problem even though I got lucky It'd say it's the best option unless someone else has a better idea.

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OK , its a rather long story btu for sake of any left out information I will explain everything.
Ok, i bought an external hardd rive about 6 months ago before my computer crashed. Transferred all my files , then erased my computer (I didnt have ym reformat cd at the moment so i actually erased manually most of my files ((not windows operational files))) any way. It just so happens that while removing ym external hard drive to place it in a more conveniant spot the usb port snapped. I took it to the store but they said it didnt cover in the warranty. So after tryign in diffrent places i decided to open ym external hard dirve and keep the hard drive itsself.
The hard drive is SATA , so i had to buy a converter to install it as an internal hard drive in my computer . After much effort it was connected and the tech guys at CompUSA helped me by recognizing the harddirve using BIOS. The harddrive worked fine for about 6 months until i reformatted my CPU about 3 days ago. Now my additional hard drive (the once external hardrive isnt recognized ) so im pretty sure its not a matter of wiring because it once worked how it is connected now (and i havent changed anything). So im sure its simply adjusting the harddrive with BIOS again. When i enter my BIOS setting in startup i can see the hard dirve is recognized but i do not know what tod o form here so it appears on my computer.

PS: I dont want to lose the information i have on ym harddirve , so if a format is required what othe... Read more

Answer:Additional Harddrive not detected by my computer!

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Hi, my computer is weird in that a couple of months ago, when I first moved my computer to my university residence, it would sometimes not be able to find the IDE master harddrive and I would need to disconnect and reconnect the IDE cable to the motherboard in order to fix it. It didn't bother me that much and the issue went away after a couple of times until now. My computer was operating fine, but then i had a windows explorer error and had to restart my comp, when i restarted it, my computer was missing an IDE master drive from when I checked in BIOS, I tried reconnecting the IDE cables and it still went undetected, any advice?
on another note, i dont know if this is relevant at all but i can access asus express gate to get on the internet and type this post on my computer.

Answer:IDE Master Harddrive not detected anymore

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I connected my WD external drive to my computer, the blue circle light is on but my computer couldn't detect it.
Sometimes my computer will make a "don-dong" sound and the signal "new hardware was found" will appear, but in a second or two another signal which saids something like "the new hardware might not run properly".
(the blue light is on in the whole process)

could any of you tell me what might go wrong and all the solution you can think of so that i could try to solve it?

Answer:WD external harddrive cant detected by my computer


Did you format the drive at all? If not use the discs that came with the drive to get it formatted so that Windows will recognize it. Windows will not recognize any new drives as they are in RAW format. They need to be in NTFS or FAT32.


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I'm planning on doing a complete harddrive back up with a another internal harddrive. Will I need any special software to do this?
Also, since I'm backing up my entire harddrive which contains my operating system windows vista premium will this conflict with any license agreement?

Answer:Solved: Backing up harddrive with another internal harddrive

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I am currently backing up weekly to a small external drive.. it is a small 20gigger. It has taken about 1 year or so to fill up. Now i am thinking long term.. i am considering purchasing a "network harddrive", one that is between 500gigz to 1tb. There is a smaller/more affordable Seagate external drive.. but it is not a "network harddrive".. it has 1.5tb.. versus a network drive that is about 2tb but it cost about 314.

My question is, thinking long term.. and considering the setup i have.. which is a regular PC acting as a server.. what should i get?

Your suggestions are appreciated

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Network Harddrive Vs Portable Harddrive

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My T400 (bought last July) harddrive dead on me Sunday. I called helpcenter and received a replacement harddrive today. It was very fast. They asked me to return the old one. I have a concern about the security of my old harddrive. There are lots of personal information (data and files) on the old harddrive. If I return the old one, is there a chance my personal data be leaked? Is there any way I can delete the data and file on the old harddrive? I have no access to my old harddrive now. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time.

Answer:New harddrive from lenovo to replace my dead old harddrive

It will almost certainly be trashed, but you can't be 100% sure.  If you have a big magnet around, you could set the old one on it for a while - that should do the trick.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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Hi all!

I recently purchased a new WD Cavier Black with the 32 MB cache. I would like to transfer all my HD contents [including windows vista ultimate] from my older WD 16MB cache HD to this brand spanking new WD Cavier Black HD.

Is it possible to do this without flaws and so that it will work exactly as before?

If yes, can you direct me to the correct information to do this please?

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

The system in which I would like to do this has these components:

Thermaltake M9 Cool Case
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit w/SP1
Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L
Intel Q6600
Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro
Infinity ATX PSU 600W
4GB DDR2 Crucial 800 MHz
E-GeForce 8600GTS DDR3 256MB
Memorex X16 Dual Layer DVD
Western Digital SATA 320 GB

Thank you,


Answer:How can I transfer my entire harddrive contents to another harddrive?

You can use norton ghost (paid program)
or you can use clonzilla which is free.

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I was just playing GRAW on my computer then it shut down when I turn it on I get this

IDE Primary Master:None
IDE Primary Slave:None
(All none)

Floppy disk(s) fail (40) <<< WTF I don't have one

I press F1 and every worked like normal I booted in XP, but now I have a random floppy drive in my computer and when I try to shut down I get the error with the floppy drive.

Here's my specs

MSI P965 Neo Mother Board

OCZ 2GB 800MHz (1GB x 2)

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13Ghz

300GB 7200RPM Harddisk

EVGA Geforece 8800 GTS 320MB

I'm using the computer right now post this. Everything seems fine except for that....

Answer:Harddrive not detected + mystery floppy drive

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Alright well currently my Toshiba Satellite has an issue. It boots up and says "PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable, PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM" and continues and repeats that.
If I go into the bios, the harddrive is noticed aswell as the DVD Drive that they are in SATA1 and SATA2, but if i go to boot, only CD. FDD. LAN is listen, no HDD. If i use my windows 7 disk and repair it says some new device was inserted, and wont work, but it will boot into windows 7 with the disc no problem, after a system restore. I restart the computer and processes starts again..



Answer:Harddrive not in BOOT sequence, but detected! URGENT

Hard to believe 750+ viewers and nobody can ever help

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HI, I have a strange problem, I recently installed anew motherboard which has an onboard vga video out, I installed the OS windows XP pro while using the onboard video, then when the PC was all set I put in the AGP card and now the system takes forever at the

"Detecting IDE drives ..."

and then eventually it gets past it and does not detect the harddrive

now when take the AGP video card (Sapphire 9600 256mb ATI RADEON) out and use the onboard video again, the harddrive is detected just like normal, for kicks I tried another AGP card from another system a ati radeon 9800 pro and the thing worked fine,

only when I put my Sapphire 9600 256mb ATI RADEON in does the harddisk not get detected,

what is causing this and how can I fix it if at all possible?

Pentium 4 2.8ghz 533fsb prescott
A-BIT SG-72 Motherboard
1gb of PC2700 RAM
Windows XP Pro w/ SP1
Plenty of fans and cooling

1 DVD-RW drive installed
2 harddisk installed (I tried just using the OS one and no go there)

Answer:Harddrive not detected with AGP video card installed?

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Hello, after upgrade fromwindows 8 to 10, windows is not starting anymore and i can"t repair.the only option is therefore to reinstall windows 10  (clean install). The problem is now that windows 10 doens't see the hard drive , i try to install intel rst driver but no way, the hardrive and partition are not seen. I successfully test the hard drive with bios diagnostic. Any idea about how to solve this is welcome? Thanks by advance

Answer:Envy m6 k015dx - no harddrive detected on windows 10 clean i...

Hi: Looking at the product specs for your notebook, I do not see that it comes with a DVD drive. So, I am assuming you are installing W10 from a USB flash drive? The only suggestion I can offer, would be to make sure you plug the USB flash drive into the PC's one USB2 port. It won't install from the USB 3 ports.

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Hi all,
I have bought a Neso 1TB harddrive by Hitachi eSata and USB2.0 external harddrive. I also have a card that fits in the back of my PC which takes a cable from an internal sata connection and puts it to eSata.(The card does not actually plug into the PCI socket, its just a plate). I plugged my hard drive in via USB and it worked fine, I then went and plugged it in via eSata and it wouldn't pick it up.

I have tried turning it on before and after boot and it does not show up in disk management. I have tried it on two other PCs to no prevail so either its something i'm doing constantly wrong or the HDs eSata connection is dead.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help,

Answer:Solved: eSata external harddrive not being detected by windows

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Last night I was transferring files to my external hard drive I use for storage, when half way through copying a group of files an error popped up in a bubble in the bottom right of my screen saying that windows could not copy the file and data would be lost, I didn't write down exactly what it said, I wish I had. after this error happened my external drive is no longer detected in windows, I have tried using it in the external case, I've tried taking it out and hooking it up to the motherboard. I checked disk management and it's not even detected there. I've tried plugging it into a laptop with vista on it and I cannot figure out how to fix this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated

I am using win xp pro sp3, asus a8n-e motherboard, amd 64 x2 3800+, radeon x1550, 2gb patriot ram pc3200, 1gb corsair xms pc3200

The hard drive I'm having trouble with is a WD Caviar GP. WD10EACS

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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Answer:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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My grandma needed more harddrive space on her pc so I installed an 80 gb harddrive on her pc. Right now it's just her slave drive. Her c harddrive is only 20gb, so could I just copy everything on that harddrive to the 80gb and make that the master hard drive and the old one the slave? Or would that cause problems? I want to do this so she can continue saving files to her c harddrive instead of a different harddrive.

Answer:Is it posible to change the c harddrive to another harddrive?

You would need to create an image of the the current 20GB drive and map it onto the 80GB drive (most ghosting/imaging utilities allow you to expand the 20GB partition to the full size of the drive without issue). The most common way to go about doing this is with Norton Ghost, but it's not free. There's a few Linux boot disks that can do it as well I believe, but I don't know any off the top of my head. Hopefully someone will have a suggestion for a free boot disc.

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hey everyone, my mom's computer isnt working correctly. it turns on but it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. she has very important files and links that are saved to her computer that she needs asap.

my first thought was maybe i could access her computer through the router that we share but other websites told me its impossible without remote connection. and we cannot setup connects or access her computer at the moment.

i would like to know if it would be a good idea to take her harddrive out and put it into another computer. id rather not put it into my computer (just in case something goes wrong) but my brother has a laptop and could we put her harddrive in his? just temporarily so we can get to those files.

is that the best idea? to transfer her harddrive? if so is it okay that its going into a laptop and not a desktop computer....

Answer:transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

You're best bet it to get a 2.5 Adapter for laptop HDDs then you would take that adapter and connect it to a desktop CD-ROM IDE 2 channel 3.5 Ribbon cable goes into the adapter. There you could transfer files off that drive. That's how it's done in IT repair shop. Below cost $6.99.

can get it off here or try newegg or wherever you want go to a local store to get..

It also looks like this various version of the adapter

They all work..

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I currently have a laptop that is a few years old, anyhow I am building my own computer with a friend of mine. I have a external 120 gig Western Digital External Harddrive hooked up to my laptop now. (The external harddrive is brand new) I need a harddrive for the new computer I am building and was wondering would it work if i opened up the external harddrive casing and removed it from there and installed it in my computer i am building. Whats your thoughts on the change in power supply and could it work and what?


Answer:External Harddrive into Interal Harddrive

if you are building a laptop... no. it is built completely differently.
with a desktop computer you would not be able to either because the connection inside its casing is different. its better to keep your external the way it is and get an internal. you could then use your external as a backup.

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can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer

Answer:can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer


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I realize one is just an enclosure and you provide the harddrive, and one is a true harddrive, but which is better and whats really the difference?

Answer:usb harddrive enclosure -vs- usb external harddrive

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I just purchased these two items:

and the problem is that the coolmax enclosure wont read the harddrive. I installed it correctly (this is not my first 2.5 external hdd), and the computer detects the harddrive. It says that it is installed and ready to use, but now drive is popping up in "my computer". I dont think that the harddrive is to big for the enclosure, its only 40gb and most enclosures maxes out at 40gb. I could not find out what this enclosure's max compatibility is, so i hope that this is not the problem.

It is not the enclosure that is broken, because i put a different harddrive in the coolmax enclosure and it works. And i tried the Fujitsu hdd in another enclosure and it does not work. So it is definitly the hdd

The harddrive is a ATA-6 and the coolmax enclosure is a IDE ATA 100. I dont know what the 100 stands for, but i dont think that is the problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a gift for my girlfriend and i really want this to work.

Answer:2.5 harddrive enclosure will not read the harddrive

Have you foratted the drive? . . Windows will not "see" a drive until it has been formated.

Right click on My Computer . . select Manage . . disc management . . right click on the drive and select format

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I just recently bought a used computer to replace the one I had which died on me. For some reason, my old harddrive isn't being recognized as the main hard drive when I remove the new one and plug my old one in. Both harddrives are recognized when I have my old one plugged up with the extra power and IDE cable, so I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of my old drive to the new one and have it where it transfers all of my installed software over without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Harddrive to harddrive data transfer?

So what you tried to do is get WinXP to boot after it was installed on a different computer. This usually does not work well unless the Motherboard onthe new computer is almost identical to the old one. At the very least you would want to uninstall all drivers that were istalled as part of the old motherboard then do a repair installation of Windows XP. Then again if your installation of Windows is an OEM version of Windows it is not legal to use it on a second computer even if the second computer is a replacement for the first. If this is a retail copy of Windows then you can do it. You would need also the drivers for the new system.. As far as transfering installed programs from one hard drive to another and have them work properly if at all, it is not likely that you will succeed in doing so as installed programs make changes to the registry so that windows will know where to go look for the files to operate these programs. Just transferring the programs will not make the changes needed to your registry that an installation would make.

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I am looking at my friend's 2 yrs old PC mainly due to not booting up. I just found out that his pc's 10 Gb harddrive has bad sectors of only 700Kb after using scandisk so I reinstall windows myself. It has booted up no problems and running fine as usual but is it necessary to buy a new harddisk? After all, it runs fine even though there are still 700Kb bad sections on existing harddisk. Advice will be much appreciated, thanksGary

Answer:Bad sectors in harddrive - need a new harddrive??

Assuming you reformatted the HD, did the bad sectors show during Formatting or was it some other software that decided you had bad sectors?If it was formatting that disclosed the problem then it may be true. If not it might be a spurious warning and could be ignored.

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My old harddrive is only 20 GB and my new harddrive is 235GB.My old HDD is maxed out and i want to transfer EVERYTHING to my 235GB HDD. Basically making it the primary drive. The old HDD is my C drive and the new one is my E drive.How would I do this safely?

Answer:Small old harddrive, new big harddrive

If you mean you want to transfer everything (Windows, programs, data files, etc.) to the new hard drive, take a look at the software tools and instructions from the hard drive manufacturer for doing that.

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I would like to know if I can copy my whole hard drive to a backup hard drive.
What I would like to do is buy a new hard drive for my laptop. Then move all and I do mean everything windows XP etc. to the new hard drive. So that I could the start using the new hard drive just like the old hard drive. I think my old hard drive is going bad.

Answer:Copy harddrive to new harddrive

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I was having major probs with installing and uninstalling software on my pc including stuff which I have had on in the past with out problems. Then I started to lose files, mostly my Ejay files. then, when I thought I had solved the problem went to uninstall farcry and it totally wiped out my D: drive, which is where I install my games to. So i thought Oh well have to reinstall XP, go to reinstall xp sfter the screen which gives youi the option for full reinstall or repair I get the message "no hardrives detected or installed, please check they are connected and powered etc" and then reboots itself.

Any ideas please

Answer:[B]XP Reinstall Prob "no harddrive detected message"[/B]

If you havent already check your cables.
Can HDD be seen in Bios?
Then I'd run HDD diagnostic utility. (HDD could be dying)
Most are avaible here at MG on the front page, or can get at HDD manufacture web site.
WD is Data LifeGuard Tools
Seagate is Sea Tools
Maxtor is Maxblast

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my new computer has had problems from the start: with my windows xp installation i could never get service pack 2 installed and working right. so then i switched to the copy of windows xp x64 and it is kind of working except i keep getting corrupt downloads every once in a while and my moniter likes to go into some kind of suspend mode that i cant get out of for no apparent reason.(once while i was trying to get on aim, once while i was trying to go to the winrar site. i dont remember what i was doing the other times but similar things) This is the system on my profile, what do yall think? Should i call tiger direct and get a new harddrive or am i just being a doofus?

Answer:is it my harddrive?

more data
like size of drive and type
MB and cpu
I don't think at this point it's the drive
most of your software isn't setup for 64bit anyway
64 bit is just backwards compatable
If you legally own your xp look up how to make a slipstreamed copy with spk2 loaded

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i have a dell demension 2350 pc and i want to add another harddrive,i have a 60 gig hd at the moment and would like to add at least another 40 gig. i am a little confused by all the different makes of drives.i no my harddrive spins at 7200rpm so i am looking to duplicate that with new hd.could some one give me advice on best hd to buy and best value and were from,i am looking to buy on line i have seen some really cheap hd but i do not want to buy anything that will let me down in 6 months time,i mainly store audio and mpeg files on my pc please help thx.

Answer:want to buy a new harddrive

If you stick to Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor or Fujitsu you won't go far wrong.The main thing is that HDDs are ridiculously cheap today and the larger the capacity the cheaper it works out per GB.A 120GB drive can be priced as little as £56 and a 160GB at just £4 more. Even a 200GB version can be acquired for only £80. Six months or so ago these capacities would have been half those figures. Most of these will be OEM (original equipment manufacturer) offerings, but a WD full retail version for instance would only be around £10 more if you needed the kit.The 7200rpm figure is the spin speed and, obviously, superior performance to 5,400rpm - also look out for a cache of 8MB rather than 2MB; costs a little more but worth it.Could be worth using one as your main drive and the 60GB you have now as a second or backup HDD.Try:click here click here click here and similar online outlets.Scan of Bolton's TodayPage often has even better prices on occasion: click here

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Question: XP HardDrive Help

Hi all---
I need some help with my Windows XP harddrives--Currently my regular C: drive is makin lots of noise and Im afraid its gonna just crap out someday really soon-I have a second hdd already installed under the directory of F:, mainly for my music.

I have a third drive from a different computer, that was formatted for Windows XP-I tried putting that 3rd drive in place of my current f: drive to format it, however, windows wont let me format it, because it says "close all programs that are showing volume information on this drive" Nothing is open, all my other stuff is closed!

Basically what Im looking to do is use this 3rd drive as my new c: drive--Id like to get all of my current files an settings onto the new drive---I havent done this computer stuff in a while and I could definately use some advice, or help--or just what to do--im just afraid of losing all my stuff on my current C: drive--any help would be greatly apreciated!!


Answer:XP HardDrive Help

put the drive u are wanting to use a C: in as the C: is now place u're windows CD in format it and install install windows on it then put the old drive in and move the stuff over u need, assumuming u are going ot reinstall programs u need

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Question: Harddrive x_X

Yeah... I reallllly dont know very much... and I'd like to get this right the first time , so here are the questions.

My current harddrive currently has windows xp pro (illegal copy) on it... but it had some really weird errors that kept making me angry... so I went out and bought the full thing..

What I would like to know, is how do I get rid of everything I have on the harddrive right now? I dont really know how to format it... And I read the XP manual and it told me that if i put the disk in I could upgrade if I already had a copy of Windows installed. But i want to just start fresh, and be able to make the harddrive compleatly blank, then turn on the comp, and put in the XP Pro disk and install it =x.

Im worried ill mess somethin up tho ><.. so if you can tell me how to clear my harddrive compleatly.. and then if I will be able to install the windows disk simply by putting it in with no operating system on the harddrive at all..

Help is very much appreciated^^.

Answer:Harddrive x_X

Reformat, put the win xp pro cd in at boot and it should give you the option to format

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Question: USB Harddrive

I have a USB 2.0 hard drive that I use for music and movies. It worked fine for a couple of months but all of a sudden it wont work. In device maneger there is a yellow exclamation mark on the usb drive and when I look at properties it says: device cannot start (code 10). Its a pretty new drive so I really want to get it back to health. Any help or advice would be great! thanks, dunadan

Answer:USB Harddrive

Welcome to the forums, I don't believe you had to install any drivers for the external hd, but what you need to try doing it unplgging the drive, removing the hd from the control panel, restart the computer, once it loads windows, plug it back in.. see what happens

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k i put in new hard drive thru ide 2 channel everything works fine but when i start my PC it does not start from first try like u know when u have a car taht does't start all the time and i can here light soun in side like ppppppphew and it does it all over and over and it takes me 5 min to start up my pc the harddrive in installed is maxtore 120 gig and like i said it works when PC is on and what could be makeing that sound and how to fix it thanks.

Answer:Help with new harddrive

Uh, this is pretty hard to understand but maybe your floppy drive is making the "pppppphew" noise?

Try find exactly where it's coming from but I think it's looking for a disk in the floppy drive.

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I would like to add another O/S to my second harddrive (40 gig Seagate) is it as easy as booting from the disk and installing the second O/s on the second harddrive and it will give me the option of which of the two i wanna load from?

Answer:2 Xp O/s On 2 Harddrive's


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Question: new harddrive help

I just finished installing a new Western Digital 160G Harddrive. Computer has detected and device manager says it is working properly. How do I assign a drive letter? It doesn't show up in my computer. Thanks in advance.

Answer:new harddrive help

Go to control panel, admin tools, computer management, disk management, right click on the drive and format it. You can assign a drive name at the format. After that, the drive letter and name should show up in "my computer".

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Question: What? Harddrive

I'm trying to repair daughter's computer. Reformated hard drive and tried to install XP home, install stopped at first reboot and had to be restarted from scratch. After third attemp hard drive not visable to BIOS. All cables checked and double checked and new cable used. Put harddrive in another machine, could not fdisk or format even for 98. Used Linux utility (qtparted) and saw harddrive but couldnot format. Then used Western Digital utility to low level format (wrote entire disk with zeros). Tried Win 98 and fat32 and OS stopped at first reboot again and finally hid hard drive again. Thinking I may have malware present. If so, how do I clean harddrive? and can it infect BIOS. Haven't seen anything like this since CIH virus, but this affects 98 and XP??? Somewhat afraid to try new harddrive.

Answer:What? Harddrive

First of all you should never low level format a drive, its done at MAnufacturer and secondly the harddrive is probably bad. Meaning buy a new one. No good drive is that much trouble.

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Hey i built my computer, and i have had this 120gig hard drive and i can't figure out how to get it to work i have one thats smaller and i use for windows and ****, but i wont the other 120 gig to be a slave or backup for all my games and i can't seem to get it to work, it worked for awhile then it stopped then worked again and now it wont work its a sata drive (one with smaller cable) i don't know which plug to put it in or what to do, its so confusing if you have any ideas please help me! im in dire need!

Thanks all

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Question: HardDrive Help!!!

I need a program that will put stress on my new notebook 60gig 7.2kRPM HDD. Just to break it in. Any suggestions??

Answer:HardDrive Help!!!

Take a look HERE.

Regards Howard

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Question: second harddrive

I have seen this posted before somewhere but will ask it anyway as I couldnt find the post. I have an old hardrive and wish to put it in my existing computer with the current hardrive,,I want to run 2 different Operating systems on them for various reasons(gaming etc.),,I currently have the side cover off and just shutdown and change over the cables and reboot,,do I need a jumper cable(?) or can I hook it in the existing ribbon and just change settings in BIOS ?........
any help will be most welcome

Answer:second harddrive

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hey guys gota RIDICULOUS problem
i got a new maxtor 200 GB intenral hard drive and installed in in my computer

after making it SECONDARY MASTER and my Other hard drive which has Windows xP in it as a Primary Master i dont see my new hard drive in my computer..

when i go to device manager it shows that the new hard drive is installed and is working fine i checked the everest home edition storage devices and its installed ..but i cant see it in my computer so how am i gona save stuff in it?

please help

Answer:Cannot see my New Harddrive

Most likely you need to create a new partition, and then format the drive, go to the windows help and type :"creating a new partition" and then follow the instructions after you select create a partition or logical drive using windows interface. Hope that helps.

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Question: Harddrive

Every now and again I can hear a slow clicking from my computer while I hear this clicking my screen freezes and I cannot do anything untill the clicking stops.Does this mean my hard drive is on the way out?Because the screen freezes when I hear the clicking does this mean its the boot drive?



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Question: Harddrive

My friend gave me his broken harddrive \, i had nothing to do so i opened it and toke out the two discs inside. I was wondering if it is poisonous or hazardous. Or have any effect that is not good like laser.


It will no longer work. Even a speck of dust will ruin a hard drive.

And no, its not piosonous.

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Question: harddrive add?

is this harrdrive worth putting in my pc. i have a 15gb harddrive and a little over half of it is being used. i use the pc for ebay, web surfing email, picture and video storage, and a small amount of guitar recording.i don't know anything about jumpers and slave drives and all that. i haven't had any problems yet and i found this laying around. i don't really want to go out a buy a bigger harddrive because i do alot of stuff on another computer.'
this computer is older with max memory of 512mb. its a pent 111. 733mhz, file system is ntfs. capacity 13.98gb, free space 6.53 gb.

Answer:harddrive add?

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Question: Harddrive

Want to know if the hard drive is gone or if the motherboard needs to be replaced. When I turn the computer on, it tells me "Operating system not found on any device". And if it is the hard drive, do I have to get the Compaq Presario hard drive, that is what I am running, on my second comuter.

Thank You



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Hi had a major motherboard crash on my old pc so ended up buying a new system... I took out my old harddrive and am running it through a Ultra external case plugged into the PC through a USB port. OK... now the new system sees the drive and most of the files but unfortunately I kept a lot of important stuff (and my email info) through the Administrator or owner folders - desktop folders and such... it won;t allow me access to the admin folder of the old drive.. and the owner folder seems to not have the folders it used to... is there wanyway to recover this stuff? As I said the PC sees the drive no problem - just not the areas I need

Answer:Hello and help? New PC old HardDrive

coolhandz said:

Hi had a major motherboard crash on my old pc so ended up buying a new system... I took out my old harddrive and am running it through a Ultra external case plugged into the PC through a USB port. OK... now the new system sees the drive and most of the files but unfortunately I kept a lot of important stuff (and my email info) through the Administrator or owner folders - desktop folders and such... it won;t allow me access to the admin folder of the old drive.. and the owner folder seems to not have the folders it used to... is there wanyway to recover this stuff? As I said the PC sees the drive no problem - just not the areas I need Click to expand...

<Drive>:\Documents And Settings\<User>\

Note that <Drive> is your drive letter and <User> is the user you want. Then in there you have "My Documents", "Desktop", etc.

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Question: XP or harddrive?

I have a computer here that don't want to boot into windows. It starts to load and get to this message: One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency.
I then let the test run. After the test is complete, the computer restart and start to load windows and then it gets to the same consistency check message. When I press a key to skip the test the computer restart again and load to the same message.
Does this sound like a corrupted Win XP installation or a dying harddrive?
This is a customer's computer so I don't know who installed this OS. They just tell me that some guy helped them to reinstall Windows and that the computer don't want to load.
I think the previous installation was Win Vista Basic. The current one is Win XP Pro

Answer:XP or harddrive?

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Question: Harddrive help

wow what is a model st33210a Seagate Harddrive capacity i have one just sitting here.

Answer:Harddrive help

Here are the specs according to Seagate.

Capacity: 3.25 GB
Speed: 5400 rpm
Average Read Time: 12 ms
Cylinders: 787
Heads: 128
Sectors: 63

When in doubt, Google it.

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If it really is not allowed to install a harddrive that came from different system,why is it I was able to load windows from a harddisk that came from my old motherboard with no bsod?My old and new mobo are both p3.


Answer:Harddrive from different pc

No one said it's "not allowed" and it can be done successfully...with either luck or skill or a combination of both.Considering that most users want simple solutions to their computer problems, it's not something I would suggest. More info on such at:Changing a Motherboard or Moving Hard Drive - side issue is that doing such is a basic conflict with the way that Windows is set up with PA. PA is designed to flag such actions, resulting in the possible notification that an illegal install has taken place.Louis

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hey guys can you tell me whats better?

1) Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATA/150 300GB 7200RPM 16MB Buffer

2) Seagate 300GB ST-3300831AS Barracuda 7200.8 SATA w/NCQ Hard Disk

3) Western Digital Caviar SATA (WD2500JD) 250GB 7200RPM 8MB Buffer

4) HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 HDS728080PLA380 -0A30356 80GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA II Hard Drive

whats the best one? if there is something better please list it.


1) Corsair XMS TWINX Matched Pairs XMS4000 DDR500 2x512MB 184-pin DIMM (TWINX1024-4000)

2) OCZ PC-3200 DDR400 Enhanced Latency ECC Registered 1GB (2x512MB) Dual Channel Kit CAS2 (OCZ4001024ELERDC-K)

3) Corsair XMS TWINX Matched Pairs XMS3200 DDR400 2x512MB 184-pin DIMM (TWINX1024-3200C2)

and would all of it work on a DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR Socket 939 nForce4 SLI w/ Dual-Ch DDR400, Dual Gb LAN, PCI-Express (SLI), SATA 3Gb/s, Dual RAID, 8-Ch Audio, SPDIF, IEEE??

please help me out guys im not really that good with this stuff yet im still learning thanks for your help

Answer:*new Ram/harddrive* Help

Seagate or Western Digital
personally I'd go for the Seagate, because they've always worked well in my experiences. plus there's 50GB more in your choices.

for RAM, I'd go with 2 sticks of G.Skill RAM
if not, then go for PQI or OCZ (they are almost identical to each other)

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ok i jsut got a hardrive and stuff i know how to conect it my question is will it detect and can i choose which hdd i want to use so i can put a OS on the other one or how does it work.

Answer:Got a harddrive need help

Boot up as usual, and check the BIOS to see if it got detected. After you see that it is detected, boot off of your other OS's CD, and install it on the new HD.

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Question: Second Harddrive

When I try to connect a second harddrive then boot Win8, it says it runs into a problem trys to reboot. It actually does not reboot, it just shuts down.

Any idea why is happening ??


Answer:Second Harddrive

did it show an error code?

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Question: 2 harddrive

can i have two harddrive? i think u can.. just want to make sure.. neway.. one has to be master n the other slave? im upgrading from a 40gb to a 160, and i want to put all my files from the old HDD to the new one..

Answer:2 harddrive

Yes. There are two IDE channels that take two devices each. As you have one disc which should be master on one channel you can put a second as slave. Keeping the two optical drives on the second channel as I assume they are now.

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Hey everyone -- trying not to panic here.

I have windows XP. I have 2 harddrives -- the C drive, which is the
original drive that came with my computer, and the F drive, a 250 gig
internal drive I installed a while back.

I turned on my computer today and the F drive is gone. It's not
showing up in explorer, in disk manager, and any files I try to find
on it are gone.

This drive had everything on it...I have no clue why it's not showing
up. I restarted my computer 3 times. I don't know what else to do.

I have no idea what happened -- it was fine last night.
Thank you so much.


Answer:Please Help. Harddrive Gone.

Recheck your connections first. If everything is plugged in properly try disconnecting the data and power cable from the hdd and turn your computer on and then off, then reconnect it and start it and see if it is recognized.

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Question: Bad HardDrive?

Every once and a while a get a problem with my computer where it totally locks up; and not just simply a program not responding -- like the whole system crashes, and the computer will stay this way until you manually restart it from the case power button.

I used to think it was just a video problem because it happens more often in video games than anything else, but I soon ruled that out after it would show me that it still locked up in windows desktop too.

I thought it was a heat or dust problem, I cleaned out dust. I monitored my temperature on just about every device, nothing unusual.

This has been going on now for about 2 years. Its not a frequent problem; but it does like to appear once and a while.

I've changed video cards, and motherboards twice; still no success. Have formatted my HDD several times.

What I've come to the conclusion to is that its got to be a hard drive error/hard drive is dying. I've never replaced this HDD that I've had.. Its an 80GB Western Digital. Its gone through countless formatís and basic normal wear an tear over the years.

Is it possible its a HDD issue, or am I still overlooking something?

Answer:Bad HardDrive?

have you tried a clean install of xp? that could solve a lot of your problems that you may be having. its always worth a shot.

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Question: Harddrive Gone?

I am experiencing a problem with my husbands old laptop, its a Toshiba Satellite 1135/s155 , using windows Xp pro.

The laptop was working ok, no problems then about 2 weeks ago I turned it on & instead of loading windows it goes to a black screen & contiues to scroll the following message:

For Realtek RTL8139(X)/8130/810X PCI FAST ETHERNET CONTROLLER V2.13 (020326)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

I tried hitting esc. didnot work, I powered the laptop down, restarted & things seemed fine.
I was able to use it about a dozen more times with no problems over the next 2 weeks
however last night the message came back & It took me four times of restarting before it would go past that screen & load windows,
Now I am continuing to get the same message & no matter how many times I try restarting its still there.

I researched this problems in other threads on this forum & decided to try the following
I looked at the boot from screen by hitting F12.
It states the folling sequence:
1 Hard Drive
2. Removable Device
3. CD- ROM/DVD Drive
4 Network Boot

I also went to the BIOS Set up Utility by hitting F2
It shows
Hard Drive None

My theory is the harddrive is gone, Am I correct?????????
I really hope I am wrong....

Answer:Harddrive Gone?

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Hi All,

I am taking delivery of a new PC over the next week, and I have a 250 gig hard drive with stuff on it that I wish to keep.

Normally I'd assume I can just plug the new drive in (set to slave) and let windows pick up the disc, but I have partitioned this disc into separate virtual drives using the windows disk management system.

My question is, will it be OK to plug the disc in, and will windows XP be able to read the disc in its partitioned form?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:New Pc - Old Harddrive

Yes, it should. Adjust the jumper on the back to slave (if needed) and see what happens. If your computer points to the old hard drive to boot, then you may have to adjust a setting in the BIOS so that your new computer will not boot to your old hard drive. This is not the usual Boot Order settings, but rather another setting, probably called something like Hard Drive Boot Order so you can select which hard drive to boot from first.

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i had an popup after downloading a file letting me know that my harddrive is low on space and i went through and looked and looked and i am unable to figure out how this space is being used. i've deleted and uninstalled and can only come up with 1.8 Gb free space on a 40 Gb harddrive. anyone come across this before cause from what i can figure the files that i have on the drive at most equals about 8Gb. any help would be appreciated

Answer:Using 90% Of 40 Gb Harddrive And Not Sure How

I recommend and use TreeSizeFree, from Jam Software, that shows you where your hard drive space is used by folder: you sure you do not have a lot of hidden files that might account for the space?Regards,John

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Hi guys! nice forum!

I got a new computer with ultimate 64x on and plugging in my external hardrive, a HP HD3000 via usb and vista first said "want to download drivers?" I did that, but got the message "the best driver is allready installed". Ok, well onward.. but no, it dosent even come up in systemlist.. Started adminpage with the dischandling in it (dont really know the name for it since I use swedish Vista). there I can see the harddrive but it?s not given a driveletter, I can check its properties and atempt to update driver but nothing works. Cant even format.

It works fine on my old xp machine and I have some mp3 on it. I formated it earlier with ntsf.

Checked for help but no drivers there to be found. Tried contacting the hp suppport but i wouldnt accept the serialnumber of my drive saying it was wrong.. uh.

Other usb devices work just fine, mouse and keyboard.

So any ideas? been googling around and havent found a solution.

Thanks In advance


Answer:Help with usb harddrive from HP!

Bumping this, No one knows?


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Question: harddrive

can i transfer all or most of myinfo from my computer hard drive to an external harddrive, then will my computer run faster?


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Question: harddrive help

hi iv put my old harddrive in to my new machine the harddrive is coming up on my computer know but when i double click it i get a message saying drive D is not formatted do you want to format it ?

i dont want to format it as i have files saved on the harddrive

what do i do to see my files on that harddrive without formatting
thank you

Answer:harddrive help

What was the previous filesystem of the drive? Try booting into a Linux Live CD (such as Ubuntu) to see if you can read it from in there.

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Question: T43 harddrive

I need a piece like this to keep my hdd in place. what is it called in english; meaning what shall search for?


Go to Solution.

slade.JPG ?23 KB

Answer:T43 harddrive

hdd tray, hdd cover.Something like this. is an example, i am not affiliated with the seller.

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Alright I am running windows 2000 pro and the other day I went and tried to get into my bearshare and it said that all of my space was gone to download so I went into my computer and checked and there was nothing left on my hard drive not a single byte but about 2 days before it had 7 gigs
SO I was like OK went and deleted a lot of songs came back an hour later all the freespace I had cleared was taken up I run adaware no spyware run registry cleaner no problems I have no clue what could be wrong. any help would be appreciated, I am at a loss to why this happened

Alright I am not talking about that program I am talking about why my computer is having stuff put on harddrive with out me doing anything. such as I clear my zip folder come back in an hour and I have no free space on my computer like somehting is being put on my comp or something I have no idea this does not relate to and p2p programs I wanted to know if its virus or spyware or what the hell it could be

Answer:can anyone help me with harddrive

If you run P2P applications, you can expect such problems. You are sharing your system with god knows who.

Remove bearshare and any other P2P, scan with an up to date AV program, Adaware, Spybot and see if that helps.

Or post a HiJackThis log, once all P2P has gone.

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Question: T40 HardDrive

Right now i have a T40 type 2323 8DU. My hard drive is clicking, which i think it would mean that it is officially gone. I can't even boot the safe boot or regular boot.. I was wondering what other hard drive could I use to replace the regular hard drive.

Answer:T40 HardDrive

Welcome to the forum!Any laptop PATA/IDE hard drive will work, as long as it's 9.5mm/2.5" form factor, some good choices here: this helps.

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